“The age of Obama continued to bring benefits to the U.S. in the court of world public opinion”


The age of Obama apparently continued to bring benefits to the U.S. in the court of world public opinion, with the Gallup Organization reporting Thursday that U.S. global leadership got a 47 percent approval rating in 2010 among people surveyed in more than 100 countries.


The U.S.’ return to its lofty position as the most liked major power occurred in 2008 as the George W. Bush Administration ended and the Obama Administration began.

During the Bush Administration, due to the Iraq War and a style in international relations that rubbed much of the world the wrong way, the U.S. actually found its standing lower than Germany, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and China. Only Russia has worse ratings.

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110 thoughts on ““The age of Obama continued to bring benefits to the U.S. in the court of world public opinion”

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  2. Its tough to figure out which is more delightful, the graph or the picture. Since I am an “emotional” female like Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice I guess I’ll take the picture.

  3. He’s earning that Nobel Prize more and more every day…they may just have to give him another one…that’ll show em, :-D!

  4. I’ve been looking for data on the world opinion of the USA before and after 2008. That Gallup graph is exactly what I was looking for. What a stark difference, eh?

    I was watching the Rachel Maddow Show the other night when she was talking about Presidents announcing the USA going to war since Reagan. When she got to Bush, I was shocked by how much he looked out of his league — like a deer in headlights. He was an embarrassment to the country, that man. That Gallup graph shows just how harmful he really was.

  5. The thought of Susan Rice and Secretary Clinton being described as “emotional” made me spray coffee all over my computer monitor. Those two are about as thoughtful, cerebral and focused as a person can be.

  6. The world sees what’s up. Now if only we could build up a viable alternative to the mega-sites which are massive sources of misinformation, so that we can help get the message about what President Obama is doing out to our fellow Americans. This is my 100% focus politically right now.

  7. I wish this graph went back further. I’d love to see the dip once Bush was seen for who he really was.

  8. To see the middle east protesting and not burning a American flag and to have Libyans to say thank, you says a lot.

  9. BWD, I am glad to hear that you are doing well. The naysayer both the rightwing and PL will never acknowledge PBO has having a very positive impact throughout the world.

    Not only do we have a very intelligent and knowledgeable President, but I strongly believe the PBO is truly gifted with wisdom. Notice how the juvenile media jump to conclusion as soon as PBO does something, but they never return to give him credit when his actions proved correct.

  10. Funny I saw this graph before I came on this site and I was astounded at the change. It shows that Obama’s campaign slogan was not just a bunch of empty words like the ideologues from the so called ‘left’ have claimed. I suspect that Obama’s approval ratings world wide are a lot bigger than many polls tried to claim originally.

    Of course the middle east probably is no fan of Obama but I suspect they like him way more than their own leaders.

  11. First, good to have you back, BWD. You are missed so much as you well know. So thanks for being here today. Keep well and know that we appreciate all that you do to keep this site open and keeping it a great place to come to. Thank you again.

  12. He is PBO= Tough, physical fit, Intellectualy capable who knows all issues inside inn and inside out,and has a vission for our country.
    When the world is paying attention to PBO speaks valums and he does deserve the Nobel PrizeWin.
    I hope the PL, the wright wing nuts pay attention all they have left is crap.

  13. GN: I was thinking the same thing, maybe BWD can help us, and if she needs $$$ we can help.

  14. NATO is taking over in Lybia from BBCWORLD.
    PBO told us this will take days NOt weeks.

  15. I think it’s a tough situation, because he’s been posting there for six years and seems to have some degree of personal loyalty to and affection for the suave, charming A. Huffington, as well as a belief that his visibility on that site will end up doing a net good. I’m personally more reserving my feelings of betrayal for those handful of editors who have put people in the position of having to choose to prop up some really nasty content or leave the audiences of the mega sites captive to pure right wing or purity content. Neither situation is truly ideal.

  16. bwd has answered this question before, and has wisely shied away from mixing money with this space, instead preferring an alliance with other spaces through promoting the blogroll. So I guess continuing with the efforts to really spread the word about these spaces is one option.

  17. When I saw these results I was immediately reminded of Nov. 2004 when I sat and read the website Sorry Everybody and cried. Everyone the world over knew what a disaster that election was for EVERYONE on the globe.

    And then…fast forward to Nov. 2008. Yep, I cried again. But tears of joy and relief this time. And I’ve not been disappointed for one single minute!

  18. Woo hoo Get it America, we are back. *thanks my amazing President obama and my fellow citizens that voted this man into office* Lets make it happen again in 2012!!

  19. Per CNN Banner and Al Jazeera live blog:

    “Deal reached for NATO to take command of the military mission in Libya in coming days, two diplomatic officials say.”

  20. Hello everyone,

    It has been a while since I have signed on. Thank you to BWD for all that you do, thank you as well to everyone who comments here as your words give me so much inspiration.
    I just wanted to return to a comment that gn said above “the world sees what’s up.” As an expat living in the French–speaking part of Switzerland, let me say that the world indeed does know what’s up with this president.
    During my channel surfing of the news in French in both Europe North Africa tonight I can tell you that Obama’s foreign policy is being greeted with rave reviews as being ahead of its time and a direction from the U.S. that Europe has wanted to see for quite some time. What Obama’s positions on Libya, Eygpyt, et al has done is also allow much needed voices here to flourish. Here I am speaking not only of a top–down media approach but also of a community media that gives us a sense of what could be on the ground. We may be seeing a poly–vocal foreign possibility. We are seeing voices emerge from the vantage of a human beings and their place in this world as opposed to containing people within a certain world view.

    Funnily enough there is some confusion abroad not so much about what Obama is doing but people, in a very sincere sense, cannot understand the hysteria coming from certain members of the U.S. political intelligentsia. Tonight for the first since the international intervention began the discord facing Obama at home is what dominated the opening stories of the evening news. People began asking if Americans really know what is at stake in Libya in terms of human rights. Admittedly this perspective here is also being shaped by American corporate media. Europe has difficulty understanding that their is a pragmatic community intelligentsia, captured in Bwd’s website and others that also operates in the U.S.

    However, you should know that people here stop me all the time at work, in the classes that I teach, or on the street saying things like “your President is really ahead of his time. “It’s a shame that he can’t become preseident next of (insert any European country of your choice I have heard it all.)

    Within the next couple of weeks I will try to sign in with some translations of the newspaper headlines that are going on here. I am so proud to be an American living abroad right now and it is such a contrast from the Bush years.

    I look forward to reading all of you in the comments section, as well as to more BWD posts,
    and to checking in everyday.

    Obama is truly an example of the future’s past inscribed in the present. The world does indeed see what’s up.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  21. Wow protean – those are might encouraging words. Thank so much!!!

    And I really look forward to seeing those newspaper headlines and getting more of this perspective.

  22. What a great comment! Thanks for sharing your experiences, and I hope to read more of them, protean.

  23. Oh wow, thank you so much for this, protean4f. I’ll be happy to post anything you can come up with. Just mail me. Thank you for being here.

    “Ahead if his time” is the way i describe this man to anyone i talk to. I always felt like he’s someone from the year 2050, trying to govern a country that at least half of it is lives somewhere in the 19th century.

  24. Thank you for posting, protean! I truly enjoyed reading that comment, and I hope to read more from you :-).

  25. Yes it is a worthy cause. I supported it last year and will do so again through your link.

  26. Check this out – Ipsos/Reid poll on President Obama’s leadership as CoC finds:

    “Of those polled, 48 percent described Obama’s leadership as commander in chief as “cautious and consultative,” 36 percent as “indecisive and dithering,” and 17 percent as “strong and decisive” in a question that offered only those three choices.

    Reuters headline – “Few Americans see Obama as strong military leader”


    Reuters seemingly sees “cautious and consultative” as a negative and opposite of “strong and decisive” when it certainly is not. The opposite of cautions and consultative would be reckless and uninformed”. One can be both “Strong and decisive” and “cautious and consultative” – they most certainly are not mutually exclusive, one could argue you can’t be a strong leader without being cautious and consultative – as not doing so would be going with gut feelings all of the time. Taken separately in the polling, I’d say both are positive categories for PBO, so combining them together it’s 65% find President Obama as a strong, cautious, decisive and consultative leader” with 36% finding him indecisive and dithering (no doubt favoring George Bush’s go-it-alone cowboy diplomacy).

    What a garbage story.

  27. Don’t you know ‘all us females is “emotional”‘ That’s why we never get anything done, too busy crying and having the vapors.

  28. BWD, here’s something I think everyone who visits your site should see:

    A truly massive rally in support of the no fly zone and interdiction – by the people of Benghazi – those people were destined to become the next Rwanda had President Obama not acted and done so in the way he did – multilateral, fully legal, precise and with total humanitarian objectives.

  29. Great focus. I battle misinformation practically every day in my small part of the world but sometimes it just overwhelms me. I thank all the gods and goddesses for this site and others for giving me real info and links I can send people to get facts.

  30. prostean4 good to here from you and stop in check on us as often as you can. Please let them that is some sane people here. keep well and strong.

  31. Send those people here to BWD, and all the other sites where true pragmatic progressives hang out. Tell them that MSM does not speak for all of us who support our President.

    Thank you so much for sharing this here.

  32. In other words, 65% of the people approve of what the Prez has done. Outstanding!

  33. Just read this on Facebook:

    Huffington Post yanks Breitbart from front page
    By Greg Sargent
    After standing by Andrew Breitbart yesterday, the Huffington Post has made the decision to yank him from their highly-trafficked front page, in the wake of some vicious comments Breitbart has since made about former White House adviser Van Jones, a HuffPo spokesman confirms to me.

    HuffPo had come under increasing criticism for giving Breitbart a major platform from groups like Color of Change, which argued that he has a history of racially-charged and factually-challenged political activism that has no place on a reputable news and opinion site. While Breitbart will still be allowed to post at HuffPo, the decision to yank him from the front page and downgrade his visibility effectively gives the critics what they’d asked for.

    Last night, HuffPo was still sticking by Breitbart, arguing that the site was committed to airing a range of voices and maintaining that Breitbart’s posts on HuffPo had remained civil. But this morning, the Daily Caller published an interview with Breitbart in which he railed at Van Jones as a “commie punk” and a “cop killer-supporting, racist, demagogic freak.” This put HuffPo in a particularly awkward spot, and now HuffPo has had enough.


    What a crock this stuff has been well known for sometime now. I sure hope that Progressives that still go to that site everyday will please STOP. She knew exactly what she was doing giving that rightwing nut a platform to bash this administration. She wanted his work front and center but didn’t think she was going to get the push back she got.

    Arianna Huffington is a fraud! Plain and Simple!

  34. The world did watch the 2004 election and everyone was stunned and horrified when Bush was re-elected. I was sitting in a friend’s kitchen here in Ireland watching the returns. When it was over, we both had a healthy shot of whiskey and swore a lot and then had breakfast followed by more swearing. How different it was when PBO was elected. We had smiles followed by breakfast.

  35. Beautiful, Bob, thanks for sharing that. They know that “the whole world is watching” but not just standing by this time. I pray for the safety of the Libyan people every day.

  36. We’re living through a profound time in history, folks. Just huge.

    Andrew Sullivan highlighted this reader’s comment at this space (h/t rikyrah@wsy):

    Saw your meep meep. In the context of the swirling and rapid change in the region, consider this.

    If the Libya intervention works as intended, this is it. “It” being the end of the neocon-Bush doctrine. This is the moment the Al Qaeda “narrative” is first dealt its death blow. This is the moment America turns the page on 10 years of insanity. This is the moment of “change” we all voted for, with dividends for years and decades to come.

    I think that’s why Obama took the considerable risk, knowing the blowback would be breathlessly apocalyptic, knowing he had little time, and knowing the opportunity would not present itself again.

    Meepity meep f**king meep [lovingly redacted for tien :-)] .



    This is it.

  37. “Arianna Huffington is a fraud! Plain and Simple!”

    And, a Republican, i.e., the regressive, repressive party of avarice, racism, and autocratic ideology (as long as it’s they are the autocrat).

  38. Double AMEN squared to your last paragraph, Donna and thanks for the good catch on this one.

  39. I would have definitely chosen “cautious and consultative” which I see as its own superior version of strength.

    Nice catch@this pure spin.

  40. Kinda like when my critters cover up their business in the litter box. I may not be able to see it but I can still smell the stink.

  41. Another promise kept by PBO, Admiral Mullen, Secretary of Defense Gates, and Secretary of State Clinton. Good going, Guys!

  42. Great share, GN so glad you linked that here. I’m in total agreement. We are already in the midst of a great paradigm shift in our country and globally. PBO has been a huge part of the catalyst for positive change.

  43. What is it with the right and Van Jones?? He’s a huge practitioner of the love ethic and seems to me to be nothing like the caricature the right tries to present of him.

    Wow, what a horrible person. /rolls eyes

  44. gn, you are such a gem! You always have something great to contribute to our discourse here and at other pragmatic sites. Reading what this poster wrote is like a breath of fresh air.

  45. Wow, I thought I was the only one who felt that way–that he is so far ahead of this country, so in the future, that many are only seeing his shadow. The world is shifting, as he said in his inaugural speech, but people are gluing their feet to the spot and refusing to change no matter how far they’re left behind. People decades from now will see Barack Obama’s presidency as the first truly “modern” one of their age.

  46. I’ve been watching Van since he ran the Ella Baker Center in Oakland. He is strong and wise with one of the biggest hearts you could ever imagine. There is something these folks instinctively fear about people like Van…and Obama.

    I know Van will do great things. I used to hope that would be in the political arena. I’m not so sure about that now. But I know he will be a powerful positive force in the world.

  47. High five to everyone here who signed the petition and helped silence breibart.

  48. In my continuing search for support of HCR – ran across these ads being run on Christian radio stations in favor of Health Care.

    These are pretty blunt, don’t let politicians take away my families health care, etc. Wonder how conservative Christian tea partiers are going to deal with this

    [audio src="http://www.piconetwork.org/admin/documents/files/KC-Final.mp3" /]

  49. Now that president Obama is keeping his word and give up command no one wants him to. They want him to stay in the lead.

  50. This video is just amazing to watch. When President Obama spoke after Mubarak fell, he quoted some very powerful words from Martin Luther King that capture the essence of what we are witnessing all across the Middle East:


  51. [Re-]read “Feminine Intuition” by Isaac Asimov to see a 180 degree turn by a self-described “male chauvinist”.

    It’s hilarious (I’m not going to quote, because without the context, a quote would be meaningless).

    It’s one of his short stories – from 1969 – that I read in 1990, i.e. 20 years ago.

  52. Ms Kitty – as a fellow cat lover, you have me laughing my head off. I needed a little humor today. Thanks.

  53. You may not want to know this but my Granny used that phrase: “having the vapors” to describe any male she thought was acting silly. I believe the term came about when Victorian ladies with too tight corsets fainted and had to be given ammonia smelling salts to be revived, thus needing or having “the vapors.”

  54. Love that! Asimov was an amazing thinker and writer. I am a great fan. Did you know that he started writing for the early scifi mags as a teenager, getting 10cents per short story?

    Thanks so much for sharing this here.

  55. Just donated. You do good work and I’m glad to support the Troops and your effort.

  56. This is what Dick Cheney imagined it would have looked like in Iraq. And one can only imagine how Faux news would have played it, reel after reel, and how our so-called liberal media would have been fawning over such a video.

    We saw how they tried to turn the falling of the statute in Iraq into something that it was not, almost trying to manufacture the gathering of people.

    Here we see an organic protest, one that is built on genuine thanks from the people of Libya, because indeed, they want this monster out of their lives and they appreciate the coming together of the United Nations to stop the carnage that would have ensued.

    Let’s see how much play this video will get in our news media.

    This video should be dumped in the mail box of every cable and news network boxes.

    Thanks Bob, for sharing this. My heart was swollen with joy and tears streamed, to see the people of Libya be able to come out in such numbers, instead of cowering under the barrage of gunfire from this ugly dictator.

    And shame on the hypocrites in this country who would have turned a blind eye, some all for the purpose of opposing anything this president does.

  57. On Arianna’s part, beyond disgraceful IMO. Just feeling bad for people who are being put in the position of having to leave comfortable spaces or prop up ridiculous content. I think that option (a) is what it’s eventually going to come down to, but I empathize with Cesca.

  58. Oh, Tulips no matter what he does it will be wrong in the eyes of his critics.

  59. Oh, she meant critics; I thought she meant a majority of Libyans. Libyans, I don’t blame; critics can kick rocks lol.

  60. Very, very splendid.
    Please accept the latest installment of my perpetual thank you. 🙂

  61. I’m with you, blackwaterdog, on the Reuters’ tweet, “Few Americans see Obama as strong military

    In the first place, so what? Are we still hung up on USA as the new American Empire? As the world’s policeman? With all the domestic concerns we have?

    But to use the word, “dithering” as one of the characteristics of Obama’s method in NOT hurling the country into another war is too much. Frankly I’d be happy to throw the godforsaken word on the ash heap of American English vocabulary’s history. It’s overused, insulting, and appears to be restricted to our president exclusively.

    Aside from the word’s meaning in computer technology and photography, the synonyms when applying it to leaders include stagger, teeter, vacillate, waver, wobble, and falter, none of which describes President Obama.

    The fact that a rumor appears to be going the rounds that Hillary Clinton is not continuing as Secretary of State because she’s frustrated with President Obama’s “dithering” on what to do about Lybia gives us some indication of what new overseas hell the country could have been dumped in given a different administration.

    Of course, the rumors could be entirely false, and be unfair to SOS Clinton. To quote a comment below the story of Clinton’s bowing out, “U. S. Secretaries of State have a high turnover rate. Lasting one full presidential term is about the average. It’s been over a half century since the last Secretary of State began two full terms.”

    In short, down with the term, “dithering!” As I recall, nsomething of the same criticism was leveled again President Clinton during the Bosnia crisis. It seems to be a habit to give our presidents’ foreign policy negotiations as much mud to slog through as possible. Especially if they’re Democrats.

  62. Absolutely. Lots of people were properly conflicted about the desire to insert this country into another country’s matters. This is the slippery slope which liberal neocons like Lieberman went down, only to result into co-signing foolishness like George W. Bush’s Iraq War.

    That this was not made in haste, that this was crafted to create an international consensus which intervened just in time—if that’s dithering, I will take it over the swaggering cowboy bs any day of the week.

  63. It really shows how much the world likes the USA that we were still able to get in the low thirties EVEN WITH BUSH.

  64. I sure look forward to hearing from you again Protean4f, and I confess that I envy you the fact that you can vote from abroad. Thank you for taking time to add to our world perspective on the Prez.

    That ‘rotating president’ idea is a novel one , but the President is smart and insightful enough that he could probably get countries on track in 2-year stints. Think what he could accomplish if the other members of government worked WITH him. 😉

    {Wouldn’t it be ironic if when he leaves office in 2016 he becomes a world consultant to other governments?}

  65. I for one will take a President who thinks things through any day of the week.Because when a foolish one rushes to war you get Iraqi hangover. We lost lives and money that helped bring on the economic crisis that we are living through now. The Greed Over People party has done nothing but start things like wars so their corporate cronies make money. The main problem now is our President thinks about the people and the country all at the same time.

  66. Thanks so much for your post. It’s great to get your perspective from outside the US. I only wish this sentiment would be passed on by MSM, but they seem to be as narrowminded as the rightwing and PL in this country, all designed to make the presidency of Barack Obama fail. I want to do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen!

  67. It’s wonderful to see an American president who can have physical contact with other people with brown or black skin, and NOT have that weird, white person, icky-icky “please get them off me” kind of vibe.

  68. Genuine tears have never impressed me as being weak.
    Boehner’s tears do not fit my definition of genuine….I think he has a leaky faucet problem.

  69. Asimov had a little song to be sung to the tune of Home on the Range.

    Oh give me a clone
    A clone of my own
    With its Y chromosome
    Changed to X
    Then when we’re alone
    That clone of my own
    Will be of the opposite sex.

  70. I want to address the notion that is being played out there. The notion that civilty equals weakness. The truth is, is that it is easy to be uncivil. It is much harder and requires alot of strength to be civil and respectful.

    Those who would paint civility as a weakness and try to attack it from that standpoint are in for a rude awakening. I believe someone can quote from Theodore Roosevelt on this matter. Anyone want to guess at which quote I’m speaking of?

  71. “Obama is truly an example of the future’s past inscribed in the present.”


  72. I wanted to follow that up by stating that it requires civil leadership in order for civility to be retained in any given society. Those leaders who spit at their own need not ask questions as to why things in their society are so uncivil.

  73. LOL, Ms. Kitty!!!!!!!!!! I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to “steal” what I will call the “Litterbox Doctrine” 😉

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