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  1. What a handsome president we have, sighhhhhhh. May God continue to bless and protect him!

  2. Thank You so much for keeping things real when it comes to our President. A man with so much on his plate can still smile

  3. Love it. He was born for this, and I am convinced that he is having the time of his life :-).

  4. I think he is as well. He seems to just relish the challenge on a fundamental level, as well as enjoy the tangible help and benefits that he’s able to bring to people in multiple scenarios.

    God bless you, POTUS. So grateful.

  5. I always get the sense in all the pictures I see of him that what you see is what you get. There just isn’t one ounce of phoniness in this man.

  6. From Al Jazeera Libya live blog:

    6:16pm (Libya time)

    Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president and David Cameron, the British prime minister have issued this joint statement on Libya.

    Tomorrow in London, the international community will come together to support a new beginning for Libya. A new beginning in which the people of Libya are free from violence and oppression, free to choose their own future.

    The world has witnessed momentous events over the last ten days. Following an appeal by the Arab League to take action to protect the people of Libya, on 17 March the United Nations Security Council passed an historic resolution to protect civilians from the violence unleashed by Qadhafi’s war machine.

    Two days later, the Paris Summit emphasized the determination of the participants to act collectively and resolutely to give full effect to UNSCR 1973.

    The same day, a coalition of countries took action to help break the siege of Benghazi and drive back Qadhafi’s forces. Hundreds of thousands of people have been rescued from the brink of humanitarian disaster.

    Our countries are resolved to continue to enforce UNSCR 1973 to protect the people of Libya. More countries from Europe and the Arab world are joining us. It is only when the civilian population are safe and secure from the threat of attack and the objectives of UNSCR 1973 are met that military operations will come to an end.

    We emphasize that we do not envisage any military occupation of Libya, which would be contrary to the terms of the Resolution. We reaffirm our strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya.

    Military action is not an objective as such. A lasting solution can only be a political one that belongs to the Libyan people. That is why the political process that will begin tomorrow in London is so important. The London conference will bring the international community together to support Libya’s transition from violent dictatorship and to help create the conditions where the people of Libya can choose their own future.

    In the words of the Arab League resolution, the current regime has completely lost its legitimacy. Qadhafi must therefore go immediately. We call on all his followers to leave him before it is too late. We call on all Libyans who believe that Qadhafi is leading Libya into a disaster to take the initiative now to organize a transition process.

    In our view, this could include the Interim National Transitional Council, the pioneering role of which we recognize, the civil society leaders as well as all those prepared to join the process of transition to democracy. We encourage them to begin a national political dialogue, leading to a representative process of transition, constitutional reform and preparation for free and fair elections.

    To help Libya make this transition, we are today also calling on all the participants at the London conference to give their strong support.

    We have averted a humanitarian disaster but Libya still faces a humanitarian crisis. In London, our countries will come together with the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, NATO and the Arab League to consider how we can bring urgent relief now, and how we can support the needs of the people of Libya in the future.

    In the last few weeks, the Libyan people have demonstrated their courage and their determination. Like all other peoples, they have the right freely to choose their leaders.

    We must unite to help them make a new beginning.

  7. Really you just have to look at how relaxed and confident he is going into the speech tonight and you will stop worrying about how the pundits and the complainers are going to react. He knows he’s ready for this speech and when he’s ready for a speech it always goes well. So relax everyone. He’s got this. 🙂

  8. Google’s Eric Schmidt to be named Secretary of Commerce? This guy seems to think so – http://prestowitz.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/03/28/how_eric_schmidt_can_save_america

    “As I have been urging for some time, it now appears that President Obama will appoint Google Chairman Eric Schmidt as the new secretary of Commerce to replace Gary Locke, who is leaving to become the new U.S. Ambassador in Beijing.

    Under Locke and his recent predecessors, the Commerce Department has been virtually invisible, with leaders who had little knowledge of, or interest in its potential for being the key to revitalization of the U.S. economy. Indeed, a few former secretaries of Commerce have even scoffed at their own department as little more than an incoherent grab bag of unrelated agencies like the weather bureau and the U.S. Patent Office. (With such attitudes, one wondered why these secretaries even bothered to take the job.)”

    And an earlier post urging President Obama to choose Schmidt – http://prestowitz.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/03/14/googles_eric_schmidt_could_be_the_right_ceo_for_the_commerce_department

    Clyde Prestowitz is a former Reagan Administration Commerce Department counsel which could indicate bipartisan support at least outside of the current congress. OTOH, Schmidt’s nomination could lose some Dem support as Consumer Watchdog, a Google critic issued release that included ““Putting Eric Schmidt in charge of policing online privacy is like appointing Bernie Madoff to direct the Securities Exchange Commission”.

  9. chipsticks is really on fire today, wow:

    ‘moral progress’

    Peter Beinart: There are plenty of smart objections to America’s Libya intervention. But when President Obama addresses the nation on Monday night, he should rebut the stupidest one: that America shouldn’t wage humanitarian war in Libya because we’re not doing so in Congo, Zimbabwe and every other nasty dictatorship on earth.

    The consistency argument … has nothing to do with Congo and Zimbabwe. Most of the people who invoke those ill-fated countries showed no interest in them before the Libya debate and will go back to ignoring them once Libya is off the front page. Ask someone who demands moral consistency in humanitarian war how exactly they propose to intervene in Congo and you will quickly realize that the call for moral consistency is actually a call for immoral consistency.

    The point of invoking the horrors of Congo is not to convince the US to act to stop the horrors of Congo; it is to ensure that, out of respect for the raped, murdered and maimed in Central Africa, we allow innocents to be raped, murdered and maimed in North Africa as well….

    There will always be horrors that outside powers cannot or will not prevent. But the fact that they cannot be stopped everywhere is no reason not to try to stop them somewhere.



    The excellent analyses seem to be flying around at rapid speed right now.

  10. A Facebook friend of mine wrote this.

    Tonight, when the President speaks to the nation about Libya, let’s do something different.

    Let’s listen. Let’s listen, and then turn the television off and think about what he’s said. Mull it over in your mind, but only after having watched the thing and having imagined that the President was really talking to you.

    You see, a lot of helpful people in the media think the viewing public is stupid. Well, a lot of them damned well know it. And the ones who don’t, have actually convinced the viewing public that, because they happen to be celebrity talking heads on television, they know far more and far better what the President wants to say to you, and so they give you their interpretation and tell you that’s what he really, really, really meant to say.

    Please continue reading here:

  11. This is great news of course our MSM is full of caca, i will be watching The President on Univision this afternoon at 4;00PM Ca time , then I will switch to the Press Con at 4;30PM.
    Thank you BWD you ROCK!!!!!!!

  12. I am so completely and utterly with that. I wouldn’t mind having at least one speech thread with absolutely no mention of what pundits had to say; perhaps one thread for media analysis so that people who want to do that, can do it, and another with nothing but pure speech analysis and no discussion of what the media is saying, good or bad. What does everyone think?

  13. You know I will second that heartily!

    Let’s discuss what *WE* — not Tweety or Gergen or Wolf — think about what PBO says. Let’s dissect it our own selves.

  14. I just predict that we’d need two threads, because if a pundit says something especially stupid, not everyone is going to agree that it shouldn’t be discussed and refuted. I’m not exactly promoting separation, just a means of allowing people to pick and choose how they would like to enjoy big news events like tonight’s speech: PL-free versus PL-refutation.

  15. Great suggestion since I’m sure I’m not the only person who will watch, as I have so many times in the past, only his speech (usually via WH or CSPAN) and never listen to pundits – except on a rare occasion when someone I respect suggests I check a specific video or written statement.

    It would be enjoyable to dialogue with all of you exclusively about what the President says, however, as you fairly note, others may also want to discuss pundits’ commentary, so the two thread idea is excellent.

  16. I say this picture at The Obama Diary and thought WOW!!!! Do we have a handsome President!!

    I am so in agreement with just listening to his speech tonight and not listen to any pundits. I do hope BWD will have an open thread so we can talk and watch at the same time. It is great to talk to other like minded folks.

  17. He is totally cute. I only agree with him 75% of the time. But I think he is a cutie-patootie 100% of the time.


  18. Yes, let’s all listen to this advice and pass it on to our friends and families.

  19. He also seems to have a deep understanding about how much in politics matters and how much is just show. I refuse to worry about his chances of reelection. I am still going to work on it. How about if we register 1 million new Hispanic voters?

  20. I do think we are beginning to see more pushback on the constant criticism by articles like this one. Maybe sites like this and other pragmatic liberal sites are really starting to make a difference in the narrative out there. Hopefully our voices are being heard and amplified a bit and the trend will continue.

  21. Good update on this Bob. Your video links have been incredible. I have shared them with so many people. I think the videos help us feel the emotion of the people in them. It is a great way for me to feel the urgency of those yearning for something better.

  22. GN, I am sure he wishes that he did not have so much to contend with since he stepped into office, but his ability to multi-task is amazing to me. Yes, he does seem to like a challenge.

    What really annoys me that with all he has on his plate, people get so annoyed that he does stand in front of the cameras every fifteen minutes to tell us what he had for breakfast and what time he got up.

    The congressional critters annoy me more than anyone. The president should decide. The president has not told us what he wants us to do.

    Those fakers. I think a good many people are becoming aware of the fact that our politicians do not want to take responsible for anything unless it is great. “Well, we made him do it.”

  23. CollegeKay, he is a dream boat. His eyes are mesmerizing. It is like he hold the secret to many wonderous things.

  24. Thanks for doing such a great job of standing up for the President, he is doing better than anyone could realistically have hoped.

    I try to do the same at my site…
    My Latest…
    The Easy Answer (TEA) Party
    Lately there have been more and more self-professed ‘Tea Partiers’ calling in to the Left leaning talk radio shows I often listen to and laying down the law as they brew it. This has allowed me to finally get a firm grip on exactly who I think the Teas are and where they come from.

    The TEA Party is really an acronym for ‘The Easy Answer Party’. They believe the lies they hear on Rich-Right Radio.
    …When Limbaugh tells them that lowering taxes increases federal revenue they love the sound of it and they buy it. When Rush tells them that if his taxes are raised on the hundreds of millions he makes per year, then their taxes must also be raised on their sub-100k salaries…this is an immutable fact of nature El-Rushbo explains and they buy it. They don’t know or care that during America’s glory days (from 1940-1980) taxes on the Limbaugh class were double to triple what they are today.

    When they were told Iraq needed to be occupied by the USA they never batted an eye because they know in their hearts that God wants America to rule the world anyway and after all Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz were right in assuming it would be an easy and lucrative adventure.

    They supported deregulating the financial sector because after all ‘society’ would be safer and better with no government at all.

    The Easy Answer Party are the Golden Goosers, believing that the less you invest in government the stronger your nation is. In other words, the people on the Right hand side of American politics, those most conservative and nationalistic and inclined to wage war…the very people who encouraged George W Bush to become the worst president in American history, to destroy the American economy and ruin America’s reputation as the global good guys (which we earned in WWII) those are the Tea Partiers.

    The Tea Party is comprised of the very people who were at the forefront of horrible policy making that put the USA in a hole as deep as that of the Great Depression; a hole so deep that if not for the unprecidented steps of the federal government to save our banks and auto industry America would be on her knees today and thereby offering the same temptation to tyrants the world wide that was offered to Hitler when the Great Depression crippled us.

    Having failed so miserably to lead their country when they had the reins these selfish fools were left with only two options, 1. to shut up and let the other side have their turn, or 2. Change their name to something different and pretend they had nothing to do with the national tragedy which they had caused.

    And the first statement issued by The Easy Answer Party was all too predictable…they claim that if the government that stepped in and pulled their nation’s ass out of the fire had only stood back and done nothing…everything would have been just fine.

  25. This is the same old fight. Geitner was a suit so he will always stand up for the banks. Schmidt is successful and so he will destroy the little people.

    Those complainers are always going to complain. They started in on Obama just a few days after being sworn.


  27. Jambo, mzuri sema Bwana Raisi usiku.

    Hello, excellent speech tonight Mr. President!

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