Yes, We Can. Again.

Hi everyone,

President Obama will launch his re-election campaign next week, and it’s time for us to put our game face on. I don’t expect PBO to really start campaigning for at least another year, so it will be up to us to do the grinding work of spreading the truth about his achievements and the stakes.

To kick things off I’m sticking this open thread, with one and only one purpose: Brainstorming. As proud as I am in what we’ve created here, obviously we are still a very small community, so I think we should focus on how to reach people who are not as junkies ;), people who don’t spend that much time on the Internet, people who might be on the fence, and the poor souls who are simply uninformed. Use the blogroll here and on other similar spaces, use the backlog of information over at OFA of course, and remember: There are no stupid ideas.

P.S. At this point, I’m still reluctant to involve money with this blog, but I am open to hear ideas about how we can help raise money that will go straight into PBO’s campaign. With that, let’s get this party started.

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  1. Game on, BWD! I am certainly open to donating through your site, and will also try to get folks to sign up for your blog as well as the Obama diary with Chipsticks…. the more like-minded people the merrier….except as you say, our job is now to find the ones who are clueless and bring them into the fold. Thanks again for all you do.

  2. Dear BWD . . . . Brilliant start you’ve designed here for us — to our future, which is the second tenure with PBO. Let’s call it “liberating work” . . . . the stuff that will lead to his re-election. I’ll think about the money thing.

  3. Good morning everyone! I am excited to hear all the suggestions! Right now I am in the listening and learning time. I am a good connector and implementor of others ideas! Bring them on Brothers and Sisters!

  4. My suggestion is for more of us to get involved with posting positive messages online to counter the lies and spin of the right wing loons and the faux-gressive left. This means going into the Yahoo and WaPo sections of the online articles and really push back against all the anti-Obama falsehoods. We need to be the voices that will call some of the crap out instead of lying back and allowing the negative voices to dominate the conversations.

  5. I wonder if there’s a way to link into an existing organization, like OFA’s, so that the structure is in place for bookkeeping, taking credit cards, etc. We could all just go to OFA, of course, but it would be nice to have a portal for this community that doesn’t create more work for BWD.

  6. I like the way we donated in ’08 by matching on Obama’s website….even if I was only donating $10 if somebody matched me that made $20 and so on. I’ve only donated to Obama and Nancy (because she’s awesome and can disagree without being disagreeable”

  7. If this is where we can leave suggestions on how to develop our game, here’s what I’m looking at:

    1) Get involved in local elections this year, so you can become familiar with local voters and learn how to use Voter Builder, the Democratic database. The more adept you become at local races, the easier it is to hit the ground running for the presidential one.

    2)Go to places where people congregate. I plan to sign up for time at the Democratic booth at our local street fairs this year (if your local Dems don’t have one, offer to set it up) and at our county fair this summer. It’s amazing what you can learn from people just by making yourself public and manning a booth. If you’re lucky, you an pick up a volunteer or two.

    3) If there is a Hispanic/Latino community in your area, you can bet it’s growing, so learn everything you can to better reach out to Hispanic voters. I’m going to make an effort to learn some basic conversational Spanish and to find out ways that will make voting less intimidating to the Hispanics families in our county.

    4) Get a bunch of registration forms from your local Voter Registration bureau and carry them at all times, so you can take advantage of every opportunity to sign people up. Sometimes a farmers market will let you set up a table to dregister voters, if you approach it in a nonpartisan way. Ditto schools with graduating seniors.

    Mostly, though, when I get tired, disgruntled or discouraged, I’m going to come back to this site to get a new surge of energy.

  8. And I have made this suggestion multiple times, but if everyone would register at 2 or 3 city news websites in critical states, intervene with facts, set the record straight, link to this site and other truth-telling sites, I think it is beneficial, a way to reach out to a broader public. And I’ve witnessed the difference it can make. When one person dares to stand up, others join in and it changes the whole atmosphere in the discussion. The haters can no longer get away with their senseless rants. And it makes some fence-sitters think and maybe it changes some minds. One person can change a room.

  9. A bwd actblue page may be one way of routing money to President Obama’s reelection effort. Another option may be to have fundraising drives directing bwd participants to OFA’s donation pages.

    Fabulous idea, bwd, thank you so much!

  10. I love what I do. I have a large group of family and friends who are really busy. They do not watch the news on the tv and do not read newspapers, too much negative news. I nag them all thru 2008 and flooded their email boxes with information about the election and Senator Obama’s record.

    Now I am smarter I have facebook.
    I am friends with most of the party, shows and events promoters in Maryland that cater to the peeps that I want to reach. I have radio dj, african american news papers and blogs reporters as my friends. The 2010 election we had 24,000 people in our network spreading the news about when and where to vote. The records of the governor, senator, house of rep. and local candidates were circulated on line. I knew what we were doing worked when all the early voters were talking about how long the lines were. Maryland is a blue state with two red spots and those people have just got to die out.
    Recently I attended an event and people I did not know thanked me for my face book information that they read every morning before starting their day. Most popular was the Health reform, college, and housing info.

    My daughter told me to use face book and set it up for me and now she wants me to tweet. If it is going to help get My President re-elected I will learn to tweet. My kids refuse to let me grow old gracefully. This is a fight we have not finish. One plus about face book was all the happy birthday greetings from so many old and new friends.
    Be the Media and Spread the News.

  11. In regards to the fundraising, ask the campaign office what they’d like for others to do.

    May I suggest for more coverage (yet more negative interaction) you set up a Facebook page (do it as a CAUSE) Post daily tidbits and we can all “like” the page and it will appear on our pages for all our friends to see, they like the page, etc.

    you could also add twitter (again, this will attract grumpies, but hey, they’re the ones who need the education, correct?) and those of us with twitter can retweet.

  12. Just go to OFA and join. They have a fundraising tool for each member. I had the sponsors of each event join and use the fundraising tool for credit card donations. They keep track of each donation on you profile page.

  13. This is an excellent suggestion. We also need to be aware of the moderated sites in which accurate posts that counter the desired narrative are deleted, not posted, or kept in moderation so long that by the time they are posted, they are 2-3 pages down and therefore not read by most. I know that HP does that a lot. We need to call out the site owners/moderators who engage in this underhanded tactic.

  14. As a ferriner, I can only extend my moral support to you guyz. My tip for the day is that nothing beats the grunge work on the ground. Americans here should pledge to get out of their homes and comfort zones at least once a week and start canvassing & educating their neighbors, friends and relatives to beat down the 24×7 lies, smears that are being perpetuated by the msm, pl & the rethugs. Frankly, I fully expect the nut-roots to actively campaign against PBO.

    Jackie above had posted some great ideas on the actual grunge work needed.

  15. First and foremost, check in with your local OFA group. If there isn’t one, start one. If it isn’t all that active, help make it more active. I believe that every state has some kind of OFA staff, so even if you live in a totally Republican state, you should be able to find someone to help you get things started in your local community.

    If there is no way in hell your state will vote for Obama, you can still support his campaign. Let’s say you live in Utah or Kansas – you can still go to Colorado and help win that state. Or you can have a local fundraising houseparty. Or you can make phone calls to swing states. I guarantee there are people who live in your area who are dying to do something, who feel they are out in the political wilderness and want to do their part.

    Our OFA group has issues subgroups that are keeping people engaged (in this pre-election time period) on understanding issues like health care reform, immigration, etc.

    We have a media response subgroup, plus many others.

    My job is community outreach, where we will work to enlist the hundreds/thousands of volunteers that will be needed for the 2012 election. It’s too early for door knocking and phone banking, but it’s not too early to get these folks signed up, engaged, and raring to go for 2012.

  16. Some specific thoughts.

    One: like the suggestion of becoming a regular responder to one or two local papers. Maybe we could have a place where we can let each other know which papers we’re covering, so that we can look for others and not double up too much (although when they get a number of letters in a specific vein, that helps too)

    Two: I’ve been wearing a button I received at a grassroots brainstorming session a month ago. It says “Organize. Yes We Can” on the Obama background, but not mentioning his name. It has started many conversations. I plan to carry some buttons with me and hand them out to people who promise to wear them. Once PBO has begun his campaign, the buttons can be more specific. And varied. But if they all hae the red/white/blue background, it would begin to identify them at a distance

    Three: agree about voter registration. also train for voter protection when it’s offered. And if you speak Spanish or, even better, are a member of a minority (not minority for long!) community, start talking.

    Thanks BWD and everyone here. Yes We Can! Yes He Will!

  17. This is a great comment; the opposite is also true of deep blue states and districts. If you know that there is no way that the GOP will win your deep blue state or district, there are OFA activities which will allow you to help out where things are more contested.

  18. I am a middle school US history teacher, so I have to be careful and not appear partisan. I am friends with many “Republicans” on my facebook who don’t post political things, except for one, and I just hide those specific posts so I don’t have to read her nasty comments. I rarely post political things because I am afraid it will get back to my school, so I can’t use FB for politics. I do, however, urge my students to make sure their parents vote. I hope, in that way, to get many democratic parents out to vote. I happen to feel that the more people plan to vote, the more they pay attention to the issues. I’d love to get more involved, but in this “hate the teacher” climate, I feel that I need to lay low.
    When I am with trusted friends who don’t know as much as I do, I do keep them informed, and they have huge networks, so they have the freedom to get the word out about how great President Obama is doing. I plan to continue to inform them.

  19. Well…heheh. If Bachmann wins the primary I guess we don’t have to worry about this thread much. OFA isn’t going to need any help for that match-up.

  20. HP is a mess with its sensationalized, misleading headlines and its over-control and steering of commentary. But here’s a tip for commenting on other news websites where those most interested in politics tend to gather: Resist the urge, and I know it’s tempting, to be sarcastic and critical of others. Just state the facts, set the record straight, calmly and cooly, like President Obama. And always mention Obama’s clear, calm, well-thought and common sense approach to decisions and policy. The calm, rational approach makes the other loony comments appear even more unhinged and gets the most attention and is appreciated by the most people.

  21. Remember dubya …. twice

    And 2010 ‘shellacking’.

    Never ‘misunderestimate’ the political intelligence of american electorate.

  22. Is voter registration really as easy elsewhere/everywhere as getting forms? In Wisconsin, I had to go through special training from the Government Accountability Board and be specially deputized to register voters. That ID number had to be on every form submitted.

    I just moved to MA and don’t have a clue yet how things are done there.

  23. OFA is now part of the DNC and funds have to be separate from the Obama campaign, Will there be a new campaign organizing website for donations directly to PBO?

  24. Goes to show how much trouble a moderate Republican is about to have in that primary actually. I’m not surprised to see Bachmann more favored than Romney by the small donor GOP base. That makes tons of sense. And I agree with JustRR, if she makes it onto the ticket, our lives just got easier.

  25. Seeing a need for an independent, progressive news source in the St. Louis area, local bloggers and activists developed a news/blog aggregator called Daily and weekly updates are given to main stream media articles and to blog sites. This is operated by talented local bloggers and tech savvy individuals, working on their own time and without $$. The local progressive community has been working hard to spread the word through social media. Recently, a rally to support the middle class and labor was virtually ignored by local main stream media, even though it was held in their back yard in downtown St. Louis and attended by 4,300 plus people! This underlines the need by this type of independent source, not only in St. Louis, but everywhere.
    There is though a huge issue of how to move the significant group of people who were excited about our good President during the ’08 campaign and now are disconnected and discouraged. IMO, the solution and the spark will have to come from the President himself.

  26. Agreed…people said that about Nixon, Reagan, and Bush (both of them). Never underestimate voters. It could be the high cost of gas, unemployment, housing, anything that will make them vote against their best interest. See MI, WI, OH, NH, FL, etc.

  27. My fear is that as in the past, they will use the churches. They continue to spread fear of Muslims and other religions. The Evangelicals have a huge network to spread fear and they are doing it as we speak.

  28. The reason for that is that the Republicans do not want Romney. They don’t like that he passed health care in Massachussetts, so they have to quietly help the less favorables to give them the edge in funding.

  29. Such a sad commentary on our country that teachers and public workers are treated like hired slaves. You can stay employed as long as you think and behave the way we want you too. These Teapublicans are the opposite from what they claim to be. They are anti-justice, anti-free speech, anti-constitution, anti-american.

  30. Don’t just focus on President Obama. We need to hold the Senate and win back the House if we want anything done. This far out it can all be about the President, but as Dems start getting top House and Senate candidates to declare, they need boots on the ground etc.

  31. They are already saying “Obama wants to take your gun” meme. They will pull out all the stops to get their base to the polls, i.e. abortion, gays, guns, muslims, etc.,

  32. I’m not just focused on the President Just asking a question. I will only send money to OFA and PBO.

  33. Agreed Roscoe. We need to give more Dems electected in the house and senate to ride on Obama’s coat tails.

  34. Bingo. For all the appearance of the batshit craziness of their candidates, they will mobilize their voters and get them to vote. 2010, if anything, proved that.

    Never ever take any presidential election for granted.

  35. I laughed at the news today that the first Repub Presidential debate scheduled for May 2 (NBC/Politico) at the Ron Reagan Library, of course, has been suspended until any non-ridiculous candidates emerge. The only official candidate so far is Fred Karger—who?—an openly gay Repub—unique! But he’s doomed, and only the looniest of the looney birds are making noise right now. The Repubs seem to be flailing around for some semi-reasonable candidate and are coming up empty. They’re now begging the reluctant little governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels (not my man Mitch), who has done a lot of damage to his state, to run. Desperado!

  36. Good Morning BWD Family

    This thread is SO COOL. I would love to help in any way I can. Here are my ideas.

    1. Facebook has been mentioned frequently I agree it will be a great tool. For those who don’t know how to use Facebook I will hunt up some videos and written instructions on how to become someone’s friend or set up your own page. If anyone has suggestions for good Facebook Tutorial resources let me know. Also those folks who have been using Facebook and know it, please include your Facebook URL in your posts and we can go there and become your friend.

    2. We might also want to have a page on how to tweet, how to gain twitter followers, how to make your blog posts easy to retweet, etc.

    3. I love the idea of folks signing up for areas of the country where they promise to post comments to papers and news shows. I currently have a media page, but it could expand to a series of pages – 1 for each state, where we list who posts where. Not only would it help us cover the states, it would help us find “local buddies”. Also does anyone know of a resource where you type in your zip code and it tells you all the local newspapers and news show within a 50 mile radius?

    4. On my own I have been building pages which list accomplishments, stories and videos by unique subject area.

    Most of them are not on my website yet, but I will add them in the next few days. The most complete on is support for the LGBT community

    I have pages in the works for seniors, hispanic, youth, women, small business, etc. I hope bloggers, facebookers, tweeters, etc will use these pages to snag a video, link to an article, or create a list of accomplishments.

    5. Finally I want to make a general offer, my strength is organizing, so as ideas continue to percolate, if organization of links, videos or sites is required, please say “WIW get on this” – I am happy to pitch in wherever I can.

    Fun Fun Fun.

  37. I have several suggestions.

    1) if you don’t already have an automatic monthly contribution set up for the President once his campaign has been announced and they give the information please consider making an automatic monthly contribution – this way you won’t forget – I had it charged on my credit card each month.
    2) inform as many people as you can about the truth of the Affordable Care Act – if anyone calls it “ObamaCare” please respond “Thank God Obama Cares!!”
    3) we need to get the youth involved in the same way as in 2008 – if you are able, match up a new voter with a long time voter and get them to promise each other they will vote – leave it up to each pair to be responsible to do that – that way, we can concentrate our efforts on just the setup.
    4) for the African American community let’s go to churches and get the Pastors involved – they like to control their own congregations so let’s put the proposal in #3 to them – tell them to have their congregation members pair up and promise they will vote – if left alone many people don’t vote – if they have someone else they are connected to in this way they will!
    4) try and keep the message positive – our President passed so much positive legislation these past two years – if the far left complains please don’t put them down – they need to be reminded what the alternative would have looked like! I spend way too much time listening to their complaints and it sometimes wears me down – especially when they tell me there isn’t much difference between President Obama and the other side – PLEASE!!

  38. I have to post and run (to church) but I will post my suggestion from yesterday and some other ideas that I used at the Obama Blog during the 2008 election

    Here is one of my goals for the 2012 Campaign:

    I plan to expand my “friend” base on Facebook. Now I must tell you all that I was originally hesitant to use that “social network” because I am not one to be putting my business out there for all the world to see (no one needs to know that I went for a walk this morning or what I’m eating for lunch) but after “friending” some OFA bloggers, my personal family and friends (who know I am a political junkie) I quickly realized that I could use that site not for social networking but as a political tool to spread the good news about this administration and as a setup for 2012. So I decided to use it exclusively for politics. Ninety-five percent of the people I friend are supporters who post daily about this administration.

    The goal is 500 (political friends). The plan is to get them to help me raise money for the President as well as keeping them sharing information from places such as this.


    We raised money on the Obama Blog during the election by starting what is now known as “Money Bombs”. We would have money bomb virtual parties on Friday nights where we raised money for the Obama Campaign. We made it fun and lots of people would support it.

    Once the campaign gets up and running each of us that would like to raise money should join OFA which will probably revert back to Obama For American instead of Organizing For American. Signup for the Fundraising tools on the site. This way you can solicit friends and family to donate to your fundraiser that goes directly to Presidents Campaign.


    This is the time to take stock of the Democratic Senators that are up for re-election. We need to be working to help them with re-election by donating time or money.

    My last suggestion is to me the most important but the easiest. Start directing your political friends to blogs such as this and or the ones on the blogroll. Ask people to join these sites. We need to kind of nudge people to the right places to get viable information. Once here its addictive and it won’t take much to get them engaged. So starting right after the announcement I plan to start asking people to join this and many of the other pragmatic sites for the 2012 election.

    I look forward to reading everyone’s suggestions when I get home.

    Have a great day!

  39. In my personal emails to friends and family, amongst all the chitty-chat, I always sneak in a line or two about President Obama. “Great speech by Obama last night. He’s always so intelligent and clear-thinking in his approach”. I don’t have any tea baggy types in my collection but may have a couple independent types and even the Dem voters need re-enforcement to combat all the crazy talk.

  40. There is still a Fox News debate on May 5th I believe) from S.Carolina that hasn’t been pushed back. However they might allow candidates who have not officially declared yet or something.

  41. I really love your local media question. I don’t know where you can get a full listing of local radio and television, but I think it’s a good strategy to target the local media, instead of just the national stuff. I got two letters posted in two local papers my first time out of the gate, and even had someone come and tell me they’d seen my letter to the editor and loved what I had said. I never would have pegged this person as a Democrat, or in favor of health care reform (that was the issue at the time), but he made a point of coming to tell me he’d seen my letter. It was really empowering, because I knew that my little voice had touched at least one person. My letter was available online, as well.

    People trust those they know, which is why the grassroots effort works so well – and letters to local editors have a much higher impact, in my opinion.

  42. It will be tempting to bring all the negative news that we hear about out there, and I think there’s been some good movement towards staying as positive as possible. Maybe we need to clearly have one action thread, that is dedicated to bringing actionable information, and other threads that are for chit-chatting or getting encouragement after some nasty encounters. Some people have had their fill of the negative, and will be depleted and demoralized with too much negative stuff.

  43. You would think all those gullible people who were told that Obama (or another Dem) was coming to their doors to demand their guns and Bibles would have caught on by now. Sigh!
    And if I may insert a tech question—-does anyone else have this problem? Most comments are fine, but then some go in a vertical phase with only one word per line with the letters on the right side letters cut off. It’s weird. Anyone else?

  44. You are definitely onto something here, Jackie.
    I ran across this article on how the religious right is organizing and recently held a conference in Iowa where Huckabee, Barbour, and some other 2012 GOP presidential candidates, appeared. The guy who is organizing these conferences appears to be escaping the notice of the MSM and the public at large. The plan is to harness the religious right to win elections.

  45. I disagree with you on this point. I think teachers have to do their best to remain non-partisan. As long as they present things factually and encourage independent thinking in their students, they have done their job.

    My younger son teaches US history at a college prep HS in Chicago. After the 2008 election, he asked his students how they thought he voted for. 1/3 said Obama (the right answer) 1/3 said McCain anbd 1/3 didn’t have any idea.

    During the course of the election campaign, he had students study different claims made by both sides and determine the truth of those claims.

    He would not accept, “well, according to Bill O’Reilly” or “according to Keith Olberman” as evidence.

    To me, this made him an excellent teacher. (of course I am biased.)

  46. I don’t know about other states, but it’s easy in Pennsylvania for anyone to get forms and have voters fill them out. You just have to get a little savvy about the forms so you can help people if they have questions, but that’s a five-minute learning curve. Personally,I’d do whatever it takes to be qualified to sign people up–it’s a very effectrive tool.

  47. “Goes to show how much trouble a moderate Republican is about to have in that primary actually.”

    This is why I think that although Huntsman might make a good candidate, his chance of winning the nomination is very small. The tea partiers would be very reluctant to vote for him because he’s not as far to the right as they would want him to be.

  48. I only like and trust the President. Period. Because he works hard for all people. But Senators, House members and all: they work for themselves, therefore, I don’t care too much about them. I also have seen the President work with everybody (including Republicans) As much as I want Dems to win it all, I don’t really work towards that goal as I do towards the re-election of PBO!!

  49. Thank you BWD We do not have many ideas, we are old people, however we would like to get involved with money if you need us, so yes we can.

  50. BTW, BWD I registered and got my first email from OFA yesterday. So, thank you for your information I really appreciate it vry much!

  51. I am going to church now, have a great Sunday everyone and that includes BWD. Bye, see you latter.

  52. I agree but there are a few Dem senators/reps who have had the President’s back and I will support those.

    E.g. Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Clyburn (not the CBC as a whole) and a few others.

  53. I agree about avoiding snark. I’d take it a step further and avoid engaging in any feedback with other posters. Only make comments on the text of the article itself. We can think of it as guerrilla posting…get in, post and get out. That requires some discipline on our part that starts with not being married to what we write. Let the comment stand on its own merit and don’t go back to defend it to anyone.

    Posting Positive is about the audience of people who don’t engage. Many more people read articles and posts than actually post. Our audience is the the lurker crowd. The people doing the yelling and complaining are to be summarily ignored. Provide clean facts and sound reasoning to either augment a good article or rebut a poor one.

    The get in and get out strategy also has to do with time management. If we get caught up in engaging the professional trouble makers, then we lose time for helping the President. Every minute we spend online must be well spent. Give. Good. Comment.

  54. Something I learned last time about helping Hispanic voters register is that, for the most part, they prefer to register on the English language voter registration forms.

  55. I trust OFA fund-raising system better, especially with the matching funds. Plus you know the money goes directly to OFA.

  56. I meant in their personal lives. Teachers and public workers should be able to exercise their political preference on their own time and remain impartial in the classroom or at work. I do not discuss my political views during work hours but one on one and after work I get into political debates with co-workers.

  57. Great! You can teach us how to build effective Facebook groups then. I for one am completely at sea with Facebook.

  58. Thanks for the suggestion. I do try to comment on Yahoo, but feel overwhelmed when I see the sheer number of angry hateful comments on that site. Knowing there are others who are trying to make a difference is encouraging. Maybe there could be an alert system when a particular article is posted that we need to swarm in and take action.

    The recent tragedy in Japan is really the first time I have seen Yahoo comments where the reasonable and decent people outnumber the haters.

  59. Thanks BWD for creating this brainstorming thread to help get President Obama re-elected. Here are few. I’m sure most have been mentioned:

    1. As for as donating through BWD – BWD is doing so much now with this site, so it may be better that we donate via OFA or if OFA can provide a linkage with this site, either way it does not place any more task on BWD.

    2. Consider creating a page on this site to address all the lies and false-hood with facts, and all of us will be able to add to it. The information can used to provide rapid factual response to those lies.

    That’s it for now. Love this site

  60. It’s the nature of the way WordPress does comments. When it gets difficult, just go u thread and reply to the original comment and that will give you more room to see what you’re writing. Makes it easier for people to read, too.

  61. Want to throw in my two cents and echo the posts of the members here urging people to join OFA. I had a little background experience when I joined but didn’t really enjoy phone banking or canvassing all that much. OFA helped me to hone those skills and put them to good use. PLEASE look for a local group and give them a few hours of your time. Even if you are not especially fond of phone banking or canvassing there are other activities you can take part in.

  62. A lot of the people you want to reach may not be internet-savvy. Even if they have computers they may not be aware of sites like this, OFA and

    Making personal contact in the ways Jackie has suggested may be the best way to get information to them.

    I think that being able to give people a paper handout of some sort (to reinforce your contact with them) is worth the effort. If you can figure out issues that are important to your target community, producing something simple (with a pic of the Prez if resources permit) with a catchy headline such as “What’s he done for YOU?” and a few very brief bullet points, plus indication of where to find more info could help. People need to know the Dems have done something for them and the only way for Dems to do more for them is elect them.

  63. Even still, if you don’t want to work for them, please don’t work against them. If we don’t hold the Senate, we’re going to be in deep doo doo for a long time. The Senate is much more vulnerable than the House (which I believe we can retake).

  64. I think there is story that needs to be told about what is going on around the country. I have had this ideas that the democratic party should do something as simple puting two contrasting picture of which party takes rights away from people and which party gives people more rights when it comes to managing thier lives. A lot of people will be shocked to find out which party is doing what. this story should be easy to tell. Which party is taking away peoples right to collective bargaining?. which party is attempting to disenfranchise people?.which party is attempting to take away a women right to choose?.which party is attempting to take away your right not be discriminated against for prexisting conditions?. which party is trying to take awaythe right to have children under 26 years away from thier parents insurance coverage? which party is planning on privatetising social security and to cut medicare?. Which party is attempting to take funding for head start. P

  65. I posted the previous writing before i was ready. I will be interested in finding out how we can tell this story all over this country of which party is busy taking rights away and which party made it possible for people to have those rights.People will be shocked if these contrast can be made clearly for people that have been bust voting against thier self interest.

  66. Amen, Kittypat…There are all kinds of things that people can do to help that don’t involve canvassing or phone banking. Data entry, donating office supplies and equipment (you’d be surprised how much use a twenty-something field organizer can get from a donated microwave), feeding volunteers, making signs (or stapling signs to stakes), cleaning up after events, registering voters, the list just goes on and on. People who write well are always a plus, people with computer skills to do tech support, people who are good with teaching seniors how to use computers and technology are always welcome. People with the Host(ess) gene are extremely valuable. Having parties at your house where other people phone bank, fund raise, or for staging canvasses is huge. Block parties to get to know neighbors and listen to their concerns…the good old fashioned barbecue or potluck goes a long way toward reaching out. Track down your nearest OFA field organizer to offer your services. Get to know your precinct committee officer or precinct captain, too.

  67. let’s call schumer’s office and pelosi’s office. tell them to frame the message.

    Paul ryan was selling bush’s medicare plan on fox news just now.

    We need to get on top of this.

    On top of going after AARP, we can create a backfiring. 🙂

    let’s see how the senior vote changes.

  68. I had an idea this morning about how we could benefit from having a facebook group that demonstrates how the talking heads on cable and the networks have been engaged in a disinformation campaign in this country, while at the same time directing people to more positive, fact-based information and content like this blog and others on the blog roll. I hate when I have ideas that I know I can’t follow through with because of lack of skills and/or time, but this one would have to be done by someone with the chops that I don’t have.

    I do plan to create a Facebook group, but it will have as its focus local organizing and that’s all I can manage. So if anyone wants to take up the above idea and run with it, be my guest.

  69. I’m pretty sure that the hearings challenging the non-profit status of AARP are an exercise in futility and grandstanding. I doubt anything substantive will come from it since AARP has its legal ducks in a row and their money goes to helping seniors, not lining the pockets of a CEO.

  70. Another thing I’d like to see everyone here do is register at Organizing for America’s website to be on their mailing lists for announcements of local events.

  71. I have a very wide net of Facebook friends of every political bent. Every day I post two to four stories found online of the many ways the GOP and Koch brothers are ruining our country or of legislative victories or things Obama has done to improve things. Two days ago was a humdinger with the Joseph Stiglitz article from Vanity Fair describing the enormous income inequality in this country and what it means for all our futures.

    Many of my posts result in very active arguments in the Comments section. This is my goal. I NEVER defriend someone for disagreeing with me. I NEVER insult or demean my opponents, appealing instead to whatever it is I suspect makes them tick. For instance, several of my Facebook friends are deeply religious and pride themselves in being pro-life. I posted a link to a story about how the Nebraska legislature has defunded services to illegal immigrant pregnant women, with the result that 7 babies died last year (whereas in previous years when they had prenatal care NONE died) and now many of these women are opting for abortion. This type of story hit my conservative religious friends where they live and several condemned the actions of the Nebraska legislature.

    Other conservative acquaintances operate under many misconceptions about business and tax law and the economy in general. I post stories showing them how this country is getting the shaft. Not only does this provide material for my progressive friends, but it gives them food for thought.

    I also lurk on many news sites, waiting for arguments to erupt over various issues. When they do I wade in with arguments and links to support them. If I’m sitting in a sports bar and strike up a conversation with someone and that person makes a wisecrack about Democrats or Obama or how they’re sending us down the tubes, I engage them, trying with humor and appeals to logic to get them to see things differently. One thing we should recognize is that the default position of many people in talking about politics is to express cynicism and disdain for ALL politicians and all things political. They must be shown this is a really bad thing to do. I come straight out and tell people they have a duty as citizens to become informed and participate in the political process. I assess who I’m talking to: are they young, old, poor, middle class, self-employed, employed in a firm? Do they have family members with medical problems? Are they trying to send kids to school? Are they young people fresh out of school? Learn something about them and then explain why these issues are much more important than Snooki and Charlie Sheen.

    We should refrain from washing our hands of opponents and instead try to make them see things our way. If we’re doing it in a public setting and doing it respectfully and with logic and facts you can believe there will be others who hear you and start thinking, even if you’re unsuccessful with your opponent. We should acknowledge our opponents’ concerns and find a way to show we understand by using examples from our own or our families’ lives. Anything that gets them thinking and talking, that’s what you want.

  72. We need to send e-mails to the media shows which act as if there’s only one party. Ryan is always getting a listen with no one around to point out that he is full of caca del toro and why. Ryan gets a hearing? Okay, then get Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to explain why he’s up to his hips in you know what. Get someone in there who can talk about the numbers.

    As listeners we should be sending e-mails listing our complaints about what the talking heads DIDN’T cover, such as questions they failed to ask or information they didn’t explore. It’s important for them to know that people are out there who want journalists to act like journalists and not like stenographers for Republican talking points.

  73. Yes, this is where our handy charts and graphs capabilities in Word come in. This stuff can be reduced to images which will bring home a point simple discussion never can. There are many fine charts and graphs already floating around the web. We should all save them on our drives and post them with our arguments so people can see at a glance what we’re talking about.

  74. Along with supporting our President, imagine having BWD, or at least this web site, make the news, which reeks with the negative & criticisms, as if there weren’t people like us who know how blessed we are. Our volume needs to be as loud as the naysayers.

    Couple of things to consider:

    I tweeted this the other day – Get Your free Radical Republican Agenda Fact Card: (the DCCC) – short, good to know facts to post on Twitter or FB.

    Go follow BWD on Twitter – @theonlyadult and retweet stuff. When using the Twitter share link from this site, I try to include her username, space permitting. Am in shock that there are only 238 people following.

    I have the OFA banner on my avatar on Twitter, It’s been there for a long time and I plan to have it there for at least 6 more years. Would love to see more do the same.

    And I whole-heartedly agree – would happily make contributions via BWD – to support PBO and you, for the time-saver and leader that you are. Your wit, wisdom and smiles you bring to us daily are priceless.

  75. Wrong attitude. I understand it, truly I do, but Obama’s just one part of a three part government. We HAVE to work to elect Democrats because without a friendly legislature President Obama’s hands will be tied and he will never do all he set out to do. They’re a package deal.

  76. One more thing – while there’s a plethora of insane Republican ideas and actions & inactions to criticize, let’s focus on the good stuff that’s being done and has been done by this administration. That’s what this site is about, are some good links on this site, such as, which I helped with but sadly wasn’t kept up to date after Sept 2010. So I Tweet or quote stuff from, where you can always find transcripts of the PBOs speeches, for all those days when you can’t keep up with BWD :-). Remember for as many of us as there are who are fanatics, there are way more who are clueless, and the media surely won’t help educate them on facts or good stuff. Need proof? Check the recent civics poll, or the one on health care.

  77. That reminds me of an idea I had this morning. On days that are significant to the campaign, we could all change our avatars/pictures on Facebook to the Obama logo for the day. This could be on days like the Iowa Caucuses or Super Tuesday and our President’s birthday, etc.

  78. Get involved in local politics.

    I worked my butt off on the Obama campaign in 2008, and we accomplished amazing things. And I learned how to organize my community.

    I’m now the vice president of my local Democratic Club and an alternate delegate to my county Party.

    2008 proved that Obama can’t succeed alone. He needs support at the Congressional, state and local level of politicians who align with his vision and will not rush to the cameras to disagree with or bash Obama at every opportunity.

    If you live in a Congressional district with a Republican or have a GOP Senator up for reelection in 2012, find out NOW who plans to challenge him/her as a Democrat, and find the candidate who best aligns with Obama and START WORKING NOW on his/her campaign so s/he will win the Dem nomination.

    If your current rep is a Democrat who constantly tries to put Obama down, let them know you won’t be supporting them and why. They don’t fear the consequences of Obama-bashing, and think it actually gains them support. They are idiots, because Obama remains the best-liked political figure in the country.

    Focus locally. Write LTE of your local papers, comment on the news sites of your local media. This is what the GOP has been doing for the last 30 years, and why so many extremist RW nutjobs are in power at the local, state, and increasingly, federal level.

  79. That, I think is crucial: really good handouts with fact points (I’d love to see one custom to this site with bwd’s web address on the bottom or top). I’ll search for some good WH fact sheets in the meantime and post links here during the next few days.

  80. Register new voters.

    College Students (we have a bunch of new 18-20 year olds who didn’t vote in 2008)

    Hispanics – There are fun people actually. Lots of parties, public events, matanzas, church activities, and they have lots of reason to be motivated right now.

    African Americans. Still a lot are not registered to vote. Get them on board. Make them commit to show up. Help them get to the polls.

    Asian Americans – voting with the same numbers for Democrats as Hispanics – get our share of these voters.

    I also agree that being positive about Obama and what he can do for the country over another four years is keeping with the tenor of the campaign itself. No need to get into fights. We are not going to persuade hard core partisans to change their minds. We just need to get non-voters to become voters.

  81. What is Working,

    You are as much as asset as you are delightful. Everyone of your points are astute and helpful.

    I particularly want to address point #5: your strength in organizing as I believe that’s how we’ll be able to offset the tsunami of hidden corporate money coming our way.

    I think we need to partner with dem. clubs at community colleges, colleges and universities for voter law awareness (many Red State governors are targeting the youth vote to hamper turn-out), voter registration and participation. Two things: I hope I haven’t treaded on the same idea presented down thread and I think we should try to co-ordinate with OFA so we’re not expending time and energy on duplicative efforts.

    P.S. If there is a simple way for bwd, to set up “bundling”, i.e., the site gets credit for the effort,then I’d like to hear it. I’m not sure ActBlue is the answer.

  82. Create a site/link dedicated to “Republican Watch”

    The thought process is simple. Provide a side by side view of what Republicans offer, vs. what Dems offer in terms of the issues. Results should be based on facts minus any spin. Just an honest view of the reality of it all.

    For example:
    Civil Rights
    Energy and Environment
    Fiscal Responsibility
    Foreign Policy
    Homeland Security
    Seniors & Social Security
    Urban Policy
    Other Issues

    Once that is done, find a way to link to posts that are relevant to the issues and the work that is being done in Congress and at the local level by the Party. The focus is on how would policies from the party impact regular citizens. Data would be made available without commentary or spin. Allow folks to judge for themselves. Just a brief overview of what the article is about.
    i.e. Education, Immigration, Union, Taxes, etc.

    I would be happy to work on this piece. Just need the tools/support/team to make it happen.

  83. I especially love your 4th point, Jayne. Remember the Obama motto is respect empower and include. Whatever we do we should keep that in the forefront of our efforts.

  84. They will go where fear sells. We will go where hope sells. We will win because of that.

    Remember, Jimmy Carter is the only Democratic President to fail to win re-election since Grover Cleveland. And that took the Iran Crisis, double digit inflation and the rising tide of the Reagan Revolution.

    We have a president presiding over Arab Spring, an improving economy and a GOP in splinters and disarray.

  85. I forgot to add why I thought providing that dual view “Republican Watch” would be a good strategy.

    In providing a quick view on what both sides offer in concrete terms clearly shows — there is no competition.

    Just think about the accomplishments of the 111th Congress vs. the 112th Congress over the first 100 days.

    There is NO comparison. None.

  86. But, but, but, I thought informing people was staying on topic!
    Also, Whenever OFA has a fundraiser, just link it here, and for those who do not check OFA, this site becomes invaluable!

  87. Hehe,bwd, you are one tough taskmaster. Still, I’m more than willing to abide by your rules/suggestions when you’re the one that has to deal with all the negative detritus that keeps this place, safe, sane and productive.

    P.S. I understand how you may be uncomfortable with adding fund raising to your myriad responsibilities. Do you think that OFA could give you a code so that our fund raising efforts can be traced to you? In this high tech age that doesn’t sound like pie in the sky.

  88. I can certainly see why you are reluctant to involve money in this site. It serves its purpose well in the way it is set up.

    However, for us foreigners, it would be easy (and legal) to provide you with money (as long as you are not a “DNC operative” 🙂

    In other words, we of the right coast (of the Atlantic) might not be able to instantiate a no-fly zone, but we might succeed in arming the rebels …

    [ On the day following the election night in 2008, one MSM outlet wrote that the festivities around the White House “reminded him” of a people that got rid of a dictator. ]

  89. Thank you. This is just what I need from a blog. The discussions are brilliant, but I’m not the verbal type, and I’m
    finally going back to work. How do I find this thread – a separate section, banner name?
    Email notification? Please let us know if you change your mind about donations. We are OK financially (today). And thanks to medical insurance. Good place to stop, lest I segue into what I think of Killthebillers….

  90. One observation about the corporate money: It may not work the way they assume it will.

    All politicians would love to have an inexhaustible war chest so they could spend their time campaigning and not on the phones begging for money.

    But the Meg Whitman race is a warning to all those who think corporate money will solve all GOP problems. Studies show that self-funded campaigns are only successful 13% of the time. One reason – you AREN’T begging for money. The candidate that does not have to reach out for supporters on the local and grassroots level does not collect any loyalty, any markers, or any genuine enthusiasm for their campaign.

    The brilliance of the 2008 Obama campaign was the reliance on individual donations. We have a stake in him and his success because we have all done more than vote. Getting those small donations is critical to creating a grassroots response to the money bomb the GOP candidate will, foolishly, rely on.

  91. Even a bad Democrat adds up to the number needed to get a majority. Back in FDR’s day, he had to put up with a lot of bigoted Congresspeople (I have a book on how he tried to purge the most obstructive) because he needed a majority to get his legislation passed. So be a yellow dog (I’ll vote for a yellow dog before voting for a Republican)just this once so that a good Democratic Governor, Obama, Senator from your state can get stuff passed.

    And start looking for someone good to take over from Obama. Win or lose, we will need somebody good for 2016-so if you have some ideas on who we should at least be asking to run in 2016, start letting the world-and the candidates to be that we are interested in them.

  92. You’re really right about people needing to equate the legislation with changes in their own lives. The President did this just the other day at UPS, when he mentioned that UPS delivers a lot of packages to the government, which will be impacted if the government shuts down. Simple connections like these bring the points home, and make the struggle less abstract. Another example, some of the police unions didn’t mind supporting Republicans when they thought none of the Republican actions would impact them – then they learned that they wouldn’t be exempt, and now they are all united with their public worker brothers and sisters. The damage done by Republicans isn’t abstract anymore.

  93. This is just a start. Here are a couple of my ideas focused on fact checking and truth telling. Information is power:

    1) WHITEHOUSE.GOV WEBSITE: Consider having as your homepage. I do and I continue to be amazed at the projects and intitiatives taking place on a daily basis.

    2) WHITEHOUSE.GOV E-MAIL UPDATES: Sign-up for email updates from You will be kept abreast of the Saturday address, West Wing Week, White Board Presentations, In Case You Missed It, Daily Snapshots, speeches, daily schedule of activities and more.

    3) ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA: Sign-up for updates and volunteer at local OFA headquarters.

    4) MEDIA CONTACT INFORMATION: Establish a one stop shopping list of contact information (email addresses) for all of the network/cable shows and also print media to voice complaints and compliments on coverage of the President Obama.

    5) PROTECT OUR PROGRESS: PROGRESS is designed to show the real effects of the steps President Obama and Democrats have taken to rebuild our economy. Enter your zip code to find out how your district has been helped.

  94. The problem is that anyone appearing to be remotely sane will be hailed as the Republican messiah. And they’ll have the Republican media machine to promote them as if their ideas are falling straight from heaven. I have no doubt that this re-election campaign is not going to be a slam dunk. They will have a tremendous victory if they’re able to bring down President Obama, and they won’t be afraid to pull out all the stops. They will bring innuendo, flat out lies, obfuscation, etc. Nothing will stop them – remember “death panels”? Nothing is too low for these people.

  95. Ever since 2000, when I nearly cried at my desk when the Supreme Court made its terrible ruling (I had a sense of forboding about how bad things were), my concern has been voter suppression.

    One thing we can do is get everyone to get their state ID’s early, to check on their voter registration early, and to keep up with polling places. Vote early if possible-vote suppression tactics are used towards the end when people are tired and the time is short.

    Rock the Vote is good, and there is Motor Voter (forms are available at your DMV, food stamp, even your public library). If you haven’t voted since Obama’s victory, depending upon your state, your registration may have lapsed. Have you moved, even to the apartment next door? Check to see if you need to update your registration or re-register. Change your name, move? Check your registration? Committed a felony or incurred some other legal sanction? Check your registration. Some states ban voting by felons (a truly heinous and discriminatory practice), and you may need to be sure your state isn’t one of them.

  96. It would be great if we could some how link all these new progressive sites together when we want to do special events like money bombs or canvassing weekends or things like that.

    BWD I will be promoting this site on my Facebook wall a few times a week so I hope many more progressives will sign up and join us here.

  97. Good ideas.

    To further your idea about visiting make some publicity about it. Give the link to friends, family, neighbours. Make them aware of the white house youtube channel too.

    There should be thousands and thousands, even millions of peole going regularly to those white house websites. The Obama administration in real time, unfiltered. It’s one of the best ways to push back against the republican talking points, and the media narratives.

  98. Jackie 4Obama,
    We don’t need to fear their GOTV system. This is nothing new and was in full force in ’08, too. It’s not going away; it’s how they do business. We will need to counter some of the negativity and propaganda, that much is certain. Even still, fearing their process doesn’t help us in any way. Acknowledge it exists and move on. Treat each voter contact as unique and learn to find ways to present to voters the most positive view of America. People vote for whoever has the most optimistic view of the Country. Let’s just keep making sure that Optimism for the future wins over fear, even our own fear.

  99. Glen Beck reported on FOX that Obama agreed to give billions to Brazil for oil exploration that will benefit only China.
    We need to find out if what he said is true and then how do you counter that. I’m confident that this story is distorted.

  100. What I’ve taken to doing is donating money to blogs that are speaking the truth – whether the blogs are stating their fair criticism with respect, or just talking about good things that have happened. As non-citizens, we can support blogs and newspapers who are fighting the good fight.

  101. Hello;
    I heard from the OFA HQ, it is only through the OFA that people should donate money on line, once PBO anounces the re-election. So, I don’t understand these whole contribution “Face-book” sites?? I only do it through the “Thermometer” at the OFA. What say you?

  102. Excellent points Carol. The Republican Party can’t win elections on the merits of their ideas or policies, so they are reduced to finding nefarious ways to disenfranchise voters. It starts with fake allegations of fraud, challenges at the polls and deliberate attacks on unions and students.

    Voters must ensure they are meeting the voting requirements of their state. Validating voter information and keeping it updated will be crucial. This point can not be stressed enough.

  103. You know, I really get disappointed sometimes when I see the hit counts on say the Saturday address. I really wish more Americans were seeing the Saturday address and West Wing Week for example. This White House hums, it is a beehive of activity. Too many Americans just don’t have a clue about what is being done on their behalf. But that’s where we come in. It’s a challenge, but I plan to do my part.

  104. Agree – 100%.

    What I’m envisioning is a gaming strategy.

    Call it ‘World of FactCraft’ 🙂

    BWD’s place here could be Command and Control.

    You’d have ‘scouts’ – folk who would have assignments to monitor high visibility sites (NBC, CBS, Fox, HuffnPuff/AOL, CNN, Al Jazeera (yes), NYTimes, WaPo, LATimes, campaign blogs of candidates (both R & D), ……). They would hover on their assigned site(s) for whatever amount of time they have available. Folk (and here is where our offshore allies in non US time zones can really be helpful as to give us near 24 h scouting coverage) would check in to C&C, get their assignment, hover, and would have lists of facts on a wide range of facts, ready.

    When an flagrant lie (most of what we know we will be confronting 24/7 from now until ED 2012) is detected the scout posts a suitable fact or two, copies the URL of the specific comment section, and returns to C&C and posts the URL and a quick synopsis. C&C then launches as many folk who are currently lurking, tweets those who’ve indicated that at various intervals they will be ready to respond, and a swarm of calm, factual armed BWDers hit the comment section with a series of posts targeting the original post and any comments supporting the original post. Never nasty, zero snark, just fast paced, overwhelming truth.

    Every time a scout performs a task they receive points, similarly for those who swarm and post and report back by posting the URL of their comment at C&C.

    Having that stream of scout report URLs and comment URLs will enable others to see levels of activity at the various sites being targeted and can enable them to follow-up with additional factual comments should it be clear that more attention to particularly flagrant lies is required.

    In addition to scouts and swarmers, you’d have fact compilers, the folk who’d be scouring various reports, speeches, video libraries, etc., and assembling and updating the fact lists that would be available to the scouts and swarmers.

    And, you’d have a trusted set of C&C folk who’d be making the assignments of sites to have under surveillance.

    You could imagine attracting a sizable number of folk to such an endeavor.

    Just a thought.

  105. I am so happy for this site. So happy that this time I can participate in PBO’s campaign without any constraints.

    Last time around my job did not permit me to openly work for the campaign. But they laid me off two years ago and so the issue is moot now.

    Having said that, the suggestion I have made in the past and some have already made is that we remain vigilant when distortions are printed or uttered by people on the airwaves.

    We should respond to the person or people and provide them with the facts. Whether it is sending letters to the editors, networks or the blogging site responsible for disseminating the incorrect information, we should do it right away presenting them with the factual information.

    If it is someone in Congress, we collectively call that person’s office and (politely) let them hear from each one of us. If the person(s) pushing the untruth gets 20 or more or however number of e-mails, calls, etc., from people presenting them with the facts, this may make a difference in them, maybe, thinking twice before repeating the lie.

    When people print information that is correct, we can also send them letters thanking them for getting the correct information.

    In some cases, the people distorting the facts or those who are being fair will respond. I have gotten responses before on both counts.

    Just last night, I saw a link at the Obamadiary about a story written by Leonard Pitts regarding this stupid birther issue. He called what it is. He said that the people pushing the crap, including Trump want to call the president the N-word, but can’t and so they use the stupid birther issue as a guise.

    I sent Pitts an e-mail thanking him for addressing the issue. But I also took the opportunity to list other issues that I had concern with — such as the double standard applied to PBO — ranging from the lies about other presidents not putting their feet on the desk to the latest craziness about the Easter Egg autograph.

    He responded to me (with a generic e-mail) which said that he or his assistant will get back to me. Good enough.

    We can take the suggestions made by others here and apply them in our respective states and return with feedback to let everyone know what worked and what did not.

    My 2 cents. Thanks BWD Family.

  106. I have to agree with you, unfortunately. I have a couple of names in mind that are making me sweat a bit. Because I just KNOW the Village will push them like CRAZY.

    A “sane” candidate will have the backing of the real powerbrokers in the GOP … heck… the real powerbrokers in America. No matter the background, NO MATTER the religion. (The establishement will throw a bone to the evangelicals with a vp candidate they will like. And this time they’ll choose better. They won’t repeat the Palin mistake.)

    The ONLY qualification required for the republican nominee: being electable, being able to bring back the independants, and the moderate republicans who voted Obama in 2008, out of disgust of their party.

    Of course, many factors may help President Obama: an overwhelming majority of people appreciate him as a person, the american economy is improving, the labor movement is vibrant and united thanks to the arrogant behaviour of governors Walker, Kasish & Co. , and most of all, there is this formidable organization of volonteers who’ll work like logs to get him reelected.

    The next 19 months will be an emotional roller-coaster, that’s for sure !

  107. Makes sense, that way, only one group is paying the overhead to manage the intake of donations and we know how they will spend it.

    As others have noted, having a link directly from BWD (and other fine blogs) to OFA that reads – “Want to donate to President Obama’s relection: GO HERE” – would be helpful.

  108. Speaking of fact sheets, don’t be shy about copying and pasting facts from, and as a straightup comment to an article that needs support or debunking.

  109. EX-ACT-LY.

    I think that creating blogs, talking to friends and family is excellent. But making the tools already available much more efficient should also be a priority.

  110. Even deep blue states like Massachusetts will need a lot of attention or you’ll end up with six more years of Scott Brown.

    If you’re in a purple state, every single vote you convert helps put your state in the blue column. In the county I live in, the Dems can never hope for a majority, but we work our tails off to cut the percentage of R votes in the county tally and thus help, in our small way, to tip the balance at the state level. One vote at a time is the name of the game.

  111. As an example, down thread, Meff notes:

    “Glen Beck reported on FOX that Obama agreed to give billions to Brazil for oil exploration that will benefit only China.
    We need to find out if what he said is true and then how do you counter that. I’m confident that this story is distorted.”

    To which CarolDuhart replied:

    “It is distorted:

    So, had Meff been scouting Fox and noted the distortion, he could have reported back to C&C or already been ready to go with a factual URL and comment and then returned to report and potentially C&C could have launched a swarm.

    As noted in the Snopes link, this particular Beck distortion dates to events in April, 2009 and I’d encourage all of you to read the contents at the link provided by Carol.

    Obviously, plenty of folk are already collecting and rebutting the incessant lies about President Obama and his Administration and the Democratic Congress. So, launching “World of FactCraft” would already be well stocked with content; coordinating the logistics of delivering the content to numerous outlets is the essential objective and having fun with an expanding number of comrades, while dispelling falsehoods and enabling others to make an informed decision, on ED 2012 would be a win for everyone.

  112. When dealing with those who appear clueless on the Prez and his achievements a 1-10 talking points scorecard on victories that show progress and/or legislation, versus a 1-10 on the GOP.

  113. Whenever either national or local GOP takes policy positions which attack the working/middle class we should highlight these attacks. Missouri just blocked federal funding for unemployment so many will lose benefits.

  114. Last election people could set up fundraising pages at OFA which friends could contribute. I imagine the Obama 2012 website will do so also.

  115. Also, I would say, registering new voters(but only in Obamas base of AA, Latinos and Young kids 18-29), so we can augment those who would vote republican, just to stick it to this president!

  116. 1. Someone might want to take on the unwelcome task of lurking on Republican sites and scoping out the strategy of the opposition, so we could be more easily prepared to counter their moves.
    2. To create a list here of skill sets that the community has, so people can ask for assistance with projects.
    3. Once the brainstorming on this thread has run its course, for WIW to organize all the ideas by categories in one post. All these ideas are great, but some are for the technically savvy, some for writers, some for organizers, some for people without much time, some for people with more time.

  117. Many states change the way people vote as well. Make sure that you are aware of those voting changes so that you can inform others. Example: TN used voting machines, but I learned during the 2010 election that we are going back to paper ballots.

  118. Hi Sheri – you will find it very easy to register voters in Massachusetts. Get in touch with the MA Democratic Party or MA OFA (new address 77 Summer Street, Boston 617-939-0800). They will have all the necessary materials. You do not need any training or special authorization.

  119. Bobfr, Really excellent ideas/suggestions from you, dotster, and Tien Le!

  120. Yes, time for those who aren’t yet to focus.

    I believe the campaign will signal where best to help and will be willing to help coordinate if so desired.

    Thanks again BWD, I still cannot believe some still aren’t close to putting their game face on. I do know that we must not waste time with those who aren’t going to work hard this cycle.

  121. Thank you Jackie for your excellent suggestions. I especially plan on focusing on voter registration because of the vacuum created by the destruction of ACORN. We really need to make sure to register young voters who are still very enthusiastic about the President.

  122. I am sorry, JustRR, but I think it is premature to underestimate any candidate, including Michele Bachmann. We do so at our own peril. Who ever thought that people would vote Republicans back in Congress after what the party did to wreck this economy. Sadly, they did and look at what the President is facing: threats of government shut down.

    I think it was Saint Roscoe who rightly reminded us about the importance of working hard not only for the re-election of the President but also for electing Democrats in the House and Senate to regain the majority in both chambers. Without a Democratic controlled Congress, President Obama would have a very hard time implementing his agenda.

  123. I am 100% with you gobrooklyn! We must focus on both re-electing the President and on winning the Democratic majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representative. President Obama’s impressive accomplishments, in the past two years, could not have been achieved if Congress was dominated by Republicans. It is really crucial that all of us who support the President do not loose sight of the importance of working hard to ensure that Democrats regain the majority in the House and increase their majorities in the Senate.

    As much as I detest some of the Democrats who have cowardly been attacking the President, I still prefer them over Republicans if it means regaining Democratic majorities in Congress.

  124. Absolutely. The people who have signaled that they don’t intend to work for the President this time need to be pointed in the direction of the down ticket. Trust me there will be no shortage what-so-ever of people willing to volunteer to help re-elect the President. Frankly, we need the help with the down ticket, so show those disgruntled folks the campaigns for the Senate/House and Governors and local elections. Don’t waste a minute trying to convince them otherwise about where to spend their time. You know, make sure they’re going to vote for him, but then move on.

  125. Yes, I agree. I have been encouraging people to work hard for some time now and rarely ask them to do so on behalf of Obama/Biden.

    I just don’t want to spend much time with those who want attention and drama. I don’t intend to beg anyone, and beg many want us to do.

    We are going to win. I don’t know if it’ll be by 1 electoral vote or 300, but we ARE going to win. At that point, those folks really become irrelevant until their words and deeds demonstrate otherwise.

  126. AARP is a great organization that supported HC Reform and will be a strong voice in support of SS and Medicare. I am sure that Ryan and the Republcans want to shut down this powerful lobby. Just like Acorn and the unions.

  127. As a non-citizen, I used to donate to Al Giornado’s The Field in 2008. This time around, I am not sure since Al’s interests have gone into other areas.

    I also donated once to nate silver (aka poblano) too but now that he has been buried under the corporate media, I don’t visit his site 538 site anymore.

  128. WIW, This is all very good Stuff! Thank you very much for all the positive and practical things you are doing. You are really an inspiration. I Will definitely spread the message about you blog

  129. Yes we can!! Yes we must! Yes we have to! Anyone who stayed home for the mid-terms, failed the exam. THis next test will not be a time to sit back, no need for long study, we know what we need to do, so we have to, and we must show up and get things back in order.
    Stay home and watch Arizona, Wisconsin and some of theese other happen from the highest level, or let us go out and support and be not afraid of the ‘dregs’ from the tea bag-gers.
    Oh yes we vcan! Yes we must! yes we have to for the sake of sanity!.

  130. With all due respect Sammy, I just think that is very short sighted goal. I really don’t think the President would have accomplished as much as he did if congress was controlled by Republicans. Sure some Democrats are, from time to time, very annoying, but the reality is that it was a Democratic Congress that passed such land mark legislations as: AHCA, Financial Reforms, ending DADT and others. Just re-electing the President while letting Republicans control Congress is IMHO a sure guarantee that nothing on President Obama’s agenda will get done. I think we all should have learned a lesson from the 2010 Congressional elections when Democrats failed to turn out as they had in 2008. And now look at the mess we have in Congress, with all these threats about shutting down the government.

    For me, It is just not enough to re-elect the President. I also want him to continue building on the Progress he has achieved so far. I am absolutely certain that he cannot do that with a Congress dominated by Republicans. So, I will be working just as hard for Democrats running for Congress.

  131. Hopefruit, the CBC has voted almost 100% for all the President’s policies, except may be for his December tax compromise with Republicans. I know some like John Conyers are out there attacking him on Libya. But I think It would be a mistake to not support Democrats just because they disagree with the President on some issues. Like you, I am angry about some loudmouths members of CBC, but I also know that when push comes to shove they are 100% better than tebagger- Republicans. For the President to succeed he needs a Democratic controlled Congress. Please lets not repeat the mistake of the purist “frustrati” who went after blue dog democrats and ended up giving us a Teabagger-Republican controlled House of Representative.

  132. I really appreciate your two cents kittypat. What you said is exactly what we need to do if we want to win. I plan on hooking up with OFA in my area to give them a few hours of my time.

  133. Did you say we need to find out if what Gelnn Beck said is true? Seriously? Beck and truth never should be confused….

  134. I think this is a brilliant suggestion… this approach is bound to win over the undecideds and most of the independents who analyze facts-ideas critically.
    Thanks for your suggestion

  135. I hope those links worked. I’m not able to actually access the site from work and now realize they are the same link.

    Also, too: Alohoa=Aloha

    Need more coffee… 😀

  136. I’m in. I will be bring my lunch to work so that I can use the money to donate to his campaign to “PROTECT THE PROGRESS”.

  137. Jovie, I don’t understand what you mean by this:

    just to stick it to this president

    That phrase usually has a negative connotation, although I’m hoping that’s not how you meant it.

  138. Good Morning BWD family. BWD, I didn’t receive the last two blog postings. The last one I received was on Sunday.

  139. I’m in! BWD you have provided an excellent site here as well as some others, and I think it would be a great idea for us to direct more people here. Frankly I am getting ready to let my blog go because I can’t do the work right now, but maybe we can all work together to make sure that we have the most important information posted not only here, but other President Obama friendly sites.

    BWD have you thought of submitting your blog to “search” engines…You normally have to pay for it although not that expensive and I am sure we would all help you out..but if you do, when people search “Barack Obama,” or other things that pertain to him, it will help your site be listed as a link to follow.

    I think an atmosphere like this is what we need for brainstorming. After brainstorming, I think we need to spread “factual” information across as many spectrums as possible.

    I think that we should consider holding our noses and combating misinformation whether it is via Kos, HP, or being pushed by the MSM..we have to counter the BS ASAP!

    Maybe as a group we can start a facebook page but moderate it..We need to reach independents. The President’s base is strong IMHO, but we need to capture the people on the fence, and who just needs to know the facts.

  140. Good morning.
    I really think the Orange-allergic here ought to go over to DKos this morning and take a look at the banners and excitement over the start of the campaign.
    We all need to work together; ignore sniping—there will be plenty!—and pull together.

  141. No thank you. I will remain in spaces which I trust. bwd has worked incredibly hard to create a space on which people who were totally turned off to the point at which we might have turned away from politics altogether—this was a refuge, room to breathe, and now is entering into a new phase of excitement and action. She deserves a loyal audience. Insofar as others are working for their own benefit to re-seat this quality leadership, God bless em. But I see no reason whatsoever that people need to be herded back to a site which demonstrably has zero respect for Obamabots. And out of respect for the site proprietor and how she was treated there, I personally wouldn’t even consider it. We’re doing just fine, and I’m concentrating more on opening up this site, finding new audiences, than on going back to that ridiculousness, which from what I saw last night has not changed one bit.

    Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will, continue to create and support our own grassroots alternatives to the flaky megasites!

    Love ya joe, but no.

  142. bwd’s Jackie, on smoothing relations between party infrastructure and OFA where necessary:

    I say once again that the vast, overwhelming majority of voters do not go to these sites and are not influenced by them. Most average people get their information from local radio (I don’t mean Limbaugh, but the stations hosted by local people) and from local newspapers. They also pick up vibes from conversations at work, at the grocery store and in their neighborhoods. They will remember an ad on tv before they’ll recall anything somebody like Boehner said in a press conference, especially on something like the budget. This is the year to use our energies to get local. Call into the local shows, write local LTEs and, again, help your local party at public events through the year.

    If you’re a Republican, Independent, or Dem, OFA has lots of things you can be doing to promote the president. But I think Dems have a special role they can play in bridging the gap that sometimes occurs between the “official” local Democrats and the OFA. Sometimes there’s no problem, but occasionally there is a sense among local people that the OFA is intruding on their turf. So we can all act as Good Will Ambassadors for both. We can be OFA members, as well as good team players for our local parties. The one thing we want is a completely united front going into 2012, so we need to start now to smooth the way.

    Take the time to build relationships everywhere in the coming year with fellow OFA members, with local parties and with all the “officialdom” whose support you will need, like the Voter Registration people and the County/City Commissioners. Model the Obama Philosophy of bringing people together and creating friendships and alliances. It’s a lot of work, but so much more productive…


    This relationship-building can turn a respectable win into a blowout. I noticed that those who arranged OFA trips to upstate NY/Long Island had participated in a lot of work to coordinate the various campaigns, not all of it seamless, but it was clear that the coordinated effort was there, and there were distinct benefits to it. Fabulous idea about perhaps socializing where necessary in order to get those relationships rock-solid and ready to work together smoothly.

  143. I think jovie typed the wrong word. Probably meant something more like “counteract” than “augment”, which means to enlarge, I believe, and certainly nothing jovie would wish to do.

  144. I’m thinking we may need to come up with a way to distill positive messages about Obama down to what most folks can actually *hear*.

    I’m thinking easily remembered talking points-& rebuttals to ” He hasn’t done anything” kind of stuff.

    Maybe it could be consolidated to a website– and spread, just like the Faux-gressives and Tea-partiers have been spreading their poison– for the last few years..

    The hardest part of this may just be about reaching people’s brains and getting them to think logically.

    Anyway– I’m all stoked for the coming election. I can’t wait to see our President win again!

  145. I’m in Washington State (Seattle) and you’d be surprised just how many people I have run into that consider themselves to be Progressive who say they will not vote for Obama. The problem is more about trying to get folks *not* to waste their vote on Nader or some other pie-in-the-sky non-candidate, or not to bow out of the election process completely.

    This is where the need to counter the vitriol spewed from the Far Left is most critical. I’m thinking of Wisconsin, and how easily Washington State could end up just like it.

  146. I did put this on another thread,but after thinking it through thought it should be here.
    Take note of the msm under reporting, not reporting,exaggerating, avoiding any positive issue call them out on it, making them defensive with explanations.

  147. Cenk, you just asked EJ Dionne whether President Obama was a “complete and utter disaster as a progressive.”


    Is President Obama the most successful progressive president since LBJ?

    The answer is Y E S.

    Carter did zero and wasn’t re-elected. After Reagan and Bush Sr. the nation had been pushed so far right that the next Democrat president was ‘the best Republican president in history, economically speaking’ according to Allen Greenspan, because Bill Clinton signed the most corporate-friendly/ worker-unfriendly trade deals in US HISTORY!

    Cenk, you do progressives no good whatsoever by not keeping a realistic historical perspective in your commentary.

    President Obama has brought progressives back to life and the petulance of you and other uninformed lefties is bringing us down! You’ve shown census data which seems to say that because of the increasing minority population my state of Georgia might very well be in play if the President can get 25% of the Whitey vote here.


  148. This post is responding to Cenk Uygur who is live on MSNBC right now…
    Hey BWD, my post here may be off topic too and feel free to drop it if you want…
    Keep up the awesome work…We Will Win, love

  149. He disagreed! He said he will fight Ryans budget because it will intrude on his HCR achievment! As if that is the only reason!
    Also, guys like Cenk and Laura Flanders are stil hoping for a third party candidate!

  150. Those idiots. PBO is easily one of the three most progressive presidents in 100 years. Only he is a true progressive and not that distortion version of the PL.

  151. EJ did disagree, but only by dismissing the premise and moving on to the ‘real politic’ as has been stated here by jovie. He didn’t do what SOMEBODY HAS TO… which is to ask these naysayers one simple question, which is…”Who do you think the last successful progressive president was…?”

    The answer is clearly LBJ, since Carter was unable to accomplish almost anything and sadly, Bill C. signed trade deals with Asia that have effectively broken our manufacturing base (NAFTA wasn’t nearly as bad for us as GATT which sent our jobs to the other side of the world).

    I don’t mind the criticism if it’s kept in perspective. The USA has moved to the RIGHT since 1980 and Prez-O is finally turning this big ship around…we don’t need petulant babies leading us in the re-revolution the President is commanding.

  152. Thanks! I went to the site for the GOP Agenda card, ordered one and immediately posted it to my Facebook. I will be linking all this stuff to my blogs as well.

  153. We need an entire “media accountability” ARMY to have any effect on media distortions, omissions, and LIES. The misinformation at this point out there in the electorate is HUGE! This is indeed where our voices talking with people every day can make a huge difference, as well as speaking out through LTE’s and community gatherings. I have found (being such an OBAMBOT) that I really know a lot about policy that I have been sharing with co-workers, etc. every day, just in passing. My impression is that (sensible) Republicans, Independents and low information Dems really are becoming more engaged because the Republicans are scaring the heck out of them now. They need reassurance, and that we can do a lot of.

  154. WTF is wrong with these people? What world do they live in? I mean-really. Does he realize (Cenk) how STUPID he sounds to most Americans? Did you write to him and push back? We all need to do this OFTEN!

  155. Can’t believe that I forgot about the “food bombs.” One thing which we did in ’08 during both the primaries and generals, and which I was really proud of, was sending food deliveries remotely to OFA’s campaign offices all over the country. At the time I was working a lot, and felt like once again I was in a local outcome which was almost pre-determined for both the primaries and generals in my own district, nothing for me to add. So one solution (in addition to canvassing in Philadelphia to help PA go blue): a small group of us online at a new media space which has since seen better days, we got together and just started sending these food deliveries to OFA’s campaign offices in other states. Pizza, chinese food, sandwiches, bbq. We’d call the office, ask how much they wanted, and what they liked. Then just divided up the offices amongst ourselves and ordered food in with our cards. It was a literal handful of us, and we dealt with the inevitable “how grotesque that you’re sending them food and people are starving,” ignored it and just kept up what we called “the food bombs” to PBO’s supporters nationwide.

    It was easy and simple, just like the people who recently fed pizza to the Wisconsin protesters (which is why those pizzas from Egypt touched me so deeply; I understood the depth of feeling behind wanting to feed people as a small showing of support and love–just major). And one day on the front page, the site owner reported that these people had been writing in like “oh your site saves my life, thanks for the pizza.” It made a difference; a small difference, but a difference. We wanted badly to connect with PBO volunteers particularly in red states, let them know just how much we valued what they were doing, and the activity felt like we indeed made that connection.

    For those who just aren’t able to engage as much, who can’t do the phone calls or canvassing, reviving the “food bombs” might be an option once the campaign really gets swinging. The only mistake which I wouldn’t repeat: we were a little naive in getting numbers of personnel and posting them publicly. This time, I’d just send a determinate amount for a delivery and let them hash it out without trying to be so efficient and pinpoint how many people to feed here, how many there.

    I’d almost forgotten about that in my bitterness towards some media spaces, but those were some good times, and that was a terrific activity! I’d be happy to organize something like that again from here.

  156. For anyone really and truly curious; here’s a google search for the ’08 diaries:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c4f9bf7f64efb33f

    We can definitely do something like that here. With the big hearts and strong focus, it would be a hit, and it would also be a way to connect people to theonlyadultintheroom and let them know that there’s a community of overwhelming supporters who are doing what they do, and we can and will support each other, lift each other up even if the pick-me-up simply comes in the form of takeout from an admiring stranger.

  157. This President has done more with less, in the way of legislative majorities, than any previous Democratic President. Unemployment has even dropped by 1 full percent over the last 4 months. That is the largest drop over such a short period since 1958:

    And the President’s stimulus package, derided by the ProLeft (who know better, and who have could have gotten it passed too!) according to the CBO created and/or saved 3.3 million jobs, while keeping unemployment 1.8% lower than it would have been.

    FDR had 69 Senate seats after his first midterm, and went on to create a little over 5 million jobs over the course of his entire first term, compared to Obama’s 3.3 million with the stimulus alone, not including recent monthly growth, and with nearly 2 years left in his first term.

    So, to make a long story short; Obama is awesome. I gave his campaign some chedder today and so should you all!

  158. One last thing: a *major* benefit was supporting the local businesses suggested by the OFA as food vendors. They were tickled pink to get in these relatively big orders from out of state, and were often already sympathetic to the cause. This just took that over the top.

    Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will.

  159. Cenk and his ilk are devoted to their niche, and nothing else. They have found a considerable following doing what they do. And in that way they are no different than the Limbaughs of the world in that they will react in a given way irrespective of what the President says or does. They have to please their audience. And when your entire audience, whether via your website or TV show, is based on bashing the President “from the left”, that’s what you do.

    There are media whores on the left as well as the right. And we all know who ours are..

  160. I believe we need to pump up Obama’s fundraising totals over the first few days right after his campaign announcement.

    We need to further intimidate all of those fence-sitting GOP wannabees, and the best way to do so is for them to wake up to the headline that Obama has rai$ed some ungodly amount of ca$h in the first 72 hours of his campaign.

    This could help to scare the GOP pack even more than they already are, and potentially open up their field enough to allow a crazy candidate (think Ron Paul) to take their nomination. Then, 1964 all over again….Land. Slide.

  161. Brilliant. Front-loading donations is a fantastic idea as much as we’re able. I’ll be adding a second donation this week. Thanks, darnell.

  162. This would be good publicity, too, for the small business owners who still think that Republicans are working for them. To see the real grassroots ordering from their shops, to feed the real grassroots working to make life better for all – this would go far. For those of us who can’t donate politically, this would be a great way to contribute. Excellent idea!

  163. So true Darnell, so true!!! There is this guy Karel?! who just started on a local radio station here. The guy sucks big time!!! One of those gayKlan members who rely on comments he reads on Huffpost for talking points and all he does is bash President Obama!!! He is despicable!!!

  164. Great thread. I’m ready to kick it in to high gear. I’m looking forward to the Professional Left’s impotent whining throughout Obama’s second term. 😀

    BWD, i don’t know if you know about meta tags, but you can embed tags in your CSS so that your blogposts related to those “tags” will pop up higher on google ranks. For example, in my CSS, i have a bunch of political keywords (obama, palin, GOP, etc.) you may have no idea what i’m talking about (i barely understand it myself — a friend taught me.)

    i really like the idea of guerilla commenting. getting lost in flame wars is not only disheartening, it’s counterproductive.

    personally, i think huffpo is a lost cause. i don’t read it anymore.

    also, if there are bits of positive news that you think should reach a wider audience, i can always post about it on balloon juice (and then run and hide because those people are CRAZY.) you can email me at anytime.

    also, twitter is a great way to get positive messages out. it’s also a great way to call out the PL. cenk is a opportunistic moron… as is hamsher. we need to bombard maddow and LOD with tweets about these people. we need to bombard msnbc with complaints about schultz and cenk. we might consider sending maddow, lod, cenk, and shultz letters en masse explaining why slamming the president on MSNBC is political idiocy. that’s FOX’s job. there are a lot of despondent independents and republicans as a result of the GOP’s assault on women and labor. we must capitalize on it and explain that no one will support obama if his own side doesn’t support him.

    i do not want to go through an election season with these fools pretending to speak for me. same with adam green and greenwald. i think we need to call out the racism of hamsher and green at every possible turn until they answer for what they’ve done. (hamsher and blackface and racism in her comment section; green and that offensive PCCC ad.)

    let’s crush them. 🙂


    /not proofread!

  165. “I am open to hear ideas about how we can help raise money that will go straight into PBO’s campaign.”

    How about a fundraising page via ActBlue?

  166. I completely agree. We really need to emphasize the fact that to get anything done you need both the President and the Congress. Moreover, just in case there are Supreme Court vacancies, the President would still need the U.S. Senate to confirm his appointees. Simply put, re-electing the President without also gaining the majority in Congress, may turn out to be, IMHO, a pyrrhic victory. That is why I tend to do all I can to support congressional Democrats, including those who now and then piss me off! (excuse the language).

  167. ok, i a suggestion. I’m not sure it’s been suggested, but i’m too lazy to read all the comments so early in the morning.

    It’s regarding the Gitmo closing. I’ve read a lot of misinformation online about this and on twitter (though many are pushing back) However the truth needs to get out. Using Facebook to send newsreports out about why GITMO isn’t closing could be useful. How bout creating a hashtag #truthaboutgitmo, and just putting all the real reasons it is not closing. Oh and the names of the congress who voted against could also be on Facebook.

    ok that is all i can come up with. Hope it helps in some small way.

  168. That would be awesome; particularly if it was replicated in pdf format for us to print out and circulate to people who don’t read blogs or watch the news. A pragmatic progressive blog weekly, thus both online and printed, would be utterly fantastic. Ladyjazz, let’s just do it. Let’s take this idea into the active threads and get it popping today.

  169. I am working with my friend’s daughter to register college freshmen to vote as well as high school seniors who will soon turn 18. She is very enthusiastic about President Obama and she and her friends look forward to voting for him.

    So for every one on the PL who says they not vote for him or volunteer for him; there are new voters and young voters who wish to do so. So I just ignore the tantrums of the PL with their rants as the youth vote will make up for them and registering college kids and getting them involved is very, very important.

  170. I agree about avoiding snark. I’d take it a step further and avoid engaging in any feedback with other posters. Only make comments on the text of the article itself. We can think of it as guerrilla posting…get in, post and get out. That requires some discipline on our part that starts with not being married to what we write. Let the comment stand on its own merit and don’t go back to defend it to anyone.

    Lien, excellent suggestion, well said. I totally agree.

  171. I think this is a great idea. If I can contribute in any way, please let me know.

  172. I absolutely will. I put out an email to someone who is already hosting a pragmatic progressive aggregator site (it automatically pulls feeds from several sites), asking her if she’d be down for turning that into a more crafted site with a weekly selection of articles. If she understandably wants to keep that space as is, we can always start our own wordpress and get it started in that fashion.

    I’ll continue to update this thread as this project progresses along.

    Thanks a million.

  173. 4/5/11
    Liberal Shit List

    This is a list of Liberals who are so uninformed and self absorbed that they have become enemies of the Liberal cause as a whole while still being Liberal, technically speaking, because of other views they hold. They are traitors to President Obama, in that they say they loved him before. I doubt it, but though, in my opinion, because they have stopped supporting him and turned to attacking him for fun, or for ratings, or, out of being on an uninformed power trip. That describes these people. They are enemies of the cause of re-electing President Obama and they should admit it. They’re COUNTERAGENT SPOKESPEOPLE.

    Dail Kos
    Jeremy Skahill
    David Sirota

    Cenk Uygur, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann.

    I welcome all suggestions…if you say me then you go on the list.

    And don’t forget…From 1940-1980 the wealthiest Americans paid between 70% and 90% in income taxes and that’s how we built the …..American Dream.

  174. Woooooo BWD I love the new look of the blog.

    So I have made much donations, won’t say the amounts, just know this, I love our POTUS Obama and I don’t want to go backwards so I am (and my family) are going hard with the donations. I mean who knows what finances will look like next year for us, so I am going in for my POTUS now. 😀 I am eagerly awaiting my 2012 goodies but is it too soon to put yard signs in the front lawn? lol most likely my HOA will say we can’t put those out yet. 😀 Anywho I am happy with excitement, love all the suggestions. love all the smart beautiful “Obamabots”!!!

  175. John Stewart is working his way to be on this list. I have been pretty unhappy with him lately.

  176. hear hear Angry Black Lady!! Even though I blog about health issues, I will make certain to do posts based on what the president is doing on issues such as energy and health care that people can find useful and pushes back the PL bullshit

  177. gn – this is such a decent, warm, and clearly nourishing way to enrich the OFA social network during the coming months.

    I do hope you and BWD find a way to this site be central to that effort. It directly addresses BWD’s concern about having her site directly involved in ‘money’ because the transactions would be directly between the person making the purchase of food for delivery and the local vendor.

    It could also bring many more folk to this wonderful blog.

    Thank you!

  178. On my way to to do just as you recommend.

    Perhaps, BWD, could ‘banner’ this particular suggestion for the next day or so.

    Thank you!

  179. ABL – YES.WE.MUST – do exactly as you recommend. Tons of tweets landing on those folk from the rational, progressive, pro-Obama, pro-Democratic Party, true ‘base’ is essential and the more of it happening now, the better.

    What you are recommending is at the core of the notion of “World of FactCraft” mentioned above.

    Those folk speak for a tiny minority of high-volume haters and are indistinguishable from most teabaggers because they do no how to spell and construct a sentence (even a paragraph) 😉

  180. You know, sometimes, I can be prophetic too.

    This was what I wrote in a reaction to an article in the New York Times on the 31st of July, 2008:

    by promoting a view of him as more interested in
    attention and adulation than in solving the problems facing American families.

    I keep reading this in the US press, and I keep failing to see the problem.

    You (I’m an unabashed European) finally managed to get someone on the presidential trail who actually can travel to Europe and be cheered instead of booed (and might have a chance to cash in on that support – be it in international trade or extra troops in Afghanistan), and the only reaction I see in the US press is negativity.

    Is this a national disease, over there, to *not* want to use the support of your “allies” ? Why call them “allies” then ?

  181. Yes we can. Again.

    There is a reason why I have this listened on my favorites…

    I’m going to turn your bulb on. Just watch me work. And I thank the heavens above that I have been given President Barack Obama.

    He/she who reaches for the stars might just someday come down with a few. Hope is not for losers. I dream everyday.

  182. I heard that David Sirota for the first time today. What a bitter, petty, spiteful piece of s%@*!
    I loathe him!

  183. gn,

    What have you concacted now? You know I think your ideas are wonderful, and you know I support you, put please, not another split. Ok, I will, but I want you to know about the versus out there on HuffPo, Dailydarkness, the firebaggers, and let’s not forget about our nails @ Salon.

    If you want to know why anyone sounds CRAZY, then you can thank these supposed “progressive” sites.

    They know what they do. And they do it on purpose.

  184. Lady and Anthony, I just registered a new blog: “The Progress Weekly” on a wordpress platform:

    I’m going to suggest that we convene sometime convenient to everyone in one of the blank threads which appear under bwd’s pictures to get a working group started and start working on the first online newspaper. I’m tech-challenged, but excited.

  185. Lookingglass, with all due respect, those folks are having less and less relevance to my life. I generally address them only when they’ve pissed off or hurt others at the pragmatic progressive blogs which I visit and the complaints filter in.

    My ideas are not intended to divide anyone. This idea, which is actually the beautiful thought of ladytrini, is like others in that this is about nothing more than catering to people who have different habits and appetites for news. I think that there are people who would appreciate a weekly politics magazine which is 100%, completely filtered of fauxgressive noise and has no profit motive. We’re going to give that to them. 🙂

  186. GN.. Great stuff. Gosh, am I excited! I am so proud of you. But, can I give you my realities.
    1) I am totally tech challenged,can just about email,.. I get flustered at any new stuff.
    2) Even though this is my reality i.e the tech challenged stuff, I will contribute, once you tell me what I have to do
    3) Yes we can. We go for it! We take the idea and fly!
    Awaiting further instructions on time to convene.

  187. Hey, get in where you fit in. I’m thinking that a working group which convenes each week under a designated picture thread (I’m going to pick a picture tomorrow and link to that thread here) can muddle through these challenges. Simple as looking through some wordpress color/text/object placement themes (I’m going to provide links through the weekend) and debating which one suits us, also making nominations for articles to be excerpted in the weekly and trying to come up with a really nice and consistent positive editorial tone which is still a realist one—there’s a lot to do which doesn’t involve techie stuff which I think is going to be the bulk of the work, done collectively. It’s my understanding that using wordpress is fairly easy and they deal with all of the big things, like protecting the site against attacks, etc., and programming.

    I’ll be in touch, and I hope that the entire bwd community feels welcome to join in this effort in any capacity, and share their opinions of the right direction for the weekly.

  188. You go! Now, that is the kind of go-get-em attitudute that I like to see.

  189. BWD, I don’t get to comment much, but not a single day goes by that I don’t check in here to feed off the wonderful information that you share . . . stuff that the “news” can’t seem to figure out how to share with the American people.

    Glad to know that you are okay . . . I’m a mom . . . I worry! :o)

    Keep up the great work . . . you have many secret admirers!

  190. I was not able to volunteer last elections because of job and personal issues. GOD willing I will do so this time and I am very eager.

  191. Just like elections have consequences, what the GOPTeaParty and friends (such as Koch Bros. & Co., U.S.CoC, Rupert Murdoch & Co., Karl Rove, SCOTUS (i.e., SC Thomas, SC Scalia, SC Alito, SC Roberts), et al) are sayin’ and/or doin’, including past deeds, should have consequences!!!

    They should be held accountable…Exposed, Brought to justice, Disbarred/Impeached, “Thrown under the jailhouse”…Grrr…

    In some cases, they’re “on record”…online & off (i.e., TV, radio, in print, et al).

    Some indisputable evidence that cannot be destroyed!!!

    For starters, some past/current background information:

    80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = Tea Party… (It’s a DK link. But, it’s truly worth the read!)

    Corporate Interests take long view in attack on Democrats…

    TRMS Video: “It’s Not About The Budget”…

    What the GOPTeaParty is tryin’ to prove…

    TRMS Video: “This Isn’t A Budget, This IS A Cause”…

    ThinkProgress’ REPORT – Everything You Need To Know About The Koch Bros…

    Via @Karoli: Forgive me if you’ve seen this already, but it’s really important to know that Koch isn’t only (or primary) source of $…

    And, what it all comes down to is that they want to stop the reelection of PBHO, and they want to destroy the Democratic Party and America, as WE know it…

    On a regular, consistent basis, WE need to do whatever IS necessary to stop ’em!

    But, WE have to be persistent and patient…Right?! Right!!!


    Yes. WE. Can, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!

  192. And, this one:

    DeVos, Koch, Scaife, Walton, ALEC, AFC – The Corporate Royalists and Right-Wing Groups Propelling the GOP’s Assault on the Middle Class: A handful of rich, right-wing families and corporate chieftains are dedicated to returning America to the days when robber barons ruled…

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