Hey, pssssst, the economy is getting much better

Market Watch:

1. The ADP employment survey released Wednesday showed 201,000 private-sector jobs were created in March, roughly in line with expectations and close to February’s growth of 208,000. This index is based on anonymous data collected by ADP, which handles the payrolls for millions of workers. The best news in the ADP report was the strong hiring at small companies and at manufacturing companies, which had the best growth in more than 10 years.

2. Big employers are laying off fewer workers, according to a count by Challenger Gray & Christmas released Wednesday. In March, these employers announced 41,528 job reductions, down 39% from a year earlier. Nearly half of the cuts were in the government sector. For the first quarter, announced job reductions were at the lowest level in 16 years.

3. Online job advertisements increased by 208,000 in March to 4.45 million, according to the Conference Board, a private research group. Online vacancies increased by more than 600,000 during the first quarter.

4. U.S. payrolls increased by 293,000 in March, according to an analysis of withheld federal tax receipts by TrimTabs Investment Research. TrimTabs says tax records show wages and salaries have risen 7.4% in the past year, compared with the 4.1% growth reported by the Commerce Department. By comparison, economists surveyed by MarketWatch are predicting a gain of 185,000 in nonfarm payrolls in Friday’s report from the BLS.



Optimism among U.S. chief executive officers surpassed the highest level reached before the recession as more business leaders projected increased sales, investment and hiring, a survey showed.

The Business Roundtable’s economic outlook index increased to 113 in the first quarter, the highest point since records began in 2002, from 101 in the previous three months, the Washington-based group said today. Readings greater than 50 coincide with an economic expansion. The previous peak was 104 in the first three months of 2005.

“Companies have given strong signals about their willingness to expand,” Ivan G. Seidenberg, chairman of the Business Roundtable and chief executive officer of New York- based Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), said in a press conference. “As we keep a steady flow of capital investment, we’ll certainly see sales forecasts go up, and as we do that we’ll start to see hiring.”

None of the 142 CEOs surveyed said they expected a decline in sales in the next six months, and 92 percent projected an increase, paving the way for more hiring and investment in equipment. A gain in capital spending plans points to further strength in manufacturing, the industry that’s propelled the economic expansion.


“This data is pointing to a turnaround in labor-market conditions,” Joel Prakken, chairman of Macroeconomic Advisers LLC in St. Louis, which produces the report in conjunction with ADP, said in a conference call with reporters. “It’s pretty clear that employment now has in fact accelerated. Equally encouraging is the breadth of the strength.”

Projections of the 34 economists polled by Bloomberg ranged from gains of 171,000 to 295,000.


I know, it’s just a bone he gives to gays because he needs their money or something…

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal Moves Forward. Gay Men and Women Will Serve Openly This Year



President Obama’s fascinating speech about America’s future energy security:


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  1. Thanks, BWD. I just love those pictures of people reaching out to have some kind of contact with this miracle human being. The looks on their faces, that’s what makes me believe that we’re going in the correct direction in this Country.

    I chafe at the notion that we are a nation of idiots. I just don’t buy it. We are a nation of great people, with one of the greatest leaders who ever lived.

  2. Great speech today. I loved the part where he gently poked fun of himself while talking about Sec. Chu, saying that he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize lol

  3. I loved the statement below from the energy speech where President Obama gets to the heart of the matter regarding our dependence on oil. No one should be surprised that kicking the can down the road for decades has not addressed the problem.

    —President Obama, 3/30/11 on Energy Policy—

    We cannot keep going from shock when gas prices go up to trance when they go back down — we go back to doing the same things we’ve been doing until the next time there’s a price spike, and then we’re shocked again. We can’t rush to propose action when gas prices are high and then hit the snooze button when they fall again. We can’t keep on doing that.


  4. Even Coach Thompson was trying to get a handshake in with the President! Awesome update on jobs BWD – thanks so much!

  5. This speech is so on target–the one thing that could choke the economy right now (aside from stupid shenanigans from Congress on the debt ceiling and the budget)is the increasing rise in the price of a barrel of oil. Last I heard it was over a $100 a barrel, which makes it loom over the economy like the dark ghost of Christmas Future. The only thing that will lessen the strangle hold of oil is reduced demand as we turn quickly and permanently to other energy sources. I feel relieved to know the president is “on it” as he is on everything else.

    And, oh my, those photos are wonderful–a truly magnetic personality.

  6. Thank god for this site today. Over at the orange site that shall not be named, it’s apparently the next “Yell at Obama” week.

    Of course, you have the usual “FIRE GEITHNER!” chant, and to make it all the more dramatic, “A Letter to the President” and “Our Nation Has No Leader”.

    It’s like what I’ve said before. A lot of these pundits, bloggers, media figures. They made a name for themselves tearing Bush, the war, and the GOP apart. But now that Bush is gone, the GOP has been reduced to a tea party punchline, and the wars overseas are winding down, what do they have to go on?

    And while they may have hated Bush, they envied him too in terms of how he went about things, regardless of how unethical it was, and never mind that it ultimately rendered him to a figurehead President for most of his 2nd term.

  7. ·oooO·.·.·.·.·.·.·.
    ·.·Rock Wuz Here.·.

    FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!!

  8. Some NYT Op-Ed from some recently resigned Treausry Dept. official saying Geithner mismanaged TARP and sent us into chaos.

  9. OT but important:

    Libyan foreign minister defects
    UK foreign ministry says Moussa Koussa has arrived in the UK after resigning from his post.

    Last Modified: 30 Mar 2011 21:11

    Britain’s foreign ministry has said that Moussa Koussa, Libya’s foreign minister, has arrived in the UK and is resigning from his post.

    The ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that Moussa arrived at Farnborough Airport from Tunisia and that he had travelled to the UK under his own free will.

    A Libyan government spokesman insisted Koussa, in his post for two years, had not defected, but was travelling abroad on a diplomatic mission.

    Link: http://english.aljazeera.net/news/africa/2011/03/201133021244937691.html

  10. The GOP has perfected the art of appealing to people’s worst instincts, ramping up a constant state of agitation and fear, thus causing people to act against their own best interests IMO. President Obama has started the work of appealing to people’s better angels, asking us to slow down and think, and stop demonizing each other. This is very very very difficult and I personally am not always able to do this at all. But I think that this is what accounts for the dichotomy that there are a lot of great people in this country who have a lot of ignorant and sometimes repugnant views, and make very stupid political decisions. That’s my guess.

  11. I had the unfortunate pleasure of reading a badacrap diary, essentially regurgitating what has come to be the norms at psych ward orange. The premise, America has fallen where it is because America is leaderless and Obama has led the diarist down. Suffice to say, it was my last straw which I had to unleash a tirade of my own calling out the bullsh*t nature of this non original posting. I’m glad many on this and many other sites lives by the facts, and not by the persistent theme of orange site’s, self loathing, doomsday projections that never come through, and lack of pragmatic thinking. Like I told them in my rant…I am here to fight and play in the game, not ride the bench or take my ball and go home. Those who were never starter material anyway. I’m just sick of the people on that site screaming away at anger on a keyboard with their heads shoved up chicken little’s @$$.

    Aparently, snark is the new disclaimer for any need for factual evidence which is requested of the positions. for so called politically astute people, they sure fail to meet the basic requirements of civics 101; just a forum for group think in my opinion.

  12. The good news is that there are still some people at the orange site who don’t feel that way. I just read a brilliant parody of that atrocious “Nation Without a Leader.” It deals with waiting in line at Starbucks when the Barista fails to deliver on the promise of quick service.

    I wonder how many of those evil-doers over there are just right-wing plants. I know some of them really are intoleran lefties, but some of them just can’t really be liberals. They’re just too hateful.

  13. Tweet from the creator of Family Guy:

    RT @SethMacFarlane: Republican Mitch McConnell complained that #Obama went into Libya w/out sufficient explanation to the public. Wow, that joke writes itself.

  14. Just remove the site from your bookmarks and stay away, even for a few days. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter your outlook will be and how much better informed you will be about just about every possible topic.

  15. McConnell is an ASS!! What rock has he been under? President Obama kept the country informed for the last week on what was going in Libya while he was in Latin America, and here in the US.

  16. Hey help me with that. they are in my drop down box and i tried to remove them.

  17. GN, this started with reagan and the “southern strategy” which after several decades they finally admitted to. Of course, by then they had also realized that fear works awfully damn well. Of course back then it was fear of those uppity black people, which started with Reagan’s speech in Philadelphia, MS (I think) which is where he announced his candidacy and talked about state’s rights. He went to do the old Welfare Queen rant, baased on a lie, but that didn’t matter. It hit its peak with the Willie Horton ad from Bush th Senior.

    By then, black people weren’t so scary anymore, mainly because it was obvious that the country wasn’t being taken over by THE BLACKS, so they went more on social issues, specially abortion (although there was still a racist element to that.)

    Of course during th Clinton years, it wasn’t so much fear, per se, as it was scndal (not) driven. They scoffed when the Clinton administration talked about the future threat of al Qaeda and OBL. That to some degree led to 9/11 being able to happen. But then they had a new object of fear, teh Muslims and Sharia law, and existential threat from about 2,000 terrorists. Fear kept people down.

    And now, it is back to THE BLACK MAN, one in particular. But he is alo a little foreign, don’t you think, what with having a father from Kenya and going to a madrassa in Indonesia, and what about that birth certificate.

    See, they learned long ago that fear is by and lrge th greatest motivator for most people. Tell them that somebody else is out to do them harm and people will go against whoever that is. That is why liberal morphed into “the L word”. And liberals, progressives, Democrats never caught on that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

    The Republicans never cared if what they were fearmongering about had any substance in reality. 99% of the time it didn’t. See “death panels” for example. But they had already inculcated in people that Dems, etc were to be feared, and thus it was easier for people to believe them.

    Reality is that the current Republican agenda is far more of a threat to this country and this world than anything the Dems want to do, but people have been taught not to trust the lying Dems, so even if we tell them the truth it is not believed, at least on a large scale.

    It truly has to come from the bottom up now, by talking with people, not arguing with them. Yes, sometimes positivity can be a motivator, but if we ignore the power of fear, we do so at our own peril.

  18. The shame of it all is that far less people will hear that speech than will watch Glenn Beck tonight.

  19. I don’t know what browser you use. On Chrome you just hit the drop down list then right click on the page you want to remove. It them gives you a menu with the delete option about a little over halfway down the list. Then just click delete and it’s gone :).

  20. They figure if they keep telling us we’re confused that we will then believe it. They really do think we are very stupid.

  21. Speaking for myself, doesn’t matter either way. It’s beyond clear that there’s editorial sanction for the emotional roller-coaster, for keeping that audience constantly keyed up and in a state of agitation, with the outrages of the day being spread far and wide which continues to keep the space relevant far beyond its merit and quality.

  22. I guess it’s not secret anymore. I wonder who leaks this stuff and why “news organizations” feel it’s okay to run with it.

    This certainly seems to me that somebody who wants to sabotage the President would leak this.

  23. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @OneRudeFucker: To think, Bush is somewhere relaxing with a coloring book, while Obama is waist deep in all his shit. #p21 #p2 #topprog #tcot

  24. “A gain in capital spending plans points to further strength in manufacturing, the industry that’s propelled the economic expansion.”

    This line is really important. It means the expansion is coming from increases in manufacturing and not just some financial sleight of hand or low wage service jobs like in the past couple of “jobless” recoveries. Manufacturing is a source of good paying jobs.

  25. And, the NYTimes:


    But …. I’d be really cautious given that the only attribution is to “according to American officials.”

    It is probable that we and the British have folk on the ground gathering intel and directing air strikes – we’re really good at that kind of special operations – but, I’m always cautious when such claims are made by anonymous ‘officials.’

  26. Seems like some folks on the left decided to fight fire with fire, and incorporated large amounts of sensationalism into their media response to the WH: “Breaking! Geithner sells us out!” “We have no leadersship we’re doomed doomed doomed.” IMO that has worked disastrously, allowed the GOP to infiltrate, and created a boutique audience of media consumers who are easily manipulated into providing an assist to the GOP because they are always in a state of high emotion.

    I definitely take your points about fear, and I think that the GOP’s usage of sensationalism is one of the tools with which they arouse base instincts and fool people into voting for or otherwise enabling them. It’s much, much harder to try to appeal to better instincts.

  27. I also heard that google will test its new broadband in Kansas city. It will go 110x faster.

  28. I agree with you.

    It is probable that we and the British have folk on the ground gathering intel and directing air strikes – we’re really good at that kind of special operations…

    I think that this is part of the “secondary operations” mandate which POTUS discussed.

  29. St isnt this probably part of the transparency President Obama got in place.

  30. I agree completely. Anybody still trying to “fight the good fight” over there are just giving the site credibility it doesn’t deserve.

    Any page hits/views just gives Markos better ground to make his ridiculous claims from, puts more money his his pocket so he can buy up more sites. People attending, donating to Nutroots Nation are enablers of the venom that spews from that cesspool.

    I couldn’t care less what is diaried over there anymore.

  31. They need a reason, other than attention-seeking, lol? I say let them have their tantrums.

  32. Glenn Beck doesn’t worry me. His ratings are dropping and except for a small group of lunatics, he doesn’t hold much sway. I get more concerned by those that comes across to many people as reasonable, like Bill O’reilly. Even the network news tends to have a strong slant to the right, never telling the full story.

  33. Yeah, Glen Beck is a clown. The larger point I was attempting to make was that this speech will be that falling tree in the forest with nobody around to hear it. It will be seen by more when it’s smeared on Fox than who will actually watch the speech.

    This is a very important speech and topic, and it’s delivered midday on a Wednesday.

  34. Another aspect of it, is that when you appeal to fear, get elected, and what you told people to be afraid of doesn’t materialize, you can go ahead and say, “See, we protected you.” Doesn’t matter that there was nothing there to fear in the first place.

    The problem with appealing to the better instincts is that when you get people to hope for the positive, and it doesn’t all happen (even if you didn’t specifically promise certain things) the people can turn on you awfully quickly. That is part, but definitely not all, of the reason for the PL’s rage.

  35. I love the way he jokes about the right wing talking points. It makes them look so silly and shows how little the nonsense is getting to him. It must drive the republicans crazy when he does that, lol.

  36. Don’t give HuffPoop the click! Wait until you can read the information on a credible news source!

  37. The really fascinating thing is they are losing viewers big time. I admit that I occasionally go there when someone asks me to support something they have written but its been about a half dozen times since I left that site in December.

    I got an email from a friend this past weekend telling me that they have basically given everyone the holy grail “trusted user” status. Now you know darn well they wouldn’t be doing that if things were progessing well for that site. They did this to try and entice people back to participate.

    I checked on Sunday and sure enough I have it. I have 9 comments since Dec. so tell me how on earth could I get TU status from that? They are in trouble and they know it.

    Ok…BWD I won’t comment any further about that place. I just think its funny that they will try anything at this point to get us back. 🙂

  38. LONDON — Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa arrived in Britain on Wednesday to seek refuge after quitting the government in protest against leader Moammar Gadhafi’s attacks on civilians.

    “He has told us that he is resigning his post. We are discussing this with him and we will release further detail in due course,” a British Foreign Office spokesman said, adding that “his role was to represent the regime internationally — something that he is no longer willing to do.”

    Noman Benotman, a friend and senior analyst at Britain’s Quilliam think tank, said Moussa Koussa “wasn’t happy at all. He doesn’t support the government attacks on civilians.”

    “He’s seeking refuge in Britain and hopes he will be treated well,” Benotman said.


    MSM misses it!

  39. Oh, I agree with you that it will get limited play, specially since Obama does not believe in speaking in a way that provides good sound bites.

    Unfortunately, even if he gave the speech at night, nobody would really cover it, and fewer people would actually pay attention. We live in an ADHD society. We can’t maintain attention on anything for long except sporting events and movies and Dancing With the Stars.

  40. Yeah, I was just saying to tulips that this is actually a conundrum. People like eclectablog, TiMT, are wonderful, and their choice to continue to engage this content is reasoned in that they do not want to have the media think that the loons speak for the base or leave their narratives unchallenged, but the flip side of the coin is that we continue to help keep some folks relevant and possibly draw them into the lives of people who deliberately sought to exclude them. I personally don’t care what badawhatever or whomever else “star” blog personality has to say, although I do react to the sole patrol, GG, etc. This is actually an old and continuing debate around these parts. I definitely lean towards your point of view re: dkos.

  41. No, POTUS has had a problem with leaks with defence Dept! I think it is Bush people still working in th govt, that is leaking this shit to the republicans. And then they leak it to their friends in the MSM!
    Gates and Panetta must be pissed!

  42. And it is critical that he be treated well, which I am sure he will be. The US MSM will probably gloss over it, but you can be sure that this will be played into Libya a lot and that will be the mot important audience. Particularly if they can actually get video of Koussa denouncing the regime.

  43. I also find it intersting that NATO Takes over and now the Freedom fighters in Libya are ,in retreat! The Kaddafy foces are now 1 1/2 hours away from benghazi!
    How can this be? Are the French and British paying attn? Hello?

  44. First the Republican Party in Polk County, Wisconsin, pulled the tape of Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) fretting about making ends meet on his $174,000 a year salary from its own website. Now they want it gone from the whole Internet.

    For a couple hours, the local county GOP was successful. But we’ve put an excerpt of the video back up.

    A day after TPM posted the video we obtained of Duffy talking about his salary at a Polk County town hall meeting earlier this year, the Polk County GOP contacted the video provider we used to host the video, Blip.tv, and demanded the video be taken down.

    The tape caused a stir for Duffy, a first-term conservative best known for his past as a reality TV show star on MTV’s The Real World. Democrats flagged the comments about his taxpayer-funded salary (which is nearly three times the median income in Wisconsin) and criticisms began to flow Duffy’s way.


  45. I am sure that is in the works! If you listen to the news, it is all that stupid qunipiac poll and the POTUS is failing, they did not mention the gallup bump of today of 6 points, from the speech! Sigh!

  46. rootless_e @ TPV did a great job last week of tearing them a new one re Geithner and how wrong they were on TARP.

    Here’s a little sample:

    “In particular, the false-liberals have insisted that their strange and often conspiratorial attack on the Obama team’s economic policies is the liberal/progressive critique. This has a kind of cuckoo bird effect – actual liberal critiques get pushed into obscurity by the impostor.”


    This seems to be what is happening at that “other” place.

  47. About two months ago a well loved poster (P&W)type, usually stays out of harm’s way, but does side with the mouths when pushed, begged people not to give up on DK, for the refugees to return…this was on her FB page. I hope the deposit they put down on their next convention is refundable. They are reaping what they have sown now. The other night I was on ABL and felt a sense of power coming from the right people that I had thought was lost. BWD was in the vanguard of this. WE are out there too, Kossacks, and ultimately right makes might.

  48. Exactly, especially considering all that has happened and continues in the mid east, north africa..and his historic nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia… amazing all this in such a short time . I love this man, he never brags. He is content with getting things done then moves on to the next.

  49. Yeah, fear motivates, but so does hope. Hope still trumps fear. Optimism still trumps doom and gloom. Pretty sure 69 million people voted for hope over fear. Fear wears people down. Good for ratings for awhile, but eventually people look elsewhere if there’s a better message to hear.

    It’s been said here and many an other place: People vote for the candidate with the most optimistic view of America.

    We have to be that optimism. We have to carry the voice of optimism, the message of optimism. We have to believe in America in ways the GOP can’t produce because they, in essence, simply don’t believe in the American Dream.

    We OWN Optimism right now. Do not, not, not cede that ground. See the smiles and hope…be the change we want. That’s the key to making things better in this country.

    Tien Le looks up and oh! The sky is not falling.

  50. Strategy??? If we were going towards tripoli, then ya! BUt, they are going back towards benghazi! The planes should be able to pick off those vehicles- going back, it is one road and nothing but desert! How can they possibly be going towards benghazi w/o not getting picked off by the airstrikes? Puzzling!

  51. I don’t think I’ll ever resolve this one for myself, GN 🙂 For me as an individual though, there’s no choice. Just clicking on that site = instant emetic. I use it when I’m desperate to wrench my mind away from personal preoccupations – sort of bread and circuses, circuses part. It works for that. Like Clockwork (Orange). Bazonga!

  52. I have found the dialogue between you and tulips interesting and I don’t think the two of you disagree. In general, tulips believes we need to know what the PL is saying and be aware. You know the old saying “Keep your friends cloe and your enemies closer.” I don’t see you totally dismissing that. I see you saying that from time to time it is nice to have a place to go to get away from the BS that is spewed out. I am not sure tulips ever disagreed with you on that.

    And the dual thread the other night was really good in providing both functions. I think that every few days, BWD could just provide an open thread that is intentionally pundit/PL free, but the threads on either side of it can have discussion of what is being said out there.

  53. I hope they get his supercilious, condescending azzz. I saw the video clip at Think Progress,and I was appalled at his response to his constituent. Who cares that he has to drive a used minivan? AZZZZHAT

  54. about that secret finding that POTUS ordered that got leaked: Now you know why he does not tell Congres, they have big mouths! Just saying!

  55. I think the bigger statement would be for Eclectablog and TiMT to finally leave. Sometimes you just have to accept when all is lost for a place an rebuild elsewhere.

  56. The White House and congressional Republicans edged closer to a spending-cut deal Wednesday as Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) directed House Appropriations Committee staff to begin negotiations with their Senate-side counterparts.

    The move suggests the two sides have agreed on a top-line number, as the Republican chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), has said consistently he would not initiate talks unless a figure had been settled on.


  57. Jovie you need to be careful about jumping to conclusions. Things are not always what they appear to be.

  58. This guy KYL is someth8ing else:

    Kyl should reconsider opposition to nuclear test ban
    By Charles D. Ferguson and Stephen Herzog – 03/30/11 03:58 PM ET

    Much has changed since the Senate rejected the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1999. But Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) still opposes a ban on testing. On Tuesday, Kyl went so far as to tell an audience at the Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference, “Today there is even less reason to support the CTBT than 11 years ago when it was roundly defeated.”

    However, Kyl’s backing arguments fell flat. A careful look at the test ban shows that ratification is clearly in U.S. national security interests now more than ever before.

    Kyl first cited complications in detecting North Korea’s 2009 nuclear test as a reason to doubt the ban’s verification regime. It’s true that no radioactive gases and particles were detected in the atmosphere like they were after the North’s 2006 test, as Pyongyang may have used a hardened and deeply buried testing site to prevent such discharge. But the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization reported that 39 of its seismic monitoring stations quickly detected the explosion. Scientists in Japan, Russia, South Korea, the United States, and elsewhere also reported unusual activity consistent with an underground nuclear test.



  59. Ahem…who’s on the the House Intelligence Committee? Michele Bachman? I’m just sayin’.

  60. I so agree with everyone about the other site. I use to go just to see what else was going on, great diaries about Wisconsin and others. And to rec Eclectablog and others. But after these last few days with all those diaries everyone has been talking about, I signed out and don’t know if I want to go back.

    This place has restored my faith in people. I just can’t understand how these people can think who they are going to elect that will do all they want done. They know nothing about governing.

    Thank you one and all for sanity.

  61. Oh wow…I always forget about the existence of that place. Only time I remember it is when eclectablog post a diary there and asks us to check it out. I can remember senators, organizers, celebs and other personalities use to write diaries and send out emails or tweets to go read them, now its crickets…it seems to have become very out there, very extremist, a place for a niche group of a certain sort of white men to regale in their never ending anger (jealousy) against any and everything potus obama (mixed race smart beautiful better than their favorites..)related. oh well…*shrugs*

  62. Really interesting theory, but I’m not quite sure about it. I think that sensationalism was utilized in the attempt to pull outcomes to the left by declaring that good legislation/policy doesn’t go far enough and is unsatisfying to liberals. This in turn created a wild expectations game in which any legislation which was imperfect (which is IMO the only type of legislation which is going to come out of the current makeup of DC) was a foul, evil betrayal, created by people who may be secretly hostile to progressivism or subject to some unknown dark force tying their hands. That’s a total use of fear-based sensationalism, and IMO it’s a *fail* in terms of people seeking to make progress.

    I don’t think that this had anything to do with a positive vision for progress and telling the country that if we stick together, work together to compromise on our differences, we can do better. My two cents.

  63. one thing Obama never attended a madrassa in Indonesia. That was a lie by Fox news which was debunked by every major news source.

    He went to a catholic school. But the everything else you said is right on point and I agree.

  64. The White House won’t comment on a Reuters report that says President Obama signed a secret order supporting Libyan rebels in an effort to kick Muammar Qadhafi out of power.
    “As is common practice for this and all Administrations, I am not going to comment on intelligence matters,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement distributed late Wednesday. “I will reiterate what the President said yesterday – no decision has been made about providing arms to the opposition or to any group in Libya. We’re not ruling it out or ruling it in. We’re assessing and reviewing options for all types of assistance that we could provide to the Libyan people, and have consulted directly with the opposition and our international partners about these matters.”

    EARLIER: A spokesperson for the National Security Council also wouldn’t comment.
    “Such findings are a principal form of presidential directive used to authorize secret operations by the Central Intelligence Agency,”

  65. Leonardo DiCaprio tweets about Senate amendment on greenhouse gases
    By Alicia Cohn – 03/30/11 03:53 PM ET

    Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is filming in Washington and tweeting about a Senate amendment addressing greenhouse gas regulations.

    The amendment is expected to come to the floor soon for a vote.

    And DiCaprio tweeted Wednesday: We need #cleanair but the US #Senate may vote 2 allow for air pollution. Tell your Senators NO DIRTY AIR Call: 1-877-573-7693 #fb


  66. Great comment, and agreed.

    I think that every few days, BWD could just provide an open thread that is intentionally pundit/PL free

    That’s a really good idea, japa. And folks who are living a lifestyle completely free of the punditry/criticism, and people who have reached their personal saturation point from time to time can discuss theories of politics and this presidency, review speeches, etc. I really do think that creating this choice would be an asset to this blog, and would rope in some additional commenters. I think that bwd indicated that for the major speeches and townhalls, we’ll do the dual threads again.

  67. No I know he didn’t. And that is what I mean. They told lies to create the fear of other and mixed it with enough truth to make if believable to some.

  68. Oh, it was caroline kennedys husband:

    WASHINGTON–Caroline Kennedy’s 2008 endorsement of then Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) came at a crucial time during the Democratic primary season, where Obama was battling then Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) On Tuesday night, Obama tapped Kennedy husband Edwin Schlossberg as a member of the Commission of Fine Arts.

    And Obama appointed Chicagoan Deepa Gupta, as a member of the National Council on the Arts. Gupta is a Program Officer for Media, Culture and Special Initiatives at the Chicago based John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

    Lynn Sweet-

  69. I stumbled on a Time magazine article at the dentist’s today, by Peter Bergen, about how things in Afghanistan are better than most people think: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2059521_2059653_2059652,00.html

    The author’s name is familiar to me, I don’t know how reliable he is, but I found it encouraging.

    More kids, including girls, are in school. More people have phones, they have better health care.

    “…..These kinds of advances explain why 6 in 10 Afghans in a poll last fall said their country is going in the right direction.”

    I recommend the whole article.

  70. I was on Media Matters and one poster called Obama a corporatist because of the bailout crap and Rahm being a former banker decades ago and Daley. Then he cites aan article from the great liberal writer Glenn Greenwald. LOL !

    I don’t know why some people can’t come to grips that Obama is a center-left pragmatist. If Obama is a corporatist then JFK was a corporatist for lowering taxes across the board when they were at an all time high and allowing firms to depreciate plant and equipment expenses. LBJ a coproratist and Carter and so on. The frustrati are beyond irrational and they didn’t listen to Obama during the campaign and his platform.

  71. Sure, the bailout, started under Bush and set up aa a give away, makes Obama a corporatist because he required the banks to pay back the government. The person doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

  72. oh sorry I originally thought that you were just explaining the lies but I then thought otherwise. Once again I apologize for jumping to conclusions. Seems like I’m so ready to refute something because of the lies from the left and the right about Obama.

  73. You would think that if Obama was such a corporatist then Wall Street would love him.

    I interned for some Wall Street firms and you won’t find too many people saying they love Obama. I met some nice people on Wall Street who care about the greater good of the society who support Obama but a good amount of them can’t stand him.

  74. Even better if Rep Flake and Rep Franks have a knock down, drag out primary which is very likely if Franks does decide to get it (which signs are pointing to).

  75. Thanks so much for posting this. This piece was just amazing in its depth and scholarship. I will always remember this.

  76. UPDATE: 1:11am

    Al Jazeera’s Anita McNaught tells us that Koussa was not alone, and that there are several senior Libyan government figures waiting to fly to European capitals.

    She said they include the current head of intelligence, the oil mininster, the secretary of the general peoples’ congress and a deputy foreign minister. She tells us:

    “It seems the government of Gaddafi is collapsing around him tonight, and they’re running for the hills.”


  77. Thank you BWD for posting the President’s speech on Energy. Again, the President gave a clear, coherent and eloquent speech on a complex issue. The tragedy, unfortunately, is that most Americans, who still rely on MSM for information, will never get a chance to listen to the entire speech. Pundits will chop it up. Haters will find a line, here and there, that they will spin negatively. And, a month or so from now, in these “United States of Amnesia” we will be told that President Obama has no coherent policy on energy, or that President Obama has not sufficiently and clearly communicated his policy on energy. Pretty soon, even us who support him, we will start repeating the same mantra that the white house has failed to communicate its energy policies.

    As far as I am concerned this was the best speech on energy I’ve heard from any President in my life time. The President was passionate, knowledgeable, clear in outlining specific things his administration was doing, and above all visionary.

    I am deeply thankful for this site because without BWD posting this speech I probably would never have listened to it in its entirety.

  78. #random …I searched the real-time twitter
    stream of hash tag #dkos to see what type of
    diaries were generating heat and
    surprise..!! None of the inflammatory
    diaries are mentioned…whatever buzz
    surrounding #dkos is limited to that site.
    I think it means that it’s a big echo chamber that’s heavily trolled and to make
    matters worse..The most recent tweets with
    #dkos links to environmental diaries, then
    the rest are from 2 days ago..It shows me
    nobody cares enough to bother…Don’t let me get into #FDL ….hehe 😆

  79. Hey G, glad to see you back! 🙂 (I’m just running down the thread.) I hope this means you are recovering nicely.

  80. ‘They figure if they keep telling us we’re confused that we will then believe it.’

    Tee hee hee! 😆

  81. BWD – I cannot thank you enough for always updating us on the financial recovery/jobs situations, which I would forget to seek out and possibly never read if the updates weren’t served up on the pretty dessert plate that is your blog!

    How’s that for a long sentence?

  82. Looks as though Libya is employing somebody akin to “Baghdad Bob,” in putting out some of the “he didn’t defect; he’s on a mission for us” stuff.

  83. Lilaf1, you are absolutely correct. The moment I left I felt so much better. Then I found this sight and it gave me hope. If the President is successful, than we as a country and as individuals will be successful.

    We are the ones that we have been waiting for!!

  84. They don’t really have the support that they THINK they have, imo, tigerfist. Thanks for doing the search. We need to know things like this. Maybe one day they’ll get over their holier than thou know it all-ness. One can only hope. And, right, don’t get me started thinking about the other place you mentioned. Every post is anti-Obama. He says up, they say “DOWN!!!” Ugh!

  85. Good. One more nail in his coffin.

    If people think those Libyan officials have not gotten the message that they hang with the crazy man at their own peril, then believe that I have a brand spanking new Benz in my garage — yeah, poor ole me.

    Being shuffled off to the Hague for war crimes is not what they want.

    I won’t be surprised to learn of more defections in the coming days.

    Go figure.

  86. Thanks, Elly, that was a positive read. I sure hope that most, if not all, of it is true.

  87. The coverup is worse than the crime. I mean the Dems will get the footage for attack ads come 2012, but the WI GOP are making a bigger issue out of it now by trying to pull all the footage.

  88. Love data, tigerfists – and I am not in any way surprised by the data you have just provided us.

    dailybarf is just that – a few folk, drunk on their narcissism, puking their verbal vomit.

    I don’t know about you, but I usually avoid cliques like that.

    Obviously, from your data, most folk avoid vomit.

  89. One way you can tell for sure is what the comment section looks like. It is the same people in a diary responding to each other, over and again, except for the few brave souls that venture in to rebut their silliness.

    Total breakdown of serious discourse and sadly sanctioned by the editors, owner, etc.

  90. Has anybody seen this video of two Republican congressmen discussing their real hidden agenda?

  91. This is fantastic. You should all read this.


    Here is a random paragraph, which is just one of the many paragraphs worth reading.

    “Uncritical love is not love at all but rather infatuated obsession. That’s what blind patriotism is, infatuated obsessive self-love. Blind patriotism is masturbation, it isn’t about loving your country, it’s about loving yourself. Blind patriotism does not make you a better American than your neighbors, it just makes you blind. Like true religious faith, true patriotism isn’t a competition, you don’t get a prize for being better at it, or louder, or more militant, than those around you. That kind of patriotism is a lot like those parents who think their kid is the most beautiful, perfect, special, wonderful, smart, funny, charming, exceptional, and talented kid in the whole wide world and who can do no wrong – and the kid is really a spoiled rotten stupid jerk who will one day grow up into a spoiled rotten stupid jerk of an adult.”

    Go check it out in its entirety.

  92. From the President’s speech at Georgetown U., today, the concluding statements are, without doubt, going to be central to his message to all young Americans between now and Election Day, 2012 (and, importantly, throughout his second term):

    “Let me close by speaking directly to the students here — the next generation who are going to be writing the next great chapter in the American story. The issue of energy independence is one that America has been talking about since before your parents were your age, since before you were born. And you also happen to go to a school [in a town] that for a long time has suffered from a chronic unwillingness to come together and make tough choices. And so I forgive you for thinking that maybe there isn’t much we can do to rise to this challenge. Maybe some of you are feeling kind of cynical or skeptical about whether we’re actually going to solve this problem. But everything I have seen and experienced with your generation convinces me otherwise.

    I think that precisely because you are coming of age at a time of such rapid and sometimes unsettling change, born into a world with fewer walls, educated in an era of constant information, tempered by war and economic turmoil — because that’s the world in which you’re coming of age, I think you believe as deeply as any of our previous generations that America can change and it can change for the better.

    We need that. We need you to dream big. We need you to summon that same spirit of unbridled optimism and that bold willingness to tackle tough challenges and see those challenges through that led previous generations to rise to greatness -– to save a democracy, to touch the moon, to connect the world with our own science and our own imagination.

    That’s what America is capable of. That’s what you have to push America to do, and it will be you that pushes it. That history of ours, of meeting challenges -– that’s your birthright. You understand that there’s no problem out there that is not within our power to solve.

    I don’t want to leave this challenge for future Presidents. I don’t want to leave it for my children. I don’t want to leave it for your children. So, yes, solving it will take time and it will take effort. It will require our brightest scientists, our most creative companies. It will require all of us –- Democrats, Republicans, and everybody in between -– to do our part. But with confidence in America and in ourselves and in one another, I know this is a challenge that we will solve.”

    He is, currently, the only American politician who can make such statements, and be believed.

  93. Hey guys do any of you know why the PL hates the Race to the Top program Obama and Arnie Duncan came up with ?

    I don’t know why they hate it since it seems like a good program that helps lead to innovative ways to improve education.
    Also I heard that they hate Obama’s education policy because he supports charter schools which is a laugh.

  94. I think the President was poking fun at both the right and the left. I distinctly remember both the left and the right going in tizzy, and repeatedly shouting that President Obama did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

  95. the PL hates everything your President does. It doesn’t matter what it is. If the President is for something, they are against it. Nothing deeper than that.

  96. Don’t get me started, Rachel is really getting on my one last nerve tonight. Breathless breaking news with ace investigative reporter Isokoff, Bob Cavnar the blowout preventer guy who knows all and now I told you so David Sirota and his book . That’s all I can stand, I can’t stand no more. I just switched to a rerun of Criminal Minds. She really lost me tonight.

  97. Thanks for sharing this story Bob. I really think that the Qaddafi’s regime is on the verge of collapse. Obviously it is still dangerous but I doubt that it can continue to function now that it has lost the confidence of the Libyan people.

  98. My sons goes to charter school. I am so pleased with their learning. Here in Chicago there is a lot and they out perform the public schools. I pay a one time fee of 265.oo and it takes care of book trips and outings. My junior is going to ohio for college tours and all we have to provide is spending money, the annual fee and their fund raising took care of the rest. There is no cost for field trips or field studies. i see what my money is used for and its great. Every wednesday they go out into the community. reading to seniors working in shelters.They are more active and takes the initative more. So far i am please

  99. Yeah I agree. It’s nice hearing from someone with an outside point of view.

    I was talking to someone earlier about my research on the Swiss healthcare system and how the Swiss love it and the ACA (obamacare) is modeled off of that system.

    They love to talk about Europe and their systems but I wonder if they would call the Swiss sell outs if they knew that information

  100. That’s not bad. Yeah I heard that Arnie Duncan and the people in Chicago did a great job fixing the education system there.

    I went to Catholic schools and then a Magnet school (in C.T.) which are kind of new. But it seems like Charter schools according to you are pretty effective.

    The PL and frusrati whine about costs but the price you showed me seems resonable.

  101. Would you buy that this is half a nation of idiots? There’s no way that you can tell me 45% (or whatever the group is that disapproves of the President’s actions) are not idiots.

  102. It was the professional left that went into more pieces about that peace thingummy than the right. That was when I realized that many in pl were racists.

  103. Well the one my kids are at. They have it set up where the parent child and teacher have to meet. This helped my high schooler a lot because we worked together and held him accountable he goofed off a lot and we teamed up on it and he got it together. If you were to go into a inner city public school you would cry. Most of it is not the teacher fault but its nothing in place to keep the student , parent and teacher accountable. their are also a great need for social workers for every school and the board could not provide that it is more kids in need of social service then hired social worker a chicago public school social worker are responsible for at least 3 school which capacity is over a hundred students. So the need is great and the teacher bears the burden. if a parent refuse to participate they suggest they go to their neighborhood schools. Chicago public school student can only go to schools in their neighborhoods or go into a lottery to get into the better schools. its really sad and Arne Duncan was limited with Mayor Daley he wanted to do more , I think thats why he left. I wanted my children to be around a more diverse group and i am a strong advocate at the school.

  104. They are now turning them into year round schools which is working out to be better.

  105. This is when it will become most dangerous, as he becomes ultimately dangerous, and those military people who can’t flee realize it’s a battle to the death. There’s a saying about the kicks of a dying horse…

  106. SlimSean, I really admire your tolerance and your strong stomach for continuing to visit that site. I have decided that I am too old to continue wasting my time and energy, beating my head against the wall, trying to reason with people who have such an irrational hatred of President Obama.

    I forgot who said this so I can give her/him credit, but it is crystal clear that so far as Obama haters, on both the left and the right, are concerned: “if it was proven that Obama had indeed found a cure for cancer, they would still attack him for not focusing as much energy on finding a cure for the flu, diabetes, hypertension and the common cold.” I even think that they might accuse him of pursuing a cure for cancer because he is a “corporatist” who is only interested in rewarding his “corporatist” buddies like Tim Geitner.

  107. lmao *dead* This conversation is exactly what I hear when teapubs start talking. Though these babies are too cute unlike Boehner and his ilk.

  108. Wow thanks for the information about the situation with public schools.

    That’s a problem around the country that needs to be fixed.

  109. This is the gameplan when PBO and NATO engineered that UN resolution and enforcing the no-fly zone. I had a bit of disagreement over this with bwd in her preceding friedman piece. They had an alternate plan all along.

  110. They’re also trying to rewrite the history over the Bush/Cheney/Rice/Powell/Rumsfeld et al foray into the Iraq war on the basis of lies. They’re hoping they can muddy the waters enough to create some kind of false equivalency. Too stupid.

  111. He specifically mentionned “intelligence operations” in his speech on Lybia.

  112. Amazing. People have to rely on dirty tricks to move ahead. Yet they want to go into our part of the world to fix us.

    Go figure

  113. It seems that leaks from the intelligence apparatus and leaks from the military apparatus have become more frequent in the last two years. Am I right, or it’s just than I’m paying more attention ?

    I don’t know…

  114. It sounds like you found a very good charter school for your kids. Like public schools, charters can be hit or miss. Some are better and some worse than the local public schools. It all depends on who runs them and what curriculum they use. Hopefully someone is keeping track of which ones are effective and which ones aren’t. There are some chartered through universities and others through private companies. The quality varies widely but some are truly innovative and deserve to be studied for the possibility of implementing what works there elsewhere.

  115. The president gave a speech that is very relevant to what is occurring in the world, especially in the field of sciences and math. I began visiting the blog, Truth, and discovered that the president is right in encouraging America to invest in science and mathematics.

    “China, says the BBC, has increased spending on science by 10% since 1999 and now spends over $100 billion on science. In 2006, China’s schools graduated as many as 1.5 million science and engineering students.”


    Where is the American exceptionalism if the faux conservatives keep cutting the education budget and denying that science has a role to play in our advancement?

    As a retired teacher, I just don’t get their head in the sand mentality. I read on Think Progress a few minutes ago that TN has a bill that will allow science teachers to replace teaching evolution with what I can only describe as “something else.” I think the “something else” is probably Intelligent Design. IMO, this is a violation of the First Amendment prohibition on the government’s ability to establish a religion, although the TN state legislators would most likely deny it.

    An excerpt:

    “This bill prohibits the state board of education and any public elementary or secondary school governing authority, director of schools, school system administrator, or principal or administrator from prohibiting any teacher in a public school system of this state from helping students understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in the course being taught, such as evolution and global warming.”

  116. They’re not just trying to sabotage the President; they are endangering the lives of the covert operatives, who are in a hostile land with no declared war to protect them if they are caught or isolated. It’s irresponsible.

  117. Does Rachel Maddow really think that we are not going to have CIA operatives on the ground in a place that we are conducting military operrations….this is standard operations before any military operation…I thought she was bright. Unless she is being intellectually dishonest?

  118. That’s why I have started making myself not to get too high or too low on anything they say or do anymore, thanks to a valuable lesson I am learning from POTUS.

  119. It’s getting some play because of the controversial stuff in the speech (which I think is there on purpose, so people will be outraged and talk about it). He mentions that he wants to increase domestic oil drilling, and is still intent on nuclear energy. I am not too concerned with either of these, since Nobel Laureate Chu is involved, as well as Nobel Laureate Obama. I don’t think either will do something that will harm the future planet that their children need to live in.

  120. Someone should have asked Mitch if President Obama was lying when he said that he consulted the bipartisan leaders of Congress before he ordered military action in Libya. I am sure Mitch McConnell was one of the people consulted and informed. The real question is: Did Mitch McConnell raise any objection against the President’s decision? If yes, why didn’t he say so instead of hiding behind the public? If he didn’t object why is he now trying to back stab the President?

    What is even more distressing is that the so called MSM allow these Republicans, and Democrats who bash the President, to speak from both sides of their mouths.

  121. Tomorrow will bring another freak out about something else — That’s American media for you.

    It is exhausting, I’ve given up the people in it.

    What a shame.

  122. Warning – pundit rant
    Did I just see Ed Schultz defend PBO against Jeremy Scahill? Hate was pouring off Scahill. Ed even called him on it when he said ‘your President.’ There is a real split in the progressive community over Libya…when Stephanie and the Mooks fight about this, it sounds real to me even with the jokes. I’m surprised Ed is supporting PBO but I always thought of him as more of a populist than a progressive. Anyway, when Scahill brought up Gitmo as a reason not to take PBO at his word, I just wish that Ed had reminded him that he tried to close it but Congress blocked him. Scahill not mentioning that loses credibility with his argument.

  123. I have never had an interaction on DKos as good as the worst i’ve seen here. No going back for me.

  124. One of the biggest problems in public schools, imo, is the lack of parental involvement. The system and the parents expect teachers to perform miracles. I retired from teaching high school in 2009 and I can say without a doubt that many parents have abdicated their role in ensuring that their children get the best education they can get. There is NO parental accountability like that that ms4t describes at the charter school her kids attend. All of the responsibility for student success rests with the teacher. Parents would not show up for conferences, open house events, or to pick up their kids’ report cards. They could access their kids’ grades via computer, and the majority of them wouldn’t even do that. Usually we would only see them at the end of the semester when their kid would be in danger of failing a class, or, in some cases, several classes. Then, they would come to inquire whether the teacher could “do” anything to help their kid get credit for the class/es. Although many of the teachers didn’t like to do it, the administrators would pressure us to supply the kid with missing assignments or extra credit assignments so that the students could be mollified and their kids could “pass” the class/es. The school from which I retired would also allow students who hadn’t passed the required graduation tests to participate in graduation exercises to “save” face. In 2009 I had had enough after 33 years, things didn’t seems to be improving as far as holding students and parents accountable, so I retired.

  125. There was even one idiot (a Democrat) claiming that he doesn’t know what the President has signed or not signed – and then laughing about it. They just don’t take their jobs seriously. It’s amazing that the President has managed to move this country forward as much as he has.

  126. The only way to make people aware of this is to use the social networks, Facebood, Twitter, … Send it to many friends, ask them to send it to many others and on and on…

  127. yeah exactly! the parent has to be involved. Their are good who are just over worked. if you as a parent set up a plan for your child with the teacher and the child knows its nothing but success. i think they are to laxed on parents. A teacher will help if you ask and work with them.

  128. if the left’s not careful, they will once again talk themselves straight out of the White House..

  129. The MSM is laying big time , if you remember when he wa runing for president they told us he could NOT win. I just watched the speech on C-SPAN and by looking at all the young students they just liked thuis President, so please do not pay much attention to the polls or the MSM or you will go crazy.

  130. Another thing i want to say about teachers. SAT are coming up for my high schooler. The teacher got together called a meeting with us the parent offered SAT prep classes on Saturday free of charge, so we as parent go together to send snacks. we donated pizza, gatorade whatever they requested. This is what these so called lazy teacher did. Do you know how much SAT prep classes cost. Teacher will help if you ask and seek it. I am a strong witness to that.

  131. Yes, my town was one of the towns bidding for the test but we lost. Too bad for us but I’m happy for Kansas city.

  132. The selective memories and focus of the PL is what had led me to put no credibility in anything they say. It sounds like Scahill conveniently forgot that the president tried to close Gitmo shortly after he was sworn into office in 2009, and instead of the dems supporting him, they joined with the republicans to block the bill that would have closed the facility. Also, iirc, it was last month that the republicans in the House created a bill to prevent the president from being able to transport detainees from Gitmo to the U.S. to stand trial in civilian courts. When PBO decided to hold military tribunals at Gitmo to move toward closing the facility, the republicans began to whine and complain as loud as they could. Scahill is not only being unfair toward the president, but he’s also being dishonest.

  133. They still haven’t figured out that once something is on the internet you can never erase it. It’s much too late now to keep that clip away from the public. The sad part is that they didn’t even realize what ammunition they were handing their opposition by posting it in the first place. That’s how very out of touch they are. They probably thought he gave a good answer.

  134. The problem with the PL and many liberals is that they constantly blame Obama for a broken congress (DINOs, repubs who want the country to fail so they can get the WH, the 24/7 fillubuster, spineless dems, etc…). There was over 300 bills that passed the house that was sitting in the senate at the end of last year unvoted on. Why do they blame Obama for things not getting done that was the result of a broken congress?

  135. When I saw Rachel’s story on the covert operations in Libya, the FIRST thought I had was, ” looks like more griping about Rachel’s ‘gone off the rails’ and how much they are ‘done’ with her” is about to start, again”.

    It’s becoming real easy to see what sets people off on this site. and despite all the good that is posted here, this aspect doesn’t seem to be improving. So if you are done with Rachel, why are you talking about her?

    Just an observation.

  136. I completely agree with you Japa! While it is true that Glenn Beck has a strong dedicated cult of believers, I doubt that he has has that much pull with people who consider themselves moderates. What really “sways” the moderates are the opinions of pundits/news personalities who are viewed as “reasonable” or legitimate journalists.

  137. Thank you for standing up and speaking out for teachers. I work as a substitute teacher and I can tell you that the vast majority of teachers really want their students to succeed. They really care about the kids they teach and sacrifice a lot of their personal time (and money) to help kids achieve. The biggest obstacle to learning is often the parents who don’t insist that their kids keep up good attendance and do their homework on a regular basis let alone come in and talk to the teacher. The best results come when a child’s education is a partnership between school and home. Parents who are involved will have the best results for their kids.

    If you are parent, get to know your kids’ teachers and the principal and other staff members. Keep up with what is going in class and know what resources are available to you to monitor your student’s progress. Make sure your child is doing his homework and studying on a regular basis. Just taking an interest will improve your child’s grades. Teachers will be happy to work with you and give you ideas and easy ways to help your child succeed.

  138. Its almost as if it was planned by some on the left. it was so bad i emailed her about the oil thing.

  139. Because it’s harder to gin up emotions over Congress. There are too many people who make up congress to focus people’s outrage at. The President is easy though. He’s right out in front and a lot of Americans don’t understand what separation of powers means in practical terms so you can lay all blame on the Chief Executive and the public won’t look any further. If you can get people upset and blaming the President for everything, then everyone else can relax and not worry about being blamed themselves. The media doesn’t do a good job? No problem, just blame the president for everything and no will look too closely to see that the media didn’t ask the right questions or get the right information out to the public that might have made things succeed. The congress can’t pass even simple legislation? Don’t make the story complicated by trying to talk about the specific reps and senators that actually stand in the way. They are people most people have never heard of and the the names change from bill to bill so just blame the president. Everyone knows who he is and it’s so much easier that way.

  140. Out of 186 comments I saw only 4 about Rachel, and not one of those said they are “done” with her. Unless I’m missing something…

  141. She lost me, too. She basically called the President a liar, openly. And her hyperventilating over this covert operation, based on absolutely no facts other than what been “reported” – it made me sick.

  142. I swear, this blog right here just doesn’t get its due: http://www.angryblacklady.com/2011/03/30/rep-sean-duffy-congress-shit-mcjob/

    Allan of Angry Black Lady does “A Day in the Life of GOP Rep Angry that He Only Makes $174K Per Year”

    $174,000 per year? Is that all this job pays? Damn, that’s barely enough to keep my toddlers in diapers and my wife in maternity clothes! (Note to self: buy contraceptive foam.)

    But the benefits have got to be gold, right? I mean, my last job was a shit job too, but I could go see the doctor anytime and not even have a copay, unless I binge-drank myself into alcohol poisoning and had to go to the ER to get my stomach pumped, and even then it was only $40 a pop.

    What kind of a s**t job is this?


    Rolling around the floor laughing!

  143. Speaking for myself, I don’t watch her at all. I don’t care about her freakouts, because I don’t trust them. I give credit where it’s due and I strive to credit her when I hear that she’s been fair. But to be real with you, I don’t even watch her show in any event and I doubt I’m alone in this space.

    But to make one thing clear: if people don’t agree with her reportage on this or that, they don’t agree. That’s not a character flaw, it is an *observation* of her weak points.

  144. Cheers, gn!
    I don’t watch her show, either. I quit watching all pundits (in real time) a couple of years ago.

  145. It was very heated, especially with Scahill’s ‘your President’ comment. Then Ed kept asking him if PBO was ‘his’ president. He eventually said yes but that comment was revealing- he sounded like a Teagressive

  146. I have yet to hear a coherent PL reason to let thousands of Libyans die needlessly. If use of force drives them to embrace Ghaddafi then perhaps it is best they form their own party.

  147. Some people simply don’t value education and are suspicious of those who do. While the PL goes on about class warfare with the wealthy the GOP has figured out we already have class warfare in this country between the educated and the proud to be uneducated.

  148. No way in the world I would put my political energies at the mercy of MSNBC pundits. No thanks. I get what I need to know here and in other spaces. I think that people who imagined that there was no intelligence involvement in Libya…come on! I’m only halfway paying attention because I hate the subject of war. A bunch of us despise war, but, please. I can’t…with whatever blown up tantrums is taking place right now. “Secondary operations”–we knew that this meant, no military regime change but for damn sure our spooks are involved. If this is what Rachel is now freaking out about, I couldn’t feel more justified about not watching her show at all, that guilt just melted away.

  149. “They love to talk about Europe and their systems but I wonder if they would call the Swiss sell outs if they knew that information”

    Jeremy you really don’t have to wonder about the leftist bashers of President Obama. To reinforce what crazycanuk said: YES, “they would call the Swiss sell outs” if the Swiss publicly announce that they support President Obama’s health care reform. As Crazycanuk clearly said, the formula is really very simple: “If the President is for something, they are against it. Nothing deeper than that.” Their opposition and bashing of the President has absolutely nothing to do with what is factual or what is true. It is all about their deep seated hatred of the President.

  150. I generally find Rachel’s reporting pretty fair. But her reporting on the presidential finding was a little ‘breathless.’ But Rachel can get like that from time to time, needing someone to ‘talk her down.’ But overall even when I don’t agree with her I think she is more fair and accurate than most journalists, which is why I take her reporting on the blowout preventor seriously. Yet, I still feel like we’re missing something important in the reporting. I need to hear more from the Interior dept and what they think about the findings of the report THEY commissioned. I’m really not sure its a scandal as Rachel suggested. When I get more time, I’m going to try to search for more info. If our MSM weren’t so worthless, we’d have a better idea about what’s going on and get to hear more expert opinion. Not saying Rachel’s guy is wrong but more opinions couldn’t hurt. JMHO

  151. Although I’m a real political junkie, I stopped regularly watching MSNBC and other cable news shows more than six months ago – maybe longer. But if I hear something has been said by Rachel or one of the other pundits, I still feel free to comment.

    My reasoning is that I have a vested interest – not to mention a deep sense of betrayal (on behalf of President Obama), which I’m trying to work out of my psyche. It’s like therapy – remove yourself from the situation, but then talk it out of your system!

    For me, the key is not whether we talk about them here or not. It’s about whether we watch their show and give them ratings, which I no longer do. I can handle an occasional story, but I cannot subject myself to day after day of rubbish – not if I want to keep my sanity.

  152. Those who are children of Republicans will end up being supported by the rest of us when they grow up to be some of the most ignorant people in the world. The sad thing is that they’ll be at home, with their guns, complaining about all the people who are running the country, who got a decent education.

  153. We are talking about her so that her talking points can be debunked. Simple as that.

    No doubt Rachel is one of the better journos out there in the arid cable punditry land. But that doesn’t make her or her opinions infallible.

  154. The PL are *always* freaking out, even the best like Rachel. Will be normal, but at any time of their choosing, boom, they’ve joined some crazed PL nutty swarm. Which is why I am so utterly completely and totally sympathetic to the point of view which casts it all as nonsense, negative nonsense, and asks us to re-focus from what we don’t want to what we *do* want, and focus energies there. Spaces like wsy will see this nonsense, and get immediately to going in, and twittering, with no one taking the PL seriously. This space is different, and is more vulnerable to the PL I think, not criticizing or throwing shade, but it is what it is.

  155. That’s why Congress and Senate poll ratings remain in the 20’s. They are a bunch of overpaid, lazy, political rats that do not work for the average american.

  156. GN, I’m sure everyone here has read my lamentations about my family losing a family member to an IED in Iraq. Needless to say, I also despise war. Even before that day, I despised war. But, I’m sitting here in my cozy 2/1, typing on my laptop, Ghost Hunters on the television, laundry in the dryer, dishwasher set to start in 6 hours, baked-from-scratch cookies in a tupperware container,etc… I’m not living in fear that a tank is going to come rolling down my street to arrest or kill me or my neighbors as ordered by a dictator. I can’t imagine living as Libyans are living at this very moment. Can’t begin to imagine. Yet, the thought of war still brings me to my knees. Quite an internal conflict going on inside my soul. Maybe, as Jimmy Carter once said, there are times when war is a necessary evil. Maybe this truly is one of those times.

    “Secondary operations” – what in the world did people think PBO was talking about? My thought was intel or special ops. We’d be foolish to not have intelligence on the ground. Here’s my not-so-educated guess: We’re not the only country with intel on the ground! That would be shocking, right?! Another not-so-educated guess: Possible countries with intel in Libya: Britain, France, and UAE. Really, I can’t understand why people would find this “revelation” so shocking.

  157. Those babies are a million percent cuter than Boehner and Cantor, that’s for sure! Those toddlers are so precious.

  158. mb32, I didn’t watch the RM Show, did they discuss the Norwegian experts’ report?

  159. hehe..t-bagger tweet to the orange man:

    RT @WashingtonDCTea: @SpeakerBoehner The Shortest Term EVER House Leader if GOV Not shut down and Obama Impeachment Not Started soon! Soon to be Gone 2012

  160. And good for you. Not sure why this should be chastised. I was done with Maddow during the oil spill speech and I meant it. I didn’t shy away from acknowledging that she’s a cut above the rest (and she is) when I heard that she had good reporting, but even so none of these people are worth watching or obsessing over their thoughts. I fail to see the issue here. Live and let live.

  161. To all in the community a little note I ran across in my inbox article by Steve Clemons:Obama moved at warp speed on Libya http://huff.to/hJ1cLt
    I know huff is PL country but read the total listing for what happens when you really have a true leader in charge in 9 days.

  162. I don’t think the purist leftist want a Democrat in the White House or majority Democrats controlling Congress. People like Scahill, Greenwald, Sirota,and others made lots of money on their books when Republicans controlled the government. I say that because I am one of the people who spent so much money buying their books, very critical of Republicans, which I read feverishly. Am I being overly cynical for thinking that they want to return to those days, when Republicans were in control, so they can sell us more books?

  163. Wesleya, thanks for the link. Steve Clemons’ article was really quite good. I will share it with friends.

  164. Yeah, I felt really bad for Geekesque(sp) in the discussed horrid diary. He/she took a ton of mean and cruel shots from the usual suspects.

    It’s just not worth the pain and hardship. I only go over there for some of the reading/science diaries now. Politically it is worthless.

  165. As I said when I heard the speech live: “I’m so glad to have a president who can say ‘fulminating’ and know what it means.”

  166. It’s simpler than that: this is a war in a desert. Wars in deserts look like this- people go back and forth and back and forth. The problem is not a military one. The problem is media bobbleheads going “The rebels are advancing and winning! Gaddafi is advancing and winning! The rebels are advancing and winning! Gaddafi is advancing and winning!” over and over and over again, because they’re trying to comment on a war as if it were a horserace.

    Militarily, I wouldn’t expect much of a breakthrough. The rebels keep rushing forwards but don’t have the armament and discipline to take a defended town. Gaddafi’s troops have weapons and discipline but if they approach a defended town they get hit with airstrikes because their heavy weapons are a threat to civilians.

    I see reports in the Guardian now that both sides are running out of ammunition (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/30/libya-conflict-sides-short-ammunition) because Gaddafi can’t resupply under fire and the rebels have no supplies anyway. This is good. Less shooting is good.

    This thing doesn’t end with the rebels storming Tripoli, or with Gaddafi storming Benghazi. It ends as Gaddafi’s loyalists peel away until he runs or his own friends shoot him. He will not be missed.

  167. The mandate for the air strikes is to prevent attacks on civilians. This is taken to justify targeting heavy weapons, e.g. tanks, approaching cities. Gaddafi’s current strategy is to fight the rebels’ light vehicles with his own light vehicles. There is no mandate to target one side or other in a military engagement in a desert.

    If Gaddafi forces approach a defended town in strength and open fire on a civilian area- then airstrikes are mandated.

  168. The idiocy of the Republican Party leadership. I’m sure BWD will be posting the morning mash soon but I sure hope you all get to see this. 🙂

  169. wow, just wow. and boner was jus’ standing there looking approvingly at his imbecile mutt.

  170. There is an endless supply of stupid in the Republican Party. We are being governed by idiots. But the best part about this segment from Lawrence is that it not only highlights the incompetence of the GOP, it shows how feckless and complicit the media has been in reporting on them. We are bombarded with this bats*** craziness on a daily basis and the media continues to report on the GOP as if they are a credible opposition party. It really is pathetic.

  171. This is an insult to me because I taught civics to 10th Graders for over 30 years. Cantor and the republicans are an international embarrassment. Lord, have mercy on us. This is why I pray for our president, our country, and peoples around the world every day. I pray that we’re all protected from the madness of today’s GOP members.

  172. Wow. What Cantor said is incredibly stupid but the fact that the press just stood there recording it and no one challenged him is absolutely appalling. I have to say I enjoyed L O’D’s take down of Cantor, though.

  173. Thanks for relinking that. I put in a link up above in this thread but I think it got kind of lost in the flurry of posts and I really think it was a terrific piece that deserves to be read by as many people as possible.

  174. I really don’t believe that Cantor thinks his silly bill can become law. I’m sure, in fact that he knows it is nothing but posturing. What is insulting is that the republicans most likely sat around planning this in order to attempt to shift the blame for a potential shutdown to the democrats and they thought this would work. They were counting on the American public to be total idiots who didn’t understand the most basic information about how our government works. It was a brazen attempt to lie to the public and mislead them about the basic functioning of our government in an attempt to figure out how to get themselves out of the trouble they have created with the rise of the tea party that is crippling their ability to actually do their jobs.

    And the press have pretty much ignored it. There are a few places that mention it but not many. Not even many left leaning blogs have brought it up yet. So not only do the press just stand there when this silly bill is announced by Cantor where he talks seemingly seriously about a bill that would circumvent the Constitution and could never, ever take effect as if it were serious legislation, but they also don’t think it’s worthy of mentioning much about such an outrageous attempt to mislead the public about who is not willing work on the budget problem with whom.

  175. If we could email this to Cantor it would be great. However, I would love to know where Chuck Shumer and others are going after Cantor for this. Since the media did not hold him accountable, shouldn’t the Dems?

  176. Hi GN,
    I definitely have sympathy with that point of view too. Rachel is usually pretty good but last night she seemed too cynical especially with the CIA report. One thing that I like about her is that when she is wrong, she will admit it.

  177. Like I said the Republicans are bad at governing. They haven’t been good at governing in decades. Since the 90’s they have showed time and time again that they are only good at partisan attacks and not moving the country forward.

    A number of the American people need to realize that this is not your grandfather’s republican party anymore.

  178. 🙂

    Here is My Facebook friends response to good ole Eric Cantor.

    Up in Fauquier County, my teacher was a retired Army officer and avowed libertarian from an old Virginia family, named Col Slater V Marshall. We spent the entire first semester, studying the Constitution and the government, its three branches and their functions and how they related and policed one another in the system of checks and balances. We learned about elections. On Fridays, we discussed events current in the news and debated the hot topics of the day. When we’d finished an exhaustive study of our own government, at some point in the school year, we learned how a parliamentary democracy works, and we also studied how the then-Soviet Union was set up to govern.

    One of the things we learned, whilst studying our own government, is how a bill becomes a law. As part of our exam process, we had to reiterate, in essay form, the passage of a bill from the moment it was introduced to the moment it became law.

    Eric Cantor attended one of the most exclusive private boys’ schools in the Commonwealth. I can only imagine that they didn’t do a very good job of teaching civics there; and if they didn’t, I’m astounded that he didn’t pick this sort of information up during his undergraduate tenure at George Washington University or later in his law studies at William and Mary.

    Now I’m not the biggest fan of Eric’s, but I give him credit where credit is due, for being able to be consistently re-elected to what is largely a very rural constituency. And I have to be honest. Virginians are Virginians. I’m as proud of Eric being Majority Leader of a party I don’t support as I’m as proud of Norfolk-born-and-bred Ed Schultz being a predominant political voice of the Left in the media. But anyone of my generation, and that includes Ed, would have choked chewing their cabbage to hear Eric pronounce that if the Senate didn’t act on presenting their version of the budget, then the House’s version becomes law. Without passing through the Senate. And I have to wonder how many people of subsequent generations, including those populating the political news media now, realised the enormous faux pas the House Majority Leader made in asserting that.

    Because it’s simply not done.

    Put simply, fiscal legislation begins in the House, is approved by the Senate (or is diddled with, sent back to the House to be passed) and then sent to the President for his signature or his veto. In asserting that the House rules supreme and supersedes the Senate, Eric’s either patently ignorant or pandering patently.

    Which one?


    don’t presume to know why none of the newshounds shadowing Eric didn’t pick up on his error. Maybe they were ignorant of the procedure, themselves. If that’s the case, they have precious little business covering events on Capitol Hill. Or maybe they knew and allowed this to be broadcast, in hopes that the informed viewing public would pick up on the discrepancy and howl in indignation at what was tantamount to a gross error in legislative procedure made by a senior member of the House majority party, which is probably assuming too much and giving too much credit to too many members of the viewing public, themselves.

    More than likely, it’s probably a case of mutual and cynical pandering on the part of both Eric and the press. As we say in Virginia, Eric’s hankering for a full-on government shutdown. He’s so thirsty for it, he can barely resist licking his lips. He knows this isn’t 1994 – although if the GOP get absolute control of the government, as they have in some of the Midwestern states, it will be worse than Orwell’s 1984 – and he knows that, with the aid of a corrupt and compliant corporate media representing both the Right and the Left, blame for any government shutdown will be laid firmly at the President’s feet.

    If that be the case, that’s not just shameful, it’s shameless and immoral. Not only does it show the disrespect evident for the President by various elected officials, it also shows the same on behalf of the media, who used to be trusted, reliably, to inform the public – and even worse, it shows the low regard with which elected officials and the media regard the general public.

    Whose fault is that?

    Well, it was yet another Virginian, the author of the Declaration of Independence, himself, who confidently asserted that a well-informed electorate can be trusted to chose a responsible government.

    How long, then, is that piece of string?


  179. I share your philosophy JO’B. I quit all those shows during the campaign and only selectively watch something. I get all my news from these wonderful blogs and other internet resources. It is all about the ratings and I will not be a part of keeping them on the air.

  180. Since I can’t open any videos at work, I am assuming this is about Cantor saying he will pass a law that would make HR 1 become actual law unless the Senate acts on it. Of course, the Senate did and voted it down.

  181. It gets worse y’all.

    “Frosh GOPer On Foreign Affairs Committee Wonders If Obama Will Attack ‘Africa’ After Libya”

    Good Lord how on earth do these people get elected?


    Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA), a freshman congressman who also sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He’s quoted in the Times-Tribune questioning President Obama’s Libya strategy, and lack of deference to Congress.

    “The bottom line is I wish the president would have told us, talked to Congress about what is the plan. Is there a plan? Is the mission to take Gadhafi out?” Mr. Marino asked…. “Where does it stop?” he said. “Do we go into Africa next? I don’t want to sound callous or cold, but this could go on indefinitely around the world.”Yes, Libya is in Africa.

  182. Lawrence’s video doesn’t really illustrate the whole story behind the comment. Cantor wasn’t talking about the procedure to pass any bill but was referring to bill he and the republicans plan to bring to the floor on Friday. This bill states that if the Senate doesn’t pass the bill the House sent to them that the House bill will then become law. Of course it’s a silly bill and wouldn’t actually work because 1- the new bill would still have to go through the standard procedure of being passed by the Senate and signed the President, which of course would never happen and 2-even if it was passed in some fantasy land it is blatantly unconstitutional and would be struck down anyway. So while Cantor is being disingenuous in the extreme by presenting this proposed bill as serious, he isn’t saying that if the Senate doesn’t do anything the House bill becomes law as it appears. It’s still stupid and requires the public to be completely clueless to believe it is serious.

  183. Yes she did a follow up to her original report. I posted something with links but I think it might take a while to show up.

  184. Actually, I had not read that. Condolences to you and your family, starshine, and I couldn’t agree more with your comment.

  185. But – Kucinich can’t get enough TV time peddling his nonsense charges about the President and the Constitution.

  186. Actually, Eric Cantor does say in his little speech that if the Senate refuses to act before April 6, then the bill passed back in February automatically becomes law.

  187. Excellent – I hope it pans out into something tangible. Things are getting better.

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