The government is open! (Updated with the best photo ever)

 President Obama at the Lincoln Memorial, this afternoon. Enjoy.


Best. Photo. Ever. 🙂



MSNBC: Obama to Boehner on Title X cuts: “Nope. Zero.”

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A senior Democratic aide says that on Thursday night at the White House, President Barack Obama told House Speaker John Boehner that the White House would include the D.C. abortion language that was in a Republican House-passed one week extension bill. That provision bans the District of Columbia from using its own local tax money to pay for abortion services.

The aide says he witnessed the president say to Speaker Boehner in the Oval Office, “John, I will give you D.C. I’m not happy about it.”

But when Boehner later asked for the elimination of funds for Title X — spending for women’s health and family planning organizations that also provide abortion services, the aide said the president flatly refused.

The president replied, “Nope. Zero.”

Boehner continued to push to discuss the funds, the aide recalled.

The President repeated: “Nope. Zero.” 

“‘John, this is it,'” the aide described the president as saying. “‘This is it, John.”

There was a long pause as no one spoke in the Oval Office spoke.


CNN’s fascinating account of the drama. This man is just extraordinary human being:


In describing the tone of these meetings one official said “at no point did the discussions in the room get personal.”

The president never scolded Boehner for public comments that appeared to contradict what was being discussed in private negotiations, the officials said.

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Jason Easley:

How Obama Beat The Republicans At Government Shutdown Chicken

…..Obama was able to defeat the Republicans on this one, by exploiting the split between Boehner and the Tea Party. The truth is that Boehner and the Obama White House had a common goal of avoiding a government shutdown.

The fly in the ointment was the far right-wing of the Republican Party, which desperately wanted a shutdown. Those people are John Boehner’s headache, and probably the reason why he drinks.

The President could afford to stay above the fray on this and let the Republican civil war rage on. Neither Obama nor Boehner is a big winner here, but Obama beat the Republicans this time by exploiting their penchant for infighting and their total lack of unity. (This is a scene we should expect to see replayed over and over again as the Republican caucus seems to consist of members who are on different planets).

Congratulations Speaker Boehner, you just won yourself more animosity from the ideologues in your own party. Boehner got some budget cuts, but he didn’t get as much as he could, and Planned Parenthood is still funded, which means that there are going to be some angry Republicans out there today.

On top of everything else, Obama comes out of this reaffirming his bi-partisan image which means that he is winning the war of public approval and political perception.

If the government shutdown deal is a victory, these are the kinds of “victories” that Speaker Boehner could probably live without.


What? You still didn’t read rootless’ masterpiece??? (Updated)

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And, this one from Booman too:

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…Like it or not, we’re going to be in mortal combat with these assholes for the rest of our lives, and yesterday we delivered one of the best ass-kickings I’ve seen since 2008. As for the president, he’s playing up the cooperation and the “bipartisanship.” That was one of his core messages during his campaign. Progressives hated it, but it helped him get elected because it appealed to a lot of people in the middle. When you’re in the trenches fighting Republicans, the president’s happy-talk can seem naive or even like straight bullshit. It’s not. It’s just politics. You can safely ignore it, admire it for its dexterity, or let it annoy the crap out of you, but it doesn’t really matter.

Sigh. The only adult has solved another crisis. Next, please.

Hi guys,

Few thoughts about the latest falling-sky drama:


I think it’s fair to say that none of us is a fan of this deal. It’s probably fair to say that neither is the president. Yet, sometimes you have to choose between two bad options – which is pretty much the story of the past two years. I don’t think PBO ever faced a choice between two GOOD options. It’s always between bad and worse. Under the circumstances he has done, yet again, the best any human could have.



Yes, of course this has a lot to do with 2012. Dah. Here’s the reality: The only thing that really matters is the economy. If a government shutdown would have killed this fragile recovery, it would have been the end of this presidency. That’s why Republicans so wanted it, and if the economy was in better shape, he might have given these jerks their shutdown, but this is not 1995. And if we learned anything from the 2010 election, is that Americans really suffers from short memory. They will not remember next year who caused the shutdown.

We need to stay laser focused at the stakes, and they couldn’t be higher. First, re-elect PBO. Then we’ll have enough time to fight the good fight. (BTW, I’m willing to bet that in his second term, PBO will go to the Left, and visibly so).



Truth is, this is all one big theater.

Capitol Hill (CNN) – Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden beamed that Congress and the White House were circling around “$73 Billion” in budget cuts.

But that’s not $73 Billion in real-people dollars. That’s $73 Billion in imaginary, government-speak dollars.

The vice president’s “$73 Billion” in cuts, and the Republicans’ initial “$100 Billion” number, are both reductions from President Obama’s proposed 2010 budget, which was never passed. That’s the key point. That proposed, larger budget, never became reality.

It’s a bit like a college kid who asked his parents to buy him a car and was turned down, but who then tried to count the lack of a car as a “spending cut” the next year. The money was never allocated for spending in the first place.

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The “deal” announced by Biden would cut $33 Billion in actual, current spending. That’s how much of government agency’s expected budgets would be cut immediately if this plan wins out.



For those of us, including myself, who lives inside the Internet bubble and still give more than enough consideration to the PL, I give you askew’s comment from the previous thread:

I have been out of loop on vacation this evening and found about the deal to avoid a shutdown on the local news I Iowa the local news carried Obama’s speech live and devoted time to local people who were helped by avoiding a shutdown all of the stories gave credit to Obama for avoiding shutdown the gop were barely mentioned I was shocked to come online and see people claiming this as a win for the GOP I swear the media and PL are completely out of touch with how this is playing with voters I expect a poll bump for Obama and that as details of the deal are made known it will have progressive wins included just like the tax deal



Anyone who can’t see how this is a huge political win for PBO and the Democratic Party, should get their eyes checked. It was enough to watch the body language difference between PBO/Harry Reid and the two clowns from the other side.

PBO came out of it smelling like a bouquet of flowers, the Shining Knight who kept the government open, and Democrats are the Shining Knights of women’s health.



Finally, I want to ask the PL to start the “Boycott The 2012 Election” campaign right now. Why wait? After all, it worked sooooo well in 2010, right?