US President Barack Obama shakes hands with students as he visits the New York City Science and Engineering Fair at the american Natural History Museum in New York, New York, March 29, 2011.   


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  1. Absolutely. They do. Thank God, they have not been infeced by the stoopidity and sickening bigotry that now permeates MSM and some blogs.

  2. lol – every event of his I go to we all have that look on our faces when trying to shake his hand! Adults and children alike – we all adore this man!

  3. The President does so many things in a day, I can hardly keep up with keeping up with him, lol.

  4. EVery time i see him about, i say to myself. God show know where to put people. i could’nt do what he do and smile doing it. I would have broke by now and called the republicans and critics all kinds of names. LOL! We are truly blessed.

  5. I’m with you on that,ms4t,

    I would have had to resign after being on the job only a few days!

  6. He just bounce from one thing to another. I will work on being that discipline.

  7. Yes Jayne, you are right. I have been there so I understand how he lights up your life being near him. I needed this today.

    So many hatred and doubters. They need to get a life.

  8. I would be in a mental hospital in a restraining suit. Actually, I am sure that a number of my friends might think it would be good for me.

  9. Yes, he did BWD. I thought that was very nice, and President Obama also gave President Clinton so very personal and warm words of thanks for the service of our Sec. of State, Hillary. That is what I call respect to each other. What an example. I love it.

  10. Love this – our students trying to better themselvles need all the attention they can get!

  11. Annie Kuster will run again – http://www.kusterforcongress.com/

    She lost by 1.6% to the odious Charlie Bass, given the GOP wave to only win by that much, and given how the GOP House has done nothing in the first four months in the majority this is one very good pick-up opportunity.

  12. Is she the liberal that was running in the 2010 election she did pretty good.

  13. Thanks,St.R,

    You are truly a fount of information! I learn so much from reading your posts.

  14. Surely one of them. I believe she waged a grassroots challenge to the establishment pick and DLCer Katrina Swett.

    Here’s part of her website statement I linked to above –
    “I am a frugal Yankee and I believe we need to cut wasteful government spending — like the billions in subsidies for oil companies, the corporate tax breaks for moving jobs overseas, and the billions more spent on redundant weapons systems that our military leaders have identified as wasteful and unneeded. But instead of these cuts, the US House of Representatives is cutting what we need most: education, public safety, and the clean energy research that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It makes no sense.

    America can do better than this — so, it’s time for all of us to do something about it.

    To fight for good jobs, to protect the fragile economic recovery, and to invest in strengthening our country’s future, this week I am taking the first steps to begin a campaign for U.S. Congress in 2012.

    I’ll make a more formal announcement next year, but I’m not willing to sit on the sidelines until then — I’m going to roll up my sleeves and start working today.

    I’ve seen the power of a real grassroots campaign, and I need your help in this one. It will take thousands of us working together to bring a new approach to Washington — but after the hundreds of emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages of encouragement I’ve gotten from so many of you in the past few months, I am confident we will have the grassroots power to shake things up.

    Our nation has risen to meet every challenge for hundreds of years, and together I know we can get our country back on the right track now.”

  15. Yeah that her she did well in the midst of the republicans, she was very close. i think her trying again is wise. I will donate to her.

  16. The thing is that the majority of Americans don’t listen to the opinion shows on MSNBC, Fox, and CNN. There ratings have been going down not up.

    The majority of Americans get their information watching local news or the national news after the local news or read papers (online).

    But don’t tell the PL and Far right that. The average American doesn’t even know what FDL and Daily Kos is and they could care less.

  17. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @MikeBloomberg: Today President Obama and I toured NYC’s Museum of Natural History. We saw a 94 foot whale, but not @BronxZoosCobra

  18. Don’t read Democratic Underground today unless you want your head to explode! One person called Obama unhuman. Makes me sick to my stomach how these so called liberals treat our president.

  19. Enough viewers to cancel the vote of every regular viewer of Fox Newz. Barack me Amadeus!

  20. Thanks. Swing State Project is usually my source for the horse race stuff. You can get there without going to/through DK so far, but I don’t know how long that will last.

  21. 25.6M watched PBO’s Libya address, though that doesn’t count online viewers with I bet is growing and growing.

    Numbers are down from other addresses, however I believe all others were at 8pm, along with the aforementioned internet viewing.

  22. This is very true. And when you see pictures like this it shows you how much strong support and admiration there is out there for the president. That enthusiasm is still there.

  23. I think it’s so important to remember this. Cable news viewership is a miniscule percentage of the electorate. The CBS Evening News, the worst rated of the 3 nightly news shows, pulls in half as many viewers as Bill O, while NBC pulls in more than 2.5 times as many viewers on a nightly basis. Cable news is niche programming for niche markets.

  24. Exactly. This is why when I read on blogs,”such and such said blah blah blah”, I am always lost. google is my friend but most time I don’t bother to find out who such and such is. I do know my local newscaster though. 😀

  25. You mean CBS Evening News doubled O’Reilly.
    Q1 2011 averages –
    NBC – 9,810,000
    ABC – 8,650,000
    CBS – 6,430,000

    Bill-o the Clown averages 3.1M viewers the first quarter of 2011.

  26. Even better. I thought Bill O averaged 4m viewers nightly. Much pleased that it’s less.

  27. I’m a graduate student and I can say with confidence that college students are still behind the President and his policies. They might not agree with him on everything (neither do I), but they can see how he has helped working people and the poor with the HCR law. They saw this firsthand with a tax cut funded by the Stimulus that paid for the first $2000 of student expenses, and half of the next $4000.

    I often think that the President’s speeches in front of young people are among his best and most exciting. The President looks more relaxed and at ease in front of young people as opposed to reporters. I think that President Obama sees the same thing in these young people that they see in him, the hope and determination that all Americans can see brighter days in the future.

    College students are really the core and energy of the President’s base, and let’s hope they all go vote to re-elect him in 2012.

  28. Thanks for the information on the number of viewers who watched POTUS last night. At least, we know that 26.5 or even more can’t say they did not hear the President. Now what they take from that speech is another level. Comprehension. Again, thanks so much for this wonderful site BWD!!!

  29. LOL !

    The crazy left is so angry and against using the military at all costs that if you bring up World War II they will make excuses saying how Wall Street financed him, and such and such did this. The fact is that they are crazy that guy who wrote the book wingnuts (Avalon) was right. The far right wants a country like Somalia and the far left want a country like the old Soviet Union where the state controls everything. (especially business)

  30. That’s terrific news. Any time that POTUS can cut through the media spin is fantastic. Wonder if he’s going to get a poll bump as a result.

  31. Gn been out for a while but thank you for your spirited dialog and civil manner.

  32. He received a bump in today’s Gallup; he’s up 48-45. However, I’ve learned not to stress over the daily tracking polls, since they yo-yo so wildly.

  33. Unfortunately, ms4t, I do. The republicans have the tea partiers in the House who have vowed not to compromise with the democrats in any way, on any issue. This presents a problem for Boehner and Cantor, seasoned politicians, who know that the budget issue has to be resolved. I’ve been following Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly, and he places the likelihood of a government shutdown at @ 85% at this point in the negotiations. It seems that whatever the president and the democrats offer, the republicans will reject. I do believe they’re trying to make the point that it’s their way, or the highway. Compromise is not in the tea party vocabulary, and Boehner needs their votes to get anything passed.

  34. honestly it wouldn’t matter who was president. These people will never have any love for the president, even if it was Kucinich.

  35. Do you think he might flip out of fear of being blamed for the shut down that they might go with the dems.

  36. Posted on the other thread. As usual, I am late to the party. Day late and dollar short – so to speak. LOL
    I don’t watch the pundits and very little TV so I appreciate some postings of the disinformation that is out there. If it wasn’t for this sight, I would have given the DNC a donation this month. They would have incorrectly assumed that it is acceptable behavior for democrats to fight this President. But thanks to you guys, I withheld my monthly donation and complained (in writing and telephone) about both Kucinich and Weiner. Same with Matt Damon – I didn’t know he is PL’ter.
    The things you guys post can be verified. I can make an informed decision even though I did not see or hear the actual show 1st hand. I think this is needed and please believe me when I say, it is welcomed and helpful. We will never know if Weiner turned down the volume on the rhetoric because we emailed or called the DNC, DCCC, his office in DC. We will never know if Damon’s movie wasn’t #1 because quite a few of us didn’t show up because of his political commentary. I like to believe we made a difference. I believe that if one complains, that is one too many. I am willing to be a member of the ‘scream committee’. We are not tea-party folks who are angry for anger sake. Our fight is justified and its right. This is how we can fight back. This is how we can change the narrative. This is how we can voice our displeasure. Yes, it’s just a few. In time, we have a larger voice and a large stage. This is what we have for now and everything counts.
    Remember that silence = agreement. We have been silent too long. I have been silent for too long.
    Those who can tolerate the pundits’ – I thank you for your service. This is an honorable service. Perhaps we can have an award show at the end of the year. Smile.

    Thanks BWD for both threads last night and thanks to all for the commentary.

  37. Thanks tulips. Perhaps I’m a little cranky today or something but I did get offended by the suggestion that I’d criticize people (for doing something which I myself do, which is discuss and refute negative media), or try to tell other people that they can’t post that here when this is not even my space and that wasn’t what I was suggesting; we were probably just talking past each other a little. Thanks back to you for remaining civil! I definitely take yours, symmetry’s, and eric’s points, so we’re largely in agreement on those points; I was just saying something entirely different.

  38. Yeah, and as another commenter noted, those are the result of 3-day averages or something like that, so last night’s speech wouldn’t be completely reflected in today’s polling. It seems like Dems and the GOP are pretty much solid in terms of POTUS approval; what appears to fluctuate are the swing voters, and you’re correct, giving them too much weight is probably not a great idea.

  39. Like I said let the Republicans shut down the government and the chance of Obama winning re-election which is high will be even higher, and the chance of the Republicans losing the house will go up.

    The voters are already sick of the Republicans and their overreach. They can’t understand that this country is turning center-left. The voters voted out the Dems for one main reason and that was the fact that unemployment was too high and they were in control and the party in power always takes a hit when that is the case.
    Also it was one of the lowest turnout elections in history. The republicans never had a mandate and they will find out in 2012.

  40. iac – We all appreciate your involvement and support of President Obama! Thanks for sharing the true pulse of how your generation feels.

  41. you know jeremey that true the republican governors are making them look bad. I heard the tea party is planning a protest on the capitol next week, really this is pressure on the extreme right and moderates. I just hope the dems remain united and let them fight it out. this is going to be interesting.

  42. The Republicans are willing to take the gamble that the Dems and President Obama will be blamed. It’s their “Hail Mary” pass, in party because they are desperate to repeal the ACA bill and know that President Obama would veto any bill out of Congress even if the GOP took the Senate and held the House.

    The GOP brain trust is willing to risk the House majority in order for a shot at the Presidency. They see it as little risk and huge reward since worst case scenario for them is they lose the House back and Obama is re-elected, but they still have more Senate seats than they did from 2008-2010 and will just play the same obstruction games. Best case scenario is Dems are blamed and Obama takes a big hit – in which case they could hold the House, take the Senate and win the White House. Is that likely – no, but there is little risk and high reward. Complete power, or lose the House and still have McConnell to obstruct everything in the Senate.

    Boehner is getting bad information, he doesn’t see that he’s being sacrificed and that if there is a shutdown and the GOP is blamed that his political career is over, that Cantor’s political career is over.

  43. The tea party is dwindling down, They recently had a convention it was about 20 ppl their. most of the so called tea partiers were scared independents these guys are crazy. Especially the elderly.

  44. Tue that’s unless the Democrats change the senate rules if they hold onto the senate. ( I understand why they didn’t do it this year because of they are afraid of losing the senate in 2012)

    The only other way the Dems can pass major legislation if Obama and the Dems use reconciliation like they did for health care reform and student loan reform.

    My hope is that the Dems hold onto the senate take back the house and pass a public option/ medicare expansion bill through reconciliation. The only downside is that it can only be used once a year.

  45. Wow ! I had no idea that the Tea Party was going to protest the Republicans. Yeah things are looking bad for them. Thanks for the info tulips.

  46. This is why i think he opened the door for states to change their healthcare. If dems are thinking we should be gathering votes to get that done and take the battle for the public option or single payer to the states especially with democratic governors now this will get the constituents in other states hungry for the same thing.

  47. Lawrence Odonell talked about on his show. He said next week because Bohner is acting weak.

  48. Thank you for this IAC. Music to my ears.

    To tell you the truth I’ve been concerned a bit lately about the youth vote. In fact, I’ve been concerned since the big rally of Jon Stewart before the mid-terms. He seems to have a BIG following among young people and he’s been so cynical lately, putting out stupid false equivalencies between republicans and democrats, attacking PBO pretty unfairly IMO. I hope he doesn’t deflate the youth vote for Obama in 2012.

  49. Diane Sawyer interviewing President Obama transcript – http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/president-obama-sits-talk-diane-sawyer-situation-libya/story?id=13250364&page=1

    Brian Williams interview with President Obama transcript-http://thepage.time.com/2011/03/29/obama-stresses-supporting-role/#more-221506

    First part of Erica Hill’s interview with President Obama (second part will air tomorrow morning) – http://thepage.time.com/2011/03/29/obama-stresses-supporting-role/#more-221506

  50. I agree. The fact that the included the provision to let states to come up with their own systems is smart.

    But the law in place and expand it like Social Security and Medicare while the states have the ability to make changes.

    I live in NYC now but back in C.T. where I grew up they are pushing for a Public option. Should be interesting.

  51. Try as the detractors may, they cannot take away the love the world has for this most extraordinary and inspirational man!!! President Obama ROCKS!!!

  52. Seriously, has the GOP gotten anything right since November? Hasn’t absolutely everything they’ve tried and done been an epic fail in this Country?

    Is there something wild and wonderful in their internal polling that they’re keeping all hush hush? I don’t get it.

  53. It seems that to the Tea Party the whole reason they got elected was to shut down the government. Its an ends for them not a means. But its all angry symbolism with these guys. Whine about a trillion dollar deficit then try to balance the budget by cutting NPR. Nonsense.

    What they are really about is eliminating every last benefit that puts a dollar in the pocket of a human being. $250 a week for unemployment benefits? Outrageous! Billions for the Koch brothers? That’s what Jesus would do.

  54. I don’t get it either, maybe they believe that Citizen$ United will make up for any problems they may encounter during 2012, if that’s true I think they are wrong, but don’t tell them.

  55. wow, du, the blast from the past. Is that lunatics asylum still open ? I couldn’t hack it there for more than a week in 2008.

  56. Interview with Diane Sawyer is also online, as is part one with Erica Hill (Part 2 will air tomorrow morning).

  57. The rethugs have been acting that way since 2008 and were hugely rewarded for that atrocious behavior in 2010. I’m sure their internal polling is showing that they must continue the same batshit crazy way. Since I have zero confidence in the intelligence of american electorate, 2012 will be much more roller coaster ride for me than 2008.

  58. Et tu Grayson?

    With fellow Democrats like these, who needs Repug detractors. Former Rep Alan Grayson just lied on the Ed show that the Libyans did not ask for a No-Fly zone. Such chutzpah.

  59. It sure looks that way. Unless Boehner can get the TP wing of his caucus under control, we are definitely heading that way. I think if we do have a government shutdown it will go very badly for the republicans. The public already says they will blame them for it if it happens. But, the tea party republicans don’t care about that. They are dangerous idealogues and only care about those who are ready to support them whatever they do. Just look at Wisconsin and the way they are acting there. They really, truly don’t seem to care about their own political future. They just want to do as much damage as they can while they have power.

  60. Yes. Epic fail mixed with complete inability to seize the national stage to have their grand hissy fit because of all the drama in Japan Wisconsin Egypt Tunisia Libya Tucson plus Super Bowl and March Madness. They literally live only to draw attention to themselves and they aren’t getting the time of day.

  61. This loon might be delusional enough to try a primary.

    However take comfort in the fact that 25M watched President Obama address the Libya situation yesterday and today President Obama was interviewed by Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer and Erica Hill on the Libyan situation and combined those three shows get about 25M viewers on a nightly basis. The Ed Show geta around 900,000 per night.

  62. That’s very true. The tea party rose with the recession, the high unemployment rate and the fear of a black president. With the recession easing and unemployment falling the sense of fear and anxiety that fueled the tea party is fading a little more each day. And when people aren’t so scared they stop and think and some are just embarrassed to be associated with the elements that are more motivated by fear of a black president than legitimate concerns. It lasted long enough to get many tea party candidates elected but as those people have started to implement their agenda, people are also seeing that their beliefs are not same and they are regretting the last election.

    As usual Republicans have overplayed their hand and they will face a backlash in the next election.

  63. yeah he lied but he probably shouted when he did it so that makes it OK.

    Didn’t Alan Grayson used to be somebody?

  64. Jeramy Please do not pay much attention to the PL. herse is what I can report to you that PBO wsa on Univision talking Education to the Hispanic comunity and they are millions
    I talked to a lots of them and they said they will VOTE for this president in 2012 even more so than in 2008. So the PL is not nery as large as the Hispanic comunity that I can garanted you.

  65. I disagree. Though I do agree about the part about the American voter not always being up to speed. But the reason why the Republican were able to get back control of congress is because the unemployment rate was still too high, the party in power (ex. Dems) always take a hit in those type of situations, and it’s easy being a bomb thrower than contributing to the process.

    2012 the electorate will be much larger, more diverse, and more representative of the nation which is center- left.

    Also I might add that the Republicans have no real strategy they are just not good at governing. They haven’t been since the 70’s.

  66. I watched the interviews with Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer. As network anchors, I wasn’t impressed with their questions. I kept asking myself did they listen to the speech last night. Their questions were either complaints/whining leveled by critics or what ifs that can’t really be answered without a crystal ball. The no fly zone has been in effect for 9 days, and already the press wants to know how things will end. They are so impatient.

    As usual, President Obama answered every question thoroughly and completely. He basically reiterated what he said last night in the speech. For me, he made the interviewers look like they had not done their homework or just couldn’t think of any original questions to ask.

  67. Small rant:

    The world is seeing exactly why today’s Republican party can not be trusted with anything any longer. They scoff at education, they rewrite history to suit their twisted realities, they are isolationists, and they don’t think any other country is worth anything. They’ve got a dark, ugly commercial out right now that I’ve started to see this week, about a future Chinese university – and the professor is talking about failed great societies. He cites health care, unions, etc. as the cause of the decline of America. It’s a really ugly ad. And if people don’t wake up to what these Republicans are all about, it may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. These characters on the right and the far left do not have any idea what it takes to succeed or run this country.

  68. Exactly. Brian Williams tried so hard to sound important and like he was asking the burning questions Americans wanted answers to. Oh well, at least the people who didn’t get to see the speech got to hear the President restate his reasoning. I like the whole we can’t apply a cookie-cutter response to every situation. I’m choosing to look at it this way: Brian Williams served up the softballs and our President bashed them out of the park. It’s almost as if he planned it that way. Oh gee.

  69. And thank YOU, AS522, for outlining your viewpoint so clearly. I think it’s great that ‘the body has different parts and each part has its unique role’ (biblical reference). It does seem to me that visitors here get recharged in different ways and therefore feel better equipped to join the narrative ‘out there’. Weiner, Kucinich and the like are going to face a far less tolerant audience as the election rolls around IMO.

  70. And the closing bit with Diane Sawyer rubbing in Kentucky’s success in the NCAA tournament and PBO laughing and pointing out that though folks were knocking him for filling out a bracket the fact that he doesn’t have anybody in the final four proves that he wasn’t paying much attention afterall was sorta cute.

  71. And of course, ED, who doesn’t know anything, didn’t push back, did he ?

  72. Excellent statement. Thanks! I actually told someone who worked on the Matt Damon production that I know several people who have resisted going to watch that new movie simply because of what Matt Damon had to say about the President. They need to know.

  73. I agree about Grayson. Among the hot heads of the left, he is the one who could be tempted to lauch a primary challenge. I don’t think Kucinich in the end will go there. But Grayson… for him it’s more than about policy. He barely disguises his contempt for President Obama. I’ll give him that he really cares for the middle class and the poor, but he’s agressive, and has an enormous ego. And he can be very mean.

    Oh he would be CREAMED. But, stating the obvious, it could cause a lot of damage to the democratic coalition and have devastating effects in the 2012 election.

    I hope the far left wakes up in time and remember 1980, and 2000.

  74. And yet amurikans have voted them into power most times, at least since FDR times, didn’t they ?

  75. Theo – If it’s the same commercial I’ve seen – which runs regularly on CNN and is called Chinese Professor – it’s sponsored by Citizens Against Government Waste (or some stupid name like that). It’s ugly, and reminds me of the Cold War days when I was a little kid – we were taught to watch out for the Russians, because they were trying to take us over (I had regular nightmares over that, and the air raid drills in school). Now, it’s the Chinese who will “own us.”

    This is also a terrible affront to Chinese-Americans, from my point of view.

    Guess this group can at least be credited for not blaming the Muslims in America (that was snark).

  76. Well actually you mean since LBJ because even though Truman, JFK, and LBJ didn’t get re-elected (JFK doesn’t count) Democrats held the presidency for the majority of that period leading up till the end of the 60’s. And Democrats held control of congress near a half a century.

    The turn came after the Civil Rights movement and anti- war movement. The white vote began to shift to the Republican party and since LBJ no Democrat has won the majority of the white vote.
    But times have changed based on Demographics minorities across the board are growing at fast rates. A younger more diverse electorate always shows up during general elections and that pace will continue over the decade and following decade. Also people from northern states migrating to states like North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, etc. helped Obama win in 2008. That’s why I said that the midterm election will not be the same.

  77. Good first and second stats, SR. But what 900,000 fools watch Ed per night?

  78. Gotta agree with you there on the shifting demographics, both the numbers and the movement. That’s our only hope.

  79. I think his comment about being criticized for filling out the brackets was very cleaver. In a very subtle way, it highlighted his sobering response to the previous question which makes his critics look petty and small.

    DIANE SAWYER: A question. I can’t tell you how many people have said this. You wake up in the morning, and you are looking at Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, a tsunami, a nuclear — potentially nuclear meltdown, an economic crisis, Tucson. Do you — I guess one question I have, when you go home to your daughters at night, and it’s thorns and roses, (LAUGHTER) what do you say now?


  80. If you have a chance this morning, please check out The Bondad Blog for a story on Four Important Positive Signs in the US Economy and then a follow up on how devastating a government showdown will be. The new freshmen Republicans are taking a big gamble with this shutdown idiocy and the American people are the dice. Obviously they want the economy to falter to reflect badly on the president. And those who have a Superman/daddy concept of our president, take the bait. We have to make very sure that the blame lands squarely on their shoulders and on the voters who put these irresponsible reps in the US House to begin with.

  81. This man is sooooo brilliant…..not ‘bleeping’ around with the close-minded fogies. Still a Rock Star! And they VOTE!! 4 more years….I can here the chant!!! Wooohooo~

  82. Hoya Saxa, go Georgetown! Hoya Saxa means what Rocks in Greek and Latin. The Prez greeted our NCAA coach, John Thompson, III. I had the pleasure of having his aunt as the principal of my high school, F.W. Ballou, in S.E., D.C., and his Dad yell at me and apologize to me before a Hoyas v. uconn women’s game. Amazing times.

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