Here we go!

May the force be with this great man (And by “force” I mean US!).

The mail PBO sent this morning:

Friend —

Today, we are filing papers to launch our 2012 campaign.

We’re doing this now because the politics we believe in does not start with expensive TV ads or extravaganzas, but with you — with people organizing block-by-block, talking to neighbors, co-workers, and friends. And that kind of campaign takes time to build.

So even though I’m focused on the job you elected me to do, and the race may not reach full speed for a year or more, the work of laying the foundation for our campaign must start today.

We’ve always known that lasting change wouldn’t come quickly or easily. It never does. But as my administration and folks across the country fight to protect the progress we’ve made — and make more — we also need to begin mobilizing for 2012, long before the time comes for me to begin campaigning in earnest.

As we take this step, I’d like to share a video that features some folks like you who are helping to lead the way on this journey. Please take a moment to watch:

In the coming days, supporters like you will begin forging a new organization that we’ll build together in cities and towns across the country. And I’ll need you to help shape our plan as we create a campaign that’s farther reaching, more focused, and more innovative than anything we’ve built before.

We’ll start by doing something unprecedented: coordinating millions of one-on-one conversations between supporters across every single state, reconnecting old friends, inspiring new ones to join the cause, and readying ourselves for next year’s fight.

This will be my final campaign, at least as a candidate. But the cause of making a lasting difference for our families, our communities, and our country has never been about one person. And it will succeed only if we work together.

There will be much more to come as the race unfolds. Today, simply let us know you’re in to help us begin, and then spread the word:

Thank you,



More details HERE!

279 thoughts on “Here we go!

  1. what a great post thanks again BWD ,WE all must lead to a victory in 2012 with all we have together.

  2. I am just grateful today. I haven’t really stopped organizing and campaigning since July of 2008. Right after the election I started looking for ways to stay involved and to do something to help. I know that’s what BWD has done. So I am grateful for all the connections that have been laid over the last two and a half years among all of us and that the President has decided to run again.

  3. What a great video–I love the message that WE have to do the work and it involves talking to people one-on-one. This is a great beginning and I’m proud to be part of it. If I was multilingual, I’d shout in every language I could, Yes, yes, yes, we can!!

  4. I’m In! This is so awesome and I’m so excited. I’m hosting a house party in three weeks and I can’t wait to begin helping our President get re-elected. $1 billion dollars here we come.

    Everything this President and his team does is so innovative. The video and the website are just fabulous. Making my first donation today.

    I find it hilarious that the pundits report this almost as if the President shouldn’t be kicking off his 2012 campaign. They’re so snarky saying things like “the worst kept secret.”

    President Obama deserves to be re-elected and he will be.

  5. I’M IN. I’m so excited to be a part of this moment. I just bought a ticket to the launch in San Francisco!!!! Got a confirmation of the donation of the money but not the ticket so I’m a little concerned. I will do my best to re-elect one of the greatest Presidents in our lifetime. We are all in this together, OTeam!!!!

  6. I’m In and have sent a gazzilion messages to friends on facebook asking them to “opt in” as well.

    I am beyond excited….


    I can’t wait to see the rallies saying this!!!

  7. Good morning all. I especially like what the man said ( i don’t agree with everything he does but i respect him and trust him). Trust is the characteristic that most will see that they can trust what he says and does.

  8. It would be great to have a you tube video of every accomplishment and how it helped someone.

  9. Today is Happy Monday! We must all be Fired Up and Ready to Go! I go to our first meeting this afternoon. Ready to sign up for my monthly donation.

    I know we will be fighting the msm and the money, but we have people power. We will win!

  10. FIRED UP..!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  11. And start posting your positive comments around the country. Get out in front of any negative reaction. Calm, reasonable intellect, led us out of economic depths he inherited, more private sector jobs created in 2010 than in all of Bush years, accomplishments represent interests of Amer. people not corporations, sterling personal qualities—decent, honest, sensible, compassionate, exemplary husband and father, the Repubs have no one who even comes close. Deserves to be re-elected and will be. ETC.

  12. My favorite statement was the lady who said that Obama is the one we want to implement the changes we want in this country.

  13. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @iCandy_87: I wish #Obama could be the President for the rest of our lifetime. 2 terms = 8 years, isn’t enough…. #news #politics

  14. We have all the ammo we need to point to Wisconsin,Michigan,Ohio the GREED OVER PEOPLE PARTY has already tried it’s dirty work. We must fight to the end with VICTORY!

  15. I’d suggest getting a yard sign early. I remember 3 years ago waiting FOREVER to receive mine.
    Looks like I will be making a few donations today. The 2012 gear looks great.

    Fired up!

  16. Great to see he is off to an excellent start here at bwd world. Great going guyz.

  17. Tweets from OFA Director Mitch Stewart:

    RT @Mitch_Stewart: 61 folks are “IN.” because of my small efforts on facebook. who can top me? #obama2012

    RT @Mitch_Stewart: 4.3 years ago i joined this movement-we started with a dream, duct tape and bailing wire-now he’s running for re-election. #bandbacktogether

  18. I know it’s something pretty meaningless but make sure to watch the vid on youtube so you can “thumbs up/like” it. Seems it’s getting freeped/trolled with “dislikes”.

  19. I wonder if they’re going to once again have the designers, etc. create specialized POTUS gear. Still love my canvas POTUS tote bag.

  20. I don’t know why, but reading this was a rush of many emotions –

    “This will be my final campaign, at least as a candidate.”

  21. I’m so in! Sent my first $50 donation. Ordered my party pack for my house party that I’m hosting in three weeks. Ordered my car magnet.

    I am so excited. I too wish President Obama could be president beyond 2016.

  22. The GOP has no new ideas. They only “react” to whatever the President does. If he says “it’s red.” They react with “no, it’s blue.” They remind me of loony tunes Daffy Duck who kept trying to oppose Bugs Bunny and in the process did himself in.

  23. In the constitution, in the time of an emergency, The President can put FEMA in charge and remain President!

    Lets hope that does not happen, Though! LOL!

  24. Vice President Biden will pay a visit to Barack Obama’s supporters in New Hampshire on Monday, a few hours after the president formally began his reelection campaign by posting a video of people saying why they like him.

    The White House said in guidance to reporters that Biden will be at an “event with supporters of Organizing for America” at 1:30 p.m. in Durham; it’ll be pooled press.

    Biden will be in New Hampshire with Education Secretary Arne Duncan before the political event to call attention to sexual assaults on college campuses. At the University of New Hampshire, they’ll “highlight how the University’s efforts to reduce and respond to incidences of sexual violence on campus can be used as a model across the country,” the White House said.

    Politico 44-

  25. The Interior Department on Sunday denied a Financial Times report that said the agency had struck a deal with BP, allowing the oil giant to resume deep-water drilling in the Gulf.

    “There is no deal,” Interior spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said in an email to reporters soon after the story was published.

    More nonsense! I remember when that leak came out about POTUS signing a directive that the CIA was on the ground in LIBYA< rachel freaked out about it, ed shultz called it a game changer, and then we heard nothing more on it! The PL never over-exaqgerates! No, not at all!

  26. WASHINGTON–Education Secretary Arne Duncan, I’m told, will be one of the most sought after Obama administration surrogates to headline megadonor events–with the campaign kicking off with President Obama’s re-election announcement on Monday morning. Duncan has a heavy government travel schedule this week–making strategic stops along the way. Click below for Duncan’s schedule.

  27. That will be 5:15pm here in MT. I will be on a local bridge for a “Honk & Wave” to support our unions. Will I get to hear it later? Will they podcast it?

  28. hey jovie, hop on over to the new 2012 blog. we have yet to see you. there are so many new people there.

  29. go to 2012 blog. we need you there 🙂 its great. meet all the new people

  30. I too am excited about new PBO gear. I treasure my stash from 2008, but it is time to move forward.

  31. My Hole family it’s so very IN, we just send our first DONATION we are a large family. so game on people.

  32. Thanks Jovie. PBO is going to be busy. So glad Biden & Duncan are getting out there early too.

  33. BTW: NOT ONE diary about POTUS re-election bid on dailykos! NOT ONE! That site is truly anti-obama! Also, They might not be democrats!

  34. Tulip I thought that was brilliant. In other words not all Obama supporters are bots like me.

  35. I just did my donation to get my tshirt. Boy are the paid trolls out on all the comments. I am so glad to be able to come here and know that we don’t have to wade thru the trash. Thank you BWD for keeping this such a positive place.

  36. Here bwd, OFA has changed, and if my info comes out on this link i have provided you, please delete it!

  37. OFA still needs to do something about the GOP trolling there. If it’s a site for President Obama’s re-election, then I don’t know why people posting to vote Republican are allowed on there.

  38. They need to hire dedicated staff to moderate the posts – and delete the anti-Obama troll stuff. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of the site and ultimately undermines the campaign efforts. How do we contact OFA management to let make them aware of this?

  39. Don’t understand why they don’t moderate for constructive comments or thoughtful criticism only. BWD’s place is a great example. All the trolls are off-putting.

  40. LOL! And I wonder what good things does Ms. Velma “I’m exhausted” Hart have to say about the GOP. Let’s hear all the great things they’ve done for her, and how eager and happy she is to “defend” them…

  41. Jeesh! Kris Jansing made it seem like the Obama campaign is going to cost 1 billion dollars! That is a smear! As that is not the govt money!
    What about the GOP and citizens united? How much will that cost? YIKES! Biased reporting!

  42. I’m in. Been reading the comments on this thread and the permanent one. You guys are awesome. He could not have better people in his corner! My donations are going to a brilliant cause, Keep Barack Obama in The White House!

  43. LOL just read at WSY Pawlenty says he relate to young people. “I’m relatively youn. I have a more recent connection to the younger generation.”
    Because if you tell young people that they like you they will. what a fool.

  44. The trolls are out full force at the YouTube link.
    Be sure to vote down the negatives if you have an account there!

  45. Who will have the more cringeworthy awkward campaign moment attempted “look I’m cool/current” pander – Romney or Pawlenty?

  46. It’s important to plug into whatever the OFA office in your State/county is doing. Share the big ideas with us here, those that would translate across demographics.

    It’s going to be a hard fight and the misinformation/disinformation campaigns are gearing up. In the past few days, I encountered two references that were clearly influenced by bigger forces: one was a woman writing about “the government” stopping something and the other was an elderly man complaining about Obamacare and about us not knowing about the man’s school records. If anyone doesn’t know him by now, it’s just willful ignorance.

  47. Jon Huntsman could be a contender for that “award” if he does decide to run as well.

  48. They’re gonne need some paid moderators 24×7 for another 2 years at OFA.

  49. Please, the national media is already all-in with Romney, telling us he’s campaigning on the low. Really? So why is this quiet campaign being featured in a national newspaper?! I guess he’s going for the billionaire-on-the-humble look and Huntsman is his younger, arguably more handsome cousin.

  50. They don’t know because they don’t want to know.
    I still don’t understand the fascination with Obama’s school records. Do they want grades or his absence/tardy report? What are the school records supposed to show? 😕

  51. The media focus is that the President is going after the big donors. The implication is that the little people/us don’t matter. We know it’s BS but they’re hoping that it’ll gain traction.

  52. So loudmouth Ed is at it again. Calling PBO’s ad an apology approach and that nothing in the video says middle class. (Can’t see the middle class homes in the video, Ed?)

    All I can say is Eff you Ed. Turning off my radio.

  53. I heard Morning joke had Al Sharpton on today.

    He was trying to divide black people and other Obama supporters from Obama by saying that some black leaders are mad at Obama for not talking more about black issues and that if he was president he would be talking about black issues. LMAO ! Yeah right Joe !

    Thank god Al Sharpton is reasonable. He defended the president once again and defeated all of the talking points from the PL/ frustrati and Republican con men.

    And Jefferey Sachs the economist talking about how he is upset with Obama and Wall Street reform. Why won’t thee losers go jump of a bridge. They act like Obama is some dictator and can change things at will with 100 % perfection. This president is a progressive reformer who has achieved more than any Democrat since LBJ, and FDR and I will fully support him till the end.

  54. I am so in! Obama/Biden 2012!!! I surprised myself at how excited I was to receive the president’s email this morning. I knew he was launching his campaign today and still got the super warm and fuzzies 🙂 let’s do this y’all!

  55. He’s lost his mind, lol.

    And if they hate, then let them hate, and watch the money pile up!!

    I’m gonna donate with every paycheck and I will be at every rally within 3 hours of me! I’m going all out for this man. This country NEEDS him!!

    Fired up. Ready to go. Yes we can!

  56. Ed is a loser. The PL can go to hell. At first I cared about them but not anymore. They are beyond irrational and I can’t wait and hope that Obama wins by such a large margin that the PL and Cons heads explode.

  57. KSM to be tried via military tribunal at Gitmo.

    Should have buried this news last Friday.

  58. Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly reports that Mitt Romney gave a speech in Las Vegas over the weekend that was about foreign policy and the Middle East. Oddly enough, he did not talk about the turmoil in Libya. Steve asks a very pertinent question:


    Is it me, or does this seem very strange? A controversial U.S. offensive is underway in Libya, a leading Republican presidential candidate delivers a speech on foreign policy, and when pressed for a position, the candidate runs away?

    When I talk about the GOP’s presidential field struggling with U.S. policy in Libya, this only helps bolster the point.

  59. To my President Barack Obama,

    Thank you for taking the slings, slaps, stabs in the back, the whines, the demands for attention, the tantrums, the profiteering from a cottage industry of “POTUS sucks!” which extends through all ideologies, the fighting and at times too-rough defense by your supporters like myself, the madness which is politics in this country, and continually and constantly stepping up to the plate for us. Thank you for running for a second term. This Obamabot is grateful and I will try my best to do my part to ensure that reelection.

  60. They find it hard to believe that a black man could be that smart. That’s where all the teleprompter jokes come from. They feel intellectually inferior to him and need “proof” that says otherwise.

  61. It was great to donate; I opted for a monthly give. Store and volunteer links don’t work: overloaded I guess. Want the new bumper sticker and pins. How do we get the logo for our gravatars?

  62. I totally agree. I glanced at the blog this morning. A foreign supporter asked a simple question: “how can I help.” The first or second response was a trollish GOP piece of junk, instead of rapid suggestions: “join or found a ‘[country] for OFA’ group to alert the media of President Obama’s international popularity as well as remind American relations to support this man; support new media outlets like mediamatters for America which watchdog reporting;” etc. etc.

    There are going to be a lot of first-timers, letting the GOP and third party trolls continue to lounge around is just going to waste people’s time IMO.

  63. Good Morning BWD and family here. I AM IN! I was reading this morning during my quiet time, and I came upon this quote by Dr. Martin L. King Jr.
    “Hatred paralyzes life;love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.
    Hatred darkens life;love illumines it.”

    Let us go forth with a heart to forgive, strenth when when we are so tired of the lies, and non-facts, and togetherness that is so strong that nothing can tear us apart from this goal to re-elect this wonderful President for our times. We need President Obama. So we will hold on to what is good, pure, loving, gentle, and hopeful.

  64. Well I actually believe Joe when he says he would talk about the issues that affect his people – rich white male republicans. He does it every day on the show when he supports legislation that guts unions, entitlements and all the things that benefit his kind.

  65. Al Sharpton has really been terrific in terms of adjusting to a new period in civil rights in light of Americans electing the first black POTUS. Rather than behave in an adversarial fashion, trying futilely to protect turf (“you still need us because POTUS doesn’t care about black people”), Sharpton has seemed to develop a really smart strategy of blending the WH into his activism.

    I know that he’s controversial, but he has done a whole lot to show that regardless of any issues in the past, he is a legitimate black leader who is focused upon helping black people and not merely his career. I started looking anew at Sharpton during his perfectly executed peaceful protests against the Diallo shooting (I attended a big one at city hall personally), and have continued to be impressed (with the exception of a senatorial endorsement with which I didn’t agree).

    Thank you, Al Sharpton. His leadership in the age of President Obama is deeply appreciated.

  66. As I suspected, she didn’t volunteer to be in the GOP ad. Her face and quote are being used just as Hillary’s were.

    The GOP launched the ad as soon as President Obama announced his re-election campaign.

    I haven’t looked at it. Not sure I’m going to, since I don’t like where Velma Hart is coming from and I don’t like the GOP.

    But here’s the link if anyone is interested:

  67. You know that there’s the myth of the senior thesis. Or some such. Maybe it’s in the same secret vault as the Michelle “whitey tape!”

    Any way, he was going on about people knowing what the previous occupant’s GPA was. Yeah, I don’t know.

  68. I personally couldn’t care less. Let them do them. I personally have no intention of viewing Obama/Biden 2012 from the vantage point of HuffinPuffin or DailyFox. bwd’s place, weeseeyou, tpv, OFA, the pragmatic progressive blogging alliance—got everything I need right here.

  69. We didn’t know Bush’s grade school records. We just knew that he was a c student in college, because he bragged about it to a class of graduating seniors. President Obama’s successful higher education career is well known and out in the open. Hi conlakappa.

  70. Good Morning everyone

    Boy things are really happening this morning, love the energy.

    I read through the Sunday strategy session and made a page of notes.

    I will read through this posting after breakfast and add sites as needed.

    I have a short list of experts started (I am sure it will grow longer in time). So Tigerfish you are my tweet expert. Tell us how to follow you on twitter, and anything else you think we need to know.

    I have several Facebook experts listed, post your Facebook pages so we can all friend you.

    Finally, if I have left off something important, my apologies, got a little rum dum at the end. Also if folks have things they want to see added or rearranged, just post to my blog or here.

    This is so exciting

  71. I love Sharton. He’s a great voice for progressive causes and he goes toe to toe with people who bash the president and Democrats.

  72. Where is the new link? I am here looking for a clue on how to get back to the OFA blog. I went to meta’s link above but think that is not the new blog. I had my computer open to the page before. This time it opened to the announcement and the donation page. I usually donate by mail so wonder if the donation is done online does it automatically open to the new blog? Also my own OFA blog site is inaccessible. I suppose if I could get to the new site I would then see if I still have an OFA blog site.

  73. It’s all smushed up on my screen and not appealing to read at all. But no matter, I’ve found I don’t need that blog at all anymore. BWD feels more like home to me. I ♥ me some BWD.

  74. I got my PBO txt…was so excited. I sent back a 100% I AM IN reply.

    Will be donating soon.

    God bless this President and the new campaign.

    Yipee! Fired UP!

  75. Afternoon, All!

    Although, lately, I’ve been lurkin’ more than postin’, I want to thank BWD and the ‘TOAITR’ family for all the great, helpful info and comments…

    And, I’M IN!!! (Initial $50 (for special T-shirt) + A recurrin’ donation)

    W/all the GOPTeaParty Extremism/Radicalism, at the federal, state and local level, WE have a “tough fight on our hands”:

    80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = Tea Party… (DK link, it’s worth the read, though!)

    Donors Trust: An Anonymous Tax-Deductible Policy Slush Fund… Via @Karoli

    With All Eyes on the States, GOP Quietly Pushes Ridiculous Anti-Labor Bill Through Congress… Via @Jodotcom

    As Voter ID Laws Spread Across Statehouses, House GOP Telegraphs Anti-Voter Fraud Bill…

    G.O.P’s 2012 Strategy Puts Focus on Timing

    WASHINGTON — The last time Republicans challenged an incumbent Democratic president, they were simultaneously running a Congressional revolution…

    This time, Republicans are taking a different approach against President Obama, who opens his re-election campaign this week. The road toward ousting an incumbent always runs uphill, but Mr. Obama’s adversaries are trying to level their odds in two significant ways.

    The first: a delay by top candidates in entering the race. Aside from conserving energy and resources, that would distance contenders like Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts from the unpredictable budget showdown between Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

    The second: an effort by party leaders to slow down the anointment of a nominee once delegate selection begins early next year. Instead of a flash verdict produced by tiny electorates in the states that vote earliest, the Republican National Committee seeks a longer competition to battle-test its standard-bearer the way Hillary Rodham Clinton tested Mr. Obama in 2008.

    “It makes for a stronger nominee at the end,” said Ed Gillespie, a former party chairman and senior aide to President George W. Bush. Considering that incumbent presidents seeking re-election since 1900 have won 14 times and lost only 5, Republicans need such a nominee…

    But, YES. WE. CAN, AGAIN! 😉

  76. Rev. Al really walks the walk and I hope that his detractors give him a new look, as he’s beyond earned it. He doesn’t sit around on the college lecture tour “demanding” that people get involved, etc.—he creates his own protests, leads that involvement, and speaks out where warranted. POTUS’ ascendance is really separating the wheat from the chaff, without POTUS having to say a word. It just becomes clearer by the day, who’s in it for progress and who’s trying to just get a check/fame.

  77. Hi backatcha! This will not shock but the previous occupant *wasn’t* a C+ student, at least not in college. He scored higher than the presumptive gentleman’s C. His GPA was higher than Kerry’s. Could have been the course choices or the fakin’, like pretending he was a regular guy. Just more of the bamboozle. And, yeah, Harvard Law Review as a quota thing.

    Douchemanity flat out responded [snapped, as it was captured by some media observer, maybe Kurtz] to someone once that the President isn’t smart, he can just sound smart thanks to the aid of the prompter. Whatever.

  78. He has been the biggest supporter of the President. He lets the fools like Corny know that POTUS is the President, and not a civil rights leader. I’ve been really impressed with him.

  79. Good morning BWD family! Just donated my first $25. Will be donating frequently for the next two years! This is exciting.

  80. Made my donation and this is the new blog site. It has a moderator onsite today to help people navigate through it but the format is not very good right now. Hopefully they will tweak it over time. One common theme is the support from our international brothers and sisters. This President is very much admired around the world.

    How much do you all think he will raise today. I bet it will be between 5-10 Million dollars.

  81. Slightly OT, but an indication of the straits in which the GOP is in due to the Tea Party. HuffPo (I know, I know, but this isn’t a half bad article) has a piece up on the budget negotiations at Basically, Boehner has the votes lined up from the more reasonable GOP and the Dems for a budget deal, but he’s denying there’s a deal because he doesn’t want to upset the TP faction in his caucus. It’s a profile in courage.

  82. I’ve always found that Velma Hart [now CNBC contributor Velma Hart] to be really shady. I don’t doubt but that she turned out to be a reluctant participant in this media meme, but I wish she would have used some simple common sense. CNBC solicited questions in advance. She was the perfect patsy: a warm-looking African American who is supportive of the President but at a stage of enough economic anxiety (well-off couple facing the first expensive college tuition bill) to play the part.

    weeseeyou provided first class analysis of this incident, for example:

    I expect for there to be lots of content targeting black people in this regard.

  83. And unfortunately the Administration has little choice. Any civilian trial would have failed because of the way evidence was gathered against KSM — i.e., torture. The previous administration wasn’t interested in justice, only revenge.

  84. See, I had no idea. That was absolutely then Bush’s “ordinary joe” shtick. The GOP is about to be off the chain. I think that none of them have announced because they want POTUS to be front and center for as long as possible so that Republicans and their professional left allies can chip away on the daily. Not gonna work.

    Great “seeing” you conlacyclopedia!

  85. So – as part of our pledge to Facebook more, Tori just posted this info to my page of notes and I wanted to repost it here.

    Lets all become Tori’s friends

    Near the top of the page to the right of the page title is a button “Add as Friend”. Let’s send her friend list through the roof.

    I have also added Tori as a Facebook expert and included her Facebook page address on my page of notes. If all the Facebook folks will post their FB address, we can start becoming each others friends. (like we aren’t already but you know what I mean 🙂

  86. Haters gotta hate, purity has gotta be pure, concern trolling has gotta concern troll. I thank Mr. Schultz for his “suggestions” and accord those suggestions with the merit which they deserve, lol!

  87. Ed is full of shit. He has a program airing this week called Black Agenda, using a few black leaders to say that PBO needs to set a special agenda for black people. Can you imagine how that would look when every american is suffering through this economic mess that the GOP created? Can you imagine how people would react if there there were programs only for black people like the rest of the country were not suffering. People like Ed should be working at Fox where their agenda is well known. I can’t stand that guy and using black people to further his own agenda is unforgivable.

  88. Holy cow, WiW!!! That is amazing! We really rocked this joint yesterday. You did a superb job of organizing all the great suggestions into easy to use categories. Great tool that needs to be highlighted as much as possible.

    Quick little correction about felons and losing the right to vote. Your page says if you’ve committed a felony, when it should say if you’ve been convicted of a felony.

  89. Anothrer way to divide White People and Minorities, Ed Shultz is having a special this sunday, -The Black Agenda. Really?
    And, On CNN last week, it was- The Unwelcome Muslim next door!
    You gotta be kidding me!
    Next week, Fox news will probabaly come out with, -why White People are victims of inequality!

    This is unreal! You follow?

  90. I can’t see where he has any particular expertise whatsoever to host such a forum. Amazingly the black pundits who are always after President Obama for this and that have little to nothing to say about MSNBC’s choice to allow this loudmouth to moderate a black forum.

    As far as I’m concerned that is a program for and by the professional left/sole patrol. Has nothing to do with the thoughts, feelings, and concerns of average day to day people of all colors, and won’t be consumed by most of us.

  91. LMAO ! Really ???

    Well I can’t say the I’m surprised since the PL has no shame.

  92. Because the American MSM is bought and paid for by the same corporatists that fund the GOP machine. Therefore, they have to toe the GOP line by reporting everything about President Obama in the most negative way, while supressing the daily and hourly failures of the GOP.

  93. Yep. I think he had a B or B+ average and Kerry had a B- or C+. I’ve told you before that spin is intriguing to me; I’ve worked on the fringes of it and can pretty quickly recognize it. The old “not what you say but what the audience hears.” A great example of this was during one of their first debates, previous occupant said, “now I don’t mind that my opponent went to Yale…” Really? You were there too! Or his use of certain language having Catholics believing that he was one. Dippy Dana saying it was too definitive and took away the *hint* so she muddied the waters a bit. Different slices of the Big Lie.

  94. Ed schultz is a right wing HACK, just like his friend Arianna Huffington. They are both opportunists who “change” party line affiliation if it works for their bank accounts. They pretend to be interested in the welfare of the “little” guy while undermining the very political structure that would benefit ordinary folks.

    Ed Schultz is a PHONY he has no business hosting a show called the “African-American agenda.”

  95. What a ridiculous strategy. They’re purposely delaying entering the race?! Conserving energy? Wow. Okay. More for us then.

    The fact that they have to conserve energy means they don’t have much to begin with. Methinks the adage about money applies to energy: You have to spend energy to get energy. That’s true with exercise and physics.

  96. From that BBC piece

    Twenty-five pounds ($40) per year may not be much to play your part in conservative politics in Britain, £12 may be a bargain to have a say in the Lib Dems and it’s only a penny (for those under 27) to join the Labour Party – but it still costs something.

    Cons everywhere are about money only it seems.

  97. Also on Friday he will be in Indianapolis to tour the Allison Transmission plant which has received funding for manufacture of hybrid transmissions for heavy duty vehicles. I’m guessing this is in conjunction with the Clean Fleets Partnership announced last week.

  98. Gn you know what they are called the black intellectuals. I emailed him a nice letter.

  99. That’s pretty funny. Saying the Democrats are extreme because they oppose deep cuts. I think the Republicans have lost sight of the meaning of the word extreme. Deep cuts = extreme.

  100. Huffington is coming up with her black issues section and now Ed is hosting a black forum. LOL !

    The PL is so transparent it’s laughable. Trying to divide black people and divide them from president Obama. Jut like the media trying to divide latinos from Obama in 08 and again based on that flunky Chuck Todd. Dividing Whites, blacks, latinos, Asians, religious groups and so on is the priority of the far right and PL.

    It won’t work but they will still try. I wonder what will come up next : “David Duke forum on why blacks should abandon Obama”.

  101. I notice the President has up ads on Huffington post and talking points memo, for his re-election campaign!
    Not sure about huff and puff.
    Any of you guys see any other as on the wesites?

  102. Yep, which is why the “he only cares about the big money!!!” trope is being sung by a funky choir.

  103. Ridiculous indeed. If they really had a strategy to test their nominee, they would have started entering the race a long time ago. In 2008 candidates in both parties were off and running early in February. If the repubs had any brains they would realize you get more attention and words hold more weight after making an official announcement.

  104. A thought:
    = I think Eric Holder could have waited a day, before announcing he will be trying KSM in Guantanomo Bay Cuba! It runs all over the other big announcment today! HMMMM!

    Just saying!

  105. And I don’t know many blacks that listen to Corny West, Tavis, and the rest of those (sole patrol) do nothing but just talk phony black leaders. Self-proclaimed black leaders who think they have so much influence when they don’t.

    They are quick to talk about the poor and the middle class and someone not helping them but they never plan, organize, or act. But I bet you they can’t wait to get invited to some talk show or news program to talk.

    I have even more respect for Al Sharpton and the reasonable leaders who actually try to help and do things.

  106. Good let France do it:

    Breaking News:
    France says has authorized its army to participate in U.N. action to protect civilians in Ivory Coast

  107. Thanks BWD & All! So proud to be “IN” for PBO, and to have found this wonderful, informative and inspirational site. I am more ready, willing and able than in 07/08. I was outside my comfort zone then, but ready to push myself more this time around. Every gain we’ve made since the 60’s is in peril, if the GOP/TP get their way. I’m a technically challenged boomer but trying to get my old account, or maybe set a new one, on OFA and venture into Facebook a bit more to help spread the word. Thanks for everything all you great people on this blog do!

  108. Understand, but it’s okay, jovie – lol – we can all walk and talk at the same time!

  109. I have another tip for people who are having trouble with the white text on dark background. I’ve been using this for some time to help me read text that is too small to see easily on my monitor. This is for firefox; I have no idea if a similar feature exists in IE.

    To enlarge text or a picture on the monitor hold down the control button then press the key with the + sign on it. Repeat until the text reaches the size that is comfortable. To undo this zoom feature use Control and the key with the – sign on it.

  110. Seeing as France is the former colonial power, and still has interests in the Francophone countries of Africa, it’s the logical choice to spearhead a UN mission.

  111. No, I hadn’t. Accessing Weeseeyou cracked my y Android. Seriously, it was the first system-wide failure I had on the phone so I’ve been there sparingly.

    So much truth and word in what was written. I haven’t gotten to the face-time person’s reply. Just going through comments now.

  112. I don’t care what anybody says I like Al Sharpton as he keeps it real and straightens people out when they talk sh*t.
    How’s about blitzing Ed loudmouth Schultz on his call-in programme and straightening him out about both middle class and black issues!

  113. Great idea; and to reiterate what we discussed this weekend, people can program their browsers to change the color scheme. People can choose one browser to use to view bwd exclusively, then program that browser to change the color scheme. (internet explorer: tools, internet options, accessibility {located on the bottom right}, “Ignore colors specified on websites”).

    I personally love this soothing theme, but this is a great option for people whose eyes find it difficult.

  114. Hey Jeremey you are exactly right. When i emailed Ed show to pose a question. I asked him to ask them what have they invested into the community to promote jobs. how many grocery stores, did they open, movie theaters, Boys and girls club. They don’t even walk the streets of the inner cities.

  115. Oh no! I can no longer load comments on my blackberry (I used to be able to at least see replies and reply from the disqus dashboard, but that’s no longer the case with disqus’ new dashboard), so I pretty much view wsy from computers only.

    Really sorry to hear that you had that experience. If you want to jump to the discussion with the media pundit, it’s here:

  116. Actually I like this handling because it does show that government moves on even with the President announces his reelection campaign. It’s not like people don’t already know he’s running for reelection. Plus the KSM thing only attracts the attention of a very select group of people with an interest in the outcome.

    In addition it gives the PL *two* things to bash…challenging them to prove *they* can do more than one thing at a time.

  117. He’s been terrific. POTUS has announced; it’s now on and popping for the sole patrol. Thousands of people are now in open collaboration to get ourselves a second term of a high quality presidency, and as the election approaches, that will become millions of people working in collaboration. This work is not about to be undone by a handful of media and new media folks who are trying to cash out and cash in.

  118. Just had a thought! How’s about calling out the msm by keeping track of what stories they are not reporting, under reporting and those they are avoiding altogether,going viral with that, and let them have to defend.

  119. Yeah. I can’t recall a time when West, Tavis and the rest ever did something for the poor but they have time to run on the news shows and write books that the poor can’t purchase.

    They all live in really nice homes driving nice cars talking about others not helping the poor.

    I grew up upper middle class but I always did service learning/ community service projects to help communities while in high school and college. I know plenty of regular people who have done more for common folk then these losers.

  120. you noticed how they are moving off libya. They don’t want to report that Khadaffy wants to stop the attacks and that they are negotiating . No PBO plan is working.

  121. Oh, I eventually made my way down to Ascotty’s ign’nt-a**ed comment. Damn, he’s dimmer than I thought. Had I joined the conversation in real time, I would have mentioned his constant need to talk about his complexion. It’s about as deep as it gets for him.

    I used to be able to do more stuff but maybe that’s the Android protecting itself! Seriously, that trip to WSY resulted in a 40-minute conversation with tech support. Even my computers have gotten stuck in the past.

  122. Well, to be fair, it’s no longer the main story on the BBC either.

  123. I like that idea. It’s time that the MSM were put under the microscope. Expose their nefarious motives, and force them to defend their dishonest reporting tactics.

    If HuffnPuff were given half the scrutiny that the President was given, that would have alerted some exploited bloggers before the damage was done.

  124. Some thoughts on the reelection video.

    1. The video is about the voters

    2. The video was all positive

    3. When was the last time a President did a campaign video in which a voter said “He doesn’t agree with the President on everything”

    4. How can any Republican candidate respond to this video without going negative.

    5. The silence from the “PL” and the Republicans is almost deafening.

  125. Eclectablog: and we all reasy sent our first DONATION fired up and ready to go.

  126. So excited for the 2012 re-election launch. I made the mistake of looking at DK today and saw this comment:

    Surprised he didn’t start earlier… (16+ / 0-)

    considering campaigning, rallies, and posing for pics are his favorite activities.

    I wonder if “The audacity of not being as repugnant as the other guy on working and middle class issues” is going to stoke the masses?

    Recommended by:
    raboof, Spider Jerusalem, Lynwaz, slinkerwink, Major Tom, MPociask, Whimsical Rapscallion, DruidQueen, 420 forever, newpioneer, ohmyheck, Progressive Pen, JVolvo, FistJab, radmul, Picot verde

    Yeah, I am done. Please smack me if I ever talk about going to DK again.

  127. Why won’t Cornel West or Tavis Smiley adopt a one or two Black boys languishing in foster care? Or team up with Oprah to actually do something like start an after-school tutoring/enrichment program?

    Long after Obama leaves the presidency, he will have the task of raising two productive citizens (his daughters)to be contributing members of this society, and as far as I can see, he appears to be doing a wonderful job so far.

  128. I could have done without reading that. Seriously, I think people need to donate extra money to the 2012 campaign for every time they make the ‘mistake’ of going to that site. And even MORE money for bringing that garbage here.

  129. A few hours after the White House announced that President Obama had invited John Boehner over to talk about the budget, the House speaker said the administration is “just not serious” about cutting spending.

    In a statement, Boehner said cuts proposed by the White House “are full of smoke and mirrors.”

    “I look forward to continuing these discussions, but for those discussions to be meaningful it will require the White House and Senate Democrats to bring a serious proposal to carry out the people’s will of cutting spending,” he said.

    Obama invited Boehner, Sen. Daniel Inouye and Rep. Hal Rogers to the White House on Tuesday to talk about the budget.


    Whatever, Boner!

  130. I agree with you, Don. My thoughts too on what the man said. He says he’s looking at the bigger picture, which is definitely something the frustrati might want to think about in all of their purity. And, no, we’ll see the perfect R candidates, with their perfect families, and just shots of pre-approved crowds.

  131. I too wish President Obama could be president beyond 2016.

    I think you have to think bigger. He can only be the leader of hardly 300 million people for so long …

  132. BTW: The whole GOP campaign is- where is Obamas leadersip? IT is what all of them say, on every channel!
    That is their plan? Really?

  133. askew don’t waste your time. Last night I was briefly drawn in to reading some things, and it made me ill. My resulting reactions at tpv were very negative. Never again; that’s it for me.

    We truly don’t have time for these folks; let them do what they want to do. Between OFA and the pragmatic progressive blogging alliance, we really and truly don’t need that space, we never did. The important work is on the ground. In that we can assemble, encourage each other (how many people in this thread donated and high fived each other without having to endure sour remarks), get our facts straight, and point our positive energies towards holding on to some superfine leadership in the WH, why even consider wasting time around that nonsense?

    So glad to hear that you’re done, and thanks for joining us askew. Your commentary is super-smart, and we could actually use your analysis here.

  134. Nope. The AG’s office is supposed to be a completely separate operation, working at its own set pace. If it were delayed a day, there would have been braying that Holder was playing politics/was made to wait.

  135. States that want some or all of the $2.4 billion in high-speed rail money rejected by Florida have until Monday to submit applications to the Department of Transportation.

    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood reopened the application process for the money after Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) said he would not accept it. State lawmakers sought to force him to take the money by suing, but the Florida Supreme Court ruled Scott had the right to reject the Obama administration’s rail money.

  136. Yeah, I’m not worried about those comments. They’re meant for his tea-people. It’s just posturing. The average person is just not paying attention to this topic right now. And they won’t until there is an actual shut-down of the Government. Note the time that elapsed between the WH announcement and the Speaker’s comments: several hours. This means he went to his masters and asked how to respond to the press about the meeting. They crafted the remarks to support Boehner’s desire to try to pass the budget using only Republican votes. He wants this to be a Republican ‘victory’ and to be able to say, see, the Democrats didn’t support what we we did. His own smoke and mirrors.

  137. So, S&P and Goldman Sachs are cutting the 2011 GDP from 3.5% to 2.5%! B/C of oil prices, and that sucks! If it is not one thing, it is the next!

  138. And they need to be ruthless. Sad reality, but the GOP/third party trolls need to be cut off from OFA; there are plenty of places for them to discuss their grievances and interact with others. This election is too important for the campaign site to host spoilers.

  139. Or show evidence of actually talking to regular black folks. Corny could travel down Route 1 and meet my uncle, who worked for the State of New Jersey for years, part of maintaining one of the State parks. He’s now an old man with disabilities. He could give Corny an earful if he ever decided to leave his ivory tower.

  140. They’re also rationing their lies. They have nothing legitimate to challenge the President with, and he’s accomplished a ton of his agenda even with the blunt obstructionism from the right and the left – so what do they have to use against him? Lies.

    Plus, their candidates’ closets are so full of skeletons, they want to limit the amount of time for them to flush out into the open. Better to keep the focus on the President, and try and convince the uninformed and minorities that they should put their lot in with the Republicans, who have spent the last two (or thirty) years tearing them down… I hope people aren’t that stupid.

  141. I already donated today to Obama’s re-election and I don’t normally bring over anything from DK but that comment was so appalling that I needed to vent for a second. I certainly could have done without your comment to me. Unnecessary to say the least.

  142. That is a fantastic idea! I owe $25 extra to the campaign for reading a link to a piece of negativity there and responding to it.

    So OFA gets a $25 penalty fee for last night, and another $25 penalty fee for me reading the above and getting annoyed just looking at the names.

    I hope this idea catches on as it’s terrific.

  143. Thanks! I had been sucked back in because it was the only place that I could find to keep track of the Wisconsin recall updates. But, it just isn’t worth it to give them the clicks. The site is as bad as Red State now.

    The analysis and discussion is 1000% better here and on other pragmatic progressive sites.

    One last note – DK’s traffic is plummeting.

  144. askew I don’t think Tien meant it personally; we all have vented from time to time—this is an ongoing meta discussion; I personally have been really inconsistent with it. Your voice is 100% valued here, with no doubts about it.

  145. Ha ha. I knew that they were trying to just keep the focus on POTUS, slamming him daily, for as long as is possible. And the media is letting them get away with this…because? Just because they haven’t officially announced doesn’t mean that we can’t start digging into these people right this minute.

    bwd, I know that everyone and their mama has a million ideas for your truly wonderful site, and we mean no harm, but I wonder if we can’t have an opposition thread posted this week in which we dig into the likely GOP field in order to counter their effort to sidestep attention.

    In addition, it was the skill of President Obama and SoS Clinton which enabled that long, bloody primary to end with some semblance of peace. I’d love to see the GOP try to reason with the teaparties about a moderate on the top of the ticket, when they are unequivocally the GOP base.

  146. Slink is the only name I recognized. She has learned that being loud and anti-Obama gets you attention. I note the lack of anything constructive they had to add to the process. DK used to be a place of genuine activism and online organizing. Never again. They are Sulk Central now and in 2016 few will remember it was ever a useful place to visit.

    On a similar vein, Andy Ostroy has a column on huffpuff today claiming that PBO is “hemmorhaging” support from the left. The only comments getting through are various alleged liberals pining for Grayson or Kucinich to save them. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    We will hear a lot of this stuff over the next 200 months as tiny egos try to draw attention to themselves. The GOP just hands us winner material every day though. Today, they announced that in their 2011-2012 budget proposal they want to start a 10 year wind-down of Medicare in favor of, get this, putting everyone on a system that functions like Obamacare. Popcorn please.

  147. You recognized her name but note that her usual band of merry [insert whatever word you’d like] weren’t on it. She’s losing her relevance, such that it was, over there.

  148. h/t miranda@weeseeyou:

    “50 people turn out for a tea party rally in DC and its covered on every network, but I bet this won’t be”

    2,000 Protesters March On Koch Industries’ D.C. Office
    April 4th, 2011

    In Washington, D.C. today an estimated 2,000 protesters marched on Koch Industries’ Washington D.C. offices and attempted to give Charles and David Koch an invitation to come out and speak with the protesters. Not surprisingly, the building’s doors were locked and no one was allowed inside. However, a representative from the real estate company which managed the building told an handful of organizers who attempted to deliver the invitation, “I’d be here with you guys if I wasn’t working right now.” Noting that he works for the building, not Koch, he said, “I don’t want to be here.”

    more here


    I admire the manner in which so many people came out and in various ways made it our business to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters in organized labor. This is how change happens, and it is of tangible benefit.

  149. If anyone should know about smoke and mirrors, it would the Orange Weeper, wouldn’t it?

  150. Wow. Just checked out that graph and it’s very telling. I think most folks find a constant diet of negativity gives them a stomach ache.

  151. That is an amazing list!!! Thank you WIW for all the work to put that together. I have it bookmarked so I can go back and look. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  152. I didn’t know anything about that rally! Those shots are too tight for me to discern where the offices are. I’d surely throw some shade/stinkeye while walking by in future!

  153. I totally didn’t mean it personally and I apologize. I understand the need to vent, but to actually read that comment was pretty disturbing to me. Sorry.

  154. Following up on up thread comments, please turn off and tune out all toxic sites. If a site is getting you down, you’ve lost precious energy for the fight ahead. I say once again that the vast, overwhelming majority of voters do not go to these sites and are not influenced by them. Most average people get their information from local radio (I don’t mean Limbaugh, but the stations hosted by local people) and from local newspapers. They also pick up vibes from conversations at work, at the grocery store and in their neighborhoods. They will remember an ad on tv before they’ll recall anything somebody like Boehner said in a press conference, especially on something like the budget. This is the year to use our energies to get local. Call into the local shows, write local LTEs and, again, help your local party at public events through the year.

    If you’re a Republican, Independent, or Dem, OFA has lots of things you can be doing to promote the president. But I think Dems have a special role they can play in bridging the gap that sometimes occurs between the “official” local Democrats and the OFA. Sometimes there’s no problem, but occasionally there is a sense among local people that the OFA is intruding on their turf. So we can all act as Good Will Ambassadors for both. We can be OFA members, as well as good team players for our local parties. The one thing we want is a completely united front going into 2012, so we need to start now to smooth the way.

    Take the time to build relationships everywhere in the coming year with fellow OFA members, with local parties and with all the “officialdom” whose support you will need, like the Voter Registration people and the County/City Commissioners. Model the Obama Philosophy of bringing people together and creating friendships and alliances. It’s a lot of work, but so much more productive than time spent on hateful idiots who have nothing better to do than undermine the president. They’re losers, but we aren’t.

  155. LOL, did you see how the office’s representative distanced himself from Koch? Throw an extra stinkeye for me.

  156. This is a fantastic point, re: serving as a smoother link between existing party/political infrastructure and OFA. Would you mind if I copied this idea into the action thread?

  157. My hope is that all the forces working to defeat President Obama will overreach and this constant constant attacks will backfire. It will become obvious for people that this is political crap.

  158. I’m wondering… Ed is going for RATINGS. How about the real democratic base inondating his message box ? Telling him he’s LOSING listeners with this constant whining. That if intelligent debate is welcome, exaggerations and constant whining is making him lose a larger audience than the “vocal” minority ?

  159. Corporate media knows very well what they’re doing. They’re giving a platform to anyone with a big ego who wants to critic the president.

    No Nancy Pelosi, no Dick Durbin, no Barbara Boxer, no Amy Klobuchar (sp ?). Very little of Harry Reid, Chuch Shumer, etc.

    Nancy Pelosi is the minority leader in the House. Isn’t it “strange” we don’t see her very much on tv these days ??

    Is there a solution to this ?

  160. Oh man – am I happy to come onto this blog!
    I listed comment on the site of the video and all the wingnuts are on there taking potshots at our guy!!

  161. Yep. “The Black Agenda” is suddenly very popular in MSM. Didn’t Arianna plan a special place for discussions within the black community on HP ?

    MSM suddenly seeking the “wisdom” of the intellectual black community. Didn’t see those guys too much in the last two years on tv. But now, oh now MSM can’t have enough of them.

    God, this is so obvious.

    We’ll probably see some “young republicans” too. And let’s not forget the hispanic community.

  162. REACT!!!perfect they are soooo backwards, what we should ask where have they been for the last 50 years NO, NO, NO, No change the have not seen the whole world changing what a bunch of ignorant people they are.

  163. That is such a great comment. We do need to muster all our energy to win. We don’t need anymore negative energy thrown at us that what we have all around us. We need to concentrate on winning.

  164. The New Republic recently asked an intriguing question about the U.S. intervention in Libya: Why isn’t Obama getting credit for preventing an atrocity? The answer is obvious when you think about it: because he prevented the atrocity. It’s hard to get credit for avoiding a disaster when it’s impossible to prove the disaster would have happened without you. Social scientists call this the counterfactual problem. There’s no double-blind study to show what would happen in an alternative Libya where the U.S. didn’t intervene. If you want credit for stopping a disaster, you have to wait until the disaster is already under way to act, like President Clinton did in Bosnia.

    Read more:,8599,2063033,00.html#ixzz1IamRKu1L

    Nailed it!

  165. I like the idea too. MSM is having “some” influence on the independants so it would be about time to put them on the defensive.

    The GOP has been so successful to paint the media as “liberal” that “journalists” are afraid to push back against conservatives. Granted, they’re often simply ignorant and/or are afraid to lose their job. But still…

    Time to push back against MSM’s bias towards republicans, you’re absolutely right. Time to reverse the narrative. The media doesn’t help the liberal agenda. They are helping the CONSERVATIVE agenda.

    The Democrat party doesn’t have anything close to the vast web of think tanks and lobbyist organizations that the GOP has. So the push back operation has to be simpler. LOTS of calls from ordinary citizens.

    Also, I think that using social media, there could be a vast information campaign about the existence of Media Matters. They’re doing a fantastic job and the vast majority of americans don’t know anything about this organization.

  166. “Surprised he didn’t start earlier… (16+ / 0-)

    considering campaigning, rallies, and posing for pics are his favorite activities.”

    This is totally republican talk. This is not the language of an ideolog from the left.

    That poster is a republican plant, I’m pretty sure. He totally sounds like the guys on Fox.

    Let’s not waste energy on those trolls who are all over the left blogosphere. We know the right have loads of money to pay a vast army of trolls.

  167. The U.S. will reach its $14.29 trillion legal debt limit no later than May 16 unless Congress acts before then, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said today, and he warned of “severe hardship” for Americans if lawmakers fail to act.

    If the limit hasn’t been raised by May 16, the Treasury Department will turn to a toolkit of emergency measures that can provide up to eight weeks of additional borrowing room, Geithner said. That extra time would end about July 8, the Treasury chief said.

    Whats nex? An Asteroid!

  168. If you’re John Boehner, you really hate Chuck Schumer right now. Schumer responded to the latest government shutdown contretemps by calling the House Speaker’s posture a phony dance for the Tea Party.

    “A compromise on the budget is right there for the taking, assuming the Speaker still wants one,” Schumer said in a statement to reporters. “We take it for granted that because of the intense political pressure being applied by the Tea Party, the Speaker needs to play an outside game as well as an inside game. As long as he continues to negotiate, it’s OK by us if he needs to strike a different pose publicly.”—-we-got-you.php?ref=fpi#

    Schumer is getting the republicans off of POTUS ass! LOL!

  169. Former Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams, who stepped down from the group after making a series of racist remarks, has a plan to “infiltrate and sabotage” the Obama campaign by volunteering as a campaign worker.

    In an interview with TPM, Williams could not specify what exactly his subterfuge would entail, but said it would probably “come under the general heading of ‘not exactly representing him in a fine light.'”

    In a blog post called “Take Down Obama from the Inside” , Williams compared his plan to everything from the Trojan Horse, to a prankster’s “Crash The Tea Party” campaign (which he falsely attributed to the SEIU), to a storyline on 1980s TV show Dallas. “While many variations have evolved,” he wrote, “the basic idea remains the same; infiltrate and sabotage.”

    “It is the duty of every American Citizen to do everything within their power to disrupt and defeat the domestic enemy that currently occupies the corridors of power in Washington and a dangerous number of state capitols,” Williams continued.

    Heads up everyone. You might want to email OFA on this one!

  170. Organizers of a campaign to oust Republican Senator Randy Hopper believe they may have enough signatures to force a recall election.

    Organizers are in the process of verifying that the signatures came from eligible voters before filing the petition with the state, said Fond du Lac Democratic Party Chairman Rich Mantz. He would not say how soon organizers would be ready to file the recall petition.

    “We have not confirmed we have enough signatures. We still are doing all our double-checking,” Mantz said.



    That is my evening round up, time to go work out and take my dog for a walk!


  171. Wow, talk about the height of hubris. Like he’s going to suddenly rise to the upper echelon and get his sorry ass on tv and ruin the whole organization. Grandstanding at its best. He’d be hard-pressed to impress anyone in the OFA whose paid staff is made up of a whole lot of wicked smart over-achievers who won’t suffer anyone who doesn’t work as hard as they do and who doesn’t message well. He won’t last long, trust me.

  172. Wow these people are nuts. The guy sounds like a terrorist.

    “Domestic enemy” Wow !

    Also I heard via the peoples view that the republicans are trying to pit the environmentalist against Obama by trying to gut the EPA protections in the budget battle.

    And of course you know the PL/frustrati will be happy to do the dirty work for the republicans. I really can’t stand the PL.

  173. It’s interesting how much like Keystone Kops these operatives are. And I even hesitate to use the word “operative”, as that would indicate some sort of professionalism. These TP acolytes are basically shills paid by Koch money, and have no idea of what is required to run a real grass-roots campaign. While we can’t count our chickens yet, their cluelessness is an advantage in our favor.

  174. A sign of desperation? According to Reuters, “Libya gov’t ready to hold elections, referendum or any other reform to its political system”. Of course, Gaddafi has to stay as “brother leader”. So, not much of a concession.

  175. C’mon, they’re probably bad tenants! And don’t give good tips to porters, concierges, and stuff. Still would like to know where it was. I don’t think it’s asking too much for TPM to hit a basic bit of journalism: where.

  176. Hey Askew, personally I admire your courage for checking out the site. I am actually torn on this issue. On the one hand, I think by not visiting that site we continue to deprive it of its claimed legitimacy for speaking for the Democratic base. On the other hand, we really do need to keep tabs on the negativity being spewed on that site so that we can effectively counter it, especially if our goal is to win over people who may be innocently misguided by buying into the lies and hatred of the President.

  177. Thanks for sharing the story GN. More evidence of the false propaganda by right wingers that the MSM is liberal.

  178. Thank you so much Jackie for your wise and practical advice. Although I still think it is important to push back against negative ideas that undermine the confidence of misinformed people, the most important work, at this time, is to focus on organizing and promoting the President.

  179. Uhhh……..Timothy. You were born in 1960. The President was born in 196…..1! If you get the nomination, you will still be OLDER than the President thus you will not have a connection to the younger generation in chronological age nor reality.

  180. Ego’s a helluva drug. 🙂

    It happens. And thanks to creolechild; I indeed linked to aleth’s words of wisdom addressed to Mr. West and his peers.

  181. Here’s some good news!

    The Oshkosh Northwestern reports:

    Organizers of a campaign to oust Republican Senator Randy Hopper believe they may have enough signatures to force a recall election.

    Organizers are in the process of verifying that the signatures came from eligible voters before filing the petition with the state, said Fond du Lac Democratic Party Chairman Rich Mantz. He would not say how soon organizers would be ready to file the recall petition.

    “We have not confirmed we have enough signatures. We still are doing all our double-checking,” Mantz said.

  182. More good news!

    “Richard Trumka, the president of the AFL-CIO, has declared the five week shutdown of the Indiana legislature — led by Democrats upset with Republican-led right-to-work laws and Gov. Mitch Daniels’ (R) agenda — to be an unqualified success.”

    “Trumka told TPM at a roundtable with reporters that despite the hardships he said were faced by union workers, labor supporters and Democrats in general in Indiana, progressive-leaning politicians in the Hoosier state were able to pull off the upset win.”

    “I mean, they knocked out right to work,” Trumka said, referring to the AWOL state House Democrats, who returned to Indianapolis after winning concessions from the majority GOP. “But they also were able to make more mild some of the crazy cuts Mitch Daniels had proposed, so they made those bills a whole lot better for workers in that state.”

  183. Like this?

    “In Washington, D.C. today an estimated 2,000 protesters marched on Koch Industries’ Washington D.C. offices and attempted to give Charles and David Koch an invitation to come out and speak with the protesters. Not surprisingly, the building’s doors were locked and no one was allowed inside.”

    “However, a representative from the real estate company which managed the building told an handful of organizers who attempted to deliver the invitation, “I’d be here with you guys if I wasn’t working right now.” Noting that he works for the building, not Koch, he said, ‘I don’t want to be here.'”

  184. I just forced myself to watch this silly piece of theater. Once again – Republicans peddle in lies, innuendo, deceit. No facts, no solutions. This is like children in the schoolyard, trading taunts. This won’t move the country forward, and those who fall for this nonsense really need to look at the big picture and ask themselves if they’ve been better off in the years when Republicans have been in charge, or even just in the last three months when the Republicans have run the House. I’m going to stick with President Obama, who actually has hope, has ideas, has a track record of success and is an honorable and trustworthy person. This ad is worthy of the snake oil salesmen of yesteryear – which is where the Republicans want to send us all…

  185. LOL! Looks like he was outed by Chuck Schumer. This is not going to play well with the Tea Party.

    “A compromise on the budget is right there for the taking, assuming the Speaker still wants one,” Schumer said in a statement to reporters. “We take it for granted that because of the intense political pressure being applied by the Tea Party, the Speaker needs to play an outside game as well as an inside game. As long as he continues to negotiate, it’s OK by us if he needs to strike a different pose publicly.”—-we-got-you.php?ref=fpa

  186. Yeah, that is exactly how I feel as well. Half of me wants to deprive them of the traffic and the other half wants to post positive comments so the few remaining reasonable posters who still post there don’t feel so alone.

  187. Don’t worry about it. I was being over-sensitive. Sorry for flying off the handle.

  188. Thank you so much for organizing the amazing list of suggestions for us ‘activists’! I will share them with my local OFA group.

  189. gn- what do you think about connecting with people at colorlines? I think it would be excellent way to provide accurate information about what the POTUS has been doing, and serve as an effective strategy for minimizing the damage caused by the Three Stooges (West, Smiley, and Dyson) It would also encourage them to become actively involved.

    The same goes for the 99ers, who I believe have tried to organized to some degree but their efforts are hampered due to their financial situation. There’s a chance that they may be discouraged enough to sit out the next election and that would be a loss, for them…and us.

    “The term 99er came to represent those individuals who have not only exhausted all regular unemployment benefits but, 4 Tiers of emergency extended benefits totaling up to 99 weeks.”


    “It is also important to realize only a small segment of the unemployed actually received the 99 weeks of benefits continuously from start to finish. Most unemployed persons who were entitled to these benefits endured through gaps in the benefit periods, therefore the span of time they were unemployed was, in most cases, well over 99 weeks.”

    “The term is a general term encompassing all unemployed workers who were eligible to receive benefits during the period of time between 2007-2010. It does not include people who were not eligible to receive UI benefits at all or those people who were not entitled to all 4 tiers of unemployment.”

    “Therefore, while the community of 99ers is relatively small, it encompasses at least 7 million people.”

  190. I think that’s an excellent idea, creole. Ed targeted the 99ers in particular for his discouragement/GOP enabling racket and told them to not vote in 2010. I’d love to reach out and start a new dialogue.

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