Thursday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

Sorry for the sporadic updates over the past couple of days – I’m dealing with some personal stuff – but I did go through many comments and I can’t tell you how proud I am of the level and manner of discussion you guys displayed, while talking about some really sensitive issues. I could not be more proud, and genuinely moved. Thanks.

Now, to the mishmash.

1. I hate wars as much as much as the next guy, but I waited a whole week for someone to explain – Better than I can – why I support this particular military operation in Libya. Nicholas Kristof is doing exactly that today:

This may be a first for the Arab world: An American airman who bailed out over Libya was rescued from his hiding place in a sheep pen by villagers who hugged him, served him juice and thanked him effusively for bombing their country.

Even though some villagers were hit by American shrapnel, one gamely told an Associated Press reporter that he bore no grudges. Then, on Wednesday in Benghazi, the major city in eastern Libya whose streets would almost certainly be running with blood now if it weren’t for the American-led military intervention, residents held a “thank you rally.” They wanted to express gratitude to coalition forces for helping save their lives.


This is also one of the few times in history when outside forces have intervened militarily to save the lives of citizens from their government. More commonly, we wring our hands for years as victims are massacred, and then, when it is too late, earnestly declare: “Never again”.


I opposed the 2003 Iraq invasion because my reporting convinced me that most Iraqis hated Saddam Hussein but didn’t want American forces intruding on their soil. This time my reporting persuades me that most Libyans welcome outside intervention.

“Opinion was unanimous,” Michel Gabaudan, the president of Refugees International, told me on Wednesday after a visit to Libya. Mr. Gabaudan said that every Libyan he spoke to agreed that the military strikes had averted “a major humanitarian disaster.”

“Men, women and children, they are ecstatic about the role of the coalition but worried that it may not continue,” he said.


The momentum has reversed. More airstrikes on Colonel Qaddafi’s artillery and armor will help. So would jamming his radio and television broadcasts. Arab countries are already delivering weapons and ammunition to the rebels, boosting their capabilities and morale. In short, there are risks ahead but also opportunities.

A senior White House official says that the humanitarian argument was decisive for President Obama: “The president was chilled by what would happen to the people of Benghazi and Tobruk.  There were critical national security and national interest reasons to do this, but what compelled the president to act so quickly was the immediate prospect of mass atrocities against the people of Benghazi and the east. He was well aware of the risks of military action, but he also feared the costs of inaction.”

I’ve seen war up close, and I detest it. But there are things I’ve seen that are even worse — such as the systematic slaughter of civilians as the world turns a blind eye. Thank God that isn’t happening this time. 



2. Those who wants to strip PBO of his Nobel Peace Prize are not really worth the attention, but they do give me an excuse to post his acceptance speech back in 2009. A man of consistency, if there ever was one:


3. Recovery!

Weekly jobless claims down to 382,000

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — First-time claims for unemployment benefits in the week ending March 19 fell 5,000 to 382,000, the Labor Department said Thursday, with the four-week moving average of 385,250 reaching the lowest level since July 2008. The claims were very close to the MarketWatch-compiled economist estimates of 380,000, and last week’s levels were revised higher by 2,000 to 387,000. Continuing claims in the week ending March 12 fell 2,000 to 3.72 million, the lowest level since Sept. 2008.


4. Speaking of hating wars, but at least trying to end them:

Thousands of Taliban lay down their weapons

General David Petraeus said 700 fighters have now been through a “reintegration process” and another 2,000 were in “various stages” of the process.

He added that NATO estimates another “couple of thousand” have “gone back to their homes and laid down their weapons” of their own accord.

// more


5. Yesterday was the first anniversary of the beautiful thing called “Obama-Care”. Here’s a good read from USA Today:

After One Year, Health Law Already Offers Lifelines

And, three terrific videos:


6. I’m a polls wh**e, I admit. 🙂 I know we should not pay too much attention to them on a daily basis, but I also know tha we were all quite happy with this new PEW poll from yesterday:


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  1. I have to admit, I’m addicted to this blog…I was even worried about you because I didn’t get my MishMash yesterday….going to get coffee so I can read now.

  2. hey BWD could’nt rest last nite check in a bout 1:00Am to see if you checked in im so glad you are ok bless you.

  3. Why is the Tea Party on that last poll. They are a small but loud fringe group. Why are we giving them attention?

  4. With regard to our discussion Tuesday and Wednesday, I find this worrying:

    In 2012 Obama reelected Republican win Other

    White 36 47 17

  5. Reason for Bush’s high polling numbers – Iraq War started in March 2003. The whole “Support your President” while at war meme was all over the MSM, ‘Shock and Awe’ was just ending and everybody thought it would be a walk in the park.

  6. Maybe Congress could read Kristof this morning before they shoot off their mouths and sound petty and isolationist. I’m glad POTUS had a few days absorbing the genuine appreciation in Latin America before heading back to the buzz saws on the Hill.

  7. Thank you for the pictures of the president and his daughters! Each time I see one, I am reminded of my relationship with my dad, and how precious it was. He obviously treasures his girls (all three!) and they him. I can feel the bonds through the pictures.

  8. This should be interesting:

    Julianne Moore has already been picked to portray Sarah Palin in HBO’s forthcoming movie “Game Change,” and now comes one more bit of casting news: Ed Harris will portray Sen. John McCain in the movie based on Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s book about the 2008 presidential campaign.

    Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman will help produce the film through their production company, Playtone, and Jay Roach is set to direct.

    It’s not the first time the four-time Oscar nominee has portrayed a presidential candidate: In 1992’s “Running Mates,” Harris played Hugh Hathaway, a bachelor senator with his sights set on the White House.

    Reacting to news of the casting on Thursday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Halperin simply said, “That’s awesome.”

  9. Hope all is well BWD. Thanks for the mishmash.

    I have thought all along, as Kristof has written, that the NFZ in Lybia is a humanitarian issue and not a military issue. Qaadafi was slaughtering his fellow Lybians to retain power. It’s sick – and it’s not just him. If we have the power to help, we can’t stand by wringing our hands and wondering what the right thing it is to do while allowing thousands of defenseless men, women and children to be murdered. It has happended too often in my lifetime.

  10. I’m with you, BWD. The piece by Kristoff says it all. I hadn’t seen that until you just posted it here, but that’s enough for me.These are the people that have welcomed this intervention….and if they HAD roses,I’m now certain that the countries on this humanitarian mission to save a countries people from their evil, murdering despot leader, would be laying them at the feet of their resuers.One has to wonder why all the calls for impeachment when I don’t recall a declaration of war since probably before my time. WW2? Our President is doing exactly what he should have done.Piss on the naysayers. Their hypocricy is stunning, as usual.This article by Kristoff needs to be read far and wide. Thank you for posting it here.

  11. The Know-Nothings were an American political organization of the 19th century known for their opposition to Catholics and recent immigrants – they got their name because they were, at least in theory, sworn to profess total ignorance about their activities. Their heyday was the 1850s, but after some electoral victories, the Civil War pretty much knocked them out of the spotlight.

    Vice President Biden, speaking Wednesday in Tampa, Fla., referenced the Know-Nothings in complaining about the strategy of congressional Republicans who want to, he said, “cut our way out of a recession.”

    “It’s never happened before,” he was quoted as saying by the St. Petersburg Times. “These guys remind me of the Know-Nothing Party of the 19th century. Then it was about religion, now it’s about the economy.”

    Biden, who appeared with Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, took some specific swipes at Gov. Rick Scott, a first-term Republican who has rejected $2.4 billion in federal funds for a high-speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando. Scott said he doubted enough people would use the train.

    “Even if you were doubtful, I don’t understand how in this economy in Florida you could walk away from 24,000 high paying jobs,” Biden says.



  12. And more from JOE:

    Why is the White House giving Sen. Bill Nelson’s reelection campaign so much attention? According to Vice President Biden, if Nelson loses in 2012, then he and President Obama will lose Florida.

    Biden made his way down to Florida on Wednesday to campaign for the second-term senator, in the same month that President Obama stumped for Nelson at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee dinner in Miami.

    According to a pool report, Biden told 150 supporters at a philanthropist’s home that he wanted to raise money for Nelson because they’re friends and political allies — and because “as goes Bill Nelson in Florida, so go Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Florida.”

    Tethering his political future to Nelson’s, Biden said he and the Florida Democrat backed the White House’s project to fund high-speed rail — an initiative rejected by Florida’s Republican governor, Rick Scott.

    “The government provides seed money,” Biden said. “That’s why Sen. Nelson and I both thought the high-speed rail made sense.”

    Biden will keep stumping for Nelson on Wednesday, attending another “event” for him later in Tampa.

  13. WASHINGTON (AP) — In a surprising show of growth, Hispanics accounted for more than half of the U.S. population increase over the last decade, exceeding estimates in most states. Pulled by migration to the Sun Belt, America’s population center edged westward on a historic path to leave the Midwest.

    The Census Bureau on Thursday will release its first set of national-level findings from the 2010 count on race and migration, detailing a decade in which rapid minority growth, aging whites and increased suburbanization were the predominant story lines. Geographers estimate that the nation’s population center will move southwest about 30 miles and be placed in or near the village of Plato in Texas County, Mo.

    Recent poll had POTUS up with hispanic population 66-16!

  14. Doesn’t this book just trash everybody – like a checkout line gossip rag?

  15. Of course, Peggy Noonan was trying to say, she did NOT ever think kadaffy would go into benghazi and slaughter his peeps!
    You gotta be kidding me? That is the best that PEGGY could say? Really?

  16. Shrub’s numbers had more do with post 9/11 mood with the usual fear mongering by the msm hacks. And americans were hoodwinked for umpteenth time.

  17. I read that yesterday,jovie, and found it fascinating. I hadn’t known about that:)Don’t you just love Joe?! Calls it like he sees it. Perfect compliment to our President if you ask me.
    I must add, that I hope that all is well, BWD.I get alittle frantic when I can’t get my fix of this place:) I thought something was wrong with my computer yesterday when Tues. Mish mash came up and no new posts…I am very dependent on your postings to start my day:)Hope that you’re well and that everything is ok now…hugs.

  18. The White House has “an important opportunity to continue the conversation with the speaker” after John Boehner asked President Obama to clarify the mission in Libya, Denis McDonough said Wednesday evening.

    Obama’s deputy national security adviser pointed out in an interview with CNN that Obama met with Boehner on Friday and that the White House had given him a “heads-up” on Saturday. “Of course, the discussion of a no-fly zone started up on Capitol Hill, so we were obviously able to take that idea and expand it to ensure we are degrading Qadhafi’s forces,” McDonough said.

    Boehner publicized a letter he sent to Obama on Wednesday in which he called Obama’s rationale for attacking Libya “sometimes contradictory,” particularly whether the United States is backing a regime change in Tripoli.

    As for Boehner’s question of whether Muammar Qadhafi staying in power would be acceptable, McDonough said the Obama administration is “not setting out with a policy of regime change.”

    Pressed on how that fits with Obama’s desire that Qadhafi step down, McDonough responded, “Well, that’s going to be a determination for the Libyan people to make,” and later added, “I’m not going to improve on the good answer that the president gave yesterday.”

    “We set out a very defined goal here, which is [that] we had shaped the environment, we enabled our international partners to take over the no-fly zone. We’re on the verge of doing that,” McDonough said. “We’re not pursuing regime change as a result of the military effort. That’s been quite clear since the president addressed it.”



  19. Good morning BWD. I was very cranky all day yesterday because I didn’t get my BWD fix. So glad you are okay. Thanks for the Kristof commentary. I so love positive reads on our President. I don’t like war either, but I truly believe this had to be done. The President was not concerned about polls or re-election, he did it for the people.

  20. While that’s terrific news, THAT explains pretty much all we need to know about the R’s views on immigration.Living in AZ, as I do,the Republicans in this state are hell bent on shipping any brown people out, precisely because of census reports like this.Ugly is very prevalent here.

  21. Illinois Senator Mark Kirk (R) slammed Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) for raising the possibility of impeaching President Obama over the Libyan mission.

    “I think Dennis Kucinich is one of the most irresponsible, fringe members of Congress and hardly anyone in Congress listens to him,” Kirk said Thursday on local radio station WLS 890.

    Kucinich has criticized Obama for intervening in Libya without going to Congress for authorization first.

  22. Hey, BWD! Glad you’re back and hope all works out ok. You can see that you have created a very, very important space.

    That Pew poll is outstanding for PBO. Especially these numbers:

    Job rating
    Approve 51%
    Disapprove 39%

    Favorable 58
    Unfavorable 39

    I notice no msm are reporting those job rating and favorability numbers. Typical.

    And 55% approval in the orange satan poll? Wow!

    Luv little Sasha. She is sooo daddy’s girl.

  23. Glad you’re back – I felt like a puppy left at home yesterday – running to the window to see if the family was back yet! LOL – addicted to BWD is right!

    I think I’m addicted to good news, I think we all are. There’s been a pervasive air of gloom and doom over this country for years, created in large part by the MSM, and now aided and abetted by the blogosphere, and I suspect that suits the Top 1% just fine. Depressed people generally don’t fight back as hard – look at the Middle East and how long those repressive regimes have lasted. Making sure we feel helpless and hopeless keeps the power centers right where they are. This place and the other pragmatic blogs keep me sane these days, and energize me to keep fighting for what I believe in.

    Thank you BWD for your part in starting a genuine progressive revolution. We may actually save this country from itself.

  24. Always a generuic republican, and still…

    Voters in Ohio are split on whether President Obama deserves a second term in 2012, according to a new poll.

    New numbers from Quinnipiac University out Thursday found that 45 percent of Ohio voters think the president deserves reelection in 2012, while 46 percent say he doesn’t.

    Obama’s approval rating now stands at 47 percent in the state — that’s down slightly from the 49 percent approval Quinnipiac measured in late January.

    And while Obama’s lead is small, he still bests a generic Republican challenger in the state — 41 percent to 34 percent.

    A Pew Research poll released Wednesday showed Obama running well against a generic Republican opponent — 47 percent to 35 percent. In that poll, a similar percentage of registered voters — 47 percent — said they’d like to see Obama reelected in 2012.

    Obama won Ohio in 2008 as he cruised to election. Obama could lose Ohio in 2012 and still win reelection, but it would make his path to the presidency much more difficult.

    Ohio has voted for the winning candidate in the presidential election in every election since 1960, when it supported Republican Richard Nixon instead of President John Kennedy.

  25. Granholm: Clean energy campaign to steer clear of climate

    Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) said the clean energy campaign she will help lead for the Pew Charitable Trusts will focus on jobs and security — not on climate change.

    “We can decide as a nation that it’s okay to lose these factories and lose our manufacturing capacity, or we can do what other countries are doing, which is to get in the game and pass policies that will keep jobs and create jobs,” she said Wednesday afternoon at the campaign’s rollout.

    “So this campaign is all about two things. I am not going to be talking about cap-and-trade, I am not going to be talking about global warming. I am going to be talking about jobs, and I am going to be talking about independence from foreign oil,” Granholm said.

    The messaging is consistent with the political positioning of other green power and transportation advocates — including President Obama — at a time when climate bills are moribund on Capitol Hill.

    They have increasingly emphasized that green energy can be a major domestic economic force, but that the U.S. risks falling badly behind China, which has aggressive policies to promote industries like wind- and solar-related manufacturing.

    The former two-term Michigan governor will be a senior adviser for the Pew energy campaign and will travel to promote the initiative that will focus on issues including auto efficiency, electric vehicles, industrial efficiency and green energy R&D.

    “Gov. Granholm, together with Pew staff, will meet with clean energy start-ups, research facilities, entrepreneurs, manufacturing plants, elected officials and community partners around the country to discuss possibilities for job creation, manufacturing and exports. They will explore the role policy can play in increasing demand and spurring investment in the sector, which is marked by rapid growth and fierce international competition,” the group said.

    The Hill-

  26. Excellent article on the history of the political parties in Wisconsin. Ax will like this one:

    “Scott Walker is not Joe McCarthy. Their political convictions and the two moments in history are quite different. But there is something about the style of the two men — their aggressiveness, their self-certainty, their seeming indifference to contrary views — that may help explain the extreme partisan reactions they triggered. McCarthy helped create the modern Democratic Party in Wisconsin by infuriating progressive Republicans, imagining that he could build a national platform by cultivating an image as a sternly uncompromising leader willing to attack anyone who stood in his way. Mr. Walker appears to be provoking some of the same ire from adversaries and from advocates of good government by acting with a similar contempt for those who disagree with him.

    The turmoil in Wisconsin is not only about bargaining rights or the pension payments of public employees. It is about transparency and openness. It is about neighborliness, decency and mutual respect. Joe McCarthy forgot these lessons of good government, and so, I fear, has Mr. Walker. Wisconsin’s citizens have not. …more”

  27. Jobs & Security – Nice framing there. It’s time dems started framing every developmental issue as national security since most americans seem to fall for it.

  28. Last week, I had the pleasure of hearing General David Petraeus, U.S. Army Commander of the International Security Assistance Force and of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, testify before the House Armed Services Committee on Afghanistan. Ever the dedicated professional, the General not only outlined the current state of affairs on the war front but also updated Members as to the progressions and potential setbacks currently facing allied forces in Afghanistan.

    After hearing his testimony and visiting with him and his troops last month in Afghanistan, I remain steadfast in my belief that our troops are truly making a difference in helping to establish a democracy in a country that was once run out of fear and corruption by terrorists, warlords, and the Taliban.

    Immediately addressing the top issue on the Committee’s mind, General Petraeus discussed the level of security in the country first. Coalition forces have been making steady progress in establishing security in the country. So much so that the Joint-Afghan NATO Board will announce this spring to begin transition to Afghan leads in certain provinces.

    This is very encouraging news when assessing our progress. Admittedly, a strong ally military presence must remain to ensure gains made by coalition forces are not lost to insurgents. But this news is instrumental to meet this July’s beginning drawdown deadline set forth by the President.

  29. “neighborliness, decency and mutual respect…” Having spent my formative growing up in Wisconsin…indeed part of that in McCarthy’s main area of strength…I can attest to the fact that those are very important things to all Badgerland inhabitants, regardless of political stripe.

  30. DUDE, what is going on with McCaskil?:

    Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s tax bill continues to grow, much to the delight of Republicans.

    The first-term Democrat will likely have to pay close to an additional $40,000 to St. Louis County to cover interest and penalties related to her failure to pay personal property taxes on a private plane stored at the Spirit of St. Louis airport.

    McCaskill has already sent the county’s Department of Revenue checks for more than $287,000 to cover the personal property taxes owed on the plane for 2007 to 2010.

    Somebody is doing really good oppo research, come on claire!

  31. I just do not understand all these rich folk in congress not paying taxes, democrats included! They talk out of both sides of their mouth!

  32. Look at all those smart blacks, hispanics, women and I am proud to say youngins, like myself, standing with our POTUS Obama!!!! Woot….I am happy to see those numbers. 😀 😀

    *Judging those white folks that are standing with the Republican party,booooooooooo that!!!*

    Welcome back BWD. We missed you. 😀

  33. Toon, I am afraid I do not know what you are referring to. Would you help me out?

  34. And BTW: If this was BUSH going into LIBYA the same exact way, everyone would be praising him! Just saying!

  35. Well, they have a few more years to get rights taken away, and have the entire state get run into the ground…they’ll figure it out sooner or later….and then blame the dems for not fixing everything soon enough. I think they’re having buyer’s remorse…as they should.

  36. Unfortunately this means she will not work with the Administration in any capacity.

  37. That is amazing. Not that I like Kirk, but at least someone called him out.

    Over at TPV, there are a few who think Dennis is preparing to primary Obama. YOu know go out with a bang.

    Dennis, trying to save the frustrati? Giving them what they want. BS Dennis has no idea what it takes to be president and how difficult it is to get things done.

  38. Evidently, it’s ok to lie an entire country into years of 2 wars, but it’s NOT ok for us to partner with other countries to save a nations people from a murdering dictator for humanitarian reasons.Still feeds the military industrial complex, you’d think they’d be jumping for joy.Oh yeah, I forgot, the black Dem. President did it.My bad.

  39. Yay!!!!

    *somersaults through thread, inhaling that new mishmash smell*

    Hope all is well, BWD.

    My F5 button got a workout yesterday!

  40. BWD, I too was befuddled. I thought something might be wrong. Glad to see you.

    BWD, who is even talking about PBO losing his Nobel Peace Prize?

  41. Jordan says its assistance to the international coalition action against the Libyan regime will be solely humanitarian.

    Information Minister Taher Adwan told AFP news agency:

    We will provide ambulances or humanitarian aid. We will not take part in actions on the ground in Libya

    Adwan comment comes a day after British prime minister David Cameron said Kuwait and Amman will provide “logistic contributions”.


    But, but, but, Hannity and old Ruchbo said, this was only a western force and their were no Arab nations and…

  42. I haven’t read it but one of the things I kept hearing when it came out was how little gossip it contained about Obama. Or bad gossip.

  43. Lots of juicy behind-the scenes stuff about Obama/Clinton, Edwards etc., really trashes Palin and the train wreck that was the McCain/Palin campaign. It includes Palin’s staff describing her as a “diva” and a “whack job” and saying things like “Oh my god” about her lack of knowledge about almost everything. I still can’t believe that $150,000 clothes shopping spree and Todd snatching up a bunch of silk undies for himself during the outing. Ay yi yi.
    Should be an interesting film.

  44. We really missed you yesterday but we understand about personal. You are also in my prayers! You are loved here. Do take care of yourself first.
    Thank you for that great Kristof article. I too am against needless war. But I understand this fight.
    I too was very touched by the discussion yesterday. So many good points. Thank you all.

  45. OMG!!!

    By KENDRA MARR | 3/24/11 10:28 AM EDT Updated: 3/24/11 10:55 AM EDT
    Michele Bachmann plans to file presidential exploratory committee papers in early June, according to a report on Thursday.

    While she’s made a big splash of traveling to early voting states, Bachmann has so far been coy on her 2012 aspirations, telling reporters that she’ll make a decision in summer.

    Continue Reading

    Citing an unnamed source, CNN says Bachmann may jump that self-imposed deadline if launching a committee becomes a requirement to participate in the three GOP presidential primary debates in May and early June.

    CNN also reports that she had hired Iowa Republican state Sen. Kent Sorenson to be her state political director. Bachmann Chief of Staff Andy Parrish told the news outlet that the congresswoman aims to have political teams in New Hampshire and South Carolina “within a week.”

    Read more:

  46. There is so much good news around! I’ve seen some wonderful articles of support for the President’s handling of Libya and really like the one you cited BWD. God bless those dear people.

    I thought Kevin Drum had a very down-to-earth, reality based debunking of the critics. Loved his final summing up:

    “But an awful lot of the criticism is just so unremittingly juvenile that I can hardly stand listening to it anymore. Time to grow up, people.”

    “But the “dithering” complaint? Give me a break. When did it suddenly become a personality defect to decline to intervene in a foreign rebellion the instant it broke out?”

    and this one

    “Then there’s the “why did he change his mind?” nonsense. Answer: because when events on the ground are moving fast, presidents change their minds. How? Usually by first holding a meeting and getting lots of input. Obama changed his mind last Tuesday in exactly the same way that every president since George Washington has changed his mind.”

    It’s hard to pick a favorite quote! I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it.

  47. Kevin Drum is so right and his post actually describes the vast majority of criticism that has been lobbed at Obama since day one. Just plain juvenile and a lot of times so outlandish that you have to wonder how or why these people are taken seriously.

  48. BWD: Thanks for a lot of great info and photos, as usual. I’m working on becoming addicted to this blog! 🙂

    What Is Working: I signed the HP petition yesterday. Yesterday was also my first official HP-free day…didn’t go there once. I’ve been a regular there for over two years so it’s sort of hard, but enough is enough. I know they like to stir the pot and throw controversial stuff out there, but Andrew Breitbart? Seriously? So, I’m hanging out here and also checking out

    Hope everyone has a super day!

  49. I guess it’s good news, because I don’t think Palin wants to run, so the teabaggers will at least have a candidate which could shake things up. I just don’t want the GOP primary to be a Romney coronation – it needs to be messy.

    I wonder if this could open the door to take her House seat. Tarryl Clark should announce her candidacy for the House seat the same day as Bachmann announces she’s running for President. It would be great messaging for Clark.

  50. BTW: Ronald Reagan targeted Kadaffy in 1986, he missed him, got his kids and later was a HERO in the eyes of the MEDIA and the US population!

    I just don’t get it!

  51. It’s good to see you’re back, bwd. I hope your personal stuff is going better now.

  52. YUP! Oh Yeah, Have you ever noticed her eyes when she gives an interview? She looks all cracked out! Seriously!

  53. I dont get when the quote the price of missile used to save human lives as if the life of a libyan is not worth the use of a rocket.

  54. Polls and more polls. Years ago when I first started to become interested in politics I remember politicians saying that the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day. So true. The value of polls is definitely overstated; they change with every economic report, world event, Stock Market shiver and the price of groceries. All the energy used up by comparing polls to determine trends and weaknesses could be better used to evaluate what is happening in our society and how we can contribute to solutions. Getting results, making sure that people understand what works and what doesn’t, supporting leaders who do the same – if we concentrate on that, we can forget about the polls.
    That’s not a complaint, however. I realize that the constant polling is very much part of the political process today. I just wish it weren’t so.
    BWD, I am so happy to see your MishMash this morning. I definitely felt that there was something important missing in my day yesterday. Thank you again for all your work.

  55. And, they have two different tomahawks, one is older and is programmed onboard ship, the other is a more recent version, that can detect a target, send picture back to pentagon for a go or no go on target.
    That Tomahawk version is twice more expensive, and has NOT been used.
    Yet, that is the figure they keep quoting, the 1.3 million is for the newer version tomahwak! Little devils!

  56. Jovie. Love your great comments on BWD’s mishmash posts, although the slightly OT lengthy quotes from other sources are a bit distracting.

  57. Firstly, WELCOME BACK, BWD!!

    Trusting that your personal matters shall work out toward the positive. Otherwise, please believe what you see here in terms of sentiments toward you. I, too, was missing you and hoping all is well. It is a VERY good thing you do, here. Now….

    Dorothy did you see Tulips’ answer? As I’ve understood it, she’s quite correct and it is but noise as NEITHER of these guys has anything to do with the Nobel committee. And, Jovie…

    You ask a VERY good question re: Sen. McCaskill. She’s one of my Senators (because of a campaign that was run about as poorly as the Democratic competitor against Scott Brown, the other one is Roy Blunt – uuugggghhh!) And, you raise a VERY good question. It’s tricky being in Claire’s position because there is VERY little that’s liberal about The Show Me State. That’s why she’s, at points, really come of like a conserva-Dem. There’s a tight rope, if you’re a Democrat, to be walked, here.

    But, it would appear, that it tends to come back to her husband. That was a chief reason she lost her bid to become our Gov. And, he seems to be in the mix with this dad-blasted air plane.

    What’s fortunate is that her likely Republican opponent, Jim Talent, though having been a one term Senator and losing to her last time, has all the charisma of growing grass.

    But, you are correct, sir….she REALLY needs to tighten her stuff up.

  58. Auto industry executives are trying to make Silicon Valley engineers feel at home in Detroit. With a burgeoning number of technology job openings to fill, they’re scouring Internet companies for workers, wining and dining applicants, and seeking promising students at schools such as Stanford University.

    “We have a whole slew of job postings out there currently,” said Doug VanDagens, director of Ford’s connected service solutions, who has been trying to lure engineers to the automaker to design software. “We’re just on a growth binge.”

    Expertise in cloud computing, mobile software applications and energy management are in demand in the Motor City as automakers replace car stereos with Internet radio and gasoline engines with motors powered by lithium-ion batteries. Technology job postings in the Detroit area doubled last year, making it the fastest-expanding region in the country, according to Dice Holdings Inc. (DHX), a job-listing website.

  59. Hope you will be ok, BWD, and thank you for another great post!

    All the White House needs to do for the coming days, weeks, is send a copy of Mr. Kristof’s essay to everyone – and, read it to those who either can’t or won’t read.

  60. Which is why Strickland will be great in the DNC chair role if that’s how it plays out.

  61. They should do something like “50 States – 50 Stories”, as it would probably lead to local press on the local family profiled.

    Thinking even bigger – a story from each congressional district.

  62. Not to mention the Administration froze $29B in Libyan assets –

    “The Treasury Department team had been working nonstop on a plan to freeze Libyan assets in U.S. banks, hoping they might snare $100 million or more and prevent Moammar Gaddafi from tapping it as he unleashed deadly attacks against protesters who wanted him gone.

    Now, at 2:22 Friday afternoon, Feb. 25, an e-mail arrived from a Treasury official with startling news. Their $100 million estimate was off — orders of magnitude off.

    The e-mail said there was in “excess of $29.7 Billion — yes, that’s a B.”

    And most of the money was at one bank.”

    Of course that us all Libyan money, but I bet the eventual new government would be willing to repay the US costs if push came to shove.

  63. Charmed, Good Morning I completely agree. I can’t go one day without coming here to hear the unadulterated truth. Or in honor of the group that sang “Smiling Faces,” the undisputed truth. May God continue to bless BWD and all who visit the amazing site. Smooches!!!!!! 🙂

  64. Excellent mismash. bwd, I hope that you take all of the time and the rest that you need to stay balanced. Thanks for all that you do for us. Indeed, like others have noticed, it wasn’t until we didn’t hear from you yesterday that I discovered how much I rely on these mismashes for good news.

  65. Welcome back BWD~ you’ve been missed and I really hope things are okay.

    Thank you for the mish-mash, and for the article on Libya in particular.. this:

    I’ve seen war up close, and I detest it. But there are things I’ve seen that are even worse — such as the systematic slaughter of civilians as the world turns a blind eye. Thank God that isn’t happening this time. 

    since this whole Libya thing began and Quadaffi and son made it quite clear that they would be more than willing to murder their own people.. I have thought of Rawanda more than anything else, and how a world watched while thousands and thousands of people were slaughtered. I am grateful that President Obama chose not to allow that to happen on his watch and I support this action, and how it’s being implemented… even more when the Libyan people have expressed their want of this.

    Have a good thursday everyone 😉

  66. And whiter the family that is profiled, better it would be. Beats down the myth that HCR only benefits non-whites.

  67. BWD: glad to have back yes. we were worried.
    Jovi who in the hell is Peggy NO, NO. NO. she is full crap a regan speech writer she is so yesterday we are the NEW and yes PBO can walk, Talk, and chew gum at the same time.
    Remember the were all saying to slow down that he was trying to do too much what a bunch of (F’s).

  68. Just laughed at the always irreverent Wonkette’s take on the very exciting prospect of the Bachmann candidacy. They said nothing can keep her from her “rightful place on the big stage before a roaring sitting ovation of adoring old Teabaggers in scooters.”

  69. This is really interesting. There were some great pieces posted at thepeoplesview which made a similar argument about the need to reframe the cause of environmentalism, expand it, and massage the messages to be more suitable to the type of coalition politics which draws in disparate viewpoints and gets things done.

    I personally think it’s pretty smart to discuss environmentalism from the vantage point of jobs and national security. That may open some minds which are currently quite closed.

    Part 1:

  70. LOL, I remember reading that GOP activists in South Carolina considered Bachmann a smarter, yet equally “conservative” version of Sarah Palin, and I was tickled pink. By all means, I hope that she runs for the GOP presidential candidacy.

  71. Kevin – I, too, have not been a regular visitor to HP in more than half a year. Once in a while I went over for a peek, since I liked some of the genuine writers who weren’t just there to trash President Obama … but after the Arianna power and wealth grab via AOL, no more little jaunts.

  72. I think this is a wasted opportunity for color of change. Who cares about Arianna Huffington?

    They should focus on AOL. Petition AOL and demand to know their stance on the issue. That effort would be valuable . . playing with Arianna — not so much.

  73. Wow. I haven’t cared much for Garth Brooks’ singing or ego, but I intend to stop, look, and listen to him more after this. He gets it.

    Which leads me to think a lot more people get it, and are starting to open up about that!

  74. Yeah, I thought that this was already going on because I remember OFA soliciting stories.

  75. Ha! Kelly – fear not. Lots of older white women standing with our President 1000% – like I am!


  76. If he does challenge President Obama just to make some points, he will be creamed very rapidly.

    However, what I’m afraid of is some ugly debates and, most of all, a scenario like in 2000 when a certain percentage of progressives didn’t vote for Gore and we all know hot it all ended up. The consequences were catastrophic for America and the world.

    Folks, the WH thinks the 2012 election could be close. I’m not liking the noise from Kucinich, Weiner and Co. Not one bit.

    I’m very disappointed in Kucinich. Last year I thought he had finally come to his senses and understood that President Obama IS a progressive, but a realistic and sensible one.

    His “impeachement” talk is stupid. It’s a knee-jerk reaction. No legal basis. Can’t he see all the care President Obama and his team took into the decision process?

    You know… I thought those “hard progressives” were intellectually sophisticated. They knew a lot. They were “competent”. The only problem was their emotions and their lack of accepting of political reality. I’ve discovered in the last two years they’re NOT that knowledgeable. They see everything in black and white. Their analysis is often FLAWED, never exhaustive, often based on wrong premises. And boy, are they counter-productive.

  77. I’m suprised that Claire is not paying her taxes, she is the main dem who likes to talk about fisical responsibility….maybe things will work out for her.

  78. Cnn is reporting khaddaffy aide are calling the state department looking for a way out.

  79. Good news. That could avoid further confrontation and bloodshed and refocus upon the challenges with creating a new governmental framework in Libya.

  80. That’s good news. Hope this egotist sees the end of his reign and goes away without any further blood shed.

  81. Ouch ! Terrible news. Her reelection was far from assured. Now this. With the mood of the electorate…

  82. Bob Cesca, liberal HuffPo mainstay, seems to be struggling to reconcile his years-long participation at HuffPo (which he does not intend to stop) with the decision to promote Andrew Breitbart (who is responsible for the Shirley Sherrod smear amongst others) to that space’s front page.

    My take: sooner, rather than later, people need to understand that HuffPo is lurching to the right, and there is zip they can do about it, because this is a decision coming from the top down and it suits the prerogatives of the elite. It’s that simple.

    Liberals have no real mega-voice in the new media. We must be the change we’re seeking; we cannot depend upon the good faith and good moods of a handful of people. I love this space because it’s providing part of a solution, and at some point, there’s going to have to be a large, interactive, non-profit-motivated news aggregating space for pragmatic progressives. Because we are being so poorly served as it stands. People are wasting time “civilly” arguing with an ethics-free “journalist” like Breitbart when the magic of the netroots was getting together outside of the control of the right, and providing new media alternatives. We need to replicate that IMO.

  83. Its sad to see we have some selfish self centered ppl representing us in congress on both sides.

  84. Huff and Puff post has always been a Trojan horse, luring folks who are liberals and convincing them to react with baseless hyperbole and conjecture, as opposed to the actual facts.

    I’ve decided to take a long break from Huff and Puff post, the fawning over the Keebler elf calling POTUS reaction in Libya impeachable was enough for me.

  85. Definitely, and it’s even sadder that we have folks that buy into the BS from both sides.

    I can understand Republicans hoping POTUS fails, but Democrats and liberals? It seems as if the UNprofessional left is always second guessing POTUS, forgetting that he was the candidate who came from nowhere to become the President.

    And the fact that their rants are based on ideological dogma and reactive emotions says it all, they can NOT have an honest debate and just want to block progress so that they can keep on complaining and pouting.

  86. Thanks for the link Jovie.

    Good news. However, it’s so frustrating to read that republicans could undo the good work, once again. Those fools are so blinded by their ideology of unilateralism. They hate the UN and what it represents. They’re dinosaurs, always impeding progress and world peace.

  87. Hiya, folks. I need your help. Like last year, I have agreed to raise funds for the Netroots for the Troops project. At the Netroots Nation conference last year, we assembled 300 CARE packages to be sent to men and women stationed overseas. This year our goal is 600.

    Last year I helped raise just over $1.000. I have put together a team this year with the ambitious goal of raising $2,500. So, if you’d like to help out the troops and support “Team Eclectablog”, please click the link below to learn more about it. Thanks so much. It’s a really worthy cause.

    Netroots for the Troops – Where “Support the Troops” actually means something

  88. HuffPo’s response to Color of Change:

    From the beginning, The Huffington Post has welcomed voices from all sides of the political spectrum, including conservatives such as Newt Gingrich, Frank Luntz, Tom Coburn, Laura Ingraham, Bob Barr, George Pataki, David Frum, Byron York, Mary Matalin, and Ken Blackwell. The idea being that dialogue — from a wide range of perspectives — is preferable to silence. The fact that Andrew Breitbart’s first post on our site drew over 1,635 comments, conducted in a civil manner, seems to validate the premise and the decision to publish his blog post.

    Disgraceful. It’s all about the controversy and page clicks. They could not care less that this unethical person outed and destroyed a private woman’s professional life with his doctored videos and phony story. He brings them page clicks and has been working with HuffPo from the beginning.

    I can’t understand how liberals could continue to post there. How and why should anyone waste time conducting a “civil” discussion with an unapologetic person like that?

  89. I may sound like a broken record, but I’m nervous about Huntsman. Romney will fade rapidly if Huntsman enters the race. And the Village will LOVE the guy and push him like crazy. And am I too paranoid to think that the GoP establishment could work behind the scenes to “convince” some potential candidates to not run and allow a rapid coronation of an electable candidate, so he could campaign non stop for a long time while President Obama has to run the country ??

  90. I applaud you and would ask that you consider making your break permanent. The current situation is just too egregious; it couldn’t be more obvious that Huffington is dragging that space to the right and has turned it into yet another asset for the right.

    Here’s how they responded to the outcry and color of change petition (I hope this is not a dupe, I tried to post this earlier and it didn’t take):

    From the beginning, The Huffington Post has welcomed voices from all sides of the political spectrum, including conservatives such as Newt Gingrich, Frank Luntz, Tom Coburn, Laura Ingraham, Bob Barr, George Pataki, David Frum, Byron York, Mary Matalin, and Ken Blackwell. The idea being that dialogue — from a wide range of perspectives — is preferable to silence. The fact that Andrew Breitbart’s first post on our site drew over 1,635 comments, conducted in a civil manner, seems to validate the premise and the decision to publish his blog post.

    First of all, HuffPo billed itself initially as a liberal response to Drudge. Second of all, it’s clear from this statement that Breitbart was welcomed because he brings controversy and eyeballs. How can people not detect how poorly this serves liberalism?

  91. There is no possibility of a ferry—-maybe a tractor-pulled hayride—-but big chunks of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana are now solid wind farms. I have seen them with my very own eyes—-there are hundreds and hundreds of them in every state, twirling away, as far as the eye can see, extending in all directions.

  92. Just watched Andrea Mitchell and Ron Fournier, formerly head of AP and now editor of National Journal, trash Obama on Libya. They were all concerned about his lack of transparency on the details involved. They said he needs to explain and clarify. Jonathan Alter was on before Fournier, and he was concerned also.

  93. I don’t see it because of his Mormon problem. So much of the Repub Party is evangelical Christian and they regard Mormonism as a cult and would not trust him to be their nominee.

  94. Always like to see a quote like that coming from someone in the country music field. So much of that community has been solidly supportive of Republicans. Good for Garth, showing some independence and good judgment.

  95. Arianna and Mary Matalin are some kind of nightmare team now. I happened upon them on some radio program the other day. I think it was supposed to be lib. vs. conservative, but funny thing is, Arianna seemed to be agreeing with all the jumbly junk that Matalin was saying.

  96. Majority of people seem to think polls aren’t important. I disagree and feel that polls are important but not in the ways that others think. I believe that polls are important because they showing the historical trend at the way the county and nation are going.

    For example the global out look on the leadership of our country is significant because it shows the historical trend of where people from other nations think we are going.

    Anyway thats just my two cents for what its worth.

  97. I hope that these democrats that got elected get primary challenges from their own party. Kucinich for example deserves to lose in my opinion.

  98. whats more is that the Libyan people don’t want us and other nations to leave. They are even asking for troops to be sent in to help them. Its strange however that many on the right like Newt Lizardskin wanted us to go in without nato, blah blah and now that Obama’s gone into Libya Newt Lizardskin is upset and saying he made a mistake… confused by his stances now. Their seems to be so many.

  99. It was a good book actually, as long as you took it with handfuls of salt, but it was pretty entertain. I call it potato chip reading, due to the chatty tone it struck. The thing is, whereas everyone else comes off as looking batshit crazy (Sarah Palin, with her crying,), or lecherous (John Edwards and his wife and his baby momma), or misguided (all of Hillary’s staff), Obama was pretty much no drama. If there’s anything that you come away from the campaign re: Obama is the fact that he tends to be overcautious, and Michelle tends to push him to either fish or cut bait.

    Goddamnit, I need to watch that movie, the book was amazing. AMAZING! It made my life, in the way that these things can.

  100. Except when the President is Barack Obama. The right wing noise machine has done its nefarious job — throughout history at times of crisis this country pulled together behind their President. Except now.

    I’m down with the flu today. I walk into the living room and see CNN “growing opposition to Obama over Libya”, etc.

    We have a President who took time, got his facts right, gave limited support with the world behind him, and there’s even a question about his leadership? Seriously? How is this even possible?

    And the most important difference between Libya and Iraq: the Libyans are thrilled with what we’re doing. OBAMA DID IT RIGHT and can’t get an ounce of credit.

    I expect the Left to question military intervention — it’s what the Left does and frankly I don’t have a problem with having that dialogue. But something very, very disturbing is happening here: Obama did everything right for all the right reasons with the world behind him (except batshit crazy Republicans), NATO and from all reports the Libyan people.

    How is this not a slam dunk for this President?

  101. Glad to see you are back. Best wishes on the personal front. Always enjoy my visits here.

  102. Great to hear and see BWD back today. I hope that you will many positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. We love you, and we support you for creating this wonderful space. Thank you, and please take care of yourself.

  103. Set up a web site, start an “exploratory committee” = “Please Send Cash”. Newt does this every four years and makes a lot of money without ever having to actually run.

  104. I had never heard him before but he was great with American Pie at the We Are One concert (you can you tube it).

  105. My name is JS and I am addicted to BWD!

    I come here once a day, every single day, sometimes twice a day 🙂

    I haven’t been on H&P’s site for a week now (Truth be known, I was reading the entertainment section more than anything else 🙂 … I think the umbilical cord has been severed – kinda disappointed in how more rw it has become.
    As for the Orange, I never thought I’d quit it, but now that I no longer visit there, the separation is final, LOL – it really became depressing, and I wondered if some of the folks there weren’t paid to write the vile comments etc.

    Seriously though, I appreciate everyone’s contribution here, very informative and sometimes just downright funny.

    BWD’s family rocks ! PBO rocks,I was thinking that PBO’s greatest weapon, his compassion and his eloquent,genuine and most moving words! Change we can believe in and definitely change we look forward to.

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