I told you this was the best photo ever…

Today’sΒ NYT front page:


97 thoughts on “I told you this was the best photo ever…

  1. It’s even more fun watching it in a video, either going up or coming down. *S*

    Put that together with a copy roadkillrefugee’s article (link on the previous thread here) and we have a happy day all around.

  2. Great photo. He’s so full of energy and looks like he could outrun any of his Secret Service guys:-)

  3. Yeah, I watched the video and he wasn’t even breathing harder after that little sprint up the stairs. Must drive his Secret Service guys nuts.

  4. Did anyone watch that black agenda forum on MSNBC ?

    I didn’t but I heard that Corny West and Tavis were put in there place.

  5. What I really loved about it, and the other photos, was the very obvious happiness of the people there to see him. The look on the young girl’s face is priceless!


  7. Yes you did say it was the best picture…….don’t you love it?? One of my all time favs!!

  8. I am eager to see America do the YES WE CAN GROW STRONGER !
    Great Picture, even more Fantastic President!
    Good Job making Mr. Boehner look foolish in front of his people and agenda.
    Mr. President will ROCK the Vote again in 2012 !

  9. Nice blog you have. I usually check it out once a day, but I stopped reading last week because the same post is on top and I assumed you weren’t posting. I wish you would remove the sticky and let the newest stuff appear at the top.

  10. Looking good Mr. President coming and going! Can you imagine Trump and his skunky hairdo trying to run up those stairs? LOL!

  11. I have to agree with you Debz. I’ve watched the pictures several times. I stand behind our president 100%. I’m glad I found this site.

  12. We all know how smart BWD is, and now the NYT is agreeing. I love this President. That he is in charge is to all of our benefit.

    I just hope he is getting some rest and fun this weekend. He was looking alittle tired the other night.

    My prayers for this man and his family!

  13. I say the same prayer for him EVERY day: First, that God will protect him & his family. Second, that God will give him & his entire team/staff insight, wisdom, strength, understanding and courage to make the decisions they have to make & to do what is right for our country. Third, I pray for our citizens to have open minds & hearts.

  14. Politicaljunkessa: Ewww, thanks for that visual, Trump with his skunky hairdo running up the stairs, to say nothing of his blubber body. Now I need brain bleach:-)

  15. I don’t know if it was good – what ever the intended goal was it was never discussed. If you were looking for plan of action, this was not it.
    Rev Al took Cornflakes – sorry, Cornell West to task – as usual. I am glad that West was only on for a little while. It was obvious he wanted to play Tea Party and argue just for the sake of it. Like the PL, a lot of Black intellectuals seem to think that President Obama should fix ALL of the Black America’s problems. Over 100+ years of problems. In addition to his job and problems as President of the UNITED STATES, he is to be a civil rights leader too. Lets not hold CBC or Congress or Senators or local folks, parents even ourselves accountable. Only Obama. As a black man and the 1st black president – he should fix it. Man o man, Rev. Al let them have it. Now that was ‘must see’ TV.

  16. People who underestimate President Obama and David Plouffe are damn fools. It’s going to be fun watching the amateur Republicans try to take on the Prez. He’s went through the toughest primaries ever and overcame the largest effort by a media organization ever to demonize a candidate…and he kicked their asses. It’s going to be a fun ride.

  17. That little girl was all over the place. She high fived the President in one picture and she was in the back row. A few pictures later, she was in the front row with her camera phone. I think the President was kind of shocked to see her on the front row as well. I am not hating on her – but that little girl got skills. πŸ™‚

  18. that’s the biggest issue I have with these “forums”, no plan action is ever discussed. Its always just about who is to blame.

  19. tnmtngirl, in my book you are a champion at praying! Seems like your prayers are being answered on a daily basis. Keep it up!

  20. All my friends please spread this video to all who need to see what Our President has achieved over the last two years.


  21. Yes I agree. Rev. Al called West out about bashing the President from his “ivory tower”. In other words, what has West done for POC or poor people? West has lost all credibility with me. He’s never balanced and seems to have bought into the progressivebagger mentality.

  22. The greatest moment in the history of our country.

    I’m White and I was born in Greenville SC in 1955.

    I was introduced formally to the issue of racism in America when I was 8 years old. As I sat in the back of the all-white school bus on the way home one afternoon, I heard a chant coming from a group of kids gathered at the front of the bus around the driver.
    It was a haunting sing song refrain and I distinctly remember thinking (a few seconds before I could make out the words) that whatever those kids were singing was scary.

    Then the words became clear to me.

    They were repeating over and over “Then***** lover’s dead, the n***** lover’s dead.”

    When I got home I found my mother had come home early from work and she and our black baby sitter Mariah were huddled together on the couch crying hysterically.
    They just looked at me and shook their heads and went back to crying.
    By the time I was 12 my family had moved to the Atlanta area.
    My younger siblings, Steve and Audrey, and I were surprised to be told one morning by our mother June that we weren’t going to school that day.
    She dressed us up and we went to walk in the funeral procession of Martin Luther King.
    During the eulogy a large black man reached down and picked up my little blond-haired 8-year-old brother without a word and put him on his shoulders so he could see the proceedings.
    Although most white people I knew growing up in the South weren’t racist, I had more than enough evidence to realize that “it was out there,” and I thought I had left that all behind when I moved to Boston in 1990.
    Then one day as I walked down Commonwealth Avenue , in the shadow of the giant CITGO sign, I passed an elderly black man walking the opposite way on the sidewalk.
    As I nodded, a car full of young white men drove past us and shouted “n*****” in unison. As I barked “F*** you!” they retorted “n***** lover!” and sped away.
    I looked back at the gentleman and said, “I’m sorry about that.”
    He just smiled a sad smile and said, “That’s OK,” and kept on walking.
    Ironically, that’s the only time anyone ever called me that to my face – not far from JFKs birthplace.
    I don’t think America is worse than other nations in terms of racism.
    In some ways you can argue that the United States is the only place racially diverse enough to be considered a true test of a society’s ability to peacefully integrate different races.
    Barack Obama being elected president surely doesn’t mean the end of racism in America, but in my opinion – and I think that of my mother June, who passed on some years back – I believe that it is the greatest moment in the history of our country.

  23. Love looking at the wonderful pictures of our President on this site – thanks for posting them – they make me smile!

  24. Great photo of our energetic and caring President. And very nice that the NYT thought so too! thanks BWD.

  25. Oh cenk, another republican who came late to the party and now have taken it over.

    This guy is the dumbest thing msnbc have on their line-up. I’ve have never seen someone so consistently wrong in all my life.

    But on the other hand it’s great to see the enormous amount of concerted push back that’s starting to take place.

  26. Hi GB, is your comment mistakenly in the wrong forum? I keep scrolling up to see what I am I missing, so random. lol But tbh from what I understand we have several action posts going, starting with the stickied one. πŸ™‚

  27. Well, that made me cry. I’m sure the moments you reflected upon changed the course of your life.

    I remember being in Catholic high school when our principal (who was very, very strict) came on the p.a. system, crying [crying! that was shock enough], to announce that JFK had been shot. And I remember when Dr. King was shot, like it was yesterday. And Bobby.

    All of those events – plus a good upbringing by my own mom – taught me things at a young age and made me who I am, for which I’m thankful. Of course, I’m not perfect [I still despise some Republicans] but at least I can appreciate the differences in the people of our country and the world.

  28. lol, no no no, they’re talking about a televised “black agenda” forum which included some folks who haven’t done a thing for people of color yet who are constantly negative President Obama who has already done a lot.

    Totally agreed that bwd is the place to be and there’s plenty of action here. This discussion is about something totally different.

  29. I totally agree gobrooklyn; in some of these pictures, he literally looks like he’s flying. This is a very important Presidency, and an extremely special person.

  30. He’s focused. And sometimes I think he is one of the few people you can say that about. It’s all about 2012. We have seen the harm GOP Governors and a GOP House can do.

    Obama knows getting any serious progressive items through the current House is not going to happen. But with an improving economy and a dropping unemployment rate, he can surge towards re-election as long as the economy doesn’t take any serious hits (like a govmt shutdown, for instance).

    And with the GOP overreach towards unions and seniors, combined with Rep. Paul Ryan’s 75 pge suicude note, he has a chance to drag 28 House seats on his coattails, thereby giving him a Dem House again in 2013, and another window of opportunity to pass progressive legislation.

    Of course, that’s if you’re a realist who is actually interested in getting shit done, like our President. πŸ™‚

  31. *Rep. Paul Ryan’s 75 pge suicide note*

    Oh, that was pathetic and, yet, too funny!

  32. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about on the Messaging front lately.

    Taxes. Great Big Taxes.

    Seems to me that we have a great chance to help influence the narrative on blogs and in comment sections leading up to raising the debt ceiling process.

    While the radical left and the Republicans are going to be taking the lazy hyperbole route of Armageddon and Obama’s Katrina (aren’t we glad that hurricane has such a pretty name?); we can be offering a pretty simple approach to the conversation.

    Make Millionaires and Billionaires and the two thirds of Fortune 500 companies who pay ZERO taxes start paying their fair share. We could make a whopping contribution to paying down the debt and deficit if one simple thing happened. Close the tax loopholes.

    This is a pretty simple sell to average Americans. They, after all, are the target audience that we can reach at the dinner table, the water cooler and among friends. If we take the time to find some credible facts and turn them into talking points, this could make a genuine difference in helping people listen to our narrative before they’re forced to pay attention to raising the debt ceiling when it comes to a showdown in the press.

    Bear in mind the average person in this country didn’t give a moment’s thought to the shutdown of the government until a week before it was imminent. They won’t be paying attention to the Debt ceiling any time soon either. They’ll be far more interested in the price of gas.

  33. Wow! WIW and the other brainstormers did a fabulous job, strategizing for the campaign.

  34. Cenk is seriously intolerable. Literally his only argument is that President Obama should fight harder for “progressive values,” which is a transparent, logic-free, appeal to emotion.

    As I mentioned in the previous thread, Cenk and the people who watch him suffer from misunderstanding of the most basic tenets of American politics in 2011. The real beauty of the “Obama should fight harder” argument is that the President could have cut a deal with Boehner that called for any number of billions in cuts, and the self-defeatist “progressives” would be launching their not-so-vaguely right-wing attacks on the President. Following this to its logical conclusion, there is no deal possible in reality that would have pleased Cenk et al.

    And that really is the problem: reality. Nobody paying attention thinks Pres. Obama could have both kept the government open, and reject all of the Republican House’s budget cuts. But instead of giving one iota of thought to the political context, Cenk et al. start the blame game once again, tearing down a Democratic president and helping to elect Republicans.

  35. I love that photo. Visiting the Lincoln Memorial was a genius PR move by the President. He looks like the winner in the budget debate. And more voters will see that photo and Obama’s speech on Friday then all of the Sunday shows combined. The pundits can try to spin this as a win for the GOP but the public won’t buy it.

    On an unrelated note – I am just getting used to twitter and was hoping people would have some suggestions on who to follow for news from a pragmatic perspective.

  36. Chip, thanks for sharing that story, which to me is partly the story of your remarkable mother.

    I am also white, just a couple of years younger than you, and grew up in North Carolina where I still live. I very clearly remember hearing on the little transistor radio in my bedroom that Martin Luther King had been shot and killed. I’m ashamed to admit I wasn’t sure exactly who he was, but I knew it was bad and went downstairs to tell my mother. I will never forget her bursting into tears and moaning, “Oh, no. Oh, no” over and over as she cried. My mom was born and raised in Alabama, but she overcame or outgrew the racism so prevalent in her youth. Surely, these 43 years later, others might still do the same.

  37. One of the biggest arguments to figure out is how to come back at the usual right wing claim that raising taxes will cause rich people to not hire, and make them uncertain. To me, if a business person isn’t able to deal with uncertainty – a fact of life – then they shouldn’t be in business. But, this is something that I’ve heard the right wingers use over and over, and the only thing I’ve been able to say back is that the Bush tax cuts didn’t prevent the loss of eight million jobs and the worst economic recession in half a century. Anyone have anything other ideas?

  38. Let’s go PBO! Let’s go win the future together!

    Neil Diamond – Headed For the Future

  39. Well, one, rich people don’t hire, companies hire. Two thirds of the private sector jobs in this country come from small businesses. They’re already paying taxes through the nose.

    Additionally, these talking points aren’t meant for the right wingers, they’re meant for the middle-of-the-road swing voters. And to some extent, they’re meant for average Democrats, who when prompted, will agree that Corporations and the wealthy need to pay tax. We aren’t going to change the minds of the right wing, but many people, if framed correctly and in a non-partisan fashion will actually agree that they’re being taxed unfairly and that the sacrifice needs to be shared in this country.

    I don’t know if people recall that great piece that Rachel did about liberal concepts that people agree to when there is no party attached to it. Taxing millionaires and billionaires was one of those concepts that people readily agree needs to be done. It’s an easy sell to the non-partisan crowd. And when the average person hears that two thirds of Fortune 500 companies pay ZERO taxes, they’re appalled by that.

    Plus, we don’t really have to defend against the right wing talking points. We just have to put it out there for the general audience and stay on message. Watch the David Plouffe videos on the Obama Diary and note how he never wavers from his message even when his inquisitor tries to bait him.

  40. How cool. My local TV showed PBO sprinting up the Lincoln Memorial steps.

    My husband saw it for the first time and was quite taken with how PBO ran up the steps with ease. He said, “Man, he is giving the Secret Service their run for their money.” Indeed, we are blessed to have these good folks looking after PBO. I liked the clip where you saw one of the SS walking backwards.

    I imagine that this spot is being shown in other states.

    You go, PBO. That’s my prezinet!!

  41. ThisisMyTime has the courage to post a diary on the orange satan, calling them out in stark and clear-cut terms for their stupidity and wickedness. He needs some love in the form of recs and tips if you can bear spending time on that awful site. I stayed just long enough to give TIMT’s diary some mojo but could not bring myself to interact with the comments.

  42. I dove in today, Alba, on the two angry diaries that preceded and prompted TiMT’s response. Some people were fed up and more constructive by that third diary, but the lack of intellectual discourse, of basic analysis and logic, is too much. I came here to close out the night, read through the energy here, then officially deleted the former site from my bookmarks.

    We have a lot to overcome from both sides, but it’s nothing compared to what we have to contribute.

    Clicking through to start reading on campaign suggestions. Time down from now on goes to getting the Prez re-elected.

  43. I did. What an even more toxic cesspool that place has become since the budget deal.

  44. gobrooklyn, that is exactly the issue with these forums. Its all thought and criticism with no action. I forgot who said this but it worth repeating: “Thought with no Action is Empty.” The question they never answer is what can be done and how to go about doing it. As my grandmother always taught us:”Talk Is Cheap.” You’ve got do something to back up your talk. Dr. West loves to talk, but unlike the President, he cannot point to one example where he has been involved in engaging in actual solution of problems that faced African Americans, Brown people, or working class people.

    Dr. West is as skilled as any one I’ve seen in stringing together what appear to be very impressive terms such as “corporate, plutocratic, oligarchy.” All these terms really impress the PL, most of whom, like Dr. West, belong to the same classes, or are employed by the same classes he is railing against. I kept wanting to ask the Dr. these two questions: When, Dr. West, do you plan on resigning from the “corporate, plutocratic, oligarchy” of Princeton University? What is you plan of action that you think will be instantly effective in bringing about the absolute overthrow of the “corporate, plutocratic, oligarchy,” to be replaced by a classless society?

    I am glad that Rev. Sharpton was there to keep it real. But that panel was stacked against the President. Dr. West needs to put his money where his mouth is. Please run for office and show us how to instantly solve problems of Black, Brown and working people, in a political climate that is so blatantly against them.

  45. nintendowii10, thanks for sharing the link. I agree with you that that was an “excellent rant” that really exposed the idiocy of Cenk Uygur and his cult at Dkos.

  46. Sonjia, This is an incredible video. I am technologically challenged, so please help. I just haven’t been able to embed it to share with people I know need to see this.

  47. Thanks Tien Le. I completely concur with your accolades of the impressive work being done by What Is Working. She is absolutely focused, and unlike some of us, especially me, who now and then waste time and energy by engaging the peddlers of negativism, WIW is always focused on positive stories and on highlighting information that, self evidently, debunks bashers of President Obama. She is really doing wonderful work.

  48. I think your suggestion on taxes makes a very good point. I’ve also heard the President repeatedly talk about the importance of millionaires and billionaires paying their fair of taxes and sharing in sacrifices. We could also point out that under President Clinton, who balanced the budget, the rich paid a higher percentage of taxes than they do now, and that made it possible to attack the deficits of Republicans Reagan and Bush, Sr., without diminishing the quality of life for the rich people.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t two of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, say that the rich needed to be taxed more? I may be imagining, but I thought I heard Warren Buffet say that the rich could be taxed more to deal with the deficit. I wish I could remember the source that supports my memory.

  49. That site is beyond redemption. I still occasionally drop in to post a pithy comment to try to counter-balance the lunacy but I can’t afford the time or the emotional energy to engage with the commenters or the diarists. They are just flat-out insane in their view that President Obama is an all-powerful dictator, who has chosen to join forces with the dark side. Thank God that a thousand flowers seem to be blooming in other corners of the Internet to give voice to those of us who feel marginalized at those vile sites.

  50. Yesterday, I left that place for the last time. It was very sad as it was my first blog I ever added to my daily favorites and links on my toolbar. But in the past few months, with the help of BWD, I have found so many other blogs that share my beliefs and passions. And most of the newer blogs are penned by disgrunted kossacks.
    This is the first morning I did not click there. I do love dissenting views but just like fighting with your sister or brother, sooner or later you just have to step back, take a deep breath and go for a time out.
    And pray for mom or dad to bring us back together again.

  51. that panel was stacked against the President

    Yup. Republicans and the sole patrol with Rev. Al as the lone voice of sanity.

    What has Velma Hart ever done for black people?

    What has Cornel West ever done for black people that comes anywhere close to organizing the projects as POTUS did when he was a young man?

    What the heck has Ed Schultz done for black people and why was he even moderating that forum in the first place?

    And for crying out loud, what in the world has this Bush/Cheney advisor Robert Traynum ever done for black people other than line his pockets and commiserate with the handful of black Republicans?

    That panel, or what little I saw of it, was a farce.

  52. I get the NYT on Sundays and I was so pleased when I saw this picture!! That the Republicans were holding the entire country hostage over abortion and EPA; that Boehner announced to the Tea Party freshmen that the government could shut down and they APPLAUDED!That they would be lowering taxes on the wealthy AGAIN! These people are reckless and dangerous–Obama has the hardest job with this Congress, and I thought of you, blackwaterdog, when I read in that article that Obama was considered the only grownup in the room! πŸ™‚

  53. They never seem to get that Obama CAN’T act as if he’s the savior of America’s African Americans. He’s the President of all of us and the only way he’s going to keep that going is if he doesn’t become involved in racial politics or advocacy. He does what he can. He’s given some stunning Father’s Day talks where he speaks especially to young black men about their obligations to their community and their children. He’s an example to people of all colors and backgrounds in this country that they can overcome adversity and don’t have to let others define who they are. That’s probably THE most important lesson that a young person of any kind can learn, and it’s especially so for the young black men and women who carry such a heavy burden of this country’s legacy of racism and oppression.

  54. AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!Those secret service dudes had better be in excellent shape, my PRESIDENT is active and agile. just love his interaction with ordinary people and kids. THE PEOPLES’ PRESIDENT!! REPEAT YES WE CAN, AND OF COURSE WE WILL OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

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