GM to recall the last 2,000 of its laid-off workers

Operation saving America’s auto industry is just about to be completed:

The United Auto Workers union says that by fall, General Motors Co. will recall the last 2,000 of its laid-off workers, clearing the way for new hiring at its U.S. plants.

Most of the recalls will be in southeastern Michigan, whose economy was devastated in the downturn.

GM declined to confirm the timeline, but Joe Ashton, UAW vice president in charge of GM, said Wednesday “those people will all be back at work in September.”

“We will have full employment in September for the first time in a long time,” he said.

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147 thoughts on “GM to recall the last 2,000 of its laid-off workers

  1. Excellent news! I hope people remember just who it was that saved the US auto industry, when doctrinaire neo-liberals just wanted to let it die. I’m not overly hopeful, but even a little hope is better than none.

  2. *Wow.*

    I can’t put into words how thrilled I am with this news. It’s not just that this industry was saved, it’s that the autoworkers union was preserved, and now to hear that all of the laid off workers are going to be coming back to work…just stunning.

  3. And Michigan went hard GOP in 2010 – A full red wave in State government. And as the improving economy gears up the Snyder and the GOP will claim credit for it.

    It will happen with the new bridge as well, everything was agreed to between Canada and Grahnolm and State Dems, however Republican State Senate kept on blocking it, now it’s set to sail through and create 10,000 in Michigan alone and who will claim credit? Snyder already is.

    This is why I want Granholm in a public role the Obama Administration somewhere – so she can call BS on Snyder’s claims. However she seems to be heading into the private renewable energies sector.

  4. This is fantastic news! Thank you!

    People are getting back to work and America is working again. Yes, the Obama plan is working!

  5. In the race to kill all the unions, this must just stick in the Republican’s craw. They had so hoped to completely destroy the auto industry and move it all down south into their own districts where they could have non-union workers cranking out cars. Add to this all the high-tech jobs Ford announced yesterday, and wow, just wow. I love my President.

  6. Congratulations to President Obama, the GM workers, the UAW, GM, and … did I mention President Obama?

  7. This is such great news. Thanks for the article BWD. I am so elated for all of these workers, and grateful for our President. God continue to bless him!!

  8. That is great news. Its so unbelievable that the people of Michigan went Repub when it was Obama that saved the Auto industry.

  9. Despite Michigan’s temporary government, this is good new for the state.
    Now who can tell me how Michael Moore will spin this to be bad news?

  10. The UAW and the GM itself needs to thank President Obama profusely for expending so much political capital. IMO, the thanks should be in the form of commercials, voter registration and GOTV efforts in 2012.

  11. Is Michael Moore stepping out there against Snyder’s stripping of the rights of the citizens of Michigan. I wonder what party good old Mike supported in 2010.

  12. Yes pamelabrown, we will see. We must let them know we are watching. This is such great news, I could not understand how they could vote republican.

  13. I couldn’t agree more, Pamela Brown. The auto unions and the auto industry need to show some serious payback to the president. They’d better be out there on the air waves and going door-to-door in 2012.

  14. Actually he wouldn’t dare. He OPPOSED the auto bailout. You read that correctly.

  15. Wonderful news! Good for all of those workers and for the auto industry.

    Unions will spread this information and union workers will be telling family and friends. I read an article about Walker’s drop in approvals and one part of the drop was formerly Republican union workers and their families. Unions are fired up and ready to go.

  16. People worry that all the money spect on the bailout won’t get recovered through eventual sales of the remaining stock. What they forget is that GM will pay taxes, as will all these workers who weren’t before because they were out of work. Plus all the other assistances given these workers won’t be needed so that will also save dollars. Also, because of the trickle down, the same remains true for all the other people impacted, including parts suppliers, food stores, etc.

  17. Saint Roscoe! The people in Michigan can see what is happening. Snyder and GOP approvals are tanking in the polls. What a discouraging vision you are spinning and there is so much good news to pick from. Good heavens!

  18. Japa, shhhh, you’ll make the little dears’ heads explode with your broadside of logic. Have you no sympathy for their somnolent minds?

  19. One of my regular patrons is a complete Teabagger. Nice enough lady, seems kind and generous, but has an abiding hatred for PBO. A few days ago when the rightwing radio shows were playing the clip from 2007 of VPB saying that GWB should be impeached if he started military action without congressional approval, she thought it was a new clip and that VPB was referring to Pres. Obama, and that he was about to initiate impeachment proceedings against him. I kept my Switzerland stance and verbally ushered her away to carry on with her day. I did a quick Google News search, and within 2 seconds saw what the clip was about.

    Reasoned thought is anathema to a chunk of the populace, aided and abetted by a media that wishes to keep them docile and dumb.

  20. ParkRanger, Saint Roscoe firmly believes that we need to stay firmly rooted in the world of reality. The fact is that the republicans will work to turn this around to their advantage, and as SR likes to point out, Americans tend to have short memories.

    This is not doom and gloom, but rather making sure we don’t take for granted that certain things will happen and make sure we work hard to make those things happen.

    I may not always agree with SR’s projections into the future, but I am glad he is around to kept us from getting carried away on the good news flow.

  21. People view reality through a filter composed of their belief system. If something doesn’t match it, they will either make it match through twisting it around or just plain reject it.

  22. November elections were not five months ago and Michigan went hard red – they don’t deserve any benefit of the doubt. I’m not spinning anything.

  23. On the good news about jobs front, California has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation and added nearly 100,000 very welcome jobs in February. A lot of them were high tech jobs which I thought might mean higher paying. The money these folks earn gets spent in ways that help prosper their community so there is a nice ripple effect. Good for them!,0,3919526.story

    “A hiring surge led the California’s hallmark industries – high-tech, movies and tourism – generated nearly 100,000 new jobs in February and provided the surest sign yet that the state economy is on the mend.

    The seasonally adjusted jump in the number of people working to 96,500 was the highest monthly increase since the current record system began in 1990, state officials said.”
    “The biggest monthly gain was 39,900 in the professional and business services category, which includes high-tech employment as well as temporary workers, the EDD said. Only government lost jobs with 1,200 positions evaporating in February.”
    “A number of economists were amazed by the tremendous monthly job growth and cautioned that it could be revised downward next month. Nevertheless, they stressed that the overall news is unequivocably good.

    “California has finally joined the parade of economic recovery in the nation,…”

  24. This is excellent news. I remember when this was first proposed by the Obama administration how many on the left were against it. Now, that it has been successful and saved millions of union jobs, they just shrub their shoulders and act like it is nothing.

  25. Hopefully this increased employment will stabilize our budget and lead, in time, to improved social services.

  26. I understand that Saint Roscoe’s views are protected here and that’s fine, but I was just shocked to read his spin in a post about such positive information. We can pick and choose reality. The world of reality includes plummeting poll numbers for Walker, Snyder and other GOP governors who are exposing their agenda to people who haven’t been aware of it. Democrats who are energized and fired up. An increase in positive articles about President Obama.

    I stopped going to “the other site” for quite a while because it was so negative and I quit reading the comments here because they seemed to be becoming the same way and just started to read them here again the last few days.

    I love the positive news BWD posts and it is a joy to read them. I can go back to just reading the posts and not the comments — that was working better for me. If I run across some great news, I will be glad to share it.

    Thanks for the feedback, japa. I got it.

  27. Black people are moving back to the South in huge numbers, reversing the Great Migration to northern cities that peaked in during the civil rights turmoil of the 1960s, The New York Times’ Sabrina Tavernise and Robert Gebeloff report. And not only are black people moving south, they’re moving to the suburbs–meaning metropolitan areas there have become significantly more integrated, according to new census data. Now 58 percent of Southern blacks live in the suburbs.

    source and more

    Also I got this tweet earlier. Obviously the numbers are still high but in a State that was looking at huge unemployment numbers during the height of the George Bush GOP recession, this news is welcomed and says a lot about how far we have come under the leadership of POTUS Obama. Its big news here. 😀

    NC Unemployment Rate Drops To 9.7 Percent In Feb about 5 hours ago via twitterfeed

    WXII 12 News

    and from their news blog.

    RALEIGH — North Carolina has more people drawing a paycheck and fewer collecting unemployment benefits.

    The state’s Employment Security Commission reported Friday that the unemployment rate fell slightly to 9.7 percent in February, down from 9.8 percent in January.

    The jobless rate in January fell as both the number of workers added to payrolls and the number of people looking for work grew.

    That trend continued in February as the number of employed workers climbed by 5,500 and the number of unemployed dropped by 4,300.

    More than 435,000 people remain on North Carolina’s unemployment rolls. That number is down by 85,000 workers in the past year.

    My opinion.
    I hope in 2012 the Democrats don’t sleep on the South especially NC, which was very winnable in 2010 midterms. Burr is one of the worst Senators ever! Yet the Democrats were so busy being sanctimonious in regard to our POTUS at every juncture instead of going hard at such a soft Senator like Burr, that he managed to ride the Koch bros financed wave. boooooo grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  28. So much for Romney having any chance in Michigan…I just don’t get why some are scared of this guy–at all–he’s gone back and forth far too much. I doubt he even makes it through the primaries.

  29. Snyder’s approval ratings have fallen drastically and especially among Republican leaning union workers. Michigan is not a hard red state, it is a state that went red due a number of factors – a very bad economy, a very energized republican base and a normal to low normal turnout of the democratic base among others. But, people are watching and listening, not only to what is happening in Michigan but also in Wisconsin and Ohio. The whole region is being shaken up by the agendas of the new republican majorities. I think it is one of the stupidest things the republicans did as a party after the 2010 election. They went into an area, the inudstrial midwest, and decided to treat it as if it had become the deep south. They ignored the long traditions of unions, social tolerance and centrism that is the culture of the area. And they will pay the price for that. Economic woes led people to try the other party but they didn’t realize (even if they should have) that the other party wasn’t interested in fixing the economy but only in pushing their hard right agenda. That wasn’t what people wanted and it isn’t going down well.

    I’m all for being realistic and I know that people have short memories, but the republicans are doing all they can to turn off the majority in the whole region. Add to that the biggest growth in minority population in the area is among hispanics, who the republicans as a national party are doing their best to alienate, and the likelihood of republicans retaining power slip further and further every day. That is also realism that we need to keep in mind not just the negatives.

  30. I replied to japa and was going to click off, but saw your comment and felt I owed a better reply.

    This is reality too and I guess the thing is that out of the buffet that life offers, no matter what it is, I want to choose the most positive course I can. It’s always, always there. And that’s just me. So, here’s what I meant:

    “Although he won in 2010 by a much larger margin, Snyder’s poll numbers have fallen farther, faster than fellow freshman Govs. Scott Walker in Wisconsin and John Kasich in Ohio, according to PPP. Both have been engaged in high-profile disputes with organized labor in their states.”

    Yes, they are trying every way they can to bust unions and give money to the rich, but everything they do is in the light now. My rep is Dan Burton, a teabagger Republican and I called his office yesterday about a bill he co-sponsored:

    Buried Provision In House GOP Bill Would Cut Off Food Stamps To Entire Families If One Member Strikes

    When I told her I opposed it and why, she sounded in a panic and said they have gotten a lot of calls and people are really upset. I live in a VERY red district in Indiana and this tells me a lot. I have called his office a lot and this is the first time I’ve heard this. We are making an impact.

    Don’t worry – I won’t read your comments or reply to you again. I know that you have a different perspective than I do. I really was just shocked and typed first before I thought about it. I hope this is a better explanation.

  31. Thank you President Obama. For being firm and having determination not only to help US auto makers get back on their feet, but to make them pay the American citizens back for the loan.

    This should quiet my family and friends in the Detroit area and prove that I’ve been right all along about this amazing president!!

  32. Everybody’s views are “protected” here. I’m not sure i get the problem.

    The fact is that people gave Republicans the keys back, so obviously we can’t take anything for granted and we definitely can’t trust voters to get informed by themselves. They don’t have the time or the will to do so. They see nasty TV ads and some stupid soundbites – and they go to vote Republicans. I don’t expect Michigan to be grateful for what PBO has done for them – The last election taught me that much. As i said, we need to keep reminding people, because clearly they can’t remember anything.

  33. You are right BWD the key word is reminding people, I was so surprise Michigan Elected an ass. I sure Michael Moore must be very please, he is an opportunist he has made his money from the PL I am glad we have never seen his movies or read his books.

  34. His two “home” States would be Michigan where he grew up and Massachusetts where he was Governor – he basically kissed both of them goodbye. Utah loves him because he did good things with the SLC Olympics, but Utah is hard red anyways.

    Romney will poll stronger than generic candidate in Virginia given his business background, and Nevada because they have a sizable Mormon population.

  35. Democratic National Convention is in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012. I think it’s safe to say the Dems are not sleeping on NC – they’re looking to lock it up.

  36. I’m not deaniac, but it is hard to tell. Romney’s father was governor here and there is still some support for the family because of that. But, it was a long time ago now – the 1960’s. The GOP is not viewed very favorably at the moment in Michigan and if they keep acting like they have been there will be little support for any GOP candidates by 2012 in Michigan. Still, Romney has the best chance of any republican here due to his father. Whether that would be enough, is doubtful, but not completely impossible.

  37. I just heard on the radio that Michigan added a net of 71,000 jobs in 2010. That is huge here! There hasn’t been anything but job losses for 10 years. And the unemployment rate dropped here by a larger margin than in any other state. On top of that the drop was due to people getting jobs, not due to discouraged workers dropping out of the job market. They were even talking about how people were beginning to return to the state after many left over the past decade in search of jobs elsewhere. Now, it’s pretty easy to see why the republicans were so against the auto “bailout”, isn’t it? They were so hoping for more pain and job losses.

  38. I also signed the pledge! We must keep fighting. It is hard to believe all the Repubs are doing. They want to take us back to the middle ages. I pray we will turn it around.

  39. Or worse yet, just pretend that they were for it the whole time without giving the president any credit for doing it against all the “advice” of the right and the left.

  40. Media reporting on twitter that our AMAZING President will deliver a prime time address on Monday.

  41. We need more backing than not just the convention. The Republicans backed and financed by Karl Rove, Koch brothers already running ads dissing the convention coming to our state, dissing the people protesting in WI etc. Some of these ads are running on our urban radio stations. booooooooo

    Yet we see nothing from Dems….I hope to see action soon. Convention alone ain’t gonna move the people that we need to come out in droves again and vote. those people don’t even care about politics and certainly not about conventions. The Repubs here know that so they are already doing a job on people’s mind set. Thus my wanting the DEMS to not sleep on us here in the South.

  42. The more i hear the stories of what this man was doing to people. I am so glad he decide to go in.

  43. Everyone here brings so much to the table. ParkRanger’s guidance regarding focus and directing energies towards the positives so that they can multiply–spot on. saintroscoe has a command of the nuts and bolts of politics which is just amazing, even if he is less than rosy at times. The truly wonderful overseasgranny brings such a beautiful breadth of knowledge as well as a very unique perspective here.

    Dare I say every single participant to this thread…has a point?

    I’d be pretty damn upset if any participant to this left. One thing I love about this place: no one’s opinion is an existential threat. That said, there is something to be said about good vibes as necessary for creating progress, and I hope that point is not dismissed.

    Indeed, we’re all protected.

    /GN drunkenly sings “kumbaya, mah lawd, kumbaya” and “I love you, mane” to the amusement and disgust of the entire bwd family

  44. Very wise:
    out of the buffet that life offers, no matter what it is, I want to choose the most positive course I can

    I’m still trying to *really* get this. Can I just say that this space is an amalgamation of different thoughts and opinions, all of which bring something valuable to the table?

  45. Why do I have the feeling that this will be the enunciation of an “Obama Doctrine”? It should be a VERY interesting speech.

  46. Oh, yeah. There was a lot of people who had been against the autobailout who were patting themselves on their backs because they “made” Obama do the right thing. Pretty sickening to watch.

  47. Things are not going well here in GA re: the unemployment fund.

    More than 191,000 Georgians — one of every three jobless people in the state — received unemployment insurance payments last week, according to the Labor Department. The average payment is $269 per week. Labor officials say all jobless recipients will be paid, regardless of the state’s depleted trust fund.

    The recession’s double-digit unemployment, combined with insufficient tax contributions from employers, depleted the trust fund. Georgia’s wounds, though, are self-inflicted after the state halted payments into the fund by most employers more than a decade ago.

    House Bill 292 would kick a final decision to restore the fund down the road. It would also reduce the unemployment tax businesses are supposed to pay beginning next year.

    The bill’s supporters argue that higher taxes during an economic downturn will stifle recovery. Meantime, they’ll expect a healthier economy to boost hiring, reduce business liability and whittle away the huge tab owed Washington.

    “This legislation buys us a year’s time to come up with a long-term plan best for Georgia,” Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said.

    The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute opposes the legislation that has passed the House.

    “Nobody wants to advocate for raising taxes significantly on employers when the economy is still recovering from recession,” said Clare Richie, a senior policy analyst with the nonpartisan research group. But “the legislation doesn’t really make any significant changes that would really have any impact on long-term solvency.”

    In 1999, Georgia possessed a flush $2 billion trust fund, so Democrats and Republicans suspended payroll taxes to fund unemployment insurance for most state employers.

    The fund dipped to $703 million by late 2003. “Triggers” established to rebuild the fund by raising the state payroll tax, were suppressed time and again by the Legislature. The fund ran dry in 2009.

    ***PBO tried to help, and this is the type of backwards thinking people we have running things here***

    President Barack Obama, though, has offered to suspend interest payments until 2014 if states agree to increase unemployment taxes that year.

    “We would certainly support an extension of the time for the interest-free loan, but the price is a little rich right now for what the [president] is offering,” said Roy Bowen, president of the Georgia Traditional Manufacturers Association. “It would amount to a huge tax increase.”

    ***Everything is a “huge tax increase” if PBO’s name is tied to it. Jackazzzez****

    Manufacturers, politicians and labor officials say Obama’s plan will buy time for the economy to rebound and to figure out how to restock the trust fund. By law, Georgia must raise employer taxes next year to rebuild the fund.

    The state’s first interest payment, $24 million, is due in October. About $18 million of that could ultimately come from the state’s Medicaid fund, which provides health care for low-income Georgians. The remainder could be pulled from the Labor Department’s $35 million budget, replacing money set aside to help Georgians get back to work.

    ***This is a surefire recipe for recovery, isn’t it?*** NOT

  48. Wait a minute…what? Under what logic could he have possibly opposed the auto bailout?

  49. Your comment reminded me of this line from one of my favorite movies growing up, “Excalibur”:

    That’s it… and look upon this moment. Savor it! Rejoice with great gladness! Great gladness! Remember it always, for you are joined by it. You are One, under the stars. Remember it well, then… this night, this great victory. So that in the years ahead, you can say, ‘I was there that night, with Arthur, the King!’ For it is the doom of men that they forget.

    Here’s to hoping that voters don’t forget.

  50. Probably because auto companies are evil incarnate, oppressing workers and laying them off, so better to have them go belly up and be replaced by glorious workers’ collectives which will surely spring from the mulch created by the demise of Ford and GM and Chrysler.

  51. Thanks for letting me know about this, LL. They already had my info. All I had to do was click.

  52. Jay Carney hinted at the briefing today with the White House Press Corps (aka the jackals) that President Obama would have something to say about Libya in the near future.

    It really is shameful to hear Boehner acting like he never got a heads up about what was planned and saying President Obama needs to explain to the American people why we are in Libya. And of course the meme coming from the media is that everything is just so confusing.

    I am glad to see Jay Carney is starting to look comfortable in his new role as press secretary. I really like him and his low key style. I also like the fact that he calls on the more obscure reporters in the back of the room after calling on the front row prima donnas.

  53. This is making the rounds on the Libya twitter feeds I’ve been following: Please Sign and RT! (#Libya :Thank You & Keep It Up President #Obama ,Coalition and #UN) #Feb17 #Gaddafi #GaddafiCrimes

  54. watching the BBc do a segment on Bradley manning i was unaware that he is a conservative republican.

  55. With this japan crisis i think a lot ppl for got how President Obama put the food safety in the hands of the fda. The FDA has been on the job regulating and monitoring the foods that comes into the Usa. Another good thing our president did.

  56. BWD…do you always tag good economic news Change that Matters? I want to do some research into this and was hoping there was a simple Economy tag that would filter posts here, but don’t see one.

  57. The return to profitability at GM has been accomplished through brutal cuts in labor costs, including the shuttering of dozens of plants and the elimination of 50,000 jobs—20 percent of GM’s global workforce—including 30,000 hourly and salaried positions in North America.

    The most important factor in GM’s rebound is its success in imposing a 50 percent cut in the wages of newly hired workers. The reduction of US auto workers’ wages to the near-poverty level of $14 an hour represents a historic retrogression to the levels of exploitation that existed in the darkest days of the Great Depression, prior to the mass struggles that established the United Auto Workers.

  58. I’m not sure the Dems should start anything during the Republican primaries. Let them eat their own. It’s like the “Art of War” – when your enemies are destroying themselves, get out of the way” (or something to that effect…)

    I think that after the primary, we’ll have plenty of time to deliver the final images that will take people into the 2012 voting boths. It’s just too early.

  59. When Boehner says the President must explain to the American people why we’re in Libya – it makes it sound like this is a nation of idiots who have no idea that there’s an Arab Awakening in progress, and the Libyan action was needed to prevent an unspeakable massacre. The media was focused on Charlie Sheen – is there really a nation of people who don’t know what’s going on?

    I do think that the President will speak to American values, and what this country is meant to stand for. And I think he’ll clarify for the media that military action is not the only means by which a regime can step down, as has been evident in Tunisia and Egypt. That diplomacy is a real thing. They act like the President saying Ghadafy must go, and also saying that the military is not tasked with ensuring that outcome means that there’s no other option. I also think that the President will remind the media that a human life cannot be measured in dollars, but that we do spend billions every year making military equipment and writing off most of it – so the cost is already covered. And then he’ll repeat all the messaging that he’s done since the situation began… that the media and the members of Congress have clearly not been listening to.

  60. Please keep bringing your nurturing dishes to the table that BWD has set, just as it’s important for SR to do the same.

    In the next 18 months and beyond, the buffet at BWD’s place, will be invaluable to all those, doing everything they can, to remind and explain to their fellow citizens just how vast the difference is between the party led by President Obama and the one led by a pack of dangerously crazy Republicans.

    Thank you.

  61. Agree. Stand back, let’um rip each other to shreds because you know that is exactly what they are going to do.

    And, I think President Obama and his Chief of Staff are already signaling their 2012 strategy regarding giving the Republicans lots of room to harm themselves in the way the WH is standing back from any comment on Social Security, forcing the Congressional Republicans to either crush themselves with retirees or back off the issue.

  62. When Rachel does 10 minutes on how the “War” is too expensive I want to ask her if she would have watched the people being slaughtered in Libya.
    When this country chooses to watch because we cant afford it it will be a sad day.

  63. Excellent analysis Theo67. By the way, did you see the opening paragraph of the Bob Shrum article? He did a nice job of calling out all of the critics. But I especially like what he had to say about the feckless media.

    The commentary on the president’s course in Libya has been instinctively adversarial. Much of the press may be compensating for its cheerleading or supine acquiescence in the fraud of the Iraq War. So reporters chase administration officials around briefing rooms and TV studios, pressing questions that can’t be answered at all (about operational details), or can’t be answered candidly — for example, about the targeting of Moammar Gadhafi. On both sides, partisans join in — some Democrats apparently against any conflict anywhere — and Republicans who never questioned Bush, Cheney, or Rumsfeld, but somehow would scorn Obama even if he got Iran to surrender its nuclear weapons.

  64. Done…and took care of signing other petitions that were in need of signatures there as well:)Thank you.

  65. This shows all that President Obama told everyone it would be a long haul to get out of the ditch. We here at BWD should just remember the Greed Over People party put this country in the bottom of the pit. The tax cuts, no funding for wars and all the give aways to the super rich put us in this fix. The forward thinking of the President is falling in place. Just as He said it would.So all keep the faith for it was a deep hole this country was in but we are pulling over the edge of the pit. This President in on top looking along way ahead for us, just keep him in office.

  66. Who was it who said you can’t fool all of the people all of the time? That phrase only proves that politicians are ALWAYS trying to fool all of the people all of the time.

  67. Park Ranger and Saint Roscoe,

    As has been stated before, ALL of our voices and experiences must be heard so that we can reach out to those who aren’t equipped to be reasonable enough to appreciate different perspectives.

    Park Ranger: you have the unique perspective that many here agree with and I’m sure sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye with you. But we all appreciate the voice and perspective that you bring. I enjoy your posts and I’m sure most of the rest of our family does too. If you are so inclined, respond to Saint Roscoe as you see fit – mindful of BWD’s rules (smile).

    Saint Roscoe: you have a (dare I say) – a pragmatic view of things here and keep things grounded. There are times that I (and I’m sure others do to – but that’s not the point) get vexed but it is refreshing to not get carried away and to appreciate that we need to keep our feet on the ground and keep reaching for the sky. I expect you to keep doing what you do the way you do things.

    Remember this saying: We are Family…I got all my (brothers and) sisters with me!!! President and First Lady Obama are counting on us staying focused and united. We have to re-take the keys back from the low information voters and put the adults back in charge – NATIONWIDE!!!

  68. Interesting to see how many PL seem to ignore the human rights catastrophe that was averted here. I guess their knee jerk reaction against all things military got in the way, or their desire to be part of the I Hate Obama emo cool kidz klub.

  69. Tweet from MJ’s AndrewKroll –
    MT @matt_t1: They just announced on Madison’s Radio Station WTDY that they officially have enough signatures to Recall Hopper! #wiunion

  70. It always amazes me that Republicans and the media claim the President hasn’t explained things when he has presented his position so clearly that only a complete dolt would not understand. Those of us who actually listen to him “get” it and don’t stupidly go around attributing idiotic motivations and intentions to the president. He said clearly and consistently that the object of the intervention in Libya is NOT regime change, but the protection of the Libyan people from a blood-thirsty dictator who had public vowed to annihilate them. That doesn’t mean he isn’t doing everything he can, behind the scenes, to speed Ghadafi’s early departure, it just means it is not the purpose of the imposition of a No Fly zone. Why do the media and R’s and some D’s continue not to get this? Because they’re being disingenuous provocateurs, trying to undermine the president at every turn with the flat-out lie that he’s failing to communicate. This is classic projection by the biggest communication failures in the world–the US media.

  71. I believe Messina and Obama team decided the opposite. They’re not going to let the GOP have free shots at President Obama during the primaries, but will have a noticeable presence in the primary states and fight any smears/lies like they are in the primary. They don’t want any lies/smears to take hold in the minds of voters.

  72. It’s disgusting to see so called progressive bitching about the cost of war instead of talking about we averted a genocide. The PL bitched endlessly (and rightly) about the US and UN not stopping the genocide in Rwanda and the Sudan, but now because Obama actually stepped up to stop a genocide, they are against it.

  73. Snowbird i was trying to get that same thought out. they are not mentioning the lives being saved or what these ppl have been living with.

  74. I emailed a letter to Anderson Cooper about the same thing. I don’t understand it. human lives is no longer important or does it have to due with what country you are from. Sad

  75. His eyes look so red in that video. he working so hard and gets no credit for his efforts.

  76. There is a serious massacre going on right now in Ivory Coast. It’s pretty disturbing and I am not sure there is anything the US or UN can do to stop it.

  77. See how that rethug lam frames the lame stream media in his e-mail

    “Currently, the media is painting the union protest as a democratic uprising and failing to mention the role of the DNC and umbrella union organizations in the protest,” he continued. “Employing a false flag operation would assist in undercutting any support that the media may be creating in favor of the unions.”

    This is how the cow down the msm into parroting their own ugly talking points.

  78. They’re playing it safe and being really systematic with the collecting. I’m sure they’ll keep on getting more signatures though because they’re building a database so they can hit the ground running when Walker is up for recall in November.

    Probably won’t turn them in until they have others to go with him because they don’t want a single election here and there, but would rather have one recall election day in order to really make a GOTV event splash.

  79. Yep,
    I was thoroughly appalled by her show today. She seems so naive to think that the so-called objections of Repugs to this Libyan intervention is nothing but political posturing and rank hypocrisy.

    That she thinks there is some wonderful bipartisan movement afoot by wingnuts and Democrats to finally put military expenditure on a mandatory diet was truly laughable.

    How she cannot see that the noises from repugs is simply intended to deny THIS president any wherewithal to wage a sensible foreign policy is sad. All she needed to look at is whether the same Repugs agree to cuts to defense contracts in their respective states in the spirit of cutting the deficit. No!

    Rachel disappointed today.

  80. Hypocrites. How many people screamed this loud about George Bush? If it involves President Obama, cue the everything goes.

    After POTUS leaves the stage, I am done with this crowd. They accuse the teabaggers and GOP of some of exactly what they do.

    Some people really need to look in the mirror.

    Go figure.

  81. If she believes for one second that this outrage is about Defense costs, I’ve got a piece of land filled with gold to give her.

    I have come to the conclusion that I am going to take a page out of POTUS’ playbook. I am not going to get to high or too low about anything these pundits say about this president.

    I will take their ccoverage with a grain of salt — praise or criticism.

    I am really tired of some of the simplicity naivety they bring to some of these issues.

  82. Isn’t africa from Liberia? I hope her family and friends are okay. 😦

    Do you by chance know the name of her website?

  83. There HAS to be at some time a big and organized effort to inform americans about the Citizen United decision. It’s imperative that americans understand that the avalanche of negative ads by republican candidates comes from the money of rich corporations. If “swing voters”, in particular, realize what’s going on, maybe they’ll view all those republican ads with derision and push back in voting democrat.

  84. Am I mistaken or it’s the republicans who started talking about the costs ?

    Jezz, when are the pundits and the PL going to realize that they fall into the trap of the republican propaganda machine over and over and over again ???

    And anyway this critic is so short-sided. Besides the obvious morality of intervening, this is a good thing for national security in the long run. Can you just imagine the long-term consequences of not doing anything and signaling to the Arab world that America doesn’t care if civilians are massacred ?

    If the cynics just want to talk about costs, well this is money well spent.

  85. You cogently state:

    “Remember this saying: We are Family…I got all my (brothers and) sisters with me!!! President and First Lady Obama are counting on us staying focused and united. We have to re-take the keys back from the low information voters and put the adults back in charge – NATIONWIDE!!!”


    Thank you.

  86. OT … something for all of you to see, if you have not, already.

    “Photo Journalist John Moore, tells PBS that his assignments in the middle east during the recent uprisings, have been among the most dangerous he has ever been embarked upon.

  87. Saint Roscoe, you caught my attention days ago, but I tend to be patient. You think Michigan went hard red for what reason? And your reasoning is that “they don’t deserve any benefit of the doubt” according to you? Do you really know what you speak of?

    You’re not spinning anything?

    Puhlease. Here’s a clue for you. Next time you want to try to make your point, watch where you are pointing that thing.

  88. Japa, I usually like your viewpoints, but I don’t like the phrase “trickle down” so I think it would be better for you to use other terminology.

    I don’t agree with with “trickle down” economics, and I hope you don’t either. If you do, then you and I are polar opposites.

    My message for those who agree with “trickle down” economics is, “Don’t leach off of my hard work and then call me a leach just because you have more money.”

  89. It’s unbelievable. You can absolutely see the physical toll this job is taking on President Obama. He doesn’t complain at all, but it’s an absolute disgrace that the keyboard warriors and diva pundits have the nerve to think that attacking him every day is “activism” while they sit on their behinds. Absolutely disgraceful. He indeed looks exhausted in this video.

  90. Perfectly stated. You can’t get too happy about these pundits because they are not consistent, even the best like Maddow and Eugene Robinson who we also discussed here today. They’re all pretty much full of themselves and think that criticism is mandatory even where it’s simply not warranted. Anyone with half a brain could see what the GOP is up to; this was nonconstructive criticism just for the sake of adding to the negativity. I don’t watch or read any of this garbage any more personally. I prefer unapologetic trash television which doesn’t pretend to be anything but what it is.

  91. Let me let you in on a little secret of mine.

    If the entire media is stupider than I am, then there’s something wrong.

    Yeah, I see you.

  92. The Pundits and PL have the same agenda where this particular President is concerned. So it’s not surprising when they quickly adopt GOP talking points and use them against PBO.

  93. The good news, Obama saved the auto industry, the bad news, the workers coming back are coming in at far lower wages and benefits package. Now who will be able to afford GM’s cars?

  94. I really hope PBO uses the ‘don’t give the Repubs the keys’ analogy again. I know some on DK and the reporters at the press conference the day after the midterms kind of ridiculed it, but it was spot on! Maybe some people couldn’t see that before, especially with some Liberals saying both parties are the same, but hopefully now they do. As my late grandma used to say, ‘A hard head will make a soft behind.’ She was talking about getting spanked, which is what’s happening to the people of WI, MI, OH, IN, TN, NJ et al.

  95. Wow! I wonder if MM, JH, GG, DKos, et al know this? Not saying it excuses abusive treatment – if that’s what happened. But it should make people look carefully at motivations. Plus, are the Log Cabin Repubs making any noise about his confinement? MakeSense, is that clip on the BBC’s website?

  96. And gn brings her own unique and wonderful talents that make this board such an enjoyable place to spend time.

  97. Thanks for posting that! I know that PBO had made comments about the Ivory Coast that got little play in the MSM. This video probably won’t get much play either while at the same time critics will point to the conflicts there, conflate them with Syria, Yemen and others and say that he’s doing nothing about what’s going on there. Also, I thought I’d read something earlier this year that said that PBO would focus more on Africa over the next two years. And you can bet that whatever he’s doing there, you won’t be seeing it in the media…

  98. Get rid of NAFTA and close the flood of American jobs to foreign sources. The only benefit NAFTA ever served was to give international corporations a way to circumvent labor laws and livable wages in the American market. Get rid of NAFTA and impose stiff tariffs on all products imported into the USA. We have a large enough base to support American made products which will then employ every American!

  99. I think it might be time to forget about the flood of jobs overseas – which isn’t likely to end, given that the rest of the world is now better connected – and instead focus on creating jobs here that leverage American ingenuity and innovation, and are difficult to export. The fact is, the US is not the only source of employment anymore for many developing countries. For example, many countries are now creating opportunties for themselves with Asian companies for support, customer service, programming, operations. And as the standard of living continues to improve, these emerging economies will create alternative markets where jobs will be created, products will be manufactured, and trade will occur. We can’t continue to live in the past, instead weshould be taking up the mantle that President Obama has put forward to expedite innovation in the US. Imagining the future is easier when you’ve done it before, and that’s the advantage that the US has over many other countries.

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