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The Floor Is Yours

Here’s something that I really hope to make into a habit – Posting stuff that you guys writes. As s debut, this is a letter sent by Big Daddy Rich to Stephanie Miller yesterday, who actually read parts of it during her show. This is the full version.

Big Daddy Rich, the floor is yours:

Mama and the Mooks:

I haven’t listened to the show in a couple of days, because I figured I’d hear a lot of moaning and groaning from the Mooks over Eric Holder’s decision to try Khalid Sheik Muhammad in a military tribunal at Gitmo,  that it was yet ANOTHER way Obama has disappointed them and every Democrat living, dead or unborn. 

I hope they didn’t…I really, REALLY hope they didn’t — but you know what?  If they did, SO WHAT?  Don’t get me wrong, I love those guys….I really, REALLY love those guys….but as far as the usual complaints that Obama hasn’t done this, Obama hasn’t done that — well they’re just part of the WATBs (Whiny Ass Titty Babies) who make up this new generation of progressives.

Think about it:  Obama gets a historic health care law passed, the WATBs are mad because it didn’t include public option, never mind that the bill damn near DIDN’T GET PASSED.  Obama gets a massive economic stimulus bill passed, the WATBs say it was too small, forgetting it was CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATS who scaled it back.  Obama gets a historic financial regulation system passed, the WATBs says it’s inadequate, even though congressional supporters say the bill was IMPROVED as it came closer to passage.  Obama ends combat operations in Iraq, the WATBs complain about the escalation of the war in Afghanistan, which he said he was going to do in the campaign.  Obama signs an executive order for hopsitals who accept Medicare and Medicaid to grant visitation and decision making rights to same sex couples, but the WATBs ignore it and focus all of their attention the fact that he didn’t overturn DADT wtih the stroke of a pen.  Obama gets a payroll tax cut and an extension of unemployment benefits after negotiations with Republicans last December, and the WATBs complain about extending the Bush tax cuts for two years, without getting mad at CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS who chickened out and didn’t vote for a plan to end the tax cuts.  And now with Sheikh Muhammad and Gitmo, I’m sure the WATBs got into a thumb sucking fit about that, without, again, getting made at CONGRESSIONAL LAWMAKERS who chickened out and didn’t give him the money to close the joint down.

It’s simple, the WATBs don’t care about what he’s actually GOTTEN done — health care reform, financial regulatory reform, bailing out the auto industry, revamping TARP so the government will make a PROFIT on the handouts, passing the repeal of DADT, ending the government’s court defense of DOMA, slowly but surely winding down the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and overseeing a fragile but substantial economic recovery — they’re just mad they didn’t get everything THEY wanted, without understanding that politics is the art of the POSSIBLE..

Seriously, this new generation of progressives has simply GOT TO GROW THE HELL UP.  They’ve got the instant gratification mindset prevalant in our society now.  Compare it to the founding of the NAACP in 1909 — it was a long 40 years later before the military was desegregated, and nearly 50 years before the first civil rights legislation was passed.  And think of all the other progressive innovations in the 20th century:  Social Security, Medicare, women’s suffrage, child labor laws, civil rights, environmental protection, food and water safety, veterans’ benefits, the list goes on and on.  You think all this came during the presidency of ONE man in his first term?  OF COURSE NOT…it still took advocates decades of toil, sweat, and literally blood to make these things a reality.  Did they stop and whine and throw a childish fit when they didn’t get EVERYTHING they wanted at one time?

I’ll tell you this, Mama:  I can imagine the ghosts of progressive heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr, Thurgood Marshall, Alice Paul, the Roosevelts, the Kennedy brothers, Lyndon Johnson and others gathered together, looking at this generation of progressives, and saying in one clear voice:  WIMPS.

P.S.  One more thing, Steph, ask the WATBs what they would’ve preferred over the last two years: the calm, steady, professorial yet flexible pragmatist accompanied by an equally steadfast and wise second-in-command, OR the erratic septaugenerian with anger management issues who goes back on EVERY SINGLE he once embraced, joined by an empty-headed, inexperienced walking Barbie doll who would make Dan Quayle look like Mr. Science??    

If it was choice number two, then you could bet we’d be facing economic armegeddon, a new ground war in Iran, no real health care reform, and a steady dose of Baby Mama drama!

No wonder Republicans cheers for a shutdown: Jobless claims keeps falling

Hi guys,

Today’s schedule:

9:30 AM PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.
10:00 AM  
11:00 AM  
12:00 PM  
12:30 PM PBO and VPB meet for lunch.Carney briefs the press.
1:00 PM  
2:00 PM PBO meets with Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner.
2:15 PM VPB meets with Senator Lindsey Graham.
3:00 PM  
3:45 PM PBO meets with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.
4:00 PM  
4:20 PM PBO and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos deliver statements to the press.



Weekly jobless claims drop to 382,000

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The number of people who applied for unemployment benefits last week fell by 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted 382,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch has expected new applications for jobless benefits to drop to 385,000. The average of new claims over the past four weeks, meanwhile, declined by 5,750 to 389,500. The Labor Department also reported that the number of Americans who continue to receive state unemployment checks decreased by 9,000 to 3.72 million in the week of March 26, the lowest level since October 2008. Altogether, 8.52 million people received some kind of state or federal benefit in the week of March 19, down nearly 246,000 from the prior week.


A very good piece from Michael Tomasky, about the fast approaching shutdown and the real reason behind it:

// snip

The GOP knows that if the economy keeps improving and unemployment is down to 8% by election time, their chances in 2012 are fairly slim. Now, I hasten to note that that is a big if, so who knows? But everyone understands this.

A shutdown affects the economy immediately and directly. Hundreds of thousands of people in the public sector aren’t working and therefore aren’t spending. Hundreds of thousands more in the private sector who depend almost entirely, or at least largely, on government contracts for their livelihoods are out of luck. This is everyone from GM to pencil manufacturers. A huge swath of the economy just closes. If the shutdown lasts long enough, layoffs come along. Two bad months slow the tender momentum that now exists.

There you are. Psych and Econ.



Good stuff from Mark Morford:

…This is apparently now how it works in American politics: You are allowed no more than 2.4 years of impossibly difficult service as redeemer president, shouldering the overwhelming burden of failure foisted on you by your pathetic predecessor, before you have to start fundraising, glad-handing and talking wistfully about your Kenyan father all over again.

But never mind that now. Because liberals are, as they say, up against it. Many are fidgeting and fussing, puling about the fact that, while they grudgingly admit Obama has mostly been a fine, articulate, highly regarded president who has passed a huge amount of progressive legislation and returned America to a place of relative honor in the international community, turns out he’s not been nearly fine enough.


Sure, the extremely difficult Iraq drawdown is going brilliantly, on time and on target. Sure, the economy is recovering, a little. Sure Obama saved GM and a million jobs. Sure he’s great on women’s rights, unemployment and housing aid, college loans, science, high-speed rail, all sorts of non-sensational but still hugely impressive triumphs that never make screaming 300-point headlines in HuffPo, TPM and Politico.


Now, you can argue, as I often still do, that Obama has a sense of the long view like no president in our lifetime. He seems to understand that his true positive impact will be felt cumulatively, over time, way down the road (your kids will love him). He thinks not egomaniacally, not insta-gratifyingly, but historically. This alone makes him one of the most remarkable politicians of any stripe, now or ever.

// Go read the entire liberal Whine-O’-Meter article…


More stuff no one knows about:

NYT: G.E. Plans to Build Largest Solar Panel Plant in U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO — In a move that could shake up the American solar industry, General Electric plans to announce on Thursday that it will build the nation’s largest photovoltaic panel factory, with the goal of becoming a major player in the market.

// more


Don’t expect Matt Damon to be there:

Jeffrey Katzenberg Organizing Elite Fundraising Event for Obama

Kicking off his Hollywood fundraising effort for the 2012 election, President Obama could attend as many as three moneymaking events in a 24-hour period this month, the most elite of which probably would be co-hosted by Jeffrey Katzenberg.

The DreamWorks Animation CEO, insiders say, has taken the lead in organizing events for Obama to attend when he visits Tinseltown on April 21. Also spearheading the effort is Andy  Spahn, a political consultant for Katzenberg and his fellow DreamWorks founders, Steven Spielberg and David Geffen.

 // more


If  you’re yet to do so, go NOW to The Obama Diary and watch Rev Al Sharpton’s introduction of the president, before his speech at the 20th anniversary of Sharpton’s organization National Action Network.

And of course, watch the speech itself:


Here’s the awesome energy town-hall from yesterday. People asked such good questions, PBO was actually a little stunned. After all, he is so used to Washington “journalism”.  Give yourself an hour and watch it, and if you don’t have an hour – at least watch his final comments about the nature of “progress”. So clear and so incredibly smart.




OT: Just wanted to let you know that I deleted some posts from last night, and will continue to do so whenever I see personal attacks, over top rhetoric and “the-sky-is-falling” comments. As I said many times, I don’t have the time, nor the energy, to deal with hostile comments on the board. I have more than enough of it outside. I don’t ask for much, but I do ask you to respect my request. 

Thank you.