So far ahead

Sometimes I feel like Barack Obama arrived from the future or at least from some other planet. You listen to his ideas and then you listen to the rest of them beltway politicians – And it’s not the same world. Video of this brilliant little speech is here.


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  1. Chamber of Commerce = A Union for Businesses

    So how could an outfit where businesses join together to collectively give themselves more power be against their employees doing the same thing?

  2. Just got a moment to check out BWD!! I’ve been swamped at work!!

    I miss interacting with this awesome community !!!

    Thanks for all that you do BWD! Great post as usual! You really express how I feel!!!

  3. Amazing how he remains cheerful and thoughtful despite all the flak from every side possible. How is gonna close the gap with all those blue collar white voters ?

    omg, omg, omg (Imagine that omg, onoz gif here)

  4. Well, March 2011 was “education” month. It looks like April 2011 will be “energy” month. I am loving all of the focus and remarkable message discipline coming from the White House. It has David Plouffe written all over it. I can’t wait for the second term announcement.

  5. 5th picture up from the bottom, he has that look on his face like “Hey, I know what I’m talking about, do you?”

  6. I agree, Ana! The last photo is suitable for framing, big time. Love it.

  7. He just has an intelligence and common sense to him. Really terrific leadership; thanks a million for the link and pics, bwd!

  8. I know what you’re saying, BWD. You listen to the President and it’s as if he’s been here before. I admire his ability to think and examine things for long term. When he makes a decision,he’s considered every possible outcome.

    Then you look at everybody else whining and crying and you just have to shake your head.

    I must say he sure is looking extra fine today.

  9. *heehee* luv my elevating POTUS OBAMA!!! *see picture 3 😀 He is so impressive. *waits for video of this speech*

  10. Geez, when my President is around, everyone either whips out their camera, or is smiling, or both…

  11. Looking and sounding good, Mr. Prez. Just keep right on WINNING!

    (I peep our favorite photographer, the one and only Mr. Souza in the background in the first pic — what a great job he has!)

  12. I love the picture in which his feet are literally in the air. This President continues to fly. So grateful to be at places in which we can openly marvel and celebrate alongside the critiques and analysis.

  13. What is going on in Libya – Gadhafi troops storm Misrata, Rebel leader there offers a truce…

    I don’t think France and the UK really care about the humanitarian aspect – they want to protect their oil interests.

  14. Thank you for pointing out that great video of the speech BWD!

    It’s very affirming, and somewhat amazing, really… to see him in this mode – I’m in awe of his ability to multi-task and remain so connected and engaged, not to mention optimistic and inspring about the future, in so many areas, amidst the intense pressures he is under at all times. I’m so glad once again that we have him at the helm right now.

    His pivot at the end of the speech to openly pressuring congress to pass a budget, and to not engage in political games by shutting down the government, was excellent. The crowd responded with applause too! They got it.

    I saw perhaps a rough draft of a speech he may soon be delivering directly to congress, if they don’t get their shit together. At least it was a shot across their bow… or maybe a flare to get their attention… but I hope they notice it! I think it’s clear why his approval rating and stays so strong. He’s just that good. 🙂

  15. Awesome appearance by Prez-O!

    Great to see UPS playing cozy with him too…Hey maybe we Ds will get some of that UNLIMITED CORPORATE DONATION CASH afterall…!

  16. LOL “LaHood & Chu will wash your car” Glad to see my president’s sense of humor remains intact.

  17. In the very least they’ll keep their money out. I wonder if they’d have any pull with the COC money and their plan to spend $100M in 2012.

  18. Obama gives us “Rethink Possible”.
    The republicans give us, “Repeat Impossible”.
    The paty of no, can’t and won’t.

  19. Hi BWD,
    Love your posts and follow you on Twitter. Just wanted to point out a typo in your blog today. Should say “planet” not “plant”.

    “Sometimes I feel like Barack Obama arrived from the future or at least from some other plant”

  20. A Gaddafi military convoy was destroyed in Misrata today. The city is much quieter. Weather had hampered NATO airstrikes for the past few days. Now that the weather has cleared, the sorties have recommenced.

    Also encouraging is that professional soldiers are joining the ranks of the rebels, and the transitional council has appointed an overall command to the rebel troops.

  21. Perhaps related (h/t miranda@weeseeyou):

    OH CEO leaving local Chamber of Commerce over union-busting bill

    Turning Technologies, Its CEO Resign from Regional Chamber

    March 31, 2011 12:24 p.m.

    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Turning Technologies, the $40 million company launched in the Youngstown Business Incubator and touted worldwide by economic development officials as a Mahoning Valley success story, and its CEO, Michael Broderick, have resigned from the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, the company announced minutes ago.

    Broderick resigned as a member of the chamber’s board of directors; his company as contributing member.

    In a letter to chairman of the board, Bonnie Burdman, and chamber CEO Tom Humphries, Broderick said he could no longer serve as a director. His resignation follows yesterday’s three-hour meeting of the chamber board, where Broderick urged directors to rescind the board’s endorsement of Senate Bill 5, the highly contentious legislation that would sharply curtail collective bargaining rights for public employees. Gov. Kasich’s office says he will sign S.B. 5 into law later today.

    more here


    I also think of the national Chamber’s Donohue’s alliance with Trumka as well. I do think that there is a possibility that big business will not intervene on behalf of the GOP to a similar extent as 2010. How much that matters in the context of ideologues like the Kochs with unlimited funds is another question I guess. But this is a positive development IMO.


  23. The decision this president has made on Libya is about to come to light. In his favor, get ready to serve crow to a lot of the naysayers. Better give him so ketchup so it help go down easy. LOL!

  24. I was gonna’ say—-I don’t know if Obama is from another “plant” 🙂 or planet, but it does seem like he’s always on a higher plane than all the rest. He thinks more clearly, makes more sense, is better able to cut through all the muddled political noise and get to the nugget, to teach the important point.

  25. But all the news at Some Other Site is about some 4 degrees of separation rumor from unnamed sources that Obama sold out Bahrain in order to get the Sauds to agree to the no-fly zone. “You sign on to the no-fly zone and we’ll help you invade Bahrain,” allegedly said by Obama to the Sauds.

    I will follow the truth. That would require actual reporting from actual sources — not someone who heard from someone else that Hillary said……..

    I’m so sick of it.

  26. I’ve been following several Twitter feeds over the Libya situation, and NONE of them have made mention of this rumor. I mean, really, where do these jackasses get their information? The feeds I follow support all of the democracy movements, and would surely have been on fire over any such deal. The fact that they don’t even mention the rumor should be telling for the people on that other site.

  27. Does that sound like something that President Obama would do? The man who encouraged governments to end their corrupt ways, and encouraged people to fight for their rights? I don’t think so.

  28. I want a truth website that posts the names of the professional pundits who slammed the Libya policy. That way we can “hold them accountable”.

  29. The media purposely says things that is not what Obama meant to say to start a controversey….

  30. I just baffled how they don’t mention the abuse of women and many ppl he has murdered. It breaks my heart that the lost of life is not the issue.

  31. PoliticalJunkessa – ha! You had me really searching that first pic … but I went on to find Pete in the next! He’s such a cutie. Seems to love his job.

  32. Indeed, and reports are coming from Al Jazeera that the rebels are becoming more organized and disciplined – screening volunteers for what skills they have, urging folk to stay out of places that they don’t control, …., in other words, we’re two weeks into this endeavor and structures are beginning to emerge.

    And, NATO made it very clear yesterday that they had been considerably hampered by low cloud levels. They are not going to hazard either rebel or civilian casualties.

  33. Everybody tries to lump what bush did during his presidency, to this President! The biggest ones who are guilty of this are, fromer Bush people, Who are all over the MSM. Karl Rove is Nefarious about this, he knows what he did(during the Bush years) and then he transfers it to this President! He is truly an evil person!

  34. We should call companies like this, when they do the right thing, and let them know we’re paying attention and appreciate their principled actions. It can’t be easy to take these positions, especially when you rely on your regional CoC for business and support.

    If you’d like to call – their number is 866.746.3015 or

  35. Bahrain is home to the US Fifth Fleet – that is why things are different there. Shia Muslims are the population majority I believe as well, and there is a lot of history with Iran. Some believe Iran was behind the current uprising even.

  36. The republicans are screwing around with the budget os much, that the Comadant of the coast gurad had to put his House up for sale, b/c the coast gurad is short of cash!

    Not kidding!

  37. Oh i thought the president was not helping in the ivory coast. Looks like they are about to end that seige.

  38. The MSM and Karl Rove try to Valerie Plaime this president all the time! Fortuantely, it has NOT worked, the way it did with Miss Plaime! Yet!
    Leaks and then changing the storyline, I am onto them!

  39. I’m sick of it. They love to align this President with the most horrible intentions, which have nothing to do with what he has consistently stood for. I keep playing in my head that “Enough!” from President Obama’s nomination acceptance speech in 2008. These cretin don’t have an ounce of credibility anymore.

  40. According to the BBC, the NATO airstrikes have claimed their first civilian victims:

    Dr Suleiman Refardi said a missile hit a truck carrying ammunition, sending out shrapnel

    Seven civilians died and 25 were hurt in a coalition air strike on a pro-Gaddafi convoy in eastern Libya, a doctor there has told the BBC.

    Dr Suleiman Refardi said Wednesday’s raid happened in the village of Zawia el Argobe, 15km (9 miles) from Brega.

    The strike hit a truck carrying ammunition, and the resulting explosion destroyed two nearby homes.

    All the dead were between the ages of 12 and 20, Dr Refardi said. Nato says it is investigating the claim.

    Cue the anti-NATO tirades, no? Well, no. More from the article:

    Dr Refardi said he had spoken to the family of the girls who had been killed and “there was no anger” at the coalition forces.

    “If these tanks had entered Ajdabiya it would have been a massacre,” he said.

    “They [the Libyan people] are expecting more than this, because they know the Gaddafi forces are using civilians as a shield.”

    I mourn their deaths, but hopefully they won’t be in vain.

  41. I definitely think this was a preemptive shot across the bow. The only adult in the room is the voice of reason. He just makes sense. I liked the emphasis on “the height of irresponsibility”.

    —President Obama, 4/1/11————-

    Both sides are close, though, and we know that a compromise is within reach. And we also know that we can’t afford not to have Congress work out these budgets and make sure that we’re investing in the right things. If these budget negotiations break down, we could end up having to shut down the government, just at a time when the economy is starting to recover.

    That could jeopardize the economic recovery. It has an impact on everybody’s bottom line. UPS, I know, delivers a lot of packages to the U.S. government. You don’t need a shutdown right now. Every business here could be impacted. We can’t allow that to happen.

    So given the encouraging news we received today on jobs, it would be the height of irresponsibility to halt our economic momentum because of the same old Washington politics. That’s not what we need. (Applause.)

    The American people, they don’t want us to go to our respective corners and then just have the same battles we’ve been having for decades now. It can’t be “my way or the highway.” They want their leaders to come together. And right now, I believe we have a real opportunity to do just that, in the same way that we did back in December when we cut taxes for the American people in a bipartisan way.

  42. Did you hear about Kucinich? I heard from a friend of mine who heard from somebody who knows a distant cousin of Kucinich that he is working out a deal with Obama to stop bashing him in return for campaign contributions. Corporatist pig, prostituting himself out like that.

  43. (warning: rant)

    At wsy, greenladyhere reminded us about all of the people who laughed off Petraeus’ and Gates’ warning that the Florida pastor who burned the koran in an “execution” of the book would spark off a deadly backlash.

    It’s important to note that several prominent members of the far right — many of them leaders of the anti-Park 51 movement — bashed Petraues for his warnings. Blogger Robert Spencer said he opposed Jones’ plan but called Petraeus’ remarks “a recipe for surrender.” Frank Gaffney criticized Petraues’ “deeply troubling” remarks, and said “[t]he risk is that, were one to take statements like General Petraeus’ to their logical conclusion, any objection to the Quran-derived program of shariah could be deemed an endangerment to our troops overseas. The result of such a practice would inevitably be to put at risk here at home both the American people and their Constitution.” And hate blogger Pamela Gellar wondered “[i]f we stop doing things they dislike, where will we draw the line?”


    The extremism needs to stop: the swarm which surrounded the Battery Park cultural center and mosque; the FL Pastor’s choice to escalate this story with a Koran burning; the lynch mob who killed 15 innocent people (10 UN workers and 5 Afghans). This is a disgrace. An utter, utter disgrace. A complete disgrace. Next time the Obama administration warns about media excess, warns about atrocious behavior such as the Koran burning, people will take those warnings seriously. We have extremists uniting across the globe and encouraging horrifying human behavior in a desperate gambit to regress during this period of change. My hope is that this story discourages the national media for carrying “Koran burning” stories of that type. Let these loons act like fools in obscurity, because sensationalist content like this is just really dangerous.

    /rant off

  44. That won’t stop the outcry. It really has been amazing with the amount of firepower NATO had brought into this that there haven’t been more civilian deaths.

  45. This is a true example of “shock and awe”: shocking Gaddafi’s troops with Western firepower, and pretty much awing the world that hundreds of civilians haven’t been killed. Of course, it helps that the coalition isn’t seeking to destroy Libya’s infrastructure; its target is solely Gaddafi’s military.

  46. WASHINGTON, April 1, 2011 – U.S. aircraft will remain on standby as NATO takes over multilateral operations in Libya and the coalition considers its future role there, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told a Senate committee yesterday.

    U.S. military aircraft are still available to NATO in the next few days until the organization formally takes control of military operations over Libya, Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee. After that, the U.S. fighter jets will remain on standby in case they are needed again, he said.

  47. Well, so much for Boner and cantor blaming the democrats for a govt shutdown- Pence: Shut er down…:

    Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) says shut ‘er down. The one-time Republican conference chair, turned presidential footsie player, turned potential gubernatorial candidate, and always a tea party favorite told MSNBC on Friday that a looming spending cut deal is not worth it. He’d rather have a government shutdown.

  48. Oh Lord! Palin just Endorsed that Judge in wisonsin, runing to get re-elected next week!

    Pulling out the tea-bigot card, aye Mr Koch?

  49. Or they get them from The Heritage Foundation in the AM talking points for today e-mail. It has nothing to do with what’s really happening, just with what the Republicans want the PL to be in a frenzy about today. Last time I was surfing the GOS I asked someone how they could not be embarrassed at being so vulnerable to Luntz/Rove/HF. I’d be hiding my head in shame if I bought that much BS in one decade, I’d probably be catatonic if I bought it all in one day.

  50. The President has been working on the Ivory Coast for a while. He even did a special announcement demanding that the illegal government step aside. The problem is that if a foreign affairs solution doesn’t involve military action and lots of bombs, etc., then the imagination of Republicans and the media can’t conceive of it. That’s why they’ve been “confused” about the President’s statement that he wants Gadhafi out, but isn’t charging the military with that directive. To Republicans and the media, they don’t know anything about the power of diplomacy and international cooperation, or the effectiveness of sanctions and international pressure. Everything is a nail to the hammer of the Republican foreign policy agenda.

  51. No one is paying them any attention though. Remember this president has an 85% likeability rating. The people know he is a decent man even when they disagree with some of his policies. I see these people who prop up these ridiculous rumors as very sad people who need anger to feel anything at all. No matter what the situation is, they will be angry about something. They really are that mean old man on the corner yelling at the kids to get off his lawn. And they deserve just as much recognition as that man. You hear him out, be polite when faced with him directly and then go back to the sane folks and shake your heads a little with pity and move on.

  52. He’s trying to justify his own actions that he knows were wrong by setting it up as “all administrations do that, it’s not wrong”. If he can get people to believe that what they did during W’s administration was just business as usual,then they won’t have to be seen as the immoral, possibly illegal, worst and most ethically challenged administration in history. And as an added bonus, get the public to accept it as normal so if, god forbid, they ever regain the presidency they can pick up right where they left off.

  53. For people who pride themselves on their attention to reality, it is astounding how they refuse to acknowledge that each middle eastern country is unique and that a cookie cutter approach to dealing with all the uprisings there just can’t work. They each have their own different problems, different terrains, different histories, different societies and different traditions. All of those things affect what happens and what outside forces can do to help. It is willful blindness to reality to equate any of these situations and try to lump them all into the same category with the same actions being the best choice.

  54. To be fair to the media, 8 years of being told by the Bush administration that military power is diplomacy, they may still be suffering from brainwashing. However, it is high time they started to recognize what actual results are happening and how much swifter and more positive the outcomes are when actual diplomacy is given a chance.

  55. I’m reminded of the (possibly apocryphal) story of GWB being flummoxed when told of the history between Shi’ites and Sunnis before the invasion of Iraq. He supposedly said “I thought they were Muslims!”, or words to that effect. Most of the commentariat have the same level of understanding of the world, unable to appreciate difference or nuance. We’re not going to bomb Bahrain, and we’re not sending the Marines into Tripoli. The Arab world is not a monolith, and a citizen of Morocco does not have the same world view as a citizen of Jordan, much to the consternation of Pan-arabists, neocons, and the PL.

  56. Good idea. We should “hold their feet to the fire” so they will learn to not start each new situation they report on from the position of “giving in to defeat before they even begin” or whatever other nonsense we are always hearing from them. After all it will only be because we “want them to succeed” so much.

  57. You can’t stop the crazies but what you can stop is giving them a national platform to spread what they are doing to the world. There have always been crazy people doing stupid things but we didn’t use to elevate them so that those stupid things could have such a huge effect on other innocent people. These killings are as much the fault of the media who brought this hateful man to international attention as it the man himself.

  58. GOP Rep. Trent Franks announced that he will not run for the Senate seat vacated by Kyl. This is bad news for Dems, as he would have ran hard right and probably beat Jeff Flake. This will open up Flake to run more moderate which will make him hard to beat.

  59. I guess they don’t care that Palin is the most despised political figure in the US today. Honestly don’t see this as a smart move for the republicans.

  60. It’s an under-the-radar election though, meaning it’s all about turnout and Palin might be despised by many, but she has a loyal following as well. If she could get her supporters out on this one it could make the difference.

    This endorsement won’t get anti-Palin folks out to the polls to vote against her candidate, but it will get her supporters out to vote for Prosser.

  61. Wow, just tried to listen to the link of the president speech on CSPAN and it’s all edited out. It’s amazing how much power the energy companies weild.

  62. I wish they would disclose all donors – so the Dems could still attack the Rove secret third party spending, and other GOP outfits that don’t disclose their donor names.

  63. Normally this would be an under the radar election but not this time in Wisconsin. This is the people’s first chance to vote against what the republicans have been doing in their state. I expect much higher than normal turnout for a Supreme Court election.

  64. Is there anything as a “moderate” GOP candidate? They all have to run hard right to pander to their teabigot base.

  65. Glad to see main stream media carry this story.

    House passed a bill that it says will become law even if Senate and President don’t sign off on it. Kinda crazy.

    “When this bill was introduced I looked carefully through my pocket copy of the constitution for the part that says if the House is “really, really mad” they can just ignore the Senate and the president and make laws by themselves. I couldn’t find it.

    Republican leaders say they know they can’t make a law without the Senate but explain they are just trying to give the Senate a way out so they don’t have to bother with all that debate and legislating and can just let the House “deem” things.

    The Senate is not likely to see it that way.;morenews

  66. I agree completely – it will be much higher. However last I read was that it would be razor close – getting Palin supporters out and engaged hurts the cause. Of course Palin supporters are likely Koch heads anyways and are already engaged.

  67. Oh so he needs Obama supporters for his campaign contributions? I thought he got all the cash he needed from the PL and his supporters at DKOS and HuffnPuff.

  68. Some of the folks at Orange are themselves Republicans or Republican supporters. They have absolutely no problem taking rumors from Luntz and pretending to be angry “progressives.” When you have a front page diary entitled “Why we must defend Sarah Palin” you have to wonder.

    Heck even the site owner (a “former” Republican) is highly suspect, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he encourages that kind of thing.

  69. Flake is a libertarian – he voted with Dems on DADT repeal and spoke out against SB1070. Of course he recently walked back his criticism of 1070, but he was very vulnerable to a legit Conservative challenger with credentials like Franks. JD Hayworth will not come close.

    Flake will be much better than Kyl though.

    I know some Dems are holding out hold that Gabby will be able to run. I would have loved to see Flake vs Giffords had the shooting never happened. I just think there will be too many legit questions surrounding her and it will almost come off as a political stunt if she did run. Reports have her doing remarkably well, but you never know with traumatic brain injuries and she’ll have to make a decision not a year out from the shooting.

  70. Saint Roscoe, if you look at it, you answer your question by re-reading the introductory phrase, making the word “power” like this – POWER – and stopping before you get to “be”.

  71. Did they indicate where in the Constitution this bill would apply to like they said they would?

    I bet Boehner and the GOP loved the Senate when it let 300+ Pelosi passed bills to never even come up for a vote last Congress.

  72. They have serious problems if they’re thinking that U.S. intervention in Bahrain would be the same as it is in Libya. The president mentioned in his speech earlier this week that there are differences, and the U.S. has to make careful decisions about where/where not to intervene. Their understanding of things is sometimes as bad as that of the far right-wing conservatives.

  73. Lawrence O’Donnell crushed Cantor on this stunt two nights ago.

    Not only did they forget that no bill advances that is not voted by both the House and Senate – containing IDENTICAL language – but, the Constitution also has that other little requirement – the President has to sign it before a bill becomes a law.

    Cantor and company are idiots – we all know that.

    What O’Donnell – with uncharacteristic harshness toward his fellow journalists – castigated the press corps for not immediately challenging Cantor for spewing such idiocy during his press conference.

    I hope numerous members of the House and Senate make as much of this flagrant, idiotic tarnishing of the Constitution (of course, the very hypocrites who made such a big deal about reading that Constitution at the beginning of the Legislative Session, are the very ones to denigrate it by this vote, today).

  74. So utterly true. This man was kook looking for attention. His story was sensational and is was a way to drag out that Battery Park community center/mosque “controversy.” I ultimately blame the lynch mob and the people who failed to stop them for this act of violence, but in the future, indeed, I hope that the media understands the seriousness of the times. Same goes with reporting extremist views of President Obama. The crazies all around the world love to set each other off and use each other as justification for horrid behavior and fearful regression, here’s to hoping that they get less and less of an audience for this mess in the national media.

  75. Yup, I’d bet that there is significant overlap between Palin’s followers and those of the teaparties who still support Walker. I’m crossing my fingers tightly that this election is viewed as the opening salvo against the Walker administration and an opportunity to place some constraints upon him.

  76. make staff up is the right word is probably FOX smells like FOX TV, they would love for our country to be damage at any coast for their own freaking ratings.

  77. Some of the Twitter feeds I’m following report heavy fighting around Gaddafi’s compound. It will be interesting to see if this pans out, and how serious it is.

  78. No confirmation of anything yet, but the Libya Twitter feeds are on fire with it. They’re being cautious, because they don’t want to have another Sirte situation, where they thought the town had fallen when it hadn’t. Will keep posted if anything is confirmed.

  79. One concern I have is that the opposition/rebels, if they start winning, may turn on those civilians that supported Ghadafy. Since our whole mission to to protect civilians, what do we do then?

  80. Didn’t the NATO general announce that there will be no tolerance of civilian attacks on both sides? I think they got in front of this issue with that announcement: either side which attacks civilians will face NATO. I’ll look for a link in a few.

  81. Revenge is a worry of mine, but I don’t think it’s a major one. Any new govt will need so much help from the West and the Arab countries to get everything up and running again that they would be foolish to initiate a purge. I do think once Gaddafi is removed that the high echelons of the regime will be tried, but hopefully the new govt will ask for guidance from the UN and the ICJ. Gaddafi has much to answer for besides his crimes against his own people.

  82. thanks GN. Let’s hope it holds true. Like LL, I think maybe knowing the help they will need and even just the threat of no assistance, may be enough.

  83. Cenk Uygur the ‘Young Turk’ on MSNBC just asked an interesting question on his program this evening…”Why is it that despite continued encouraging economic news, the nation’s consumer confidence level continues to plummet?”

    Cenk, I luvya, but duh…

    Could it be, that while ALL of the conservative opinionators are predictably demonizing the President and Democrats (no matter what the F they do) that Liberal Democratic voices also are? Voices like yours and Ed’s so often join in with the guests y’all have, like Adam Green from Bold Snarky Progressives and Jeremy Skankhill. And you all feel obligated to dress down the Democrats and the President, at least a little bit, every single day, no matter how good they do…

    Yeah I think that’s it…

    I’ve got to remind you babies one more time…
    Barack Obama is the only Democratic President who has had any success since LBJ (Bill Clinton did more for the Rs than the Ds by signing the GATT that sent our manufacturing to China and Carter was in effective despite his good intentions.)

    “I belong to no organized political party, I am a Democrat.”
    -Will Rogers

  84. Or, could it be that consumer confidence isn’t plummeting at all, but that someone is gerry-rigging the numbers to make it look that way?

    Has anyone been to the mall lately? Doesn’t look like consumer confidence is low to me. Didn’t Ford just announce that their sales rose 16% in America?

  85. Cenk is horrid. He’s the epitome of the Professional Left, made his bones trashing Obama on his internet show and spamming fringe left sites with his drivel that all the loons at up. That got him pundit gigs, then guest hosting gigs when he shamelessly bashed the President and the Dems like the bosses wanted, and then when Olberman up and quit MSNBC panicked and gave the joke a fulltime gig.

    All that and he’s terrible as a anchor. So camera aware and uncomfortable and affected.

  86. Please Pardon My Re-Post:

    …..Can’t We Make Will Rogers Wrong?

    Cenk Uygur the ‘Young Turk’ on MSNBC just asked an interesting question on his program this evening…”Why is it that despite continued encouraging economic news, the nation’s consumer confidence level continues to plummet?”

    Cenk, I luvya, but duh…

    Could it be, that while ALL of the conservative opinionators are predictably demonizing the President and Democrats (no matter what the F they do) that Liberal Democratic voices also are? Voices like yours and Ed’s so often join in with the guests y’all have, like Adam Green from Bold Snarky Progressives and Jeremy Skankhill. And you all feel obligated to dress down the Democrats and the President, at least a little bit, every single day, no matter how good they do…

    Yeah I think that’s it…

    I’ve got to remind you babies one more time…

    Barack Obama is the only Democratic President who has had any success since LBJ (Bill Clinton did more for the Rs than the Ds by signing the GATT that sent our manufacturing to China and Carter was ineffective despite his good intentions.)

    Carter and Clinton are both up to speed now and they’re both on board with Obama now…can’t the rest of the Left do that too?!

    Can’t We Make Will Rogers Wrong?

    “I belong to no organized political party, I am a Democrat.”
    -Will Rogers

  87. I love love love the last picture. Anyone knows how to combine an Obama picture with that slogan “rethink possible”? I need that image on all of my accounts.

  88. I am praying so hard that you are right. i WANT THIS TO BE A GOOD DECISION FOR PRES. OBAMA. I am watching Aljeezra 24/7 but they have gotten awfully negative in the last day or so. I also cannot understand why NATO cannot save those poor people of Misurata. With 300 CIA and another 200 MI6 in country….WHY CAN’T THEY SAVE THE CHILDREN?

  89. I’m watching the Young and the Restless playing on the soap opera network right now. It is so much more enthralling than the PL and unlike the PL, doesn’t pretend to be anything but low-value entertainment. The actors are so clearly tongue and cheek, and some are really over the top. They don’t act like they’re being so profound or can run a country; they’re enjoying themselves and collecting a check, entertaining us. I’m not thrilled with how the writers messed up Nick and Sharon’s storyline, but I love these writers too. Having fun, collecting a check, no pretensions. I even love the reality shows. Teresa from Real Housewives of NJ was really over the top. She flipped a table during a formal dinner and called an archrival a prostitutionwhore for doing a sex tape in her 50s and being engaged 19 times and acting inappropriately at her summer home. Tacky, sexist, classless, behavior which I don’t think is great, but entertainment which doesn’t masquerade as anything profound. That’s how I like my drama. The PL is not nearly as entertaining at this point, as their pretense is totally a turn-off. Give me a good piece of trash tv any day.

  90. lol, Wiw! I’d imagine that this best friend of lobbyists and backroom dealings’ suit would be completely covered were he forced to truly wear his sponsorships around on his clothing. Great catch.

  91. Hi Faith, I am with you about the importance of expecting truth from reporters based on “actual reporting from actual sources.” Sadly, “Truth” really doesn’t matter for the PL and their partners- the Republican-teabaggers and the MSM. What matters to them is twisting everything the President says or does to justify their relentless campaign to demonize him.

  92. GN, thank you so much for sharing this story. Michael Broderick is the kind of business leader that this country needs in the 21st century. From the brief interview he gave to the Business Journal, he came across as a very thoughtful, non-ideological businessman who appreciates the heroic work performed by teachers, public safety workers, and other public employees. I do agree with you that What Mr. Broderick did is “a positive development” that may inspire other thoughtful, non-ideological business people to reject the ideological teabag agenda of the Koch brothers. Any way I hope that there are other business people who share Mr. Broderick’s position.

  93. Very helpful. Thanks SR.

    I usually try to keep up with my own research but this week has been overwhelming with regular Life and there’s no end in sight for the next several weeks.

    So I appreciate the info and analysis of everyone here.

  94. I personally don’t mind rants that tell the truth. Your rant, GN, tells the truth and warns about the idiocy of inflaming more than a billion people who believe in the sacredness of the Koran. It also tells truth about the idiocy of those who believe in the Koran who are willing to murder innocent people under the pretense of defending their Islamic faith.

    By the way, with respect to these idiots promoting the burning of the Koran, do they ever stop to think about how Christians would react if Islamic religious leaders organized mass burning of bibles?

    What exactly is happening in this world of ours when so called religious leaders, who claim to believe in God, are so intent on taking us back to the “dark” ages? What has gone so horribly wrong in the world that people are willing to follow these merchants of hate and violence, all in the name of upholding faith? Why does the media give more space to extremist so called Christian leaders but ignores the messages of authentic and exemplary Christian leaders like Jim Wallace and Bishop Tutu?

    Again, I think you rant is absolutely timely. If we continue to go down the road of religious extremism we are all doomed.

  95. Thanks Bob for highlighting Lawrence O’Donnell’s expose of Eric Cantor’s ignorance about how a bill becomes law. What a tragedy for this country that this ignorant man is the Majority Leader in the House of Representative.

  96. Thanks for the link GN! Obviously, in any situation that involves military action, there are no guarantees that innocent people will go unharmed. I am, however, impressed that the Canadian commander of NATO forces is seriously dedicated to minimizing harming innocent civilians in Libya.

  97. Well Said Tien Le! How can consumer confidence be plummeting at the same time that consumer spending is up?

    Again the PL formula is at work here: Any positive news about the accomplishment of President Obama must be spin in such a way that the public will be led to believe that the positive news about the President are in actuality negative news; a clear example of his failed presidency.

  98. Considering the calendar, I can hardly pass up an invitation like that. How about…

    I’ve heard that the real cause behind the war in Libya is Biden’s extraordinary cookie baking skills. Visiting Libyan dignitaries learned the VP would not bake his delicious chocolate oatmeal cookies unless they supported the protesters. After delicate negotiation over glasses of milk, they chose delicious chewy cookies over despotic oppression.

    Following the success of the VP’s baking approach, there have been high level discussions among the NATO allies to decide whether the deployment of brownies, muffins, or croissants would be an appropriate response to Ghaddafi’s attacks.

    Hey! This is kinda fun. I wonder if there are already some good bogus news blogs out there, already? I mean, beyond the usual suspects. 😉

  99. Good morning BWD, I hope you have a great weekend. Someone said on here a week or two ago regarding a picture you had of the Obama family returning from the Americas, that “Sasha is always running”. I notice that especially during the primary. I bring that up because; President Obama runs (runs to the stage, runs up the steps, runs to greet people, etc). Sasha is like her Dad in that respect. LOL

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