“We’re lucky that polls show Obama well-positioned to defeat any of the Republicans mentioned so far”

Eugene Robinson:

… snip //

The richest, most powerful nation on Earth is more than halfway through its fiscal year without having a budget. Lately, we’ve been operating on two- or three-week spending plans. This wild irresponsibility comes at a time when the nation is fighting wars in the Middle East and struggling to recover from the worst economic slump since the Great Depression—a time of great uncertainty and high anxiety about America’s place in the world. Now comes a serious threat to shut down the government, strictly as an act of political theater.

I blame the Democrats for not passing a budget last year, when they were supposed to, while they still had big majorities in both houses of Congress. I blame Republicans for their ever-changing demands, which seem to be coming from a caucus of 2-year-olds. But the point isn’t who’s responsible. The point is that in the larger sense, nobody’s responsible.

This is no way to run a banana republic, let alone a superpower. Leave aside, for the moment, the long-range challenges—sagging infrastructure, vanishing industry, growing inequality, underfunded entitlements, an overextended military. Leave aside the rise of China, the fall of Arab autocrats, global climate change and our stubborn addiction to oil. At one of the most basic duties of any government—make a budget, even if you don’t keep to it—our elected officials have utterly failed.

It’s the kind of incomprehensible failure that makes people conclude that the system is broken. It’s the kind of failure that makes voters want to look for a knight in shining armor, a caped crusader, a Man With No Name—maybe even a Man With an Inescapable Name. We’re lucky that polls show Obama well-positioned to defeat any of the Republicans mentioned so far. We’re also lucky that Trump’s “candidacy” is a piece of performance art.

And let’s hope Charlie Sheen keeps his tiger blood and Adonis DNA out of politics.


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  1. Am I the First one!

    I agree, Eugene Robinson has come to his senses finally or temporarily. Thank God we have a grown up in the WH.

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    ·.·Rock Wuz Here.·.

  3. MIKA: And Eugene, you wrote about Donald trump, but I want you to comment on the budget negotiations.
    Eugene: Well, that is why I think the two are connected! Do people see Donald as getting a Budget done in DC? I think they do!


    Live long and prosper…

  4. BTW: Lisa Myers(NBC) took apart trumps talking points this mornong, on Savanahs show!

    That tape would be worth a thread, as well!

    Peace and prosperity-

  5. I do blame the Democrats last fall for not doing their job! But we always knew the Repubs didn’t know how to govern, now we really know. Let’s see if the voting public understand it at all!

    Thank goodness for our President!

  6. Rep Holmes went off this morning. She is definitely “fired up.” She said that “The District should tell Congress to go straight to hell.” The Republicans are holding things hostage and have added “riders” to the CR bill for the first time. The other CR’s didn’t have riders attached. Wow America really?

  7. she really cares about her district in DC! I like her! And you know why she is so pure, b/c no lobbyist influence! She gets no votes in the congress, thus, Lobbyists do not target her! HMMMM!

  8. I disagree a little with him here. The point most certainly is who is responsible.

    The GOP has been radical for years, and they continue to get a pass for it. It’s a coincidence that they’re back in control of the House, with a Dem in the WH, same circumstances as 1995, and they just so happen to be on the verge of shutting down the government…again.

    Why is the media trying to give the GOP a pass for this madness?

  9. Yep, they were scared about losing their jobs (which they lost anyway) and decided not to do their job. Weak democrats and then they have the nerve to bash the President when he has to negotiate cuts. So sick of their weakness.

  10. Because they are actually an arm of the Republican party and have the same agenda, and collect money from the same sources. E.g., Koch brothers.

  11. I assess them with much less blame than the GOP. Any sane political party would have grabbed that senate deal with both hands. But the teabaggers are all or nothing, and Boehner is stating that he’s right there alongside them. This is really extreme.

  12. Dems should have pass the budget last year. They were scared to do their jobs, and now PBO needs to clean their mess. Again. And then they go on TV and bash him.

  13. I thought the reason the dems did not pass a budget was because they could not get 60 votes in the senate. The repubs obstructed. Does anyone know? Mr. Robinson needs to be corrected. This both sides are to blame is nonsense.

  14. The blame is on the American voter who did not vote the midterm. This goes back to all those calling for ppl to stay home to show obama. They allowed a group of individuals , who can’t spell their protest signs, knows nothing about the constitution when asked. manipulated into thinking the Koch brothers and corporations are for their best interest to have the majority in the house. We will show Obama was the theme, Now the man whom they tried to show is fighting to keep his party position afloat. WoW what a country.

  15. Boehner is saying that because he can’t control them and he is trying to cover that up so he doesn’t look like the weak leader he is. The tea party caucus is insane. They don’t care about the damage they do or how many people they hurt. They want their social issues, that they know are not popular and could never pass any other way, and the will not compromise. Boehner needs to go around them and pass the budget without them if necessary. But he is a coward and afraid to call them out no matter how harmful they are being.

  16. It also had to do with the Blue dogs not wanting to go home to their districts and be hit with more massive spending! Also, the WH pushed for it, but the blue dog caucus was totally against it! The blue dogs hurt us last election, they were all over the map, messaging wise!

  17. BWD they couldn’t pass it because they didn’t have the 60 votes, and the Republicans were forcing them to have to have 60 to pass instead of letting it go on a “majority” to be debated and voted on. I actually blame “voters.”

    Instead of listening to the President tell them “not to give Republicans the keys back,” they did not listen. Now a bunch of buyers remorse. The sad part is regarding how it will effect people like “us” who voted the right way. We also have to suffer for people “clocking out” as Ed Schultz instructed them to do.

  18. The Dems did make a huge mistake in not passing a budget last year. They were too scared of the Tea Party and look what their cowardice brought upon this country. As usual the President is expected to clean up after them and to take the heat for their own recalcitrance. But, even with all that, the real problem is the republicans, as always. They are not serious about governing. They are only about their unpopular social issues and doing all they can to force the nation to go along with what they want even though they have been told over and over, year after year, after year, that the American public does not support those issues. With people that stubborn and that willful you have to stop giving them opportunities to push their agenda. That is what the Dems did by not passing a budget earlier but that doesn’t excuse the republicans for holding the entire country hostage so they can bend us all to their will no matter what we feel about it.

  19. These issues are not about money its about. A black president who majority of supporters are minorities and now the middle class. racial and class discrimination. Make the president seems illegimate, defund the things that helps, blacks and latinos, women. The black women, the latino women, The single parent woman, the non democratic woman. make them pay for voting for this man. The woman who holds to key, the woman who can really shut us down if they wise up and work together, the woman who can shut the republican down. Wake up my sister wake up.

  20. Not lately, the dems are all on message. Believe it or not! What is interesting, is, it took a govt shutdown to unite our party?

  21. By the way, 15 Democrats in the House have been voting along with Republicans every step of the way. I don’t care if they are “blue dogs,” or not, it is not right.

    Claire McCaskill even said last night that they had “completely met the cuts that Boehner originally asked for.” As she put it, “we said yes,” and Boehner continued to move the goal posts. She was not in favor of what Dems had initially offered, but believed that the latter number they came up with was acceptable. So if she feels that the number they offered Boehner is good, I believe it is because I consider her to be somewhat “fiscally conservative.”

    One Republican today admitted to Savannah Guthrie that even if the planned parenthood funding was nixed that they still wouldn’t be happy. Really?

  22. Trump bankrupted 3 companies, is all bluster, no negotiating skulls and whacko on foreign policy ( wants to seize Iraqi oil). I can’t forgive any columnist who gives him credence. Not to mention Trumps cynical racism, dogwhistles with the birthers. There really is no credibility to those claims. The State of Hawaii has validated the certificate, eyewitnesses, including the current visitor have confirmed the birth. Robinson is spouting more villager nonsense.

  23. I believe the riders that are holding things up are about no funding for Planned Parenthood and taking away the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. To cause a government shutdown because of these two issues is totally loony, but I believe the gops want a shutdown to slow, if not to reverse, any economic recovery that might be attributed to President Obama’s leadership. What kind of future do these lunatics envision: a dystopia of poverty-stricken lackeys with no access to decent education, health care, a living wage living in a decimated environment and a crumbling infrastructure? Do they actually believe they can withdraw into their gated communities and do nothing but play with their filthy lucre forever?

  24. Yes the MSM and the corporate money for republicans bear a huge part of the blame. The fact that many Democratic voters fell for the propaganda and stayed home instead of voting was a problem as well. Midterms are not well attended any time. When you add in a tough economy attendance goes even further down. Then when you have a large, highly motivated group of voters on the right who are frightened of a black president, a feeling of change coming that they don’t understand, and the economic anxiety that already had them on edge and you get a disaster of an election.

    When many of the few left leaning media voices we have in this country are then telling people not to vote, that they should be disappointed in the job the president has done, that some perfect utopia was possible but deliberately avoided by democrats then the disaster just becomes even worse. There is so much blame to go around.

    But the biggest blame needs to be put on the republicans because without their insanity, their push for unpopular social issues, and their absolute disregard for the good of the country we wouldn’t have to fear the results of elections so much. If they were a serious party with just some small differences on specifics but a general agreement about what kind of country we want – a successful, prosperous nation with opportunity for all – then it would be possible to forgive those who enabled them to win. But they are totally bonkers and that is the largest problem facing our country right now.

  25. In the long run, this is a losing strategy, as this bunch of white thugs is a dying breed, but how much damage they are perpetrating in the process of dying out. I believe they know full well their time is running out which is why they are acting so desperately to save their hegemony, but we cannot allow them to erode any further everything that is fine and good in our country.

  26. I agree with this in its entirety. Although it’s clear that Dems should have tried harder to pass a budget last year, no doubt, the GOP is trying to hide their extremism behind that misstep. The reality is that Boehner is speaker *now,* and his job *now* is to compromise with the other party and pass a budget. He is saying that he and his party are simply too extreme to compromise on anything and will shut the government down if their extreme demands for $100b in cuts and policy riders aren’t met. I’m personally focusing on that, as the Dem blunder pales in comparison to me.

  27. He also said on Oreily, that he would Nuke foreign countries if they do not bend to our will(Paraphraisng). Even Oreily was dismayed!

  28. Exactly. The GOP is the real problem and always has been. When attention is pointed at them, they nitpick Dem imperfections and try to deflect from their extremism. Well said everyone.

  29. I generally hate to repost things, but this ended up at the bottom of the previous thread, and it looks like the discussion has moved over here. Plus I like to see myself in print.

    Okay folks. The country is finally waking up to the fact that a shutdown is likely. This means they will be paying more attention to the media. So far, the media has been pretty pathetic in pointing out the real culprits in this tragedy. Sure, the Dems can get out there and talk about it, but the media always feels it has to present the other side as equally valid so people don’t get the full story.

    It’s up to us to do the best we can to inform the public. Get an LTE to every paper in your area (most can be done online). Go to their websites which usually allow comments after articles. Put in comments and specially counter those that suggest the Dems are at fault.

    My personal list of points that should be made:

    1. This is not about the budget, it is about some sanctimonious Republicans trying to enforce social issues.
    2. Planned Parenthiood uses no federal dollars for abortion. If their funding is cut, women will die, pure and simple.
    3. To please their corporate overloards, thes Republicans want to gut pollution standards and create a worse environment for us and our children.
    4. The want to defund PBS (NPR is just part of it) and in rural areas, these stations rely on federal funding.
    5. If the government shuts down the following won’t take place:
    a. Members of the military (including my son) won’t get paid.
    b. Tax refund checks won’t go out.
    c. New applications for social security and Medicare won’t be able to be processed.
    d. National parks and monuments will be closed.
    e. Construction products which utilize significant federal funding will come to a halt.
    f. The economy would, in all likelihood, lose all its recent gains.
    g. In all probability, people will die.

    And remember, this is totally to be laid at the feet of the Republicans.

    Add additional points, but remember, most LTE’s have around 200 word limits.

  30. At least the democrats are fighting back. Exactly what they shold be doing… And they are finally united. Just a thought…

  31. Actually its our base, If we out did them in 2008 we could have did the same 2010. The momentum was shifted to fear of the black man that many in our base fell for and is now using those hidden critiques to bash him now. Most of the tea partiers won by slim margins. Lets call it what it is, this is the same reasons why things are going on the states with republicans governors.Fear is what shifted the agenda for some conservative dems to vote for these clowns

  32. Great points! Thanks for the probe to us all to keep fighting in any way we can.

  33. For a dose of morning optimism, check out LOST GENERATION on UTube. Unfortunately, I am too stupid to know how to link to this.

  34. Boner is having a press conference! I know what he will say? Ahh, Mr President it is your fault, blah blah blah, we got elected for cutting spending, insert foot, blah blah, the AMerican People- blah!

    Their, how is that?

  35. Meanwhile, CNN is ONLY talking about Libya! As in, why can’t we send in troops? Hey CNN, Who the hell cares about LIBYA? LOL!

  36. I’m only speaking about long term, blackwaterdog. To quote the Reverend Wright: “Their chickens will come home to roost” eventually. But what an incredible clean-up will be necessary.

  37. Hahahaha! I guess their hopes that the Gov’t shutdown would be blamed on President Obama are being squashed. So they have to change the subject!

  38. Mr. Reid is calling it like it is… bravo sir bravo!

    People underestimate Mr. Reid… like Mr. Obama, he knows when to pull his punches and make sure they hurt, especially when Mr. Reid called the Tea Party out for their shenanigans!

  39. Representative Hank Johnson (GA) is doing the same thing on the floor of the House on CSPAN!

  40. I am so dam mad. We could be much further in this country then we are, but the republicans are stopping progress with social issues, when the issue are econommic.

  41. Actually I disagree. 2010 was the lowest turnout election in history of u.s. politics. Also with changing demographics this is a losing strategy. The old white vote that usually goes for the GOP is checking out or will continue to check out in the next 10-20 years.

  42. Voters need to, for once, look within and start making better decisions when it comes to voting. Stop looking for a Knight in Shining Armor and start voting. And if you are already voting, STOP voting against your best interests because of your archaic beliefs on marriage and abortion. FFS keep the hysterics and paranoia out of the voting booth and stop aiding Republicans in trashing this country.

  43. Rove warns republicans a shutdown could boost Obama!
    Albeit, No word from Rove, on how it will effect ma and pa kettle from harrisburg PA… HMMM!

  44. Happy friday all… snowing and thundering in the good ole state of ND- I blame Senator Conrad, heh.

    An FYI for you BWD and others who have facebook accounts: I have been unable to link/post directly from either BWD or The Obama Diary onto my Facebook.. since last night.. I get blocked as spam/inappropriate content. Now I’ve tried linking from other pro-Obama/Dem sites just to test this out.. and have had no problems. I can link to facebook from: DCCC, WeeSeeYou, ThePeoplesView,Eclectablog… but not from this site or Chipster’s site.

    I’m not the only one.. thus it appears that someone, some not politically fair persons have chosen to attempt to quiet our Fact informing voices.. and are attempting to prevent us from gaining in support and viewers. Chips is checking it out on her end.. but BWD I wanted you to know also. I’ve complained several times to Facebook and will continue to do so.. ain’t no way I’m letting this go unchallenged. Also, we are able to post to our own profile pages at facebook by doing a copy/paste of the links.. so we’ve circumvented the blocks. However, that doesn’t make this okay. Sharing your links is big.. being prevented from our political speech on a site that does not prohibit political speech is something I won’t stand for frankly.

  45. This is what really surprises me because these cuts are deep, yet no elected Dem is throwing broadsides at PBO for caving because we’re back at Boehner’ orignal number. Remarkable…they so these cuts are more than I like and then they go on to paint the Repubs as extreme. They even have Boehner on the defensive about this being all about social issues. My word, even the MSM has picked up the Dems narrative on this from what I noticed from CNN Americn Morning…Ali was really pressing Rep West on this. Also even Morning Joe was talking about. Boehner had to issue a statement saying that it was about the cuts.

    Have the Dems actually stumbled on a working strategy? By being willing to lose the numbers battle, they are able to show even the MSM dimwits just how radical the Repubs really are….

  46. Holmes is still “fired up.” She shut Blitzer down to. As she said DC had its budget passed, but it was not signed off on by the “masters” as she put it in “Congress.” She said that they didn’t include any federal funding. Wow, the residents are saying that if there is a gov’t shut down they will “dump their trash” in John Boenhers yard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPy5axUZvL8&feature=share

  47. Sheila, when you want to link to something just go to the page you want to share and then click on the address bar of that page to highlight the URL. Then right click to bring up menu and select “copy”. Now come back to here and start your reply as usual. When you get to where you want to insert the link, just right click again and this time select “paste”. Then post your reply as usual. The URL you copied will appear in your reply as a link. 🙂

  48. I mean Elanor Norton…I don’t know why I keep calling her “Holmes.” I guess I am in another world today.

  49. Wow all kind of typos above…hope y’all understood what I was trying to say 🙂

  50. The Republican Party is the biggest threat to economic recovery in this country. What a sad state of affairs that elected officials of the government are trying to sabotage the fragile recovery for their unhinged ideology and 2012 prospects. This is sick beyond belief.

    I want to see Democrats making it plain to the folks that voted for these clowns and the folks that sat on their hands during the midterm elections last November, THAT THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WITH A REPUBLICAN MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE. The Republican Party has disdain for the government, so why would we want them running it.

    My heart aches every time I think about where we would be now with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She got things done. Speaker Boehner is a disgrace.

  51. You are right they are trying to block them some how. Go over to the Obama diary and see more what is going on.

  52. It’s not just the Michigan Militia who don’t understand the First Amendment, it is conservatives in general. They think the first amendment means they can say whatever they like about anything at all and no one can challenge them, refute them, or laugh at them for what they say. If anyone dares to contradict them or point out the lunacy of what they said, then that person is trying to stop their freedom of speech. And our media never, never calls them on such nonsense. The whole idea that the first amendment applies to Congress making laws about what you can and can not say, not about how other people respond to what you say, is over their heads apparently.

  53. I am really surprised donald, the chump is even worthy of any political discussion, both in msm and blogs. Guess americans gotta have their fill of freak shows.

  54. hen attention is pointed at them, they nitpick Dem imperfections and try to deflect from their extremism.

    You forgot to add …with the help of Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Professional Left. They do a damn good job adopting right wing talking points and using them against their own side.

  55. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @whitehouse: Don’t miss anything posted to the @whitehouse blog. Follow @blog44, an official & automatic feed of WhiteHouse.gov/blog

  56. I hope dems hold out. Shut it down if they have to, they really need to say no to this insane crap the repugs are doing. If they don’t do it now they never will.

  57. Eugene is too wishy washy for me. Plus I hate hering him on TV; he tends to go around in pointless circles when he speaks.

  58. Hey every one. Here is the number to face book try it
    Phone: 650-543-4800
    Fax: 650-543-4801

  59. hehe…From my twitter timeline:

    RT @TheDemocrats: RT @woodhouseb: Mark your calendar: April 12 is the 5 yr anniversary of Mitt Romney signing health reform in MA, laying foundation for #ACA

  60. Eclectablog has a good post about the difference between now and when the agreement was made in December to extend the Bush tax cuts. The Obama and the Dems agreed to an unpalatable thing in order to prevent damage to those who had little representation, the unemployed and poor.

    This time the Republicans are holding the whole country hostage. Unfortunately, they probably believe the Dems will “cave” again. They have made a major miscalculation and it will come back to bite them you know where. Unless the Dems do “cave” in which case I will be royally pi**ed.

  61. I actually am against a shutdown, because it means our nation’s military does not get paid.

    No more political games while our troops have to serve, especially considering how many bills they have to pay.

  62. Mr. Reid said it: take it or leave it, and he framed his arguments well.

    Mr. Boner continues to play silly political games… heck even some anti abortion TeaOPers are willing to strip the PP “rider,” Bachmann being one of them.

    It could be smoke and mirrors, or perhaps Bachmann et. al have seen the writing on the wall, especially considering the effect a shutdown would have on the military: forced to serve without pay.

  63. If That does not work above try this
    Facebook, Inc.
    471 Emerson St.
    Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605 United States (Map)

    Phone: 650-543-4800
    Fax: 650-543-4801
    Covered by Amy Schein

  64. That quote is not a negative about Eugene. He is really criticizing the American public for probably seeing the Donald as being able to deal with budget issues.

  65. As I mentioned above tigerfists, Bachmann is one of the anti abortion TeaOPers wanting the PP rider to be stripped.

    Of course, Ms. Bachmann could be CYA… but the fact that Mr. Boner isn’t even listening to her and others shows how incompetent a Speaker he is and how out of touch with his caucus he is.

  66. Even the fools are now against their fellow fools in the Republican aka Tea Party.

    Or am I being unkind? Arggghhhhh.

  67. If Democrats are going on t.v. talking about this budget crisis boils down to women’s funding, they’ve already lost the messaging war.

    In addition to that, they need to be talking about the hundreds of thousands of workers affected, our military’s pay, parks, etc.

    They need to be making the meta point: This affects our AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.

    Stop focusing on the minors and letting the gop lead the debate.

    What is Democratic philosophy? What does it mean to be an American?!?!

    It’s simple and plain: Teabagging Rethugs exist only for the robber barons, for deregulation, for union-busting, for corporations, for the top 1%.

    If you’re not one of those groups, THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!

    Democrats going out there talking piece-meal budget items are going to get rolled.

  68. Yeah, he’ll take the opposite side next week depending on which MSNBC show he’s appearing.

  69. I really can’t stand the Republican party. They are so radical now what a joke !

  70. no they are winning that argument because, it is less of the budget and more about idealogy

  71. Actually I’ve heard Democrats making a bigger argument that they have made the cuts and have the number.

    But that the Republican are pushing their radical agenda down the American people. (talking points)

  72. Tori, I agree with what you said. Remember the Senate was held hostage last year. Everything was blocked.

    Things happened really fast after the elections in the Lame Duck session. I do think the Dems should have tried to get it done before the election however. It seemed they were totally chicken to do anything that might affect their re-election. So both have important points.

  73. Agree TrumpDog. He spends much more time putting the president down than holding him up.

    I am glad that he did not name the president as one of the villains, but like others he continues to diminish PBO so that MSNBC will keep bringing him on their shows. Yuck.

    One thing he said that was spot on is that the Dems turned into chickens by refusing to move forward on different bills because they were afraid it would hurt them during the fall elections. Well, that turned out well, right?

  74. To add my own two cents, I’d love to see a very simple theme: 1995.





    Last time the GOP had the House and a Dem was in the WH, they shut down the government. They are doing it again. Which is why they should never be given control of the House, because they like to shut down the government. Boehner is lying. He says that he and the teaparties are on the same page. As Newt Gingrich, who shut down the government in 1995 recently advised, Boehner is once again shutting down the government.

    The media will slide into a “both sides” analysis pretty quickly. What we have on our side is precedent. They did the same thing before, they’re doing it now, and if people keep them in power in the House, they will do it again.

    GOP in the House + Democratic POTUS = govt. shutdown.


  75. And let’s not forget the media and pundits on on MSNBC are doing their part to help the freaking repugs. This whole thing is so in sane, the whole damn political process is a freaking joke, and I’m getting very tired of it.

  76. Boehner wants a shutdown. Every time the Dems have bent over backwards to avoid one with a new concession, he moves the goalposts. He said that he’s on the same page as the teaparty fringe.

    The GOP is once again shutting down the government, same thing they did to Clinton in 1995, they’re doing to President Obama because Americans fell asleep at the wheel and allowed this fringe back into the House.

  77. I saw that, and theobamadiary had a terrific suggestion: use one of those link-shortening services to shorten the links. Because it’s likely that GOP trolls are marking our sites as spam to stop the truth tsunami which is emerging from the pragmatic progressive spaces.

    Here’s google’s terrific url-shortening site:

    We can’t be stopped. That trolls have resorted to marking us as spam shows that we’re starting to have a very positive effect.

  78. That would work, too!

    Republicans shut down the government and drive up deficits.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  79. I agree. The cuts that will hurt many Americans are unfortunately too abstract for many of the public. But that the republicans are holding up a budget deal that means no pay for the troops, national park closures that cancel their spring break family vacations, and delays of tax refunds all for the sake of attacking basic health care for women with no real tie to budget issues is a winning message. It keeps it simple, shows how this will affect the viewers themselves and all for sake of attacking something the majority support and don’t want to see attacked.

  80. O’Donnell had Trump clips on his show yesterday and it really annoyed me that Trump is now bringing back the grandmother in Kenya saying Obama was born there. A journalist from the Washington Post was on saying that had completely been debunked previously. He told how the interview was done with an interpretor on the phone and the tape had been clipped at the point where she said yes to his being born in Kenya. Then in the next part of the call there was a no, no in Hawaii in USA was on the tape. Anotherwords with a language barrier and a clipped tape it was made to look feasible. It was debunked and Trump is trying to make it appear to be real again. I went to NBC yesterday and emailed why I think they were wrong to let Trump say that and how it endangered our President. I also said I was deleting Celebrity Apprentice from my Season Pass on Tivo and I would boycott the sponsors of that show and the morning show.

    Wish we had the same posts we used to on the OFA blog to help us boycott sponsors and email networks as I think our boycott of Glenn Beck’s sponsors helped!

  81. Thanks gn, appreciate the link.. can circumvent it also by just copying and pasting the url to our facebook profile/page.. however I’m pissed.. thus ain’t giving up. Have written to Josh Marshall at the suggestion of Rita over at Chips site.. and hope everyone who can and is so inclined will get the word out about whats going on here. Also, Blue Wave News is being blocked… so that is three THREE of our sites that are currently being blocked from being directly linked from their sites to Facebbook. And Blue Wave News is ON Facebook, but cannot link from them/ share their content without copying and pasteing.

    I’ve no doubt you’re write.. it is repubs/tea folk doing what they do: making sure only they enjoy freedom of political speech.

  82. I have to say, we need more commonsense folks like Mr. Reid and Mr. Coons in Congress, especially Mr. Coons.

    A lot of people who say Mr. Reid has no cojones and “caves” truly don’t understand his methods. Mr. Reid is a “speak softly but carry a big stick” kind of guy: like our POTUS, Mr. Reid knows exactly when to pull his punches and make sure they hurt, namely today when he spoke on the Senate floor and talked about how embarrassed he was that the funding of our nation’s government was being blocked by a social issue, and not an actual fiscal issue.

    Mr. Reid doesn’t get involved in the political theatrics, which won’t benefit anyone, left or right. We saw what happened to those who relied heavily on political theatrics (yes I’m talking about people like Alan Grayson of FL): tossed out of office.

    And this is also why our President, Mr. Obama, has higher approvals than that of Congress: he is looking more and more like an adult, a calm negotiator while Congress continues to play partisan political games, on the backs of our nation’s military and millions of federal workers.

    That’s another message that the Democrats need to hammer home: that the Republicans are willing to allow our nation’s military to serve WITHOUT PAY so that they can gain political points, although a few have said on the record that they are concerned about our military being paid (Bachmann and Kyl to name two), it still needs to be hammered out more.

  83. My oldest son’s wife is a Federal employee and they depend on her salary at present since he is in Grad School. Their mortgage payment is dependent on her wages. Lots of people are in this situation. I am against a government shutdown.

  84. Thanks to lilaf, I have learned how to place a link in my comment. Here is a a very upbeat (and short) video from Utube to brighten our day.

  85. Rep (D) Henry Waxman is saying it is ridiculous that the FCC Regulations of Internet being scheduled today when we are on the verge of a government shutdown is insane.

  86. She’s lost. But she could drag it out for 3-4 months and hope the recall efforts are successful before then.

  87. This article at TPM seems to suggest differently. I think the Republicans are biting off more than can chew.

    When even some of their staunchest abortion rights folks think they need to remove this rider, they’re probably going to be in a pickle.

    I am not despaired.

    News people are also talking about the rider. Saw a tweet from Luke Russert on the other side.

    Link to the article:

  88. grrr!!!!! Eugene Robinson! GRRRRRR!!!!!!

    Why is this kind of lazy reporting acceptable?

    “I blame the Democrats for not passing the budget last year when they had huge majorities.”

    Every Democrat (and I assume Eugene Robinson is one) should know that we did NOT have a huge majority, but razor-thin and only because of the conservadems who had NO INTEREST in voting for a Democratic agenda.

    No. 2: The Republicans FILIBUSTERED the budget in the Senate.

    There is no excuse for Eugene Robinson ‘blaming’ Democrats when Nancy Pelosi was able to pass a budget and Republicans obstructed it.

    Wouldn’t it be nice — just for once — to see an alleged leftie on a major paper get these facts right and frame things intelligently?

    I didn’t read the rest of the piece, and I usually buck up and do my reading before my rants. But this is inexcusable. Where would this country be if Eugene Robinson and his buddies had taken a few nanoseconds to get their facts straight (and not from Republican spin) and frame things so we could ahead of this b.s.?

  89. From an undisclosed forum:

    “The GOP primaries are going to be a freak show carnival like we’ve never seen before.

    Imagine this cast of characters on stage at a debate:

    -Donald Trump
    -Michelle Crazy-Eyes Bachmann
    -Sarah Palin
    -Mike Huckabee
    -Mitt Romney
    -Newt Gingrich
    -Rick Frothy-Mix Santorum
    -openly gay Fred Karger
    -Tim ‘Please-Notice-Me!!!’ Pawlenty
    -Haley ‘I’m not a Racist!!’ Barbour
    -Herman Cain, who stated he’d never appoint a Muslim to a Govt. position

    You can’t invent this kinda shit. It’s going to be EPIC.”

  90. From Think Progress:

    Defending Riders, Sen. Kyl Falsely Claims 90 Percent Of Planned Parenthood’s Services Are For Abortion
    Though some Republicans have attempted to move past the Planned Parenthood issue in order to reach a budget agreement, false information like that which Kyl is propagating has kept the debate from moving forward and made a budget deal almost impossible. If no deal is reached, Kyl and his Republican colleagues will be left defending their absurd decision to shutdown the government over a community health organization.

    Think Progress also includes a link to an Ezra Klein post that totally debunks the claims made by Senator Kyl about the services provided by Planned Parenthood.



  91. “…All of it sucks!!”

    I wholedheartedly agree…

    That’s why WE, continuously, have to push back/”fight'” back against the GOPTeaParty’s communications/PR arm, U.S. MSM, et al, and WE gotta callin’ ’em out on their BS!!!

    And, WE gotta support this:

    Media Matters’ ‘DropFox’… http://mediamatters.org/action/dropfox/ (Angelo (@StopBeck/@GoAngelo) is the Director of this campaign. By the way, @StopBeck and his supporters got Glen Beck fired from Fox…Onward!)

    @Drop_Fox is on Twitter, too.

    Rupert Murdoch/Roger Ailes & Co., through Fox”News,” disrespects our President and the Office of The Presidency, 24/7…

    WE must stop ’em!!!

  92. They did it before, they’re doing it now, they can be counted to do it again if people keep putting them into power.

    1995, 2011…[insert whatever year in the future has a Dem in the WH and GOP in the House]=shut down.

    The end.

  93. I have a hunch that the found votes are legitimate, but there is enough baggae around this woman, includin gpast reprimands, the fact that the system she uses automatically saves things which goes against what she says, and the fact that the number of votes she found (note, I should say the difference between Prosser and Kloppenburg in the votes she found) is just enough to probably make Kloppenburg have to pay for a recount, is enough to keep things a live for a whiile, and may even spur a bigger effort ibn the recalls.

  94. Well, this can’t be good news for the GOP, especially when you consider the source. It keeps getting curiouser and curiouser…

    “The House passed a bill on Thursday funding the military for the next six months and keeping the government open another week, but Democratic leaders rejected the measure over its inclusion of $12 billion of additional cuts. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has accused Democrats of hurting troops, but West said in a statement to CBS on Thursday that he was “disgusted at the perception that Leaders in my own Party…are now using the men and women in uniform” even as he voted for the measure himself.”

    “The House Majority has now placed the funding for the Department of Defense and the funding for the troops down as a bargaining chip,” West said. “In the last 100 days, the House Majority could have passed at any point in time a separate stand alone Appropriations for the Department of Defense and the funding for our men and women in uniform.”


  95. But he voted for it, so he can go somewhere and sit himself down. This is a f-ing freakshow.

  96. Like this?

    “Louis Marinelli, a key strategist for the National Organization for Marriage, has undergone what he calls a “transition” from being an ardent opponent of the LGBT community and marriage equality specifically to supporting civil marriage between LGBT couples. Jeremy Hooper of Good As You broke the story earlier today.”

    Marinelli oversaw NOM’s online social media properties and actually drove the bus during NOM’s Summer 2010 bus tour. It was that tour, he tells Hooper, that began making him into an equality supporter. “The lesbian and gay people whom I made a profession out of opposing became real people for me almost instantly. For the first time I had empathy for them and remember asking myself what I was doing.”


    “With Marinelli’s departure from NOM, the anti-gay group lost 290,000 followers on Facebook. Their new page has about 50 fans. For the latest on Marinelli’s jump to the side of equality, and more on NOM’s questionable ethics, shady financial connections and discriminatory rhetoric, visit NOMExposed.org.”


  97. Pass the popcorn, gn! The list is growing faster than the speed of lightening. So far, Karl Rove, Pat Toomey, Tom Coburn, Michelle Bachman have publicly stated that the GOP should just take the deal. Here’s one more name to add to the list:

    “Likely GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee — who is virulently anti-abortion — also urged House Republicans to avoid government shut down over Planned Parenthood because “it will hurt Republicans.” “The Republicans can’t win this battle when it gets down to it,” he said. “Nobody is more pro-life than me, nobody. But as much as I want to see Planned Parenthood defunded, as much as i want to see NPR lose their funding, the reality is the president and the Senate are never going to go along with that. So, win the deal you can win.”


  98. Just spotted a conference call with nine Democratic Senate women about the budget (Title X, Planned Parenthood, other programs), which JUST STARTED – dial 1-888-886-6603 Extension 16494 to participate. Sorry for lack of notice – hope you already know this.

  99. Sheila, the Republicans are SAYING that one of the riders is about abortion–but it isn’t. They’re lying once again…

    “Another fact: Despite GOP talking points, this is not about abortion. The GOP/Tea Party proposal would bar Planned Parenthood from being reimbursed by any federal health program like Medicaid for providing primary and preventive health services including birth control, breast and cervical cancer screenings, and STI testing and treatment, including HIV testing.”

    “This is not a hard concept and, again, it is verifiable fact.”

    “But you might not know this because virtually every single major media outlet continues like synchronized broken records that this is about abortion and funding for abortion.”


  100. “A new Fox News Poll released today found that President Obama would solidly defeat Donald Trump in a potential 2012 showdown. Obama currently leads Trump 53%-34%. Obama leads Trump among Independents 50%-31%, and Trump only leads Obama with Republicans, Tea Partiers, and conservatives.”

    “The one thing that jumps out in the new Fox News Poll is that while the right may have hooked on to Trump as their flavor of the month/next great hope to beat Obama, the rest of the country isn’t into it. Despite all of his birther related Fox News publicity, Trump has a very limited appeal for voters. Obama leads Trump overall 52%-34%. Obama leads Trump with Independents 50%-31%. Obama leads Trump with both men (50%-36%) and women (55%-32%). Obama leads Trump among both whites (44%-40%) and non-whites (76%-17%).”

    “Obama leads big with both those who have a college degree (53%-34%) and those who don’t (52%-35%). The President leads among all age groups, even the senior citizen set that went for McCain in 2008 (48%-38%). Obama leads with both those making under $50,000 a year (61%-29%), and over $50,000 a year (47%-39%). The President crushes Trump with moderates (55%-17%), and strongly leads with Independents (50%-31%). Donald Trump only leads Obama among three interrelated groups, Republicans (62%-19%), Tea Partiers (70%-17%) and conservatives (52%-33%).”



  101. Yeah, if the gops actually believe the lies they perpetrate, they live in a parallel universe; why don’t they hoist themselves over the barrier and get out of ours?

  102. Yes, Jeremy, and the Republican Party has nothing to offer minorities or the younger generation. I do believe their time is running out, it’s just that it runs out so slowly and leaves such damage in its wake.

  103. Thank you.

    My sister and I say the same thing.

    ER speaks from both sides of his mouth.

  104. ER said no one to blamed. How come these DC media folks always skew their reporting?

    In Sept/Oct of 2010, McConnell demanded a 60 vote scheme in the senate, a 1st for a budget.

    In December, McConnell went back on the agreement for the House teabaggers wanted to fight just for spending cuts in 2011.

    No body to be blamed? Nonsense.

    Eugene Robinson, I hardly know you?

  105. Who are the 34% who would vote for this buffoon? Every time I begin to feel a bit of optimism about the American people (the protesters in the streets in the midwest), I see something like this and wonder how a populace with so much access to information can know so little.

  106. In this media environment, I can understand they have chosen to go simple, and for something that can grab people’s attention, and put the republicans ON THE DEFENSIVE, FOR ONCE !!!!

    It will always be time to go further. In fact, I think President Obama will go there ( an address in public or in the Oval) if republicans keep stalling.

  107. Touche’ Gene…politicians are pathetic and are hurting our standing and country…they should all be fired and we should rehire the help…voting doesn’t worlk, they lie…interview the creeps is what I say and hire competence instead of actors with no morals, skills, feelings for humanity. Thank you for your honest assessment of the imcompetency in Washington. I am happy Obama will be reelected. He is smart and not an ideolouge and they hate him for it. Obama is a class act compared to some of these racist white fools that hate themselves nothing to do with hia color…its thenselves that they hate amd that they suffer from and Obama by his mere presence and race reflects back their disgusting attitudes toward Humanity…they should be thrown out of office…all of them and Fox taken off the air for its pollution to our doiscourse and humanity. It disgust s and angers me to see our country in the worst shape ever and it persist by Republicans who don’t care what they say or do…they lie. LL

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