Wall Street Journal: “President Barack Obama will officially open his 2012 re-election campaign as early as Monday”

Here we go, people. Put your game face on. 🙂

President Barack Obama will officially open his 2012 re-election campaign as early as Monday, according to people familiar with the decision, a step to be followed by an announcement to supporters and a series of fund-raising trips across the country.


Mr. Obama plans to hit the road this month to raise money for his re-election effort. He will headline a fund-raiser in his hometown of Chicago, home to his campaign headquarters, over the next two weeks.

He will also raise money in New York and make a swing out West, mixing stops for presidential events highlighting the economy and fund-raising in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The fund-raisers are billed as benefiting the Democratic National Committee, but once Mr. Obama formally opens his campaign, the money can be split between his 2012 bid and the DNC. The president’s political team has plans for “Gen44” events with young voters who were central to Mr. Obama’s 2008 win.

Mr. Obama’s campaign is expected to file paperwork Monday with the Federal Election Commission, people familiar with the process said, although the date could slip. The decision will open the doors for fund-raising that could lead to the most expensive campaign in history.

The president’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, has been warming up big-money donors. During a meeting in Washington, D.C., last month, he asked 450 donors to raise $350,000 each by the end of 2011.

If he files with the FEC on Monday, Mr. Obama would be the lone 2012 candidate to formally declare. He isn’t expected to face a primary challenge.

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290 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal: “President Barack Obama will officially open his 2012 re-election campaign as early as Monday”

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we are at this stage already but I’m very excited to get into campaign mode again and tout the achievements of the first 4 years. I’m humbled by everything our President has accomplished and the integrity and honor he has displayed day in and day out. It’s a travesty what the GOP considers to be Presidential material but whatever. We’ll work hard as always and we will win.

  2. Terrific. I plan to double up my efforts to reelect this great man without hesitation. Have a great weekend ya’al.

  3. This is going to be a battle I am ready to fight. This is a fight for ALL Americans and to save our country from the fools and fooled. This will be a major turning point to get us back on the right track.

  4. Time has flown! So much has changed, and we’re experiencing growing pains, but the best is yet to come…

    Looking forward to seeing the campaign master on the campaign trail. Nobody does it better.

    FIRED UP, READY TO GO! Let’s roll, baby!


  5. Good Morning BWD family, I guess its now time to open up the checkbook. I’m proud to say during the 2008, I maxed out to then Senator Obama and I’m looking forward to maxing out to President Obama. Obama/Bide 2012:The Change continues by Winning the Future.

  6. I love that last sentence: “Mr. Obama would be the lone 2012 candidate to formally declare.”

    All that idiotic bleating from the right and none of them have had the guts to formally declare. Now, whoever does step up to the plate will be running around trying to catch up with a sitting president who is already running for re-election.

    Foiled again!

  7. Has the sitting President ever been the first to formally declare before? Beating in all potential challengers?

    Timing is interesting given the shutdown is a very real possibility – I assume Plouffe has this in mind and has a strategy. Maybe the official launch will coincide with an official speech/address where PBO can comment on the shutdown/potential shutdown and really frame it. I assume such a re-election announcement would be a big enough deal to get widespread coverage.

  8. Let’s not forget Congress in 2012 either. Getting PBO re-elected but having a Republican House and Republican Senate would be terrible. President Obama will have very big coattails, but that alone will not be enough.

  9. It just further proves that the radicals continue to live in their own fantasy Matrix as opposed to the real world.

    Heck, most actual liberals and Democrats don’t even pay attention or care about these online “liberal” bloggers/spaces. They don’t give a damn about what Dennis Kucinich, Anthony Wiener, Alan Grayson, Ed Shultz, Glenn Greenwald, Jane Hamsher, Arianna Huffington, or the rest of them say.

    Even Howard Dean is getting it, as he is behind putting President Obama back in office again as opposed to running a primary challenge.

    It’s also telling that the first Presidential debate for the Republicans has been pushed back to September for “lack of candidates.” They know they have no one credible to run next year and are desperate to put off the inevitable as long as possible.

  10. Of course that is damn smart of him. Strike the iron while it’s hot on the buoyant economic news. Don’t let people forget on whose watch the economy started recovering.

    That way it blunts the “shut down the gubmint” nonsense coming out of Cantor and Boner’s pieholes. Ha-ha checkmate!!!

  11. Having a Republican House and Senate didn’t hurt President Clinton… it would actually force the Republicans to actually govern as opposed to acts of symbolism for political gain.

    Just look at how the Republicans in the House are fighting each other. You have Speaker Boner against the Tea Party Republicans over the budget.

    Also after 2012, the Tea Party will have fizzled out, and the Republicans won’t be able to count on the radical Tea Party base for votes/support. They’ll have to actually compromise and cater to independents if they want to remain viable in 2016. Hypothetically speaking, by 2016 the economy recovers despite all of the “NO” from Republicans… how will they maintain the House or Senate, let alone a chance at the White House?

  12. Great news! I can’t wait for all the crap that will get thrown at him for attending a fundraiser or giving a campaign speech “when he SHOULD be fixing ______!!!” As if no other sitting President has campaigned for re-election before. Love those double standards.

  13. The only reason the President will be the first to declare is because republicans are to cowardly. They should be in full campaign mode by now. As for the timing, I suspect there will be a threat of shut-down all year. Why should he wait?

  14. I’m hosting a potluck/grassroots training at my house for Oregon “Ladies in Blue” (an OFA subgroup) to get fired up and ready to go TODAY! We can take nothing for granted given the unfettered corporate money that will try to buy this election.

    Democrats of every stripe, Independents, and sensible Republicans need to come together to win the future of our Democracy by re-electing President Obama and a Congress he can work with.

  15. We’re house shopping at the moment, and I hope we find a corner lot where an Obama/Biden yard sign would look great.

    Btw, I’m wondering if there was a glitch or if I inadvertently said something that came across wrong. I was getting all of BWD’s new posts in e-mail, then it just completely stopped?

  16. How many debates had we had by now in 2007? How much difference a strong president makes.

    I’d still like to know what a possible winning strategy for Republicans could be from all those DOOMERS out there…the attack in 2008 was inexperience, can’t use that any more. What are they going to do, get in a policy debate with Barack Obama? Where the smartest person always wins?

    Good luck with that Newt/Mitt/Sarah/Tim.

  17. Yeah, all that money spent for nothing… and Clinton left office with 22 million jobs created, as opposed to George W. Bush, who left office with the most DISMAL jobs creation record since Reagan.

    And just like with President Clinton and Lewinsky, the Republicans know they can’t attack President Obama on policy, so hence why they’re engaging in the birther nonsense and how Darrell Issa wanted to investigate him for corruption.

  18. Also, the 2008 attacks from the Republicans included mocking him for being a “rockstar” because he has the ability to draw huge crowds; baseless attacks on Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, ACORN, even comparing Barack Obama to Paris Hilton in one ad.

    If you had no idea that these are nationally elected officeholders, you’d swear these campaign ads were created by middle or high schoolers. That’s how immature these attack are, none of them address actual issues. They’re nothing but character assassinations, and that’s a huge reason why the GOP lost big in 2008.

  19. I am so thankful for this site as it brings my blood pressure and anxiety levels way down. I am so grateful for you all. I hope Democrats all over the country wake up and see what the GOP is doing to them and vote, not just for President Obama, but also for Democratic representatives in the House and the Senate. We need to get courageous, and forward thinking Dems in both places. We also need to counter the MSM’s love for the GOP. I saw lots of coverage on the 100 tea party people event the other day, compared to the almost NO coverage of the 100,000+ people who showed up to several rallies in Wisconsin. How can we inform people everywhere if the MSM refuses to cover what’s really happening in this country? How can we counter the impact of the Citizens United decision? I get so anxious about this great country that I became a citizen of in 2009, and am so looking forward to casting my first presidential vote for the re-election of President Obama, but I am worried they will win. I love coming here because I realize there are many here who understand how I feel and together we can reach so many people who can reach many more people, and from the ground up, we can make Obama’s re-election happen.

  20. Yeah, Darrell Issa (R-CA) was boasting and bragging about how he was going to investigate the President for corruption last fall during the midterms.

    Interesting that an arsonist and car thief wants to investigate ANYONE, let alone President Obama, for corruption. I’m suspecting that it was more political theater for votes than anything else, seeing as Issa has pulled a Gingrich and has remained mute on the investigations he was calling for during the midterms last fall.

  21. The media was actually covering the events in Wisconsin quite a bit last month, during the showdown over the public union mess.

    But I guess the big powers that be in the MSM decided that they got as much money as they could covering said events, and have gone back to making more money covering the teabaggers, which actually somewhat makes sense but also it doesn’t. It makes sense because the teabaggers make a lot of noise, but it also doesn’t make sense because the approval numbers for them are going down as the economy improves… they’re beginning to fizzle out, but then again this is the same media willing to give plenty of attention to trainwrecks like Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Chris Brown, and Lady Gaga.

  22. Since hearing earlier this week that the President maybe declaring his candidacy for re-election soon I have been reflecting on what small role I can play to ensure that OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 is a overwhelming success.

    Quite a few things have changed since the 2008 campaign. For one thing sites like this one really didn’t exist at the beginning of the 2008 campaign for the most part.

    You had the mega-sites and some smaller splinter sites but progressive online media was essentially in its early stages. This is why Arianna had such great success because she took what a lot of smaller sites (crooks and liars w/videos and raw story with the news etc…) were doing and combined them all into one place where progressive/liberal/democrats could go and get all of the news. Once she had us there she showed her true colors and turned on this President faster than you can spell m-o-n-e-y. Just goes to show that bigger is not always better.

    This is where I feel we have an advantage. Look at the progressive blogroll that BWD has posted here and it just continues to grow. That my friends is the grassroots.

    His true supporters are hungry for positive, informative news. We don’t just like him we respect and admire the monumental task that he has had to navigate through with great success. Folks would know this but they have to filter through the constant negative news cycles both online and on cable tv.

    That’s why IMO BWD and other pragmatic progressive sites will play such a tremendous role in 2012.

    Here is one of my goals for the 2012 Campaign:

    I plan to expand my “friend” base on Facebook. Now I must tell you all that I was originally hesitant to use that “social network” because I am not one to be putting my business out there for all the world to see (no one needs to know that I went for a walk this morning or what I’m eating for lunch) but after “friending” some OFA bloggers, my personal family and friends (who know I am a political junkie) I quickly realized that I could use that site not for social networking but as a political tool to spread the good news about this administration and as a setup for 2012. So I decided to use it exclusively for politics. Ninety-five percent of the people I friend are supporters who post daily about this administration.

    The goal is 500 (political friends). The plan is to get them to help me raise money for the President as well as keeping them sharing information from places such as this.

    What says you TOAITR’s

  23. Excellent post, Donna. Tomorrow I’ll open a thread dedicate only to brainstorming on what we can do at this early stage of the campaign, especially since PBO probably won’t be campaigning for at least another year and we’ll have to do some heavy lifting for him.

  24. It’s not just a fight for Americans – it’s a fight for the entire world. The US has influence on everything happening in the world, and we’ve seen that the world is in jeopardy when the country is in the hands of Republicans. There are endless and reckless wars, economic disaster, ignorance and hatred fuels most foreign policy. Just looking at the reactions from the Republicans over the Libyan crisis tells us a lot – they are angry with the President for not “taking out” Gadhafi. They are afraid of what they don’t know, and would rather leave a dictator in place than take a chance at future democracy for the youth of the Middle East and North Africa. They have no faith in the scientific evidence of global warming. And they feel free to encourage African countries to pass legislation that would put to death people who are homosexuals. These aren’t people who should be anywhere near power. They are dangerous, and willfully ignorant. The whole world needs the protection of President Obama.

  25. So true – by being first out of the gate, the President will set the pace. He’ll set the issues that will be discussed. And the standard for his opposition will be very high. I’m just so grateful that he’s willing to run for a second term.

  26. I think you’re right about the timing. It seems like they’ve pulled the timing forward a little, and I think it’s strategic, too. The President fired the first warning shot in his speech yesterday when he talked about the leaders of both parties not being able to put politics aside and get a budget done. I thought his wording was very specific and interesting. I think he needs to stay above the fray. In December, Democrats attacked him for compromising with Republicans to get unemployment extensions and tax cuts for 98% of Americans – but they weren’t able to figure out a deal themselves. This time, he’s leaving them to figure it out, and neither side will be able to blame him when compromise has to happen. This is going to get very interesting…

  27. I agree, excellent comment Donna- I too am on facebook and have only used it for politics.. everyone I’m ‘friends’ with on there is a strong President Obama supporter and we mostly post political happenings, successes of this administration.. and I’ve frequently been ‘friended’ by friends of ‘friends’ on there solely I think because of my support of the President and postings of sites like this that carry facts.

  28. Actually, the celebrity ad is when I really started getting more curious about then-Senator Obama.I was wondering what it was about him that was attracting such huge crowds even around the world. Up to that point, I was relatively uninformed, and a avid Hillary supporter. So, the celebrity ad had the opposite effect on me.

  29. GOP said no more CR’s, meaning the showdown now is for the budget for the rest of 2011.

  30. It’s the Rove MO of taking a positive and trying to turn it into a negative. Big crowds being a bad thing – Ha! not to mention once Sarah Palin caught fire and was bringing bigger crowds all of a sudden that was “energy” and “strong show of support”.

  31. I would like to add you as one one my political friends of Facebook. Or you can add me, my name is Khadija Saggaf. I will be joint OFA this summer

  32. Great idea, Donna. I’ve also started posting interesting articles and information on my Facebook page. And just last week, I got two very positive responses from friends who are so politically unaware about articles I’d posted. I hate Facebook, but I plan to use it to reach as many people as possible with good news and information during this election cycle.

  33. And of course, the Bloomberg channel ONLY had on people that said the economy is headed for a double dip! That gosh damn Dr DOOM<, he is the biggest cynic…

    If a republican was President, how much you want to bet that they would be singing and praising how good the economy is getting!

    It is because the vast Majority of CEOs are conservatives! Thus, the Bias towards republicans… And That is what this President is up against.

    It is what it is…

  34. Smart move by President Obama.

    1. He’s forcing the hand of the Republicans, now someone has to declare before they wanted to.

    2. He’s also forcing the hand of any Democrat foolish enough to challenge him.

    3. By being the first to declare, he sets the stage to his advantage.

    4. His campaign infrastructure is already in place.

    5. By integrating the DNC into his campaign two years ago, all monies will be spent strategically.

    6. He silences the “PL” because they will look foolish criticizing a Democrat during a Presidential campaign, moreover they are now forced to talk up his accomplishments, because if they don’t they lose all pretense of being labeled as sensible. And if it’s one thing a Democrat hates being labeled as, it is being labeled as none sensible.

    7. He also silences every elected Democrat because it would be political suicide to talk against a Democratic President during a Presidential campaign.

    8. By filing first he’s forcing all of those Republican shadow groups that put up money to show their faces.

    9. He’s forcing the Republicans to fight on several fronts i.e. the budget, Libya, attacks on Unions, recalls, and now his campaign.

    10. At this point going forward the Republicans will become reactive and not proactive.

  35. I was watching one of the Democratic strategists this morning trying to explain the budget battle, opposite Pat Buchanan. They were focused on the difference in numbers between the President’s $6.5 billion cuts, the Republican proposed cuts of $66 billion, and the $33.1 billion that Democrats were agreeing to. The MSNBC host was going on about how the $66 billion is a drop in the bucket when compared with the larger overall budget numbers, and saying that it’s what the American people want anyway, so why are Democrats resisting.

    I thought that the Democratic strategist missed an important opportunity to emphasize the difference in the Democratic and Republican philosophies. Democrats don’t mind cutting, but would rather do it wisely, e.g. remove subsidies for oil companies and big business and make them pay their fair share. Versus Republicans who want to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and working people. It’s not about the number, it’s about the content of the numbers, and the impact of those cuts. Republican want $66 billion in cuts? They shouldn’t have demanded the extension of the Bush tax cuts – would have cut most of that amount!

  36. Thanks Theo67. LOL @ “I hate Facebook” because I so felt that way initially. I do have a couple of FB friends that are true “drama kings and queens”. Every single movement in their lives is recorded on their facebook wall for all the world to see. I just shake my head and move right along 🙂

  37. As with everything President Obama has done, you know the long-view, conditioned by very specific insights ….

    (see P M Carpenter on Libya: http://pmcarpenter.blogs.com/p_m_carpenters_commentary/2011/03/no-longer-overlooked.html)

    …. is just how he operates.

    From a political perspective, announcing this week would be a way to contrast both his approach to policy and implementation especially with the Republicans being such totally irresponsible, and Constitutionally challenged (e.g., Cantor’s ridiculous stunt yesterday) as the backdrop of threatening to shutter the government as we are beginning to recover from the closest we’ve gotten to a Great Depression, since the GD. I’d say the Republicans have literally set the stage for him to crush them, from the outset of the campaign.

    Ironically, it might actually be the one thing he can do, without stepping into the fray, that would force enough House Republicans to tell the Teabaggers to f-off and pass a compromise that the Senate would be willing to also pass and the he would be willing to sign into law (yes, Cantor, that’s how it’s still done in America).

    In any event, he gave them clear warning yesterday at the UPS event. And, he will spend much of his campaign rhetoric, I’m sure, on directing Americans’ attention to the simple fact that they supposedly elected Republicans in Nov 2010 to come to DC and govern, get stuff done, and those same Republicans couldn’t even be bothered to read a complete version of the Constitution, let alone do ANYTHING except yap about NPR, further scheme to harm workers, destroy unions, invade a woman’s privacy and continue to undermine a wooman’s right to fair pay, strive to further destroy our environment, and fail to keep the government running in a responsible way – among the many facts that President Obama and his speech writers and video editors have to embellish his narrative with all Americans during the next 19 months.

    Leadership – something you DO, not yap about – is precisely what President Obama demonstrates every day. This is just the latest instance of his calm, persistent service to ALL Americans.

  38. Thank you, BWD, for the plan to put up a thread for brainstorming. I am always grateful for any ideas that will help in the re-election campaign. OFA, through National Field, sends out daily messages on “best practices” which is also very useful. I agree that we all need to get more active now to ensure a great victory for the Obama-Biden team.

  39. Congrats on joining the OFA Summer Program Khadija. I’ll find you on Facebook and send you a friend request.

  40. I think this is part of the brilliance of what he did while touring South America. He announced our military involvement in the multilateral action on Libya while on “Vacation”, demonstrating that he can clearly travel and chew gum at the same time. If he can manage his job as Commander-in-Chief and sign trade deals a the same time, then he can raise political funds and do pretty much anything else at the same time.

  41. If you use it as a political tool it really isn’t bad PoliticalJunkessa. 🙂

  42. Take that Dennis! Do you suppose Dennis feels hurt that the PBO did not pay attention to DK’s threat of a primary challenge? boo hoo.

    I hope someone primaries Dennis.

    A belated good morning.

  43. I like your thinking Theo.

    Indeed it is time for him to stay above the fray. I am sure it will drive the frustrati to over heated hatred.

  44. They want to get the Poor, and also Minorites, Pissed off at the Democrats! When you do NOT have any new ideas, you try to divide the opponents! Typical republican playbook…

  45. Is it possible for that thread to have a ‘sticky’ so we can keep accessing it? Or it’s own tag…some way to help us keep organizing as an objective?

  46. I’m a big Obama fan and can’t wait to push for Obama to get re-elected! BTW I am so sick of hearing how Obama is faring among whites (being white myself). It’s unfair and deceptive to boot for one most whites that they poll are usually older folks, I happen to be thirty. Another thing is that Obama has truly had his hands full.

    He was dealt a bad hand and had to work his way around what he was given. I fear that Obama will never be given credit for the great things that he did but I also realize that is pretty common among other presidents. I can think of one great president that still gets no credit and is criticized from both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ and that is Jimmy Carter. I feel his story is pretty tragic presidentially speaking because he was a much better guy than the American people deserved.

    BTW Obama is no Carter, they did things completely different but making such comparisons in my mind is definitely no insult at least in my book.

  47. I respect, admire President Obama IMMENSELY. My comment history shows that without a doubt. However, I’m not comfortable with the way he framed the budget problem in his energy speech this week. The way he said it, it looks like the impasse is both parties’ fault. And from what I’ve read, the democrats have offered a lot of compromises and the GOP is bucking as always. “Compromise” is a totally alien word for them. They’re all about “my way or nothing”.

    I get the idea of staying above the fray, but sometimes enough is enough. How can democrats win the narrative if President Obama is a bit shy to identify the REAL problem ? There comes a time when you have to call it like it is. And President Obama is so devoid of meanness, he can explain things, make his case in a truthful yet respectful and not divisive way.

    If I may add, if President Obama wants to maintain his democratic coalition and motivate the democratic caucus to support him, he has to have their backs too.

    Again, I have tremendous respect and admiration for the President, but this is one of the rare instances where I’m not totally happy about what he’s doing.

  48. I am not a fan of facebook, but totally want to learn positive ways to use it to help people stay informed. Right now, though, my facebook account is dedicated to family. Is it possible to have more than one facebook account?

  49. Nothing terrifies the repubs as much as PBO on the campaign trail. When he was campaigning before the ’10 election his poll numbers went up, even Rasmussen. The rs know this. They will be relentless at telling why PBO shouldn’t be fund-raising or campaigning.

  50. Bob this is terrific. Thanks for sharing. I love PM”s site.

    I think this “Leadership-something you DO, not yap about” would make a terrific poster or bumper sticker.

    Leadership–Something You DO, Not Yap About.
    Vote Obama 2012.

  51. Biden got an Award from Latvia:

    Never go for a visit without a little gift for your host. It’s a tradition the president of Latvia upholds — he visited Vice President Biden at the White House today and bestowed his nation’s highest honor, the Three-Star Order of Latvia.

    “The two leaders exchanged views on European security and their recent visits to Russia, and agreed on the importance of expanding our cooperation with Russia,” the official White House readout said. “The leaders also praised the Baltic American Freedom Foundation and agreed on the importance of people-to-people contacts between the United States and Latvia.”

    Who is the leader of Latvia? “President Zatlers,” the White House informs. The statement mentioned the Latvian president four times — but never his first name. It’s Valdis. Here he is, with a bunny.

    It’s not clear what Biden did to earn Latvia’s highest honor, which generally goes to those who have “served the fatherland” in its own government, according to the Latvian president’s website. If nothing else, it’s a lovely piece of jewelry.

    “The vice president received the Order of Three Stars from President Zatlers, Latvia’s highest honor, and expressed his commitment for continuing our strong bilateral relations,” the White House said.

  52. President Obama’s special envoy for Sudan will leave for his first trip for the Darfur region this weekend, the White House announced.

    Princeton Lyman, whose appointment was announced on Thursday, met with Obama at the White House on Friday, during which the president “expressed his gratitude for Ambassador Lyman’s long service on Africa, for his willingness to lead U.S. efforts on Sudan, and told Ambassador Lyman that he has the full support of the White House,” according to a readout of the meeting.

    The newly appointed envoy will make a second trip to Sudan later this month.

    “Earlier today, the President met with newly appointed Special Envoy for Sudan Ambassador Princeton Lyman at the White House. The meeting comes at a critical time with only 99 days remaining before the end of the interim period of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The President expressed his gratitude for Ambassador Lyman’s long service on Africa, for his willingness to lead U.S. efforts on Sudan, and told Ambassador Lyman that he has the full support of the White House.

    Politico 44-

  53. Jovie, you hit the nail on the head. Divide and conquer, split the vote and suppress the vote. Take away all social nets to get people so angry they stay home. Tell them their vote won’t make a difference. Same old same old crap. This time we must be ready.

    We must be the media and spread the news so that people know what is going down. Help everyone to get picture id from motor vehicle or other free sources. Get everyone registered.

  54. 9. He’s forcing the Republicans to fight on several fronts i.e. the budget, Libya, attacks on Unions, recalls, and now his campaign.

    This is the most brilliant strategy of all, I think. It’s also one that he’s been employing since even when he was in transition. I recall clearly the Republicans complaining that he was trying to do too much. They said he should do what other Presidents had done and pick one issue and spend his entire administration working on that one issue. He had an economy to rescue after all, and he should focus on that. Not all this other nonsense like health care reform and energy policy.

    The Republicans do not fight on multiple fronts well. It’s a big weakness of theirs. And it’s one of our President’s greatest strengths that he has demonstrated repeatedly. He can juggle multiple balls at any given time without dropping any of them.

  55. Tien Le I guess you can as long as you have a another email address that you can use to access your account.

  56. They are also trying to divide Obamas base of African americans, latinos and students!

    African Americans will be hit mostly, with these cuts the GOP have proposed!
    Latinos- chuck todd said that obama has had trouble conecting with them(BS) and thus will stay home in 2012(he has three shows on Hardball talking about how latinos are disconnected from Obama).
    Students are being touted as not knowing anything and voting with their feelings…
    They are trying to smear his base…

    Do you all see this?

  57. I totally agree. President Obama is the right man at the right time not only for America, but for the world.

  58. Chris Van Hollen accused the tea party on Friday of thwarting a budget deal, arguing that the conservatives’ rally outside the Capitol distracted House Speaker John Boehner from reaching an agreement with the White House.

    Boehner said Thursday that Republicans hadn’t reached a deal with the administration, hours after Vice President Biden said the two sides were “working off the same number now.”

    Van Hollen, the top Democrat on the House Budget Committee, argued that the two sides had in fact reached “some agreement on an overall number to cut” — but that a deal was derailed by tea partiers.

    “They were telling Speaker Boehner and Republicans to stand firm and get 100 percent of what you’ve asked for, it’s your way or the highway, or shut down the government,” Van Hollen said on MSNBC. “So that is what is throwing things back up in the air a little bit. That’s why the speaker says he can’t even agree on a number yet.”

    Politico 44-

  59. You can set your security to keep things as private as you like. Only post things on your profile that you want to share.

    For instance I don’t mind people knowing that my favorite books are “Dreams of My Father” or “The Audacity of Hope”. This does two things it promotes the Presidents books and lets people who are looking to “friend” me know in a subtle way that I am a supporter of the President.

    So there are clever ways to give information without completely opening yourself up and I will be more than willing to assist anyone here with learning how to use Facebook as a political tool.

  60. Hmmm, I just looked at the help section and it clearly states that no one can have more than one facebook account.

  61. LP, Some interesting thoughts. What I see the president doing is reaching out to independents and moderate republicans.

    I personally have been very disappointed in the way the dems have expressed a great deal of doubt about whatever the president is doing.

    I am tired of Weiner and Dennis. I am tired of people like Sherrod Brown, who goes on msnbc and says the president just does not get it. He has done this several times. I still respect Brown a lot, but I just am not seeing the love from many of these progressives.

    Sherrod Brown and a group of progressives wrote Obama a letter asking him to postpone the lowering of carbon emission levels. Just for a year or two. Who do you think would have taken the fall for that happening? It would not have been those dem senators. It would have been Obama. The one person that I really respect, in terms of supporting PBO, is Pelosi. I am sure she often disagrees with him, but I have never seen her be disrespectful.

    I do not think the president is perfect. I think he has some problems with communicating. That seems to be improving. I
    do appreciate what you said, but it is a two way street. I am not really a fighter, but this particular issue has been driving me crazy since Obama came to be president.

  62. Hal Sparks had a good analogy . President Obama is a All Star quarter back who don’t have good recievers. He has to take the ball across the finish line.

  63. Thanks for letting me know. I should have looked it up before responding.

  64. Yep. Very clearly.

    Another example: what do you think Arianna’s project about a special place for African American bloggers in the HP is all about ? Could it be to give a big platform to the the black intellectuals who are increasingly more vocal about their discontent ?…

    Oh, and the sudden resurgence of “the fear of Muslims” is part of the GOP campaign strategy, I’m sure of it.

  65. Really? Boehner saw the massive rally of 200 people and gave him pause for thought? I would have thought he’d see how pathetically small the number was and figure that they are not the force them pretend to be.

  66. The old GUARD of African Americans(inlcude rev wright), are to militant in their thinking.
    POTUS is trying to take the African American community in a more equal and peaceful direction, through education and empowerment.
    The OLD GUARD is fighting back! Sadly, Arriana sees this and is exploiting it!

  67. Excellent analysis!

    He has always had to do the heavy-lifting. That is the problem that I have had from the beginning with the DNC (Tim Kaine) and the Dems in Congress.

    They expect him to fix everything. When there is a problem their answer is to send him out there to give a speech or news conference.

    Why don’t they do some of the lifting by supporting him when they get in front of the cameras and the DNC needs to spend some of that money we send them to get ads on tv to counter some of that garbage that people hear from the special interest day in and day out. Instead they put up web-ads that are preaching to the choir and meanwhile average non-political junkies only hear the other sides prospective.

    I get so frustrated with my party.

  68. Debz, you beat me to the punch. As soon as I saw this post, I wondered which Republican will be the first to complain that it is unseemly for President Obama to be fundraisers and campaigning when there is so much going on domestically and around the world. You know, it just doesn’t look right. And which media outlet will be the first to provide the echo chamber for the GOP by questioning the “optics” of President Obama campaigning for a second term. There is no question that this will happen.

  69. Unfortunately, he has 87 frosh that are telling him we will not get re-elected if you do not stand firm. And Boner still wants to be speaker, so, here we are! UGGGH! What a mess!

  70. Sorry, but I have to disagree(somewhat). The President has NEVER (to my knowledge) stepped in front of a microphone and dissed a specific democrat, despite what any one of them said about/against him. Last I checked a letter with 62 senate signatures asked President Obama to show more leadership re the budget. I repeat 62!!!! Well, he did his part, he already submitted his budget; is there a reason he has to do their job too? Oh, wait…could it be they’re looking for a repeat of the Bush Tax Cut debacle where PBO campaigned his heart out and made it an issue to allow the tax cuts for the wealthy expire and the democrats were too cowardly to take a vote before the midterms? Pretty much left him hanging? Then when he made a deal with repubs. to keep those tax cuts for the next 2 years in return for keeping the middle class tax cuts-plus the tax credits in the stimulus, plus the repeal of DADT, and an update of food safety laws that was long overdue (have I missed anything–Oh Yeah, a 13 mo. unemployment insurance benefits!) then he was pilloried for making the deal.

    It’s high time our elected dems did their part in “maintaining the dem. coalition”.

  71. I hope pl take a good look at the 111th congress and 112th. I’m looking for a time line that shows what Nancy pelosi, Harry Reid and the President got done. compared to what John Bohner, got done. you can compare what the legislation did for us all or what it did for their constituents only. you can compare what things was done to jump start the economy to what they have done to stop progress. you can even compare the numbers of hrs and days worked to the days the 112th don’t work this needs to be issue shown to the American people.

  72. No worries. Facebook is a mystery to me. I’ll get a handle on it at some point. Maybe that can be part of our strategy thread: remedial facebook courses for the middle-aged.

  73. These also can be facts we can point out to ppl when canvassing for votes.

  74. Judy, xoxoxo, to you. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Please, spare no details!

  75. Jovie do you know where i can get a timeline of legislation that 111th congress under pelosi got done. and one of 112th congress under Bohner

  76. Ladyhawke, you can be sure the day after he announces, the talking points will go out to all media and we will be back to discussing “the optics” once again. The msm will be falling over each other to see who will get the message out first.

  77. *****Programming alert:**********

    The Kennedys, an 8 part mini series on on reel tv starting sunday at 8pm est!

  78. You know, I was looking for one of those a few weeks ago and I did find one, but it was only for a short time period (and even that showed that Speaker Pelosi got her priority initiatives through while Speaker Boehner is floundering, held back by the teanuts). If someone hasn’t already started keeping more comprehensive track, that might be a good candidate for a project here.

  79. I don’t know what possible strategy NEW strategy the republicans can use for attack, JustRR, but the longer they wait to announce (because IMO, they’re too cowardly) the harder it will be to build the ground game needed to win. It seems they are going to put all their eggs in 1 basket by relying on murky money for commercials, as opposed to boots on the ground.

  80. Here is the accomplishments of the 111th congress under Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    Lilly Ledbetter Act, January 29, 2009
    Makes it easier for workers to file employment-discrimination lawsuits.

    SCHIP, February 4, 2009
    Expands health care coverage for children.

    Stimulus, February 17, 2009
    Provides $787 billion in tax cuts and additional spending to aid U.S. economic-recovery efforts.

    Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, April 21, 2009
    Creates incentives to foster volunteer opportunities through programs such as AmeriCorps.

    Credit Card Bill of Rights, May 22, 2009
    Enhances safeguards to protect consumers from abusive practices.

    Tobacco, June 22, 2009
    Provides the Food and Drug Administration with enhanced authority to regulate tobacco products.

    Cash for Clunkers, August 7, 2009
    Provides consumers with a cash incentive to buy automobiles with higher fuel-efficiency standards.

    Hate-Crimes Bill, October 28, 2009
    Enhances law-enforcement resources to prosecute crimes based on gender and sexual orientation.

    Health Care, March 30, 2010
    Overhauls the U.S. health care system to provide insurance coverage for more Americans.

    Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, March 30, 2010
    Makes the federal government the provider of all student loans.

    Financial-Regulatory Reform, July 21, 2010
    Expands federal government’s role in regulating financial markets.

    Tax Cuts, December 17, 2010
    Extends for two years the tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003.

    ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, December 22, 2010
    Lifts the ban on openly gay men and women from serving in the military.

    Food Safety, December 21, 2010 (House passed; awaits Obama’s signature)
    Strengthens regulatory standards intended to protect the nation’s food supply.

    New START, December 22, 2010 (Senate passed; awaits Obama’s signature)
    Implements a new arms-control treaty between the U.S. and Russia.

    9/11 First-Responders Bill, December 22, 2010 (House passed; awaits Obama’s signature)
    Funds medical care for first responders sickened after the September 11 terrorist attacks.
    28Share 0diggsdigg

  81. Seriously. Either he’s a leader or he’s not. The teanuts isn’t a grassroots movement in the first place. When can we get Speaker Pelosi back on the job already? She passed things which she wasn’t in 100% agreement with because she’s an adult, she’s intelligent, and she understands that deal-making and compromise means that you have to give a little to people who don’t agree and take a different position.

    The GOP is just not ready for primetime. What poor leadership. “My way or the highway” indeed, even during a time of such a fragile economy the GOP continues to fall completely short.

  82. Actually the host got it very wrong on what people want. They don’t want the cuts that anyone is proposing. They like the idea of spending on things that will make our economy grow but when you ask them what to cut, they pretty much tell you not to cut anything – that affects them.

  83. Actually reading the latest Hill article, this is a strategy of the Dems – paint the teaparty as the extreme and blame them for the shutdown. Afterall they’re outright calling for it – so let them own it. The Dems are painting Boehner as willing to deal privately but that the teabaggers in his caucus won’t let him publicly.

    If there is a shutdown will the teabaggers not be able to celebrate? Will they deny their “win” by blaming Dems for it or claim their victory?

    With the Dems blaming the teabaggers, it attempts to drive a wedge between them and the more moderates in the GOP caucus. It also puts pressure on the moderates to tell Boehner to make the deal.

  84. I have an innate aversion to facebook, too, PJ, but I think we need to overcome it as it’s a great organizing tool. Also, I’ve loved how the folks at WSY have aggressively used twitter to confront the MSM and Sole Patrol. That’s a page we can build on when we brainstorm re Obama 2012.

  85. Yep. Get ready to fill in the blank for this phrase: “Obama has a ______________ problem”. Only to later find out that they were wrong, wrong, wrong – AGAIN!

  86. A house united accomplish change 111th congress
    A house divided uproot the change 112th congress

  87. Just ventured over to the Huff and Puff post and found a thread about POTUS discussing his alternative energy plan… the comments full of radicals (mostly from the “left”) calling POTUS a liar, an empty suit, etc etc etc…

    I fail to see how it’s his fault that alternative energy hasn’t gotten passed during his tenure as President. We’ve got conservative Democrats tied to big oil that stabbed him in the back (yes I’m talking about Mary Landrieu) and of course the Republicans are completely lobbied by big oil. How the hell is Obama supposed to get his alternative energy plans passed if he’s got to deal with a Congress completely bought and lobbied by big oil?

    Also, the irony of the comments from the posters over there calling him an empty suit and such is that they haven’t done a thing but complain and whine. I’m willing to bet that most of them just bash Obama constantly; they don’t call their Congresscritters or even respectfully write to the President. They just expect POTUS to pull some Jedi mind trick and FORCE Congress to do his bidding.

    POTUS is going to have a rough road to re election, and it’s not his fault either… it’s the fault of fickle and wishy-washy fence sitters who do nothing BUT complain about how POTUS is a DLC Repub lite right wing corporatist in bed with banksters and such!

  88. Great comment, Don. The only addition I can think of extemporaneously is:

    4a: he/we alone are out there organizing and IMPROVING on said infrastructure…and we take nothing for granted.

  89. Which means the Republicans are lying and being dishonest when they take credit for the lower unemployment rate.

    A lot of the jobs being added are due to the stimulus package, which Democrats supported and Republicans voted against. But at the same time, Republicans took stimulus funds and they are now taking credit for the results, after all that political theater about the stimulus being a “job killer” and a “failure.”

  90. “…the massive rally of 200”. LOL, from what I’ve read that sounds like a generous count.

  91. As a non-american citizen of the world, I fully concur. Let’s get this great man re-elected with a still better margin in 2012 along with congress and senate he can really work with.

  92. What about those purity puff-pieces of preening peacocks kucinich and grayson ?

  93. Bingo, pb. The senate is full of pusillanimous cretins from both the parties and they are trying to hide behind the President’s coattails on the budget issue so that he’ll take the flak. PBO is too smart to fall for that.

  94. Afghanistan is exploding because of that racist christian fundamentalist, that nurned the Koran and put it on his website!
    The whole place is losing it(as a result, Instead of alqeda, we will now be at war with afghanistan).
    This, more than anything else, has put us in great danger.
    This guy(christian fundamentalist) should be arrested for violaitng the national security act, he put americans in danger, and weakened our position over there, Immensely.

    Thus, I do NO think we will be leaving afganistan, it is crumbling! -10 dead, 83 wounded, Un compound destroyed, in second day of violent protest…


    Some bad news we have to report, as it is still current events!

  95. nintendow, I understand your fears but just want to say that the comments at Huff and Puff are not representative of America: the comments are indicative of the most toxic elements from the left and right Don’t let them sap you of your personal power. We’ll do fine if we do what we did in 2008: organize, organize and organize. Anything else is just bitching on a blog.

  96. if they are posting on HP they are not leftist or left anything. The site is not leftist and has never been leftist. Ask whatshername.

  97. it is still not part of his BASE! They claim to be, but are not! You know where POTUS base is, his floor in the polls is 45%! He stays there, despite some pretty bad external events taht had nothing to do with him…

    He just needs to campaing and bring over 5 more % of Indes and he has got it!
    As far as the far left, let them vote for Nader or kucinich, they will only get 1-2% of the vote b/c they are radicals…
    I think Sarah will be running as a tea bagger, so the right has their problems too!

  98. Very true Pamela. The dems in Congress know that painful cuts will be made to the Federal budget. They are attempting to scapegoat Pres. Obama for the cuts that they know will be made. That is why they are openly questioning his leadership, his values etc. It is sad to see. One would think that a united front would be the way to go if you want to win. Behavior like this (and that letter) is one of the main reasons the public in general does not like democrats. The backbiting and political cowardice exhibited by the Dem Party on a consistent basis illustrates a weakness that is unbecoming of political LEADERS.

  99. If the blame can be put on the GOP House, it will end quickly or not happen at all. If PBO or the Dems were getting blamed eventhough it was the GOP’s doing then it would be guaranteed to happen and could last awhile.

    If it does happen and the GOP is blamed the moderates will panic and force Boehner to make a deal and it won’t last a week.

    Remember 50+ freshmen GOP House Reps are in seats Obama helped win in 2008, meaning they’re fighting an uphill battle in purple seats – if the GOP is blamed for the shutdown enough will be in tough to hold their seats.

    By saying Boehner is willing to compromise privately they’re also painting Boehner into a corner – either he has to say “No I’m not compromising” which will then make him look like the Gov Walkers and Gov. Scott’s and give the Dems the frame “Republicans are unwilling to compromise”, or he says he is negotiating and that pisses off the Teabagger Caucus and could force him to have to either shutdown government to appease them or cut the deal and kiss them goodbye.

    The current CR expires April 8th – If Obama uses his re-election campaign kickoff to really hammer the frame that the teaparty is cheerleading for a shutdown it could be what is needed to avert it.

    I hope Plouffe has ads ready including footage where Fox anchors and guests and teabaggers are calling for a shutdown. They can’t blame the Dems when they’ve publicly been pining for it.

  100. Karma is such a sweet beeyotch.

    gos has a wrecklist diary asking everyone to boycott huffin’ puffin’ post because their progressive queen, arianna thumbed her nose at her naive and stupid bloggers.

    How many poutrage diaries were posted at gos after the chest thumping dkos ‘progressives’ being nose-led by arianna ….

  101. I don’t think it will be as rough as 2008. But the frustrati (far left loons) don’t represent the base. They are the same people who rally around a washed up loser like Ralph Nader.

    Obama and his team will be highly organized on the ground level to turn up the vote just like 2008.

  102. No Primary Challenger? Wow who knew(snark)!

    No Democrat has the guts to be the President’s floor mop which is what they will be if they think about trying to challenge him. But, my question is why aren’t all of these loud mouth liberals considering challenging him? Of course we know the answer, I just wish that Fauxgressives would.

    The President’s numbers with young voters has risen from last year up to 55% according to a recent poll. Fauxgressives can jump on the ‘O Train,’ or sit on the sidelines.

  103. OT

    Museum of London collecting cuts protest placards that were held in recent demonstrations against the con government of UK.

    Organiser Guy Atkins said the idea was to give demonstrators the chance to influence how history remembers them.


    Contrast this with that NH punk of a governor who removed the labor mural from the … labor department.

  104. US government won’t do anything overt like an arrest – that’s what the loon wants. They’ll sic the IRS on him, and make his life a living hell, along with anybody who associates with him.

    He’s making a lot of CIA spooks lives much harder in Afghanistan – I wouldn’t go out of my way to piss them folks off either.

    But I mean this loon’s antics are piggybacked on Rep. King’s Muslim witchhunt in Congress, with the Right and Fox News’s constant demonetization of Islam – they’re getting what they want it seems. They want a religious war and for Afghanistan to go up in flames to then cackle that Obama blew it.

  105. Totally agree, SR. That is Rove’s strategy. Best example of it was when Rove used John Kerry’s military service AGAINST him. I still remember the “purple heart” bandaids they handed out at the GOP convention in NY. Seeing GOPers who never served in the military openly mock a man who earned Purple Heart medals for valor in battle clearly illustrated the lack of shame of the GOP. Of course the MSM gave them a pass. Could you imagine the OUTRAGE if a democratic candidate made light of McCain being a POW?

  106. Its the republicans that give the govt a bad name. When they are in charge, they invade into peoples lives and they use govt to do it!
    And when they are NOT in charge, they scream big bad govt, and people beleive them!

    Quite a paradox!

  107. Herman Cain says that he is a “Real black man”.

    While Fox news continues with the racism saying that it’s too bad that Obama is the first African American president.

    They can’t help their racisn.

  108. I wonder if he was put up to it! POTUS should respond to this incident, in kind. Then again, He can’t, remember, most republicans think he is a MUSLIM! Jeees!

  109. Tori,
    The most vocal is Weiner, and he is leading the most recent polls to be the next NYC mayor! HMMM!
    Oh, and voters in NYC DO NOT want spitzer as their Mayor! LOL!

  110. That’s right amk. When you lie with dogs you get fleas. They were quick to embrace her when they thought she was on “their” side, attacking the President. Little did they know she was doing the dirty work of the GOP and is beholden to and loyal to no one but her greedly, ugly self, and the GOP corporatists whom she serves.

  111. Jovie the MSM is not reporting the news. Instead, the MSM is attempting to SHAPE the news/reality. It is propaganda, pure and simple. Everything is “good news” for the GOP and “bad news” for Pres. Obama. In the real world, the GOP has done absolutely nothing to endear themselves with the Latino community. There was a very recent poll that found that young people love Pres. Obama. Sounds to me that Mr. Todd was trying to counter this actual news with some pro-RW propaganda. Someone should ask him if Pres. Obama is so weak why hasn’t the GOP come up with a candidate to challenge his reelection.

  112. This almost makes me want to go over there and take a look, but I will resist and won’t give them the damn click!

    (But I do love the disarray. They are so surprisingly not-too-bright).

  113. I noticed the same comments about Alan Keyes on some of his videos, some posters were talking about how Alan Keyes should be the REAL first black President… and then they bitch about the “race card” whenever the racial bullshit about President Obama from the hard right is pointed out!

    Just the fact that the Republicans nominated and elected a black man to the RNC and are now running a black man for POTUS not only shows how racist they are, but how unoriginal they are.

    The Democrats ran Hillary for President in the primaries, then the Republicans ran Sarah Palin for Vice President.

    Obama becomes President, and the Republicans nominate and elect Michael Steele as RNC Chairman, before soundly throwing him under the bus for another white man.

    They’ll exploit Hermain Cain for all he’s worth, then toss him under the bus with Steele.

  114. I just saw this over at Chipsticks site and just had to share the emotion these young people felt when the President visited Georgetown University recently. 🙂

  115. There is no fool like an educated fool. For all their chest-thumping “we are a reality based community” slogan, their stupidity and naivete is really unreal.

  116. I still go there to mock at them, call them names etc. to show the saner elements there how bat-shit crazy is the dkos ‘progressive’ hate group is. If I change at least one mind, I am happy.

  117. I noticed this about a lot of the “progressives:” their attacks are based off of right wing smears.

    Back in 2008, George W. Bush and the Republicans called Barack Obama an appeaser and compared him to Neville Chamberlain because Obama wanted to have diplomatic relations as opposed to the cowboy foreign diplomacy that Bush had.

    Come last winter, the “progressives” called President Obama an appeaser and compared him to Neville Chamberlain because Obama worked out a deal over the tax cuts/UEI extention. They went hard right to smear the President, yet they still claim to be representing the “angry left.”

    Radicals, the lot of them!

  118. Arianna: The Huffington Post is not a ‘lefty’ publication anymore.

    In a recent interview with The New York Times, Arianna Huffington revealed a bit of news that’s not likely to show up on The Huffington Post’s front page any time soon: the site is no longer “lefty” in its political bent.

    That will likely come as a surprise to the massive audience of Democrats and liberals The Huffington Post has attracted over the years, who’ve turned the site into a powerful voice for progressive values and one of the largest online publications going.

    Speaking to New York Times reporter Andrew Goldman, Huffington said that for the last three years she has been walking the post-partisan talk.

    “The tag line that we’ve used a lot is ‘Beyond left and right,'” she reportedly said.

    The Times’ writer fired back, suggesting that she was “trying to tell me that Smurfs aren’t blue” by claiming that The Huffington Post was not founded as a “lefty” publication.

    “I’m just telling you that it is very clear that we have progressive views, but to call everything we’re doing lefty — it misses the whole point that American policy needs to be redefined beyond left and right,” she reportedly said. “It’s a completely obsolete view of politics.”

    “Still, I’m amazed you’re trying to tell me that The Huffington Post wasn’t started as a lefty blog?” Goldman asked.


  119. I know it’s really sad.

    It’s seems like Conservatives can’t come to grips with the fact that their party is not diverse and the majority of minorities reject their racist backwards ideas.

    If they were a sensible Republican party like back in the old days then it would be a different story.

    And Herman Cain is a washed up old fool. He actually thinks that Jim Crow segregation was not bad because the water from the black water fountain was the same as the white one. What a loon !

  120. The radicals at least believed in something, rightly or wrongly. Majority of dkos self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ are nut-jobs and are only comparable to the tea-baggers.

  121. I agree with you on this rebuttal of the charges. There are over 500 Congress people in the House and the Senate. Many of them have taken shots at the President for performing the act of governing, making compromises, trying to move this country forward. Several of them have attacked him personally, questioning his values and intentions. Several have also criticized him by calling him weak and characterizing him as “caving” when he’s been willing to compromise to make progress, as though the Congress people in question don’t understand the nature of governing, and the need for compromise, in a two party democracy. I certainly don’t buy the claim that both parties are not to blame for the impasse on the budget negotiations – we all know that the Republican position is to do as much harm as possible, while protecting special interests. But the Democrats are weakly defending the cuts they are willing to make, and the reason why they oppose the Republican draconian cuts. One can’t expect President Obama to make every single case for Democratic principles, and also expect him to take the fall for compromising to move the country forward. That’s just unfair. The President has made his priorities clear. He submitted his budget. He formed a deficit committee when congress refused to do their job. He’s pursued private industry to particpiate in moving his agenda forward when Congress has refused to act. I cannot abide a charge that he must also prop up Democrats who can’t fight for what they purport to believe in as a party philosophy, all the while watching them attack this President daily for living those values. 535 people are in Congress, and it’s their job to write and pass legislation. They are failing. Plain and simple.

  122. So, Bill Mahers close last night on his show, was when will obama come out in favor of Gay Marriage?
    Really Bill? Is that all you got? Seeing how under this President, his civil rights legislation has moved gay rights FORWARD, NOT BACKWARDS!

  123. If POTUS declares he is running on Monday and files with the FEC, it would be political suicide for ANY Democrat to run a primary challenge.

    The economy is improving, jobs are being added, and unemployment is slowly going down. Why would ANY Democrat want to get rid of all of that by running a primary against POTUS and allowing a Republican to win in 2012?

    A primary challenge would be a waste of money and a baseless act of symbolism. All of the names I’ve seen tossed around would NOT win in the general election: Dennis Kucinich, Alan Grayson, Anthony Wiener, Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean, Elisabeth Warren, Batman, Underdog (OK I tossed the last two in, but you get my point ;-))

    And that’s another thing I don’t get: I thought that the radicals on the left supported grass roots activism, so why are they advocating change from the TOP as opposed to the bottom up? putting President Kucinich, Grayson, Wiener, Sanders, Dean, or Warren in office wouldn’t change a thing, except you’d have people in the Oval Office who wouldn’t understand how to connect with people in Washington to get things done.

    Carter, Clinton, yes even Reagan and both Bushes knew how to connect to people to get things done. Obama knows how to connect to people. The only people that Kucinich et. all know how to connect to live on blogs 24/7 and live their lives through Ed Shultz, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Greenwald and the rest of them. And last time I checked, a good fraction of America doesn’t care what TV pundits have to say… heck more people are watching American Idol or Jersey Shore as opposed to hearing loudmouth Ed rant and rave about how POTUS needs to be primaried.

  124. Everything the President does while President is going to serve as campaigning or fundraising. If I am watching one person pursue the best for the country, make complex decisions, manage a recovery, push for higher goals in education and innovation, meet people and garner their support simply for being who he is – and I contrast that with a pool of losers who focus on “birther” scandals, playing adolescent games, jockeying for the crazy vote… well, I’d want to send my money to the one who actually looks and acts like a President, versus the joker. He doesn’t have to do anything more than he’s been doing for the last two years. What does he always say – “good policy is good politics”.

  125. I also heard his pizza chain is not that successful… a lot of them closed down, and the pizza is just like the pizza from my elementary school: cardboard mixed with cheese.

  126. I find it very amusing that now first thing Monday Morning the talking heads will be forced to talk about President Obama’s reelection campaign, once again President Obama dictating the news. It seems as though there are two different conversations taking place, one in which President Obama talks to the American people, and the other is the talking heads talking to the Republican party.

  127. Arianna is once again lying, the Huff and Puff post was NEVER a “lefty” blog.

    She, along with Andrew Brietbart began the blog, and as we all know, Brietbart is far from a “lefty.”

    If Arianna were truly honest, she’d admit she never stopped being a Republican and that she exploited liberals and pulled the wool over their eyes for profit… only in a perfect world.

  128. hmmm, i think this video is from last year, if you go by the youtube comments.

  129. He don’t have to approve of gay marriage, acknowledging it as a right is what has done and thats all he needs to do.

  130. I’m not sure its the “official site” but a supportive site none the less.

    I believe the offical site will be up once he actually launches his re-election campaign next week.

  131. BWD, great idea. I will definitely be looking for it tomorrow. Thanks for all you do>>

  132. Its funny how no other President has considered their rights, but the one that does they bash. I don’t get.

  133. Someone called into one of these radio shows last week to make the same points on President Carter. They mentioned that Carter was a man before his time, and that the American people weren’t ready for him and his messages about the environment and peace. They also stated that the peace accord that President Carter signed in the Middle East is still in effect, all these years later.

  134. B/C the far left talking heads have noone to criticize right now, except for the president.
    I gotta say, if you were a republican, and wanting to run, would you not wait until the last possible moment, b/c of the rabid press?!
    I mean, they must be ready to pounce on the GOP candidates! Just saying!

  135. People still maintaining the disreputable rag was started as a lefty blog with the help of that breitbart scum ? Their CD is pitiable.

  136. You mean – 200 people, including the 100 lawmakers and so-called “journalists”. The whole thing is a joke.

    Stephanie Miller was reading out an article on Friday, but I couldn’t catch the name of the journalist. The article was calling out Boehner and the apparent bullying he’s receiving from the tea party as an elaborate fraud. It mentioned something about Boehner using the tea party as a cover for inaction, and a useful scapegoat that he can point to when budget talks fail. The article implied that this is all a smoke and mirrors thing, and that Boehner’s calculated “victimhood” should not be underestimated. I only caught a part of the segment, and I’ve been looking for the article to read the whole analysis.

  137. And the funny thing is, I see posters over there boasting about “clinging to their principles” and criticizing “centrist/BlueDog/DLC Democrats” and collecting favs at the bottom of their posts from other narcissists for “calling it like it is.”

    It’s become a place where the unpopular kids hang out, bullies from both sides of the aisle. And there are a few sane folks like me who try and call out the bullshit, but end up saying “fuck it” because narcissism is what runs that site.

    I also find it telling how the posters over there who call themselves “liberals” use name calling and emotion to explain their views. In their eyes, President Obama is a right wing, DLC, corporatist bankster Republican and his supporters are “Obamabots.” That sounds a lot more like rhetoric from the right wing… in actuality, they are more aligned with the right wing than they are with the left.

    And Arianna essentially admitted that fact, but I bet you won’t be seeing it posted on her blog… unless she’s found a way to blame President Obama for it 😉

  138. President Obama has done more for gays than any other president. Yet they still attack him on gay issues.

    Bill Maher is a racist hack and a idiot. I will never forget his remarks about how Obama was not acting black because he was not acting like Suge knight. Yeah because all black people act or should act like criminals and America would love a criminal as president.

  139. Bill Mahar is just another example on why pundits/comedians would not be good at running a country.

    I thought a lot of George W. Bush’s flub-ups were funny, but he nearly destroyed this country and damn near sent it over the edge of the cliff.

  140. Aw, do we really *have* to use Facebook?? I’m with PJ — I just don’t trust it, to be honest. And it *overwhelms* me. {:^\

    Does the OFA website link to Facebook?? ::sigh:: I’ll grit my teeth and deal with Facebook if I *have* to — to campaign for Obama.

    Btw, I’ll have to follow WSY on twitter. Thanks for the tip. And will you guys look for me on twitter? I use the same moniker.

  141. There’s a bit too much mention of that quitter from Alaska on that Facebook page, though.

  142. Thank you Pamela. I had forgotten about the budget shirkers. They are dissing the president by stating that it is up to him.

    You have got it right, they do not want to take responsibility. But guess who they will want campaigning with them in 2012.
    He will be there for them.

    This always brings me back to the reality of politics. When they do these little hits at PBO, they are feeding their constituents. It always comes back to votes. Do they not realize they may be hurting PBOs chances of being reelected. After all if his own party is going after him, what kind of a man must he be.

    This seems very important to me.

  143. Judging by all the increasingly silly noise coming from the most intense partisans on the left and right, the majority of Americans will be thanking God for the calm, competent pragmatism so elegantly embodied by President Obama. 🙂 Seriously, I believe that by election time 2012, it’ll be obvious to even the MOST low-attention moderate/independent voters that Obama is, as BWD aptly describes him, the “only adult in the room.”

    That said, I’m hopeful that Congressional Democratic candidates can make good use of the opportunities that’ll be present at that time. (1) There should be a decent amount of voter backlash (state-level and fed-level) for the cruel and stupid GOP agenda of tax cuts for corps and wealthy while cutting programs for sick/poor during a f*cking RECESSION, and (2) Obama’s coattails should be fairly long due to his ability to speak right to the heart of voters’ worries, versus GOP’s threadbare culture-war-fear-and-loathing boilerplate.

  144. Tori, I like your reference to the O-Train, I am onboard, and have been ever since it left the station.

    Also, from a clever poster at TOD, The O-Team not the NO-Team.

  145. By the way, seeing that picture in this post – this is one of my favorite moments of this Presidency (and there are many!). Watching the President and Vice President walk off arm in arm the night of the HCR vote, after they looked so meaningfully into each other’s eyes at the end – that was amazing and heart-felt. And the walking off together arm in arm really showed what they have come to mean to each other. That was a really nice moment.

  146. Jovie, they intend to betray our trust in government, it serves there ultimate goals.
    They should just rename themselves, TTP, the treason party.

  147. Nintendo, I was about to reply with something similar, re Alan Keys. I remember watching a video of one of his debates with Obama (from 04) where he insinuated that he (Keys) was more ‘authentically’ African America than Obama, and therefore should be taken more seriously (than Sen Obama)when it came to his opinion on Black social issues. You could tell that Obama was very irritated by Key’s tactic. But that is what the GOP wants to do; pit minorities against each other while they continue to step on all of them regardless of political background. I also remember how Keys was virtually shut out of the 08 GOP debates during the primaries. They do not respect him, and I doubt that they respect Herman Cain. Sadly, These sell outs like Keys and Cain are so desperate for social/political/corporate approval and personal gain that they allow themselves to be used and thrown away by clever but bigoted political operatives.

  148. HuffPo has always been a variation of the Drudge Report. At one point, it positioned itself as the anti-Drudge- a supposedly left-leaning version of his conservative leaning site. Now, it is simply a bigger version of Drudge with no pretense of political or journalistic integrity.

  149. Hmmm….for some reason, I just got a visual of the Looney Tunes cartoon where Sylvester the cat is hanging precariously from a high rise by one paw, and Tweety Bird comes over ans starts lifting up the cat’s “fingers” one by one. Meanwhile Sylvester’s sweating hard, trying to keep clinging to that wall…

  150. I stopped going to Huff 2 years ago because it was looking too much like The New York Post and would leave me angry every time I left the site. Then I heard her started using that “beyond left and right” garbage to explain her criticism of Obama and suspected that she was a phony. I’m quite happy to see my suspicions confirmed. Sorry it took so long for others to see the same thing.

    And she’s not fooling anyone with that black section either.

  151. I don’t get it. Obama said he will stop defending parts of DOMA. He also said he believes its unconstitutional. People act like the obstacle they need to get over is Obama. Give Obama a bill that repeals DOMA and he will sign it. No hesitation. The problem is congress and even a few conservative Dems in the senate.


  152. I am thinking that we all should start collecting video comments by the ugly teabaggers even those in congress and contrasting to PBO accomplishments (the spitting at the hcr vote by teabaggers and ending with PBO and FLOTUS on inauguration day or the signing of the ACA bill.

  153. I do not think we can assume that any of those commenters are democrats on the left. As we all know there are hundreds of PAID bloggers for the right out there to soil each democratic site. I really do not accept any of them as legit.

  154. I really wonder if this crazy minister can be charged here in this country for inciting a riot and causing murders. Isn’t there a law about yelling fire in a crowded theatre knowing it will cause injury. I wish the FBI would come and arrest every guilty one of them.

  155. Thank you Dorothy.

    Here’s a little note I sent to the WH this afternoon:

    Good afternoon Mr President,

    “Yes.We.Can.” – was, and remains a powerfully motivating and unifying theme.

    Similarly, “Change we can believe in,” resonated with many.

    While “Winning the Future” has some obvious, implicitly positive messages, it is much less personal, and whenever one speaks of ‘winning’ the reality is, someone is the loser.

    As you move into your re-election process, I’m sure many far cleverer than I will ever be have offered, and maybe already have settled on the meme for your 2012 campaign.

    That said, as I was on a long walk today, the simple theme of “More, Together” emerged as something I’d like for you to consider.

    It emerged as I kept repeating to myself “Yes.We.Can” … “Yes.We.Can” and realized the operative verb implied was/is “DO.”

    That led to “do what” … well — “More, Together.”

    And, we certainly do have much more to accomplish, together.

    Thank you for your persistent leadership,

  156. Many of those “disenchanted ones” are actually RW paid bloggers (concern trolls) whose assignment has been for over two years now to depress Obama’s base. Ignore Huff and Fluff. Help make it irrelevant.

  157. Thanks for taking the time to do this. It is important. I like your concept for the campaign slogan. Maybe WTF will only be part of it.
    You are a very enthusiastic and true supporter of the president.

  158. This is all part of the right and left’s usual dysfunctional pattern of trying to make every and anything about President Obama. I would ask these fools, “So DOMA only came into existence after Jan 20 2009?”

  159. Judy,
    Where are you? I’m in Azalea.
    I attended a day of OFA/DPO training in Medford, and we are hosting some more training in Roseburg 28 April.


  160. I don’t think it is either an official site, but I do want to start collecting supportive 2012 sites that are out there in preparation for the campaign.

  161. im nervous. I do believe He is going to WIN, but i am still very nervous. This time around it all means even more to me. Its more important than the first time. Its BIGGER than the first time. IM FIRRED UP AND READY TO GO. SO LETS GO. OBAMA12

    Office of the Press Secretary

    April 2, 2011

    Readout of the President’s Calls Today to Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Reid on Ongoing Budget Negotiations

    Today, the President made separate calls to Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Reid to discuss the ongoing negotiations on the Continuing Resolution.

    The President made clear that we all understand the need to cut spending, and highlighted the progress that has been made to agree to all work off the same number – $73 billion in spending cuts in this year alone. The President said that he has instructed his team to continue to work hard over the weekend with the appropriators to help reach resolution on the composition of those cuts, and reiterated our opposition to cuts that will undermine our economic growth, job creation, and our ability to win the future. He also made clear that we continue to oppose efforts to use this process to further an ideological agenda on issues that have nothing at all to do with reducing spending or reducing the deficit.

    Read more: http://thepage.time.com/2011/04/02/non-stop-budget-push/#ixzz1IPLPKFo2

  163. Thank you, Dorothy, for the very big LOL that I had with your “Maybe WTF …” comment!!!

    And, thank you for kind remark.

  164. I am glad a lot of readers are already engaged with OFA.

    Everybody has to get engaged, now! This is all-hands-on-deck time. Get yourself to an OFA training session, get active, with friends, on social media, and work as hard for President Obama as he has for you. Rest in November, 2012. (Back to work in December, though…..)

    The Republicans will do everything they can to destroy him. They have the money, the hatred, and all the tools of deceit and deception that they have honed over the years.

    Come back to BWD now and again to refresh yourselves, but, for our country’s sake, take your energy OUTSIDE, now!

    Start here:


  165. Does anyone remember how interminable W’s first 4 years were? Obama’s 4 years have just flown by.

  166. Dorothy,

    I don’t think the average voter is paying attention to all this needling of the President. I think back to the Lame Duck session when there was a compromise on the tax cut extension and Obama’s handling of that situation, which included well-defined compromise, was hugely popular with voters. Voters want compromise, not matter what some in congress say or what the radicals on a couple useless blogs say.

  167. It seems as though our ex-BFF over at DK are going to the mattresses on HuffPuff, hilarity will surely ensue.

  168. Jovie – AAs will NEVER leave this President. Wee have his back. Period. All this stuff is “noise”. If Arianna wants to spend good money trying to “create” a rift, have at it.

    Spend that money honey.

  169. Thank you Lorraine! I hope all who are able will get into the contributing mode because as they say in politics, early money is like yeast!

    OFA and local Dem clubs are already organizing and meeting and registering new voters!

    Fired Up! Ready to go!

  170. I understand that Dennis may be the target of redistricting in Ohio. Someone from Ohio would know better, though.

  171. These are the same people who brought us the Latinos will not vote for African American story line in 2008. It was false then and is false now. Latinos and African Americans vote for the candidate who understands their concerns and who proposes an agenda that responds effectively.

    In local races Latinos and African American have for years voted for each other. I found this article in the National Journal to be quite interesting.


  172. Thank you Bobfr and Dorothy for your comments. I think you are correct in this thinking. Did you all listen to President Obama’s remarks at the dedication to Ronald H. Brown building ceremong in New York last week. His remarks about Ronald Brown being a leader was right on. Most people in the audience at first probably thought he was there talking about himself,,but he went on to describe what a leader really is however, he was constantly citing the things that had just taken place that week that he had to do, and he summed his tribute in that framework, and it ended up being all about Ron Brown..a true leader. It was powerful. I feel Plouffe and others with the President are doing the same here.. frame it first, but let it point back to a real leader, our POTUS. Great!!

  173. Yeah funny that 40 % of Republicans think he is a secret muslim while calling him a black christian theologian because he went to Rev. Wright’s church.

    But logic does not apply with conservatives.

  174. Thank you Pamela and Dorothy for your comments. I do not think that the President is not communicating well, I think that we have been programed and maybe not having great listening skills for this communicator. We have not had a President with this type of intellect since Kennedy speaking to the American people. So I think as we continue to develop our listening skills and become better receivers from the transmittor the message will be clear for many of us. President Obama is a heavy thinker and communicator, but I feel that a lot of us may be a little timid as listeners thus he comes across as not a good communicator. Not true for me. I do believe that with regards to the respect and keeping together as a unified unit, many in the party do not support his back. I concur, Nancy Pelosi has disagreed with POTUS, BUT she has always shown him respect. I do believe also the MSM knows that a lot of us have not been good listeners for the past eight years, so they frame the message of our messager in their light, not his. But I do believe that the President has read his audience, and he is still ready to fight his fight. We must be there to commit to him. He does not yell at us, but so many of the words he uses are really screaming. I hate what we have allowed the lazy media to do to our minds so now that we have a great communicator, it difficult to keep up with him. But I believe the President is on to them, and he will take his time and teach us with the skills that he knows will move his audience. We are going to be better listeners going forward, I believe. We must in order to win again in 2012, which we will. I love it when we express ourselves and see how we can help each other and our POTUS to come together. We will do this.

  175. Zizi, I was thinking the same thing. Great. I see the President speaking to Plouffe, Valarie, Ax, and Daley saying this exact thing. Now is the time for me to use my leadership accomplishments to frame the debate. This is what excellent leadership does as oppose to what “they ” have done. Listen to me now America. See, I do not have a case of amnesia. Ok. Very smart President. I love how our President thinks. We are going to be just fine, so let us stick with him.

  176. No, they are made at Arianna for selling huff-Puff for 315 million to AOL and leaving them twisting in the wind. Huff-Puff doesn’t even hide its disdain for President Obama anymore, kinda like DK. So now those two sites are reduced to fighting each other to see who wins the Obama sucks sweepstakes.

  177. Just a quick side comment. First, I fully support the idea of a brain storming thread that always has a link on the side. Donna, that was inspired.

    Secondly, I may be wrong, but is seems like in the pat 2-3 days I have seen a lot of people showing up for the first time. I don’t know how many have been lurkers and just started commenting and how many for some reaqson just found us. To all of those people, I give a big welcome. This is a place to be open, to praise, to vent sometimes, but most of all, to have civil discussions about what is happening. You can even disagree with the President, but no personal attacks allowed.

    My point is that I think this site is growing and over the next year will be mighty important in the elections. I really don’t think BWD expected this to happen, but she deserves everything good that can happen for her.

  178. A good Rachel show on how President Obama can win in 2012 because Fire Fighters and Policeman are now in our camp thanks to Scott Walker in WI and Kasich in Ohio and other Republican Governors.

  179. LP, I respect your feelings, I just don’t think the dems have had this presidents back. They seem to only speak out when it’s against him and never for him. He doesn’t do them like that.

  180. Somewhere along the way I missed what “Sole Patrol” means. To what group does it refer?

  181. The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Agriculture are using Recovery funding options for an array of green energy projects throughout the country. DOE has designated $90 billion in Recovery funds and loan guarantees for projects that focus on energy efficiency and, in particular, renewable or clean power sources. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated $273 million for infrastructure improvements that include installing new or additional renewable energy sources on USDA property.


  182. Hello, I am Sam and I am new. How is everyone here? Thank you BWD for this chance.

  183. I think one good way to “get in shape” for 2012 is to get involved in state and local 2011 elections. These are usually the elections for various levels of the judiciary, county commissioners, city councils, schools boards and a lot of county row offices–not sexy, but important for building up Democratic muscle locally. Campaigning for these offices is a chance to build up a good rapport with voters, register new ones and get to know who the activists are in your area. While you’re out and about working on them, you can build trust, generate enthusiasm for the president and chat about his positive impact. If nothing else, it’s a good way to find out what people’s perceptions are right now, so we can can be better prepared to deal with them in 2012. I think it builds up a lot of good will if voters know you enough to be comfortable when you knock on their doors. We’re all going to have the biggest impact in our local neighborhoods, so I think now’s the time to quietly lay the groundwork without the pressure of the big stakes presidential race.

  184. Interesting. But I don’t know how that benefits Boehner – he’d come off looking weak and ineffective as a leader.

  185. hey chuck, remember “first they came for communists…” saying.

    A republican union is the oxymoron-est of all times.

  186. WooooooEEEEEE!!!! Can’t wait for that cold nov day when I can vote (most likely early vote) again for the greatest president of my lifetime. President Barack Obama!!!!! #OBAMAROUND2 ❤

  187. Hi Japa! I think as many of spread the word about BWD’s site, many people will breathe with relief at finding a positive and rational site!!

    Although I don’t get to post as much, I still make it point to click and catch up by speed reading wonderful news. I assume there are many like me, who enjoy reading, but may not have as much time to comment.

  188. March 29, 2011

    Department of Energy Launches “America’s Next Top Energy Innovator”
    Cuts Upfront Patent Licensing Costs and Challenges entrepreneurs to Commercialize Technologies from the National Laboratories

    Boston, MA – As part of the Obama Administration’s Startup America Initiative, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced the “America’s Next Top Energy Innovator” challenge, which will give start-up companies the opportunity to license groundbreaking technologies developed by the National Laboratories for $1,000 and build successful businesses. As part of this effort, the Department is reducing both the cost and paperwork requirements for start-up companies to obtain an option agreement to license some of the 15,000 patents and patent applications held by our 17 National Laboratories.


  189. California passes clean energy bill:

    The Senate passed the legislation in February, and Governor Brown is expected to sign the bill.

    How big a deal is it? Well, according to Peter Miller, a senior scientist at NRDC, “As a result of the RPS program, renewable energy generation in California in 2020 will be roughly equal to total current U.S. renewable generation, and supply enough clean energy to power nearly 9 million homes” or, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, drive 3 million cars.

    Supporters say the aggressive standard could generate roughly 500,000 new green collar jobs in the next several decades.

    UCS energy analyst Laura Wisland took the opportunity to remind nudge the federal government to boost clean energy.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/green/detail?entry_id=85965#ixzz1IQMd5hxz

  190. Excellent insights, HZ. Yes, it was a moving tribute to Ron Brown, as was President Clinton’s tribute to both Ron Brown and recognition of the outstanding leadership of President Obama.

    Thank you

  191. I believe I read somewhere that Nate Silver had PBO’s polling with white voters going up by 3% based on the fact he’s not the scary non-white other anymore, but they “know him” know and will feel more comfortable voting for him.

    I think the GOP is comfortable in stoking racial divisions because they have an ace in the hole with Jeb Bush for 2016. Jeb can sell himself as the racial uniter, getting past the Republican race baiting of the past given he’s married to a Mexican-American with three bi-racial children.

    Dems will have to attack him on the point he was silent on the issue when the GOP was running on it. How can he be a national leader, when he wouldn’t speak out against it because his party was benefiting from it.

  192. LOL!

    “purity puff-pieces of preening peacocks.”

    That’s too funny, and so true!

  193. I missed the definition, too, but from what I can gather, it’s the African American group that spends their days and nights attacking the President. Most of them have talk shows on radio or TV. Of course, I stand to be corrected.

  194. I think Huffington Post is heavily infiltrated by republican trolls who pose as “progressives”. The vocabulary is often very similar to the right wing talking points. Just sayin’…

  195. Announcement dates for 2008 campaign:
    (all dates are formal announcement unless otherwise indicated)

    Obama Feb 20
    Clinton Jan 20 (form exploratory committee)

    McCain April 25
    Huckabee Jan 28
    Guliani Feb 15
    Hunter Jan 25
    Ron Paul Mar 12
    Romney Feb 13
    Thompson Sep 5

    Announcement dates for 2004 campaign:

    Bush May 16

    Dean Jun 23
    Kucinich Feb 19
    Clark Sep 17
    Edwards Sep 16
    Gephart Jan 14
    Lieberman Jan 13
    Kerry Jan 2

  196. Thank you Bobfr for another excellent comment! I totally agree with everything you said.

  197. I completely agree with you Saint Roscoe! It is absolutely crucial that we focus as much attention and energy on electing a majority Democratic Congress (both in the House and the Senate) as we do on re-electing President Obama. If we simply focus on re-electing the President and neglect the Congress, President Obama will not be able to build on the progress he made, in his first two years, when Democrats controlled the Congress. As much as I love and respect President Obama, I don’t think he would have accomplished very much without the great Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and the unfairly maligned Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

  198. That’s really great Judy. I think, based on the time I spent in your state in the sixties, many Oregonians are some of the most decent, thoughtful and reasonable people, regardless of their party affiliations, in the the United States.

  199. “My point is that I think this site is growing and over the next year will be mighty important in the elections.”

    Could not agree with you more, Japa.

    And, I think everyone visiting BWD’s place should not only enjoy – many times – during the next 19 months, but reflect on the messages in this video, and share those messages with everyone they know, because 2008 was a big deal for America (and humanity) but 2012 is going to be a much bigger deal for every person on this planet and preserving the ecosystem, itself, for future generations:

    “More, Together”

  200. Precisely, ‘tulips’!

    When AG Holder announced the DoJ would not proceed with defense of DOMA, DOMA died.

    That is one emphatic, and remarkably clear indications of just how willing President Obama – the person – is capable of deep personal reflection and transformation.

    That anyone truly committed to the rights of each person to bond with the person they love, irrespective of gender, could miss, let alone whine about what a loving transformation of a person, let alone the President of the USA, that represents, is an indication of their personal pathology, and nothing more.

    The day AG Holder made that announcement was one of the most profound days for human rights in the history of this Nation and humanity.


  201. Bravo, Joe.

    Yes, put all the energy everyone has into OFA.

    But, bring that energy to our community here at BWD, because we will all need this community to refresh, encourage, and sustain our passion between now and President Obama’s re-election victory in Nov 2012.

    Thank you.

  202. Thank you so much Donna for this important post. I think your plan is terrific and I will try to emulate it. We really have to be proactive in spreading the truth about President Obama. One of the ways we can do that is to urge people to check out this site and other reality based sites that will provide them with factual news about the President’s accomplishments.

    Again, I thank you very much for this wonderful advice that all of us who support the President can begin to focus on. Clearly this blog and others, as well as the various polls, are evidence that we are the real base of the Democratic party. It is time for us to aggressively show our support for the President and the Democratic party.

  203. NLinStPaul, I read your excellent post on your blog about the changing demographics. The Republicans have been pursuing two strategies to counter this demographic development: first, they’ve been trying to increase white voter turn out by scaring white people about the President not being an American; second, they’ve also concentrated on employing tactics that focus on making it difficult for nonwhites to vote. There is another strategy that opponents of the President think might be successful: that is the strategy of dividing the Democratic party.

  204. hehe..From my twitter timeline:

    RT @IRONNUMA: Republicans have Trump and Sarah Palin. Obama’s thinking I could walk the rose garden on national TV with my shlong out and beat those two.

  205. Very well said Pam! All we need to do Is “organize, organize and organize.” Personally I’ve decided that my time and energy is better spent recruiting open minded people to support the President than trying to argue with close minded haters of the President.

    Any one who thinks that the multi-millionaire, Arianna Huffington, who just sold the Huff Post to a major corporation, is a voice of the anti-corporatist progressives, is beyond redemption.

  206. I just looked at it and it’s already been hijacked by republican trolls. Not going there, that’s for sure. Some “Marty Henderson” is spewing all kinds of hateful talk, unless he was being sarcastic. Even so, it’s not for me. This is the best site to be on, ever.

  207. I wish I knew what exactly makes one a “Real black man.” I don’t know much about Herman Cain. But I know a great deal about Justice Clarence Thomas who never misses a chance to join in Supreme Court decisions that undermine the rights, and progress, of African Americans. I also know a great deal about Alan Keys who, during the Reagan Administration, was a vocal supporter of the Apartheid policies of South Africa that supported the so called “Bantustans.”

  208. So true. Since I became a citizen in 2009, I have voted 4 times, and in each case for a Democrat. It really starts at the local level and then on up.

  209. Well done, Betsy. I hate people who are too lazy (intellectually or physically) to vote.

  210. Im a super lurk. I love this place it helps me keep mu sanity while im going to bat for the president in all of the blogs that always bash him and are determoned to undermine his presidency, such as the despcable Cenk Uygur’s TYT. But I am syre there are plenty of people out there that are flies on the wall if this beatiful home that BWD has set up. Thank you again BWD and all of the posters for creating this beautiful enviornment that this place is.

  211. Energy investment has been passed during Obama’s term. There was over 85 billion dollars of it in the Stimulus Bill. If you count High Speed Rail and infrastructure repair its even higher.

  212. charlie sheen live show bombs

    Actor Charlie Sheen was booed off stage by fans on the first night of his Violent Torpedo Of Truth: Defeat Is Not An Option one-man show in Detroit.

    The former Two And A Half Men star had initially been greeted with rapturous applause, but fans reportedly began to walk out within 15 minutes.

    Sheen had promised to tell “the real story”, but critics said he instead gave “a series of nonsensical rants”.

    The show ended after an hour when Sheen failed to return after a musical break.

    Entertainment Weekly described the show as an “unmitigated disaster”.

    “The padded and disjointed show was a hodgepodge of video clips and Sheen-isms that felt hastily assembled and misjudged the patience of even the hardest of hardcore fans,” it said.


    I never could understand the appeal of that stupid show. From the few shows I happened to catch when I travel, it denigrates women by portraying them as mindless sex objects and with the constant put downs of that kid. Bleh…

  213. Navigate: POLITICO David Catanese Hahn wins majority, but not state party endorsement Main Content
    Hahn wins majority, but not state party endorsement – David Catanese: Hahn wins majority, but not state party endorsementApril 02, 2011
    Categories:House races
    Hahn wins majority, but not state party endorsement
    Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn failed to win the state Democratic Party endorsement Saturday but she won a symbolic victory by capturing a majority of the vote ahead of a May special election for a vacant southern California congressional seat.

    Hahn secured more than 57 percent of delegate support at the Saturday state party endorsing caucus– just short of the 60 percent threshold needed to win the endorsement. Secretary of State Debra Bowen, her top opponent, received over 39 percent.


    I hope she wins!

  214. The president’s statement:

    “Today, the American people honor those who were lost in the attack on the United Nations in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. Once again, we extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those who were killed, and to the people of the nations that they came from. The desecration of any holy text, including the Koran, is an act of extreme intolerance and bigotry. However, to attack and kill innocent people in response is outrageous, and an affront to human decency and dignity. No religion tolerates the slaughter and beheading of innocent people, and there is no justification for such a dishonorable and deplorable act. Now is a time to draw upon the common humanity that we share, and that was so exemplified by the UN workers who lost their lives trying to help the people of Afghanistan.”

  215. According to Christianne Armanpoure, the World is ending and this President is failing because he cannot stop it!
    Jeesh! What a hack!

  216. I’m just so grateful that he’s willing to run for a second term.

    I second, third and fourth this comment. If he and Michelle decided to tell the US and the world to gtfo, I couldn’t blame them.

  217. It wasn’t in actuality however it was certainly billed as one. That blog definitely used to masquerade as liberal/progressive, without a doubt. She’s lying through her teeth, to everyone IMO.

  218. Yup, it was supposed to be a left-wing version of Drudge yet turned out to be nothing but a humongous bait and switch, getting liberals to enable the GOP and act against best self-interests. And she’s not the only one…

  219. ah..Amanpour…I lost respect for her when she went to Egypt and tried to egg on the protesters into saying that they hated America. She’s obeying her corporate masters’ orders to do whatever little bit she can to make this President look bad and get the M.E. to say that they hate America just as much or even more during Obama’s presidency as they did during Bush’s presidency.

  220. I like “Winning the Future”. Yes, that means a loser. The losers are Saudi Oil, China Manufacturing, and India teleservices. Bring all that stuff “in house” ie USA!

  221. Yesterday, I heard for the first time that Obama would officially be running for office for four more years.

    I wasn’t surprised to see the very snarly advertising by the basscheck.tv.com, which see below
    http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/1067.html that questions the words of Obama.

    My mother always told me don’t watch the man’s words, watch where he spends his money, his actions, and foremost the way he treats his mother and his family.

    I hope the Obama Administration finds a way to address their concerns and put these accusations to rest with behavior and providing proof . Personally, I am tired of yapping dogs.

    I pray that the aggressive “we don’t take any prisoners who attack us with unfounded proof” returns to the grassroot community team. I’m looking for talking points (with proof and references), and that they are detailed on the subjects.

    Yes, there is something drastically wrong when you are constantly being attacked and you do not respond. However, my mother always told me that people who are constantly in attack mode are “wimps” on the inside hoping you don’t see their serious flaws.

    I have learned nonviolence and accepted many applications for doing so but often I wish I had a pair of leather gloves. I’d knock the sense out of the ill-informed, republican sucking venomous snakes that would rather see the country go down in flames so they can be the perceived “heroes” of the day when the world watched the Bush-Cheney debacle for eight years in horror!

    Hello America, we still have to lift ourselves out of the &%#%$#%^ Bush mess.
    Obama is the President of the United States, it reflects on all of us. The Professor Obama knows how difficult it is to negotiate with a sly fox with everything to lose! Are you not glad that the President isn’t a cowboy?

  222. Now that Obama is officially running for reelection in 2012, join in on the Obama Victory Fund 2012 Kick-Off with the President on 4/14/11 at Navy Pier. More details here – http://bit.ly/gNCgkW

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