The government is open! (Updated with the best photo ever)

ย President Obama at the Lincoln Memorial, this afternoon. Enjoy.


Best. Photo. Ever. ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. Thank you Mr. President. I am as enthusiastic as those kids that you helped ensure the government did not shut down.

  2. Tell me this isn’t a subtle prod to the GOP as to who won this budget standoff.

  3. YEP!! Right on, LL. LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!
    Interesting, I just finished reading a Newsweek story from late 2008 (after the election) about Obama’s comparison to Lincoln. I open BWD and find this. Wow, just wow!

  4. We are so blessed. Thanks, BWD for these great pictures. I do so love how much love and happiness surrounds this man. Gotta counter the hate and what better way to do it? He’s a genius.

  5. This works on so many levels. 1) Just the look on his face shows that this is a victory lap. 2) Going to the Lincoln Memorial connects him to Lincoln, a connection on which many have commented. And, 3) bringing up Lincoln’s memory, the first Republican president, also serves to remind people just how far the Party of Lincoln has fallen. Lincoln would be booted out of the current GOP.

  6. LL – You are so correct, methinks. He really knows how to play it! And the smiles say it all.

  7. Political Genius! I know he genuinely cares about people and didn’t want a shutdown, but going to the Lincoln Memorial after averting a government shutdown is f*cking GOLD!

  8. Ok, I’m crying. Happy tears, tears of relief.

    Absorb the good energy Mr. President you deserve every drop of it.

  9. tnmtngirl – One of my favorites is the 2005 piece Barack Obama wrote on “What I See in Lincoln’s Eyes.” I only have the text handy, and not the link, but here’s the last paragraph:

    “Humor, ambiguity, complexity, compassion — all were part of his character. And as Lincoln called once upon the better angels of our nature, I believe that he is calling still, across the ages, to summon some measure of that character, the American character, in each of us today.”


  11. Oh, and a little thank you to the National Park Service and all the federal workers who had a stressful week not knowing whether or not a shutdown would occur, but who still showed up for work today and will next week without a tiny hint of disruption.

    And, of course, a thank you especially to the military families who were really worried about how they’d be able to cope.

    Thank you, President Obama, for everything you do for the American people!

  12. Agreed, gobrooklyn! Politics is half policy, half theater, and the White House could not have staged and timed this any better. Mazel Tov, Mr. President!

  13. Just awesome!

    GOD is good and HIS mercy endures forever!

    GOD bless President OBAMA!

  14. I wonder if he’ll visit that class from Colorado that he mentioned in his deal-struck announcement last night.

  15. P.S. Thank you, also, to the Secret Service for going walkabout with the President today. They are also federal employees, although they would not have been furloughed!

  16. Some folks on the left were posting the “West Wing” clip when Pres. Bartlett walked to meet with Republicans on the Hill and had to wait. This footage would be what Pres. Bartlett did the next day.

  17. SR – I thought at first this m/b that class from Colorado, but – you’re right – it’s too early for them to roll into town. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Heart-lifting, wonderful, joyous photos, thanks so much for these, Blackwaterdog!

  19. The first picture is so funny and beautiful to me. Everyone around him is out of shape but he is a lean mean running machine lol

  20. This man emanates absolute BRILLIANCE. I love that his first impulse is to be with ordinary Americans, hand outstretched, smile on his face, reassuring them. The photo of his running up the stairs says it all. No one will ever, ever catch up with this man. We are incredibly lucky to be a witness to this.

  21. Obama rocks! He gave some but dug in where it counted! I’m in!! Obama 2011!!!

  22. Little change of subject here, but honestly, if the Professional Whiners want to complain about something gone wrong, how about they take a gander at what else the Republicans did yesterday:

    Think they could take time out to make some phone calls to the Senate to make sure this thing dies on the vine?

    The nerve of Cantor:

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) said the repeal effort is “part of House Republicans’ pro-growth agenda to give business people in this country the chance to grow, innovate and compete so that people can get back to work.”

    Makes me wanna puke.

  23. I like how he stops to shake the hand of the uniformed officer in that brief clip as well. It’s the little things that say so much.

  24. Thank you, BWD for these photos. No one can tell me all those smiling people aren’t happy that PBO kept the government open!

  25. FIRED UP..!!

    READY TO GO..!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  26. No matter what the PL and the rest of the media have to say, all you have to do is see the way the people greet the president to see how he is really seen by the country. Look at those faces and then try to say he lost the budget battle.

  27. Noticed something unmistakable from all those lovely photos….every person there looks like they hate his guts.Yea,right.Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in the “funhouse”and can’t get out..everything morphed into something that was never reality.The “hated one” looked especially perky and happy:)I love him.

  28. This man is goooood. This is just brilliant politics, even though we know that he really cares about these people – this is a victory lap. What a bastard. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. How terrific that he so genuinely mingles with us “average” Americans – these photos are fantastic and show the connection he has with us – especially our young people. The secret service guys have a hard job keeping up with him, but I’m so glad they are there to protect him. This was the perfect way to celebrate that the US government is still open and working for the people, thanks to our President.

  30. Yes, because people like that are who he is working for. Not for the whiners in the media. But for us.

  31. SR – I also recall when he visited 10 Downing Street, he stopped to shake hands with the uniformed guard at the door, who smiled from ear to ear … seeing that, his British counterpart tried reaching out quickly for a handshake but couldn’t connect.

  32. I think it would be a nice idea to send the President some big love at

  33. Yea, don’t you just LOVE that way he has about him?:)People know who’s on their side…

  34. Thanks you BWd too, and profoundly.
    I come home from the little league field at 2:00 flip on MSNBC and Tamrin is talking to a whiney ex Planned Prenthood President who is bad mouthing the P even though he wasnt about to sign a bill with a rider defunding PP last night or next year for that matter.

    Then I decide to log on the net ,come here first and this lady has these pictures posted of him at the LM. Im too embarrassed to desrcibe my reaction to the photos and clip of fellow Americans reacting to the surprise of seeing the President in their midst.

    I swear, I needed that. THANK YOU SO MUCH BWD

  35. I have to say again how much I love this. Its like he’s saying “Just Want To Remind You All That You Wouldn’t be Here Right Now If It Wasn’t for THIS (Obama points his thumbs towards himself) guy!”

  36. but wait, does the president know that the republican won? According to the Washington post, Boehner is ‘the man of the hour’. This so funny its ridiculous. Why is the president smiling? Because he proved again that he is the man for the job. We did right America. Now lets do it again! I am smiling. Gosh, I love our President.

  37. 2 days ago the media were telling us that no one knows who Boehner is. Suddenly he’s the “man of the hour?” LOL

    I would say our handsome President is the man of the century

  38. Yep, just like he’s always shaking the hand/clasping the shoulders of the United States Marine guarding the door of Marine 1. He doesnt do it for show either. He’s just a good man. I remember reading what Merle Haggard said about him to Rolling Stone. He said he’s met plenty of Ps but never one so humble and as nice as this one. In fact he said it makes him mad the way he’s been treated by the nut jobs( my term,dont remember how he phrased that last thought).

  39. Definitely a lot BWD. I just think of all of the “independents” who would completely lose out in a closure. Unlike Federal Employees who might have gotten back pay, these folks would have permanent losses. Think of hot dog vendors, souvenir sellers, cab drivers, possibly sidewalk musicians (do they allow those on the mall?), nearby restaurants, various groups that collect money for various causes, who rely on that mall traffic for their daily bread. Nobody would have looked out for them. Not to mention all of the tour guides and tour buses that would have lost money as well.

    An article on the surprise visit:

    I hope things straighten out to the point that Obama can take his kids to Williamsburg for a weekend. Even though he had to stay in town, kids can’t help but be disappointed when a trip is cancelled.

  40. DesertFlower, yes it would…

    And, by callin’ 1-202-456-1111, you can leave a “short” comment! (Line is open, Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM (CST)). ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m a Obamacrat!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. The Washington Post thinks Boehner won? Well, why then was it President Obama doing a literal victory lap at the Lincoln Memorial …

    … while Boehner was probably home, sleeping late, waking up with red eyes?

  42. thanks for the video, CarolDuhart!! Poor Secret Service guy, he was twirling around. That has got to be some job. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Those Secret service guys are nervous. This is the kind of setting where their job is difficult. I’m grateful for their service.

  44. This just shows he did not want a shutdown. In your face naysayers. All heart.

  45. Inspiring best president of my lifetime. Look at the real people of America. Those are the people he is fighting for, working so hard for every single day. OMG I love 44 so much. ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. It won’t pass the Senate in that form, I’m pretty sure of it. President Obama doesn’t want that bill.

  47. Just wonderful. It was like POTUS was saying: “American people, your government is still open for business. I got you; you can always count on me!”

    Great pics.

  48. I agree with what BWD said below—he is an extraordinary human being. And discounting the extremes on the right and left, there are millions who feel the same way. There is always joy and love on all the faces in his presence.

  49. If I recall the episode correctly, on his way to Capitol Hill, Bartlet saw a busload of tourists from the heartland who were disappointed that their vacations were ruined by the shutdown. He demanded that the motorcade stop, got out, and delighted the tourists with a surprise encounter the President. He gave a little improptu speech right there on the street about how he sympathized with them, and with all the people who were truly being hurt by the shutdown. Instead of getting back in the limo, he decides to walk to the Capitol (media circus in tow, of course). As he leaves, someone calls out, “You go get ’em, Mr. President!”

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that someone(s) in the Obama Administration is a fan of TWW…

  50. God, I hope the polls next week show President Obama numbers up and those of “the man of the hour” down. Please, please…..

  51. The MSM and Washington’s village idiots are spinning like crazy to paint this a a victory for the GOP. Why am I not surprised? Bet it would be the same if there was a gov’t shutdown. Pres. Obama just schooled these lightweights on political theater.

  52. I ADORE THIS MAN!!!! There. I said it again! President Obama is a total inspiration. When he addressed the nation last night, barely suppressing a grin of relief, I felt just as relieved and happy as he did. Averting this Republican disaster was just another in a long, long, long, long list of accomplishments that speak to his masterful diplomacy and skills as a leader. I congratulated him via The White House website and said in my note that the entire country owed him a debt of gratitude. I love him and obviously a whole bunch of people at the Lincoln Memorial agree with me today!!!

  53. Y’all will have to forgive me, but each time I see photos such as this a scenario plays through my mind….

    Members of Secret Service get their “orders” for the day and all across D.C. these words are heard…

    “He what? He wants to go where? With all those people around? Dear God, not again!

    And as they jog down the steps away from the Lincoln Memorial, in their minds they are thinking…

    “Thank you Jesus, thank you, we’re halfway there. Please, please let us get this man safely into the car!”

    (or something like that!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. I’m with you. I think the same thing. They must hate how he’s always out and about amongst the people. Well, all I can say is “keep doing a good job”.

  55. He definitely keep them on their toes. And yes, they are doing a very good job. Thanks and props to the SS!

  56. *giggling* I bet they do be thinking that”He wants to go where and how many people are going to be there”…..”he’s going to make me get gray hair like him if he keeps this up”…LOL

    Is it just me or does it seem like political threatre has gotten much better since Ploff came back….it just seems so organized now.

  57. I just love seeing all those happy young faces with our Prez.

    I have to share here how relieved I am about this budget outcome. Hubby is a federal employee but we, personally, would have been okay for a while.

    He was ordered to shut down all equipment and computers yesterday afternoon in case they would not be returning to work Monday. While they were doing this, his assistant burst into tears. She is a single Mom and part time college student. She was terrified about not having a paycheck.

    I just want to say on behalf of this young woman and so many others:

    “Thank you Mr President, Senator Reid and all Dems who stood and were not moved. You got the job done. Blessings on all of you.”

  58. I am grinning ear to ear looking at these. No wonder the extremists hate him

  59. Another thing I love about these pictures is that people in this country still think it’s cool to see the President of the United States of America in person. The average American just isn’t that jaded, and I like that.

  60. This almost brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing this with us, Aquagranny911.

  61. I was thinking, what is he going to do today, now that his trip was canceled? And I swear to GOD, I thought he should go to the Lincoln Memorial! Great minds think alike! LOL!

  62. I bet they are greying quicker than they ever thought they would. I wonder how long a SS member has Presidential detail? If it’s for the entire 8 years, they’re going to need a long, long vacation!

  63. Good. Let them spin themselves into irrelevancy and oblivion. They are pizzed because Obama took away their 1-2 weeks worth of easy ratings material by averting a shutdown.

  64. There is a nice video of President Obama speaking to the crowd at the Lincoln Memorial at

  65. I bet they love him anyway even if he does make their jobs harder. They only frown so grim to scare off the bad guys.

  66. Oh no, you brought me to tears…I feel for that assistant so deeply and I don’t even know her. But she had to be so stressed out.

  67. That was a smart move, stopping off at the Lincoln Memorial. It’s a good reminder on how close we got to it being closed and who prevented it from doing so.

    I’m so sick of the whiny left.

  68. And another video of him today:

    President Obama had a little fun today claiming some credit for preventing a government shutdown, materializing at the Lincoln Memorial to highlight that the monuments are open for business.

    Note Eric Whitaker, his Chicago pal, was along for the ride. I assume Whitaker is in town because he was going to head to WIlliamsburg with the Obamas.

  69. Even in a poll last week in my Republic(an)rag it was blame Repugnants 37%, blame Dems 23% blame both parties 32%, and the rest were clueless.

  70. Oh BWD, I have been in a meeting all afternoon, finally get to check in on my blackberry to this! What a President we have! His since of timing is perfect. What I would of given to be there among those visitors. What a memory they will have. And they will go home and tell all their friends. Word of mouth is much better than the msm. He is a man of the people!!!!

  71. I bless those guys every day, Lovepolitics. They have one of the hardest jobs. I pray for them all to keep their eyes keen, their heads active and also to never have to “take one” for our Prez. These guys are some real quiet heroes with a tough job.

  72. Will CNN even show this video on their Channel? NAHH! Can’t let the masses know that People love him…

  73. WaPo makes me puke! I will hardly read anything that comes from them anymore.

  74. Lots and lots of people would have been hurt and I believe PBO was thinking about that every hour this week.

    Did you see his speech last night when he mentioned a letter he got from some kids from Colorado who had fund raised for a year to get a trip to Washington and were worried about losing that?

    This man thinks of all the people all the time.

    OBAMA 2012!

  75. OMG, I just made the mistake on checking the photos from a tea party rally in Ft. Myers, Fl., one of the sites I check in on. The contrast with the photos here could not be more stark. I won’t link because it is too horrible and yucky. The crowd was described as in the hundreds, but it looked more like in the dozens to me—lots of open, empty spaces. Instead of joy and love, there was hate and bitterness on all these faces. There were flag shirts and flag hats and flag shawls and flag umbrellas, Beck’s Don’t Tread On Me flags and one gal in an Obama mask and knit hat with a clever sign that said, “Vote Republican”. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic. The very worst of us. Haters all.

  76. Yeah and I can imagine when they saw all those steps and POTUS running up them like a Gazelle and looking so beautiful, while they look so unfit. bwahahahahaha, but I do thank them for keeping him safe.

  77. On it! Thanks for the heads up. I already sent emails to WH, Harry Reid and those Dem women who stood so strong.

    Let’s all let them know that they have some real support out here.

  78. Business readies final lobbying blitz for three pending trade deals
    By Kevin Bogardus – 04/09/11 12:39 PM ET

    President Obamaโ€™s coordinated push for congressional approval of long-stalled trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama will be backed by one of his biggest critics: the business community.

    Lobbyists for Caterpillar, Citi and GE, as well as trade groups like the American Farm Bureau Federation and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, will be among those throwing their weight behind efforts to pass the three deals this year.

    The lobbying blitz comes after Obama this week defied his supporters in the labor movement and moved forward on the Colombia deal. Obama announced an action plan with the Colombian president Thursday to improve the countryโ€™s labor protections, but that was not enough to win union support.

    They say he defied his supporters in labor, but he fought hard for the provisions to protect labor… The Conservatives were pressuiring him to get it done quiclky, but POTUS held, until he got the better deal.. MSM misses it. Thus, the MEME, obama is a terrible neotiatior- is NOT true.

  79. “Victory lap” indeed and he deserves every minute of it along with Harry Reid who just looked exhausted but also triumphant last night.

    Our Dem women also stood strong. Bless them each and every one who spoke out.

    Give them all some ♥

  80. Best photographs I’ve seen in a while.

    I love the Lincoln Memorial. I went there summer of 1964–a year after the “I have a dream” speech. Went there about midnight, but there were still a few people about. A skinny kid with a huge Afro was playing a flute (or maybe a recorder, I can’t remember): We Shall Overcome; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; and lots of spirituals I never knew. Still bring tears to my eyes thinking about it.

    I thought we’d be past all the hatred by now. Every one of us has to work on ourselves, and our country. This president shows us how.

    Thank you!

  81. That is because they became as bruit beast.
    “Out of the abundance of the heart…”

  82. NATO says 17 Libyan tanks destroyed near Misrata . Airstrikes also target #Gadhafi ammunition stockpiles

    17? That is pretty significant. Will the MSM reprot that? NOPE. You know, Gotta have that meme out there, that ONLY the US ground forces can save them now. Sigh.

  83. “Just a good man” Yes, he is! We know that and so do more and more ordinary people.

    The whole MSM, PL and teapotty are turning into some kind of masturbative collective that keeps stroking each other for attention and $$.

    Starve the beast. Go directly to the people who really matter. PBO is a Jedi Master. The Force is really strong in him!

  84. They are trying to build him up while tearing down PBO. They know fully well that he doesn’t measure up in any way shape or form. That’s the script they were ordered to follow from Koch, inc.

  85. Totally agree!! This was a wonderful diary after the drama of last week!! I am constantly amazed at his boundless energy!

    Im fired up for 2012!

  86. My friend is a female Secret Service agent – shout out to the ladies too! BTW – she said the Secret Service LOVES the Obama family.

  87. SR, I think that’s because he really ‘sees’ people and doesn’t just look through them as unimportant like some in power do. He’s a good man and I don’t think he has forgotten his own beginnings. He has great empathy and understanding. He walks his own talk.

  88. I remember that and some in our American press gave him grief but the British press just loved it!

  89. What is funny is, that one of the riders agreed to was that the HOUSE will vote next wek on banning federal funds for abortion. AGAIN? First, POTUS had to write a executive order(during the HCR debate), even though the HIDE amendment prohibits federal funding. NOw, it seems, the House is so worried that federal funds are being used, that they are being redundant. Silliness.

  90. And I see AP, not surprisingly, has sent out its pro-Repub propaganda, saying that Repubs got the best of this deal. Charles Babbington is the writer, not surprisingly. Reality no longer matters to the news media.

  91. These photos put a smile on a face that has not been able to a whole helluva lot lately.

    I thank you.

  92. Thanks for sharing that, dcsandy. I would guess that guarding the Obama Family is a tough job but that the Secret Service Agents would also be treated with respect and consideration by all of them.

    And VIVA, BRAVO to the ladies!

  93. I see why Pres. Obama just says “fine, vote for no federal funds for abortion”….it’s already the law so it’s not like they are achieving anything……

  94. I think President Obama LOVES to make his secret detail sweat… I think this is what his smile is all about in that photograph ha ha ha…

  95. MSNBC should stick to what it does best: airing episodes of inmates in different prisons! (I don’t watch those either!!)

  96. Most likely, he was dodging those emails and calls from the republicans, especially the tea partiers, who would really, really like to escort him out of D.C. on the first mode of transportation they could find.

  97. I guess the beltway press DOESN’T realize that the majority of Americans DON’T read what they write or listen to what they say. They will be more prone to look at it as PBO fighting on their behalf, especially when they discover that Boehner and the teapublicans were holding up the bill for ideological reasons.

  98. Ohhhhh, cut these poor agents some slack. PBO is taking those steps without even a wallet. The Secret Service agents have a gun, extra clips, whatever little box makes those earphones & wrist mics work, and some sort of highly sophisticated mobile communications device. For all we know they could be draped in kevlar(?) too. The technology of the best bodyguards in the world must have advanced light years since the attempt on Regan. My guess is that whatever is underneath those suits more closely resembles the attire of a combat soldier than anything else. But hey, I’m just speculating.

  99. Well in all fairness, protecting baby Bush was no cakewalk either. He was very fit and active physically, that is. He was an avid mountain biker, horseback rider, etc. Keeping up with him is probably considerably more challenging than a basketball court or golf course.

  100. I’m not sure it will be that simple.

    I think they will try to completely transform Planned Parenthood. Democrats will have to be on their toes. Thank God the conservatives don’t have a fillibusterproof in the Senate.

    Will it be only political theater for the benefit of the christian right, or real political hardball ? I don’t know. We’ll see.

  101. Republican paid trolls inondating the left blogosphere to push the same narrative in 3, 2, 1….

    And the frustrati falling into the trap in 3, 2, 1…

  102. Yes it is !

    I hope the PL choke on these pictures. I’m sorry, but they really do get under my skin sometimes.

    Anyway, the pictures are great and I’m so glad that so many who would have been hurt had the gov’t closed down were spared.

  103. What did the little girl in the purple jacket do? Jump down and run around to get in front? She was all over the place. Very cute.

  104. So do I have this right?
    Our side didnt pass a budget last year.
    Dems didnt vote and we gave the house and many statehouses to the Repubs.
    Obama begged them to vote
    or was he to fight to the death over the cuts?

    Its all his fault and the cuts are his fault and unfair.

  105. True but in fairness, Bush didn’t go out to meet the people. He was a safe detail and was hardly out in public with the public. He may have been physically fit but that detail was not stressful. I think that is why the ‘shoe incident’ caught them off detail.
    IMO SS has a harder time this time around because Obama is the People’s president. Every chance he gets to get to the people he will – colleges, new business opening, restaurants, etc. He always mingling with folk. That has got to give them major stress. But I am glad that they do what they do. There service is much appreciated.

  106. Tien you are comparing apples to oranges ๐Ÿ˜€ I am sure W didn’t have death treats to the degree that 44 has. Even before 44 won the election there were so many threats on his life that he was given SS early on. tbqh that is what most of us are concerned about.

  107. Don’t know about CNN. For some reason, my remote doesn’t know that channel. ๐Ÿ™‚ My local news picked it up and I just loved it.

  108. lol they are really pissed that they didn’t get the shut down they cosigned for months ago. lmao sucks to be them. next.

  109. Joe – What a beautiful memory! I was at the Lincoln Memorial once, but not exactly at the “perfect time” as you were. I’m glad the stars were aligned for you!

  110. NH Dems ‘thank’ Romney for healthcare reform
    By Jason Millman – 04/08/11 01:15 PM ET

    New Hampshire Democrats are signing a giant โ€œThank Youโ€ card for likely Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for being the โ€œfounding father of modern health reform,โ€ the stateโ€™s Union Leader reports.

    Democrats next week will mark the five-year anniversary of Massachusetts’s healthcare reform law with a ceremony that reminds everyone that the stateโ€™s overhaul โ€“ backed by Romney, GOP governor of the state at the time โ€“ was the model for the federal reform enacted last year.

    The New Hampshire Democratic party will hold a press conference with elected officials and healthcare advocates โ€œto thank Romney for providing the critical momentum necessary to get President Obamaโ€™s vision of health reform through Congress and signed into law,โ€ according to a memo obtained by the Union Leader.


  111. Aquagranny – Wouldn’t it be funny if one of the choices on every poll was “Clueless”? Much more depth and breadth than “Don’t know.”


  112. Republicans are expected to demand fundamental changes in policy on health care, the environment, abortion rights and more, as the price of their support for raising the debt ceiling.

    Ny times-

    Nope, None…

  113. Wonderful pictures!! Oh how I am so thankful that PBO is our President after 8 looooonnnnnngg, horrific years of the Repugs that shall not be named. The far right and left wings who scream, pout and cry at PBO because they did not get the toy they wanted at Toys r us can whine all they want because we know who the real adult is and he is looking out for us.
    These political times that we are in and seeing how amazing PBO is reminded me of a quote I saw,
    “You’re not successful when people tell you that you’re awesome. It’s when they start to hate that you know you have their attention.”

  114. And what abou the litle countdown clock on all the channels. Did you all see it?
    And, Are we going to have a little countdown clock for the debt ceiling vote, as well? How Silly. That is like, on that movie independence day, when the clock ran out and the aliens fired their weapon.
    Kind of makes you fell you are in grave danger. Mabe that is why they do it.

  115. Yes, I saw that little silly clock countdown. Caught LO which I never do. OMG. I knew my President would do what is good for the country. I trust him completely.

    So what will the PL talk about this week? Cause the president ‘stole their thunder and headlines for the month’. This was his Katrina moment. This is like his fourth or fifth Katrina moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Its really sad that they want him to fail. Isn’t that what Limbaugh wants? What will that accomplish? I am not a praying women, but I do pray for him.

  116. This is all fun now, but what happens five, ten, twenty years from now when HCR is very popular – Romney and the GOP can claim it as their idea?

    I get that Romney is probably the strongest in the sad sack GOP field, and this is a little operation chaos taking a page out of Reid’s book to damage Lowden so she lost the primary, but long term I don’t like this strategy one bit.

  117. No chance. Quite frankly there is zero stomach for defaulting – I can see an incredible overreach by the GOP here though. Business leaders will not support not raising the debt ceiling because it would literally mean billions of dollars put a real serious risk to them.

    They might get some ground if they go after spending alone, but if they try policy rider attempts and push the country and world economy to the brink I think they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

  118. Somebody has to explain to me how the GOP can refuse to raise the debt ceiling after voting for a budget that has a big deficit. Logically they don’t have the choice no ?

  119. I thought so as well, however listening to McConnell speak last night, I think they plan to attack entitlements with this stunt and the long term view of the deficit/debt.

    Though I think folks will get tired of the constant threat to “the end of the world” every couple months. First it with the FY2011 budget that went down to the zero hour, next it will be the debt ceiling that the GOP will try and ring out and play doomsday chicken with and then a few months after that it will be FY2012 budget.

    President Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling in the past and that’s going to come back and bite him a bit here though.

  120. I’m not sure about the strategy either. I don’t think democrats should try to weaken Romney too fast. Let him say competitive for a little while in case some other “moderate” enters the race.

  121. I will be most interested in Scott Brown’s vote on the issue. Brown, Snowe, Murkowski, Collins all spoke out against the rider. I could see Nelson, Manchin, Casey and maybe Tester voting with the GOP just the same though.

    It’s basically red meat to rally the religious right to engage in 2012 by showing “We can only get this through if we have the Senate and the White House”.

  122. I don’t mind the strategy of trying to beat Romney in the GOP primary, I just don’t like so much credit going to Romney because you can’t just say “Ha, we were just kidding” after he loses the primary. 20 years from now Texas school books will credit Mitt Romney will the ACA, and have quotes from various Dems giving him credit.

    Romney constantly polls strongest, and has money to burn in his last campaign. Aiding his defeat in the primary would go a long way in ensuring Obama’s re-election.

    I can’t see anybody moderate coming in and lighting the GOP primary on fire.

  123. During the primaries Michelle sent thank you notes to the wives of Secret Service agents who were working during the holidays guarding then-Senator Obama. I am always struck by the respectful way they interact with others.

  124. Kapanke has his challenger –

    State Rep. Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) announced her candidacy Saturday to run in a potential recall election against incumbent state Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse).

    Volunteers collected 22,561 signatures in a bid to force the recall in the wake of Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining bill. Kapanke supported the measure.

    For the election to be triggered, 15,588 signatures must be verified.

    Recall efforts have been mounted against eight Republican and eight Democratic state senators.

    “We don’t need more politicians to stand with the governor,” Shilling said in a statement. “We need leaders to stand up to the governor.”

  125. I agree with you Debz. These photos are wonderful. I am reading thru all these beautiful comments and it just make me feel so good. I am so glad that BWD does not allow hatred on her blog.

  126. I find it amazing that the same folks who sat idly by and let the GOP take over the House are now complaining about the consequences of having a GOP controlled House!

    It is just as I said so many times before the last election; by not getting out there and supporting Dems you are NOT “sticking it to Obama.” By allowing the GOP to take the House you are only sticking to yourselves and the rest of the American people. Maybe someday ProLeft will realize that.

  127. Yes, Yes, yes Brilliant a very smart move of the WH to show that this President is for the people, I just wonder when the GOP see those amezing American people see our President, he did it for all of us THANK MR PRESIDENT.
    bwd you are just so FANTASTIC SO A big thanks.

  128. Exactly!! What amazes me is how the far right and left believe anyone outside of the whoremongoring MSM can take them seriously when their complaints about losing the budget battle cancel each other out. It doesn’t make since. SAD really!! President Obama is a gift to the WORLD from God. In his holy name in Jesus I pray. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  129. Hope at least time, the dems turnout is better than the recent one. How so many voters remain apathetic when their government is killing them is beyond me.

  130. I have to say I will never buy the Washtong Post. Its complete garbage journalism.

  131. Well to be truthful, Obamacare started Armageddon ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You would think folks would be tired of the ‘sky is falling’ at every crisis. When did we become a nation of wimps?

  132. If the GOP thought that they score a big VICTORY don’t you think they all will be at the Lincoln Memorial showing the faces?.

  133. I wouldn’t get to bent out of shape if his numbers don’t get a jump. The MSM is portaying him as weak and a loser. As long as we end up on top November 7, 2012 that is all that matters. I have to really minimize my daily poll tracking to keep my sanity. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  134. I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape if the polls don’t reflect a jump in his numbers. The MSM like usual is all over the place with the resulting budget deal with consistent criticism of the President. I work at staying away from the daily poll tracking to keep my sanity. As long as we are ahead at the end of the day Nov. 6th 2012 all will be well. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  135. I think we’ve seen ample evidence that no matter how the MSM portrays our President, people still approve of the way he’s doing his job and still think he’s enormously likable. Must drive the MSM crazy that they can’t seem to set the narrative the way they want and have it be effective with the average person.

  136. Don’t you Obama Libs get it ?

    Obama is a uncle Tom, sell out, corporatist, who hates black people and even white people.

    LOL !

  137. I like this blog, I do hope BWD adds it. I am so thrilled with this blog roll! That is the best places, plus and Al Jeezera.

    Thanks for informing us.

  138. Well, they’ve called it “Obamacare” so many times that they will have difficulty changing their tune, whether it’s 10 months from now, or 10 years from now. Secondly, ANY GOP candidate who is serious about running for the Presidency as a Repub and getting Republicans to vote for him/her HAS to run AGAINST “Obamacare” in 2012. If the person is not willing to run against Obamacare, they can kiss the GOP nomination ba-bye, or the “base” will simply sit out the elections.

  139. There’s no way in heck the ‘base’ will sit out the election. They hate our President too much for that.

  140. Did anyone here actually call the way things were going to play out with the budget fight? We all had our theories, but I don’t think any of us foresaw how this played out. Oh, except the part about it all being Obama’s fault…that was an easy call.

    I think what we can be certain of now is that the Republicans will try outrageous stuff and then lie about it. The MSM will engage in outlandish misinformation and drum up the drama to a fever pitch and then call Boehner the winner, no matter what happens.

    And it will all be Obama’s fault.

  141. Kapanke’s district voted over 60-40 for Kloppenburg over Prosser in the recent contest. He basically knows he’s done for, especially with a strong challenger now running against him. It really gets tricky after him though, Hopper can only be beat if he runs – I have a feeling that party bosses will force him out and they’ll run a clean candidate in his place that would probably win. Darling would be a coin flip at best as well if they even get enough recall signatures.

  142. Oh yeah and Obama is the anti-Christ according to the right.

    But in all seriousness Obama played this well by going to the Lincoln Memorial and speaking to the people. Very great photo op and if positions him even better for 2012.

  143. You are confusing us Tien Lee. I thought you were a Obama supporter. How could you put PBO and W in the same breath. I would believe PBO is a little for fit than GWB. A tad bit more intelligent as well. LOL!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  144. You don’t believe anyone with a “R” attached to his name could be beaten? Won’t it be, first and foremost, a vote against Walker and his allies ?

  145. I understand your intent and thanks for the beautiful memories, but I doubt the boy you talk about was wearing a big afro in 1964. African Americans weren’t wearing afros until the 69/70 and of course it really exploded in the 70’s. This was 47 years ago so your memory is probably faint. “Sweet low Sweet Chariot”? Old negro sprirituals? C’mon man……you have been exposed. LOL Keep learning my brotha!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  146. Well DailyKluster has a full scale meltdown with the usual suspects. My take on it is the DK crowd feels PBO is only president because of their personal efforts on his behalf. They are the political equivalents of the insufferable know it all who services my computer. They were outraged by Bush and just as equally outraged by Obama and I have no doubt they would be equally outraged by President Baser.

  147. If anyone with an R next to his or her name could be defeated, then Kloppenberg would have won the Supreme Court no questions asked. But these are Legislative District races, so if one of them is in a district that can be swayed, then a Dem has a chance. Depends on the candidate, the money spent, the records of the candidates. Remember, this is how the GOP did so well in 2010…they ran in races that were normally never contested, they poured money into races that normally didn’t require much spending and they ran ‘clean’ candidates that no one knew. They ran as moderates and people bought into it.

    I’d say the silver lining here is how much ground Kloppenberg made up in such a short period of time–30 points in just a few weeks is pretty amazing. Plus you take the combined efforts of the GOTV machine from the Unions and the Democrats and focus them on a handful (two or three races) and that tips the scales a little.

  148. In purple districts Koch money will rally out the pro-Walker vote. Hopper’s district went Prosser pretty strongly.

    And we can’t forget that Republicans are claiming to be pretty successful with recall efforts of their own –

    At least one other recall campaign – the one against Sen. Robert Wirch, a Democrat from Pleasant Prairie – is on the verge of filing signatures, its chairman, Dan Hunt, has said.

    For the record, Prosser got 47% of the vote in Kenosha County, which makes up most of Wirch’s district, according to AP figures from election night.

    Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) continues to appear the most vulnerable to recall among the Republican senators – all three of the main counties in his district went convincingly for Kloppenburg. Signatures to recall him were filed with the state April 1.

    Still vulnerable on the Democratic side: Sen. Jim Holperin of Conover – all but one of the 11 counties in his district went for Prosser. Kim Simac, the Eagle River businesswoman and tea party activist who’s running the recall campaign, said, “That should be troubling for Sen. Holperin.”

    She said her effort to gather 15,690 signatures to recall Holperin is “looking good,” but admitted, “it’s not over the mark yet.” The deadline is April 23.

    The two counties that make up most of the district of Sheila Harsdorf (R-River Falls) returned margins for Prosser of just over 50%. Democrats have targeted her district with more spending than in any other district.

    Republicans Robert Cowles of Green Bay and Luther Olsen of Ripon saw most of their counties go for Prosser in margins from the mid-50s to more than 60% of the votes.

    Democrat Dave Hansen of Green Bay saw 57% voting for Prosser in Oconto County and 55% in Brown County. Recall organizer David Vander Leest said Thursday that the campaign is close to having enough signatures to deliver to Madison.

    Republicans Glenn Grothman of West Bend and Mary Lazich of New Berlin, and Democrats Fred Risser of Madison, Spencer Coggs and Lena Taylor of Milwaukee, and Mark Miller of Monona all seem safe from a possible recall defeat. Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point) seems relatively safe, with Prosser gaining more than 40% of the vote in her main counties. Plus, Scott Noble, who’s been collecting signatures in Lassa’s district, said his effort is not going as fast as he expected.

    Meanwhile, Sachin Chheda, chairman of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County, thought Kloppenburg’s strong showing – even if she does end up losing the race when the votes are sorted out – will inspire activists across the state to keep putting their energy into the recalls of Republicans.

    “People need to see that their efforts are meaningful and result in some sort of success,” he said.

    Chheda has been involved in the well-organized campaign to recall Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills). Her district consists of parts of four Milwaukee-area counties, and it was hard to draw conclusions from the county-by-county election results. But she’s obviously taking the recall seriously, already running radio ads.


    Now some also argue that Prosser/Kloppenburg isn’t a good metric to gauge potential recall votes because Kloppenburg wasn’t seen as a strong candidate for the Wi Supreme Court, and with the court being 10 year terms, many conservatives might have voted Prosser with the intent to vote the GOP Senator out to make their statement. Nobody who voted Kloppenburg will vote Republican in the recall elections, but there will be a percentage who voted Prosser who will vote for the Dem candidate in the recall efforts.

    Who the Dems find to run against the recalled senator will be very key as well, but since these are recall elections mid-term, State House Reps can run while keeping their Rep. gigs, so it will be easier to find strong candidates known in the area.

  149. I think I also read how the Obamas would invite them in for dinner during the holidays, during the election since they were away from their families.

  150. I don’t think this dog will hunt for the GOP. The debt ceiling is usually used for political games, but everybody knows it will be raised. The minority party always raises a stink about the debt and threatens to block raising it, and the majority party has to eat the shit sandwich and defend raising it.

    I can’t see the GOP playing any serious game of chicken with this – it’s just too dangerous. And businesses and rich Republicans will not risk their millions and billions by having the Republicans force a default.

    It’s tricky again though, because President Obama needs to get out in front and say what he’d do to address the long term debt knowing that the GOP will go way more extreme and then there will be MSM calls to negotiate and meet in the middle. So President Obama can’t really put out the debt steps he would really like to see, but has to make much shallower steps which will then allow the GOP to frame him as not serious.

    If there was a game of chicken where PBO and the Dems wanted to stand their ground, I think it could be this one though. Not raising the debt ceiling would be economic armageddon. Ideally PBO would meet behind closed doors and try to hammer out an agreement where he could state his legit plan to address the long term debt, but politically the GOP will not want that, they’ll use this as a political tool to again show how much more fiscally conservative they are. PBO will need to bring up the Bush tax cuts and how they’re an epic budget buster – really attack on that and how can the GOP be serious about the debt when they are unwilling to raise taxes to pay it down. You simply cannot cut your way out of the situation.

  151. Maybe we’re overthinking this one. In any event, I’m so glad it’s President Obama in the White House and not any lesser beings.

  152. Does the KOS, FDL and the firebaggers know how much would have been cut, if their were a republican senate and President?
    Don’t even think about it, but it is a worthy question, for the ideologues.

  153. You really felt the joy he was experiencing through seeing his face and the lightness of his steps in these photos.
    I again mention a thanks to BWD for this safe space to celebrate together without having to feel sad by the meanness from those that do not share our enthusiasm nor see the specialness of how we are blessed with this man being our President.

  154. One of the things I love about PBO is that he actually LISTENS to ordinary people. I know he cares what others think and it shows. I am sure that is why he got the healthcare done first because that was the number one concern he heard in the two years on the campaign trail.

    Has anyone ever been asked something maybe by a friend or family member but recognize they really are not listening to you when you answer? I have and it is annoying. You wonder why they even bothered to ask you a question?
    I’ve seen politicians like that too. They look away and see if there is someone more important around to shake hands with. From what I have read and heard PBO really is interested and cares. You can tell about that and you can also tell when someone is just faking interest.

    I often times wonder why so many people hate him since he just eminates goodness? I keep praying for his safety and feel blessed that he is our President. I know it cannot be easy to have all the problems he is facing and especially with all of the hatred and criticism he is experiencing.

    I experienced an uncontrollable need to jump up, scream and wave huge pageant waves when I went to an early spring 2008 rally. You have to realize I am now 65 years old. Who knew!

    Saturday Night Live is on right now. They are talking about how everyone is unhappy with the outcome of the shutdown. I do not think the person playing PBO is very good at his portrayal of him in speech or manner. I wonder why I don’t think he is good at it? Am I too protective of PBO? I thought they nailed Hillary and Sarah Palin.

  155. Anyone remember the movie with Robert Redford and Paul Newman called The Sting? That is kinda what I think this was like since I don’t even think the ones that didn’t win even know it. Remember when they said in the movie that the best sting is when they don’t even figure out they were conned?

  156. Lets keep praying that when the budget is written out and they take the real vote next week that they still get enough votes to pass it! Also that we can make progress with next years horrific budget and the shennanigans that will be coming up in the House.

  157. “Lincoln would be booted out of the current GOP.” I completely agree with you LL. I also can think of other Republicans that would not be welcome to the modern Republican Party: Frederick Douglass, Sen. Charles Sumner and Rep. Thaddeus Stevens. These people played such an important role in the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. Without these Amendments to the Constitution, it is hard to imagine what this country would be like today.

    As a result of “white backlash” against the enforcement of these Amendments, the Republican Party abandoned enforcing them. What is ironic is that when the country did finally begin to enforce these Amendments it was the Northern Democrats who took up the cause, mainly against the interests of their fellow Southern Democrats (Dixiecrats). The Modern GOP was born out of the struggle, that took place in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s, between Northern Democrats and Southern Democrats over the enforcement of Civil War/Reconstruction Amendments.

    Dixiecrats began abandoning the Democratic Party as early as 1948 but the pace picked up steam following the Passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. By 1980, the vast majority of Dixiecrats (that is former Southern segregationist Democrats) were now Republicans. It is no wonder that their hero is Ronald Reagan and not Abraham Lincoln.

    Of course it is also true that a parallel journey of switching party loyalty was taking place in the African American community. African Americans who had supported the party of Lincoln began supporting the Democrats during the New Deal (though many black people were unhappy with rampant discrimination and called it a “Raw Deal) However, It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the majority of African Americans began to identify with the Democratic party-the party that supported Civil Rights. So, it is also no wonder that President Obama feels more comfortable identifying with the mythical Lincoln ( I say “mythical” because the reality of Lincoln is more complicated than the myth of Lincoln) who “freed” the slaves, and whose party recognized them as citizens, entitled to the same rights as other citizens.

  158. The thing that has me most worried is all of these concealed weapon permits and laws the GOP want to get through and have been in many states. I think the unplanned stops or last minute unscheduled stops are not as bad as the published scheduled ones except for the idea of these concealed weapons. Is DC still a no gun city?

  159. That is so so true dotster! If a picture is worth a thousand words, the pictures of the people greeting President Obama tell us all we need to know about the “joy and love on all the faces in his presence.”

  160. The President sent a clear message to that kid he spoke of who had saved all his money to fulfill his dream of going to D.C. to bear witness to great American historical achievements. Indeed it was a message to all the kids who have similar dreams and a reminder to all of us that the government of the United States is elected by the people and for the people, and should not be shut down just to score political points.

  161. Very well said Aquagranny! Especially this delicious part:”The whole MSM, PL and teapotty are turning into some kind of masturbative collective that keeps stroking each other for attention and $$.”

  162. I knew about the Republicans being recalled were the 8 Dems due to the GOP retaliating back?

  163. I agree Aquagranny. That is why I trust the President’s judgement even when I don’t completely agree with him. For example, I really don’t like the billions being cut from what I think are vital programs. Except, of course, I have no Idea what else I would have done, other than saying No to cuts. But as I thought about this I realized this would be exactly what the “Shut it down” teabaggers were clamoring for; so that they can cause more chaos to blame on the President.

    And while some were saying that government shut down, like the one in 1995, would be blamed on the GOP, I just wasn’t completely sure about that. Most importantly I felt that, unlike 1995, shutting down the government, in the middle of a severe recession, with unemployment still very high, would make an already bad economic situation worse, and even horrific. We already have millions of people out of work and a federal government shut down would have added tens of thousands as every thing connected with the government would have come to a stand still.

    I think this President knows that it is easy for the purist, who don’t have to worry about a pay check, to say never compromise. But what about all those federal workers, whose salaries he has already frozen to prove his commitment to fiscal responsibility? What about the folks in the military? What about folks who work for small business that may need a government loan? I am really sure the President did what he did to make sure that he minimizes the hurt for not only federal workers and the brave men and women in the military, but also for all workers who depend on companies that have contracts with the federal government.

    I hope all those people he warned about the dangers of “giving back the keys for people who can’t drive” but who refused to listen to him, repeating the mantra that there was no difference between Democratic drivers and Republican drivers, have learned a lesson.

    Does any sane person think that we would be dealing with the issue of a government shut down if so called Democrats had gotten off their behind and voted to ensure that Nancy Pelosi remained Speaker of the House? Furthermore, can you imagine how much more horrible it would be if Democrats had also lost control of the Senate, especially given the kind of vitriol that the PL was spewing against Majority leader Reid?

  164. Thank you Tien Le for highlighting this. This is exactly my main problem with what you called “the Professional Whiners.” It is as if their no #1 enemy is President Obama because they’ve done absolutely nothing to organize to counter the insane bills being passed by this insane teabag dominated House of Representatives. It really makes one wonder what is the real agenda of the people who bash the President and Democrats non stop, but do very little to counter the craziness from the teabag-Republicans.

  165. I am really convinced that President Obama is not into scoring political points; especially when it means that doing so hurts real people. You see dogmatic people care more about holding on to their pure ideological principles than they do about finding real solutions to real problems. For example: the teabaggers wanted a shut down so that they can humiliate the President. The Pl wanted a shut down so that they can humiliate the Republicans and demonstrate that they are as tough as the teabaggers. Neither side stopped to think what would happen to thousands of federal workers, the people in the military, and millions of other workers who would be indirectly hurt by a government shut down. I am so happy we have a President who is willing to sacrifice his political career to do what is right for real people instead of being driven by ideological rigidity.

  166. In which case they will be supportive of someone who is against “Obamacare.” Therefore, they cannot turn around and claim it as their own.

  167. The best way to help this president is to do what he does. tune them out and get to work. 1. We must come up with ideas, we have ppl hear who are video savvy. we need to have researchers of past quotes from the gop and the dems, we have to cure the amnesia. banking TIMT list could be made into a informational fliers and circulated on the internet. 3. We need to think of catch phrases.4. we need to figure out what the gop is dividing, women, class, race. 5. we need to set dates for events, we do not have to wait on the media. It so much we can do if we just organize. The blog roll on this site should work to gather to promote events and our own ideas.

  168. Now, that’s my President, walking and running tall! Way to go! Keep on pushin’!!

  169. He/She has “The Only Adult” on his/her blogroll.
    For news I always check bbc and al jazeera, as well.

  170. I was thinking the same thing as I poured over these photos. You can see the angst in the faces of the SS agents at the Prez’s impromptu gesture. (Heck even if this was a p.r. stunt pulled by the Prez, it wouldn’t make the job of protecting him amidst a crowd of tourists in a public place any less angst ridden or difficult).

    I love our President. I swear this trip to the Lincoln Memorial the day after putting a pin to the TP’er-Repub’ balloon, was sheer PLATINUM GENIUS!!

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