37 thoughts on “Sunday Open Mishmash

  1. Yesterday…I realized that adding to the many things I already love about this blog, I love that when I read something here I actually believe the words instead of instinctively calling for three links as proof.

  2. Notification of your updates makes me smile in the a.m. I followed you from DK, a site I now visit primarily for the Wisconsin updates. Uncritical, unnuanced opposition to this President is tiring. So while this site is supportive, I do appreciate that point of view along with thoughtful, careful, information driven, mature analysis. This site’s links gives me that.

    And also: love the photos which tell an important story of what it is like to have a US prez who looks like much of the rest of the world.
    Good job.

  3. And also

    As a member of that often unmentioned but important component of the liberal base…

    You know, African American women…

    I have shared this site with my network of friends, colleagues, daughter and her facebook friends…

  4. mphillip, I so agree with everything you said. I to followed BWD from that other site. And now the only reason to go there is for the Wisconsin updates. It is so tiring to read all the things Obama hasn’t lived up to. Hear we can discuss it all without the constant drumbeat of betrayal.

    I am a women who will turn 65 in 10 days. I am so proud of this President. When I heard him at the Democratic Convention I knew he was going to be someone to watch.

    I too am excited about supporting and defending him. This site has given me so many places to find the responses I need I now feel stronger than ever. I am fired up and ready to go!

  5. I forgot to add that I am a white women who will turn 65 and did not support Hillary. Although I really admire her I didn’t think we needed another Clinton. I think she is making a great SOS.

  6. I am a 55 year old white US History teacher who immigrated from Canada in 1999, and became an American citizen in 2009. 2012 will be my first time to vote in a presidential election, and I am so glad I can have the opportunity to vote for President Obama.
    My daughter was our only American, and so she voted for President Obama in 2008, and was so happy to do so. The rest of us are planning to vote for his re-election, that’s 4 more votes for him.

    I also came here from DKos because they were all complaining about her and her unwavering support for President Obama. Since I felt the same way, I decided to come here and check it out, and now it’s the first site I come to each morning.

    Thanks BWD for all the work you do to compile the stories, to search for positive news among a MSM that wants either to ignore him, or tear him down. You keep my spirits up.

  7. Good Morning everyone and Thank you BWD for giving us an adult forum to learn, support, and encourage us to spread the word on what our president is doing for all of us. I am proud that we have such a wide variety of people of all races and gender that helped elect PBO.

  8. Glenn Beck: Donald Trump’s making me ‘uncomfortable’

    Fox News host Glenn Beck said Friday night that Donald Trump has been making him “a little uncomfortable recently” with some of the wilder claims he’s made about President Barack Obama.

    When O’Reilly noted that Trump is “getting a massive amount of attention quickly” by espousing the “birther” claims and saying he would aggressively go after China as president, Beck argued there should be a push for “serious candidates who could shake things up by not saying provocative things.”



    Ha ha, Beck’s mad because Trump stole Beck’s nutty birther nonsense.


  10. Like y’all, this site is my heart, and my home.
    I am a 73 year old white woman,living in Southern Cal. (I like it when people tell a little about themselves.) My only problem is reading the white on black, on this site, bothers my old eyes. Sometimes I copy, paste, and read elsewhere.

    I am 100% on board with BWD, and never in my life have I been so proud of a president! Obama in 2012!

  11. That describes me also Marilyn!
    I started my Obama group “Boca-Deerfield-Delray 4Obama the day he announced! I live in an area with a lot of seniors and the women were mostly for Hillary so until he won the nomination it was challenging for me.
    I think Hillary has been a great SOS and most of all I think it speaks to the greatness of our man that he put her there!

  12. How many times during the turbulence of the last few years have I tried to imagine any of the other candidates who ran in 08 in the role of President and the calm I feel knowing we worked hard to elect this amazing person – no one else could have handled all the crap that has been thrown his way in the calm and thoughtful manner that he has.

  13. I had a very interesting conversation with a neighbor the other day; she’s white, 40ish, with three kids and a husband. She’s a Republican and has been one as long as she can remember. Her husband is what you will call a tea bagger, minus the insanity. We were both talking about voter turnout in 2008. Her husband voted McCain and she told me she voted Obama, I kinda looked surprised, and she goes to me, “keep that under your hat.” I thought she was just kidding about the keep that under your hat comment and we ended the conversation that day. As I was going back in the house something struck me. I wonder how many white women voted for then candidate Obama on the down low.

  14. Susan, I can’t read white on black either. I have my browser set to override all colors chosen by websites and substitute my own color scheme. I don’t know how to do it in Internet Explorer, but in in Firefox use Tools>Options>Content tab>Colors Button>
    In that box you can choose your own preferences, then uncheck the box that says Allow websites to choose their own colors.

  15. I think the beauty of this election vs 2008 is that we don’t have to feel on the defensive with people who support Hillary and John Edwards. We also don’t have to introduce Candidate Obama to voters. They know who he is now, and as someone mentioned here yesterday, people have had the chance to see that he’s not some radical black man who is all about advancing the African American agenda. They’ve seen plenty of evidence that this President is all about advancing an AMERICAN agenda. They’ve had the chance to see that the calmness he presented during the election wasn’t just for show. He brings that same calm to the job. The old arguments that he didn’t have the foreign policy chops no longer holds water either. In short much of the work we did in 07-08 is ground we don’t have to cover this time. I’m relieved, frankly.

  16. I’m a 51 year-old-African American female, who like most other folks on board migrated here from that “Orange” site about four months ago. I had already left that “Huff and Puff” place a year prior because of its hyperbolic and idiotic headlines. I was also an avid OFA lurker (blogged just a little bit), but the site became so infiltrated with trolls, I had to wing myself from the place for awhile for my sanity. I do, however, plan to return when the President’s campaign kicks off. Before discovering BWD’s place, I had to search far and wide to find positive and factual information about our President. Like everyone else has indicated, I feel so blessed to have found this place. I don’t post too often here, but I lurk daily. I’m excited about getting involved in the upcoming campaign and I’m Fired Up and Ready to Go!

  17. MTmarilyn – First of all, fellow baby boomer, Happy Birthday! I’ll be 65 in October (huh? how’d that happen?), and I am also fired up!

    Secondly, love your phrase, “the constant drumbeat of betrayal.” You nailed it. I think all Obama supporters have been feeling that since the day after the inauguration. But – even though the far left and the right will make us work hard for victory in 2012 for Obama-Biden – I’m kind of thinking it might be just a tiny bit easier because at least this time we’ll know one precious fact: Yes, We Can elect Barack Obama to the Presidency! Did it once and are ready to do it again, together. I can’t wait.

  18. I like coming to this site because after reading other political blogs, I need to get my blood pressure down.

  19. yup my text is green on black bg. I have no problem with the black/white, i just like playing around with colors and text.

  20. Tien Le, THANK YOU so much for the info … sometimes my computer ignorance scares me. I have Firefox and it worked PERFECTLY! what a joy to read easier now!

  21. Yes, and for Internet Explorer:

    1. Go to Tools, then Internet Options
    2. Under the General tab, click the Accessibility button on the bottom right
    3. Under formatting, choose “Ignore colors specified on websites”

    Anyone whose eyes are strained by the background should do this. Thanks, Tien Le!

  22. Don – And not just white women. Here’s another small indicator: My son (white, 39 at the time of the ’08 election) constantly teased me about supporting candidate Obama – razzed me incessantly, said he was a fiscal conservative and for McCain, even said “you like him better” when I told him I loved Barack Obama as “a second son,” etc., etc.). At least I hoped he was teasing, but you never know.

    One promising sign was that he got me a lot of Obama campaign stuff for my birthday that year, but I was still keeping my fingers crossed!

    On election night after the announcement, he asked who won. I said Barack Obama. He said who do you think I voted for? I said Barack Obama. Then my son said, so he wouldn’t sound as sentimental about the victory as I was, “Yeah, I wasn’t going to be the only a—— in this country who didn’t vote for our first black President. Oh, and I also hate John McCain.”

    We had gone to vote together earlier on election day, and with his later revelation to me, I then knew why my son was singing “God Bless America,” with a big smile on his face, when we left the polling place!

    I’m hoping all of the under-the-radar Obama voters will be back in full swing in 2012!

  23. I hate the white on black! But I can’t use your fix, because I’m an online artist & deisgner, and I have to have accurate color representation on my screen.

  24. Phooey … I didn’t realize changing those color settings would change everything! So I’m back to white on black. But I’m so happy here, who cares?

  25. Good afternoon everyone.

    Like others have mentioned already I too use to visit the play ground of HP, but have to say I never visited DK, and from what I hear I haven’t missed anything. About several months ago a post on HP was linked to The Obama Diary, so I found this site via another excellent site.

    I use to watch Ariana do her “Obama doesn’t get it” cable circuit tour and it would infuriate me. Today it’s kinda funny to know that while she was bashing the president she was in the back room counting clicks turning them into 315 mil. By bashing the president she knew this would drive more and more progressives to her site…..today these same progressives are now crying foul.

    Lastly, I’m not a betting lady but I would bet lunch that since Breitbart was part of the start-up of Huff Puff that he also received a nice payout.

  26. NewCenturyWoman I can relate to every stop on your journey here because I went through all of them too. Glad to see you here.


  28. Susan if it is not too much of a hassle, you can use one browser for this blog and choose another browser, like Google Chrome, for everything else.

    Then you’ll have the best of both worlds.

  29. FiredUpinCA! Brilliant suggestion! I’ll DO IT!
    Thanks, just another reason to love it here. And by the way, I’m also ‘fired up in CA’! Ü

  30. Well, when I want to see what a website looks like, or in some cases things to see things like buttons that are missing from the screen, I just change it back to letting the website choose the colors. Most of the time, though, I can get by nicely without using the website colors. It can get tedious from time to time going through all those clicks to change back and forth, but my eyes simply can’t tolerate most color schemes, so I put up with the inconvenience of changing between schemes. More than once I wished there were a toggle function that would let me switch easily. At least people know it’s an option if they need it.

  31. Everyone seems so positive today, I have a fairly positive outlook as well, but I need to whine for a second. 😀

    Darn you, blackwaterdog! This 45 year-old white woman was doing great until I read one of your tweets. Why, oh why, oh why are my fellow Georgians such knuckleheads?! Why did they elect one of the 15 most corrupt Congresspersons as our Governor?! *head, meet wall!*

    Thanks for allowing the min-rant. I feel much better now!

  32. Dunno. The lies are maybe more whispered. I was at a more conservative part of my county on Saturday having a late lunch and overheard the elderly man in the booth behind me complaining about “Obamacare” and there being no “school record” of the President. He was referring to college papers and such. He was sitting with his 60ish-looking son and daughter-inlaw. So, the paranoid types are still out there and their fears/prejudices being ginned up by the usual suspects.

  33. YES, WE DID elect this fine young man to be President…and we CAN repeat the feat! Love your enthusiasm and your optimism!
    I’ll be listening to the President on the phone tonight, along with hundreds of thousands of OFA folks…announcing his entry into the fray of the 2012 season…and I’ll remember your words. Thank you!

    Another old white woman for Obama

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