Why We’re In

Hi guys,

Last night I spent some time over at the new OFA blogs and it lifted my spirit in a real tangible way. Many many good and positive comments by people who are clearly not the usual political blogosphere junkies. Just a lot of regular people, proving that there are many like us out there. So I collected just a sample from the comments to give us all a nice start to the day.


Voted Dem the first time in my life, and do not regret it, thank you Mr. President for your speech in Cairo which inspired the Arab world to not pick up a sword but to stand for democracy, this is in my opinion your greatest accomplishment. We as volenteers need to speak of the “life” and positives that you have contributed to the world, not just our country. We as Americans should be proud of our president and his ability to “fight” for democracy, inspire others to change their lives and their countries, through positive non violent demonstrations. Martin Luther would be so proud, and God Bless America. Its not all about money and what we have in .. we are free..


 I’m in because, contrary to popular belief, our President has done much of what he said he would. He has yet to disappoint me and I choose to believe in the man and what he says. It would be so easy for him to constantly debate and bicker with his naysayers, but he has never failed to take the high road and just deal with the issues at hand. Our country needs and deserves a leader who is intelligent, level headed, and strong. Plus his exhibition of class has been unparalleled since he began his initial run for the Presidency.


 I am in because I believe President Obama has done much of what he promised and really cares about all people and not just the ones at the top. With so much intolerance and hate going on in this country we cannot afford to go backwards. Not now!


 In my mind, there is no question. Firstly, to be effective and make any real and lasting changes, a President needs to be in for two terms – unless he is a big loser. Obama is a winner not a loser. I love his devotion to finding a middle ground, elminating devisive discussions and limiting his representation to a specific segment. He represents the United States, not a race, not a political party but what is best for all. But some might say a view such as this would be paralizing, but I don’t believe so in Obama’s case. He makes his point, stands his ground and I believe success will come to those that wait. He’s a winner


 I am in because we managed to pass Health Care Reform and Repeal Don’t ask Don’t tell. I am in because the Tea Party and conservatives in this country want to take our country “back” and our President has against all odds managed to inch it forward.


 I’m in because he’s articulate, follows through with a great deal of what he says and is able to change his plans if something disastrous happens. He makes efforts that really are aimed at helping the American people and creating change for the better. I initially was against him in 2008, but since then have seen what he has done and believe in him and his cabinet to help this nation.


 I am in, because the work that Pres Obama started could not be accomplished in 4 years, he needs 8 years but with the full support of all. I believe in him, his goals and objectives for this country as well as his word ; to make this country better.


 I support President Obama 100%, you can’t create a new America in just 4 years, he needs more time ! Thanks to President Obama’s Homes Made Affordable Program, we are currently trying to prevent our home from going into foreclosure. I trust in him, and fully support what he is doing, therefore I am backing him for re-election in 2012.
Thank You President Obama for believing in America and for giving us hope !



 Barack Obama may not have been the “messiah” some had sought, but he has done his best under some amazingly difficult conditions, some that would have defeated others. In many instances, he didn’t act as quickly as some demanded, but rather took his time, viewed his options, and waited for the right moment. I like a President who isn’t reactive, but takes time to do things right. I also am scared when I think of the competition. Michele Bachman? Newt Gingrich


 I am definitely in!….President Obama has weathered the storms produced in four turbulent years of constant ridicule and political beratement. The Naysayers don’t understand him and therefore appear threatened. They have tried every mean trick in the book to discredit him. However inspite of it all, he has maintained a presidential demeanor that not many people can claim. He has not wavered from his pledge to be the Peoples President. I campaigned for him in 2008 and I will GLADLY do it again for 2012!!


 While I may not always agree with every decision he makes I believe that President Obama has consistently followed through on the plans that he had when he campaigned and has been willing to deviate from those plans when he thought it was necessary. The President isn’t an ideologue and we should be grateful for that. He is a man of substance, common sense, hard work and compassion. Over the last few years I have began to see some significant and positive changes that I support while seeing others that I think were wrong. Yet I think Barack Obama deserves another term in the White House. There will never be a public official who I will agree with one hundred percent of the time yet Barack Obama has honored the office he has been entrusted with.


 President Obama has faced a series of mind numbing crisis with a calm balanced intelligence that is awe inspiring. Some people want more fire works. I’m more interested in someone who provides a way of dealing with problems. Let someone else provide the entertainment.


 I am in because despite all the criticism of every and anything our President attempts to do, I am thankful and blessed enough to see the truth. The truth is I may disagree on our President’s decisions at times, but I am in complete agreement with his head and heart in reflection of the vision he has for our great country. I have seen the elements of those that try to divide us as a country and as people….but as President Obama oftens say we are and has always been greater than all the odds against us throughout our history. Therefore, I am in with President Barack Obama, to continue to uphold and make better the Greatest America we can possibility be. Barack Obama is a man of character, respect and compassion for the world, and our world needs that right now.


 I was born during WWII and I’m in because watching Presidents since Truman, not since Kennedy have we felt such inspiration throughout our country and the world. President Obama brings honor to his office and to our country. He is capable of taking us out of recession and moving us forward and upward. He needs support to counter the incessant attacks from those who would destroy the momentum we have going. I will do what I can to promote and support this great President to be re-elected. I’m in


I, too, was born during WWII. I saw in Obama great intelligence, a calm and even temperment, a “long” head, high energy, and goodness to the core. In other words, absolutely every attribute it takes to make a great president. And he has not disappointed me. I shudder to think of anyone else sitting in the oval office at this juncture in our history. I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.


 I’m in because the stimulus worked; the global economy didn’t collapse; the auto industry was saved; and healthcare, financial and education reforms were all signed into law. I’m in because 1.6M jobs have been created in the past 13 months, the unemployment rate has declined to 8.8%, taxes have been cut for 95% of working families, and the DOW has rebounded from a low of 6500 to over 12,300… in 2 short years!

I’m in because the swine-flu pandemic, BP oil spill, and numerous terror plots were handled successfully. I’m in because all troops will be out of Iraq by the end of this year, and we will start withdrawing from Afghanistan this summer. I’m in because we stopped Qadhafi from slaughtering thousands in Libya while insisting the rest of the world pull its weight. I’m also in because President Obama is the Most Admired Leader in the world – with the right leadership skills and temperament to help us through the CHANGE that is sweeping the Middle East.Last but not least, I’m in because President Obama and First Lady Michelle have earned my trust! They are good people, with strong values, who believe in public service. I’m in because they are in!!! No more… no less.


I’m in because I believe in the changes that have taken place thus far. They have been for the greater good and since the 2008 election I’ve never felt more like my voice has mattered. I’m in because Obama keeps me informed. Whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, his website, or email I feel like I know what is going on, what he expects from the American people, and what I can do to help! I’M IN!!!!



Our opinions of the President are so easily shaped by reporters and opinon-news hosts on TV. At the end of the day when I look at the actual policy coming from the White House and how it shows up in our lives, my conclusion is that its generally smart, effective and consistent with shaping the future I want to see for our country. Thats good enough for me. I’m in.


I am in because President Obama has done what he campaigned on doing. In spite of almost solid opposition from the GOP he worked hard to get positive change for the American people.

He worked hard to prevent a major depression.He work hard to save the Auto Industry and those auto related manufacturing jobs in the US.He worked hard to get Affordable Care Act passed into law.He worked hard to wind down one war, as he promised and focused on another war inorder to wind it down responsibly as he said he would and is working on doing.He worked to give the individual a tax break, which he did.I could go on and on. The link to the Promises kept page is not working, but google it to see how many promises were kept.I am in because the President Obama has done all I expected him to do and more.My hope is in 2012, with a newly elected majority in the House and an overwhelming majority in the Senate, we can get more done to move this country forward.


When Barack won in 2008 we all knew that the world had been changed. And it has! It is wonderful to know every day that our president is a thoughtful, intelligent person who is working to make the future better for all Americans – and our neighbors around the world. We have made so much progress, against opposition who thinks nothing about spreading lies and divisiveness, but the job has only begun. We need to stay the course on an economic plan that is now bearing fruit, continue to make progress on health care reform, institute viable, long-term energy policies, and to invest in the future of America by educating our children and renewing our national infrastructure so our country can continue to be a world-leader in a 21st-century economy. Count me in!



I’m in because I was “in” the first time around. I’m in this time because he has done a great job with what he has had to work with! The 2nd time around might give him an opportunity to do some of the things that he wanted to do versus cleaning up behind the poor administration that he took over from. I’m in because I am now a senior citizen and and want changes that he will bring for my adult children and grand children. He is a wonderful leader, man and he’s got “swagger”. I will push everyone like I did in the last election from my children to the church folk. By the time voting comes around again he will have one more vote that he didn’t have the first time for sure…my granddaughter who will turn 18 by then! Yes we can! Yes we did! and Yes we will again!


 I am in because I believe the president will lead this country with honesty and integrity that was not seen in the previous administration and this country cannot afford to return to that brand of leadership. I also know that no matter what the oposition claims, they are flawed and misinformed in many areas of importatance to this country and its future. Many of the opositions complaints are in fact problems of thier own making and their attempts to transfer responsibility to the Obama administration are decietful and reflect the very type of misdirection they would bring to their leadership and should be fought with all the strength we Democrats can muster!


I am in for my wife my mother my sister my brother my father my grandfather. All educators. All of their jobs and limited benefits under attack. Educators create all other professions and yet now our Republican leaders are treating them as “bottom feeders.” Make Republicans pay for this unAmerican position in 2012. America stand up for yourself and what this country was truly founded upon. I’m in because plain and simple democracy of the people by the people and for the people must be run by the people and not perish from our earth due to the greed of a few…


 As a college student, I am forced to enter the job market at a time when mistakes made by politicians in the past have riddled our economy with instability. I am forced to make important life decisions such as choosing a job, a place to live, a spouse, and when to have children in a system that doesn’t value its people; their health, their housing, their jobs, or their education. In other words, the system I live in does not value my future or the future of my children. I refuse to vote for someone who insists on cutting funds from fundamental educational programs. I refuse to vote for someone who upholds governmental authority over the power of the people. Further, I refuse to vote for someone who believes that they can take away from my future in order to patch up their own shortcomings. Obama might not be perfect, but he believes in the power of the people he is currently serving. He believes in helping the world not in the pursuit of power or justice, but to help those who cannot help themselves. He believes in investing in America. He believes in investing in ME. Let’s take back our future. I’m In.


It was February of 2007 when I watched then-Senator Barack Obama announce his bid for the Presidency. I was unsure then, since Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton made her bid a month earlier. I was then 18 years old and ready to graduate high school. So, I thought little about it until my freshman year, when he had won Iowa, pitting Senator Clinton in third place. Then, he won my state of Georgia, a state that President Clinton won in 1992 in the primary and general elections. I then knew that this was the guy who was to be our next president and was a force to be reckoned with. At 20 years old that November,in my first presidential election, I enthusiastically voted for Barack Obama as President and Joe Biden as Vice President.

These two years have been eye opening for me. The attacks from the Republican Party as well as his own have left him looking more regal, more confident, and more stable than all of his detractors and second guessers combined. He has shown unyielding determination and resolve and even when I disagree with him on an issue, I am most assured that he is the best person for this job. With the change I have seen as well as how he and Vice President Biden have handled the ebbs end flows of the world, I hope to make my second Presidential choice as a 24 year old college graduate for President Barack Obama!!!! Yes we can yet again!!!


 I’m in because over the past 2 ½ years I have watched as President Obama methodically worked to bring about the change he talked about in his 2008 campaign. When I consider that on day one of his presidency he was faced with a national economy on the brink of collapse and a national deficit that far exceeded what any of us could have ever imagined (because it was hidden) and how he straight way assembled a team of economic and financial gurus to study and define the country’s fiscal state; within weeks, there were proposed solutions, policies written and implemented. President Obama acted with decisiveness and saved us from an economic depression that would have made the 1930’s look like a walk in the park.

During the 2008 Campaign, then Senator Obama repeatedly told his constituents that if we put him in the white house he would work to restore our faith in the government and do the hard work that his predecessors had conveniently side stepped. He said tough choices had to be made, that for a time things would be difficult and uncomfortable, but that in time, our nation would be better for it.President Obama has taken on some of the most difficult and defining issues of our day and has accomplished far more than most thought he would; such as increasing minimum wage earnings, health care reform, promoting innovative education initiatives, financial reform, implementing aggressive economic stimulus policy, putting forth clean and renewable energy proposals and calling for greater U.S. accountability with respect to environmental stewardship, withdrawing combatant troops from Iraq, bridging international gaps by committing to open, honest dialogue with foreign leaders and forging new alliances globally and re-opening peace negotiations in the middle-east.Mind you, Mr. President has done ALL this while suffering constant attacks on his character, integrity, intelligence and ability to lead. He has done ALL this with NO help from the Republican Party and at times members of his OWN party worried more about being re-elected than getting the job done!With all the opposition and unfortunate turn of world events, the President, our president has remained focused, diligent and genuine as he works tirelessly to help build a better, stronger, more brilliant America.I’m in because President Obama has only chipped away at the tip of the iceberg of change; there is much more work to be done and we all deserve a better, more productive, more inclusive America.


 And my fave:

 I’m only 16 right now but I’ll be 18 by the time of the 2012 elections, and Mr. Obama will be the first President I vote for. I’m in because I know Mr. Obama is creating a better future for me and millions upon millions of other teenagers my age, and I cannot wait until I vote for him because I know I will be voting for the successful future of America.

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  1. Good morning family. I missed the phonecall from my president. Does anyone know where I can find a link to listen?

    Read this and got a little chuckle


    Warning Signs Among the GOP
    It’s not inconceivable that Republicans might start seeing things go against them in the court of public opinion, starting with the current spending debate.

    Until recently, Republicans were taking solace in a number of things as they looked forward to 2012. For one, Republicans knew that the party not holding the White House rarely suffered large House and Senate losses in presidential reelection years.

    In fact, the only time that has happened in recent history was to Republicans in 1964 when Lyndon Johnson won the White House a year after the assassination of President John Kennedy.

    Republicans also took comfort in knowing that they would control redistricting efforts in states with 202 congressional districts, compared to Democrats who have control over the lines in states with just 47 districts.

    The huge Republican redistricting gains many had predicted before the new year appear less likely today. Republicans will be able to protect a number of their freshmen in redistricting, but Democrats could reap a bonanza of new seats in Illinois and possibly in Florida and California, if new processes in those two jackpots play out as Democrats believe they will.

    In the end, the GOP’s remapping gains might not be large enough to offset losses among some of the more exotic and problematic freshmen who won narrowly in swing districts.

    Finally, Republicans have had even more reason to feel secure since redistricting was occurring the year after a huge wave benefited them, and Democrats have to win 25 seats for control in the House to flip.

    For Republicans, it seemed that they could only lose their majority if the party nominated someone for president who was toxic with independent voters like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin or Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, neither of whom is likely to win.

    However, talking with Republican pollsters, strategists and veteran campaign professionals recently, I now hear sounds of concern that haven’t been heard in almost two years.

    Among the worries the party now has is that a government shutdown could get blamed on the GOP. Additionally, these party insiders believe that taking on entitlements, specifically Medicare, could jeopardize the party’s hold on the House, its strong chances of taking the Senate and the stronghold that the party has been established with older white voters—not coincidentally, Medicare recipients.

    It’s clear that the Republican congressional leadership believes that a shutdown is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. These are intelligent and reasonable people who have studied the mistakes Republicans made after they took control of Congress in 1994. They are determined not to replicate those mistakes.

    While the GOP has worked hard to bring their freshmen and more ideological members around to the realities of politics, these freshmen and other rank-and-file members are getting pressure from back home not to compromise with Democrats.

    These constituents don’t want any more short-term deals, and their pressure is offsetting the efforts by the party’s leadership to do things step by step so as to not jeopardize the party’s chances for gains in the Senate.

    Part of what is happening is that there is a giant gap between the attitudes of Republican base voters and those who are swing voters.

    The GOP base is reflecting the views and values of tea party voters who stormed the town meetings of Democratic members in 2009 and 2010.

    These individuals believe the budget can be balanced with cuts in discretionary domestic spending and some believe that cuts in entitlements should be done immediately while the irons of the 2010 midterm elections are still hot.

    But for independent voters, the 2010 elections were not about slashing government spending; rather, they were a reaction to what they saw as an over-reach by President Obama and the Democratic Congress.

    These between-the-40-yard-line-voters didn’t like the economic stimulus package, climate change legislation or health care reform. They voted against Democrats and what Democrats were trying to do, but they did not embrace the budgetary slash-and-burn politics that is the embodiment of the tea party movement.

    The disparity between the views of the GOP base and independent voters couldn’t be stronger.

    Look no further than late February’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted by Democrat Peter Hart and Republican Bill McInturff.

    On the question, “Do you think government should do more to solve problems and help meet the needs of people or do you think government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals?” 75 percent of Republicans thought government was trying to do too much while 27 percent thought government should do more.

    But among independents, 51 percent thought government should do more, with 47 percent saying government was trying to do too much.

    While those numbers among independents are effectively tied, they are a far cry from the 60-38 percent of independents who thought government was trying to do too much in the mid-October, preelection poll and a lot more like the numbers that existed in spring 2009, before Democratic prospects began to nosedive. That poll was conducted February 24-28 among 1,000 adults and has a 3-point error margin, larger among sub-groups.

    It is much too early to suggest that the Republican majority in the House is in danger, but the sequence of events that Democrats would need to have a legitimate chance are so far looking increasingly plausible.

    Keep in mind the volatility we have seen in the three previous elections. Independent voters swung heavily in favor of Democrats in 2006 and 2008. In 2010, those same independent voters went in the opposite direction to push Republicans forward. If something happens in three consecutive elections, who wants to say that a fourth time is inconceivable?

    This article appeared in the Tuesday, April 5, 2011 edition of National Journal Daily.

  2. I heard Guilliani on Morning Jerk this morning! And it seems the GOP strategy is, to shut down the govt hopjng it hurts OBAMA! Also, it seems, they do not even care if it hurts them, as long as it hurts OBAMA, they are good!
    They want the WH back, and they do not care how they get it! The economic Forecasters have dropped their GDP forecast(for the 1st quarter) to 1.5%(BofA), so, the GOP is already sabotagued the markets for the first quarter! But, I hope the PUBLIC is NOT stupid, and I hope the WH is not just going to sit on their hands, like the liberla press said they would!
    Just thought I should let you all know what the GOP plan is!

  3. And yet…

    Service Industries probably grew in March at close to the fastest pace in more than five years, an indication the U.S. economic expansion is broadening beyond manufacturing, economists said before a report today.


    You see why the GOP is having this Kamikazi approach?> They see the economy improving, thus, not giving their GOP candidate a legitimate chance! It is all about the WH! Sadly!

  4. I was moved by the comments BWD included more than I can say. Its good to hear so many people have connected the dots.

  5. This should be a very interesting 19 months, starting today with the election in Wisconsin. And as several people have mentioned, we can’t focus just on the Presidential election. It is critical to regain control of the House and maintain control of the Senate.
    Obama will certain,ly have some coattails, but let’s try to get some of the local candidates to have coattails as well.

    And when I first read that last quote last night I was puzzled and still am. If that 16 year old just posted that comment, no way he/she is 18 in time for the election.

  6. I am proud to have voted for Obama in 2012 and am ready to vote for him again. It is tough being an agnostic liberal in blood red GA but Obama and Democrats give me hope to balance the radical and destructive GOP/TEA agenda. Yes we can again … Yes we must!!! Obama 2012!!!

  7. Boehner needs to realized he’s being used as the sacrificial lamb here – the GOP Brain Trust is willing to risk House Majority on the long shot that they could win the White House. Force a shutdown and hope the Dems are blamed and it gives them a shot at the White House, if the GOP is blamed then at worst they lose the House Majority BUT can slow walk everything and anything in the Senate like they did the first two years (And Reid promised McConnell not to change the Senate rules in 2012).

    This is why all the big name GOP Presidential wannabe’s are delaying any official announcements – they want a shutdown and don’t want to have to answer questions about it until they see how it plays out. If they were declared they’d have to pick a side and would have to side with their party and if the GOP House was ultimately blamed then they’d have that hung around their neck and effectively end their Presidential aspirations.

    Something else to consider – Michelle Bachmann. If the House cuts a deal and pisses off the teabaggers, they could respond by flooding Bachman’s campaign with crazy money and get really riled up and GOTV in the primaries in less than a years time. The teabagger movement is fading fast, the GOP doesn’t want to give it a shot in the arm.

  8. Hello BWD- such wonderful thoughtful comments you’ve pulled from OFA. Thank you 🙂

    I began ‘blogging’ at OFA during the primaries and all through the election-it was my first involvement in an election other than voting.. and certainly my first time blogging. It wasn’t until much later that I went also to DK.

    I found the most purposeful and united people to be at OFA- we were brought together there to elect Barack Obama, we had a goal. And we had his back all the way.

    One of the Obama groups I joined was a quilting group… a group of people across the country who each made quilted squares.. with the idea of putting them together to create an ‘Obama Quilt’ – to ‘auction’ off for donations. I don’t quilt but my mother does.. thus my ‘in’ to the group. All these ladies created these beautiful squares and sent them from all around the country to one member in Arizona, She then put them all together and backed this beautiful quilt. I don’t remember how much we made on it (quite a bit)- the highest donation won.. and it ultimately went to a lady in Chicago- how fitting right? our Obama quilt going to Chicago ;).
    My point is that- this sort of community action/involvment and committment was the usual at OFA- the norm. I went back there yesterday for the first time in a while- I’m ready.. I’m all in and getting excited to get back to ‘work’ with these good folks.

  9. US retail sales up 2.3% from one week ago! You see, the GOP are basically saying, slow down with the good economic news, we need chaos! I Mean, BONER is going to shut the govt down, thinking and hoping it will hurt the economy and The President! That is SICK! And, sadly, I know I am right!
    And when he does, I hope you all hit the phones and call congress and the GOP, and tell them this is madness!
    PRESSURE from the people with the pitchforks!

  10. This is HUGE. If Prosser is re-elected it will be broadcast far and wide that the protest movement has fizzled and it will not bode well for other recall efforts and will embolden Walker and the GOP State Senators.

  11. If the 16 year-old turns 17 this year, then it’s possible… as long as s/he turns 18 with enough time to register and receive her/his voter registration card.

  12. If Kloppenberg win today, it will send a shockwave all the way up to washington dc that the middle class has had enough of their BS!! They can continue on this political suicide pack if they want to, but the democrats will reap the benefit. Folks have had enough!

  13. Sadly I have to do some writing today, so I can’t stay around and read all your informative and upbeat comments. Good day, all!

  14. Why not? If they’re 16 now, and turn 17 tomorrow April 6th 2011 it means they’d turn 18 April 6th in 2012 and the election is in November.

    They just haven’t had their 2011 birthday yet.

  15. Last I’ve read is that it’s razor close, with Prosser the favorite still. The issue becomes that Union Republicans like Prosser’s conservative ruling on all other issues, and might want to keep him and still target the State Senators who are all about politics.

  16. So these idiots think if they shut the government down and it hurts the economy the people will blame president obama and vote him out and replace him with a republican president? What drugs are they smoking cause I want some.
    That will not work because today is different than 1995. People have more access to media outside of the news on tv thru twitter/facebook and they (voters) will know who is responsible for the shutdown especially if it starts to hurt the economy. The gop will pay dearly because despite what GUILLIANI says, the GOP is in charge of the $$$$ and they can’t be stupid enough to think that they will not be blamed if the govenrment shuts down. President Obama will be the last person folks blame because he can’t pass a bill unless it hits his desk. The ones who will be blamed is DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS in congress. Sadly the democrats in congress will be lumped with them.

  17. Good Morning, A in GA! I’m theologically liberal and politically liberal in GA, and it’s not always easy, but I’m fortunate to live in an area that’s heavily Democratic.

  18. Saint Roscoe,
    It is all part of the GOP plan coming to fruition! The GOP WH hopefuls are staying out, until the shutdown happens!
    And, what happened in 95? The GOP hopefuls were in the race, and had to answer for it, clinton, made them answer in favor of the GOP house and gingrich!
    I hope POTUS can turn it into ALL of the GOP, and not just the HOUSE, like BONER and the think tanks want!

    Good news is, if we see it, so does the WH! They have a plan, I am sure!

  19. I agree with you, we MUST also all phone bank the HELL out of congress when this happens!

    Are you with me?

  20. I mean, the liberal press was awful yesterday, on the POTUS rollout of re-election. They hit him on big oil, nuclear issues, made fun of his new ad, said he will capitulate to republicans on the budget and Cenk said that POTUS is the worst Progressive president ever!
    Er go, The liberal press has nothing nice to say about anyone! They are just always negative about the dems and the President! YEs, they hate repblicans, but they hate dems, too! Just saying!

  21. Thanks for pointing that out. My observational skills and thinking skills have gone AWOL (see above). I like it a lot.

  22. I’m starting to hear it a little, but not enough or with enough conviction: Republicans are not serious about the deficit if they will not increase revenues. Revenue increase and spending cuts.

    Also, there is no Democratic answer to the absurd “certainty” meme which has caught hold even though it makes no earthly sense. How about the rich be ‘certain’ that they’re going to pay their fair share? How do you even consider cutting Medicare when you’re not willing to bring up the Social Security cap to at least the percentage it was 30 years ago?

    We also need to do what Republicans do: Harry Reid, every day there should be bills about new tax brackets for millionaires, etc. Symbolic — so what? Harry Reid has NOTHING on today’s schedule. Throw our values in their faces. Don’t sit idly by. My God, Republicans had a ‘symbolic’ bill last week that destroys how bills become law.

    You take a stand on the Social Security cap and let Republicans explain why people making six figures can’t afford a little more? Put in a bill for a new tax bracket for millionaires and show the chart on how many MORE millionaires there were last year DURING THE RECESSION.

  23. One thing dems need to learn from the rethugs is how to play hardball politics and how stay united. Ok. That’s two things.

  24. On the plus side, the weather is pretty good in Wisconsin today. Razor thin today, a month ago a landslide for Prosser. This is the type of election only the most die-hard voters tend to get out for. The question is going to be which side is most motivated. Normal turnout is 25% and they are expecting between 35-40% for this election.

  25. Realistically though, I don’t know how Romney, Huckabee, Palin, Bachman, Gingrich will not be able to comment on it and if they don’t their silence will be deafening and very telling and they’ll look very weak in that they’re waiting to stick their thumb in the air.

    Now Daniels, Christie and Huntsman could probably get away with not commenting – maybe that’s the GOP’s plan.

  26. Oh, and the revelatioons about Walker giving the son of a big donor an $81,000 a year job when he had no qualifications may tick off enough vioters to make the difference. That plus it coming out that a lot of Prosser’s campaign money is coming from Koch’s PAC.

  27. Here is my new tee shirt slogan:
    “Obamacares For All People”. Everytime someone mentions Obamacare, I say, Yes for all people. This is why I’m a Democrat folks.

  28. Paul ryans budget, cut 6.2 trillion dollars out of medicare, ss and medicaid! No defense cutting, and permanent ext of the bush tax cuts!

    And if the American people fall for that, we will no longer be America! This country will have a shelf life of 100 years! I am serious, this budget by RYAN is that bad!

  29. Let’s see if the GOP owns this. Keep the tax cuts for the ultra rich, cut medicare, SS and medicaid. No defense cuts is ridiculous as well. It’s a red meat budget, however the no defense cuts will not please some teabaggers who want spending slashed across the board.

  30. The issue with your Reid strategy for symbolic votes is that Tester, McCaskill, Manchin, Nelson, Nelson etc are all up in 2012 and these votes wouldn’t be helpful for them and they’d probably have to vote with the Republicans.

  31. Just called congressman Bill Youngs office and told him the ryan proposal is garbage!

    I suggest you all call your congressmans office and complain!
    Also, time to be proactive! This is what the GOP is measuring, consituency dimsay!

  32. Wisconsonites are paying attention. They know better than to stay home. Unfortunately, there are Walker supportors in very red areas who will vote for Prosser. We’ll see how many republican public workers turn out and vote against a Walker Supreme Court laky or against their own best interest.

  33. If she turns 17 in May 2011, then she will be 18 in May 2012 in time to vote for President Obama.

  34. Yes! Dana Bash was just on, and she said, speaker Boner and GOP leadership is endorsing the ryan budget! Lord have mercy!
    And we are getting a govt shutdown!
    I wish I was being an alarmist, but this is to much crap coming from the GOP!
    Have they LOST it?

  35. Peter deFazio on the House floor just now talking about an educational program that Republicans want to cut that helps at risk kids get a decent education:

    The program costs ONE HOUR of Pentagon funding. One. Hour. But Republicans refuse to look at waste at the Pentagon.

    The program costs TWO DAYS of agricultural subsidies. We pay multi-national corporations to not grow things. Two. Days.

    Now THAT’s what I call effective framing.

  36. Jeesh! The GOP in D.C. are trying to do what Walker did in Wiscosin! Time for Speaker Pelosi and the whole dem caucus to go to Canada! LOL!

  37. There was also talk about the military tribunals beginning again at Gitmo. We are all sorry to see this happen, but am I missing something here? I deplore the fact that Gitmo ever existed, but I am at a loss as to what any President can do about the prisoners who are left there. It would appear none of the states are willing to host their trials; from what I know, their home countries don’t want them, and if they do, we are at war with that home country (i.e., Afghanistan). What is to be done with them? Perhaps we could plan to release all of them to MSNBC? Also, in regard to “the three wars” — am I wrong or is our withdrawal from Iraq exactly on track as it was spelled out in the President’s campaign? Afghanistan is unfortunate, though, again, I am at a loss as to what any President, who buys into our military power in a manner that I do not, is to do about it. As for Libya, if Qaddafy’s regime crumbles, as it is giving signs of doing, was our intervention such a bad thing? I am a kneejerk pacifist, but I understand full well that the American establishment is not pacifist, and the President is the leader of the American establishment. Are none of these pundits capable of understanding nuances? Do they have no knowledge at all of how our government has worked since the beginning — how deals are cut, how compromises are made? As for Jon Stewart, he grows increasingly uninformed. He is a comedian and as such can knock both sides, but he at least used to have some facts at his disposal. These days . . .

  38. I think all of this talk about a shutdown is nothing more than talk. I think Boner is just playing games like Chuck Schumer said. The Republican operatives fear a government shut down becaue all the polls say that they would be blamed. If they shut the government down then they can kis the house good bye and they won’t win the White house or the senate.

    And the reason why the GDP forecast for quarter 1 went down was because of the bad weather at the start of the quarter, and the situations in the middle east with rising oil prices. Forecasts for quarter 2 point to higher growth around 3.9 % based on analysis.

  39. And if the gops got everything they wanted, what benefit would they find living in the kind of dystopia they want to create? Most of the people poor, sick, uneducated, except for the very wealthy and their financial institutions? Who will support them? Who will create quality goods and services? Certainly not most of those at the top of the heap who have shown themselves to be ignorant, unimaginative, and incapable of nuanced intelligence. Can they really lock themselves up and never wander out into the crumbling infrastructure? This is madness and it is right out in front for all of us to see. Those who refuse to see it partake of the madness.

  40. Good morning everyone! I love all those quotes that BWD put up. They give us all hope!

    This crazy budget shutdown and cuts is so wild. I never thought this would happen. Now making it thru the day to see what happens in Wisconsin is hard. We had a rally for the workers rights and it was on the front page of our paper today. I missed the conference call. Hope they have a podcast of it somewhere.

    Have a great day everyone!

  41. Jovie the GOP do not give a crap about the economy or about our country, and are people that stupid to buy their B.S, wel we are not, have to push as hard as we can against the dark forces. the GOP are NOT AMERICANS THEY JUST PRETEND.

  42. Can I say how much I’m loving the action sticky thread? I think that it’s everything which you hoped it would be bwd. Just outstanding idea.

    Two recent ideas:
    1. Frontload donations—rather than pacing donations, try to send more now, if possible, then less later. Allocating donations to the front end will have President Obama’s campaign rollout begin with a real bang and it will also counter the propaganda from those who are claiming that liberals have given up on President Obama.

    2. A pragmatic progressive blog weekly online magazine, with a link to a printable pdf version that we can print out and circulate to people who do not read blogs. The wealth of information at each site on the blogroll would be easy pickings for a weekly roundup.

    Particularly for item 2, I’m committing right now to helping with this project. Any takers?

  43. Just as POTUS rolled out his campaign, trust that the usual suspects have rolled out a campaign of disinformation simultaneously. Like clockwork.

    We are the solution, right here.

  44. In their view, it worked out okay during the robber baron area before those darn liberals starting coming up with nasty stuff like child-labor laws, 40 hour week, overtime, paid vacations and all that stuff.

  45. Ideologues are not committed to reality. It frustrates me too, sheila, to see grown adults entertaining a political point of view which is fact-free and divorced from any notion of reality.

    All that we can do is to keep on telling the truth, such as your comment.

  46. Actually towns in both Michigan and Illinois said they would be happy to have them brought to prisons in their areas,.. it would have been a big boost to the local economies. Then Kirk talked about how Chicago could become a target for terrorists (liek it was too insignificant before) and others wet their pants at the thought of dozens of armed people in turbans coming after the poor defenseless farm folks, and it stopped.

  47. I wasn’t paying nearly as much attention during the previous government shutdown, but doesn’t the GOP always go crazy whenever people get amnesia (helped a great deal by the media) and put these folks back into power? I can’t remember a time in which the GOP wasn’t like this. That’s not to say that there are no sane conservatives, but that “political party” is pretty damn radical and has been for years and years and years. They just get a pass for it because the media pretends that Dems are just as bad, which isn’t true.

  48. Breaking:
    Boner just came out of WH meeting saying, their is NO budget deal!
    They are doing it! I told you all! They are ruthless!
    Time to call your congressmen… They ned to hear from all of us! This is insane!

  49. I can’t shake the feeling that while he doesn’t want to see a shutdown, deep inside PBO wouldn’t mind it. I don’t know why I feel this way, it makes no sense…;)

  50. So, now the GOP are going to pass a 12 billion dollar cut for one week cr! JEESH! This is unreal! Where are the dems? Probably out to lunch!

  51. B/C he is going to slam the GOP! You watch! The libs finally get what they want, a President to use the bully pulpit to slam the GOP! I hope they will be satisfied!


  53. Thank you, BWD for posting these uplifting comments. It is good to know there are others out there who support this president and can see all of the good he has accomplished.

  54. gn I would be happy to help. I am trying to include a story from each of what I consider the “big 4” areas – economy, education, health care and environment each week at my blog, maybe we could try and include at least one story from these 4 areas in the newsletter.

    I also think a weekly summary would be good for facebook, bloggers, or twitter. Some folks don’t have time to read daily and a once a week item sent out on a weekend would give those folks an overview.

  55. To add: all of the people looking to “punish” President Obama all across the ideological spectrum just don’t get it. No matter what, he’s going to be just fine, he’s married to a great person and is raising two beautiful kids who he will be able to clothe, school, and nurture with no problems. It’s the people looking to “stick it” to the government, or “stick it” to President Obama personally who have voted themselves into this current deeply troubling situation.

    If this is another incident which dissolves the cult of Obama and forces people to connect the dots between their own behavior and results which they don’t like, so be it. I hope that a shutdown is avoided as well, but the reality is that there are nutjobs, verifiable nutjobs, who currently have a great deal of power in DC. Perhaps people will take a moment to reexamine the wisdom of that.

  56. Absolutely. I’m going to reach out to a terrific blogger, leanne of bluewavenews. She already has a pragmatic progressive aggregator which doesn’t have comments IIRC and isn’t getting the attention it deserves. A nicely styled weekly with a pdf version might be just the thing for that space.

    Thanks for all that you do, WiW. You might not realize it yet, but the information which you are warehousing in one place is going to be invaluable next year, and you’re getting better and better at it.

  57. GOP framed it as a team sport and demonized President Obama so that folks vote for the [R] after the name regardless of what they want to do. If you tell a republican/teabagger an Obama/Dem idea without saying which side if comes from it’s much more popular than if you told them the same idea and where it came from at the same time.

  58. Really love the new banner!!! That Rethink Possible pic is one of my all time favorites. Those posts from OFA go a long way toward restoring my faith in that place. The new design with the ability to flag posts for moderation…the fact that they actually will have moderation is wonderful to me. Thanks BWD for sharing those posts. People really do get why we have to reelect our President. It’s inspiring.

  59. I’ve been taking people’s advice and trying to post positive comments on one of those sites to help with the push back. I don’t spend much time at it, mind you, to preserve my sanity, but every voice counts. I’m a little proud of my comment today that replied to the article where Reince Priebus said the President starting his candidacy yesterday made him appear tone-deaf:

    Where are the Jobs, GOP? Today marks the 90th day of the 112th Congress and not one jobs bill has been introduced by the Republicans. How’s that for tone-deaf?
    Meanwhile, President Obama’s Administration has begun a number of programs that help small businesses like Start Up America. He’s signed trade deals with the four fastest growing economies in the world: India, China, South Korea and Brazil that have us a quarter of the way toward his goal of DOUBLING our exports by 2014. What, exactly, have the Republicans done to create jobs? Zero. Zip. Nada. Meanwhile, the private sector is adding hundreds of thousands of jobs every month. While the Republicans sit on the sideline, we are well on our way to reaching the President’s goal of manufacturing 40% of the world’s advanced batteries in new plants across this nation. All this equals jobs. President Obama 1.56 million. The GOP O.

    It’s the little things that make me smile.

  60. Jovie-

    From what I’ve read, they’re taking it much further than that…

    “….on Fox News Sunday, Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan confirmed what several media outlets reported last week: The Republicans will propose to transform Medicare from a government-run program into what most people would call a voucher system. They will also propose to convert Medicaid from an entitlement to a block grant.”

    “The Ryan-Rivlin plan is a form of “premium support”: If it became law, the government would, starting a decade from now, provide each senior with a sum of money, payable toward the purchase of an insurance policy. (Seniors already on Medicare when the plan took effect could remain in the traditional program.)”


    “Princeton University economist Uwe Reinhardt, among the most respected health care experts anywhere, explained the distinction while analyzing the Ryan-Rivlin plan for the New York Times:

    “Under the Ryan-Rivlin plan, Medicare would be changed from the defined-benefit plan it has been since its inception to a defined contribution plan….That puts the risk of escalating costs for that health care mainly onto the shoulders of taxpayers, although Medicare beneficiaries share in these costs through premiums for Part B of Medicare (chiefly physician services) and co-payments at the time of service.”

    “Under the defined contribution approach envisaged by the Rivlin-Ryan plan, most of the risk of future health-care cost increases would be shifted onto the shoulders of Medicare beneficiaries. This feature makes the proposal radical.”


  61. Dems need to get out and hammer this budget, really demagogue it with neat little catchphrases.

  62. That’s a great comment. I like your idea of not being wedded to a comment, and thus there’s no need to go back and forth with people determined to take the most sour, negative view of things.

  63. Hi Jovie. It is refreshing commenting on a TROLL-free blog. Thank God for BWD. Anyways you are correct. I have seen this comming for some time. The GOP has increasingly become more desperate as the economy improves. Basically they know that is the primary reason why President Obama was elected in 2008. To improve the economy and end the wars. Well he is scaling down the wars. We will reduce troops in Afghanistan in the summer and at the end of the year the troops will be totally gone from Iraq. Now the economy has shown steady improvement in the past 6 mos.

    The Teapublicans only hope now is for legislative trickery then dominate the mainstream news to deceive the public. I guess we will see if PBO and the Dems will allow this to happen. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  64. excellent response Tien Le. The truth is documented and is available to the folks who still somewhat rational.

  65. That’s an excellent idea, gn. I don’t understand why her site doesn’t attract more attention. I don’t visit as much as I could but when I do I always learn something new.

  66. Unfortunately the Milwaukee low turnout reports could be true. I thought the demonstrators/people had recall petitions circulating in Wisconsin? It would seem the electorate should be energized.

    The Wisconsin state Democratic party should have stressed how important this judicial election is for their future and the future of public sector workers across the nation. How there could be a disconnect with all that has happened in Wisconsin is beyond me. hmmm……….Obama/Biden 2012!!

  67. Yeah, I think that it might be awesome for her. Particularly as WiW has offered to help edit and choose the weekly’s content; I’d definitely want a completely positive, realistic weekly with none of the Captain Obvious “the jobs are good, but we need more” chicken littling so classic to the netroots. There’s such a wealth of content on all of the blogs in the blogroll, picking one piece each week from each blog to feature would weave a beautiful tapestry. If leanne agrees to host it, that will throw more attention to her space and to bluewavenews.

  68. This is the unintended consequences of “punishing” the President:

    “Based on what we know so far, the Republican plan for Medicare would appear to be one part hypocrisy and one part con. Republicans have spent much of the last two years attacking President Obama and the Democrats for cutting Medicare spending, as part of the Affordable Care Act. Now those same Republicans appear to be proposing cruder, deeper cuts that would, for all intents and purposes, destroy the program.”

    “That’s the hypocrisy. And the con? That would be the ability of Republicans to hold the allegiance of senior citizens. As Paul Krugman writes today, it looks like seniors who thought voting Republican would preserve Medicare got played for ‘suckers.'”


    I’m sure that’s a bitter pill to swallow…

  69. Any reports on early voting. Hopefully, there was a big push to get people to the polls early in case weather was bad today.

  70. Great comment.

    Frightening is right. I have been around quite a long time, and I honestly do not remember anything so unconscionable as the motives of these racist, hateful repugs.

  71. I too was incredibly moved to read the comments. They all relate to the way I see PBO.

    Thx BWD

  72. It’s a lesson which needs to be learned.

    “Do what I want or punish you by holding my breath until I turn blue and depriving my own brain of oxygen, thus inflicting a self-injury.”

    Not great advocacy.

    I continue to believe that this country could use a remedial course in kindergarten, free and widely available to all adults.

  73. Hmmm…me thinks that Prosser may be a wee bit anxious about the outcome, with good reason.

    “Greta Van Susteren last night painted the Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge election today as being “twisted” because of the reaction the state has had to Gov. Scott Walker’s outrageous agenda. In her slanted version of the the election she describes the “Big Union bosses” as the ones spending gobs of money against meek little Prosser — but on the flip side, only “special interest” groups are donating to his side.”


    “Greta brought up the dirty story of Prosser calling the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin court a [“b****”]and threatening to “destroy her”. Watch how she phrases the events. Calling the Chief Justice a b**** is not as bad as having somebody snitch on you. ya know. It was all a TRAP to ensnare him! Right.”

    “VAN SUSTEREN: Justice Ann Walsh Bradley confirming that a fit of temper that you had by calling her a b**** and wanting to destroy her sent it not just to you, but to others and then she later released it to the newspaper. What in the world is going on in the WI Supreme Court that you’re saying that kind of stuff to each other and snitching on each other and giving emails out and disclosing the private conversations of the State Supreme Court? What is going on?”

    “PROSSER: Wow, there’s a lot to try and untangle there. We’re talking about an incident that occurred more than a year ago…( See, there’s a statute of limitation on threatening and calling a female judge a b****.) We’re talking about multiple controversies that came to a head at the same time. It was an explosive situation. I said something I should not have said and that I regret and I apologize for, on the other hand (she really was a b**** and I did need to destroy her) I want people to know that I simply didn’t go into it, a private conversation and suddenly pop out with this ill advised statement without any provocation…..”

    You can read the full transcript by following the link. I think these two shameless individuals missed their calling, as contortionists, and should seek employment at Cirque de Soleil–where they can be properly compensated.


  74. Why do I care about Wisconsin if they can’t even get off their asses and vote today?

    If Prosser wins, it means they have the government they ultimately want. Period. Elections have consequences and are ultimately the will of the people.

    Walker and the State Congress will be emboldened, and you will have not seen anything yet. And it will spread far and wide.

  75. And for some good news today – Tim Kaine has launched his Senate bid!

    He’s our best shot at holding the seat and gets him out of the DNC. Now if the other shoe drops and Gov. Strickland is chosen as new DNC Chair it could be a ray of sunshine to what is becoming a terrible week for the country.

  76. Nice ad. He does have the best shot at holding the seat. I didn’t know Strickland was being considered for DNC chair but he would be a good choice.

  77. Good news! As a Virginian, I was hoping this would be the case. I definitely think he can hold the seat.

  78. President Obama is speaking right now on CNN about the budget. I have been waiting for this to happen.

  79. I remember that, japa, but, as you said, there were protests that closed that off as an option. I just don’t believe this is the President’s fault.

  80. We always have been the solution, gn, and until the American populace actually begins to awaken and take responsibility for themselves and their brothers and sisters, even President Obama can’t save us. One of the strongest reasons I support him is because he is the kind of leader who wants to empower us rather than rule us.

  81. But, japa, in a global economy, how long can such a society last? And did we ever reach the situation that would now result if the entire Republican agenda were put into place? And would people who once had comfortable lives accept having lives of squalor, ill health, and poverty? And even if one is wealthy oneself, what pleasure could one take walking out into a society filled with poor, uneducated, sickly lackeys?

  82. I don’t know why I feel this way, it makes no sense…;)

    I know why I do, and it does make sense.

    Remember that we always only see one outcome of every crisis (whether it is BP, Libya, or the government shutdown.

    What I learned over the past two years, however, is that this President doesn’t just take the outcome that “happens”; he works on the outcome he finds acceptable.

    That might not be the outcome he wants, but the outcome he deems acceptable; it is probably one of the plans B, C, D or E, or a combination of them.

    Remember: Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  83. I agree, Saint Roscoe, and I know everyone here attempts to disseminate information on their own, but I also suspect that everyone here has run into the situation of providing facts to someone who does not know them only to have them blown off. And now that we all have the ability to only watch media that reinforces what we want to believe, the situation is distressing. The fact that President Obama was elected in the first place and the fact that so many people here and around the world are beginning to take some responsibility for their own destiny is very encouraging, but as we all know, NO resting on the laurels.

  84. You have to laugh at the seniors that voted for the republicans based on fear and emotion.

    The same republicans are going to take away all of their benefits. Well at leat the Democrat can make some good ads for 2012 attacking Republicans for getting rid of medicare, medicaid, and Social Security.

  85. Now, wait, Saint Roscoe, I am in Wisconsin, and though I deplore the stupidity of our voters in the last election, I still care about everyone who suffers at the hands of the gops, even if they voted for them. We voted around 8:30 this morning and there was the usual small turnout in our neighborhood, but then we live in a conservative neighborhood and one doesn’t hope for a large turnout here. I’ve heard the turnout in Madison is great. I don’t know what’s happening in Milwaukee proper. I know a lot of lawyers, and I must say, Kloppenburg is not a great choice, though we are certainly all voting for her.

  86. Jake Tapper of ABC is such a fake republican shill. Putting out the Republican talking points and Jay Carney put him down with the facts.

  87. Well, Congress closed one route, which have been civilian trials in the US. So the choice was indefinite detention, which the PL is against, or fairer military tribunal than in the past, which the PL is against. The decision was to go forward with something that at least allows for some degree of justice to take place.

  88. Which will be when we realize we don;t have to be afraid of things that go bump in the night.

  89. Sheila, I am not saying it is right or that your prediction wouldn’t come true. But the powers that be that control the Republican Party view those times as the good old days and actually think it would be okay to go back there. Nobody ever said they were sane.

  90. Sheila, you hit the real obstacle in this country’s path. The ability to selectively chose what we see and read so that it conforms to our belief system. We have a definite ability to live inside a bubble wherein nothing we don’t want to see or hear ever penetrates.

  91. I would assume none of the great choices chose to run, expecting Prosser to prance to victory. Actually, the fact that the turnout was not better than usual in your conservative area is pretty encouraging.

  92. Tein Le and WIW thanks for the great response and for the resource to find it. I always have a hard time figuring out the right things to say and your resource is wonderful!

    Does anyone know where we can find out exactly what will be closed when the government shuts down. I just want to be knowledgable about it.

  93. I heard Rubio is also touting out his own bill that would phase out SS and Medicare/Medicaid. This dude is a joke. But his approval ratings are still ridiculously high. Probably because he looks like Jesus Christ himself next to Rick Scott. SMDH.

  94. The thing is, they aren’t taking away the benefits of the seniors that voted for them. It is the future seniors that will be hurting but they are counting on people not really thinking that far ahead.

  95. I totally agree about Tapper. You can almost hear the snarl in his questions. Could you believe the brilliant, probing questions from these two reporters:

    1) Chip Reid of CBS is obsessed with whether or not President Obama will have to cancel his plans for tomorrow.

    2) Dan Lothian from CNN wants Jay to explain why everything comes down to the wire.

    Unbelievable. No wonder the American people are clueless about the accomplishments of President Obama.

  96. I think that it’s a little more than that. It’s that we’re in a period of political discourse in which facts are treated as optional, and fact-free viewpoints are afforded the same level of credibility as factual ones.

    Thus someone with a degree in alienology can pontificate about global warming as “made up,” while not stating a single undistorted fact, with this viewpoint afforded the same level of credibility as bona fide scientists with decades of research.

    IMO people of the same viewpoints clustering together isn’t really the problem. It’s that fact-free discourse, and in addition, the total lack of nuance which the “with me or against me” style of politicking from the past administration ushered in; that lack of nuance has stuck around.

  97. Yeah you have a point there. But anytime someone talks about cutting medicare social security people get upset real quick. The GOP is taking a big risk here by even proposing this idea.

  98. Yeah I heard that. The questions they put out there were so childish you would think they were children.

    The media hasn’t been good in decades and they have been getting worse not better. Walter Cronkite and the ret must be rolling over in their graves.

  99. Boehner is playing Obama for a fool and getting away with it. We’re already up to $73B in cuts for crying out loud. Why not keep asking for more when the White House and Dems keep giving it to him? What’s $27B more and he gets what he wants. There is no pressure on him – his base wants a shutdown. He keeps demanding more and Dems and Administration keeps giving it to them. It’s unheard of what they’re letting Boehner get away with – why delay the inevitable just give him the $100B and plan his parade route for him.

  100. We’ll see when the polls close tonight. But nobody can say that they were surprised by the GOP agenda this time. If they vote for Prosser or choose not to vote they they’re signalling they’re happy with Walker. Walker and the State GOP are emboldened and go more extreme, I for one will not bother listening to the uproar from Dems because it will tell me they live in a Pro-Walker state.

    The election isn’t over, there is still almost five hours to vote.

    If Prosser loses then the message will be one of overreach to Walker and the State Senators will start really worrying about their potential recalls.

    I just expected turn out to be much stronger.

  101. That will HURT him in flrodia, trust me! And he is a WAR hawk! That is what happens when you do not vet the candidates!

  102. LOL! Nahh! It is what this community is all about! KOS only bashes POTUS! PLUS, where we supposed to go, if we do not have a place that will support our concerns?!
    I just hate to see MSNBC having on so many republicans, one right after another, and NO democrats! UGGGGH!

  103. National parks, museums and 250k furloughs of govt employees! Thus, Crashing the economy! Jobless rate will go up and the MSM will blame the President! IT is all part of President David Kochs master plan!

  104. Finding it hard to believe that your President will give someone like Boehner everything he wants, especially after seeing the Press conference and hearing everything he has been saying. Doesn’t strike me as the type.

  105. Where’s the $73b figure? The lastest I read was $33b. Are you sure that this information is correct, Saint Roscoe?

  106. And btw: the recovery act would come to a screaching halt, and the HCR would NOT be implemented! Talk about ramming stuff through! These guys are ruthless!
    God is good!

  107. Yeah, I’m not seeing President Obama agreeing to this either. Saint Roscoe reads around and I’m sure has a basis for this opinion, but the last I read was that Boehner had agreed to a $33b compromise with the senate, only to come back with increased demands. I haven’t read that the WH agreed to $40b in extra cuts just like that.

  108. “Our takeaway from the meeting was that Republicans will not accept anything that cannot pass the House without 218 Republican votes,” the aide tells me. “That means $73 billion isn’t good enough.”

    That last line means that the $33 billion in cuts as a proposed target compromise — on top of $40 billion of cuts that were already agreed upon — will not be sufficient for a compromise, if 218 Republicans cannot support it.


  109. Here’s what you need to know from Tuesday’s White House briefing with press secretary Jay Carney (and a brief cameo by his boss):

    — President Obama rejected House Speaker John Boehner’s critique of his budget proposal, arguing that “this notion that somehow we’re offering smoke and mirrors – try telling that to the Democrats out there.” He added, “We’ve been willing to cut programs that we care deeply about.”

    — Despite Obama’s telling Congress to “act like grownups,” Carney said the White House isn’t “interested in pointing fingers” on budget failures.

    — The White House, unsurprisingly, doesn’t like Paul Ryan’s explosive budget plan. “We strongly disagree with his approach,” Carney said before reading a statement that stated the GOP congressman’s proposal “cuts taxes for millionaires and special interests” and hurts seniors.

    — Carney wouldn’t address the news that Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine is running for Senate in Virginia. “I don’t have anything on that right now,” he said. “Let’s save it for tomorrow.”

  110. Agreed PJ. I am also a Virginian. We will work hard to get Kaine into the Senate as we work to make sure President Obama WINS Virginia again!

  111. I am loving the new banner BWD. And thank you for posting the great OFA comments.

  112. So they put out an additional amount in cuts then the Dems and the Whitehouse have gone too far.

    I don’t know if the Dems are doing this because they are afraid of a long government shutdown effecting the recovery but you have to stand your ground at times and now is the time. I really don’t want to hear the PL whine about another thing including this budget.

  113. Okay, thanks for clearing that up. Indeed, that means that we’re heading for a shutdown. The GOP can always be expected to overreach, every time. Radical “political party.”

  114. Why does he need 218 republican votes? You mean NO dems will support this? That is going to be a problem! We need to keep the govt open, and dems in the house are also playing games! This is what happens when you have a body of govt controlled by each others extremes! And the MSM is loving it!

  115. Now that you mention it, wouldn’t that be a great slogan for the 2012 election.

    “Rethink Possible.”

    Who could argue with that?!!

  116. Seems as if they agreed to split the difference with the extra cuts the GOP has requested, and the GOP is now rejecting that compromise.

    Shutdown here we come. Unbelievable. Purely ideology and politics driven, the good of the country be damned.

  117. Nobody plays President Obama on any level, especially a true fool like Boehner. POTUS plays chess while others play tic-tac-toe. The GOP is falling into their own idiot trap, as usual.

  118. Well if those cuts were already acted upon during the lameduck extension then the Dems don’t have to add additional cuts to the compromise becaue they have met the republicans more than half way. Let them shut down the government and let them take the blame if they don’t take the deal.

  119. Do you remember when On that show West Wing, the govt shut down, and presidnet Bartlett got out and walked up connecticuit av to see the republican speaker?
    Maybe POTUS should do something equivalent?

  120. If his caucus has taken this radicalized position despite the good of the country, they’ll have to deal with the consequences IMO.

    As Saint Roscoe has stated, Dems have bent over backwards to agree with some painful and unnecessary cuts. If the GOP won’t agree to anything but extremism, what are they supposed to do?

    Looks like Republicans want to shut down the government…again. America be damned, it’s their way or the highway. Swing voters never signed onto this.

  121. We are talking about current events that effect US, what are we supposed to talk about, the Weather? Jeeesh!

  122. I agree. This deal went way beyond fair and any legitimate political party would have taken it. I just got confused because I was reading the $33b figure, and thought that jovie and SR were saying that the WH had just agreed to $40b more after news leaked that Boehner rejected the $33b deal.

    But I couldn’t agree with you more. How to negotiate with hostage-takers who simply don’t care that much about the recovery?

  123. It means he won’t even bring it to the floor for a vote if 218 Republicans won’t vote for it. So he isn’t even going to try to do anything. This he is accepting full responsibility for a shut down, whether he realizes it or not.

  124. However, the GOP are all over the MSM! where are the democrats? Seriously! I have only seen Carney and the President, and I have seen 400 republicans on all the shows! LOL!

  125. Seriously, who in the GOP thinks shutting down the government again is a good idea? It worked so well for Eye of Newt in the 90’s. Contrary to popular GOP belief, everybody isn’t stupid.

  126. What worries me is they have the MSM on thier side! Are you listening? Where are the dems? oF course the PL will slam POTUS and NOT republicans, if the last three days are any indication!
    Man alive, people must be feeling like they have egg on their face, for voting for republicans in the last election!

  127. No GN, I said that they agreed to 40 billion more in cuts in the lame duck! You know, that great legislative era we had only 4 months ago! LOL! Seems like it was 100 years ago!

  128. No, I get it now. Just from SR’s original comment I thought that perhaps they had already agreed to more. With that, I completely and utterly disagree with the statement that POTUS is being made a fool of.

    To me, Boehner looks like the idiot who possibly just gave away the speaker’s gavel to the teaparties, who IMO do not give a damn about the people who will be hurt by the shut down and whose spending cut demands are beyond extreme.

  129. Yup, it’s 100% on him. Just utterly despicable; I cannot believe these Republicans. And they have the f-ing audacity to call us anti-American.

  130. However Fox Propaganda and the rest of the pathetic MSM are willing to shill GOP talking points – somthing Newt didn’t have in the 90’s.

    Prosser wins in Wisconsin today and the National GOP will be emboldened just as much as Walker and the WI GOP will be. It will show that all the protesting and noise doesn’t translate to the ballot box. That the GOP has it’s base locked down no matter what it does and that there is no blowback to their overreach.

  131. GOP presidential candidates who are frightened that a budget compromise could lead to a tea party revolt and make the prospect of a semi-moderate GOP presidential candidacy become impossible because of tea party influence during the primaries.

    They don’t realize that a shutdown is not going to go well for them. Not that I’d even expect for one second for the welfare of the country to be taken into consideration.

  132. Yes! And the other issue we have figured out is, now you know why the GOP candidates have not declared yet! They do not want to take front and center on this budget battle!
    All part of thier plan, and they have the MSM in their back pocket!
    Funny thing is, POTUS has had to be preparing for this, and he almost seems to be saying, bring it!

  133. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Mabe prosser will lose! In the meantime, they are strong arming evrerything! Time to get the pitch forks out! We need a march on Speaker Boners Congress!

  134. Saint Roscoe- Why not go to the comment section of the article that I’m going to post below and read what is being said about today’s election. I didn’t get the sense that they’re voting for Prosser in large numbers; in fact, just the opposite.

    There were a few comments on the same site which questioned the accuracy of polls stating that the voter turnout is 20%. People who live in the state believe that it’s more like 60%. Time will tell. I think the larger point is that things aren’t always what they appear to be. Those who frequent this site should know that better than anyone else because it’s what brought most of us here!

    Incidentally, Walker is under fire, again, for this:

    “MILWAUKEE — Critics of Gov. Scott Walker are saying the hiring of the 27-year-old son of an influential lobbyist to an $81,500-per-year job is evidence the administration is using state jobs for political payback.”

    “The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday that Brian Deschane has no college degree, little management experience and two drunken-driving convictions. Yet he was hired to a job overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees.”


    Guess how much this young 27-year-old will be making? $81,500 per year,…that’s right. $81,500 per year. What happened to all that noise about balancing the budget?

  135. Oooops…obviously it wasn’t necessary to ask the question about his compensation because it’s included in the excerpt.

  136. Well Prosser has certainly not won yet. I personally will deal with whatever comes our way, when it comes our way, but I’m choosing to be optimistic about pro-union voters especially turning out. No use worrying when there’s nothing we can do about it except to cross our fingers and pray that voters deliver.

  137. Of course he’s prepared. Reluctantly prepared for Boehner to miss the historical opportunity to inject some meaning back into conservatism as a valuable ideology, and play the political hack instead. Boehner just f-ed up IMO.

  138. I’M IN!!! Now that I’ll be starting college this year, I’ll have more freedom to actually get out there and help campaign!
    Plus, when you think about it, the awesomeness of President Obama really needs no explanation. 🙂

  139. That is so awesome. Have you considered linking up with your local OFA and being a college ambassador for your school? You’d be absolutely amazing at it, princess.

  140. But the one thing the Republicans can’t do is claim that they weren’t met halfway. So, if this shutdown does occur don’t you think that it will make them look unreasonable?

  141. The problem with the new Republican TPers in Congress is that they really don’t care if they get booted out in 2012. They have their “principles” and are sticking to them. They are fanatics in the worse sense of the word.

  142. And it will be on record agitating for a government shutdown for weeks and end before sitting down and trying to hash out the differences.

    It’s not going to be a good look for them come election season. There will be no way for them to spin this.

  143. Seriously, how is a government shutdown the *goal* of any major political party? Indeed they are on record as wanting it, and Dems are on record as doing every single thing possible to avoid it.

    Massive insanity.

  144. They already look unreasonable. A shutdown is going to make them look delusional. Where is the GOP voter mandate to shut down the federal government? Not in the November 2010 elections, that’s for certain.

  145. I am pretty sure they have enough signatures for
    for recall on one top republican. That was perhaps on Friday. This particular guy
    holds a lot of power. If they could get rid of him, it would be a great start.

  146. Thanks gn! I didn’t know there were college ambassadors for OFA. I’m planning to look into that!

  147. :::::::::Program alert:::::::

    2012 Kickoff Call with President Obama
    Tonight, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, President Obama and Vice President Biden will join supporters and volunteers for a 2012 kickoff call.

    Fill out the fields on the right to get a call when the conversation starts, or bookmark this page and return at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time to watch the live stream.


  148. Please do. And if your local OFA doesn’t have that program, I’ll hook them up with an OFA which does, to provide guidance about getting it started in your case. Please keep us in the loop, princess.

  149. I just had to share your comment with my whole list. I hope you do not mind. It is so perfect. Thanks

    PS BWD the new heading is awesome!

  150. I think you are both right, japa and gn. Those who want to hear what Fox News spits out get all their “news” from that channel, and though I believe the more left-leaning television news shows tend to be more accurate factually, they still present the facts in such a manner that support their personal biases. What I find most disheartening is the purportedly “unbiased” news sites, such as NPR, who present the “news” just as you stated, gn, always feeling it necessary to present two sides, even if one side is mostly distortions and lies.

  151. President Obama commanded House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday to work out a budget deal or else return to the White House every day until they do.

    In a surprise appearance in front of reporters in the briefing room, Obama said he and his team are “prepared to meet for as long as possible to get this result.”

    Obama announced that Boehner and Reid would meet at 4 p.m. Tuesday to talk about the budget. And he played hardball: “The speaker apparently didn’t want our team involved in that discussion. That’s fine. If they can sort it out, then we’ve got more than enough to do. If they can’t sort it out then, I want them back here tomorrow. But it would be inexcusable for us to not be able to take care of last year’s business.”

    He told lawmakers to “act like grownups.”

    UPDATE: Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Boehner, denied that Boehner told Obama he didn’t want the White House team at the meeting. He said in a statement: “The Speaker never said he didn’t want the White House there, just that he wanted to meet with Senator Reid. Speaker Boehner and Senator Reid have been having regular discussions on this topic for weeks. This is just one of those occasions.”

    UPDATE 2: Michael Steel, another Boehner spokesman, later said in a statement: “The Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader sat down privately and had a productive discussion. They agreed to continue working on a budget solution.”


  152. I know, japa, but my mind is still boggled by the shortsightedness and stupidity of it all. I just don’t see how anyone’s life, even the lives of the plutocracy, can be enhanced in the longrun if such a dystopia came about.

  153. Exactly. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” And of course from R. D. Laing in the sixties: “‘There’s nothing to be afraid of.’ The ultimate reassurance, and the ultimate terror.”

  154. What do the frustrati want? Release with no strings attached? Good, then let’s release everyone in Gitmo to the frustrati.

  155. Thank you for helping me out on that one, gn. I really don’t think the Republicans have proposed anything that makes sense so far. And their legislation continues to become more and more drastic.

    Maybe on some level they’re aware that they might not win the White House back so they’re causing more damage for the POTUS to clean up.

  156. Reading the comments for this were like sunshine on a cloudy day. It brought home, we are far from being alone. Many brought tears, but most of all brought hope back. If you realize what a dismal situation this man was delt, seemingly insurmountable, & more important the absolute unreasonable opposition against every & anything he attempted, even from his own base, well it has been disheartening. This helps more than anything we have heard for a long time, Thank you!

  157. Yes, he can do it again in 2012! Yes, he can! He got my vote!! May Almighty God bless him and keep him strong and safe!

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