Hilarious: “The reaction to the news that the unemployment fell to 8.8% in March was received soberly by bloggers on the left and the right”

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Could both the “Left” and the Right  be any more transparent? fffffff. Pathetic. Oh well, for a true perspective of the progress, here’s the always clear Austan Goolsbee:

Today’s employment report shows that private sector payrolls increased by 230,000 in March, marking 13 consecutive months of private employment growth. Private sector employers added 1.8 million jobs over that period, including more than half a million jobs in the last three months. The unemployment rate fell for the fourth straight month to 8.8 percent. The full percentage point drop in the unemployment rate over the past four months is the largest such decline since 1984, and, importantly, it has been driven primarily by increased employment, rather than people leaving the labor force.

As long as millions of people are looking for jobs, there is still considerable work to do to replace the jobs lost in the downturn. Nonetheless, the steep decline in the jobless rate and the solid employment growth in recent months are encouraging. The last two months of private job gains have been the strongest in five years. We are seeing signs that the initiatives put in place by this Administration – such as the payroll tax cut and business incentives for investment – are creating the conditions for sustained growth and job creation.   We will continue to work with Congress to find ways to reduce spending, so that we can live within our means and focus on the investments that are most likely to help grow our economy and create jobs – investments in education, infrastructure, and clean energy.

In addition to the increases last month, the estimates of private sector job growth for January (now +94,000) and February (now +240,000) were revised up significantly. Overall payroll employment rose by 216,000 in March. Payroll employment grew in almost every sector. Solid employment increases occurred in professional and business services (+78,000), education and health services (+45,000), leisure and hospitality (+37,000), wholesale and retail trade (+31,800), and manufacturing (+17,000). Local government experienced a decline of 15,000, and has shed jobs in 16 of the past 17 months.

The overall trajectory of the economy has improved dramatically over the past two years, but there will surely be bumps in the road ahead.  The monthly employment and unemployment numbers are volatile and employment estimates are subject to substantial revision.  Therefore, as the Administration always stresses, it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report.


Weekly Address:


And, for those who didn’t watch, here’s the president’s speech about the Green Fleet from yesterday:


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95 thoughts on “Hilarious: “The reaction to the news that the unemployment fell to 8.8% in March was received soberly by bloggers on the left and the right”

  1. Love the headline. I noticed it too – there were news blurbs about the unemployment report, but very little blog activity. Certainly, no one is willing to be giving Obama credit for the steadily upward slope in the job graph since the stimulus was passed. Glad to see that trend holding, and hope it keeps up.

    Thanks, BWD.

  2. More than a year ago now I checked out a website at Case Western Reserve University School of Business called “Appreciative Inquiry”. It is a whole school of thought that as far as I understand it proposes that when facing a problem, challenge or project, the best place to start is by acknowledging strengths and previous accomplishments and successes and that that will suggest competence to begin the fresh project. I don’t know if I did the theory justice but I think it is very powerful and exactly what happens on this blog. Has anyone else noticed how empowered you feel each time you visit here and then how you take that feeling and translate it into action? Thank you, BWD.

  3. This would have been bold print above the fold headlines for any other president. But, but this guy, you know how could he be doing something this great, you know because he is not like us.
    Some people need to get over it. they need to try and face up to the fact that there are a whole lot of guys like him in this country. Stop and think, why do people try and tell you, “A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE.”

  4. The reactions have just become laughable from the ‘left of the left’…

    Congratulations to everyone who got a job last month.

  5. One of my favorite media events was when President Obama schooled the House Republicans at a meeting in Baltimore, Md. I was reminded this morning of his response to a question from Mike Pence criticizing the high unemployment rate and the Recovery Act.

    —–President Obama, January 2010———

    We had lost 650,000 jobs in December. I’m assuming you’re not faulting my policies for that. We had lost, it turns out, 700,000 jobs in January, the month I was sworn in. I’m assuming it wasn’t my administration policies that accounted for that. We lost another 650,000 jobs the subsequent month, before any of my policies had gone in to effect. So I’m assuming that wasn’t as a consequence of our policies. That doesn’t reflect the failure of the Recovery Act.


  6. Congratulation Mr.Obama for your tireless efforts by creatiing more jobs for Americans.

    Good luck 2012!!

  7. The left is an ideologue group that may be better than the right or how I like to put it ‘the reich’ but thats not really saying much at all. I can’t stand how pundits try to frame everything that Obama does as a bad thing. Of course you got some from the left that give Obama credit but its a smaller faction than the left.

  8. Mike Pence is one of ours. We have so much more work to do to get our house in order so that we don’t send insecure and bullying representatives to the House. I am deeply sorry on behalf of the state of Indiana’s sanity contingent.

  9. JRR had it right in the comments above–the Pl is so obvious they’re comical. I don’t know a single person–young or old–who takes them seriously and I think laughing at them is the best policy because they desperately want to believe their biased opinions matter. Maybe the right name for them is Laughable Left, LP, instead of PL. Unlike the R state governors and legislators that were inflicted on us in 2010, the Laughable Left can posture and bleat, but they have no power. The new governors and state assemblies do have the power to inflict harm on a lot of vulnerable people and that’s where out energies, anger, and actions need to be directed.

    Last night I heard a state representative say that attendance at annual Democratic gatherings across the state (PA) had increased dramatically this year. Does anyone expect the media will be talking about the Republican enthusiasm gap this time around? I’m not holding my breath.

  10. The so called left in the blogistan is just a painful joke.

    bwd, Where can find the site statistics for your site ? You know like how many page hits, trend etc. ?

  11. Hilarious alright. Ha!!. It is interesting to see how tampered their responses are whenever there is good news about this president.

    One can only imagine how many diaries would have been hoisted on the wreck list had the numbers been reversed. They have become so predictable.

    I saw one headline that said the numbers were “slightly” down. Go fiture.

    As an aside and for a selfish plug, for those of you interested in checking out your ancestry, we have a story up at our website on this young AA man who traced his ancestry to the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. He recently had a renaming ceremony in Tennessee.

    The link:

  12. But he is considered one of the best and brightest, so whereas Indiana may have sent him, othr states hav sent worse.

  13. Yet more reason why “progressives” are just as big a joke as teabaggers.

    Good job, Obama. Keep plugging away….

  14. Good morning everyone! It has been a very busy week for me and I have missed checking this wonderful place out!

    My son was one of those unemployed to get a JOB!!! We are so thankful! He starts to work on Monday!

    I do believe that the enthusiam gap will not be there for the Dems now that the see that all these rights are being taken away by those Repug governors!


  16. I love the reactions on the left and the right to good news. MB at you know where reacts soberly by saying at this rate it will take forver to reach full employment. Well, duh! Nobody is saying this is the rate we want to end up with.

    But it is the same as criticizing HCR because it didn’t have a PO. It has no value unless it is perfect. Instead of talking about how the Republicans are doing their best to stymie the recovery, they are lamenting how this isn’t good ebough, which, of course, is somehow PBO’s fault.

  17. Soberly? Not by THIS blogger (me), that’s for sure. Talk about creating a false impression…

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately. It’s been a whirlwind week around the EclectaHousehold. Fun but whirlwind. Do stop by Eclectablog and say “Hi”, though. Still lotsa bloggin’ goin’ on!


  18. The reaction by the PL is pretty interesting, to say the least. 216,000 jobs in March would normally be seen as progress and improvement by most if they actually paid attention to the economic situation over the last 2 years. Going from 500,000-700,000 jobs lost per month to 50,000 to 200,000+ jobs created per month is a sign that the recovery is just getting warmed up. I’m confident this trend will continue to improve and snowball.

  19. Sensationalists are pissed because a positive development, a pro-America development, is not good fodder for a screaming headline, whipping their supporters into a page click inducing frenzy, and is a very poor fit for the continuing “President Obama sucks!” narrative. Something good for this country is bad for business, and thus they have a muted reaction to it.

    Couldn’t be more transparent, indeed. Couldn’t justify more my choice to get away from such toxicity and make accusations of failure to look out for the interests of average Americans.

    I actually am tickled pink that someone besides us noticed! I criticize the national media a lot, but thanks a million for this story, and for this wonderfully edited and moderated space.

  20. It is so different when you are reading those numbers and know they are affecting someone in your family. Sometimes I think the pl, who has jobs, forget about that.

    This President is so far ahead of all these folks they can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel. This President is doing such a great job, but, boy is the Repub Congress trying to tear everything down. I am wondering what is going to happen this coming week. Do you think they will shut down the Government?

    Does anyone know if they do will the SS checks keep going out or do they stop too. What will shut down?

  21. That’s the power of positivity IMO, cuphalffull. Not one is motivated by someone constantly tearing down their work and focusing almost exclusively on imperfections. That causes a loss of morale and then a decrease in quality. The very best managers know to nurture their “superstars,” downplaying any mistakes and weak areas (although acknowledging them), while focusing way more attention on strengths.

    I consider the PL to be of that old school of piss-poor management: flying into rages, throwing books, complete micro-management, telling junior resources that they are garbage to “motivate” them and then downplaying their competence by focusing disproportionately upon mistakes.

    Just glad to be here, where as Christin says, the curtains are always open to let the sun shine through. Let fools be fools, live and let live!

  22. One more thing:

    I’m hoping that this will compel MSNBC to review a mistaken belief about certain spaces representing the thoughts and feelings of “the base.” They are not the base, they are simply a collection of negative people, some of whom are toxic, who self-reinforce and have been very much so influenced by the high priestess of sensationalism and ideological chameleon, Arianna Huffington.

    That is simply not the base. Those blogs have little to nothing to offer. Because of some mistaken decisions, they are now at a point of misaligned incentives with the welfare of the country. All of them, on the right and the left. Because for them to be right, gloriously right about the so-called failures of President Obama, America has to suffer. Thus they celebrate bad news and underreport the good news.

    National media: file for divorce from the traditional netroots. Misleading, negative spaces which aren’t leading any sort of revolution to do anything save wallow in misery, with too few exceptions to be meaningful. Get stories by going out on the street and talking to people.

  23. Yes, there was some selective chosing. Obviously there were some sites like yours, this one and several others, who saw the good news. Even Atrios gave it a thumbs up.

  24. They haven’t forgotten Marilyn, they are okay with the country suffering so long as they are proven “right” about how much President Obama supposedly sucks. Rancid, toxic media products and I don’t blame anyone for simply refusing to consume those products.

    I think that a compromise will be reached to avoid a shutdown.

  25. Mike Pence is only ONE crazy person from your state:)The state of AZ has sent MANY people to Washington to do the crazy dance…McCain, Kyl,Franks(off the hook),Flake,Schwikert(sp), Quayle(son of a potatoe),and that’s only the guy’s I can think of!Back home,we have a whole hornet’s nest of crazy…just in case that wasn’t enough! You have nothing to apologize for.Nobody quite does hair on fire lunatic like AZ…a dubious distinction to be sure….next time, vote Pence out. Us, we have MAJOR work to do! It would require that the state actually PAY ATTENTION to what’s going on that’s not in the best interest of the people of this state…too hard.Phoenix didn’t make the most miserable city for nothing!!!!

  26. I think that the article was talking about the mega-sites, which are horrible and accurately portrayed by that article. Indeed your blog has some great stuff.

  27. I love it when the headline puts a sensible spin on President Obama’s position.

    Obama: Government shutdown would jeopardize recovery


    I also want to note that the local news in my area had a positive story on the economy last night and showed 2 clips of the president speaking (instead of the reporter telling me what the President said). This was KTVU Fox channel 2 in San Francisco. Even though I hate Fox pundits, the local news here is actually pretty decent.

    Since most folks love their local news, positive stories are the best way to spread the optimism.

  28. Thank you all for your sentiments! This is such a great place to come, you always leave feeling energized!

  29. Great quote of the day at your site, Africa:

    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” – Albert Einstein

    Indeed! That is so extremely true.

  30. So funny! Love these lines:
    Vote for Donald Trump, the man who can make Bill O’Reilly look like the most sensible guy in the room.

    Trump’s main argument for why he should be taken seriously as a presidential contender is his business success. Has Obama ever hosted a long-running reality series? Owned a bankruptcy-bound chain of casinos? Put his name on a flock of really unattractive high-rise apartment buildings? No!

  31. Will the Unemployment Rate not grow in the coming months as more folks decide to start looking for jobs again, that the job hunt isn’t hopeless?

    Also I wonder where the number would be if States were not slashing public sector workers.

    I know Michigan has 10,000 shovel ready jobs almost if the State Senate ever gets around to voting on a new bridge between Michigan and Ontario.

  32. I love this tweet, bwd:

    # RT @NickKristof: The tragedy of the Koran burning and riots in Afghanistan is the way extremists from Florida to Kandahar feed each other. 1 hour ago

    It just couldn’t be more true, and I’m thrilled to see so many people really getting what’s going on. Well said, Mr. Kristof!

  33. Senator Kirk, the so called moderate, has come out strong for arming the rebels in Libya. To him there is no nuance. He wants it to be an American overthrow ofr Ghadafy. He is a jer4k. Quoting General Sherman, as if the Civil War here and what is happening in Libya are the same.

    I have mixed feelings about arming the rebels, but a sitting US Senator should not be dictating US foreign policy in public.

  34. I think it’s the right idea for the Administration not to crow about the number usually as 8.8 is still ridiculously high. But they need to do it now to put pressure on Boehner and the House with their Government Shutdown aspirations. If the economy tanks again, with net job losses after their shutdown – that absolutely needs to be pinned on them and their recklessness.

  35. I have a rant and a question for everyone! I have an young acquaintance, she has been renting an apartment in our basement for 1 year, who was a meth addict got off and has been clean for 5 years. She did steal a credit card while on meth and served 1 yr in minimum detention. She has totally turned her life around. She has a career, dental assistant, paid her debt, always paid her rent on time, has been a great renter for us. Because she is still on probation she has a Parole Officer and has to have a urine analysis monthly. One month came back positive for meth. This was a shock. Well to make a long story short, they found out it was over the counter sex enhancement drugs that made her test positive. She had to go before a judge in a hearing since she was on probation. Everyone thought it wouldn’t be a big deal since they found what it was, her Parole Officer, counselor, her family, all her friends, and me all said there was no way she could have been on meth. The counselor and parole officer told how she was one of the few success stories of someone getting off of meth and becoming a model citizen. Well the judge decided she had been and since she didn’t say she was sorry for being on meth again he sentenced her to 6 months in jail for lying to everyone. I am so outraged I don’t know what to do. This judge went against everyone advise and decided on his own to punish her. I don’t know where to turn, this is such a travesty of justice. Here we have a success and they punish her for being a success.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I feel like I am going on a crusade but I am not sure what.

    Thank you for letting me rant. I didn’t know where else to ask.

  36. Kirk has fallen in hard with the McCain/Graham war pig cabal in the Senate. The Administration wants as peaceful an outcome as possible. If Gadhafi is killed by rebels armed by “The West”, pro Gadhafi supporters will never accept the next Government and there will be in the very least a guerrilla war campaign that could last decades.

    The NFZ was to stop the military advance on rebel strongholds, it wasn’t meant to be air support for an advancing rebel army. The NFZ is to buy time for the sanctions and pressure to mount on Gadhafi and his senior officials.

    The Administration wants Gadhafi and his top cronies gone, but not killed. They saw what happened in Iraq when Hussein was hunted and killed, and how none of the Baathists or former military was allowed to have any future in the new government and how that lead to civil war. If Ghadafi and his top officials flee, there is a much better chance there will not be a civil war and extreme bloodshed with his supporters fighting the new government and their supporters.

  37. I like that, here, we acknowledge those weaknesses and suggest ways to address them, too, gn. You’re right when you say that constant negativity lowers morale and causes a decrease in quality. I saw that at the school from which I retired in 2009. We got a new head administrator before I left who never did anything except constantly make demands on the staff. No matter what we did, he seldom gave us much credit. I went back to visit my former colleagues last year, and the morale of the teachers was very poor. Many of them were looking for jobs in other areas, and for the first time in 5 years, the school did not meet Annual Yearly Progress standards. It was the only school in the entire district that did not make AYP.

  38. First of all you need to keep supporting the woman, let her know you believe she is telling the truth. It would be very easy for her to fall back into old addictions at this low time. If it’s financially possible for you to keep the room waiting for her, that would help as well.

    From there, you could make it a public case, but I don’t know if the woman would want that, especially given the reason why she tested positive (sex enhancement drug). LOTE’s slamming the judge could work, but if this woman is even in front of them again that wouldn’t be a good idea either as they’d get revenge and throw the book at her.

    Is the judge elected? When are they up for re-election? Everybody loves a tough on crime judge afterall, so they could be showing how tough on drugs they are.

  39. I’ve been thinking and saying for some time now, Sonjia, that PBO is a threat to the status quo. This is why no matter what he does, or how well he does it, he can’t catch a break. Had McCain/Palin been in the WH, you’d better believe the information about the lower unemployment rate would have been on the front page above the fold, and it would have been repeated on every teevee network throughout the day. If the power brokers behind the scene can “convince” Americans that PBO is a failure, that means that that closes the door for other people of color, gays, lesbians, atheists, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. It will allow these power brokers to continue to deprive Americans of their constitutional rights. I believe they know that if PBO has a successful presidency, there will be a new future for this country, and their ideas will be thoroughly discredited. This has to keep them awake at night.

  40. Hi, Ahmed!

    I’m happy to see you here! I hope you’ll continue to visit and comment. Thank you.

  41. He is a federal judge and was appointed Reagan in 1985. I really don’t think she will fall back, she has alot of support. This just happened yesterday so am still feeling my way. I do plan to ask her if it is okay for me to go public. This is such a travesty. Thank you for you help and suggestions.

  42. I have come to the conclusion that the so- called base is really a collection of msm folksies who quote themselves as the base, when negatively delivering their spiel on cable etc. In other words a base of cynical,uber-critical bullsh*tters,bent on undermining the spirit of success, however small, do-good, and forward progression! The problem is we expect too much from them (‘he who never expects is never disappointed’), and, by harping on them continuously giving them too much power over our productive thinking.

  43. At this point the Pro-Left has a vested interest in Obama being a failure.

    Not only would his immutable success demonstrate that they have been completely and totally wrong about every thing for 2 years now, but it would show that the first Black President didn’t have to ask for help from all the really smart, upper class lefty bloggers.

  44. Rant to follow

    Let me start off by first apologizing to you BWD, and everyone else in our fine community because my words will not be kind.
    Last night I was flipping through the channels and I came upon Rachel Maddow’s show, she was interviewing the head of the Fraternal Order of Police Officers Union, which by the way proudly endorsed John McCain. Historically Police Officer Unions have voted predominately Republican. But this goddamn guy was at a loss of words to explain why the Governor of Ohio is hell bent on destroying the very Police Union that backed him in the first place. I seem to remember President Obama screaming at the top of his lungs to “not give them back the keys to the car because they can’t drive.” And what do you know? These fuckers turn right around and gladly have over the keys to the car. I’m a Union man myself, so that means my wife and I are struggling to make ends meet, and almost every day I’m in an argument with my Union brothers and sisters because they refuse to listen to anything that President Obama has to say. If you receive a paycheck every two weeks that pays your mortgage and maybe put some fucking food on the table, then why the fuck are you voting Republican? To show you the insanity, I’ve had friends come to me asking me for loans to pay off bills, and these same motherfuckers want to talk shit about President Obama. These goddamn Governors that are going Mad Max on Unions didn’t magically get elected to office on the Republican vote alone, some of those “can’t make the ends meet” Democrats had a hand in electing these goddamn Governors. 8.8% and falling, TARP is almost paid back, we’ve been pulled back from an almost certain apocalyptic economic disaster, the auto industry is well on its way to making shit loads of money, and these fuckers are talking about a goddamn birth certificate. I’m so upset with the Unions, they knew goddamn well that we were going to get fucked if we voted these people in, but no, Obama is a socialist and we want to be able to keep our guns even though we don’t have the money to buy bullets. And you can stick that impeachment up your ass Dennis.

    Thank you,

  45. Don, tell us what you really think. Thanks for the warning. The language was a little rougher than we normally have here, and I appreciate the fact that you understand that.
    There will always be people who vote against their best interests. Fortunately, the Republicans have been so heavy handed it opened the eyes of a lot of them. I don’t think you will see a lot of endorsements of Repblicans coming from unions in the future.
    Think of it this way. If the Republicans had played their cards right, they could have nibbled at the rights of unions and others so that no one would really notice and probably have maintained power for a lot longer. This way, a lot of your fellow union members and non-union members know what the party really stands for.
    I know Republican think this will all have been forgotten by the next elction. Don’t count on it, GOP.

  46. The language does not bother me at all. You said it very well and I share your rant. I have never been in a union, but my two sons are/were IBEW, along with their father and grandfather and I know we all have the unions to thank for any benefits and rights we have. I do not understand why people cannot see that the Republicans have never been for the working people and never will be. It is all about the talking points.

    I received an email the other day that gave a link to a Fox News poll. It was about abolishing the flag in classrooms. The person was outraged that 18% in this poll had voted yes. The wording of the Fox poll was that the liberal Moveon.org was pushing this movement to appease the Hispanics that might find the flag offensive. This is where they get us. They inject some bogus tidbit in anything and people lose the focus of the issue.

  47. I also want to add that my son left Arizona because we are so very right wing here and the unions have sold the men down the river. He works in Washington State and he encounters these same idiots in his union every single day. It is all about them and not about banding together. He has been in the trade over 20 years and has never seen it so bad as it is now. He is also an Obama supporter and finds himself in the same discussions with his co-workers that you do Don. Hang in there. If you reach one person, it matters.

  48. japa

    I don’t count on american electorate not meeting the expectations of the rethugs. Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence but third, fourth, fifth is a pattern.

  49. Yes, Darnell. The pl is now fully invested now in defeating this prez. They can’t stand it that he is not dancing to their wishes.

  50. One must have a real hidden (or maybe not that hidden) agenda to say bad things about that job report. Are we out if the woods? Of course not. Is this very encouraging? He’ll yea. The agreement between the “left” and the right is just brilliant. They should just merge their sites too.

  51. BWD THank you!!!!!! you always make our days
    and let’s not pay much attention to Left and right fffffff!!!! pathetic people. Let’s spend our energy in the positive way here. to day we will invite some of our freinds and neighbors to celebrate PBO 2012 Re- Election. yes he can have all a wonderful day.

  52. Jeff! what do you expecte from the FFFFF pathetic pundits they are a bunch of jerks, so let’s surprise them big time.

  53. I consider myself a progressive. To me that is not an extreme position. It means making steady progress toward a goal, where accomplishing each step along the way is a cause for satisfaction and celebration. I’m satisfied with the progess that President Obama is making on many fronts and also know that the work must continue. When I think of the extreme left I don’t think of them as “progressive” because they want their wishes fulfilled overnight. That is not the same as progess, which implies that there are always more improvements to be made.

  54. Thanks for all the links. I always give feedback to the good articles as well as the concern troll ones.

  55. But, in light of the discussion above about the strength of positive thinking, let us all be thankful that some of the people who voted for Republicans in the last election are capable of reassessing the issues and learning from past mistakes. This is a highly positive development, I believe, and something on which to build. The point of power is the present.

  56. Hi Don,
    Hang in there! My husband is a blue collar guy and has to listen to the same thing from his co-workers every day. He is a strong Obama supporter and doesn’t hide the fact. There has been misinformation for so long that the only “manly” position in some minds is to be a loud Rush loving republican. To be honest I can’t see any of these guys voting Democrat, but what might happen is they are discouraged enough by the way the Republicans are behaving that they won’t vote at all. Some might sit out the next election, especially if we have more job growth.

  57. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…I feel your anger. Especially knowing the Republicans said very clearly at the beginning of President Obama’s presidency, We want “Obama” to fail”. Why would people vote in droves for a party that has done absolutely nothing for 2 plus years except try to break this amazing man? I feel nothing for these people’s plight (we don’t have unions in my state and my Gov is Democrat) except that their plight will ultimate affect all our future. Yet they went into this eyes wide open, laughing at the black man that warned them over and over again, while embracing the dolts and fat cats propaganda.

    2010 midterm election results will go down as the dumbest vote ever, even the Florida debacle that lead to the worst President ever, George Bush being appointed President by the courts, doesn’t seem as idiotic as a bunch of Dems and Indies going out (or sitting home) and voting for the party that near ruined our great nation and the teabaggers who are the most racists, anti women rights, anti gays, anti every gd thing. I am judging these people so hard. 2012 elections, Nancy better get her spot back, cause Boehner is proving to be lazy, most
    unaccomplished speaker ever. Repubs have loud mouth but nothing to back it up and cannot govern.

  58. From your mouth to their ears. From what I have witnessed in the last 2 years makes me take nothing for granted. I don’t trust the electorate one bit.The good thing is no matter what the out come, president Obama has done exactly what he said he would and has stayed the calm person our nation needs and always acted in a manner that I am proud of. Joe too except for his sometimes foul mouth:D …the ying and yang of our POTUS and VP is ❤ in my eyes I wouldn't want them any other way. 😀

  59. Congratulations for your son’s new job.

    What you said about the numbers being different when they are affecting someone in your family – that’s the “empathy” that the President speaks of, which Republicans ridicule. It’s the same as the tax cut fiasco in December. The professional left were all for letting people go hungry or let the lowest income earners struggle with tax increases, in order to stand by their principles – because they have nothing to lose.

    In fact, John Fugelsang crystalized the PL view on Friday on the Stephanie Miller show, when he said that Democrats start from a position of compromise instead of being prepared to fight for their principles. The PL have nothing to lose. They don’t seem to understand that there are real people’s lives behind their principled fights, and that one can’t hold principles ahead of those lives.

  60. Excellent rant – spot on for every point you’ve made. It’s a confounding mystery why people work against their own best interests, even when confronted with facts and evidence. The 84% of the public who find President Obama likeable include those who are still voting for Republicans and their many lies about the man. Someone made the point that there are many who have not realized that the current Republican party isn’t their father’s Republicans party – and I think that might be the reason behind this union dilemma.

  61. Don, and all others. We read an informative book a couple of years ago “What’s the Matter with Kansas” by Thomas Franks. He investigated this phenomenon…why people vote against their own best interests. He did a lot of research, and he is a good storyteller. A lot of it is wrapped up with far right eveangelical religion. For some reason, the Republicans have convinced people that voting for Republicans is voting for God, and God will take care of you, so you don’t have to be smart in voting! It was eye opening.
    However, I do believe that now when the raw Republican agenda is being exposed, some people will open their eyes and change their votes. That side has been able to keep their end goal secretive until now, but thanks to the new Republican governors…Kasich, Snyder, Walker, Scott…their goals are now in the open. That’s when they can be effectively contested.
    We even got an apology today from a relative who sent us a lying, patched together video about the president! He had been corrected and wanted to correct his emails. That is a first!

  62. Wow Carolyn. If someone actually sent you an apology that is progress. Thanks for sharing that. I was always taught as a child that if you ignore the bullies they’ll go away, but I don’t believe that anymore. I think it’s important to speak up in a reasonable way when you know for a fact that something is wrong. I used to ignore the negative political emails that I received from family but I no longer do. I always respond now and provide links to evidence disproving the lies. I hope more and more people will do that because some of the things that are passed around are so ridiculous I used to think that no-one would believe them. Then I woke up one day and realized that a lot of people really do believe them and we have to do what we can to debunk the lies.

  63. Over a year ago, I also began replying (‘Reply all’) to emails and either providing links or factual info. data, etc. I usually wrap it up by saying that I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem (of mis-information.)

  64. I used to do the same, I just hit delete. After I received an email from a so-called professional that was performing a service for me, I had enough. The email had been circulating since 2007 and I had seen it over and over. I searched and found where the email was debunked, and hit reply all to her whole email string and attached the proof of the lie and also scolded them for sending the email. I suggested that whomever they sent the lie to that they forward the truth.

    I receive one email thanking me for the information.

  65. The nice thing about “reply all” is that the sender unwittingly provides us with a convenient list of the people we would most like to reach. 🙂

  66. The Purist Left saw something different in the Recession and the melt-down of Wall Street. They say a once-in-a-lifetime chance to install Swedish style Socialism. Over time they have become increasingly bitter that this opportunity has been passed up by Obama and by the voters (see 2010 election results). Therefore, you have our comrades on the Left who feel Obama deserves to be criticized for failing to nationalize the banks, defund the military, provide single payer health insurance, and turn Guantanamo into a Republican re-education camp.

    So we get whining, no support, and what sounds like a lot of bitter grousing about every achievement. These are the people who would be in the Socialist Party if we had a parliament. But they are “stuck” with us sell-outs who aren’t interested in making corporations illegal.

  67. Thanks for the link GN. This is one of the best write up I’ve read on the Ivory Coast situation. Zizi is really doing wonderful work putting events in Africa in historical perspective.

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