“Tonight, let’s do something different. Let’s listen to the president, and then turn the television off”

EXCELLENT, excellent piece: (Go over, guys, give this lady some love).

 Tonight, when the President speaks to the nation about Libya, let’s do something different.

Let’s listen. Let’s listen, and then turn the television off and think about what he’s said. Mull it over in your mind, but only after having watched the thing and having imagined that the President was really talking to you.

You see, a lot of helpful people in the media think the viewing public is stupid. Well, a lot of them damned well know it. And the ones who don’t, have actually convinced the viewing public that, because they happen to be  celebrity talking head on television, they know far more and far better what the President wants to say to you, and so they give you their interpretation and tell you that’s what he really, really, really meant to say.

Then they start bitching about what he didn’t say and should have said, and how he should have said what he did say differently. They twist and turn and bend and break down and analyse and parse his every word, his every inflection and his general body language to the point that one half of what the pundits do say is in direct contradiction to the other half, and that only confuses everyone.

But maybe they want that too. You see, the pundits all say – Right and Left – that the President has a communication problem. Some say he’s too high-brow, too elitist. Others say he depends too much on a teleprompter. Still more wonder how he could communicate so effectively as a candidate, but not as President.

Well, he does. I see no different in candidate Obama and President Obama. From everything the candidate said, I was able to ascertain that he was a centre-Left pragmatist, who patterned himself after his Presidential idol, Lincoln. He was never an out-and-outright Progressive, not even the type. His one remark about single-payer healthcare insurance amounted to opining that if the US were starting from scratch, where no one had health insurance, single-payer would be the way to go. His mere mention of the fabled and infamous public option was to give a nod to the fact that if it were possible for the government to offer some sort of public health option as a means of healthcare insurance, that should be considered also.

He promised to ratchet down Iraq and ratchet up Afghanistan. He’s done both.

But then, I listened to what the man said, all the while noticing various members of whatever live audience, watching his speeches with looks of abject rapture, the way the born-again religious fundamentalists of the Right look when they think they see Jesus peeking at them in the sunlight through the leaves of a magnolia tree. I’d be willing to bet these people are the ones stamping their feet and shouting about the fact that the President’s done nothing (they wanted).


So it was, I reckon, a lot of people thought they listened to candidate Obama with their ears, but they were really listening with their minds and hearts.  In a way, he captured the nation’s imagination similar to the way John Kennedy did – except Kennedy didn’t have the impediment of a 24/7 news media hanging on his every word and analysing his every movement.

The Rightwing call the President a tyrant, a fascist and a dictator in much the same way the Leftwing described Bush; but listening to some parts of the Left, I’m left with the impression that what they’d really like is a Leftwing Bush, and wish the President were more like his predecessor, albeit with a Progressive bend. In short, we’re all wanting Big Daddy, when we really have got a dedicated professor trying to get us out of the shitstorm the last guy left. We’re wanting JR Ewing, and we’ve got Bobby.

We’ve got talking heads who tell us the President’s a racist, we’ve got talking heads (from the Left) who tell us not to vote, who threaten the President with one term only, we’ve got others who, granted a Presidential interview, don’t deign to let the man get a word in edgeways. And we’ve got politicians who say outright that the President’s confused, that he’s a foreigner, that he’s weak, that he dithers. (Since when did “dither” become a euphemism or even a synonym for “deliberate?”) We’ve even got politicians from his own party, with degrees in communication, who condescend to say that a constitutional law scholar either doesn’t know or is in contempt of the Constitution. And then there are those who politicos who don’t trust the President to tie his own shoe without getting Congressional approval first.

Gee, I wonder why?

So, tonight, let’s do something different. When the President speaks, let’s listen to what he’s got to say. And when he’s finished, let’s turn off the television and think about it.

You might find that you’ve learned something.


Amen, sister.


87 thoughts on ““Tonight, let’s do something different. Let’s listen to the president, and then turn the television off”

  1. Yes – he told us he was going to be the President of not just blue America or red America – but the United States of America. He’s trying to be a thoughtful, measured centrist looking out for the interests of the people. The opposition (on both sides) just criticizes everything. I used
    to like to listen to Keith and Rachel discuss his speeches, but even they failed miserably to understand his message. So, I’ll listen and digest his words myself – I’m sure he will be brilliant as usual.

  2. This reflects what I have been thinking for a long time. This president hasn’t disappointed me or surprised me with how he governs. I find him to be one of the most consistent public figures I have ever seen. Candidate Obama and President Obama are not different at all. Those who think he is are people who never actually listened to him. Now, if people will take this advice to heart and start by ridding themselves of their preconceptions about what he is going to say and instead just listen to what he actually says, we might get somewhere. We don’t need the talking heads to interpret him for us either. Thank you but I am perfectly capable of listening and understanding on my own.

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me. I haven’t watched the news since the Recovery Act was signed.

  4. I just need to vent for two seconds.

    I am sitting in my office working and listening to AJE and low and behold who do I hear being interviewed. None other than Cornell West. My blood is boiling. He called our President “opportunistic” said that he had no backbone. He went on to say that the President is more than willing to work with republicans, yet calls progressive “F’ing retards”(which PBO did not say). Stated that PBO has been “Clintonized”. He just went on and on. Never said one positive thing about PBO. I am so angry right now.

  5. I forgot I have class 2nite so I will miss it live but I’m checking here as soon as I get home.

  6. I always do, but sometimes I get some exercise or meditate and/or check my favorite blogs.

  7. Was planning on doing exactly that. Cant stand the blubbering from those think they know all talking heads. Like we are soo damn to figure out ourselves what our President had just said. Pathetic idiots. Honestly, this morning I almost smashed my tv, after what some woman on cnn said about PBO’s speech about Libya.

  8. Yep, it was easy for me though. I can easily tune people out if they are talking nonsense. I go here and Obama Diary for political news and a little bit of Twitter.

  9. On one level I think this is smart, but on an altogether other level, it is important to know what the talking heads are saying, if only to be able to counter some of it as the need arises. As much as we don’t want to over-estimate the influence they have, we also don’t want to underestimate it.

    A perfect example of how the media sets up the direction of public opinion and decides what is and isn’t important happened in the 2004 Presidential debates. I believe it was the second debate, although it may have been the third.

    Kerry had pointed out that Bush had said that he didn’t really think about bin Laden any more. Bush came out and said that that was an exaggeration (which it wasn’t). In fact, it was a pretty telling blow that, left to settle onto the public, may have changed the results that year.

    Later in the debate, there was a question about whether or not homosexuality was genetic. Kerry stated, quite honestly, that he didn’t know but he did know that gay and lesbians were who they were and that some people there even had members of the family who were homosexuals, but that didn’t prevent them from being loved. It was an obvious, and caring, reference to VP Cheney and his daughter (which had also been mention in Cheney’s debate with Edwards, about which there was no negative aftermath.

    Immediately after the debate, there was a lot of talk about the bin Laden reference and the actual clips of Bush saying what he had being aired. There was very little mention about the subtle reference to Cheney, maybe because it was actually a nice thing being said.

    By the next day, all of that changed. Kerry was accused of dragging up the priovate lives of the Cheney family (as if by that time nobody knew about it). He was condemned time and again for being insensitive. That actually lasted several days whereas there was never again a mention of the bin Laden reference.

    The media drove the narrative and I believe it had a lot to do with the final outcome. That is why it is important to know what is being said so as to be able to rebut it.

  10. Cornell West is Obama’s number 1 hater. Ignore him. He will never give a balanced point of view because of his irrational hatred.

  11. He who you have to pay to speak to the youth. you would think with all that money he would get his teeth fix.

  12. I agree we should know what they are saying but we should listen to the President and reflect on his statements for a moment, make our own judgments and then listen to what the lazy-boy Presidents are saying.

  13. BWD you are so right, Through contemplation of the speech of our President do you get the true understanding. The calm approach to his words and ideas give you the true metal of his leadership.

  14. i just told one blogger who claimed that he has’nt mentioned th ivory coast or talked about africa. i was very calmed and stated he did an address she could find it on you tube. I then shocked her and said is’nt libya in North Africa. complete silence.

  15. I sent Marion’s article to the MSM with a note that simply said:

    “I’ve sent this article to every family member and friend that I have on this universe.”


    Feel free to do the same. 🙂

  16. I mean, to take it international, and delude people who are in the midst of revolution into thinking that there’s a cowboy in disguise in the WH waiting to pounce. What an utterly despicable thing to do. Just despicable.

  17. If President Obama talks for half an hour, come the 8 o’clock hour as he finished the vast majority will flip over to their Monday night prime time show of choice.

    I’ve turned off the pundits after remarks for awhile now, however moved to watching online now – take viewers away from the networks and their pundits and to whitehouse.gov or c-span. Now I’m not a Neilson Family (if that’s even how they count viewers anymore), however I will register as a viewer on the on-line offering and the networks can see that I’m one less person watching their garbage.

  18. Donna – this is the second article I have read from your Facebook friend. Pass along our “atta girls”. Have you considered inviting her to join this blog. If she has the time it would be wonderful to have her insights on a daily basis.

    This article and Japa21’s response triggered an idea I have been mulling around for a while.

    How to influence the media. I have a plan… It might not work, but it is fun to try.

    Most of us can follow the sensible advice provided by the Facebook article and go from the president’s address to this blog.

    We would ask a few brave souls to listen to the pundits, take note of who is advertising on the program and report in the next day.

    We could read the summary and develop talking points and rebuttals as Japa suggests.

    But then – what if we did 2 more things.

    1. Wrote to the analysts we agreed with and thanked them and wrote to the analysts we didn’t agree with and told them why.

    2. Wrote to the advertisers who sponsored the part of the news where the pundits flap their lips and said “hey don’t waste your money advertising on post speech analysis, we turn off the channel as soon as they start talking”.

    Many months ago I wrote an open letter to the media discussing what I wanted to see change in new broadcasting and one of the lines from the letter was

    * Please don’t show me a video of President Obama, and then talk over it, telling me what he said and adding your personal spin.

    Maybe we should add another bullet point

    * Instead of analyzing major presidential speeches, ask the public what they think using Facebook, email, or phone calls.

    I will be in class tonight, but look forward to watching a recording of the speech and then reading all your wonderful comments.

  19. This is why I think we need two threads: one for pure speech analysis, and another for media analysis. Because someone like West is bound to say something crazy and out of pocket about this speech, and people are going to want to talk about it. Are the dual threads a bad idea?

  20. Symmetry, try to ignore Professor West. He is just craving for attention. He absolutely knows nothing about what it takes to govern a diverse nation like the United States under a system of divided powers.

  21. Split it up and have one thread for each. That will enable people who want to opt out of hearing what pundits are saying to do so, while people who want to monitor the media’s spin and refute it can do so as well. A bunch of us will view both threads, but I think that this can cut down on the inevitable tensions as some people get tired of hearing about the negative media, while others continue to discuss it. Bifurcate the discussion in advance is my suggestion.

  22. Love it WIW what can i doI. I”ll watch that around the time i leave the computer for the kids. what do i need to do

  23. That’s a great point; much of the country won’t be listening to the spin in the first place.

  24. Ill take the names of the sponsor and the names of the positive pundits.

  25. Can’t ignore him because he’s taking his hate internationally and spewing nonsense.

  26. Envy, Pride and Greed are among the 7 Deadly Sins for a reason. Mr. West seems to be genuinely afflicted.

  27. Symmetry11, remember of fact which is C west is and always will be a “opportunist”. If you notice he must be heard loud and clear to sell the next book of lecture to make his income bigger. They all are after the same thing make money on this historic time. The Right wingers and Left wingers and all others trying to make as much as they can. They see a gravy train going by so they are like vendors on a parade route sell anything they can to make money. So don’t let them get to you. Just understand they sold CHRIST for thirty pieces of silver and you think these crooks today won’t sell a President down the river to get ahead.

  28. Yup:

    1. Speech analysis—please refrain from discussing media reactions to this speech, positive or negative

    2. Media analysis—please post pundit reactions to this speech for us to analyze and critique

    Solves the “stop being so negative, guys!” “we can’t ostrich ourselves!” ongoing debate, at least for major events like this speech.

  29. You’re right. Don’t ignore him, e-mail and phone him. Call him out on his nonsense. Pundits are telling bold-faced lies and getting away with it.

  30. Thanks Gn for the link. That was indeed a “masterful response” to people who are holier than thou Blacks. People who call themselves African nationalists/ pure progressives and yet defend African leaders and regimes that are oppressing their fellow Africans are, in my view, a joke.

  31. Like the way you put that. Personally, I don’t think discussing negative commentary is going negative, though sometimes it can get a little tiring in a thread that is generally upbeat.

    I hope BWD will agree to your suggestion as you are definitely one of the most astute commenters here. 🙂

  32. Not sure how astute, just looking for a solution to that ongoing debate. And I think that if the pure speech analysis thread was posted first, the bulk of the community would live blog. When the media analysis followed, I think that a ton of people would go into that and begin discussing pundit reaction. But this allows our wonderful lurkers to opt in and out of the type of content which they personally prefer in accordance with everyone’s respective opinions.

  33. Hello BWD community,
    I am somewhat surprised your expectations for this speech are so high.
    From my Europian perspective the deliberations, motives and words of your president have been very clear and his actions have been decisive and defining for the whole intervention.
    So I expect him to give a review of his position for those in the USA who did not listen.
    I hardly expect him to add anything new.

  34. You are a brave soul, makesense4tulips! I just can’t listen to them anymore, but I would be interested in what they say. I know I am hoping there will be several here tonight.

    Thanks, BWD, for highlighting this article. I so agree with what she has to say. We must really listen to his words. He usually says so much more than what we hear.

  35. Good advice to just watch the President’s speech (or any future Presidential Debates)and turn off the TV prior to the pundits chiming in. The pundits job is not to “clarify” what the President just said. Rather their main objective is to spew anti-Obama propaganda disquised as commentary. To make politically unrealistic demands and feign outrage that they were not met by the speech. I turned off pundits completely after Pres. Obama’s Gulf Oil Spill speech. It seemed the pundits were disappointed Obama’s speech did not stop the oil spill all by itself.

  36. We actually don’t either, rufus. I think that this is about making a point: I bet that the pure speech analysis will indeed merely verify what President Obama has been saying all along. While the media thread will contain half-baked “he should have” theories, distortions, and spin. Great point.

  37. Some may disagree with me. But really, every time I hear about the negative comments made by Tavis or Cornell West, all I feel for them is sorrow.

    There is something missing in their souls, and what I find in both people is some kind of opportunistic trait.

    Neither of these men have done anything significant for the African American community. All I see them do is use the community to their own benefit.

    Tavis, for 10 years held his black state of the union, and to my mind, he never produced anything tangible to benefit the community in the decade. He made googobs of money from his Covenant books, and if he donated any of it the a program benefiting the African American community, I must have missed it.

    Cornell West and his sloganeering is nothing but that. I used to have a lot of respect for him, but some how his collusion with Tavis has become toxic and I want nothing to do with either of them.

    In the end, they both will look like opportunistic headline seeking grabbers they are.

    I hope everyone enjoys the president’s speech tonight. I will be in class, but Lord knows when I get home, the first place I will check is here. As for the pundits, they don’t have to worry about me. I don’t listen to them at all. My husband tends to, and when he does, I make a bee line for the opposite side of our home.

    I don’t think the president is going to say anything more than he hasn’t said to those of us listening. The others will strive to pluck something out of what he has been saying over and again, but they were not listening and chose not to.

  38. I love it. Of course, I am one of your sycophants. Seriously, I do think it is good idea.

  39. I was listening to AJE too. I heard 2 minutes and immediately put on the mute button. I hate that this nonsense is going out to the Arab countries who really love our President.

  40. Well I have to admit I never listen to pundits, cannot stand any of them 😉 I learned during the 07 primaries that they lie bald faced.. right after a Senator Barack Obama speech they’d be carrying on with their ‘spin’.. which rarely was what he said..

    I love this letter you’ve posted bwd- I hope it means that folks in this country will begin to get wise to the way we are all being used and misled by the media- I hate to sound conspiratorial, but I’m of the belief anymore that national media and much of even local media is run by republicans..just like certain ‘liberal’ blogs are being run by republicans.. 😉 and thus one of the main reasons they are so apt to make up so much bs about this president, and why they never ever call out their ‘guest’ liars either… is fairly obvious. They are my biggest pet peeve and frankly I think they’re also the very worst thing going in America.. when we have a media that we can’t rely on to tell us the truth or the facts.. we’re pretty much going to have to counteract them by getting serious about getting the facts out ourselves.. such as what you’re doing here BWD.. its exactly why your site is so ultra important imo.

    I’m really looking forward to the President’s speech tonight too 🙂

  41. GOOD NEWS!!!

    “….this week we will see an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) introduced which would create federal protections against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity….”


    “The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would address discrimination in the workplace by making it illegal to fire, refuse to hire or refuse to promote an employee based on the person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Currently such protections exist in only 21 states and DC for sexual orientation and 12 states and DC for gender identity.”

    “In addition to ENDA, a number of bills aim to extend benefits to families currently disadvantaged because their relationships are not recognized. These include the Respect for Marriage Act, the Tax Equity for Health Plan Beneficiaries Act, the Domestic Partner Benefits and Obligations Act, the Uniting American Families Act, the Equal Access to COBRA Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Inclusion Act.”

    “….The memo also details efforts to ensure that schools are safe for all students to be prepared to contribute to our economy. In the 112th Congress there are two legislative solutions (the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Student Non-Discrimination Act), as well as administrative actions, that can address the problem of bullying, harassment and discrimination against LGBT students.”


  42. And another AMEN to that. Thank you so much for this post, and this really good idea. I’m going to listen to the man, absorb what he says, and then turn off the fricking commentators, who, yes, are getting paid to parse and analyze. But maybe one. Just ONCE. They could say, why don’t y’all just think about this, and we’ll be quiet.

  43. I agree with that gn, I never listen to pundits, but I always come here and read what others have heard via listening to pundits spin.. I think its important that we always know what they’re saying, what their newest malarky is so that we can combat it, but then we do need to combat it also, imo.

  44. Great comment, Sherijr and I totally agree. Our MSM really is a threat to our democracy. They have violated the sacred trust embodied in the premise of the 4th Estate. The blanket saturation of anti-Obama propaganda is so pervasive that one must actually take steps to avoid it.

  45. I that is what made me angry. I am use to hearing him spew his hateful rhetoric when corresponding with the American meeting, but to speak of PBO the way he did w/ Foreign press just went all over me. I called him an opportunistic on Twitter. I have yet to see what he has done to help ALL Americans let alone blacks.

  46. President Obama will give interviews to Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer and Erica Hill on Tuesday to talk about Libya, White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer announced on Twitter. Obama will sit down with the journalists the day after addressing the nation about the attack he ordered on Libya.

  47. What should the President say, what will he say? First to you Jonathan Alter(after fifiteen minutes of crap) thank you, now to you Mr begalla(fifteen more minutes of crapo) thank you, on to you John KIng(fifteen more minutes of shit) thank you, on to you Wolf(fiteen minutes of I used to work in the Pentagon, blah, blah, blah) thank you, on to you Bret Baer(fiteen minutes of lies) thank you, on to you and it goes on and on and on…

    PURE unadulterated GARBAGE!!!

  48. Ugh….I have more than a few typos insert “think” and meeting should be “media”.

  49. This is uncanny! I just posted this one sentence on another site:
    If only the talking heads would take the night off.
    But you have gone one step further – the onus is on us to turn them off.
    Sounds good to me.

  50. Yup, they’re getting the night off for at least part of this site, involuntarily lol.

  51. See how the MSM affects public opinion?

    With President Obama set to address the nation tonight about the country’s military engagement in Libya, a Pew poll released today finds that half of Americans say the U.S. does not have a clear goal there.

    In the poll of adult Americans, 50% of respondents said they do not believe that U.S. and allied forces have a clear goal with their mission in Libya, versus 39% who said there is a clear goal.

    At the same time, the poll found that 47% of Americans think the decision to enforce a no-fly zone was a good idea, while 36% said it was a bad idea.


    I understood the President on libya the first day! Man are people stupid!

  52. The republicans are NOT compromising, just like Scott walker and the rest of the tea bagger governors:

    It’s been almost a week since House Republicans, Senate Democrats and the White House last sat down to hammer out a budget agreement, and the schedule’s still blank. Accusations of bad faith are now flying from both sides. Republicans are poised to reject a White House offer, TPM has learned, that would cut over $30 billion in current spending because of disagreements over whether the package should include cuts to mandatory spending programs. Democrats are pushing for such cuts, which include the big entitlement programs, though the specific cuts they’re proposing remain unclear. In an ironic twist, Republicans oppose those cuts and want to limit the negotiations to non-defense discretionary spending, a smaller subset of the federal budget.

    Taken together, the last several days’ worth of developments bode very poorly for the goal of reaching a six-month agreement on spending. The parties have until April 8 to reach agreement, and the odds of a government shutdown are higher now than they’ve been since this process began.

    Asked about the offer the White House has floated, a top Republican aide says, “This debate has always been about discretionary spending — not autopilot ‘mandatory’ spending or tax hikes.”

    If that position doesn’t soften, it’s hard to see how the two parties reach agreement.


    Their will be a govt shutdown, this time around, mark my words…

  53. Well said. In the past two years, I’ve listened to almost all of President Obama’s speeches. He doesn’t have ANY problem in communicating his ideas, his goals. Of course to understand you have to really LISTEN. Because he doesn’t speak in soundbites.

    In that sense, President Obama doesn’t have a “communication problem”. He never has.

    Almost invariably, when he gets the national attention (SOTU or an address from the Oval or a special occasion like the speech in Tucson), his approval numbers always go up, despite the best efforts of the pundits to find fault in what he communicated.

    The”communication problem” the Obama team has is that they struggle to find ways to circumvent the media noise, The media apparatus is where the confusion comes from. They also do their best to weaken his “bully pulpit”, barely covering his speeches, town-halls, etc.

  54. Symmetry11, I understand how you feel. However, do not allow what you are hearing or heard get your bloodpressure up. I have hypertension along with a heart condition, and your life is more important to be lived with the best health you can give to it. So calm yourself first, then pray for brother West. I heard a very wise woman say last evening, “Words have Power”, so do not speak words carelessly, or with bitterness or unfair words towards other. So we will say to Mr. West again, “Cornel, please be careful as to how you speak about others. Your words will come back to haunt you, sir. I really do believe that. If you can’t something kind, respectful and constructive about someone, just keep it shut, that is your mouth. I want my words to have “Kind Power,” Lovely Power, Gracious Power, Gentle Power, Freshness of Power, Positive Power, Peaceful Power. We will speak with words of this description in our Obama Family.

  55. Do we know if AJE content actually goes out to Arab countries? What I mean is whether the content on AJE is translated for other languages and broadcast on non English version of AJ. I’m hoping that it is more like BBC America which is different from BBC. Some content is shared but not all so maybe this interview won’t be heard by that many non-English speaking countries.

  56. That sounds like a great idea to me. That way we can do both – discuss our own reactions to the speech and still have another space to discuss and plan how to counter the spin from the media. Both are valuable things and separating them may mean we can maintain our focus on each thing better.

  57. Am I paranoid or West has been given lots of platform in the media lately ??

  58. Yes, most people won’t listen to the aftertalk anyway. That’s why I think the time slot of this address is great planning on the president’s staff’s part. Give it late enough in the day to catch people when they are home from work but have it over just before prime time shows start so they will turn the channel without listening to all the spin.

  59. I don’t expect anything new either here. But, our media is so bad at getting his message out that sometimes only a direct address like this can cut through the media filter and get that clear and well stated opinion actually in front of the American public. Sad to say that most Americans have probably not heard even a single word that the President has said about the action in Libya to date. That’s why this is important.


  61. I love the point made. Thanks so much for the article. I am one to listen to our President. As soon as I hear them speaking lies about what the President just said, I call them a liar, and then I push OFF and go down and get a glass of wine and pray. Those two are legal in my moral world. You have to in this toxic climate that has been around this great President from the moment he walked in that Oval Office. Remember he told Oprah, when he first stepped into the Oval Office as our 44th President, he went in alone and spent 15 minutes alone. And he did not tell her what he did in those moments. I have often wondered, Did he pray, did he thank God, Did he ask God for something, Did he get on his knees and just said, “I will… I hope I will be alive and well to read from his books that he will write after his second term ends what he spent those minutes on that day alone. Remember he had already taken his Oath to the country,(twice, thanks to Roberts), so what could it have been? I believe that he most of all want us to LISTEN to him.. and try to TRUST that he will DO his BEST for us. So I think we do own him our best, LISTENONG TO OUR PRESIDENT for ourselves abd BELIEVE we can help him make the right change. Thanks BWD for your wisdom and this site for us to come to daily.

  62. My dear family here, please excuse and forgive me for the careless spellings and run-on-sentences. I know better.\

  63. Thanks for the link Sabreen. I’m going to follow your lead and email that fool too.

  64. question: who was the person given an interview with pbo and did all the talking?

    what a maroon

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