What? You still didn’t read rootless’ masterpiece??? (Updated)

Come on, guys!  🙂


And, this one from Booman too:

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…Like it or not, we’re going to be in mortal combat with these assholes for the rest of our lives, and yesterday we delivered one of the best ass-kickings I’ve seen since 2008. As for the president, he’s playing up the cooperation and the “bipartisanship.” That was one of his core messages during his campaign. Progressives hated it, but it helped him get elected because it appealed to a lot of people in the middle. When you’re in the trenches fighting Republicans, the president’s happy-talk can seem naive or even like straight bullshit. It’s not. It’s just politics. You can safely ignore it, admire it for its dexterity, or let it annoy the crap out of you, but it doesn’t really matter.

83 thoughts on “What? You still didn’t read rootless’ masterpiece??? (Updated)

  1. Yes, please do go and read it. It is fantastic and deserves to be spread far and wide!

  2. I did read that last night and thought wow!!! This is a classic. We need to spread more of this around! Thanks for bringing to everyone’s attention.

  3. As much as I want to keep the fight against the PL to the minimum, sometime you just have to say ENOUGH. What Joan Walsh is doing now is despicable.

  4. Just posted it to my facebook page after people spending yesterday whining about how disappointed they are in our “anti-troops” President who has failed to pass a budget. Wow, our education system really is in the toilet. Oh, wait, they are older people who do not know we have three branches of government.

  5. That was a lot to read but I did read it. I do not belong to that world of politics so I found it really strange. I am only this involve because of the community I belong to and they could care less what Joan Walsh says. They really don’t even know who she is.

    We are in it to keep progress moving to get things done that need to be done. We support President Obama 100% and will do whatever it takes to see him reelected in 2012.

    You called her out now we all know who she is and what she is doing. Good for you and this blog.

  6. Meanwhile, the President drew a line in the sand on Race to the top, Pell grants, EPA, Planned parent hood, ETC…
    The far left only says, but, but, but when are we going to get the progressive bills?
    WHEN? They say… Were they NOT paying attention the first two years?
    Also, the leader of the tea party Nation said, they will be primarying Boner. Called him a sellout!
    So, you see, it happens at BOTH extremes…

  7. Did you read Angry Black Lady’s blog in response to Joan Walsh? If not, check it out.

    I just pop in to say how excited I am to be sitting in my very first local democratic convention. I doubt it will happen, but I would love to be s delegate.

  8. Usually, Joan Walsh sticks up for the President. Someone got to her? Maybe MONEY involved? Who knows? Sounds out of character…
    What did she say?

  9. I don’t love the attention which Walsh is getting because that helps sell whatever book she’s planning to put to press soon, but I have to say that I also see the merit in putting the Professional Left on blast when they mess up this badly.

    Sigh. I’m torn.

    It’s almost as if instead of applying a consistent moral outlook to a fact based analysis of the world, you have a prefabricated narrative mill that generates the same conclusion no matter what facts get put into it.

    Spot. on. Perfectly stated.

  10. I have an aunt like her. Basically what I think it comes down to is she will NEVER forgive President Obama for defeating Hillary. Can’t let go of the bitterness. There is a deep seated resentment. She can’t seem to shake it off and move forward.

  11. Jovie,
    See Angry Black Lady’s blog. Joan had a black and forth with some AA’s on twitter regarding her article about the president and his kick of campaign. Joan needs to know when to shut the hell up. Read the blog. She give you the entire context of what happened.

  12. Thank you BWD, and Wow yes a rootlessmasterpiece.Is dispicable and remains me of Ariana, it was a great great answered.
    Can we flood her with E-mails? she does not speak for me either

  13. And now we can add her to the long list of people writing books in order to profit off of PBO.

  14. What is funny, is that Hillary is a war hawk, siding with McSame and Graham! How does she feel about that? LOL!

  15. And wow@one of the linked articles: “How I Left the Left”:

    As the catastrophe of the Bush presidency mounted, though, the left provided a reliable, articulate voice of opposition. Combining fact, compassion, and investigative intrepidness, the left exposed the Bush presidency for what it was: A shabby cabal of grasping autocrats driven by stunted psyches and motivated by greed. It was perhaps the left’s finest hour since the Vietnam war.

    Then came the last two years, in which the left parlayed a naive disdain for politics and process, a greatly inflated sense of itself, an unexpected ignorance of history, and an obstintately blindered view of the teabaggers into a morally precarious stance from which it could inflict harm but do little good.

    To begin with, the teabaggers are not misguided economic populists, as many on the left desperately want to believe. The ‘baggers are anti-intellectual racists. Period. They actively agitate in favor of states’ rights. Their favorite politician questions the legitimacy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Their favorite media darling calls the Affordable Care Act the first step toward reparations. They blame the economic collapse and the mortgage crisis on the minorities who took out loans from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.



    This guy is brilliant!

  16. Now, the egyptians are going crazy(in Tarir Square again)! I think, everybdy saw how the tea baggers rallied for 2 years(in the US), and now everybody around the world is doing it. Albeit, the tea baggers are losing popularity here, but around the world, their are pockets of extremists that would have otherwise remained silent. Sigh…

  17. Yep. That what’s puzzled me to no end. Jane Hamster was a supporter of Hillary too. Never understood that one.

  18. NMP@booman’s space:
    Liberal reaction once again shows they can’t add votes and don’t know sh*t about political optics. Earlier in the week, white liberals true to form complained about the lack of excitement in the President’s reelection announcement, because of course Obama can’t file his papers in the same understated manner as previous white presidents. Well guess what liberals? Last night was the start of his reelection campaign. Like a live show executed perfectly, the President appeared at the start of every nightly news broadcast smiling with the shining Washington monument as his backdrop taking credit for averting a shutdown at the last minute of the final hour. Juxtapose that image to the supposed winner, John Boehner, looking orange and sullen and saying almost nothing but they got a deal done to avert a shutdown. What’s the take away for most Americans? Certainly not abortion funding in DC. Only bloggers and political analysts give a damn about the details. The take away for most Americans is the Tea Party backdowned on defunding Planned Parenthood which in turn averted a shutdown. For the first time in a long time, Democrats were able to stay on message and expose the Tea Party for what they are: the rebranded base ultra social conservative base of the Republican Party. By the measure if what they got, Republicans should be celebrating, but they are not, which is politically stupid. Much like it was politically stupid for liberals to be sullen after the passage of HCR. In the public’s eye, the Tea Party will increasingly be viewed like they view Liberals: a bunch of damn whiners that are never satisfied.


    My only slight critique would be that I seriously doubt that the Professional Left is representative of white liberals. I think that’s the point which Gibbs was trying to make. The day to day person is not like these media people selling books, shows, blogs, etc. Polling shows that they adore POTUS but there’s no real voice to represent this in the media.

    Otherwise, spot on comment!

  19. Honestly, I don’t think it’s the Teabaggers who are being imitated here around the world. Before the Teabaggers there were much bigger antiwar and other rallies (e.g. Million Man March) in the US (that were not being emphasized by the MSM).

    I think the happenings in the ME have been sparked more by the President’s election and speech in Cairo, than the Teanuts.

  20. All great reads today. The pl flies off the handle everyday and the reason patiently knocks off their talking points the next day.

  21. So many people STILL underestimate our great President! Last night when he spoke he still is the only grown up in the room!
    I watch Joan Walsh on Chris Matthews and usually she is terrific in defending the President.
    I am disappointed in her about this.
    I also was disappointed with Rachel for one of the few times – she also told the great lie about the President and Gitmo – I sent the information to her program about the reality that President Obama isn’t King – Congress appropriates the funds and they wouldn’t fund moving those prisoners to the States – period, end of story!
    I wore my “Will you stand with Planned Parenthood” button yesterday and only had one person (a woman yet!!) say they didn’t!

  22. Hem… I have to say be careful because some of the other comments are less positive towards PBO.

  23. I bought my 2012 bumper sticker – has everyone done that yet? Buy some extras to keep in your trunks so you can sell them if anyone gives you the thumbs up!

  24. Way to go. We need more people to do this. I am on several committee’s and am starting a new business so I am about maxed. We need all the boots on the ground from us “normal” people.

  25. rootless did write a masterpiece. It’s about time we start seeing push-back.

    As for last night the President and Harry Reid were wonderful. They took credit for the budget cuts, taking away a GOP talking point. Also, since the tea party is vocally attacking the orange one, the GOP can not claim victory.

  26. Wow. That Rootless piece left me speechless. More of this please. These fat cat “progressives,” with their silver spoons in their mouths, all they know how to do is breathe fire.

    Sometimes they all appear the same to me — everyone trying to make money off of president Obama.

    Ever since I came to this country, I have noticed something about lots of people on the left, they tend to behave like they know more than anyone else. Argue with them and they are quick to slap you down, because how dare you? They are the intellect, you see.

    A whole bunch of them are so thin-skinned, it is not funny. I no longer watch any of them on TV, but I am reminded of Keith Olbermann how he threw a hissy fit one time, after someone blogged something about him on the other place, which shall remain nameless.

    These people who crown themselves progressives are all living well and could care less about what happens to little people, as long as they get their way, if you ask me.

    For example, regarding the budget brouhaha that President Obama just brokered. For all of those complaining, would they have preferred that the government be shut down? I am reminded of the health care bill, when there was this same group of people wanting to “kill the bill.” Never mind the parts in the bill that helped people. The sanctimonious attitude is what gets me and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I have no respect for the opinions of any of these people — none of them.

    In many of them I see nothing but opportunism. They are so smart, they let Arianna Huffington bamboozle them and make out like a bandit, now some want to boycott her.Oh, the hilarity.

    I have had enough with the Walshes, Greenwalds, Sirotas, Maddows, Olbermanns, and the whole lot of them. As far as I am concerned, they are specks in the universe.

    There are those of us that will continue to support this president because we know and we understand the immense opposition he has faced, not only from the intrasigent opposition, but from the fair-weathered supporters, who tend to apply some double standards to his governing.

    For those of us who continue to believe, let’s take heed from Margaret Mead:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    And the rest of the PL can kiss my “RABA.”

  27. Neither the Clinton nor the Edwards supporters seemed to have a clue about what their candidates had said or done in the past. Very strange from those who often accused Obama supporters of forming a “cult of personality.” And I do not believe any of us expected the President to turn into Hugo Chavez once he assumed office.

  28. I am a white liberal and many of my friends are white liberals and none of them are anything like the frustrati in the media and online. If they were, they wouldn’t be my friends. I would think that every true liberal would ideally like to see everyone have lives filled with love and joy (I know, it’s a long time coming, but it must be postulated before it enters the real of possibility) and perpetual disgruntlement leads in exactly the opposite direction.

  29. Yes Lovepolitics2008, I read the Article, Democratic- Base, a very good read. I also scrolled on down to Comment #7, as you suggested and It was even a better Read. Look, I live here In South Florida, and although, I did not vote for this man passing for Human, I voted Democrat, and I always do. I voted for Sinc, so sorry she lost 😦 I just hope and pray that People will wake up and not only SMELL the coffee, but DRINK It too. I plan to volunteer again In Re-electing Obama/Biden 2012. I am PRO- OBAMA all the way.

  30. lets get ahead of the game.we need to start a petition larger than any other about taking out the tax cuts for the rich. I know their will be celebrities, and lot of wealthy pl will agree with this. we need to get something going. i am not good at doing this but i will work to get signatures.

  31. Thanks so much for that article. EVery state Democratic party needs to complie numbers like this and get the word out to local party leaders and activists. Knowledge is power!!!

  32. An interesting tidbit from the brain of Tien Le:

    The actual budget cut: 32-38 Billion

    Rewind to the Lame Duck and extending the Bush tax cuts. Check this out:

    Thus, on the basis of current law, in 2011 the extension of the Bush tax cuts to all Americans would result in a $200 billion to $300 billion cost to the US Treasury compared to what had been expected. Extending the cuts to households making over $250,000 a year accounts for $32 billion of that.


    I think this might be what the President had in mind all along. These cuts just paid for the tax cuts to the rich.

  33. The thing that is so funny is that the right wing is pissed at the republicans. They hate this deal they are so mad at Boner and the republican leadership.

    It doesn’t look good for the republican in congress.

  34. And..if I may add, this is information that the GOP /Karl Rove knows very well, and they use it everyday. Voter suppression of the Dem vote is their #1 political strategy. Public bitching at the President from real or pretend lefties plays right into this. It is very damaging. Imagine what we could do if we had unity in our message? Imagine what we could do if EVERY progressive/liberal/Dem that mouths off on TV would go after Republicans instead of their fellow Democrats?

  35. I’m also thinking that the Democrats not passing last year’s budget last year was part of a broader strategy. I think they knew it was likely the House was going to go to the Republicans. The Republicans had already signaled that they were going to advocate shutting down the government. So leave the 2010 budget out there for them to dig in their heels and try to shut down the government before they get too organized and before Boehner gets his tea-party caucus under control. Let them get this out of their systems early on. This gives Boehner the cover he needs to raise the debt ceiling and makes it more viable to negotiate the 2011 budget.

    Then if for some reason the Dems *did* hold on to the House, then they could just pass the budget and move on to the next.

  36. Her traffic must be down and she needed and ego boost. A sure fire way to get a spike in interest/traffic is to criticise the prez. Just ask Trump.

  37. Excellant comment….the Prof. Left and some Progressives really believe it’s all about them….I have a secret…until I got online and started reading blogs and stuff, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “progressive group movement”. I just don’t here everyday people saying “I’m a progressive” they may have progressive ideas but they don’t have a “I know it all” attitude”

    I’m glad to see people pushing back against the PL.

  38. wow. I guess I have been missing Joan Walsh being snippy on MSM. I have seen her defending Mr. President often when Pat Buchanan is on, so what’s up? Maybe she needs to bring Matt Taibbi into her circle of friends because he obviously gets what our President is up against.

    This from “rootless” is making me slap-down happy. It speaks to all of ’em who can’t see the forest for the trees.


  39. Fabulous. And yet yesterday there was a lot of griping that our Dems were not speaking to how we got where we are, even though I know damn well I’ve heard them give the “shutdown speeches” on the floor about who put us in this ditch.

    Thanks for that. I’m going to pass this one around and the next time someone bitches about our Dems giving in, I’ll post this video!

    UGH! I’m so sick of the extremists on our side. We are surrounded, folks! Keep fighting on!

  40. Joan is still a huge fan of Hillary. Her dream girl. She tried for awhile to stick with him, but he just wasn’t her dream.

    After Obama won the primary, Joan was on MSNBC and CNN putting the president down. She did this on numerous occasions, but then I guess people told her to shut up.

    I think she eventually wised up. She tried to stick with the president, but over a year ago she was on television saying how unhappy she was. It was health care that completely drove her away from Obama.

  41. SR do you not understand the deal. There was no tax cut for the rich because the rate reminaed unchanged. In order to get a tax cut there would have to be a reduction and there was no reduction just the same rate.

    Second, the middle class and poor got tax cuts through a payroll tax holiday and the expansion of the earned income tax credit and make work pay tax cuts.

    So please understand the economics of this first before making assumptions.

  42. They are in love with the idea of the first female president. What sorts of decisions she would make while doing the job is inconsequential to these people.

  43. Also I might add that too many people don’t understand some of the things going on and they just make assumptions.

  44. Same here Sheila. I just don’t know anyone in my real life who agrees with the frustrati. Not one. That’s why it’s necessary that sites like this are out there to express what the majority are thinking and not to let the views of the few represent the left.

  45. He’s a republican so I have always understood that what he says isn’t factual. Nice to see him actually admit it though. 🙂

  46. Just becaue some tea party leaders say they are okay with the cuts doesn’t mean that everyone on their side is okay with it. Go on Free Republic and other conservative sites they are pissed.

    Conservative voters did not want a deal and they wanted a shutdown and at the end of the day the radical wing has a lot of sway in the party

  47. Yes, it seems the media and the PL forgot to tell the republican voters that they “won”. They wanted a government shut down and their agenda enacted regardless of whether the rest of the country agreed with them or not. They wanted no compromise at all. So to them it was a big defeat on all levels. They didn’t get the 100 billion in cuts, they didn’t get a shut down. They didn’t get to cut funding to Planned Parenthood or to gut the EPA. What did they win? Nothing as far as they can see. Some big win there.

  48. He lied on purpose, and there’s no excuse for that. Lawrence O’Donnell called him out for it on his show last night and stated that Kyl’s credibility has taken a huge hit among his colleagues on the right side of the aisle in Congress. I doubt this because many of the republicans inside, and outside, of Congress have made lying a way of life for themselves and a means by which they win elections. I’m not buying any tripe from him that he is remorseful for what he said. Sorry, Kyl, I have no more patience for liars and the lies they tell.

  49. They wanted a shutdown, there’s no doubt about it. They want to kill the recovery, that is all. Just wait until the debt ceiling drama, they’ll have no problem taking the entire country down.

  50. Red State/Freeperville are just like DK and has just as bout as much influence. The WSJ article I linked to is talking to real world Tea Party Leadership.

  51. Kyl lies like a rug. If he said that the sun set in the West, I would have to actually go out and check it myself before I took his word.

  52. That “infamous” tax deal was worth of a second stimulus. I remember conservative pundits heads explodes. They all said that that deal guarantees PBO’s reelection.

  53. Rootless and TiMT have been on fire with their diaries. I have been sharing them everywhere that I can.

  54. Thanks for sharing that. How fortunate you are to have such a strong spoken Rep.

  55. Yeah but they are not the voters and second not all of the tea party leaders agree that this was a great deal.

    When you have a majority of Republican voters not wanting this deal then you can’t say that everyone is in agreement.

  56. I think me and you are cruising in the same boat. This Joan Wash person is a stranger to me and seems I am not missing much. I stand with pres Obama and nothing some pundit says anymore even makes me blink. They get their panties and briefs knotted at every single thing this great man does so derp to them.

  57. That’s an important article for several reasons:

    1. As P M Carpenter astutely notes, the following is a reality that is going to cause Boehner untold grief from the teabaggers – “The size of the spending cuts in the deal, the officials said, was not in dispute. In fact, the president was willing to go higher than the final figure depending on the composition of the cuts and as long as they did not affect investments that President Obama wanted to protect, the officials said.”

    2. For the wimpy whiners on the left another dose of reality about President Obama – “In both the Wednesday and Thursday night meetings, Obama made it clear he would not fold on social policy, the White House aides said. “It was just something we could not give on,” one official said.”

    3. Just how firm was the President and VP – “At the close of the Thursday meeting, Biden emotionally declared that if the Republicans wanted a family planning bill, then “let’s take it to the American people.”.. “I think that message got through loud and clear. They [Boehner’s caucus] were faced with a choice: They either had to give in or shut down the federal government over it.”

    4. And just how important was the President’s leadership and the outcome – “Moving forward on debates over entitlement reform and the debt ceiling – which are expected to be even harsher battles – officials said the budget debate is a good harbinger that the divided government can produce results.”

    So, the President remained calm and thoughtful, would not allow his team to attack in any way the Republicans, had the skill to bring out the ‘long knives’ just at the most opportune time [deal done and his team indicates he would have been willing to cut even more from certain programs], but he would not budge on Planned Parenthood, Head Start, and other programs and Boehner knew it and forced the deal on his caucus.

    It does not get any better than that when you are dealing with an adversary that is unhinged from reality but still in control of the legislative branch that appropriates.

    It especially doesn’t get any better because of the precedent it sets – precisely the precedent that is completely consistent with President Obama’s over arching message to the American people.

    We are a diverse Nation but we must not act as a divided Nation, we must come together for the good of all of us.

    He showed everyone how to do just that full well knowing the really hard problems lay ahead – debt ceiling, further deficit reduction that must be comprised of increasing revenue (taxes on corporations, the wealthy, and most everyone else except the least able to pay) as well as further substantial cuts.

    Those substantial cuts are going to need to come largely from the defense departments budget and everyone knows it. Fortunately, Sec Gates is well prepared and intends to see much done to shrink the DoD slice of the pie.

    So, the President will say repeatedly to the American people, as he has been doing ever since he launched his campaign, we need to come together and evaluate our priorities, invest in our priorities and trim anything we don’t need. He has made it clear he knows how to bright-line what matters and has the courage to stick with his position.

  58. Exactly Sheila. That is one major reason why we should be careful and not combine ALL libs with the PL’s the frustrati’s or the 24/7 hand wringing political pundits. Real liberals are not far left like how the conservatives have gone far right. I think this is what pundits seem to not realize, why they keep failing and don’t even know it.

  59. Thanks Jeremy I like how you broke down that stuff for ordinary people like me to understand. Note you didn’t dumb it down just made it more understandable. thanks 😀

  60. Truth is, I, too, would probably like to see the kind of ideal culture in place that many of the frustrati believe they want, but I know full well that this is a never-ending challenge, built up from the bottom, and best worked toward in a spirit of tolerance and cooperation rather than perpetual confrontation. I also know that President Obama has far more information about what can and can’t be done within the confines of our current government than they do, and I trust his judgment far more than I do some frustratus or frustrata with the emotional make-up of an adolescent. The Presidential candidate who actually can get elected and re-elected (which means compromising) accomplishes far more than all the ranters on the sidelines en masse.

  61. amk, that was a worthwhile diary as your link denotes. Still, I couldn’t limit myself to just reccing the diary but started reading comments. Now I feel like I entered a hazard zone without protective gear. Did you get a gander at the appalling diaries that constituted the rest of the Wreck? Horrific, totally horrific.

  62. True Maggy519, that is why the PL does all it can to suppress Democratic enthusiasm and create a sense of hopelessness (it helps get GOP elected). IMO most if not all of the PL pundits we are force fed by the MSM are GOP wolves disguised as “progressive”. How else to explain them constantly blaming Pres. Obama for failing to close Gitmo when they know it was Congress that prevented it from closing. Yet we hear it from Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow etc. They know what they are doing. “Progressives” spend 95% of their time tearing down a Democratic President because that is their goal. I am convinced that nothing Pres. Obama does will ever be good enough for the PL. The only consistency one finds with the PL is to be consistently against whatever course of action the President decides to take. How can you claim the repeal of DADT to be so important to you, but fail to credit the President that brought about its repeal? While Pres. Clinton gets no blame for signing DADT into law?

  63. SR you seem very susceptible to RW spin. That WSJ article seems to be an attempt to prevent/hide a civil war in the GOP. Tea Partiers did not get the shutdown they wanted and are not happy about it. Women were turned off by the threat to women’s health issues proposed by the Tea Party.

  64. Great point. All branches of the MSM are in overdrive trying to spin this as a great win for the GOP. I guess that is their strategy to prevent Pres. Obama from getting a bump in the polls for preventing a gov’t shutdown. They are so predictable it is riduculous. Don’t believe the hype.

  65. After reading what Walsh said I think what pissed off a lot of people is her attitude that Obama will have to win back or beg for her vote as if he couldn’t win w/o her and the “base” that she thinks she represents. I see this type of attitude all the time and I’m glad she was called out for it.

  66. Thank you so much for linking to my post! I loved that rant by Paul W. and think I will be running it as its own post sometime this week. It was just brilliant.

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