“We saved countless lives, we averted human catastrophe”

Reposting the president’s weekly address. Enjoy, and have a good weekend.


107 thoughts on ““We saved countless lives, we averted human catastrophe”

  1. Good morning everyone did you guys catch the gopmovie tweets last night they were hilarious.

  2. I like the one that said sean hannity and glenn beck make a porn movie.

  3. Good morning!!! What are you guys talking about? I don’t tweet, twit,toot or anything:) I need a chuckle this morning…share!

  4. On twitter last night some one put Gopmovies. Other tweeters start tweeting the names of movies using the Gop. Some of the names they came up with was truly hilarious. Here’s one forgetting Sarah Palin. The real movie is forgetting sarah marshall marshall.

  5. I’m really in the mood for croisant, egg, coffee, but too lazy to do any of it lol.

  6. After an initial negative reaction to these actions in Libya, I’ve at least warmed up to them now, thanks to reasoned arguments made by our President and many people here.

    At the beginning, the justification seemed just like the Iraq Invasion to me, but now I clearly see it is much different in almost every way. The video BWD posted the other day with huge crowds marching in Libya was a clarifying moment for me. All the military action did was to allow the people to continue to rise up in Solidarity, as opposed to Iraq where Republicans decided to storm the castle and impose themselves upon the people of Iraq. Massive difference.

    And to see similar things happening all over the Middle East and Middle America at the same – truly breathtaking. And we can even be participants in this historic time!

    By the way, after a long period of radio silence, Al Giordano is back with a new post, and it’s very relevant to this topic:


    Let’s just say he’s been a little busy!

  7. true, so i guess i’ll get off my wonderful comfortable bed lol. I need a maid lol.

    That was an interesting read by Al.

  8. Tulips, you are funny:) Bonkers,you “get it” now! I read that John McCain wants to arm the rebels.Wait…does that mean that he agrees with this humanitarian mission or he doesn’t?? I’m confused.After all, he can’t have it BOTH ways!

  9. Off to my son’s lacrosse game today. Will miss the conversations here, but it’s a nice day and a good day for winning a lacrosse game:)Enjoy, and thank you BWD…for all you do.

  10. Aren’t we just a hot mess? That all seems like such a luxury…is once a month too much to ask for? I won’t be greedy:)

  11. 100,000. That’s the number that has stuck in my head that Ghadaffi was prepared to kill if he took Bengazi. And that alone gave me the realization that he was prepared to purge his nation of anyone who disagreed with him.

    Remember this was the guy who ordered the Lockerbie 103 disaster and gave the perpetrator a hero’s welcome when he came back to Libya. This was the guy whose embassy shot a London cop back in 1986. This was a guy who hung student dissidents from lamposts, and massacred 1200 prisoners and didn’t tell the family for years. He’s certainly capable of killing at least a quarter million people and losing little sleep over it. Obama has prevented that by crippling his air force, and soon his mercenary army will also be equally crippled whenever they emerge from their hidey-holes.

    There may well be a free Libya after all this is done simply because there will be Libyans to inhabit it.

  12. Goodness me, everywhere you look there is unrest! Apart from the Middle East,the Brits are protesting today! What a world we live in….and the sad thing is that watching the news is so depressing and the reporting as cynical and negative as can be.

  13. Good morning everyone! The sun is shining to beautifully here this morning it adds to the Presidents great address. I hear he will be addressing the nation Monday night. Can’t wait to hear him. And all the heads that explode!

    With everything coming out now it shows what a great “ditherer” he is!

    Have a great day everyone!

  14. He’s a republican so of course he thinks he can have it both ways. The media won’t call him on it anymore than they do any of the other silliness he regularly spouts as their favorite Sunday morning show guest.

  15. Good morning everyone. With all the craziness in the world today – Middle East uprisings, a no confidence vote against the Canadian conservative government yesterday, the ongoing crisis in Japan, the Wisconsin republicans ignoring the court order and publishing their union busting law anyway, etc. etc., it is such a relief to hear our President staying calm, cool and in control. In other words, being the only adult in the room.

  16. Sorry to respond late had to take kids to baseball practice. i don’t know tiger fist might know how to retrieve them. Its worth it they were hilarious and like cantuck said they were so true.

  17. Carol i had this weird dream that he went to one of the us ships and turned himself in. maybe thats a sign that he is giving up.

  18. Exactly ppl are protesting the conservative rule across the world. Something to think about.

  19. They were saying this morning on MSNBC that the president weekly response was push back. This speech on monday i think is going to be great.

  20. Sisterhood of the Travelling KrAzY (starring Michelle Bachmann & Sarah Palin) #GOPMovies lol

  21. My God, that would be the best outcome if he did. He would be safe in the Hague, given a fair trial, and spend the rest of his life in prison. Given the way the people in his country feel about him now, I hope that happens. I read about what happened to Mussolini (and what would have happened to Hitler if he hadn’t offed himself) and nobody should have such a fate.

    I too want crossiants! But the nearest source is a bakery I would have to walk a few blocks to get to on a cold morning.

  22. Hi Bonkers…great post, especially your comment about the video BWD posted of the Libyan ‘Thank You’ rally being a clarifying moment. That’s probably why we’re not seeing that video being played in a loop on the MSM – it would provide too much “clarity.” And we all know that’s what the MSM is clamoring for right now – clarity, because according to them, the mission is confusing with no “clear goals.”

    I had some misgivings too because I don’t like war but I don’t like dictators who threaten genocide either. So, to me this was a just action by the US and international community. We still need to get out of Afghanistan….IMHO

  23. I think they were trying to say he was angry and that his response was defensive with a little harsh talk.

  24. No Country for Old Men, Immigrants, Children, Women, the Impoverished or the Sickly. #gopmovies

  25. I’m following the #gopmovies hashtag on Twitter and retweeting the funniest ones! 😀

  26. Okay just two more: Ferris Buehler’s Laid Off and Denying Private Ryan Healthcare. LOL

  27. Here are some of the better ones (many are pretty salty, so be warned)
    Palin Does Dallas
    Pay it Forward unless you’re standing behind poor people
    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Blacks
    Invasion of the Womb Snatchers
    The World According to Koch
    The Out-of-Touchables

    And my favorite:
    Dead Ideas Society

  28. They would have to give him a prison cell large enough to contain a tent.
    I have no taste for revenge or even for punishment, and only believe in locking people up (in the most humane fashion possible) if they need to be segregated from society, but I have no illusions that Qaddafy will turn himself in. Dictators do not have the temperament for that. They still seem to believe in the divine right of kings.

  29. Over time I’ve read various posts that have indicated that Paul Krugman has gotten pretty much everything wrong. I’d like to write an essay on this topic. Could people please refresh my memory about all the Economic forecasting Krugman has done that he got wrong?

  30. I agree that watching the news is depressing due to the stupidity of most newscasters but I am not sure the unrest all over the world, in the long run, is a negative process, though any individual who suffers from the violence is a great loss. I never give up the hope that someday humanity will evolve beyond violence. If we want a truly enlightened world, the means must be synchronized with the ends.

  31. I love that! I saw a few of those GOPmovie tweets last…some of them, like this one, would make great campaign slogans…

  32. i don’t know if you like going to huffington post but they have a lot of his articles that might help. put his name in the search box and all the articles will come up.

  33. As a foreign student then studying in NY, I campaigned for her (more like for Mondale). It’s a pity she turned out to be a racist.

  34. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: POTUS Week Ahead: Mon.-town hall on education & Hispanic achievement; Tue.-dedicates new U.S. mission to U.N.; Wed/Thu/Fri.-WH meetings

  35. Good Morning Everyone,

    Folks are so clever with the movie titles.

    I just posted this story about a company in SF that offers a free software program that allows protesters on the ground to document deaths, rape, and other atrocities performed by the government.

    As a computer geek it is nice to see technology playing a small part in the struggle.

    The PBS video is great, wish MSM did these types of reports.


  36. More gopmovies

    Honey, I Shrunk the Unions.

    The Good, The GOP, and The GOP

    License to Kill the Middle

    ClassInvasion of the money snatchers

  37. Jesus, just reading some of these columns (I’m currently in the NYT archives):

    Curbing Your Enthusiasm

    Published: July 29, 2010

    Why does the Obama administration keep looking for love in all the wrong places? Why does it go out of its way to alienate its friends, while wooing people who will never waver in their hatred?

    These questions were inspired by the ongoing suspense over whether President Obama will do the obviously right thing and nominate Elizabeth Warren to lead the new consumer financial protection agency. But the Warren affair is only the latest chapter in an ongoing saga.


    The point is that Mr. Obama’s attempts to avoid confrontation have been counterproductive. His opponents remain filled with a passionate intensity, while his supporters, having received no respect, lack all conviction. And in a midterm election, where turnout is crucial, the “enthusiasm gap” between Republicans and Democrats could spell catastrophe for the Obama agenda.


    Just to be clear, progressives would be foolish to sit out this election: Mr. Obama may not be the politician of their dreams, but his enemies are definitely the stuff of their nightmares. But Mr. Obama has a responsibility, too. He can’t expect strong support from people his administration keeps ignoring and insulting.



    This is what I’m talking about in terms of a media selling a very infantile view of politics which posits that President Obama can and should be somehow punished for his “ignoring and insulting” (lol, !) “progressives” on mainly trumped up, nonsensical charges (such as the manufactured Elizabeth Warren crisis which is the basis for this piece; completely made-up crisis). That punishment results in an enabled GOP, and as more and more of the country can see every day; that aint really punishing POTUS; that’s making life more difficult for the average American. POTUS is still family-rich and money-rich; people looking to hurt this guy in order to “force” him to do something are barking up the wrong tree. They’d do better with learning how to craft more persuasive writings in order to appeal to his intelligence and sensibilities, as well as that of Congress.

    But that whole, “he’s betrayed progressives and can’t expect us to enthusiastically support him.”—bs meme which enables the GOP, period.

    As Admiral Ackbar said, “It’s a trap!”

  38. After watching Rachel Maddow’s show I am unsure if I want to watch it anymore. One her blindness was baffling, how she simply thought naively that the Republican opposition to Libya had something to do with wanting to work with the other side. I found that completely baffling and it also angered me at the same time. I was also hoping she would post that video of Arabs praising the United States for helping out in Libya but she didn’t.

    I am left wondering if she’s been told her talking points and what MSNBC wants her to say and not say. I just get the impression that she is being made into some form of puppet for MSNBC to use for their own purposes. Maybe this isn’t anything new but it seemed like before she spoke her mind more while now she seems to just be reciting whatever lines are being fed to her.

  39. This thread has been a pure delight. Such a wonderful mix of important, serious links/comments and the hilarity of the twitter gopmovies.

    Have a great weekend everybody. Although I don’t post that much I read nearly every post and comment. Many of you feel like family to me.

  40. yeah i caught that to it was strange. what she have pointed out that they now want to claim it since this president been in.

  41. I’m trying to guess how these people are going to act as we get closer and closer to the election, and I honestly can’t tell. Part of me still wants to believe that somewhere next year they’ll get a grip, but at this point I’ve seen and read enough to expect them to keep doing whatever they can to make sure PBO won’t win – no matter who is on the other side.

  42. Great piece:

    Scott Walker Kills His Wisconsin Union Busting Bill By Publishing It

    Wisconsin Republicans stunned the nation today when they published Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union bill in seeming violation of a restraining order. The legislation was enjoined from publishing by a judge who ruled that Republicans violated the Open Meeting law when passing it. By publishing their anti-union legislation and turning it into law, Scott Walker and the Republicans may have killed the bill.


    The irony here is that they didn’t kill their bill by passing it without the necessary quorum, violating state Open Meeting laws or publishing it in violation of a judge’s order; they killed it with their own hubris. Now that it’s published, it is much easier to have it stopped permanently. It can and will be fought on all of the above grounds as well as countless others — amounting to a “tsunami of litigation” against the anti-union law.

    By publishing this bill, Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans remind Americans about the fatal flaw of the modern day Republican Party: It and its leaders lack judgment. The publishing of this bill which was now not only passed while violating state law but now published in violation of a court order smells vaguely but sickeningly of George W Bush’s arrogant invasion of a sovereign nation. Just as Bush refused to wait for the UN, Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans could not allow the process to play out properly. Instead, they went all rogue cowboy and reminded us why we swore we’d never vote Republican again.



  43. Jeff, I concur with you. I have had to turn Rachel off for the last couple of days. She does not seem to be her own anymore. I hope she will find her own voice again, otherwise, I am gone.

  44. I was disappointed too. Does she honestly believe the republicans are concerned about the cost of military intervention? They are only interested in being against this president. For Rachel to think otherwise is naive.

  45. Thank you Mr. President for your compassion for human life. I also want to thank the great men and women who serve our county and the world each and everyday. I thank the President for keeping his word that he would not sent our men and women on a mission without a clear mission. He has kept that promise. In all of the noise that has been made over what the President did and did not do, not one time did I hear one comment of thanks to our brave men and women who had to carry our this mission. I am grateful for a calm, focus, and compassionate and intelligent President serving his country greatly. Thank you, Mr. President.

  46. Good Morning Everyone:-)

    I want to first thank BWD for all that she do.
    much Love to you 🙂

    Since I didn’t want to link HP on this site, please allow me to share this beautiful op-ed, it made me smile:-)…and just left me speechless…

    Why, in Spite of Everything, I Still Love Obama

    Writer and Columnist for The Independent
    Posted: March 26, 2011 10:31 AM

    Sometimes, you need to go away to keep your love alive. Perhaps it’s the change of air. Perhaps it’s the change of view. Perhaps it’s just the chance to stop and pause. Who knows what it is that melts away the doubts, and the disappointment? But when I gazed at my beloved, at Lake Garda last weekend, I realized that, in spite of everything, my love still burned bright.

    Hey, it’s true, looked tired. He’s cut back on the jokes now. He’s cut back on the smiles. But when he stepped out, in my hotel room, or perhaps I should say on the giant flat-screen telly in my hotel room, I felt a stirring that wasn’t like the flicker of excitement you have on an early date, when fantasies blaze, and hopes soar. What I felt was something calmer, but also stronger: the sense that I, or perhaps the 65 million Americans who voted on my behalf, had chosen well.

    Barack Obama, it has to be said, looked quite stern. But you probably should look a bit stern when you’re announcing the start of something that will put the lives of some of your citizens at serious risk, and will almost certainly lead to the deaths of innocent men and women. You probably should look a bit stern when you’re spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars at a time when many of the people who paid the taxes don’t have jobs. And when you don’t actually have a clue where it’s going to lead.

    Obama, like every other person on the face of this planet, doesn’t know if bombing certain targets in Tripoli, and Benghazi, and Misrata, is going to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi, or if it’s just going to strengthen his resolve. He doesn’t know if the bombs will just destroy machinery, and kill soldiers, or if they’re going to kill men and women who are used as human shields. He doesn’t know if the so-called rebels, who said they didn’t want international help, and then that they did, but might change their minds again, and who are mostly about as experienced in using AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades as I am, will be able to stand up against a trained army, and highly paid mercenaries, and massive supplies of arms that the West sold them, and now wishes it hadn’t. He doesn’t know if this is the kind of military action that can be done quite quickly and cleanly, or if, like most military action, and even military action that looks as though it can be done quickly and cleanly, it can’t.

    It is, presumably, because he doesn’t know these things that he took a while to weigh them up. He may have thought, like David Cameron, that a “no-fly zone” sounded like a good idea, but he probably also thought you didn’t get one just by telling the people who would have flown there that they shouldn’t. He may have thought that what you had to do to stop people flying there may have been too risky, or too complicated, or too likely to lead to things you couldn’t control, to be worth doing. This may be why, when he said he had decided to take action to impose one, he didn’t sound like a hero who was going to save people from a terrible situation, and who expected a round of applause. He sounded like a man who had had to make a very, very difficult decision. And who knew that you couldn’t know whether some decisions were right or wrong, but that you just had to live with the consequences of the one you’d made.

    He also sounded like a man who knew that everyone was saying that he’d been dithering, but who thought that there were more important things in life than whether people thought you were dithering. He sounded like a man who knew that, whatever people said about him, and however much the Right might think he was a socialist who was trying to destroy the country, and however much the Left might think he was someone who had promised the sun, the moon and the stars and delivered instead a country that was in the grip of a massive economic crisis, there were certain things that had happened since he’d become president that had made the world better.

    He might, for instance, have been thinking about the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which was the first Act he signed when he became president, and which offered basic protections against pay discrimination for women and older workers. He might have been thinking about the healthcare reform bill, which he passed a year ago, and which meant that 32 million Americans who didn’t, in the world’s richest nation, have access to a doctor, now did. Or the Start treaty he signed with President Dmitry Medvedev, which cut, and committed both countries to continue to cut, the world’s stock of nuclear weapons. He might also have been thinking of the $798bn economic stimulus plan he launched in 2009, which almost undoubtedly saved America from greater economic disaster, or the Wall Street reform bill he passed last summer, which aimed to protect ordinary Americans from abusive financial practices, and taxpayers from future bailouts, and which represented a victory over some of the most powerful lobbying forces in the land. He might have been thinking of the fact that he created more private sector jobs last year than George W. Bush did in eight years.

    The 44th President of the United States, and first black leader of the Western world, who has, arguably, done more for the majority of Americans than any president since Roosevelt, and who has been careful to send out the message that America is no longer seeking swashbuckling adventures on the world stage, and who has done more for gay rights than any president in history, may well have been thinking that politics is a difficult, and complicated, and stressful business, and that it means you have to make impossible choices, while working with people you don’t like, and whose political views you abhor. And that the results are unlikely to set people cheering, because people tend not to look at politicians who are in office, and cheer.

    I’m not sure that when I see Obama, I want to cheer. I want, instead, to say that in the very imperfect world we live in, with the vested, and opposing, interests that make any kind of change a compromise, this thoughtful, pragmatic and sometimes irritating politician is probably as good as it gets.

    Peace and Blessings to all!

  47. oops soory here’s it is:

    Why, in Spite of Everything, I Still Love Obama
    Christina Patterson

    Writer and Columnist for The Independent

  48. That link is priceless,, bwd. Hope it gets linked and tweeted to the max.The “programming” made me think of another HUGE republican hypocrisy: Holllywood is a liberal, propaganda machine UNLESS there’s a Hollywood “star” on the right.

  49. I just got back from a camp sponsored by OFA. Our first project is voter registration for the upcoming local elections here in Indiana. I’m fired up and ready to go!

  50. Thank you HZ for your post. Its important. I too thank POTUS and all of our military.. I used to be one and I know a little of what they go through.. my heart and best wishes go out to all of them.

    This is indeed a good thread.. funny and thoughtful.. as are all the threads here BWD.. thank you so much for your blog, it really is a safe and informative haven where I always know I can find the facts.

    Have a lovely weekend all of you 🙂

  51. I was surprised when Rachel maddow accepted the gig on MSNBC. At first I thought MSNBC was moving away from their subtle bashing of the Obama administration. Who could miss the choice of words in their reporting. “Obama touts,” “Obama tries” “Obama thinks” etc.

    Now it is clearer that Rachel, like the other MSM shills, is in it for the moolah and celebrity. She is really good at the “bait and switch” from day to day stuff. She is a very intelligent woman.

    I enjoyed her radio show and still have hope that she can make it back out of the corporate cesspool.

  52. Crazycanuck, the MSM, PL & PR pundits and their followers, don’t listen or understands english when an adult is speaking to them. All they hear is blah blah blah, war. The majority of us here and those that truly pay attention (silent majority) understands what the President had to do and heard his explanation. That’s why the poll numbers are high in the beginning until the spinmasters weave it into something else.

  53. That is a great article! So glad. That some reporters are doing their job.
    I also was very dissappointed in Rachel. She is the one I had continued to watch I think she is gone. Thank goodness for this site!!!

  54. I went to an OFA meeting last Saturday. We were given voter registration forms so that we’d have them on hand when needed. One person pointed out that instead of asking people if they need to register to vote, the response was better if you asked if anyone needed to update their voter registration information, such as name change, address, etc.

    We all will have become community organizers by 2012. We have a lot of work ahead of us to get the facts out.. what the media refuses to do. Only the ground game will work so get ready to put your boots on and have the facts in print.

  55. Thanks for the link Bonker. Al Giordano is one of the few real journalists in this country. Looking forward to reading what he has to say about the revolutionary change sweeping West Asia and North Africa.

  56. Thanks Gn for the link. Really good stuff in the article. I hope GOP hubris does them in and the courts overturn this union bursting law tha was enacted illegally.

  57. Thanks HZ for your statement. I join you in thanking the President for all he has done, and is doing, for our country.

  58. Speaking of Wisconsin…

    “Efforts to recall Republican State Senator Randy Hopper from Fon du Lac have reached another milestone, as organizers issue a call for volunteers to turn in any remaining petitions to be counted.”

    “Organizer Scott Dillman says he’s sure they have enough signatures to trigger the recall, but he can’t give exact figures yet. He says, processing all the information they’ve collected so far will take a week.”

    “They need 15,000 signatures to trigger the recall and he had originally set a goal of 20,000 by April first. He says he should have set that goal higher. Once Dillman tallies and submits his petition, a candidate will have to step up to run against [H]opper in the recall, which could happen by this summer.”


  59. The value of your blog is immeasurable and is the counterpoint to the biased and inaccurate reporting that is being done.

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