Heads-Up: 2012 Kickoff Call with President Obama

At 7:15 p.m. Eastern Time, here.


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  1. It’s time to kickass and chew bubblegum… and I’m all out of gum.

  2. Mr. Obama you have always been “IN”
    to say you needed to be included is no longer needed….
    to borrow from our Lady Ga Ga
    YOU were born that way !! Ha Ha
    I am glad to know we have a good President for another 4 years. The repbulicans will have a tough time coming together to nominate and let’s hope and pray they do another Palin, who was the best gift the last election had !! Newt is making some good jokes also, he does not have the muster to make it, and there is not enough support behind any one of the group, so Yeah
    Looks like you are “IN ” for another 4 years!!
    Now please help the rest of us have as good of Health insurance as your buddy Mr. Emmelt!!

  3. WIW: your site is terrific! Love all the facts and stories you have collected. All of this will be helpful when dealing with the mis-informed (or doubters).

  4. Over at ABC a story about the Presidents re-election announcement. This one you might want to use the get in get out technique.


    My favorite comment was
    Why don’t the ABC writers first list the things he HAS done in this short timeframe, faced with all the leftover crap from the Bush administration. Best President I’ve ever voted for! Do any of these posters read Bloomberg?

  5. Just saw this comment over at the new OFA blog, and it made me smile:

    Matt Chernesky:

    I’m only 16 right now but I’ll be 18 by the time of the 2012 elections, and Mr. Obama will be the first President I vote for. I’m in because I know Mr. Obama is creating a better future for me and millions upon millions of other teenagers my age, and I cannot wait until I vote for him because I know I will be voting for the successful future of America.

    Good boy.


  6. I hope Rachel was watching the presser today. How did that big lie get started? If it was NY Times, I feel that someone need to start checkingthe NY Times’ hood. Folks have a tendency to accept their words as golden.

  7. As we launch into this new moment, I want everyone to know how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into posting here. You are all very important to this re-election campaign. Although I can only be here a few minutes at a time because I have a hard time reading sites with the black background and the white type for any length of time, I am very, very grateful and proud of this community of good souls, thanks to BWD. You all have been an oasis of sanity and compassion and purpose and integrity. THANK YOU a million times!!

  8. I saw it also BWD and several people liked his post. I have a feeling that we have many more in this category. Hopefully, they will replace all of the naysayers who decide to vote against PBO. 🙂

  9. So – for the facebook challenged like myself. Can you list the address of the facebook page you are referring to and then where on the page we can see the 90.000 like number. I just love watching these numbers grow. Sorry to be so dense about this.

  10. Is it me or has President Obama gone full campaign mode? He’s all over the place i.e. twitter, facebook, iphone, regular phone. It’s really smart of him to do it this way because he will spend no money with t.v. buys, but yet t.v. will be forced to cover him. Like I said yesterday, he beat everyone to the punch. Now all the other candidates are forced to play catch up.

  11. Julia Smoot just came on to introduce the flow. PBO is not on yet. She says 5 more minutes. Jim Messina on now. Can you hear now?

  12. Thank you guys so much for liveblogging. I’m still at work so can’t participate; I appreciate the updates.

  13. Mitch Stewart is on sounding very, very energized. Asking us to begin the process of reaching out and connecting with friends and broadening our circle of influence to begin the conversation once again.

  14. On the site, it’s running on the livestream. Still waiting for the President.

  15. I tuned in late and missed the call from the campaign, so I’m listening to the livestream.

    I know in the past there was always a number given out, if someone wanted to join the call late. Would anyone have that today?


  16. He says PBO will come on soon to ask us to make a commitment.

    Jim Messina is back on and said they arrived at the office around 3am to prepare to launch the kickoff email and all that. He sounds pretty excited, too! Remembering the celebration in Grant Park in 2008.

    Says there are lots of distortions out there, “but we have you.”

    Juliana Smoot is back on. They joking with each other about their baseball teams. She says that they will need to lean on all of us. No national plan but a state-by-state plan and a community by community.


  17. For those at work who can’t fully participate, the President just came on the line. He says he’s fired up!

  18. PBO is reminding us that there’s nothing we can achieve working together. He says he’s FIRED UP. He’s now going over how the past couple of year’s achievements have helped ordinary Americans. Totally exciting and a truly gorgeous moment.

  19. [paraphrased]

    The President says all of us are going to be central to this effort going forward.

    He says the truth is this movement has never been about him or any single person – it’s been about all of us …

    He mentions the energy and commitment of the people on the ground … people in neighborhoods, communities, going house by house, ready for change.

    He talks about jobs, education, research and development, a government living within our means … we have a long way to go, but we can’t go backwards. We have to preserve the progress we’ve made.

    He says we have to have a grassroots organization now that’s more far-reaching, focused and innovative than anything we’ve seen before.

    He says, “Send me in, coach!” Too funny!

  20. PBO saying we have to preserve the progress we’ve made and we cannot go backwards. He’s saying he needs us to make a commitment, the campaign starts now although it doesn’t start now for him because his in box is full right now and will be tied up pretty good over the next few months sorting through all the big problems in the world . He says he NEEDS US. He knows we believe in each other. He’s asking us to pledge with the I’m In link.

  21. The President wants us to take ownership over the campaign process … that’s how we were successful the first time, and also that’s how we’ll be successful this time out.

  22. Emphasizes that we need to LISTEN and get good feedback. He says that these kinds of campaigns wind up sounding like selling soap and we need to find new ways to shake things up. He says he doesn’t look as young anymore and some bags under his eyes and some dings and cuts from some of the fights he’s had with Congress but he hopes even though things won’t be the same as 2008 and we’re a little older and wiser we are still ready to fully participate.

  23. [paraphrased]

    The President says:

    We may not have the exact same “newness” as we had in 2008 … there was something so dramatic then … he doesn’t look as young today … has a couple of dings from some of the fights in Washington … but the campaign spirit is still there. We’re a little older and a little wiser, and he hopes everybody is ready to run that race one more time!

  24. meta, we actually talked about this during the weekend and tien le pointed out a great solution; you can change the background via your browser. If you’re in Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, Accessibility, then click “Ignore Colors Specified on Webpages.” I think that all of the web browsers allow you to do this. If you only want to change bwd’s background, you can pick one browser with which to view the site exclusively. Hope this helps!

  25. The President: “We should never be defensive about our record.”

    Amen, Mr. President, Amen!

    We’ve got to focus on all the things PBO and his administration has accomplished.

  26. I loved that part, BWD.

    P.S. Thank you so much for calling this to our attention. Made my day!

  27. I was thinking the same thing. He’s so down to earth. He just makes sense. I could listen to him all night.

  28. A college student is calling in, talking about getting started.

    The President asks everybody to sign up to say “I’m in!”

    He says to talk to friends, neighbors, co-workers.

    Also, to let the campaign know what information you need to spread the message.

    With the misinformation that’s out there from our opponents, stay confident and talk about what we’ve done and how we are going to win the future.

    The President says it’s a two-way street – give the campaign information about what seems to be working and what people say in response to discussions.

    As tough as this seems sometimes and as frustrating as politics can be … the American people are good, decent, hard-working folks who are just like us, thinking about their families and communities … if we are honest and truthful about the challenges we face and if we are honest about how we are going to go about making change for this country, and people feel like we are hearing and listening to them … we should do well in this election …

  29. I just want to say I love my president. President Barack Obama is awesome!

    ObamaBiden 2012!

  30. I wanted to listen on my phone on the drive home but none of the links worked for me. I kept going to home page but couldn’t find the livestream. 😦 Thanks for the recaps. I’m pretty excited.

  31. SWEET the way it ended. The President said thanks and goodbye, Jim Messina came on and said thanks and goodbye and then you heard them clapping and saying to each other, “good job, everybody!”

  32. He’s a remarkable human being. He’s so easy going. I felt like he could have been right here in my living room just chatting with me about 2012. I love him.

  33. Oh Wow, I clicked over just to hear PBO answer the last part of the last question and thank everyone.

  34. That made me fell so special to be able to listen to President Obama. I had no idea they were going to call me I was looking for the link to listen in when the phone rang.

    He sounded so good. I was just able to keep from responding to every word he said. I am supposed to be a grown up, right. Like I said I felt so special.

  35. I noticed that there were several questions from reporters at the presser about PBO announcing his intent to run for office early. I am glad that we are starting early. Also any criticism coming from repugs are totally jealousy because they can’t get their act together and there are a million potential candidates in the repug race.

  36. Wow, gn, that’s a great idea! I’ll give it a try because I’d really like to be able to read more closely here. Thanks very much.

  37. Very big day in Wisconsin tomorrow with the WI Supreme Court election. It’s basically become a proxy election of the Walker Protesters vs Walker and the Koch’s.

    Let’s send energy and positive vibes to pro-union folks in Wisconsin that they can send a very powerful message tomorrow that the protesters will not simply go away once the law was passed.

  38. here you go (h/t tien le):

    “Susan, I can’t read white on black either. I have my browser set to override all colors chosen by websites and substitute my own color scheme. I don’t know how to do it in Internet Explorer, but in Firefox use

    Tools>Options>Content tab>Colors Button>

    In that box you can choose your own preferences, then uncheck the box that says Allow websites to choose their own colors.”

  39. I love the choice of HQ, as it reportedly overlooks Grant Park – how brilliant is that for motivation.

  40. I just got back from a “We are One” rally for Unions on our Bridge. We had a great crowd! All the local media was there. Hope to see it on the 10pm news and tomorrow paper.

    So I missed the conference call. Can we listen to it on Podcast? I haven’t read all the comments so is there roundup about what was discussed?

  41. I just went back up and read all the comments. I am so sorry to have missed this call. I am ready to go.!

  42. This is going to be fun. I love presidential elections especially win the person I vote for wins.

    I heard Corny West trashing the president again on International news stations. Calling him a “liberal neoconservative” ( LOL doesn’t even make any sense)

    This is going to be tough because the PL will continue to trash Obama and by any means just like the rasical right. I will try to help fight the smears that will come Obama’s way by pointing the facts out to people I know and meet.

  43. It’s going to be very close, Prosser is still favored being the incumbent and Walker and the Kochbaggers are pouring money into the race. It could come down to mere hundreds of votes – GOTV!

  44. IN.. never been out.. next month my monthly contributions begin.. never in the recent history of this contry have we had a president this bright.
    count me in.. all the way.

  45. How do we get these AZZES to stop? Letter/email writing campaigns? It makes NO SENSE!!!!!!!
    Don’t these people understand what is at stake? I say THEY are the sell-outs because they are completely clueless what is going on in politics!

  46. Just state the facts and the thrashers wiil fall by the wayside. Tell the story that history will write, the thinking people’s president.

  47. I don’t know how we stop them. It seems like they won’t listen to reason and it’s clear that they have an agenda and that is to destory President Obama.

    The PL and right wing are one in the same right now. I have never heard Corny West, Tavis, Eric Dyson and the rest attack any other white president (especially Bush until Iraq blew up and KAtrina) but then comes the first black president and now it’s time to hold his feet to the fire anc call him out and call him names.

    But they will fail because the majority is behind Obama and they are the minority.

  48. Yes everyone go over CBS and take the poll thank you very much, we do not want the MSM to give us any BS.

  49. Day 1 of President Obama’s 2012 Campaign: April 4, 2011

    President Obama began by saying he was ‘fired up!’

    The President was asked for his advice on talking to those we wish to enroll in supporting him for President in 2012. He advised that we start with our accomplishments: Health Care Reform, an economy that is recovering, Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell repealed, Finance Reform, the Lily Ledbetter Act [equal work for equal pay]. He said to remind people he still has a year and a half to go in this term and that change takes time. He admonished that our opponents have very different priorities. He said we need to mobilize the American people while admitting that everything cannot be accomplished all at once.

    President Obama stated that we are winding down in Iraq and Afghanistan and we have put forth an active, not a passive effort to obtain fuel efficiency standards for cars. We will be doing the same thing with trucks, reducing our dependence on foreign oil. He said he needs to have us change the public’s opinion as to the benefits of and need for environmental standards.

    Javier Martinez, from New Mexico, who supported Obama in 2008, asked how our approach would differ from 2008, since there will be no primary. President Obama acknowledged that active, antagonistic forces with unlimited money have rejuvenated the Republicans, who have many possible candidates, all interested in undoing what we have done, so we need to go back to basics. We need to motivate our blocks, neighborhoods, and communities, listening to their concerns. We need to talk to people and ask for their ideas. We need to engage them and develop relationships with them. We don’t need to be flashy; we need to be talking on the ground, NOW.

    Liz, in New Hampshire, asked how to start immediately. President Obama replied:

    Go to the website and let the campaign know: “I’m IN!’
    Talk to friends and neighbors and encourage them to jump in.
    Have face to face conversations.
    Ask for the support you need from the Obama campaign.

    There have been ups and downs. The economy is still a concern. There has been a lot of misinformation. Our opponents have waged a perpetual campaign that has never stopped, and we have not yet got everything done. We still want to make strides in education, research, technology, and infrastructure. We want to continue to keep America safe while expanding diplomacy.

    Barack wants to know what works and what doesn’t with those with whom we are conversing. He wants feedback.

    President Obama admitted that there have been tough and frustrating times. He views Americans as good, decent, hard-working people who, if we are honest and truthful about how we will make change with what is left undone, will believe we can continue to improve American prosperity.

    The President said, unlike 2008, he has to do his job. His life can’t be an endless campaign. But he is up to this run, and he hopes we are, too.

  50. I just email my President….I’M IN! Donated $50 and more this Friday. I no longer have to give my senior mom money to stay above poverty now that she is in HUD low income housing. I will be donating to OFA/President OBAMA’s re-election and getting involved this summer until he and the house/senate are controlled by Democrates or progressive Independents. FIRED UP…READY TO GO!

  51. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY…..Send positive energy and hope there are no shennagans in tomorrows election.

  52. PL rant

    They are in rare form today…it’s almost as if they don’t won’t PBO to win. Ari Berman is claiming that the campaign will not be grassroots. I can’t wait till they are proven wrong. Apparently, Berman has never been to this site…we’re grassroots, passionate and fired up. No one is indispensible…if some ’08 activist choose to sit out ’12, there will be others who will stand up and take their place and in the process show how irrevelant and impotent those guys really are.

    And Rachel is really getting on my nerves…I gave her some slack last week but her segments today have been so negative. I had to tweet her that it was Congress that kicked the base in the teeth with their NIMBY cowardice. Shame on her for not mentioning it.

    And I was thankful that the prof on Lawrence’s show saId that PBO said Yes WE can not Yes I Can and that it was Congress who tied PBOs hands.

    And now Rachel has Scahill on…its a banner day…smdh. These guys are really something…They all seem to be friends…they quote each other and interview each other and pat each other on the back…talk about being in a bubble.

  53. We need to know our enemy. Here’s an interesting story from Mother Jones on the GOP “front runner” Huckabee. Could this be the reason he’s been slow to declare?

    Huckabee Hearts Secrecy
    There’s a Mike Huckabee mystery that won’t go away.

    Send a public records request seeking documents from his 12-year stint as Arkansas governor, as Mother Jones did recently, and an eyebrow-raising reply will come back: The records are unavailable, and the computer hard drives that once contained them were erased and physically destroyed by the Huckabee administration as the governor prepared to leave office and launch a presidential bid.

    In 2007, during Huckabee’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, the issue of the eradicated hard drives surfaced briefly, but it was never fully examined, and key questions remain. Why had Huckabee gone to such great lengths to wipe out his own records? What ever happened to a backup collection that was provided to a Huckabee aide?

    Huckabee is now considering another presidential run, and if he does enter the race, he would do so as a frontrunner. Which would make the case of the missing records all the more significant. These records would shed light on Huckabee’s governorship—and could provide insight into how a President Huckabee might run the country. Meanwhile, observers of Arkansas’ political scene—including one of Huckabee’s former GOP allies—say the episode is characteristic of a politician who was distrustful and secretive by nature.

    /full story at the link/

  54. It didn’t work for me either. All I had was my phone. The storm knocked my power out, so I couldn’t use my pc.

  55. Yes, it’s an elitist media club with them. They think they know more than the President of the United States. They act like they have the data that he does. Scahill is little punk. I can’t stand him. And Rachel has gotten on my last nerves. She is too darn smug, again thinks she knows more than the President. And for someone who keeps priding herself in presenting facts how dare she not mention that Congress would not fund the closing of Gitmo or the trials.

    That’s just pure lying.

  56. nothing more than a circle jerk.
    Nothing is ever good enough for these idiots. “The healthcare bill is watered down because it lacks a public option” even though the public option could be added down the line and it only effects a few million people. “the stimulus was not big enough” but the senate was not going to vote for a larger one. “dadt didn’t come fast enough”, “wall street reform was weak because it didn’t break up the banks”, and so on.

    They are all a buch of losers who don’t understand history and the real world.

  57. The PL are so arrogant and smug and they wonder why the majority of Americans have a hard time connecting with them. Resonable liberals/ Democrats understand this. The PL shoot themselves in the foot time and time again. Ever since the election of 1968 they have hurt Democratic presidential candidates and since FDR they have always whined and cried sell-out.

    FDR, JFK, Carter, pretty much every Dem they complained about they now love.

  58. It occurs to me that the PL and the radical left might actually serve a purpose that we can use to our advantage.

    If the republicans continue to think that they’re demoralizing the ‘base’ with their bs on those two internet sites and with all their silly negative posts on blogs and news sites, then I say let them. They really have no idea in the world who is the real base of support for our President and even less of an idea of how to reach that base with their garbage message. If they continue to use the same tactics they employ now, then they provide cover for all the day-to-day operations of the regular ‘army’ of volunteers, who in large part ignore the MSM and the little ego sites.

    The Republicans can hurl their nonsense at the false ‘enemy’ while we blissfully do our work to reelect the President.

  59. I am so IN.

    Any Dem who doesn’t show up and vote for one of the great presidents needs to just tattoo the L on their forehead right now.

  60. I also saw a huge report posted on ThinkProgress today entitled “Everything You ever Wanted to Know About the Koch Brothers.”

    Huckabee is a snake.

  61. The Professor was Melissa Harris Perry. She seems to always set the record straight. I enjoy reading her material (The Nation Magazine) and listening to her commentary. She is one smart woman.

  62. Exactly. ko & rachel bring out the same friendly faces repeatedly just to agree with them. And these are the people to criticize the president based on misconstruction/distortion of facts.

  63. It would help to remember that any Dem who SAYS they’re not going to vote for our President right now will very likely change his or her mind closer to Nov 2012.

  64. I am on the west coast and was still working when the conference call took place with the president. I’ve all of your comments who had the pleasure to hear PBO live. I am so thrilled for all of you. I am thankful to have work (union public worker here) and able to support the president spiritally, monetarily, physically – boots on the ground. We in CA did it for the DEM’s we are gonna doing all across the nation.

  65. I think I’m going to take a break from watching Rachel again. I can’t take her on again, off again negativity. She’s too fickle for me.

  66. The “liberal media” is pushing the meme that Obama is having trouble with liberal support. Meanwhile, in the real world, polling shows 83% support from liberal Democrats and 77% support from Moderate Dems. But the media will still keep pushing how Obama has lost his base, much like they did when saying he could not win White working class in 2008.

    If they were so right, Obama would not have never been elected. In fact, I’m starting to believe that whatever they say, the opposite is most likely true.

  67. Hello everyone..I think I’ve mentioned before that I do a lot of blog promoting in the twittiverse…Almost all of the blogs on the roll here are retweeted & viewed by my 11,100+ followers..If anybody needs a plug on teh twitters look me up…my name here is the same there.

    FIRED UP..!!

    READY TO GO..!!!

  68. It was sweet at the start when Jim Messina said they were all hugging this morning when the email went out because they knew the campaign had really started, and they were really on the journey. I wish everyone well!

  69. Yet, none of them are signing up to do the job that they seem to think is so easy. If it’s so easy, then why are they just playing armchair critics? They act like the President is simply choosing not to be their idea of perfection – and they ignore the realities in the equation. They’ve never had to really work for anything.

  70. I think I need to join you, TrumpDog. I thought I had given up Rachel last week, but found myself in front of her show again today, and my blood pressure rising steadily. I’m going to avoid her show for a while – the fluctuations are just too much, and unfounded, and juvenile.

  71. Rachel sure had her PL buddies on her show tonight. Jeremy Scahill, and Chris Hayes complaining about Yemen and the US and Guantanamo. They know darn well that PBO tried to close that place but was obstructed by Dems and repugs in congress.

  72. There are so many reasons why Huckabee shouldn’t be President, and this just adds to the list. How does anyone accuse President Obama about not being transparent, and then allow this scandal to go without a thorough investigation? Not just that, he’s still running those “Repeal Obamacare” ads, even though the President has challenged the states to come up with their better plans. Huckabee is an ignorant bigot, and should never get close to real power again.

  73. I believe we need to pump up Obama’s fundraising totals over the very first, few days after his campaign announcement.

    We need to further intimidate all of those fence sitting GOP wannabees, and the best way to do so is for them to wake up in a few days to the headline that Obama has raised some ungodly amount of cash in the first 72 hours of his campaign.

    This could help to scare the GOP pack even more than they already are, and potentially open up their field enough to allow a crazy candidate (think Ron Paul) to take their nomination. Then, 1964 all over again….

  74. That is just so incredibly kind tigerfists. This warms my heart so much to see supporters separated by geography coming together, in these preliminary moments to really get it started, and really set it off.

    WhatIsWorking would probably appreciate a mention; I know that you’ve already done so much for bwd and wsy.

  75. Well, everybody sign up for the new campaign and donate $30. You will get an Obama/Biden shirt in 6-8 weeks. Let’s wear our shirts and start putting signs in our cars. Right now, I have the COLLECTIVE BARGAINING sign I made for today’s MLK demonstration in my front yard.

    I am not the least embarrassed that I was a teacher, a union member, and I can survive on my teacher’s pension, which is a much better deal than social security. Also, I have always had health care for my children.

  76. That’s right….I’ve read some of her tweets tonight. She was certainly giving some lady at the Grio a history lesson 🙂 In a very polite way…

  77. Sigh…Rachel was my one joy left on the MSNBC lineup. Even when I disagreed with her opinion I always respected her reporting as fair. After tonight that’s in question. What a shame…if I’m not mistaken in the past she has reported that Congress shares a large part of the blame for Gitmo not being closed. So why the change in tone…on the day PBO announces reelection bid?

  78. Yes, absolutely. There are so many people depending on this WH staying in place, and they don’t have a big media show and they can’t afford to be snarky. I just, can’t, with this media any more. I’d rather figure out a way to reach out to people who are looking to engage their fellow citizens one on one, and support that, as well as seek to myself engage fellow citizens. I’m not driven by ratings I don’t have a show; I have absolutely nothing but a very keen interest in this country’s future. The time of the media prima donna is over for me. Can’t afford their expensive designer baggage any longer.

  79. While the GOP preps House members with guidance in the event of a government shutdown, they’re also readying a one-week stop-gap funding bill, including $12 billion in domestic discretionary cuts, and six month’s worth of Pentagon funding.

    The purpose is simple. If negotiations over a six-month spending package don’t yield an agreement in the next day or two, the Congress will be armed with the proper protocols for operating during shutdown. But the House of Representatives will also pass a politically tough temporary funding package — with cuts too deep for many Democrats to accept — and leave the question of a shutdown in their hand. If the Senate can pass it, and the President signs it, it buys congressional leaders and the White House another week to hash out a longer plan — but at the cost of steep, steep cuts. On an annualized basis, it would amount to well over half a trillion dollars.

    I say, PHUCK them. Shut er down, like Pence says! This is ridiculous!

  80. Apparently billy kristol, the rw welfare queen, is fluffing up the ryan/rubio candidacy for 2012 and is finding no takers from the rethug establishment.

  81. Off to DC with my 8th graders! I have Kleenex in case I see Boehner! Maybe I will join the Adult-in-Chief in smacking GOP congressional leaders in the head!

  82. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @MWforHR: @MittRomney has 31,789 followers. @GovMikeHuckabee has 142,124. @BarackObama has 7,276,254. 😉 #OFA #p2 #politics #obama #news

  83. Tell it Jeremy. I think many of the frustrati/PL thought they were going to have a puppet. They wanted to be able to tell President Obama to jump and have him say how high. Too bad for them, we have a brilliant, charismatic, pragmatic leader with a vision and a strategy for getting things done. He never said that change was going to be easy.

    If President Obama gets 80% of some important initiative accomplished, the frustrati/PL will focus on the 20% he didn’t get. I am so sick and tired of the constant harping on the public option. As you said, that is something that can be put in later. Meanwhile, for decades previous administrations kicked the can down the road and did nothing. HCR was historic.

    Our challenge is what it has always been getting the facts to the American people. That’s why this kick off is so important because it is going to take us talking directly to friends and neighbors and making sure they have the facts.

    I have pretty much given up on the media in this country. They have abdicated their responsibility of educating and informing the public. They seem to have an aversion to reporting positive news about President Obama. No matter what he does, they have to find a negative angle. It just seems to be standard operating procedure now.

  84. Ryans plan was 4 trillion 2 days ago, now it is 6 trillion! This is just crazy! Can’t peopel see this? And the liberla press blames obama! Like it is NOT the liberal MSMs fault for slamming everything democrats do, and, yes, republicans. Does the liberal press ever say anything nice about anybody?! I wish we had a fox news type channel, that stuck up for dems and this President!
    Both extremes are ruining this country! At a time when we need cooperation, they are messing with fire!

    End of rant-

  85. All in baby! If i could go vote this afternoon i’d do so. So sick of all the slander and slime from all angles. I’m not worried, PBO will brush that dirt off his shoulder and sparkle for round 2.

    that GITMO thing has me boiling, same with the Big-OIL subsidies. PBO has tried multiple times to get them cut, only to have the repugs vote them to stay, yet the MSM seems to blame the pres for it.

    Does anyone do any actual reporting these days?

  86. Did you see the excellent post by The Reid Report on Gitmo? It is awesome. I sent the link to The Rachel Maddow Show. The bottom line from the Reid Report is this:

    To be clear: Barack Obama vowed to close Gitmo, and took concrete steps to try and do so. But he could not have anticipated the obstruction that would come from his own side in Congress — not on the campaign trail in 2007 and 2008. Once in office, he was confronted with that obstruction almost immediately, and tenaciously.

    Is there a way that the president can vault over Congress and bring KSM to trial in New York? The answer is no; not without directly violating numerous edicts passed by Congress (which back in the Bush days, liberals would have considered impeachable.) And the idea that “Bush did it” is more of the liberal fiction that George W. Bush routinely defied Congress, when in fact, Congress colluded with him on national security policy every step of the way.


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