A most stunning video! You never saw anything like this in any Arab country. This is just amazing.

Thanks, Bobfr, for this jewel. A massive rally in support of the no fly zone, by the people of Benghazi. Those people would have been butchered by now, if President Obama didn’t step in. This video just gave me goosebumps. Someone should send it to Andrew Sullivan and the entire professional  left.  


266 thoughts on “A most stunning video! You never saw anything like this in any Arab country. This is just amazing.

  1. The “Thanks Britain” sign RIGHT NEXT TO the “Thanks Arab Nations” sign was pretty damn amazing.

  2. Thank you BWD for bringing it to everyone’s attention.

    Someone should ask Michael Moore to sponsor a mail-it-to-your-Rep/Senator campaign 😉

  3. Sully will see this soon enough. He will probably post and comment on it. He has been backtracking some in the last day . . . or at least more willing to say, hey maybe I’ve been meep-meeped again.

    Thanks for posting this. I will share it widely. I can still imagine many ways that this could all go terribly wrong, but for the moment, I am just really, really proud that we stepped up and worked with the international community to stop these people from being slaughtered.

  4. God be Praised! The UN and the multinational team did the right thing. Bless those brothers and sisters and let’s hope the dictator is ran out so that they can start anew.

  5. Before. and. after.

    Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will.

    I’m pretty much done doubting this POTUS.

  6. Top Obama administration officials will brief members of Congress about the attack on Libya on Wednesday.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, intelligence chief James Clapper and Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will “update Members on US policies and military operations in Libya,” according to an announcement from House Republicans.

    Boehner’s office says he requested Wednesday’s briefing, which is “classified.”

  7. I just posted this on Ballonjuice, some right winger came back and compared it to bringing down Sadam’s statue. Those a-holes have something to come back with every time. Where do they get their talking points? Why do they even hang out in a liberal blog? I don’t have the stomach to go to their blogs. They must be getting paid for by the Kochs and given talking points, IMHO.

  8. President Obama had to pass over Congress when deciding to attack Libya because people would have died had he waited longer, Jay Carney argued Thursday.

    “Had we waited for Congress to act … there is no doubt in our minds that Qadhafi’s forces would have controlled Benghazi and there would have been a great deal of people killed in the process,” Carney told reporters in an off-camera gaggle at the White House.

    Obama “believes that he is commander-in-chief” and is “required to take action when taking action will save lives,” Carney said.


    Yes! I know!

  9. Don’t allow deep disingenuousness to get under your skin. There is a reason that progressives originally cloistered ourselves off from the right wing. Had nothing to do with intolerance for viewpoints as most people read a variety of views, and everything to do with the futility of engaging in trollish exchanges all day long which don’t really yield information.

  10. Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the country’s top general are hashing out a political settlement in which both men would resign from their positions within days in favor of a civilian-led transitional government, according to three people familiar with the situation.

    The outlines of that peaceful transition emerged amid rising tension over the standoff between the President Saleh and Gen. Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, who earlier this week broke ranks and declared his support for the array of protesters demanding that the president step down immediately.

    Opposing tanks from units loyal to Mr. Saleh and to Gen. Ahmar have faced off in the streets of San’a all week and tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators continued their vigil in the capital’s Change Square.



  11. thank you Bob and bwd for this! I stand with the people of Libya and I stand with President Obama- ooorah!

  12. Syria’s government considers the demands of protesters “legitimate” and may lift an emergency law under which most constitutional rights have been suspended since 1963, a presidential adviser said after reports that demonstrators were killed in the southern city of Daraa.

    The government also will increase judiciary authority and prepare a political parties law, Buthaina Shaaban, President Bashar Al-Assad’s political and media adviser, said in a televised briefing. The decisions will be implemented today, with more measures to come next week, she said.

    “This does not refute the fact that there were some mistakes or some actions that were not satisfactory,” Shaaban said. She said Assad didn’t give orders to use bullets against his people. “The demands of the people of Daraa and the rest of the Syrian people across all provinces are legitimate,” she said. “All legitimate demands will be met, but in a calm way.”


    And to think we did NOT have to put troops on the ground in any of these countrys! The Left will rue the day they ever doubted this President!

  13. Thanks for sharing that with us! It says a lot to me, and I can only hope they get the freedom and respect they are fighting for sooner, rather than later.

  14. Alive in Libya was the site that originally posted the video – here’s the link:


    The NYTimes Lede has noted that Libyan blogger Seraj Elalem posted a link to the video via Twitter:


    And, in Yemen, it’s called “Change Square” where those citizens are demanding representative governance and their basic human rights.

    President Obama is nailing the Bush/NEOCON coffin shut, for sure.

  15. With Congress being the dysfunctional mess it currently is, weeks might’ve passed before approval was granted, and by then it would’ve been too late.

    The president realizes what a partisan, do-nothing disaster the Congress has become; he wanted to save lives.

  16. Not a single boot on the ground because these were not *our* regime changes, regardless of our *opinion* about the various regimes; these changes came from the people living in the effected countries, from the ground up rather than the top down; the most that we did was cause an army to stand down against a less-armed opposition. This is a very strong shift in US foreign policy, and won’t be fully appreciated for some years to come IMO.

  17. Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t congress been complaining that Obama hasn’t been leading? whoring themselves out on TV and cowering behind letters saying that they need him to LEAD?!! So what’s he gotta talk to do them for? so they can politicize it for the next 6 weeks and raise money off of it?

  18. Yep. Can you just imagine republicans blackmailing President Obama behind the scenes, saying they would support action in Lybia under conditions x, y , z, related to the budget for example. The republicans have lost any sense of decency and responsability, I’m sorry to say.

    Anyway, President Obama’s actions were not unconstitutional. He was acting within the frame of the UN resolution.

  19. *Thanks to Allah and thanks to all the countries that stood with us*

    I still have tears in my eyes after seeing that banner. Amazing.

    No man is an island!

  20. PBO has played the Road Runner to adversaries’ Wile E. Coyote so many times that one would think they’d learn.

  21. I admire President Obama so much for doing just the right thing in Libya. Thank you, Mr. President!

  22. I’m so glad you posted this at Balloon Juice. I was over there a little while ago (saw you there and appreciated your post!) and noticed how the Firebaggers and/or trolls seem to be taking over which is really sad. It used to be a fun place to visit but no more.

  23. And one has to assume that Obama Administration and Clinton State Department were working behind the scenes – everybody was quick to say “See US picks and chooses who they want to defend freedom for” and “Why isn’t the US bombing Yemen”.

    Not to mention leaders in Yemen might have seen that they can go of their own accord, take most of their stashed money and live in safe haven somewhere, or get the Gadhafi treatment if they turn on their own citizens.

    Gadhafi is going to end up dead in in the Hague.

  24. And, as was commented up in previous threads, according to US law, the President didn’t have to go through Congress to authorize military action when said action came as a result of a Security Council resolution. Congress granted Presidents the authority to conduct military operations sanctioned by the UNSC without having to get its approval. You’d think those scholars on the GOP side would know that.

  25. New Platform at Great White
    In February 2011, a new platform was added on to the Great White instrument shelter at ARM’s North Slope of Alaska site in Barrow. It will support several new instruments purchased through the Recovery Act.

    New Platform at Great White

    With picture!

  26. Hi Everyone,
    We are waiting on Sec. Clinton to make an important announcement now. Tune in.
    The NATO has declared to take over leadership of the No-fly zone. POTUS told us this would happen in days. Only if they would listen to POTUS. He does his homework!!!

  27. they’ve been coming around much more than usual because John Cole has been freaking out quite a bit lately. Its as if they smell a potential convert.

  28. Oh yes, I just saw it now on CNN..NATO agrees to take command of the no-fly zone, but secondary operations remain under US command.

  29. The United Arab Emirates announced Thursday that it would help enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.

    “In support of UN resolution 1973 The UAE is fully engaged with humanitarian operations in Libya,” the UAE’s foreign minister said in a statement. “As an extension of those humanitarian operations the UAE Air Force has committed six F-16 and six Mirage aircraft to participate in the patrols that will enforce the No Fly Zone now established over Libya. UAE Participation in the patrols will commence in the coming days.”

    White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters earlier that the Obama administration was “very pleased by the offers of help that the UAE and other countries have made, and contributions can come in different forms.”

  30. Great article. The fact that Turkey is more or less on board is essential, as is the Qatari participation. Now Gaddafi is calling on the African Union to take a stance, but Libya is African by geography, not culture; Europe and the Arab nations are much more affected by the events in Libya than is the rest of Africa.

  31. What an inspiring video. Thanks for posting that. This is why we are there. To help these very people we see in the video. Seeing their faces and hearing their voices should make this feel more real and less abstract to those who say we shouldn’t have gotten involved. Not getting involved would have meant many of those very same people would today be dead at the hand of their so called leader.

  32. bwd retweet:

    RT @emilylhauser: My country killed an 11 year old boy in #Gaza yesterday. He will never hug his mom again, never fall in love. #Israel, … 38 minutes ago

    Absolutely horrifying.

  33. That is so true and the beauty of it all is that the People did it. The UN just facilitated the environment for them to stay alive to do it.

    Well said gn, well said. Now you made me start crying again.

  34. From the BBC liveblog: 2138: Fares, in the UK, writes: “Being a 15 year old Libyan I have grown proud of what my fellow people are doing, fighting for their freedom and highly praise the coalition attacks on pro-Gaddafi forces however we have to bare in mind that this could be a long struggle and this violent uprising could have knock-on effects towards other Arab nations, who are also demonstrating such as Yemen, Syria etc, where they will start to use excessive force towards protesters and potentially civilians.”

    I think this Second Arab Awakening will be even more monumental that the disintegration of the Soviet empire. Even Ehud Barak, the Israeli def. min., said that these peoples’ revolts will be a good thing in the long run. Al Qaeda will be starved of its prime recruiting tool, when Arab youth see the West — and especially the US — putting its resources towards fostering democracy in the region. People don’t want jihad; they want to have a say in their lives, and have a decent economic situation. What’s happening in the ME is potentially world-altering.

  35. Move on to the next poutrage issue du jour. We’ve been thru this cycle before. I’m quite used to it now! But more and more the American people are tuning out their tantrums because this shtick is getting old…

  36. There’s still some quibbling about what NATO’s role will be. From the BBC liveblog: So, going back to the comments by Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, it appears diplomats still have some work to do before any settlement is reached on how the mission in Libya is organised. They still have to decide whether Nato’s role will be extended from running the no-fly zone to taking responsibility for any air strikes.

  37. Once again the Professional Left is professional at being wrong…you’d have thought that some of them would have learned to wait a few days to see how things played out instead of freaking out right off the bat by now when it comes to President Obama.

  38. I noticed that too. I’m not used to seeing crowds of women on the Arab streets.
    Pretty amazing.

  39. He’s barking up the wrong tree. He better start getting ready to go to The Hague. His protege, Charles Taylor will be warming a space for him — and no one deserves it better than the two.

  40. Right now his main weapon is Libyan state television. It’s transmitted by Nilesat, which is owned by Egypt. I wonder if there’s some behind the scenes pressure to get Nilesat to drop its carriage?

  41. Yes, this series of uprisings will bring profound changes to an area of the world that has been crying out for change for decades. And when the help they need to effect change is coming from Western nations as well as other Arab nations it really will effect how those nations are seen by the people of the region.

  42. Freak out is their default mode. They don’t know any other way to respond to anything. It doesn’t matter what the subject is or what actions are taken or not taken. They exist to freak out not to analyze or assess or gather facts. You must have them confused with journalists. 🙂

  43. People continue to underestimate the decisions of this president at their own egg-splashed faces. Go figure.

    Simply amazing.

  44. Even Sully is admitting that he may once again have played Wile E. Coyote to PBO’s Road Runner. Even children learn at some point not to do something when the result is not pleasant. Why PBO’s adversaries don’t is beyond me.

  45. You are undoubtedly right. Sad, isn’t it? They are not very original and have become boringly predictable. Whatever the president does on any issue will be portrayed as wrong. Doesn’t matter what the issue or the response may be. And they wonder why the president doesn’t listen them?

  46. Not entirely sure about who is more affected, but the AU seems more interested in brokering a cease-fire and peaceful changeover. Their statement opposed both the NFZ and the regime’s killing of civilians. Seems like a stance to me…

  47. OT but I wanted to share this with you all.

    I just had a conversation with a Republican co-worker who is a friend. His 25 year old daughter was very ill about a month ago and had to be hospitalized. She is fine now and doing well. He was telling me how she didn’t have health insurance and so now she has a $26,000.00 bill from the hospital.

    I explained to him that because of her age that going forward he can put her on his health insurance policy up until she turns 26 and reminded him that this was part of President Obama’s Health Insurance Plan passed last year which his party fought tooth and nail.

    He said I don’t like that Health Care plan. I said but wait didn’t you just say that she is being saddled with a $26,000.00 bill from the hospital? He said yes but we are not Saudi Arabia. I said, What? He said I don’t like that socialist plan. So I said well what is socialist about the Affordable Care Act and he started to walk away and tell me that I have stars in my eyes when it comes to President Obama and think he can do no wrong.

    I stayed calm and said but you haven’t answered me as to what is socialist about the ACA? He said I want him OUT and marched off.

    I said to him I’m still waiting for you to give me some facts as to why you don’t like the ACA. You are giving me talking points and no facts.

    He went into his office and the discussion ended. Now this guy and I are very good friends but I know where he stands politically. BTW he is black and has voted Republican since I have known him simply based on social issues (abortion and same sex marriage).

    I found great pleasure in having this conversation because it goes to show you that it’s not the policies they hate (because they really don’t even understand the policies) it’s the man. They just hate that Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States.

    These conversations inspire me to work really, really hard to get him re-elected next year.

  48. But is Gaddafi willing to cease his attacks? If the AU could broker a firm ceasefire, and start talks, I would be all for it. But, we may be too far gone; the rebels have no reason to trust Gaddafi, and Gaddafi has done nothing to engender trust. I think he’s in the same place that Mubarak was in the end: humiliated, shamed, and fearful. The difference is that the Egyptian army wasn’t willing to go down with the regime; Gaddafi still has enough loyalists to put up a fight. And he knows nothing good awaits him if he gives up; at best, exile, with no access to any of his stashed away funds.

  49. I love the analogy! I love the Roadrunner and Wylie E Coyote. I hadn’t thought of it before but I love it. Thanks!

  50. It just boggles the mind that your coworker is willing to put his daughter’s health in jeopardy because he hates that socialist Barack Hussein Obama. And, really, Saudi Arabia? Since when did its anthem become the Internationale?

  51. Hmmm…I guess your friend is among the 1% of Blacks who don’t want to see the Pres re-elected in 2012! But your story does highlight the completely irrational nature of some people’s anti-Obamaism. And yes, he could also have some internalized racism going on, like good ole Clarence Thomas.

  52. “President Obama’s actions were not unconstitutional. He was acting within the frame of the UN resolution.”

    say it again lovepolitics2008.

    I am surprised about the amount of even PO’s supporters spreading the meme that he somehow “stepped over” Congress. That did not happen.

  53. From the BBC: Here’s a full quote from Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Nato: “What we have decided tonight is to take responsibility for enforcing the no-fly zone with the aim to protect the civilian population. The mandate doesn’t go beyond that. Of course, we can act in self defence, but what we will do is to enforce the no-fly zone and ensure that we protect the civilian population that way.”

    So, does this mean that the coalition will continue to degrade Gaddafi’s forces, and prevent him from attacking cities? It seems like there’s a two-tiered structure. Sec. Clinton’s remarks should hopefully illuminate what the different spheres will be.

  54. Hopefully this will chip away at Libyan state television: 2253: Mhalwes in Tripoli tweets: “Great stuff. I just confirmed that people in Tripoli can hear BOTH radio free Misurata and radio free Benghazi #libya #feb17”

  55. Wow, Donna, good for you!!!!!! It inspires all of us to be stronger and to fight back. I think for so long we have supported the President but have been intimidated into not fighting back. I am feeling stronger now with all the wonderful inspiration from this site!!!

    I want BWD to know now much we appreciate all her hard work. And I know with all the good news about the President she is probably getting more and more horrid emails. I wish there was a way we could go thru them for you. I want your energy to go towards keeping all this information coming. Please know that this family appreciates all you are doing!!!

  56. I am tuned to CNN but I have it on mute until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comes on. I just get so tired of the pundits giving their instant analysis on every more President Obama makes. They really are so full of themselves. No matter what happens, they focus on the BUT, BUT, BUTS looking for the negative angle. They will never give him credit for the tough decisions he has to make.

  57. Racism…I’m not so sure but he is a hard core Catholic and it guides his politcal decisions immensely. I understand him and just like to bait him with facts every now and then. I think he forgot who he was complaining to when he came into my office with that hospital story about his daughter. Needless to say when he opened the door for me to educate him I jumped right on it. 🙂

  58. I just want to say thanks for this moving Video. “GREAT DAY” what a movement! as I was watching the video, It occured to me, how we complain about un-necessary things. They were oh so happy just to get a taste of Freedom. Ummm, brought tears to my eyes. There were Women and Children celebrating. Lord have Mercy on all of your People.

    I enjoyed reading all your comments, we all feel the same really. Okay Hillar Clinton Is speaking now. Take care, and have a good one 🙂

  59. Oh, I’m certainly not insinuating that, thanks for expressing skepticism, just stating that his calls for the AU to take a stance…they’ve taken a stance, and it’s not in furtherance of Gaddafi’s objectives.

  60. I’m telling yall, they’re just as freaked out with change as the teaparties, but simply for much different reasons and motives. But every time there’s a huge paradigm-shifting event, they freak out, then they insist that nothing’s changed and the world is doomed, they really get bent out of shape. And with POTUS/Daddy out of the country, it was on and popping. Definitely a pattern IMO.

  61. Is there something stronger that I can do besides smacking my head? How about smacking Cenk’s head?

  62. When will people learn: no matter how gentle his smile and manner, POTUS is not “forced” into anything…

  63. Perfect. Thanks for the link Donna. That’s exactly what I need – a gasbag free zone.

  64. There seemed to be a woman’s march and then a men’s march, or they were in different bunches in one long march. That was very interesting.

  65. Yes I found myself very disgusted with the CNN pundits. It’s like they are trying to so hard to spin this as a negative for this President that they contradict themselves in the same sentence.

  66. Typical fringe loon trick. Problem being that the exit being “days and not weeks’ was announced basically the same time the offensive started before the fringe left could get all ginned up.

  67. It was a former worker from the state department on yesterday and she silenced richard Hass. i loved it this lady knew her stuff and she supported the president and debunked all of their talking points.

  68. Yes, Yes, Yes, BWD It’s brilliant I’am still waiting
    waiting for the 6:00PM news to see if they show this amazing vidio. The MSM were showing the Teabaggers protesters 24/7 this is like Egypt the people in Lybia have to do their job. THANK YOU BWD!!!!!!

  69. LL, I know they have two things to yet accomplish. There is an airfield in the south of Libya that Gaddafi is using to fly in mercenaries. The opposition is asking that the airfield be destroyed. The other are the tanks that are in and around the other cities that still have to be destroyed.
    US planes will still be flying missions but under the control of NATO.

  70. Exactly. You can almost see the disappointment in their faces as they get more information that knocks down their stupid narratives. They have the luxury of sitting on their perches and having canned critiques no matter which decision President Obama makes. I have such disdain for the media in this country. Instead of being fact checkers they are more like gossip columnists.

  71. That’s what it seemed that Mrs. Clinton was saying. It seems that things will be ironed out in the next few days.

  72. Wonderful! Phenomenal! Breathtaking!

    Gon’ ahead, Mr. Commander-and-Catalyst-in-Chief!

    And he won’t have to duck any shoes, either.

  73. oMg! HA HA HA HA !!!! The MSM?! Oh they held his feet to the fire did they? Well I guess everyone needs to feel relevant.


  74. man, I hate Cenk Uguyr, I hate that son of a bitch. He’s got some fracking nerve.

  75. why does it matter if he comes around? who is he? i am already use to the fact that msm dislikes the greatest president of my lifetime, that he will remain the underdog when it comes to them and their opinions. *shrugs

  76. Exactly and with that I don’t worry about the naysayers. My POTUS is doing the just and correct thing. *brushes his shoulders off* 😀

  77. Can you imagine the reverberations of an Al Jazeera headline and story like this:

    “NATO countries to enforce Libya no-fly zone
    Secretary-general says the military alliance’s 28 countries have agreed to enforce no-fly zone “to protect civilians”.

    Last Modified: 24 Mar 2011 23:46″

    It took the lessons of Bosnia, and Rwanda, and many others, but perhaps after this moment in history, when a President of the United States, says ‘Never again,’ those words will actually mean something.

    Thank you President Obama.

  78. You when the other person’s got nothing when they start to basically call you an Obot. Its the equivalent of them just sticking their tongue out at you.

  79. And, again, can you imagine what this will do to the al Qaeda line, when the world’s major military alliance is intervening to protect Muslims against a dictator? If democracy does indeed break out all over the ME, AQ will have no recruiting tools, except sheer nihilism. Exciting times.

  80. lol now that NATO is most likely gonna take over odyssey dawn, msm is bitching about usa leaving. 2 weeks ago they were bitching why aren’t we in there, when we went in they bitching why we in there, now rightfully we going bye after accomplishing what we went to do, they bitching why are we leaving. *facepalming* LMAO….anybody taking American MSM seriously at this point should breath and just lol, they are ridiculous.

  81. most of the republicans would have voted no on the measure, some dems wouldn’t have supported it which would mean that they would not have enough vots for military action anyway and we’d all be subject to john boehner’s tears and complaining. I don’t see why even the brightest minds from the left don’t see what’s happening here.

  82. I am sorry but that guy doesn’t seem very bright. Saudi Arabia is many things but definitely not socialist.

  83. If I may fill in for Hopefruit:

    PBO – 1

    ACA – 1

    donna dem 4 obama – 1

    Republican co-worker – 0


  84. Thanks for highlighting this video, BWD.

    It’s kind of amazing how quickly the world is moving. We are handing over control of the Libya operation in one week and now the Yemen leaders are stepping down. There are uprisings in Syria, Bahrain, Morocco, and Algeria. The WH and State Dept have to be pulling their hair out right now. Even during the fall of the communist bloc, governments weren’t falling this quickly.

  85. The CNN coverage is stunning. Their key word is confusion. Spitzer asked Gen Clark if this is anyway to run a war. I heard the word confusing umpteen times on John King’s show. The narrative continues…everything that happens no matter how good it is, is always bad for PBO.

  86. I know how reluctant this President is to send troops anywhere – but, as he said before he was even a candidate “I’m not opposed to all wars – I’m just opposed to stupid ones!”.

    He understands as Commander in Chief that he is responsible for every life in this country.

    He also feels a moral responsibility to not turn a blind eye when mass murder is about to take place.

    I am one of those who trusts him completely – not blindly – I just believe he is brilliant, has a superior moral compass and thinks things through before making a rash judgment – I’ll side with him over almost anyone else.

  87. Back to Wisconsin…

    GOP Prosecutor Forced to Resign After Advocating Fake Attack on Walker
    by Sarah Jones

    The second Indiana Republican to leave his jobs in the last several weeks over suggestions of violence regarding the Wisconsin protesters, Indiana deputy prosecutor and Republican activist Carlos F Lam resigned Thursday after being busted for sending an email to Governor Scott Walker in which he suggested planting a “false flag” against the protesters by having an associate fake a physical attack — even using a “firearm” — against Governor Scott Walker.


    They will stoop to anything. SMH!!!

  88. “Confusion” is the new “dithering”. It’s a buzzword that originates at Fox, probably tested by Luntz, and then spreads to all MSM.

  89. I know Askew it took everything in my to stop from calling him an idiot because I have known him for years but he tests my patience at times. Sigh!!!

  90. Just ignore those A-Holes, and tell the to go Cheney themselve LOL, better yest do not pay attention to them.

  91. Lucky these nuts don’t realize emails are not privledged, and FOIA means they’ll be made public when dealing with public officials. I guess this guy didn’t have Walker’s secret private email account address…

  92. You are sooooo cool, insightful and kind to post that particular video in the spirit of solidarity with the People of Libya!!!

    Thank you.

  93. What they really want him to lead on, gobrooklyn, is on the budget and the deficit. They want him to put his neck on the line while they cower in the background, stabbing him in the back from all sides. That’s what the letter from the 64 senators was about, imo. So far, he hasn’t fallen into their trap. The Constitution tasks Congress with the job, but I think they want PBO to take the heat because some of them are up for re-election next year. They think the president doesn’t learn from his mistakes, but he’s showing them that he does. I don’t blame him for being skeptical about the actions and motives of the democrats and the republicans on the issue of the budget and the deficit.

  94. Thank you these times in the middle east is so moving. ppl for years lived in fear and hardship under dictators. we are so blessed and it does my heart good to see change come and i hope they get everything they want.

  95. President Obama already has USAID on the ground in Bengazi. check out the obama diary.

  96. The corporate media’s apoplexy over the military operation in Libya can best be summed up in President Obama’s own cryptic words on Inauguration Day:

    “What the critics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them”– -President Barack Obama, January 20, 2009.

    Since that day, I have maintained that statement as my online signature because of it’s profound depth. Now we see that visionary statement unfold in real time.

    All the President’s crazy critics would do well to re-listen to everything the President has said int eh run-up to his election and after. They would save themselves so much embarrassment if they did. But who am I kidding? They are addicted to outrage.

    Me? I just smile and nod knowingly, cuz none of this is a surprise.

  97. What scholars on thr GOP? I do not think most of the have a high shoole diploma LOL.

  98. Thanks, jovie!

    Now, that’s what I’m talking about! PBO didn’t make his first major speech as POTUS in Cairo for nothing!!! This man not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk. I can’t imagine GWB getting the cooperation of the UAE, the AL, the UN, and some of our other allies to act AGAINST an Arab leader. Folks, this is unprecedented!!!!!!! If the talking heads, Kucinich, the MSM, the PL, and the frustrati want to know what the Obama Doctrine is, it’s peace through international cooperation. Thank God, the GWB age of bullying is gone. I hated having Bush in the WH.

  99. Time for a little Brooks and Dunn … and what could have been “Only in America” may well just be something that people all over the world are beginning to realize they can implement, their own way, with America being ‘exceptional’ only because it enables, not forces, each person to seek their inalienable rights:

  100. I am still angry over the coverage of the tea baggers mel. News? What news? The media only cares about people who hate our president.

    I do not have read the watch or read the media because BWD brings all the good information to her site.

  101. School cuts raise doubts among some GOP voters

    BROOKFIELD, Wis. — Barb Feest wishes she could take back her vote for Wisconsin governor.

    The suburban Milwaukee woman cast her ballot for Republican Scott Walker in November. But she could only shake her head recently as she listened at a public forum to how Walker’s proposed budget cuts could affect schools.

    “He’s trying to balance the budget on the backs of teachers,” Feest said. “It took so long to get our schools where they are, and they’re going to cut it down in, what, two years? It’s not right.”

    Almost five months after the election, Feest and some other Republican voters are having doubts about their choices at the ballot box. Although they consider themselves fiscal conservatives, many of the same people who put Walker and other GOP leaders into office are now having second thoughts, largely because the cuts they are seeking could put the quality of their cherished local schools at risk.


    President Obama warned of this.

  102. Bobfr,

    As a retired high school social studies teacher, I have always believed that the reason so many American politicians and voters keep making the same mistakes is because they don’t study history. PBO knows many things that many of the members of Congress, the MSM, and the citizens don’t know because they don’t study history, or much of anything else. Palin, for example, told Greta van Susteren that Iran plans to attack the U.S. She knows nothing about Iran and nothing about the history between Iran and the U.S. If she did, she’d understand why the Iranian government is skeptical of America’s motives where it is concerned. Our president is a well-read person, and I believe that this is why he tries hard to avoid the mistakes of his predecessors.

  103. The MSM has been confused for a week. I don’t know why, because it’s become abundantly clear why we’re there. Even Keith Olbermann seems to be confused. It’s just the MSM’s Controversy Of The Moment™.

  104. Most MSM parent companies are MIC war profiteers as well. Not to mention war is great television itself.

  105. If you go to youtube.com and search on “Spring Movements” you will be presented with an amazing video about the dramatic changes in the Middle East. The music is beautiful.

    Spring Movements

    Inspired by the uprisings occurring in the Middle East and North Africa, this film is an ode to movements striving to reclaim their dignity and …

    by jmashouf | 4 days ago | 18,849 views

  106. Well, that video kinda speaks for itself. Good for us, and for Obama. We did something good.

    If George W. Bush was in office Fox News would be runnuing this video on a 24/7 loop. But with a Democratic in office? Well, we’re too busy savaging our President to even notice this kind of thing.

  107. I can’t remember his exact words but it seemed he was trying to downplay the confusion meme and that things would be clearer after the next meeting…

  108. The great “Buyers Remorse” tour rolls on.

    All they wanted to do was “stick it to Obama.” Turns out, they stuck it to themselves. 2012 should be interesting.

  109. Me too,BWD. I totally love and appreciate all you are doing. Even though I still go on DKos and HP and defend the President, I love coming here when I feel rebuffed and ridiculed, and feel sane again after reading the truth. Thanks SOOOOOOO much BWD, for all the time you take posting these great things.

  110. Donna, thanks for going OT a few times. All relevant. I llok at this video and it, in some ways, reminds me of the protests in Madison and elsewhere around the country. Different goals and what not, but still a spontaneous outpouring of emotion and feeling shared by thousands of people.

    And in both cases it is a case of people really, when it comes down to it, saying we want a say in our lives. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Liberal Librarian has hit on a key point a couple times. Whereas the neo-con-Bush-Cheney approach created more terrorists and recruits for AQ, Obama’s approach actually diminishes OBL and AQ. Their main message was always that the people needed them to give them a voice. Well, now the people realize they don’t need AQ and that the West, and specially the Great Satan, does care about them as people.

    The other key in all that has happened is that Libya is still the only country in which the protestors have been involved in violent actions, but that was only after the government slaughtered several hundred peacful protestors.

    So this is happening not only without US feet on the ground, but also, when we consider the seismic shift taking place, with remarkable little iolence.

  111. My son is a HS US hsitory teacher, and I think he would also concur. Fortuntely he teaches in a Catholic college prep school which actually gives him a lot of leeway. But in public schools, for example, it is amazing how little is taught about the labor movement. During Reagan’s terms in office, there was a concerted effort to retool the history books and dumb down the country about things like that.

  112. I’m here, he said 4 hours later. Just a very busy day, only able to jump in and read a couple times.

  113. I just hope it lasts another 20 months. Americans have ridiculously short attention spans and even shorter memories…

  114. You have that right. When is it going to dawn on Sully that the president has more information at his disposal than he or any of his tight circle of ivy league bloggers. I swear sometimes his blog sounds like the cheerleaders table at the cafeteria. Its all about some imagined debate going on among the alumni of National Review.

  115. Ditto,

    Indeed one of the reasons the corporate media is upset is because President Obama deprived them of the catbird seat to televise the spectacle of Shock and Awe fireworks over Tripoli & Benghazi.

  116. Thanks for posting this, BWD. One would think this would finally shut up the frustrati who believe they speak for the Libyans, but I have a feeling they will come up with yet another reason to complain. They’ll probably say Obama was just tossing the Libyans a bone. That’s their explanation for everything.

  117. A good story from ABC and there is even a picture of our favorite snooty reporter Jack Tapper

    Libyan Americans Grateful for International Community’s Involvement in Libya

    “The group showered President Obama with praise for his decision to involve the U.S. military in enforcing UN Resolution 1973, saying the president’s decision saved lives.

    “We strongly support President Obama’s stance on the Libya crisis,” said Esam Omeish, director of the Libyan Emergency Task Force. “His actions have saved thousands of lives in Benghazi and elsewhere.”


  118. Listening to right wing propaganda on Fox and talk radio can have some serious effects…

  119. I am baffled by the criticism of Obama. Pres. Bush dropped 4500 bombs on innicent civilians of Iraq and nobody said a word. That war cost us 900 billion before Obama even took office. Nobody mentions that either. I think people are just jealous that Obama has accomplished so much in so short a time. In ’29 the depression lasted more than ten years because the government did nothing. It was WWII that got us out of that one. President Eisenhower warned about the military industrial influence in government and he was right. The only agenda The Republicans and the Tea Party have is to make sure Obama is a one term president. There isn’t anyone who can hold a candle to Obama’s intelligence and integrity. He’s the hardest working presidnt in my lifetime. When you are prejudiced any excuse will do if you want to snip at someone. Obama personifies grace under fire. I hope to meet him and Michelle one day. You are doing a great job Mr President. Keep up the good work.

  120. The ground has certainly shifted. I feel like the political purists are fighting the last war while the president is already in the future waiting for them to catch up.

  121. It’s like peeling an onion. They have to keep perpetuating the negativity as the story moves along and changes. We never get to a point where they just report the facts. It really is depressing to watch this happen with such consistency.

  122. Excellent assessment. I always enjoy your insight, japa.

    Give people the tools, and they will fix things.

  123. This was so amazing…I hope President Obama will see this. This was so inspiring and a boost for hope and change in this world or ours.

  124. The problem they’re running into, and Newt is finding very apparent, is that they have PBO so demonized by the right that they can NEVER agree with him or give any credit for a good decision/policy. So they have to be for whatever Obama is against and against whatever President Obama is for.

    This leads to Palin being against better food in schools, breast feeding and anti-bullying campaigns. This is what led Newt to be for Libya intervention before Obama officially declared it and the against it the moment it was declared.

  125. Speechless. What a wonderful video. I pray and wish for a successful outcome for the Libyan people.

  126. Are you kidding, JustRR? If they wait, the President will be vindicated before they have their chance to announce that the sky is falling, and then there’d be no sensationalized ‘news’ to share!

  127. PC, Thanks for this link Juan Cole. Prof. Cole is one of the knowledgeable people on the history and politics of the Middle East.

  128. Had a long day at work and then an OFA meeting, got home tired but had to look at this blog and am so glad I did. I am so proud of President Obama for doing the right thing – no question about it – in Libya. I believe the doubters will come around eventually.

    Thanks for the Juan Cole link way above – I do respect him and know he has been plenty critical of Obama on the Middle East, but I guess he agrees with the Libyan intervention.

  129. BWD,
    Thanks for posting this amazing video. And thanks for all you do to make sure that people are kept informed about this wonderful President.

  130. They would have played politics with people’s lives, just like they’ve been doing. And they would have demanded stuff that has nothing to do with this important mission – in this case, it was more important for the President to act and save lives, and then apologize. Congress is more interested in posturing.

    BWD – your blog title is so apt, and this is just another stunning example of that. He really is the “only adult in the room”. And he knows it.

  131. And the rebels would be correct not to trust him. He is clearly willing to take out anyone in his path. In fact, I fear that he has no interest in reaching a truce. In his mind, it will have to be his way or no way.

    And right now for the sake of Libyans, he needs to go. He cannot be trusted.

    The African Union cannot really help him. Some of the African countries will furnish mercenaries for a fee. But when the money runs out, he will be on his own. Not to mention many of them will be looking over their own shoulders.

    The sooner the coalition can get the remaining loyalists to turn on him, he is done.

  132. Well said GN! President Obama made it clear that change in the Arab world has to come from the people themselves; and it did. He also made it clear that he will no longer choose political expediency by continuing to support so called friendly dictators as some experts were urging him to do, especially in the case of Egypt. It is indeed “a very strong shift in US foreign policy….”

  133. Poor guy, he is trying hard to remain relevant.

    I have no respect for the likes of Cenk, not since his rantings over there that were so over the top most times, it boggled the mind.

  134. Not a peep from the MSM. The fact that the general and the President of Yemen have been battling in the streets, in the country where Al Qaeda are supposed to have the training grounds and stronghold – crickets from the media. They are focused on debating how President Obama made his call on Libya, and debating the constitutionality of his actions and potential impeachment – and reporting on Bachman,Palin and the like.

    All the while, history is unfolding, unwatched. The MSM is a joke.

  135. AU is trying to save face. I also think that there are many other African dictators who are seeing the handwriting on the wall. It is very likely that what is happening in North Africa and west Asia will have a major influence in the rest of Africa.

  136. He had no facts, nothing but talking points and so he had nothing to counter your statements.

    What I’ve noticed in my conversations with people like him, when presented with the facts, their response is to get angry.

    I want to wager that despite his protestations, he will try to look into the benefits of putting his daughter on his insurance.

  137. I just kept thinking that these are actual lives that were saved by the allied actions. Many of those people in the video would not have been there. The video of those buried alive was so disturbing, but that’s what these people have been living with. I got chills watching this video.

  138. Amen!

    I think this is two positive articles recently by Jake Tapper. Hmmm …

  139. You really have their number hopefruit. I am convinced that if the jobs numbers keep improving, more and more people will start “tuning out their tantrums.” Lets hope the MSM will do the same. There are the ones that keep inflating the egos of their leaders.

  140. LL I am sure It would feel really good, but, on second thought, I don’t think he is worth the possibility of you injuring your hand in the process.

  141. Cenk is a fool of the worst order. For the longest time, I thought he was a silly college kid. Now that I know he’s supposed to be “fully grown”, I have only disgust and pity for him.

  142. majii, I could not more agree with your assessment – “Our president is a well-read person, and I believe that this is why he tries hard to avoid the mistakes of his predecessors.”

    Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  143. Hey donna dem4Obama, Your friend lost me by his statementS: “we are not Saudi Arabia” and “I don’t like that socialist plan.” Was he suggesting that Saudi Arabia is a socialist country?

  144. St. Roscoe – that’s as terse and accurate a summary of their vested interest as I’ve ever seen.


    Thank you.

  145. I have been spreading that video for the past few days to every person I know. Thank you, Ladyhawke, for your efforts to do the same!!!

  146. You are absolutely right Liberal Librarian! As dictators in the Arab world, both friendly and unfriendly, are dethroned, al Qaeda can longer claim to be fighting to free the people.

  147. It’s only confusing for them because they haven’t been paying attention. They’re trying to play catch-up, because they were all focused on Charlie Sheen.

  148. Thanks Tulips – I love the transcript on the video, and all the “hoo!”. Very uplifting.

  149. You know what Kelly, the MSM’s standard operating procedure, which they share with the Republicans and the PL/Frustrati, is: What ever President Obama is for, they are against it. Once you know how they operate you save yourself from being surprised and for having your blood pressure rise because of anger and disgust.

  150. If their mission is so right and just (and directed by God, to listen to some tell it), then why do they have to resort to these tactics? Clearly, they know they’re full of it. We’re up against a shameless lot.

  151. That is it in nutshell SR! Excellent decoding of what is at the heart of people who constantly bash the President. At this juncture, It really no longer matters what President Obama does. To be consistent with their meme of Obama is bad for the country they attack everything he does. They are not a bit concerned by the fact that they are constantly contradicting themselves. They know the MSM, and the loud holier than thou progressives, are with them.

  152. LL, they know the facts you have stated are true and PBO did it right.The Greed Over People and their cronies just want to destroy the President at every turn. But they can not do it as long as the communities like ours keep the truth flowing to all.

  153. Not just the MSM and PL – but also those who call into radio shows and spout all that they’ve heard on Rush and Beck, demand to be heard when the other party is talking, and reject every factual piece of evidence that’s presented to them. They are delusional.

  154. When I was living in Arizona, it really confused me that people didn’t seem to KNOW that you can get news from all over the world online now. I got better coverage, not just of world news, but even of US domestic news, from checking the Guardian and the BBC, than I ever did watching any form of US media.

  155. I have never before seen a protest march in an Arab country where the banners said “Thank you USA, Thanks you UK, Thank you France, Thank you World”. It’s surreal.

  156. Quote from the Guardian:

    [A rebel spokesman] Bani denied receiving any on-the-ground assistance from foreign troops or advice on tactics. “The only foreign expert we use is Google Earth,” he said.

    The only foreign expert we use is Google Earth. The 21st century is WEIRD.

  157. Good lord, this too:

    “The man suspected of murdering PC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy in London in 1984 has been arrested by rebel forces in the country and is in custody in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

    “Campaigners welcomed the arrest and expressed the hope that Omar Ahmed Sodani would face trial in Britain.”

    That’s been an unsolved problem for decades.

  158. Ok, I am so mad about this that I could shove a camel through the eye of a needle…


    -“Paul Ryan is among six top House Republicans targeted in new radio ads attacking the GOP for cutting funding for nuclear non-proliferation programs”-

    -“Cong. Paul Ryan is making it easier for terrorists to get nuclear weapons,” says retired Army Lt. Gen. Robert Gard in one radio spot, calling the cuts “reckless.”-Journal Sentinel

    Hey there, Congressman Paul Ryan, I think you are about to step into some sticky territory, you and your 5 other friends, and people are about to get defensive.

  159. Another happy crowd celebrating the promise of freedom at the We Are One concert.

    When I think of how blessed we are to have a man of good heart, sterling character, towering intellect yet a down-to-earth man of the people who remembers his roots, I give thanks yet again for the promise and hope of what we can all accomplish in the 6+ remaining years if we all. Use our collective imagination and people power to inspire change. People. In the ME face far greater obstacles and even death but they are out on the streets protesting, asking for freedom.
    Perhaps one project we can come up with is bumper stickers that catch the spirit and élan of Obama-Biden.

  160. Ok, I am so mad about this that I could shove a camel through the eye of a needle…


    -”Paul Ryan is among six top House Republicans targeted in new radio ads attacking the GOP for cutting funding for nuclear non-proliferation programs”-

    -“Cong. Paul Ryan is making it easier for terrorists to get nuclear weapons,” says retired Army Lt. Gen. Robert Gard in one radio spot, calling the cuts “reckless.”-Journal Sentinel

    Hey there, Congressman Paul Ryan, I think you are about to step into some sticky territory, you and your 5 other friends, and people are about to get defensive.

  161. You posted a video singing about bye-bye America and this is the day you will die. Directly after my post about nuclear worries.


    Please, tell me more…

  162. or the scholars on the left…

    Surprisingly Cenk Uygar is actually for Libya no fly zone… didn’t think this was possible.

  163. Not a Rand refugee for sure. Even though Buddy Holly died American music soared. The Phoenix from the ashes. From the dregs of America left by Bush we will celebrate the emergence of American joy, beauty and justice from all of us singing. working, organizing together with a song in our hearts and determination in our souls to bring about a more perfect union. then celebrate!

  164. Yeah? Well, next time pick a different song when posting directly after someone who voices concern over nuclear worries.

    And just so you know, America is back.

  165. I did respond: the image is one of collective rebirth, the Phoenix, after 2 years of working for change. He joy in the crowd is like that of the men and women in Libya, chanting, singing, waving the victory sign. Hope, confidence rather than hate. I find inspiration in looking at clips of political celebrations and demonstration. Power which stems from many people coming together to demand change: not mean and angry but with a light touch, humor, and abundant confidence in the rightness of our cause. Yes we can!

  166. I did respond: the image is one of collective rebirth, the Phoenix, after 2 years of working for change. He joy in the crowd is like that of the men and women in Libya, chanting, singing, waving the victory sign. Hope, confidence rather than hate. I find inspiration in looking at clips of political celebrations and demonstration. Power which stems from many people coming together to demand change: not mean and angry but with a light touch, humor, and abundant confidence in the rightness of our cause. Yes we can!

  167. I would like to take this opportunity and speak to you about my support for nuclear power, and I understand the concerns regarding Japan.

    Paul Ryan and crew are playing games with you. They want their oil. Well, I want a timeline to get off of oil.

    I want a timeline to get off of oil yesterday. And for Paul Ryan to threaten us with terrorism of HIS doing is not going to change my wishes. Somebody from our national security department needs to sit down and have a little discussion with Paul Ryan and Crew.

  168. Sorry about the double post, only pushed the post botton once. On the iPhone when the comment box comes up you do not see the previous comment. I can see how the juxtaposition of the two images might be disconerting but not my intention. In thinking about movements in our history powered by people coming together, civil rights, women’s rights , unions, peace marches a common thread is the community of people calling for and with luck, strategy, and determination bringing about change, then fighting and organizing to preserve and improve. Women’s movement needs to more with all the Anti- women laws being pushed.

  169. I want you to know, that newer and safer technology regarding nuclear power is emerging, and after the situation in Japan, the technology will provide a way to make sure that this never happens again, and this requires funding to take a look at our current plants in place, and Paul Ryan and crew wants to cut that and make your life more dangerous and vulnerable.

    Very sticky stuff here, Congressman Paul Ryan.

  170. No worries taiping, but I hope you understand where my concern came from.

  171. Typical AP spin (it’s Huffpo’s headline also)…


    Can someone please tell me where in this article they provide evidence for their claim that the U.S. will be responsible for “the brunt of the combat” in Libya? I read it twice and I don’t see it. I guess they’re saying that by default the U.S. will be in charge of ground combat but it still seems to be drawing a big conclusion about our role in this. NATO members are still working out the details aren’t they? Also the article again speculates that dual command centers will “open the door to confusion and finger pointing”. They don’t know that. And this crap is being picked up by news outlets all over the country. Ugh!

  172. Some dear and wonderful person in the last days posted the actual cite for the President not requiring the approval of Congress before acting under an operation sanctioned by the UN SC. Would you please post it again because so far I can’t find it again and I have need of it. I have a covert who is opening her eyes to what is really going on in the US.

  173. I totally agree; with this move, they’re really stepping in it, similar to the GOP’s attempts to obstruct START.

  174. I have only played it 10 times since yesterday and still get teary at the very end. It is powerful and hypnotic.

  175. Thank you, gn. You know I love you, and I hope that you don’t take my compliments as insincere, as I know that you mentioned your nuance about not wanting compliments. But you see, that is part of my problem. I can’t help but to compliment you. You are a beacon.

    *tries my hand at code*

  176. …and I don’t mean love in any other way than that you are part of my family, my society.

  177. Having just gone through a painful bout of bursitis in my shoulder, I think you’re right!

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