“That’s just amazing that they’ve figured out a way to keep Planned Parenthood alive. They saved my life”

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The president is out of the public eye today.  Here’s a morning mishmash:

1. *THIS* is the reality, not the blogosphere crap.

Planned Parenthood clients, passport seekers happy

“I’ve been dealing with precancerous cells, and Planned Parenthood has prevented that from going into full-blown cancer” with screenings and medication, said Monica Silva, 31. “They’ve saved my life.”

Like many other federally funded programs, Planned Parenthood stood to lose funding during the shutdown – in this case, Medicaid reimbursements to thousands of low-income clients in the Bay Area such as Silva, a hair stylist.

For now, that didn’t happen.

“I’m really happy,” Silva said. “That’s just amazing that they’ve figured out a way to keep these programs going.”


“It blows my mind that they want to get rid of this,” said Silva, a client since age 18 at Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific, with clinics serving most Bay Area counties. I’ve never had to deal with abortion because they educate how to prevent that.”



2. Thanks so much to WhatIsWorking for assembling all the great ideas from Yes, we can. Again thread, into one coherent reelection strategy. Good job, girl.  


3. Yea, it is the time for that (And don’t even get me started with what Krugman did to the president today):

Time to Stand Up to the Undermining Pundits

I see King of the Craven, Cenk Uygar – he who, until recently, used to be a neocon – is leading the charge on DailyKos in the “Obama Caved” stakes regarding the budget.

The punditry of the Left has left me agog this week, but as it’s late where I am, I’m saving some brief ire tonight to fire firmly in the direction of Cenk.

His idiocy about Obama failing in the budget negotiations knows no bounds, and – as per usual – he has his sheeple following blindly, all polishing up their gratuitous criticism, which is de  rigueur for anyone wanting admission to the Obama-Haters-and-Baiters Club, currently occupied by a curious conglomeration of Teabaggers and a certain species of so-called Progressives.

/// snip

Try blaming the Democrats first, because this is the 2011 budget which should have been passed last September, as you well know, when there was both a Democratic majority in the House and a bigger one in the Senate. But the fools on the Hill were all too concerned with hitting the campaign trail and trying to distance themselves from the policies they’d passed and on which they’d allowed, in their timidity and detachment, to be railroaded and spun pejoratively by the Teabaggers, that they seriously didn’t have time to pass this budget and punted.

And if that’s not enough for you, try blaming the voters; because it’s they who gave us a Houseful of Teabagging neophytes who’ve turned themselves into the proverbial tail that’s wagging a sniveling dog and a majority of only four Democratic Senators in the upper house, one of whom is Joe Manchin.

And better yet, Cenk, blame all your so-called Progressive friends, you know, the ones who listen to your rantings and whine daily about how much they hate Obama, how he’s done nothing and achieved even less, or – worse – how he’s no different to Bush.  And how they took the advice of your friend and colleague Ed Schultz who, on several occasions, implored the sheeple not to vote in order to teach Obama and the Democrats a lesson.

// more


4. More things you wouldn’t see in any other administration:

McChrystal to Lead Program for Military Families

WASHINGTON — Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, who was relieved of command in Afghanistan after a magazine profile quoted his subordinates as disparaging senior civilian leaders, has been invited back to public service by the Obama administration to help oversee a high-profile initiative in support of military families, White House officials said Sunday.

General McChrystal will lead the three-member advisory board for the initiative, called Joining Forces, whose aim is to encourage companies, schools, philanthropic and religious groups and local communities to recognize the unusual stress that is endured by families of active-duty personnel, reservists and veterans, and to strive to meet their needs.


5. Interesting thought from  Michael Scherer, following PBO’s first reelection video:


4. Obama will be running on his character. The most interesting quote of the video comes from the southern white guy. “I don’t agree with Obama on everything. But I respect him and I trust him.” Consider what an extraordinary line this is for a video meant to recruit volunteers to organize for a presidential campaign. Have you ever met a campaign organizer that goes door-to-door or works the phones for a candidate that they admit they don’t agree with? The reasoning behind this line can be found in a recent Associated Press poll. As of late March, 53% of the country approved of the way Obama was doing his job as president. But 59% said they had a favorable view of Obama, 59% said Obama “cares about people like” them, and 84% said he was a likable person. Obama would rather make his pitch to 84% of the country than from 53% of the country. That white guy from North Carolina represents the gap between.


6. Cute.

DENVER — A Colorado mom says she and her family were watching TV in their pajamas when she heard President Barack Obama read from an email telling him how a government shutdown could spoil her son’s school trip to Washington.

Shalini Schane, of Longmont, said Saturday that she emailed the president a few days ago because she was worried the 50 eighth-graders from Altona Middle School would be shut out of landmarks on their trip, which begins Sunday.

Schane, who’s going along as a chaperone, said a White House staffer called her Friday to say the email might be used in a speech. The staffer didn’t indicate when that might happen, or who would be making the speech.

Schane and her 13-year-old son Adam were packing for the trip Friday night, still not knowing whether the government would be shut down, when the president came on TV to discuss the compromise that is keeping things open.

Her husband and their daughter were also watching when Obama closed his remarks by quoting from her email.

“That was quite shocking, and we’re still in shock,” Schane said.


7. SNL hilarious Fox And Friends parody:

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  1. FIRED UP..!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  2. That mcchrystal appointment is a stroke of genius. One more accreditation of his character and his motto of seeing the good in other people, even those who talk disparagingly of you behind your back.

    And oh, yeah, the pl including cenk,the kink, can go suck an egg.


  4. What a great mishmash today!! Good morning everyone! Tigerfist, I just love your grafics!

    Sue, the entitled left are sucking sour grapes. All they want to do is whine! They are a bunch of do nothing loosers!

  5. BWD, the footage of PBO jogging up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial like a teenager is all over the shows this morning (and yesterday). They haters can’t stand the love he received.

    And Krugman needs to take his bitter behind and sit down.

  6. Thank you BWD for all you are doing. Yuour site inspired me to signed up to volunteer for Obama 2012. I have never done this before. I don’t know what I can do especially when you live in a red part of Wisconsin like Winnebago county, even my husband was a republican until Walker opened his eyes. The only time this part went blue is in 2008. Hope we can turn it blue again in 2012. I really like the new blogroll site you added http://extremeliberal.wordpress.com/ but for some reason the link is not working

  7. President Obama is a bigger person than almost all of us. He forgives. He walks the talk.

  8. If more & more repubs realize how far to the right their party has become, then we can take back the house in 2012 on with the PBO coattails.

  9. I’ve never watched Fox and Friends, but SNL portrayed it exactly as I’ve pictured it. They’re just pulling stuff out of who knows where, with no regard for the truth, while they keep commenting, “Scary. Scary stuff” about their own false fear-mongering. President Obama! Michelle! Mexicans! Boo! Be scared, everybody!
    FOX—one of the reasons we have so many clueless dumb bunnies in this country now.

  10. The SNL clip is funny. When all else fails, call in the comedians to put things in proper perspective.

    Great mishmash, BWD, thanks.

    Have a great day, everyone :-)!

  11. I’m impressed too. Not only he sends a message of seeing the good in other people, he also is sending a message about forgiveness, and he gives McCrystal a chance to redeem himself and do something good.

    Actually, I’m more than impressed. I’m … I’m moved. In my heart and in my soul. And I’m not shy to say it.

  12. Thanks BWD for another great mishmash.

    I just LOVED the SNL video. Hope they’ll come up with other gems. Humor can be a very effective tool.

  13. Folks, I’m pumped up. We are going to defeat the Republicans in 2012. I am confident about that. There are down days with all the PL crap, but long term, we are winning.

    Beyond all the achievements that Pres Obama has made, and there have been tons, the biggest thing that favors us is that Pres Obama is a likeable guy. That’s why he’s able to go to the monument and impromptu, the crowd cheers for him. His opponents are not popular at all.

    The one thing that I would suggest to Pres Obama’s team in campaigning is not only to tout their past achievements but to talk more about the future, and of course they are doing that with their “winning the future” stuff. David Plouffe is a genius.

  14. Good morning, chitra…and everyone here!Congradulations to you for signing up to volunteer to help re elect our President. I promise you will NOT be disappointed:)Before the 2008 election, I took leave from my job for 3 months to work on his election. I live in Arizona,need I say more?This is the land of crazy! If you don’t die from heat stroke, the loonies here could make you go insane, yet,their are likeminded rational folks that worked their behinds off, and it felt good to educate people over the phone on the positions that then Senator Obama stood for, as opposed to that McCain character:)I met people on the phone that I have kept in touch with even to this day…it was an amazing, empowering experience…and it will be for you as well.All the time you spend here will better prepare you to counteract the insanity that is spit out daily, and counter the arguments with truth and facts.You will make friends and possibly influence people and maybe, get someone to vote that hasn’t taken an active role as a citizen for some time…it’s all good:)This is part of what being a good citizen is all about. Congradulations to you….and get your husband to join you!!

  15. David Plouffe IS a genius! Anyone see him on the Sunday shows yesterday? I can’t stomach them anymore. Besides, my yard work was calling me to come outside to play:)

  16. Thanks for another great mishmash, BWD. The SNL skit was great. I admit I have never actually seen Fox and Friends but it sure seems like every bit of FoxNews programming I have ever seen.

    You know, I have noticed that when the PL goes into whining overdrive, that it means the President has scored another big win with the public. So smile when you hear them ranting and raving and stamping their little feet. It means good news for the President 9 out of 10 times. People are happy about the compromise on the budget. Just like they were happy about the tax compromise in December. Americans don’t like heavily partisan fighting. They really, really don’t. They want our government to be adult and work together. So all those whiners who are gnashing their teeth and rending their clothes are just demonstrating once again that they don’t get it and they are a minority that no one really cares about. They may get a platform from which to shout their disdain and vitriol but people aren’t listening because they fundamentally don’t agree with what they have to say.

  17. I agree with you completely. We are winning and will continue to win right through the 2012 election. Not only is the president well liked and competent, but the opposition is so childish and hateful. Just by being himself, President Obama comes across as so much more presidential and in charge than any of the so called contenders from the republicans. Of course at this rate he may just end up running unopposed since none of the republicans seem brave enough to actually try to run against him. 🙂

  18. Exactly this. It allows a man who had served his country for for his whole life to go out under better circumstances.

    Also it will get a lot more publicity for this project, which I’m sure would have got nothing more than a few lines thrown together otherwise.

  19. If you believe the polls, the majority of people want the Congress and the President to work together to move this country forward. Since this man seems to be the only adult at the table trying to reach agreement, that can only be seen as a good thing. As usual, the Republicans can’t govern (but we knew that)and try to talk smack about pretty much everything because they have no ideas of their own and this crazy talk they’re so good at appeals to their crazy ass base, but does absolutely NOTHING for the rest of the people that are interested in getting Americans back to work and moving the country in the right direction.The wingnuts seem to make big noise, but at the end of the day, they are NOT the majority and as the R’s play their hand and overreach…people see that, and I’m thinking they won’t like it much. That’s not to say that this will be a shoein, but,like the President, I have to believe in the goodness of the majority of the people to see through this total BS.

  20. Chitra, thanks so much for signing up to volunteer. I guarantee you will meet some extraordinary people because Obama volunteers are the best. There are lots and lots of things you can do to help. Keep your eyes open for meetings or house parties in your area. See if there are any existing groups by searching here:


    Just put in your zip code and see if any groups show up. Sign up for them and you’ll get emails about events and activities to register voters, attend rallies, canvas, phonebank, fundraise, etc., etc. Have fun!

  21. Good Morning Family….Well it looks like President Obama is officially in a budget war with Democrats/Progressives AND Conservatives/Republicans


    WASHINGTON — President Obama will call this week for Republicans to join him in writing a broad plan to raise revenues and reduce the growth of popular entitlement programs, as the battle over the nation’s financial troubles moves past Friday’s short-term budget deal and into a wider and more consequential debate over the nation’s long-term fiscal health.

    This is my feeling on Obama on Medicare/Medicaid/SS

    Time to be BLUNT. This is coming from a left leaning independent. Obama will be telling voters what they need to hear not what they want to hear. Despite all the whining, bitching, etc. Medicare and Medicaid is GOING BROKE! If we at this moment in time do nothing to it will eventually gobble up our whole budget because the healthcare costs are skyrocketing at a pace that medicare and medicaid is not keeping up and eventually the money will run out.

    Progressives/Democrats have a choice. Either a President Obama fixes medicare/medicaid with a scalpal where it won’t hurt as much or President Mitt Romney/paul ryan uses a meat cleaver and abolishes it permanently. If I am in my 50’s who would I want fixing it?

    I don’t want to hear about Obama backstabbing the progressives/democrats. Obama wouldn’t be in this predicament if he had a progressive congress/senate. If folks would have went to the polls to support progressives running for office we wouldn’t be in this boat. But he is facing a hard cold reality that he has a teabag congress running the show and he is the only firewall to the radical teabag congress completely gutting ss, medicaid and medicare

    Now the progressives need to face reality that a progressive president will not win the white house just like a conservative president. The country is in the middle. They like parties to give and take with shared sacrifices in order to fix the deficits, budgets, etc Taxes need to go up tremendously on the wealthy and corporations and spending needs to be curbed in order to control our deficits.

    What is the opinion here? What should President Obama do to medicare/medicaid/ss in order to salvage it? You know they are progressives firestorms brewing this morning on the blogs.

  22. I don’t read Krugman at all, about anything. There are too many economists who are able to discuss the discipline without the thin-skinned hysterics. We might share some goals in common, but his tactics have just completely turned me off.

  23. I think President Obama is one of the most courageous politicians I’ve ever seen.

    This is high risk stuff. The screams during the last week battle were nothing compared to what we’ll hear after he presents his plan.

    He’s counting that in the end, the sense of fairness, the common sense of americans will prevail. Boy I hope he’s right.

    This is the REAL battle, folks. Supply-side economics vs a “from-the-bottom-up” approach, fantasy vs reality, selfishness and class war vs shared sacrifice and solidarity.

  24. Sorry for the mix up..Part of the post above is my opinion…I only put up 1 paragraph of the article…. The rest is my opinion

  25. Extreme left, extreme right – they’re all teabaggers. It’s all personal hate that they try to disguise with nonsensical policy positions that they have to contort themselves to hide behind.

  26. Some morning musings:

    1. John Boehner really sucks at his job.

    2. Chuck Todd interviewed some tea party person about the debt ceiling. She kept yelling her talking points about bankrupting our grandchildren. He kept rewording her answers trying to make her look as if she knew what she was talking about. God, and the House is in the hands of these dummies? Thank God for PBO. He is the only one preventing the total destruction of this country.

    3. People have truly awakened to the reality of the destructiveness of the PL. We are mobilized and pushing back.

    4. Sending out many prayers for our Prez this week as he has to deal with these dummies once again to save this country.

  27. Good morning Desertflower. Did you hear we already have a campus shooting at NAU after our right-wing Legislature here in Arizona passed a law to allow guns on campuses?


  28. Here’s another brilliant appointment:

    Welcoming Holly Petraeus to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Implementation Team
    Posted by Elizabeth Warren on January 06, 2011 at 05:30 AM EDT

    Holly Petraeus will take on a new role at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Implementation Team, directing our effort to establish an Office of Servicemember Affairs.


  29. It will be very hard for the RW to wail about this, although I am sure the PL, which has no concept of what forgiveness means, will gnash their teeth. I am surprised they aren’t down to their gums by now with all the gnashing.

  30. I am a little bit scared. My daughter was a field organizer for 2008 campaign in Milwaukee. Their down town office was vandalized once. She did’t tell me until recently when her volunteers went door to door canversing they heard some nasty remarks and someone even pull a gun at them. This will be a new experience for me. I am retired now. I have to do something other than contributions to get him elected agin.

  31. Krugman is what my grandmother calls “some timey.” Pick a side and stick to it already – sheesh! People like Krugman is why I don’t listen to punditry. I figured this out for myself a long time ago fellas – I’m sticking with President Obama! He’s the only adult and the smartest person in the room.

    I could care less what the talking heads think or their sheeple who soak up their nonsense. I have turned all of my friends and family off to all things MSNBC, Bill Maher, Cornell West, Tavis Smiley, Huff ‘n Puff, Daily Caustic, fauxgressive radio – the whole smelly, lying lot. I forward my peeps blogs and information that support the president. It really does start with us, one person at a time. And it works.

  32. It isn’t often that I disagree with you BWD. I didn’t get a chance to say this when you originally posted the “best picture ever.” However, the picture I really loved out of all those was of the girl obviously being hoisted up by someone and screaming in joy at seeing the President, something that she will remember the rest of her life.

  33. The “taxes on the table” refer to the same tax cuts he proposed when he first ran, and then again last year. I’m not sure why that should make us nervous considering he has continued to maintain all along that he believes that the Bush tax cuts are a significant part of the problem with the deficit.

  34. That is so important. Servicemebers are getting ripped off all the time by those paycheck loan companies. You go to an Army base and the last couple blocks before you get to the gates are full of them.

  35. The Republicans will look unserious if they keep fighting for the Bush extra tax cuts all the while claiming to be fiscally responsible. It shows no “shared sacrifice” which I think what President Obama will focus on. The Ryan Budget attacks the old, young, poor and middle class while giving tremendous more wealth to the already rich – that is ridiculous.

    We also know why the Ryan Budget came out last week – they got word the Obama Admin was working on something and wanted to beat it out and then claim “See we were brave”. Quite frankly, things like this cannot be written in a week, so the Administration has been working on it likely for awhile but didn’t want to muddy the waters for the FY2011 showdown.

    This fight is ideological – GOP wants to give money to the rich and say “they create jobs”, Dems say give money to the middle class and poor and they create demand and thus more jobs.

  36. Of course the WSJ article doesn’t mention what the CBO has said about Ryan’s proposal….

  37. What I find unbelievable, and frustrating, is that while REALITY has PROVED that supply-side economics DOESN’T work, that myth is still alive.

  38. Washington Monthly has a good post about the deficit…read about the “spilled milk.” Hard to refute the facts on this argument!

  39. I think what is going on at sites like “DailyFox”, as I like to call it, is just sad. When you look at Obama’s approval ratings among Democrats and liberals he is doing fantastic! But you wouldn’t know that by reading supposed “Progressive blogs.”

    Personally I’ll take Redstate or Fox over those people who seem to think they and favorite pundits ARE the base, while acting like the other 70 million Democrats in this country don’t even matter. We do matter. We are the base.

  40. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had not heard that! For crying out loud!What are they going to do now, say the guy was justified because guns are allowed on campus? No harm no foul?When did this happen? I’ll call the idiot Brewer today and give the incompetent a piece of my mind! Thanks for the head’s up// I’m livid!

  41. OMG, what happened to your daughter and the volunteers is horrific. My advice is not to do anything that will cause you to be frightened. There are plenty of other ways to help that don’t involve risk – including delivering refreshments to the office, etc. – and everything is very, very much appreciated. But we have to face reality that this is a very polarized country and there are a lot of people who are over the edge. Take good care.

  42. Your comment made me remember an experience of an OFA GOTV volunteer in 2008.

    While canvassing he knocked on the door of a house somewhere in rural America. A man opened the door, shotgun in hand, and as the volunteer began to tell the man about Obama the man then raised his shotgun and told him to get off his porch and to never come back. The nervous volunteer, as he walked backward off the porch, began singing,

    “Won’t you give me three steps,
    Gimme three steps mister,
    Gimme three steps towards the door?
    Gimme three steps
    Gimme three steps mister,
    And you’ll never see me no more.”

    Although the man still didn’t want to hear what the volunteer had to say, he did start laughing and he did lower his shotgun.

  43. John Cole has a post up at Balloon Juice bashing the PL and finishes with this comment:

    Now I know that the usual suspects will come in here calling me an authoritarian, unable to handle dissent, still a republican at heart, an Obot, an apologist, blah blah blah. I can write the comments myself. All I am saying is that I don’t think I have it in me to spend the next 18 months listening to people argue who is the real base and how Obama has let them down and that there is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. I really just don’t think I have the strength to do it.

  44. Sometimes I wish the President could just pull all of those folks you mentioned in your comment into the same room and say:

    “You think you could do this job better, motherfucker? You think this is easy? You couldn’t do what I do for 1 hour! And all the bullshit you say I should do would blow up in your face, so shut the fuck up! You don’t know shit about what I do, you ignorant bastards. You think this is The West Wing? Fuck you, try again. Dumb bastards.”

    I wish he could say that. And I bet Obama wishes he could say that too! 🙂

  45. it’s alive because Conservadems and Blue Dogs believe it so it has “bi-partisan support” whenever it’s an issue of the moment. If there was one thing that should be tenet in the Dem party big tent it should be “No supply side believers”.

  46. Me either. I read Krugman for economic and policy discussion. His political punditry leaves a lot to be desired.

  47. I think what makes me nervous is the “information” about Medicare, Medicaid and SS. But, what I’m hoping is inaccurate is the part that says this has taken Democrats in Congress completely off guard. I think surely the President has spoken with members of his own party.

  48. Those who believe the electorate bears no responsibility for the current deplorable state of our politics are projectionists who refuse to take any responsibility themselves. It is so much easier to blame someone else, and since the President is the most prominent personality in the country, why not throw it all on him? Were one to put some responsibility on the voter, one would also be admitting one bears some responsibility oneself and this the frustrati will never do. Though I agree with many of the soi-disant “progressive” values, I also believe that their perpetual disgruntlement has far less to do with these values than it does to their sense of personal frustration. Why deal with personal unhappiness when you can blame it all on the President? And what an amazing amount of contempt they exhibit for the average American, who they believe is too lazy and stupid to ever take responsibility for her or his own fate but must be led by the hand by authoritarian “leaders”. Though I do not want the voters to suffer, I absolutely believe that they are the ones who have dropped the ball over the years. They refuse to research the facts and don’t believe them when they stumble upon them accidentally if they don’t support their previous belief system. Big money would have far less influence on our elections if the voters actually became informed and didn’t vote on soundbites that feed into their preconceptions. Mature adults who are effective in the private and public arenas stand up and take responsibility for themselves and treat their fellow humans as if they were capable of doing this also. By not blaming the voters, they are essentially saying that the voters are a mass of easily-duped, unruly children incapable of caring for themselves, and to the extent that they are, this attitude only reinforces that rather than does anything to counteract it. And to the extent that we on the positive blogs take these puerile people seriously is to the extent that we lose focus.

  49. There are certain things about which there should be no further debate in the Democratic Party. The idiocy of “supply side economics” is one of them. Another is climate change. Any Dem that denies it is happening and that humankind has some influence in it should be kicked out of the party.

    The Dem party may be a big tent, but there are certain things that mean going outside the realm of reality if you want to espouse them.

  50. BWD, you and some of the other truth tellers have my admiration for being able to concisely and coherently argue the case for President Obama. I on the other hand am belligerent when it comes to trying to defend President Obama against the attacks from the Cenks and Schultzs of the world, and more recently the black intellectuals, notably soul brother number #5 Dr. Cornel West. I come here to recharge my batteries, and also to get the latest Intel on our fight for President Obama. Sometimes I think we are living in a parallel universe, one in which I see the people stand with President Obama, and the other one in which the pundits tell me not to believe my lying eyes.

  51. Well said. And do you notice how the PL has actually become even more disparaging since the election, an election that made it even more difficult for the President to do things up to their standards? Not that anybody would actually be able to meet their standards. That tends to support your hypothesis.-

  52. Morning Darnell :), I am sure POTUS knows that these people are well aware of the difficulties of being president of this great nation and leader of the free world. The problem is these people are using that innate difficulty for their own political gain thus making the job even harder. So nope I never would like our pres Obama to behave that way and I know he would never give them what they seek ( images of angry black man). Be clear every time our potus moves on, remains calm and rational, this makes his enemies even more unstable.

  53. I wish there were a better way to reach voters one on one than canvassing or telephoning in today’s polarized political climate. I have always said that it is best to deal with people you know and who trust you, and attempt to convince them gently while showing them respect, but I am even finding that difficult lately. We had dinner at some friends’ home Saturday and the hostess, a retired medical technician, went on an anti-Union rant that would have done Scott Walker proud. And how do you counter her with facts when she is a member of a Union and is screaming that her very generous medical benefits are “too much”? The rest of us assured her we were entirely comfortable with our tax dollars going to pay her health benefits, but she would have none of that. What is wrong with our country?

  54. It’s good to see you here!
    Thank you for the link to the story. Happy for DeJuan!

  55. Just logged out and only read BWD’s posts for a while, but I just couldn’t let this story go unseen. That darn Rahm. Up to no good again.

  56. Japa, the president and his administration are always a few steps ahead of the public in creating ways to improve the lives of Americans. They move so fast sometimes that it’s hard to keep track of what they’ve accomplished. Here are excerpts from a speech which was given on January 24, 2011, entitled “Strengthening Our Military Families.”


    ….I’m proud to announce that for the first time ever, supporting the well-being of our military families will be a priority not just for the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, but all across the federal government. That’s why all these Cabinet folks are here today. Sixteen members of my Cabinet have committed their departments and agencies to making military families one of their highest priorities.”

    “We’re focusing on four areas —- the things you said matter most to you, whether you’re Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine or Coast Guard — active Guard or Reserve, a veteran or a member of a family of the fallen. We didn’t wait for today to launch these efforts. Many of these efforts have already been underway….”

    “First, we are putting new emphasis on the quality of life for our military families. The Departments of Defense and Health and Human Services, for example, have joined forces to improve community mental health services and prevent suicides.”

    “A new office in the Treasury Department is working to protect military families from abusive practices like predatory lending.It turns out that military families are more subject to some of these financial scams than just about any other group.”

    “The Agricultural Department is expanding its support for families in rural areas. A disproportionate number of our military families come from rural areas or are stationed in rural communities.”

    “The Interior Department — we use our national parks to help our wounded warriors recover. And we are going to remain relentless — not just at VA, but at HUD and HHS and across the government -— in our fight to end homelessness among our veterans. We have to have zero tolerance for homelessness among our veterans.”

    “Second,we’re putting a new focus on the education and development of our military children, most of whom go to public schools. So for the first time ever, the Department of Education will make military families a priority for some of its grant programs. And that’s going to give states and communities new incentives to address the unique needs of military children.”

    “The Interior Department, which is already one of the largest federal employers of young people, will create more opportunities, like summer jobs, for young people from military families.”

    “And today, we are renewing our call for every state to adopt the Interstate Compact, which makes it easier for military children to transfer between schools and succeed in the classroom.”

    “Third, we’re redoubling our efforts to help military spouses pursue their educations and careers. As Michelle said, we’ve brought in the departments of Labor and Commerce and the Small Business Administration. We’re going to help spouses get that degree, find that job, or start that new business. We want every company in America to know our military spouses and veterans have the skills and the dedication, and our nation is more competitive when we tap their incredible talents.”

    “And finally, we’re going to keep increasing childcare for our military moms and dads with young children. This is not just a job for the Department of Defense. As Michelle said, the departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Agriculture are now helping, too. And working together, we believe we can find new childcare options for tens of thousands of military children.”

    “So these are just some of the nearly 50 specific commitments that my administration is making today. In other words, we’re not simply reaffirming our responsibility to our military families, we are upping our game. In fact, these 16 members of my Cabinet have signed their name to this report, pledging personally to see this through.”


    “These are my commitments; these are Michelle and Jill’s commitments; these are my administration’s commitments; and they must be America’s commitments. And as long as I am President, we’re going to keep working to fulfill those commitments for all who serve.”


  57. Since we know that even the President’s own party is unlikely to vote to slash the war department’s budget or to raise corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy, these very viable solutions will probably not be addressed in today’s political climate. If Social Security must be addressed, why not raise the cap on taxable income? As for the medical profession, as long as it is an entirely for-profit profession in an era of extreme capitalism, I do not see much hope for getting costs down except by denying treatment, which I disapprove of. However, even if we had singlepayer, which I would like, if we had a reasonable medical profession who did not prescribe unnecessary drugs and surgeries which often do more harm than good to bring in more profits, our medical costs would plummet. But the people, as well as the politicians, are unwilling to look at these issues.

  58. This is Murdoch’s rag we are talking about. The piece is so slanted you could bend a pipe around it.

    The Repugs thought they had gotten he taxes for the wealthy done last Dec, and so the WSJ is carrying Repug water by concern trolling the “complications” that raising taxes would bring.

    I say let the President take teabaggers hostage too. If it is the deficit they want to cut, everything has to be on the table, including taxes.

    The WSJ senses the checkmate coming, cuz raising the debt ceiling is an absolute must, and the corporations would be livid if it is not raised. So PBO who is ready to let this deal collapse, is going to tie this issue to raising taxes. Simple and brilliant.

  59. Maybe the surprised “Democrats” they are referring to are Weiner and Kucinich. And these two are the usual suspects always ready and waiting to bash the President with some nonsense and squealing to the MSM.

  60. WSJ is trying to confuse the conservadems. They can smell PBO’s checkmate coming, and so they want to scare Manchin, McCaskill et al.

  61. zizi, I had forgotten Murdoch owns the wsj. Thank you for that reminder, and for your thoughts!

  62. The ACA that was passed will help medicad/medicare stay solvent. It is time for the administration and the democrats to defend the ACA that was passed. The ACA may not be perfect, but it can be improved by implementing single payer or a public option. My opinion on SS is the cap needs to be elimnated. Why is their a cap on income of 106,800? The rich is not paying into the fund.If the rich pay their share the SS would be solvent.

  63. Could very well be, as I have a hard believing that not one Democrat has knowledge of this.

  64. japa, I try not to notice because I don’t pay any attention to their blog sites or media venues, but of course, I see much about them here and on other more positive sites. I would like to leave them where they belong, on the sidelines ranting to each other. If I see someone walking down the street shouting epithets, I steer clear (of course, now he or she could be talking on their cellphones); why should it be any different in consuming the media or perambulating around the blogosphere? If we really want a more loving, more compassionate, more respectful world, we must be more loving, more compassionate, and more respectful ourselves, and I don’t know many (me included) who can remain that way in the face of a lot of enraged frustrati.

  65. As long as you have channels like Faux being treated as main stream nobody will ever take America seriously again.

  66. The PL helped enable the 2010 result, but they’ll deny it to the bitter end. They’re selfish pricks who do nothing but complain – lots of heat, but little light.

  67. I agree with you about the cap, desraye. Elimination would be ideal, though if that won’t fly, certainly raising it would be helpful. I do believe singlepayer would be very helpful, but I just don’t see it happening right now, and, even were it in place, the medical profession itself often pushes treatment that brings in more profits rather than accomplishes better healing. My mind is still boggled that we allow prescription drug companies to advertise at all, much less repeatedly on primetime and daytime television.

  68. I don’t know that they have that much power, kefauver, as I think voter apathy was widespread, but I certainly agree with you that the complaining is an end, probably the main end, in itself, not a final productive result. Which is why I think we should ignore them. I would like some suggestions here about what I can do to help disseminate some information. I admit that I will not canvass or phonebank. I do circulate a great deal socially and am willing to engage in polite discourse, but as I stated above, so many seem unwilling to pay any attention to anything other than their preconceived views even if presented with facts. I find conversations about values bear more fruit than conversations about politics per se, but it doesn’t help that those conversations seldom lead to actual political action, as many people seem unable to make the connection (e.g., Christian charity with governmental aid to those who need it or stewardship of the earth with EPA regulations).

  69. I totally agree with you, DCSandy. I’ve left all these sites for good and never listen to mindless talking heads on tv or radio. It has done wonders for my health and improved my outlook on the world. It seems to me that a lot of people are getting sick of all the ugly negativity, especially young people. As more of us turn off and tune out, they become more marginal.

  70. I look forward to the PBO’s Presidential Memoirs about how dealt with a childish and self-absorbed nation.

  71. Please, will someone tell me what “PL” means? I keep seeing PL throughout comments and haven’t a clue what it stands for. PL = Purist Liberals?

    We have to pick some better Dems in Congress speaking on behalf of our Party, our President. For example, Linda Sanchez was on a few ago and she was pathetically trying to defend why Dems in Congress are having a difficult time. I think President Obama/Plouffe should call them all into a room and try to get everyone on the same page so that when they get on TV they have a consistent and intelligent response to questions like, “Is this [Budget Fight] an indication President Obama is having trouble leading this country?” We have too many like her, McCaskill, Tester, Webb, etc. etc. who stand on the steps of Congress and at MSNBC desks, arguing against the President and causing Dems in Congress to look even weaker than they are. And you know damn well the media heads know exactly which Dems are weak on message to put before the camera.

    President Obama isn’t busy enough that he has to herd the Dems like Cattle to get them all in the same corral? Honestly, we can complain about the “base” and how fractured it is, but we have to admit our Dems in Congress are scattered thin with the ability to offer a strong message to Americans that it’s the TB-Republicans destroying this country and why. It’s not Obama’s fault that his own Party can’t seem to stand strong together to defend what he/they are up against.

    Luke is saying as I type this that “Republicans welcome the fight” for the Deficit Debate this week. Are the Democrats? Are they ready? Are they going to stand with Mr. President?

    Luke also said the left-leaning Dems in Congress are not going to approve everything the President wants. Okay Dems in Congress — fight about it behind closed doors like the Republicans do and please don’t go off on some weak defensive tangent on camera! I want them to go on the offensive and have intelligent arguments! Turn those gotcha questions around to point to the GOP!

    Luke also says: “Rank and File Conservatives are what the Dems are going to be fighting against.” That’s what the media repeats often. Notice no one in the media repeats that “rank and file progressives” are what the Republicans are going to be fighting against.

    I worry.

  72. SCREAM!!!!!!!!! Same old story: The Dems have NO central messaging. Yes, Plouffe did/does a great job, but I agree with your comment: Put ALL of them in a room; GIVE THEM THEIR TALKING POINTS AND MAKE SURE THEY ALL UNDERSTAND THAT IS THE MESSAGE AND DO NOT DEVIATE FROM IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urrrgghh–makes me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Plouffe is really good at messaging. But for some reason some Democrats in office look like deer in the headlights when they are asked questions that question the strength of Democratic Reps or our President, and it only validates why the questions from reporters are being asked in the first place. Plouffe needs to get them together and talk about how to unify their message.

    I’m not the smartest person in the world, but by-gawd if I were asked the questions they are asked, I’d know damn well the best way to answer is to turn the question around to put the onus on the Repubs.

    Yes, this sloppy messaging by our Reps infuriates me!

  74. Oh, I loved that story. Tears to my eyes as well. Way to go with making a difference. One person at a time is all it takes.

  75. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it with us. We would never have seen it otherwise.

  76. BTW… Howard Dean is on and he’s not only making sense, he’s defending the President and the difficulty he had with the ’11 Budget, not by saying he “gave in” but rather by putting it on the Tea Bagger’s forcing Boehner’s hand.

    It’s not that hard to explain who the bullies are who [paraphrase) “defend corporations” as Dean just did.

  77. Kay, I saw Sanchez on hardball, she was asked about the birther crap and was totally clueless.
    Unbelievable! All of the messaging talk does no good when congressional dems don’t know what is going on.

  78. Wow, lots of exciting things happening.

    BWD, Thank you for all of the new info.

  79. I really understand where you’re coming from, but as much as you can, try to work through your fears. I personally have a huge aversion and fear of dogs, yet these dogs like to come near me and sniff. I really don’t like it (and I know that I’m posting around dog lovers and have it coming lol). That fear of dogs did have an impact on my canvassing in less urban areas in terms of my comfort levels, but this POTUS and VPOTUS are simply worth the trouble.

  80. sheila, we’re in the process of compiling a progressive weekly online magazine designed for media consumers who do not like the 24 hour newscycle and in addition, prefer to read news filtered through a pragmatic progressive point of view with absolutely no right wing or fauxgressives mentioned. We plan to create a pdf version of the weekly so that if so inclined, people can print it out and circulate it.

    I started an ongoing discussion about this project in one of bwd’s old picture threads (the blank threads which used to be posted underneath each picture in a mishmash): https://blackwaterdog.wordpress.com/2011/02/25/friday-morning-mishmash-3/mo4/

    Your input would be wonderful as well as that of anyone else. I know zero about wordpress, etc., but am determined to see this get off of the ground within the next few weeks.

  81. Great to see you; a couple of us were starting to get worried about you. Thanks for checking in.

  82. I think that bwd is talking about the unrealistic purist places which try to paint a picture of an unpopular POTUS in order to have a weapon with which to control him.

  83. Just caught the SNL clip. That was freaking hilarious. SNL may want to make this a regular clip because it was very good.

  84. Agree—I’ve seen some Dems say some pretty dumb and counter-productive things. I swear we here are more knowledgeable and up to date about what is going on and the details of issues than some in Congress. And I agree about the need for a unified message. Dems are all over the place, and the public then remains confused about Dem goals. I know everything’s complicated, and we have a huge tent, but we need slogans, easy repeatable slogans.

  85. listening to Al Sharpton talk radio, Al said he is not throug, he has had enoung of the Obama bashing.

  86. Oh yeah. I fully expect someone to bash Dean for standing by our President and as you say, throw him under the bus.

    He repeated that Boehner’s caucus is defending the corporations, not the people, and Obama is defending the essential needs of the people even as he said that he didn’t like some things in the budget, but there wasn’t much choice for Obama.

    This is SO MUCH MORE complicated than the PL want to interject, or the purists on other blogs want to admit (or even comprehend).

  87. I watched some of Ed’s show yesterday with Sharpton and I was impressed with how he defended our President. And it’s not just because I need him to, it’s because he was right on point every time someone on the panel tried to put the blame on Obama.

    People can make fun of Sharpton, but by golly that man can slap down like no one, and be right when he does it.

    I will never forget his ability to debate and interject common sense during primaries.

  88. I meant to say, “complained often about her…”

    This is not the first time I’ve seen her so incomprehensibly vague.

  89. What I saw of that panel was disgraceful. They had:

    1. Ed Schultz hosting: what expertise does this man have about black people???

    2. A right winger who had the audacity to discuss how “disappointed” he is with President Obama, wth—in case anyone’s wondering, that “disappointed” meme is straight from the right wing alongside the “weak leader” meme.

    3. Velma “exhausted and tired but not too tired to get a gig with CNBC” Hart who was irritating as usual with her rich self.

    4. Cornel West with a black scarf around his neck again (I do hope everything’s okay health-wise, I disagree with him but I hope nothing’s wrong) who was very sour and typical sole patrol.

    5. Rev. Al pretty much against all of the above.

    It was pathetic.

  90. Jay Carney is looking very comfortable in his new job. I think the fact that he was once a reporter on the other side of the podium is a good thing.

    It seems like the press is really frustrated that there wasn’t a government shutdown. I say that because they are asking silly “process” questions and trying to get Jay to tell them what President Obama is going to say in his speech on Wednesday. Jay didn’t bite.

  91. That’s why I didn’t stay watching too long. Ed is trying too hard to be everything to everyone? I don’t get it.

    Don’t get me started on Velma. lol!

  92. lol, and he better start looking for rotten tomatoes that are sure to be flung his way!

  93. Carney is no drama. Gibbs seemed to be part of the story – like he was too close to Obama so the press would slag him to zing PBO. And Gibbs being the fighter he is, try as he may to not take the bait, would sometimes fire back.

    Carney isn’t nearly as close to the President, he’s there to be as boring as possible and just answer questions.

    I do agree that the jackals give him more respect since he was a long time reporter.

  94. I’ve really liked Al Sharpton ever since his great speech at the DNC Convention in 2004. Cornell West is a big windbag.

    “Where is the jobs bill?” Uh, the stimulus package? All of the middle class and poor tax cuts? All of the different tax credits, payroll tax cuts, etc?

    What is Obama supposed to do? Ignore the GOP House & sign a jobs bill by executive order?? Cornel West; trying to make some of that Anti-Obama $$.

    And then asking Al Sharpton for his “critique” of the President, almost as if you cannot support this President, but rather you are expected to bash him, and the only question is how!

    I’m starting to understand why the Democratic party rioted against itself in 68′, even though the alternative was Richard Nixon. We can be a really dumb party sometimes.

  95. Lots of bad Dems these days!!! It would be very hard to keep a significant number of them in the loop . .

  96. Good morning BWD family

    Loved the Sharpton video, I hope he can become involved in leading a movement.

    A couple of points.

    1. Some folks do appreciate President Obamas standing up for Planned Parenthood and the EPA. I belong to the Sierra Club and over the weekend this email arrived.

    “But we stood up and made our voice heard. You sent over 60,000 comments in just a few days to President Obama and your members of Congress, demanding that they keep vital health and environmental protections.

    Thank President Obama for his leadership standing up to polluters and protecting public health. (link to petition Sierra club Member can sign went here)

    2. If there is to be a national movement, a strong branch of that movement needs to be the “tax the rich and tax corporations” element. In my local community “MoveOn.org” is leading a Tax Day; Make them Pay Rally on April 18th where we are picketing in front of Bank of America.

    I suggest you go to the moveon.org website, enter your zip code and find out if a rally is being held on April 18th in your area.

    3. I would encourage all of us to adopt the talking points of “shared sacrifice includes wealthy and big business” “we don’t have a spending problem we have a revenue problem” “end tax loopholes for big business”.

    10 of the biggest tax evaders not paying their fair share:

    * GE
    * Bank of America
    * Google
    * BP
    * Amazon
    * WellsFargo
    * Citigroup
    * Boeing
    * ExxonMobil
    * FedEx
    * Goldman Sachs
    * Chase

    I have a web page of resources on this subject if anyone is interested.


    4. Angry groups need to work together. The folks in Planned Parenthood need to work with Sierra club, and folks at MoveOn need to work with labor unions, etc. Regardless of disagreements in the past these major movements need to cooperate.

    If any of you folks belong to mailing lists for various cause I suggest you send them a note, thanking them for their support of (list cause here) and then asking them to join with labor, planned parenthood, sierra club, USUncut, MoveOn, AARP, etc to form a coalition of voices. As one unit we are much stronger.

    If there are groups I have forgotten, post them here. There is more that unites these groups than separates them, time to unite.

  97. Seriously; living in a McMansion with granite countertops and a lake view talking about “we’re going to be eating pork and beans” because she’s going to have to give up a new car to pay her child’s college tuition in cash. People are considered middle class who make less than what that woman spends on her kids schooling (the other child is in private school). Living it up, so many people would trade place with her.

    Good lord, Velma: girl, bye!

  98. gn, thank you so much for your work on this project. I think it is going to be a great thing!

  99. Just reading through the comment section makes me nauseous. Most of the people are reality based, but then there’s this. I redacted the inflammatory portions.

    But I am at the point where I may simply withhold my vote because Obama seems to be steering this country further over the abyss on the big-ticket items.


    But as Greenwald has pointed out, when do we escape this ‘voter capture’ and play long-term?

    Ah, yes, Greenwald, the progressive champion. He is such a progressive champion that he asks a dishonest, open-ended question about when we might escape the oppressive two-party system. Here’s a hint for the unthinking extremist Left: it’s not going to be 2012.

    So yes, extremist Left, withhold your vote for Obama over so-called “progressive values” and delusions of a political system not bound by two parties. Go ahead and follow through with your threats for a primary election. All that will do is force the President to the center to court moderate voters. It really is that simple. If you are not a reliable Democratic vote, you will not be listened to. If you are not a reliable Democratic vote, in the reality of our political system, you are doing the work of Republicans. A primary election is a Republican dream come true. The Republicans would just love it if you sit out the election on “principle.”

    All of this lunacy comes from the fact that the extremist Left overstates how important they are. The polling shows that self-identified liberals have 90% approval of the President. If self-identified liberals are about 20% of the population, then the 10% disapproval among liberals amounts to 2% of the population. From now on, I will call them the “2%ers,” in the same vein as the dead-end “20%ers” who still support George W. Bush. They are a tiny, loud minority that really ought to be ignored. But I can’t ignore them, at least for now, because they are endangering the country and the world with their bombastic rhetoric and unrealistic, often dishonest, expectations.

  100. b’but Rahm is evil! ::snark::

    This is a great read. Good for Rahm, and I’m very pleased the teacher took this young man under her wings to help him. 🙂

  101. I loved how you almost hear the air come out of Ed’s tires when he threw it to Velma and she didn’t trash Obama like he thought she would!

  102. Damn! The Rev Sharpton it seems is just as fed up w/ West’s Obama bashing as I am. I’ve never seen him go after a person like that and make it so personal. West isnt used to being taken to the woodshed over his nonsense as his reaction to Reverand Sharpton doing so clearly demonstrates. Like Ive said before, Ive never seen Sharpton lose a debate.

  103. Thank you, overseasgranny! That was a great article.

    Great to have you back for abit.

  104. The message from the right winger was indentical to what you read from the trolls and sock puppets on the Obama bashing ProLeft sites. Hmmmmm….

  105. Which is why Ed’s having her on and giving her the time of day much less more time to possibly vent against our President annoyed me so.

    I think these anchors like to choose panelists they know are going to fight. It makes for a better show, ya know?

    But I will say this for Ed, if there’s anything I can say positive about Ed, and that is that I have not seen anyone else try to have a panel to discuss the black agenda. I just wish it had been someone else, with a different panel.

    He should have had Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry on! She’s calm, she’s sharp as a knife, and she’s wonderful!

  106. I’d just like to mention that I became absolutely fed up with the “my way or the highway” “progressives” this weekend when the dishonest, disrespectful Cenk Uygur posted an anti-Democratic screed on another website, pretending to stand up for “progressive values.”

    I’d like to get to the point where I can ignore these loudmouths completely, sooner rather than later. But I’m so angry and frustrated with the people who purport to be on our side, that I need to vent. I hope to calm down soon and start focusing on the work ahead: re-electing the President.

  107. Cornel West is accustomed to going on Bill Maher, throwing out words like “oligarchs and plutocrats” in quick succession, and getting rewarded for doing so with plaudits and big wet, hippie kisses all over his “principled progressive” ass!

    Sharpton wasn’t having it.

  108. I couldnt believe it the first time I heard Shultz hyping his Black Agenda special. Im glad he did now though, just because of what Sharpton had to say.

  109. Former Leader of Ivory Coast Is Captured to End Standoff

    ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast — The strongman of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, was captured on Monday after a week-long siege of his residence and placed under the control of his rival claimant to power, according to French and United Nations officials.


    Note: The picture that comes with this article says it all.

  110. On msnbc last hour 2pm, they briefly showed film of the president meeting those Colorado school children. Cute!

  111. Thanks, gn, I want to check this out. I know zero about wordpress either or the Internet in general (I just learned from lilaf how to link to a video), but I’ll see what I can do. I am comfortable speaking with acquaintances about politics in a civil discussion, but because I am a very private person (never answer my door or telephone when I am here alone working, which is much of the week), I am hesitant to canvass or phonebank, but I am comfortable writing. I enjoyed writing the letters to undecided voters during the Dean campaign, I did 25 a week. I wish the Obama campaign would start something like that so that people who are comfortable with one-on-one contact in writing could participate more.

  112. I wish that some of the “progressives” who slam Obama would check a few things first.

    Like the fact that the Constitution gives control of the budget to Congress, not the President. The most he can actually do is veto a budget, and if he’d let it get that far, the right-wing would have, of course, blamed him for shutting down the government.

    Some “instant gratification” lefties think that if he wanted he could simply lead them to some utopian promised land, Constitutional separation of powers be damned.

    He’s the POTUS, people, not Moses!

  113. My neighbors, long time Republicans, voted for Obama in 08. I’ll have to admit, though, that part of that was because they couldn’t believe that McCain would let a “all charm, no brain” schemer like Palin run as his potential VP.

    (I think McCain had an attack of classic “hormones overriding brain” when it came to Palin. Did he have his people vet her at all? Or did she just give him a wink and a grin and he then got a bad case of stupid?) I could almost feel sorry for him if it wasn’t for the way he kept grinning gleefully while his minions called Big O every name in the book. I think the “He’s not an Arab. He’s a good man” schtick was pure CYA myself. One of his handlers probably pointed out that if he didn’t protest the character attacks on Obama, and some sick yahoo actually took a potshot at Obama, McCain might get blamed. The second I saw that clip of him and that old “He’s a Muslim!” lady, I thought, “Pure self-serving crap.”

  114. “Shared sacrifice? Okay. When do the rich pitch in?”

    That’s what I tell people. And I tell them about billionaire Paul Allen, who just bought himself a Russian fighter jet to go with his 400 foot yacht.

    I don’t grudge him either toy…but I don’t think paying an extra 4% in taxes will blight his life either.

  115. What always astounds me is that we buy into such idiotic slogans.

    “Trickle down economics.” Think about that, actually think about it, and it’s patently absurd.

    The rich get a lake. The rest of us get….a trickle.

    Why would anyone other than a millionaire think that this made any sense at all?

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