No wonder Republicans cheers for a shutdown: Jobless claims keeps falling

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9:30 AM PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.
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12:30 PM PBO and VPB meet for lunch.Carney briefs the press.
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2:00 PM PBO meets with Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner.
2:15 PM VPB meets with Senator Lindsey Graham.
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3:45 PM PBO meets with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.
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4:20 PM PBO and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos deliver statements to the press.



Weekly jobless claims drop to 382,000

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The number of people who applied for unemployment benefits last week fell by 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted 382,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch has expected new applications for jobless benefits to drop to 385,000. The average of new claims over the past four weeks, meanwhile, declined by 5,750 to 389,500. The Labor Department also reported that the number of Americans who continue to receive state unemployment checks decreased by 9,000 to 3.72 million in the week of March 26, the lowest level since October 2008. Altogether, 8.52 million people received some kind of state or federal benefit in the week of March 19, down nearly 246,000 from the prior week.


A very good piece from Michael Tomasky, about the fast approaching shutdown and the real reason behind it:

// snip

The GOP knows that if the economy keeps improving and unemployment is down to 8% by election time, their chances in 2012 are fairly slim. Now, I hasten to note that that is a big if, so who knows? But everyone understands this.

A shutdown affects the economy immediately and directly. Hundreds of thousands of people in the public sector aren’t working and therefore aren’t spending. Hundreds of thousands more in the private sector who depend almost entirely, or at least largely, on government contracts for their livelihoods are out of luck. This is everyone from GM to pencil manufacturers. A huge swath of the economy just closes. If the shutdown lasts long enough, layoffs come along. Two bad months slow the tender momentum that now exists.

There you are. Psych and Econ.



Good stuff from Mark Morford:

…This is apparently now how it works in American politics: You are allowed no more than 2.4 years of impossibly difficult service as redeemer president, shouldering the overwhelming burden of failure foisted on you by your pathetic predecessor, before you have to start fundraising, glad-handing and talking wistfully about your Kenyan father all over again.

But never mind that now. Because liberals are, as they say, up against it. Many are fidgeting and fussing, puling about the fact that, while they grudgingly admit Obama has mostly been a fine, articulate, highly regarded president who has passed a huge amount of progressive legislation and returned America to a place of relative honor in the international community, turns out he’s not been nearly fine enough.


Sure, the extremely difficult Iraq drawdown is going brilliantly, on time and on target. Sure, the economy is recovering, a little. Sure Obama saved GM and a million jobs. Sure he’s great on women’s rights, unemployment and housing aid, college loans, science, high-speed rail, all sorts of non-sensational but still hugely impressive triumphs that never make screaming 300-point headlines in HuffPo, TPM and Politico.


Now, you can argue, as I often still do, that Obama has a sense of the long view like no president in our lifetime. He seems to understand that his true positive impact will be felt cumulatively, over time, way down the road (your kids will love him). He thinks not egomaniacally, not insta-gratifyingly, but historically. This alone makes him one of the most remarkable politicians of any stripe, now or ever.

// Go read the entire liberal Whine-O’-Meter article…


More stuff no one knows about:

NYT: G.E. Plans to Build Largest Solar Panel Plant in U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO — In a move that could shake up the American solar industry, General Electric plans to announce on Thursday that it will build the nation’s largest photovoltaic panel factory, with the goal of becoming a major player in the market.

// more


Don’t expect Matt Damon to be there:

Jeffrey Katzenberg Organizing Elite Fundraising Event for Obama

Kicking off his Hollywood fundraising effort for the 2012 election, President Obama could attend as many as three moneymaking events in a 24-hour period this month, the most elite of which probably would be co-hosted by Jeffrey Katzenberg.

The DreamWorks Animation CEO, insiders say, has taken the lead in organizing events for Obama to attend when he visits Tinseltown on April 21. Also spearheading the effort is Andy  Spahn, a political consultant for Katzenberg and his fellow DreamWorks founders, Steven Spielberg and David Geffen.

 // more


If  you’re yet to do so, go NOW to The Obama Diary and watch Rev Al Sharpton’s introduction of the president, before his speech at the 20th anniversary of Sharpton’s organization National Action Network.

And of course, watch the speech itself:


Here’s the awesome energy town-hall from yesterday. People asked such good questions, PBO was actually a little stunned. After all, he is so used to Washington “journalism”.  Give yourself an hour and watch it, and if you don’t have an hour – at least watch his final comments about the nature of “progress”. So clear and so incredibly smart.




OT: Just wanted to let you know that I deleted some posts from last night, and will continue to do so whenever I see personal attacks, over top rhetoric and “the-sky-is-falling” comments. As I said many times, I don’t have the time, nor the energy, to deal with hostile comments on the board. I have more than enough of it outside. I don’t ask for much, but I do ask you to respect my request. 

Thank you.


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  1. Good day everyone! Thank you BWD for yet another great mismash, and all that you do.

  2. Good morning everyone. Thanks for the roundup, BWD. It continues to amaze me just how much this president has accomplished and the grace and dignity with which he does it. It’s easy to see that the republicans get it. That is why they fight so hard against him. They know he is a historically significant figure who will transform the politics and the political reality of this nation for decades. Why the whiny bunch on the left can’t see it is what boggles my mind. As Mark Morford said in the article above, their kids are going to love him.

    I never realized how many on the left are so short sighted that they can’t see the long road but can only understand instant gratification. They can’t even seem to understand strategy and planning or how what is done today affects what happens tomorrow. They are much like toddlers in that the world is all about now for them. There is no explaining that yes, having a cookie right now would taste good, but it would also make you less hungry for the good food of dinner and it would be better for you to wait and eat the nutritious food first. In politics that means sometimes you have to lay the groundwork for change before you can actually create the change you want to see happen.

  3. Good morning everyone. Lots of great news today.

    I have to laugh at that “look at me,” “over here, Mr. President” photo of Magic Johnson. I’m reminded of how he campaigned hard for Hillary and claimed PBO didn’t have the experience to be president. He was all over black radio with that nonsense. Now he’s relegated to waving from the audience. Meanwhile Rev. Al, who quietly, but strongly, supported PBO behind the scenes has a straight line to the President. Hah!

  4. Good morning everyone:) Been laying low working on family issues that seem to pop up and bite me lately..still I find time to come here and recharge my batteries and read the comments.Angered by the willfull ignorance of some, and amazed at the sheer tenacity and perseverence of others (WI Supreme Ct. vote).Stayed up WAY too late checking on that!
    Have a good day, and try to keep 20 steps ahead of the crazy.

  5. Mark Morford nails it absolutely. President Obama nails it, as usual. He always seems smarter, more clear-thinking than all the rest. And why is Donald Trump on every channel this a.m.? Our news media is truly pathetic. This self-promoting, egotistic, empty-souled, birther pretender, who spent a year in a catfight with Rosie O’Donnell, is being taken seriously as a Presidential contender? How low can they go?
    And I have to add—a very fine collection of photos today. Yes indeedy.

  6. Good morning lilaf. See recent poll. Jason Easley at politicusa reminds us that the folks you speak of are in the minority and simply out of touch with the american people. I am grateful.

  7. Morford hits the nail on the head. This man, with the help of Congress, the military, and yes, some people in business, has accomplished things that 3 years ago would have been considered impossible. Yet, there are those who say it’s not enough. They are becoming more and more pathetic by the day.

    In a way I almost (almost but not really) feel sorry for Boehner. Here is a man who dreamed of achieving this goal of Speaker and has discovered that he just can’t handle it. If there is better evidence of the Peter Principle in action, I don’t know it.

  8. Well put, lilaf. However, I don’t believe there are very many on the left that think this way. Public figures in the media, whether pundits or guests on pundits’ shows, need to have something to talk about that will generate interest in their audiences who are yearning for drama, and it is common knowledge that the blogosphere is often a gathering place for those who need somewhere to work out the frustrations in their daily lives. I believe the best way to marginalize the perpetually-disgruntled is to ignore them and not give them more weight than they actually have. There is no way I can believe they add anything to the cause of positive change. If one is to work to allay the suffering and injustice in the world, better one’s eyes should shine than glower.

  9. Must see site for those wondering how the Kloppenburg/Prosser votes would correspond to the recall efforts –

    Kapanke is toast in 32, Harsdorf in 10 could be in trouble, but I don’t know about his recall efforts as it’s one you never hear about. Hopper looks like it will only be in play if Hopper runs for re-election himself there as he has other issues, but if he’s defeated in a primary then that seat will stay red. Darling will be close, depending on population density in the blue area of her district as parts were deep red others deep blue.

    OTOH Dems Hansen and Holperin could really be in trouble, but I can’t imagine their recall efforts would be going as well as similar motivation wouldn’t be there.

  10. Trump can’t that president Obama is characerized and view as being smart. He mentions how smart he is at every interview. I laugh and now understand his envy

  11. About Jeffrey Katzenburg organizing those fundraisers, I thought PBO was losing Hollywood? Matt Damon said so.

    $1 billion dollars here we come.

  12. The clean energy town hall in Philly was just fabulous. President Obama was in his element and answered all of the questions masterfully. The questions from the audience were intelligent and insightful. They made the White House Press Corps look like nosey gossip columnists.

  13. The high rollers are called at $5400 max donations as well though. The rest of the money goes elsewhere.

  14. I strongly suggest people head over to eclectablog to see just what we can expect from the soon to be head of the DNC. Not going to copy and paste, as I want to see him get the traffic. Plus, he seems to have been discovered by a troll. Wouldn’t hurt for him to get some love.

  15. The worst part is that he’s not a serious candidate, but getting the birther garbage back out, so the more legit candidates don’t have to. Trump is going to bow out sooner than later saying he doesn’t want to take the paycut.

  16. Hopper has to stay in the ballot. It is the other side that can have a primary.

  17. I know it is a minority opinion but I am still amazed at how many there are who feel this way, even though they are not that many in terms of the general population. The fact that they are given so much media attention is frustrating. The fact that they aren’t swaying general opinion much is heartening!

  18. I watched the Sharpton intro and the PBO speech at the NAN event.

    One word: Phenomenal!

  19. It’s nice to see you desertflower. I know how those family issues can keep you busy. (Been dealing with a few if my own lately) It’s nice to know this community is here waiting for you with lots of love and support whenever you need it, though, isn’t it? Hope all is working out for you and your family.

  20. You’re right. Hopper would have to resign, which would then allow fir a different GOP candidate but he couldn’t be taken out by primary. Now he doesn’t look like he’s planning to resign, but he could be forced to do so by party elders if the majority in the Wi Senate comes down to his seat.

  21. People who have to tell you they are smart, generally aren’t. If you are intelligent it shines through and no one needs to be informed about it. Trump is someone who grew up in a rich family, got all the best that money could buy for him and a huge head start in his career from his father’s success. He has had numerous business failures and is probably aware, at least subconsciously, that he is not regarded as a very good businessman (or very smart) by most truly successful business people. He has a lot of insecurity and feelings of inferiority most likely. He covers it with bluster and bullying.

    I don’t think the media takes him seriously as a presidential candidate but rather loves the attention, outrage, controversy, etc. that having him on presents for them. Our media showed with Palin’s VP run, that qualifications for office, suitability for the job, and the good of the country don’t matter to them. They just want ratings and eyes glued to them no matter what. Sensationalism sells.

  22. Paul’s cuts would be grandfathered in, so nobody in nursing homes would be effected now. I know we need to fight fire with fire but Waserman Shultz isn’t being truthful with these charges and you know the MSM will be looking to call her out even if they let every ridiculous GOP lie go unchallenged.

  23. Good morning
    I have a question blackwaterdog, how did you create the banner? I would like to create something similar with a picture of president Obama and the rethink possible picture.
    Thank you

  24. One thing that always gives me the warm fuzzies that shows up in photos at PBO events is the HUGE smiles people give him and how riveted they are on him.

    People communicate through their eyes that they understand what he is going through and it seems they are trying to almost telepathically send him love and support.

    It’s rare to see people concentrate in such a laser-like manner on anything or anybody, but when he is in the room — especially when people perceive he has been having a rough time or is being treated unfairly — all the energy is focused on him.

    I can see why he gets out among the people so much — he draws on the life and good vibes of the so many that wish him well.

  25. Missed you, too:)I’m not quite sure if everything is ok yet…one day at a time is all we can do.My nephew tried to commit suicide the other day…he’s in the Army and has seen things that most of us would never want to think about, much less see and do.Saturday will be his 23rd birthday.My sister is beside herself, of course.He’s ok, for now…but he’ll have a long way to go.Probably not long for the Army anymore…too young to feel so helpless and hopeless.My heart aches for him and my sister..and all those that feel like the job of life is just too hard,not thinking that what waits around the corner can change for the better.

  26. Thank you lilaf…I love this family we have here.BWD has given us quite the heaven and I am grateful everyday for this place.We are welcome with open arms, and sometimes, we just need to bitch a little,comment a little,and get those virtual hugs to make us feel better. Amazing.

  27. But she is accurate in that the proposed budget would impact the seniors of the future in exactly that way. It is far more honest than the “death panel” charge. More importantly, she is good at using phrases that have visceral meaning, such as “Republican Path to Poverty”.

  28. trump is just a blowhard chump. Why are we even talking about this nut ?

  29. I think that’s the crux of it, lilaf. They, like the Tea Partiers, have a much larger position in the public eye than their numbers warrant. If more and more people stopped paying attention, they would eventually fade out of sight.


  31. I noticed that the PL/ angry left are showing up at different liberal sites that support the president and trashing the president.

    If they think they are so right and that the President is a sell out and weak then why do they have to troll other sites ?

    They are just as bad as the right wingers.

  32. Oh wow, I’m so sorry, my friend. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. Stay strong and do know that you and your nephew are in my thoughts.

  33. I find almost nobody in my acquaintance who will admit to watching television news anymore. The over the top panic about Obama is reflected in how they report earthquakes, airplane crashes, food and product recalls, you name it. Their credibility is shot. Look at the ratings: the three cable outlets added together get 7 million viewers, CBS gets 9 mil, ABC about 13 mil, NBC maybe 15mil. That’s 45 million out of an electorate of well over 100 million. Plus a lot of those eyeballs watching are not voters. If we stay passionate and stay on message people will hear it.

  34. Hello desertflower,

    I am sorry about your nephew. My prayers are with you and your family. Your nephews problem hits home for me too. My oldest brother is going through some seriously dangerous depression. I am going to seek conservatorship over him and try to get him help. I’ve been helping him and my Mom for the last eight years now. Keep the faith and know you are in our thoughts.

  35. Jeremy, They could very well be pl, but they could also be paid rw trolls.

  36. Uh oh, Barack’s good friend Bobby Titcomb was arrested for soliciting sex. He was just on vaca with him this past Christmas. This sucks, he’s known him since high school and Sasha and his daughter play together. I hope Barack won’t feel pressured not to hang out with him anymore.

  37. The Morford piece was great. I fear for the sanity of the (un)PL. What a bunch of idiots! The GOP clown car full of presidential contenders is reeling on one wheel that’s flat. I know some people will vote for a turnip with an “R” after it, but this bunch is pathetic. Just how tight does one have to hold one’s nose to vote for one of these losers?

    I also loved Rev Al’s intro for the president. He has been a loyal supporter of the president and I appreciate that President Obama recognizes Rev. Al openly as a friend. It must kill Tavis Smiley and Cornell West that POTUS has such a close relationship with Rev. Al. There are so many “liberals” like West and Smiley who trash the president to get face time on TV and sell their books. And they’re just a wee bit jealous, too! Not a good look fellas.

    Thanks for the mishmash, BWD – I’m looking forward to making time later this evening to watch the full town hall video.

  38. I think the president is a better friend than to drop Titcomb over this. Everybody makes mistakes – including arresting officers BTW. Hopefully this will be resolved and everyone will go about their business.

  39. It’s a free photo editing program you can download, similar to Photoshop. There are lots of tutorials and it’s pretty user friendly.

  40. Yes I agree with you tao jones STAY PASSIONATE. Thank you, and let’s stay focus.

  41. I respect your request, BWD, and thank you for all of your efforts here and beyond!

    I also respect all of the others who comment on this important blog.

    And wasn’t Rev. Al Sharpton’s intro just magnificent? Support the President like that and he’ll appear at your event (I’m talking to you, Tavis Smiley!).

  42. I had medical appointments yesterday and so I just now watched the President’s Town Hall. How I wish we could get this to everyone! The questions were so relevant and the answers given by the President were so well thought out and persuasive. I don’t see any of his potential opponents being able to match his understanding of the challenges, his vision for meeting them and his intelligence and sincerity in doing his job. After watching him make his case to Americans of all backgrounds, how could anyone not vote for this man?

  43. One thing that got me was that celebrities with their personal cameras aimed at the President have the same gushy looks on their faces as the little kids who get to see the President for the first time! I know if I saw him in person (haven’t been fortunate enough, yet), I’d faint dead away.

  44. (((((((((desertflower)))))))))

    (((((((((desertflower’s nephew)))))))))

  45. I heard that politico is talking about the president losing African American and Latino support due to some poll saying his approval with both groups went down.

    It seems like the PL/right wing/and media will do anything to make this president look bad.

  46. Poloitico is a right wing tool, vindicated by morning joe. All of their writers are rigth leaning. Like Al Shaprton said they don’t speak for us.

  47. Gloria, that’s such an incredibly important point. The media likes to feature spectacle. Thus over the top critics of President Obama who fit into a predefined caricature of the left are simply afforded more attention. The average, practical, down to earth liberal who is a realist in terms of understanding that there are many different political points of view in this country, gets less attention.

    Same goes for the African American outliers who fit into a caricature of black nationalism and make wild claims about President Obama. They just get more attention (because they’re often over the top and mildly shocking) than the average person who thinks that President Obama is doing a good job in tough circumstances.

  48. I’m sorry desertflower. That is so hard to deal with. I’m glad he has a loving family to help him through this difficult time. We are all sending good thoughts your way.

  49. You notice how the media won’t talk about Obama’s numbers improving with seniors, women and independents from the WSJ/NBC poll.

  50. The president must be the most polled man under the sun on every issue under the sun ultimately proving to be of no use for any one under the sun.

  51. Ditto. Few, if any, of my black friends even know what Politico is or visit political web sites, and I haven’t run into one black person anywhere who doesn’t understand what PBO is up against. Whatever firm is conducting these polls never calls me, and I’ve been a democrat since 1972.

  52. That’s okay, Jeremy. What is important is what these groups think about the job the president is doing, not the MSM. The MSM is corporate owned and will slant the news in such a way that serves the agenda of their owners, many of whom, I can’t say embrace PBO’s desire to close those corporate tax loopholes. Their greed will always outweigh their desire to report the news accurately, imo.

  53. When will the Dems begin highlighting exactly what the GOP wants and what they’re holding out for? When will they start highlighting the fact that Boehner might say one thing publicly but then gets cheered by his caucus for saying he’s going to force a shutdown?

  54. Yep, sometimes we wonder why he bothers, with all of the abuse and the stupidity.

    But we know, don’t we ? An IMMENSE sense of duty, a PASSION for America. It’s ironic, tragic even that his love for America is always doubted while he may be the Washington politician who is willing to sacrifice the most for his country. He’s sacrificing his health, his freedom, his quality of life, all for SERVING his fellow americans. He has to endure the constant abuse, baseless attacks. Unfairness, day after day after day.

    Never forget that one of his heroes is Gandhi. Gandhi had to suffer a lot, spent some time in prison, had to ( and chose to) live in poverty. When President Obama feels a bit down ( and we have seen some glimpses of that), he always find a way to keep his hope, and keep working. I think in those times he must have a thought for Gandhi, and other people who have suffered so the world could be a better place.

  55. I agree with your point about the media uses extreme views towards controversial commentary. I was first drawn to Senator Obama’s political views from reading his book Audacity of Hope after seeing him on Oprah. His views made so much sense to me.

    I have always thought of myself kinda like Charlie Brown where I was in the middle and saw some good points from both sides. In the past I was made to think that I was wishy washy and could not make a decision because I didn’t commit to one side or the other although I was still registered as a Republican only so I could vote in Primaries.

    After identifying with Barack Obama I realized I am more Left of Center and changed parties so I could vote for him in the Primary. In thinking back I really think I mostly had always voted Democratic anyhow. That is where most of my values are. I mostly held an anti-abortion viewpoint but saw in Obama’s stance how that made sense to try to eliminate the need for abortions and fund those who needed help.

    Now I believe I will never be able to vote Republican again after all of the antics these last two years and after the party’s true colors have emerged. I just pray we can win a majority and get some things done and the Republicans do not get to input their ideology and ruin our Country.

  56. The shutdown is happening, it’s all about the frame war now. Plouffe better roll out something and hope it works.

    GOP has been obstructionist for two and a half years now, and because the Dems didn’t make issue of it and let them get away with it, it has emboldened them to where we are today.

  57. Yup; they’ve been wanting an alliance with the teaparties for years and IMO are in a de facto alliance. I’m just thrilled that bwd doesn’t open the door for that here. Because the character attacks of weak, phony, etc., are all right wing, with the PL trying to launder them into the lefty point of view.

  58. I’M so sorry, dr. I spent the night in the hospital with my mother – 85 year old fell, broken hip. She’s hanging in there. Surgery is in a few hours. Sometimes life is not kind.

    My best to your family.

  59. Totally agree.

    The biggest challenge is to go around the media firewall. Town-halls like this should be automatically distributed using the social networks on Internet, and OFA.

  60. The GOP is ONLY enboldened b/c of the complicit MSM! They are so bias. All morning long, it was all about Trump! Trump this!

  61. Chuck Schumer has already been saying these things for a couple of weeks now. I’ve read statements from other Dems and I read that Nancy Pelosi wants a bill that would prevent Congress from getting paid during the shutdown. I see these at TPM, but I don’t know what the networks are saying because I have been boycotting them going on 2 years now.

  62. They’re trying to cast 85% black support as POTUS bleeding support. It’s just dishonest, Jeremy. Yet another piece of disinformation in the lie tsunami which started in November 2008 with this man’s election. I don’t want to sound hysterical or hyperbolic, but President Obama, in cobbling together a striking coalition of support, scares the bejeebus out of the powers that be.

    They want him out out out by any means necessary.

    They tell white liberals: “look here, Jane Hamsher speaks for you; Adam Green speaks for you; Cenk speaks for you—you think President Obama is a non-progressive sellout.”

    They tell latinos: “we know that you will never vote for black leadership, but now that you have, can’t you see how he’s done nothing for you?”

    They tell African Americans: “last week President Obama was at 92% support, now he’s at 85%—that’s not the statistical blip, that means that Cornel West and Tavis Smiley speak for you: President Obama has helped latinos, GLBTs, women, but he won’t say a word to help you.”

    It’s all a mind game; these are lies. This is why I’m so glad that they put OFA into effect now. Let people see with their own two eyes that so many of these claims from both the right wing and lefty media are divisive lies.

  63. It’s an attempt to make the Ryan Budget seem moderate. The MSM will bite.

  64. I also am grateful for having this space to come to where I feel I have like souls to talk with about our support of our PBO.

  65. Dems should also point out that Congress will still get paid during any stoppage because the House attached policy riders even to that piece of legislation that the Senate voted for on a clean bill.

  66. FYI:

    “An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday found that 40 percent of voters would blame Republicans if the government shut down, 20 percent would blame Obama, and 20 percent would blame congressional Democrats. Compare that with the poll that was conducted in October 1995, the last time the government shut down. Sixteen years ago, 43 percent of voters said a shutdown would be Republicans’ fault, and 32 percent said it would be Bill Clinton’s fault. And that was the high watermark for Republicans. They lost ground once the shutdown started.”

  67. I don’t think there’s any doubt that republican strategists have made a priority to deflate the black vote, the hispanic vote, the youth vote.

    Divide and conquer.

    Take for example the sudden interest for the black community in media : Huffington Post, Ed Schultz, the platform given to West, Tarvis, etc… This has its origin in republican think tanks I’m SURE of it. Someone pushes the idea with media producers, editors,… and bingo there it is… I was SO happy to hear Rev. Sharpton say that “blacks would not be USED” that way. He GETS it.

    2012 will be a challenge because the opposing forces ( the obvious ones and the “shadowy” ones) are going to be fierce. By the way, I’m not sure the “shadowy” opposing forces were “that” opposed to Barack Obama in 2008. They knew the economy was in horrible shape and that the future President would be blamed for it after some time. Better be a democrat… They knew Americans are an impatient bunch.

    Some encouraging factors for 2012 though: republicans are over-reaching and people are waking up to that. And, of course, the economy is really getting better and people are seeing signs of this around them.

  68. What a great story OG. It drives me crazy when the frustrati talk about PBO lying to us when he was running for president. Too bad none of them bothered to read the Audacity of Hope.

    BWD, thanks for all of the great reads.

  69. Press conference happening right now with Press Secretary Jay Carney and OMB point person explaining the implications of a shutdown. This is serious business.

  70. I’m thinking that if anyone wants to primary our President, or you know, run against him from another party, they might want to get a move on. If the Washington State Democrats vote later this month to hold Presidential Caucuses, then those caucuses will be held one year from today. Washington State will be one of the last to make a decision.

    At present the Iowa caucuses are about 9 months away.

  71. Reading about your evolution really touched my heart. You’re exactly the type of people who make working with OFA so wonderful and uplifting. With no exceptions, everyone who I have canvassed and made calls with has been a terrific human being.

    Thank you for having such an open mind, and also for reminding us of the power of President Obama’s empathetic, common sense approach. He doesn’t use stridency or try to “force” people into his point of view, which can backfire. He appeals to people’s intelligence.

    Thanks again for this uplifting story.

  72. To be honest, I have been seeing smatterings of Dems trying to point out exactly what is being cut. Unfortunately, it is sporadic, but not because they aren’t trying to get out there. The media wants it to be a shared blame game. It heightens everything. If they allow the Dems to really blast the Republicans, then maybe the Republicans would step back and there goes all the conflict and everything the media needs to make itself feel important.

  73. Really sorry that you have gone from one challenge to another. Hang in there, g, and prayers to your mom.

  74. What people forget is that what is important is not how many of a certain group say the support or view the President in a favorable way. What is important is what percent of that group will actually vote for the President and other Dems next year. The two don’t necessarily match.

    There is the old adage “the lesser of two evils.” Now, obviously I don’t believe the President is “evil” but the point is , some people who may not approve of the President because he, in their minds, hasn’t done enough, will look at the other choices and go with Obama, because the alternative is so much worse.

  75. Harry Reid and the dems gave a press conference explaining the repubs reasons for the shut down, even talked about house GOP cheering for the shut down. Will any of this be mentioned in the media spin?

  76. I’d like to make a point to the people who are understandably upset at politico’s suggestion that black people are deserting POTUS.

    It’s my understanding that politico is basing this on a 85% approval rating. Thus it is ridiculous of them to argue that this represents a bleeding of support; absurd.

    Second, these sky high approvals ebb and flow from week to week; gallup (black approval of POTUS):

    3/6/11: 81%
    3/13/11: 90%
    3/20/11: 89%
    3/27/11: 82%
    (latest) 4/3/11: 84%

    politico is concern trolling and chicken littling. The coalition of black supermajorities, liberal supermajorities, Dem supermajorities, and strong majorities amongst other groups of color has held amazingly tight, and the new media can’t stand OFA because it is one rock-solid engine and expression of that alliance.

    Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will!

  77. What the heck do these pollsters/’site scribes’ claim to know about African American and Latinos anyway?
    What they they don’t understand is that AA’s and Latinos are already loyal to the Prez because they know in their hearts of hearts that what the GOPERS have to offer do not benefit them and is not in their best interest.

  78. I will send healing to your nephew and your family, desertflower. I’m so sorry for your troubles. My heart to your heart for strength in this difficult time. ♥

  79. Limbo Rock….”How low can you go?” should be asked of all Repugnants.

  80. Everything is dependent upon the specific sample utilized and how the poll is constructed, taken and how questions are phrased. And there is an assumption that, if AA support is at 85%, that is the % of the AA vote he will get next year, which is an inaccurate assumption to make (see my comment above).

  81. Apparently some liberals just don’t do strtegery. They mostly want someone who yells and waves their fists a lot. I guess that makes them feel less politically impotent. Doesn’t achieve their goals though.

    Which raises another issue, why is Obama supposed to be the ONLY Democrat to provide this temper tantrum? Is he supposed to do everything?

  82. No actually the media ha been biased for the republicans since the 90’s and at that time Clinton was still somewhat unpopular. His popularity grew even more after the shutdown and and in his second term as the economy just took off.

  83. This article is truly nonsense. It’s trying to cast an 85% approval rating as an indication that black people are drifting away from President Obama. It’s nonsense.

    (OT-I just posted an update to the online weekly newspaper idea in the action thread)

  84. That’s an excellent point, japa.

    And it just seems like the core coalition consisting of the bulk of people of color (with African Americans overrepresented) and a large white liberal minority has held together amazingly tight through a veritable lie tsunami and divide and conquer scheme. We have lost swing voters for the most part and need to appeal to that group.

    That politico article is worthy of ignore; what a diversion it is.

  85. I remember thinking that the media was really pushing that Clinton impeachment even where the public wasn’t that into it.

  86. Huffpo and Ed cannot pull wool over people’s eyes with their fake enthusiasms and sudden concern for ‘minorities’. (Ugh, how I hate that word) Most have already dissed Cornell and Tavis, because they are social climbing opportunes! The reality is that these msm folksies like Huffpo and co are feeling the heat because of their daily rants and are only using Tavis, Cornel and any other badmouther,(who foolishly are happy to oblige to be seen and heard), so they can say ‘see, look it does not sit well with other blacks either,!
    Talk about see-through!

  87. I grew up around a lot of hippies in New Mexico. Interesting how many of them describe themselves as “libertarian” instead of liberal or progressive. So politically they have more in common with the “Don’t Tax Me Bro” right singers. Neither really trust government. But the hippies sure do screech if they feel like you are punching them about their disinterest in Obama.

  88. Here’s some truly excellent food for thought posted in a piece about HuffPo/AOL’s plans to stop paying freelancers, hire a few, and then ask the bulk of them to submit content for free.

    Folks, it’s not just Arianna’s shifting politics which bothers me; we’ve got to stop this business model in its tracks as the new media continues to expand.

    Here is a *wonderful* suggestion to do so, which automatically exempts those new media spaces which collect no or only modest profits, while making sure that sites bringing in millions fairly share those monies rather than hoarding the profits among a handful of people (as Arianna has done). This is an abusive business model and I’m hoping that entertainment lawyers and freelance journalists consider LagunaTina’s remarks:

    The more I think about this the more its bothering me. Any good media or entertainment attorney should have a contractual template concerning the vertical issues of client protection in new media. If not I’ll create the template myself.

    The following would be incorporated within the body of the agreement outside of the normal bulk language that has some TEETH but when read is rather benign. This brief example is used within the HP context as follows:

    “The Company” and “Authors” (collective authors) collectively “Parties”

    Fictitious: Page 5, Para 4, Remuneration: “Pursuant to the “Parties” mutual responsibilities described under this Agreement the “Parties” also agree that should “The Company” generate add revenue “The Company” shall pay to “Authors” no less than 10% of gross add revenue sales from $1-$1MM and 8% of gross add revenue with sales over $1.o1MM. Should “The Company” be sold during the term of this Agreement or any extension thereof, the “Authors” will be compensated at a rate of 10% of the gross sales price of “The Company” or its monetary equivalent agreed to by the “Parties”.

    Of course this is very simplistic but one paragraph like this incorporated into the body of an agreement presented at the right time can produce wonderful things.

    This paragraph protects those who in this new media world need to roll the dice with a new company. An agreement that’s fair and non-threatening provides the leverage as to success fees for their collective work. I can tell you with some reasonable assurances that had you collectively gone to Arianna 8-12 months ago with an agreement like this, she wouldn’t have liked it but she would have signed it IMHO. In my experience owners in this business context will pay the 10% across the board as to not disrupt the corporate recipe. Just remember the more time that goes by, the more value is accumulated and the less you’ll be able to demand. Most attorneys representing the opposition would agree to these terms as long as corporate equity is not in play. Had an agreement event taken place on this would have allowed $31.5MM for a collective disbursement at the rate of 10% of which figure of 10% in this context is the sweet spot. Not only this but the opportunity to continue on with your work. One can predicate the remuneration on increased shareholder value; add revs, subscriber count, hits or all. JMHO of course but these are the types of negotiations where I’d claw the opposition’s eyes out, nothing personal Arianna.

    Today’s Journalists need specialized agreements like this because the business model Arianna has just had success with in the industry is new, it’s unfair but will invariably follow.

    What we don’t want the industry saying in two years is thanks Arianna for blazing this trail regardless of the path of talented carcasses you left behind, which is where this stands currently.

    What we want the industry to say is Arianna was the only one who thought she could get away with this. She may have but no other entity has had that opportunity since. The writers who bring the actual value to these companies figured out legally the imbalance of it all and successfully rectified that imbalance.

    Before: Sure we’ll work for free to get our names and work out in the marketplace.

    Today: Yes, we’ll work gratis to get the name of the Company established and our work in the marketplace but up to a specific point. Please review our agreement and we’re available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Nothing unreasonable at all.

    You will win with this. All agreement negotiations are fluid until signatures are affixed. IMO and in summation some semblance of an agreement could have been in place that Arianna would have agreed to and that you all could have agreed to. Where that point is or was I have no idea however I can’t believe there was no instrument at all written or discussed. Regardless unless the issue of free labor was discussed specifically and agreed to specifically I would assume there to be an implied consent case from what I do know which is not much but knowing how Arianna works I’m assuming she has a strict confidentiality agreement in place.

    We’re in a whole new media world here and Arianna is teaching lessons. I reviewed “Hey Arianna, Can You Spare a Dime” on FB. I don’t FB but great page as this information needs to get out. The more I think about those that worked hard at their craft bringing value to Arianna so she could make this sale happen then being summarily dismissed to vantage her monetary position at the expense and pain of others makes me want to rip someone’s throat out.

    Essentially what AOL purchased was obviously the name you helped bring value too and Arianna’s managerial skills. Well her managerial skills are not worth $315MM IMO so what’s left? YOU!

    Good luck Gang and get your agreements together…..Tina


    It’s better to get in front of something and solve a problem from the front end than complain later when there’s little that anyone can do about it. This plan can discourage the human feeling of greed and hoarding again creating another huffpo story.

  89. lol, tao. In my experience in the Northeast, the bulk of hippies are liberal realists who are suspicious of the media which they feel services the elite and always have, with a smaller group who do not think that politics, period, is an appropriate vehicle through which to seek change. None of them have felt very punched, they either think that President Obama’s moderation confirms the problems with the political system; or (the bulk) are thrilled to see things like the Medicaid expansion come into fruition.

  90. Japa, for some reason I can’t sign in to Electablog’s site. Anyone else having trouble with that? I will say that Disqus hates me sometimes and spits me right off of TPV and others.

  91. Will keep your and your family in my thoughts during this difficult time.

    Sending much love your way!

  92. thanks gn for taking the time to look at those numbers and a thanks to japa21 for your observations, we could turn Politico’s “concerned” headline around and just as easily say this: President Obama’s approval rating amongst African Americans is up three points since the beginning of March. And it cannot be emphasized enough as you point out above gn that these polls are just snapshots in time.

  93. Lol, GN. A lot of the so called “hippies” on certain sites remind me so much of people I knew in the ’60’s who sat around whining, navel gazing, smoking the herb and eating the magic mushrooms while so many of us were out doing the real work for change.

  94. TPM recently reported a big jump in unique visitors per month. Just short of 3 million. That’s what Fox Snooze gets. People are moving away from the propaganda. To keep our sanity we need to stay away from it and focus on the things that PBO has achieved. Despite the most withering character assassination PBO is personally liked by 85% of the public. It proved what they taught me in journalism school, you can’t sell a product that has no market.

  95. One vote Donald Trump will not be getting: Mr. Bill Cosby.

    Mr. Cosby told Meredith Viera that Trump is “full of it.”


    Mr. Cosby: Oh please with Donald Trump. Take him home with you.

    Viera: Now why do you say that?

    Mr. Cosby: Because he’s full of it.

    Viera: Based on what?

    Mr. Cosby: Based on what I just heard. You kept saying–or somebody kept saying–are you going to run? are you going to run? He jumped. You run or shut up.

    Viera: Well he says he can’t announce yet.

    Mr. Cosby: Please. Anybody can announce. I seen–what is it–the Smothers Brothers had a guy who was on the TV show and he said he was running (Pat Paulsen) You can run. You can run now. But the only thing that’s running is his mouth.

    Viera: Well on that note, Bill Cosby, will see if he runs?

    Mr. Cosby: I don’t care. (Crew starts laughing)

    Veira: But if he runs you gotta take it seriously.

    Mr. Cosby: Not I don’t

    Viera: Yes you do.

    Mr. Cosby: Not him. Listen people have run for President for any reason other than… come on open your mouth run. Challenge somebody.

    Viera: So put it simply, you like him a lot.

    Mr. Cosby: Anything but running for President and talking about what somebody did. This is the third year of a catastrophe. Catastrophic 8 years we had and people don’t want to look back and see the damage that was done. This is what we have to clean up.

  96. The press briefing with Jay just finished. Folks, this is going to be a challenge.

    The House has every intention to put President Obama in a corner and force him to sign a temporary resolution once again. And boy they are going to try to make President Obama sign it “on their terms”. They are going to try to paint President Obama has the bad guy if he refuses to sign an extending resolution.

    Frustrating because the argument of President Obama makes total sense, that is: constant extending resolutions are only ‘kicking the can” further down the road, and it diminishes the pressure on negociators to reach a deal.

    Problem is that the american people don’t give a damn about process. (They should but that’s another story).

    The argument of certainty is a rational and accurate argument that every economist gets. The challenge is to make the general population get it.

    On the positive side of what’s happening: could a government “shut-down” make people realize how many GOOD things the government is doing ? And how this whole “government is evil” is pure demagoguery ??

  97. I totally call BS on politico! Latinos I know love him and so many of the women just adore Michelle.

  98. What a great story, which makes my comment apropos. I just finished helping one of my favorite patrons, who’s a senior citizen. She’s livid about what the GOP is doing over the budget. The funny thing is that she’s still a registered Republican, but has voted Dem since Clinton. Everyone evolves! 🙂

  99. Thanks, japa! A word about my troll: Aielman and I met each other on a blogging site called efx2 about five or six years ago. We generally don’t see eye-to-eye on a whole lot of things but I have to say that, in general, I respect him. He’s intelligent and doesn’t suffer dumbasses on either side of the aisle.

    We’ve been bantering back and forth for years and I will admit that he often makes me think and that he frequently makes me either defend my positions with intelligent responses or admit that I am blowing smoke. I’m okay with that.

    I’m friends with him on Facebook and with his wife, as well. They are great, caring, responsible parents and, although he and I tangle on political topics regularly, I have a grudging respect for him.

    All that said, his “Really?” response to my Arlo Guthrie post last night was not one of his finer moments 😉

  100. It proved what they taught me in journalism school, you can’t sell a product that has no market.

    That just proves that journalists know nothing about the economy – supply side economics rocks !


  101. I agree that the poll is pointless and the dip is most likely statistical noise. Again, it seems to me that the MSM is guilty of attempting to shape perception rather than reporting reality (i.e., this is propaganda). The MSM seems to have gotten marching orders to attempt to sow African-American discontent with Pres. Obama. I’m sure the usual suspects will embrace this task with their usual gusto, and fail miserably once again.

  102. No kidding. One word comments like that remind me too much of the ‘dark side’ and seem just a little condescending. I gave him a small paw smack for that. You have been doing some great diaries. I’m just catching up as I have been out of the loop for a week with family stuff.

  103. I am going to trust his instincts on this. He is dealing with irrational hostage takers in his own Congress. I think he has a plan, aided by the Clinton’s experience. People will reward the adult in the room over a Congress and congressional leadership with approval ratings hovering around 20%.

    We are going to win this.

  104. That’s kinda splitting hairs or adding apples to oranges, as the case may be. There are 2 separate comparisons – GOP vs Obama and GOP vs Dems.

  105. Why is Meredith Viera even attempting to conduct an interview? Bill Cosby made a fool of her – or rather she made a fool of herself. Stick to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire dear. Does any pundit in the MSM even have a journalism degree? {{{crickets}}}

  106. The bill still has to get through the Senate to get to the president’s desk and Harry Reid can put the kabosh on that nonsense.

  107. Great point dcsandy. Reid has stated that the House has to get rid of the riders on the bill that target Planned Parenthood and the EPA before it stood a chance of passing the Senate. Granted the public does not care about “process”, but knowing a bill has to pass the House AND Senate before the President can sign or veto should be common knowledge (although I’m sure it is not, unfortunately).

  108. I am so sorry to hear about your nephew. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and your family. Hopefully he will be able to get the help he needs.

  109. I don’t know what the big deal is. His ‘friend” got arrested for soliciting sex, this should have nothing to do with Pres. Obama. Besides, when the Republican Senators, Governors etc. were found to be having affairs nobody seems to care.

  110. Ack. Can I tell you how much I despise the words, “hippie-punching”?? Imo, those who use that phrase use it as a cop-out. Instead of explaining their point of view, seeking to understand another’s point of view, or seeking to understand what part they have played in any discourse, they scream they are hippies being punched. Please. But, hey, it’s a great way for them to shut down conversation.

  111. They are indeed much like toddlers. Of course the Lady who founded this site made the same observation, which explains how she came up w/this site’s name.

  112. Sorry to hear that. Hope he can find a way to peace of spirit without trying that again. Medal of Honer winning Audie Murphy became a movie hero after war 2 and married a beautiful actress. He also slept with his pistol under his pillow, which if Im not mistaken was eventually kept along with his single bed in his garage so his wife could get a nights sleep. I believe that President Obama is well aware of the walking wounded and is’nt about to invade Libya and subject our men and women to another unending horror show and can live with settling for saving thousands of lives with the loss of one fighter plane that malfunctioned but didnt lose it’s air crew.

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