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  1. I’d eliminate the first two as whoever answered the phones didn’t sound too enthused.

  2. Biden gets fed up during spending talks
    By Alexander Bolton – 04/08/11 11:52 AM ET

    Vice President Joe Biden got visibly upset during late night White House talks on avoiding a government shutdown.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters Friday morning that Biden doesn’t get upset very often, but that he did after hours of negotiations with Republicans at the White House.

    “Vice President Biden, who sat very silent through this whole meeting, finally said — and Joe doesn’t get upset very often and he usually doesn’t speak for short segments — but last night he said: ‘Well fine, let the American people decide this issue,’ ” Reid told reporters.


  3. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said the fight over a potential government shutdown that would begin after midnight is in House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) mind.

    “The battle over whether the government shuts down is going on in Speaker Boehner’s head,” said Schumer, chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee.

    “Look inside Speaker Boehner’s brains and see what’s going on,” said Schumer. “I am sure there is a lot of torment and tumult. I sympathize with the situation, but this is a time for leadership.”

    Schumer has called on Boehner to abandon the Tea Party element of his caucus and move toward the middle in negotiations with Democrats on the fiscal 2011 budget.

    If a deal to fund the government is not struck before midnight on Friday, the government will shut down.

    The Hill-

  4. I think the Dems already gave up way too much. If the reports that they’re agreeing to $38B in cuts now, that means they’re basically at $80B, and Boehner had set out wanting $100B and we’re talking about policy riders not the billions that will be cut from very necessary programs. So Boehner gets the Dems to agree to cut $80B and will probably get more concessions yet.

    Boehner will get carried out of his caucus on their shoulders given what he has pulled off.

  5. Rand Paul uses toilets to argue Energy Department ‘could be gotten rid of’
    By Ben Geman – 04/08/11 09:49 AM ET

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is doubling down on his allegation that nanny-state energy policies are screwing up America’s bathrooms.

    Paul made waves last month when he lambasted an Energy Department official over various appliance efficiency standards, alleging they restrict consumers and saddle them with ineffective products — including toilets that Paul said don’t work in his house.


  6. Well, Frankly, I have a hard time believing that Boner has anything but hot air in that “brain” of his. He is a coward.

    Frankly, I am also sick over the progressive dems who voted against protecting the EPA. 17 dirty dems let down the president by voting against the EPA. Winning reelections seems to be all they care about.

    It really is too bad that we do not have time limits on our elected officials. The president cannot keep running.

  7. BTW: Senator Conrad says that the GOP wants Mountain top removal permits to continue, as one of the policy riders!

    I did not know that, and the answer is NO! You can’t destroy our beautiful mountain tops, for that dirty coal, the GOP wants…

  8. Boehner’s just taking Gingrich’s advice, and shutting down the government, just as the GOP did to Clinton in 1995.

    As soon as another Dem got into office and the GOP took over the House, they’re replaying 1995 and shutting the government down, again; what Gingrich did to President Clinton, Boehner’s doing to President Obama.

    I don’t care about whatever mealy-mouthed excuse the GOP is trying to come up with. Dems bent over backwards and pretty much gave the GOP the store, and they want to shut down the government anyway.

    That’s simply what the GOP has become and they’ve done this exact same thing before. The GOP likes to shut down the federal government when there’s a Dem in the WH. Pelosi never did this to Bush despite clear deep philosophical differences.

    GOP=shuts down the federal government whenever a Dem is in power and they have the House.


  9. I agree Democrats have gave up a lot, which I thought they would not do. It saddens me to read how much Democrats have gave into Boehner’s demands.

  10. Dems need to end negotiations now. It couldn’t be more obvious that the GOP is acting in purely bad faith, and this is enabling the teaparties at this point. I’m with you, Saint Roscoe. Enough already.

  11. The Republicans have already made a disastrous move in this attack on Planned Parenthood.

    The following video is not going to play well in the minds of most American women and many American men:


    To place the Nation at economic risk, to destabilize our recovery, in a blatant attack on the health of women.

    This is a no-win for Republicans, even short term and definitely long term.

    You can easily imagine segments of the above video in Democratic candidates messaging next year – even if the Republicans back down now.

    That’s why it is such a stupid move. They have willingly staged an attack on women and children in the face of the Democratic Party’s willingness to cut a massive chunk from the budget.

    Beyond stupid and so dangerous – that is the Republican party.

  12. Somebody wake me when all this bullshit is over.

    I’m so done today >:-( !

  13. Well, Gingrich says to shut er down. He only cares about the House freshman. And, nationally, it screws the GOP! But, district by district, it helps them get re-elected!

  14. I know and the crazy thing is that I will feel they will end up cutting MORE, and allowing the thugs to go after women’s health, I pray that I am wrong though.

  15. Then let the GOP f-ing shut down the government…again, and they can explain to voters why they walked away from that sweet senate deal and blew up the economy. It’s just enough. The teabaggers want to form a de facto veto and clearly believe that they have every right to demand their way or the highway. That’s bs. I understand that Dems are being very sensitive to spending complaints, particularly for senatorial Dems in purple states (which is why they’ve given so much, they’re not scared of Boehner at all, lol). But it comes to a point at which enough is enough! Almost $80b in spending cuts…Boehner, s- or get off of the pot. And either way, he’s going to have a ton of explaining to do to the American people, period.

  16. And these freshmen republicans were all over fixed news this morning sticking up for this rider. Not to mention, Pence videos! This is going to be easy!

  17. Apparently military members are only getting half a paycheck come the 15th, and won’t get paid on the 30th but will be back paid, according to Defense Secretary Gates.

    The military getting half a paycheck, all because Congress can’t get their fucking heads out their asses and resolve this as adults!

  18. They’re at $78b and that’s WAY TOO MUCH. I hope that POTUS pulls out of this, and lets Boehner face the consequences of his actions. Yes, the American people are going to be hurt, but guess what, who put these loons into the House in the first place?

  19. I am over it too. I went to the gym this morning and when I come back there is still posturing going on.

  20. Let’s be clear. It’s not merely “Congress.” It is faction of loons who were put in place by something calling itself a “tea party” which is heavily financed by radical right wing ideologues whose hostility to the very notion of a functioning federal government is leading to yet ANOTHER shutdown regardless of the consequences.

    This is on Boehner, period. What more are Dems supposed to do?


    I am usually an optimist and I don’t do much venting, but I am heated at how much the Dems have given away. You can trace it back to giving in on the Bush tax cuts (which I know needed to be done, but….).

    At this point everyone should know the drill — it’s Teabag/Republican Dogma:

    tax cuts —>deficits and “We’re broke!” —> Slash and Burn to “balance the budget” —> more tax cuts for the rich and corporations —>”deficits” —> “balancing/belt-tightening”

    On and on and on….ad nauseum, at the local level, at the state level, at the federal level…it’s their religion, their cult. Whether it makes sense or not, it’s all they know and believe.

    You cannot combat this type of zealotry with “compromise.” Dammit!

    / RANT

  22. today’s politics are a Direct Forward ATTACK on Women’s Rights IN America! This is absurd that Men can rule over the rights we fought to have & won! They wish to exercise control so much they will force removal of our rights ! I say Here and Now ALL Women should UNITE to remove these Men from Office ! VOTE America GET OUT there and VOTE!!!
    also – public education is not teaching, there are statistics to prove Teen pregnacny is down in America, it did not get accomplished in the failing school systems…. sex ed is not allowed in most areas on already depleted school budgets; so the only way the stats improved is by the outreach and teaching organizations such as Planned Parenthood! However we have focus on women, NOT OIL and the economy or War lets shift the focus to make it seem the Dems won’t agree meanwhile we can keep spending billions a week to get the oil !
    here is something else from today…. A soldiers wife asking why, and this is a direct quote for active duty at FT HOOD
    “Nyssa Richard Gray// omg u have no idea, my husband is LIVID!!! they obviously have no idea nor do they care about the ones their effecting by doing this. they are too proud to take a step back and even consider putting themselves in their shoes…they wouldnt make it anyway withouth their porsche or housemaids, private jets, etc…i can say our men and women are REAL americans who work and get their job done and risk their lives in doing so, as for them….i got nothing(cuz they dont deserve any sort of title, good or bad) “

  23. I hear ya PoliticalJunkessa. The Dems should have been all over any and every microphone when the Repugs passed their first 2 bills. This shit is sicking!!

  24. We simply need to organize and get our people out to the polls with more regularity. There’s a certain type of swing voter who unwittingly parrots the priorities of the elite with regards to spending and taxes. The media is 100% into this (notice how quickly the conversation moved from job creation to deficit reduction). There’s not a simple solution to what’s going to be decades of work trying to change this mindset which is precisely as you state, almost an economic cult or fetish.

  25. Dems are dealing with a set of loons empowered by the American people. They are bending over backwards to avoid a shutdown to limit the pain which the American people have brought onto themselves. I’m not happy with the concessions but I know who to blame: Boehner, the teabagging lunatics, and the swing voters who put this madness in place.

  26. Yes! And I am watching the Kennedys, and Jack had to put up with the Southern Caucus. LBJ called them a bunch of confederates! LOL!

  27. Yup, at every step of progress in this country, we’ve had to deal with a set of reactionaries sent to DC to slow things down. It’s hideous to watch, but it is what it is. Boehner is a joke. He is an absolute joke. Rather than making a compromise with Dems, he insisted that any compromise have the teabaggers stamp of approval. What kind of bs is this? He’s a wimp and a joke.

  28. This is totally on Boehner. He has explicitly stated he will only bring this to the floor if 218 Republicans will vote for it. IOW, where he doesn’t need a single Dem vote. Doesn’t matter that the majority of Republcians would vote for it, doesn’t matter that the majority of Dems would vote for it, but if 25 Republicans won’t vote for it, then screw the country.
    Right now, the Dems should say, “Look we have bent over backwars so far we can kiss our own a**es. That is could enough for you, okay then, we are back in an upright position and you can no longer even have what we have agreed to. And the American public will know that you weren’t willing to bargain in good faith, or accept reasonable compromise. And Boehner, we will make sure the whole world knows you are the one man most responsible.”

  29. GN,
    Seniors were the ones who gave the election to the GOP! They were so scared about Obama care and the cutting of 500 billion out of there medicare(which was not true)! Then, the whole death panels thingy, was enough to give the GOP a historic election. That election, FEAR trumped HOPE! Unfortunately…

  30. Basically every thing they want that they know won’t get through the senate and past PBO’s veto they’re trying to attach to the budget.

    I wish the Dems would walk away and PBO hold a press conference laying out exactly what they’re trying to do. Dems have given WAY too much here, and Boehner keeps asking for more and more and getting it.

  31. I’ll believe it when I see it. From where I sit the GOP is winning in every imaginable way.

  32. 100% his fault. He could have passed something moderate with Dem votes, but chose to go an extreme route.

    This is BS! Sorry for the cursing, caps, and exclamation points today, but I couldn’t be more hot about this.

    They’re doing to President Obama what they did to Clinton in 1995 and deserve to face the same fate.

  33. President Obama isn’t willing to look partisan anymore. It’s not good for his polling numbers. So he’ll never say anything like that – it will always be “The Speaker, the Majority Leader and I are working very hard…”.

  34. I wouldn’t quite go that far. But I definitely think that it’s time to allow Boehner to face the consequences of his choice to walk away from even considering creating a real compromise with Dems (he insisted on something which can get 218 GOP votes instead). His choice, he can face the consequences of that choice.

  35. Their is alot of blame to go around. Yes the Repugs are assholes. Yes the dems are fighting an uphill battle, but dammit they need to fucking fight!!!

  36. Paul is so ‘full of it’ he could fill a large septic tank all by himself. Maybe he should just build a backhouse he could use instead, throwing in a cup of lime once in a while.

    After all, he is flushing his waste down municipal sewers. He should not want to over use govt services or back up the plumbing.

  37. Sure, but he has Cantor on his ass, and Cantor embraced the tea baggers! SWo, if he wants to remain Speaker, and he does, he is all in…

  38. I think that it’s time for a PBO press conference as well. Last I checked, we still held the senate and the WH. Time to reassert our own values. If voters empower the GOP even in the face of this extremism down the line, so f-ing be it. The GOP and fauxgressives can finish destroying the country in that event. But let’s at least put some pressure here on Boehner and explain once again what’s going on in clear terms:

    We offered $73b in cuts, the amount which Boehner asked. He walked away from the deal anyway and insisted on something which every Republican could vote for. That’s extreme, and that’s enough already.

  39. I called my GOP congressman to complain, the staffer said they are measuring the reactions! PLEASE make some phone calls to congress!

  40. Dems gave way too much and it’s frustrating, but I think it’s just a bad luck. If the economy wasn’t so bad, I don’t think PBO would ever extend the tax cuts for the rich. And the same is now, if they didn’t fear that a shutdown would really harm the recovery – They would let those bastards to shut it down and face the consequences.

    And, there’s PBO’s sometimes a little annoying chase of compromise – But he’s a better person than me.

  41. Me too, I’m getting so pissed off that I just know my BP is escalating. I sent out so many faxes and emails plus calls this week to my Washington Repugnants that I think they have now disconnected their phone lines.

    Deep calm and cleansing breath! I’m going to go play with my Grandkiddos this afternoon.

  42. Except have people gotten amnesia. The last time voters put the GOP in charge of the House with a Dem as POTUS, they shut down the government. I’m empathetic to how this is going to affect everyone regardless of partisanship, but not sympathetic to those who thought allowing the GOP to take the House, for reasons extending across the ideological spectrum, was a good idea.

    What you see is what you get. The GOP did the exact. same. thing. in 1995. Who didn’t see this coming?

  43. Yeah, he’s all in to tear up the country because he’s a selfish partisan hack! Who’s catering to whackadoodles because he’s too much of a punk to look out for the American people, compromise with House Dems and House GOP moderates, and tell the teabagging buffoons to sthu with their unrealistic demands.

    Enough is enough.

  44. Yeah, I noticed the oh soo blase response from the school representatives there. Glad it wasn’t just me who picked up on that!

  45. Dems do this because they care and are responsible. What happens with a government shutdown is probably more important to them than winning a battle with Republicans and coming as tough.

    What will happen though is that when the public hears Dems gave too much and continuously met their demands while Rusty and his Goons say NO NO NO! it will hurt the Repubs politically. You notice that some of them are on TV saying the Repubs should take the Dem deal? They know who will get blamed for this.

  46. Largest federal worker union sues for pay lost in event of shutdown
    By Kevin Bogardus – 04/08/11 02:25 PM ET

    The nation’s largest federal employee union sued the Obama administration Friday, seeking the repayment of wages lost during a government shutdown.

    The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) says in its lawsuit that the administration has violated the Constitution’s appropriations clause and the 13th Amendment by requiring employees to work without pay during a federal closure.

    “Hundreds of thousands of federal employees will be required to work during a shutdown, and there’s no guarantee that Congress will keep the administration’s promise to pay those employees once the shutdown is over,” said John Gage, AFGE’s general president, in a statement. “The Constitution requires an appropriation by Congress before federal dollars can be spent, no exceptions. … Without an appropriation, the agencies simply can’t spend money or incur debts by forcing employees to work.”

    AFGE has 600,000 members who are federal and D.C. government workers.


    Aint that some shit?

  47. by they way, are those Dems getting pummeled for that in the liberal blogs? are they being singled out, crossed off, labeled Republicans or gutless cowards? You know, the same thing they do to Obama when he does something out of line with progressive ideology? I notice there is usual silence and hypocrisy when a True Progressive goes against the group.

  48. Obama has shown, at times, that he is willing to call oout the Republicans, like he did when he agreed to the extension of the tax cuts, calling the Republicans hostage takers. Yes, he needs to be the adult one in the room, but there is a time when that means calling out the opposition for what they are. Bush, et al, had no problem calling Democrats traitors and al Qaeda sympathizers.
    I know this is a site for defending Obama against some of the ridiculous charges made against him, but I will be extremely disappointed with him if he doesn’t come out stronger.

  49. They have already said no. Reid said it. Pelosi said it. Obama said he will veto the CR coming from the House. They have come this far without giving away those things. In fact, over at TPM, I read that the extra 3 billion given to boehner was in exchange for all those riders that the T party wanted. They said no. And then so did the WH and Democrats.

  50. Speculation of Petraeus job change has seal of approval from lawmakers
    By John T. Bennett – 04/08/11 06:41 AM ET

    Lawmakers overwhelmingly applauded the notion of Gen. David Petraeus heading the CIA, but some stopped shy of endorsing the current agency boss as the best candidate for Defense secretary.

    Washington’s national-security sector is abuzz with speculation that Petraeus, the top American and coalition commander in Afghanistan, could be tapped for the job at Langley. Under this scenario, the man he would replace as CIA boss, Leon Panetta, would replace outgoing Defense Secretary Robert Gates.


  51. omg. why do people keep saying this? They are all over the TV. TPM has been reporting their every move and word. They have been for a while where mostly Schumer was putting out statements in the press.

  52. There is a problem with this article.

    1. How can they sue if the shutdown hasn’t even happened yet?

    2. Isn’t it congress that decides whether or not the shutdown occurs? The budget is controlled by congress, not the Obama administration.

  53. I think that the Republicans might be reaching President Obama’s limits with this. I was just ranting, but I have complete faith in the President’s leadership even if I do not agree with every single decision. The GOP is nuts. And like it or not, they have the House; swing voters put them there.

    I think that President Obama’s handling thus far has been pretty good. But in my opinion, Boehner is a fool who has made the disastrous decision to double down on the teabaggers. It’s just enough already.

  54. Mr Boehner, has shown his weakness to be a crying A** Baby on the Hill, many times he has talked about what it means to him to serve and be Leader of the House, so he has never flexed any muscle to demonstrate leadership…..
    Today he gets to be a Big Boy and demonstrate how much power he can execute, only thing is he will not get away with it, his spot on the hill will fade quickly, this is not going to be forgotten by the Women of America, he dug his political grave today, when he decided to flex his Republican muscles…. Sorry for you Mr. Boehner soon, yes ever so soon you will be looking in the mirror crying asking yourself why didn’t you compromise, I see you leaving the political arena long before the 2012 elections…. Good Bye Sir, Grandstanding does not make us see you any differently than the weak individual you Are.
    I am sickened by the Lobby behavior I see in all of this, Here in OK it is even worse for the bias being pushed against women. We have a rep here trying to remove insurance coverage of abortions for private purchased policies, however we do have a previous insurance commissioner in a ritzy lockup facility, and to say our insurance in OK is fair in costs to the people who buy it is outrageous, now we have a Tea Party “right winger” trying to pass a state law to exclude this coverage for women, it all scares the hell out of me, to see Women’s rights attacked in all of these secret underhanded written bills not only in the Senate but here in my State also.

  55. Yuck and yuck. Sorry, I don’t want Petraeus anywhre near the CIA. And Panetta as SecDef does nothing for me either.

  56. Yup, and I don’t mean to suggest that I find President Obama’s leadership to be weak. Not hardly. It’s just that watching Boehner is really making me angry; he’s the weak one because he’s so scared of the nutty teabaggers.

  57. Seriously, thank you. I’m at home today, and for once I am seeing Dems out there arguing. There was just a lady from Planned Parenthood on CNN arguing against the Repubs shutting things down and outlining all of the services that they provide.

  58. Yeah, time for me to take a little break, lol. (please know that I know that you’re not being critical japa, but I really am worked up and need to walk away from this story, get my POTUS pacifier & blankie and take a virtual nap) 🙂

  59. Perhaps averting a shut-down is more than it is worth in the long run. The idealogue teabaggers set a federal government shutdown within their sights from “GO.” So we can stop pretending that negotiations were ever a viable prospect with them. Simply, you can’t talk sense to nonsense.

    If the government gets shutdown, it will be painful, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Right?

    President Obama and whichever loyal Dems remain can better use the time to regroup, reassess, and relaunch in the wake of such a disaster. A phoenix rising from the ashes, perhaps?

    It will be a disaster if the government gets shut down, but time and time again President Obama has shown and even iterated that it is ‘always darkest before the dawn’. Guess we better saddle-up and get prepared for some long dark nights ahead. But we knew this was coming when America let fringe radicals back into Congress last November. Now we must do as what the Chinese say, “eat bitterness.”

  60. Not a criticism at all, gn. Actually, I kind of enjoy it when people get so upset/disgusted/whatever that the more emotional side comes out. Does that make me a sadist?

  61. Perhaps averting a shut-down is more than it is worth in the long run

    That’s my instinct too, but I guess PBO knows more than I do about the effect on the recovery.

  62. Roger that, gobrooklyn … Boehner is going to learn what the term ‘Pyrrhic victory’ means, up close and personal.

  63. I called my GOP rep, said I want this resolved, the Dems have conceded enough.

  64. Recent MSNBC article explains why investors don’t care about the shutdown: they know its all just theater, doesn’t involve any real money in terms of the federal budget as a whole, and this really just politicians pushing each other around. Investors are more interested in the rash of earnings reports coming out next week. Most are expected to indicate strong sales and profits.

    By next week we will be on to newer and better things. I am already beyond caring what happens about the shutdown. But. For the future we need to defeat the House GOP in 2012.

  65. exactly. Seems people are forgetting how fragile our economy and the recovery is atm. The Repubs realize this and dgad, so if our side has to give in to some things in order to keep our economy from falling back to 2009 levels then so be. As long as the important things that will continue to build our economy and our future is left alone I stand with the Dems. The Repubs in congress should all be fired, this is not how you govern.

  66. And, let’s review a few items recently posted by Greg Sargent:

    “The new Pew poll (see here) adds a crucial data point in understanding this dynanmic – independents have swung sharply against the Tea Party in recent days … The constant invocation of the Tea Party by Schumer and others is a shorthand effort to exacerbate this division — it’s a bid to paint the GOP as hostage to extremists with the explicit goal of wining back independents. And it’s facilitated by the fact that the more independents learn about the Tea Party, the less they like it.”

    Link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/post/why-dems-keep-using-tea-party-as-a-weapon/2011/03/03/AFjDBw2C_blog.html


    “Harry Reid moves to box John Boehner in … The key to keep in mind here is that there’s a massive opinion gap between the GOP base and independents on whether they prefer a comromise or a government shutdown. The base wants a shutdown, but it would risk squandering the GOP’s gains among independents in 2010, and it could play into the Dem strategy of winning back indys for 2012 by painting the GOP as hostage to Tea Party extremists. If Democrats can make Reid’s floor remarks the storyline — that there’s no longer even a debate over money, and Republicans are prepared to shut down the government not even over abortion, but over federally-funded women’s health programs — it seems pretty clear that it could put Republican leaders in a difficult political spot.”

    Link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/post/harry-reid-moves-to-box-john-boehner-in/2011/03/03/AFQuO41C_blog.html

    Boehner put himself and the Republican Party in that ‘difficult political spot’ and if he’s stupid enough to close the government, not because of a lack of Democratic agreement on a severe, historic, budget cut, but to serve radical ideology that would truly harm women and girls, he will learn what “Phyrric victory” means and he’ll be learning it in the next few days.

    The wrath of those female Senate Democratic Members and that of women all across this Nation is something he will not survive and neither will the Republican Party on ED 2012.

    Stupid. Truly stupid. When, instead, he could have already been back home, playing golf, while bragging about achieving the single biggest reduction in federal spending in decades.

  67. That sentiment would be fine if MSM was giving them a bunch of microphones to be all over the place with. I have heard/read many statements from Dems but nobody broadcasts it. Please attack the media blackout of Dems and our President. The double standards is sickening, ie. 100000 WI citizen demonstrate in the freezing cold against the disgraceful union busting Walker and its not televised, yet 4 teabaggers cross a street with 1 misspelled anti potus Obama sign and its all over MSM. O___O

  68. I thought they were only at $39 billion, which is also way too much. Perhaps, if the government shuts down, they can regain some ground here? There is no way to balance the budget without cutting the killing machine’s expenditures and raising taxes on those who depend upon their money for their feeling of self-worth.

  69. You know BWD, one good thing that might
    come of a shut-down, although I’m sure
    our President doesn’t want one, is that
    the Republicans will have played their
    hand. Not a card will be left to
    “negotiate” their way back to the table.
    That’s what happens when you go the scorched
    earth path. By the time the damage is
    done, Obama’s resuscitation efforts
    will have firmly placed the TP’ers and
    Repubs in a corner, in the basement, in the bowels of Capitol Hill, where they belong.

    Obama doesn’t want this to play out with
    a shut-down because it is the worse case
    scenario, but his resilient mind is
    a well-spring of brilliant solutions to
    problems of unimaginable proportions.
    He’ll figure it out. Believe That!!

  70. Oh, I have my moments, lol! They’re usually brought on by the sole patrol; this place is so calm that it generally keeps me totally calmed down while visiting, but man did the Weeper of the House strike a nerve today.

  71. Furthermore, per NYTimes:

    “Are Republicans ready to declare victory in the shutdown showdown and move on?

    For days, the assumption has been that Speaker John A. Boehner was dug into his hardened position on behalf of the conservatives in his House caucus and from socially conservative voices in the Republican Party.

    But now — just hours before the first government shutdown in 15 years –some of the most vocal conservatives are urging Republicans to reach a deal before a shutdown occurs. That could give Mr. Boehner the political cover he needs to cut a deal with President Obama and the Democrats.

    Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, the founder of the Tea Party caucus in the House and a likely 2012 presidential candidate, tweeted Friday afternoon: “I am ready for a big fight that will change the arc of history. The current fight in Washington is not that fight.”


    Likewise, Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and a possible presidential candidate, said Friday afternoon in an interview that a shutdown would “hurt the Republicans, not the Democrats.””

    Link: http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/04/08/conservatives-urge-boehner-to-cut-a-budget-deal-and-move-on/?hp

    Boehner had better come to his senses, use the cover (albeit from whackjobs, but just the whackjobs he desperately needs cover) and passes a ‘clean’ 3-4 day CR, and then a ‘clean’ budget bill. He’s already going to have to deal with independent, Democratic (and even some Republican women) for the blatant attack on the health care network that enables economically distressed women and girls to receive care. Worse it’s not just Planned Parenthood that they are crushing by trying to kill Title X – it’s the 75 % of other clinics that are also funded through Title X.

    I’m so pleased to see several folk bringing attention to the fact that the Title X legislation was signed by Nixon and has been sustained by funding under five Republican Presidents and that even Boehner has voted for that funding in the past.

    The Speaker is damaged goods, the only remaining issue is how much damage he is going to do to America.

  72. You’re right about the fragile economy. Because of it, PBO is deprived of an important tool: TIME. Bill Clinton had more room to manoeuver.

    Another factor that comes into play to deprive democrats of leverage: the republicans don’t CARE if the economy suffers. Their priority is, ALWAYS, their electoral prospects.

    So the ONLY leverage President Obama and the democrats have against republicans is public opinion.

    With this fight over Planned Parenthood, democrats may have found the best weapon.

  73. I was really surprised to see people like Sherrod Brown voting for weakening the EPA. I don’t know the details though. I really REALLY hope this is over some constitutional principle ( EPA’s power in regulation vs Congress’s legislative powers.)

  74. I’m not watching tv. Too much nerve-wracking. Who are those republicans ??

  75. What we are witnessing is the hour of truth for republicans. And they have nowhere to hide. Either they compromise and lose a portion of their base, or they don’t compromise and they hurt their chances with independants.

    Karma is a bitch.

    I’m pretty sure they’ll find a way to limit the damage though. And there’s nothing, no dirty trick they won’t try. PLEASE, President Obama, VP Biden, Leader Reid, DON’T TRUST them.

  76. Interesting point.

    If the republicans shut-down the governement, how do you think the population will take it when they blackmail democrats, AGAIN, when it’s time to raise the debt ceiling ?

  77. Well it seems that a shut down has been
    averted, per Boehner, and at the
    very best for another 6 months.

    But hypothetically if a shut down did
    occur, I’m not at all sure that
    TP’ers and Repubs had any political
    clout/muscle left to flex come time for
    the debt ceiling fight.

    And one thing I noticed earlier today,
    and I think Tao Jones posted an article
    downthread about it, was how
    unresponsive the markets were to
    a looming government shutdown.
    I say this only because Repubs are
    beholden to their corporate masters,
    and said corporate masters, will not
    be pleased if they threaten the same
    hard line approach to deny raising
    the debt ceiling. Rest assured
    when that fight comes, the markets
    will be very responsive to talks
    in D.C. about raising that debt limit.

    In short, my sense is that the debt
    ceiling battle is a faux fight,
    mere political theatre with the usual
    posturing, but with an ending we
    all know in advance: the ceiling gets

    Gotta run now… Prez O is speaking on
    the deal reached.

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