Wednesday morning open mishmash

Hi guys,

Busy day for the president. I’ll be back later to cover the events in Philadelphia and NYC. Have a good day.

11:00 AM PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.
12:00 PM  
12:15 PM PBO departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base.
12:30 PM PBO departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1:00 PM  
1:15 PM PBO arrives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.VPB participates in a conference call with college and university presidents.
2:00 PM  
2:10 PM PBO holds a town hall discussion with Gamesa workers.
3:00 PM  
3:45 PM VPB meets with Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.
4:00 PM  
4:20 PM PBO departs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
5:00 PM PBO arrives in New York, New York.
6:00 PM  
6:05 PM PBO delivers remarks at National Action Networks Annual Gala.
6:45 PM Joe and Jill Biden host a reception for University of Delaware alumni.
7:00 PM  
7:40 PM PBO departs New York, New York.
8:00 PM  
8:35 PM PBO arrives at Andrews Air Force Base.
8:50 PM PBO arrives at the White House.



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  2. WI went pretty darn good: Milwaukee trounced the Walker clone for their Chief Executive. There were conservative-leaning areas that elected progressives. And the Prosser/Kloppenberg fight is truly too close to call.

    In Chicago, Emanuel was given a mandate: out of 12 aldermanic races, the Daley/Burke machine lost 9 SEATS. Some very entrenched wards threw over their longstanding machine candidates and went with Emanuel’s picks. This town is ready for some honest governance.

  3. Let me clarify my above comment: this is how change happens — one elective office at a time. Expect to hear from the MSM how WI ‘failed’ because Kloppenberg didn’t deliver a decisive win, ignoring how Milwaukee turned its back on Walker politics. How conservative-leaning areas in Appleton went for a progressive. How a progressive won a 10-day write-in campaign. This is serious, systemic buyer’s remorse.

    So when you hear that WI’s union-supporting failed because of the Prosser/Kloppenberg race, let them know what WI really voted for yesterday.

    Republicans didn’t whine in 1984 when they added a few more Republican dogcatchers and school board members — they understood that it takes small, systemic steps to change a tide. That’s something the frustrati just doesn’t get.

  4. Thank you for the news Faith. Encouraging. Good signs for the eventual recall of repub state senators…

  5. Mo’nin’ BWDers!

    Ms. Faith….VERY helpful perspective and encouragement as, indeed, that’s very likely what the MSM will do.

    Might I encourage you, myself, and others to point this very important reality out from time to time in these days ahead.

    It’s a PROCESS. NOT a rapid 180.

    Hmmmm…..didn’t a certain MOST impressive gentleman use, in metaphor, how an ocean liner turns a bit ago?????

  6. Thanks BWD for the President’s schedule. Busy day indeed. Moreover, didn’t the President say that he was prepared to have another meeting today with Bohner and Reid, if necessary ? That would mean tonight when he comes back I suppose. I hope he rests in Air Force One on the way home. He will need it if he wants to keep his cool with Bohner…

  7. Good morning everyone! This is all great news! In this time of our fightb for Truth and Justice sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the injustices that are happening around us close to home. The peace I get knowing our President is there knows no bounds! Right now I have a good friend going thru a situation that I can’t. Understand why this is happening to her. I know right now there are many people fighting for there own battles. We need President Obama!

    I know I am so thankful for this place! Thank you BWD for keeping us focused on the issue at hand and for all the wonderful ideas of what each on of us can do.

    This place gives me strength to go out and face the day. Thank you one and all.

  8. To Faith, you made a great point in the way to win. It really does begin at the very local level to get to the top of the machine.The Republicans have taken control in a lot of local elections the school boards,city governments,district offices then they control the agenda.We really should all get out to some of our local meetings and fight for the things that happening our communities that’s how we change from the bottom up. Our President has told us time over time it is really from the bottom up. So we must fight from the bottom to the top to reelect our President Obama.

  9. Or maybe he as a meeting with them early this morning ?…

    I don’t know if President Obama can pull out a miracle. I hope democrats don’t compromise further. They have done their part. What makes it so difficult is that democrats have almost no leverage on republicans because repubs don’t CARE if there’s a government shutdown. They don’t CARE if the economy is hit.

  10. I checked why he’s in New York and its to give a speech at an Al Sharpton event. The reports seem to think this is to shore up his AA base – yeah, okay. Another report was saying how this is tricky territory because there will be AA’s there and the topic of race might come up and white people might get all scared – WHATEVER! Al Sharpton has been a great supporter of the President and he might just be doing him a favor. Geesh.

  11. May be I missed it. Did PBO take that ryan boy’s “this is not a budget, this is a philosophy” bullshit to task publicly ?

  12. Jay Carney told the WH press corpse that it didn’t pass the fairness test and Sen. Max baucus said, “not on my watch” and that it was a non-starter.

    I read a good post over at balloon-juice that said Ryan’s proposal is not serious and that we shouldn’t expect Dems/Obama to counter it seriously. The poster then recalled how Nancy Pelosi pretty much ignored W’s SS privatization scheme when it was proposed and the plan was DOA.

  13. Actually, the MSM is not really crowing that much (as they otherwise would). The writing is on the wall and they know it. Their spin will sound like desperation – even if Kloppenberg loses by a few hundred or thousand votes…the fact that the election was this close when Prosser “had it in the bag” just six weeks ago, suggests that the tide is in fact changing and Wisconsites (and America) are REJECTING the gutter politics and agenda of the GOP. Many of the counties in which Walker sailed through in 2010 were won by Kloppenberg, and not Prosser. In a “Spring” election with only 50% of the Presidential year turnout, this does not bode well for the GOP, and the MSM knows it.

  14. Mike Allen says that the WH will use the RYAN plan as a way to win in 2012! GOOD!
    Now, can someone tell that son of a bitch Cenk Uhygur, who has blamed the President for everything, just like the republicans do!


  15. Incidentally, Al Sharpton also will be the MSNBC show on the “Black Agenda” with Ed Schultz. I hope he will keep Mr. Schultz from trying to sneakily bash the President in disguise.

  16. Cenk is a Republican. Like Arianna, he will be happy if a Republican becomes President in 2012. He’s simply using a “progressive” facade because it puts butter on his bread right now. Not too long ago, he wrote a diary on DK singing the praises of St. Ronnie. Cenk himself admitted in one of his “Obama-bashing” diaries he is a conservative who doesn’t believe in “affirmative action.”

  17. Use it against him and the rest of the party? The GOP has been hemming and hawing whenever asked what they would do – now we have their plan.

  18. Jovie, have you read PM Carpenter’s “The Imperial Presidency”? hop on over and check it out because its exactly what the PL wants.

  19. Ha. Gotcha. PBO and other dems should be thrashing this “this is a cause” nonsense pointing out how much compromise the dems have made so far without anything in return from the rethugs and how they deceived the nation till the last minute with their “we’re closer to a deal” bullshit. If the dems don’t use the medicare to flip the seniors come 2012, then they are unfit to rule, imo.

  20. Debie wasserman shultz called the ryan proposal a Death Trap for seniors! I LOVE IT! IT also increases the debt, according to the CBO! LOL!

  21. Thanks for the news, Faith. Your points about the small, systemic steps is so important. “All politics is local” is an old saw, but true, and it makes every level of government worth fighting for. This was the Republican and conservative plan after the liberation movements of the 60’s. They wanted to take over everything slowly, starting at the ground level. And anyone who has ever fought a reactionary school board knows how successful they were.

    I really loved the old banner, but what’s making me love this one is the shadow with the ears. Especially next to “Rethink Possible.”

  22. YES! And fundraise off of it with ads! I mean, Ryan cuts 6.2 trillion but it increases the debt! That is UNREAL!

  23. I want to reiterate this for all of you, the Ryan proposal increases the debt over ten years. That is the amount of tax cuts will out weigh the amount of cuts! According to the CBO! That is extraordinary and is a game changer!

  24. Good. Play with their own words “death panels; dent raising etc”. and turn it against them.

  25. I have really come to despise those words – “black agenda”. Many of the problems we face in our communities are universal and I think they should be addressed as such. We ALL care and desperately need help with jobs, education, drugs, crime, etc. Yes, some groups/places need it more than others but a plan can be devised to deal with that. We should all be doing this together instead of resenting each other like Republicans want us to.

    I’ve been seeing comments like, “Obama’s always helping gay people”, or “Obama ain’t done nothin’ for black people”. And if not those, then you have the right wing leadership telling their supporters that Obama is giving their hard earned money to brown and black people. Enough already.

  26. In other words, the tax cuts for the rich will be minus 6.4 trillion, while the spending cuts of 6.2 trillion are a plus, giving a total of minus 200 billion over ten years! According to the CBO!

  27. I really like her. Always have. She’s got energy, a strong voice, sharp and speaks very eloquently. I’ve been wondering for many many months why she wasn’t all over the Sunday shows more often.

  28. Mornng joe was complaining about it! Funny! For one year they used death panels, or at least Buchanon did and all of fox news! LOL!

  29. Faith imm a chicagoan, and I see good things happening here in Chicago. I can’t wait until he takes over.

  30. Exactly and you are not by yourself with that conclusion, many blacks feel the same way, its thee soul patrol that is giving a divisive message. We just want an equal chance.

  31. Maybe our seniors will now see who got the real Death panels. Dems need to get on this topic hard.

  32. I agree with you. I’m not sure why MSNBC/Ed Schultz of all people find it necessary to have a program like this. I’ve noticed an increasing number of media pundits suddenly interested in the “Black Agenda” over the last two years, and it smacks of insincerity and divisiveness.


  34. I think when someone says the president will use the Ryan plan as a way to win, it means he will use it as an example of Republican extremism. The plan blatantly spells out the Republicans veneration of the rich and contempt for the most vulnerable. It would put the lives and well being of the sick and elderly at risk without a thought for the impact that would have on the nation’s future. I can see him discussing the Ryan plan during the campaign in an almost “can you believe this?” tone of voice.
    Ryan gave him a gift–a stark contrast between a Republican party that works against the interests of the ordinary American and a Democratic party that works for them.

    I agree with the comment above about getting local candidates elected. This is a very difficult challenge because it takes a lot of money and time for any race and in red or purple counties Democrats often get discouraged by the odds of their succeeding in view of the costs. The more we can help them, or run for offices ourselves, the faster our progress will be. In this case, success breeds success. If someone runs and wins, others will come out of the woodwork.

  35. Notice the republican playbook, before you say it about them, they say it about you, taking the talking points away! It is clever!

  36. Kloppenberg erased a 30-point lead for Prosser in 5 weeks. He was a shoo-in, with across the board support. Changing direction on a judge’s election is astronomical.

  37. Congrats tigerfists — it’s been a minute since you’ve been first, ;-D.

    Have a good day everyone!


  39. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a pistol who will completely energize the DNC and its re-election operations. She suffers no fools gladly and will tell them so to their face. I think as a congresswoman she had a harder time getting on tv than she ever will as DNC chair. Plus she has a good tv voice, not like those screechy, chalk on a blackboard sounds that come from the Palin/Bachman throats.

  40. Excellent, excellent comment. I thought that Kloppenburg would end up being the one ahead by a sliver of votes, but she’s incredibly close who could even pull this out after a recount.

    Either way, just looking at the election results is music to my eyes.

    Outspent, outgunned, and charged with the gargantuan task of convincing voters to toss an incumbent based upon what another politician has done (Walker).

    I’m still praying for Kloppenburg, but last night, WI voters indeed made a profound statement.

  41. So many progressives think that the rabid right just got up and demanded everything instantly. It took them 30 years. The only way you truly change perception is to do it slowly.

    And the only reason we don’t win consistently is because we are not reliable voters. Let’s be clear: you don’t change a Romney into a teabagging automaton unless he is assured that their support is solid and reliable.

    The irony is: if Obama had been able to count on his base to support him through the most obstructionist, lying, disrespectful-to-a-President climate we’ve ever seen, he would have been MORE progressive. Their name-calling and denigration actually hurt them (read: 2010, Scott Brown in MA).

    If Obama made one judgment error, it’s that he thought he had made that message clear. Progressives are acting like the spoiled children they always were. I’m a child of the 50’s and ’60 — I know what I’m talking about.

    We’ve been complacent except for the ’60’s and early ’70’s. Once we got out of Vietnam and won the important civil rights battles, we were done, except always looking for a Kennedy-esque hero to inspire us, instead of finding inspiration in our own efforts and long term goals. We voted if we felt like it, and often didn’t feel like it. We have not been a reliable voting group and the reaction to President Obama has been absolutely appalling. The two Bushes were not Republican utopian candidates, but it moved the ball down the field. Republicans get that. Democrats do not.

    I guess what makes me angriest is that this great President should not have to work this hard to deal with his own side. Thom Hartmann was actually brilliant yesterday about what this President has accomplished, even though Thom has been a vocal critic of a good many of his policies and tactics. But the point was simple and clear: Obama has moved this country in a progressive direction. That should be reason enough for this President to feel the wind at his back, instead of the hot air of idiots like Ed Schultz and Jane Hamsher and Glenn Greenwald and the rest.

  42. Interesting. I forgot there was elections in WI. Of course MSM will always take the Republican Teabaggers side on every issue. Its a disgrace but this is American media and people seem to eat it up. If that particular race you speak of was that close then sorry but big shame on WI voters.

    thanks for all the other results. Illinois seems to understand what is at stake…bravo to them.

  43. Yup, said that this is why he wasn’t really into HCR, as he wasn’t in agreement with the Medicaid expansion, etc. A bunch of these true progressives have nothing in common with liberals and are just laundering the right’s seething disdain for President Obama into lefty media spaces. This is why I’m so thrilled that bwd simply moderates her space and just doesn’t let it in, although I always feel bad thinking about that, as it can’t be easy wading through that toxicity day in and day out.

  44. Here’s the latest update:

    “Justice David Prosser clung to a narrow lead over Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg in the state Supreme Court race early Wednesday, after a hard-fought campaign dominated by political forces and outside interest groups.”

    “As of 7:35 this morning, the Associated Press had results for all but 24 of the state’s 3,630 precincts and Prosser’s overnight lead had grown slightly from fewer than 600 votes to 835 votes.”

  45. Well said on both counts. Sounds like Dems are already taking the opportunity to inform the public of the morally questionable nature of the GOP’s spending recommendations.

  46. Hopefully PBO will beat the repugs about the head and shoulders mercilessly with Ryan’s “cause” of a budget the same way he tortured McCain with his “fundamentals of the economy are sound” forever and ever.

    That was yummy and McCain was punch-drunk by the end. We could use some of that now, please :-).

  47. It’s not clever; it’s deeply dishonest, and it wouldn’t work except in the context of a political discourse in which facts are optional and whomever declares something often enough and loud enough is accepted as being truthful. Which is why the repeated lie that President Obama somehow chose to break his campaign promise about Gitmo, with no mention of Congress blocking that closure, continues to be disseminated. Deep dishonesty IMO.

    We have a gargantuan task asking the press corps is this is really the country which they’d like to help create, because as information gatekeepers, this is at least partially within their discretion.

  48. It’s the GOP who are demonstrably unfit to lead. I know that you get that already, but we can also be tighter in our messaging to even slightly help things along.

  49. I think Schultz is doing it for ratings, to create another distraction, and to suppress voter turnout by insinuating the black communities have been overlooked or ignored by the POTUS.

    As I suggested yesterday, I believe a way to counteract this strategy is to visit colorlines and similar blogs with information about what the POTUS has done for ALL Americans. We could encourage those who aren’t actively involved to become actively involved because it’s the only way to ensure that some of the disparities which hit communities of color hardest can be addressed. Sitting out the election and not participating does nothing except allow more Republicans to be elected to office, and we can see the damage they’re willing to inflict–without a second thought.

  50. Particularly because he’s (potentially) being tossed as a statement to another politician (Walker). Can you say buyer’s remorse? Wow.

  51. What will be most telling from last nights Wisconsin elections is how the recall districts voted in the Prosser/Kloppenburg election. Prosser looks like he’ll win by about 1000 votes, but it’s close enough to take away any GOP talking point at least. Sure pundits might make noise about it, but the pols on the ground in Wi know that Prosser was a shoo-in, and should have won by 30 points, so winning by 0.5% is not much of a victory. However one has to worry about Prosser veering hard right now to stick it to the unions/protesters. Basically have to write off the Wi Supreme Court, unless there is another conservative Justice up any time soon who might not want the same treatment.

    1000 votes – does make me sick to my stomach though, but it was said to be razor close with every vote being very important.

    Hopefully the protesters will have a couple more recall effort goals to release today. They had folks collecting signatures for recall efforts outside the polling stations in the targeted districts.

    Recall efforts already have met the required amount for one Senator, and are in the process of verifying the names they have collected for Hopper, believing they could have enough if the vast majority of the names check out on their double checking.

    All the GOP Senators recalled will be swimming in Koch monies of course, though they’ll likely try and hide it behind new front organizations.

  52. Do you hear this morning on CNN. ghadafy wrote a letter to president obama, that he did not want to be at war. He is looking for an exit and a ex congressman who know ghadafy well is over for talks. ghadaffy feels the US will give a better way out instead of europeans.

  53. Yes. That “cause’ thingy must be mercilessly talked about by every dem, I mean every dem. It’s high time the dems learnt the messaging discipline.

  54. This is what has always been the problem for Dems, using catchy, very short phrases, whereas the Republicans have been masters at this. The phrase “death trap” not only has a sting to it, but it is a phrase that can be backed up with the truth, unlike “death panels”. That type of phrasing is important. A big shout out to DWS.

  55. So true. Dems have always been focused on the big picture, but really only concentrated at the top level, Congerss presidency and governorships. The more true progressives we can get in at the local level, the better. Specially if we can get relatively young people in who can then work up to the higher levels.

  56. Not only that but if this is any indication I’d say that Walker is clearly becoming more anxious about the public’s reaction to the choices that he makes. Not so arrogant now, are you Governor Walker?

    “Brian Deschane – the 27-year-old son of a prominent lobbyist – was demoted on Tuesday following a public uproar over his appointment to a cushy job earning $81,500 per year working in Gov. Scott Walker’s administration.”


    “By contrast, Deschane has no college degree, little management experience and a couple of drunken-driving convictions. His father represents a trade group that gave more than $121,000 to Walker and his running mate.”


    “On Tuesday, Walker abruptly reversed course and bumped Deschane from his appointed position overseeing dozens of employees at the Department of Commerce. The move comes one day after the Journal Sentinel disclosed details of the appointment.”

    Refer to the article to read the qualifications of two candidates who were well-qualified but weren’t even interviewed for the position. Unbelievable!

  57. Debbie Waserman Shultz is going to keep her Congress gig while she runs the DNC. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I know Kaine was a part time DNC Chair for half his tenure, but Debbie will be it for the whole time and unlike Kaine she’ll have to worry about her own re-election, as Kaine was term limited out.

    If she is asked about doing both jobs – DNC Chair and Congresswoman hopefully she’ll use the opportunity to stick it to Boehner/Cantor and draw attention to their ridiculous House Schedule. Say something like “Under Speaker Pelosi’s congress there would have been no way I could have did both as Speaker Pelosi had a packed schedule and kept all in Congress very busy, however Speak Boehner has so many off-days, a ridiculous number really, that I’ll have more than enough time to both serve my district and Chair the DNC”.


    It’s worth clicking on the Orange Site for this WI update. The lion’s share was heavily in our favor. Prosser is winning by 835 votes at present. A recount is triggered automatically.

    Do understand that in some ways this will fuel the recall efforts, since the WI SC will not be fair in its rulings on the union-busting law.

    There is no way WI Republicans are celebrating this morning. The state made their displeasure with Republican rule pretty clear.

  59. Huckabee says “What’s the big secret? Just ask Obama all about it”.

  60. Don’t forget that Prosser not only had a lot of Prosser money, but the group “American’s for Prosperity” (meaning the prosperity for the rich) and offshoot of Rove’s group and heavily financed by the Koch brothers, also put a ton of money with very dishonest ads about Kloppenburg. Easily enough to make the difference. Also, I really am not sure Kloppenburg was the best candidate (our Wisconsin members can tell us more) because probably the better ones sat it our believing Prosser was a shoo-in.

  61. It doesn’t bother me.

    Out of the gate, she is kickass fantastic. She knows how to frame and she does it effectively and swiftly. She’s a brilliant choice. Exactly what we need.

    Her health is okay, then, I assume.

  62. I understand why they’re not crowing about this election. Look at these stats for voter turnout.

    “April 6, 2011 7:46 a.m. | Absolutely massive for a spring election, Tuesday’s turnout is unmistakable evidence of the impact the state’s budget and labor wars are having on Wisconsin voters.”

    “With 99% of the returns in, almost 1.5 million people had voted in the state Supreme Court race, which would represent a turnout of 33.5% of voting-age adults.”

    “That’s 68% higher than the official state prediction of 20% turnout, which was based on recent historical norms.”

    “A 20% turnout would be about 874,000 votes. Tuesday’s turnout exceeded that by almost 600,000 votes.”

  63. Absolutely right. I have been saying this for the longest time, that Democrat’s over-reliance on Pres. Obama to do every single damn thing: governing, cleaning up Repug messes, messaging, fighting off attacks, cultivating votes & voters, only made our side vulnerable to attacks.

    We have given this President no air cover, no media machine, no think tank surrogates, nothing!!! Even on the internet there’s very little besides sites like this one, to replicate his message to saturate Americans’ ears. And we expect him win all our battles?

    We have allowed him to become a potent target for our opponents and enemies. There’s a reason Repugs are not declaring any candidates yet, and that’s because they are milking their collective capacity to throw darts at President Obama, while we have no single target to hit back, but an amorphous blob comprising Gringrich, Palin, Bachman, T-paw et al.

    In a way candidate Obama’s campaign masked the appalling lack of groundwork existent in the Democratic/liberal ranks, which dates back as you rightly said to period after Vietnam. We abdicated the war of persuasion in the streets. And we wonder why Americans can’t easily see the Repugs for the vile miscreants that they are.

    Duh! and now see where we are.

  64. I don’t think that the Republicans are masters anymore than the Dems at this. The MSM (both left & right) quickly adopts the GOP’s talking points because they have the same agenda. To destroy anyone/anything who threatens their corporate interests.

    If it were a Democrat who first coined the term “death trap” it would have gone no where because the MSM would not be replaying it over and over. The pundits would not be given the script to use it in their so-called “analyses.” Every nonsensical tweet, or utterance by the rightwing is replayed at nauseum because the MSM would have it no other way.

  65. Everybody knows her in south florida, which is heavily democratic! She will be very visible and people will know where she stands on the issues!
    As far as fundraising, that is one of the reasons she was chosen, she is a money machine!

  66. Nothing worth it for me any longer, lol; twitter has been extremely informative about the Wisconsin spring elections.

    I just looked at the couple of precincts still outstanding, and most seem to favor Kloppenburg:

    [county name] [number of precincts still not counted] [votes for Prosser] [votes for Kloppenburg]

    Ashland (6 precincts outstanding out of 28 total)—29%, 71%, @3,500 votes reported thus far
    Dane (1 precinct outstanding out of 248 total)—27%, 73%, @180,000 votes reported thus far
    Dunn (3 precincts outstanding out of 40 total)—45%, 55%, @8,000 votes reported thus far
    Jefferson (1 precinct outstanding out of 41 total)—58%, 42%, @22,000 votes reported thus far
    Juneau (1 precinct oustanding out of 29 total)—48%, 52%, @4,800 votes reported
    Milwaukee (2 precincts outstanding out of 486 total)—43%, 57%, @226,000 votes reported
    Sauk (8 precincts outstanding out of 39 total)—45%, 55%, @13,000 votes reported
    Taylor (1 precinct outstanding out of 30 total)—61%, 39%, @5,800 votes reported

    I’m not familiar enough with the nuances of WI politics; it’s conceivable that the counts remaining within Kloppenburg-leaning precincts will tilt the other way, but seems to me that she’s going to pick up some votes. As you noted, no matter, this is going into recount. A Dem in LI ended up going into a recount and winning last November so there’s no reason to give up until the very last vote is counted.

    Strong showing for Dems yesterday.

  67. amk- like this?

    “A funny thing happened on the way to a government shutdown. Democrats got on message about the House Republicans’ other, bigger budget, which creates a policy blueprint for the next decade. That message? The GOP plan to end Medicare and hack away at Medicaid is a non-starter. This came from top Democrats across the political spectrum.”

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, “The Republican budget is unfair because it ends the Medicare guarantee for seniors while giving away tens of billions of dollars in tax subsidies to Big Oil.”

    Her top lieutenant, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) didn’t hold back either. “[T]he Republican budget shifts costs to seniors by ending Medicare as we know it and dismantling Medicaid.”

    Other top Democrats in the House echoed this view, as did their counterparts in the upper chamber.

    Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) said, “It would end Medicare as we know it and funnel Medicare dollars directly into private insurance companies’ pockets.”

    Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND), counterpart to House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), called the GOP budget “partisan and ideological,” pointing out that Ryan’s proposal would “replace Medicare with a voucher program and to block grant Medicaid.” Conrad and Ryan will have to figure out a way to square their visions for the coming years, or else we’ll be headed for yet another shutdown fight in the fall.”

  68. But, but, but everytime something happens they hope it is Obamas bay of pigs! Seriously, they go nuts, trying to take the president down, everytime he makes a decision! Batty!

  69. And let us point out that a few weeks ago, Prosser was considered a shoo-in, and there was no thought of a close race. Charley Sykes is already ranting that the Kloppenburg/Prosser race is proof that we need voter IDs, presumably because his pea brain and lack of emotional intelligence are not capable of understanding that people might actually notice when they are being screwed. Only a contemptible mind could hold such a contemptible view of his fellow humans.

  70. Maybe somebody from her district could contact her with such a suggestion, she seems to only want constituents to contact her according to her website.

  71. Here we go!

    “While President Obama is committed to dramatically reducing the country’s long-term deficit, White House spokesman Jay Carney said, Ryan’s plan is exactly the wrong approach.”

    “The President believes that dramatically reducing America’s long-term deficit is essential to growing our economy and winning the future,” Carney said in a statement. “Any plan to reduce our deficit must reflect the American values of fairness and shared sacrifice. Congressman Ryan’s plan fails this test.”

    “Ryan’s plan cuts taxes for millionaires and special interests, Carney said, while placing a greater burden on seniors who depend on Medicare or live in nursing homes, families struggling with a child who has serious disabilities, workers who have lost their health care coverage, and students and their families who rely on Pell grants.”

    “The President believes there is a more balanced way to put America on a path to prosperity,” he said.

  72. Yes, the dictum, “Think globally, act locally,” may be hackneyed by now, but that makes it no less good advice.

  73. Correction: Dunn has 2 precincts outstanding, not 3, and I missed:

    Crawford (2 precincts outstanding out of 30 total)—41%, 59%, @4,000 votes reported

    Based upon the current leaning, I’d expect Prosser to pick up votes from Jefferson and Taylor. Kloppenburg will pick up votes from the remaining precincts. This is a super-tight race.

  74. Maybe white people should get scared enough to change their behavior and mindset. Here in Milwaukee, the most segregated city in the US, the poverty rate in the African American community is 50%.

  75. Saint Roscoe- from what’s been reported so far, Prosser is in the lead by a VERY slim margin of 585-600 votes. There are still 24 precincts whose votes haven’t been counted yet.

  76. Why do you think he’ll win by a thousand? He’s up by @830 now, and most of the remaining precincts lean Kloppenburg: two of the 24 precincts still to be reported lean Prosser: Jefferson (58/42) and Taylor (61/39). The other 22 favor Kloppenburg, making it conceivable to me that she’s going to narrow the race even further.

    Though this is probably neither here nor there because we’re in recount territory.

  77. I gotta be honest, I’m really shocked that none of the usual suspects in the Senate have gone off-message. Truth be told, despite Manchin occassionally shooting his mouth off, the Senate Dems have more or less been united all year.

  78. I am amazed that any of the frustrati would come here to read and/or attempt to comment, since they already know the temper of the site. If they truly were interested in saving the world via their “principles”, they would view this site as a colossal waste of time. Zadie Smith has a nice description of an Internet troll: “never in the wrong, constantly changing the parameters to suit his own sense of virtue.”

  79. Interesting about Sykes. He is already assuming voter fraud. I am sure he is also talking about same day registration. That tells me that he does consider this a significant defeat even if Prosser wins.

  80. This analysis was released by the CBOtoday:

    “The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s initial analysis of the House GOP budget released today by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is filled with nuggets of bad news for Republicans.”

    “In addition to acknowledging that seniors, disabled and elderly people would be hit with much higher out-of-pocket health care costs, the CBO finds that by the end of the 10-year budget window, public debt will actually be higher than it would be if the GOP just did nothing.”

    “Under the so-called “extended baseline scenario” — a.k.a. projections based on current law — debt held by the public will grow to 67 percent of GDP by 2022. Under the GOP plan, public debt would reach 70 percent of GDP in the same window.”

    “In other words, the spending cuts Republicans would realize in the first 10 years would be outpaced by deficit increasing tax-cuts, which Ryan also proposes. After that, debt projections under the plan improve decade-by-decade relative to current law. That’s because 2022 would mark the beginning of the Medicare privatization plan. That’s when, CBO finds, “most elderly people would pay more for their health care than they would pay under the current Medicare system.”

    “If the current Medicare system were allowed to continue, CBO found that an average 65-year-old beneficiary’s costs would be only 25 percent of what it’d be in the individual private insurance market. Under the GOP plan, those costs would jump to 68 percent.”

  81. I do know that his show is the least viewed among the MSNBC 5-10PM line up. I will try find a link with numbers and post it here if possible.

  82. Ok. That’s good. But still they’re talking things like ‘ideological’ and , ‘partisan’, which are big turn-offs. Need to attack them with much better buzz words. I know it’s superficial, sux etc. but them is the breaks with the american voters.

  83. You are right, japa, my friends and acquaintances in the legal profession who have dealt with Kloppenburg professionally do not have anything good to say about her. However, the current extremity of today’s rightwing made this election at least a little better than a Hobson’s choice.

  84. Ooops…that margin should actually read 600-835 votes.

    Sorry about that!

  85. And that lead might narrow if not evaporate: 22 of those 24 still-outstanding precincts lean Kloppenburg. This is pretty impressive, and a very troubling sign for the senators carrying out Walker’s orders.

  86. Thanks for the update amk. I’d rather that Joanne wins, but at this point, the message by the WI voters to Walker and his GOP friends are as clear as day.

    Walker’s old seat went to a Democrat who beat the Republican by a landslide margin. That is even more of a referendum on Walker than the judicial election, in my opinion.

    The MSM just cannot spin this – which is why they are relatively quiet about the WI elections last night.

  87. Doing some quick calculations, if the precincts average the same number of votes per precinct and the percentages remained the same, Kloppenburg would gain about 1100 votes which would put her 300 votes on top. We won;t know the results of this election for quite a while.

  88. Which is even more telling that the voters gave such heavy support to a bad candidate as a way of telling Walker where to go.

  89. I’m with you; I’m in it until the very last vote, and then the very last vote of the recount. Keep hope alive. 🙂

    The total narrowed because the six remaining Ashland precincts reported, and Kloppenburg won the county 70/30. Of the now-18 remaining precincts, 16 appear to lean Kloppenburg, 2 lean Prosser.

    This is just in fun though (although I hope that WI gets this guy off of the bench); I agree so much with hopefruit: the writing’s on the wall for a classic GOP overreach and voter disapproval.

  90. woo hoo, Joanne leads now by 140

    Joanne Kloppenburg 738,368 50%

    David Prosser (inc) 738,228 50%

  91. Yeah. Can’t be as quick this morning when I am also trying to prove to my company I am worth the pittance they pay me.

  92. Good morning BWD and all. That is great news out of WI. If a recount is trigger for the SC race, that will seriously delay the review of Walker’s union busting bill to probably September. The longer it takes, the closer Wisconsinites get to prepare to recall Scott Walker.

  93. Thanks for the info Hopefruit2. It really is strange how ALL of the MSM’s go to “progressives” used to be Republicans. Glad to see more and more people are catching on to the con.

  94. A member post at SSP-
    robertcostaNRO Robert Costa
    by HotlineJosh
    A source close to Prosser tells me that the margin is “going to shrink” and that the statewide tally will likely be decided by abt 30 votes

  95. Outstanding districts are Prosser districts, at least the remaining big one is.

  96. Exactly. Short & sweet like that.Not that anything like that could ever be sweet. 🙂

  97. Good Morning BWD Family

    Went looking for MSM articles this morning.

    The Ryan Plan Is “Fundamentally Immoral”

    First paragraph

    “Even people not particularly enamored with government involvement in health insurance do not like the Ryan plan for Medicare.”;col1

    I commented and cheated by adapting comments from this post.

    I oppose the Republican plan which is a death trap for seniors.

    Here are the facts

    “The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s initial analysis of the House GOP budget released today by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is filled with nuggets of bad news for Republicans.”

    “In addition to acknowledging that seniors, disabled and elderly people would be hit with much higher out-of-pocket health care costs, the CBO finds that by the end of the 10-year budget window, public debt will actually be higher than it would be if the GOP just did nothing.”

  98. Has there been any Senate district breakdown yet? It would be very telling to those senators targeted for recall if their district went stronger for Kloppenburg.

  99. Twitter’s discussing just how ominous these results are for Walker:

    RT @sjzep: This is easy: Over 700K votes for kloppenburg [versus] 540,206 to trigger a Walker recall election. wiunion gaining momentum. He’s toast.


    Thank you, WI, for holding Walker accountable, without even waiting for a recall election. Shots were fired last night without him even on the ballot. Huge.

  100. 10:59am: The AP has finally caught up with us and is also showing the same lead. There are five precincts left: 1 each in Jefferson, Juneau, and Taylor, and 2 in Milwaukee. We believe the Jeff and Taylor precincts are less Prosser-leaning than their counties, while the Milwaukee precincts (suburban West Allis) are much more favorable to Prosser than MKE as a whole. As for Juneau, that’s in the good lord’s hands.

  101. Last night it was nerve-wracking reading the updates, but your and amk’s humor helped a bunch. 🙂

  102. Here we go! The House budget committee is Marking up Ryans plan! They are actually going to vote on this POS!

  103. Excellent point. Hope this coalition holds good or better it increases, till then.

  104. Even if Milwaukee county precincts reverse the normal in the county, he would still be short. Look for about 125-150 differential.

  105. Recall supporters are logging all the recall signatures and info for the individual senators to then reach out to each person once Walker is eligible to have a recall effort begin against him. They’ll have a very good start anyways.

    The key will be to keep the intensity from the protesters. With the Wi Supreme Court election so close, it will likely go to the courts itself to draw out. And then the eventual decision on the anti-union posting bill case will fire up the folks again, as will the recall elections. Then we’ll be into the Presidential cycle, when more folks start becoming politically aware and active.

  106. Personally what the hell does Ed Schultz know about the Black Agenda. I think his only purpose is to divide the people. I am an AA and I would not waste my time watching this fake show. Ed Schultz does not care a rat azz about black folk because he surely hates our President.

  107. 11:14am: AP just made some adjustments to previous counties, so now KloJo’s lead is at 311.

  108. A meteorite discovered in Antarctica in 1969 has just divulged a modern secret: a new mineral, now called Wassonite.

    The new mineral found in the 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite was tiny — less than one-hundredth as wide as a human hair. Still, that was enough to excite the researchers who announced the discovery Tuesday (April 5). [Image of new mineral]

    “Wassonite is a mineral formed from only two elements, sulfur and titanium, yet it possesses a unique crystal structure that has not been previously observed in nature,” NASA space scientist Keiko Nakamura-Messenger said in a statement.

    The mineral’s name, approved by the International Mineralogical Association, honors John T. Wasson, a UCLA professor known for his achievements across a broad swath of meteorite and impact research.

  109. 16% ? That’s blow out any standards. How much did he win by the first time ?

  110. 1.5M votes cast and it will come down to <100 votes either way. There will be a recount, court challenges that could drag this out for awhile. If Prosser is taken off the bench, it will leave the WI Supreme Court equally split. What happens in that case? Would a spit just uphold the lower court ruling? There must be precedence for this when Justices recuse themselves for certain cases.

    I know Prosser swore allegiance to Walker, but he has to be pretty pissed that he caused him all of these headaches.

  111. New Jerseyans’ opinion of Gov. Chris Christie has dropped 10 points since December, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton poll made public Monday.


    Following his Feb. 22 budget speech, opinions of Christie are nearly evenly split with 46 percent holding a favorable impression and 44 percent holding an unfavorable view. The 46 percent is down from 56 percent in December.

    “While some polls showed Governor Christie’s support increasing before the budget speech, reaction to the budget itself is mixed, which appears to be reflected in a decline in his post-speech favorability and job performance ratings,” Prof. David Redlawsk, the poll’s director, said.
    The theory among some circles in Washington is that Chris Christie is extremely popular, and that Scott Walker’s unpopularity in Wisconsin only makes Christie look even better by comparison. But both of these theories are wrong. Christie has never been overwhelmingly popular, with middling ratings that belie the type of positive coverage he receives from the establishment media. What is more, although Walker is clearly turning off voters both inside and outside of Wisconsin, he isn’t providing a shift in the Overton window so much as he is providing voters with a warning of what is possible out of the highly ideological brand of Republicanism that has swept the nation in the Obama era. While many may be uncomfortable with some of the changes the President has ushered in, they are even more repulsed by what the GOP is offering as an alternative. As such, voters may actually be waking up — thus the dipping numbers for the poster-boy of the movement, Chris Christie.

  112. Yup. It’s a huge headache. Going from an “it’s in the bag!” to a dragged out recount in less than 2 months has to be a colossal headache.

    Thank You WI.

  113. Think Al Franken in Minnesota. That was also a razor sharp race but after the recount and court battles, he won. I feel the same with Kloppenburg. This will be a great victory for WI to get rid of the GOP majorities in less than one year after ushering them into office. Next, OH, MI, IN, and FL!

  114. If Prosser isn’t sat while it’s tied up in the courts. If there is usually three, then there will only be two. And the reports were that this election would flip the “power”, which means the other two Justices, one is a Conservative and the other is a Liberal.

  115. The success of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-worker agenda is hinging on the outcome of the state Supreme Court election, according to an e-mail sent to Walker’s supporters by his chief counsel, Brian Hagedorn.


    From the e-mail:

    “If Justice Prosser loses:

    * The Supreme Court will shift from a 4-3 conservative majority to a 4-3 liberal majority.

    * Governor Walker’s agenda could be stopped in its tracks by this new activist majority.

    * Union bosses and their allies will be emboldened and further push to recall the brave Senators who voted for Governor Walker’s budget repair bill.

    * (Chief Justice) Shirley Abrahamson and her allies will continue to drag down the reputation of the Court, with an additional vote to further push through their radical agenda.”

  116. Here’s who’s shaping up to be President Obama’s senior staff for his reelection campaign:

    Jim Messina, Campaign Manager

    Jen O’Malley-Dillon, Deputy Campaign Manager

    Julianna Smoot, Deputy Campaign Manager

    Rufus Gifford, Director of Finance

    Liz Lowery, Deputy Finance Director

    Ben LaBolt, Press Secretary

    Katie Hogan, Deputy Press Secretary

    Mitch Stewart, Battleground States Director

    Jeremy Bird, National Field Director

    Marlon Marshall, Deputy National Field Director: Marshall will leave his post as National field director for the DCCC to join the reelection campaign in Chicago. He served as field director in Nevada, Ohio and Indiana for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008 before joining the Obama campaign as the general election director in Missouri. Marlon is a native of St. Louis and attended the University of Kansas.

    Also: In the first 24 hours since his filing, Obama’s supporters made more than 23,000 contributions, 96.9% for $200 or less.

    Mike Allens Playbook-

  117. Thanks, jovie. I suspect the cosmos is filled with an infinity of unknown entities, though as some wonderful old man in a white suit and bright orange turban I met in India long ago said to me: “To be unknown and then to be known is a beautiful thing.”

  118. David Leonhardt’s critical analysis of Paul Ryan’s budget plan, which he calls unfair because it exempts 75 million people from a new Medicare system.

    The New York Times writer argues: “For most Americans, Medicare resembles a giant welfare program. … The Ryan plan would let anyone who turns 65 before 2022 continue to be part of this hugely popular welfare program. In fact, Mr. Ryan would scrap the common-sense attempts to slow costs in last year’s health bill, like the baby steps to base Medicare coverage decisions more on medical evidence. If you’re 55 or older, you get the same old Medicare, with its same soaring budget.

    “If you’re under 55, you are excluded. You will instead receive a government subsidy to buy private insurance, and the subsidy will probably not keep pace with future increases in health costs.

    “Beside violating basic notions of fairness, the grandfather clause has the potential to slow economic growth. Many of today’s 55- and 60-year-olds are going to be on Medicare for a long time. If the program doesn’t change, they will run up trillions of dollars in medical bills. That money won’t be available for education, early child care, scientific research or high-tech infrastructure — all of which can lift growth. …

    “Affluent Americans, in particular, can afford higher taxes. They have received far larger raises in recent decades than any other income group, and their tax rates have fallen far more. Yet Mr. Ryan would reduce them further.”

    Ny Times-

  119. I’m wondering that myself, lynn. It certainly can’t be because there are not qualified African Americans to discuss this issue. I suspect the Reverend Al Sharpton would exhibit a lot more acuity in discussing “the white agenda” (which has been prominent in our country since its inception) than Ed Schultz has in discussing “the black agenda.”

  120. Around 800,000 federal employees would be affected by a government shutdown, including White House employees, the Obama administration warned Wednesday.

    “We would anticipate significantly lower staffing levels at the White House and across all federal agencies,” a senior administration official who refused to be identified told reporters on a conference call.

    The White House organized the call to talk about the effects of a government shutdown, two days after press secretary Jay Carney said the administration wasn’t expecting that to happen.

    The official predicted a “significant impact on our economic momentum” and also noted that the cherry blossom parade in Washington would be canceled.

    The official also offered this answer when asked to clarify questions about military pay: “They will continue to earn money during this period of time, but given that we don’t have any money to pay out, they will not be paid, they will not receive their paychecks, until we have money again and Congress appropriates.”



  121. That’s brilliant that Thom Hartmann actually gave the President some credit. I usually switch the radio off as soon as Stephanie Miller’s show is done because I can’t stand all the carping and naysaying on Thom’s show. But it sounds like he did good yesterday. Thanks for bringing that info, and the historical perspective and Democrats and their fickleness over the years. It really is a startling and debilitating contrast, and explains why people on the right can vote against their own interests, even when faced wtih the truth.

  122. I’m loving her in this role already. She’s forceful, but she generally avoids going over the top and delivering a bunch of red meat or stridency. She’s one of the strongest orators in the party. Go Debbie!

  123. EricFive, I think that I snapped at you and tulips wrongly last week. Apologies to you both.

  124. There are now reports that there are only 24 votes left to count in Lake mills. The counted votes were split 362 for K, 364 for P. That means that P could only gain 28 votes in Lake Mills.

  125. I see polls indicate that Obama has a chance to win Georgia!!!—he has an even split there, 47/48 in approval/disapproval. The changing demographics there may make this state a strong possibility, which would be huge.
    Kloppenberg hanging on to a very narrow lead with 2 precincts left to be counted.

  126. But don’t you just love Van Jones’ comments?

    “Speaking with MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur on Tuesday, Van Jones issued a passionate rally cry for progressives to stop whining about what President Obama hasn’t accomplished, and instead stand up to fight for important issues.”

    “The slogan was not ‘Yes He Can,’ the slogan was ‘Yes We Can,’” the former White House advisor for green jobs insisted, criticizing progressives for “sitting back, munching popcorn, blogging and tweeting about what the president is not doing.” Jones continued by urging that it has always been about what the people do, and that it’s time to get passionate about important issues like the EPA being put “on the chopping block” or big corporations influencing government and polluting the country.”

  127. Nailbiter: we’re down to one precinct.

    Nysegw_normal FinancialSkinny For those wondering: Wisconsin town of Lake Mills has 200+ votes not yet counted in Supreme Ct election. Expected release time 1CDT. #wi


    That’s a right-leaning precinct in Jefferson County (the county overall went 58/42 for the Prosser), and is the very last district left to add to the vote total. Kloppenburg is now holding a 235 vote advantage from the remaining districts. I nearly can’t believe this, but if that above tweet is correct, she may win this first count. Wow.

  128. To the BWD Community I want to share some news that dropped into my IN box and please take this all with a grain of salt. Because I will believe it when see it,here is the news Glenn BECK TO LEAVE HIS SHOW,BUT WILL STAY WITH FOX NEWS AS A PRODUCER. so read and hope that it is true one less foolish person spreading lies in person over at fox news.

  129. Update: Current AP results Kloppenburg-739,574 Prosser 739,350 three precincts yet to report. 2 are in Milwaukee County where Kloppenburg leads by 57/43 percent and 1 is in Jefferson County where Prosser leads 58/42percent.

    Can we say RECOUNT?

  130. Won’t it be amazing if Kloppenburg goes into the recount having won the first count? Perhaps a bit of the Spring that’s occurring in the Middle East has rubbed off on us.

  131. This article and thread has been filled with optimistic grace notes. Thank you, everybody. I don’t have time to follow politics closely, and I appreciate the ability to obtain so many updates on this blog.

  132. They’re still working hard on it:

    “Hundreds of volunteers gathered recall signatures at polling places around the state Tuesday – though some voters weren’t happy to see them. The volunteers were out in at least eight of the state Senate districts where recall fights are being waged.”

    “The recall campaigns took advantage of an opinion issued by the Government Accountability Board, which oversees elections, that it was OK to collect recall signatures within 100 feet of polling places, as long as the recalls don’t have anything to do with candidates or referendums on the ballot.”


    Dan Hunt, chairman of Taxpayers to Recall (Sen.) Robert Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie), said volunteers collected several hundred signatures in the morning at 32 polling places around the district. He said people at three polling places challenged their right to be there, but volunteers cited the accountability board’s opinion and were allowed to stay.”

    “Volunteers were also out in three suburban Milwaukee districts – those of Sens. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) (where hundreds of signatures were also reported), Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) and Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin).”

    “Paul Kreutzer, superintendent of the New Berlin School District, said the district banned recall activists from school property at polling places to prevent disruption.”

  133. Faith, this is really a wonderful post. I am also from the 60’s and I agree with every thing you said.

  134. “Every nonsensical tweet, or utterance by the rightwing is replayed at nauseum because the MSM would have it no other way.”

    hopefruit2, I totally agree with you.

  135. First Beck loses standing in the radio community, dropped by many outlets, and then it was only “natural” for him to lose his teevee show.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  136. VICTORY IN WI!! BREAKING NEWS: We did it!! Together, progressives defeated Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s choice for state Supreme Court — and won back the “swing” vote that could soon decide whether Walker’s anti-worker bill is illegal.

    The margin was 204 votes! And in the last week, members of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America made 96,945 phone calls to targeted voters through our “Call Out The Vote” program.

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