Wednesday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

10:00 AM PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.
11:00 AM  
11:15 AM VPB meets with Director of the OMB Jack Lew, Director of the NEC Gene Sperling, and senior advisers to discuss the budget
11:20 AM PBO delivers a speech on his plan for America’s energy security.
12:00 PM  
12:30 PM PBO and VPB meet for lunch.
1:00 PM Carney briefs the press.
2:00 PM  
3:00 PM  
4:00 PM  
4:25 PM PBO meets with senior advisers.
5:00 PM VPB meets with British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.


2. Recovery!

Private sector adds 201,000 jobs in March


3. More selling out.

Obama to call for cut of oil imports by a third

President Obama will lay out a broad energy plan Wednesday aimed at cutting the country’s foreign oil imports by one-third over the next decade.

The plan comes amid increasing pressure to address high gas prices and concern about the country’s reliance on Middle Eastern and North African oil, particularly given the political unrest in the region


4. One can only imagine the celebration we’s see from the previous administration after something like this:

Senior al-Qaida operative wanted over 2002 Bali nightclub bombings been arrested


5. Perfecting the union:

Obama names 2 more Indo-Americans to key posts

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama , who already has over two dozen Indian Americans serving in top jobs in his administration, has named two more from the community, Deepa Gupta and Nisha Desai Biswal, to key posts.

While Gupta has been named as a member of National Council on the Arts, Biswal, currently Assistant Administrator for Asia at the US Agency for International Development (USAID), will in addition serve on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

“I am grateful these accomplished men and women have agreed to join this Administration, and I’m confident they will serve ably in these important roles,” Obama said in naming Gupta and Biswal along with seven others. “I look forward to working with them in the coming months and years.”



118 thoughts on “Wednesday morning mishmash

  1. I was so close.

    Thanks BWD for giving us just great news about our president and how hard he works. I was thinking this morning how strange it will seem after his 2nd term, who could fill his shoes. People like him only come once a decade.

  2. Thanks for another great mish-mash. Just heard on NPR that CA exports soared last month, highest since 1995. Now is the time to support our president to keep the recovery going and block GOP efforts to shut down the government.

  3. New auto Standards:

    AUTO RULES 2.0 – Building off the 2009 auto deal, the president will also outline plans for a new round of negotiations with carmakers, states, environmentalists and lawmakers on the next phase of fuel economy standards to last through 2025. The goal is a proposed rule for cars and passenger trucks by September, with medium- and heavy-duty trucks finalized in the summer.

  4. Well, looks like Wisconsin action is heating up. The State started implementing the great union busting law last weekend even though a judge had told them they couldn’t. She repeated it yesterday and was very critical of the state. This could get very interesting.
    Perhaps Sheila or other Wisconsin residents can tell me whether or not the law was ever actually published, which is really what she said not to do. My understanding is that until a law is published it cannot take effect.

  5. New jobs, a boost to clean energy use and certainty for companies that invest in new clean energy projects.

    Our new memo suggests it’s time to build on success and by examining a National Clean Energy Standard. Although the detailed mechanisms of a Clean Energy Standard are still being determined, there is clear momentum to implement standards once they have been fine-tuned. We need to move quickly on this, or we will fall even further behind China, the EU, and others that are ramping up production of new clean energy technologies.

    All about energy!

  6. I really hope Plouffe has the Administration messaging ready to roll out on April 5th when the GOP causes the shutdown.

    You know the GOP will be all over Fox and the Sunday shows this weekend trying to pin it on the Dems – that cannot happen.

    It needs to be made plain what the GOP is trying to cut – education, family planning and necessary infrastructure spending. It also needs to be pointed out how many jobs the GOP budget would cost, and how the economy is growing again adding 200K a month and the GOP budget would reverse that and cost millions of jobs.

    The fact that President Obama has been talking about jobs and education almost exclusively for the last 3-4 months while the GOP House has passed red meat bills that go nowhere should be made very apparent as well. One party is trying to strengthen the economy and the future while the other is playing politics.

    It’s too bad Pelosi couldn’t get a CR to the floor and see if she could peel of 25 votes.

  7. Good morning all 🙂 I just wanted to say I appreciate this blog, the people that comment and that do not comment, big supporters of the president and people like me who are sick and tired of the both L/R extremists.
    You all have a great day 🙂

  8. Big OIL on the defensive:

    Republicans and the petroleum industry are scrambling to discredit an Interior report on unused oil and gas leases. The department released a report yesterday alleging companies are leaving idle more than two-thirds of their leases in the Gulf of Mexico and more than half of all onshore oil and gas onshore leases on public lands.

    Democrats are billing the report as clear evidence that the industry – and not its regulators – are at fault for high energy prices. But U.S. Chamber spokesman Matt Letourneau accused the Obama administration yesterday of taking a misleadingly broad definition of an idle lease. Under the report’s terms, a company that was in the process of applying for a permit to drill would be considered inactive on a lease, Letourneau said. Republican Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah, one of Interior’s loudest critics, blasted the report as well, accusing the administration of being “more concerned with scoring political points than in moving our country towards greater energy independence.”

  9. One party is trying to strengthen the economy and the future while the other is playing politics.

    That is true for the past two years, and still, Republicans just keeps winning this war. It’s so frustrating.

  10. Hi, japa, having some large changes in my life (I think positive) and don’t have time to blog much. I believe the law was published but it was published without the signature of the Secretary of State and there is some disagreement as to whether it is legal or not if this is the case, since this has never happened before. There has been talk of Walker serving time because he is in contempt of court, though I don’t think that will happen, and I worry that would make a martyr of the wretched little creep.

  11. Good morning BWD and family!! What a great mishmash. It is so hard to understand how this President saved the auto industry and yet Michigan went Repub and is taking away every freedom in that state. I too would like to hear more about what is happening in Wisconsin.

    I am now going on a rant WARNING! I have continued to go to the “Orange” site because there was still alot of great diaries about what was going on in Wisconsin, etc. But I went there yesterday and there were at least 2 diaries on the rec list about Obama being hypercritical and just bashing him. I was just sick, I can’t do it anymore. I was hoping to keep going there to support Eclectablog and his great diaries, but I can’t. I know most of you had quit but I was stubborn. Now I am looking for places to find out what is going on in Wisconsin.

    I am so thankful for this site. I know I keep saying that, but his place has saved my political sanity!

    I am so thankful for this President and am so tired of stupid people who can’t see beyond their hatred about what is going on in this world and this in country.

    Well that is my rant for the day. Thanks for listening and thanks for being here!

  12. A message from America’s Natural Gas Alliance: One solution for more abundant domestic energy is staring us in the face. Natural gas is the natural choice—now and in the future. We know we need to use cleaner, American energy. And, we have it. Today, the U.S. has more natural gas than Saudi Arabia has oil, giving us generations of this clean, domestic energy source. Natural gas supports 2.8 million American jobs, most states are now home to more than 10,000 natural gas jobs. As Congress and the Administration look for ways toward a cleaner tomorrow, the answer is right here: natural gas. Learn more at


    I agree. lets do it!

  13. Yeah. But I think the Dems will be prepared this time. Schumer has been leading with the talking points.

  14. Good morning everyone I wanted to share this with you. For the past 2 days i have been listening to Stephanie Miller on my way to take the kids to school. Their has been a growing backlash against progressive or the left who critisize the president from other progressive. They are becoming very vocal and called out her sidekicks. I mean back to back calls stephanie has been on the callers side and telling her sidekicks they need to chill. So something is working and a couple of people has called out blog sites that they say are no longer on their list to visit.

  15. Good morning soldier. I too look forward to my morning “news paper”. Island in the storm.

  16. Lynn Sweet:

    Obama 2012 kick-off: Fund-raisers in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco

    WASHINGTON — On Monday I revealed that the Obama 2012 campaign is kicking off with a series of fund-raisers starting in Chicago on April 14 and now I have more details: President Obama hits California on April 20 and 21 for fund-raisers in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    The date Obama registers as a 2012 candidate with the Federal Election Commission is soon, I’ve heard, though “no decision has been made,” said Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Hari Sevugan. Anyway, there is no real suspense. Everyone knows Obama is running for a second term. There are a few considerations for the final timing, especially if there is a government shutdown as a result of congressional budget battles, or if the Libya military action takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

    Still, there will be some hoopla surrounding the “official” announcement, and in the planning stages are a string of “official” launch events, in a variety of apps, in the e-world and the real one. Marc Ambinder over at the Atlantic says the re-elect team wants to keep the announcement date a “secret” so they can first send out e-mails or text messages to supporters. Stringing out the announcement (sign up and be the first to know!) will help Obama 2012 organization build its lists.

    The Obama team has fund-raising as a top priority. Obama’s main war chest for a second term, I’m told, will be called the “Obama Victory Fund 2012. On Tuesday, Vice President Biden prospected in Washington with about 75 big wallet Democrats, while Obama raised $1.5 million at a fund-raiser in New York City for the Democratic National Committee, his main political operation until the re-elect is created.

    The Chicago visit will likely consist of two events: a very high-dollar dinner and a lower-end reception. Remember: it was Chicago’s elite donors who bankrolled Obama at the start of his 2008 presidential campaign.

    The Chicago national Obama 2012 headquarters, I scooped Monday, will be in the Prudential Building. More details:

    † The Obama 2012 ground game will start soon — as early as May, a source told me, with re-elect staffers setting up shop first in battleground states. Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Wisconsin and others. The pro-labor protests triggered by GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to strip public unions of their collective bargaining rights has already provided a test run for the DNC’s Organizing for America arm, energizing the group that launched as Obama for America in 2008.

    † The top Obama 2012 staffers will be in Chicago before the April 14 Obama event. Campaign manager Jim Messina is already in the city; with deputy managers Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and Julianna Smoot and fund raising chief Rufus Gifford and others soon to follow.

  17. I saw an article yesterday that said alot of these diaries over there are imposters. They are GOP trolls posing as liberals! I wonder how often this is happeing throguhout the blogosphere?
    I could go over too redstate and cause trouble…
    For ex: I could post over at red state like this:
    Pawlenty was for cap and trade and now is suddenly against it, I will not vote for him in the primary,
    Huckabbe released a violent felon that killed several police officers, he will not be good in a GE,
    Romney has romeny care up in mass…,

    You see how easy it is? Er go, these GOPERS are nefarious!

  18. I just made the mistake of walking into the living room and heard the pre-framing of Obama’s energy speech. Good grief: “He sure picked losers so far, didn’t he? More oil drilling, and then BP. More nuclear power, then Japan.” Bill Nye the Science Guy, tried to give some context to the anchor-jerk: Obama was working with the hand he was dealt. That he couldn’t sacrifice any energy relief for no energy relief against the powers against him. And that even under the disasters listed above, the other side won’t budge on adequately funding alternative energy sources.

  19. Well, if POTUS said I am against everything, they would be for everything! The MSM is just taking what the GOP does to him everyday! It is pathetic!

  20. With the Oil drilling this is what the people in those state want. when he stopped it they were on tv complaing it was taking their jobs. At some point we have to hold the people accountable. The whole Bp thing showed me how the people wanted even since they had the diaster. So the president is dammed if do and dammed if he don’t.

  21. I saw those two diaries. One was at the top of the Rec list this morning. It was really a dreadful piece. On the plus side, it had over 1,000 coments, but only 200-odd recs. So, it seems like only the usual suspects are joining in the bash-fest. Still, garbage like that turns off a lot more people that it attracts.

    Some of those people are just out of their mind.

  22. people need to start calling jon Stewart out.He is not funny and the left have given him to much leverage to think he has the right to try and call the shots. He just made his whole rally look like a hypocritical joke. He is doing exactly what he call himself telling others not to do.

  23. B/C they have the MSMm on their side. Apparently, the GOP is feeding the beast with all sorts of emails and lobbying behind the scenes! Meanwhile, the POTUS is busy governing with all sorts of crisis…
    He needs help, maybe the OFA and DNC will provide that extra help!

  24. Good morning…

    That is great to hear. I am glad that people are starting to pay attention and calling people out for their shenigans.

  25. I saw that and other Obama-bashing diaries over there and I just did not click on them. I go there to read about what is happening in WI and other good non-political diaries.

  26. TARP TUNE: “BACK IN BLACK” – In a happy coincidence for Hamilton Place, Barofsky’s remarks will come just as the TARP bank program locks in its first profits. A Treasury official tells M.M.: “This is a big milestone … Many predicted that banks would never pay us back. Now, with today’s upcoming payments, taxpayers have already made a $6 billion profit on their investment in the banks, and we estimate another $14 billion to come in the door when it’s all said and done.”

    INSIDE THE NUMBERS – The TARP bank program will turn a profit after three financial institutions repay a total of $7.4 billion. With the expected proceeds, taxpayers will have recovered $251 billion. That exceeds the original investment Treasury made through those programs ($245 billion) by nearly $6 billion. Treasury currently estimates that bank programs within TARP will ultimately provide a lifetime profit of approximately $20 billion to taxpayers.

  27. Agree with you on martyrdom. Was reading the comments on the article, and they are just slightly anti-Walker. Interesting how many of the pro-Walker comments use very similar language, almost as if they were told what to say. HMMMM.

  28. Oh, and I hope the changes are positive and that soon you will be able to participate more. Have missed your comments.

  29. State and local tax revenue has nearly snapped back to the peak hit several years ago—a gain attributed to a reviving economy and tax increases implemented during the recession.

    But the improvement masks deeper problems for state and local governments that are likely to linger for years. To weather the recession, state governments relied on now-depleted federal stimulus funds, which allowed them to put off painful cuts that would have otherwise been necessary to balance budgets. Meanwhile, demand for government services and the tab for public-worker pensions and health care have continued to grow.

  30. I listen to Steph Miller every morning and the two mooks are always so negative. I don’t know if it’s their schtick but I am just sick of them only saying negative things about the president. Even when DADT passed they were like, “it took too long, why did it take so long”. I skip Thom Hartmann’s show because he too bashes the president and Randi Rhoads is on vacation this week and her visiting host is also bashing the president. So no progressive radio for me, I need to find a good music channel. I see why so many young people are walking around listening to their MP3 players.

  31. You have hit the nail on the head. I think there are some very basic talking points that don’t get all technical and convoluted.
    1. The administration believe in working with the other side of the aisle, but the republicans want it all and no compromise.
    2. While the Dems have tried to focus on job creation, the Republicans are only concerned in cuts that decrease jobs.
    3. The Republicans are only concerned with hurting the poor and middle class.
    4. A shut down due to Republicans acting like children well stifle the recovery.

  32. The youth are smart enough to know Jon Stewart needs to show “balance” by bashing both sides. Jon’s schtick was very lame and made no sense. How is it OK to let millions get slaughtered or for it to be funny. I wonder if it were Isreal and Obama did nothing would Jon be saying something different?

  33. Again, messaging is going to become very important. TARP started under Bush, but under terms that was practically a give-away to the banksters. It was under Obama’s guidance that rules were set up requiring repayment. Without those rules, most of that $245 billion would never have been seen again.

  34. Thanks for that info, I had quit listening to all of them, because of how they bash the President and have no patience for anything to get done. I am tired of listening to all these unhappy people when there is good stuff to hear about is you just look. Like this wonderful place!

  35. Yes and this is why. i am going to start calling him out. Because this is not a comedy hour with our country,put his on words and actions right back at him.

  36. b/c of the lobbying from the thrid party left wingers! You know, the green party types, like hampster, krugman, cornell west, tavis smiley, eugene robinson, etc.
    They all want a third party run! I heard Laura flanders on the ed show laast night, decry for one!
    at least we know what they are up to!

  37. And remember, do not watch tHe pundits afterwards. That is our NEW strategy to beat the MSM! After every speech or townhall, we change to one of our shows, or we take the dog to the park, etc!

  38. The PL is all on message agains the President b/c they want a third party run!Stupidly it will take 2-5 pnts away from POTUS in the GE! Giving the Republicans a shot! Is this what they want?

    Pathetic! Gives them something to talk about!

  39. Those are all great talking points. The hardest task is getting all or the majority of the Democrats on the same page. They seem to have issues with speaking in unison. The republicans are masters at it. They spread their talking points (lies) and no one veers away from them. Democrats have truth/facts on their side, but they have a hard time conveying a message.

  40. Highest CA exports since 1995. Hmmm… did we have a Republican or Democratic President in 1995……

  41. That is why I didn’t even bother to watch Stewart last night, I knew he was going to go there.

  42. My kids always say I worry way ahead of time about things. I guess so as I was worried about how anyone could fill PBO’s shoes at the time he was elected President. I agree with your analysis of once in a decade but change decade to lifetime of voting with me. I think Kennedy would have been another in that category but his time in office was too short.

  43. Rant warning: I posted it on another blog:
    This is what I said in support of the notion that there is something questionable about supporting the rebels:

    Leaving aside the fact that a lot of accusations come from Quadaffi’s mouth himself (he needs a desperate scrapegoat) the reason why so many young Libyans went for Al Quaeda, et cetera was that the United States, et al, for so long seemed to support the dictators of the west, and the message was that only Al Queda, et al was fighting to remove the dictators. Now that people are fighting for themselves for a democratic Libya, Egypt, et cetera, and will have governments free from dictators, the rationale for such groups is now gone. These guys will now stay home and become part of the Libyan Government and polity.

    BTW, we have seen in the world examples of ex-terrorists and such becoming peaceful democratic leaders. Think northern Ireland for one example. Think a lot of other groups who post-revolutionary lay down their weapons and went back to the farm (our Revolution, for example).

  44. I know he has unleashed the independent organizations to campaign on his behalf this time. In the 2008 cycle, he reined them in and tried to keep all advertising and advocacy under the control of his official campaign. But with Citizens United the field has changed and he has let those other organizations (MoveON, Unions, etc.) know that they can fund raise and advertise as much as they want this time around. I don’t think the Obama team is going to let the GOP have the field to themselves. We will be fighting back against the GOP.

  45. I have also been hearing that the Progressive radio stations have been getting callers posed as the Far Left complaining and bashing Obama. I wonder as I could not quite figure out why the approval polls were so high for him on the Democrat side if he has so much Far Left disapproval!

  46. Hopefully the 2010 election has put a little urgency into the Democrats about messaging. There will always be Kucinich but no one pays attention to what he has to say anyway. The Democratic voters are getting more vocal as well. I have seen more pushback against Dems who attack the president than ever before lately. Hopefully, if we continue to do that and let them know that catering to the far left crazies will hurt their own chances, they will smarten up and get with the program.

  47. Jovie, I’m convinced that the republican operation is VAST, organized, sophisticated. The backers of the GOP have lots and lots of money. They have hired professionals, communication specialists, etc.

    Back in 2009, in the comment section of places like the NYT and the WashPost, the comments were at least 50% negative while President Obama’s approval numbers were still in the high 60s. And I don’t think the ordinary tea-bagger was a typical commenter. They don’t read the NYT.

    I’m absolutely sure that the main left blogs have been targeted since the beginning.

  48. Jon Stewart’s guest last night who is a professor that wrote a book was originally from Libya and escaped in the late 80s. He talked about how much the Libyan people appreciate the No Fly Zone. He talked about how Gadhify was hanging people in the town squares and routing the traffic so those going to work had to see it when he lived there. Stewart was not as vocal as usual about it and I thought it gave others a chance to see the Libyan side.

  49. It looks like that to me. They are really thinking about a “progressive” party. This is SO, SO short-sided. Completely blinded by their rage.

    The radicalization of the GOP is the immediate danger for America. The GOP has to be CRUSHED in the next congressional elections, so the extreme right can be discredited for good. And this can be accomplished only if the democratic coalition stays united.

    I’m very concerned to tell you the truth.

  50. by “congressional elections”, I obviously meant all the seats in play in 2012…

  51. Not to worry Obama Gradmama,our kids say the same things, and we were told to have faith, and trust our very smart President. So let’s stay calm. cool and collected like he does.

  52. Watching the energy speech. I love it when President Obama brags on his Secretary of Energy Steven Chu who is a real scientist and as he added he deserved HIS Nobel Peace Prize. I can just imagine how annoying this is for the pundits and the right wing.

  53. I don’t know if you do Facebook, but there is a great page called (I think) 540,000 to see Scott Walker out of Wisconsin. It will keep you up to date. Btw, Love you BWD! from a former kos lurker 🙂

  54. S.R that’s why PBO went on Univision TV to speak about education, and the latino comunity are very happy with what PBO is doing.
    They all said that PBO is a good president and trust him, and will Vote for him in 2012, remember the latino comunity are a larger crowd of people very large is the PL listining?. In fact the latino comunity do not know who the PL are.

  55. Sorry I disagree. Many young people are fans of Jon and there’s a very good chance they can be influenced by him. Jon makes good critics on many things, but he’s lost it when it comes to PBO. Jon has always been comfortable as the “outsider”. Mocking everyone. Giving up. Not getting his hands dirty. Better on the outside and having no compromise to make.

    Jon could make young people as cynic and as disengaged as he is. The EXACT CONTRARY of what President Obama’s vision for the next generation.

    We have to start calling Stewart out. FAST.

  56. Yes they are a bunch of trolls possing as liberlas I can smell them on their comments, and they give me the crips.

  57. Independents are so damn inconsistent. Can’t count on them for nothing. Women will come around, once the attacks on women’s rights and teachers (predominately female of course) start cranking up hot and heavy.

  58. I’m disappointed in Jon because he’s telling pure lies, saying the Pres is sending in ground troops. A complete and utter lie, and a lie that Obama shot down on Monday. Stewart is a comedian but he is treated as a true journalist by the left. He has influence and power and he’s knows and loves it. I’m sure Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are getting all their info from him. What a damn shame.

  59. The contrast could not be more striking when you consider the cronyism and incompetence that was pervasive during the Bush administration.

  60. Just watched the energy speech, and now watching him shake all those hands. I really like the speech. Not sure about the nuclear stuff but I am willing to see what he has. We need to work on alternative energy.

    These Tea Party people in the Congress now that are trying to cut everything. Where do they think the country is going to get jobs and what are people going to do. They think America is so great but once they tear it apart the greatness will be gone. My rant.

  61. Just like the Taliban and these Middle East dictators, who are seeking martyrdom… Wasn’t it a Republican last year who bragged that they (the Republicans) were taking ideas from the Taliban handbook, or something like that? Clearly, they weren’t joking.

  62. The Quinnipiac Polling could be an outliner, cause gallup is showing his approval higher.

  63. There’s not going to be a serious primary challenge from the left, people.

    Let’s get a grip.

  64. Yes – I was thrilled with the Stephanie Miller show this morning! We need more vocal supporters to negate those on the left who demoralize us, and hide their right wing talking points behind the claim that “we have to be allowed to criticize the President”, and call people who support the President “happy, clappy liberals”. The fact is, they are addicted to complaining. They know in their hearts that they’re acting exactly like those on the right fringe, filled with conspiracy theories and cynicism. It’s too much, sometimes. We don’t have to have one negative comment to match every positive comment. President Obama does not deserve the same treatment that President Bush received, because he’s not lying to us, he’s not perpetuating evil, he’s not fuelling the rationale of those who hate Americans, he’s not making this country more stupid.

    Sometimes, a person really is just doing their best, and doing a genuinely fantastic job – and it’s ok to say so – without qualifiers. I don’t need to criticize this President, because I think he’s doing an unbelievable job in the face of rampant racism, hatred, stupidity, and genuine crises. I can’t think of anyone else I would want in that job right now – anyone.

  65. Qunnipac p0ll has always been a questionable polls. polls depend on what part of the country and demographic. They ask question in different ways to get a different response.

  66. Jovie, Flanders really pissed me off. Ed was trying to get her to give the President a little credit for getting Libya right and all she wanted to do was go there with that third party BS. Even Ed was a little put off.

    I’m so sick of these people. They sit on their butts and do nothing to stop the real evil doers who are destroying this country. They give the republicans a complete pass.

  67. Highlighting two great articles (h/t greenladyhere@weeseeyou):

    Private sector adds 201,000 jobs in March: ADP

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Private employers added 201,000 jobs in March, while February’s figure was revised down slightly, a report by a payrolls processor showed on Wednesday.

    The data was largely in line with expectations. Economists surveyed by Reuters had forecast the ADP Employer Services report would show a gain of 203,000 jobs. The report is jointly developed with Macroeconomic Advisers LLC.

    February’s figure was revised down to 208,000 from 217,000.

    “Basically the number was very much in line with expectations and shows that the labor recovery continues at a reasonable pace,” said David Katz, chief investment officer at Matrix Asset Advisors in New York.

    “It looks like the U.S. economic recovery continues, and the improving labor market should be a buffer against weak areas like real estate.”


    And how can anybody not love this woman:


    First Lady Michelle Obama and some of the most powerful women across a variety of endeavors will fan out this week across Washington, D.C. area schools to promote mentoring for young people.

    On Wednesday, March 30, Mrs. Obama and 22 guest mentors will split up to visit six high schools in Greater Washington. At each location, some of the featured women will participate in a Q&A session and share their personal and career experiences with students. The school-based events area open to all students, but will have a specific focus on mentoring for young women.

    Later in the evening, the First Lady will host the guest mentors and 120 additional students for dinner and a program in the East Room of the White House.

    This is not Mrs. Obama’s first attempt at showcasing the power and importance of mentoring. She hosted similar events in Denver and Detroit in 2009 and 2010. Her staff also mentors 20 area youths, hosting monthly meetings to discuss career paths and the road to college.

    As a result of the First Lady’s events, Lifetime Network will launch and lead a national mentoring campaign and showcase a PSA on the topic. The network, catered primarily to women, has long celebrated progress for women and girls. Many of the participants in the upcoming events are affiliated with the network.


  68. we need to start pushing back on the left. It needs to come form democrats. Michale Moore, Jon Stewart and others need to be called out and told not to mention human rights anymore because they have now become a bunch of hypocrites. Think about why Michale Moore has not been down in Michigan, he was called out for hiring non union workers for his last movie. Jon Stewart if the human rights abuses of the Libyan people is not worth it. I believe all is worth it and should not be put to a comparison. Like i said before the issue of human rights all goes back to race. The left need to be confronted on racist position.

  69. We also need to call the LIbyan situation what it is a intervention and not a war.

  70. Seriously. There was one user that had “Anyone but Obush in 2012” in his/her signature, and others were saying that Obama is “a Republican.” I don’t know how any thinking person comes to these conclusions. I don’t know if they’re Nader-trolls or paid RW instigators, but both want Republicans to win.

  71. You know during the campaign the President mis-spoke and didn’t say he was including the territories and said 57 “states”. These idiots have repeated this for 2 years. This is pretty much all they have when it comes to the President making a mistake. It just goes to show how stupid they are and that the President really is “The Only Adult in the Room”.

  72. Great speech today. My favorite part was the spontaneous applause when our president made a passing remark about our role in Libya.

    He wants to do so much in regard to our energy future and when he said his last remarks are directed to the young people and then spoke about our future etc I felt like finally a Pres with a vision. I am excite and I love my POTUS Obama…:D 😀

  73. He really really really is talented with inspiring youth; it’s such a brilliant strategy.

  74. Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo seems to be on top of the Wisconsin situation. Much prefer him to DailyKluster.

  75. This why I do not trust Ed Shultz, he brought her on his show for this reason, he pretends that he is opposed to her view when he gave her a platform to talk about a third party, he is a double agent. DO NOT TRUST THESE “FORMER REPUBLICANS”, they will never be Democrats or have our values. Ed can opt in and opt our of the Democratic Party to suit his agenda.

  76. I’m not saying a primary challenge could be “serious”. Grayson, Kucinich, whoever… would be CRUSHED.

    What I’m talking about is a possible fracture of the democratic coalition, lots of hard feelings and 5%, 10% of the democratic coalition staying home in 2012, or voting for third party. 1980, 2000, 2010 have demonstrated what the consequences can be…

    I just want to point out that democrats can’t be complacent about what’s going on in the “left”.

  77. Some of them, Robinson, Flaunders, have normally a cooler head than Hamster, Greenwald, etc. What the hell are they thinking ? It’s one thing to be enraged at their lact of power to influence things, enraged that republicans have such a grip on the national narrative. But for the love of god, what do they think they’re going to accomplish ?

  78. I sent the entire Reuters article to my Republican cousin, quoted in part here, followed by my commentary.

    Treasury officials also have said they expect to at least break even on all of TARP’s investments in banks, automakers and insurer American International Group. Any ultimate costs from TARP, now estimated at about $28.1 billion including former Fed interests in AIG, would come from expenditures for housing rescue programs.

    But if Republican lawmakers have their way, those expenses could be curtailed. The House voted late on Tuesday to kill the Obama administration’s main foreclosure avoidance program, although the bill is unlikely to clear the Democrat-controlled Senate. (Reporting by David Lawder; Editing by Gary Hill)

    Funny how the Republicans have no problem bailing out the banks, but when it comes to helping home owners who made poor investments…they can’t have that. Seriously, when all is said and done, all the profits from the bank bail out, the auto industry bail out and selling off the goodies from AIG at a profit, it will all easily cover the cost of helping the home owners. What is so wrong with that? Having these homes taken out of foreclosure helps rebuild neighborhoods and raises the value of neighboring homes. That’s good for the home building and real estate industries, isn’t it?

  79. “Two Madison cab companies will be providing free rides to and from polling places for voters in Tuesday’s election.”

    “Union Cab and Badger Cab will provide rides while the polls are open, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The cab companies ask those seeking a cab to the polls to make appointments ahead of time, and to not call after 7:30 p.m. in Madison or 7 p.m. in surrounding areas.”

    “Besides Madison, cab rides will be available in Middleton, Monona, Shorewood, Maple Bluff, Fitchburg north of Lacy Road, the town of Madison and parts of the towns of Blooming Grove and Burke.”


    “There’s a lot of people who have issues with transportation or no transportation,” said Tom Royston, Badger Cab’s general manager. “So this is a nice thing for us to be able to do.”


    “Union Cab drivers have been advised to not talk politics while driving people to the polls, McNamara said. “It’s not a litmus test,” he said of the rides. “It doesn’t matter who they vote for. It just matters that they vote.”

  80. “….This is the ultimate democracy struggle.”


    “The race for state Supreme Court will be the highest-profile test. The grass-roots energy associated with Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg’s independence-and-integrity challenge to Justice David Prosser — whose re-election campaign was launched with a pledge that Prosser would serve as a judicial activist “complement” to Walker’s agenda — suggests democracy is on the march.”

    “This year’s remarkable grass-roots activism has shown that Wisconsinites are waking up to the reality that we are in a critical struggle to answer the question posed by former Chief Justice Edward Ryan and asked so frequently by Robert M. La Follette: ‘Which shall rule, wealth or man; which shall lead, money or intellect; who shall fill public stations — educated and patriotic free men (and women) or the feudal serfs of corporate capital?'”

  81. Think of this in terms of it being a high level, well-coordinated strategy of “distractions” which provides cover while hidden agendas, or objectives, are achieved.
    Then imagine how this scenario would have played out if Wisconsites hadn’t hit the streets in protest.

    Yes, it’s frustrating that they have endless $$$ to support their efforts and we’re saddled with a useless, corporate-sponsored media that ignores what it doesn’t want the general public to know.

    But that didn’t prevent Wisconsin’s story from being disseminated far and wide did it? And it certainly didn’t stop us from using what we had at our disposal to organize, raise money, provide food, and in some instances our physical presence, to support demonstrators in SEVERAL states who were pushing back against harmful legislation.

    Nor will it stop us from doing all that we can to sweep politicians out of office in upcoming elections who are NOT interested in improving the quality of life for ALL Americans.

    It’s on me; it’s on you; it’s on everyone who wants this foolishness to stop. Don’t get frustrated because that’s what they want. We have to keep our heads up, put one foot in front of the other, and keep it moving…

  82. Apparently, a substantial portion of the “toxic” legislation which is being proposed and/or enacted throughout the country by the GOP has simply been waiting in the wings for the “perfect” political climate. They now have that, and more, with perpetual criticism raining down on the POTUS’ head FROM BOTH SIDES, after only 2 1/2 years in office.

    Coincidence? Not hardly…connect the dots!

    “Fellows of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University include such well-known conservatives as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, economist and columnist Thomas Sewell and former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese. According to SourceWatch, run by the Madison-based Center for Media and Democracy, the institution has long provided a platform for high-profile conservative scholarship and is influential in American conservative and libertarian movements.”

    “In August 2010, Hoover published a piece by law professors John O. McGinnis and Max Schanzenbach titled, “The Case Against Public Sector Unions.” There is no evidence these two had any hand in writing Walker’s bill, but they could have easily done so.”


    “And in a March 2010 bulletin on public sector unions, the director of tax policy studies at the Cato Institute comes to much the same conclusion about public sector unions as McGinnis and Schanzenbach.”


    “Though there is clearly a re-energized effort under way by Republicans to thwart public unions, GOP efforts to dilute union power date to the late 1940s with the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act, says the School for Workers’ Emspak. The act was a response to the 1935 Wagner Act, which established bargaining rights for unions and led to a growth in union power. About 10 years ago, J. Mack Swigert, the last surviving member of the team at the Cincinnati law firm that helped draft the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act, was interviewed by the Workers Independent News service, founded by Emspak and located on University Avenue. In that interview, Swigert said the debate at the time within the Republican Party — which controlled Congress — was over whether the bill should aim to abolish unions outright or lay the groundwork for a slow decline. Moderate Republicans chose the latter course.”

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