MSNBC: Obama to Boehner on Title X cuts: “Nope. Zero.”

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A senior Democratic aide says that on Thursday night at the White House, President Barack Obama told House Speaker John Boehner that the White House would include the D.C. abortion language that was in a Republican House-passed one week extension bill. That provision bans the District of Columbia from using its own local tax money to pay for abortion services.

The aide says he witnessed the president say to Speaker Boehner in the Oval Office, “John, I will give you D.C. I’m not happy about it.”

But when Boehner later asked for the elimination of funds for Title X — spending for women’s health and family planning organizations that also provide abortion services, the aide said the president flatly refused.

The president replied, “Nope. Zero.”

Boehner continued to push to discuss the funds, the aide recalled.

The President repeated: “Nope. Zero.” 

“‘John, this is it,'” the aide described the president as saying. “‘This is it, John.”

There was a long pause as no one spoke in the Oval Office spoke.


CNN’s fascinating account of the dramaThis man is just extraordinary human being:


In describing the tone of these meetings one official said “at no point did the discussions in the room get personal.”

The president never scolded Boehner for public comments that appeared to contradict what was being discussed in private negotiations, the officials said.

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Jason Easley:

How Obama Beat The Republicans At Government Shutdown Chicken

…..Obama was able to defeat the Republicans on this one, by exploiting the split between Boehner and the Tea Party. The truth is that Boehner and the Obama White House had a common goal of avoiding a government shutdown.

The fly in the ointment was the far right-wing of the Republican Party, which desperately wanted a shutdown. Those people are John Boehner’s headache, and probably the reason why he drinks.

The President could afford to stay above the fray on this and let the Republican civil war rage on. Neither Obama nor Boehner is a big winner here, but Obama beat the Republicans this time by exploiting their penchant for infighting and their total lack of unity. (This is a scene we should expect to see replayed over and over again as the Republican caucus seems to consist of members who are on different planets).

Congratulations Speaker Boehner, you just won yourself more animosity from the ideologues in your own party. Boehner got some budget cuts, but he didn’t get as much as he could, and Planned Parenthood is still funded, which means that there are going to be some angry Republicans out there today.

On top of everything else, Obama comes out of this reaffirming his bi-partisan image which means that he is winning the war of public approval and political perception.

If the government shutdown deal is a victory, these are the kinds of “victories” that Speaker Boehner could probably live without.


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  1. One of my favorite videos – when candidate Obama brushed off his shoulders!

    I’m likin’ the “Nope. Zero.” We should use that in the future, when the Republicans ask for more idiotic and mean-spirited cuts.

    Nope. Zero.

  2. Right Jacqueline! As in, will you ever in your lifetime vote for another Republican? Nope. Zero. And, Thank you for the great follow ups, BWD.

  3. LOL…BWD…I love…Love this video….


    I love him…Love him to death….

    ALL…the haters can say what they want…but This President not only showed HOW IS DONE….

    They forgot that He can POLITICK pretty well…for such an In-experienced young fellow with a funny name….LOL

    Love it:-)

    BRAVO!!!!!!!!! another Touch DOWN

  4. I think as more details come out about the negotiations, the more people will realize just what a firewall PBO and Sen. Reid were, and how batsh*t crazy the GOP was.

  5. “Congratulations Speaker Boehner, you just won yourself more animosity from the ideologues in your own party.”

    and obama won the standard amount of animosity from idealogues on the left, but i’m caring less and less about them every day given the census results. 😉

  6. high five to you sister for you and your site. Keep up the good work. you make me proud

  7. I have been reading more & more accounts of what went on behind the scenes. PBO & Reid did hold firm. These articles are in contrast to all the hand-wringing I saw on tv last night from Ezra Klein and so many others.

  8. I tell you…

    When it comes to President Obama…this is how’s translated…

    Government shut Down = It will be Obama’s fault

    Shut own Averted = It’ Obama’s Fault

    Anything that they were for it…as soon as it has Obama’s name they all against it…
    He can’t win these these nuts P/L and TeaBaggers are just alike…they can’t make up their mind….but as usual The President is always ahead of the game…with calm, poise, class and extreme patience…
    I Thank God everyday for this wonderful, intelligent man leading the free world.


  9. This is what the PL don’t understand about this president. He has convictions and he knows how to draw a line in the sand but he will never do it in a way that make enemies out of the other side. He won’t dehumanize others or villify them in order to make a point. And that is a GOOD thing! It is a LIBERAL attitude! It is what being a liberal should be all about. Doing what is right without being a jerk about it. Persuading others and treating everyone with respect, even those who refuse to return that respect. And it works. Time after time the President comes out the winner. Pundits always get it wrong. They kept saying no deal would be reached, the government would shut down. Just like there would be no deal about the tax cuts earlier this year. They are always wrong because they just can’t comprehend what “speaking softly and carrying a big stick” really means or why it is effective. They seem to prefer wielding a big stick and running over opposition so that they will be resentful and fight back all the harder the next time. I think I’ll stay with the President’s methods.

  10. The fringes of both sides are saying their side caved and sold out, the moderates on each side are claiming their side won.

    For example the Wall Street Journal is running a piece titled – Activists Give Boehner a Nod of Approval
    Tea-Party Groups Had Sought More Cuts, but Grant House Speaker High Marks for His Leadership During the Showdown

    My major concern is that the Dems are speaking the GOP’s language – it’s all about the deficit now. In the lead up to the 2010 mid-terms it was about jobs. President Obama focuses extensively on jobs the first six months since the midterms and the GOP hasn’t said one peep about jobs and the House didn’t attempt one bill to create jobs. It seems the GOP is allowed to dictate what is the topic of discussion. Come the debt ceiling and the FY2012 budget and then the 2012 elections it’s about deficit and debt spending. Even when the Dems had the House, Senate and White House for two years, it was the GOP who was allowed to dictate the discussions.

    As long as the GOP doesn’t have to own their cuts with specifics, just the abstract “we’ll always fight for more cuts” then they’re always on the stronger footing as the public likes the idea of less spending when it’s in the abstract. In this last budget battle the Dems agreed to cuts behind closed doors – didn’t make the GOP own the cuts to the poor and middle class.

    Now the Ryan Budget, which is the framework for the FY2012 budget negotiations is their starting point and if the Dems don’t really start focusing on that, the FY2012 budget will look a lot like that budget. And because the GOP appeal to their base by demanding such cuts, Dems need end up looking unserious in their initial budgets budgets because their first offer has to be the extreme opposite of Ryan’s in order to make meeting in the middle remotely palatable. With this game the Dems always look unserious about the deficit because if the Dems offered what they really would find acceptable, the call would be to “meet in the middle” with the equally unserious but not treated that way Ryan Budget.

  11. They want him to be a bully, a bully that they claimed they hated in bush, just like they claim to be fighters of human rights, just like they claim to fighters of the poor. In both instances who is the real fighter President Obama.

  12. I agree. To the PL, unless the President is making a big show of drawing lines in the stand then it means he has no courage. The fact is, he is doing the liberal thing by being respectful and accomplishing his goals

  13. Yes, the only thing they seem to have not liked about Bush was what he fought for. They seem to really admire his bullying methods for getting his way though. For them “fighting” is more important than doing, always. They would rather lose and harm millions than be seen as not “fighting” hard enough.

  14. Thanks BWD !

    Lots of positive for democrats and PBO in the last few days.

    I think the GOP will have the good sense of hiding most of their whining behind closed doors. Their rallying has already begun and the positive spinning is in full gear. Oh I wish some activists on the democratic side would follow their example.

    I think in the next few days, we’ll see within the left blogosphere discussions of the same type we saw after the tax deal. Some critics will calm down a bit, some won’t. I expect Ezra Klein, for example, to be one of those who’ll calm down and see through the noise.

    Finally, I have to admit being concerned about the little quote of the President re. abortion funding in D.C. It’s going to make some waves.

  15. “It’s time that the District of Columbia told the Congress to go straight to hell,” Norton continued after she said a rider attached to a bill that could offer resolution prevented D.C. government from spending its own tax dollars on funds for abortions for low income women.”

    I guess she’d now have the same thing to say to the President.

  16. from Greg Sargent’s blog

    UPDATE: A Democrat emails the Dem perspective on the wins they secured:

    1) $17 BILLION IN CHIMPS — WE SPREAD OUT THE CUTS ACROSS OTHER PARTS OF THE BUDGET. We insisted that meeting in the middle on cuts would require looking beyond domestic discretionary spending—and we prevailed. More than half—or $17 billion—of the final round of spending cuts came from changes in mandatory programs, or CHIMPs. The emphasis on this part of the budget staved off severe cuts to key domestic programs like education, clean energy, and medical research.

    2.) $3B IN PENTAGON SAVINGS — WE PROVED DoD WASTE SHOULD NOT BE SPARED. We won the argument that waste at the Pentagon should not be immune from spending cuts. The final agreement eliminates nearly $3 billion in unnecessary Pentagon spending that was contained in H.R. 1. These reductions are supported by Secretary Gates.

    3) TITLE X PRESERVED — WE FOUGHT OFF ATTACKS ON WOMEN’S HEALTH. We fended off their highest priority among the riders by nixing their proposal to gut Title X funds that provide cancer screenings and other preventative health services for women. The Republicans’ overreach on this rider in the final days dramatically weakened their hand.

  17. Sobering post SR. You may have a point.

    If you were advising President Obama, what would be your solution ? What strategy would WORK in the current political, social and media environment ??

  18. SR, the difference is that the GOP presidential or congressional candidates NEED their fringe right base to get into any office. That is not true of PBO.

  19. Lilaf, it’s more than a “liberal” attitude. I would qualify it as a “spiritual” attitude.

    “BE the change” – Ghandi.

  20. I too loved that video! And I want a Tshirt that says Nope Zero! I do believe there are lots of winners and loosers in this battle. But as it all comes out I am so glad it shows PBO standing firm for women.

  21. But the GOP also has the party discipline to present a united front. I believe they were so successful in the midterms because they were complete obstructionists and established the frame that the Obama Administration was pushing such a far left agenda that they couldn’t get any GOP votes. PBO knew this which is why he wanted Snowe’s vote for the HCR, and why the GOP made sure to lock it and all others down.

    Why does this matter – because it swung indies back to the GOP. Obama needed the fringe left, moderates and indies in 2008. Indies took the “Obama overreach” meme hook, line and sinker.

    Indies wanted a compromise and no shutdown – they got it. And I think both PBO and the GOP House will see polling bounces because of it from indies.

    Indies are important to win because their votes are a net 2 for whoever gets it. The fringe nuts on both sides might stay home or vote a third party(Greens, Libertarians) but they will not vote for the other major party so losing them is a net -1. The indie will either vote Dem or GOP, so every indie the Dems can lure to their side it’s a +1 for them and a -1 for the GOP.

  22. Way to take on Joan Walsh. I’ve just scratched her off my list of people on the “progressive left” to follow.
    Maybe if she and her ilk spent more time attacking GOP instead of the president, the 2010 elections would have turned out better.

    And I really wish she’d stop speaking for “the base” ; she doesn’t get to decide who that is nor how we feel.

  23. Loved your take down of Joan Walsh!!! You will be happy to hear that your piece somehow showed up on the “politics” section of the new “Zite” app (personalized magazine that sends you content based on your subject areas of interest). IIRC, Walsh was a rabid HRC supporter during the primaries. So she never really got over her anger at our president for his amazing primary campaign.

  24. I have had enough of Ezra Klein’s sophomore analyses. The idea that $38B in cuts is somehow worse than a government shutdown in terms of negative stimulative impact is beyond the pale. he needs to be send back to school for more education if he is going to opine on economic matters . .

  25. I’m not sure that I explained myself properly!!! Ezra Klein was all over MSNBC last night, bemoaning how the loss of $38B in federal spending was the worst thing possible for the economy. He was pounding the theme that Obama got outsmarted by Boehner (as was everyone on MSNBC — orders from the producers???) What he failed to acknowledge/understand was a government shutdown would have removed a lot more than $38B from the economy and done so immediately, with far worse consequences for the economy. The man’s another fool getting paid to talk about things on TV about which he apparently knows nothing . .

  26. Talking about a brilliant President,Are the GOP thatt stupid? They shutdown the GOVT when Clinton was in office so what’s new? is the Crazy GOP is all the GOT? Stupidity! Wow,

  27. I also hope this will go a long way toward killing the meme that some on the left have about Senator Reid being a “weak and ineffective” leader. I’ve always admired Senator Reid for his quiet, diligent method of getting the things done that really matter. I’ll take this over bluster any day because it tends to yield measurable results, results that help the average American.

  28. Replying to myself.

    I realize that the quote “Nope. Zero” will make waves too. GOOD !!!

    Oh I just wish I could have seen the face of John Bohner…

  29. Those who pretend to be “liberal” are NOT they sound more like teabagers.

  30. Ezra Klein is yet, another tv ho! Definition of a tv ho: say anything about the President, so our corporation that we belong to, does not fire me… Thus, They will say anything to get on tv! And his corporate master is- Wapo, who puts pressure on him to find someway, anyway, to get on tv!
    Oh and haven’t you heard- dont worry about The African American Community, they don’t read Wapo…
    Now hear this: Their is a concerted effort to go out of their way, to be over the top. It is all about dissuading your support for the President!
    I think President Obama rocks, and I just flip the channel when they start talking smack.
    Boy, are my fingers sore. LOL.

  31. President Obama always emphasized that it is “where” the cuts are made that makes the difference. If Klein and the others didn’t hear/read it, it’s their problem. I read it, and that’s enough for me. I think we all need to remember, Alba, that no matter where these cuts are made, their potential to drastically alter the lives of those like Klein is little, or none. Their salaries are the ones that will allow them to continue to live the same way no matter what happens. I don’t for one minute believe that Klein’s concerns are as sincere as he would like us to think they are. I never fail to ask myself for whom’s livelihood is he looking out for, and the answer is always his own. Comments like those you site in your post are what keeps getting him, and others like him, more teevee exposure.

  32. They need to play hardball with rogue congressmen and women. Any congressmen/woman or Senator who wants to grandstand and fundraise by slamming the President publicly on national programs needs to be cut off from nationally raised money – no Obama visit in 2012, no DNC or DSCC/DCCC money.

    It is so counter-productive to publicly slam the President it boggles the mind. It’s a man-bites-dog story that the MSM loves and will give them all the air time in the world to air their grievances, but will get no coverage when the attack the GOP because that’s a dog-bites-man, that’s expected and not news. So these Reps desperate for television coverage play the game because they think it will be a boon for their fundraising.

    Secondly Dem Senators and Congressmen need to break the MSM wall that only seems to want President Obama’s opinion on all matters Dem. With the President taking the strategy of being above it all, the GOP is still out on the airwaves so only one side of the story is being told. Waserman Shultz was a good choice for DNC Chair assuming she’s ready play the press game, Kaine was brutal at it. Reid, Schumer, Durbin need to demand equal time from media outlets (except Fox) and need to get themselves on the air to counter GOP talking points and create their own. Reid is pretty brutal on television though, so they need a media vanguard that will make themselves available to any media any time anywhere. Schumer is good, Kerry is good, Durbin is okay, some new faces like Whitehouse, Franken, Coons, Gillibrand. Any time a Republican is booked on a show, offer up a Dem for the show as well. Make the point that the President/Administration is not the only voice of the Democratic party, that the Senate Majority Dems have their own voice – he is the executive branch voice.

    Dems were pretty good the last couple of days hammering the GOP on the rider issue – that however is the exception and needs to be the norm. The MSM is very lazy – you need to give them news. The GOP through Fox is constantly making up news/issues that eventually bleed over to other networks. Now the Dems don’t have their own propaganda station like Fox, so it will be harder, but they also have the Presidential bully pulpit. When President Obama is pushing education they need to be pushing education in their States and districts, they might not be able to break through on national press but local press is easier and just as fruitful when all added together. Write LOTE’s to their local papers, pen an editorial if you can that will dovetail with the presidential topic of the moment. Host townhalls with set topics (though have open period afterwards)and stick to the topic – local press will cover it.

  33. Your attitude seems to be similar to mine, jovie. They talk, but I don’t listen.

  34. The GOP is NOT as united as some of us are led to believe. The MSM has been ordered to downplay any sign of disunity in the GOP caucus, and overplay the same in the DEM party. Right now, the GOP have a common target of hatred – Barack Obama, so yes they are united along that particular line. But that’s as far as it goes. They cannot even come to a consensus about who would be the best candidate to defeat him in 2012.

  35. Obama signs 7-day extension; First part of budget deal
    By Molly K. Hooper, Alexander Bolton and Bob Cusack – 04/09/11 02:20 PM ET

    President Obama on Saturday signed a seven-day extension of government funding, which is the first part of a agreement to keep the government running through the end of the current fiscal year.

    The bill was signed without fanfare 13 hours after Democratic and Republican congressional leaders reached a last-minute deal Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

The agreement, which came after days of partisan sparring and rhetorical drama, would fund the government through the end of September and cut $78.5 billion compared to Obama’s proposed but never enacted fiscal 2011 budget.

  36. And all these cuts comes from a budget that congress never even passed. This is nonsense. I was surprised by Ezra, usually he’s much more solid.

  37. Obama lauds absence of EPA riders in spending deal
    By Ben Geman – 04/09/11 08:22 AM ET

    President Obama’s late-night statement on the bipartisan spending deal reached Friday – which averts a partial government shutdown – cheers the omission of GOP-backed provisions that would have blocked funding for EPA climate change rules and other agency policies.

    “We . . . made sure that at the end of the day, this was a debate about spending cuts, not social issues like women’s health and the protection of our air and water. These are important issues that deserve discussion, just not during a debate about our budget,” Obama said late Friday night.

  38. Excellent, lilaf1. I am also amazed at how many pundits, journalists, bloggers, etc., know exactly how the President should handle every situation, as if he had no inside knowledge to which they are not privy and as if, far more than they, he does not know exactly what can and can’t be accomplished within the current political and governmental climate. When they speak of him capitulating from the beginning, do they actually believe he had not being taken the pulse of the situation beneath the radar long before they even knew about it? Do they really believe everything is done on the surface, right out in the open? One would think political commentators would be less naive. Too bad they aren’t required to take classes in Government and American political history before they are entitled to spew out their uninformed advice.

  39. Warren blasts GOP attempts to alter Consumer Bureau
    By Peter Schroeder – 04/08/11 04:13 PM ET

    Elizabeth Warren, the architect of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), on Friday dismissed Republican bills to alter the new agency as attempts to kill it.

    House Republicans are pushing a handful of bills that would tweak the consumer agency authorized by the Wall Street reform law. The most noteworthy would change the top of the agency so it is run by a bipartisan commission instead of a single director, while other Republicans have called for the CFPB’s funding to be brought under the appropriations process.

    But Warren said in a speech that these proposals would “eliminate the consumer agency before it’s born.”

  40. How is it legal for Congress to decide what Washington, D.C., does with its own money?

    Could a law suit be filed against the Congress for passing such legislation?

    It doesn’t sound much different from what Walker did to the Unions in Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court will be deciding on that legislation.

  41. B/C, when it seperated from maryland, and became the Nations Capitol, All that money that goes into the city, has to be appropriated from Congress!
    Such as: the building of the thomas jefferson memorial, or lincoln memorial, or the smithsonians, etc…

  42. The EPA enforcing rules stringently is so important because it will eventually be the impetus that gets a comprehensive energy/environmental deal. In the past the coal states would bolt or block anything, but if they see the EPA cracking down, they might come to the table with compromises and we could get a larger comprehensive deal done.

  43. I don’t think it was producers I think these people often defer to each about what to think. Its a clique and if you want to belong then you better play along. Ezra has a nice spot in that clique.

  44. Recovery Act Helps Y‑12 exceed cleanup goal at Manhattan Project-Era Building
    Category: DOE Posted: March 17, 2011 09:30am Share: Facebook Twitter Subscribe: RSS

    Beta 4, one of the oldest and largest buildings at the Y‑12 National Security Complex, recently reached a significant cleanup milestone, thanks to funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

    The second floor of the building, more than 82,000 square feet, has been cleared of large equipment and waste from Cold War operations. The project was finished one month ahead of schedule despite having to remove 26 percent more material than was initially estimated (720 cubic yards more than originally estimated).

    “The completion of this phase of the Beta 4 project is significant to Y‑12’s site transformation plan because it moves us another step closer to the eventual demolition of the building,” said John Eschenberg, Assistant Manager for Environmental Management at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Office. “It has also allowed us to contribute to the two primary goals of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — support jobs and spur economic activity.”

    The Beta 4 facility originally housed the calutrons that were used to separate uranium for the first atomic bomb during the Manhattan Project from 1944–1945. After World War II, the 313,771 square-foot building housed a variety of other operations including the production of lithium‑6 and other weapon fabrication support, but operations were moved from the building in recent years to prepare the structure for demolition.

  45. SR who said the Ryan FY2012 budget is the starting point? Obama presented his budget first and then told the GOP to make the next move. Now I hear that the House has come up with a plan that’s even harsher than Ryan’s.

    Stop buying into the way the village frames things because it creates confusion/anger when you see the WH response. Kent Conrad of all people said Ryan’s proposal is no-go. His exact words were “not on my watch”. Other Dems Senators have also said “No”. The WH said it didn’t pass the fairness test. Recall also what Obama said in last night’s statement that everyone claims to hate – He said last night’s were the biggest in history. That gives him and the Dems room to say they’ve already made the big cuts voters were asking for so lets move on to investments.

    I could be wrong, but I’m going to leave the politics to Obama because he indeed does know more than the rest of us. He also doesn’t have stupid people behind him. Remember all the criticism he got for having a cabinet full of people who’ve been in Washington a long time? He’s not working with naive people.

  46. First lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden will launch a national initiative to support and honor America’s service members and their families on Tuesday at the White House.

    From the White House release:

    “The initiative aims to educate, challenge, and spark action from all sectors of our society — citizens, communities, businesses, non-profits, faith based institutions, philanthropic organizations, and government — to ensure military families have the support they have earned….[The first and second ladies] will embark on a two day national tour to visit extraordinary examples of communities, businesses and non-profits working to support our Nation’s military families…and will highlight the work of Americans who have answered the call to serve our military families to showcase ways all Americans can serve them, from teachers and business leaders, to neighbors and volunteers.”

    “This initiative was created to address the unique challenges that they heard about directly from families including reconnecting military families with all communities. It also builds upon the President’s directive to establish a coordinated and comprehensive Federal approach to supporting military families.”

  47. The only thing I really, really can not stand in the deal, is the rollback of some of the stimulus~ That is stupid! Just saying…

  48. Where is the outcry from the “professionally left DailyBarfers”? Remember how she was a hero before, saying how the president would not choose her. But when he did, they got strangely quiet. I’m convinced they used Warrem like they did Van Jones; they don’t give a damn about either of them – they’re just pawns to use in order to bash the president.

  49. I was thinking the producers have a big hand in shaping things on a night like last night because the on-camera personalities don’t really have time to think when they are on camera and events are unfolding live. It was uncanny the way every talking head on MSNBC said exactly the same thing — that Boehner cleaned Obama’s clock (hello – how can even the most jaded analyst actually think that????). They actually brought back Ezra at least once (that I saw) to repeat exactly the same stupid comments he had made earlier. I actually thought CNN did a more honest job of reporting last night than did MSNBC . .

  50. (The Donald gets one bad article, and he freaks out):

    share this story
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    Submit this storydigg reddit stumble Donald Trump lashed out at New York Times columnist Gail Collins in a letter to the paper published on Friday.

    Trump was responding to a very negative column Collins wrote last Saturday. In the column, Collins derided Trump’s presidential aspirations and mocked him as “the man who can make Bill O’Reilly look like the most sensible guy in the room.” And, of course, Collins lambasted Trump’s full-throated embrace of the “birther” movement. Moreover, she recounted a previous tangle she’d had with Trump:

    Not everybody is charmed by his MONEY…

  51. Jovie, the entire country is ‘celebrating’ the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War. From Genealogy and history sites, to the National Archives, Civil War re-enactors, schools across the nation…it’s a big deal and an economic boom to the parts of the Union where famous battles took place. There will probably be stamps issued, commemorative coins, all manner of swag.

    I have in my family tree two great-great grandfathers and on GGG-grandfather who fought in that war. I’m even related to a famous general from that war. So yeah, celebrate. Remember, we won that war.

  52. I think it was ordered by the producers. NBC and Donald Trump are trying to create the meme that Pres. Obama is not smart (good luck with that one btw). As result you get the ridiculous claim that Boner outsmarted Pres. Obama. Had there been a gov’t shutdown, these same a**holes would be saying how it reflected Pres. Obama’s lack of leadership (another meme Trump has been peddling). Also remember that Eugene Robinson, who depends on MSNBC appearance fees, wrote in a recent article that the American people believe that Trump would be able to stop a gov’t shutdown. These people are bought and paid for.

  53. Very true, Gobrooklyn. The MSM will frame every issue in a way that favors the GOP. If you are accepting the propaganda the MSM is peddling you end up with a blame Pres. Obama, blame democrats first mindset. You become panicked and have a defeatist attitude, which I for one, find counterproductive and annoying.

  54. Yeah, let’s start putting anti-Obama stuff in peoples mouths now. The negativity is getting tiring.

  55. It’s not his money they like. He is NBC’s version of Charlie Sheen, but with a political angle. Trump is like a combination of the worst parts of Sheen and Palin. He is a media creation, just like Palin, and gives the MSM another source of anti-Obama “news”. It seems to me that since the Arizona shooting, Palin has lost alot of her luster with the public. Now Trump has usurped her as the new Tea Party media darling. I have a bridge to sell to anyone who takes Trump’s “candidacy” seriously.

  56. Wow! You mean President Obama didn’t cave?

    But I thought Cenk, Lawrence, Ezra, and a host of netroot superstars have declared this deal a failure and a “final straw”?

    I think elections have consequences and we are seeing that there is a difference between the two major parties.

    I think in their heart or hearts, some prominent people on the Left (supposedly) want President Obama to fail. I predict that they will become even more belligerent as it becomes clear that he will win reelection.

    I just hope it isn’t close so they can’t claim they parachuted in to “save” him at the last moment. We already know from the ACA that they will easily flip-flop once it is demonstrated they have chosen to be on the losing side.

  57. I completely agree with you majii. Senator Reid has quietly produced results that move the progressive Agenda forward. This is also the quality that I greatly admire about President Obama. I think Harry Reid, a former Boxer, knows that in politics, like in Boxing matches, you do not always win by KO. Sometimes you have to go the distance so long as you come out the winner on points.

  58. That’s exactly it Kasai. You’ve got the media formula 100% correct!

  59. No SR. She won’t say that to the President, because the entire District of Columbia would have suffered a lot more if there was a gov’t shutdown. Many people in that area are federal employees. You’re talking about people’s livelihoods, their paychecks. Not everyone is having abortions every day. But people need food on the table, shelter and clothing EVERY DAY. The cost to the district would have been infinitely greater with a shutdown.

  60. Excellent comment lilaf! What is also amazing is that the PL really does not understand the political reality the President is faced with. In this political system, if you don’t command the support of the supper majority of votes in Congress the only available alternative is to strike compromises to get things done. Its been like that since the founding of the country. The President is also very aware that we have an ideologically divided country. The PL can bluster all they want, but the reality is that the majority of Americans do not share their puritan progressives ideology.

  61. “If you are accepting the propaganda the MSM is peddling you end up with a blame Pres. Obama, blame democrats first mindset. You become panicked and have a defeatist attitude, which I for one, find counterproductive and annoying.”

    I totally agree with you Eric. I thought that this was one of the main reasons BWD created this site to help us with an alternative space, away from all the negativity against the President that was aimed at creating ” defeatist attitude” among his supporters.

    Surely if the activist teabag-Republicans, who did not get all they wanted, can approve of Boehner’s leadership, we can also praise President Obama’s and Majority Leader Reid, for their leadership for not giving up all that the teabag-Republicans wanted, including shutting down the government. For me I trust the President, the Democrats in Congress, and the group of experts that works for the President. The record of their success in getting things done is all that matters to me.

  62. Kasai, you are so right another way can is watch a news conference and listen to stupid questions asked. They really believe they can catch President Obama not know the facts or show his hand on a given situation. They truly think they can run the Presidency better than our President.

  63. May be it would have been better to wait and see what Rep. Norton says before you start guessing. You, on the other hand, are free to express your strong disapproval of the President without hiding behind Rep. Eleanor Norton.

  64. I think on this the President agrees with you 100%. Shutting down the government in the midst of a slowly recovering economy could have been a disaster. People forget that this is not like 1995 when the economy was very healthy.

  65. IMO, the major problem with all of the talking heads they have a mind set of twitter all answers must be in 140 characters or less. It use to be the 30 second sound bite that ruled but now it is texting and twitter and their brains can’t hold a complete thought. Those in congress spend more time raising money for campaigns and let their staffs do the work. the staffs are the ones who get targeted by the lobbyists. They are the ones who slip all the riders in a bill and some get passed. so we must fight to keep the message straight for our President.

  66. I’ve totally come around on Harry Reid — He seems to have become a truly excellent partner in the Senate. He handled this budget mess just perfectly — kept the caucus united — even Manchin was standing behind him at the press conference Friday afternoon, condemning the Rs for their anti-women stance.

  67. Duhhhhh! :)…..

    When will these Teapublicans learn they can not out smart this president. They were so used to dealing with Dumbo Bush they just can’t figure him out, not in a million years.

  68. I agree about Senator Harry Reid getting it done in a quiet nonconfrontational way. It almost seems like President Obama and Senator Reid were ordained to be serving at the same time as their styles are much alike. That is probably why both of them get so much criticism from those that want bluster and confrontation more than results.
    I saw some photos taken at the Lincoln Memorial on another blog earlier of President Obama there. He was beaming. I remember reading on the OFA blog a comment like Reid and Obama both looked defeated in announcing the deal last night. (I thought WTH I can’t use WTF now as the last letter stands for future now in our logo of Win the Future.)Zhana explained the $ amount well over there so it does really look like a win in that respect.

  69. I personally think Trump is an idiot. But I fear that others will believe his blowhard ways with how smart he is and that he would be a good President. He has said how he will bomb places but only if it has oil. Also he will stand up to this leader and that leader. He will negotiate hard and solve any problem cuz he is a great businessman. He is not short of confidence.

    I can’t think of more of a contrast between two men as President Obama does not need to yell and say “Boy am I great every second.” PBO just quietly goes about doing the people’s business. He is fair and above board in what he is doing while Trump is the model of the Ugly American to me and the business model of stabbing others in the back to get to the top. The theme is it doesn’t matter how you get there just get there for Donald.

    Trump says the world is laughing at us and he will restore our image in the world. What a lie! I saw something about him trying to get land in Scotland for a golf course in an illegal manner and the people living on the land had a movement going like Trick Trump and beat him.

    How do I know about Trump? I am guilty of watching The Apprentice for many years now. I also looked him up in Wikipedia before it could be changed.

  70. lilaf1
    You just said exactly what I have been thinking for a long time and had not put into words about our President.

  71. Saint Roscoe, I’m impressed. You make so much sense. Is there any chance you can push your ideas to people in, or near, the national leadership ? Or to some bloggers who have “connections” ?

  72. I agree with you also. I think, too, that Reid and President Obama, have a very close relationship and work well together as both are “no drama” men.

  73. How so? I’ve been away, so not sure what you’re referring to. I was just at DKos and boy are they flipping mad at the President, and true to form, it’s all President Obama’s fault. Sigh.

  74. I am afraid that all this negative press will continue to hurt President Obama’s chances in 2012 because Democrats will stay home as they did in 2010. I am still so angry with the likes of Ed Shultz, Jane Hamsher, Adam Green, Glenn Glenwald, etc. for encouraging people not to vote to teach President Obama a lesson. Now we’re all suffering for that. I don’t want the same thing to happen in 2012 because we could lose the Senate. So the more negative the Dems are about the President, the more I worry. I am glad to come here, but I wish more MSM would support the President.

  75. Someone needs to write an oped for the Times on Obama as the Woman’s president.

    Lilly Ledbetter
    TWO woman on the court, 2 in a row, another president would do one then back to men
    NO cuts to PP

    there is more….

  76. Yes, I get my President. I like his style, and the more the others try to make him look bad, the better he looks. He always have one up on them….Keep up the good work President Obama, you go this. I will continue to support you. I like the way you lead, I get you.

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