The Floor Is Yours

Here’s something that I really hope to make into a habit – Posting stuff that you guys writes. As s debut, this is a letter sent by Big Daddy Rich to Stephanie Miller yesterday, who actually read parts of it during her show. This is the full version.

Big Daddy Rich, the floor is yours:

Mama and the Mooks:

I haven’t listened to the show in a couple of days, because I figured I’d hear a lot of moaning and groaning from the Mooks over Eric Holder’s decision to try Khalid Sheik Muhammad in a military tribunal at Gitmo,  that it was yet ANOTHER way Obama has disappointed them and every Democrat living, dead or unborn. 

I hope they didn’t…I really, REALLY hope they didn’t — but you know what?  If they did, SO WHAT?  Don’t get me wrong, I love those guys….I really, REALLY love those guys….but as far as the usual complaints that Obama hasn’t done this, Obama hasn’t done that — well they’re just part of the WATBs (Whiny Ass Titty Babies) who make up this new generation of progressives.

Think about it:  Obama gets a historic health care law passed, the WATBs are mad because it didn’t include public option, never mind that the bill damn near DIDN’T GET PASSED.  Obama gets a massive economic stimulus bill passed, the WATBs say it was too small, forgetting it was CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATS who scaled it back.  Obama gets a historic financial regulation system passed, the WATBs says it’s inadequate, even though congressional supporters say the bill was IMPROVED as it came closer to passage.  Obama ends combat operations in Iraq, the WATBs complain about the escalation of the war in Afghanistan, which he said he was going to do in the campaign.  Obama signs an executive order for hopsitals who accept Medicare and Medicaid to grant visitation and decision making rights to same sex couples, but the WATBs ignore it and focus all of their attention the fact that he didn’t overturn DADT wtih the stroke of a pen.  Obama gets a payroll tax cut and an extension of unemployment benefits after negotiations with Republicans last December, and the WATBs complain about extending the Bush tax cuts for two years, without getting mad at CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS who chickened out and didn’t vote for a plan to end the tax cuts.  And now with Sheikh Muhammad and Gitmo, I’m sure the WATBs got into a thumb sucking fit about that, without, again, getting made at CONGRESSIONAL LAWMAKERS who chickened out and didn’t give him the money to close the joint down.

It’s simple, the WATBs don’t care about what he’s actually GOTTEN done — health care reform, financial regulatory reform, bailing out the auto industry, revamping TARP so the government will make a PROFIT on the handouts, passing the repeal of DADT, ending the government’s court defense of DOMA, slowly but surely winding down the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and overseeing a fragile but substantial economic recovery — they’re just mad they didn’t get everything THEY wanted, without understanding that politics is the art of the POSSIBLE..

Seriously, this new generation of progressives has simply GOT TO GROW THE HELL UP.  They’ve got the instant gratification mindset prevalant in our society now.  Compare it to the founding of the NAACP in 1909 — it was a long 40 years later before the military was desegregated, and nearly 50 years before the first civil rights legislation was passed.  And think of all the other progressive innovations in the 20th century:  Social Security, Medicare, women’s suffrage, child labor laws, civil rights, environmental protection, food and water safety, veterans’ benefits, the list goes on and on.  You think all this came during the presidency of ONE man in his first term?  OF COURSE NOT…it still took advocates decades of toil, sweat, and literally blood to make these things a reality.  Did they stop and whine and throw a childish fit when they didn’t get EVERYTHING they wanted at one time?

I’ll tell you this, Mama:  I can imagine the ghosts of progressive heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr, Thurgood Marshall, Alice Paul, the Roosevelts, the Kennedy brothers, Lyndon Johnson and others gathered together, looking at this generation of progressives, and saying in one clear voice:  WIMPS.

P.S.  One more thing, Steph, ask the WATBs what they would’ve preferred over the last two years: the calm, steady, professorial yet flexible pragmatist accompanied by an equally steadfast and wise second-in-command, OR the erratic septaugenerian with anger management issues who goes back on EVERY SINGLE he once embraced, joined by an empty-headed, inexperienced walking Barbie doll who would make Dan Quayle look like Mr. Science??    

If it was choice number two, then you could bet we’d be facing economic armegeddon, a new ground war in Iran, no real health care reform, and a steady dose of Baby Mama drama!

120 thoughts on “The Floor Is Yours

  1. Another fabulous idea; I love series of this type.

    Big Daddy Rich: that was a letter of complete beauty; 100% correct from start to finish.

  2. (claps)
    Personally, I blame the 24-hour news cycle for this, rather than activists being wimpy, though. As an activist in hostile territory, I believe that I am f—ing tough, if not able to do as much as I would like.
    But you know…the coverage is all “Who won the week?” and “Paul Ryan Had A Stupid Idea Yesterday…let’s watch? Will Obama call it stupid?” (As much as I really dig POTUS, God, I wish he’d get his Stringer Bell on and be all “What the hell is this?”

  3. I missed her show yesterday and today. They have been calling in lately complaining about some progressive and its progressives thats saying enough.

  4. Wow, that is a letter. Absolutely spot on. I particularly loved this part:

    Seriously, this new generation of progressives has simply GOT TO GROW THE HELL UP. They’ve got the instant gratification mindset prevalant in our society now. “

  5. I attribute a lot of what we hear from the Whine fest crowd on powerlessness. People who feel powerless tend to have an unrealistic sense of what is possible. People who feel powerless tend to want someone else to fix things for them, and yes they want the person doing the fixing to be a badass and yell and generally bully those around them. They want the person they’ve assigned to fix things to look and act ‘powerful’. This behavior is reminiscent of a pre-teen or teenager who escapes in comic books to avoid the feelings of powerlessness at school and who learns that the comic book super hero can and will come to his or her rescue and make everything better, but more importantly make them feel powerful.

    They want our President to be their comic book hero who has super powers and is invincible and who will make the bad guys pay.

  6. A-freakin-MEN!!!

    Seriously, that hits every chord there is to be hit, doesn’t it?

    I doff my chapeau to Big Daddy Rich. Well done, sir. Very, very well done.

  7. “WIMPS” In_DEED. Just that simple.

    Thank you BDR for the letter and BWD for sharing all of it with us.

  8. I’m an activist too. chicating. The segment of “activists” that Big Daddy Rich labeled WATBs are not activists in the sense that to be a successful activist is building coalitions. I believe that PBO will get his “stringer bell on” WHEN IT MATTERS, i.e., when folks, not only pundits and junkies are paying attention. Our problem is when impatience and pout-rage trumps calm and reason. (Thank you Al Giordano, for educating me on the “Chicken Little” phenomena and the importance of grass roots organizing).

  9. Guys like Lawrence Odonell, who reward that behavior, by putting on these liberal sychophants! Lawrence is center left like most of us, yet he has decided, b/c he is at 8pm now, he is now a purist! In other words, he changed, just so he could make more money!
    At least people like Joe Scumbag and Pat buchanon are true to their beliefs!
    Then, don’t even get me started on Uhygur. IT is almost like the Comcast/NBC is saying, you cannot get on tv unless you go out of your way to bash the President! Sadly!

  10. Fantastic letter! It really sums things up. It’s time to call so many of the American public out for behaving like 3 year olds, both right and left. Between the tea party sillies and the left wing whiners, the American public looks like a bad case of spoiled children who throw temper tantrums whenever they don’t get their way NOW! It really is high time the more rational folks call them on their behavior and refuse to be held hostage by them.

  11. Still no deal. Staff getting together at 3pm and Harry and Boner back to WH at 7. If they still don’t get something, Govt shutdown.
    Way to go tea baggers, you did it! YOu got rid of the govt! lol.

  12. It’s fair to say though, that every generation has had these kind of “progressives”. Axreldale ( I miss him ! ) made a beautiful post about that a few weeks ago.

    Maybe what’s new is with the media and the blogosphere, they’re being given a louder voice now ?

  13. Would anyone be interested in joining me at colorlines. There’s an article up entitled, “Obama Can Save Government by Reviving His 2008 Mastery of Values,” which is just begging to be set straight.

  14. Prosser seems to be picking up a lot of votes in recanvassing. 10-15 votes here or there will add up quickly. Law of averages and outside of shenanigans the adds should balance each other out, but Prosser seems to be getting all the gains.

  15. My apologies. I just realized that my question was off-topic on this thread and not in line with the purpose that BWD intended.

  16. Japan had another 7.1 earthquake. No additional damage but as a result oil hit $110/barrel. This is a real potential danger to the recovery. Almost as big a one as a shutdown would be.

  17. Yet when you tell these watb about how long it took their predecessors to get those rights they will say that they shouldn’t have to wait so long. Well, no there is no predetermined time to wait for the government to do right, but they should know that the establishment will fight any and all change to the death.

  18. Saint Roscoe-

    What is recanvassing? Is that part of the verification process?

  19. Oooo…I’m going to take that letter and post it where it needs to be read! (:

  20. At this point, I imagine President Obama has understood that Bohner is only playing games.

    Apparently the main points of contention are the EPA and Planned Parenthood.

    I heard that Susan Collins and other republican women are NOT happy about the extremists holding women’s health hostage.

    Gosh, I’ve dreamed for months that Susan Collins and others would call it quits and do the right thing, that is becoming independant. Her and Susan Snowe have been saying the GOP has left them. I know they won’t have the guts to leave the GOP, but I just wished they would. They’re probably waiting for a Jon Huntsman to come to the rescue. But will the extremism that is devouring the GOP subside that easily ?

  21. If you need a light-hearted pick-me-up, this video is just charming and shows what a really good politician is capable of. It’s about the utterly delightful 88-year-old Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario who has been Mayor for 31 years and the city has ZERO debt.

  22. It’s an official recount of those votes before the total gets sent to Madison. This is not the recount that would take place starting probably next week.

  23. Chitchatting, with all due respect, I would not like my President to come out pontificating, hyperboling, grandstanding whatever is the topic of the day. I leave that sort of mongering actions to the John Boners, Donald Chumps, the PL and the purists progressives.

    The fact that President Obama does not join the fray, stays factual/pragmatic is why he enjoys 50+ approval in the polls for months now and his numbers are higher than most Presidents this juncture of their presidency. Also is why he remains the only adult in the room.

  24. Depends on where the first ballot boxes are from, no ? I believe in the law of averages…

    Concerned about shenanigans though… I bet democrat lawyers are on alert…

    Let’s stay hopeful.

  25. Good point, Pamela, also considering what happens to Stringer, maybe that isn’t the greatest reference ever. Obviously, we want Obama to be more like Bunny Colvin.:)

    Also, Stringer’s book would be “The Audacity of Dope”

  26. Also, during this phase things can happen like a signature that wasn’t originally found gets looked up and is discovered to be correct. Certain mistakes can be corrected in a recanvass that rehabilitates a ballot, or discovers a previously uncounted ballot. It’s mostly bookkeeping.

  27. Oh the trained poll watchers and lawyers from both sides will watch every single step like hawks. Not to worry.

  28. Me too and I caught your diary on Arlo. Good one. I think I gave your one word troll a little smack with my paw. Keep up the good work.

  29. Collins, Brown, Murkowski and Snowe should hold a press conference calling out Boehner if they feel so strongly. That would really put the pressure on Boehner and the House. But they won’t do it.

  30. That woman is just amazing. I’ve read about her before. What an inspiration for people like me who think sometimes I am getting too ‘old.’

  31. Here’s what you need to know from Thursday’s White House briefing with press secretary Jay Carney and budget official Jeff Zients:

    — Despite pessimism from Harry Reid and John Boehner, President Obama is still “confident” that a budget deal can be reached to avert a government shutdown, Carney said. “We are so close to getting it done,” he said.

    — The budget brokers are on the “verge of a potential compromise,” Carney said.

    — Carney was unhelpful in describing Obama’s negotiations with Boehner and Reid. “I don’t want to characterize the back-and-forth,” he said, “because I think it’s important to protect the privacy of those discussions.”

  32. Well, I think the premise that growing up as an insecure child makes you ripe for becoming a conservative is suspect. My childhood was rife with uncertainty and I was extremely insecure, but my mind was always curious and I delighted in learning and am pretty flexible and very, very Democratic.

  33. Always scoring politcal points(and cheap ones at that) aye huckabee? He said, he is all for the bill that HALTS obamas pay(if their is a shutdown)!
    What he does not know is, the senate passed a bill(boxer sponsored) that was a unanimois consent approved, on this matter! Yesterday, Boxer sent boner a letter telling him to do the same, but he has not brought it to the floor!
    But, Dana Bash says it is bi-partisan. Yeah, bi-partisan, but NOT bi-cameral.
    As a result, the senate has agreed to w/hold their pay if their is a govt shutdown(w/out legislation).
    So, Huckabee can suck it!

  34. Big Daddy, you are right on time. Call them out and Call them by name.

  35. chicating, I got caught up in the WATB syndrome during the fight for Health Care Reform, but then took a deep breath, let it out and realized that the President WAS acting like the only adult in the room. My gut sometimes wants to write checks my head can’t cash, but having realized that, I can take a break and go back to what ever is going on with a bit more common sense.

    The other thing I realize is that what appealed to me about President Obama before the election was that he didn’t propose to do all these good things all by himself, but to lead us to solving problems together as the American Family. We elected the man then sat on our duffs expecting him to do it all by himself while we watched. It just doesn’t work that way.

    We would all be wise to ask ourselves what we did to further the solutions we believe in, before we gripe about what the President has done!

  36. Navigate: POLITICO Ben Smith Main Content
    Ben Smith: Political News and Analysis: Norton: Shutdown ‘the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians’April 07, 2011
    Norton: Shutdown ‘the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians’
    D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton tells Fox 5 in Washington:

    “We are absolutely outraged. This is the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians… It’s time that the District of Columbia told the Congress to go straight to hell….

    If these Republicans insist that, if they don’t get the whole pie they’ll take the whole country down with them.

    The source of Norton’s displeasure: The District of Columbia can’t spend local funds without congressional approval, and the city government will shut down along with the federal government.

    (h/t CBS)

  37. There is a post over on that other site that we hate to mention today that details all the things Obama has done complete with links. It’s massive and comprehensive. I bookmarked it onto my toolbar where it will stay. As much as I dislike that site these days I will provide that link every time some WATB starts spewing.

    The title of the post is:
    “I Am The Kind Of Democrat Who Is ALL IN For President Obama”

  38. I agree Electablog. I would like to meet Big Daddy Rich, shake his hand and give him a big ole hug. He said everything that I have been thinking for the last 2 years. Bravo to him. I listen to Stephanie Miller everyday. If and when she read this I did not hear it. Sometime I fall asleep on her show since it come on so early here.

  39. Saint Roscoe,
    listen why on earth do you want to take Ap as gospel. They have a corporate agenda. So if I were you I would be cautious

  40. Big Daddy has written the letter I have wanted to send to Stephanie for months. Instead, I just tuned into another station.

    I’m glad people are starting to push back.

  41. That’s TiMT’s great diary. He cross posted at The People’s View so get the link there and you don’t have to use the ‘dark side’ link.

  42. Yes and no. With every increase in oil prices the argument for alternative energy gets stronger. Plus in states like mine the income from taxes on oil and gas helps balance our state budget. Finally, higher oil prices means higher transportation costs for imports from overseas, creating incentives to manufacture here in the US.

  43. One of the reasons to invest in Canadian government bonds. They regulate their banks and financial sector, ban corporate contributions in political raced and local government is tightly restricted on incurring debt.

  44. I pray this President is as good as Bill Clinton was in 95 when this happened:

    White House puts shutdown contingency plans in play
    By Sam Youngman – 04/07/11 01:32 PM ET

    The Obama administration has ramped up its contingency plans for a government shutdown as a budget deal looks increasingly unlikely.

    While Obama met with Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) just down the hall in the Oval Office, Jeff Zients, the administration’s point man for shutdown contingency plans, told reporters that the Office of Management and Budget began letting federal employees know Thursday if they will be furloughed in the event of a shutdown.

    Zients ticked off a list of services that would cease at midnight Friday if Democrats and Republicans fail to reach an agreement on a deal that would fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year.

    This is one time, I just don’t know! I only say that, b/c the liberal press will be against him!

  45. Exactly. But you would never see them on cable teevee trashing Boner, the way you see Weiner, the CBC, or Grayson on teevee trashing President Obama.

  46. A net gain of 244 for Prosser…Aaaawww. that’s just a little too convenient, now isn’t it?

  47. Jovie, keep in mind two very important things:

    1. President Obama is the smartest guy in the room.

    2. President Obama HATES to lose.

  48. Hey guys what do you think about the Wisconsin election. Are these numbers going to continue to go back and forth as the recount process starts ?

    I doubt Prosser could gain that many votes without gains being made on the other side.

  49. Excellent points Hopefruit.. I would just add a #3: He rarely does- lose 😉

  50. True. A gain of 200+ votes on Prosser’s side with no similar gain on the other side is HIGHLY SUSPECT in my opinion.

  51. Think Progress reported that a similar bill was brought up in the House, and Louie Gohmert was the only one to vote FOR it. The rest of the republicans want their paychecks to keep rolling no matter what happens to the rest of the nation’s citizens.

    “Last Friday, the House voted on a measure to stop their paychecks should the government shut down. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) was the only Republican to vote in favor.”

  52. No desire to argue, but larry said months ago that he is a socialist tried and true–always has been.

    Oh the other hand, like you said, he is fighting for ratings. I feel that ed, larry and rachel have all lost any credibility I ever had for them. Now they just play rope-a-dope and gotcha politics. All of them are sell-outs.

  53. Hello everyone !

    I always follow the works of Frank Schaeffer, ex-evangelical who really understands what those extreme right-wing are really about.

    He just posted a new article.

    I think this article should be spread far and wide. I think his analysis of the origin of the radicalism of the GOP does make sense. It’s pretty harsh, but those tea-party republicans are pretty extreme, no ?

    I’m sending it to Rachel and to the White House.

  54. Jonathan Alter’s book reports that our president swears like the best of them, and behind the scenes, he is nothing like his public persona. If his people let him down, he gets angry, but gets over it quickly. He is apparently pretty demanding of those who work for him. He demands a great deal of himself and those who surround him.

    Actually, I am happy to know that. If you constantly swallow all of that anger it can destroy you.

  55. Thank you for that great letter. I so agree with all he said. I can’t listen to all those whiney PL and those of other so called left blogs. He says it all!

  56. Note: Unless I’m mistaken, Mr. Schaeffer didn’t post his article on his blog. He simply put a link to HP. So I had to post the link to HP…

  57. Just about sums up all that we feel,no?
    O/T a clerk in the WI elections claims she just discovered 7000 votes …all for Prosser? God, these people will stop at nothing!

  58. Just a few minutes ago, I saw on the Rachel show some clips of the statement the clerk gave to the press. She was very nervous. Could be that she was genuinely ashamed at the “error”. Or it’s something else and she was not comfortable with what transpired.

  59. Interesting and most likely our potus has his moments but I will take pundits selling books words with a grain of salt.

  60. *lol* We all do. I think this is one of the things about our POTUS that the GOP hates so much. They can’t break that calm quiet strength he possesses. Their search for the angry black man almost 3 years later, still is all in vain. 😀

  61. Thank you, Lovepolitics2008. Her personal computer?? I’m failing to understand how this could possibly be acceptable to county and state officials. I’m not even a Wisconsin resident and I’m furious!

  62. “Nickolaus removed the election results collection and tallying system from the county computer network last spring and installed it on standalone personal computers in her office.”

    Oh. My. Gosh. x 10

  63. I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around this. I truly am. I’m at a loss. I don’t understand how that was allowed to happen. No one said anything?!

    lol – x10. But, h@!! yeah, x10!

  64. Completely off-topic, chicating – checked out your blog, started watching the Bourdain video but had to stop. I’ve had my own “pig” experience, and if I have nightmares tonight I’m gonna blame you, girl. lol.

  65. “P.S. One more thing, Steph, ask the WATBs what they would’ve preferred over the last two years: the calm, steady, professorial yet flexible pragmatist accompanied by an equally steadfast and wise second-in-command, OR the erratic septaugenerian with anger management issues who goes back on EVERY SINGLE he once embraced, joined by an empty-headed, inexperienced walking Barbie doll who would make Dan Quayle look like Mr. Science??”


    Of course, it would not surprise me to see some WATBs actually make the claim that things would have been better under the McCain/Palin…because, you know, they would’ve fired up the progressive movement or something or some other weird nonsense.

    (Hey, David Swanson tried. Couldn’t even make it through the first paragraph.)

  66. Wow! You just described Donald Trump. Someone who pretends to be powerful. He screams, shouts, and lies!

  67. Hi everybody, and thanks for the compliments! Also, thanks to BWD for posting my e-mail. (I’m also pleasantly surprised she kept the full definition of WATB that I wrote — this IS a family blog, ya know! ;-0) Stephanie read it Wednesday during the last 10 minutes of her show, and she and Hal Sparks (who co-hosted that day) were quite enthusiastic about it. I wish she had been able to read the entire thing so there could’ve been listener feedback, but so many people have called and made similar sentiments over the past several months. Suggestion: if anyone has a chance to listen to Stephanie this morning, call in and discuss this topic, and let’s generate some interest. Thanks again, guys!

  68. I know! Honestly, I think I posted it because I wasn’t over it…Bourdain gets into some shit, doesn’t he?
    Here’s hoping for no nightmares.

  69. Thanks for the letter, BDR.
    I am incredibly suspicious over what happened in WI. Either that clerk is a crook or she is truly the stupidest woman in America.
    I suppose either could be true, but if I lived there, neither would inspire much electoral confidence.

  70. My frustration with the far left has become epic. In their own way, they are just as inflexible and ridiculous as the tea baggers, and so unrealistic. In a most unfortunate bit of insight, I now understand the continuing frustration moderate republicans have always voiced regarding the childishness of liberal idealogs, especially with regards to the military. I am shamed by this.

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