Well, he said it was a matter of days, didn’t he?


NATO approves expanded role in Libya

Brussels, Belgium (CNN) — NATO’s North Atlantic Council on Sunday approved an operations plan that will shift the entire Libyan military mission to alliance command, officials said, easing the burden on the United States and its allies to protect civilians in the war-torn country.

NATO ambassadors unanimously approved a so-called “no-fly plus” plan that will put the alliance in charge of protecting civilians as well as enforce a no-fly zone and an arms embargo.

“Our goal is to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas under threat of attack from the Gadhafi regime,” NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. “NATO will implement all aspects of the U.N. Resolution. Nothing more, nothing less.”

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  1. Al Jazeera cut and paste:

    The US has pulled back its naval firepower aimed at Libyan forces, a sign of confidence that the week-long assault has crippled Gaddafi’s air defences, as the military mission gains ground in Tripoli.

    At least one of the five navy ships and submarines that launched Tomahawk cruise missiles in the early days of the air strikes has left the area, defence officials said.

  2. 6:53pm

    A Canadian military officer says NATO has begun to execute the no-fly zone operations over Libya and impose a naval arms embargo.

    Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, the Canadian general in charge of NATO operations codenamed “Operation Unified Protector”, said on Sunday:

    Along with its non-NATO partners, NATO will do everything it can to deny any use of air power and it will do so with care and precision to avoid harming the people of Libya.

    Our current mission is to close Libya’s airspace to all flights except aid and humanitarian flights.

    Bouchard has been appointed to run Libya operations based in Naples, Italy, enforcing a UN-mandated no-fly zone and arms embargo.

  3. Yes.He.Did. 🙂

    And, I’m re-posting something from near the bottom of the mishmash thread I’d like for folk to see:

    Here’s a really cool comment from the Al Jazeera liveblog on Libya:

    “Kirkaiya [Moderator] 2 hours ago
    Sort of a bizarre sight: Arwa Damon (the blonde Arabic-speaking CNN reporter) was just reporting, via satellite-video-phone, from Ras Lanuf. She showed some Libyan rebels, standing in the red desert, with destruction around them, holding up an American flag and giving “thumbs up”.

    I think that may be the first time I’ve seen Arab people in north-Africa ever holding up an American flag that wasn’t on fire…”

  4. The UNprofessional left will just say that they MADE POTUS do it, that their yelling and pouting on leftist blogs MADE POTUS realize that we have to let NATO take the con, when that was the plan all along.

    They are just as incapable of rational thought as the teabagger Republicans on the right wing, and it’s pathetic how they are attempting to look at the events in Libya through Iraq 2003 glasses.

  5. You know, i asked many “progressives” the same question: Would you support US intervention in WWII? Not one of them ever gave me a serious answer. These people are a joke.

  6. If you noticed after he did majority of the work in libya the opposition is so close , they have destroyed a lot of their weapons now its up to the ppl. The man Bad. Gone and brush your shoulder off Mr. President.

  7. The decision means that Nato will take charge of all three aspects of the Libya campaign – enforcing a no-fly zone and arms embargo as well as prosecuting the air campaign on ground targets.

    The decision, capping a week of squabbling over Nato’s role, came in advance of a conference in London on Tuesday bringing together more than 40 foreign ministers and international organisations aimed at plotting Libya’s future.

    “Nato allies have decided to take on the whole military operation in Libya,” said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato’s secretary general. “Nothing more, nothing less. This is a very significant step.”

    While Nato has arrived relatively quickly at a consensus on the Libyan campaign, non-stop meetings in Brussels since last Monday have also exposed divisions and stirred furious argument, with France particularly in disagreement with Germany and Turkey.

    The Americans are keen to take a back seat on Libya after a week in which they have dominated operations and decisions, meaning that the course of the campaign against Gaddafi will be an unprecedented test for the European side of Nato.


    Interesting times. France is the cowboy, not the U.S.

    NATO’s statement is unequivocal. They are running the military operation, not the U.S., not the coalition.

    The risk of hitting civilians is higher as rebels advance toward Sirte and Tripoli.

    I am glad that the U.S. is not threading the needle of that very risky effort.

    So now what will the left and the right have to wring their hands about?

    Why did we cut and run? Quaddaffi is still there, why didn’t we stay?

    I love this President. He has a unique ability to make these fools apoplectic.

  8. The president has paved a way for Nato to successful. The majority of the work is done. like i said they are so close to Tripoli.

  9. You know, i asked many “progressives” the same question: Would you support US intervention in WWII? Not one of them ever gave me a serious answer. These people are a joke

    Exactly BWD ! They would have been the isolationists in WWII. They would have been against FDR and bashed him. FDR is the President they hold up as being a being a solid liberal , yet I think if they lived during his Presidency; well I bet they would be bashing him and calling him a war hawk.

  10. Now the media, PL and the R’s will get whiplash reversing their criticisms, asking why we aren’t doing “more” in Libya, instead of pulling back. It will also be called a “failed” effort because the President didn’t actually get Ghadafi dragged out of the country, which had to have been his secret goal, even though he didn’t say so. The list will go on and on with hot air and empty words. In the meantime the job is getting done, the U.S. has been brilliantly successful in it’s carefully limited role, and the tectonic plates of change have shifted once again under the feet of the president’s clueless critics.

  11. Can someone explain this phenomenon to me?

    I voted for Walker and I’m Sorry

    or this:

    On Saturday hundreds of thousands took to the streets of London to protest against the cuts. The turnout was much bigger than expected, and the message was clear: people in Britain are totally opposed to the government’s choice to prioritise the needs of bankers and big business over those of ordinary citizens.

    Hundreds of people marched as UK Uncut and, instead of attending the main rally, went to Oxford Street, the heart of London’s shopping district, to occupy for the alternative. A diverse mass movement has been born..

    I applaud the fact that people get it after the fact.

    But why can’t that tap into that insight before they vote?

    What specific signs do people need to see to finally understand that conservatives are pro-business and anti-people?

    How many times do people around the world have to learn that lesson before they get it?

  12. In a word, complacency. We as humans simply don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

    I remember in the lead-up to the 2008 election explaining to a friend how the political pendulum tends to swing from one end to the other in 30 year cycles. Clearly we’re in the part of the cycle that takes us back toward liberalism and populism. Even still, the reactionaries and conservatives aren’t going to go down without a fight. They are trying to hold the pendulum on their side against the momentum tugging it in the other direction. To do so requires lurching, sudden movement like in a tug-of-war. (Wisconsin, UK) People don’t like lurching, sudden movements. They like steady and calm. The harder the conservatives try to impede progress, the more people will stand against those attempts.

  13. More AlJazeera cut and paste:


    Boat loads of African migrants fleeing Libya arrived in Italy on Sunday, the first such landing to reach Europe since the start of the uprising against Gaddafi. About 800 mostly Eritreans, Ethiopeans and Somalis in three boats landed on the tiny island of Linosa, close to Lampedusa where thousands have been arriving from Tunisia, fleeing the uprising in that country.

    Mussie Zerai, an Eritrean Catholic priest in Italy who has been in contact with many of the migrants via satellite phone, said hundreds of loves of refugees fleeing Libya have been saved. He added:

    We know there are still many others trapped in Libya. We appeal to the solidarity of the European Union at this dramatic time… to welcome the Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somalian refugees.


    NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced on Sunday that the bloc has taken full command of military operations in Libya from a US-led coalition. He said:

    Our goal is to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas under threat of attack from the Gaddafi regime. NATO will implement all aspects of the UN resolution. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Meanwhile, Gaddafi loyalists were reportedly running scared after rebel fighters seized back Ajdabiya and Brega in recent days.

    Mohamed Ali el-Atwish, a 42-year-old fighter, told AFP:

    Gaddafi’s forces are now scared rats. They are dropping their weapons and uniforms and dressing as civilians. We are no longer concerned about Gaddafi’s forces at all.

  14. Wow, just caught up. Have I told you how much I love you and appreciate you all? I think we are family in the Obama way. Re: the early morning discussion —
    I got that email blast from Weiner as well and requested to be taken off their mailing list as long as democrats speak ill of this president. I also wrote a letter to DCCC regarding Weiner and Kucinich. I got a call from DNC asking me for donation this month. I laid into the fella pretty good. He apologized but kept going to the money. He tried to make me feel bad by saying that the republicans are getting money and promoting their message and we have to do the same and be strong. I don’t think so, buddy. The republicans give their people what they want – as backwards as it may be. By not supporting and disrespecting this president, the democrats are not giving me what I want. Until I start seeing other democrats support this president, I will not give them one red cent let alone 2,000 dimes.
    I replied that I will only give money to OFA and he stated that money gets funneled to other democratic organizations as well. I think the only way around this is to wait for the President to announce his intentions and make sure the donation goes to his re-election campaign specifically. I think the DNC, DCCC, DSC are getting a monetary surprise and earful this time around.
    Yes, money talks and bullcrap walks –that doesn’t make much sense now but Richard Pryor was a funny dude. LOL

  15. I just have peace that he means what he tells us when he speaks it. And even when there are blocks placed in his path, he still is true to himself. I love his calmness that is constant, his smartness that is a divine gift, and his constant compassion for all mankind. So I am asking us to keep our POTUS in our thoughts and prayers today as he puts the finishing touches on his speech for Monday night.I am really a strong believer in encouraging each other to do our “positive moments of goodness” for POTUS. The more good energy he receives from us all across the nation, helps. Just think if we get the word out to the millions of young people and those of us who are in the golden years, what energy of goodness that would overpower all that negativetalk this is spoken daily against him. I’ve a lovely sign on my front door (given to me after I met a dear friend in a lovely gift shop who heard my conversation with the owner of how I felt about the positive energy that people bring into my home). I thought just making this a community effort from those who worked so hard for our POTUS in 2008, and now he can feel this same energy as he walk into that Oval Office daily would just give him a lift. They do not own our hearts. Do not allow them to steal the joy that we all find in our POTUS. We will never have another one like him. This is our moment!!! Enter into it with a Happy Heart. I love you all very much, and thanks so much BWD for putting a great heart on this site!! Thank you!!

  16. FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  17. Bingo! I’ve noticed that with many conservatives things don’t seem quite real until it hits them. They never thought as they were going to the tea party rallies, forwarding ugly emails about our president and the democrats, and backing whacko far right candidates that it could affect them. They got caught up in the rhetoric and voted for the the candidate that they “thought” they knew. Never did they realize that not once in the first 2 years of PBO’s presidency has he ever done to them what the republicans are doing to them now. I feel pretty certain that many of those who voted for Walker, Kasich, Scott, and other republican governors and legislators are now experiencing buyers’ remorse.

  18. Money donated to OFA is going into the DNC coffers, but that money is being spent wisely by supporting actual organizing and training for Field Organizers and volunteers on the ground. Those summer training camps are paid for by OFA dollars. OFA still needs the money and it’s still helping the President’s agenda. Even still, I love it that you told this fund-raiser off and I hope more people do the same. We absolutely must unite behind our President and nothing speaks louder than dollars. Good for you, and everyone else who is telling these politicians trying to raise money by trashing the President to take a hike.

  19. Hello firedup. This is so exciting. One thing I think we do not have to worry about–the left will continue to wring their hands. It seems as if that is all they know how to do.

  20. Thanks, tigerfist88.

    Whenever I see your graphic, it makes me smile, and I love reading your tweets, too.

  21. Yes he said it was matter of days not weeks
    he keep his promises and yes HE can you go Mr president we jusy love this president.

  22. That’s a game-changer!!!!!

    I’ve been holding my tongue a bit to see how this all plays out – but I think its about time for some talk about how Bush invaded an Arab country against their will and gave Al Qaeda a wonderful recruiting tool.

    Now, Obama takes the risk of committing the US to help the people of an Arab country and puts a final nail in the coffin of Al Qaeda.

    Which President made us more secure?

  23. They want it both ways, I hope the woud listen a little PL we are not your enemies we are your friends come on PL join us.

  24. Thank you Tulips for sharing this petition by Libyan Americans. The comments were really touching.

  25. 5:15pm

    Libyan rebels have said they plan to start exporting oil from fields in their territory “in less than a week”, and said the Gulf nation of Qatar will market the crude.

    A rebel representative, Ali Tarhoni, said he signed a contract with Qatar recently and the deal will ensure “access to liquidity in terms of foreign denominated currency”.

    We are producing about 100,000 to 130,000 barrels a day, we can easily up that to about 300,000 a day.

    We contacted the oil company of Qatar and they agreed to take all the oil we export and market that oil for us. We have an escrow account … and the money will be deposited in this account, and this way there is no middle man and we know where the money is going.

  26. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @LibyanDictator: BREAKING: V. credible reports that Gaddafi and family are trying to secure an exit before the meeting in London on Tuesday. #Libya #feb17

  27. they won’t b/c they can’t help getting in their own way, kissing up to the right and basically cutting off their noses and you get the point..

  28. We contacted the oil company of Qatar and they agreed to take all the oil we export and market that oil for us. We have an escrow account … and the money will be deposited in this account, and this way there is no middle man and we know where the money is going.

    But this factual information runs counter to the assertion that his was an oil grab by the U.S.

    And NATO taking over the entire military campaign runs counter to the the assertion of mission creep.

    It’s almost as if the hand-wringing and doomsdaying was premature.

  29. I wish he would do it by Monday so the president can really silence the critics.

  30. Not for the first time. These people just aren’t wired to have patience and see the long game. It’s like that marshmallow test on the SmartyPants blog. They can’t defer gratification or understanding. Must. Have. Marshmallow. Now.

  31. Great news and great POTUS. Prayers to the Libyan people; a special prayer for darker Libyans being mistaken for mercenaries.

  32. The PL, the RW and the republican know-nothings just don’t get it. Obama is in a class of his own.

    I am constantly amazed by how thoughtful he is and how bang-on, his decisions are!

    As Christina patterson noted yesterday, the 65 million Americans who voted for this man chose well. He is a gift to us all.

  33. I am so proud of our brilliant President. These two comments from the petition brought tears to my eyes:

    Margie M. | Newnan, GA
    Thank you Mr President Obama.
    I am 62 and you are the BEST and most HONEST man I have ever seen as President of USA 🙂
    God bless you for helping save the Libyan citizens from that monster Gidaffy!!
    I only wish that American people would wake- up and realize what a great man you really are and quit complaining about everything you try to do to help others and to quit being so dang selfish!!

    Mahmoud D. | Auburn, AL
    I would like to wholeheartedly thank President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from stopping Gaddaffi’s planned extermination of the Libyan people. I commend the United States for its action, and I wish we as Americans will realize that this is the most ethical and positive US military action taken since ending the genocide in Bosnia.

    Well done, Mr. President!

  34. I am hearing Kucinich is on tv. Apparantly he is looking more and more ridiculous as Libya becomes successful and proves him wrong.

  35. Lets think about this for a second…the “powers that be” (big oil etc.) can’t be too happy about this. Obama is not doing their bidding at all. That explains much of the media negativity. It usually does when our POTUS goes directly against big oil or multi national corps.

  36. Bump Kucinich. He made a straight fool of himself, and as far as I’m concerned, nothing he has to say about anything matters. If he thinks he can get the PL and frustrati to give him money, so be it. He won’t get any from me.

  37. Begin by never referring to them as ‘progressives’ – completely deny them that label/meme. Just call them what they are ‘leftist demagogues.’

    [demagogue –noun 1. a person, especially an orator [blogger ;)] or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.]

    Most certainly, don’t honor them with ‘liberal,’ because they aren’t.

    They are as much doctrinaire demagogues as the teabagger demagogues whom they mock, but totally emulate in their screeds and sound-bites.


  38. I visited that hateful orange site just for giggles and I saw no mention of these latest developments. I did see a front page article on why the left should defend the quitter governor from sexism thought.

    What a bunch of losers.

  39. HZ, you made me cry.

    I pray every single day for President Obama. I pray that he keeps his courage and his hope. I also pray that more and more people blinded by fear and ideology will finally see the gift they’ve been given in this exceptional president.

  40. Yes, I saw that. Their true colors are being revealed. They are a REPUBLICAN loving site masquerading as a site for Democrats. But they are too embarassed to openly profess their love for the Teabaggers and GOP. The same Bill Maher has made countless racist AND sexist remarks about our President, yet I haven’t seen a single post from that poster asking to “defend President Obama” from Maher’s racist/sexist comments.

  41. The comments were very moving. Thank you for sharing. President Obama is a good man. I want to believe that there are more of us out there in the US and around the world who realize this. The unprofessional left and unhinged right are the exception not the rule.

  42. Glen Creenwald headlined this story on Salon. About the president hiring the Dr. from ABu Ghraib. turns out to be a lie. He is not man enough to recant the story. What a jerk. something is wrong with him he is obsessed with damaging President Obama he is losing all credibility.

  43. I assume this was the reporters interpretation, but just want to say that the wording of this bothers me…a lot.

    bringing together more than 40 foreign ministers and international organisations aimed at plotting Libya’s future.

    The end game is not ours to decide. Its up to the people of Libya.

  44. You are so right, hopefruit. They have allowed our President to be smeared by their own posters with all kinds of vile terms about his manhood. They are disgusting. I have also noted that there are very few articles on President Obama and when they do report on something like their weekly poll findings, they bend over backwards to find the negative spin. They are now worse than Politico or any other republican site.

    One upside, the articles they are including are so boring and pathetic. It won’t be long before that place gets its last few clicks.

  45. ooh, you have to give us more details. I was snooping on DU and saw a post about it but didn’t click it. Who confirmed it was lie?

  46. I posted over at The Obama Diary that I think he has a serious mental issue. He is too irrational, deranged and unhinged.

  47. It’s funny. There have been almost no coverage of the Libya situation on the front page or the recommended diaries. As soon as Obama’s promises started coming true, they began ignoring Libya entirely. It’s their way of not acknowledging Obama was right yet again.

  48. But, things such as financial aid, diplomatic recognition, trade treaties, etc are important. I don’t think they are talking about setting up the government, but at the same time, we don’t want to help to a point and then walk away.

  49. Has it been confirmed as a lie because there was a rec’d diary on DK that parrotted Greenwald’s nonsense as well? If it was untrue, I hope someone posts at a diary and calls that community on jumping to conclusions and smearing Obama yet again.

  50. Luv Mr. Prez wrote: “well maybe now those left wing idiots will STFU! but I doubt it”

    Of course not. They’re rooting for Obama’s failure. And when they don’t get it here, the itch-to-bitch crowd will be off to find the next outrage. It’s developed into a nice little career boost. The most surefire way to get TV time and top billing at Mama Huff’s, is criticizing the President.

  51. Whatever happened to the term Radical? Remember in the sixties and seventies all the lefty folks who were spouting all the same types of rhetoric that we’re hearing now? They were all called radicals. The Press was labeled them radicals from day one and never ever let up. That label marginalized these people and they were never taken seriously ever again. I propose we revive that term and turn it on those same people today. Michael Moore? Radical. Greenwald? Radical. Hampsher? Radical.

    No more lefty. No more Progessive. No more Liberal for any of these people. They are RADICALS. Period.

  52. Whaaa????
    They’re defending Palin? That racist-quittin’-nasty woman? Are you kidding me? Let me guess, is the “defend any woman” rhetoric coming from the same crowd that wasn’t offended by the use of the “c” word in describing Caroline Kennedy?

    And no mention of the latest developments regarding Libya?


    (ProudofObama, I posted this the other day, not sure if you saw it. http://www.facebook.com/notes_cheatsheet.php)

  53. I agree with what you’re saying.

    It’s the wording “plotting Libya’s future” that bothers me. And again, that might very well be the reporters interpretation.

  54. The White House confirmed it by saying that the guy was inadvertently extended the invitation because he was a member of a group that received the invite.

  55. No, the left won’t STFU. They never will because they are drunk on sanctimonious whine, 24/7. For instance, this piece of total trash over at the DailyWaawaa,


    President Obama helps stop a mass slaughter and what’s the response from left? Meh, no big deal. He only did it for self-interest anyway. WTF? These numb-nut/hypocritical phonies will never change. They’re worse than the right-wingers. They’re hateful losers who will never give Mr. Obama credit for anything. And the writer of this nonsense has the nerve to refer to himself as an activist. Yeah right…let’s see, the president takes action that actually saves countless lives and he, the DK poster, sits behind his computer writing self-congratulatory tripe that helps absolutely no one. In fact, it gave me a stomach ache.

  56. Understand your point. “Discussing” would have been better and actually more accurate.

  57. It seems like the media and many congressman, including dems, complain about the military action in Libya about things that have no relation to facts on the ground. They act as if things are falling apart but all reports are that things are going just fine and Obama’s promises are coming through one by one…the rebels are gaining ground and a genocide was avoided. But if you watch cable TV you would think we are at the end of the world. Soon they are going to look very foolish.

  58. I agree with you Proud, he seems to have this hateful obsession with the President.

  59. More info, please!
    PBO supposedly hired a doctor from AG for what position/where?
    Who debunked?

  60. The White House, however, now tells a much different story. In an email to me from the First Lady’s Communications Director, the White House claims:
    This is the response from the Office of the First Lady. Greenwald should be ashame of himself. He even posted the letter but won’t admit he jumped the gun.

    Several members of the White House staff are convening a meeting with multiple mental health professionals on Tuesday to discuss issues pertaining to the wellness of military families. SAMHSA and the American Psychological Association have both been asked to attend. We understand that Dr. James is involved with these groups and may have been indirectly invited to attend this meeting.

    She claims, however, that he now will not be at that meeting, and further states that “Dr. James has not been appointed to serve in any capacity with the White House.”

  61. Zizi, that was really an excellent post! You really hit it out of the ball park. These apologists of the brutal regime of Col.Qaddafi are indeed “Trapped in History.” I was especially grateful that you took it to the so called scholars who are crying imperialism/neocolonialism but are utterly silent about the oppressive regimes in Africa and West Asia. These regimes justify oppression of their people by pretending to be fighting imperialism and colonialism. But guess what, the people are no longer willing to suffer for their lies. The people of Libya are not being oppressed by the United States or Europe. They are being oppressed by Qaddafi’s regime.

  62. The office of the First lady. she is getting psychologist together for military familes. He tried to make like the Obama administration hired this guy.

  63. maybe Pres.Obama should invite glenn to the White House lawn for a friendly boxing match…vent that pent up hostility & get knocked out by POTUS in the process..haha… #dreaming

  64. The title “We must Defend Sarah Palin” clearly reveals the motives and agenda of the poster. Why couldn’t she title her diary “We must call out Sexism in the Media” instead? No..she wanted to make it ABOUT Sarah Palin because that’s where her obsession lies…

    One of the commenters on the thread exposed the diarist, who apparently had a history on DKOS of supporting Ayn Rand’s writings. This tells me that on places like DKOS, there are a lot of PL who are Teabaggers, Ron Paulites, libertarians and their dislike of President Obama is driven mostly by the their discomfort with his ethnic/racial background more than anything else.

  65. Hello LovePolitics2008: Oh, I hope they were sweet tears because as you said, we have an exceptional gift in our President. May you continue to have hope also.

  66. Great history lesson, zizi. Sure don’t understand this obsession with anti-imperialism. That is so last century. It’s like a religion with these people.

  67. I would pay $$ to see that boxing match. And I would pay $$ to see re-runs of it!

  68. Best thing is to save yourself the indigestion and put it on ignore. The media doesn’t get to tell me who should and should not be important to my life. No one can tell me that the negative energy required to engage some individuals is important to me and my loved ones. They don’t pay my student loans, they do not give me a paycheck, they do not feed my soul, and some of them are an assault to my intelligence and some are an assault to my humanity as black woman.

    I do not care at all what they say, what new tantrum masquerading as “analysis” or “critique” may comprise, or what mood these flip-flopping expedients are in today.

    They are powerful and important because people think they are. Imagine a day in which no one cares about what dk thinks or says, or huffpo thinks or says. That day is becoming more real by the minute.

    Ignore. them.

  69. He’s lying. Evidently, someone in the WH saw the post and sent GG an email. According to TOD, GG still has his headline up.

  70. He is not worth reading. After reluctantly paying attention to his “Manning is being tortured!” fabrications, I just…can’t, with this guy, and his nonstop foolishness.

  71. He will never admit it, because the person in the WH is inferior and expendable to him. I wish so badly that people would top taking perpetual a*shats and goblins so seriously. Who cares what GG thinks?

  72. “No, the left won’t STFU. They never will because they are drunk on sanctimonious whine, 24/7.”

    CaliCat, I completely agree with your characterization of the so called left. I’ve really come to the conclusion that the sole mission of the so called left is the defeat of President Obama for a second term. It really doesn’t matter what the President does. What ever he does the so called left is against it. Once I realized the real mission of the so called left I stopped stressing about the things they say about the President. For them, like the Republican teabaggers, everything wrong in America and the world is Obama’s fault. And, every decision Obama makes to try to solve problems is wrong and proves that Obama=Bush. How in the world can any a sane person reason with these people? I say trying to reason with them is a total waste of time and energy.

    I hope you’ve by now recovered from your stomach ache. I also hope that you will avoid stress, in the future, by ignoring these merchants of hate.

  73. Oh, the present bunch of ‘progressives’ have already made that term toxic to general public. 2010 was the final nail in that coffin.

  74. I believe we’re the majority. The frustrati are a small group of loud and unhappy people who suffer from deep envy and can’t stand the fact that PBO never listens to their advice, and is always correct to ignore them.

    I’m amazed that he was able to put together this kind of coalition so quickly, convince Russia and China not to block action at the UN, convince NATO to step in, convince the Arab League to support the plan, and get it all moving before Ghaddafi had time to level Benghazi. And that’s “dithering”? I’ve watched this man for 4 years, and I never question that he’s doing exactly what needs to be done, quietly and efficiently, without resorting to bluster. I’ve never been disappointed. I have no idea what’s wrong with the people who haven’t learned by watching him – short-term brain damage is my best bet.

  75. Heads up guys: There is a guy on C-Span Q&A talking about FLOTUS. He’s talking about how she is the coolest first lady, how real she is, etc.

    Talking about her Obesity program.

    The program is Q&A with Brian Lam. It will probably be repeated at 11 p.m. tonight EST.

    I am on Central Standard Time. Just caught it. I think it is almost over.

  76. Bravo for you! I did the same right after the 2010 disaster. I told the DNC they’d get money from me as soon as Democrats started acting like Democrats, supporting their President and his agenda. I removed myself from all “Bold Progressive” type mailing lists after telling them I was disgusted that their boldness seems only to come to life when they’re Boldly Blaming President Obama for something they’re actually responsible for. No money until they equal Obama in boldness and progressivism.

    All my donations are now centered on OFA – activists who act, not whine.

  77. Truer words were never spoken:)If that’s dithering…HIS dithering, and MY dithering…are not the same! He doesn’t beat his chest and round all the tv cameras…he simply does his job to the very best of his ability.Damn fine ability it is!Listening to all these whiners and complainers is getting downright hilarious to me.Pay them all no mind.

  78. Interesting article. It goes into far more depth than anything I have seen in US media.

  79. If *we* start referring to them as radicals (and start realizing that the term radical is a bad thing), then maybe we can change the narrative behind what we believe the term Progressive or Liberal means to us. We need a way to distinguish true Progressives, true Liberals and true Democrats from these fringe nuts. If we describe ourselves as Progressives, Liberals, the Left, whatever and *them* as radicals, then I believe we can rehabilitate our own definitions. Just because it was a problem in 2010 doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. We can’t give up. Progressive has to stand for something positive: PROGRESS. It needs to stand for optimism. It’s up to us to reclaim our own dialogue from the bullhorn radicals.

  80. For those of you that watch soaps on Univision, I am sorry to announce that that channel will be hosting President Obama at 7:00 pm EDT on Monday. All about EDUCATION in the USA and the Hispanic community, AMEN!!!

    Me had ONE child b/c me had no money to have more children to educate but my ONE child graduated from Drexel University in 2003!!! Me/we still paying and suspect that the GOP will not be getting votes from this filthy Hispanic familia any time soon and AMEN again!


  81. Another thought…the general public doesn’t read or listen to that bunch. They don’t even know who they are. We’re the ones who listen to and read their drivel and then react to it. So we can re-brand Progressive or Liberal if we want to. The GOP/Republican name became toxic, too. That’s why they re-branded it the Tea Party. And it worked. Sorry, not buying the final nail in the coffin.

  82. Tulips…I think I read that the news conference will be at 7:30pm EDT…4:30pm for us west coasters…I’ll have to set the DVR, just in case!

  83. Is the time correct? That’s right before his 7:30 speech on Libya! Perhaps it’s not live…

  84. first of all i am not taking him as serious. Like you do often i am point out the misgiving he is selling people. Not one time did i or anyone else say they care about gg comment but we can say how he is not truthful to his own words.

  85. Thanks for the confirmation. I can’t say I am surprised. He’s been caught lying about this WH before.

  86. GG is convinced that it was his post that caused the WH to change it’s mind about hiring Mr. James. And if GG didn’t expose the WH, they would have gone ahead and hired the “Bush-era” pro-torture psychologist. Talk about serious delusions of grandeur.

  87. I also pray for him every day……for his family and for his entire “team”……all his advisors. It is the same prayer every day: for safety, for wisdom, guidance, knowledge, insight and courage.

  88. That would be like Ali beating up on a 4 year old and Ali … like our wonderful President would with baby G, he would simply pick the kid up and offer him a warm glass of milk 🙂

  89. Those POS republicans are trying to make it more difficult for kids to go to college. I went through the same thing that you did. My kid graduated from Mercer University in GA in 2005. PBO and the dems removed the middle man (the banks and lenders) from the student loan process so that students could borrow directly from the government without having to pay higher interest rates, allowing them and their parents to save money. The POS now want to repeal the law and force students to have to go through their buddies’ banks and lending agencies to borrow money for college. If they’re successful, this will be another give away to their friends in the financial sector. They never get tired of screwing hardworking parents and their families.

  90. I would not equate GG with a 4 year old child. GG is a hateful adult who harbours ill-will towards and spends a great deal of effort in tearing down the object of his hatred.

  91. Ditto.I give absolutely no credence to people like GG. I remember how he couldn’t contain himself when BWD first started this site.

    He was royally called out and had to crawl away and back into his sanctimonious hole.

    Specks in the universe is all I see when it comes to these guys.

    Go figure.

  92. They are just laughable. They want so badly to be right about the nonesense they spew about POTUS, but they end up with egg on their faces every time.

    Go figure.

  93. President Obama took away their reason for drama. What can they report on now? They will only sound foolish with their handwringing, oh noes how can we get ratings with no drama?

  94. I saw it on the nightly news..two Libyans holding up the American flag and their flag. They only flashed it and made no comment. What MSM cowards…they hate that the middle east loves this president.

  95. Sadly, we know that if the president was a republican, the MSM would make a BIG story about it.

  96. I think there’s hope about Michael Moore. He has some knee-jerk reactions but he has a big heart.

    Greenwald and Hampsher have personality problems. They are vindictive and devoid of empathy. They have huge anger problems.

  97. Extremely well thought-out. Of course, it made me feel slightly sick, because it’s so true.

    I saved a copy in case I “need” to pass it on.


  98. Well, when you think about it, in their minds, the Confederate Army *did* win the war. They did secede from the Union.

  99. Unfortunately, these fringe, extremist, violent and hateful types were never legitimized by the friggin’ msm until now.

  100. I only like Paul Krugman (sorry) a few times a year. Sometimes I like him when he writes or talks about a topic and doesn’t include anything about the President (and, therefore, doesn’t bash him). Sometimes I like him after he meets with or is in the presence of our President, is possibly sprinkled with magic Obama dust, and, therefore, says something constructive and positive about him or, again, and at the very least, doesn’t bash him.

    His latest column in the NYT is well done, I think (and meets my personal criteria for likability – ha ha). It’s about how Republicans view scholars. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture, but he calls them out. Here’s a link, in case you haven’t seen it:


  101. I agree but I still keep an eye on them. I’ve gotten much better though. I don’t really stress over their antics the way I used to and I never leave comments there anymore. However, I just saw that article today and had to vent because it so typifies the ridiculous hypocrisy of the DK left.

    And yes, they are becoming more and more irrelevant every day. Once President Obama wins his second term (and he will) those numb-nuts will completely fall off the radar.

  102. I can try to explain a little. The conservatives did not get a majority vote. They had to form a coalition with the liberals in order to form a government. No one party had enough votes to form a government of their own. I was in Britain before the election and spoke to people who really didn’t know who to vote for. They felt that the Labor party had let them down because of the Iraq war and because of the meltdown of the economy which they thought was caused by condoning the actions of the banks..pretty much the same story that happened here as far as that goes. People who had voted Labor all their lives felt that the party had changed. They said if they voted for them it would be like condoning everything that had happened. This is why the Liberals were able to get so many votes. Unfortunately, that split the left while the right held together and were able to get more votes than anyone else but not a majority. Whew! I hope that makes sense.

  103. You are right about their motives and I mostly ignore them. Your advice is well taken:)

  104. I don’t know why my post ended up here. I was replying to someone who asked why the Brits voted in a Conservative Government.

  105. hometown…I hope this report is true. If so, they are closing in on him.

    Run Quadaffi run! Libya doesn’t want you or need you. Your true love Dennis K, awaits you in Ohio with open arms…his heart aches for you! He can’t sleep at night until he smells your warm dictator breath down his purist neck…together you and he will take Obama down…you and Dennis K will join as one to take down your African son Mr. Quadaffi. So run Quadaffi, run!!!

  106. This is something I saw published at the Esquire magazine website I thought BWD and the rest of you might enjoy. It is entitled “Obama on Libya-The Real Obama Doctrine.” The following are a few paragraphs from the post.

    “Moreover, by limiting US military articipation up-front, the White House forces further “demand-pull” negotiations by our more incentivized allies (Vive la France!) and nervous neighbors as the intervention unfolds. That way, every step Obama takes can be justified in terms of the facts on the ground and how they make the rest of the world feel, while our cool Vulcan simply mutters in reply, “Fascinating.” […]

    “Obama’s approach — so long as it works, of course — is true genius. At a time when the US seeks to rehabilitate its national security image abroad, Obama’s Brer Rabbit shtick effectively de-ideologize US participation — essentially “laundering” our motives through others. Plus, it has the virtue of sheer transparency — as in, what you see is what you asked for.

    If President Obama can pull off Qaddafi’s departure at minimal cost in blood and treasure, while sensibly avoiding any America’s-in-charge! stupidity when it comes to the reconstruction aftermath, this intervention could end up being THE model for how you do it right.

    Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/obama-doctrine-libya-5435099#ixzz1HrbKTSBu

    I hope this isn’t too poorly done. I’ve never posted here before and don’t know how this will appear. I would like to thank BWD for this effort and for all of you who comment so constructively.

  107. LOL. Juan Cole has been thrown under the bus by a holier-than-thou diary at gos. Did it hit the wrecklist ? of course.

  108. Yes, because clearly Juan Cole knows not of what he speaks!

    Incremental self-destruction going on at that place.

  109. WalkingOnSunshine thanks for the explanation. The voters in the UK appeared to behave like voters in the US. They wanted to send a message of message to the party in power that they felt let down.

    Unfortunately, whether it’s Gordon Brown in the UK or a Blue Dog Democrat in the US, they do not bear the brunt of the consequences of sending electoral messages.

    We the people do.

    We always do. The elected official alway lands on their feet. They get a book deal. There is no interruption in their income. Their family still gets adequate medical and dental coverage.

    But we the people are usually adversely and immediately affected by this electoral tantrums. Every generation has to re-learn the difference that while it may appear that all politicians are the same and there that the major parties are two sides of the same coin, the truth is, there is are subtle and profound differences and we ignore them at our own peril. Every. Single. Time.

  110. Given how little effort it took to get to Sirte, I’d say the Colonel and his brood of evil, vicious progeny had better be on a jet to Havana or into to loving arms of Hugo, already, or they are all going to experience the fate of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu.

    While I abhor the ‘Mussolini solution’ for it’s brutality and because I would rather such tyrants be confined and required to spend whatever remains of their life reflecting and serving others, I have no lack of ability to understand that those whom have suffered in ways I have absolutely no experience see the deserved fate of these truly evil people, differently.

    The Colonel and his brood must be stopped.

    If humanity decides to bring them before a tribunal, make the case, convict them, and place them in prison for whatever remains of their miserable lives, so bet it.

    In any case, they all need to be eliminated from having any further ability to harm Libyan citizens.

  111. Whomever the few – and it truly is a very few compared to the population of the US and the blogosphere – post such claptrap at the orange, you can be assured that only their fellow claptrap-intoxicated addicts even pay attention.

    We all know how putrid that place is – so, avoid the smell of urine and manure, would be my recommendation, and, instead, enjoy the spring aroma of this place 🙂

  112. Amen. And they are at once transparent and tiring. At least I’m tired. I watched the Sunday talk shows this morning. I should have been appalled by the what if this happens won’t it be bad for the President beginning of every question; but I wasn’t. These people are reduced to creating uproar based upon what might happen, what could happen.

    When their doomsday scenarios never materialize, and the President’s superior, well thought out strategies prevail, they never stop to say, the President did a great job on Crisis A,B,or C, they always jump to the next hypothetical situation to moan and gnash their teeth over. It is tiring and I am so tired of it.

  113. The comparison was meant to reflect the status of his perspective, i.e., he is an infant when it comes to anything remotely approaching reality.

    Appreciate your response so I could clarify mine.

  114. I thought Gibbs was going to start up a 3rd party group to combat Rove’s American Crossroads. Bummed to see him sitting 2012 out with Facebook instead.

  115. Guardian. Turkey will take over the running of Benghazi harbour and airport to facilitate humanitarian aid, in agreement with Nato. #Libya

  116. Good news: 4 1st time since no-fly zone, #UN #WFP delivers 18 tons of #humanitarian aid, food + blankets, thru #Egypt 2 #Benghazi #Libya

  117. Nice article from Tom Malinowski at The New Republic: Why isnt Obama getting credit for stopping an atrocity?

    In short: He prevented a massacre. If he just had waited till after the massacre his intervention would have been praised.

    Sad but true.

  118. I remember that too. He accused bwd of being a Nazi propagandist. I lost a metric ton of respect for Salon for keeping that guy on after that.

  119. Good Morning family! Good link Carol. He made all the points and questioned needed to ask the media.

  120. To be fair, a lot of people voted for Lib Dems, but because of how the count came about, the Tories didn’t have enough seats to ascend into government (nor did Labour) and the Liberal Democrats were wooed to see which side they could join with. Clegg chose the Tories, and I think the Lib Dem/Tory government is the first coalition government we’ve had in a while.

    The thing is though, on paper, you’d think that the Lib Dems would have tempered the Tories excesses (re: student tuition – they were against students paying for tuition – that was one of their key promises for their platform, government cuts, et al) but the Lib Dems have turned out to be an embarrassing disappointment.

    So yeah, it’s not like Britain voted for the Tories outright – we still remember Thatcher.

  121. His intervention would have NOT been praised had he waited. He still would have been criticized, and probably even more because they would be able to point to all the people killed. The criticism is not about the actions, it’s about the President, and his critics do not have true principles that they stand for. They first look at what Obama does, and then take the opposite “stand.”

  122. Well said hopefruit, and I think that it’s easy to distinguish true criticism: voices raised from the pacifist left expressing unease at all war, from the strident, out of control bashing which is indeed all about an axe to grind against President Obama and not about the issues.

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