“Young voters increasingly happy with Obama”

But, but, but.. that Quinni-Panic poll!!!!!!!!!!..

A new poll of 18- to 29-year-olds by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics (IOP) found 55 percent of so-called Millennials approve of Obama’s presidency — a six-point increase over a similar IOP survey in October. His approval rating is even higher among those attending a four-year college, where 60 percent back Obama. That was a nine-point increase from the last survey.


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  1. I remember the talking heads spewing before he last election about how the young people don’t like him anymore. I thought then the same thing I though now. Utter garbage!

    Now if they would just get out and vote in bigger numbers. Can’t say I blame them. I remember when I was that age I didn’t really care about politics and never voted.

  2. You got that right, Fred (about the fact that perhaps some of us were not so engaged in politics at that age!). But I think we can count on lots of the young voters once again in 2012. Fingers crossed.

  3. 18-29 y/o 55% approve and 43% disapprove
    4 Year college 60% approve and 38% disapprove

    I love the favorability of this poll but for the 18-29 to have 43% disapproval seems high to me. I think we have some work to do or we need to make sure they all get 4 years of college 🙂

  4. I guess the kids are all right, huh? Perhaps the wild expectations faded and reality set in. And the reality is, President Obama has tried and continues to try to keep his promises. He’s also evolving and surprising us (DOJ not defending DOMA, for example) before our eyes.

    Rock on!

  5. I never lost faith in our young people. Just look at the numbers of students who showed up at his rallies before the election in Nov. They may not have been motivated to vote in mid-terms but I have no doubt they will show up in 2012.

  6. You guys, there is a wonderful set of Libyan analysis which are floating around the progressive blogosphere, authored by African ex-pats (warning, some are rants which mention PL and sole patrol for people who are currently on a diet from that content). I mentioned one here yesterday, but there are several which, if read in conjunction, create a beautiful, informative expression.

    For people who are still on the fence about the US’ participation in the Libyan intervention, or are just looking to read this point of view, I simply could not recommend these pieces more highly.

    They are as follows:



    Our own beloved TiMT:

  7. I love how they just dismiss us as ‘so called’ millenials like we don’t have a voice in the process. I thought we were all starry eyed and disappointed in him.

  8. oh hai fellow millenial. 😀 as someone always being called an Obamabot, I don’t care anymore about how msm labels us, our voices is gonna be heard in 2012. #Obama2012 #Obamaround2

  9. This is why I love President Obama’s vision. Rather than being dismissive of youth, he sees youth as the utter key to this country’s future and full of an energy which has already ushered in drastic positive change and is poised to do so again. This thirty-something is very proud of you guys.

  10. *Obamaround2*

    Love it!

    From a “baby boomer Obamabot” = that would be me.

  11. Thanks for posting all those (coherent and awesome) links, gn. Are you a member of BalloonJuice or a reader of Andrew Sullivan? Those are 2 places I’d love to see this info expanded. Oh, and every conceivable “member” of the Sole Patrol,too. I’d do it myself but I’m technically challenged.

  12. Not only do they dismiss us, but they disparage us. “Oh those young people, they don’t know anything, so of course they like Obama. Wait until they start paying taxes!” Look at the comments in the linked article at The Hill… disgusting.

    Well guess what, I’ve been paying taxes for eight years now. I’m not afraid of taxes like you guys. I don’t fall for disingenuous arguments like “Would you like the college to redistribute GPAs?” The rich pay hardly any taxes, THEY are the leeches on the system. THEY are the ones not paying their fair share. They suck the wealth from the middle class and hoard it.

  13. I Agreed the talking heads on the TV think we are a bunch of idiots to believe their garbage
    so let’s call them on their BS.

  14. This gives me hope, and I’ve thought since the beginning of this incredible adventure that the one thing that threatened the doubters and the shouters most, was hope. It is a four letter word and if you listen to the cynics utter it they spit it out as if it were an expletive. I’m grateful to the young people of this country and to the members of this community and other like minded communities for helping me keep hope in my heart.

    I’m off to a phone bank this evening and reading the new posts and the comments today have set me off on the right foot, I think that “thank you” sounds much better in Espanol, so, Muchas Gracias everyone!

  15. I agree, greenafrodiva. They just don’t understand how the creativity and enthusiasm of the youth vote is infectious.

    My intuition tells me that Obama’s multilateral action in which he repeatedly supports the youth movements in Libya and elsewhere is totally under the radar of the MSM and the PL, who, outside the Sole Patrol are generally white males over 50. Hell, isn’t the Sole Patrol also over 50, in the main?

    The youth are not impressed with this old, ideologically led status quo. My bet is the youth will be much more moved by democratic movements than those same old tired voices authoritatively telling them that their voices don’t count.

  16. I think we have to do more than cross fingers. We need to start now with outreach to younger voters, get them involved, empower them. I spent a lot of time on college campuses before the presidential election (and I’m a retiree, not of that generation), just talking to college kids, making sure they were registered, firing them up about what they could do. I bet we can all do that.

  17. It’s a mistake to say that young people are not political, they are just not as obsessive as the diehards who vote in every election. I came of voting age in the 60’s when everyone followed the presidential elections and wouldn’t think of not voting. But mid-terms? Not so much. There’s a special energy/urgency that surfaces every four years that a lot of people can’t muster for off-year elections, no matter how much prodding, canvassing, phone calling or predictions of dire consequences goes on. I was so impressed with the irrepressible energy of the millennials in 2008–they brought an enthusiasm that kept a lot of us older folks going when we wanted to collapse on the nearest couch. And the Obama campaign was better than any I’ve ever seen at “flushing” out voters on campuses by providing vans and buses to polling places and making the whole thing a joyous experience. It doesn’t take an overwhelming majority to make a difference, it just takes a very enthusiastic one and that’s what we’ve got to hope for in 2012.

  18. Thank you so much for your phonebanking! My avatar is Chinese for Hope. I chose that for political and personal reasons.

    BWD, thank you for the polls – made my day. I’m a bottom line sort (KP – stole that line from Robin Hood :)). Yes, the ratings might be higher if the MSM/baggers didn’t exist, but they are trending in the right direction, despite the jerks. The numbers are my take-away.

    I think “the younger generation” has been belittled since the dawn of history. Generalizations are moronic. I’ll bet that is one of BHO’s life principles as well. Although he’d be more polite..

  19. President Obama always said that change comes from the bottom up and the youth is our new hope for the future of this country. I love the way they treat our President and respect him. I think they have so much other alternatives for information, they aren’t on the daily news show, thank God for that. I am a retired wight female and worked for President Obama in 2008 (I was in Texas as the time, tough going 🙂 anyway, I came back to Minnesota thinking I was coming back to a saner society and then to see what we have elected Yuk.
    Have a good day everybody.

  20. Your comment reminds me of 2008 when one state moved the polling place so far from the university to try to keep the students from voting, and those student walked across the bridge to make sure they voted. Wish I could remember which school that was.

  21. A well educated public is needed in a democracy as well as well informed. The Republicans do their best to make sure neither occurs.

  22. Apologize for the subject change, but under the heading of VERY good news…

    Run on over to The Reid Report (link on the Blog Roll) and check this out…

    “Third Times the charm: Walker suspends implementation of anti-union law after judges 3rd order”.

  23. I remember video of that. For some reason I am thinking somewhere in VA or WV, but not sure.

  24. Its’ the same thing that Mubarak and Gadhafi did – calling on mothers to go and collect their children…

  25. Thank you, readerwriter for your astute comment. We really can’t be complacent even though the repub line up is pathetic. (So pathetic, they’re peeing their pants at ACTUALLY announcing…and they call our president a “wimp”? Same old Rovian projection.

    Anyway, I’m hoping the (young) arts community gets involved in a way that lights the youth vote like a brush fire.

    We can do this. Cynicism/nihilism is not who we are.

  26. That is actually quite a high number statisically speaking. Even though Obama only beat McCain by about 7% it was more or less considered a landslide so that should put it into perspective.

    Right now I think Obama is more than 10% ahead of all the potential GOP candidates and statistically that is considered an extremely high number.

    Of course it is early and the right wing nuts haven’t decided which of their candidates is crazy enough for them so it’s all very preliminary.

  27. This is why I love, love, love vote by mail. They can’t pull any of those tricks in an all mail balloting system. Either you live where your ballot was sent or you don’t. No intimidation observers, no caging, no ID checks, nothing.

  28. I wonder if the WI Supreme Court election on Tuesday has been effected by Walker and the GOP blowing off court rulings. Last I heard it was razor close.

    Pro-Union folks really need this election on Tuesday. It would be a great boost to them to win it and Walker and Co will crow on and on if Prosser is re-elected.

  29. All the democrats and indies in WI have to walk the walk on this one, come tuesday.

  30. hiya pard, those dang kids, sometimes mine are much wiser than I am. BTW speaking of your avatar when I first saw it I knew it represented something powerful, don’t know much about Chinese characters but there is something about them that gets the old collective unconscious stirring.

  31. Koch Bros and Dick Armey are out to get their vote out – this is a HUGE deal. If pro-union folks can’t pull this one out, it will take the treat of recalls down a huge level and embolden the state senate and Walker further.

    Wisconsin needs to get out and vote. That 60%+ that supports the public workers right to collectively bargain needs to get out at the polls. If Prosser can be defeated big, it will send a resounding message.

  32. “Precision and Repetition”


    “Now the overwhelming majority of Americans neither saw nor read either speech, but tens of millions would have seen passing glances of both on television. In the first speech, they would have seen a President speaking before flags. In the second, they would have seen a president “Winning The Future.”

    This change is a direct result of a newly retrofitted White House communications operation, with David Plouffe, Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, running the show. “A huge value has been placed on precision and repetition of language, in terms of we know what our message is, and we repeat it and repeat it,” one senior administration official tells me. “The whole new communications structure was designed to have greater discipline and stronger message consistency.”

  33. Yes! We need them to vote!!
    I started a program called “Buddy Up”
    We match up first time voters with a long time voter and they each promise the other they will vote – nice and easy

    Why don’t all of you try and get this set up where you live – you can figure out how best to do it depending upon where you live – if near a college see if they have a place where you would be allowed to set up a table and just work it!
    Or, see if you have a Young Dems Club in your area – contact them and see if they will help you

    We need to get every young person registered and make sure those that are registered vote!

  34. Clicked…..said document not found. Definitely interested in reading, especially since there’s a column in today’s KNS “Costs of health care reform becoming more apparent.” I just searched for it online, but could not find it. It is written by two Guest Columnists, Michael Tanner (Cato Institute) & Justin Owen (TN Center for Policy Research.) First point they make it: You probably won’t be able to keep your current insurance plan. Second, if you get your insurance through your job, you’ll almost certainly have to change plans. Third, paragraph about mandates (how awful they are & how that will cause companies to offer the benefits the government thinks you should have, not necessarily those you want or need. Next, ACA will cost MUCH more than advertised and your premiums will definitely go up. In fact, CBO estimates many could double over next 6-10 yrs. And, your taxes are going up—–federal and state taxes. Ends with saying that Tennesseans are wisely saying “no thank you.”

  35. readerwriter – read my comment below and see if you think you could work that idea where you are

  36. MESSAGING!!!!!!! Much better with Plouffe, but Dems as a whole have a LONG way to go compared to the GOP/TP. No doubt about that. How many times THIS week have we heard Republican’s SAY the Democrats will be responsible for shutdown. Many have repeated almost exact same words. Not one Democrat has been in front of the cameras to rebut.

  37. As the mother of 3 millenials, you are our hope for a future of a country with far less prejudice, bias and hatred towards those who may be considered different than the average Conservative of today. I’m proud of our young people who truly care about their country and are willing to open their eyes and see that their President is doing the best he can given the horrific situation he inherited. Things have improved despite the RWNJ’s who refuse to see what is in front of their eyes. I’m proud to call Barack Obama my President and look forward to doing so until January 2017.

  38. readerwriter – Gee, I hope it didn’t look as though I were suggesting complacency. I agree with everything you wrote!

  39. The Dems are too busy going in front of the camera to bash the Dem President.
    I think Plouffe has made a big difference in messaging for PBO but if congressional dems don’t step up it will do no good for the party. I have heard Pelosi and others using PBO’s messaging, unfortunately no one will hear it because they are speaking to a press pool who ignore them.

  40. Generational studies geeks do call you “The Millenials”, but I prefer “The New Greatest”. The GIs task was to defeat fascism “over there” – your task (with our help) is to defeat it here at home.

    The GOP Agenda = The Fourteen Tenets of Fascism:

    1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
    2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights
    3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause
    4. Supremacy of the Military
    5. Rampant Sexism
    6. Controlled Mass Media
    7. Obsession with National Security
    8. Religion and Government are Intertwined
    9. Corporate Power is Protected
    10. Labor Power is Suppressed
    11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts
    12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment
    13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption
    14. Fraudulent Elections

    More Here: http://www.anotheramerica.org/fascism.htm

  41. From an Obama Gen X-bot: don’t let them label you. They never got it right with my generation which is why they don’t understand Obama. (He is a year older than I)

  42. I read on MSNBC first read that Dems and the Whitehouse are caving on the budget.

    But yet I’m hearing different stories. One being that the Dems settled on 30-31 billion in cuts and Boehner is trying to compromise with the Dems.

    Does anyone know if this story is true or more pro GOP stuff from the media ?

  43. We also have to let college students know they MUST get a State issued ID in those states where Republican legislatures have passed laws that eliminate Student ID’s as a form of identification. This is voter suppression and I’m waiting to hear about a law suit in one of these states. I am thankful to live in Maryland right now. We’re not perfect, but at least we don’t have crazy Republican legislatures passing these draconian laws.

  44. I too Tien Le, I did a paper on vote by mail once. Vote by mail-no worries about weather, about long lines. You can study the issues on the ballot by going online and getting different opinions. Despite Republican worries, the mail is secure, handled by non-partisan Postal workers-and mail tampering is a Federal offense, and few will want to mess with that. If you are worried about your vote not counting-people can copy their ballot and then mail the original in.

    No vote challengers, no photo ID (except at initial registration time), no tired poll workers who make mistakes. Votes are counted at the central headquarters under the watchful eyes of appointed party watchers who are well rested.

  45. My gut is this is an overreaction calling this voter suppression. Student IDs aren’t a great form of ID for anything other than school. Given that students have the choice of where to vote, I think it’s fair to ask them to acquire a valid State ID. If that’s a problem for them, they can always request an absentee ballot from their home state.

    This was a problem in 2008 in some states and it was handled well by OFA. They made huge efforts to educate students about their voting rights and made certain that they had everything they needed to vote in their state of choice. I don’t foresee this becoming a real problem. More like GOP overreach and once again underestimating the determination and skill of OFA and Student activists.

  46. Those poll watchers are well-trained, too. The other thing about vote-by-mail is that you have the option to take the ballot to an official drop box, or directly to the County Auditor’s office and drop it there. It’s a Dems dream, which is why very few States will manage to implement it. Oh, and did I mention that it saves the State MILLIONS of dollars? Can’t have that, now can we? Plus…always, always leaves a paper trail; none of that electronic touch screen junk that can be programmed to drop votes.

  47. Lots of good news today. Thank God for a humane president.

    The naysayers and the defeatists will eat crow. This president is on the right side of history, from his domestic policies, such as DADT, DOMA, education, etc., to his foreign policy on Libya, START Treaty, etc.

    Without getting too high on the polls out today, I believe that for many good, decent and fair people, they know that in their life time, they have never seen a president saddled with the tumultuous events this president has, and his ability to handle them all, without freaking out or getting the nation to freak out. Go figure.

    A bit of good news on the Libya frong — just saw this in the NYT: Rumors about another defection from the Gadaffi’s government.

    I belive in the depths of my soul that we will see this mad man gone soon.

    Linky: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/01/world/africa/01libya.html?_r=1&nl=afternoonupdate&emc=aua2

  48. while Dems aren’t consistent, I have heard comments from them and polls show that most of the public would blame Republicans for the shut down and the numbers have actually gone up on that.

    Don’t know how but something got through.

  49. I don’t think we’ll know the deal until it is announced. I don’t think Boehner wants a shutdown, and I don’t think the Obama Administration wants a shutdown, because that is the only game changer possibility for 2012.

    People will need to realize that the Obama Budget isn’t really what he expected, it was just the initial offer in negotiations. There is a vid of Geithner being questioned by the Senate about the budget and basically saying “It isn’t sustainable, but there is negotiations with Congress yet”, similarly jack Lew was Clinton’s budget man when the GOP had congress – so this isn’t his first rodeo.

    If there is a deal reached, it will just burnish Obama’s moderate credentials. Also it will very likely mean the debt ceiling will be raised without much of a fuss, as I can’t imagine they’d negotiate a budget but then block raising the debt ceiling.

  50. It is the radical opposition to our goal as a nation that will help to destroy us and our world.

    1. I believe in our nation and the world, but I also recognize that it is not our place as a nation to tell other nations what their nations should do (or else!) by the force of our military. I believe in international cooperation, and I believe in that part of the peaceful goal set forth by the founding of the U.N. I believe in non-interventionalism, but I will not stand by and let others be inhumane to their own people.

    2. I believe in human rights, and I think it is high time that we (the US) recognize that our primary tool of trade be used for humanitarian purposes, and not primarily for financial purposes.

    3. Our enemies identify themselves without our help. We don’t need to go around the world and prop up dictators in order to see ourselves as the leaders of freedom.

    4. We are not the world police, and whoever got in their mind that that is the way things are from hitherto, well, they were wrong.

    5. Lilly Ledbetter

    6. Our mass media is starting to figure out how not-so-massive they are.

    7. National security should be on your mind. You need to understand what is going on in order to understand the kind of national security threats that are being proffered forth. Only those who wish to destroy this country, this government, this society, would put forth the proposition that there is no need to concern for national security.

    8. We are a secular society. Look it up. Politics and elections won’t change that, and if it is tried, what do you think the response would be?

    9. Please understand that corperations are the ones who give us jobs, and so I support corporations insomuch as I support jobs. Though, I do not like monopolies, of which are prevelant. Now, I’m holding my breath for the the next big trust-buster, but perhaps President Obama ain’t it, and there is no trust-buster in sight, yet.

    10. Get your ‘uglyside’ out there and work for federal labor rights! It can happen, and we need you.

    11. Education. That is one thing you can say that everyone has their all-in bets on, but I assure you that it is not so simple.

    12. Stop beating up your own people. It will come around and beat up on you. Learn to resolve things in a more intelligent fashion.

    13. We live in a representative democracy. Not a government just for you and your buddies.

    14. We have some fraud in our elections, but the biggest fraud of all is that we are suppressed to vote for what we believe. I’m looking squarely at our media, and the republicans. If we all vote, then they know the results.

  51. correction – we are suppressed from voting for what we believe… in.

    How do you guys do the heart symbol? Well, I sends my love.

  52. I just sent the DSCC some money — I sent it with a nasty note telling them that the only reason they have gotten a dime of my money is because of POTUS — I despise them — but the alternative is unthinkable! UGH!! — I need a shower now

  53. okay, pardon those missed tries everyone.

    The character appears with:
    & hearts ;

    (remove the spaces)

  54. Well, it’s pretty frustrating to live in a Republican state, with a big ‘R’. Gawd, save us all! Lol.

    Seriously though, it is truly our primaries which seem to need focus, and so on that, I will focus. Our representatives need to begin to understand that corporate dollars does not equal automatic election, and neither does lying. You’ve been warned.

  55. Ya know, I’m not going to click on your link because I’ve already heard the story. It makes me madder than sheet (some of you may know that about me).

    That whole thing was a disaster, and no I won’t forget those who came here in my town to seek refuge.

    Bless their souls. I will continue to fight for them, and no, I don’t forget.

  56. I do forgive. I want that to be noted.

    Let me say it again just to be clear…

    I don’t forget, but I do forgive.

    And if I forgive, then all is forgotten.

  57. Young people will turn out in this next election because they can vote for Obama again. There are also a new crop of young people who became 18 after 2008 who love him, they will also get out and vote because he really speaks for them; they know he gets them (the benefit of having young children himself); and he’s cool. I don’t worry about them at all; I worry about the GOP being successful at disenfranchising them as they tried to do in NH. What happened to that reliable blue state???

  58. Exactly. I think you are stating what is on all of our minds. I think all of that hope and change is finally starting set in as to what it means.

    And now, it is time to focus on our representatives in Congress.

  59. Saint Roscoe,

    There you go again. Why do you do this? All you do is condemn without offering up any solutions.

    Love you, dude/dudette, but what are your solutions? I will ask you that again, and again.

    And don’t you think I don’t have solutions. You never asked.

  60. What are your suggestions on how to fix things? I want your complaints, but I also want your suggestions. If ya got no suggestions, then I got no ear.

  61. So you are admitting I wasn’t “condemning” anybody? Because that was your original charge and that was groundless. I was actually defending President Obama.

    Where are my “complaints” in the reply you decided to engage?

  62. Thank you so much, Tulips. I’m doing well, but doing more lurking this time around. My life feels disorganized somehow…

  63. RE: That last poll…Wow. 84% Likability. If you’re the GOP, how the hell do run against an 84% Personal Likability percentage with potential candidates who have, on average, 70% NEGATIVE Likability percentages??

    I mean, really. Newt? Mitt? Palin? Americans loathe these people, just on a personal level.

    If we are lucky: Gingrich / Bachmann 2012! (Yuck! Can you imagine?)

  64. Thanks tulips. That’s great news.

    If a deal is stuck, will qaddafi heed to his sons (who would definitely not want to meet the fate of saddam’s sons) ?

  65. In 2008 the polling place at my son’s college was pretty far from campus. It hadn’t been moved but it was just outside of walking distance for the students. OFA really stepped up and had cars ferrying kids back and forth all day so everyone could get there who wanted to. They ended up having a fantastic turnout in their precinct.

  66. And this in spite of the massive efforts from the republicans and the PL to sow seeds of division, hate, to demoralize and separate every single one of the President’s base from him!!!

    After everything that has been thrown at this president, he still stands strong and solid!!!

    President Obama ROCKS!!!

  67. Yes, Saint Roscoe, I don’t think you were condemning anyone (it’s my fault), but you do condemn hope at times.

    I just want you to see forward. Don’t you worry your heart out, as I struggle with this as well. Just ask BWD.

    Where are my “complaints” in the reply you decided to engage?

    Saint Roscoe: “If there is a deal reached, it will just burnish Obama’s moderate credentials.”

    Saint Roscoe: “Also it will very likely mean the debt ceiling will be raised without much of a fuss, as I can’t imagine they’d negotiate a budget but then block raising the debt ceiling.”

    Those are your “complaints” and while I might not yet understand how to html code properly, I do understand that what you put forth was mistaken. Again, I loves ya brother, but don’t think I don’t know BS when it is consistently thrown at me.

  68. this is why we aren’t getting any serious candidates for the republican nomination. They know they don’t stand a chance and they would rather wait for 2016 than always be remember as the guy that lost big to Obama in 2012. Eventually they will pick a sacrificial lamb, maybe someone old and ready to retire when he/she loses. The candidate’s purpose will be to try to push some republican talking points and help some lower ticket reps get elected and possibly to give some exposure to a new rising “star”-the VP nominee.

  69. And so again, I am going to keep asking this question…

    What are your solutions?

  70. My 20 somethings love the president support him 100%. And they will be voting for him again in 2012.

  71. Thank you for providing the links, gn. I’ve read zizi’s and aleth’s, and I’ll make sure to read the others.

    (have you read stopthemadness/abl’s blog post today?:))

  72. How are either of those complaints? Burnishing Obama’s moderate credentials is a good thing for the general election, it’s moving the overton window and making him look moderate after two years of the GOP trying to frame him as a radical socialist, marxist communist. I don’t think “moderate” is a dirty word. As to the second “complaint” the point being made was that Boehner and the GOP will not negotiate a budget agreement and then block the raising of the debt ceiling – the debt ceiling needs to be raised afterall and the GOP is trying to play games with it. They can’t negotiate a budget agreement and then say “but we’re still going to block the raising of the debt ceiling”. So a negotiated budget is a good thing in that regard.

  73. A solution to what? – The meaning of life? The secret recipe for KFC or Coke?

    There is no solution required here since I was defending the President on the possibility there is a negotiated settlement.

  74. Not to be a “Debbie Downer” here but please remember that OFA is ALL of us. Do not count on someone else to pick up the torch. I volunteered in a small college town here in PA and getting students to realize what they needed and motivating them to get it done is not as easy as it sounds. They get busy you know…..we have to push push..We were not allowed free access to the campus. We had to rely on student volunteers. They got serious as the election approached, but it was a nail biter to be sure. Some of them have to be kicked in the butt.
    Also now that we are a Republican governed state, I anticipate the R’s will be really aggressive (more than ususal) in trying to keep students from voting. We have to count on this. It will NOT be easy. We had two lawyers working on election day (in our little town) to help with challenges and problems, and they were BUSY!!!

  75. Thank you for the link, makesense4tulips.
    Springsteen’s words, from the article:

    “The article is one of the few that highlights the contradictions between a policy of large tax cuts, on the one hand, and cuts in services to those in the most dire conditions, on the other,” Springsteen wrote. “These are voices that in our current climate are having a hard time being heard, not just in New Jersey, but nationally.

  76. Really? Well in Maryland if your name is on the list, (showing that you have previously voted) then you aren’t required to show an ID. In many states you can show a utility bill or bank statement. If a kid lives in a state, but does not have a State ID, but can show proof of attending a college or present another form of ID then why isn’t a student ID sufficient. This law not only affects students but also the poor, the elderly and minority populations. Why pass this law? Do you really think the law would have been passed if the Republicans believed it would not benefit THEM? I don’t think so! The people I mentioned on average vote Democratic. When have Republicans EVER passed a law that would benefit Democrats. This is no overreach to say it’s voter suppression. Especially, since the cases of voter impersonation are almost non existent.

  77. Your avatar makes me think of President Obama, standing at the podium and teleprompter – in other words… the man of Hope.

  78. I saw a headline on Steve Benen’s site (Washington Monthyl) that the rumours were not true, but I didn’t click on the article to verify.

  79. I did not donate to the DCCC, so I got one of those last-minute fundraising emails from them … I thought the wording was interesting (and a good sign at this early stage), if you haven’t seen it:

    “I just told Leader Pelosi that we’re just short of an incredible milestone: the most online contributions of any day in our history.

    “Your grassroots support right now could send shock waves through the political establishment and a devastating message to Speaker Boehner and his Tea Party Congress …

    “Just yesterday, Boehner said about Democrats ‘we’re gonna kick their ass.’ Let’s make him eat his words.”

    Rep. Steve Israel
    DCCC Chairman

  80. Good night, Jackie! I think the good news is going to just continue … and continue … and continue …

    (Sounds good to me, anyway!)

  81. I am officially old now that I became eligible for Medicare this year. I hate labels of any kind.

    The young are abused by calling them lazy and drinking Kool-Aid and being naive since they haven’t paid taxes yet. The old are considered set-in-their ways and bigotted. They are accused of always voting against any taxes.

    Well, since I am officially old now I can tell you I am a White/Native American who pays my taxes, am a retired school teacher, and became very active in politics since I was inspired by Senator Obama’s run for the Presidency. My kids are in their 30s and also supported PBO by being caucus representatives, a lawyer onsite at a voting precinct, and an American Abroad making sure other Americans were informed and voted along with her. All of my four kids are still impressed with PBO as well as their two wives, and a boyfriend. We are planning to work towards PBO’s re-election.

  82. Yes! And if you are worried about sending your vote in you can take it in person to the Courthouse or leave it in the vote ballot boxes at the Courthouse in Oregon.

  83. Just found out to my delight that we’re poised to have a second month in a row of strong job gains! This is great news! Yet does Obama get credit for it. . . NOPE!

  84. No Solutions? You really don’t get what I am about, do you?

    Rave on, my Saint Roscoe friend.

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