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  1. Thanks for the new canvas to paint a new thread on. It’s even worse than we are told. Ghadaffi (sp) is using hit-men now:

    No doubt there were some hair-raising stories back in the 1770’s. But we won, and so the nation forgets a lot of it, but this is the price that freedom sometimes asks for:

  2. Good morning everyone. Thanks for the open thread BWD. With so much going on there is plenty to talk about.
    Thanks for the link Carol I had read alittle about this. I think the more that comes out will show the POTUS did the right thing.
    I am real concerned about Japan. It’s not looking good for containment. The people are in my thoughts.

  3. Morning good people.

    MTmarilyn, about Japan.: I just finished reading an article entitled “Fukushima Fifty in their own words” that personalizes the ordinary people who have been enlisted to save their country from a major nuclear catastrophe.

    It’s frustrating to know what to do to help. Sending money or words of encouragement do not seem up to the task of the profound nature of this crisis.

    And yet there’s this:

    The group’s leader, Nobuhide Suzuki, said: ”The team is extremely nervous. It’s pretty tense in there, but we just have to carry on. We are all feeling a huge weight on our shoulders to see it through – knowing that the world is watching and everybody’s behind us has given us a huge boost. It makes us feel like we’re not on our own.”

    Did he have a message for the people reading this story?

    ”All I can think about now is being able to keep going,” he said.

    ”We’re fighting every day. Please keep supporting us.”

  4. Good morning guys. I was reading my email and a letter asking for a contribution for anthony weiner. In the request was a sign saying help president obama. i replied back and told them the best way to help is to stop going on tv bashing and then turn around and ask for money using his name. They have a lot of nerve.

  5. Yes I agree it’s hypocritical of him to bash the President in one breath and then use his name to solicit money in another breath. Well done tulips!!

  6. I made the mistake of turning over to CNN. Apparently, Gloria Burger is in for Fareed. I could only take a few minutes of their discussion. Its disgusting how they carry on about Libya not being in our vital national interest. Nevermind that hundreds of thousands would have been killed. Nevermind that many in the region would have said that PBO sided with Qaddafi by not joining the UN resolution. You see, we only go to war for oil or lies or maybe we lie for oil. And Jane Harmon is concern trolling all over the place….time to turn off the TV and go to church.

  7. I am writing a letter to the Dcc that is the demcocratic congressional caucus. Right!. I will give the a list of names ans ask them not to email me anything about these individuals that i do not support. First on my list. is my representatives Danny Davis 2. Most of the Cbc and i am as black as it get. LOL! 3. Jane harmon 4. Anthony Weiner 5, Dennis Kuchinich. 5. Bobby rush 6 Jessie jackson Jr. I will not give them a penny.

  8. Richard Hass is a butt who always talk against him i knew she would have him on she quoted him all week as the one who knows.

  9. This is one of my pet peeves about many who claim to be on the left. They attack the Democrats and the president relentlessly to get support from the frustrati portions of the left and then, when they realize that that portion is too small to make much difference, they turn around and try to get the vast rest of the left to donate to them by pretending to be supportive of the president and other Democrats. Bravo to you for telling him no way. It’s time they learned that pandering to the rabid elements has consequences. We may not be as loud but we are paying attention and we see what they are up to.

  10. Don’t watch the Sunday shows. They are a waste of time every week. Luckily, no one much watches them so they are mostly just talking into the wind.

  11. One more thing…just turned over to MTP before I headed out. Just heard SoS Clinton say that the Senate voted for a NFZ on March 1. This is the first I’ve heard of this. And if the Senate was able to do this then why is no one calling out Boehner and the House for dithering? Okay, done for ttyl and have a blessed Sunday!

  12. I wrote to them that they will loose the support of the AA community in 2016 after the President’s second term. I will only donate to the President’s re election They gave Bush two terms they gave Clinton two terms, but are undermining this President to help the republicans and to give President Obama one term. Cry of impeachment from a democratic member of congress, they shame me an AA Democratic voter. Every time I hear them bashing the President they are on tv doing so. I never hear of any Democratic leader complimenting and crediting the President on tv or defending him. Only the Cabinet members are touting the Administration’s achievements.

  13. I’m only donating to President Obama this year, and maybe a few others like Ms. Pelosi and Senator Feinstein. Weiner, Kucinich, Davis, and the rest are on their own. I donated to many different candidates in the Democratic Party last year, but no more. If they can’t support President Obama publicly, and privately, I’m keeping my money.

  14. This is the main reason I support the President. He sees people as an end not a means. This is a complete reversal from what I am coming to know as “neoliberalism” as well as libertarianism and neoconservatism. Even among theocrats people are simply a means to get donations to their religious enterprises. I also know some on both the left and right want some kind of chest thumping grand standing leader as their gladiator in the ring but even that is seeing the person of a President (any president) as a means and not an end. Scott Peck described one way to capture the concept of evil in his book “The People of the Lie” and he said it was extreme self-centeredness. During the health care reform “discussions” I divided people into two categories; 1) the ones that could only look at this reform in terms of “what’s in it for me” or “I don’t want my advantages to lessen”. (Notice I am not referring to anyone being afraid of how the law might effect them.) and 2) people that were trying to consider how all the stakeholders were managing currently, how that could be improved upon, so that no one was without and suffering. Of course we know what kind of person the President is.

  15. I agree…I watch Sunday Morning on CBS then turn on HGTV or a movie. I can not stomach those Sunday morning quarterbacks who have never run a country but wants to say what they would do. None of those idiots could be voted dog catcher.

  16. Chris Wallace of Fox Snooze is upset that Secretaries Gates and Clinton appeared on other networks but not on Fox. Of course he put negative spin on it by saying that “the administration doesn’t want Fox viewers to know what it is doing in Libya.” LIAR. Wallace and the others know that Fox Snooze is NOT a news network, and that it is an arm of the GOP. The only ones who might believe it is a news network are the brain dead morans who suck up the $h!t they feed them.

  17. The United States completed the First Full Face Transplant eariler this week in Boston for a 25 year old Texas man. Look at how our President and his Adimistration made this happen:

    DoD grant paid for landmark face transplant

    By Marilynn Marchione and Russell Contreras – The Associated Press
    Posted : Tuesday Mar 22, 2011 3:57:44 EDT

    “The surgery was paid for by the Defense Department, which gave the hospital a $3.4 million research grant for five transplants.
    The new federal health care law also helped Wiens by allowing him to get insurance coverage under his father’s plan for the expensive drugs he will have to take for the rest of his life to prevent rejection of his new face. He will be covered until he turns 26 in May. He expects to be eligible soon under Medicare, which insures the disabled as well as those over 65.
    Wiens had no insurance when he was injured; Medicaid covered about two dozen operations in Dallas until his disability payments put him over the income limit.”

    This family needs a phone call from our President!!! “Thanks Health Care Reform – BFD”

  18. What a stupid thing for him to say. The administration doesn’t want them to know what’s going on so they go on other networks and tell a few million people what’s going on? this is all to keep FOX in the dark because they don’t have the ability to watch what goes on at other stations? Ooooh the WH is sooo sneaky.

  19. Basically that pox news nutter is degrading the intelligence of his own viewers as well as pushing them to watch other competing news channels. Win-win for us.

  20. Gloria Borger is one of those people who, like Wolf Blitzer, I always wonder how they got their job. She never has anything remotely interesting to say – only regurgitates the DC village sound-bites.

    So I always imagine someone like her interviewing for a job and wonder what it was anyone saw in her that convinced them to hire her.

  21. There aren’t many but Nancy Pelosi always has the president’s back. Have to give her credit for not only be a terrific leader but also for being a loyal democrat.

  22. It is pretty silly. I know they tell their viewers that they should only watch FOX but telling them that the President and SOS are on other networks explaining things sure seems like a good way to get them to change the channel. I do believe even conservative TV sets have the change channel function.

  23. So true – Nancy Pelosi is the only one who has consistently given the President praise every time I’ve seen her on TV. And even when she was angry with something the Presdient did, she criticized him with respect for the Office, and didn’t impune his motives or his character. She’s truly professional. She deserves a lot of credit.

  24. I have quite watching the Sunday morning shows. They all seem to only have Repubs on and constantly bash the President. Thank goodness for this site and others on the internet.



  27. This may be “old” news to some, but nevertheless is an encouraging sign for the direction of health care reform.

    “Vermont is the first state who may actually have single payer health insurance become a reality. The Vermont House has passed a single payer bill which might actually get through the Vermont Senate, too.”


    “Under the proposed plan, Vermont would create a state-run insurance exchange which would then be converted to the single-payer model in 2013. Despite Republican efforts to exempt some businesses who self-insure their health benefits, the Democrats remained united and passed it without those exemptions.”

    “This is how it will happen. One state at a time. Watch Vermont to see how it’s done.”

  28. What would a Sunday be without John McCain? He’s on another Sunday show…how many times does this old windbag get to spout off about ANYTHING???There are 534 other people they could ask on their shows, yet this flip flopping old coot is asked on time and time again.You know what that says to me? They’re lazy.And he’s a media whore.I hate the Sunday shows…I’m on vacation from school this week, and my yard needs tending on this beautiful day. THAT’S where I’ll be,feeding my soul and not letting my blood pressure get the best of me:)Good morning all!

  29. Nancy Pelosi is great i bet she tells him her opinion but don’t go tv bashing him.

  30. My representative was on the radio here in chicago talk about him and called and told him you been since dooms day and have not brought any jobs to the community, i asked did you sweat bush . He then tried to clear it up. With I know the president is working to get jobs and said yes hig speed rail was just announced and now jobs are coming are u in the community getting those young bodies off the streets and letting them know where to apply. I m tired of them thinking because they are black they have our vote locked in , but we showed them when we went for rahm emmannuel.

  31. Another person who seems to have his back, Chris van Hollen. I am a big fan of his.

  32. Will someone check ABL’s blog? I think it may just be my computer, but when I click on the link to the right, I get a blank page. :/

  33. Is it just me, but I think that Scott Walker looks alittle like Bert from Seseme Street.I don’t know, that picture up on TPM made me think of that:) Just sayin’

  34. There’s only one word to describe the event, desertflower: PATHETIC

    After reading on Think Progress about the new AZ bill that would make it okay to take guns to concerts and kids’ shows like Disney On Ice, I don’t know what to think about these gun loving conservative Christians. They’re not only in AZ because there are a whole lot of them here in GA, too.

  35. Good Morning to you BWD, and we want you to have a nice, quiet, and peaceful Sunday as well. You have given us so much here, and we want to say again, “Thank You.”

  36. These TV pundits who earn 7-figure salaries for doing God-knows-what are the real “affirmative action” recipients in this country.

  37. Now that we have joined the world in protecting the people of Libya we hear how it isnt in our interest or costs too much. I want to ask each of them if they would have watched the Libyan people being slaughtered. Would they have blamed Obama for not stopping the killing?
    I get so angry at the opinions of these folks who have no humanity.

  38. Yes, I concur with you cuphalfull. The article was very insightful. I hope a lot of thinkers on the Left and Right will read this one. Thank you for posting the article.

  39. Thanks for posting this excellent article. Juan Cole is very knowledeable. I have been very curious as to why there was so much opposition to this invasion even though I know if the President is for it, they are against it and vice versa. The Republicans notoriously are warmongers and would have loved to shake their sticks and pound their chests. This article points out the huge BP oil contracts entered into by Quaddafi in the 1990’s. Bingo. That is exactly why they didn’t want to help ordinary people and keep this dictator in power. I guess many knew this but I didn’t. Light bulb moment for me.

  40. You are so right. I was watching a programme on BBC World yesterday and it had a panel of three- A Trade Rep from the EU who was an English Baroness, Sen Jeane Shehean and a former Egyptian Diplomat. Questions and comments from the audience were solicited and there was this black congresswomen whose complaint was that Pres Obama never consulted Congress.She just went on about it.She had nothing consrtuctive to say on the whole situation just whined about congress not being able to debate the matter. If Pres Obama had sought Congressional approval they would either still be debating, voted no due to the Reabugs or still on vacation having refused to come back into session.

    What is wrong with these people?
    He did meet with representatives from Congress and under the War Powers Act and the UN Treaty was well within the law.
    When I find out her name I will post it so you may add it to your list.

  41. Great response. I so agree. I have lost all respect to Anthony Weiner because he is in it for himself and not for the President. I do not listen to anything he has to say anymore.

  42. I hope he is just on vacation. He is very knowledgeable and is supportive of the President. I have not watched him of late but do record his shows. I will catch up at some point.

  43. I think by now it is evident that the MSM, GOP, PL and certain members of the Democratic congress have made it their business to tear down this President. Therefore, ANYTHING that PBO seems to be for, they will stand on the opposite side, even if it is not in the best interests of the international community, or the American people. With each event, these opponents are looking increasingly foolish, because the President’s decisions always turn out to be the best one given the circumstances. And that’s what we are seeing play out here. Newt Gingrich isn’t the only flip-flopper. The PL, MSM, and congress have all been flip-flopping on various issues since this President came into power.

    The reason that no one from the GOP side has announced his/her definitive run for the Presidency is that they are trying to see whether they can bring down this President’s approval numbers by spinning every event as a negative against him. I mean CNN had to resort to Michelle Bachman’s lame attack on the President, calling him “Jimmy carter” to push their own narrative. That’s how despicable and desperate they are. So far, the public still supports in PBO on a wide variety of issues, and the dirt that is being thrown at him hasn’t stuck as his opponents (on the left and the right) would wish. Even in areas where PBO’s numbers are not very high, he still remains higher than most, if not all of the GOP contenders, whether they are “moderate” or whether they are Teabaggers.

  44. Not to be a spoiler, but this part of the Juan Cole article provides a good lesson plan:

    “I would like to urge the Left to learn to chew gum and walk at the same time. It is possible to reason our way through, on a case-by-case basis, to an ethical progressive position that supports the ordinary folk in their travails in places like Libya. If we just don’t care if the people of Benghazi are subjected to murder and repression on a vast scale, we aren’t people of the Left.”

  45. Have you seen the video of that Libyan woman being dragged off by the Libyan government while she was trying to tell the media that she was raped by Qaddaffi’s men? The first thought that came to my mind is that if Obama had chosen to ignore Libya, that woman’s story would have ping ponged all over the media by now as a way to shame Obama for not doing anything.

  46. These Are Signals; Not Policy Statements

    “Mubarek Must Go”
    “Gadaffi Must Go”
    – and now –
    “Gbagbo should cede power in Ivory Coast”

    The MSM and the “Left” cannot yet figure out that these statements are not meant as foreign policy statements, and definitely not meant for Congress’ consent . They are signals to the Middle East and Africa – which are working.

    As far as Congress, I am appalled at their flagrant hypocrisy (Dems and Thugs) in saying PBO did not get congressional approval (clearly not required at the outset), when it was Congress, after all, which usurped executive authority by denying the funds to transfer GITMO prisoners to the US. See the following article where PBO criticizes Congress for this:

  47. It is so disheartening to see democratic senators and congress people not support President Obama like they have supported every other democratic President in history. I am at my wits end to understand this behavior. How can a President that delivered a Health Care Bill, saved an auto industry that employed hundreds of thousands, saved America from a second great depression, overturned DADT, etc , and not have unwavering support from every elected democrat walking the streets of Washington D.C. ?

  48. There was one of those survey questions at a local news site that I visit, and most of the people that answered that survey DID NOT agree with anyone being able to take guns to those events.One has to wonder if the public’s view of things isn’t different from those that are in govt.The gustapo Republican senate president in Az is putting through OUTRAGEOUS bills…meanwhile, AZ is 49th in poverty, only being beatout by Mississippi,50th in educating our children (last to no one)right up there in the top 5 for housing foreclosures,and this is the BS crap we have to deal with!My heart hurts.

  49. One state at a time, as foreseen. And maybe when there’s a bunch of ’em, other states will show up in droves … and then we can get it nationalized.

    Democracy is messy, but we eventually get there. Of course, this means we need a majority of Democrats in 2012 and beyond, but we already know that.

  50. I know Desertflower. It sickens me. I was at the rally downtown when the President spoke at the Veteran’s convention. The guy that kept patroling up and down Washington Street with his AK-47 and those carrying pistols in their holsters walked by me numerous times. What if someone came up behind them and grabbed their gun and started shooting the supporters of the President? I am an Arizona native but I am more and more wanting to get out of here.

  51. Yes: the rebels seem to be gaining speed, this is good news. I watched Donald Runsfeld this am and said the the prestige of th US is on the line what an A,H, when they were in charge the prestige of our country was on the TOILET. So now TO CLEAN up their “F” mess the did. arounf the world.

  52. I wonder that myself Don. In fact, I do not understand why he does not have the support of both Republicans and Democrats after everything he has done. It is beyond my comprehension.

  53. IMO, their problem is that they want to call the shots on every issue without having to share any of the responsibility for the fallout. Fruck them. They’re not in the national security meetings. They’re not the Ambassador to the U.N. They’re not capable of picking up a telephone and speaking with the leader of any foreign nation in a matter of minutes, and they’re not the POTUS. Let them have their tantrum. We adults will support the president and keep telling the truth.

    We know for a fact that had news come out of Libya that Qaddafi was slaughtering hundreds of thousands of his own citizens, that the president’s detractors would have jumped on it faster than a grasshopper. PBO worked out the best way to handle the situation, and I do believe that is what many are upset about. Cowboy diplomacy and unilateral action are having stakes driven through their hearts by PBO.

    I also believe that the president’s actions in Libya can lead to better international relations and could show Americans that boots on the ground isn’t the only way to solve conflicts. Those arguing about the cost of the intervention in Libya should be marching in the streets all over America advocating for an end to U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are two of the biggest drains on our economic resources. I read somewhere recently that PBO had put money into the budget last year for situations such as the one that is occurring in Libya. If they think PBO isn’t 100 paces ahead of them when they begin running their mouths and throwing tantrums, they need to think again.

  54. Yes, I think that Nancy has always been consistent in her comments. She has a lot of respect for President Obama in ways that very few of the rest of them show. She will go down in the history books as a GREAT Speaker of the House. Let me say this also, I do feel that she will be the Speaker again. But I concur with all of you about how others use the President’s name for their own causes, and then they have the nerves to show their faces on tv bashing him. This I find disrespectful and just ugly. President Obama will win re-election in 2012, and they know it.

  55. Don i think we would have had a public option if it was’nt for the blue dogs who wanted that language out of the bill. Its sad.

  56. I’m recommending that we don’t donate to the Democratic Party members who refuse to stand with the president. Money talks, and BS walks. They want our money, let’s not donate to the loud mouth BSers like Kucinich. He can’t get enough money to run a campaign from the fringers. This is the pledge I’ve taken.

  57. I can’t stomach anything Donald Rumsfeld says. Thanks for listening, so we didn’t have to. He and the others will all end up talking to the portraits in their houses, like Nixon used to do. They are crazy. In my humble opinion.

  58. The blue dogs paid a heavy price for not supporting the ACA and for not supporting the president. Mine, and others all over the country, lost their seats in Congress.

  59. I still think of Nancy as “our Speaker,” whether she’s officially in that role or not.

    She has the President’s back. I hope she stays with it through his second term!

  60. A huge part of it is driven by jealousy and resentment. Remember, during the Bush years, they could hide behind the dysfunction of the Bush/Cheney administration and do absolutely nothing while stuffing their pockets with cash from lobbyists. Now they are under more scrutiny because the government as a whole is under more scrutiny since Bush’s abject failure and Obama’s election to the Presidency. The approval of congress remains way low, while with the exception of SOS Clinton, the President remains the most trusted and approved of politician, despite having to make some very hard choices and decisions.

  61. I only record Fareed’s show to watch and enjoy. He has a real brain, and highly respects the President. When you have the best, you don’t need the rest (to borrow a phrase!).

  62. I also received a contribution letter from Rep. Anthony Weiner…

    and shot back a reply saying…

    With all due respect…until you STOP disrespecting our President in the media,you won’t see a DIME from me.
    As a family in the democratic party, we shouldn’t go around displaying our disagreements around the media to get some attention and, then turn around asking for money??? If you want to MAN UP…why don’t you direct your displeasure with the President? that would be the right thing to do, instead you keep giving the (RIGHT-WINGS) a platform to run with…I am sure we will be watching ADS running with your face in it come 2012.
    I repeat, I will not contribute a penny with your name on it.

    Thank you,

  63. Thank you for the link.

    I totally agree with Cole.

    We are sooo lucky to have a President who is thoughtful and brilliant at these turbulent times.

  64. That is an awesome article. It will be interesting to see how the PL spin this article because Cole is an expert in the Middle East and knows what he is talking about.

    I particularly liked this piece:

    I would like to urge the Left to learn to chew gum and walk at the same time. It is possible to reason our way through, on a case-by-case basis, to an ethical progressive position that supports the ordinary folk in their travails in places like Libya. If we just don’t care if the people of Benghazi are subjected to murder and repression on a vast scale, we aren’t people of the Left.

  65. You are spot on desertflower. These idiots never tire of pimping this oldwindbag McCain. Whats of any sense and importance does he have to say apart from spewing lies? Good I never watch these sunday talking heads any more.

  66. Has John McCain ever gotten involved in what’s best for Arizona? Has he ever done anything to help “his” state, as their duly elected senator? I really don’t know the answer. The only thing I know about him is that he’s for war and against his version of earmarks. How has that helped the people of Arizona?

    You mentioned Mississippi, desertflower. He and Haley Barbour have a great thing going in their respective states. They use those platforms to run for or consider running for President … not for the good of the people of their states or this country, but for their own self-aggrandizement.

    And I was just about to have lunch. Think I’ll wait.

  67. Thank you Rhoda 🙂

    It felt really good sending it…I am tired of these lunatics, such as Dennis, Weinier…going around bad mouthing our President, he’s working his tail off day in day out, disasters, civil unrest in the world, and everything else here at home… They should be happy that they have a LEADER…..that is more than capable in handling anything that comes his way.
    I am sure if the President had total support from this so called Democrats, just think of how much more He could have accomplished…but in spite of all traders, and naysayers….with every step He keeps on moving this country and the world forward to a better place.

    God Bless him:-)

  68. It is plain and simply put: Jealous, greed, politics on the brains, haters, and now a man of colour knows exactly how things come down by these ugly self-centered men and women. I say selfish because now for once in our history,we have an AA male ,very, very, very smart, calm, compassionate, and sincere on the issues sitting at THE DESK in THE OVAL OFFICE. And by sitting at that desk in our Whitehouse, he is privy to ALL of the workings of our nation and nations around the world. It is simple. There is a section of people in our nation who just NEVER thought it would or should happen, and they are MAD.
    However, I have hope!!! You all who are of our younger population and are working hard to support President Obama now will have the rest and love resting on your lives for as long as you live because you see love, intelligence, compassion, making the world a better space for all, healthcare , financial reform, equal pay, insurance for children, education reform, better workings with our friends aorund the world who had a hatred for us for eight years. Then he keeps walking, talking, and chewing gum at the same time. It just drives them crazy. Just look at the opposition’s choices trying to run in 2012, however, I think that they have something up their sleeves… just wait.,these people are so hateful towards this President , and it makes one sick. But, I believe in you, the smart young people who will stand up and fight with grace for what is right for your future. Stand together and work hard. This is your nation also. Be courages, and love each other and your POTUS. He surely loves us. We will not give up. It is hard, BUT we must not give up, not now!!

  69. It astonishes me how much the aspect of race is hardly ever discussed. Which only goes to prove how much a factor it really is.

    We could write essays and books about this …

    Did you see the article by Ishmael Reed written a while ago:

    What Progressives Don’t Understand About Obama:

    “One progressive commentator played an excerpt from a Harry Truman speech during which Truman screamed about the Republican Party to great applause. He recommended this style to Mr. Obama. If President Obama behaved that way, he’d be dismissed as an angry black militant with a deep hatred of white people … What the progressives forget is that black intellectuals have been called “paranoid,” “bitter,” “rowdy,” “angry,” “bullies,” and accused of tirades and diatribes for more than 100 years …” More at the link.

  70. HZ…I echo your sentiment….

    I recall in the mid terms, when our President went campaigning around the country he kept on saying…
    “Don’t sit this one out” dont’ give up, because you will be going backword…and undo all the hard work we did in just 2 years….and sure enough, now we are fighting the very same things we took for granted….Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and others are fighting like hell just to undo laws passed that hurts the very same people that decided to sit home.

    We have so much work to do…but I am FIRED UP and READY TO GO…will do anything, everything to help re-elect President Barack Obama 2012-2016

  71. I damn the day I moved here from Connecticut because I was sick and tired of the cold and snow.I would gladly deal with Connecticut winters to have some thought in what’s right for the people of the state…and the values that the voters of CT hold are much closer to my own than this hate state.I have met wonderful people here, my friends are dear to me, I love my job (though woefully underpaid).This place is becoming more and more uninhabitable for thoughtful, thinking, rational human beings of ANY party.Unless people that vote these idiots begin to see the light, this place will be even more of a haven for the bigots, racists,Neo Nazi’s,state’s rights,sessionist,lunatic, extreme far right.Them, and all the lizards, poisonous snakes,and scorpions they can handle.And since they hate the Feds so much, I’m thinking maybe we should just take our water with us when we leave!That ought to put the nail in THAT coffin.

  72. I have gotten mailers from them asking for donations.I mailed it back alright, with a little “note” that said unless they started backing the President and started standing up to Republicans and defending the values of the Democratic party, they wouldn’t get a thin dime from me.

  73. Agree with this, OFA gets my donation.. and I think I’ll also write to the DCCC and tell them how I feel about the likes of Weiner and Kucinich. However, I will always be a Democrat, I just will not stand quietly by any more without calling out those democrats bashing President Obama.

  74. I too received an email from Weiner and replied back to him. I let him know the only person I am contributing to is the president, he is the only adult in the room and most of the dems are pansies. I will not contribute to anyone who undermines the president then turns around asking of money. Bitch please. I informed them I am done with the democratic party after my president serves his 2 terms. You can say what you can about republicans but they stay on message and stick together.

  75. Good day everyone,

    Oh, the sheer delight of P. M. Carpenter! Everyday, something special. I’ll share just one paragraph and urge all of you to join me in checking his essays, every day:

    “FDR was savaged from the far right as a Marxist slayer of capitalist virtues, as a destroyer of free enterprise, as a radical, unAmerican bogeyman opposed to long-term prosperity, while being simultaneously savaged by the far left as a traitor to egalitarian virtues, as the unforgivable savior of free enterprise, as a conventional American pol opposed to real and long-term prosperity.”

    You can imagine whom he is comparing with FDR 🙂

    And, you’re gonna love the last paragraph … click away ….

  76. Good Morning BWD family

    Face the Nation video clips for anyone who is interested;snav

    There is a video clip titled

    Bob Schieffer on the news overload

    At the end he takes a shot at Congress who have not accomplished anything since they came into office in January.

    At the end of the day, regardless of what the pundits say, the President is racking up accomplishments, startup america, trade deals with south america, visits to schools that are improving, getting the word out about health care.

    At the end of the day his actions will speak louder than their words.

  77. Great one Kasai.

    Here’s mine,in response to his/DCCC’s “The truth” eblast:

    “What would you know about ‘the truth’ Mr Weiner. You being the same Mr Weiner that goes on teevee and spouts inanities and insults about President Obama. Until you and other Democratic Congressional bashers of the President apologize, publicly, you and the DCCC will see not one penny from me or my family.

    Clear enough.

    OFA and certain Congressional and Senate candidates will receive our targeted support.

    Clear enough.”

  78. April 5th is the date I will be paying a lot of attention to — the day that Wisconsin voters will elect either R-Prosser or D-Kloppenberg to the state Supreme Court. If Kloppenberg wins, then we know Wisconsin will have the strength and support to take down Walkeristan — which will impact all the other R-Governors who are trying to do the same.

  79. This libya speech the president is set to give reminds me when they were all over him about race and gave that race speech that put everyone in their place. I Hope and know he will silence a lot of ppl. Their were libyand American here in chicago giving support they had signs thanking the president im trying to get pictures.

  80. It’s so smart that PBO did not go down there – just as he’s handled the Middle East and North African revolts. He signals his support, but does not interfere with the organic nature of them. (And if he did physically attend in WI, then we know what the spin would be.)

    W i s d o m

  81. No doubt about it — The MSM (and many Dems) will have to shut their big mouths afterwards.

  82. Thank you so much for this link. The article is so good I printed it. Let’s spread it .

  83. NATO agrees to take full command of the operation in Libya:

    NATO members agree to take over full scope of military mission in Libya.

    8 days from when the President said it would be a matter of days and that this was his objective.

  84. I guess we all can see the undermining pattern of flooding the teevee with all these deadbeats Rumsfeld, Gingrich et al, with their anti-Obama rhetoric and their medieval,primal stances!

  85. I absolutely adore this woman. Bright, compassionnate, politically astute, courageous, forceful yet pragmatic. And, most of all, she seems to respect President Obama a great deal and understand the constraints in which he has to operate.

  86. I think part of it is resentment that he has changed the way politics works. Politicians are creatures of habit. For a long time now the way to “succeed” in politics was to be a blowhard. Get on TV and holler a lot, then go back to “work” and do nothing. Then go back on TV and yell some more. It was lucrative and not difficult. President Obama has insisted that Congress actually do its job. They can’t get away with just pontificating and naming post offices anymore without being called on it. The president doesn’t just rant and call names. He tells people we need to pull together and get things done. That means actually working with both sides and debating seriously, not just for the cameras.

    You will see that the loudest detractors are those who use their jobs as a means to make partisan speeches in order to raise money. Those who are focused on outcomes are pleased with the president and you won’t find them on TV much. I think many like Weiner are actually very lazy. They don’t want to have to work at compromises or to explain the value of legislation that results from a compromise. They can just rant and appear “pure” in their ideals and raise money for their re-elections without having to actually get any results. We need to let them know that that strategy isn’t going to cut it anymore. We want results. We know things aren’t going to come out perfectly the first time around. We don’t expect miracles. All we want is progress. What the ranters give us is no progress and that isn’t going to work anymore.

  87. Gloria Borger is an absolute sham. I swear this lady adds absolutely squat to the dialogue on a daily basis. CNN needs to up the ante on their anchors/pundits/ shows/programming. But then, haven’t they turned rightward?

  88. Bobfr – Oh, thank you so much for bringing us this news. I’ve been waiting for it.

    Well done, President Obama!

  89. Is there anything that these FOX ‘fellahs’ don’t get upset about? What’s new? They love stirring the pot…but then, that is all they can do, given their lack of lack!

  90. Stupid fools. So short-sided. It IS in the national interest of the USA. How do you think the Arab world would have reacted if America would have done nothing and there would have been a massacre of innocent civilians ?

    Young arabs could have flown to Al-Quiada in droves. Instead, this intervention may be the biggest blow to arab terrorists in a long time.

    Watching those people puntificate on tv makes my blood boil.

    Honestly, I don’t know how President Obama and his team are able to deal with so much stupidity without losing it.

  91. Let’s see here one of the Koch brothers is upset that the President is an “egalitarian” wonder if he was ever exposed to this piece of writing in school:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  92. Eight days? I’ve had colds that have lasted longer than our military involvement in Libya.

  93. @jacqueline..John who is right.Teehee!
    Thinking about it, what do these folks contribute to an on-going dialogue of forward progressionfor the USA?
    Nothing,nada,zit. The BWD family do more here than all of them combined. What they are good at is taking a derogatory word and ‘buzzing’ it into a negative spin. Then, the msm fools follow through, because they themselves are simply searching for something to talk about.
    God, cable tv would be far better if we didn’t see and hear the same people talking their predictble sameness daily..and boring/angering us!

  94. My sister-in-law was down from northern Wisconsin. She says there is very strong interest in this election and the anti-Walker forces are very motivated.

  95. Not to mention it would encourage other dictators to do the same to their people.

    I remember how certain I use to be that no matter what, the Left is smarter than the Right. Boy, I was wrong.

  96. I always go to the basic naive question of ‘why do people need guns in their houses in first place’?
    I am sorry,but, I have a real problem with this.
    Is it still the Wild Wild West?

  97. Yes. We’ve been waiting as well and were delighted when the banner appeared making the announcement.

    Here’s a really cool comment from the Al Jazeera liveblog on Libya:

    “Kirkaiya [Moderator] 2 hours ago
    Sort of a bizarre sight: Arwa Damon (the blonde Arabic-speaking CNN reporter) was just reporting, via satellite-video-phone, from Ras Lanuf. She showed some Libyan rebels, standing in the red desert, with destruction around them, holding up an American flag and giving “thumbs up”.

    I think that may be the first time I’ve seen Arab people in north-Africa ever holding up an American flag that wasn’t on fire…”

    I replied that that would certainly be a first for me and I’ve been around for 60 + years 🙂

    Also, commented that with President Obama the world is seeing about as clear an opposite to US NEOCON imperialism as they are likely ever to see from an American administration.

    My sense is that tomorrow evening, in his address to the Nation (fittingly from the National Defense University in Washington), we are going to hear from the President comments on American foreign policy and national security that may go as deeply into those issues as he did on the matter of race (‘A More Perfect Union) delivered on 18 March 2008.

    An “Obama Doctrine” is emerging – from his actions, not merely his words, and the world is beginning to resonate with this President in ways rarely seen in our Nation’s history.

  98. Hello all! I have something to share re. the Anthony Weiner conversation up thread. I emailed Joe Sestak last week after he went on TV last weekend criticizing the President. I volunteered for him in 2010 and I was irate about his commentary, outright distortions and below the belt insults(his negative comments about the S. American trip especially). I emailed him and left my phone number. He called the next day and left a LONG (almost 5 minutes) rambling message on my voicemail justifying his actions, every point he made was about HIM. Suffice it to say he is bitter about losing and being “shut out” of this administration. I don’t blame Obama AT ALL FOR NOT SEEKING HIS ADVISE. He is self serving and arrogant and patronizing and assumed that I was not knowlegable about the events leading up to the Libya intervention. I didn’t bother to call him back, because I didn’t think I could be civil.

  99. Excellent !

    I have a suggestion: if they ask you again… just repeat what you said and remind Weiner that even if the far left is more vocal, the VAST majority of democrats approve of President Obama and that you are not alone. I have a feeling, like someone else said, that people like Weiner are thinking that bashing PBO is good politically, Well time to wake him up.

    Ask him to take a look at President Obama’s approval numbers among democrats…

  100. Really good to hear. I just read this:

    “Gov. Scott Walker’s budget denies funding for a fledgling police file-sharing system that supporters said already has grown into a crucial tool in detecting criminals’ cross-jurisdiction patterns. The Wisconsin Justice Information System allows police in the state to access each other’s files. It also allows officers to transmit citations instantly to prosecutors and courts, saving time.”

  101. My response to all this is 2 things…Sorry to say, but I am/have been convinced that they are still having a hard time with the fact of the black man and family in the white house, and to boot, also feel that no black man is capable enough to make earth shattering decisions for them, ..and has also managed to show them up. Colour is privilege, in their eyes.Most of them have never been privy to black folks, have not been exposed to different hues and tones even as friends, and the whole idea of this scenario is totally foreign to them. But of course, as soon as you cry racism,they howl about playing the race card, if this sensitivity could ever be seen as any kind of game!

  102. Excellent points.

    You remind me of a clip of Claire McCaskill during the 2008 campaign. She was talking about the time when newly elected Senator Obama came into Washington and worked to change some rules about the gifts from lobbyists. She said that people DIDN’T want change, but they were forced to accept it (paraphrasing).

    In short, both republicans and democrats were COMFORTABLE with the way Washington worked before PBO entered the White House. And come to think of it, the D.C. press corps too.

    PBO is trying to wake people up and take responsability. And, worst for them all, he isn’t an authoritarian who dictates everything, and he embraces NUANCE in this very complex world.

    Many people have a very tough time dealing with it and they’re screaming all along the way.

  103. Further details – from Al Jazeera (well ahead of any reporting in the US, per usual):

    “NATO is to assume full command of operations in Libya from the US-led force that has been conducting air attacks against the forces of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya’s leader.

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO’s secretary general, said on Sunday that the alliance would take over command of Libyan operations immediately, but a full transition is expected to take about 48 hours.

    “We have directed NATO’s top operational commander to begin executing this operation with immediate effect,” he said in a statement.

    “Our goal is to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas under threat from the Gaddafi regime. NATO will implement all aspects of the UN resolution. Nothing more, nothing less,” he said, referring to the UN Security Council resolution that authorised military action over Libya.”

  104. If media would stop asking so many unanswerable questions re Libya, we’d have fewer unanswered questions. Or, we could just give the whole freakin strategy to Gadhafi (or whatever the spelling of the day is) and then we’d all have the answers.

    Was shocked to see MSNBC actually show a clip of The President’s Weekly Address yesterday, calling it the “prelude to Monday night”. You’d think he’d not spoken CLEARLY already, on 3/18, 3/19, or 3/21. Meanwhile, FOX declared that “allies disagree on the goal”, with of course absolutely nothing to back up that declaration.

    No wonder that the only accurate poll is the one that shows how ill-informed many people are. And the better PBO gets, the worse the unconscious, divisive get.

  105. Good for you! Got a similar long, defensive “I know more than you do” e-mail from Senator Ensign’s office last year. I did reply with a short “thanks so much for your blind, limited perspective, self-righteousness and defensive BS” thank you.

  106. Let’s hope this happens soon.

    Businessman says Gaddafi entourage keen to stop fighting.

    Senior figures close to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi are keen to agree a ceasefire and peace deal with rebels trying to oust him, according to a businessman who says he has talked to Gaddafi’s entourage.

    Middle Eastern financier Roger Tamraz told Reuters on Sunday that Gaddafi representatives have told him in recent days that they are ready to make a deal with the rebels and their Western backers.

    “They know they will lose in the end,” said Tamraz, who has had business links with Libya for decades. The rebels have made major advances this weekend, thanks to Western airstrikes that have diminished Gaddafi’s armored advantage on the ground.

  107. amk, it is indeed a fabulous article. the comments are also interesting. It is pretty much split on Obama is a jerk, just like bush, or what is wrong with the left, by the other left. The following is the final comment that I thought stated the truth. Slap down!!

    Superbly well said, sir. You have caught the dilemma faced by many on the Left, argued down those who are simply incapable of seeing the differences between this intervention and Iraq, and exposed a good deal of the whining on the Left as either groundless or hypocritical. The reason I no longer comment on or associate with sites like e.g. Balloon-Juice is that they refuse to think through their arguments, and have no plan for the future beyond deploying snark and clutching their pearls when Obama acts for the greater good of the global community. I have been and remain proudly of the Left, but I can no longer abide those who want the Left to be eternal victims of their own self-righteousness.

  108. I have been a lurker since day 1. This is a marvelous resource , thank you BWD. Just want others to know that Patty Murray has been a loyal supporter of our esteemed President. He and Michelle both came out here and helped to get her re-elected. We need to praise those who support him and call out those who do not.

    I am dismayed, and saddened and on days irate that so many ignorant hacks trash the President. However, history will reverse this and the trashers will be exposed and dismissed. The arc of history is bending for the President and the world is his beneficiary.

  109. I was just thinking about how Patty Murray has the President’s back! Not sure about Maria Cantwell, but I’m liking the narrative of telling politicians that if they don’t support the President, then we won’t support them. I’d like that to become a flat out movement.

  110. Fear, for the most part. People who feel threatened for any reason at all have the option and very often exercise it to get a gun. Stoopid and dangerous. What is that statistic? 40% of all gunshot victims are shot with their own gun.

  111. Race = the Proverbial Elephant in the Room, the Thing that Shall not be Named or Discussed …

    To speak of it or mention it in the context of the Obama Presidency means the jig is up, and we know politicians aren’t having that now.

  112. Amk for Obama, Thank you so much for sharing Juan Cole’s piece. It is by far one of the most brilliant pieces of writing on why it was necessary for the U.N. to intervene in Libya. I hope the people who’ve been lambasting the President read and reflect on what Professor Cole has to say.

  113. Are you talking about Danny Davis? I heard the last part of his interview with Cliff Kelley. While I agree with his comment that PBO responds to activism and that blacks need to become more active, Kelley’s comment ‘you mean treat him like a white man’ was totally out of bounds. Kelley has been really harsh on PBO since the mayor’s race. He believes PBO endorsed Rahm and that the WH called black businessmen and told them not to donate to Carol (they had indicated that they would fund her campaign). I heard Kelley talk about this “rumor” on numerous occasions without ever confirming it. I think it was Carol’s incompetence that caused them not to donate.

    Also, people call in to WVON and say that PBO has done nothing for the black community and they will no longer support him. Kelley often encourages this talk without even acknowledging what has been done. Jonathon Jackson comes on the show later that day and manages to mention Burge and Obama in the same breath. WTH….people have lost their minds! Even my politically aware and active pastor managed to equate Dems and Repub this morning and said it doesn’t matter who is in the WH…sigh this is the last thing people need to hear. Do you know how close we were in getting Bill Brady for gov? If that had happened blue I’LL would be looking at the same problems as WI, MI and OH and the people those states certainly know the difference between the two parties now. So thank God Quinn won. It was really, really close!

    Yes, more should be done! Black unemployment is twice the norm. The answer is not to get cynical and say a pox on both your houses but get active and give the Pres some wind behind his back. Can we get 500,000 people protesting on the National Mall like what happened in Britain? (Funny how the press only covered the small portion that became violent…). If he had those numbers he could look at repubs and conservadems and say this is what the American people want…

    But people expect PBO to be MLK and LBJ at the same time. I’m sorry, he can only play one role but he is waiting for someone or some group to step up and galvanize the people like MLK. The longer we fight and point fingers and cast blame (mainly on him) the longer we’ll wander in the wilderness.

    I plan to write a letter to my pastor and let him know my thoughts. I know he’s concerned about the community and sees all of the hurting people in need but being cynical won’t help either. We need a mass mobilization of the people like in the 60s.

  114. I agree that Speaker/Leader Pelosi “always has the President’s back.” Another member of Congress who always has the President’s back is my great Senator Barbara Boxer.

  115. Right on gobrooklyn! What is even more disturbing is that Chris Wallace’s Fox News listeners will accept his stupid statement as the truth.

  116. Very well said Don! The way this good President is being attacked by people in his own party, despite all he has done in just two years, suggests to me that something else is going on.

  117. Thanks Rhoda for referencing Ishmael Reed’s excellent article. Somehow I doubt that the PL cares about examining the issue of race and how it affects their discourse and evaluation of the President.

  118. Thanks Bobfr for referencing P M Carpenter’s blog. He is really a brilliant writer. He is fearless in his critiques of both the right and the idiotic left. I visit his blog every day.

  119. Very Well said Laurie! I love Patty Murray and she has been a strong supporter of the President. I really respected Senator Murray when she refused to runaway from the President during her re-election campaign. Senator Murray and Senator Barbara Boxer have been the strongest supporters of the President in the Senate.

  120. You may be talking about Eleanor Holms-Norton the non-voting rep from DC. I saw her on a program and that’s all she did – whine about not allowing Congress to get involved. In fact, her comments were so convoluted, I didn’t know what she was saying. If the President had waited on Congress to debate the UN Resolution, they’d still be debating and 1000’s would be dead. The Senate voted to approve on the UN Resolution on March 1 (I believe). Why didn’t the House object then? Hell, they haven’t been doing anything else, thanks to the teabaggers – other than voting on abortion bills and a vote to repeal health care.

  121. I get perplexed by these people who state that they won’t vote, or won’t support the President, or that there’s no difference between the parties (especially after seeing what’s happening in Wisconsin, Florida, etc.). Just what is it that they think is their alternative? Who do they expect to come in and fight after they run President Obama out of the White House, if that’s what they’re after? They act like there’s someone better and more able to implement their perfect dreams, and that the person is just waiting out there in the wings, being blocked by President Obama from being able to do their work. The thinking is so short-sighted. If they can’t work with someone like President Obama, then they can be assured that the only kind of people who will step up and sign their nammes up for presidential candidacy will be jokers who are so corrupt, and have no intention of working for the people. It just sends me right over the edge to hear stories like this. It’s so short-sighted.

  122. What are they trying to do? This is completely dangerous and stupid. To deprive police the tools that can help them do their jobs and fight crime? It’s as bad as depriving good teachers with the motivation to shape children’s lives and sufficiently prepare them for the world. So stupid. I don’t like to use that word, but it’s apt, in this case.

  123. “The Obama administration is going to defend new rules it drafted last year to rein in the for-profit schools industry. This week the Department of Justice asked a judge to dismiss industry attempts to challenge the new regulations from going into effect in July, Higher Ed Watch reported.”

    “In January the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, an umbrella group representing 1,500 for-profit companies, sued the federal government to try to stop the new regulations from being implemented. They argued that three rules in particular, which forbid deceptive advertising and commission pay for admissions representatives and requires states to first approve schools that students may receive federal student loans from, were too restrictive.”

    “APSCU has filed this lawsuit to prevent these unlawful regulations from harming students and the schools that serve them,” the plaintiffs wrote in their lawsuit. APSCU called the new rules “unlawful and arbitrary and capricious.”

    “The challenged incentive compensation, misrepresentation, and state authorization regulations are all permissible under the plain language of the HEA,” the DOJ said in its filing. “Plaintiff’s crabbed reading of that broad language is neither persuasive nor required.”

    “Student and consumer advocates argue that the rules are necessary to curb many of the abuses that for-profit schools are accused of, which have also given way to glaring debt and staggering default rates among for-profit school students.”

  124. They should think about the consequences of their self-defeating rhetoric, given the *bizarre* ideas that some Republicans are coming up with to solve unemployment. Not a pretty picture!

    “Would shipping inner-city black youth to farms while deporting undocumented immigrants who are already working here solve the black unemployment problem? Western New York Congressional candidate Jack Davis thinks so.”

    “We have a huge unemployment problem with black youth in our cities,” Davis said at an endorsement interview last month. “Put them on buses, take them out there [to the farms] and pay them a decent wage; they will work.”

    His comments made even his fellow Republicans flinch. “I was thunderstruck,” said Amherst GOP Chairman Marshall Wood. “Maybe in 1860 that might have been seen by some as an appropriate comment, but not now.”


    “Class warfare between black workers and undocumented immigrants does not seem like it will solve the root of the problem. But GOP leadership isn’t immune from manufacturing black-brown tensions. Julianne Hing reported earlier this month that members of the Congressional Black Caucus publicly criticized Republicans during a House Subcommittee Immigration hearing that tried to exploit tensions between the two communities.”

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