Heads-Up: 2012 Kickoff Call with President Obama and VP Biden

Tonight at 8.30 ET, here.

And, on April 20 PBO heads to California to hold a special facebook town hall about the economy.


The president stopped by the briefing room a little while ago. He was pissed. I don’t know how he can take even looking at most people in Washington. Disgusting, all of them, from Congress to the media.


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  1. I was so angry watching c-span, showed about 13 min, then cut away from the President to go back to the senate. No doubt they will all be wondering why PBO hasn’t said anything about this budget meeting. The blackout continues.

  2. I will be at his Los Angeles fund raising event. Reserved space yesterday.

    Probably juvenile, but … Yippee!!

  3. So my takeaway is that Boehner has gone all-in with the teaparties. Hope they’re enough to protect the GOP from livid swing voters who are not going to be happy with another government shut-down, particularly as this is a repeat of previous GOP behavior which is still stuck in people’s minds, and particularly as Dems bent over backwards and took a great deal of heat compromising with the GOP.

    Boehner’s just gambled with the future of this country and placed us hostage to extremists.

  4. I just can’t help but think of the people about to be hit hard because of Boehner’s bullshit. Shut downs are unpopular precisely because they are so disruptive and hurt so many people. And just when the economy was starting to recover, here comes the GOP to try to put a stop to that recovery with their extremist spending cut demands.

    This actually infuriates me. Just despicable.

  5. “I can’t have the Department of Defense planning on a two week basis”.

    “Let’s act like grown-ups”

    “The American people expect us (me, Boehner, Reid) to lead and solve our differences” (OK, that’s paraphrased).

    Bwam ! Bwam ! Bwam !

  6. The GOP have to go in my opinion. They are completely disruptive and have caused all kinds of havoc to this country. Not only this but they are no longer about working with the president, they are instead about themselves and power.

    Its a shame that so many people are stupid enough to fall for their tricks.

  7. I agree. The Dems made the cuts but the republicans don’t like the type of cuts they made. I’m sure they don’t like it because the cuts don’t target the EPA, healthcare reform, regulatory bodies, planned parenthood, etc.

    The Republicans are taking a big risk because the voters are already have buyers remorse. If they go through with this then the chance of them losing the house will increase.

  8. I read Bennen’s take on this, that Boehner wants 218 GOP house members to vote for this budget. He could get dems to for it instead if he cared about keeping the government open and was agreeable. I’m glad POTUS stated that everyone should be acting like adults, as always, he is the only one in the room.

  9. The GOP is going to feel a big backlash in 2012. Attacking labor, shutting down the government, attacking women’s rights, attacking medicare, medicaid, and social security.

    They already are pissing off some of their own voters. The police and firefighter unions have now turned against them.

  10. Politics – are pathetic. The GOP is totally dedicated to doing everything possible to make the government not serve “we the people” – only their campaign contributors. Most Democrats are standing around chewing their nails or criticizing the President rather than doing anything proactive.

  11. President Obama said we don’t have time for games and scoring political points.

  12. It will instantly bring to mind the GOP’s previous shut down, without a doubt. They can try to spin to kingdom come, but we have (a) precedent, etched in peoples’ memories; (b) buyers remorse already sinking in as you note; and (c) President Obama, who has taken heat for making concession after concession to the GOP, who are clearly not negotiating in good faith.

    Just despicable.

    Swing voters: like what you signed up for? Enjoying the extremists? Most of you wanted to trim spending a little, put a brake on the dynamism of the 111th spectacular session of congress in order to get room to take a breath and examine the plethora of new programs. Signed up for this? For the destruction of Medicare and Social Security, as the GOP wants?

    I truly and really hope that this time, the lesson sticks more than a couple of years. The GOP *always* does this when they get into power; they always tear things up and put this country through the wringer.

  13. Harry Reid is calling it ‘veto power’ of the tea party over the rest of the Republican party.

  14. He didn’t look angry – even tempered as ever.

    The press however – moronic as ever. What else can you do? Can you bring back debtor’s prison, and charge those incarcerated? Can you end Head Start altogher? That would make Paul Ryan happy!

  15. Hey friends!

    Make no mistake, I’ve seen many comments about how unprofessional our media is. But this fact didn’t truly dawn on me until just five minutes ago.

    Since there was nothing else on, I turned to CNN. Two realizations:

    1) The unprofessionalism isn’t just in the way our media reports news, but also in the way it presents itself. Why is this reporter dressed like she’s going to the club?! My peers and I, at FBLA/DECA conferences, dressed more appropriately than this.
    2) CNN might as well be renamed ENN (Entertainment News Network). One minute she’s talking about Kristie Alley. The next minute, Wolf Blizer comes on and says something along the lines of “speaking of Kristie, you’ve got to see this [whatever]”.

    Oh BTW, I just saw another reporter say that “Obama needs to be the adult” and do this, this, and that.
    I roll my eyes and think, “He is the adult. The ONLY adult.” 😉

    In other news, I’m still FIRED UP and READY TO GO! 2012!!!

  16. That’s a good way to frame it. Boehner would rather bow to extremists in his party than work hand in hand with Dems to create a sensible solution. Speaks volumes. He’s basically insisting that the teaparties have grossly disproportionate influence over the budget to either force extreme cuts to popular programs or just shut down the government in its entirety. What kind of nonsense is this?

  17. But, But the talking heads on the cable TV told the PL to seat out this election I thoght
    the PL care about working people, women’s rights. gay rights, medicaid, S. Socurity and unions. Yes they gave us thsoe bunch og tabaggers that are making things very difficult for all of us the working people. so Thanks Ed Schultz A.H.

  18. I truly and really hope that this time, the lesson sticks more than a couple of years.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  19. Who are those DEMO’s that are criticizing the President are?. Let’s get their Fricking names so we do not sopport them next time.

  20. Princess: Please do not pay attention to thos A.H’s on the cable TV just turn it off or you go crazy.

  21. Haha, I don’t! I rarely turn on cable news; I always get my news from the internet.

  22. I read somewhere today (don’t recall where; could have been Politico!) that 68% of GOP voters believe that Boehner and Co. are playing games with the budget. (I presume that 68% doesn’t include folks wearing teabags and tricorner hats.)

    That can’t be good for them.

  23. He looked calm but stern, like an adult chastising a group of unruly schoolchildren.

  24. Because they *are* playing games with the budget. The media can’t always provide but so much cover for them, with a story this obvious. Boehner’s in deep s- and is about to piss off most of the country.

  25. Every time the Republicans pull another fast one, I get even more fired up and ready to go. At this rate, I’ll be fired up enough to travel to the moon by November 2012. 🙂

  26. Yeah LOL !

    Ed Shultz is the bigget idiot in the PL circle. Though Cenk, Hamsher, and Adam Green are right up there behind him.

    I heard from a poster that he told people to sit out the election in 2012 as well.

    Yeah because teaching Obama a lesson is more important. But the only problem with that theory is that Obama and the Dems in Congress won’t suffer because the majority of them are well off (the president being a multi millionaire). The poor and the middle class will be hit. But Ed and the rest don’t care because they have money. Like I said yeasterday the PL can go to hell.

  27. Anthony Weiner, Dennis the menance (the elf), Bernie “the pure progresive” Sanders, some in the Congressional black caucus (aka kiss Bill Clinton’s behind but challenge Obama group), and a few others.

  28. That has to be brought up at every opportunity. 86 tea partiers are holding the country hostage and Boehner is too afraid of them to put forth something the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats can get behind.

    The Tea Party element has to be stressed as the country is becoming more and more disgusted with them anyway.

  29. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @GottaLaff: MT @chrisgeidner: RT @politico: Debbie W Schultz expected to be named chair of Dem National Committee later today, top Dem sources said

  30. You know, our side has already cut programs that will hurt the people we really care about – veterans, the poor etc – I think enough is enough!
    We can not be held hostage to these bastards who don’t give two sh-ts about the poor and middle class!
    I don’t want a shutdown – God knows I don’t but we can’t give in any more – enough is enough!

  31. Turnout is very strong in Madison (good). Soemwhat above average in Milwaukee suburbs (not necessarily good). Might be a bit low in Milwaukee (bad). Don’t know about rest of state.

  32. Does she have to give up her Congressional seat? I know Kaine kept serving as Gov for the remainder of his term but DWS would have to run for re-election to her congressional seat at the same time as chairing the DNC. I liked Strickland for this gig, the Obama Administration needs to get Strickland a prominent public role the sooner the better.

    Also after seeing this vid, I have to wonder why Kaine wasn’t much more public the past two years in speaking with the Latino community.

  33. Yeah, I can’t say I love it when the Republicans over play their hand. If real flesh and blood people weren’t being harmed it would be one thing, but what they do can result in people dying. As the director of USAID testified, the projected cuts to that program alone could result in 70,000 deaths, mostly children. Of course, they are furriners, so who cares?

  34. There’s another poll out there that shows a near even split between who would get the blame for a government shutdown.

    I find it hard to believe, though, since it’s clear that the Republicans are holding everyone hostage until they get everything they want. Even the MSM can’t put lipstick on that pig.

  35. That’s it in a nutshell, in pure form:

    86 tea partiers are holding the country hostage and Boehner is too afraid of them to put forth something the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats can get behind.

    Costly mistake.

  36. Thx japa. I really hope the WI today becomes a role model for the dems and a warning to those rethugs in DC.

    When will the results be known ?

  37. I know just what you mean. Besides, being fired up and ready to go makes me feel less frustrated in the short term. These horrible robber barons make my blood boil.

  38. We’ve really got to be ready to call out any attempts to moderate the extremism of this latest GOP move on the part of the media, or distract/deflect. Apologies to tien le for language above, but this situation is just above and beyond, even for the GOP.

  39. Not just you Ivee. At this rate, I’ll be fired up enough to dismantle the Empire State Building and put it back up by myself in one week!!!

  40. 45% expected turnout in Appleton, WI
    double the initial estimate. Can’t read into it though given they it’s larger county voted 54-45 Bush in 2004 and 55-43 Obama in 2008 according to a member at SSP.

    One potential benefit to come from this regardless of the outcome is that the recall effort has been collecting signatures outside the polling stations all day.

  41. I was hoping it would be her. She is so forceful. I love when she’s in fired up mode which is often.

  42. From your link:

    Earlier today, it was reported by John Nichols on the Thom Hartmann Show (audio at the link) that turnout in a number of key precincts in Madison at 11 a.m. locally, was already at “half the level of turnout for 2008 presidential elections… A presidential level turnout. 60% is expected for Dane County.”


    That’s great.

  43. Wow! President Obama as usual is so masterful on the issues and so presidential. The repubs look like foolish children. Like chickens running around with their heads cut off, don’t know how to govern.

    BREAKING NEWS FROM HARDBALL: Debbie Wasserman-Schultzs is the new head of the DNC! Yay! I was rooting for her; she is fearless.

    Go, Debbie!

  44. Good point, SR. If only the people were this involved just a coupla months back.

  45. I bet that the PL will blame Obama if their is a shutdown and fail to point out the Republicans and their actions.

    Also I want to keep an eye on the Wisconsin race. Does anyone know when the results come in ?

  46. From my understanding, a lot of that contact with latino leadership happened outside of the notice of the traditional media, but yielded tangible benefits in places such as Nevada and California, where the latino vote kept Dems in power.

  47. She’s spunky alright. The msm cannot mess with her.

    Is she the first woman DNC chair ? Is this a play for the women votes ?

  48. Wow Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I didn’t expect that becauese I thought Ted Strickland would get it but not a bad choice at all. I like her a lot. I wonder who will run on the Democratic side to take her seat.

  49. From Politico-
    Obama Taps Lawmaker as Next Head of DNC
    President Obama has tapped Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) to replace Tim Kaine as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

    Mike Allen reports Wasserman Schultz “was chosen for her strength as a fund-raiser and as a television messenger, and for her clout in the crucial swing state of Florida.”

    I completely forgot about her Florida connection and the importance PBO is putting on the state. It will also be good to have a very strong high profile female voice for the National Dems.

    Still not sure if she’ll have to resign, but I think she will. Kaine could stick around as Gov because he didn’t need to worry about his own re-election. Wasserman Shultz could serve out her current term, but I can’t imagine she fund-raises for both the DNC and herself. Besides I think she’ll use the DNC gig to then hopefully move on to greater bigger offices – either the Gov or challenge Rubio in time. Maybe had to DNC chair for two years and then join the Obama Cabinet in his second term and then head back to Florida to challenge Rubio in 2016.

  50. This might not be bad since people in the state have buyers remorse with the republican so it’s possible that the countty could swing back.

  51. I’m beginning to see the genius of how the President has handled the budget process thus far, based on what he said in that news conference. Remember when the MSM/PL were freaking out, demanding that he show leadership, yada yada? He held himself out of the fray until the time that he was going to draw his line in the sand. That time is now.

    Here’s where it gets good, though: 73 Billion dollars. Notice how many times he said that number during the press conference? Notice how he mentioned repeatedly that this was the figure that Boehner originally proposed three months ago? My interpretation of this is that is a figure the President decided he could live with all along, and was prepared to sit back and watch while the Democrats arrived at that number through negotiations on their own.

    Now he comes out and says, “Look, we got to the amount that was originally proposed by the Republicans. Let’s do this deal.” Okay, flashback to the Lame Duck session where the President and the Democrats came to a consensus about the tax deal. The overwhelming majority of people were in favor of the compromise…something like 74% of those polled wanted the deal done. Our brilliant President has done the exact same thing here. He’s shown how both parties arrived at the same figure via different paths. This sounds like compromise and consensus to most Americans.

    Oh how this paints the Republicans into a teeny tiny corner if they don’t cooperate now. They got their 73 Billion dollar cut to discretionary spending, but now they want to shut down the government? That’s going to go over like a lead balloon with John Q. Public. So without saying who is to blame, the President has set the stage for people to blame the Republicans big time. I love this.

  52. Boehner is calling that number “smoke and mirrors”, it seems the Dems gave him his number but said “we get to choose where and how to get there”. I don’t know how calling cuts of $73B “smoke and mirrors” will play. Let’s hope that soundbyte backfires.

  53. I’ve liked her since way back when, when I used to watch her and Kendrick Meek in the 30-something caucus on c-span. Nice choice.

  54. Polls close at 8pm in Wi. Results will probably take a couple of hours. It’s probably going to be razor close though – could be a couple of days.

  55. You all know the POTUS and VEEP have a phone call to us tonight at 8:30pm est? Right?

    Go to OFA and sign up!

  56. President Obama commanded House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday to work out a budget deal or else return to the White House every day until they do.

    In a surprise appearance in front of reporters in the briefing room, Obama said he and his team are “prepared to meet for as long as possible to get this result.”

    Obama announced that Boehner and Reid would meet at 4 p.m. Tuesday to talk about the budget. And he played hardball: “The speaker apparently didn’t want our team involved in that discussion. That’s fine. If they can sort it out, then we’ve got more than enough to do. If they can’t sort it out then, I want them back here tomorrow. But it would be inexcusable for us to not be able to take care of last year’s business.”

    He told lawmakers to “act like grownups.”

    UPDATE: Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Boehner, denied that Boehner told Obama he didn’t want the White House team at the meeting. He said in a statement: “The Speaker never said he didn’t want the White House there, just that he wanted to meet with Senator Reid. Speaker Boehner and Senator Reid have been having regular discussions on this topic for weeks. This is just one of those occasions.”

    UPDATE 2: Michael Steel, another Boehner spokesman, later said in a statement: “The Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader sat down privately and had a productive discussion. They agreed to continue working on a budget solution.”


  57. This is why we have to get some of the strategies that are being discussed here in place. We have to start pushing back NOW on the distortion, misinformation, lies, and shady tactics. We can’t afford to wait much longer because they’ll get the upper hand with the messaging and people who aren’t well-informed will believe it.

    I’m getting so annoyed by this…I need ice cream~

  58. I was just thinking of another twist on any government shutdown in April. This is tax month – lots of people owe more taxes to the federal government no later than April 18, including some seniors who rely in part on their monthly Social Security benefits, which they may or may not receive this month (I don’t really know).

    Will the Republicans put a moratorium on any taxes due?

    Heck, if Republicans can put a hold on benefits American citizens EARNED by working their whole lives, then maybe turnabout is fair play.

  59. The framing should be simple: The Democrats offered cuts. Lots of them. Negotiation does not mean total capitulation of the Democrats to Republicans. They have to give something up as well.

    And of course, my favorite frame: You’re not serious about the deficit if you won’t consider revenue increases on the people who have made out like bandits throughout this recession. No more cuts without revenue increases from those who have MADE NO SACRIFICE.

    And of course: you want to cut nursing home care so a millionaire can keep more of his money?

  60. I heard that liberal pockets throughout the state are turning out in droves.

    I had not heard that Milwaukee turnout was bad. I’m ashamed of my hometown.

    There is an excellent diary at the Orange Site. It’s worth clicking on to get this very important live blog.

  61. DWS will be terrific.

    We would have fared better in 2010 without Tim Kaine. I don’t think we would have retained the House but losses would have been less. He was the most ineffectual DNC chairman I’ve seen in my lifetime.

  62. Strickland has been leading the opposition to SB5 in Ohio – according to Ohio law will head to a ballot referendum within a year if there is enough signatures collected against it.

    Administration probably feels that Strickland is more important there in that spot.

  63. I like the pick of Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz. I love this woman. I completely agree with you about Governor Strickland. He stood my President Obama at critical time. He is smart and middle America. President Obama must bring him in, as soon as possible.

  64. I was mistaken. Brazile was never chair. There however have been two woman chairs before Debra DeLee back in 1995 and before that Jean Westwood in 1972.

  65. Just peeking around today, some of these foaming in the mouth folks who are saying that they’re these huge progressives really do sound like Republicans trolling to me, or at the very least, people who have adopted GOP tactics of discourse, and are on a near-jihad against President Obama, that’s how personal it’s become for them. I’m glad that President Obama chose to activate OFA now.

  66. I just contacted the Weeper of the House on his website for an answer to my Social Security / taxes question. Hehehe.

  67. Strickland is leading the opposition to Ohio SB5, which is the anti-public sector union bill that Kasich passed, but due to Ohio law if enough signatures are collected against it, it goes to a ballot referendum vote. Strickland is needed for that fight right now, and it keeps him high profile in Ohio for the better part of the year. He could still be tapped after that measure goes to vote for a public role in the Obama campaign which won’t gear up for a year yet anyways.

  68. How is it that Republican congressmen from Wisconsin (Paul Ryan) and Ohio (Boehner) of all places, where people are mad as hell at Republicans, can screw around like this with people’s lives and not feel the heat from their constituents? Is it because the voters in their states are preoccupied with the awfulness of their state-level government, that they are not aware of the crap being pulled in their names by their Federal representatives? Can we tap into that anger and apply some leverage on these guys?

  69. Also, she has alot of seniors she personally knows in south florida! And with ryans budget becoming a target…

  70. I needed some good news and Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chair helped my nerves.Congrats Debbie

  71. Just heard she is the first woman from either party. Now I’m loving the pick even more.

  72. Well, if the IRS is laid off, noone will be able to collect taxes, and their will be no money to fund the govt! Agian, things will slow down, and they are hoping the President will be to blame!

  73. Now, if ONLy she will get out their on tv and start defending POTUS! And geting it on, with the Issues!

  74. The problem is that Ryan and Boner represent Conservative districts so it would be near impossible to replace then with someone good. You will only get someone even more conservative even though it’s crazy seeing someone even more conservative then Boner and Ryan.

  75. They only problem is that poll after poll has showed that the Republican will get the blame for a government shutdown.

    This is a suicide mission for the GOP if they go down this road.

  76. BWD, thank you so much for the picture of President Peres with President Obama, I love him. He is such an honorable man.

  77. It’s not really the 86 house members they can’t even tie their shoes. Its the money people, the corporate giants who brought their ticket to congress and are waiting for their payoff. The republican have to pay their pimps.

  78. Wasserman Schultz to chair Democratic National Committee
    By: CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash and CNN Congressional Producer Deirdre Walsh

    Washington (CNN) – Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida will be named chair of the Democratic National Committee to succeed Tim Kaine, who is running for the U.S. Senate, according to an e-mail sent Tuesday to Democratic supporters.


  79. I’m not necessarily thinking in terms of voting them out, but rather making some noise to reinforce the idea – nationally – that the Republicans are the bad guys in any shutdown scenario. Making the connection between the outrages being committed in those states and the outrage of holding the Federal budget hostage to ideology.

  80. Just came back from voting. I feels good to vote for Kloppenburger. People at the polls said they were very busy all day. I was #897 which is very high in the area I live.

  81. From her wiki –
    In March 2009, she revealed that she underwent seven surgeries related to breast cancer in 2008, while maintaining her responsibilities as a member of the House. In 2009 Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz increased efforts to promote early screening for breast cancer, after she revealed her own battle with the disease in 2008. She maintained an aggressive schedule campaigning during recovery from seven operations.[2]

    She also is an active member of Planned Parenthood.

  82. The President looked pissed to me. Maybe I am just used to dealing with men in my family who are alway just so cool that I can see it when they are not. His whole body language was “Can you believe this shit”.

  83. That’s $ 73 B of real money and the President painted Boehner the color of the deceitful fool that he is.

    Americans are not going to be happy with the Republicans at all and the last thing the Republicans should be doing to themselves just now is enabling the President to go on National TV and explain precisely the nature of the $ 73 B in cuts – the amount Boehner said he wanted to cut – and then the Republicans decided to play a game of chicken with the American people and economy the victims.

    In watching the President this afternoon, he is going to make the way he campaigned in 2008 look like a pleasant experience for the Republicans he will be campaigning against from now until ED 2012.

  84. Less than two hours to vote Wisconsin – get your butts to the polls and vote. Bring like minded relatives, friends and neighbors with you.

  85. Glad to hear about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s appointment to DNC Chair. She is an excellent choice, and a great communicator. Hope to see her all over the t.v. I think Strickland would have been another excellent pick — hopefully he will be in some type of very visible position soon.

  86. eclecticbrotha@weeseeyou:

    Obama 2012: Hopers vs Haters. Because trying to inspire people to build a better country is worthy of mockery, condescension and open hostility from those who are vested in maintaining the status quo.


    There it is in a nutshell. Perhaps we can name the little weekly newsletter that a few of us are planning here “Hopers Weekly.”

  87. Yup; Boehner looks like a liar—he said he wanted $73b in cuts, he got it, and now he’s pulling some bs about wanting almost the entirety of the GOP caucus to commit to this rather than a bipartisan consensus? He’s a joke. Tomorrow, we need to be out and about with this story.

  88. President Obama’s first New York event since he declared his reelection will be at the home of former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, the former Goldman Sachs financier who will host a high-dollar, small dinner, an invitation to the event shows.

    Tickets to the event, which sources said Corzine is co-hosting with another financier, longtime Obama backer Orin Kramer and his wife, cost $35,800 per person.

    Continue Reading

    That event is the first of three the president will appear at in New York City on April 27.

    The choice of Corzine’s home is notable, given the former governor’s ties to the financial sector. The White House has made efforts in recent months to soothe frayed relations with the business community, after a cycle where some donors, unhappy with the push for Wall Street reform, claimed to be sitting on their hands.

    After dinner there will be a reception for roughly 350 people at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, with tickets ranging from $2,500 a head to $25,000 per person. The highest level gets guests a spot at the VIP reception and in the photo line with the president.

    Then, there will be a low-dollar event, ranging from $250 to $1,000 per person, which is a “kick-off reception” with the president. The site hasn’t yet been announced.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0411/52618.html#ixzz1IhBcaXep

  89. The senate votede to repeal the 1099 provision in the HCR law! The House has already repealed this provision! Not clear if they are identical, however!

  90. Most Democrats are standing around chewing their nails or criticizing the President rather than doing anything proactive.
    I hate to day it but the democrats are doing the same thing as the repugs…..protecting their corporate donors.

  91. Yeah I think things got rocky during the financial crisis and the addition of new regulations. But at the end of the day Obama is going to raise a lot of money.

  92. CBO analysis on the Ryan Budget:

    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s initial analysis of the House GOP budget released today by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is filled with nuggets of bad news for Republicans.

    In addition to acknowledging that seniors, disabled and elderly people would be hit with much higher out-of-pocket health care costs, the CBO finds that by the end of the 10-year budget window, public debt will actually be higher than it would be if the GOP just did nothing.


    LOL! So m,uch for bringing down the debt!

  93. The government has already stopped paying the bills. Federal courts stopped paying bills of defense lawyers with federal cases 3/8. My son is owed for minus of work and has to borrow from us just to pay his bills. It’s the little people who are hurt and the damage has begun. The GOP does not care about obligations to ordinary people. It’s just a pissing contest for them.

  94. UPDATE: Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Boehner, denied that Boehner told Obama he didn’t want the White House team at the meeting. He said in a statement: “The Speaker never said he didn’t want the White House there, just that he wanted to meet with Senator Reid. Speaker Boehner and Senator Reid have been having regular discussions on this topic for weeks. This is just one of those occasions.”

    Ummmm, isn’t that the same as not wanting the White House there?

    They’ve been ballyhooing about the president getting involved and when he does Boehner just now wants to talk to Reid.
    Can they be more disingenuous?

  95. Joe “sounds like hyperbole” Biden is on now.. anyone who doesn’t love our Joe.. I dunno would have to be kinda sour methinks.

  96. OMGAAAAAAAAAAAa I am listening to my president on talking on the phone, I love him. I am in!!!

  97. well that sentence came out a mess, sorry I am teary right now. can’t see properly what i am typing.

  98. I hought that comment was about potus, i missed biden talking. I meant potus sounds sexy. 😀

  99. That’s great news. This would have been fixed months ago if Republicans had any interest in actual governing.

    My husband and I are one very minuscule business and that one regulation was going to take up a ton of hours that we could spend building the business.

    I have no problem with honest assessments of regulations. But the ‘regulation-free’ crowd is insane.

  100. And the rethugs are so mad that he’s going to raise a billion dollars. Old, liver-spotted Newt was on tv crying about it and calling PBO a Chicago thug for raising money. Suck an egg, Newt, I’m donating as much as I can.

  101. Polls are officially closed.

    With turnout not near the 70%+ that’s being reported by some in Madison, I’m not feeling good about this. I think there is a chance Prosser wins big in that the youth vote isn’t getting out like Dems usually need it to win because it’s a spring election.

    If Kloppenburg can pull it out it will be by very low single digits, Prosser OTOH could win big still.

    Waukesha County Turnout is nearing 50% and this is a ruby red area, I believe Walker’s base.

    Also Fond du Lac Dem Chairman Rich Mantz is suing to keep FDL and Madison polls open an extra hour due to heavy traffic still at the polls. This could be a case of not counting chickens, or it could be a case of desperation.

  102. Yeah he’s a good guy and a really perfect match with President Obama. They’re a great team… it was nice listening to them, am getting very excited for 2012.

  103. With Citizens United (Thanks Supreme Court Activists Justices!) and the malevolent right wing, he will need it.

  104. So far so good in wisconsin:

    Supreme Court REPORTING 1%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 5,728
    David Prosser (inc) 3,959

  105. well with 1% reporting Kloppenburg is wiining 59%-41%. It would be bice if it went like that all night

  106. How in the hell can anyone not vote in wisconsin after the hell they have gone thru the last month? Did they not watch the news for the past month, did they not see the rally’s the past month? If they lose tonight they can’t blame anyone but themselves if their working rights are taken away PERMANENTLY! How can anyone NOT vote? Are they paying attention to the ramifications if prosser wins? When are they going to wake up? Hopefully people early voted so if the volumn is down it won’t mean anything

  107. Madison disctricts reporting first – she needs a bigger spread than she’s getting here.

  108. From twitter:
    “@WIProud: Early report from cross plains has Kloppenburg ahead 2:1”

  109. I agree. I have no sympathy left for Wisconsin voters that couldn’t be bothered to vote in this. It tells me that the majority of voters are happy with what Walker is doing – it is what it is. Maybe Wisconsin has changed.

    Recall efforts are pointless if they can’t get the votes out now, what makes them think they’ll get them out then?

  110. @Wis: I’ve been reading twitter. Some precincts have run out of ballots because turnout was higher than expected. People are being encouraged to stay in line while they try to resolve this.

  111. Rural Dane I believe. Barrett got 55%, Obama got 62%.

    SSP is reporting Prosser is doing 5% better than he did in the primary here – whatever that means. Doesn’t sound good though. He won the primary with 55%, but only 9% bothered to vote. FWIW Kloppenburg primaried 25%.

  112. I’m here in NY — I’ll help you, and we can take it apart and put it back together in 3 days!

    What’s really getting my goat about this potential government shutdown is the creeping conviction that the Republicans are doing this almost entirely as a ploy to hurt the economy and thus hurt President Obama’s chances of re-election.

    They did list making President Obama a one-termer as Job No. 1 (pretty despicable since they haven’t come up with one single actual job so far).

    If the worst happens and the government shuts down, I hope the American people realize just who did this — and why.

  113. Ah. The conference call with the President and Vice President was just wonderful! I appreciate both of them so much. My sister and I had an “after party” following the call via phone (we’re in different states)! We are both in, and planning our individual levels of effort in 2011-2012!

  114. Jefferson County (S central), voted for Bush 56-43, going for Prosser 63-37. this is with 1/3 reporting

    Big Prosser lead in Brown County, 58-42 (55-44 for Bush.)

  115. Let’s face it, it is going to be a long night. With 6% reporting it is 50-50.

  116. If we’re lucky. Prosser is overperforming his primary numbers by 2%, he needs to under perform them by 5%.

  117. If prosser wins then the people of Wisconsin get what they deserve. I’m sick of the American people complaining about what’s going on in this country because they are ill-informed and lazy.

    If Wisconsin workers don’t care about their rights and the rich GOP benefactors getting everything then like Boner said “So be it”

  118. Prosser just went ahead:

    Supreme Court REPORTING 6%
    David Prosser (inc) 58,358
    Joanne Kloppenburg 57,904

  119. To much money! Koch brothers are a big asset, so is Dick Armey! In these small elections, they can basically buy it!
    That is why POTUS needs Mullah! It is what it is! She still has a shot! Lets wait!

  120. I see that prosser is in the lead. IF he wins the people in Wisconsin should put there heads down in shame.

  121. You report conservative districts but what about liberal districts? Is brown county conservative?

  122. Prosser just surged, he is now 3500 votes ahead with 9% reporting!
    GOTV was garbage… But hey, they get to go out on wed and have a rally and a couple of hot dogs! Jeesh!

  123. I’m sorry but the Koch stuff is BS. Too many Americans are lazy and ill-informed. Being intellectual is a dirty word to too many people.

    Yeah the money helps but regular people still have to vote and the people so far have shown that they lack a spine and a brain.

  124. And Palin got involved! Like her or not, she has a huge following of very devoted people! Meanwhile, our side never even put this on tv, never announced it~ It was all over Fox!
    Their you go! Our liberal press, hurts us more than it helps!

  125. It seems like too many people only vote during general elections. But special elections or anything else people don’t want to be bothered.

    People in this country need to start being more proactive and stop being lazy. You can’t just show up for general elections.

  126. You know you make a great point there. Conservatives love her so her endorsement probably helped turn out more conservatives for prosser.

  127. uugghh. with 13%, rethug leads 13 to 11%. what a pathetic little group of voters.

  128. He has a guest reporter who indicated that the rural precincts’ results came in first. The “blue” areas of Milwaukee and Madison have not yet reported.

  129. From what I heard on the Ed show, the conservative rural precincts reported early. The others like Milwaukee and Madison have not yet reported.

  130. Well then that is good news because then that means that there still is a chance.

  131. Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 15%
    Chris Abele 17,569 59%

    Jeff Stone 12,416 41%

    Isn’t stone walker’s boy ? Love it that he is sinking like …. a stone.

  132. I think kloppenberg will pull it out. .THE 2 BIG COUNTIES in Madison and Milwaukee haven’t even reported anything yet and they are the biggest counties in the state. I am watching ed and the guy from The nation said that the red districts always report first, so she may still be able to pull it out.

  133. Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 27%

    Chris Abele 28,678 61%

    Jeff Stone 18,216 39%

    Wow, that’s a blowout. Isn’t this that punk walker’s home-ground ?

  134. We have to keep in mind that just ~ 6 weeks ago or so, Prosser pretty much “had it in the bag.”

    So even if he wins (which he may not), this election was by no means a slam dunk for him. So the Walker anti-union bill DID have negative consequences.

  135. You know that seems to be the case a lot of the time. Rural counties always report first and the numbers tend to even out or change drastically at the end.

  136. I notice that the MSM is rather quiet on this particular election at this time. My Msn homepage has nothing much to say on the election…methinks they know what the outcome is going to be.

  137. with 23%

    David Prosser (inc) 191,761 51%

    Joanne Kloppenburg 184,419 49%

    Come on Joanne.

  138. Yeah, this is the election to replace Walker and he is considered Walker’s protege.

  139. But still a win will be huge and is needed badly at this point, especially as a blow to the rethugs in DC.

  140. with 30% in, it’s 20% lead for Abele. Now, that’s what is called as Buyers’ remorse. Wish these people had this sense just a few months back.

  141. You guys these early vote totals=/=final results. Be patient. Either way we’ll deal with it but put your positive energies towards the dem as she could pull this out. Big Madison turnout.

  142. Prosser is ahead by 6500 votes, but very little counting from madison and milwaukee!

    This is good news for John McSame!

  143. You’re right gn. I’m rooting for Jo, and I think she has a good shot.

  144. And then katrina van den heuvel came on and started blaming the President! UGGGH! The PL are a bunch of losers!

  145. with 32%

    David Prosser (inc) 256,303 50%

    Joanne Kloppenburg 254,174 50%

    Gawd, this is a wild ride

  146. Earlier from different reports it sounded like Boehner and Cantor were at odds. Boehner wanted to have a reasonable budget deal but Cantor favored the Tea Party position and hoped to take over the Speaker position. Now when Boehner talks of a potential shutdown the crowd cheers. That is not a good sign as it sounds like they will play to their audience.

  147. More ppl came out than expected; be patient everyone; my phone’s almost out of batteries—be positive and patient.

  148. with 38%

    David Prosser (inc) 319,941 52%

    Joanne Kloppenburg 301,187 48%

  149. The results of the Judge vote in WI is in the MSNBC political news tonight. Not sure if the count is over but it is of interest since one is a GOP judge and the other a Dem judge. That struck me as odd to begin with as I thought the judges usually ran not identified by political party. However, seeing what has transpired in WI with the GOP party I had thought the reawakening would have meant the Dems came out in droves and voted for their judge. Last I heard the GOP guy had a 51% lead to 49% and I didn’t catch if that was a final count or not?

  150. Madison results haven’t come in yet?

    Geez, I hope she wins. If not, then I just don’t know what on earth is going on in Wisconsin. Prosser is nothing more than Walker’s lackey.

  151. When I was watching MSNBC awhile ago it had it 51%GOP judge to 49%Dem judge. It didn’t say the percent that was in on that report. I hope it wasn’t the ending forecast as it had AP tied to the numbers.

  152. Apparently, there were so many votes in those counties that they are still counting them.

  153. I have been so impressed at how Debbie Wasserman-Schultz defended the HCR on talk shows. She went at them with truth everytime. I never saw her stumped or without facts to counter what was said. I have been thinking for quite awhile that down the line she would make a good President.

  154. Supreme Court REPORTING 51%
    David Prosser (inc) 407,073
    Joanne Kloppenburg 405,963

  155. The conservatives probably think that Republicans are just bluffing to try and get power, but when push comes to shove, they’ll do the right thing eventually. They don’t realize that they’ve been hijacked by extremists. VP Biden is right when he says “this isn’t your father’s Republican party”. It surely isn’t…

  156. PBO also called his press conference to be at the exact time Boehner was scheduled to speak so Boehner had to follow him. 🙂

  157. At 77%, stoner is a goner

    Chris Abele 94,151 61%

    Jeff Stone 60,037 39%

    Karma is such a sweet beeyotch

  158. At this point Boehner needs to shut down the government on Friday just to say he did and then open it on Monday declaring any concessions to be only gained because of the shutdown. I say he needs to because he is a dead man walking. The tea party wont accept anything less than a shutdown(they want it to be permanent – to punish the government for existing) and the country will hate the GOP if there is a shutdown. What is the old saying about politics – if your opponent is busy committing suicide don’t get in his way.

  159. I thought he looked pretty angry, too, and rightfully so. When he said “I can’t oversee the members of Congress who are supposed to be working for the people” (paraphrased…) I actually cheered. There are over 500 of them in Congress who haven’t been able to pass a budget, but who cried like babies when he negotiated a tax deal that saved people from going hungry over Christmas. If it’s so easy, why haven’t Weiner, Sanders and the rest of them made it happen already? And watching this fiasco, one can only wonder what would have happened to the poor people of Libya if we had waited for Congress to act, if they can’t even do the right thing when it comes to their own countrymen (and women). This is a disgrace.

  160. Supreme Court REPORTING 55%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 438,201
    David Prosser (inc) 434,445

  161. I heard that Soc Sec checks would go out only new people on Soc Sec processing would be delayed. Whether people employed by government considered nonessential receive pay while there is a shutdown is questionable as it needs to be voted on afterwards. The hope of the GOP is that people will decide they really don’t need government.

  162. GN, I agree with you 100%. A great many people are going to be hurt by the government shut down.

  163. woo, hoo. This is her first lead for the day ?

    Sorry, WI. I withdraw whateverI said before.

  164. I’m on pins and needles reading the WI updates and I don’t even live in WI!

  165. Heck, I don’t even live in US of A.

    And don’t call me Shirley (stolen from gos)

  166. I was disappointed in Lawrence’s show tonight. I also was really mad about my morning Progressive radio station commentator going on and on about a Primary against Obama or just not voting. Crazy man! Sounds just like Ed Schultz but is local man.

  167. Supreme Court REPORTING 66%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 515,891
    David Prosser (inc) 514,475

  168. I think you’re right about the way he’s going to campaign this time. First – it’s his last campaign. Second – they are going to bring out all sorts of nastiness against him, and he’s going to play hardball with them. Third – I’m sure he’s been simmering and waiting to unleash on whomever they decide is their sacrificial lamb. Even if he just does pure policy – what will they counter with? Their anti-women, anti-senior, anti-minority, anti-gay, anti-American, anti-non-American policies that are purely destructive and evil? Yeah, right.

  169. At 66%, Joanne leads by 1400

    oanne Kloppenburg 515,891 50%

    David Prosser (inc) 514,475 50%

  170. They sound like little children, making excuses after they get caught raiding the cookie jar.

  171. Unreal:

    Supreme Court REPORTING 66%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 515,891
    David Prosser (inc) 514,475

    One minute he is in the lead, the next minute she is! This is quite a battle! The little guy against the big guy.

  172. One of the counties that is heavily republican hasn’t reported anything for a minute and its been stuck at the same number for over an hour and folks are saying it may suspicious.

  173. This is really interesting to watch. Her biggest lead has been about 4,000, he’s been up by about 20,000. Sure wish I knew where the remaining votes were coming from.

  174. Supreme Court REPORTING 71%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 552,053
    David Prosser (inc) 546,662

    Now, hold the damn lead!

  175. Good to know people of countries other than the U.S. like PBO. Do you think most in India approve?

    (side note – I wish I were bi-lingual!)

  176. At 71%, Joanne leads by 6000

    Joanne Kloppenburg 552,053

    David Prosser (inc) 546,662

  177. Supreme Court REPORTING 73%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 559,970
    David Prosser (inc) 553,243

  178. Oh thank you for these updates – am following them via my email.. and they have been so exciting. I believe she’s going to win.

  179. You betcha. Especially, the youngsters. My college going daughter (well she just finished college now) and school going son love him. Last year, we had the leaders of USA, France, Russia & Germany. Guess who got the maximum press ?

  180. Supreme Court REPORTING 76%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 571,145
    David Prosser (inc) 564,352

  181. Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 96%

    Chris Abele 125,579 60%

    Jeff Stone 84,953 40%

    That’s what I call a “Shellacking”.

    Go suck an egg, walker… A rotten one at that.

  182. Meanwhile, I am watching the kennedy series, it is so good! This one was about the bay of pigs! He had to go through stuff like this president did, and from the pentagon too!

  183. Supreme Court REPORTING 78%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 583,113
    David Prosser (inc) 575,930

  184. I wonder if that 96% also applies to the percent of Milwaukee County votes counted for SC. If so, she may have trouble holding on to this lead.

  185. Supreme Court REPORTING 81%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 609,621
    David Prosser (inc) 591,880

  186. I hope she holds on and pulls this off. Disappointing that he’s getting almost 50% of the vote.

  187. Supreme Court REPORTING 82%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 614,306
    David Prosser (inc) 595,474

  188. This is not a disappointing result considering just about 6 weeks ago, Prosser basically had it in the bag.

    Without Gov Walker’s messing around the unions, we would not even be here watching this election, because no one would care, and Prosser would walk away with a slam dunk win.

  189. Now the lead is 19,000

    Joanne Kloppenburg 614,306 51%

    David Prosser (inc) 595,474 49%

  190. Supreme Court REPORTING 84%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 640,660
    David Prosser (inc) 605,734
    looking very good

  191. Home now. Can anyone familiar with Wisconsin shed some light about the ideological leanings of the following counties? Much appreciated:

    Fond du Lac

  192. Fond du Lac is a mixed but somewhat more liberal. Waukesha more conservative. Grant and Waupaca are rural so woudl usually lean more conservative, but not sure this year. Waukesha andond du Lac have larger populations, Grant and Waupaca not a much.

  193. From what I’ve read they are all very conservative. But they may not be enough to offset that lead.

  194. This is still nip and tuck. I would like to see her with a 2% lead at about 95% of the vote. That woudl mean he would have to get almost 75% of the remaining votes.

  195. I’m down here in GA sweating out this election, and I’m pulling for Kloppenburg. Any new totals?

  196. Supreme Court REPORTING 88%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 655,325
    David Prosser (inc) 650,059
    Here we go again

  197. Thanks, japa.

    I’m just as nervous about this election as I would be were I living in WI.

  198. At 88%, the lead shrinks to 5,000

    Joanne Kloppenburg 655,325 50%

    David Prosser (inc) 650,059 50%

    This is worse than a roller-coaster

  199. Supreme Court REPORTING 90%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 670,661
    David Prosser (inc) 668,985

    Bite your nails time, back to reount status

  200. Thank you so much. How about Trempealeau? I understand, leans Dem, but what’s your impression?

  201. Supreme Court REPORTING 90%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 677,141
    David Prosser (inc) 673,670

  202. Hi, starshine!

    I’m hoping that by visiting pragmati blogs that I can get some ideas that I can use here in Middle GA at the Democratic Party headquarters. I’m despondent that our presence here is so low profile as to be almost non-existent.

  203. Oh, yes. Al’s was the only place for me in 2008. Donated about 100 bucks to The Field.

    You think I’m CL’ing now ? 🙂

  204. No, it suddenly struck me when you said you were India, that the amk sounded familiar. I was john in Illinois.

  205. Supreme Court REPORTING 92%
    Joanne Kloppenburg 684,512
    David Prosser (inc) 682,935

  206. Waukesha must be humongous. More than 100K votes so far, more than 78K for the GOP; that’s a really big county. Are there some major cities there or something?

  207. Those were the days, huh ? Al’s was an oasis amidst all the CL’ing. He was the first guy to predict PBO win in 2007. I still have his piece in my ‘puter somewhere.

  208. he is coming back! This sucks! And right at the end too! Is their any left in madison or milwaukee? if not, it is over!

  209. At 92%, the lead is down to 1500

    Joanne Kloppenburg 684,512 50%

    David Prosser (inc) 682,935 50%

    Anyone dares to stick his/her neck out and predict now ?

  210. Supreme Court REPORTING 92%
    David Prosser (inc) 687,274
    Joanne Kloppenburg 686,683
    Not good

  211. The population in Waukesha (mainly repubs) is about 1/6th of Dane (mainly Dems) isn’t it?. Certainly looks like the numbers recorded in this region of Waukesha are more than the population http://www.city-data.com/city/Waukesha-Wisconsin.html

    Aren’t these the 2 districts now heading into a showdown given that Milwaukee is nearly complete and it went to Joanne +12% over (what’s his name)?

    Keep refreshing live updates…

  212. Supreme Court REPORTING 93%
    David Prosser (inc) 689,201
    Joanne Kloppenburg 688,802

  213. I am about ready to call it a night. Just wait to the morning and hopefully am pleasantl;y surprisd.

  214. okay, it’s only 400 votes right now. are you familiar with the remaining counties, japa? are they the ones gn mentioned?

  215. Well it’s not looking good. Like I said before if Wisconsin lets this guy win then I don’t want to hear anymore whining about attacks on unions. You get what you deserve because you don’t care about voting.

    And the same goes for Michigan, Florida, and Ohio. Maybe next time vote instead of waiting till the general election to vote.

  216. LOL! I hear you! Maybe next time the liberla press will give it some coverage before it happens! Or are they bought and paid for? HMMMM!

  217. Well, this is going to a recount so we won’t know for weeks the outcome. I’m done.

  218. 130/198 Wausheka precents reporting, 81,255
    votes already for the GOP, 29,332 for Dems, in a county with a total population of 360,767, children included. That’s really interesting.

  219. The turnout was about 50% of 2008. When will the stupid voters ever learn ? Going by today, I guess never.

  220. Jeremy, I think the issue is the indifference of those from all over this country who don’t vote. They don’t vote and don’t care about unions/collective bargaining. They don’t understand that even if they’re not in a union, unions set wages for all. If the amount union members earn drops, so will all of their wages. But they don’t understand that.

    There are many folks who do understand, and they voted. Being from a southern state, those of us who vote Democratic have to pay the price because of the Republican majority. I understand the pain of Democratic voters in Wisconsin.

  221. The conservative turnout was very very impressive! We have our work cut out for us! The tea baggers are still very strong!

    Good night!

  222. They have no fear about voting against their futures, because they believe that they aren’t feeding off the government teat, doncha know… For some people, these impacts need to touch them personally before they learn, and even then, some of them simply blame everyone else for their plight.

  223. John Marshall’s blog just reported this.

    12:44 PM: Hearing lots of unconfirmed reports of counting errors in various counties that could advantage either side. This could be a mess.

    If this is true………this could be Bush v. Gore 2011 10 year anniversary edition.

  224. Oh great I had a feeling this would be like Bush v Gore again based on the trends.

    But if Prosser wins is this fight over collective bargaining over ?

  225. OH!!!!!!! OH!!!!!!!!


    706 to 707 with Kloppenburg ahead!!!!

  226. I know it’s sad when you have so many people who are disengaged. It’s like they don’t care what’s going on until it hits them hard.

  227. He absolutely has not won. Let’s take a deep breath and revisit this contest tomorrow, and it’s likely to still not be over then.

  228. From tpm:

    12:47 AM: 97% of precincts reporting and still just under 2k margin for Prosser. That was a bunch of precincts with very few votes that just came in.

  229. Kloppenburg is probably going to end up a few votes ahead tonight, but this is most likely headed to a recount IMO.

  230. It’s hard not to get excited. Can you imagine being Joanne Kloppenburg right now?

  231. AAAAAAAUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! 720 722. This is gonna be a recount election, no matter who wins.

  232. gn, that’s what I was thinking. The vote is about 50/50, so why in the world would that make the conservative turn-out so impressive?

  233. 1:04 AM: Our very quick ‘don’t quote us on it’ analysis suggests that the outstanding precincts favor Kloppenburg. Whether it’s by enough to get her back into the lead is less clear.


  234. He was the only adult in the room(no pun intended). And he made so much sense. He gets it.

  235. Any postal ballets that’ll make the rethugs go postal ?

    Damn those last straws ….

  236. Well. At least one consolation blow out and a vicious kick in the face for walker

    Milwaukee County Executive at 100%

    Chris Abele 134,848 61%

    Jeff Stone 87,913 39%

  237. Theo67, I could not agree with you more.

    These fools have scripted their very own – as in They Totally OWN It – destruction.

    And, President Obama is just the person, calmly and professionally, to deliver them JUST WHAT THEY REQUESTED.

    He has assiduously conducted a non-partisan Presidency the past 2 + years and THEY have conducted a partisan war on all Americans (and, oh so sadly, among those Americans are their under educated teabaggers – irony at its maximum).

    They should, but are totally incapable of doing so, get the densely packed concrete out of their ears and hear precisely what he said, yesterday.

    This is his LAST campaign.

    He is ALL IN.

    They have taunted, denigrated, and far worse, an intellect and soul so vastly beyond anything they have any capacity to understand.

    Now, as he has so explicitly stated to everyone, it’s the end-game and he knows HOW TO CLOSE.

    Yes.We.Can. —- DO.MORE.TOGETHER.

  238. Can anyone guess why the MSM is NOT crowing in delight about this WI elections (including the so-called small lead of Prosser)?

    Regardless of whether Prosser eventually is called the winner, the conservatives got a solid spanking last night – and that is indeed a referendum on Walker and his nasty anti-union agenda. This does not bode well for the GOP’s antics in general (Yes Weeper Boehner, I’m looking at you and your Teabagging cronies in congress).

    JoKlo, a virtual unknown, who just 6 weeks ago was trailing Prosser, the incumbent who was well known, liked, by 20-30%. That the election is too close to call is very telling, despite the money machine of the Koch brothers funding the GOP campaign.

    So let the GOP go ahead and shut down congress thinking it’s President Obama who will be hurt. It’s the ordinary people who will suffer the most, and a presidential election is VERY different from a non-partisian judicial “Spring” election.

  239. The WI elections? Not a dominant feature at all of this morning’s news! That tells it all about the media,so we really,really,have to hold their feet to the fire. Come on people!

  240. Turns out Wausheka is one of the very few urban areas in the country which is hardcore GOP, lol. From the vote totals above, they appear to have come out in droves. A Republican inner city. Pretty interesting, but I wonder what’s in the water there.

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