“A first-of-its-kind report of steps to improve minorities health care”

I guess this is another proof that “Obama isn’t doing anything to help minorities”:

USA Today: Minorities get worse health care, but government aims for change

WASHINGTON (AP) — From cradle to grave, minority populations tend to suffer poorer health and get poorer health care than white Americans. In a first-of-its-kind report, the government is recommending steps to reduce those disparities.

The plan being released Friday runs the gamut from improving dental care for poor children to tapping “promotoras,” savvy community health workers who can help guide their Spanish-speaking neighbors in seeking treatment.But it acknowledges that giving everyone an equal shot at living a healthy life depends on far more than what happens inside a doctor’s office — or steps that federal health officials can take.

“It’s also a product of where people live, labor, learn, play and pray,” Dr. Howard Koh, assistant secretary of Health and Human Services, told The Associated Press. “We really need a full commitment from the country to achieve these goals.”HHS wouldn’t put a dollar figure on its own pending projects, but said it plans to pay for them with money already in hand and not subject to Congress’ ongoing budget battle.

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Among the HHS plans outlined in Friday’s report:

•Working with states to increase by 10% the number of poor children who receive preventive dental care, including cavity-blocking sealants

.•Hiring trusted local people to serve as community health workers who can help diabetics understand and stick to their doctor’s care instructions. A Medicare pilot program has begun in Mississippi and Texas, and will spread to other areas.

•Increasing use of trained promotoras, the Spanish term for those trusted locals. Head Start will use them to direct parents to health services.

•Developing reimbursement incentives to improve the quality of care for minority populations, such as better prevention of heart disease and strokes.

•New studies comparing which treatments work best for diabetes, asthma, arthritis and heart disease in minority populations.

•Creating an online national registry of certified interpreters that doctors or hospitals can use for patients who don’t speak English.

•State grants to measure and improve community asthma care.

HHS held meetings around the country to gather input from state and local officials, community groups and average citizens on barriers to health equality, and a separate report reflects strategies for community efforts.That inclusiveness should “bring more people to the work of eliminating disparities,” said Cheryl Boyce, former director of the Ohio Commission on Minority Health. “It has to trickle down into community action.”


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  1. But Obama don’t curr ’bout black people! That’s what the Soul Patrol told me!!!!111!!1!

  2. Very few people realize that dental neglect can lead to death. This is far more important than most people recognize. And since most health plans don’t include dental coverage and that has to be bought separately, even people with health insurance don’t get good dental care.

  3. PBO just cancelled his weekend trip with the family to Williamsburg. 😦 F*** those bastards, may the karma comes back to bite them in the butt.

  4. I’m with T Smiley. BWD and the Pres dont care about blacks. All PBO does is constantly do stuff for us, but he never talks about it. I long for the good ol days when great men got together and spoke about black issues but did nothing……… sigh.

  5. That is a great comment. For some people “words matter more than actions” rather than the other way around.

  6. So true Japa21 or they loose all their teeth in their 50’s and 60’s. My mother and grandmother lost all their teeth by they time they were in their 50’s. I started getting dental care in my 20’s and now go to the dentist twice a year and have all my teeth at 55yrs old.

  7. This is what has been going on when the PL was whining about nothing being done. They want the glitz and glitter. Our President does the stuff that matters to all the people especially the ones that get little attention. Thank you BWD for bringing this to our attention. I know we won’t hear about it elsewhere!

    I agree with how important dental health is. I had a very close friend who died 3 days after having a tooth pulled. He didn’t have dental any heath care at all and the tooth was infected and it spread thru his body, he died at home with his wife and sons, he hadn’t even been sick until one hour before he died. He was 50 years old. They said having the tooth pulled with out care given before spread the infection thru his body. I tell everyone to be careful when you have a tooth pulled.

  8. Nutroots will claim they made him do this. It’s their pathetic M.O., self-important delusional twits that they are.

  9. Schumer likens conservatives to a flea
    By Josiah Ryan – 04/08/11 03:39 PM ET

    Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) compared House conservatives to a flea Friday as rhetoric in the spending fight intensified.

    Schumer, who has been criticizing Republicans all day, said in a floor speech Friday that conservatives were the flea controlling the dog, which he said in this case is a federal government that could shut down at midnight.

    “What we have here is a flea, wagging a tail, wagging a dog,” said Schumer, chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee.

    “The flea are the minority of House Republicans who are hard right, the tail is the House Republican caucus, and the dog is the government,” Schumer explained. “That flea is influencing what the dog does … and it is sad.”


  10. They like to think they have some power. Delusional twits is a perfect moniker for them.

  11. Boy, the Dems are really coming out hard on this one.even Feinstein has come up with what for her is harsh language. Makes the Republicans look like whiney little children. Come to think of it, they don’t need any help in that. Wiith the Republicans, what you see is what you get, babies.

    You know, it isn’t very often you can call the party in charge of one of the houses of Congress the party of “no” but that is what they are whether in power or our of it.

  12. Boy, it would take a lot to make me cancel a trip to Williamsburg. One of my wife’s and my favorite places to visit.

  13. I’ve been through a lot in my 63 years but this may well be the craziest time of all. You know when the far right was lamenting the fact that Republican leadership wasn’t doing what they wanted, they had a point. The Republican leadership wasn’t. But when the so-called PL laments the Dem party leadership not doing what it wants, they are wrong. Everything it is doing is what it wants, just not enough and not fast enough.

    Plus, I have never seen a party so absolutely controlled by its lunatic fringe as the Republican party currently is.

  14. THANK YOU, BWD!! This is just EXcellent news.

    You know, in addition to the cognitive dissonance resulting from his intellect, humanity, AND his skin color, he, imo really presents as a fully developed man who is just MOST comfortable with himself.

    Particularly, I believe in terms of being a man, when there is comfort AND confidence there, then is NO NEED to run around YELLIN’ at one and all and making a big fuss in order to get noticed. Quality is fully APPARENT. He says what needs to be said and DOES what needs to be DONE.

    Indeed, while he has been hit time and again regarding the false allegation (most recently debunked by Al Sharpton – concluding with the new designation of “Servant-In-Chief” :-)) of having done nothing for black folk, he was BUSY putting this together (and Lord only knows what all else). And, something like this takes tiiiiiime (as did, by law, ending DADT). Did he brag, get overly defensive, or YELL regarding how “BLACK” he is?? No. He presents an initial comprehensive approach aimed at a number of people of color. Doing what needs to be done.

    And, he’s riding herd on this wobbly Congress. If the government shuts down, he’s gonna be an even BUSIER guy.

    You are justifiably upset that he cancelled his Williamsburg trip, BWD.

    But, he demonstrates in truth what “Country First” means.

    And, I boldly speak for all of us here that we are ALL of us just VERY appreciative and grateful.

  15. If Boehner says it’s not about policy riders, but the budget number then why are the riders still on the table? Why isn’t he asked why policy riders are in the budget at all? I mean he’s just trying to force policies through that he knows the Senate would defeat and/or the President would veto – How can he justify shutting down the government over partisan political issues that have nothing to do with the budget?

  16. I hope everyone will get a chance to see this amazing video of Democratic Party women senators blasting the Republican Party on their attempt to throw women’s healthcare under the bus with budget riders.

    Senator Barbara Mikulski is fierce. She even goes after the reporters for asking questions that don’t relate to the real issue at hand – which is exactly what the Republican Party wants. A must see video.

    Democratic women senators spoke about the impasse between Republicans and Democrats on a budget to fund the government through the end of fiscal year 2011.


  17. Why isn’t he asked? You don’t really expect responsible journalists to ask such an irrelevant question do you? And yes, I know a responsible journalist would ask those questions, but then, do you know of any around that could ask the question?

  18. I am watching it for the third time. I am bursting with pride. I love these women.

    Did you hear what Senator Reid said while blasting the Republican Party on their shenanigans?

    “But Republicans are asking me to sacrifice my wife’s health, my daughter’s health and my nine granddaughters’ health. They’re asking me to sacrifice the health of women in Nevada and across America. I won’t do it.

    “As a legislator, I’m frustrated. And as an American, I’m appalled. As a husband, a father and a grandfather, I’m personally offended.”


  19. yes. I’m a bit tired of the “Obama won’t talk about race” complaints as if a few words from him will make it all go away. Even saw one blogger complain about the number of times Obama has said African-American. Kind of like when the GOP went on and on about how Obama doesn’t say the words, “terrorism” or “American Exceptionalism”.

  20. From day one of BHO’s presidency, he has ALWAYS thought about African Am (and other people of color):

    Keeping the Dream Alive: President Obama’s Work with the African American Community

    On Wednesday, April 6th, the National Action Network kicked off its 20th anniversary convention, celebrating “20 years of struggle, 20 years of progress, 20 years of shaping history.”

    During the day, four Cabinet members–Education Secretary Duncan, Attorney General Holder, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan–spoke to convention attendees about how the Obama Administration has been working with the African American community. That night, President Obama spoke at the Keepers of the Dream Awards Gala.

    The President shared how we are building upon a new foundation to ensure that we are winning the future through job creation, access to affordable health care, providing housing assistance, tackling poverty, and focusing on education to be the pathway to our long-term economic prosperity. He spoke words from his heart of how public service can help people: “Yes, we have a ways to go to address unemployment and housing, but if we work together, we can get to another of King’s beloved mountaintops and promised lands.”

    While the night was filled with memorable moments, the one that stuck with me was sitting next to my mom, Hilary Lawrence, a breast cancer survivor who went from no house in Jamaica to helping me work at the White House in D.C. My mom and my loving dad did so much to pave the way for me. To sit there as the Director of African American Outreach and experience this with her was one of those revelation moments where I reflected on the past and am so grateful for the future.

    On the same day, we launched a new website–Winning the Future: President Obama and the African American Community. This website will allow for people to better understand how the Obama Administration’s policies and work have benefited the African American community, from minority-owned businesses having more access to capital, to the benefits of health reform that are improving the lives of all Americans. We hope you’ll find the new site useful!

    Michael Blake is the Director of African American Outreach for the White House.

    http://tinyurl.com/3cf7cju (Includes a video)

  21. As an African American, it is disheartening when I hear other African American criticize this president for not doing enough for us. It simply is not true. But history will show just what a great president we have. I was proud when this man was elected and I continue to be proud. I can’ wait to get my Obama 2012 bumper sticker!

  22. From Ezra Klein:

    That said, the fact that Rep. Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee and Sen. Tom Coburn are calling for a deal suggests that Boehner may have the backup to actually make one.


  23. But Obama is a uncle tom, sell out, corpratist, who hates black people, latino people, and white people. LOL !

  24. I get why they’d want the optics of the women of the Senate speaking, but men have wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends that are women and care just as passionately about these issues.

  25. I love this statement. I wish every man would call their representatives and make such a statement. I wish every Senate Dem male would have stood behind the women senators and spoke with the women senators at their presser.

  26. And Cenk “the fat man know nothing” Ugyur continues to blame Obama for everything when everyone knew that as soon as the republicans took back control of the house there would be no progressive type of budget like the last one.

    Also he says that he hasn’t fought for progressive issues which is an even bigger joke. I love how he brings on Sherrod Brown to try to get him to attack the president but he won’t.

    But how come Cenk won’t ask “Mr. Progressive” Sherrod Brown why he voted against the Clean Air act ? Because Cenk is a conservative playing a liberal and he is a idiot !

  27. If I were you, I would show to the critics what President Obama has done for our county as a whole (list here: http://www.thepeoplesview.net/2011/04/i-am-kind-of-democrat-who-is-all-in-for.html#disqus_thread) then ask them exactly what is it that they have done to improve their situation or…

    I do not see what else President Obama can do to help individuals when he (as a president of this all good USA) has been working like a “DOG” while thrown so much S#!T at him?

    Go to http://www.barackobama.com and buy your sticker

  28. I wish the Dems would start withdrawing money from the deal if the Repubs dont settle. I hate that Boehner is in control.

  29. Amazing. What an intense idea. How great to pay attention to this and try to lift up people in underserved communities, living under such strain.

  30. This is my issue with much of the disinformation masquerading as “criticism.” It is full of half-truths and some flat-out whoppers.

    I think it’s fine for people to make critiques and suggestions, as well as discuss things they agree with and things which they don’t.

    That’s not generally what’s going on; we’re hip deep in bs and it feels sooooo good to be doing something about it.

  31. Wow, wow, wow. They were forceful, with facts, and emotion.

    Now women all over America have to take their lead and put pressure on republicans.

    This is a biggie. This is the truth hour for republicans. They have to face the reality of their extremists hurting them politically.

  32. I one thousand percent agree. One thousand percent. Every hour, start re-funding our programs. This is bs.

  33. Dems have an opportunity right this second to grab the upper hand as the Republicans have totally overreached. Get us some of the spending back so that the economy has half a chance of healing (the GOP’s cuts were drastic for precisely the purpose of slowing the recovery).

    Make this GOP walk back count for something for us, as the public begins to digest the GOP’s assault upon women.

  34. I watched Boehner flat out lie through a recent George Stephanopoulos: “I don’t want a shut down; I don’t want a shut down,” to which George replied, “I believe you,” rather than asking why his behavior then is so extreme and nonconciliatory if he’s so eager to avoid a shut down.

    I’m really on the edge in terms of no accountability for the GOP for their excesses, none.

    It’s just not right.

  35. japa, you said that Dems needed to come out more forcefully and you were absolutely right.

  36. Murkoswki, Snowe, Collins and Brown of Ma have said they’re not comfortable with this – why don’t they speak out forcefully against it? I’m sure Brown will run on the fact that “I said I didn’t like it” but he could have shown leadership and spoke out very publicly, but he doesn’t want to cross his party – I wish a strong Dem candidate in Massachusetts had already declared so they could really attack Brown on this.

  37. Boehner knows they can’t do that, which is why he was playing chicken until the last minute. He knows that even if he forces a shutdown, that this offer will still be there because otherwise he’d easily be able to throw it back that “I’m willing to accept the last offer, but now Dems are playing games”.

    Truth be told, the Dems should have made this an issue a long time ago. Instead they’ve given Boehner 75% of what he wanted. They could have stopped at 62% and waited until this last hour to make this case and we’d be at exactly the same stand-off over riders without the extra $13B cut.

  38. A couple of these Republicans keep running this nonsense: talk about not agreeing with this or that piece of extremism, then voting with it and otherwise enabling it anyway.

  39. That was fantastic. I’m so happy to see them speaking out so forcefully. It’s high time the radical republican agenda is highlighted as the reason that we are even talking about a shut down.

  40. Banner at CNN: Dem source: Negotiators focus on proposal to keep government open for three days as leaders seek broader budget deal.

    6:48 p.m. ET – From CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent: A Senate Democratic source said they actually have several different versions drafted of a short term measure to keep the government running: a 3 day “clean,” a 1 week that funds the troops and more.

    But I’m told no decision has been made and they’re “keeping their options open” on what to do, and when to do it. It all depends on how the talks for the long term bill go over the next several hours.

    6:45 p.m. ET – From CNN Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry:

    A senior Democratic source told CNN negotiators are now focusing on a proposal to keep the government open for three days while leaders try to finish a broader budget deal this weekend as a last-ditch effort to stave off a crisis.

    The proposal would not include any controversial legislative riders on controversial topics like abortion, but the Democratic source cautioned it is not clear the plan can pass the House and Senate by the midnight deadline to keep the government running.

    It is, however, important to note that the White House on Thursday said President Obama could sign another short-term continuing resolution if broader negotiations were making progress.

  41. Why Doesn’t Reid just take the budget numbers he says has been all but agreed to and put it to a vote in the Senate without any of the policy riders? Then it would put the House on the spot to pass it without any of their policy riders or show everybody that it’s all about the policy riders.

  42. Majority Leader Reid is now expected to speak at 8p EDT from the Senate floor, fyi.

  43. I don’t like it – it just gives Boehner time to try and change the narrative, or get more concessions from the hapless Dems negotiating this. It’s time for Boehner to make his decision and live with it.

  44. Okay, I generally don’t get as heated at the PL as some here, but I was listening to the Thom Hartmann show on the drive home (even though he tends to criticize things Obama does or doesn’t do he doesn’t make personal perjorative attacks on him) and David Sirota was subbing for him. He made it very clear that he feels Obama has taken members of his base for granted and doesn’t feel obligated to keep his promises to them as he knows that they will vote for him anyway. He basically came out and said Obama made promises during the campaign that he never intended to keep. I wrote him the following email:

    “David, I usually only get to hear you when you are subbing for other hosts on WCPT in Chicago. Today it was Thom Hartmann that you were subbing for. Unfortunately, that show is delayed her in Chicago, so I couldn’t respond to something you said.

    It was near the end of the show, and I had to step out of my car briefly so I missed part of the conversation you were having so if I misinterpreted something you said, I apologize in advance. However, from what I heard and what you finished the show with, it sounded like you were saying that Obama has taken his voters for granted and that he has lied to voters and made promises that he knew he wouldn’t keep. And note I use the word “wouldn’t” instead of “couldn’t” as from your words and tone of voice you made it clear that you thought Obama was making promises just to get votes without any intention of keeping them.

    I would like to know examples of promises, not wishes or desires, that Obama made to keep in the first two years in office that he has not kept because he chose not to keep them, not that he was unable to keep due to the political climate in the US or our current economic and foreign issues that have been priorities for him.

    The only one that I can think of that comes close to falling into this category involves extending the Bush tax cuts. Of course, the fact that he pushed Congress to pass just the non-wealthy tax cuts before the 2010 election and the Dems in Congress chickened out is irrelevant. The fact that you may have been willing to put the unemployed and other people at risk to uphold that one promise, does not mean he should have been willing to. I did not like the fact they were extended, but based upon what we see now, there was no reason to expect the Republican Congress to do anything for those people once the new Congress was in session.

    So, if you want, I will give you the tax cuts. But give me examples of anything else he promised to do within the first two years that he could have done but didn’t. It is this kind of rhetoric by people who call themselves liberals or progressives that help create the situation last November that has caused the current crisis.

    I am sorry you did not get your unicorns, but I prefer to live in the real world.”

    I will let you know what, if any response, I get. I am not holding my breath.

  45. I am not sure he can until the House actually produces the legislation first. Then he can strip the riders and have it voted on.

  46. I should have sent him the link to the WATBs poting from yesterday and if he responds I will do so.

  47. Heads up to the people who wanted to collaborate on an online weekly newpaper/magazine tailored for people with low to moderate news consumption who are looking for positive weekly roundups—I picked one of the empty comments threads which used to be underneath mismash pictures and set up some discussion points. Anyone who is curious and would like to offer opinions of any kind, or even better, join our tiny working group, is more than welcome to offer critiques/insights/ideas at your leisure: https://blackwaterdog.wordpress.com/2011/02/25/friday-morning-mishmash-3/mo4/#comment-49956

  48. It’s a thing of beauty when Democrats are on the same page and on message. What I loved about the presser was that I lost count of the number of times they used EXTREME and/or RADICAL to describe the Tea Party Republicans.

  49. I agree. These 2-day, or 3-day measures are downright irresponsible as PBO stated, and no way to run a country. Let Boner make a decision once and for all and do the people’s work of governing the country as he was elected to do.

  50. If I was the DEMS I would start cutting away from the 38 billion. The longer they keep refusing, the lower the cuts will go. I really wish the DEMS would do this.

  51. I know people in the military who are pissed off because their mid-month pay has been reduced by half, and are facing a possibility of not being paid on the 30th, because of the shutdown.

    And the gestures by politicians on BOTH sides to donate their pay to military families is just that… empty gestures!

  52. The President stated very clearly, more than once this week, that he would only sign a clean CR if an agreement had been reached and the time provided by the CR was merely to enable the process to complete. That is legitimate because of current House procedural rules.

  53. Can they cut a deal on the budget and then not raise the debt ceiling? I guess they could say “Now we have to cut elsewhere” but I don’t see that getting far.

    Also there really is no way the House would dare not raise the debt ceiling – all of the CoC money they get, even the Brothers Koch wouldn’t support that idea as it would be global economic chaos and they’d lose a whole lot of money.

  54. Right ! Because if the reach a deal they need emergency funds to keep it running until they pass a budget.

  55. Who gives a rip about optics? Did you hear what Senator Boxer said? No woman should be asked if she wants to choose between Yosemite Park and health care. The optics were aural. The words extreme, women’s health care, preventative medicine, changing the subject, jobs. These women not only ripped the House, they gave the MSM a new orifice to contemplate. GREAT STUFF!

  56. Precisely. And, they have procedural stuff, document preparation and review to be sure all the (vast number) of details in such a piece of legislation are correct.

  57. I am so moved and impressed by that video of the female senators putting up a fight. In a word…BRILLIANT!

    It is so encouraging to see DEMOCRATS fighting . These women are fierce. They make me proud.

    Fight on ladies we have your backs. They so thoroughly express all that is in my heart I could cry with relief.

    RETHUGS…don’t mess with women, we can be fierce. Like I mentioned these ladies expressed all the anger I and many others have been feeling re these heartless, cold,obnoxious, uninformed THUGS.

  58. The republicans have to raise the debt ceiling. If they don’t the economy will crater so fast it would make the Great Depresion look like a picnic. And the Koch brothers and their other benefactors don’t want that.

  59. Fill me in gn. I have been really busy at work this week and not on the blog as much as I would like. Details on this new space??

  60. I know PBO has been criticized for not doing enough for “his” people, meaning the Blacks. He has been criticized as being racist against Whites. (How that makes sense since he is half White didn’t ever make sense to me!)
    I am White/Native American myself. I know the Natives really love him.
    I think PBO tries to concentrate on what raises all ethnicities up. I think he really doesn’t like dividing us but he likes to act as if we are all one. He tries to help those needing help. Kinda like what MLK talked about in his I Have A Dream speech where he was dreaming of when it wasn’t the color of their skin but the content of their character that mattered. I think PBO acts in that very way. He helps this dream come true. He helps ALL people.

  61. Well Sirota got back to me. I will remove the links he posted in his email. His reply is so pathetic it actually made me laugh. Her is his response:

    “Here are many

    – There’s also the promise to seek authorization from Congress for starting a war like the one in Libya:

    – There’s also the promise on NAFTA:

    – There’s also the promise to close Gitmo.

    – There’s also the promise to oppose the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

    – There’s also the promise to advocate for a public option in health care.

    These are just off the top of my head, and with 5 minutes of Google. Unfortunately, you are too brain dead to bother with 5 minutes on Google. And to people like that I say this: You and your willful stupidity are exactly why the country is where it is: Because you are so aggressively, willfully stupid, that you don’t even bother with researching the world we live in.

    When they used to refer to the “Bewildered Herd” – they were referring to stupendous fools like you.

    Thanks – and please don’t email me again. I don’t have time for people with less than 10 brain cells.

    D ‘

    Here is my reply and I included th link to yesterday’s post and th Morford artice:

    “Well, thanks for the courtesy of a reply.

    Let’s look at those.

    First, we are not at war in Libya. And he never promised not to start a war in Libya.

    Secondly, there have been several talks with both Mexico and Canada about looking at specific terms. But again, I don’t remember him ever saying it would be done within the first two ears of his term.

    Third, he has made every effort to close Gitmo, but due to the stubbornness, and probably chickenheartedness of both Dems and Republicans in Congress, has not been able to. Now I suppose, if you want him to bypass Congress and be like Bush and do everything by fiat, then he could have done so, But then, that is exactly why a lot of people complained about Bush.

    You should study the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. The agreement he had worked out is vastly different from the one he opposed.

    He did advocate for the public option until such time as it became obvious he wouldn’t be able to get it and to continue to advocate for it would actually jeopardize any bill at all.

    I will not stoop to your level of name calling. I do not consider you “aggressively, willfully stupid.” Quite the opposite, in fact. I just think you don’t really grasp the real world in its entirety.

    I will refer you to 2 particular readings.”


  62. And he has blocked my email address so that he doesn’t have to read my reply. Well, little minds are obviously unable to deal with conflicting views. I was really hoping to have a dialogue with him, but he apparently didn’t want to have one.

  63. Just create another yahoo/gmail/hotmail account. He’s quite the coward though to block an email address after sending the vile one he did.

    The guy was exposed as a nutter during the Bennet/whats-his-face primary in Colorado.

    He’s literally a PL – makes his money selling the outrage of the moment. He’s a huckster just like the rest of them. Anybody who uses the fact that Gitmo wasn’t closed as an attack point isn’t being serious and doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

  64. Boehner was losing that frame, but now will have to cause a shutdown anyways to prove that it wasn’t about the rider like he said all along.

    “See we dropped that rider and we still didn’t make a deal – it was about the cuts all along, and I want more dammit!”

  65. You know I am not really sure Dems have a lot of room to play and wait till the last minute. The Republicans seem to get away with it but Dems never do. Why? Maybe because the corporations fund the Republicans and own the media they can paint the picture the way they want it. Not fair? Right it isn’t perception is everything. The media feeds that perception. Election financing and media control seem to be where the problems are.

  66. Like I said, it was so pathetic it made me laugh. I am tempted to write to Hartmann saying I don’t think he should have Sirota host his show any more if that is the way he treats people who don’t agree with him.

  67. He is a writer, columnist, radio host in Colorado. Like SR says, he kind of made a fool of himself during the Colorado senate primary. He is one of those people that is fairly intelligent, makes some excellent points, but considers himslef so intelligent that anybody who disagrees with him must be “aggressively, willfully stupid.” He can’t imagine that he might be wrong about anything.

  68. Thank you for emailing your comment to Thom’s substitute, David Sirota. I turned his show on this morning and within a couple of minutes heard some Obama bashing and turned it off. It so annoys me!
    I have time and time again read where you just shouldn’t watch or listen to it. But I also know if that is what we do like me in just turning it off those listening will be influenced by that commentator. I applaud you.
    Yesterday I watched Lawrence O’Donnell and saw his clips on Trump’s NBC interview with Meredith V. Boy, that made me so mad I immediately emailed NBC about how pathetic it was to give Trump a platform to spew his Birther already debunked Birther lies. I said it was just putting our President in harms way. I said I know The Celebrity Apprentice viewership was increasing since Trump was out campaigning but I for one had just deleted my Season Pass for Celebrity Apprentice on my Tivo. I would also boycott the advertisers and tell my lunch group and other groups I meet with to do likewise. I was disappointed in NBC and would no longer watch their morning show either.
    I noticed on their website today NBC had someone debunk what Trump said on air. It also mentioned many complaining. I think our boycott of Glenn Beck’s advertisers may have had a role in his cancellation.

  69. I am not sure if the new Republican’s in the House are savy enought to see that we have to raise the debt ceiling. The Birthers are Just Do It people with no real foresight on what happens other than their own limited view of it.

  70. I’d be happy to send him the pdf and the link to the pdf of promises kept if you like. What’s his email address?

  71. Wow!! Just Wow!! I will never listen to David Sirota or read his books EVER! I wish there was someway we could send him a group petition or something to let him know it is more than you that feels that way. Thom makes me mad and I turn him off from time to time, but David’s reply to you was as bad as the one from Ed Schultz to one of our OFA members this last year.
    I loved your answer in addressing each of the promises instead of just ignoring that part. You had a good response.

  72. why japa, that’s a perfect pl reply. Had to google poutrage of the day (there are so many everyday, you can’t really expect the poor guy to remember them all, do you ?), call people names when they question you and your memes, ‘don’t talk to me in future’.

    Why the pl is behaving exactly as pls does, like two year olds.

  73. you should send that to Thom Hartman and let him know the ppl he have substituting. disrespected you with the name calling don’t let him get away that. When he resulted to name calling you won the fact based argument.

  74. Maybe a copy of David’s email back and your blocked reply to Thom Hartmann could be useful. However, Thom would probably just laugh with him like now you know what I have to go through kind of response.

  75. yeah, they would rather call the names, stop all further communication and think they won rather than actually have a sensible discussion. You know, a civil person may have read my initial email, said to himself, well, this guy could use some enlightenment. Let me try to convince him, open a dialogue and I might be able to convince him of the errors of thinking. Instead he goes the beneath the sewer route, thus losing all credibility.

  76. Am hearing on Rachel Maddow that a deal is struck but the GOP’s need to caucus at 9:45pm to accept it. Which means those crazies could still reject it.
    Also I heard it would require a short new extension inorder to get it all done. We’ll see. Heard they took out the Planned Parenthood rider. Hope this works out but it bodes badly for future budgets and for raising the debt index or whatever that is called. You can tell I am a senior having a senior moment!

  77. They won’t vote against it. They’re getting $75B in cuts for crying out loud, they’ll carry Boehner out on their shoulders.

    He’ll get every vote, to really sell it as a huge win, which it is given how much the Dems negotiated away.

  78. Cutting the deal was bad politically for us, as it will show that a)they got their cuts and b) they can work with Dems. Remember the GOP voted against everything the first two years to show that the Dems were being extreme.

    This will make it more likely that President Obama will be re-elected, but it will also make it much more likely the GOP will keep the House.

  79. SR, how much of those 75 bil is really going to affect people and in what way ? Isn’t 2011 budget close to 4 trillion ? So these cuts represent about 2% ?

  80. From what I’ve been hearing, the Planned Parenthood rider was taken out, which is going to anger a lot of the far right that wanted that rider in and shut the government down.

    Also, the Dems could run on the platform of “The Republicans brought the nation to a government shutdown, do you want them in power, or do you want to support us, whom negotiated in good faith?”

    A majority of Americans have said in polls they favored a compromise as opposed to a shutdown.

    Just my two cents.

  81. RE: GOP keeping the House, I think that’s a little too far. We don’t know that.

    But the GOP was in a very different position for the last 2 years than the Dems are now. The Dems still have “control” as far as the public is concerned. If they adopted the “no” strategy, they’d get more blame than the GOP did when they did it. So I think the Dems have no choice but to get stuff done because the perception is that they have “control” of things in DC.

  82. No its not it shows that we did what the majority of American wanted compromise. This will not be a win. the country do not like to be pushed to the limit. The dems won with the messaging in pointing out this is not fiscal this is social. They have to answer to the social conservatives. Its not about a win the country is in a recovery and the president and dems showed they care about the Econommy by compromising. It also shows that the president will protect the American ppl not just a certain constituents.

  83. Stop freaking out, SR. The repugs didn’t get to gut HCR, EPA and PP, the teabaggers pet issues. Start spinning it our way.

  84. Exactly right SR, he’s been fouling up the airwaves here for quite some time, he was nasty during the primary, my sister in law used to listen to him she has turned him off for good. I find him divisive and out of control.

  85. How does it bode badly for future budgets? If the cuts were made and the government doesn’t shut down, then it’s all good. The political theater was no doubt good for ratings.

    My big concern was that if the Dems gave in on this policy debate that it would be a non-stop flood of radical ideology tacked onto budgets. Maybe this will stem that tide.

  86. The dems have to continue to best the drum telling people how the repubs were completely willing to shut down the government even after the dems agreeing to most of their demands and how a one third branch of government was willing to let the soldiers go without pay putting country’s security at risk, how they are killing jobs with their intransigence etc.

  87. SR – I believe President Obama confirmed that the cuts that have been agreed to – thus far – were mostly the ones that Democrats submitted.

  88. Exactly. This is a win for the Democrats and for the nation. The vast majority don’t want a government shut down and they don’t want Planned Parenthood defunded, especially if defunding it means shutting down the government. The President and the Democrats come out as the reasonable adults who went out of their way to compromise with an unreasonable group of republicans. It’s obvious that the Republicans were willing to shut everything down and only the persistence of the President and the Democrats saved the day because they are the ones who care about the consequences.

  89. SR , did you watch the press conference of the dem women senators ? From what Senator Mikulski (sp) said, I got the impression that democrats were the ones who had control over WHERE the cuts will be made. And that the cuts were made in a way that was not so damaging.

    The House is controlled by republicans and the media is helping them 24/7. Moreover the fragile economy ties the hand of the democrats. They don’t have TIME to let the republicans sweat. In THOSE circumstances, I think PBO, AS USUAL, made the best “cost-benefits” analysis, and won on his PRIORITIES. And this is a good thing for America.

    On POLITICS, there may be a price to pay, as you say. The republicans will certainly spin it as a victory. While the democrats will fight among themselves as usual. If people HERE are not happy, I just can’t imagine how the PL will feel. Bashing PBO 24/7 all over again. Fabulous.

    Conclusion: the wins of PBO and democrats are as important or more important than those of the republicans. They’re more under the radar unfortunately. The “sound-bite” is on the republican side.

    My hope is that the Planned Parenthood debate has hurt them a bit.

  90. Exactly. Plus, from what I understand the cuts are 39 bil, I don’t know where these 60-80 mil figures are coming from that people keep throwing around. Regardless, I honestly don’t care if we don’t get material to use against the Repubs if a shutdown is avoided. The repubs wanted 100 mil at the beginning of the year, they’re going to get 39mil and won’t succeed in stripping HCR, Planned Parenthood, or accomplishing any other items on their social agenda. That’s what we should be echoing, period.

  91. Take a deep breath, SR. Nineteen months is an ETERNITY in politics. Republicans have plenty of time to display their extremism. They won’t resist….

  92. Yeah I agree. I think SR is going overboard with the reaction to the deal. The republicans will continue to make mistakes making it more likely that they lose the house.

  93. What I love about all this is that it was the Women of the Senate who have the cajones. they came out spitting fire in one of those righteous moments that we love from time to time. Maria Cantwell rocked. Me ♥ me the distaff side of Senate.

  94. You know what, this might have actually played into the Republicans hand in some weird way. They really, really want to distance themselves from the Tea Party and find a way to make them incredibly unlikeable to the rest of the country. Maybe they knew the Dems would come out and paint all this with a radical, extremist tea party brush to diminish that faction’s power with the electorate. If this undermines the Tea Party, the Republicans can rejoice because they can worry less about being *effectively* primaried in 2012.

  95. This idiot Dave Wiegel of Slate magazine is a fool. He is on MSNBC going on about how the Dems have buckled to the Republicans on the budget and the tax cut deal. But he leaves out the fact that the preident got more out of that deal than the Republicans. Payroll tax holiday, unemployment benefits, the earned income tax credit, and the middle class tax cuts and depreciation of plant and equipment for business.

    The PL does not understand that the Democrats can’t afford to just sit and say my way or the highway because we are not in a period of peace and prosperity like we were in the 90’s. We have a fragile recovery, conflicts in Iraq (winding down), Afghanistan, and Libya, a bad housing market, uprisings in the middle east and an earthquake in Japan. The economy can’t take much more uncertainty.

  96. We gotta get those tea partiers out. we gotta get out and vote.

    Makesense4tulips you and I, most likely everyone who posts here and 99% of the people who post on that other site got out and voted yet all of us are at the mercy of Fox News voters and disinterested voters who found something more important to do that day.

    Our difficult but necessary work is to figure out what is going to take to keep these people engaged, to make them care about the shape this country is going to be left in.

    What do they read? What do they watch? Why are so many of them sleepwalking when it’s time to vote and then blindsided when the Republicans unleash hell on their states.

    I honestly want to know how to reach and motivate these people because we need them to overwhelm Republicans in the voting booth in 2012.

    I don’t want to hear a Breaking News report about 14,000 votes discovered for President-elect Huckabee.

    Waking up the still semi-sleeping giant of the American electorate is the great task of the moment.

  97. I think the demonstration of republican intransigence would have been clearer if there would have been a shut-down of one or two days. The republicans knew it and that’s why they made the deal, no doubt about it. And democrats, as usual, put the country before the party.

    The main political problem of democrats won’t come from the republicans’ spinning. It will be the infighting and the yelling at PBO and congressional leadership. Not new. And instead of celebrating the fact that PBO obtained a great deal of what he wanted, the PL will spend the next days enumerating the specific cuts, commiserating on the negative, and doing its best to demoralize the troops.

    On a side note… The whole situation reminds me of that great article of a few days ago, stating that the main problem of PBO is that he AVOIDS problems and there’s no political gain in avoiding problems, as opposed to finding solutions AFTER a problem has occured.

    I’ll search for it and I’ll come back with the link if I find it. Worth reading a second time.

  98. The problem with the PL and too many of the pundits is that they think this is a game. President Obama has to make choices, play politics or risk the economic recovery going down the drain and America’s standing taking a hit. We are not living in perfect times where Obama could just say no and play politics. Millions of Americans would lose.

  99. I just listened to Dave Weigel on MSNBC and he is making it seem like the GOP won this because they got the Democrats to cut more than they said they would. I think the American people won because there was a compromise that prevented a government shutdown.

    I still I think the President and the Democrats were given a gift with the Planned Parenthood rider even though it was put there as a bargaining chip by the Republicans. It got Democrats on the same page and on message about what they believe in.

    The presser today by the Democratic women senators touched me so deeply. Their advocacy for women was remarkable. I hope we see more pressers like this. The very fact that the Republican women had to make skid marks to the microphones/cameras was very telling.

  100. Excellent, calm, rational response – and I really don’t think I could have been as mature as you were if I were in your shoes. David Sirota is a despicable, internally ugly little man to write such a nasty response to a viewer, and I think you should forward the entire chain to Lawrence O’Donnell so he can be aware of what kind of individual is standing in for him. What a very nasty encounter. Bravo for your response!

  101. What an asshole. Look how they behave when they get push back. Cenk, Keith, Joan, David, Glen – they can’t take it. They just lash out, call people names and then stomp off.

  102. Love the letter from the mother in Longmont, CO. I really hope the Dems have found their voice and keep up the pressure!

  103. The UNprofessional left is unwilling to accept that Mr. Obama campaigned on bipartisanship and is actually practicing what he preaches.

    They want partisan political theater and theatrics, even if it ends up harming others. That’s not something that Mr. Obama is going to have, not on his watch.

    A lot of cuts were made which neither side is happy with, but the government remains open, and our military will get their paychecks. That is more important than the politics, which we can and will take care of next year during the campaign.

    Once again, Mr. Obama and also Mr. Reid are the only adults in the room.

  104. LOL @ Tea Party Nation getting butthurt over Mr. Boner “selling them out.”


  105. How is it politically bad for us? A lot of people will be angry and hurt over the shutting down of the government. The public may get upset with the Republicans at first but it won’t be long before they just lash out at both parties. The T party and boehner didn’t win anything. They are idiots. They came in wanting much much more and got very little. You think they only wanted 100 billion dollars cut? Look at the riders – that’s what they wanted and they didn’t get it.

    Of course, in the liberal blogs they will say Dems didn’t win but the rest of the real Dem base wants a compromise.

  106. You betcha they will … instead of realizing he actually did something worthwhile for the Nation. That’s how lunatic-fringe the Republican ‘base’ has become.

  107. Boehner promised $100B in cuts, he delivered $78.5B. I don’t see how this is anything but a HUGE political win for Boehner and the GOP.

    I’ll log off for tonight because nobody seems to want to hear what I have to say. It’s probably for the best anyways, because I’d probably feel much more at home on DK tonight anyways given how I feel about this boondoggle.

    McConnell couldn’t help himself from grinning for crying out loud when addressing the Senate after Reid spoke so glowingly about how he respects McConnell and Boehner and how hard the process was. Makes me want to puke.

    Goodnight folks.

  108. SR, I saw something completely different from what you saw. McConnell was NOT grinning on the senate floor. He sounded quite bitter, just as Boehner did. And why would you suddenly feel “at home” on a site like DK simply because you don’t agree with a few folks here?

  109. LadyHawke I would advise you to ignore the MSM spin (left or right) on this issue because they have been given their scripts to ALWAYS present this as a win for the GOP regardless of what actually happens.

    I saw something similar with the tax-cut deal…

  110. My two cents:

    The Republicans were willing to shut the government down over Planned Parenthood, that is how the Democrats have been hammering the message.

    You’re seriously overreacting. This is a middle ground proposal which neither side likes, just like the tax cuts deal from last winter.

    The fact that many right wing Republicans, even anti abortion Republicans like Ms. Bachmann conceded the PP rider needed to be taken out shows that they lost plenty of ground on the issue… and no doubt you saw the tweet from the Tea Party about Mr. Boehner selling them out.

    But forget about who benefits politically, the big thing is that the government will continue to run and the military gets paid. You also hopefully saw our President give his five minute response about the Longmont, CO teacher who are going to be visiting the National monument tomorrow, and they’ll enjoy it because the government will continue to be open for business.

    And as I pointed out above, most Americans wanted a compromise of some kind, they don’t care WHOM benefits politically, even if it’s the GOP.

    Enjoy your rest, calm your nerves a bit, and have a good night.

  111. SR – This is just a harrowing way to watch government in action, but all’s well that ends well. The cuts, I believe, are $39B and I think I heard last week that $30B of it were submitted by the Democrats (from the administration; their going-in submission). The Dems won the messaging war on Planned Parenthood and the EPA. President Obama looked jubilant tonight, as he confirmed there will be no government shutdown. Enjoy your evening and hope to see you back here tomorrow.

  112. I know, right?

    They’re probably labeling Mr. Obama “a sellout” and are calling for Markos Moulistas himself to primary him.

    Mr. Obama himself said that these cuts were hard to make, but they had to be made. And I believe and hope that the American people have his back and agree with him, seeing as he negotiated above the fray and behind the scenes.

    An adult in the room indeed!

  113. The discretionary budget is about 1.3 trillion dollars, 38% of the whole. Of that budget, $800 billion is defense spending. That leaves about $500 billion that was subject of these tea party cuts. The cuts amount to 15% of this years budget, the one that ends in six months. This is 2% of the entire years budget. Given our large deficit it was inevitable that budgets would get smaller. Most of us thought doing it now was too early. The stock market seems to suggest the market doesn’t need it. Jobs are being created.

    More importantly, the TPartiers were absolutely JONESING for a shutdown and they aren’t gonna get one. We won this one.

  114. I’m with you hopefruit. It was never about the amount of the spending cuts. Liberals thrust and parry, we know that the country led by the media buys into this fiscal “conservatism” bs from time to time, servicing the elite preoccupation with spending and taxes, whatever. The issue is right now standing up for our programs, like not hating women. And I believe that Dems have held fast to that, despite the challenging climate.

    I’ve, in terms of the small meta of this space, personally also stood up for SR and his right to have a certain point of view which wasn’t always popular around these parts, and folks like overseasgranny and parkranger have left because they were not happy that people like me stood up for SR. Regardless, I value what everyone brings to the table and highly value the idea that people should get in where they fit in. If dkos is a better fit for SR, I hope that he’s happier there.

  115. SR the problem is that you have a party unwilling to move at all. The Dems wanted less cuts and the republicans said nothing will get done and there would be a government shutdown.

    It seems like some people don’t understand the positions that we are in and the same goes for many of the pundits.

  116. I can’t be cynical about any of this. The government didn’t shut down. The American People won tonight. Don’t give a rip how either party spins it or who pouts about the cuts. Cuts needed to be made. We can’t keep spending money like it’s growing on trees. The Tealiban might go on a rage bender and the PL will join them…so what? If this makes it easier for Boehner to do the right thing with the debt ceiling, then it’s all good.

    Their whole grand plan of shutting down the government was a big fat fail. Next.

  117. I feel you, SR. This is another hollow victory for me. I think this was all a game. I’m pretty sure of that much.

  118. SR,

    Did you see the poll where the Democrats and Indpendents agreeing that it should be a compromise? What was the Dems to do?

  119. I notice that on all the networks, they are purposely bringing on pundits/reporters whom they very well know will spin this as a so-called win for the GOP and a loss for the Democrats. But I’m not buying the MSM spin. I saw the body language of both Boehner and McConnell, compared to that of President Obama and Harry Reid. Those two GOP men were not happy. Their remarks were terse, and their bitterness about the whole thing was palpable. In contrast, Reid and Obama’s remarks were inspiring, uplifting and seemed to reflect the collective sigh of relief not only from Democrats, but from the thousands of federal workers, including those in the military who will not suffer through a shut-down.

  120. To add on to your post, the only POV’s I refuse to tolerate are radical views from either side, left, right, liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, what have you.

    And I’ve had a few loose cannon moments here myself, mainly over how the military was not going to be paid in the event of a shutdown.

    I’ve disagreed with SR, but I support his right to his opinion. It’s better than being a fauxgressive and calling anyone whom questions your viewpoints DLC corporatist Obamabot apologists/shills, which I’ve gotten called at the Bluffington Post whenever I called out the fauxgressives over there for their BS about Mr. Obama and those of us who support him.

  121. Nor was it a game to the military workers (and other gov’t employees) who were faced with possible loss of valuable income from the shutdown.

  122. I was just worried that something would come up during the short time before the actual vote next week that might keep the deal from going through. I wrote the post prior to hearing from the three people involved.

  123. 78.5B? I think it was 38.5B instead. One of President Obama’s best qualities is his ability to bring people of differenting opinions together; he did that tonight. This is about the American people in my opinion, the politics will take care of its self. The American people know who is on their side and it ain’t the RepubliCANTS.

  124. Howard Fineman and Lawrence O’Donnell think a lot of people will vote against this bill next week.

  125. The beltway media has no clue what’s happening outside of Washington. This was like a party for them – they were almost salivating over the thought of being able to report on the first wartime government shutdown. And if the shutdown had happened, after the first day, they would have made it all President Obama’s fault, and people would have forgotten about the Republican role in the whole thing. Their mantra has been “who’s to blame”, “who will win politically”, “each side has their rhetoric”. The real people didn’t even factor into the equation, except that they would be useful tools to bash Obama as the shutdown wore on. They don’t have any idea how people are suffering.

  126. That’s what I want more information on, exactly where the cuts were made. I’d also heard that the majority of the cuts were ones the administration proposed anyways, but again, want more information either way.

  127. Thank you President Obama and Senator Reid. My sister, a single mom works for the government. She was worried sick about the government shutting down.

    And to the women in the Senate, thank you for stepping up to the plate and forcing Boehner and the teapartiers to blink.

    It could have been worse. I am looking at this as a win for the American people, the fragile economic recovery, and those military families that were worried sick about their own livelihoods.

    Republicans and media folks can walk around crowing all they want, but you had a good number of them hungry for the government to be shut down. They did not get their wish.

  128. But the tea party IS the Republican party – I’m not sure how they separate themselves. Especially with Bachman, Pence, Palin and the rest of the birther crowd gearing up for the campaign.

  129. The thing is that guys like Ezra Klein are making it like Obama is moving to the right like Clinton when the fact is that he isn’t. He has no choice but to make some cuts or the government shuts down and the economy sinks. That’s the reality !

    Also the fact that many are saying we have no stimulus is a farce. The tax deal they signed was stimulus because it containes a lot of money for poor and middle class families and small business. And the Fed reserve has continued it’s bond buying stimuls program ( QE2) which has had a big effect on the economy.

  130. I have a tendency to back SR and I will here to. Note that he never called Obama or the Dems names, he just felt that this became a win for the GOP. And I can understand where he can see that. After all, the final move in terms of giving in was theirs.

    But that is just it, they gave in, they caved. ANd the best is probably angrier at them than the Dem base is at the administration.

    Yes, I feel that there should have been fewer cuts, but very few of the cuts were really painful cuts.

    Who wins or loses right now depends, in the long term, on how the messaging is done. The Republicans were obviously rooting for th government to shut down, the Dems held to their guns on PP, EPA etc and th republicans gave in.

  131. You know Africa you are right. Chris Hays,Lawrence Odonnell, Howard fineman is trying to say the republicans won. they have their health care, their pay check, not one mention im glad that poor women and government employees will live for another day. The left is just as bad (Some).

  132. Dropped by DK after reading your post. They seem supportive of the White House if not enthusiastic. Low snark level.

  133. And of course, the UNprofessional left are most likely in the process of painting Mr. Obama and the Democrats as “caving” and are calling them “sellouts.”

    Whenever both sides come to common ground and get something meaningful accomplished, why do the UNprofessional left always say that Mr. Obama and the Democrats “caved”? Do the UNprofessional left really think that endless political theater and diatribe is a practical method of getting an agenda accomplished?

    It’s because of Congress focusing on endless political theater and not getting things done that they have abysmal approval ratings on both sides of the aisle. The Republicans care more about defunding Planned Parenthood and NPR, the Democrats consistently use friendly fire on each other and against the President… and yet the President has HIGHER approvals than anyone in Congress, despite getting most of the blame for their failures.

    The UNprofessional left need to realize and accept the fact that Mr. Obama not only ran on bipartisanship as a candidate, but is serious about it as President. If he demonized the Republican leadership over this budget, we’d more likely than not would be in the process of another government shutdown where the military would not be paid and thousands of federal workers would have gotten screwed.

    Mr. Obama isn’t going to allow that to happen on his watch, no way no how. That is why he canceled his weekend retreat in Colonial Virginia to monitor this fight and why he worked endlessly with Mr. Boehner and Mr. Reid to ensure an agreement took place and unfolded.

    It’s disgusting how the UNprofessional left were cheering for a shutdown of the government, cheering for the military not to be paid, and for federal workers to get the shaft, just for pointless political theater that doesn’t get a thing done. Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, and yes even Mr. Boehner prevented all that from happening, and yet the UNprofessional left will cry and pout about how Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid “caved” and “are spineless,” which just shows how detached from reality the UNprofessional left are.

  134. Okay, from what I understand, the Dems started with wanting 40 bil in cuts, the Repubs wanted 100 mil, and they truly did end up about halfway at 78.5 mil in total cuts. And the EPA is untouched, as is Planned Parenthood. A lot different than “The dems just gave up 78.5 omg!!!!”. Will we go through this again for the 2012 budget? Yes, because elections have consequences, and the Dems care more, period.

  135. SR, I didn’t see what you’re describing above as I didn’t watch television at all tonight. But from what you’ve described… I think I’d like to thank Mr. Reid. Hear me out now – Is there anything that could piss-off the Tea Partiers more than a glowing show of respect from Reid to McConnell and Boehner?! Shoot, score, Harry!

  136. Here’s my bottom line: The President was able to take a victory lap tonight, on the teevee in front of the American people.

    He looked good!

    I say we celebrate all victories, even partials – like he does – no matter how twisted the road was to get here.

  137. I figure we will be hearing from the PL about what a bad deal it was for Dems and how Prez Obama cannot negotiate. We will not hear that PBO saved us from a government shutdown and would not give up negotiating with unreasonable people till he got it.

    This may be a more difficult election for us than the last one. So many want what they want immediately with no forgiveness or understanding of the situation that dictates results. I know we will have to work hard to keep our excellent President because of this. Some cannot see what is good when they have it. I cannot imagine another President holding up to such a rigorous schedule and dealing with so many problems.

  138. Military families are already going to be hurting because they only get half a paycheck on the 15th. Sure, they’ll get the rest at the end of the month, but that won’t matter to bill collectors, and many are already struggling as it is. So I can’t help it, I was worried sick that the shut-down would happen, and yesterday saw no way for it to be avoided.

  139. Absolutely, hopefruit. Look, I think we’d all love to see no compromise, but at some point whether we like it or not, we have to be realists. If there are some out there who have never worked on a financial/budget committee (non-profit or for profit) it’s not fun and it’s not easy. And yes, the majority of the time compromises have to be made.

  140. Thanks for pointing out the big picture in terms of the small numbers. My understanding is that budgets anyway are presented with a reach-for- the -stars- and- if- you- fall- on the-moon- approach, that’s right about where you’d expect to be inevitably. So when Prez O says he wants a gazillion dollar budget he has already calculated a gabillion dollars in funding from Congress, give or take cuts to some areas.

    These cuts were so miniscule at the end of the day, which if anything exacerbates the hyperbolic tactics of the TP controlled Repub party to shut down the government over them.
    Then again it never really was about the numbers though with the TP’ers.

    Wall Street is far more concerned with making sure that Congress does in fact raise that debt ceiling. And Congress will do just that, no matter how loud these Tea partiers bark, snarl, and threaten to burn down the Republic.

  141. Exactly and less not forget, that President Obama tried to get the budget passed before they took over and the dems in charge averted it to now. He begged them to pass a budget before the mid terms.

  142. Ezra Klein tonight was really disappointing. He acted as though he knew exactly how this will play out 5-10 years from now. Obama and the Dems made the best decision GIVEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES of having a GOP-house majority.

    I think the media (left & right) were secretly hoping for a shutdown which would give them 1-2 weeks of easy material and ratings. Now that is over and once again, Obama is does NOT get the bulk of blame by the public. In fact, tonight, he seemed cool, calm, satisfied, and in full comand of the situation.

    The MSM HATES that outcome – that’s why they are all going after PBO like that tonight.

    That tool Jake Tapper, in an effort to keep the controversy and drama going, tweeted that the budget deal entails securing senate votes to gut HCR and defund planned parenthood. Tapper conveniently neglects to add that this is simply a symbolic gesture agreed upon by both parties to give Boehner political cover from retaliation from his teabag senators and constituents. That he could say to them, “see, we brought it for a vote and the Dems shot it down.” But the folks on DKOS are already using this to prolong their poutrage.

    Meanwhile President Obama is on to the next task of governing the country.

  143. The Unprofessional left consists mostly of wealthy former GOPers. Of course, they would have no problem if the gov’t shuts down. Just more material for their blogsites and cable teevee news shows. More $$$$$.

  144. That’s another thing: had the American people not gotten amnesia and cut off their noses to spite their faces and voted for the Democrats, we’d probably gotten a much reasonable FY11 budget than what is going to be passed now… not to mention no remote threat of a government shutdown.

    But no, the UNprofessional left wanted pure leftwing liberal Democrats or nothing, which got the Republicans the House, a bigger presence in the Senate, and a threat of a government shutdown because the House Republicans were focused on ideological partisan political nonsense as opposed to serious cuts.

    The only other fight that was this difficult was the ACA… and that was because of conservative Democrats taking the public option off the table, as well as the UNprofessional left with their “Kill the Bill!” antics and endless rants about single payer and public option, neither of which had the votes to be passed.

  145. japa, I’m confused… who do you think caved? The Dems or Reps? I’m tired/sleepy and having a hard time following your train of thought.

  146. Exactly. They were pining for a shut down so they could go on 24/7 about how the president could have prevented this if he had gotten engaged earlier in the discussions, how he could have done this and done that.

    They never cease to find fault with anything this president and Democrats do.

    Today, Senator Reid and the women in the Senate with backing from the president, I am sure, drew a line in the sand and forced these teapartiers to remove the rider on Plan Parenthood. The Republicans did not get their chance to mess with the EPA.

    And above all, the government stays open. It stays open and helps my sister breathe easy tonight, and many more like her.

    It eases my worries because I did not know enough about how it would have worked, given that my husband gets his disability check from Medicare.

    Yet, all some people want to look at is the politics of this thing.

    Tomorrow when a poll (which I don’t care much for) comes out saying the President did the right thing, those yappers will move on to something new — like validating the insufferable Donald Chump.

    I can’t wait for the day when President Obama exits the White House.

  147. Ezra Klein was first up to bat – on a “so-called” liberal show (O’Donnell) to say “the Repubs win, Dems lose”.

  148. Right ! And the issue is that the Republicans control the chamber of congress that controls spending.

    The Democrats had to make a choice no cuts or a very small cut and the GOP says hell no and the government shut down and the economy takes a big hit.

    Though I am not happy about the ban on money for DC abortions in this compromise.

  149. “Meanwhile President Obama is on to the next task of governing the country.”

    You nailed it. He’s moved on.

  150. You know what SR. If you knew you’d be more comfortable at Dk, why did you sign on here in the first place?

    That statement of yours about feeling more at home on DK really rubs me the wrong way. So fare thee well. Go join your poutrage brethren!!! Enuf!!

  151. these guys are so easily played. Harry Reid has done that symbolic vote crap before and each time the GOP bills/amendments failed.

  152. If only people had cared more in 2010. Instead of negotiating over women’s essential health services that have been in place for 70 years, we could have been moving the ball forward a little further. What an absolute waste of time.

  153. Thank you. Nuff said. The tealiban and their fauxgressive counterparts wanted a huge battle royale on the backs of the American people. Thanks god for Democratic congressional leaders who can see the forest for the trees.

    Ezra Klein is so wrong tonight. These people should go play some WII game if a bloodsport is what they want.

  154. Here’s what the Tea Party won: they got to decide how to judge who “won”. Everyone keeps focusing on that 100 billion dollars – that is not all of what they want. Pay attention to the bills the GOP House has passed and look at the riders – THAT is what they want along with tearing down Obama’s poll numbers. How is all that working out?

    The media will say they “won” because they got close to a number the tea party themselves set. I will wait until pundits figure it out.

  155. And thinking about it even further, the repubs wanted 100 mil, but only got 39 out of that. So it’s not like they got 78.5 of the 100mil that they actually wanted, which included defunding HCR and the like.

  156. So this is the second mess left over from the last Congress that President Obama has had to clean up, and after he issued a warning to the Dem House about it. And why does no one ever bring up the ominibus bill that McCain helped kill in December.

  157. And what is this idea that president Obama is just about cutting things. In his remarks he clearly stated that we made the cuts while also investing in the things we need. So it’s a neutral response. Cutting and spending. Alsoby him saying that it was the largest spending decrease he can sell it to the independents that he is reasonable. He knows that we need to spend in various areas but I love how the media and PL spin what he says.

  158. That’s what I was saying upthread, you have to look at how much of that number was what they were actually gunning for vs what Dems wanted instead, and what they ultimately ended up with from their original vision. Of course neither the media nor the PL will actually bother to examine it at that level.

  159. Forgive them. They seem to always forget that Obama has to sometimes play to a certain crowd. He gets blasted for messaging but they believe his messaging should only be catered to the left.

  160. RinaX. Exactly. A dispassionate analysis of that compromise would go along way in helping framing the issue instead of acting like a cat on hot tin roof.

    I posted the same question to MB at gos. I am sure HR’s/mocking will follow.

  161. I am glad they averted the government shutdown, yes we need programs but at the same time we need to start cutting our debt.

  162. I’m not sure as to what is in this bill, but I don’t think we are going to like it. And to be honest, I’m really starting to look at Obama differently, right now for some reason after seeing his speech tonight, for the first time I felt that Obama did some of this based on his re-election. I hope I’m wrong. This is the first time I ever felt this way about things that he has done. I’m bothered by it, hopefully I’ll feel differently about it tomorrow.

  163. Well the fact is that none of us were going to like it. I am no fan but I know that it was either some type of cuts or a long government shutdown that would take down the recovery.

    Also the president has to look to 2012 he is a politician that is what they do.

    I wish that we didn’t have to go through with this but the American people let the Republicans take back control.

  164. Here’s the essential contrast.

    Boehner aligned himself with the extremist, fanatical fringe of all Americans – the Tea Party.

    He is on record as stating that nothing separated him from the Tea Party.

    He is on record for weeping (yet again) as his caucus applauded his “we’re gonna shut it down” rhetoric.

    He is on record for supporting an overt attack on women and girls’ health.

    He, and the Republican Party, will never escape these realities. Ever.

    President Obama, once again, steered the ship of state from an assured crushing encounter with the economic and societal icebergs that the Republicans were enthusiastically and intentionally placing in the path of our Nation.

    They FAILED.

    He and the Democratic Leadership of the Senate prevailed.

    And, without any doubt, the female members of the Democratic membership of the US Senate stood on the bow of that ship of State and were unflinching in their determination to guide it safely through the intentional and dastardly efforts of Boehner, and oh so many other Tea Party (aka Republican) members of the House and Senate, to have one of their icebergs crush and sink our fragile economy, our international credibility, and the very essence of our Democracy.

    Tea Party (aka the former Republican Party) – not zero but minus a number they can’t comprehend.

    President Obama and Democratic members of the Senate and House – incalculable benefits to all Americans and many others.

  165. If it’s any consolation, the Repubs are extraordinarily angry at Boehner. The ReTPPubs are calling for him to be primaried. 🙂

  166. Everyone keeps saying that this is a victory for the Republican. LEt me remind everyone that back when the government shut down in 1995 for just 20 days the GDP fell by a full percentage point ! I repeat a Full Percentage Point !

    And that was during a time when the economy was booming with the rise in Tech. The fact is with rising gas prices due to the issues in the middle east, the Japan quake, the European debt crisis, and the slow recovery (because of a tepid housing market) if the government shut down the economy would have taken a really big hit reversing any reduction in unemployment and leading to a potential double dip. Right now this country can’t afford that and if we were living in great times like the 90’s we would see Obama not compromising at all in terms of the budget and tax cut deal. But this is not the reality that we live in.

  167. Exactly. And the confusion between the $33B vs $73B (or $38.5B vs $78.5B, whatever the final number is – a consistent difference of $40B), arises from the different budget baseline from which you subtract the cuts. Here’s a link that I think explains:


    Basically, the amount being “cut” depends on whether you start with the current budget (which is really just 2009 funding levels continued) or the President’s proposed 2010 budget (which apparently contains $40B in additional spending over 2009, but was never actually passed).

    Using the higher number helps Dems in that it looks like we’re making bigger concessions (we look reasonable, they look intransigent) and paints us as serious deficit hawks. In reality, the lower number represents the actual amount of belt-tightening that will have to happen by actual Federal agencies.

  168. It is a TOTAL FAIL for the Republicans.

    The adult in the WH, Majority Leader Reid, and female Democratic Senators saved this Nation from, yet another, fanatical Republican attempt to undermine and destroy America. Period.

  169. President Obama, once again, steered the ship of state from an assured crushing encounter with the economic and societal icebergs that the Republicans were enthusiastically and intentionally placing in the path of our Nation.

    So, to paraphrase Van Jones, Obama, Reid, and Biden saved the Titanic from yet another iceberg! 🙂

  170. It was done “based on his reelection” to a certain point – namely that President Obama recognizes that the surest path to his reelection in 2012 lies in boosting America’s economic performance to the greatest degree possible.

    Presented with a range of bitter pills to swallow, the President and the Democratic leadership chose the one that would be the smallest impediment to continued economic recovery.

    This was a sad situation where there really were no good options available – but we can at least rest easy in the knowledge that PBO was able to secure the least bad one.

  171. I have been out of loop on vacation this evening and found about the deal to avoid a shutdown on the local news I Iowa the local news carried Obama’s speech live and devoted time to local people who were helped by avoiding a shutdown all of the stories gave credit to Obama for avoiding shutdown the gop were barely mentioned I was shocked to come online and see people claiming this as a win for the GOP I swear the media and PL are completely out of touch with how this is playing with voters I expect a poll bump for Obama and that as details of the deal are made known it will have progressive wins included just like the tax deal

  172. The problem with the MSM and PL pundits is that they have a corporatist, pro-GOP agenda and will spin any situation to make the democrats and Pres. Obama look bad. Time to face the fact that we have a corrupt media in our country that slants every news story in a way that favors the GOP. The GOP is the party whose policies favor the corporations and wealthy. As a result our corporate owned MSM has a pro-GOP agenda. I don’t think it is about ratings so much as it is about power. Fox is losing viewership as are most MSM sources, yet the 24/7 Obama bashing continues unabated.

  173. You need to get a grip, dude. Enjoy those pleasant, rational and thoughtful folks at DK.

  174. Avoiding a government shutdown is bad for ratings, that’s why the media personalities are upset.

  175. Problem is that the simple minded media puppets are saying the Dems didn’t want to make any cuts and thus “caved” when they agreed to the $78 billion. Its not true, but it makes a better pro-GOP sound bite, and that is all that matters to them. No matter what happened, shutdown or not, the MSM and PL would paint it as a defeat for Pres. Obama and the democrats. Their mission is to help get republicans elected, don’t ever lose sight of this fact.

  176. He’s one of Huffington’s minions. Take his “analysis” with a huge grain of salt. He has an agenda. Please don’t let the propaganda shape your view of things. Sometimes in life there are no great options. The House is controlled by the GOP. That is a fact of life we have to live with for another couple of years. Personally, I am glad that we avoided a gov’t shutdown. I really don’t think our economic recovery could handle a gov’t shutdown. Pres. Obama took necessary steps to protect the economy and our nation. If that helps his reelection, I have no problem with that. This is real life not a game like the MSM would have you believe. The sign of a good compromise is when both sides are dissatisfied. Both extremes of both parties are pissed. The tea party set feel betrayed by Bohner and of course the PL are angry (when are they not?). Assuming a budget is passed, all this drama will be forgotten in a week.

  177. I think you are 100% correct, Askew. They live in a bubble and think the American people have a political scorecard at home and fill it out every night before they go to sleep. They are totally out of touch with reality. How anyone can truthfully spin Pres. Obama avoiding a gov’t shutdown as a loss for Pres. Obama is clearly living in a alternate universe.

  178. “Though I am not happy about the ban on money for DC abortions in this compromise.”

    I think that was part of the Title X rider.

  179. Well cj, you don’t have to have an opinion yet. Wait until you get all the facts. My guess is there will be some things I’m not trilled with, but on the whole President Obama has pulled some good deals out of really bad situations. Remember the lame duck session of way back in 2010? Since the President talked about budget cuts he wanted to make in February, I expect we’ll see many of them in this bill. However the right wing social agenda – de-fund women’s health care, the EPA, HCR, Wall St reform and the new Consumer Agency – gone!

    Honestly, I do not understand why you are squeamish about President Obama actively positioning himself for the 2012 election. It’s on! The campaign has begun. So, I take it for granted that he is operating with one eye toward the election. I do not want to deal with a Romney, Pawlenty, or -heaven forbid – a Bachman administration in 2013. Do you?

  180. Alas, I do have a life, and there are times when it can be a real distraction from things I would much rather being doing (ie. posting here). 😦

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