Oh yes, we’re all in! 23,000 small contributions in the first 24 hours

Serious enthusiasm gap!

WASHINGTON, April 6 (Xinhua) — U.S. President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign has received tens of thousands of small donations after it was officially launched, U.S. media reported on Wednesday.

Media reports said the campaign received 23,000 contributions in the first 24 hours following the Monday morning announcement. Nearly all of the donations were in the amount of 200 dollars or less.

Small donations are key to Obama’s election success in 2008. In all, the campaign raised a whopping 750 million dollars. The reelection campaign is targeting the one-billion mark this time.

In addition to small donors, the Obama campaign is also targeting big donors. Starting next week, the campaign will organize a series of big donor events headlined by Obama himself.


Speaking about donations, anyone wants to educate me a little bit about ActBlu?



Unemployment falls in three-quarters of US cities

WASHINGTON (AP) — Unemployment rates are falling in most metro areas across the country, suggesting that recent nationwide gains in hiring are widespread and not limited to a few healthy regions.

More than three-quarters of the nation’s 372 largest metro areas reported lower unemployment rates in February than the previous month, the Labor Department said Wednesday. That’s the most to report a decline since September.

And more than 300 areas added jobs in February compared to the previous month. That’s a much better showing than January, when most metro areas lost jobs.

The gains “are definitely becoming a lot more broad-based,” said Marisa DiNatale, a regional economist at Moody’s Analytics.

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I don’t know how many of you watched PBO’s town hall in Falls Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania (And why would you, it’s not like the “news” networks carried it) – but it was just brilliant. Especially what he said in the end about the nature of “progress”. So smart and so clear. I hope to find the full video soon, but for now, here’s his opening statement about the fast approaching shutdown. This man really despise “Washington”.


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  1. Thanks BWD. And yes, I’m very happy to be part of that 23,000 who are IN for 2012!!!

  2. I was really looking forward to watching the town hall, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Wasn’t whitehouse.gov supposed to have a live stream?

  3. Well im excited back out there looking. keep your fingers crossed and your prayers for me. the job out look is beginning to look good.

  4. Act Blue is like PayPal for supporting progressive Democrats. Among many other things, it has provided a way to fund ads in favor of the recall of Republican state senators in Wisconsin who backed Gov Scott Walker’s union-busting bill.

  5. The town hall was really great. I was impressed by the intelligent questions, and of course PBO’s answers.

    I’m happy to be one of the 23,000.

  6. I think anyone can. I see them everywhere. I think it would be great if you could do one. I would love to set up my monthly contribution thru you. I was one of those 23,000 people, now I am ready to do an ongoing one.

  7. 23,000 eh? Even if every single one of those was only $20, that’s 460K right there. Sweet.

  8. On OFA you can, or you could before. This new site is tricky to navigate. I think if you create a group, then that group would have a fund-raising page.

  9. Very well, thanks. Sometimes I feel I dreamt the whole mess 🙂

    I have much appreciation for you and everyone here for all you’ve done and are doing for our wonderful POTUS. I posted that earlier but it’s width repeating.

  10. I caught the part where he answered questions. No wonder the media always cuts this part. He makes so much sense, looks so competent, so honest… his numbers would go up and up if these sessions were shown on national tv.

    The only solution: make videos like this go viral !!

  11. President Obama and Vice President Biden will meet with John Boehner and Harry Reid this evening to go over budget negotiations, the White House announced.

    In updated guidance to reporters, the White House described the 8:45 p.m. meeting in the Oval Office as a chance to “discuss ongoing negotiations on a funding bill to bring us through the end of the fiscal year.”

    Obama is in New York and spent the earlier part of his day in Pennsylvania; White House press secretary Jay Carney had said a meeting would be called if one were necessary. On Tuesday, Obama promised that he would call the House speaker and the Senate majority leader back to the White House every day that a budget deal isn’t reached.

  12. I watched it on Whitehouse.gov. It was also streaming on cnn/live stream. It was a good townhall.

  13. BTW: Chris Matthews is the only one sticking up for POTUS. In all the MSM! Just thought you all should know!

  14. From the ActBlue FAQ:

    Can I make my fundraising page look like my own website?

    Yes — for an example, see the Stop the Roadblock Republicans page run by John Kerry’s campaign.

    We request a $1000 contribution to ActBlue for each template you’d like to have us put in place; you can create as many pages with that template as you like.

    To help things go smoothly:

    * Be sure that your web site template’s main content area has whitespace at least 550px wide.
    * Prepare your web site template by making a local copy of a web page (i.e., a page that you could load from your hard drive if you weren’t connected to the Internet — be sure you have all the background graphics referenced in your style sheets). Send us the page as a zip file containing all the necessary HTML, CSS, and images.
    * Send us your web site template and contribution at least five business days in advance to guarantee deployment on your schedule. In fact, if you’re thinking about this, please contact us as soon as possible and we can walk you through the details.


    When you contact ActBlue you could ask them if they will allow several of us to contribute toward the $1000 and if that $ 1000 would be directed specifically to President Obama’s re-election. If they agreed, I think you would have lots of supporters, here.

    Also, as was suggested to you in another thread, you will want to have as many relevant tags in your CSS.

  15. And this will be played every segment on MSM for the next week- 24/7! Like when Hillary cried in NH, people felt bad for her!

    And with thier friends in the MSM, They just won the govt shut down battle! You watch!

  16. Thanks for letting me know. I have not been watching Tweety because you could get whiplash from his swinging back and forth. I just can’t figure him out. But I’ll check him out tonight to see what he’s got.

  17. 11:57 a.m. | Updated In choosing Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida as the next chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, President Obama has turned to a telegenic young woman from a key swing state who will be an aggressive champion for his policies.

    She replaces Tim Kaine, who stepped down as chairman on Tuesday to run for the Senate in Virginia. A four-term veteran, Ms. Wasserman Schultz will serve as the face of the Democratic Party even as she continues to serve in the House.

    Ms. Wasserman Schultz was assured by the president that the D.N.C. would remain a crucial part of his political operations, according the several people close to the process. But her role will be different from Mr. Kaine’s, as the White House rapidly shifts the president’s political apparatus and re-election infrastructure from the national committee to Chicago, where Mr. Obama’s campaign is quickly taking shape.

    Mitch Stewart, who headed the Democratic committee’s “Organizing for America,” has already moved to the Windy City, where he will help oversee the effort to build another grass-roots organization to power Mr. Obama’s state-by-state campaign. And Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, who served as the committee’s executive director, is now Mr. Obama’s deputy campaign manager.


  18. //begin rant

    LP08 I think you are on to something. The idea of making certain videos like the one today in Phily go viral is an excellent idea. Our biggest obstacle has been and continues to be the media firewall. I think our focus should be finding creative ways to circumvent the media filter.

    I am convinced that if most Americans actually heard the speeches that President Obama has been making they would agree with everything he says. You know why? He just makes sense and the Republican Party is just plain nuts.

    The traditional media has failed at their job of educating and informing the public. Why else would there be so many people that don’t have clue about what healthcare reform means for them. Or what is really involved with the budget crisis. There is just so much the White House can do without having their own cable channel.

    So, I love your idea of making important videos of President Obama go viral. We can not allow the traditional media and Fox Noise to set the narrative. I am so angry right now I could spit nails. It is outrageous what the media is doing. They are supposed to report the facts, not provide an echo chamber for either party.

    This nonsense about Paul Ryan being courageous is garbage. Paul Ryan is the chairman of the Budget Committee. Paul Ryan should grow up and do his job. I don’t understand why he should be patted on the back for producing a budget. Isn’t that he’s supposed do?

    The media is so desperate for a negative meme against President Obama that they just ignore the facts. They seem to have gotten temporary amnesia about the fact that President Obama presented his budget back in February.

    Why has it taken so long for “boy wonder” to produce the Republicans budget? It’s interesting that all of a sudden this piece of crap budget appears out of the blue. I think they are playing look at that shiny object right now. The more the nature of their cuts are revealed the more radical they appear.

    //end rant

  19. HOLY S#*T!!!! Cornell West is taking a beating at the National Action Networks Annual Gala.

    The good Rev is giving an introduction you will all want to see as soon as the video is available.

    Live now http://www.whitehouse.gov/live

  20. I don’t come to that conclusion at all. I think he’ll come across as, well, a nut. And women can carry off crying more easily, rightly or wrongly, in this society.

  21. The essence of Rev Sharpton’s comment is:

    Raised by a single mother, the President rose to the top of his class at Harvard Law. Instead of selecting a high net worth-generating NY or Chicago path, he dedicated himself to – us – to ordinary people, to a housing project in Chicago. And since then that is what he has been doing for us.

    And, then he drew the contrast – He did not climb into some ivory tower and cynically bash those truly trying to make things better for all of us. Yes they cheered. He didn’t need to mention West by name – everyone there knew exactly whom he was referencing.

    And, when you see how the Rev Sharpton passionately delivered his comments, way more eloquently than my paraphrasing above, you are going to see a ferocious, unflinching support of our President. And, West and others like him are not going to speak unchallenged.

    It is for all of us to make sure we do just as Rev Al did.

  22. Perfect day not to land a sub job! A lot of positive news, and well aggregated (is that a word?) here.

    The marvelous stats about the fundraising was just reposted (with h/t) at WSY.

    Buyer’s Remorse: The Epidemic?

  23. The GOP want to stop the unstopable, but we will not let them, so people we are in with the money,this is for the future of my grandchildren.

  24. I agree with you. His crying is quickly becoming the butt of a joke, and not just among us on the left. He’s lucky this happened behind closed doors so there’s no video of it, but still, the fact that he cried yet again — and not because he’s worried about a govt shutdown, but because his caucus has been backing him, so for a completely selfish reason — will not look good.

  25. The GOP may hace millions of $$$, but we will have millions of people,we will knock on doors 24/7 from now on evethough I have multiple sclerosis.

  26. I predict that IF there is a shutdown it will only last a weekend and the GOP will credit the shutdown for any deal even if the deal could have been cut two months ago. Its all theater.

  27. The recall elections should be spectacular. Is there an Act Blue page for the WI recall?

  28. As a supporter of President Obama, I was looking forward to watching his town hall appearance. For whatever reason, I could not get sound and later no picture or sound from the livestreaming. So, I missed it completely. Luckily, you showed some of it and I’ll return to view the rest in its entirety when available. Thanks. One thing I know for sure, this country is very lucky (blessed) to have President Obama as its President.

  29. And I predict that the PL will accuse POTUS of “caving” and that there will be tremendous disgust on our sites that the media will allow the theater to be viewed in this way.
    And that Pres Obama will move on to the next task.

    But according to the news cited above and on earlier threads, (polls, WI) it seems possible that the brain fog of the voters is clearing somewhat, regardless of the show that never ends.

  30. Thank you for your report. I missed the intro of Rev. Sharpton. Wow was he ever clear. Yessssss !

  31. The president made a great speech at the National Action network.

    And I think I saw Big head Ed Shultz in the audience shaking the president’s hand. He was laughing and it didn’t seem like he had the guts to call the president out when he was in his face. The PL are so phony and weak.

  32. OMG! Stem cell research – maybe that IS the “hand of God.” It will probably be too late for my clients/patients, but how exciting. I’m hoping for regeneration of the spinal cord and brain synapses some day.

  33. I’m in! So is my Sis. We both gave regular monthly contributions in ’08 and we are planning the same now. We will also be boots on the ground for PBO and Dems. Fired up, ready to go!

  34. ActBlue does take a small percentage of each donation made through them. Our local Dems registered with ActBlue, then found that a member’s $150 donation was $144 when it got to us from ActBlue. However, ActBlue makes it simple and easy for people to donate online using a credit card securely.

  35. ♥ Bob! Bless the Rev Al and the house that raised him up! It is TIME and well past TIME for all good people to stand for their President and for the positive future of our country.

    Thank you for sharing this here. It has made my day!

  36. I wonder if Ed would have the nerve to tell that audience that he has stated that President Obama shouldn’t get a second term?

  37. gn, he probably has enough functioning brain cells to know if he did, he’d likely not get out of the room alive 😉

    Ed’s an entertainer on a salary, nothing more.

  38. I love it! Thank you for sharing this info here. I get really excited whenever I see new things come out of stem cell research. Someone here recently shared about a skin spray developed from stem cells that could help burn victims.

    I really like learning more.

  39. Neither do i he just showed he can’t lead. He made the republicans look weak. He also validated the dems point that the Tea party has him by the nose.

  40. You know he won’t. The PL and the right are cowards. They won’t say anything to someone’s face espacially the PL.

    Ed will wait till he gets behind the mic or when he gets to the TV studio to talk trash.

  41. It sounds to me that the so called budget by Paul Ryan is little more than the famous Paul Ryan Health Plan recycled. He put no numbers in the first edition then added a few that did not add up to the second edition. His plan actually added to the deficit as judged by the CBO. I hear the budget proposal has lots of holes in it and unanswered ways to get some things covered. It also is adding to the deficit instead of reducing it. Doing nothing would be more deficit reducing than his budget.

  42. Just turned CM on and hear that John Sweeney for the GOP and I can’t stand him.

  43. He deserves it. I’m sick of him running his mouth and not doing a thing to help anyone except himself by getting paid for appearances and selling books.

  44. I’m being weird right now! I am listening to Randi Rhodes on Progressive Radio. She is one of the better commentators.
    I am on this blog reading and posting.
    All at the same time I turned on Chris Matthews on tv and am adjusting the volume up and down as commericials come and go.
    This must be kinda like people that try to watch more than one sports game at a time! LOL

  45. LOL ! The Righties are calling voter fraud in the Wisconsin Supreme court election. John Fund of the Wall Street Journal made the claim.

    I’m surprised it took them this long.

  46. Latest note to the President just posted at WH.gov:

    To whomever screens these messages, I do hope you will show the following to someone who can genuinely discuss the option with the President and VP. Thank you.

    Dear Mr President,

    For the sake of all Americans, please invoke Article II, Section 3 of our Constitution.

    Specifically, you are fully empowered to “on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper …”

    This is just such an extraordinary situation. A government shutdown, an ongoing politicization of budget and debt limit, just as you and your team have begun to stabilize an economy that 2 years ago was about to tank, not just here, but globally, would be a disaster.

    Confine the House members to their Chamber until they stop acting like cruel demagogues and start caring for all Americans, not just the greedsters whom are their masters.

    Thank you,

  47. And it’s not done with human stem cells! Only the most anti-science of people could be against this.

  48. Every day Cenk just goes off on POTUS, to start his show! Problem is, he gets McDermott to do some bashing, too! What happens in the House of Reps, is both sides are wanting a fight, and that is what makes D.C. so broke. It is politics as usual, and that is what Cenk wants POTUS to become! Thus, the Republicans can say they changed him! Er go, Cenk and the PL are concern trolls! With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  49. I did sub for a few years myself and remember actually feeling like I had a holiday on those days the phone didn’t ring. Subbing is not easy and being home was appreciated more on those days.

  50. Bob,
    POTUS is not in bed with the greedsters. That is a right wing talking point! That said, if he did what you want him to do, the rabid MSM would have a field day with him!
    They will wonder if Major Hochstetter is the President! YIKES!

  51. Yes. Those are a very special 4 mins to say the least. And, I hope that video gets posted all over the net.

    Thank you for the heads up that Chipsticks has the video up.

  52. Uterus:

    APRIL 06, 2011
    How the word uterus unified Florida Democrats
    A little thing happened in the Florida House two weeks ago. A Democrat from Orlando said “uterus” during a floor debate.

    No one much noticed, or cared, until word leaked that Republicans told Democrats they couldn’t say the word.

    Now people can’t stop saying it.

    Angry with cuts to education? Democrats say uterus.

    Don’t like giving Gov. Rick Scott more power? Uterus.

    Upset with the way the Legislature is treating unions? Uterus!

    Read the story about — yep, uteruses — here.


  53. LL – I’m glad he cried. Each episode is further proof to his own party that they made yet another mistake in electing him and voting for him to be Weeper of the House. We already knew that.

  54. Obama Grandmama – We’ve all been there! It’s called Multi-tasking for the President!

  55. Democrats should stop coming on his show and continue to let his low rated program tank. The guy is a joke and a right wing hack playing a liberal.

  56. I know you are right about Ed and the PL. I get so angry with some in the Progressive radio for always criticizing the Prez. Sometimes they use a little disclaimer at the beginning of their statement about the Prez. Something like I support the President and know he has done lots of positive things for us BUT… Then it comes full force criticism. I know this influences so many people to oppose PBO that it so annoys me. Ed did the same thing with his HCR criticism and his primary Obama or just don’t vote rants.

  57. The ‘greedsters’ reference is to those who control the Republican members of Congress (and most other elected Republicans, nation-wide), not to the President.

    Sorry for any confusion.

    Actually, it’s his Constitutional duty, when the Nation is being threatened by the inaction of either the House or Senate, to fail in their responsibilities to govern.

    He won’t do it – the point of the message was to indicate to him that some Americans actually know what the Constitution provides – in ‘extraordinary occasions’ – for the President. And, the threat (all the while joking about it) of a government shut-down at this fragile moment in our Nation’s ability to recover and function is an ‘extraordinary occasion.’

    We have 2 + years of a sustained effort by Republicans and their masters to do whatever it takes to harm Americans in order to try to reclaim the WH. They have proven they will stop with nothing. In my 64 years, I have never seen such sustained, blatant, willful, reckless Congressional behavior.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective. I offer mine in collegial rebuttal.

  58. GOP Mike Pence is saying he would want the government to shutdown over not taking quit funding Planned Parenthood out of the budget. It’s being discussed on Chris Matthews right now. It is being said the Republicans are pushing this to catch the President politically in a Catch 22. PBO would be blamed if he kept it in for allowing the government to shutdown and blamed if he allowed Planned Parenthood to be closed down by women and loose their election support.

  59. I actually am glad to see the articles posted and discussed here as I am not making much headway on the OFA blog. I need to keep up on the political news and have fact based arguments ready for those in my Red community.

  60. If you guys can tune in to here Chris Matthews let me finish segment. Another great statement today.

  61. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Wednesday that 24 states turned in applications for some or all of the $2.4 billion in high-speed rail money that was recently turned down by Florida.

    There were 90 applications in total, including proposals from Amtrak and Washington, D.C. LaHood said the volume proves that Florida’s lack of interest in building new railways was not indicative of the rest of the country’s mood about the proposals.

    “Today, we are another step closer to delivering an innovative, national transportation network that brings new jobs and economic opportunity to the American people,” LaHood said in a statement.

    “Since I announced the availability of an additional $2.4 billion for high-speed rail projects, governors and members of Congress have been clamoring for the opportunity to participate,” LaHood continued. “That’s because they know that high-speed rail will deliver tens of thousands of jobs, spur economic development across their communities and create additional options for their citizens as the country’s population grows. We have received more than 90 applications from 24 states, the District of Columbia and Amtrak for projects in the Northeast Corridor, with preliminary requests totaling nearly $10 billion.”


  62. And in two weeks the nation will be on to a new crisis with the MSM breathlessly wondering why Obama hasn’t done X.

    A local business here likes to pit big signs out front with teaparty slogans and glen beckisms. Its current bon mot is: Obama Spectator in Chief. I guess this is supposed to be a jab for him “not leading”. I take it as victory over their attempts to drag him into the mudfight.

  63. Wont work because, as always, they underestimate PBO, he is taking the position that the Dems were prepared to make the cuts over a wider budget than the narrow NPR/PP/EPA based cuts. Their proposals will please baggers but everyone else sees this as pandering to the nutbags.

  64. After what he witnessed in the last two years, I wonder if Ray LaHood is still a republican LOL…

  65. Yes! The EPA amendment, the one supported by Rockefeller, Brown of ohio and Manchin failed 50-50! Manchin said it would get 62 votes! He lied!

  66. Just in:
    If a govt shutdown happens, You have to still file your taxes, even though the furlough of several thousand employees in the IRS will occur! However, Your tax refund check, will most likely be delayed!

    Call you congressman to complain! I did! It is what they are measuring!

  67. I didn’t know that, thanks for the information. With that it mind, it seems as if bwd’s first instincts were correct in that we should wait until OFA develops that space, and set up a direct bwd-specific fundraising space through OFA. I appreciate what actblue has done, but this is going to be a challenging contest. I’d rather that every single penny go to OFA for efficient distribution.

  68. Yes, anyone can create one. I had one created for me when I was posting diaries during the 2010 election. It wouldn’t require you to actually do any fundraising yourself or deal with money. You can just create a BWD’s page and we would donate to candidate through that page so it shows how much the readers here are donating. That’s what DK and Balloon Juice do now.

  69. Sammy, bwd has said a couple of times that she has to wade through the comments of trolls and it really upsets her to have to police family disputes of this type. Is there a way to discuss your issue with jovie and try to work it out?

  70. Rather cowardly to bring up the “this is what others are saying too” garbage. Speak for yourself, and if you want to bring others in to try and back-up your feelings then have the guts to name them.

  71. I agree with you. jovie brings over a lot of stories to this blog that I would miss otherwise.

  72. And they’d give President Obama the opportunity to stand at a podium and defend women and their healthcare. How he was raised by a single mother, married to a strong woman, has two beautiful daughters and how he’s not going to allow the GOP to play political games with their health or the health of women across America.

  73. I asked Axelrod about a judicial race in Wisconsin that he mentioned during his speech, where an ally of Republican Governor Walker was in a dead heat with a little-known progressive candidate.

    “It told me the atmosphere in Wisconsin’s changed dramatically. I would venture to say if the governor there were running today, if you re-ran the same race you ran in November he would lose, and not by a few votes,” said Axelrod.

    “I think independent voters have seen enough to know that they’re uncomfortable. I think Democratic voters are mobilized and I think that’s a microcosm of what is happening in many places around the country,” he said.

    Ben Smith-

  74. I’ve seen some use of a football metaphor about advancing the Democratic agenda down the field. I’d like to extend that metaphor a little, if I may. What the Democrats did to get the Affordable Care Act passed was a long hard slog from deep in their own end zone all the way down the field and scored a touchdown. While our President may have been calling the plays in the huddle, it was the team that did the work. That team consisted of members of Congress, OFA, thousands and thousands of dedicated volunteers, organizations like AARP, etc. There were fumbles along the way, and more than once it seemed the play was dead, but the President and the team stayed with the whole way and got to dance in the end zone.

    You’d think the crowd would go wild and cheer and celebrate. What happened? The Professional Left and the adolescent radicals instead whine and complain because the extra point (public option/single payer) wasn’t scored. These are people who have no idea how difficult it is to play this dirty, messy game of politics because they’ve never in their lives even suited up. They aren’t even bench warmers.

    Now they complain about Gitmo not being closed. Well here’s what I say to them: Get to work. Have your heroes Kucinch and Weiner draft legislation to fund the closing of Gitmo and relocate the prisoners in Illinois (which said they’d take them). Then get a team together of people who are willing to spend their days staffing phone banks and knocking on doors and writing to Congress and paying for advertising and all the other hard work that is required to pass controversial bill, and work their behinds off until it gets passed.

    Of course Anthony Weiner has never, ever had a bill he’s sponsored be signed into legislation. He’s been in office since 1999. And Dennis Kucinich has only had four bills he’s sponsored passed since he took office in 1997, but hey, they shouldn’t let that stop them.

    Until this collection of whiners works even half as hard to close Gitmo as our President did to pass ACA, then they can, you know, Go. Sit. Down.

  75. Did Biden have to vote and break the tie? Or was it a cloture vote and needed 60?

  76. Hey, what is with McDermott! He was on Uhygurs show bashing POTUS and now he says that Debbie Wasserman Shultz will be, and I am quoting, Strained, by doing both jobs DNC and congress woman!
    Strained? You say? Did you say that about tim kaine, when he held two positions? Sexist! Mysoginist! And yes he had to walk it back! McDermott is turning into a old battle ax!
    Just saying!

  77. I agree! The problem is, when republicans are in charge, they bully the far left! And then when a democrat gets in charge, they expect the same, like a big brother, if you will!
    The thing about a bully is, they bully you b/c you have no support! But, that is just it, they do have support. The POTUS is out there fighting and meeting with people and passing good legislation, for us! But, he is not a bully.
    Do I make any sense?

    End of rant-

  78. All this time I thought jovie was a guy, lol.

    Anyway, I have come to enjoy jovie and her! exclamation! points!

    When she gets to handwringing a little too much for my tastes I just scroll on by…it’s all good :-D.

  79. Tien Le – Please, please, make your points into a letter to the editor – if you haven’t already. Excellent in all ways! In other words: a touchdown!

  80. NEW YORK (AP) — Ensnarled in another political spat with Republicans, President Barack Obama conceded to a civil rights audience Wednesday that there are times when people “lose hope” over whether national politics will ever change.

    But the president, officially running for re-election as of this week, stood by his record of the past two years as proof of real progress.

    “In America, we rise and fall together,” Obama told the National Action Network, the Rev. Al Sharpton’s civil rights group. Promoting his efforts to revamp health insurance, education and consumer protection programs, Obama told the crowd to keep working with him.

    “We will build an America where the ideals of justice and equality and opportunity are alive and well,” the president said. “And we will reclaim the American dream in our time.”

    Obama’s appearance kept a promise he made when he spoke to the group as a presidential candidate in 2007 and pledged to return.

    It also took place in the shadow of a looming government shutdown as congressional Democrats and Republicans back in Washington struggled to reach agreement on how to finance the government for the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year.


  81. To be fair, Kaine only split both jobs for half the term (the first half) and didn’t have to worry about his own re-election.

    I think Debbie Waserman Shultz was chosen knowing that the DNC doesn’t need a true Chair as the Presidential party. Kaine was given the spot because he was termed out in Virginia and President Obama didn’t have a Cabinet spot for him. I don’t think he was particularly good or effective in the role.

    Debbie is a very good fundraiser, gives the Dems a high profile woman comfortable playing the attack dog role if necessary, gives a Floridian a high profile role to help with Florida.

    Also Debbie underwent seven surgeries for breast cancer and still served – what would Rep. McDermott say to that? Beating breast cancer while continuing to serve will make serving as DNC chair while keeping her House gig seem like a walk in the park.

  82. Jovie – I cannot thank you enough for finding the Uterus story from Florida. I just moved from there, and NOW they become #1 in the country in political humor.

    So funny.

    P.S. Uterus.

  83. I apologize as that came off harsher than I intended. It’s just a pet peeve of mine when people play the “others are saying” or “and I’m not the only one” card.

  84. Dems really need to spell out what the GOP wants to cut with their shutdown. Right now it’s just an abstract “more cuts vs less cuts” and most folks are for more cuts in the abstract.

  85. I am watching the ED show, and they say the POTUS might speak and are wating for his remarks! HMMM! I hope it is good news!

  86. Thank you, Jacqueline. This is one of those posts that’s meant to help me craft my messaging to Dems while I work with volunteers. I’m glad you think it resonates; I value that kind of input.

  87. Probably just agreed to meet again first thing tomorrow with an expanded guest list. Boehner can’t cut any deal by himself afterall.

  88. Hearing from the President at 10:45 p.m. EST about the possibility of a government shutdown is an indicator to the country of the seriousness of the situation. I’m so glad he came out in front of the cameras.

    Now, it’s up to Reid and Boehner and their respective camps tomorrow to come to an agreement. Not sure how, but they must.

    Reid and Boehner are speaking now.

  89. What a surprise – John Boehner wasn’t weeping. (Sorry – couldn’t help myself.)

  90. That part caught my attention too.

    Jacqueline, I agree that the president coming out at this late hour, looking as exhausted and concerned as he did, highlights that this is serious. It also highlights that they are very far apart still.

  91. That should be easy to frame – the GOP is trying to tack in teabagger political issues that have nothing to do with the budget.

    I really hope Plouffe has an epic roll out ready. Administration is playing too nice with these fools.

  92. Boehner is such a phony. He’ll go back to his teabagger Reps and be all high-fiving them about a shutdown.

    He’s decided he wants a shutdown, all this is just theatrics and a hope that maybe PBO will cave in completely.

    There really hasn’t been any frame attempt by the Dems or Administration. Nobody knows what the differences are other than “They want more cuts, we want less”. Dems REALLY need to explain where the cuts would come from and what the GOP is fighting to cut and willing to risk the economy for.

  93. Boner doesn’t look happy to me at all. He will be up all night and will end up looking bad either way. If he gives in, the Teabaggers will be mad at him and want him out of the speakership. If the govt shuts down the American people will be mad at him and at the GOP, and they will have hell to pay come 2012.

    The American people know fully well that the only time talk of gov’t shut down happens is when there is a Democratic President with a GOP-controlled house. They know fully well who is to blame in this scenario. They aren’t stupid.

  94. I would agree that the lack of framing this in stark terms is upsetting. The Democrats must do better for the debt ceiling debate and for next year’s budget debate.

  95. Saw our wonderful Mr. President Obama in his motorcade today crossing midtown Manhattan, quite by accident en-route to the gym. He waived at me…okay, maybe he was waiving at all of us pedestrians penned in at the corner — well, because we couldn’t walk in any direction, cross the street or otherwise until the Prez’s motorcade passed — with his genuine smile, he really brightened this dreary, rainy day in New York City!! Just to think with all that he has on his plate, he takes the time to waive and smile at the citizens of this country. Truly, President Obama made my day, maybe even my week!
    All smiles now 🙂 🙂 🙂

  96. I see that ABC News is trying to push Gov Christie for President yet again. They just won’t give up at all. Christie continues to deny an interest in running in 2012.

  97. WOW..I’m so envious! But hope you have a great evening and rest of the week, savoring your wonderful experience. : 🙂

  98. Calm down !

    The polls already show that the majority of Americans will blame the GOP if there is a shutdown. Obama and his teams i playing this right by playing cool and framing the republicans as unreasonable.

    Sometime people in this country always want to react just for the sake of reacting. Obama is in a good position either way.

    And if the government shutsdown you will see the Whitehouse message on full blast.

  99. LOL ! Christie is a joke. He is not even popular in New Jersey. If he can’t win his home state then forget about it.

    Also the guy is so fat and out of shape that I don’t think his health could stand the presidency.

  100. It’s all ACORN’s faul… oh,wait… never mind!
    (surely there’s someone else they can blame it on)

  101. I showed this video to a conservative friend, and they agreed. E Pluribus Unum.

    We need to talk less about our politicians and more about their politics. And by that I mean Congress.

    Look, I’ve had my complaints, and I unterstand that we need to come together. Please, don’t misunderstand.

    I will complain again. It is in my nature, but I complain for you.

  102. I think they are going to get one of those big riders, like NPR, for 6 months! Prepare for the liberal press to be hating! Just saying!

  103. Thank you, Jacqueline!

    Here’s my recent post at The Obama Diary, btw:

    April 7, 2011 at 1:23 am

    Bonehead and his radical buddies in the House – all such vociferous advocates of the Constitution, though they persistently evidence a remarkable lack of understanding its contents – had better pay close attention to Article II, Section 3 of that Constitution.

    Specifically, you President Obama are fully empowered to “on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper …”

    A shut-down of the Federal Government at this critical moment in US and global economic recovery and stabilization is more than meets the criterion of an ‘extraordinary occasion.’

    A government shutdown, an ongoing politicization of budget and debt limit, just as the President and his team have begun to stabilize an economy that 2 years ago was about to tank, not just here, but globally, would be a disaster.

    President Obama has all the Constitutional authority – the ultimate Law of the Land – to confine the House members to their Chamber until they stop acting like cruel demagogues and start caring for all Americans, rather than their unrelenting, wretched servicing of the greedsters (less than 2 % of our population) whom are, without any doubt, their masters.

    If Boner is looking for a reason to cry into the night he’s toying with not only a President but a Constitutional Law expert who is more than capable of having him sob forever — as they say, orange man, be careful of what you wish – you might just get it and ALL the ramifications that accompany that wish.

    Yes.We.Can. … Do More.Together.

  104. jovie – I think they are going to get zero – and worse.

    BTW, the more those teabagger fanatics attack NPR the more likely all those whom are the reason NPR operates are going to contribute to keep them operational.

  105. Precisely! The jerk whose not only ‘framed’ but ‘cornered’ himself is cry-baby-bonehead.

  106. Hi Bob, I just listened to Rev. Sharpton’s introduction of the President at the Obama Dairy. It was really excellent. The Rev.’s dig about the choices people made after graduating from ivy leagues was quite piercing in exposing the hypocrisy of those who are viciously attacking this President by accusing him of being a “puppet” of Corporations.

  107. “Ed’s an entertainer on a salary, nothing more.” So so true Bob! By the way the same goes for the so called “public intellectuals.” Many are out there selling books or collecting enormous speaking fees. Currently, the most profitable game in town is bashing President Obama.

  108. Bob, I think you make a compelling case for the President to “invoke Article II, Section 3 of our Constitution.” There is nothing more injurious to the struggling economy, and thus the lives of millions of people, than a politically instigated shut down of the government.

  109. If only it were “criticism”!!! But it is constant malicious, petty, spiteful attack that is designed to specifically demean and destroy!!!
    These people are not well-meaning!!! No matter what they say. They are as bad and as ill-intentioned as the right wingers and for them, their mind boggling hate of this phenomenal President Obama trumps everything else!!!
    They badly and desperately want him to fail and we must fight them at every turn and with everything we have!!!

  110. And CNN decides that the handful of teabaggers that showed up at Capitol hill with their shut govt down message, speak for the Republican party!!!

    That lying Dana Bash and her shill of a husband, together with that sneaky David Gergen and Anderson Cooper all make me sick!!!

  111. Trumps says he has his people in Hawaii looking into POTUS birth records! Desperate? His whole campaign is going to be about Birth records! Really?

  112. The offices of John Boehner and Harry Reid should be expecting a call from the White House in the early hours of Thursday. President Obama told reporters just a few hours ago that he would ping their offices in the morning to check up on budget negotiations, and that if they hadn’t “made progress,” they’d be summoned back to the White House.

    “We’re going to keep on pounding away at this thing, because I am absolutely convinced that we can get this done,” Obama said.

    Obama’s public schedule is more or less open until a 2 p.m. meeting with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, so there’s plenty of time to squeeze in a budget chat.

  113. Another one of President Obama’s economic announcements is likely to get drowned out this week by news coverage of the looming budget shutdown.

    The White House announced Wednesday that it had developed an “action plan” on labor rights in Colombia, and that President Juan Manuel Santos would come by on Thursday to formally sign off on the arrangement with Obama.

    A trade deal with Colombia has been long sought by Republicans, who were generally glad to hear Wednesday’s news about an agreement. But with less than a day left to reach a budget deal to avert a government shutdown, any formal announcements about Colombia from the White House on Thursday are likely to get below-the-fold treatment.

    Santos and Obama are scheduled to meet in the Oval Office in the afternoon, and the White House says they’ll “deliver statements” to a press pool at 4:20 p.m. If anything, reporters will be looking for Obama to talk about the budget negotiations — if a deal hasn’t been reached by then.

  114. I couldnt get on this site last night but went to bed after watching our exhausted President. He was looking tireder than Ive ever seen I’m furious and just hope that Reid hold firm. I think Bohner is bluffing.

  115. I can’t explain to you in words what I think of this President (which is good). I’m telling you, stop electing fascists. I’m looking directly at Congress.

    How many folks of you are married? Seriously? Not to harsh on those single folks out there, but how about our seniors who would sail our nation down the tube?

    That’s not gonna happen. Not on my watch. No, I am not the Presnint, but I have a strong voice. I will fight for what I believe in. And you had better as well.

  116. Lovepolitics2008-

    Making videos of the POTUS’s speeches is a great idea! You should go to the thread which BWD has set aside for brainstorming and submit it there.

  117. Hey!

    I like people who apologize. I have my own faults. It’s OK.

    Nobody’s perfect.

  118. Trump and Co. couldn’t find their asses with a map and a flashlight. All one has to do is go to the Hawaii State Department of Health, Vital Records division and request a copy. It took me one minute via Google. How f’ing dumb are these Tea Baggers?

  119. The frustrati are already labeling the Colombia Agreement as anti-worker. Looks like they’re trying to shape the narrative before the MSM does.

  120. All right. First of all, who is Sammy? Now I understand that you could be refering to St. Roscoe (Sammy?), but even in my disagreements with our beloved Saint did I ever propose banning him/her. I don’t give a flyin’ flub what you think about trolls.

    However, as someone who respects the 1st ammendment, I am not about to let infiltraitors decide my right. You here me?

  121. My State is one of the applicants for the funds. The e-mail from Gov. O’Malley rather appropriately started out mentioning that Florida’s governor had turned down the money and that Maryland was applying again! The e-mail subject line was about jobs, which is again an appropriate way to present it.

  122. Again the billion-dollar goal is mentioned. These media folk do get self-referential, don’t they?

  123. Or make reference to a “sissy room,” like he did at Netroots last year. Or that he talked about not voting last year.

  124. Gergen’s never been sneaky. He’s always been about one thing: getting Gergen the most face-time and funds.

  125. Hear or here wouldn’t matter when there’s an erroneous reference to the First Amendment. Unless you’re saying the police/some other government entity is here/hear policing the site.

  126. I think we “fight” (not my favorite metaphor) them best by ignoring them. Why treat them as if they were relevant? I understand there are people who listen to them, but if we all want to marginalize them as much as possible, we must begin by withdrawing our own energy and attention from them. And if that seems impossible, then remember, “Indifference is the unkindest cut of all.” Not my favorite phrase, as I believe we should all strive to be kind, but I know how difficult this is, which is the main reason I avoid the negative jabber, because it’s infectious.

  127. Charley Sykes (Wisconsin’s own Rush Limbaugh) was already on that issue on Tuesday, implying that the large turn-out was a justification for voter IDs. Black humorists couldn’t make this stuff up.

  128. Like everyone else Ive caught sound bites and snippits from him over the years but only in the last 4 or 5 did I begin to realize just how smart this man is. Don’t get me wrong,I never thought of him as anything but smart but I didnt see enough of him to understand that he’s actually way beyond smart. I wish he was a guy Maher brought on regularly,especially when he’s having Cornel West on too but I doubt West would agree to appear with the Reverand because of fear of having his ass handed to him. Im not sure I’ve ever seen him lose one of those crossfire type debates cable networks have all the time and feel certain that he would make short work of West who never hears one word of negative feedback out of anyone on a Realtime panel. Ive googled West and Obama trying to find West’s real problem but only came up West being offended because the President talked to him “like I was a boy scout”, whatever the hell that means.

  129. You know what I’m refering to when I reference the 1st amendment. Better understand what it means and the spirit behind it. Do you disagree?

    You can take your comment and shove it. Was that rude?

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