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  1. Maybe the change promised by President Obama wasn’t the kind of change that so many hoped it would be: a hero riding in to clean up the vast mess perpetrated by his predecessors. Maybe the change is the people in the streets in Madison, Columbus, Indianapolis, in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Syria. Until people all over the world begin to take responsibility for themselves and their sisters and brothers, there will be no deep change in the global zeitgeist no matter who the American President is. I think it is beginning to happen. And I wonder if it would be beginning to happen if John McCain or Hillary Clinton were President.

  2. If only people had stuck it out and re-elected the congressional Dems…think what this would look like with a real budget in the next year to come.

  3. I’m no economic expert, as most of the PL seem to have become, but it always seemed to me that President Obama wanted a non-bubble recovery, which meant that there was never going to be some big, rapid gain in employment like what happened in the 90’s and then in the last decade with housing.

  4. I know it wouldn’t be happening under John McCain. Of that I’m certain. And President Obama is exactly the change I hoped he’d be.

    I’m damn proud of him and I will be working like crazy for his re-election.

  5. “I know it wouldn’t be happening under John McCain. Of that I’m certain. And President Obama is exactly the change I hoped he’d be.

    I’m damn proud of him and I will be working like crazy for his re-election.”

    Me too! I would encourage everyone if you are not already working with your local OFA please sign up today at BarackObama.com!

  6. I think this is the paradox of leadership. The President is the person we hired because he is someone we can work with to accomplish our goals. The fact that President Obama understands the importance of being representative; how motivated people become by a their own competence, autonomy and relatedness; that he sees each person as an end in themselves and not a means to an end; that he refuses to scape goat, demonize, or deliberately and opportunistically divide citizens from each other; that he continually works to include everyone no matter the diversity that this introduces; that he understands not only the complexities of our system of government but the underlying values it represents when it is functioning the way it should; that he will always do whatever he can, when he can to advance the aspirations we have as people and as a nation; that instead of obfuscating he insists on fully informing us; that he will not retaliate or return disrespect; that he takes on his shoulders the responsibility to work to protect our nation even though he is a man of peace; that he sees the immense talent and potential in everyone he meets and helps people see their own worth; that he works to maintain a balance in his family life despite his burdens and models that for all the parents and spouses and children of the nation (and some in the world); the fact that he will not grand stand or show off because he is confident in himself; all these things should be enough to make him an acceptable president and leader. The rest is surely up to us.

  7. And it does seem that he and his advisors might have a little more access to facts and the personalities involved than the pundits. I think I have more faith in their ability to figure out the economy than I do in the talking heads’. I would love to see a socialist country, of course, but I never expected anyone ascending to the Presidency to espouse this right now, and, if he or she did, it would go nowhere anyway because it would not have the support of the establishment or the populace.0

  8. President Obama actually said just that. He said the endless cycle of bust and boom needed to end, that it did not serve us well and that he was going to work to have an even recovery, one that would last.

  9. Thanks for all this good news, BWD and everyone else! Nice to hear it going into the weekend.

  10. ou made my day Mr President and you will be unstopable and Thank you BWD for keeping us updated.

  11. Never, Never John Mccain has a phony politician pretending to be what he is NOT.

  12. President Obama this week gave his energy chief Steven Chu some serious credit for the cap that finally stopped BP’s oil leak in the Gulf last summer.

    “Last year, when we were trying to fill — figure out how to close the cap, I sent Chu down to sit in the BP offices, and he essentially designed the cap that ultimately worked, and he drew up the specs for it and had BP build it, construct it,” Obama said in a speech at Georgetown University on Wednesday. “So this is somebody who knows what he’s doing.”

    But according to the Nobel laureate himself, the president’s account was “not quite” accurate.

    “Well, that was very flattering of the president to say that,” Chu said in an interview with NPR Thursday evening. “I mean, I think me and the science team played a role in a lot of the instrumentation that went into the cap, but I think the president was being generous.”

    “So he gives you a bit more than you’re due on that, huh?” radio host Melissa Block teased.

    “Yes,” Chu said.


    Wisconsin Democrats now say they have more than enough signatures to launch a recall of Republican state Sen. Dan Kapanke, in the battle over Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) new law curtailing public employee unions. They are filing the petitions today — less than halfway through the 60-day window for gathering the signatures.


    Bring it!

  14. You talkin’ to me???

    Amen. Well said, and I’m not sure I could have said it better.

    Thank you.

  15. BWD, if I could make one small suggestion. Since this graph ties into the mishmash, I think it would have been a good idea just to update that thread with this chart. It would allow for a better flow of conversation rather than having to switch between 2 threads. Just a thought. I am definitely not trying to tell you how to run your own site. You really do a great job for which I am very grateful.

  16. cuphalffull,

    loved your beautifuly written and well-thought-out analysis of our president. The only thing I would add is that all of the qualities you listed do much more than make PBO merely acceptable; they make him remarkable and transformative, especially considering the current polital climate.

  17. Also, can anyone tell Christine Romer to STFU? She is now on bloomberg channel, saying the unemploymenbt rate is the adminstrations fault, blah, blah, blah!
    She was the one, that said the unemployment rate would nto go higher than 8%, and the GOP keeps hitting us over the head with that!

    She has been a pest and as far as her work for the WH economic team, it basically sucked! LOL…

    End of rant-

  18. The biggest advantage to this recovery that I’ve seen is that the growth seems to be fueled in large part by a growth in manufacturing. That is fantastic for the solidity and stability of the economic base of the country. It is something solid-good jobs, good pay, actual products with value that doesn’t fluctuate so easily-to build on. Housing starts and financial fancywork isn’t a good basis for an economy. It is flimsy and flyaway. It leads to profits without employment gains. I think we are actually going to come out of the recession in a much stronger and more stable economy than we have had for decades.

  19. I am going to burst your bubble. I don’t like Marxism, just as I don’t like fascism.

    Really, between the 2, there is not that much difference. I want you to think about that.

  20. Breaking News: Not to change the subject–the first republican getting a recall notice in WI, over 100% signatures are now being officiated. D. Kapanke, LaCrosse WI, 3rd district, southeastern WI. It’s too bad we have to wait a year for Walker, but despite all that hullabaloo from the repubs/tparty, they’re signing. Amen!

  21. I know, a socialist country??? That did now good for Europe as they had 55% tax rate and are still in default!
    A balance, like we got, is the best way to go!

  22. I have had the same thoughts, also not an expert. What I have read are terms like “recovery with legs”, “broad based recovery” that mean the same thing to me that you have described, an un-bubble recovery. During Bush’s administration I was unnerved by the fact that every part of our economy reflected the problems of post 9/11 fear and paralysis, the draining costs of war, the hurt from speculation driven fuel costs, the shipment of more and more industries overseas, the immense tax cuts being removed from public coffers to invest in our infrastructure and R&D, every part except the housing industry. Now we all know why and we also know what kind of suffering it has caused. I see the President, in contrast, talking about and bringing about something tangible and sustainable and not just smoke and mirrors. I also hated when the Bush administration intentionally started the scapegoating of illegal immigrants for a deteriorating economy.

  23. I know! SHHH! Don’t tell the MSM, they are kind of slow, and I do not want to break any good news to them! LOL!

  24. I think next Tuesday well give a good idea as to how well the recalls will go. Let’s see how the votes for SC Justice go in the specific areas where the recalls are.

  25. Wow, just wow, cuphalffull !

    This is one of the most accurate descriptions I’ve ever seen of who President Obama is as a political leader and as a statesman.

    Amen to every word.

  26. I know. I was trying to suggest that very thing by listing all the wonderful qualities I admire and then saying that that should be enough for our country to work with. Guess it didn’t sound like that. I wish all of us (Americans) would just help him like the people on this site.

  27. It would reflect well on the President’s whole strategy in Libya so of course they must ignore it as long as possible while they come up with some reason it has nothing to do with anything President Obama did and would have happened without him or even better, it would have happened faster without him involving the US at all. Sad, isn’t it?

  28. Hah. You have me mistaken. (that is a current running theme in my life)

    I want want what is best for our country, for the world. You want to ask me about that? Because I am here right now to give you answers before I’m gone.

  29. lol, I first read this as:

    Even more defecations from qaddaffy(first their was one, then two and now…

    Drip, drip, drip


  30. Well dang, look at that chart! ❤

    I love my hardworking, smart, get stuff done, best, most valuable player, better than the previous disgraced presidents! So frigging beautiful inside and definitely outside PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!! Oh and I forgot, amazing husband and father. What a man!!!!:D

  31. That’s two now, as they already have the signatures for Hopper.

    Big vote on Tuesday for WI Supreme Court Justice.

  32. So now the PL are after Jim Messina. LOL !
    Always fake outrage with them. I guess since Afghanistan situation is looking better with a great chance of it winding down, the economy improving month after month, the tarp program being a success and turning a profit, the health care bill providing more coverage and bringing down costs, and the situation in Libya looking better they have nothing to really whine about.

    I wonder who the PL will attack next ? Maybe Bo the first dog.

  33. Looking at that chart, I did a little cut and paste color coding and the May09-Feb10 job losses have been completely off-set by the gains from March 2010 through the new March Data today.

    Now we’re on to tackling the Feb, March and April big losses which will take a while to chip away at given they were near 800K a month, or 2.4M more jobs to make up, but if that can be accomplished in the next 12 months, President Obama will be able to run on the fact that all the job losses on his watch have been off-set while also mentioning how many public sector jobs have been cut by state governments.

  34. Here is the best response to Cantor’s silly “If you don’t do what we want in the Senate then we don’t need no stinkin’ Senate to pass laws” bill by Rep. DeFazio of Oregon.

  35. Beautifully written. I agree with every word. I do wish “someone” in the media would start the dialogue on how at this moment in time/history we are so fortunate to have Barack Obama leading us through these difficult times at home and with the Arab uprisings. A man of many cultures, thoughtful, intelligent and thinks through each situattion.

    “To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect. To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society’s ills on the West, know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.

    To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history, but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”
    Inaugural speech Jan 2009

  36. And here is something I haven’t seen in the US press anywhere. Recently the Florida pastor who drew a lot of attention last year by threatening to hold a Koran burning day, actually did burn a Koran in his church. And now he has caused the deaths of 8 UN workers in Afghanistan. He was warned that doing this would have consequences that would be harmful but he obviously didn’t care. Hate is more important for people like him.


  37. Money quote

    “Our correspondent says that in a deeply religiously conservative country such as Afghanistan, that act has the power to inflame passions in otherwise peaceful areas.”

    These racist bigots were hidden under the rock for years. Thanks to f$#@#ing msm, they were given a platform to spew their venom to millions of people round the world.

  38. Socialism is not the same as Marxism, and I would guess the citizens of Scandinavia don’t mind the fact that they all have healthcare, fine schools, access to higher education, and living wages.

  39. Another gem from Al Giordano’s Facebook:

    Here’s a Twitter post from your “populist progressive” media clown Keith Olbermann: “”Promise not to swamp you but this is breakfast in Delta 1st: Cheerios. MF’ing Cheerios (in coach they get gravel)”

  40. Good afternoon Sheila, BWD, and the ‘family’!

    ‘Maybe the change is the people in the streets in Madison, Columbus, Indianapolis, in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Syria’

    I support this idea, Sheila. Smartypants made a similar suggestion a week or so ago. The President’s campaign made a statement along the lines of ‘You are the change you want to see’ and I have started to believe that that’s another way to say ‘Get involved in order to drive real change’.

  41. You know, as I sit here and aspouse to you the freedom of speech, there are those who actively work to suppress what I do. I want you to know that.

    Just wait… They will call me CRAZY (they already did) for daring to speak up for our rights.

  42. I read some article from some hack writer on Daily Crap for the morning wrap up. Spewing this crap about liberals being still angry with President Obama because he sold out on the public option and the budget.

    These idiots refuse to acknowledge that Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and Blanche Lincoln were not going to vote for the public option in the health care bill and we would have no health care reform. Also the public option only would have affected a couple million people. It’s not like it would have drastically changed the bill because private insurance would still be around and the majority of Americans are fine with their employer based insurance.

  43. Looks like the GOP is FUCKED for 2012 (excuse my language)

    First they attack women with anti-abortion bills

    – attack Hispanics with anti-immigration bills
    -attack gays/Lesbians with anti-marriage bill
    -attack Muslims with anti-muslim rhetoric;
    -attack seniors with sicking the IRS on AARP -attack and trying to gut SS and Medicare/Medicaid
    -attack youth by blocking them from voting

    Now they have gone after the worse possible thing they could ever do that will have catastrophic repercussions that will put their party in the minority forever..


    Looks like they have pissed off the wrong group, which is Republicans in Unions in Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin.


    Cops, firefighters turn on GOP in labor fight

    So lets look at the list they have alienated so far this year

    Unions (both republicans and democrats)

  44. Actually I should have said a hack PL writer and Daily Bigot posting his remarks.

  45. These people are not “Liberals” and they’re definitely not “Progressives”. Not sure what they are, but at this point they make me laugh. I’m quite sure that many of them are very disappointed by the jobs report.

  46. Speaking of this, can anyone help me find the video from when the President spoke with the Governors? He made comments in that speech about letting the States implement their own plans if they could do it as cheaply and cover as many people without raising the deficit that I’d dearly love to have as a clip.

  47. He is *precisely* the change which I’d hoped for. I’m tired of the pendulum swing and didn’t want someone to just come in and try to impose liberalism from the top down. First, I don’t think it would work, and second, lasting change has to come from the bottom up. This has the potential prevent a radical reactionary right wing wingnut from every occupying the WH again.

    Perhaps we’ll get another conservative in the true sense of the word at some point who might cut here and there and demand that liberals quasi-audit our programs and prove they work, but the sort of out of control, fact-free, non-reality based madness–an awake, alert, empowered populace who feel part of the world community won’t sit that nonsense again.

  48. Not crazy about the language myself. Can we just learn to be more careful about our use of language here?

  49. I just love Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. His modesty is just charming. You can see why President Obama picked such a brilliant scientist to lead the agency. It is in such stark contrast to the Bush administration which relied on cronies and incompetents to fill most of his cabinet positions.

  50. You seem ridiculously misinformed about this free speech stuff. Please stop with thread jacking posts.

  51. You know what? You are right! Shush my mouth.

    And when my shushed mouth goes to campaign, I won’t be suprised as to why it failed.

    Your turn.

  52. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they (meaning all of them) are not liberals or progressives. I think several of them are. But they live in a fantasy land where wishing makes it so. They just can’t understand that change that is imposed from the top has little chance of lasting, whereas change from the bottom up, which takes time and has to happen step by step, is unduring. They forget that SS was vastly different when first enacted than it is now. The same for CivilRights. The first Civil Rights act was actually fairly timid by today’s standards but was a major step forward in the 60’s.

    They got so used to Bush being able to just get what he wanted (although he didn’t get privitization of SS or good immigration reform) that they expect any President to be like Piccard and just say, “Make it so” and it happens.

  53. ‘…all these things should be enough to make him an acceptable president and leader. The rest is surely up to us.’

    Yes,indeed! Very beautiful summary of the President’s ongoing contribution to the governing equation! In comparison, our part is really not too much to ask. 😆

  54. Hah. You won’t post my email that I sent to you, and you won’t post my comments, and I am a liberal that will inform you. Draw your own conclusions. What’s up with this effing blog?

    You don’t have to like what I say. I don’t do it for you, I don’t do it for me, and I certainly don’t do this for entertainment.

  55. I wonder if the families of those murdered UN workers can sue the “pastor” for the actions which led to their deaths? Unfortunately, no matter how enlightened we eventually become as a country, there will always be those of us who live solely with our reptile brains and lash out wildly at anything that smacks of difference.

  56. Watching President Obama right now talking about a new partnership between the government and private industry to decrease our dependence on oil. This is just wonderful. He is addressing jobs and the environment in one initiative.


    Fuel efficient cars manufactured by Ford and GM being used by the government, UPS, FedEX, ATT, and Verizon.

    This is how you leave the Neanderthals in the Republican Party in the dust. They can’t filibuster this agreement. Can any one imagine one of those weak GOP presidential candidates making a speech like this which such vision?

  57. Although my city is no. 10 on the list, I can attest that L.A. is becoming much less segregated. All the areas in which I’ve lived have been pretty integrated, with a good mix of ethnicities. Even the area in which I live now, which used to be pretty solidly Latino with some African Americans, is seeing an influx of whites, as it’s an affordable neighborhood that’s centrally located to most everything.

    Slowly, slowly; nothing worth having ever comes quickly.

  58. lookingglass, if I may step in here: do you think that perhaps you may have read an insult which wasn’t intended as such? I’m just asking because I can be really sensitive too, and particularly in the case of commenters who I “like,” if something feels like criticism, I can get defensive. It’s reading to me that such is the possible case here. I don’t think that blanket calls to be mindful of the site proprietor’s standard of civility is insulting at all; at the end of the day, we’re guests in bwd’s home and if she asks that combativeness be kept out of the door, that’s beyond reasonable. Just my two, pardon the intrusion.

  59. Oh good Buddha, and this is the man who’s supposed to lead the progressive revolution?? In the 70’s he would’ve been part of the “radical chic” crowd. Start worrying about the people who don’t have even Cheerios in the morning, and then I might take him seriously. This does not bode well for his takeover of Current.

  60. And there’s such massive misinformation right now. For years we looked incredulously at part of the right as they consumed media content which we considered fact-free and not reality-based. I think that what’s happened is that sensationalists crafted and began merchandising similar content tailored for a left-wing audience. Thus we have a boutique group of media consumers who are similar to the right in that they seem to think that making concessions to realities is optional, who are accustomed to always being in a really keyed up high emotional state because there’s always a crisis being manufactured. Thank the good Lord that this does not represent anywhere close to the majority of the left or Dems.

  61. Health Insurance Reform – they don’t understand the forces that behind the push against hcr/hir. Very, very dark forces. I believe we all would have liked a po or sp, but it couldn’t happen at that time and place, not with the darkness working against it.

  62. Once again BWD thanks for all you do to keep this oasis sane and welcoming to those of us seeking real information about our government and not just the spin of trolls.

  63. Bwd they are saying that their is hiring going on maufacturing. Im putting it out there in case knows someone whos looking in that sector.

  64. That’s a great idea. Those unfortunate families should sue these hate mongers and violence inciters.

  65. The only one getting jobs for the country is the president. The headline should read.

    President Obama 2million + jobs
    Republican 0

  66. Heavens have mercy on me. I really mean no harm. Thank you, gn.

    But I still want answers, and I want plans.

    I ♥ everyone out there who would work towards the goal of moving our world forward. I don’t back down.

  67. And what’s wonderful is that the GOP can’t claim credit for the increase in hiring with any credibility because they’ve passed not a single jobs bill, and have, in fact, passed bills that would lead to eliminating jobs.

  68. Those tax incentives are paying off. When they see how much they will after this tax cycle i expect more jobs.

  69. Not to mention she endorsed the Defecit Commissions, but the orange site did not trash her for that. she has implicated the white house now in being against the people and now Jon Stewart seems to spout BS about President Obama often. His rant against Obama’s libya’s speech was the most BS rant I ever heard from him.

    It is going to be a rough ride.

  70. His brilliant comments at the end about the economy and the budget battle was fierce. I think he just set up the Republican Party with those remarks. He is the voice of reason and they sound like lunatics.

  71. “Radicals” is spot on. When you have folks like Bob Swern cheering for the downfall of our economy just so he and his sycophants can feel vindicated about their crappy lives, you have radicals. These people could care less how such a downfall would impact middle-class and working-class Americans. As long as the “Banksters and Corporatists” fall, they could care less about anyone else. Their lives are one big Rage Against the Machine CD set on repeat.

  72. You really want to know? Now, this is top secret, so don’t you dare tell anyone…

  73. I thank you for your support. You know, that is exactly the kind of change that we all voted for in our here and present President.

    I can just hear the warning bells.

  74. Yes, I want to know. So please stop being a smart-alec, because I do want answers.

  75. Coc should also be included in the protest in these states with the republican governors

  76. Can you imagine Palin being VP, mel? I can’t. I have an intense dislike of the woman. She’s too divisive, promotes and encourages Americans to hate other Americans, is very thin-skinned, feels she has to respond to every perceived insult, is unintelligent, and has no shame about lying, just to name a few of her negatives. PBO is the real deal, and none of the 2012 GOP presidential candidates can touch him when it comes to being a person who stands by what he says.

  77. No kidding, gn. Makes the whole idea of “Crashing the Gates” seem obsolete and absurd.

  78. Agreed; I think that HCR was a humongous challenge and achievement, and Dems paid dearly for it (hopefully we can regain ground next year). From my perspective, it just makes a lot more sense to celebrate it as an achievement, and as a foundation which should be improved upon repeatedly, than to pan it as a sell-out. The former is more appropriate for persuading the country to sign onto another round of HCR, or advocate within their states for a public option plan.

  79. Tulips, it’s gotten to the point at which the GOP wants to slash jobs with their spending cuts. Boehner: “so be it.” Incredible.

  80. The republicans really didn’t know what a mess they were making for themselves with their powergrabbing overreach. Recalls, protests, loss of support for some of their major contributing groups, loss of police, fire, and other union votes. All in an attempt to keep President Obama from having a second term. Instead they seem to be guaranteeing not only his re-election but also quite likely losing them the house, more senate seats and probably quite a few seats on the state and local levels as well.

  81. I hope so, I sure do hope so, lilaf. They should not have been allowed anywhere near power in 2010. Hope the americans, having seen their true ugly underbelly now, will at least now banish to them political wilderness for another 2 decades.

  82. Exactly; obsolete is the perfect word for it. I actually think that HuffingtonPost revolutionized the use of sensationalism while merchandising cheap, low-value content designed to appeal to a lefty point of view. Those screaming headlines and selective recitation of facts spread like wildfire, as well as the idea that hyperbole can move the “Overton Window” to the left. That was mistaken, as the sensationalism just ended up benefitting regressives.

  83. I hope the FBI is paying a visit to that jackazz. When he, Palin, Gingrich, Geller, their idjit followers, and the Fox Snooze entertainers began this BS last year, Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen, and other top military officials warned them about it. I am heartbroken and angry hearing that “Pastor” Jones’ stupid words and actions caused the deaths of these workers. This is why the German government ran him out of its country. I hope the families take Liberal Librarian’s advice and sue him and his congregation of hate-mongers for all they’re worth. Theirs is one church that needs to be shutdown ASAP.

  84. I’m sure he’ll claim that he was exercising his First Amendment rights; however, those rights are not absolute (i.e. shouting “fire” in a crowded space when there is no fire), and he had been warned that burning a Quran would lead to protests across the Muslim world and almost certainly deaths. I think he could definitely be sued under that standard.

  85. Sheila We lived in Sweden and eventhough taxes are high, but people really enjoy their
    Healthcare, Education, get 6 weeks vacations
    and Moms and Dads can stay home when they have a child and get paid.

  86. Neanderthals,Ladyhawke, is the perfect word choice. This is a major reason that our President will leave the republican presidential wannabes in the dust: he has hope, vision and optimism for America’s future.

  87. It’s the Wyden/Brown(Ma) Bill, and because the President supported it, it’s expected to fail in the House if it’s ever brought up to a vote.

  88. I admit my view may be skewed because I’m in the industrial midwest region and people here are fired up and angry to a level that may not be happening elsewhere. But, I’ll tell you this formerly purple region is getting bluer and bluer by the day.

  89. A rival Business/Commerce group to CoC should be formed. I mean are they not basically a “union”? A union of businesses that band together to increase their power?

    So this Business Union is anti-union worker. Huh.

  90. I’m convinced that Rubio will be on Romney’s ticket. It will be obvious pandering like Palin was, but that’s all they got now.

  91. Liberal Librarian, so sad, but true. I can’t think of anything that the GOP has done in the past two years which benefits Americans. And the trend continues…

    “After weeks of flouting the state’s legislative rules to ram through an anti-union bill, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) signed the bill last night. Yet, while Kasich started this war on Ohio workers, the state’s increasingly disguntled voters have the power to end it.


    “To trigger a referendum, Ohio voters only need to collect 6 percent of the number of voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election.” In other words, if only a little more than one in eight of the 1.8 million voters who voted for Kasich’s opponent sign the referendum against Kasich’s bill, then the law will not go into effect until after voters have a chance to veto it.”

    “There are early signs that this effort will be successful. A recent poll found that 44 percent of Ohio voters would vote to Kasich’s assault on workers, compared to 38% who would let it stand. And this margin is only likely to improve as voters learn more about the bill. 63% of Ohio voters support collective bargaining for public employees and only 29% oppose it.”


  92. “Households across the country are still feeling the effects of the Great Recession, with unemployment falling very slowly, while foreclosures are still increasing, along with poverty rates and oil prices. However, one group of Americans is doing very well — corporate CEOs, whose pay is returning to pre-recession levels:

    At a time most employees can barely remember their last substantial raise, median CEO pay jumped 27% in 2010 as the executives’ compensation started working its way back to prerecession levels, a USA TODAY analysis of data from GovernanceMetrics International found. Workers in private industry, meanwhile, saw their compensation grow just 2.1% in the 12 months ended December 2010, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Median CEO pay last year was $9 million, the highest since 2007. The median CEO bonus was $2.2 million. Family wealth, meanwhile, is currently down $12.8 trillion from its 2007 peak.


  93. And in typical right wing fashion, they don’t want to be responsible for the consequences of their actions, “Pastor Jones told the BBC he was not responsible for the actions of the protesters”.

    These people (the pastor and his ilk) are bullies, and they are cowards. They need to be held accountable for putting lives in danger – around the world.

  94. Rubbio can’t match joe biden foreing policy and domestic credentials.

  95. But, HCR was passed a year ago. Not a single Democrat has put forward a bill to introduce a public option or single payer, as far as I know. And that’s not to say that more than the original estimate of 5% of the public would have gone for the public option anyway. It’s poor form for them to just keep attacking the President about the public option, if none of them have had the guts or where-with-all to put forward the very thing they say he didn’t have the guts to fight for. There are 535 of them with votes in Congress. They couldn’t get it done. So they blame the one guy who certifies what they manage to do to make it law. (Although, according to Cantor, that’s not actually necessary…).

  96. Mostly agree, Saint Roscoe, the problem with Romney is he has to run the crazy gauntlet to get the nomination. Face it, he has a lot of “squirmish”ness to even get to that point.

  97. In fact, didn’t Boehner shrug and say “so be it” when told that half a million jobs would be lost under Republican proposals? They’re on record being FOR job losses.

  98. majii, it’s not quite clear how you feel about sister sarah. You seem to be on the fence; can you tell us how you really feel about her? 😉

  99. I’m being kind, gn, to protect the delicate sensibilities of my fellow TOAITR family members! 🙂

  100. Does anyone know how the PL is trying to put a negative spin on today’s jobs report?

  101. Rubio only gets you Cubano votes. A small fraction of the vote outside Florida.

  102. mel, I would love to see that here. I have read that in Norway every college age student may choose the college of her or his choice anywhere in the world and the government will foot the bill? Could this possibly be true? How farsighted. Furthermore, most polls about “the happiest country in the world,” “best county in which to live,” etc., usually have a Scandinavian country at the top. I don’t much care about these polls, but I believe taking care of everyone contributes to the welfare of all.

  103. of course he didn’t care. He was hoping it would happen to make Muslims look evil.

  104. My city, Milwaukee, has been number one on this list of infamy since I can remember. As far back as 1974, when we first moved here, there was a joke about a bridge that crossed from the south side to the inner city: “The longest bridge in the world, stretching from Poland to Africa”. No surprise the tiny “Black Holocaust Museum” is here in our inner city, a home-run operation. It recently closed down due to lack of funding, but I believe it either has reopened or will be reopening soon. Though I know New Orleans is not representative of the south in general, I was pleasantly surprised at how much more the races mingled there in public despite the despicable social conditions in parts of the city.

  105. Great news on the Economic front. Thanks BWD for all you do to highlight the good things President Obama is doing. I wish more people were exposed to your blog, which is filled with positive news that they never see on 24/7 cable channels.

  106. True, in fact,
    Rubio can’t match Biden period.

    Biden – 1.
    tulips- 1.
    Rubio – 0.

  107. Agreed on Rubio on the ticket. I don’t think Romney will be the nominee but that’s another story. I WISH for Romney to be the nominee though.

  108. Neither could Palin, but they were dumb enough to put her on the ticket. 😀

  109. But, but, she’s been to India and Haiti and Isreal…she’s totally made her foreign policy bones.

  110. Whoops! You just might want to add an “s” to the end of “make”. 🙂

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