“Libyan Americans Grateful: President Obama’s actions have saved thousands of lives”

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1. Today’s schedule:

9:30 AM
PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.
10:00 AM  
10:30 AM
PBO meets with senior advisers.
11:00 AM  
12:00 PM  
1:00 PM
Carney briefs the press.
2:00 PM  
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4:35 PM
PBO hosts a reception for Greek Independence Day.


2. Recovery!

U.S. Q4 growth revised higher to 3.1% rate

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – U.S. real gross domestic product for the fourth quarter was revised to an increase of 3.1% annualized from the earlier estimate of a 2.8% rise, the Commerce Department said Friday. The upward revision was in line with forecasts of economists surveyed by MarketWatch. The revision to fourth quarter GDP was largely due to an upward revision to inventory investment and business investment. A key measure of inflation was revised lower. The personal consumption expenditure index, excluding food and energy prices, increased 0.4% in the fourth quarter slightly lower than the 0.5% gain reported last month.


3. West Wing Week – Latin America Edition


4. Looks like the few Democrats PBO can actually count on, are women 😉

Pelosi, Boxer defend Obama’s move on Libya

…”This is different,” Boxer said Wednesday. Today, “you’re facing a dictator who vowed” widespread slaughter in his own country, she said, adding that Obama “did the right thing.”

“This isn’t America versus Libya,” Boxer said. “This is an extraordinary achievement by the president and our secretary of state to get the world to come together” in a humanitarian crisis.

“Anyone who says (Obama) should have waited,” she said, “doesn’t feel the sense of urgency that many of us feel – that this man was about to destroy his own people.”


5. Yea, we saved lives, but we didn’t ask DK’s permission! (That’s Dennis Kucinich, not that other site. Or maybe it’s both ;)).

Libyan Americans Grateful for International Community’s Involvement in Libya

A group of Libyan American leaders today expressed appreciation to the United States government and the international community for launching airstrikes against Libyan forces.

“We as Libyan Americans and Libyans are very appreciative of not just what the international community has done, but what the United States has done what other partners, Arab countries, as well as Europeans (have done),” the president of the American Libyan Council Fadel Lamen told reporters at the National Press Club.

The group showered President Obama with praise for his decision to involve the U.S. military in enforcing UN Resolution 1973, saying the president’s decision saved lives.

“We strongly support President Obama’s stance on the Libya crisis,” said Esam Omeish, director of the Libyan Emergency Task Force. “His actions have saved thousands of lives in Benghazi and elsewhere.”

// more


6. This is interesting (And obviously will never see the light of the MSM):

Homeland Security secretary calls security on US border with Mexico better than ever

EL PASO, Texas — U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Thursday that security on the southern U.S. border “is better now than it ever has been” and that violence from neighboring Mexico hasn’t spilled over in a serious way.


Napolitano said the Department of Homeland Security will deploy 250 more border agents and expects to have 300 more under their next budget if it’s approved. She stated that Homeland Security is investing “millions of dollars in the side of commerce and trade” to improve infrastructure and technology along the border.

However, she added that there is a need to correct wrong impressions about the border region. Napolitano said border towns are safe for travel, trade and commerce. She noted that the total value of imports crossing the Southwest border was up 22 percent in fiscal year 2010, she said.

// more


7. Two excellent reads regarding Libya:

Robert Shrum: Perhaps the unserious Dennis Kucinich would have insisted on establishing his Department of Peace as Gadhafi slaughtered thousands

Juan Cole: Top Ten Accomplishments of the UN No-Fly Zone


8. And, through the awesomeness that is The Obama Diary comes this HILARIOUS gem from Ireland:

Bush was a uniter; Obama’s a divider

Before Barack Obama became President of the United States the people of Ireland were united, beautifully so … but once it was clear that he was going to be President the real fight started. Neighbor turned on neighbor, brother on brother.

I had never even heard of Moneygall before Obama came along. Why would I have? I’m sure I’ve driven through it on my way to Limerick, but 300 people live there. It made no impression….

When it transpired that Barack Obama is descended from a Falmouth Kearney, who left Moneygall for New York in 1850, suddenly the town started making the news….

Now we have two counties practically ready to go to war over Moneygall. Although the media has repeatedly described Moneygall as being in County Offaly, it apparently could be considered to be in County Tipperary too…

….And now the people of County Kilkenny want in on the action … You see, Falmouth’s family left little by way of a permanent mark on Moneygall, but going back a bit further there is a definite relative, Bishop John Kearney, who is entombed in St Canice’s Cathedral in the beautiful city of Kilkenny.

Now it’s really getting ugly … You see how Obama has divided the people? The desire to claim him as a ‘native son’ could easily lead to blood, war, ruin. Offaly? Tipperary? Kilkenny? Bad-tempered hurling matches engender less bad feeling.

It was all so much simpler with President Bush. No county, no town or hamlet claimed him or wanted to be associated with him. From Election Day in 2000 until he left office, the people of Ireland were quite content and of one mind in detesting the man.

….Now the country is choosing sides in a three-way battle to make Obama their own. It won’t end well. As we all know, the Irish have long memories and this division will take generations to heal.

// More. Go read it all!



Financial Times:


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  1. I can relate to the Irish article having gone to the old country in search of my Irish heritage. It wasn’t as distant as the President’s connections and all of my relatives are in county Cork. Also having grown up in an area of one of the big American cities that has a grand Irish tradition the humor is side splitting. Thanks for the smile this morning.

  2. I’m very, very glad that the decision to save Benghazi was in the hands of people who weren’t hamstrung with pre-emptive guilt about what a terrible imperialist thing it is to ever intervene to prevent a massacre.

  3. Thanks for all you do, bringing the positive news about PBO!!

    I am not going to see that video of the demonstration in Benghazi on “the other site” now am I?

    If anyone looked around at what else passes for serious statesmen right now, and they can’t see that this man is the best we have, is not awake.

  4. Good morning everyone and thanks for a mishmash full of good news. It’s a great way to start the day and head into the weekend.

    Someday more people will appreciate all the accomplishments of this president, but for now I am just grateful that he doesn’t seem to need universal praise in order to keep doing the right thing time after time.

  5. The Yank’s article on President Obama’s visit to Ireland is funny and also quite true, and Bush did unite the country in absolutely detesting him. Americans wearing Bush T-shirts did not get a great reception over here, or anywhere else in Europe.

  6. theres a answer he could give congress i notified you about job crisis you havent worked on that yet.

  7. Hey,
    Eugene Robinson, instead of following your peers and trying to get on Morning Joe, why not write a story about no matter what the POTUS says or does, the right wing goes opposite?
    Nope! You know why, Eugene? Because the MSM(yes, You too eugene) does the same exact thing! You wait for him to make a decision and then you pounce on him.

    Finally, Eugene, you are the one who is dazed and confused!

    End of rant!

  8. Good Morning Family….. Wanted to add some more tidbits that should be broadcasted on every single news channel cause it looks like the chickens are going to be coming home to roost in 2012 for the GOP. 2 Major forces will sweep them out of office…


    Remember this little nugget on the pew

    % of hispanic voters for Obama vs Generic Republican


    If I were the republicans I would be cringing right now.

    Interesting article

    Latino population boom will have 2012 election echoes
    Voters in Nevada, Virginia, and North Carolina will be big players


    The potential clout of Latino voters has become as familiar a story line as the gender gap. But what might make 2012 different is the edge Latinos could give President Barack Obama and the Democrats in battleground states which aren’t thought of as immigration portals or left-leaning strongholds.

    The 2010 Census revealed that in the past decade the adult Latino population has nearly doubled in Nevada, Virginia, and North Carolina. Also, it’s increased by 60 percent or more in two Midwestern battleground states, Indiana and Ohio.

    Obama won all five of those states in 2008 — two of them by very narrow margins — and they are likely to be decisive in next year’s balloting.

    “What the Census figures suggest is that the road to White House in 2012 may well go through the Hispanic community” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, an advocacy group that favors allowing illegal immigrants to work toward U.S. citizenship.

    Check out the rest of the article

    also video on the topic

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32545640Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Some Wisconsin News regarding Scott Walker and the unions fighting.

    You are aware that Scott walker emails were confiscated because of the FOIA by the news media. Well it looks like he LIED about support he had for the union busing bill. It was reported it was 5-1 AGAINST him passing that bill.


    More GOP voters having buyers remorse in Wisconsin



    The Union Busting Bill is headed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court so the law has been HALTED!!


  9. NYTimes online columnist Timothy Egan has an excellent piece about Obama’s actions in Libya along with a general summary of his time in office:

    My only quarrel is the use of the d-word in the title – I know one rule from messaging is to never repeat the negative terminology of your opponents even when discussing it.

    The whole column is pitch-perfect; here’s just a sample:

    “In his deliberative fashion, Obama ultimately saved countless lives in the short term, and will allow the rebels in Libya to own their revolution in the long term, if they can push ahead — a big if, of course. In the meantime, the economic and diplomatic noose will tighten around Qaddafi and the people he pays to kill on his behalf.”

  10. One way we can PAY for this Humanitarian mission in Libya, we have kadaffys money, as in 32 billion doallrs worth. It is libyas money, just ask them if we can pay for this mission with this money we froze! HELLO!

  11. Are the Wisconsin protesters keeping up the energy? Walker and the GOP Senators banked on the idea that “just pass it and get it out of the way” and the protesters will peter out and the media will get bored with the story.

    Associated Press

    AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus
    BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — France declared Libya’s airspace “under control” on Friday, after NATO agreed to take control of the no-fly zone in a compromise that appeared to set up dual command centers. Moammar Gadhafi drew a rare rebuke from the African Union, which called for a transitional government and elections.

    Coalition warplanes struck Gadhafi’s forces outside the strategic city of Ajdabiya, the gateway to the rebel-held east, hitting an artillery battery and armored vehicles.

    The strikes were intended to give a measure of relief to the city, whose residents have fled or cowered under more than a week of shelling and fighting between rebels and government troops. Explosions also sounded in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, before daybreak Friday, apparently from airstrikes.


  13. I love how the cost is the big issue for the GOP, however Bush took the Afghan and Iraq wars off the budget to hide it’s cost and it’s been 17 years of war.

  14. Happy Friday everyone! That is great news about the Lybian American’s thanking Obama.

    When I read the article at The Obama Diary I had a great laugh. That’s our man!

    It is so great to start our day here!

  15. Bush united the world, but not in a good way, as the graph that BWD put up a couple days ago, or was it yesterday, shows.

  16. Yes! Now they are putting lots of money to get a democratic JUDGE elected to the state supreme court! Taking over from a republican judge!
    This is a PROXY election and happens in April!

    Cross fingers!

  17. Understand your concern about the title. But it looks like the real message is the deliberative does not equal dithering.

  18. I can’t believe some people are dismissing reports of Libyans being grateful for the help. They claim it reminds them of the “we will be greeted as liberators” meme. What they fail to say or recognize is that all that ‘rah rah sis boom bah America we are #1 greeted as liberators’ stuff was being pushed by the bush administration. Heavily. For many months. We are not getting these types of boasting from Obama. Never have.

    This intervention in Libya has really exposed the lazy thinkers on the left.

  19. Makesense4tulips, I love your name, Tulips are my favorite flower. You always put a smile on my face.

  20. The left thinks they are right on everything when they are proven wrong go into denial and look for other faults. This is part of the ego problem the left has , had they ever admitted to being wrong. No their arquments are being debunked right before their eyes and it hurts.

  21. This is PURE propaganda, troubling part is, liberals like eugene robinson, are now using right wing talking points. Are him and Tavis BFF?

  22. There is a big difference between saying “We will be greeted as liberators” without it really happening and actually being greeted as liberators, or at least life savers.

    One of many differences between this administration and the one prior is that the prior one was full of braggadoccio without any results, whereas this one has the results but avoids the braggadoccio.

  23. Good morning family:) Always so nice to wake up with good news to read in the morning with my coffee. It’s Friday, and the last day of work for me before spring break at school…the kidlets are getting squirrelly,so are the rest of us…it’s time!
    Was in the grocery store last night, and the line behind me was long. The cashier was just about done with my order, and he looked over to the next aisle and saw a guy’s tshirt that said:”Keep the Change” with the Obama circle logo crossed out.He then said, ” I like that guy’s tshirt.” I turned around to look at the shirt,saw it, turned back around, looked the cashier straight in the eye and said, “I don’t!” Of course he didn’t say a word, and I couldn’t get into a big political discussion in the checkout line, but I made myself clear.Would have loved to engage not only HIM, but the yahoo with the shirt on:)I’m absolutely certain they have no idea what this President has done positive for so many people.It should be known that I live in AZ…that should explain A LOT!

  24. I get, and can respect, that some people are pacifists in all situations. I have no problem with them. I also have no problem with people who object on solid grounds based on facts. It is the people who believe in military intervention in certain cases who attack this intervention for less than credible reasons or who spend time twisting the facts to turn this into an Obama=Bush framework. The situations are very, very different. Until people are willing to begin the conversation with that fact, then they aren’t worth talking to about it, because you won’t get a worthwhile conversation. Their opposition is about President Obama and not about the facts. These are people you can’t argue with honestly because they aren’t willing to be honest back.

  25. (You see, these libertarians care nothing about our american History):

    Quick, which group has the U.S. government helped out the most? Wall Street, maybe? Or the unemployed? Oh, how about all those defense contractors? Wrong, says Fox News contributor John Stossel. As far as Stossel is concerned, it’s Native Americans.

    Stossel was on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss some high-paying government jobs recently reported in The Daily Caller. The report found that the “Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs needs someone to run the Facebook page for the Dept. of the Interior and they’ll pay up to $115,000 a year.” Stossel took that as an opportunity to wonder about the entire concept of a Bureau of Indian Affairs.

    “Why is there a Bureau of Indian Affairs?” he said. “There is no Bureau of Puerto Rican Affairs or Black Affairs or Irish Affairs. And no group in America has been more helped by the government than the American Indians, because we have the treaties, we stole their land. But 200 years later, no group does worse.”


  26. looking him in the eye was enough. Now he will becareful . He probably could’nt give you a legitimate reason why.

  27. Libya is far from settled. Gadhafi has loyal forces and supporters that could go to guerrilla tactics even if he is killed, arrested, flees. In Iraq BushCo wouldn’t allow any top military or Baathists take part in the new military or government which left those who knew how to do things out and pissed off. They went from all power to no power.

  28. It is Fox news, they keep saying he has accomplished nothing, and then go into how he failed on gitmo!

  29. Amazingly, the MSM does have the story up about Janet Napolitano/Homeland Security regarding the border violence and lack of it in US…MSNBC site.As usual, the people that don’t want to believe the facts of this issue will ignore to solidify in their teeny tiny minds, the memo that those brown people are Bad, bad, bad….just look at the stupid that goes on in AZ.Let me find the story about the substitute teacher and post it here for all to read.That is the kind of BS that we deal with around here…I’ll find it and post so you all know what I’m talking about:)

  30. It is where the stereotype of ivy league, out of touch, intellectual snobbery comes from. When proven wrong, they turn up their noses and walk away, shaking their heads that the poor, poor, unintelligent masses just don’t get it that they aren’t actually wrong even though they appear to be. It’s a face saving measure that actually makes them look worse and reduces support for their ideals as well and that is the real tragedy.

  31. Mabe we can strike a deal! Next week their is a conference of african nations and libya hasa been invited! we shall see~

  32. abc has on going show called “What Would You Do?” and they hired a couple of actors to play “Ugly Americans” on tour in a European country. I forget which country. The actor playing the husband wore a t-shirt with George Bush’s face on it and one of the other tourists, who was from England, was just disgusted by the t-shirt. She was shocked that he would have on that T-shirt. Said it was the same as wearing a T-shirt with Hitlers face on it.

  33. Your response about the tshirt was perfect. Keep it short and sweet and from the heart. You made your statement. You didn’t need to get into a debate.

    I think we should make our statements politely – it disarms them.

    Once I was riding the old airport shuttle at Dulles airport and some gasbag, for some unknown reason, made a loud stupid right wing political remark in the middle of this car full of people trying to mind their own business. I always regret that I didn’t just say back: “I totally disagree with you.” That’s all that was needed.

    If we hesitate in order to find the perfect words, we will never find them.

  34. I agree that it is far from settled. And I don’t anticipate any major resolution in the immediate (next couple weeks) either. And you are correct about the mishandling of Iraq. Nothing like firing the entire army and putting a couple hundred men with guns out of work.

  35. Also, the title will snooker people into reading the article, thinking it will agree with them, then they get a dose of the facts.

  36. So, the tax appraiser came to my house a minute ago. When I bought my HOUSE(at 130k) the tax appraisal form from 2 years ago, said it was worth 204k.
    Then, I got my tax appraisal from from last year and it was worth 109k…
    Jeesh, my property falls anymore, it will be worth NOTHING! LOL!

  37. Many thanks for the jam-packed article with wonderful information – as well as all the meaty stuff here in the comments.

    Amazing time to be alive!!!!!

  38. THE MSM is being paid, or something behind the scenes!
    Can any of you email donna brazil(find out what the hell is going on), who has not been on tv lately. Maybe she could not take those orders from the TOP???

  39. I admire you alot, desertflower! Right now Arizona is person non grata in our family, My husband was born and raised in Phoenix, we met in Phoenix. We have many friends and family there. We have not been since all this started happening. I don’t know if I can. I so admire you for standing up.

  40. Jovie, I am so sorry! This is all really hard to handle. And then with the Repubs in charge what do they do about it, nothing! Is there anything out there to help You?

  41. This is interesting:

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) this week released a report that said taxing people based on how many miles they drive is a possible option for raising new revenues and that these taxes could be used to offset the costs of highway maintenance at a time when federal funds are short.

    The report discussed the proposal in great detail, including the development of technology that would allow total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to be tracked, reported and taxed, as well as the pros and cons of mandating the installation of this technology in all vehicles.


  42. No, just got to wait for the houses to stop foreclosing around me! I got my deal in a short deal, I do not pay taxes(disabled vet) and my Morgage is a VA loan at 5%. so, I am not complaining, that much! LOL!

  43. New Bay Area fund will loan money for affordable housing near rail and bus stops
    Metropolitan Transportation Commission puts up $10 million of $50 million new fund.
    By Denis Cuff
    Contra Costa Times
    Posted: 03/23/2011 03:17:28 PM PDT

    The Metropolitan Transportation Commission made a $10 million commitment Wednesday to a new $50 million revolving fund for loaning money to developers to build affordable housing near Bay Area rail stations and bus stops.

    The commission, a nine-county Bay Area agency, is joining forces with Morgan Stanley, Citi Community Capital, and several other financial and nonprofit groups to create the fund, called the Bay Area Transit Oriented Affordable Housing Fund.

    The loans will be given in nine counties to lock up land while developers seek building approval. The current market for housing has withered during an economic slump the last few years.

    Officials plan to make the first $4.8 million loan to buy a San Francisco parking lot where developers plan to construct a 14-story building with 150 apartments and a ground-floor grocery story at Eddy and Taylor streets.

    The Hill-

  44. Never happen because of privacy concerns. besides the gas tax would already do this wouldn’t it? The more you drive the more you pay. Or I wonder because of the higher mpg rates/hybrids etc that there is less tax being raised (via gas tax) now and they need to find a new revenue stream for roads etc.

  45. Thanks for the info. I know there is so much going on out there. We are very fortunate so far in MT. But we also have a all Repub legislator, but out Dem governor will keep the veto ready. Here in our town we had passed a no discrimination policy and the repubs want to kill it. They are crazy.

  46. I just don’t even know what to say about this. Other than what a fool John Stossel is….

  47. There you go, Josie! The problem is that people during the RE bubble started think of their home as a gold mine with a never ending vein of gold. This is so wrong. It is your HOME to enjoy and be secure in for as long as you stay there and as long as you keep it in good repair. During the time it is your home, its price doesn’t matter a whit. RE goes in cycles and the price will recover eventually, usually 7 years but maybe a bit longer after this unholy depression. We just have to hope that enough regulations are put back so we never have an economic period this bad again.

    Our parents stayed in their homes 30, 40, 50 years, and over that period the market value of the house and land increased. There is a price to pay for wanting to move often as one can always get caught in the down part of the cycle.

  48. imho, that’s a craptastic idea. I have a friend who currently drives 130 miles each way to work because she can’t find a job closer to her home. Plus, she’s already paying more in taxes because she’s now using more gas. Bad idea, cbo, bad idea!

  49. With all this protest going on in the middle east. Do you think its due to the people filling inspired because president Obama in in office and him showing that he will back the ppl is giving the protester confidence. What the thought on the up rising?

  50. Just noticed I screwed up your name, Jovie. I know darn well what your name is – so sorry!

  51. like the saying in Wisconsin. the middle east is showing what fighting for democracy looks like.

  52. I just have a big mouth and usually say what I think. Sometimes it’s dangerous to do that here, though.The climate of hate,divisiveness,and ignorance is just so prevalent that it’s oppressive.My family tells me that I should run for office all the time, and I might have considered that somewhere else. Not here. I feel certain that I would end up like Gabby Giffords.I really do.I do my part to combat the crazy, but the truth is,as we all know, facts play no part in this. Facts presented to them makes them dig in all the more.There is no cure for the stupid that’s happening here.Simple willful ignorance.

  53. There is no reason why:)If I presented him with facts, they would play no part in changing his mind…stunning that people take pride in their ignorance. It used to be embarrassing.

  54. gobrooklyn, That sounds wonderful. Ugly Americans indeed. The uglies have got plenty of hate to spread around. Maybe they should be shipped to an island somewhere. They could rule the own island and leave us the hell alone.

  55. I have been pretty sick of Eugene myself. He is just a player like everyone in the media. He likes to bat the president around like most of the press. He thinks it shows how unbiased he is. Shame on Eugene.

  56. So, now politico is parsing POTUS words, saying that the US said it will now take a back seat in libya, but POTUS originally said he will be out of their in days not weeks!
    That is NOT what he said, he said as far as a leadership role is concerned! These guys twist and turn everything POTUS says!

  57. President Obama has taken that moral arc of justice and is bending it as hard and as fast as he can, and people around the world can see that and are responding to it.

  58. No, that is what is happeing in our country, the Medicare and medicaid entitlements are balloning our budget every year! Either we raise revenue or we have to start cutting.
    Have you not been paying attention?

  59. I think people were inspired by Egyptians, and Egyptians were inspired in part by your President. People see that they can achieve freedom, and they do have power. The thing we have to see is how after they get their freedom,what they do with that. It’s not going to be easy. It takes a lot of hard work.

  60. can you imagine if Khaddaffy goes he would have been part of getting rid of 3 dictators. Without using weapons

  61. Here is governor scott at his best:

    Now the experiment begins.

    Florida launched into a historic, high-stakes venture Thursday to see if radical changes to the teaching profession can boost student success.

    In the spotlight: Senate Bill 736, a sweeping package signed by Gov. Rick Scott that dramatically alters how teachers are hired, fired, evaluated and paid.

    More than two years in the making, the new law is one of the most far-reaching of its kind in the nation and one of the biggest shake-ups in the history of Florida public schools. Tenure is gone for new teachers, and contracts and pay will be tied to student test scores.

    The push for reform has been a gut-wrenching ride, marked by protests, clashes between lawmakers and unions and widespread anxiety among the state’s 170,000 teachers.


    No marches on the court house down here, the senior citizens control everything!

  62. Starshine, Let’s go back a bit in history when the rich were rich and the rest of us were like serfs. If the rich wanted a road going to their house, they had to pay for the whole expense of it and the upkeep.
    We have now socialized the expense of building and repairing roads; we all pay.

    Now I only drive maybe 50 miles a month, so based on that I shouldn’t pay much. However, the law here is also based on engine size [mine is big] and so I pay a big annual road tax. I might think that is not fair, but when I drive those 50 miles, I expect the road to be there and in repair, so I am going to have to pay as much as anyone else does based on any criteria. I don’t like it, but I am going to have to pay my share.

    The US is spoiled on gas taxes because the price per gallon is so very low. Here we are paying US$ 8 per gallon and part of the taxes based on that.

    So here we have 2 taxes – a gas tax and a road use tax.

    You just can’t have good roads and not pay for them as you use them.

  63. Yes, I have been paying attention.
    Most recently, two days ago we were in a pizza place that had foxnews on (ugh). They were actually running the story about Medicaid, Medicare and SS. Whether it’s true, in whole or part, I don’t know.

    However, what I was responding to was the suggestion that taxing a person based on the miles they drive is the only solution. That’s all. I wasn’t sure if you were being serious or not.

  64. I think, I hope that Quaddafy
    time is coming to a quick end, but it’s not over by a long shot. Your President has had a lot of crap heaped on him in such a short time in the WH. I really don’t know how he does what he does.

  65. Good Morning everybody, Has anybody been over at TPM this morning? There is an article by a Professor William Cronon he did some research on how all this shit has come down with the laws being enacted by the Repub’s legislation. If you can cross post it, It would really enlighten your readers. I don’t know how to do that so I will leave it up the people that know how to do that stuff. 🙂
    Thanks Roberta. His article is on the front page lower left hand side.

  66. In general, I think Eugene Robinson has been fairer to the President than many other commentators, though I have not caught his remarks on Libya.

  67. I understand what you’re saying, overseasgranny.

    In my state, we pay gas taxes and we a car registration tag must be bought each year. The cost of the tag is based on the value of the car one owns. My car is a 1994 model. This year my tag will cost $74. A friend of mine recently purchased a 2009 mazda cross-over and the tag cost is $285.

    Here’s the thing, my spouse drives a total of 4 hours to work and back each day. That’s a lot of miles. He works in a trade and we live in a “right to work” state. That should speak volumes about his hourly wage. But right now he has no choice but to stick with this job. I have to wonder how much extra in taxes we would have to pay.
    I have a parent who had to take a really crummy job because it’s the only one he/she could find. It involves a lot of traveling by car. He/She doesn’t make enough to make ends meet, He/she receives no per diem. He/She doesn’t make enough to purchase health insurance and is having a really tough time, financially. And if this were to pass, h/she would be in an even tougher bind.

    I still think there must be other ways to raise funds, especially as foolishly as my state seems to spend it’s tax dollars. Surely cutting medicare/aid is not the only solution.

    As far as my circle of friends/acquaintances go, the ones who have a smaller income are the ones who have to drive the most.

    Maybe my feelings make me seem short-sighted or willfully ignorant….

    I try to remain positive, I really do. It’s just that so many I know are struggling right now and the thought of them getting hit with more taxes breaks my heart.

  68. As Presidents go, I truly like our President and think he is the best I’ve seen in my lifetime (nearly 65 years), acting with thoughtfulness and grace within a very flawed and often callous system. However, in general, I don’t like the American mindset and believe it needs a drastic overhaul of its priorities before we have leaders who can make long-lasting deep changes. I am not particularly excited about the no-fly zone over Libya as I am a pacifist and believe every time violence is used it strengthens the status quo idea that violence is a valid means of settling conflicts. However, I do take note that the people of Benghazi (sp.?) have welcomed the intervention, and they most likely would have met a horrible fate had Qaddafy’s troops been allowed to enter the city. President Obama has acted in the best way a President could act in this situation in the current American zeitgeist and I’ve lost a great deal of respect for Dennis Kucinich after his babbling about “impeachable offenses”. A complex issue, as are all issues, though I still maintain that if one wants to stop violence, one must first not use violence oneself, though at this point, I can’t think of a government in the world that would agree with me. But humanity must begin to use its compassion and imagination to a much fuller extent than now so that situations in which it feels violence is warranted can be averted before they arise.

  69. It’s a bad time for all, Starshine, except the top 10%, but we will get through it. The US is lucky as we have the very best President who is trying as hard as he can to make it better.

    Europe, on the other hand, will probably implode by 2013.

    Look at all options. Can your husband find a cheap place to room where he works so that he only has to make the trip once a week? or even every other day? That would cut expenses a lot.

    The real solution is to raise income taxes, but in this atmosphere, it isn’t going to happen. Actually, it could happen, but it would mean everyone marching in the streets…like Egypt.

  70. I find this stance reasonable, intelligent, and highly commendable, and I share much of it. This is just the polar opposite of the strident, dishonest Obama=Bush nonsense which masquerades as criticism.

  71. Agreed, but he slips…a lot! I remember him agreeing with some Morning Joe concern troll panel which stated that Bush was more connected to average Americans and less elitist than President Obama or something. He goes with whatever the “in” crowd is saying too much instead of thinking for himself. That said, he’s better than a great deal of the pundit class, but that’s not saying much unfortunately.

  72. He did the same thing on Egypt (wrote some damaging pieces). Now, Eugene Robinson is a smart man. He learned nothing from POTUS’s brilliance on Egypt?

    No — instead he does the same, stupid thing on Libya.

    Of all pundits, Eugene Robinson was the one I had the most faith in to use his head and judgment concerning the bigger picture.

    I find there’s no one. Not one pundit really supporting this President.

    How did Republicans get where they are and change American discourse? By the concerted, coordinated efforts of every Republican who opened their mouths in the print press or in front of a microphone.

    What does it take for Democrats to learn what works?

  73. The middle class boy doesn’t ‘connect’ as well as the spoon-fed wealthy idiot who never put in a honest day’s work in his life.

    Because ‘stupid’ has now been elevated to ‘common man’ discourse. If you’re dumb you should be proud. If you’re smart, you’re out of touch.

    This is how successful Republicans have been. And we still don’t know how to frame our message. God.

    Although Karen Feeney was good this morning on MSNBC. Obama beating a generic Republican. The anchor-girl said that all of these generic Republicans had great name recognition and still weren’t beating Obama.

    Now wait for it: this is great messaging:

    Karen Feeney said that they were well-known amongst a certain ‘fan’ base.

    Everyone left of center with a microphone in their face should learn how to do this.

  74. Yep. And I’m wondering what the hell is going on inside D.C., at the cocktail parties, everywhere. I have a feeling they’re mad at the WH because the Obama team doesn’t play their media game, but what else ?

    I remember, BWD, that you went to a rally in the mid-terms and you heard “journalists” talking and it wasn’t very respectful.

    WHAT is going on ? President Obama is an intelligent, thoughtful man. WHY is he being treated like that ????? I’m worried about the hostile press and I absolutely don’t know what can be done about it. Sometimes I think that President Obama should all bring them up in Camp David, and organize a therapy session with them to clear the air. And not just the Washington press corps, Jon Stewart too.

    Thanks so much for your work blackwaterdog. I’m SO addicted to your blog…

  75. Cable has not many serious journalists. They’re basically stenographers. No depth, no sense of history, no capacity to see the big picture.

    This cost thing is so ridiculous and short-sided. How about the long term costs, both in good will and money, if America was seen as doing nothing to prevent the massacre of people asking for freedom ?

    God, the american MSM is so weak, it’s discouraging.

  76. You know what ? This is part of what I call the PBST, the “Post Bush Stress Disorder”.

    Bush was so ridiculous with his saying they would be greeted as liberators, that when Lybians are REALLY thankful, many people don’t believe it.

    Bush was so reckless in engaging military operations, that many people can’t even BEGIN to listen to the rationale of President Obama for military operations, whether it’s in Afghanistan or in Lybia.

    Bush, Cheney and Co. gave so much free reign to business, that when President Obama tries to establish a healthy and intelligent dialog with business, many people are screaming of betrayal.

    Bush made such a bad name of christian faith that when Obama is talking BEAUTIFULLY about his faith, with DEPTH and HUMILITY, many people cringe.

    And on and on…

    The damage Bush has done to America is very profound. It’s not just in terms of foreign policy and economy. It’s psychological too, I’m very convinced of that. I think that PART of today’s craziness and screaming at President Obama, part of the impatience and the fear, etc…, especially in “left”, are a result of the traumatic Bush years.

  77. Also in book form! Description from Amazon books as follows:

    First published in 1958, The Ugly American became a runaway national bestseller for its slashing exposé of American arrogance, incompetence, and corruption in Southeast

    Based on fact, the book’s eye-opening stories and sketches drew a devastating picture of how the United States was losing the struggle with Communism in Asia.

    Combining gripping storytelling with an urgent call to action, the book prompted President Eisenhower to launch a study of our military aid program that led the way to much-needed reform.

    “Powerful and absorbing. . . . Should be required reading in Washington.”—Kirkus Reviews “Not only important but consistently entertaining. . . .”

    And so on. I don’t think that, in the Age of Obama, Americans are quite as despised as they could have been in the last eight years. In fact, I remember reading a European correspondent saying that Europeans really likes Americans — it was the Bush leadership they didn’t like.

  78. Little typos in my post, sorry; in the first line it should be PBSD of course. In the last line, “the left”.

  79. Amen, I absolutely agree and there are so many fools in this country, especially the media, who don’t know where to look, don’t listen, and wouldn’t even understand what “bending toward justice” means. They’re too busy bending toward ignorance.

  80. I’m not sure why you had such faith in Eugene Robinson. He’s a lot like Fineman,if you ask me. Completely wORthless when it comes to disseminating information – totally unprofessional in the Age of Obama.

  81. I just heard a pundit on MSNBC say something about the huge level of disappointment that the Hispanic community feels towards the Obama Administration, and the fact that the Administration is “going around the country and bragging” about the number of deportations of immigrants, etc. He said that Hispanics won’t go to Republicans, in a million years, but they may just stay at home.

    Well, the Hispanics need to look to Wisconsin to see what happens when you check out of the process, as a way of making a point to Democrats. I really don’t understand this thinking. Why would you remove your voice from the conversation, when you actually have something important to say? It’s the stupidest logic. And then, when it’s too late, they’ll run and complain and call for the President to save them. The time to invest is now, not later. And if you feel “disappointed” with the current pace of progress, then just imagine how disappointed you’ll be when your apathy lets the really bad guys get in and they start dismantling your rights. That’ll teach ’em.

  82. Oh – I should also say that I’m not sure if these pundits speak for the sentiment of the entire Hispanic community, but the community has the potential to hold a lot of power right now and going into the 2012 campaign. They’re going to be in a lot of people’s sights. And if they don’t get coherent messengers, then they’ll fall victim to the unscrupulous. This is their chance to make their voices count, and align with those who mean them well, not harm.

  83. This is really disgusting. And the fact that members of the US Congress are so openly bigoted is deeply troubling.

    First, I don’t believe someone (other than Lou Dobbs) would talk about Mexicans in the way this letter does, if he was married to a Mexican woman and had Mexican children.

    Secondly – if ever there was a case for reform in teaching standards, this is it. What is this joker doing with children’s lives and futures in his hands?

    I feel so sorry for the people of Arizona – this is just wrong.

  84. Egypt was inspired by the Tunisians. I saw a documentary last week about a young woman in Yemen who is leading the revolution there, and she mentioned that they saw Tunisia go through the Jasmine Revolution, and it inspired them – they were able to see that a dictator actually can be toppled. And they slowed down their revolution during the Egyptian uprising, because all media attention was on Egypt, and they needed the cover of media attention to protest safely. It was a really good documentary. Her husband said he is awed by her courage, and he couldn’t do what she does.

    Another young man talked about the dreams of their youth to get jobs, be educated, go to University, start families. He said that the people of Tunisia rose up with 14% unemployment, and yet people expect the youth of Yemen to not rise up when they have 60% unemployment. They simply want their chance to be happy.

    The greatest thing coming out of this time of change in the Middle East and Northern Africa is that the historical (and hysterical) caricatures of Arabs are being replaced by real images of everyday people, simply yearning to be free.

  85. I loved that article on Obama’s Irish heritage. I have Irish heritage as well and we’re planning a trip there next year – I’m so exited! The people of Ireland will give the POTUS a warm welcome for sure! I noticed, though, a few wing-nut jerks couldn’t resist getting in the comments and trashing our great president. Don’t those morons realize that the world/international comunity hates them? The Irish people are very well educated and fully understand (especially after Bush) what the right-wing in America is all about. I swear, those disgusting Tea-idiots are a complete embarrassment to our country.

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