Sigh. The only adult has solved another crisis. Next, please.

Hi guys,

Few thoughts about the latest falling-sky drama:


I think it’s fair to say that none of us is a fan of this deal. It’s probably fair to say that neither is the president. Yet, sometimes you have to choose between two bad options – which is pretty much the story of the past two years. I don’t think PBO ever faced a choice between two GOOD options. It’s always between bad and worse. Under the circumstances he has done, yet again, the best any human could have.



Yes, of course this has a lot to do with 2012. Dah. Here’s the reality: The only thing that really matters is the economy. If a government shutdown would have killed this fragile recovery, it would have been the end of this presidency. That’s why Republicans so wanted it, and if the economy was in better shape, he might have given these jerks their shutdown, but this is not 1995. And if we learned anything from the 2010 election, is that Americans really suffers from short memory. They will not remember next year who caused the shutdown.

We need to stay laser focused at the stakes, and they couldn’t be higher. First, re-elect PBO. Then we’ll have enough time to fight the good fight. (BTW, I’m willing to bet that in his second term, PBO will go to the Left, and visibly so).



Truth is, this is all one big theater.

Capitol Hill (CNN) – Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden beamed that Congress and the White House were circling around “$73 Billion” in budget cuts.

But that’s not $73 Billion in real-people dollars. That’s $73 Billion in imaginary, government-speak dollars.

The vice president’s “$73 Billion” in cuts, and the Republicans’ initial “$100 Billion” number, are both reductions from President Obama’s proposed 2010 budget, which was never passed. That’s the key point. That proposed, larger budget, never became reality.

It’s a bit like a college kid who asked his parents to buy him a car and was turned down, but who then tried to count the lack of a car as a “spending cut” the next year. The money was never allocated for spending in the first place.

 // snip

The “deal” announced by Biden would cut $33 Billion in actual, current spending. That’s how much of government agency’s expected budgets would be cut immediately if this plan wins out.



For those of us, including myself, who lives inside the Internet bubble and still give more than enough consideration to the PL, I give you askew’s comment from the previous thread:

I have been out of loop on vacation this evening and found about the deal to avoid a shutdown on the local news I Iowa the local news carried Obama’s speech live and devoted time to local people who were helped by avoiding a shutdown all of the stories gave credit to Obama for avoiding shutdown the gop were barely mentioned I was shocked to come online and see people claiming this as a win for the GOP I swear the media and PL are completely out of touch with how this is playing with voters I expect a poll bump for Obama and that as details of the deal are made known it will have progressive wins included just like the tax deal


Anyone who can’t see how this is a huge political win for PBO and the Democratic Party, should get their eyes checked. It was enough to watch the body language difference between PBO/Harry Reid and the two clowns from the other side.

PBO came out of it smelling like a bouquet of flowers, the Shining Knight who kept the government open, and Democrats are the Shining Knights of women’s health.



Finally, I want to ask the PL to start the “Boycott The 2012 Election” campaign right now. Why wait? After all, it worked sooooo well in 2010, right?




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  1. Wow, I love what you have said. I so think the GOP have overplayed their hand and the people on the ground know what just happened.

    Did you listen to the Repub women’s press conference? How can they be women? They are so clueless. I’ll take the Dem women any day.

  2. Sorry I can’t agree this time. The Democrat sand President Obama gave away the store and sold out a lot of people. They virtually gave the Republicans everything they asked for and we received nothing in return.

    We in the Midwest are fighting for our lives out here and the Democrats are in Washington are not helping at all. Who does the all the cuts that they gave away effect? Primarily those of us on the left. The Republicans asked for 100 billion and they have received 73 billion so far. How much more are we going to cave to them?

  3. I love your last coment about PBO coming out smiling like a rose, our Shining Knight. I think of him as my Shining Knight and I will do all I can to get him reelected.

    Thanks again for providing this place so we can hear the Sane voices.

  4. Everything that is in this article, is very small. There isn’t federal funding of abortions for decades anyway. The rest is theatre. Vote on refunding Planned Parenthood? You can’t tell them not to bring this to a vote. It’ll never pass and if it’ll, the president would veto. These are nuggets compare to what they wanted, and more important. compare to the price of a shut down.

    Anyway, there’s always the option of finding someone to primary the president. I’m still waiting for this hero.

  5. All the hand-wringing about the deal has the principal effect, once again, of shifting accountability away from Republicans. If you want to know why the GOP feels it can do crazy things, this is why.

  6. So how were they suppose to do better? Shut the government down? Then how many people would be hurt? I want to know how they could have done it better? Where were all those people who have been sold out when it came to voting in Nov? The President and Senate can’t do it if they don’t have the votes!


  8. I’ve had it with the UNprofessional left saying that Mr. Obama and the Democrats “caved” and the Republicans won.

    How did the Republicans win when 1) no government shutdown occured, and 2) the riders were stripped from the final bill?

    I suppose the UNprofessional left is attacking Mr. Obama because he averted a shutdown and thus any REAL reason for drama and hysterics, even though the UNprofessional left is providing the drama and hysterics anyways, with talk of Mr. Obama being “spineless” and a “sellout” because he made tough decisions with these cuts.

    I credit not only Mr. Obama, but both Mr. Reid and Mr. Boehner for all reaching common ground and keeping the government open, keeping 800,000+ federal workers and the military paid and working.

    I love how the UNprofessional left has NO answer on what Mr. Obama should have done that would have averted a shutdown and at the same time, gave nothing to the Republicans. Mr. Obama had to agree to cuts of some sort because 1) we can’t continue to spend like Sailors and 2) the nation elected a bunch of Republicans to the House last November who believe in cutting spending. Had the nation not had amnesia, not cut off their noses to spite their faces and voted for Democrats, perhaps we’d have a much better budget for FY11… although I predict the UNprofessional left would complain anyways about not getting X, seeing as that is the case with the ACA… they call it a gift to the insurance companies because they didn’t get a public option or single payer, both of which didn’t have the votes or support to pass muster in Congress.

  9. You’re not the only one who is fed up with these whiny firebaggers, I’m tired of them as well.

  10. Oh Sue I love it ” Ignorance and Arrogance” so describes them and I doubt they could spell it either. After listening to some of the Repub women news conference yesterday you know they don’t have a compassionate bone in their body.

  11. You just have to wonder, why ANY woman would be against providing healthcare services for other women, and how they can buy into the myth and lie that Planned Parenthood uses federal tax money for abortions, which is against the law.

  12. The names that have been tossed are all perpetual losers… Dennis Kucinich, Alan Grayson, Russ Feingold, Bernie Sanders, Elsabeth Warren, Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz, Batman, Underdog (OK I tossed the last two in :D)

  13. It’s all about the drama for the MSM. They are pissed that the drama is over (for now). The PL is just another arm of the corporate media that MAKES ITS OWN NEWS! I was in DC with my 8th graders this week, and local businesses and workers were scared shitless about a shutdown. Very few really care about the petty political bullshit that the GOP manufactured. People care about moving the economy forward! Obama bows this, and that’s why he is so resilient. While others cower and launch bombs at him, he stands tall.

    On another note, while in DC, our lovely tour guide (young lady from Texas) got weepy when talking about Reagan (while passing by the hotel where he was shot), praising him like he was some god-like figure, “the highest approval ratings of any president.”. This revisionist history about the spokesman-in-chief bothers me greatly. Our tour guide wasn’t even born when Reagan was elected. I remember the attack on unions, firing of air traffic controllers, Iran-contra scandal and its trashing of our Constitution, the collapse on Wall Street, dismantling of the progressive income tax, trickle-down economics, and the recession he left us (just to mention a few). if you really want an honest account of America in the Reagan years, then read Haynes Johnson’s aptly titled “Sleepwalking through History”.

    By the way, just heard a GOP congressman sounding like a unhinged loon speaking against the budget deal on CBS. His ilk are really out of touch with reality and average Amricans. Bad move GOP – you should hide these people who scare moderates and independents away…

  14. Nah, let them keep putting the looney ones out there for all the moderates and independents to see/hear. (Sigh) On second thought, I know that America has a SHORT memory and too many voters believe all the scary, right-wing crap and continue to vote for the looney ones. See Nov. 2010. …..sigh again…………

  15. So glad the Greed Over People Party got it handed to them with bow on top. Also for those who say our President sold out then what did He sell. If we didn’t get into wars not needed by the previous bunch and with these same Greed Over People party were in charge gave tax breaks to the rich. This what got us to this point which we all know.So our President looked at the facts and said I have to choose some pain but not disaster and still make sure I stick to spending cuts only.Our President to the Republicans up front no social riders to the bill and got it.So let them march around saying what they may, we just put out the true facts.Place the true facts in every corner we can and as often as we can it will get through.

  16. Have you read the CNN article, point 3 of BWD’s list ?

    Also, I got some reassurance yesterday listening to Senator Milkuski during the press conference of those outstanding democratic women. Senator M. said (paraphrasing) that the republicans wanted some specific cuts but democrats didn’t bite and came up with their own propositions. Democrats were the ones who controlled the scalpel. That means this budget respects THEIR priorities.

    There is a price to pay, but wait a bit and when the dust settles, you’ll realize that price is less high than it seems.

    Side note: if I understood well, there’s going to be a separate vote to defund Planned Parenthood. It WON’T pass. But boy will it be fun to look at republicans’ infighting. I just imagine how happy (NOT !) Senators Snowe, Collins and Brown are that they have to take this vote, ha ha ha…

  17. Good Morning all

    Whew – relieved here was no shutdown, now the economy can get back to work.

    2 top headlines at CBS are about the shutdown and in both cases President Obama’s video is featured. he appears calm, positive and reasonable, how is this not a victory?

    quoting from article

    “Mr. Obama’s 2011 budget proposal was never passed; the actual cuts in the bill were about $38.5 billion for the current fiscal year.”

    the article also mentions the riders.

    “The riders to which Reid and Boehner refer included a GOP rider to to defund Planned Parenthood, which Reid had suggested had been the final sticking point in negotiations. Republicans wanted to scrap about $300 million in federal grants that go to 4,500 different clinics around the country, about a quarter of them run by Planned Parenthood. That rider was not included in the final deal, but as part of the agreement a standalone bill on the matter will get a vote.”

    When the average American listens to someone say it was a victory for the Repubs, or the Dems, they just don’t care. They are glad the government didn’t shut down, period.

  18. What the Democrats need to do now is repeat and hammer the message that the Republicans almost shut the government down over Planned Parenthood funding. They need to repeat it now and every single day until the November 2012 elections.

    This is the kind of hardball that the independents want to see, and that will get the Democrats the votes they need to win big in November 2012. The Democrats can campaign on being the reasonable negotiators and can paint the Republicans as staunch ideologues who only averted a shutdown of the government to CYA, which is the honest to God truth. Heck, not many House Republicans are sold on the final offer, which destroys the UNprofessional left/MSM meme that the Republicans won and the Democrats “caved.”

  19. Bingo. This entire issue would never have happened if the GOP were not in charge of the House. Don’t like the budget cuts? Haul a*s, and help us to get some of these Republican Reps out of the House. A bunch of them won by a mere sliver. If we want a better budget in accordance with previous years, we need to get the gavel out of Boehner’s hands and back into Pelosi’s.

    The rest is just ineffectual howling at the moon which does absolutely nothing but move outcomes to the right, just as you noted. I no longer have any patience whatsoever for the ineffective, counterproductive tactics of professional complainers tripping all over each other as they enter and exit the clown car of the PL’s traveling circus. Enough.

    I was actually talking with my neighbor very early this morning and our conversation was 100% in line with askew’s remarks.


  21. When you analyse things rationally, PBO and Democrats are the ones who got the most of this battle. ( or who lost the least …)

    The only REAL problem I see is that it widens the fracture with the most vocal segment of the democratic coalition. This infighting is NOT helping.

  22. Anyone who expected a liberal budget along the lines of what we got during the previous session of congress is completely, utterly, totally unrealistic and out of touch.

    Your comment is part of a line of thinking which never holds the GOP accountable, and merely slams Dems, which results in outcomes moving to the RIGHT. If you’re not happy with this outcome, you need to focus your energies and your words on getting the gavel out of Boehner’s hands.

    This sort of griping helps nothing IMO and is part of the reason that we’re in this mess in the first place. Elections have consequences, and this budget is exhibit A of why we can no longer afford to entertain the delusion that there’s no difference between the parties and that it’s just fine to “punish” Dems by enabling the GOP.

    Don’t like it? Get the GOP out of the House. It’s that simple.

  23. Point #3 about the whole thing being “theater” is a real eye opener. I lost track of the fact that they were working from the “proposed” Obama budget and that the outcome in dollars is what he pretty much what the President expected to begin with. This is brilliant political maneuvering on his part and I would love to know whether the Teaparty newbies in the House even knew what game they were playing.

    There is no real world universe in which averting a government shutdown is not a win for the President. He showed himself to be calm and reasonable while House leaders were spouting nonsense. And he never lost sight that the consequences of a shutdown in terms of jobs and confidence lost would have been devastating. Closing down the government is not a game, it directly affects millions of lives. And yet those articulate Senate women and Senator Reid stood at the barricades for women’s health and showed that though Democrats will bend to compromise they won’t give up important principles. This may not always seem to be the case, but this time they showed a basic decency that the R’s pitifully lacked. The one phrase the president used during the campaign to explain the crux of what it means to be a Democrat is “I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper. That’s what Reid and the D women senators beautifully illustrated.

    Personally I feel a sense of relief and bless the president’s persistence. I can only imagine how he held Boehner’s and Reid’s feet to the fire during this whole process. The Republicans, once again, underestimated him. Bravo PBO!!

  24. IMO they jump from crisis to crisis. If it wasn’t this, it would be something else. There’s a reason that these folks have such a big media platform: they service the elite in a roundabout fashion. We simply need to continue to do what we do, which is to provide a reasonable, pragmatic progressive point of view to anyone who wants a media product which is free of some of the nonsense.

  25. And the average American will learn that the republicans were prepared to defund 4500 health clinics around the country.

  26. As one of the 800,000, I’m relieved. I’m sure that there will be some things in the bill I won’t like, but they will be smaller than otherwise, and if we take back the House those cuts can be restored.

    I’m mad at some of the unprofessional left that wanted him to “shut it down”. Nobody really stood up for the federal workers and their families that would have taken a huge hit if they had to go on an indeterminate layoff. Indeterminate, because once it had started, nobody would have known how long it would last. Think of the effects on the economy (especially the DC economy) of having nearly a million workers immediately laid off and collecting unemployment. Think of the contractors who also would have had to close up shop as well and their workers (no figures given on that, but that would have been substantial as well). And what about those of us who worried that we might not get our next paycheck because the payroll processors were laid off as well, and the fear that this Republican Congress might not approve retroactive pay without some draconian measure, that is if the teabaggers don’t riot over the idea that we should get retro pay?

    All of this in a struggling economy where it’s possible due to downturns elsewhere in the economy, many of those Government workers are now the one income in a former two-income family, a stable income in a sea of layoffs and downsizings. Back in 1995 there were more domestic jobs and a better economy to help cushion the blow.

    As for me, I was hoping for a one-day vacation, but it wouldn’t have been paid anyway, so back to work on time Monday, which is better news.

  27. The only “vocal” Democrats I see that are upset over this deal are the radical leftists, like Dennis Kucinich, and I haven’t heard a word out of him yet.

    I suppose he’s keeping his trap shut because he saw how much opening his yap cost him the last time, when he accused Mr. Obama of committing an impeachable act ordering missile strikes on Libya and then soliciting donations.

    And the cause of most of this “infighting” are the teevee pundits whom treat this like a spectator sport. Pundits like Ed Shultz, Arianna Huffington, Jane Hamsher, Glenn Greenwald, Cenk Uygr, whom most of America doesn’t know nor care about, yet these pundits think they are legends in their own minds because they are taking on Mr. Obama from “the left” and “standing up for the middle class…” all while collecting paychecks from multimillion dollar contracts.

    They can shout and whine to the rooftops about Mr. Obama being a “sellout,” it won’t change the fact that they are detached from reality. Reality is, most Americans don’t care about the actual politics behind this budget deal, they only care that the government wasn’t shut down and that the federal employees and military continue to get paid for their services.

  28. I go one step further, I tune out the media entirely. The only reason I watched ANY media at all yesterday was for updates.

    Interesting story, I tuned into CSPAN, and they had delusional folks calling in. One caller discussed revolution against the government “because the American people have had it” and another caller said that people should buy Huggies from Wal-Mart and send them to Washington because “they need to quit being babies.”

    These folks are more interested in endless political theater and don’t care about getting a thing done, and the media exploits these folks with these memes that create drama and tension. Listening to the media, you’d think that the end of the world was upon the country, that the potential shutdown could last weeks or months, when in fact, it was completely averted thanks to Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, and Mr. Boehner working endlessly to work out a deal.

    As I pointed out, the pundits treat politics like a spectator sport, and a select few fall for it, luckily they are a minority but still enough to do damage, as the 2010 midterm elections showed.

  29. I glowed when I read the comment that PBO will move to the left in his second term. I been thinking and feeling that all along. Without having to navigate a re-election and appeal to the “middle,” it will be different turf.

  30. For those who see the upside of this compromise, elect more dems in 2012 to push your agenda.

    For those who see the downside of this compromise, elect more dems in 2012 to push your agenda.

    It’s that simple.

  31. POTUS’ reelection is major in terms of people looking to shift the country leftwards. Of course it’s not the endpoint and won’t bring us immediately to the promised land, but it will for sure bring us closer to it.

  32. I can relate, knowing people in the military who were absolutely PISSED that their midmonth pay was cut by half and facing the possibility that they wouldn’t get paid on the 30th… and the only gestures from Washington politicians on both sides was endless pieces of legislation to keep the military paid and empty gestures about donating their paychecks to military families should the government shut down. It was all empty political theater to cover their asses.

    And it is indeed sickening that people on both sides were cheering for a shutdown, cheering for you and other federal workers to be screwed just so they would win a political battle. It’s actually disgusting too: I’ve read some comments on Talking Points Memo where they were not only cheering for a shutdown, but they called Mr. Obama a “dumbshit” because he negotiated and “failed to finally put the nail in the GOP coffin.”

    On this fight, I could honestly care less who came out the winner, although Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid maintained their cool and didn’t budge an inch. Keeping federal workers like yourself paid and keeping the government functioning is much more important than scoring political points.

  33. There are some on the professional left who feel strongly that if Democrats lose and Republicans gain control then like Boehner, their feeling is “so be it”. They think that the American public had to really “learn their lesson”, experience continued catastrophic hardship to finally see the light, to stop voting for Republicans.

    This is the sentiment I’ve seen in the past from sites like DKOS.

    Oddly enough they view the average Americans who suffer as just collateral damage in the war against Conservatives.

    Ironic isn’t it- how much they have in common with all other extremists? People who think it’s justified to kill abortion doctors in order to support a higher calling? While they don’t advocate murder, it’s just as devestating for people who wouldn’t have benefited from health care reform, because of the continued denial of claims for pre-existing condition, for lifetime caps etc.

    Although probably for extreme liberals like Hamsher & Those on DKOS, people who continue with, in their mind “weak” liberalism, who continue to support the corporatist agenda are complicit, and hence deserve everything they get.

  34. I checked some other site comments and they are bashing him — saying they are not going to vote for him and other immature crap — they don’t seem to understand that not voting for democrats is what got us here in the first place — I feel sorry for Obama; why he puts up with us, I will never know –I just hope he keeps doing it.

  35. Then I’d like to know where people like Kucinich & Weiner were last year!

  36. Oops hit post before I finished.

    I totally agree with your post! I’m so fed up with the professional left! Im so angry with the GOP, and sick & tired of the PL who only bitch & moan, without helping or leading. No they would rather let the GOP get away with the lies and idiocy on TV, while they try to tear our President piece by piece! But our President is too strong of a leader, but it’s got to get tiring for him to deal not only with crisis but unhelpful yapping idiots getting in his way!

  37. Senator Harry Reid ripped the scab off the Republican Party subterfuge on the budget stalemate. He was masterful. Now everyone knows that they were perfectly willing to shutdown the government over abortion ideology. And they have been cast as an enemy of women. If anyone wants to call that a win, well be my guest.

    The Reid Report has more:

    Meanwhile, the fight over Planned Parenthood has cast the GOP, once again, as an enemy of women, in a news day that battered Speaker Boehner and his caucus, as he was forced to lie throughout the day about the true source of the delay in announcing a deal (he insisted it was the spending cut amount, Harry Reid blew his cover, and the entire DC media knew it was abortion.)

    In the end, Boehner had to go back to his caucus with $6 billion more in cuts (over the $33 billion the White House had initially agreed to) — and little more. He couldn’t get the Planned Parenthood cut, or the EPA defunding, and there’s no more talk of defunding Big Bird. And of course, there’s that Tea Party primary threat.

  38. That’s why it’s so important to retake the house and save the senate. If we do, PBO will have plenty of room to move more to the left…

    Also, I’ve noticed that the Dems this morning have kept up the argument that the Repubs are extreme. They are really winning with this. Even Anderson Cooper said so last night. But of course the MSNBC anchor this morning is trying to cut into that by asking if the Dems who voted against the CR are extreme…smh…they always have to find some way to do the equivalency meme

  39. I agree gn.

    In fact the first paragraph-

    “The Democrat sand President Obama gave away the store and sold out a lot of people. They virtually gave the Republicans everything they asked for and we received nothing in return”

    sounds like PL talking points and I could have read this on any PL blogsite or hear it from any PL pundit on Teevee. This was the same chorus we heard when PBO made the tax cut deal back in December. And the fact that Politico (a right-wing rag) is used as “evidence” to support this PL talking point tells me all I need to know.

  40. I agree, With nothing to think of but legacy, Obama can, if he has a strong Democratic Congress, go for something truly to the left, something truly lasting and memorable.

    Perhaps he could upgrade his Health Care plan, or legalize pot, or work on deep and long lasting poverty, or comprehensive immigration reform.

    So far second terms haven’t been all that memorable, but then we had Reagan (too senile, thank goodness, considering his agenda), Clinton (too absorbed in scandal), Bush (too incompetent), to look on. Before that Nixon never completed his, LBJ dropped out because of Vietnam and didn’t run for a full second term he was entitled to, and Eisenhower has probably too ill. Before that, there were no term limits, and people could run as many times as they wanted to (before the late 1940’s, it was only tradition that kept Presidents at two terms).

    But Obama is in a unique position. He’s young and healthy enough to be active in a Second Administration, smart and scandalfree (which is one of the reasons Kucinich’s impeachment thing went nowhere fast), and visionary. 2013 and 2014 could well be years for the ages under Obama. For Obama will have a future, hopefully a long one, beyond the Presidency.

  41. The GOP women are wealthy, have connections and can go to any private DR. and get their abortions (which they do), their botux surgery, liposuction, artificial tanning, lip and butt implants, and other similar services. Meanwhile, their government paid health insurance gives them access to cancer screenings, pap smears, STD prevention, etc.

    So of course, they have no problem with poor and minority women being DENIED access to BASIC affordable care under the guise of “spending cuts.”

    I got mine, and don’t give a damn about anyone else is the mantra of the GOP politician – male or female.

  42. Lovepolitics2008, on this particular issue, the Democrats in congress were fully united. They didn’t make it about Barack Obama, and didn’t go on teevee screaming about him not “leading.” The people who are pissed off are the Teabaggers,MSM, members of the fringe left,and the PL punditry, none of whom are a significant part of the “democratic coalition.” And they are pissed off because yet again, the President emerged from this looking like the only adult in the room.

  43. Thanks, NintendoWII. I’m already behind on some bills. I work as a seasonal, and my first check back was already nuked due to household repairs that needed to be done immediately. Going back on unemployment, and I would have to wait three weeks for that, would have put me in a deeper hole.

    Plus, this was tax season. I work in that field, and we would have had to leave returns unprocessed because most of us would not be able to work without appropriations. So even more people would have to wait on everything from assistance to returns. You may not realize it, but refunds are a fairly large part of the money spent in the Spring. People would have had to wait.

    The last time there was a shutdown, it was September 30, when things are a bit slower and us seasonals were usually not onboard anyway.

  44. I don’t know if this post will be approved, but

    Women’s health, EPA and NPR for $38.5 billion? That’s a deal.

    I see this as a qualified win on points for the President, Harry Reid and the Democratic Party — there are votes to be taken that will decide things.

    I see this as a Pyrrhic victory for John Boehner; he got some budget cuts and deferred votes — but he didn’t get ponies for the Republican/Teaparty, he didn’t destroy Planned Parenthood, and he didn’t humiliate the President in public.

    Which leaves him with an angry President and Democratic Party in front of him, an angry Tea Party behind him, and Eric Cantor at his back.

  45. He sold out nothing, he negotiated with the tyrants Americans put in office. If you want a good sell then get some good products, because whats in the congress now is nothing but unwanted goods. Who gave the Tea Party the authority.


  47. Luv Mr. Prez,

    I would take this predictable “Obama bashing” after every political event with the appropriate amount of salt. This happens routinely and we’ve seen it before (e.g., tax cut deal, Libyan intervention, Oil spill), and will continue to see it as long as Obama is President. The comments are from the same select group of people, right-wing paid operatives or fringe left folks, not the majority of reasonable Americans who will form his “base” in 2012. Obama knows this, which is why I don’t feel sorry for him.

    While these people continue to wallow in manufactured poutrage, our President has already moved on to his next task of governing this country. And that’s what the American people care about.


  49. Exactly. The media makes it out that these cuts are some big republican win but the amount is really not very much. The “cuts” are mostly from the proposed,not the actual, budget so aren’t really cuts at all. And the republicans have come out looking like petulant children while the President looks like the moderate, reasonable one who saved us all from a government shutdown. As Askew noted in Iowa, local news is all about who was affected positively by avoiding a shutdown and giving the president the credit. And best of all, the economic recovery won’t be stopped in its tracks and as you said that is the most important thing of all for 2012.

  50. This whole post makes me feel better. I have to admit I didn’t have a good feeling about the way this ended last night.

    So glad to read Askew’s comment about the Pres. getting good marks in the heartland. It is incredible how different the news sounds when you get away from the computer.

    It is agonizing that all this wouldn’t have happened if so many Dems hadn’t stayed home in Nov 2010. I still don’t get it, even knowing that off-year elections are like that.

    And to all the screamers on the left I would just remind them if it hadn’t been for Ralph Nader we wouldn’t have had George W. Bush and without George W. Bush we wouldn’t have the current Supreme Court, Iraq war, etc etc etc. I hate the phrase “love it or leave it” but in this country you have to do politics by compromise, there is no other way, you can’t get your personal favorite politics to win all the time.

  51. Yes, this puts those senators in a much more difficult position. The crazy primary voters will insist that they vote to defund Planned Parenthood. But if they do so, they lose standing with the general election voters in a big way. That’s why we need to call the Republicans out every time they try to push their social issues onto other less controversial bills and not allow it to happen. If they want to vote on their extreme agenda, they will have to do it standing on its own. Let America see what it is exactly that they are pushing for and make each republican go on record voting for or against it.

  52. Let me get this right. So the president inital budget was 32billion of cuts, the republicans added 6 billion and nothing they really wanted. They did not defund plan parenthood, EpA or healthcare. so their victory is just like their governing nothing. They actually did nothing. This is not a win. This was the president budget, that the Gop attempted to take away democratic projects that still fail.

  53. Bingo. It’s as if people think that POTUS can save us from our choice to enable the GOP. He can’t. We need to do the work to keep them out of the House, and out of the Senate. This is not about to be a cakewalk, which is why OFA is starting now and not next year. If people want to shift this country left, they’d join in.

  54. Great comment.

    A lot of folks kept forgetting about all the federal workers (not just the troops) who would be effected by this shutdown.

    I think President Obama and the Dems (especially the women) did a great job. This is how they need to fight the TP.

  55. Well said! Let’s keep our focus on the real problem. The real problem is the Republican controlled house. Without that, this budget would look very different. But reality is that a bunch of crazy people were elected to the House and they hold the majority. When you look at what they would do if they didn’t have to deal with Democrats in the Senate and the Presidency, this deal is an amazing feat by Democrats.

    Compromise to get things done is not a vice. It is a necessity. It means not getting everything you want. Under normal conditions we could probably get a better deal but with this House made up of these particular crazy, far right, tea party true believers, this is a very good deal. They would have gladly shut down the government over eliminating birth control and cancer screening for women. They really, really would. It wasn’t just a ploy to get more cuts. They really want to dismantle all progressive advances that have happened in the last 100 years. They really do. Until people start to realize and acknowledge that, criticism of the sort that blames the democrats for not getting enough, is hard to take seriously. When you are negotiating with crazy people, getting the types of deals this president gets is amazing.

  56. Point taken. But I was thinking only about the left blogosphere. To tell you the truth, I’m concerned about a Nader scenario in 2012. ( Not Nader himself of course, but a guy who’ll paint himself as the “saviour” of the progressive movement.)

  57. The average American doesn’t listen to the pundits who try to tell them that the Republicans won. They see that the President come out and say he got an agreement from both sides that avoids a government shutdown, something they very much wanted to see. Their big impression is that once again the President gets things done and that Congress is stupid for fighting over dumb issues and risking big problems over them. Our job is to let them know that the side pushing the dumb issues is the republicans and to avoid such stupidity in the future we need to replace them with more democrats.

  58. For the sake of all those who would have found themselves without a paycheck and for the sake of the whole country and our improving, but still struggling economy – I am glad a government shutdown was avoided. What still bothers me is the idea itself that individuals responsible for the people’s business would shamelessly put us all at risk because of their failure to do their job properly. It is the responsibility of the Congress to pass a budget and pass it in a timely manner. It is also the responsibility of our elected representatives to work out their differences to arrive at solutions, not soundbites on the evening news. All the screaming and hollering about how the President should do this or that is totally misplaced. President Obama did his job presenting a proposed budget and stating his priorities and the rationale for his proposals. After that it was up to the Congress to do its job. Maybe the American people need to be a lot more selective in voting for their representation. These individuals should have the knowledge how the system works, the patience to deal with an elaborate democratic process and the decency owed to one another in dealing with differences. They also need to respect the office of the presidency and its role. It’s time to examine the qualifications of our elected representatives, not only what they would and would not do for any group or corporation.

  59. I don’t think anyone felt very good. It sucks to negotiate with these bastards. But we need to face the world as it is, and do whatever we can to change it – Starting with taking back Congress next year.

  60. I’m not worried about it. Who would they get? The only people “pure” enough for them would not be popular enough to get any attention elsewhere. Dennis Kucinich? He’s a non starter. And other Democrats are too smart to try to primary a president as popular as Obama. It would be death to their political career for decades at the least. This isn’t a Kenneday/Carter thing. There is no powerful Democratic family name like Kennedy in opposition to this President. It’s just not going to happen no matter how much the PL whine.

  61. Yes, and I note every news account I’ve read this a.m. gives the most positive credit to President Obama. One (Chgo Trib?) noted the significance of Obama’s call to Boehner yesterday after the Repubs reneged on the deal that had been reached the night before. Obama skillfully boosted Boehner’s ego saying that the two of them were the most significant, had the most influence in their parties and that Boehner had to stand strong against the demands of the most radical wing of his party.
    Most people will just say, “Well, that’s over, the crisis is averted—good” and will note that President Obama was in charge driving the outcome.
    And I am reminded of something which became clear during the last Presidential election. Never underestimate the political skills of Barack Obama.

  62. Good history about 2nd terms, Carol. never thought about that. Thanks.

  63. I so agree about the compassion of these so called religious right. They claim to be christians, but how can anyone be a christian and not have compassion for those less fortunate. That’s what I don’t understand about all this repubs.

    That is why I love this President and this community!

    Thank you all and have a wonderful Saturday!

  64. That’s it. The GOP takes from the poor and gives to the rich. This wasn’t unknown or mysterious or some surprise. If we want to lessen this sort of influence over budgets and deals, we have to lessen the GOP’s power, not merely scream to POTUS to save us from the GOP even as we continue to enable that “political party.” People who are upset with conservadems for legitimate reasons: start the work appealing to their electorates to replace them with progressives.

    This is truly not about to be a cakewalk. We need to get the GOP out of the House and hold onto the Senate for dear life. We just cannot afford the PL’s hand to mouth counterproductive strategies any longer IMO.

    Thank God for this space and those on the blogroll for facing up to the challenges of the current time, not merely wishing that POTUS would smite thine enemies.

  65. Just remember it is the same small group posting these things over and over. They aren’t winning converts to their point of view. The President stays overwhelmingly popular with Democrats and very popular with Independents. This compromise will actually make those numbers go up, I’m sure. That is what these whiners don’t get. The President is the president of everyone. Not everyone agrees that the PL knows best and they won’t just go along with what they want no matter how much bully pulpitting anyone does. They play right into the right’s hands every time they do this whining as well. They do Karl Rove’s work for him by trying to turn people off on the President. President Obama is the Democratic nominee for 2012 whether they like it or not. Attacking our nominee means empowering whoever the Republicans choose to run against him. That’s it. It doesn’t do anything else no matter what they think they are accomplishing. I think a certain percentage of them know that are doing that on purpose. The rest are just politically naive and incompetent at strategy.

  66. I like your Greed over People. I think I will start calling them that all the time.

  67. Well he’ll move to the left if he has the Congress he needs. Let’s not forget that.

  68. If you will debate with someone from the Left and they are complaining ask them this 1 question. Why did ‘nt the democratic control congress pass the budget when Potus insisted on before the midterm. They diverted until now. Ask that question and watch the response. crickets. so really even the dem congress can’t complain.

  69. The GOP accomplished something all right: they pissed off women and non-misogynist men. Got to the point at which the high priestess teabagger Bachmann said “let’s make a deal.” But substantively, I do think that POTUS got the better deal. Taking the long view, I do not approve of the budget cuts and look forward to working to get the GOP out of the House. Their priorities are the rich and the elite, and they take from babies, children, sick people, elderly people, disabled people, impoverished people, and give to the rich. I want them out.

  70. I stopped reading after “sand President.” Did you vote for Democrats last November? If not, then you can STFU. The House is controlled by nuts thanks to the likes of you and now you’re complaining that Obama didn’t do enough and sold people out?!

    No sir, you’re the GOP enabler who helped “sell people out” by promoting the “Obama SUX!” meme all last summer. You made your bed, now sleep in it. Stop trying to shift blame to Obama.

  71. I agree this is about the best that could be expected.

    I like the fact that the “cuts” were from the proposed budget and not some actual figure. That is a VERY BIG piece of info I was missing, I admit, and it makes quite a difference. That CNN article is very helpful.

    I worked my ya-yas out yesterday during my brief vent, and all is well today :-D.

    I am glad the Dems stepped up on the messaging, and I am particularly proud of the Democratic Women.

    It takes a lot to get the focus of the American public, and hopefully a closely-averted shutdown will show them what’s what and just who these Teabagging Republicans are and what they’re about.

    Just to start, if any American woman votes for a Rethug, they are a fool of the highest order.

    Thanks, BWD and OAITR family, for keeping the info coming and the conversation flowing. MWAH!

    Onward to 2012!

  72. I have to admit, I went to bed last night not too disappointed, then heard the President’s statement and was not very happy, then woke up this morning and have been all over the place. I hope SR stops by becau I appreciate his views on this, and I know he feels it was a win for th Republicans and I really want his rationale for that.

    Here are my opinions as of now.

    1. I am grateful a shutdown did not take place. I think there were almost as many on the left rooting for a shutdown as there were on the right. Of course for different reasons.

    2. I am not happy with th budget cuts, but the key here will be how this is spun going out. If it is spun as the republicans got 90% of what they wanted and the Dems gave up 90% then it becomes a win for the Republcian. If, however, it becomes, the Dems showed fiscal responsibility by going with some cuts, but they were not going to allow the Republicans to mess with women’s health, the environment or Big Bird, and the Republicans chickened out, then the Dems win.

    3. I was initially upset with Obama last night giving credit to both parties and specially specific credit to Boehner. After all, if it hadn’t been for the Republicans we wouldn’t have been in this situation to begin with. I wanted him to lash out at the Republicans and make sure the country knew it was the Dems and himself that kept us from a potentially very bad scenarion.

    4. Today, I realized that he was actually doing what he does best (although he would never admit to it). He was setting Boehner up. We know how the right wing base felt about this They were so wanting a shut down and didn’t get it. Now Obama has said that they have Boehner to thank for their disappointment. The fracture in the Rpublican party grow and grow.

    5. Finally, we have to really wait a little while until the dus settles to see how this all plays out.

  73. Also ask this question: How could Mr. Obama averted a government shutdown AND given nothing to the Republicans?

    I’ve been debating a few fauxgressives on TPM this morning… they’re ranting about “denying college educations to poor students, by letting poor people go home to cold houses they can’t afford to heat, by putting people out on the street when they can’t pay the rent because their housing subsidies were cut, allowing more tax breaks to the wealthy, more earmarked useless defense programs to go forward, more subsidy payments to agri-corporations” all that from just ONE poster over there… all while ignoring the fact that 800,000+ federal workers and military servicemembers would have gotten screwed had there been no deal and the government shut down.

    The fauxgressives care more about scoring political talking points than about taking care of federal workers and the military, now that is disgusting and unAmerican. And to think they are proud to call themselves “progressives,” when in actuality they want to delay progress as much as possible so they can continue to complain and rant and rave.

    Hence why calling them fauxgressives fits.

  74. I am so relieved for you Carol and all the other fed workers and military families. How the repubs could think that not paying any worker was okay is beyond my understanding. They don’t live in the real world.

  75. “(BTW, I’m willing to bet that in his second term, PBO will go to the Left, and visibly so).”

    Shhh, don’t give away the secrets Ma. Us Obamabots know exactly how POTUS is playing this chess game let the dolts on the PL keep showing how dumb they are at this. 😀

    That last picture of our fine POTUS is the business. Superbama saves the middle class again and remains flawless while doing so. I love him. WOOT!!!

  76. Another thing: keeping the Senate in Dem hands last fall has proven to be so incredibly important, and we have teabagging repubs to thank for that. If they hadn’t run teabaggers in Delaware and Nevada, we could have lost those seats. And then we would really be up sh*t’s creek. It’s bad enough we have these nuts running the House, thank gawd the Senate (coupled with the Prez) is able to stop the craziest of the crazy.

  77. In order to have legacy legislation he’ll need the House and keep the Senate. Otherwise it will be blocked out of spite if for no other reason.

    I believe his legacy will be The Education President and that he’s already building it and can do so even facing a Republican congress as education focus/spending and focus is popular amongst voters and usually not hyper-partisan as an issue. HCR was a big deal, but it’s just the foundation.

  78. That’s the thing: They wanted a shutdown. “Progressives” are all about the “fight” and “falling on your sword” and “glorious defeats”. They live in la-la-land.

  79. Sorry your comment sounds uninformed. Facts are different from what you are saying. Also I am in the middle of conservatives heaven and they are pissed that there is no shut down. For that alone I say congrats to POTUS and to Harry Reid. Taking the haughty smile off the teapubs smug disgraceful faces is win for me. Mr. Boner can cry more now that he is the subject of “primary” him meme. I love it. So simma your loose talk. thanks

  80. That was a great article and I was amazed by most of the comments. They were reasonable. Maybe people are waking up.


  82. Excellent comment.

    We wouldn’t be in this hole — and PBO wouldn’t have had to propose any cuts (I am hopefully assuming) if those damn BUSH tax cuts had been allowed to expire. But last year’s rethugs held those hostage and PBO got the best deal he could at *that* time.

    So the lesson is: get those corporate-slave-tax-cutting-for-the-rich bastids out of Congress!

  83. cosign. The percentage of respect I have for our president and how much he inspires me is not even on any charts anymore. Some mathematical scholar will have to come up with the huge number that covers how much I stand with pres O!

  84. Please go to Booman Tribune to see his assessment of the crisis averted.

    Partial quote: “Like it or not, we’re going to be in mortal combat with these assholes for the rest of our lives, and yesterday we delivered one of the best ass-kickings I’ve seen since 2008. As for the president, he’s playing up the cooperation and the “bipartisanship.” That was one of his core messages during his campaign. Progressives hated it, but it helped him get elected because it appealed to a lot of people in the middle. When you’re in the trenches fighting Republicans, the president’s happy-talk can seem naive or even like straight bullshit. It’s not. It’s just politics. You can safely ignore it, admire it for its dexterity, or let it annoy the crap out of you, but it doesn’t really matter.”

    I totally agree.

  85. monietalks@wsy:

    Just this week ( a year ago) Newt Gingrich(govt shutdown architect and former dickhead Speaker) stood before the Southern Republican Leadership Conference boasting about plans to shutdown government after a hopeful Republican takeover of the House while the crowd whoops and hollers gleefully. Then word drops yesterday that he uses the old “Obama is hurting our troops and their families with this shutdown” even though he had a pep rally saying shut the government down and fuck the military, goverenment workers, agency and all those who rely on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

    …But instead of playing this video and giving more attention to the politiricks of this year old video, we have the sanctimonious [Professional Left is] trying to publicly steer money away from the incumbent and Democratic President by dismissing OFA…


    The PL causes people to lose focus while they concentrate on this lucrative purity racket. A lot of people are thus not getting accurate information and indeed are becoming misinformed.

  86. what else is new? I am sure those commentators you speadk of are not part of the 84% of Americans that admire and like pres Obama or the 51% that approve of the job he is doing. I am sure half of those commentators are paid by Koch brothers to troll anything POTUS related.

  87. “We in the Midwest are fighting for our lives out here…”

    If we would have voted for the DEMS in the Midterm elections we would not have the problems in Washington and Midwest.

  88. You know there are only so many times they can not vote for him and it is exactly once. They keep using that threat time after time on issue after issue. So does that mean the president keeps winning them back in between their threats to withhold their vote from him? Or do they not understand negotiation at all? When you have already pulled your trump card (your vote) you can’t just keep pulling it over and over and expect it to keep having an effect.

  89. I’m sorry that you feel this way but please be reminded that elections have consequences. We Democrats utterly failed to understand the extreme importance of the 2010 midterm elections. The Tea Partiers did and that is why the House is controlled by Republicans. As a result, the President’s bargaining power was weakened. Frankly, I am very proud of my President and the Senate Democrats for standing firm on the social issues. If Democrats want to control the political agenda, then they must demonstrate with their feet and march to the polls in masse and vote!

  90. Yes, for our current media and political culture apparently if Republicans get anything at all (even if it isn’t what they wanted) they win. If Democrats don’t get everything they asked for (like the President’s proposed budget – which is always more than any president ever expects to get from Congress) then Democrats lose.

    Luckily, the actual people of this country don’t see things the way the media and those in Washington see things. That’s why opinion polls almost always show exactly the opposite reaction to things than the pundits tell us is going to happen. They say candidate A won a debate, opinion polls say candidate B won. It happens so often you’d think they would start to get a clue but they don’t really care, I guess.

  91. I actually did a head count several months ago of these commenters on another site. Scoured the comments section on several posts and what I found corroborates what lilaf1 said, a very small group talking in circles to themselves.

  92. Actually, I’m not sure he was trying to dump on Boehner. This skirmish is just a preliminary to the really big problem of extending the debt ceiling and next year’s budget. He was trying to give B some cover with his right wing, emphasizing the size of the cuts as historic. One of the most important things PBO achieved is a potential working relationship with B, showing that PBO won’t throw him to his right wing wolves. This may pay off big time in the fights to come. And, I agree, the second term will be a very different animal, if we get back the house. So let’s get it done!

  93. This is a supremely counterproductive stance to take, Pinkbunny. The people purportedly “learned” after eight years of Bush only to turn around two years later and elect a House that is even more extreme than the neoHuns. Furthermore, while the people are “learning” their lesson, the Republicans are perpetrating the kind of damage that takes many years to counteract. Fortunately, this kind of jejune “logic” usually leads to nothing.

  94. Good point, lilaf1. When I used to visit Frustratiland, I was always highly amused at those sad few who used the threat of withholding their vote from the President or from Democrats as a weapon of vengeance against any blogger with whom they disagreed. Who needs their support? I would prefer the perpetually-disgruntled did NOT work for the Democrats, as, judging from their online personalities, their persuasive influence is in the negative column.

  95. Plus the Nader crowd actually did vote for Nader in 2008 and didn’t get even one electoral vote. If there’s one thing the Obama campaign knows how to do it’s get electoral votes. There isn’t anyone who can make a credible independent run at the Presidency from the left. No such animal. And Nader will be 78 in 2012. This isn’t 2000 and Al Gore didn’t have anything like OFA in the trenches bringing out people who don’t normally vote.

  96. Elizabeth Warren is most certainly not a loser, but she’s Barack’s friend and administration member. I can’t imagine her running against President Obama.

  97. I was happy like everyone else that a crisis was averted through sept. I made sure that my friends and family know what the Prez was trying to accomplish. I fought the naysayers and will continue to do so. I am upset that DC low-income women and children were used as pawns. DC can’t use it’s own funding, from property taxes, to help low-income women in SE or NE to get abortion services. THere are no planned parenthood centers in SE so that women could get mammogram services. I am a native of Washington DC and paid a lot of Federal Taxes when I lived there. I just hope that Planned Parenthood will have the decency to open clinics East of River of DC, SE Washington.

  98. Ok,so please let’s forget about others thoughts for a while i.e PL/pundits/anchors/msm/repugs.
    Can anyone sum up in let’s say 6 – 10 points what the outcome positively intimated? Thanks in advance.

  99. What do you mean? The republicans haven’t defunded planned parenthood, haven’t touched environmental protection agency. Bottom line they haven’t succeeded nearly as much as the right winged media is trying to claim.

  100. Well said my friend, well said. The PL will never be satisfied with anything PBO does.

  101. I understand the deal had to be made, and the economy and country couldn’t risk a work stoppage. I think Boehner wins because nobody will care about the specifics of the deal and the bumper sticker coverage will be Boehner wanted $100B in cuts and got $78B. Furthermore I think him cutting the deal virtually ensures he’ll keep the majority in 2012 because the indies love split government and Boehner showed that he will cut the deal, and is a hard bargainer who gets most of what he wants.

    Now I also realize that the Obama Budget that was released wasn’t really serious – it was the first offer in what he and everybody knew would be a long and hard negotiation. So the $100B in extra cuts is virtually meaningless in reality, but it’s a great soundbyte. The GOP is the fiscally conservative party who got $78B in cuts that Obama and the Liberals would have spent away.

    What I hate is the negotiated cuts to the poor and middle class – where with the righteous fight for those programs in the media? Is it because the Dems feel the optics of publicly fighting for less cuts is bad politics right now? So keep the actual negotiations over numbers behind the scenes and then draw the line in the sand over the social issue once they’ve reached the number they will not move past?

    I’d like to hear what Boehner gave up in these negotiations? Was it just ridiculous policy riders that had no business in the budget anyways? I can’t imagine he really thought he’d get those anyways and just put them on the table as a chip he could then negotiate away.

    I think The Ryan Budget might have given the Dems cover to agree to deeper cuts in that the Ryan Budget is a monstrosity for the middle class, poor, young and old. So if there is outrage as the deep cuts they agreed to this budget, they can always say “just look at what the GOP really wants, and get ready for a much bigger fight next year when it is the GOP’s budget” – this one was supposed to be another Dem’s budget.

    When you have Sen. Coburn, Sen. Toomey and even Rep. Bachmann calling Boehner to make the deal it’s very telling to me.

    I just hope the Presidential cycle election year takes the wind out of the Ryan Budget sails come that budget negotiation, because we’re right back into that right now and six months away from another showdown with a bunch of Senate Conservadems deeper in their re-election cycle.

  102. Thank you Lila! President Obama and the Democrats in Congress played this very smart. According to BWD’s link #3, PBO long ago proposed a budget with $40 billion in extra spending that he knew wouldn’t pass. This was $40 billion they could cut without requiring any real departments to cut back their current spending. Let’s do some math:

    The Republicans demanded $60 billion in “real” cuts ($100 billion in “inflated” cuts), and Democrats were willing to make $30 billion in “real” cuts ($70 billion in “inflated” cuts). We ended up with $38.5 billion in “real” cuts ($78.5 billion in “inflated” cuts).

    Now, if we look at the “inflated” picture, they asked for $100 billion and got $78.5 billion. That looks good for them. Perhaps that’s how Dems sold it to Boehner and how Boehner sold it to the Tea Partiers.

    But that is a false reading, because we didn’t go from zero to $78.5 billion, or even from $30 billion to $78.5 billion. You have to compare real cuts to real cuts, not real cuts to inflated cuts. We went from $30 billion to $38.5 billion in real cuts, which is LESS THAN HALFWAY to $60 billion: we went up $8.5 billion, they came down $21.5 billion. Nice job PBO and Dems!

  103. Good morning, BWD family. I love the smell of teabaggers exploding; it smells like… victory.

    Yesterday I picked up my mom from work, and had an enlightening conversation with her. She’s a Democrat–one of the few Cubans who is–and was scared to death about the shutdown. She did try to do the equivalency of “Democrats do the same thing when a Rep is in the White House”, which I quickly shut down. But the interesting thing is that when I told her why the GOP was holding out on a deal, she was incensed. The GOP was merely playing an ideological game to keep the teabaggers on board. She didn’t get that from the media–she watches Spanish television. How are the Dems supposed to beat the GOP over the head when the media doesn’t do the bare minimum of reporting the facts of the situation, instead for that enervating “both sides do it” meme? She said something that we’ve all said on here: the country is broken, and it’s going to be hard to fix it.

  104. absolutely but good thing is most people are not the PL. Facts is our greatest weapon.

    Great clip I have never seen it before. t4p 🙂

  105. The media want a horserace to photo finish in 2012. Despite their best efforts at playing up this shutdown story the Prez comes out the hero, again. Don’t worry Alexander, $40 billion in cuts was never there to begin with, the social issues riders were all turned into pointless floor votes, the DC concessions with get fixed when DC gets long overdue self-determination, and when we look at the details of the real cuts (1% of the total federal budget), we are going to find few things we love being hurt. Besides, Politico is like the bad LSD circulating at Woodstock. Best to leave it alone.

  106. I thought I caught something about a separate Healthcare vote too. What was that about? Was it a revote on the already passed ACCA? Or is it letting the 2011 House Healthcare bill passed be voted on in the Senate? That one worries me, but that might be because I don’t know what it is about.

  107. Consider the source…These are the same
    pundits that gleefully cheer for any type of
    chaos on Pres.Obama’s watch and it’s
    sad,because the look on their collective
    faces says a lot…Putting a countdown clock
    at the bottom of the screen like this shyt
    was new years eve..I thought they would bring
    out Dick Clark at some point..

  108. I agree. Thanks for this safe place BWD.
    I was over on the OFA blog and it is troll city today. More I’m Outs than I’m Ins currently.

  109. Fighting for their lives by destroying the last stabile jobs in Wisconsin (government jobs) out of spite. Fighting education is not going to prepare rural Wisconsin for the jobs of the future.

  110. I still worry that come time for the REAL vote not just the continuation of the CR the Teapartiers will vote NO to the deal. I hope that would be political suicide and so prevent that from happening.

  111. I really find the silence from Christian clergy disturbing. The Catholic Bishops are all over abortion like it was a foundation stone of the gospels yet the message of social justice has disappeared, replaced by this modern “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a recipient of government assistance to get to Heaven” that has overtaken Christian messages.

  112. Right! The PL commentators are always saying he needs to hold tight. He needs to fight. Shut it down. Like that will solve the problem. Big Eddie is the worst of the lot in that respect. When there is no chance at all to win you look like a buffoon just being out there swinging for the _ell of it! That is what they are asking for, a cartoon figure that is only swinging at windmills. Hey, yah! Don Quixotes (forgot how to spell his name) sidekick.

  113. I agree with most of what you said Tao Jones. I just don’t agree with the “MSM wants a horserace” meme. The MSM would be happy as pie with a GOP landslide. The MSM props up the GOP. I can’t remember a single time the MSM propped up a Democrat to create this mythical “horserace”. They didn’t prop up Clinton, or Gore or Kerry or Obama.

  114. My thoughts exactly, Hopefruit2. That sounded like a collection of anti-Obama talking points. It ignores the reality that the GOP controls the house and the purse strings. That is not Pres. Obama’s fault, it is the fault of democrats who were too lazy or deluded to vote for dems during the 2010 midterms. Funny how none of these so called “progressives” have any better solutions. What would a shutdown have accomplished other than derailing the economic recovery?

  115. Interesting that you say the cuts affect those primarily on the left. Any cuts to social programs affects ALL Americans no matter their ideology. If you frame all political fights as left vs. right, you lose sight of how it might hurt the rest of the country. Where the right did win is how to determine who won. The numbers are meaningless. It is not a simple matter of boehner getting 78 out 100 billion dollars and bwd’s post explains that. Remember, this is politics and all is never what it seems.

  116. You somehow left out the fact that there was no gov’t shutdown that would have ended the fragile economic recovery. I view that as a victory for the American people, Pres. Obama and Democrats in general. The GOP’s attempted assault on women was exposed and beat back and will likely garner Dems additional female votes.

  117. “Now, if we look at the “inflated” picture, they asked for $100 billion and got $78.5 billion. That looks good for them. Perhaps that’s how Dems sold it to Boehner and how Boehner sold it to the Tea Partiers.”

    right. it never occurs to people that politicians play politics.

  118. Funny how it is always the democrat who loses the debate or policy argument in the eyes of the MSM, only to discover that the general public thinks that the democrat has won. The MSM is trying to shape reality not report reality.

  119. What we really need is to get our majority back in the House and get a stronger majority in the Senate. It’s not just Obama we have to get reelected.

  120. omg. I didn’t know they did that as I don’t watch cable news. That is disgusting. It really is entertainment for them. That’s why they fall in love with types like Ryan, Christie and the rest of the nuts.

  121. Not sure if I understand your comment. Maybe I didn’t write my comment clearly, but what I’m saying is that people who think that causing the catastrophes that would have ensued if the government had shut down just to make a point are foolish and are no different than the reasons tea Partiers wanted a shutdown.

    So how is my thinking counterproductive?? It’s just my opinion. Obviously you’re free to have your own

  122. SR, I understaqnd where your thinking comes form and I can’t really argue with it. Like I said, it basically comes to how this is dealt with in the coming months and year.

    Almsot all Republicans have embraced the Ryan budge, as insincere and ridiculous as it is. I think that next year it is going to be the major issue of the campaign at all levels. Every Dem should be asking each of their Republican opponents (and I mean right down to the schoolard level) if they agree with Ryan’s plan to basically get rid of Medicare, drop insurance coverage for 30 million Americans, and give deep tax cuts to th rich.

    And they can actually come back to this to show that they are fiscally responsible.

  123. Pinkbunny, I was just enlarging on your remarks. I know full well that you do not agree with these people. I think you and I are in agreement, that “teaching the people a lesson” is foolish.

  124. Please keep in mind that had there been a shutdown, the Midwest would be much worse off than it currently is. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a defeatist attitude, and one I reject. The president did the best he could under the circumstances, and I doubt any other president could have done as well as he did. He fought for all Americans in these budget negotiations. The thing he wanted, and the thing he got was a budget that would not stifle economic recovery to the extent that the republicans intended to stifle it. They wanted to KILL economic recovery in its tracks. That was the point of all that they’ve been doing. That was one of their paths to electoral victory in 2012, a scenario in which they controlled all three branches of the government. They fully intended to hurt PBO, the democrats, and the American people to the fullest extent of their power. He and the democrats stopped them from carrying out their plan, and in my opinion, that’s what counts.

  125. I disagree with D Alexander’s comment, but I think he/she may have made a typo. I think he/she meant “Democrats and President”, not “Democrat sand President”.

  126. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Thank God the government did not shut down…. the repurcussions would be inhummane and unbearable.

    Someone shared with me some serious, deep and thought provoking fiscal info/presidential performances, and I want to pass it along to you also. President Obama lowered the deficit in 2 years of his presidency. GWBush increased it every year!!! Where was the outcry? You serious students of economics, math whizzes, and financial professionals can break it down for the rest of us.

    Here is the link:

    The President is doing a fantastic job, yet he gets no credit from the mainstream media. But of course, we know why. He is just too smart, too cool, does not allow the naysayers to affect him and is way above them in intelligence!!! His supporters appreciate what he is doing, and fully support him.

    We are now in campaign mode, so let us all start to educate each other. share this link, please. The more people see facts and know what a terrific president we have, the greater his chance for re-election.

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