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I hope you’re all having a good day.

1. I must begin with pointing out that PBO’s Nowruz message, up less than 48 hours on YouTube, already been watched more than 100,000 times. I can’t get over this clip.


2. Recovery!

Adjusted U.S. figures paint a rosier jobs picture, Job growth may be stronger than it appears

Another healthy drop in unemployment claims reported last week is the latest clue that job gains might be more robust than the Labor Department’s monthly reports show.Some economists say jobless claims and other recent data show that employers likely added 200,000 to 300,000 jobs a month this year, rather than the 128,000 average reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).The reason for the possible disparity: The government tends to underestimate both job gains in a recovery and job losses in a recession, the economists say. That helps explain why the nation’s unemployment rate has fallen more sharply than the modest payroll increases suggest. The jobless rate was 8.9% last month, down from 9.8% in November.

Jobless claims for the week ending March 5 fell to 385,000 from 401,000 and are down from an average 450,000 in the second half of 2010. History suggests a drop of 50,000 or more means 100,000 or more additional jobs, O’Sullivan says.Because monthly job gains, excluding temporary Census workers, averaged 103,000 in 2010’s second half, average growth in January and February should have topped 200,000, he says.Other markers of a healthier job market:•Payroll taxes withheld by the U.S. Treasury are up 7% vs. a year ago.•The Institute for Supply Management’s reports on manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors show surging employment the past two months.•BLS’ survey of households, used to calculate the unemployment rate, has reported average monthly job increases of 379,000 since November.

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3. Oh, where are the good old days of Katrina.

More than seven in 10 Americans (73 percent) say they approve of the President’s handling of the U.S. response to the triple disaster


4. More Homophobia. Gee.

US demanding gay rights support at UN body

The Obama administration will introduce its first statement calling for the United Nations’ top human rights body to combat discrimination against gays and lesbians around the world, completing a U.S. reversal from years of ambiguity on the subject during the presidency of George W. Bush.

The U.S. declaration will be made Tuesday at the Geneva-based Human Rights Council and has the support of more than 80 countries. Although it is not in the form of binding resolution, the American push for U.N. action has helped win over a handful of new countries to the cause. A resolution could be brought to a vote later this year.


5. And more selling-out of the middle class:

W.H. unveils college completion kit

The Obama administration is rolling out an effort to give governors the tools they need to boost college completion rates in line with the president’s goal of getting the United States to lead the world in proportion of college graduates by 2020.

At a summit in Washington on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden will release a “College Completion Tool Kit,” a 23-page document that offers governors ideas on how to boost college graduation rates, including using data to make decisions and simplifying the process for students transferring from one college to another.


6. Thanks, Jovie, for the link:

More Recovery Act projects


7. It’s the first anniversary of health care reform (or as I proudly call it “Obama-Care”). Ezra Klein has a pretty good column on the subject.


8. While the US MSM is reaching deeper and deeper into the ultimate shame, some important newspapers around the world see the truth. Like this fantastic column from The Guardian:

Yes, a better America was possible

If the Obama administration does nothing else, it will always compare favourably with Bush’s for its diplomacy over Libya.

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9. More excellent read:

Obama’s Delay in the Libya Intervention Took a Page from FDR


10. Finally, I’m totally behind this Norbrook’s piece. I still remember the firing squad I faced back then, for daring to suggest that there is, indeed, racism on the Left. Well, now no one can stop me from saying it: There’s racism on the Left. A lot. 




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  1. Thank you, BWD, and yes, you were (and are) right about there being racism on the Left. I just got to the point where I decided that it was time for me to drop “trying to be nice about it.”

  2. Thank you BWD. sometimes it takes the reading of publications like the Guardian in UK to appreciate how terrible U.S media. U.s. media is full of hacks and quacks incapable of refined, multifaceted analysis.

    Simply put, prez Obama is above and beyond the reach of the mediocre American MSM.

  3. Everywhere he goes, people wave US flags which aren’t on fire.

    That still feels weird for some reason 🙂

  4. Hola BWD and Family.. Thanks for all the good news :).. and well done Norbrook: There’s racism on the Left. A lot … Yeppers, its what fuels much of the rage & anxiety imo.. the arrogance we see by the caucasian males (and some very well known loud caucasian females too) permeating the teevee & radio day in and day out for years now.. waist deep in their ‘Obama Angst’. Eff em, I say 😉

  5. What a beautiful family. Thanks for the new updates. Hope your day is going well. Clip of a beautiful environmental gift to our potus Obama from the El Salvadorian peoples.

  6. Beautiful photos and interesting articles. What will the PL say about Woolner comparing PBO to their hero FDR?

  7. I looked at the first picture and the caption that came to mind was “hi haters, We see you”.


    Great pics and links BWD. thanks for all you do.

  8. Republicans are racists, progressives are racists. Only folks who are not racist are Obama supporters.

    You’re making the word meaningless.

    They see color alright – green. Dollar bill green.

  9. Thanks for my daily crackmash BWD 😀 I absolutely adore the pics of the First Family! Can’t wait to read the articles, too.

  10. I’m glad to see more and more sane folks supporting POTUS over the lunatics of the UNprofessional left.

    And one of the heroes of the UNprofessional left, Dennis Kucinich, revealed his true motives behind wanting to see POTUS impeached for the missile strikes on Libya: MONEY!

    He’s actually asking folks to send him money so that he can continue to stand against POTUS! What makes Keebler elf Kucinich any different than a Tea Party Republican?

    People like Kucinich and his followers are why liberals have a bad reputation. They continue to live in an idealistic fantasy as opposed to the real world.

    It’s also people like Kucinich and his followers that give Democrats a bad reputation, everyone looks at Kucinich, sees the (D) after his name and thinks: “All Democrats are radicals like this tool!” Hence why some sane folks end up actually voting for Republicans, because they think that all Democrats are radical leftwing extremists who want socialism.

    People like Kucinich are jealous of POTUS, because they know they’ll never be in those shoes. POTUS is loved and respected worldwide, I doubt that the world cares about some idiot from Ohio named Kucinich. You’ve got to wonder what is up with the water in Ohio? Kucinich, Boner, Kasich… and this is one of the swing states Obama won in 2008 to boot.

  11. Yup. Keebler elf Kucinich proved that, as I pointed out in my rant below 🙂

  12. Good Day everyone! Once again BWD thanks for the great pictures and the mishmash. And thank you Norbrook for you article. I too agree there is racism on the left. Sometimes I am shocked at what my friends will say. I have a real hard time understanding it.

    I am just so thankful everyday that we have the President we do. I can’t even imagine were we would be if the other man was in the WH.

    I love Michelle magenta dress. That picture is a classic. She is so beautiful!

  13. BWD, thanks for today’s Mishmash. Great articles and wonderful pics. Thanks as always.

  14. bwd, please stop calling people who oppose the president “racist.” some people are (and they get alot of airtime), but the vast, vast majority are not.

    we know you’re passionate about the president and you do a great job with the site informing people what obama has done, but throwing out “racism” is an extremely serious charge and doesn’t really match up with reality, while also devalues what your’e trying to do.

    – solid obama supporter

  15. And I back you up on this one dear friend. I see it everywhere on the internet. I have never seen any other President held to this standard. Yes money, greed and self preservation plays a role but I’m afraid that racism takes the lead and the sad part is that so many of them don’t even realize it.

  16. I saw the coolest thing on the news today. The World cup is going to be held in Qatar and they are planning their stadium. They wanted it to be open, but the heat from the sun would be crushing. If it is closed, they will have huge energy bills keeping it cool. So this man has thought up a floating “cloud” that will cast a shaddow over the stadium. It is actually a very large platform sort of thing filled with helium so that it will float. It also has solar panels that will drive 4 fan-like motors so that the “cloud” can be moved as the sun moves to keep the stadium in shade. They are about to make the first prototype to test. I hope this works because there must be other uses for it.

  17. bwd, you really have got to stop calling people “racists.” there are legitimate cases (as observed by racist signs and birthers), but the again, the overwhelming majority of people are not.

    obama got 53% of the vote in this country and won by the largest margin since lbj along with the most votes. ever.

    people who are anti-obama such as boehner or mcconnel aren’t “racist.” they’re just hungry for power and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there, including pandering to certain constituencies and blocking all democratci legislation. others are just republicans who have their own governing philosphies.

    people like kucinich aren’t “racist.” theyu’re just more left wing than most people.

    you’ve really got to make that difference clear. you can’t keep painting people with that broad brush.

    love the site but cmon. you’re better than that.

    -solid obama supporter

  18. This is a great comment on the earlier thread about PBO’s authority to conduct the Libya intervention, which I want to bring to everyone’s attention here: https://blackwaterdog.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/the-only-adult-at-work/#comment-42441

    Basically, when the Security Council votes for military action, the President is authorized by law to provide forces for the action, without further approval from Congress. So, basically, Kucinich wants to impeach him for following a Congressional mandate.

  19. That sounds way cool. And I hope it works, rather than moving the Qatar WC to the winter. That would wreak havoc with national football league schedules, and probably keep Chelsea from winning another trophy. 🙂

  20. I think you are doing the right thing by asking them to admit it, that it is necessary to recognize what is at the core of their constant and senseless criticism of Obama. I’m guessing many have/had “black friends” etc., never considered themselves to be racists and are not willing to accept this in themselves. And I’ve always felt that there is something about THIS black man that has stirred these dormant feelings in many. Is pure and overwhelming jealousy a catalyst? All his sterling characteristics, his depth of character, his calm, cool demeanor, his intellect, insight and good judgment, his enviable family life, his unique ability to relate to all kinds of people and appear comfortable in every kind of setting, his unlikely journey to the top of the heap, that he pulled it off? ETC. When I told my husband, a bball fan, about how well he was doing with his NCAA brackets, he jokingly said, “Does he have to be good at EVERYTHING?” I think that envy is widespread, but they’re not joking.
    And as you said, what other conclusion can you reach when these progressives ignore the Republicans dismantling, or working to dismantle, much of what they have worked for for years and yet most of the animosity and hatred is directed toward Democratic President Obama.
    Horribly sad and shocking.

  21. No surprise, but what i can say is this “F” all of them, let’s continue our support for PBO, and just ignore those nayseyers.

  22. I’m backing you, BWD, and Norbrook up on this as well, and I’m so glad that someone is finally putting this into words. Racism! Not only do I constantly see this on the Internet, but also coming from friends, neighbors, acquaintenances, etc., ever since the primaries in 2008. I’m white, and these people don’t even try to hide it from me. It is truly disgusting and disheartening. I canceled my cable over two years ago and never, ever watch the news, and am a much happier, healthier person because of it. Don’t waste your energy watching the frustrati, PL and windbags on the idjit box–you’ll feel much better if you tune them out. Thanks to BWD for giving us a peaceful haven here.

  23. The internet was in it’s infancy at the time, but I recall Clinton wasn’t well liked by the liberal wing of the party for his triangulation and DLCer ties and was called a sell-out and a DINO.

    I think the internet blows everything out of proportion as everybody wants to be the pundit, everybody needs to be the funny guy on facebook – the internet is a lot like reality tv in a sense that everybody has inflated characters they “play” online, everybody is trying to get noticed.

  24. Your have hit the nail on the head, dodster. I agree with everything you said. It’s jealousy pure and simple.

    President Obama has accomplished what all the haters (Kucinich, Sestak, quitter gov, McCain) wish they could have. He is an exceptional husband and father. He is brilliant. He is loved around the world. They wish for the love the world feels for him. Yet, for all he’s achieved and for all his talent, he’s a humble man who worked his way to where he is and has not forgotten where he came from.

    I love him and his family. And I stand behind him 100%.

    I also think most Americans are beginning to see through the haters.

  25. Kucinich is a CRIP he is another Grayson. all he wants attention from the PL by throwing, red meat. I hope somebody will run against him.

  26. And in the good news on the jobs front, Il. Gov. Quinn and Sen. Durbin announced today that the next phase of construction on the high speed rail line from Chgo to St. Louis will begin April 5, producing 6000 jobs. It sure helps to have a Democrat in charge. Wish more people would recognize that fact.

  27. It’s because many of them are spoiled and upset when things don’t go their way.

    I haven’t agreed with every decision POTUS has had to make, but I’m not going to throw a tempter tantrum over said decisions. It’s better to move on from lost battles and move on to win others.

    To make a valid analogy, I was mad over Green Bay defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I quickly got over it, it’s just a damn football game, and I’m sure the Steelers will learn from their mistakes to dominate again next season.

    The UNprofessional left treats politics like a spectator sport when it’s not. It’s the art of the possible, and a lot of what they dream about is just that… dreams, fantasies, and just not possible or practical. They’re the main reason independent folks have issues voting for Democrats or liberals, they perceive Democrats and liberals as out of control radical yahoos who want to spend, spend, spend. The Republicans and rightists used that message last fall to their advantage, and yet the UNprofessional left continues to ignore that and make the same mistakes with messaging.

    Congressional Democrats need to ignore the UNprofessional left and run on their own merits. The UNprofessional left didn’t help Alan Grayson or Joe Sestak, and they certainly won’t help Dennis Kucinich or any other leftwing ideologue.

  28. Absolutely we’ve got grifters and opportunists cashing in. Without dispute. However, there would be no fauxgressive audience to whom the PL routinely appeals for these funds were there not a set of people blinded by an irrational rage and contempt for President Obama, and his followers, who in my opinion are dismissed as n***ers and n****er lovers. People can disagree, but in my opinion this is there.

  29. Same con as what drove the credulous audience for the astroturfing teaparties. Sure, it’s obvious that some very greedy and cynical people are cashing in, but what’s driving that credulous audience is a disdain for the person in the WH, an irrational disdain. It is what it is. I love love love SR’s comments, but I think he’s only seeing part of the picture on this one.

  30. Kucinich sealed his fate. Unless a rational Democrat is able to primary him and win, his seat will most likely go to a Republican… and Kucinich will then go on a tirade blaming POTUS for losing.

    Like the teabagging right wing, the UNprofessional left always deflects responsibility for their immature behavior and actions.

  31. Looks like the people of Florida wish they had a Democrat as governor, they aren’t too pleased with Rick Scott rejecting HSR funds.

    And “debating” the issue Sunday night on Huff and Puff post against the right wing trolls, it’s telling that their arguments are that “HSR would operate in the red,” “trains are old,” “no one would use it.”

    With regards to high speed rail “operating in the red,” it’s a baseless talking point and lie. We’re not talking another Amtrak, we’re talking fast railway transport from point A to point B.

    With the “trains are old” talking point, it’s yet another baseless talking point that honestly makes no sense.

    And “no one would use it,” obviously none of the right wing trolls has been to Japan or Europe where HSR is the main method of transport. Good luck with commuting in an automobile in those countries.

    I guess the right wing trolls love sitting in rushhour traffic on interstate highways, especially when gas prices are going up. HSR is the way of the future, and the right wing are hardheaded standing in the way of progress.

  32. *E-g-o.*

    And he’s just made a fool of himself for no reason. He needs to get away from the fauxgressive spaces, and realize just how fringe some of the former great spaces have now become. Olbermann didn’t realize this, and I hope that Kucinich does not follow this same path.

    He sounds *ridiculous* having such a long tenure in Congress yet such a poor, poor understanding of what do and do not constitute impeachable offenses in the Constitution. Rather than expertise, his ignorance is on display. Really a shame, because I actually have no issue with outliers on the left whatsoever. But he is spreading disinformation.

    Very lame, and not a good look, Dennis!

  33. President Obama has introduced nothing like welfare reform. He’s done nothing to deserve this current outcry; you can tell, because they’re having to make things up to sustain it. President Clinton laid a foundation for a Presidency to the left of him, and President Obama is building up on. It’s not just the Internet; these people have a personal issue with President Obama IMO.

  34. Like Alan Grayson, Dennis Kucinich has sealed his fate. If a rational Democrat doesn’t primary him out in 2012, then his seat will most assuredly go to a Republican. I’m kind of surprised his seat didn’t go to a Republican last fall during the midterms.

    I’ve been noticing a pattern: every Democrat who has stood against POTUS on something has lost. Creigh Deeds lost in 2009 because he was anti Obama until the very end; Grayson, Lincoln, Sestak and other Democrats lost last November because they publicly attacked POTUS and stood against his agenda.

    And there are the countless Democrats who lost because they supported HCR, yet campaigned against it because of “advice” from the UNprofessional left. It’s the same UNprofessional left that complained that Obama was too soft on Hillary during the 08 primaries and too soft against McCain and Palin. It’s the same UNprofessional left that has bitched and whined about Summers, Geithner, Bernake, Salazar, Rahm, and various other members of the Obama cabinet.

    I’ve yet to see the UNprofessional left actually manage to get a thing besides electing Republicans done.

  35. Exactly. Clinton actually pursued a lot of conservative policies such as NAFTA and welfare reform and used the left as a punching bag repeatedly. Obama hasn’t done anything similar.

  36. Agree gn, I wonder though.. he has to know the impeachement talk is silly, he must have the facts on the legalities of POTUS’ decision/ action regarding Libya.. however, here he is in all his white superiority glory- talking impeachement on national tv while the President is out of the country- big no-nos from my understanding (and perspective).. and then he posts a fund-raising plea on his website.. thus my thinking: is he possibly seriously contemplating a primary run here.. either with an ego so inflated believing he has a hope in hell of winning.. or possibly to really create chaos and mayhem to assist a republican win in 2012?? I just find this behavior ultra out of control.. and suspicious. Or maybe it really is just all about scamming the PL for some cash by saying outrageous bs about POTUS.

  37. Thank you askew, not that I can detect. I’m not close to a good historian around these parts considering the learned folks who post here, and I admit that I wasn’t paying as much attention during the Clinton era, but I have seen nothing to suggest that President Obama is anything but what he says: a liberal, progressive, pragmatic Dem. He’s not the second coming of Clinton who made concessions to his own status quo to get the ball moving. But these just aren’t the same situations here.

  38. Thank you BWD for the pix and the rest!
    There is nothing more rewarding than having both of one’s presidents in one room (I can only vote for President Obama, resident in the US here). I hold dual citizenships from the USA and El Salvador (I was born in El Salvador and have to endure the question as to which country I am the most loyal to but I don’t give ONE SH!T b/c the Q itself is insulting…

    Familia Obama, Welcome to San Salvador and I cannot wait to have back home in the US!

  39. A lot of them are still mentally warped in 2000-2008 during the dreaded Bush years. They can’t accept that no matter how much they pout and whine, POTUS is and always will be humble and respectful to everyone, even the Teabagging Republicans who hate him.

    They believe that the best way to accomplish their agenda is to force idealism through tantrum. The Teabagging Republicans are attempting that right now and failing miserably.

    The UNprofessional left also has a problem with POTUS not personally going to each and every one of them for advice, like he should listen to a bunch of spoiled brats who only know how to shout and yell at him. Honestly, would you listen to a group that only used baseless hyperbole and conjecture and projections through emotions?

    And I find it telling how the UNprofessional left melted down the numerous times Gibbs and POTUS called them out, like Gibbs and POTUS were going to just sit back and take it?

    I do believe that, as a majority of other posters pointed out above, it’s closeted racism at the end. Heck, not even Bill Clinton faced this much animosity from his left as Barack Obama is now.

  40. Loved what you said and it is just so true and I think more and more are coming to realize it. Why else is the President the enemy rather than the Repubs. I don’t trust any of them.

  41. I’m thinking it’s a move out of desperation. Kucinich must have seen internals that aren’t favorable to him, so now he’s asking for money to fund his re-election campaign.

    Outside of the UNprofessional left poutraging blogs, most folks see Kucinich as the clown that he is. Even if he were to primary Obama in 2012, he wouldn’t last long… he’d probably only win 1% of the vote at best.

    Kucinich sealed his fate, his seat will most assuredly go to a Republican unless a rational Democrat is able to primary him and win.

  42. And POTUS is going to be on the top of the ticket in 2012 yet we still have people who fail to recognize how the bashing might just do them in. The PL is useless, just as you say.

  43. Michelle looks terrific in that shade of blue – one of her best colors, I believe.

    I linked to every one of the excellent sources noted by BWD, then had to stop myself from posting too many of them to my Facebook page (loses the impact when there are too many).

    Today at work (in DC suburbs) the nurses were sad that none of them won the lottery to go to the annual White House egg roll. I felt bad for them – I got to take my daughter during the Clinton years and it was so wonderful, a great memory. Anyway, I am glad that the nurses wanted so badly to go to the White House.

  44. I am so proud of Norbrook for the cogent and accurate assessment of the incessantly anti-Obama raging, whining PL/frustrati.

    To this very white, 60+ y/o it has been so totally obvious to me, during the campaign, and definitively within moments after he was elected and began DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO, that a substantial number of the loud (white) mouths on various ‘liberal’ blogs had absolutely zero skill in hiding the fact that they now were confronted with a black man (irrespective of the fact that half his gene pool is ‘white’) who was not only going to be President, but was going to be precisely the President he intended to be and if you didn’t show up with strategy or tactics that helped the majority of Americans, then you were just making noise that he, long ago (Harvard Law Review comes to mind) readily learned to filter – almost always with a gracious smile.

    I will work so very hard to see President Obama re-elected as I know all of you will be doing.

  45. Sounds as though you are doubly thrilled, Maritza! Can’t wait for our First Family to return to the U.S., either!

  46. Thank you, Norbrook.

    I just posted a response to sherijr in which I state unequivocally that what you wrote could not be more accurate.

  47. A lot of our politics is driven by jealousy right now. How else can teachers be branded as selfishly grabbing state benefits except in the eyes of “taxpayers” who feel they don’t have as good a job. This president is admirable in his personal and professional life, has a good marriage to a lovely and intelligent woman, has two beautiful children who don’t close down the bars every night, and he’s doing the job right. Dysfunctional America hates him. And that includes the dysfunctionals who are in the ranks of the Democratic Party.

  48. I guess I am going to be one of the few to support SR on this one. Please note that SR is not saying there is no racism, but rather, that by applying it to all the negative criticism of the President is diminishing the maning of the word. And it does more than that. It serves as a barrier for us to see what is really underlying some of the criticism.

    Is there racism involved? Of course there is. But I don’t think any of us are in a position to say how much, and to what degree it influences the criticism. And by placing too much emphasis on racism as a probable cause for critism, we avoid looking at other reasons, reasons which we can combat. We cannot end racism, but nor, except in blatant cases, can we be absolutley sure it is present.

    There are people that feel that the President betrayed some of his principles in the debate on HCR, for example. Others that felt he dragged his feet on DADT. Others that feel he is making a mistake on Libya. And for some, theire are other reasons or combination of reasons. They may not be accurate in their perceptions, or may not be willing to look at the rationale for his actions, but that does not necessarily make them racist, and we diminish them and ourselves if we automatically attribute racim to some of the criticisms.

    Let me give you an analogy. In a previous life (career wise) I was a mental health case manager for an insuranc company. This was during a period when recovered memory of childhood sexual abuse was big in the MH community and a whole panoply of symptoms was specifically attributed to the abuse. It got to th point where it din’t matter if th patient admitted to having been abused. Even if they were adamant they ahdn’t been abused, they were treated as if they had been, because obviously, the symptoms were there and they just didn’t remember the abuse.

    As one provider I was working with while following the treatment of a patient said, “If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck…” Although there were several instances of actual abuse having occured, there were also many patients who were treated as if it had occured, told repeatedly it ocured, and ended up believing it occured even though, as it turned out, the likelihood of it actually having occured was next to zero. Families were torn apart and the wrong treatment for the patient’s real problems were given, causing even more problems.

    We run into real problems by over simplifying things, and giving racism to high a level of causality is a problem.

  49. And that is a very good statement imo.. “dysfunctional America hates him”. I agree with you Tao, very well said. And I think its important too to realize that we are in the majority here.. the supporters far outnumber the loud dysfunctionals.. 😉

  50. I think a lot of them reflexively backed Clinton, specially against the barrage of investigations launched by the Republicans, to the degree they didn’t pay aas much attention to the actual policies that were passed.

    There are a lot that only felt betrayed after the fact. In fact, because of the Bush yyears i was really delayed.

    Now they are so afraid of being betrayed again, any little thng sets them off if it has any resemblance to anything (and it doesn’t have to be a big resemblance, Clinton did.

    To use an analogy out of real life, again, I was also a relationship counselor (my preferred term as opposed to marriage counselor). Every on in a while I would see a ouple where one of them had been involved in a very nasty relationship where that person undoubtedly stayed too long, sure it would work out. But eventually that person, and it happened regardless of gender, got wise and left or was left.

    Anyway, in the new relationship the new partner had a habit that reminded the other of the old relationship. The habit itself was harmless, like missing the laundry basket and not picking up the article of clothing that missed. (And yes, this was a real situation). This totally freaked out the person from the old relationship, because she (in this instance) was sure her new partner was going to be just as bad as the old one and got defensive over everything the new partner did.

    I see some of that happening now.

  51. I love these stories. They always move me to tears. Erick sounds like an incredible individual.

  52. I’m feeling some real disconnect right now about all this conversation about the PL and their ravings.

    It’s not just the PL who are unhappy with our President right now. The more I work with local activists, the more I’m seeing, hearing and reading genuine discontent. These aren’t people who are trying to make money off complaining, or radicals who didn’t really do anything to help elect our President. These are real live, dyed in the wool Democrats who in some cases took the summer of 2008 to work on the campaign who are saying they’re not going to work for him in 2012. People who are active in the Democratic Party. Interestingly, the topic most on their minds is economics. And lately, you know who I think the real culprit is? Krugman. These are people who religiously either read his work online or in print in their Sunday NYT. They appear to be completely isolated from all the good news about the economy. They still see doom and gloom on the horizon and haven’t the vaguest idea about the recovery act or the real work of the stimulus. Sad really.

    Oh, and yes, there are still more than a few single-payer, public option people who simply will not let it go. These aren’t people living at their keyboards trashing all things Obama either.

    Granted, I also see a larger share of active Dems who are pragmatic and determined to see our progress continue. But here’s the thing: I have not come across even one person who hates our President. Disappointed? Yes. Withdrawing their willingness to work for his campaign in 2012, sure…but hatred? I’m just not seeing it. Even from the people who supported Clinton and Edwards. Zero hatred.

    What I’m seeing in the real world just isn’t lining up with what I’m reading is happening online. Color me confused.

  53. Evenin’ All,

    I wonder how true this is or isn’t:

    RT @latimesmuskal: Obama will cut short Latin America trip… http://lat.ms/ihSkxE via @GottaLaff

    I hope it isn’t…PBHO and family deserve this “workin’ vacation!” 😉 Some Congressmembers are just crybabies… Heh, Heh, Heh!

    A ‘MUST’ READ:

    The Reid Report: Obama, Qaddafi, and the power to make war [w/3 updates]… http://t.co/7GsulPw #libya

  54. Remind them of Wisconsinback further than they were. What the left don’t realize is that after this president pl wil reconsider being a democrat.

  55. what the left don’t realize is that they are helping the right, by distracting the away from the state issues. Bash Obama for libya while we tear the states up with no media attention.

  56. Thank you for re-posting the Nowruz greeting. I started it a couple of times, got interrupted every time; I would have forgotten to go looking for it.

    It was brilliant. It went straight from President Obama’s heart to the Iranian people. When Iran is finally freed of the tyranny it’s under, this greeting, and the Cairo speech, will be remembered.

    The haters on the right are all over this on YouTube. I do love watching their heads explode. I’d love them to see the previous president try to deliver something like that Nowruz greeting, just for comparison….

    If anybody here hasn’t seen the video: See it now, and share it!


  57. I completely disagree with Kucinich’s stance and I think he was factually wrong about the President committing an impeachable offense, but I will say, at least he’s consistent:

    Here’s Kucinich opposing humanitarian intervention in Kosovo back in 1999:

    “I strongly objected to the attacks on the Kosovar Albanians. But I believed it was possible to be opposed to Milosevic and also opposed to the bombing. Yet all around me, I could feel the dense illogic of war beginning to grip Washington. It was becoming the Capital of Dichotomized Thinking, split consciousness. Republicans versus Democrats, left versus right thinking, which is the stuff of which wars are made. Of U.S. versus Them: Serbia; of NATO versus Yugoslavia, of NATO interests versus Russian interests. This type of thinking is what makes it possible to defend the human rights of some while depriving others of theirs.

    The bombs continued to drop on Serbia and Kosovo, killing innocent civilians and ruining the infrastructure from which must arise a civil society–the only entity that can generate political change.


    In those early days of April, as I watched news accounts of the bombing, the flight of refugees, the ongoing atrocities, I knew I had to speak out for peace–not just the absence of war, but peace through mediation, peace through negotiation, peace through thoughtful, reflective thinking.


    I must say that I am completely surprised that Kucinich would carelessly invoke the idea of impeachment with this President and then fundraise off of the notion.

    At the moment, I respect Kucinich less than Joe Lieberman, who campaigned for McCain/Palin and against the President, but has never called for his impeachment.

  58. Here is the video of obama visiting the crypt for those who have not seen it. You will see the him starting at 4.10. OMG he looks so presidential and dude has charisma and swag for days. He sucks the air out of the room when he walks and you can’t help but look at him. I love the way his mind works but man……. He does not disappoint when he comes to looks.

  59. Actually, I think the left would rather have had McCain win. Their ultimate dream. So now they have to settle with destroying PBO.

  60. Norbrook, I am now finally allowed onto the site.
    Some problem with wordpress, whatever. It is a great piece.

    I kept trying to tell BWD that I was in a twilight zone all day–trying to make the mish mash to read 3.22.2011. thanks to you and BWD.

    Sometimes i actually weep for the way the “progressives” treat Obama. It is beyond shameful.


    Anyone who can go to Mediamatters.org and read the hatred, racism, fearmongering, and downright un-Americanism that is spewed at this President on a daily basis from the right, and STILL get out there and attack this President IS NOT a Democrat, Liberal, or Progressive.



  62. Interesting…when I started hearing all of the complaints in 2009 it crossed my mind that progressives were acting like they had battered wife syndrome. What you described seems to match to a T – all of the hand wringing, litmus tests, feelings of betrayal, parsing every word out of his mouth. Its like we need counseling after 8 yrs of physicological abuse.

  63. The fringe left is infatuated with the Overton Window political theory. I sometimes believe that they feel they need to equal the level of attacks from teabaggers/Fox/GOP but from the Left to pull their “overton window”.


    The GOP has pulled politics so far to the right in the last 30 years that President Obama passes a Republican healthcare plan (Dolecare/Romneycare) that it’s celebrated by Democrats and derided by Republicans and it has the country split and the GOP has folks believing that the ACA is some far lefty socialist bill.

    GOP scream that President Obama is a socialist/communist out to destroy the country, so the left now is calling President Obama a Republican, a sell out to big business. If the left always reacts “We don’t like the deal, but we understand why he did it” the GOP will just scream “See, Obama is taking no heat from his own base so it must mean the bill is very liberal”. If the left is silent and the teabaggers are screaming than people(especially indies) figure that Obama is too far left, however if there is screaming from both sides, the belief is that “Hey, maybe Obama is in the middle”.

    The next CR should lose a bunch of progressives from the Dem caucus, to counter the teabaggers leaving on the GOP side. Otherwise lazy reporters will just say “Dems are not feeling any pain/heat from these cuts as they keep voting for the CR’s whereas the teaparty thinks they don’t go far enough so maybe more spending should be cut to appease the teabaggers”.

  64. The firebaggers will try to equate Obama and Bush because of Libya. Their assertions couldn’t be further from the truth. Just remind them No Fly Zone =/= Invasion. Plus, the NATO No Fly Zone was UN approved. If they can’t understand that, or in some cases, won’t understand that, fuck ’em.

  65. GOP knew this was coming, which is why they were so desperate to get the House and State Mansions back – because they want to ride the wave and take credit for it. Also folks will not vote for change if they’re confident in the economy being on the right track because they won’t want to change “what is working”. They’ll connect a split congress with economic rebound.

    Thankfully Boehner is a putz and spend the last three+ months passing nothing except teabagger red meat bills that will go nowhere. If he came in with a jobs agenda and started passing jobs bills then they’d have more ground to stand on when trying to claim responsibility for any economic comeback.

    It will still be tough, but he’s given Dems an opening. A small opening.

  66. No one is applying it to ALL criticism the President faces, You and SR are using that strawman. The thing we are trying to communicate is that there is racism on the Left and Right and that the Left cannot get a free pass on racist behavior. Racism has a long and dark history in this country and Pres. Obama’s election did not make this irrational hatred vanish. Race has and still does play a large role in the self identity of both black and white people in this country. The irrational nature of much of the criticism Pres. Obama faces from Left and Right smacks of racism. It seems to some people nothing Pres. Obama does is EVER good enough. Let me repeat, no one is saying or said that ALL critics of Pres. Obama are racist, that is a false argument.

  67. These “progressive” media whores know that they are helping the GOP, no one is THAT clueless. They are appealing to the baser instincts of the public from a “left” leaning perspective. Just like the tea partiers are appealing to the baser instincts of the public from the “right” leaning perspective. Jealousy, racial insecurity/hatred, economic insecurity, ideological purity and self-righteousness are what they promote.

  68. I agree Darnell. And anyone who can read those comments and deny that racism plays a major role in the hatred this President faces is in serious denial or does not understand the definition of racism or how it rears its ugly head in this country (i.e., racial double-standards, moving the goal posts and irrational hatred, etc.).

  69. , “but I will say, at least he’s consistent:”

    But he isn’t.

    See, Clinton didn’t ask for congressional approval when he intervened in Kosovo. Yet Kucinich didn’t call for impeachment.

    The difference, Kucinich had a safe seat at the time and the internet was in it’s infancy and a few years away from being adapted to political fund raising.

    Now the little martian is fighting for his job and he needs to bilk suckers for money every which way he can.

  70. They know this is a different situation than Iraq. They are just continuing the same anti-Obama propaganda they have been engaging in for the past 2 years. As I’ve said before, had Obama not acted and Gaddafi slaughtered his own people, they would be criticizing Pres. Obama and calling him “weak”. Has the PL ever celebrated ANYTHING this President has done? Seriously, have they? Time to face the facts that SOME in this country will never be satisfied by anything this president does. It is not rational and it is ugly.

  71. I just want to thank you for your multiple comments on this Eric, they were very respectfully stated, you speak for me too here. Thank you.

  72. Well Japa and SR, if it is not racism then what explains the non stop attacks on the President from both the left and the right? It is true that the right hated President Clinton. There were vicious people, especially on talk radio, who constantly demonized him. But I never saw members of Congress or prominent people in the media treat President Clinton with utter disrespect in public in the same way they have treated President Obama.

    What puzzles me the most is the viciousness coming from the so called left. Surely, it is not about policy differences. Compared to President Clinton, President Obama has enacted real progressive policies, yet he is constantly attacked and demonized. I never witnessed the any non stop attacks on Presidentl Clinton coming from the left. Secondly, I don’t think any one can argue that these attacks are about President Obama’s character. By all accounts this is a man of exemplary character whose grace and respect for others shines through every time he interacts with people. So what really explains these non-stop attacks on everything this President does?

    So that I don’t “oversimplify,” Japa, can you please offer me a plausible explanation as to why people, who claim to be Democrats and progressives, have unleashed the most vicious non-stop demonization of a president who is by far–for some of us who are seniors– one the most progressive Presidents in history? I am sorry, but until you explain to me the real cause of these attacks, I think that both Norbrook, BWD, and many others on this site are spot on.

    Let me just add my own two cents of what I see as the reason why people refuse to see racism on the left. You see racism is much more complex than simple race prejudice. I grant you that many people who see themselves as progressives are not prejudiced. They would never engage in overt vulgar racism that is some times on display in the tea party movement. The racism coming from the left is what Tim Wise calls “white privilege.” I call it the ideology of white supremacy.
    By the way, it is not only white people who adhere and practice the ideology of white supremacy. Many other people of color, including black people, have internalized the ideology of white supremacy.

    Basically, without going into too much detail, the Ideology of white supremacy goes like this: No matter how qualified, skilled, smart a person of color is, he is never as good as a white person. He still needs guidance from white people who, by nature, know more than he does. I think this explains why many in the left are constantly outraged because Obama is not doing exactly what they want him to do. The ideology of white supremacy also explains why the press created the meme that President Obama is arrogant because he is so self confident. The ideology of white supremacy explains why people who traditionally respected the office of the President, and the person who occupies it, no longer do so because of President Obama. I also think the ideology of white supremacy explains why many people never call President Obama president. I’ve seen many instances where he is simply called Barak, or Obama; of course when people want to be downright nasty in disrespecting the President they simply call him Barry.

    Let me be clear. I am not simply singling out white people. I think people like Tavis Smiley, who showed a great deal of respect and deference to President Clinton, and excused him for all his imperfections, seem to be subconsciously channeling white supremacy by the disrespect they show President Obama. I know people who are my age group know that a few of us, before the Civil Rights movement, really believed that whites were superior. It was not unusual for some people of color to believe that a white doctor or white lawyer was better than a doctor or lawyer of color. This meant that everything black doctors and lawyers did had to be scrutinized before they gained respect. It is not because people of color were prejudiced, rather, it is because they had been indoctrinated with the ideology of white supremacy.

    So there, that’s my two cents for all its worth. I am sure there are people who will plausibly argue that I am oversimplifying the reasons why President Obama is constantly attacked by people from both the left and the right. I am willing to concede that there are people who genuinely oppose the President’s policies. That includes me. I didn’t approve his sending more troops to Afghanistan. But I never saw it as a betrayal since he had said, during the campaign, that he would vigorously pursue people who attacked us both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But do opponents of the President on policy have to demonize every thing he does? Does any one remember any other President who has been called a “socialist, communist, Nazi, Islamist, Kenyan, fascist, corporatist, imperialist, weak, house negro, dictator, arrogant” and many other names that I’ve forgotten, simply because people oppose his policies?

  73. For those interested, firefox 4.0 browser has been released. I found it faster than the FF 3.6 version.

  74. I completely agree with you GN. I know it is difficult but we have to start recognizing, as you say, that “the PL is useless.” We need to stop wasting our time and energy on them. We need to move on and start strategizing on the best effective ways to ensure the re-election of this good man we elected President.

  75. Sorry japa. I consider much of your commentary invaluable, but I’ve seen these people in action.

    A major healthcare online “activist” gushed over a meeting between President Clinton and bloggers in which PBC clearly stated that he advised President Obama to *not* draw a line in the sand at a public option, but to get as much as he could passed. Gushed over him. Yet President Obama is the second coming of satan for the same mindset? Really? And he’s clearly to the left of Clinton.

    I read months of utter hatred thrown at PBO, accusations of homophobia, total dismissal of what he’d already done towards GLBT rights, a delusional depiction of this man and father, content which even stated that the Justice Department was the second coming of Jim Crow.

    These people are RACIST. I don’t care how angry they get when called on it, and no, they don’t get to hide behind the false claim that we’re labeling every piece of criticism as racist. We’re not. We’re calling racists, racist.

    Love ya japa, but you and SR are not seeing the full picture on this one at all.

    Thanks a million to bwd for creating this space!

  76. Sheri, great comment! It is obvious to me that Dennis Kucinich is delusional if he thinks this is his ticket to the presidency. But there is no doubt in my mind that his actions are calculated to cause damage to the President. I think we should push back by writing Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives to express our disgust at Rep. Kucinich’s behavior. One thing is for sure though: there is no way Dennis Kucinich will be the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2012. But there is certainly a danger that he may deliver the presidency to the Republican party.

  77. You are probably right about the criticism of Clinton but can you cite some examples of Clinton being attacked non-stop by the progressives during his first two years in office?

  78. I agree with you Nintendow: “the right wing are hardheaded standing in the way of progress.” I think another explanation for opposition to HSR is that it would reduce the use of automobiles. This would undercut the profits of Oil companies who are so invested in supporting and financing the Republican party.

  79. There’s an obvious double standard applied to President Obama. A stridency tossed his way.

  80. WIW, thank you for sharing this story. I really love your positive approach. Instead of wasting your time and energy on all the negativity, as I sometimes do, you always highlight positive stories that really showcases what this President is all about. You are doing a wonderful job on your blog.

  81. Tien Le,

    I understand where you are coming from. I’ve experienced the same thing. But you know where most of these genuine Democrats get all their information from? MSM, and especially Cable T.V. news. I also know some other people who are still deeply influenced by the so called progressive sites like the Huff Post, DKos, and TPM. I’ve been urging people I know, who are so critical of the President, to check out this site and other pragmatic sites like TPV, Norbrook , WIW, Wee-see-you and others.
    Bottom line is that you are not confused. You just experiencing the power of the media in shaping peoples’ attitudes. You just have to work extra hard to expose people you interact with to check out sites, like this one, which cover the truth. Otherwise the haters of the President will continue to have the upper hand.

  82. Eric, I agree with you 100%. I am totally convinced that the so called progressives who constantly bash the President have one goal in mind: the defeat of the President for a second term.

    Like the teabaggers who are ready to plunge the economy back into a recession in order to defeat the President, the progressive bashers of the President have no qualms facilitating the election of a Republican president, as long as it means defeating President Obama for a second term. I just can’t find any other legitimate reason why they have to viciously attack him on everything he does while they are letting the newly elected Republicans, both on the state and national level,off the hook. It is clear that these Republicans are absolutely determined to undo all the progressive achievements of the last 80 years. Yet, all you hear from the PL are non stop attacks on President Obama.

    I believe that our answer to them is to spend more time working to support the President and less time trying to convince them of the damage they are doing to the President and the Democratic party. These people are not fools. They know exactly what they are doing. In spite of all their claims, they are not the base of the Democratic party. If they were the genuine base of the party, they would not be so actively engaged in undermining a Democratic President.

  83. Thank you so much Nathan.. you’ve put so well into words my own feelings and thoughts.

  84. Thank you gn.. I saw it too, repeatedly, over at you know where.. couched in all kinds of edgy framing.

    Folks forget that racism is not all nooses and filthy verbal content and burning crosses. There is so much being said and done that is racist in tone and texture.. and one thing I have to keep repeating: Listen to the experts.. people of color who’ve known and lived with this sort of white superiority- they are expert at the sounds and sights of racism.. to discount that and those folks is just another form of racism.

  85. FireUpinCA,

    I have a great deal of respect for people who oppose President Obama’s decision to authorize military strike on Libya, to enforce a U.N. Resolution, because they are opposed to all wars in principle. I would have had a great deal of respect for Rep. Kucinich, though I may disagree with him, if he had voiced his opposition to President Obama the way he did with President Clinton without invoking the specter of impeachment.

    This is exactly why Norbrook’s piece on racism being the core of the opposition to President Obama makes a great deal of sense. It is absolutely legitimate for Kucinich to oppose the President’s policy on Libya. But to go a step further and call for his impeachment is really mind boggling. As member of Congress, Kucinich should know that participating in enforcing a U.N. Security Council Resolution is lawful. The United States ratified the U.N. Charter. Treaties ratified by the United States are integral parts of the laws of the United States. If Kucinich did not call for the impeachment of President Clinton for authorizing U.S. participation in NATO bombing of Serbia, why is he now calling for the impeachment of President Obama for participating in a U.N authorized use of all “necessary means” to protect the people of Libya? May be this is his ticket to fund raising. But I think it is more than that. Kucinich, on the basis of his white privilege, is absolutely convinced that he knows more than President Obama.

  86. I agree with you Nathan, and we really do need to get busy pushing back on this kind of behavior by dems- we are the voters doggone it and we have the power to let them know we’re not putting up with this-that we’re not being fooled by his hogwash.

    And.. something the likes of Kucinich ought to recognize is that more than half of this country voted for Barack Obama.. A few folks in one state voted for Dennis Kucinich. There are far more of us for POTUS than for Dennis Kucinich, and far more of us for POTUS than against him.

  87. Sounds like GOP tools or self-absorbed power-hungry money hounds. Certainly committed democrats.

  88. I just couldn’t agree more, from start to finish. People are engaging a fly trap by way of thinking that some of these folks in the PL can be appealed to, or convinced of something…they can’t. They are trying to find some way of hurting or punishing President Obama, and trying to hurt his reelection chances is the avenue which they are pursuing. We can repeat over and over again that this man has such a deeply beautiful life, a wonderful spouse and precious kids filled with intelligence and life—he’ll be okay regardless and will be able to make sure that his loved ones have whatever they want; it’s the average person who will suffer if he’s not reelected. We can point this out, but it will fall on deaf ears; we’re in a situation in which the people with the biggest microphones have the highest degree of irrationality (with some exceptions, like Maddow). We just can’t waste time with this much more.

    Liberals have never had a real voice in the media which generally caters to the elite. Let’s let the fantasy that the PL sold to us go and get back on our grind. Couldn’t agree with you more, Nathan.

  89. You know what Darnell, I think we need to revisit the history of progressives on the issue of racism. Many progressives were also very racist. For example there are three supposedly great Presidents who are classified as progressives: Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. There is no doubt that these three Presidents enacted real progressive policies in such areas as conservation and breaking corporate monopolies. And, especially in the case of FDR, advancing the rights of workers, and putting in place structural reforms such as SS, FDIC, SEC, etc, that were aimed at mitigating future economic disasters. But all these three great progressive Presidents have horrible records when it comes to the issue of racism. By the way that includes FDR who was better than the other two. It is true that FDR’s wife, Eleanor, was the one who was a staunch supporter of Civil Rights, still FDR’s record on issues of race is not that impressive. With time permitting I could go into more details about the history of progressives. Bu,t suffice to say that historically being progressive did not necessary mean being anti-racism. I just hope that we are not seeing the revival of the old progressives.

  90. Well, it sounds like the news about jobs on the uptake is good news, but I think everyone knows that more is still yet to be done.

    I wonder about all of the trade talks, but I’m sure that the details will come out. From what I understand (from the bit of news I caught), biofeuls and oil from Brazil, which will be good trade for us and will help their economy as well. Sounds good to me.

    I don’t know much about Chile, but it seems like this could be a readjustment from Pinochet? And El Salvador seems to have progessive goals in mind, but that is my speculation. They certainly need to.

    I have to say that I think our First Family looked pretty impressive and represented us well.

    Oh, and I think the poll numbers on Libya help indicate that the President’s stategy in this is a good one. And Kucinich (lol!) may have just blown any chance at getting re-elected somewhere after he is redistricted out of his Congressional seat. We shall see.

    I don’t think it’s fair for him to be cut out like that, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend to like the guy after calling for my President’s impeachment.

  91. gn, I reacted in a bad way to you the other day, and for that I apologize.

  92. This is one of the most bizarre stories of the Libya conflict:

    “Libya: rows of empty graves – so where are all the victims?”

    “The mourners had gone, but the graves remained as they were on Sunday: empty. The heaps of earth to fill them bordered the 23 vacant spaces, topped by the wreaths that were supposed to be placed in honour of the dead….” More


  93. And our favorite, bizarre kook:

    So Palin is wearing a Star of David to represent solidarity with Evangelical Christian supporters who support Israel whose population has to covert to Christianity in order to be saved.



  94. One can only hope Beck invests all his millions in it and we can enjoy eating popcorn while watching it go down in flames. Bye bye, Beck.

  95. You are welcome sherijr. I am so glad that I am not alone feeling the way I do. I now know that many people, like me, have been trying to tip toe around the elephant in the room. I thank Norbrook and BWD for finally deciding to speak truth and let the chips fall where they may.

    I’ve been around for a while. I am well aware that all Presidents get criticized, sometimes viciously, throughout their terms. Usually they are allowed what used to be called ” a honey moon.” Unfortunately for President Obama he never got to enjoy any “honey moon.” The attacks, from both the left and the right, began soon after he was elected and before he took the oath of office. They have been increasing in volume ever since.

    The claim that this is all about policy differences assumes that we are all idiots who can’t distinguish the differences between valid policy criticisms and outright hatred that has very little to do with policy. Thus minor differences on policies are hyped and magnified so as to hide the real objectives of people bashing him. For example: I never once heard gay people call President Clinton homophobic although he is the one who instituted DADT and signed into DOMA. But charges of homophobic were constantly and repeatedly hauled at President Obama, despite the fact that he was working so hard to overturn DADT and had issued many directives that tried to lessen discrimination against gay people. There other examples I could cite but I am sure you, and many people on this site, are all familiar with many of them.

  96. Bravo GN for speaking Truth! I too appreciate many of the thoughtful and provocative commentaries by Japa and SR. I also think they genuinely believe that racism must be empirically proved, say for example some body who calls the President the “N” word. What I think they honestly miss to realize is that one can be a racist without overtly engaging in vulgar prejudiced acts against black people, or any other people of color.

  97. No they haven’t. And they won’t. Because the root of their dissatisfaction with this President lies not in policy, but in racism, plain and simple. And the President’s race is not going change. Take for example, the US stand on the international treatment of gays and lesbians…this otherwise would have been a top rec’d diary on ORange site. But it was relegated to the bottom of the page with very few comments, most of which were typical snarky “oh-well-I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see it” type of comments. They are already invested in their narrative that this President is homophobic BECAUSE he is Black. I have seen this insinuation played out several times on DKOS. And I stand by my belief that it IS about race and nothing else.

  98. great news, thanks again bwd

    the piece about the racism on the left was superb, it articulated one’s own suspicion-become-certainty

    and even more, clarified the extent of the disease

    but you know what? it’s a disease we’ve begun to cure, and the evidence is how our youth see themselves

    it’s ironic: the racists’ somewhat accurate forecast, that giving any kind of justice to blacks would lead to miscegenation, i.e. children of mixed race

    there are now many such children, who are beloved (and unremarkable) to their families, and have seemingly taught the american public to contemplate people of color without automatic alienation

    so i think all the reaction from old white/black/indian/muslem/jewish people is historically insignificant

    wonderfully great strides being made here now which will reverberate throughout the world

    millegracia pob for taking “the world’s worst job”, and demonstrating grace under fire

  99. CNN has a poll up, 59% against HCR one year later! How in the hell can HCR have such terrible numbers one yar later?
    Are people not liking staying on their parents HC until 26, or no pre- existing conditions ban, or 250 dollar check to help with the donut hole, etc?
    What is up with the American public? Are they stupid? If this gets repealed because people on the left wished they had a public option(basically the plan of competition in 2014 does the same thing) then these folks on the left need a new party! I am serious, they are NOT democrats!

  100. So, the press does not want this to be about a humanitarian mission, they see it only as kadaffy staying or going…
    That is NOT the mission, what is the MSM f*cking problemo?

  101. And according to the right wing, the allies, like the french and great britain, are incapable of taking on kaddafy. In other words, they will lose to kaddafys rag tag army of two brigades. And are thus insisting that America must go into Libya with ground forces, or else. Pllleeeaasse! If the POTUS did not go into this situation and let those people be slaughtered in benghazi, the left and the right would have been just as pissed!
    Ergo, Give me a break! These guys own the media and sell shit that is just not plausible, and yet people buy it! UGGGH!

  102. I completely agree–the hope is with the young. Their ready acceptance of diversity as the natural way of the world gives me hope for the future. The surge of overt racism that we’ve seen since Obama became president is the roar of people who are frightened about becoming outnumbered and irrelevant. One reason the right-wing is trying so hard to undermine our school systems is the last ditch effort to inculcate intolerance and ignorance in the young. They’re trying desperately to make as many young people as possible as narrow-minded as they are.

  103. This is a tweet from Siohan Harley(campaign Mgr for mayor elect buckhorn) in november of 08 right after PTOUS won his election):

    “I will become a US citizen while Obama is president”.

    And that day is today, right after she successfully got her candidate a win. She is only 23~ Waht a bright future this girl has! Sign her up, POTUS!

  104. It’s important not to get upset by random polls. We don’t know what questions were asked nor how they were worded. We don’t know what people were polled or who encouraged that the poll be taken at this time? Other polls will show different results. A repeal would have to be agreed to by the Senate and signed by the president, which will not happen.

    Instead of getting discouraged, polls like this should give us all the more impetus to fight for the re-election of our president. He’s our strong and final line of defense against stupid legislation.

  105. //begin rant
    Too many Americans are low information voters and need a daddy to tell them what to think. Along with that add a feckless media that has abdicated its duty to educate and inform the public with the facts and let the chips fall where they may.

    How anyone could be AGAINST the Affordable Care Act is really shocking. There is nothing nefarious about the bill. It’s just common sense legislation that got passed after decades of kicking the can down the road. You would think there would be some gratitude for President Obama for finally getting something so important done.

    But what we have is the specter of the media chasing the mighty dollar for ratings by focusing on controversy, the horse race, who is up and who is down, who is saying the most outlandish thing. This crap is regurgitated 24X7. Sadly, hurricanes and earthquakes are like catnip for the media. Drama is their lifeblood. Facts are boring and have the added disadvantage of having a liberal bias.
    //end rant

  106. So, Bill Press was all against the POTUS going into Libya, right up until the Morning Joe mentioned Hillary was a big proponent for it, then he defended it! Seriously!

  107. Seems like an outlier – every other poll the past year showed different, more positive numbers, and with it mostly out of the news the numbers would only improve more not tank like CNN is trying to show.

  108. Nathan, I and I am sure SR realize that racism can be a lot more subtle than just using the N word. And Neither of us are claiming racism is not involved in some of the attacks on the President. I think what Sr was trying to say, and what I am definitely saying, is that it is too easy to slip into using racism as a reason for attcaks on the President. And neither of us are saying that people believe that akll the attacks are the result of racism.

    My point is that it is important to not just use racism as an excuse and avoid looking deeper into where and why the attacks.

    Regarding why Obama and not Clinton, I gave my rationale for that down thread. To simplify it, it’s the old “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” type of thinking.

  109. And “no one would use it,” obviously none of the right wing trolls has been to Japan or Europe where HSR is the main method of transport. Good luck with commuting in an automobile in those countries.

    In the ’80’s, if you wanted to go from Amsterdam to Paris, you’d take a plane.

    Since the ’90’s, you take the train, and wonder why the cars on the highway at your left side are standing still (when drinking a beer in the restaurant car at 300 km/h).

    I recall when we had some visitors from Cray in the early nineties, who’d think it would be a good idea to go visit Frankfurt on Saturday (their day off). After all Amsterdam-Frankfurt is only 500 km, so it wouldn’t take more than 5 hours in a car, no ?


  110. Sec. Clinton and the State Department was THE proponent of it – Gates and Pentagon didn’t want it, President Obama didn’t really want it.

  111. Jovie, If you dig into the internals of the Kaiser poll on healthcare, way near the end you will discover that this 56% is the “other”. These are NOT people who have kids under 26, NOT people who can’t get insurance, NOT people who need help with the donut hole. These 56% are the people whose employers give them health insurance or are retired and on Medicare, but healthy to a great extent and financially pretty darn secure. These latter people are scared to death that ObamaCares will somehow cost them more and not get them anything additional. It is still a case of me, me, me. They are still voting their pocketbook on this.
    The 56% can be strange. Even if the health care costs come down, they will forget and/or why. They all got tax breaks and have forgotten or now ignore that they came through the efforts of the President. Once they get a break, they just look for the next one as if they never got the first one. I don’t know how to break through that kind of non-thinking.
    Let me give you an example. I asked my Repub cousin complaining about high taxes:

    Q – Did you pay less in taxes in 2010?

    A – I didn’t pay anything in 2010.

    Q – Did you pay anything in 2009?

    A – Yes.

    Q – Well, then you got your tax break?!

    A – crickets. More complaints about high taxes.

    Go figure.

  112. The interesting thing about the poll is that, based upon the numbers, on a few percent have no opinion, which is very rare, so there was probably a lot of push to give a response. Plus, from past polls, we know that at least a third that don’t like it are against it because it didn’t go far enough, which would mean at most only about 40% are really against HCR at all.

  113. …the majority of white Americans voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin…

    I respect the cautions against as you say painting too broad a brush. But I’d ask people to be equally cautious against being dismissive of the concerns being raised here about double standards, resentments, and anxieties creating a very peculiar manner in which some of the more irrational opponents of the WH are dealing with President Obama. It’s there. The racism is there. You guys do not have to believe that every frothing at the mouth critic attends Klan meetings at night, neither do I, but there is absolutely a resentment and disdain towards this man which has zero to do with policy and everything to do with his skin color.

    I don’t want this to turn into another space in which people think that it’s somehow worse to hear any person accused of racism, than for racism to still exist, and some of it exists on the left. I think that we on the left, we’re better than that, and can handle discussions about it without merely insisting that black people deal with it or leave.

  114. It is very discouraging! I think it all has to do with the POOR economy! POTUS could give everyone a Baked stuffed lobster, and then they would want it every night!
    Until this economy gets better, anything he does will get scrutiny and poor polling will continue!

  115. That is a very key point! Being against it because it doesn’t go far enough is just reported as “against it” – I bet that’s exactly why the number is high. Everything I’ve seen over the last few months had it around 50-50 with continuing positive trendlines for us.

  116. By the way, all, Hilary Clinton announced this morning that she WILL be staying into President Obama’s 2nd term.

  117. Wait a minute..Is this breaking news? I just saw her interview with diana sawyer and she said that she would not be staying on his 2nd term.

  118. Reading my comment over, I feel compelled to clarify as I think it may be more harsh than intended: that last sentence is not directed towards your comment, halo, as you implied no such thing while stating your opinion. It’s just a blanket hope that a space this intelligent and sophisticated can at least entertain a sophisticated view of and discussion about racism, even if everyone doesn’t agree, and that there are no attempts to just shut the discussion down.

  119. Bolivian president and a russian politician is leading a effort to strip the president of his Nobel Peace Prize.

  120. I guess they will put this bomb blast in jerusalem on the President plate.

  121. And the talking points the right wing are using against Libyan no fly zone, all came from kadaffy! It is like the MSM and the right wing are rooting for kadaffy! Seriously!

  122. its so sad what they are doing to this president including the left. my heart goes out for him.

  123. Nonie, Both statements are correct:

    “I will stay until the beginning of the next term because I know it takes a while for people to get appointed and confirmed,” Mrs Clinton told ABC News. She said last week that she would play no role in a second Obama administration.
    “There needs to be a seamless transition with whomever President Obama decides to appoint after he is re-elected, which I am confident he will be,” she said.


  124. Oh, don’t worry, the MSM and right wing(is their a difference) will try to make this his problem. They have used the glen beck chalk board to make cycle comparisons towards POTUS!
    What I mean is, anything that happens is this presidents fault! And we have the chalk board of similarities and reaching to get you there!
    Thus, MSM is now glen beckish!

  125. They do not want POTUS in the WH! I think Rachel sees this and has come out for him, but even she had on two conservatives last night, bashing the POTUS foreign policy!
    She was still defending him, however! You gotta wonder, why did she have on two peeps that disagreed with her assessment that POTUS was different than BUSH? Orders from the TOP???

  126. How stupid since they don’t sit on the Prize Committee. Guess we can ignore the good outcomes in Tunisia and Egypt and the new nuclear arms treaty with Russia and use selective memory once again.

  127. However, there would be no fauxgressive audience to whom the PL routinely appeals for these funds were there not a set of people blinded by an irrational rage and contempt for President Obama, and his followers,

    I think this post is my best option to attach to this thread of “racism is a prominent cause of criticism of Obama”.

    Because gn dropped the “irrational” word.

    There are people who would like to destroy the Obama presidency for a reason (rationally): Because it’s costing them money, or bereaves them of power.

    However, a lot of the “followers” do not have this “reason” – they are following out of “irrationality”.

    Now we (whites – my web page would flung that in your face right away) tend to think about racism “rationally”: No to segregation, no to “apartheid”, and once this is solved and enshrined in laws – that’s the end of it.

    Unfortunately, that is not how racism works. Let me give an example.

    In 1986 I rode my first coast-to-coast bicycle tour across the US. At day 10 (or so) I entered Chicago from Grant. By 3:30 pm I had traveled for 120 km and thought it a good idea to down a pint of beer.

    So I entered a bar in a (seemingly !) nice neighborhood in a Chicago suburb.

    But it was full of Blacks !! Sure, they wore nice suites and seemed well-to-do, engaged in polite conversation – but, obviously, something was wrong (the first thought that came up was “I thought segregation was ended here more than 20 years ago”)

    So I asked the (white) proprietor whether this was a private meeting. No, he told me, he would be pleased to serve me.

    Conclusion: That, ladies and gentlemen, is racism: The tendency to make a distinction in your behavior towards fellow human beings on the basis of the color of their skin. It is not rational, and you have to be on your guard every moment of your life to combat it.

  128. Dorothy, you are so right about that.
    Just today on a liberal blog, a few people were saying they would rather McCain would have won the election then Democrats could start over this election cycle. They have rocks in their head. They obviously care nothing about the Supreme Court nominations, healthcare reform, DADT reform, and the rest of the accomplishments of this Adminstration and Democrats in the House and Senate.

    Some of them have gone over the deep end into hysteria and paranoia and psychosis. And then some are just trolls who have masqueraded as liberals for a while and now they show their true feelings.

  129. March 21, 2011
    HYANNIS — Hy-Line Cruises, longtime opponent of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm, is joining forces with Cape Wind in a Hyannis-based ecotourism business.

    The companies are expected to announce the joint venture at 11 a.m. today at a press conference in the Harbour Room at Hy-Line’s terminal facility on Channel Point Road. As part of the deal, Hy-Line will build a new visitor center on company-owned property on the Hyannis Inner Harbor, Hy-Line and Cape Wind officials said in recent interviews.


  130. They announce here that our consturction has begun and should be completed in the spring. the rail construction from chicago to st Louis. i am so excited.

  131. Dear Japa, I too respect your comments here, but must sincerely disagree with the assessment that calling out racism is “using it as an excuse”.. nor that it is “too easy to slip into using racism as a reason for attacks on the President”.

    I think we all agree that racism is not the ‘only’ reason for the attacks on President Obama from either the right or the left. That can be said of any situation, it is rarely all one thing or another, generally its a combination of factors, etc.

    However, my experience is that calling out racism is neither easy nor an excuse. It is painful.. and it is often the last thing folks do or say.. frequently after years of abuse and infraction after infraction. And often it takes someone not of color to speak up and speak out- because when people of color DO speak out.. they are poo-pood for speaking out.. and told they’re making excuses, or looking for an easy reason. I know first hand that most folks of color will call ‘racism’ in a situation as a last resort- if at all.

    I stand by what I’ve witnessed at the likes of dailykos for almost three years.. dkos presents itself as a voice of the left.. and the racism there is blatant and it is subtle.. but it is indeed there. It is on our news.. It didn’t take our country 43 Presidents to get to a 44th who is of color, because we just didn’t have someone of color worth electing as President.. it was/is because of racism. And anything that can be said/done to denigrate this President of color, to diminish him as a man, as a president, as a leader, even as a human being.. has been literally said and done.. and they’ve frequently included his wife and children. The one thing we can be grateful for is that his safety seems to be top priority to our Secret Service, because theres not one single doubt in my mind that that is the only reason he is still around two years into office.

    I don’t think there is one day that has gone by since Barack Obama started his campaign that someone on the right or the left in this country has not said something ridiculous about him… something about his character. Someone wrote it out a while back: Death by a thousand cuts.

    This president’s character, integrity, leadership is quite expendable to some in this country.. meaning its why the likes of Dennis Kucinich can park his arse on teevee and call for impeachement when there is no there there.. but that doesn’t stop him, because ultimately there is no line some folks won’t cross to further there own agenda/wants, etc. Its been done for centuries in this country, walk on the backs of black folks and other folks of color.. to get your own moment in the sun. And right now there is no bigger glory or $$$ money machine than trashing President Obama .. and theres nothing better for the media than when its a white democrat, except perhaps a black democrat.. and Nathan (commentor here) has explained that bit of psycology well. I didn’t mean to go on so long with this.. however heres a bit of personal experience:

    My eldest son, now 32 and an attorney, grew up with a single mom, bi-racial.. from age 4- the child was a great student- gifted program in junior hs, Baccalaureate program in HS, kept a 4.6 gpa all through HS.. and an excellent athlete: basketball (played up through college), soccer- his hs coach believed he could have played pro if he’d chosen that path.. track- fastest kid in his HS. Good looking, girls love him 😉 .. and yet, he told me only recently- about a year into POTUS’s presidency and I was carrying on about the bar always going higher no matter how much the man succeeded- that bar got raised… my son’s response: Mom, it wasn’t until I was in law school that I didn’t feel like I always had to prove myself, that I was good enough.. that people didn’t look at something I did and find some way that it wasn’t ‘enough’. Let me just say, my son has NEVER called racism on anyone for anything.. and I know for a fact that he has had PLENTY of reasons to do so.. but he knew/knows, theres no point, because folks are far more caught up in being called a racist or calling someone a racist, than they are in fact about admitting racism or dealing with it- on all its many levels.

  132. She has always had conservative guests on. ANd she usually does a pretty good job of dismantling their arguments and making them look like fools.

  133. JOVIE, thanks for posting your good news finds here. It’s a nice change of pace from the handwringing. Much appreciated!

    I’m really loving the news about the high speed rail projects (ObamaRail as I call it) and the new Tampa mayor.

    😀 😀 😀

  134. Good morning all.

    I saw this article on the DOJ’s report on the New Orleans Police Dept. For the first time, the DOJ is using “extra scrutiny” to include LGBT individuals to ensure that they are not being discriminated against. This is huge news!


  135. I did read more and this is what jumped out at me:

    The legal top speed will stay at 79 mph until the nation’s railroads install safety technology called “positive train control,” intended to reduce chances of train accidents.

    That change is supposed to happen by 2015. But in a stopgap spending bill adopted last week to keep the government running for another three weeks, Congress eliminated at least temporarily a federal appropriation to help railroads pay for the safety technology.

    Man, those republicans really are determined to put a crimp in rail travel in this country. How short-sighted and greedy.

  136. sherijr, thank you for the very thoughtful response. You are far more articulate than I. And actually, I don’t think we disagree all that much, if at all. Just like there are people whose crticisim of the President springs from racism, though not all, nor necessarily a large percentage, there are people who will tend to classify most of the criticism as springing from racism. Again, not all nor necessarily a large percentage. I think you and I would agree on both points, although our assessment of what percent may differ.

    And when I say easy, I don’t think I mean it in the way you mean it. It is painful to think that racism still exists to the degree it does in this country. And the reality is that many people are totally unaware of the degree they may have racist thinking, so when they are called on it, they will get very defensive.

    And the reality also is, and again I think you will agree, it is not always easy to separate that criticism that springs from racism as opposed to that which springs from an ideological difference or fear or hurt.

    So, again, I don’t think you and I are really far apart, if at all, in our basic thinking.

  137. Amk i think its just a matter of time of r Khadaffy. i hope he surrenders or leave. The president seems to know something that the naysayers don’t.

  138. If we can swing the older people demography even by a 5%, it will be a sweep in 2012.

  139. Oh surely. He can no way, no how, match the firepower of the west. I just hope he leaves before a blood bath but I doubt it given his mental make-up.

  140. Whew! Nathan, I was just going to go where you went, but in shorter prose. You hit the nail on the head and smashed it, IMO. White privilege has never been so obvious as it is currently, with even Tim Wise displaying symptoms from time to time. It is so ingrained that even black folk don’t know they display it every day. It is jealousy and racism, pure and simple. I would love to hear professional psychologists’ takes on this phenomena, especially as it pertains to the insidious attacks on this black man known as our President. Thank you much. As for supporting his policies, we don’t support everything our own children do, so that in and of itself is a moot point.

  141. LOL!

    …and if the repugs keep dragging their feet, the only candidate they will have in 2012 will be a generic one. Maybe put a cardboard cutout on the campaign trail since nobody seems willing yet to volunteer for next year’s spanking.

  142. Here here GN. On point as usual. Why do some folk think we are making this shit up? When you live it, you recognize it. It’s not about being oversensitive but being intuitive by experience and history. You know what you know.

  143. The attack the rep is doing on the pjoor and the elderly. I think it will be more thanb 5%

  144. Hey Japa, sorry – I’ve been shoveling snow.. and still not done- big storm here yesterday.

    It is easier to differentiate racism from other criticisms than you may think. There are experts on racism on this country: most black people are fine experts on racism and the art and heart of it.. Japa. Seriously, we will never ever hear President Obama call something directed at him or Michelle, racist.. nor will we hear it come from most black people, they know better than to make that distinction out loud. Now if you allow yourself to go openminded into a conversation with a person of color, who can trust you.. and ask them – someone who’s been paying attention- ask them about the ‘criticism’ being directed at POTUS. When you get an honest answer of : primarily racism, oh some of it is creatively couched in other terminology.. but racism nonetheless.. when we hear that response from a person of color.. it behooves us to listen, to pay attention to what we’re being told by experts. And it would serve all of us far better, if we caucasian folks didn’t sit around waiting for folks not caucasian to inform us on all things racist and then discount them after they have. I think its long past time that we caucasians get a clue and listen to language, to tone, to words being used by all manner of caucasians on teevee, radio and blogs.
    I think, Japa, that we agree, but we also disagree.. and maybe the disagreement is only in degrees, but degrees matter when racism is the issue.

  145. “not just use racism as an excuse”

    Japa, this is the problem with this discussion. In the case of GN and all others engaging here, to use the word “excuse” is condescending. Now if you mean to say some people “may” use racism as an excuse, they would have to had not proven their assertion of racism being directed. In that case, one can only “assume” it is being used as an “excuse” because one would not know for sure. Just because a person may not qualify a claim of racism at time of assertion, does not mean same person doesn’t recognize it as a certainty. Didn’t mean to be wordy, but this is all a sticky subject to engage in when all parties are not fully opened to suggestion, which is necessary for truth to be realized. I just read a short clip last week on the writer who wrote “Obama’s Brain”, and he iterated how PBO’s mother would challenge her young son in a game of “doubt”, I think it was, wherein you relinquish all of your own thoughts, and step into another’s shoes and try to live in that person’s existence, so to speak, to gain a full appreciation of another’s humanity. Great lesson he learned, which is what makes him such an unusual person and which most do not fully understand about him.

  146. Again, thank you. And I admit, as a white male in my 60’s I am not as tuned into it as many are. So again, I aoppreciate your comments.

  147. Fine comment, japa. I think there are many reasons why this President is treated differently than others, not the least of which is the proliferation of venues in which people can express their own personal frustrations by projecting them onto others. Whatever would these people do if they were required to make substantive remarks based on actual facts, and this includes the pundits in the media? I tend to believe that those who gave Bill Clinton a free ride on the same issues for which they rail against Obama do have a racist component in themselves (where was Kucinich when Clinton and Clarke were bombing Kosovo?), but I also take into account that when Bill Clinton was President neither the Internet not 24-hour cable news programs were as prominent as they are now. The issues are very complex.

  148. Absolutely, Saint Roscoe. And I admit, I was one of the liberals who did not like Clinton, though I voted for him twice. I see him as pushing the Democratic Party hard to the right, thus causing the Republicans to move even further to the right to distinguish themselves from them, thus causing the entire country to move to the right. He facilitated what Reagan began, and President Obama has inherited the Democratic Party that Clinton gave him.

  149. Good comment. And I want to thank all of you who have responded to my comments and my responses to comments for not going after me personally (other than one dig) and addressing my thoughts and thinking. I know my thinking on the issue has expanded, and I just hope some people have taken what I said as a reason to think about when and when not to use racism as a reason for the criticism of the President.

    In general, I think most people here are not too quick to cite racism as a reason, but I also have seen instances where it is almost a knee-jerk response. At the same time, there is no doubt that people have a knee-jerk response of denying racism is involved.

    I don’t think there is a clear-cut delineation we can make between when racism is part of it and when racism is not. OTOH, there are more obvious cases (not necessarily usiong the N word) where racism is definitely at the bottom of the criticism.

  150. Sheila, That is like being a little bit pregnant. You either are or you aren’t.

    Someone recently asked me if there was racism in Ireland. Now, my husband was black, my children are, my grandchildren are, so I can talk about overt and obvious racism, but, being white-skinned myself, I can not even start to talk about the subtle racism that may well exist here. I had to refer this person to an African-Irish man to get a real answer.

    No white person can ever speak to subtle racism and will never truly see it until it is pointed out to them.

  151. Thank you sheila. Complexity is something so many people want to avoid. Many people, if not most, want clear-cut, black and white (if you’ll excuse the expression) solutions to things, or answers to questions when they just don’t exist. I think, and probably due to my way of expreswsing things, that I was saying racism wasn’t a component, which for people who have read my comments from when this site opened, is obviously not the case.

  152. Thank you, Firedup. I wondered about Kucinich and Kosovo. I note he did not call for President Clinton’s impeachment in his statement, however. As a pacifist, I do have great appreciation for Kucinich’s stance on peace, though I have no illusions of our country or government becoming pacifist at any time soon. However, I think in today’s toxic atmosphere, it is not politically astute to make the kind of remarks he has recently made about President Obama, and I cannot help but suspect him of ulterior motives which are not based on steadfast principle.

  153. So true. The fact is if we tried to put a higher speed train into service on the rail system we currently have, it would be a disaster.

  154. I think their personal frustration is also at the root of their dissatisfaction and now that they have the Internet to vent their spleens by projecting their personal dissatisfaction onto others, they are noisier than ever. We should just leave them to their venues and ignore them and be thankful for all the roadrage incidents that are prevented by allowing them to have their rage rooms.

  155. I agree with you and Japa, and Japa, your counseling expertise serves a real purpose here. I have been watching, and I think all of us non-neocons by whatever persuasion and ideology, have Bush burn-out. We were so ecstatic to receive the fresh breath of air that is PBO, that, like little battered children, some thought it was indeed Christmas. Apparently used to ranting over Bush and company, some are hung up in that mode, which is understandable after 8 long, grueling years. Still, none of this excuses the racism, jealousy, and impatience there because if PBO has shown them nothing else, he is the role model for patience, perseverance, nuance, pragmatism, and ultimately, maturity in reaching stated goals.

  156. GOP want to trap PBO into making the first move on SS/Medicare, but he’s too smart for that and they’re pissed off.

    GOP want him to make the first proposal and then run on “Obama wants to cut SS and medicare!!1!”.

  157. Things got busy here, but I’d like to thank every participant to the discussion of racism on the left going on upthread; that was an incredibly civil discussion where people felt free to state their views and disagreements. I don’t agree with everything said, but I am proud of this site for being able to entertain these discussions so well. Two thumbs up, everyone!

  158. GN, you and I may have disagreed to some degree up there, but we are in full agreement on this. There are few places on the internet where a discussion such as the one upthread could have taken place without it degenerating into some level of rudeness and name calling. And let’s be honest, a lot of that we owe not only to ourselves but also for BWD for creating a site that not only encourages civil discussion but overtly discourages incivility.

  159. I want to post this letter here for you all- from ‘Color of Change’.. its a petition to Arianna Huffington.. telling her to not allow Andrew Breitbart continue writing on the frontpage of Huffpost. Now personally, I’ve only been to HP once- during the primaries in 2007..and saw no use for it (sorry 🙂 and never went back, and everything I’ve learned since then about Ms. Huffington, assures me it has nothing to offer me as a liberal democrat.. with that said, I realize some of you still read over there- so I’m hoping you’ll give this letter/petition some attention too:

    Dear Friends,

    Andrew Breitbart is a liar and a race-baiter. His method is to pose as a journalist, and then use deceptive tactics to gin up race-based fears, protect racists, and demonize Black political leaders and institutions.1 This is the man caught peddling deceptively edited video of Shirley Sherrod — the Black USDA official who was dismissed as a result of Breitbart’s hateful propaganda. No credible news outlet has had Breitbart on since. ABC News rescinded its invitation for him to be a part of its election night coverage (after hearing from ColorOfChange members),2 and even Fox has turned its back on him since the Sherrod episode.3

    So why is The Huffington Post giving him a platform? Just over a week ago, editors at The Huffington Post gave Breitbart a top spot on their home page, where he again spewed widely debunked lies.4 ColorOfChange.org reached out to Arianna Huffington and other leaders at The Huffington Post to ask why they’d give him cover. Their response? Silence.

    That’s why I’ve joined my friends at ColorOfChange.org in condemning The Huffington Post’a actions and demanding that they agree not to elevate Breitbart again given his unfailing race-baiting attacks. This is critical and it takes only a moment. Please join me, and invite your friends and family to do the same:


    The Huffington Post understands the power of featuring someone on its home page. It gives the author credibility and helps them spread their message. To give that placement to someone who has repeatedly shown complete disregard and hostility toward the truth, and who is a serial race-baiter, is irresponsible. It shows a lack of journalistic integrity, and it’s frankly an insult to Black communities.

    Andrew Breitbart targets key people and institutions within the Black community, in particular those who have dared talk about the reality of racism and race in this country — Shirley Sherrod, the NAACP, President Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus. And he targets those that seek to increase Black political participation, like ACORN, which until Breitbart’s fraud-based take-down had the strongest record of registering low-income Black voters in the country. Breitbart’s approach is consistent — posing as a journalist, he and his team manufacture false stories that work by preying on his viewers’ race-based fears to lead them to incorrect conclusions. It’s cynical and destructive.

    The Huffington Post recently announced that it will be launching “HuffPost Global Black”, a site focused on Black issues. It’s especially galling that The Huffington Post would seek to attract Black audiences with this new site at the same time that it provides a prominent platform for Breitbart to continue spreading lies that have a real impact on Black people.

    The Huffington Post’s decision isn’t about featuring conservative voices. Most conservative reporters and opinion-makers — like others across the political spectrum — attempt to be truthful and act with integrity. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect, but Breitbart is cut from a different cloth. He has no regard for honest debate, and conservatives with integrity see Breitbart as an embarrassment, a con-artist.

    If The Huffington Post wants to be treated like a trusted source for news and opinion, this behavior needs to stop and we need to be assured that Breitbart will never again appear on the site. If we don’t receive that assurance, then Black America and our allies should abandon The Huffington Post and get our information elsewhere.

    Arianna Huffington needs to know that for our communities, this is a slap in the face. Please join us in calling on her to stop allowing her news organization to be a vehicle for Breitbart’s deceptions, and demand that Breitbart not appear on the site again.

    Please join me and my friends at ColorOfChange.org in telling Arianna Huffington to stop treating Breitbart as a credible commentator:




    1. “Sherrod: Andrew Breitbart is ‘a liar’,” CNN, 7-22-10

    2. “Victory — ABC News drops Andrew Breitbart,” Jack and Jill Politics, 11-2-10

  160. well, in response to that, i would just say that john kerry lost the white vote too. if i remmeber correctly, obama got a larger percentage of the white vote than kerry did. it’s how his margin of victory was as big as it was. the near universal black vote, 30+ margins with the youth and minorities, plus a smaller margin of loss among whites.

    it wouldn’t make sense to attribute racism to kerry losing the white vote just as it wouldn’t make sense to obama losing the white vote.

    democrats just havn’t been good with culturally conservative whites, particularly males.

    that doens’t mean there ARE some racists mixed into that vote, but like i said, the overwhelming majority are not.

    what i do thin kis different is the intensity of opposition that appears from certain consitutencies that are rooted partly on race and/or ethnicity or this “foreign entity” idea. that intensity gets lots of tv time and stirs resentment hotter than if it wree a president kerry.

    but again, throwing out “racist” reflexively to any sort of opposition is wrong. kucinich isn’t racist. neither is michahel moore. or paul ryan or john boehner. you have to choose wisely when you charge someone with that type of language.

  161. My question with regards to the absolute stance on the value of peace, is that how does one sit idly by and advocate peace, when people are being slaughtered for the sake of power? I am sure there are many people who would rather not use military force to resolve conflict, but when the choice is protecting human life over a peace principle – I think life has to win over, especially when it is in imminent danger, as was the case with Libya.

    As for Kucinich’s comments, they were more than just not politically astute. They were offensive and wrong. And entirely disrespectful of the Office of the presidency. I can’t see how Kucinich can recover from this.

  162. Hope you or someone else has emailed it to the foot-down-his-throat Rep Kucinich, and similarly fated Rep Barbara Lee and former, failed Rep Grayson.

    They’ve demonstrated a lack of such basic knowledge as to further make themselves indistinguishable, intellectually, from their teabagger House colleagues.

  163. That guy is going to create another Jonestown if we’re not careful. Ther are too many idiots willing to defend the indefensible when it comes to the ramblings from the right. They argue against what they are for, and then accuse their audiences of being fools for questioning their logic (or illogic, as the case may be).

  164. Must-read!



    TARP is a great example of a missed opportunity. In its original incarnation, the TARP funds remained with Treasury as a revolving fund. Instead of screaming about Timeh and the Banksters, an actual liberal netroots could have advocated to keep the fund available for investments in manufacturing and other job producing investments.


    Incredible piece by rootless.

  165. Maybe you’re right, overseas granny. Maybe “subconscious racism” is a better term, as I think many of the soi-disant “progressives” (not all) would march in favor of civil rights if they were called to do so.

  166. Another incisive comment, japa. I was one of those who was disillusioned with Clinton but rallied in support of him during the impeachment scam because it was so outrageously absurd. However, looking back, I do think it points to a major flaw in judgment on Clinton’s part, though certainly in no way an “impeachable” offense.

  167. Nathan, I and many of my friends were very critical of Clinton, though we certainly never considered undermining his re-election, but we did not have the venues to vent that the frustrati have today. I would like to think, if we had, we would have been more reasonable and kept our arguments to policy issues, but who knows?. I have been constantly amazed at how personally many of the frustrati take their disappointments, as if the administration was acting purposefully to screw them. My mind reeled at all the bloggers who believed Gibbs’ remarks about the “professional left” were aimed directly at them. This does not seem healthy to me.

  168. Opposition to the Health Care Act and other social programs brings into question just what values people have in this country. What is it that we stand for, when we would deny our neighbor care, because it might cost us a few dollars? Or that we would denigrate teachers because they have a better pension than we do (which they pay for). Or that we would deny an immigrant the right to become law-abiding, because they may get a decent job and become a citizen and their children may lead more productive lives than ours? Or criticize someone who is educated, because they get access to more opportunities? There’s a fundamental breakdown in values right now – especially amongst the right. I always think back to this section of the President’s inauguration speech (the whole speech speaks to our times):

    “Our challenges may be new, the instruments with which we meet them may be new, but those values upon which our success depends, honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism — these things are old.
    These things are true. They have been the quiet force of progress throughout our history. What is demanded then is a return to these truths. What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility — a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character than giving our all to a difficult task. This is the price and the promise of citizenship.”

  169. I have thought long and hard about this, Theo, but I do believe pacifism serves a purpose in the long-run. Every time violence is used, even to stop other violence, it validates the idea of violence as an effective means of resolving conflict. Furthermore, it closes off other avenues of the imagination. Does life ever really just present two options: kill or be killed? Is life not far richer than that? Should we not be pushing our consciousness to explore other options? Every war that has ever been fought, of course, could have been avoided long before it happened had people acted reasonably and wisely, but we know that people usually do not act reasonably and wisely. However, I think we should always attempt to push consciousness to evolve in this direction, and I fear every time violence is used, it is, if not a regression, a validation of the status quo. And I see one’s right to one’s life as the ultimate inalienable right, so it is difficult to condone violence even against the “guilty”.
    One last night: innocents are always slaughtered in any military action, no matter how careful, so how can we justify this?

  170. Wow. I wonder what caused the shift? Maybe she’s realizing how important the work they’re doing right now is to the world. Or maybe the people whispering about primarying Obama finally realized it’s not going to happen…

  171. “And neither of us are saying that people believe that all the attacks are the result of racism”.

    That is patently untrue. You said, and I quote: “Please note that SR is not saying there is no racism, but rather, that by applying it to ALL the negative criticism of the President is diminishing the meaning of the word”. (emphasis mine).

    That is a strawman argument that you and SR were easily able to knock down. It is easy to admit to racism’s existence, in theory, and then refuse to call it out in real world situations. Hell, there was race baiting during the 2008 Democratic Primaries, but many “Hard Working American’s” failed to notice or call it out. Of course African-Americans are more sensitive to racial bias in this country, it is a fact of their life and experience. It is not an “excuse” bandied about lightly. Discussions of racism causes a deep shame in many black people, just as acknowledging racism and its effects on people’s behaviors causes shame and discomfort in many white people. It is the irrational nature of much of the criticism that raises red flags, IMO. Honest policy disagreements do not usually result in the over the top behavior we are seeing in some on the Left.

  172. Normally I’d agree with you, Sheila, but we seem to have a new breed now that only cares about their own issue and has no interest in the bigger picture and surely would not march for civil rights if it meant only an African-American issue. Look at what is happening in Black Kos right now. This isn’t the Democratic party I knew anymore.

  173. It’s because the ones doing the wishing actually have little to lose. They are not living on the edge, with no prospects for college, no food shortages, no crime-ridden communities. They would lose nothing, and would gain a legitimate adversary, so they could continue whining about their disatisfaction. It’s a classic case of the coyote catching the roadrunner – he doesn’t ever expect it to happen, and then doesn’t know what to do with it when he gets it. Misses the chase. The Democrats finally have a dream of a President, but instead of supporting him, they fall back into their old cycle of bashing the President, even if it means they eliminate the opportunity they’ve got to effect all the change they’ve fought for all these years. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. They are like children, and they’re not fit to govern.

  174. I certainly hope that Secretary Gates is right. But perish the thought, what will the naysayers have to say if that happens. Since their knee jerk reaction is to be against anything President Obama does, I guess they will say we should have stayed longer and not left other countries do their part to share the burden of the UN resolution.

  175. And may I also invoke Immanual Kant’s categorical imperative here: one should only act on a maxim (or principle) that one can will to be universal law.

    The ends should determine the means.

  176. The sooner the better, I don’t trust France not to target Gadhafi and don’t want the US in any control/leadership when that happens. President Obama made it clear that this is supposed to be about protecting the rebels and a humanitarian mission – I think France has other ideas.

  177. >Keebler elf Kucinich>


    PS: Staying out of the racism discussion — just happy today, as a small biz owner, that neither the Big Insurance criminals nor the PL can rescind my brand new HC policy because of that mysterious infection I had back in the 80s. Just sayin…

  178. I have a sneaking feeling that Romney could tab a Latino-American as his running mate. Not that I expect it would work, but McCain thought he could clean up on the woman vote by choosing Palin.

  179. What is your definition of “racism”? On what do you base your expertise on the subject? How does pointing out racist behavior “diminish” the term? Please explain in a way I can understand because complexity is so beyond my grasp.

  180. sheriji i did not see your post i linked to color of change. thank you for your work.

  181. Thank you ms tulips.. I saw your link too, the more the merrier 🙂 keep it going.

  182. Eric, first of all I don’t think I ever declared myself an expert on the subject. If you can find where I did, please do so. In fact, I think you will find that I specifically pointed out the opposite to be true.

    As far as definition, that is part of the problem. The term means different things to different people. Some people, of which I was accussed of being upthread, only accept something is racist if it is outright blatant, such as using the N word, or other obvious things. I am not one of those people. Some people go to the other extreme and view any criticism of a person who is not of the same race to be racism. Just like there were people who claimed that anybody who criticized Clinton during the primaries was sexist.

    All of my comments have been directed at the extreme sense and that if it is overused, its meaning is diminished. And, as I have said, there is no doubt that a portion of the criticism of the president arises from racism of some degree or another. My only real argument is that sometimes it is difficult to specifically categorize a criticism as being of racist origin or not.

  183. I just love this site and the way people can disagree without getting flogged to death with snark. This thread has been so informative and insightful…and pleasant!

  184. In heated exchange on The View, real estate magnate says there’s “something on that birth certificate” that Obama doesn’t like.

    Behar: “Are you a birther, Donald?”

    Trump: “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate?…I can’t rely on some newspaper… I want him to show his birth certificate.”

    Goldberg: “That’s the biggest pile of dog mess I’ve heard in ages.”

    Hasselbeck: “Then why not show it?”


    Trump is a con artist!

  185. Pew survey finds 47% of registered voters would like to see Obama reelected, vs. 37% who want a GOPer.

    More: In better shape than either 43, 42 at same points in presidency.

    Conducted March 8-14, error margin three points.

  186. “The nightly news cannot cover a humanitarian crisis that thankfully did not happen, but it is important to remember that many, many Libyans are safer today because the international community took action,” Clinton told reporters at the State Department.

    Asked if people close to Qadhafi are reaching out to save themselves or if the Libyan colonel is looking for a way out, Clinton responded, “We’ve been hearing a lot of things from many different sources.”

    “It will be up to Qadhafi and his insiders to determine what their next steps are, but we would certainly encourage that they would make the right decision and not only institute a real comprehensive cease-fire but withdraw from the cities and the military actions and prepare for a transition that does not include Colonel Qadhafi,” she said.


  187. As a Costa Rican American I want to say I am So,So proud of this BEAUTIFUL family, and mention that Costa Rica LOVES the OBAMAS !!!

  188. Romney/Rubio would have a nice alliterative ring to it, but Rubio is a Jeb Bush machine cog, and as a Cuban-American wouldn’t necessarily have the same reachout appeal.

    Not saying that it couldn’t happen, as Rubio would be treated as a rockstar at the Republican Convention as it’s in Florida, and probably secure Florida for the GOP.

  189. Nathan, That has to be one of the best comments I have read on this site. Your “2cents” are worth a million!

    I won’t go back to the ‘dark side’ to seek it out and I can’t remember her name but I read a totally great diary there. This person was not a regular diarist but an academic AA woman who taught racial and cultural studies. I might actually have this book marked somewhere and will look it up later. In this diary, she discussed terms we used to talk about issues of race and culture. She defined and proposed a vocabulary that would facilitate a better, more open and less defensive discussion.

    I will check and see if I have it. It was one of the best diaries I ever read at DK. Be back momentarily with link I hope.

  190. Two years ago, or last year, I might have agreed that Rubio would have secured FL for the GOP. Not so sure anymore. I wonder how much Scott has soured the state on the GOP period.

  191. Just a quick one on racism in this country. I read upthread and found the discussion held earlier, with various points of view brought forth.

    Since racism (and spotting racism) is so subjective, I think there is truth in all of the points raised. Everyone’s comments are valid (to them and other like-minded people, from whatever POV). We all have different opinions on what is – and what isn’t – racism. But actually we can never really know what is in each person’s psyche, so sometimes we will be wrong – but it’s really, really hard not to use a broad brush.

    I’m white, 64, and although I don’t ever purposefully hang with bigots, I occasionally find myself among the ones who think they can speak freely … if I know them (through friends or family members) enough to have a discussion, I also let them know I can speak freely, too, on the other side of the coin.

    I noticed the term used upthread (something like this): “all dysfunctional Americans hate PBO.” That is a perfect way to describe why the PL and right wing act the way they do, since we will never exactly figure it out – it’s so irrational. It’s either fear of change, fear of loss of power, fear of the dying Clinton dynasty aka the PUMA sickness, inferiority complexes, stupidity, racism, whatever.

    On racism, the key is that we are all willing to say that it exists. It’s less than it was when I was a kid, especially among the newer generations, but it exists and roars its ugly head constantly. All we can do is act responsibly ourselves, talk about it to the fullest extent possible, and beat it back every chance we get.

  192. Exactly the more all of us discuss it , the more we kill it. We will be able to see the different points of view. Those who have had to live with it can tell the one who has’nt. All people are not the same so we must combat it from different perspectives. Jacqulineboomer thank you for words and your sensitivity. i too appreciated the tone and discussion.

  193. Why is the White House giving Sen. Bill Nelson’s reelection campaign so much attention? According to Vice President Biden, if Nelson loses in 2012, then he and President Obama will lose Florida.

    Biden made his way down to Florida on Wednesday to campaign for the second-term senator, in the same month that President Obama stumped for Nelson at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee dinner in Miami.

    According to a pool report, Biden told 150 supporters at a philanthropist’s home that he wanted to raise money for Nelson because they’re friends and political allies — and because “as goes Bill Nelson in Florida, so go Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Florida.”

    Tethering his political future to Nelson’s, Biden said he and the Florida Democrat backed the White House’s project to fund high-speed rail — an initiative rejected by Florida’s Republican governor, Rick Scott.

    “The government provides seed money,” Biden said. “That’s why Sen. Nelson and I both thought the high-speed rail made sense.”

    Biden will keep stumping for Nelson on Wednesday, attending another “event” for him later in Tampa.

  194. Hi, ROH,

    Glad to know that the Obamas are loved in Cost Rica!!! They’re quite a family, aren’t they?

  195. Nathan,
    I appreciate the way you explain ‘the ideology of white supremacy’ and it does seem to me to describe quite a bit (most?)of the antagonistic behaviour towards the President, from blacks, whites, right, and left. It makes an awful lot of sense to me, especially when I consider just the very simple fact there are those who find it hard to give him the title he’s fairly EARNED. Indeed, what other explanation is there for the fact that he’s the only president whose title sticks in the craw of so many in the public eye?

  196. makesense4tulips – Thank you. I so enjoyed your point:

    “Those who have had to live with it can tell the one who hasn’t.”

    I would just tack on that thanks to President Obama (who feels like a son to me – my real son is a little jealous), there’s hope in the air that we all can play a part in securing “a more perfect union” for ourselves and our country.

  197. Well said. I am almost your clone being white and almost (but not quite) 64. And as I said upthread, the whole discussion has broadened my thinking on the subject.

  198. Sorry Kiddo, I can’t find it in my personal book marks and I won’t go back to DK to look for it.

    However, her major premise was that often dialogue on these issues breaks down because of words and terms we use when talking to each other. Most people positively foam at the mouth if someone calls them a racist.

    I’ve had people say to me: “I can’t be a racist. I’m Latino.” Well, of course they may not actually be racists (although some are) but they can certainly be prejudiced or biased in their views and behavior.

    Anyway, I’m not expressing this as well as she did.

  199. GPS(karl roves group)a conservative advocacy organization, just wanted to know about the waivers the Health and Human Services Department was issuing on health care reform. Claiming their Freedom of Information Act requests were getting stonewalled, the organization is suing.

    “Until President Obama is willing to grant the entire country a waiver from Obamacare, his administration needs to come clean on how they decide who wins and loses in the waiver lottery,” Steven Law, president of Crossroads GPS, said in a statement.

    Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads were key players in the midterm elections, raising millions for Republican congressional candidates. Former Bush administration politico guru Karl Rove is an informal adviser.

    The issue of health care waivers is a flashpoint for conservatives, who suspect the one-year exemptions for complying with the Affordable Care Act are benefiting labor unions and other organizations that support Obama — and backed the health care reform effort.

    The White House so far has had no response to the lawsuit, but last year explained the use of waivers on its website.

    Crossroads is asking a federal judge to enforce FOIA requests for “any and all memoranda, guidance, directives, instructions and other documents … relating to the criteria to be applied by HHS in deciding whether to grant or deny applications for waiver of the annual limit requirements” under the health care law.
    This is why the HCR law is polling badly, all these law suits are giving people pause! the conservatives are wining the PR battle, big time. Sigh!

  200. Theo, I think that the last two paragraphs above are the best writing you have done so far.

  201. Great comment, jacqueline, and very insightful. I grew up under segregation and wish more people were as self-aware as you are on the issue of race/racism. Not talking about it doesn’t make it go away. I love discussing the issue of race with sane, pragmatic people because we can all learn something and develop a better understanding of how to deal with racial differences.

    Although I grew up under segregation, I had wonderful parents who taught us not to use race to judge others and not to hold all members of a group responsible for the words/actions of a single member. This was one of the best legacies my parents left to myself and my siblings because it freed us from race-based hatred and taught us to be accepting of those unlike ourselves.

  202. I posted a link earlier to the strange unused graves in Libya. Listening to the news tonight, the reporters in Tripoli have been asking to see the civilians that Gaddafi is claiming have been killed and wounded by the coalition bombing. It is becoming apparent now that there are none to see. It would seem the bombing has been totally surgical and innocent people are not being killed.

  203. Rubio is Cuban and Cuban voters will vote for him regardless of the damage Scott is doing to the state and the GOP is doing to the country. They are very proud people and if he’s on the ticket, they’ll be voting for him (especially the above 45 group)

  204. ♥ GN for saying right out just like it is. Some of the things I read there made my head go numb and I felt like I was in RW twilight zone. It is one thing to criticize a person’s stance on the issues and quite another to make personal and racially motivated slurs. Nothing was ever done to stop it either.

    We are seeing the same thing among some of our Dems in Congress. I’ve said this before and I will repeat it. Never in my 67 years have I seen a President so disrespected, especially one who is so progressive and working so hard for this country.

  205. Also Venezuelans, Colombians and Argentinians are more apt to vote Republican than Puerto Ricans and Dominicans (which Florida has more of the former, not latter).

  206. Im so glad, but where are the bodies of the ones Ghaddifi has killed. Thats what news should ask about. where are they hiding them.

  207. I won’t pretend to be an expert but psychology was my field before I retired. A lot of this boils down to just plain “fear of the other” It also may be traced back to early conditioning and experiences. I think that for many white people, it is a perception that the world is changing faster than they can assimilate it.

    Just because official segregation has ended does not mean we don’t still have cultural and racial segregation. People have a tendency to want to stick with “their own” because it feels safe and comfortable. This means they don’t get enough contact with those outside their own comfort zone so they make judgments based on their own bias.

    Barack Obama is a unique and for some, a scary person. He is mixed race and has had cultural experiences growing up that many people just don’t understand. He has a greater perspective on the world and our place in it than many people can grasp.

    America remains an insular place. How many have actually visited other countries or experienced diverse cultures?

    I’m running on too much but this is some of what I think.

  208. I hope BWD is doing ok. It’s strange not to hear from her at least once a day. You are missed girl – hope all is well and that you are just busy. Cheers!

  209. I don’t know what is happening in Black Kos right now as I don’t visit that site anymore, but I do know I left that place when a bunch of white folks essentially lined up as a faction against the fine people in Black Kos, so I’ll take your word for it.

  210. What are Rubio’s qualifications for Vice President? Are white right-wing extremists going to applaud a Latino on the ticket? NO, they aren’t.

  211. There was a report from the opposition that Gaddafi’s men were putting them on the beach and letting the tide carry them out. I have no idea if that is true or not and no one has been able to confirm it. We probably won’t have any real knowledge for weeks yet.

  212. Except that race most certainly does play a huge factor with culturally conservative white Americans eschewing the Democratic party, no matter the color of the candidate at the top of the ticket. That goes without question.

    Absolutely, President Obama did better with this set of voters than did Kerry, but I’d wager that it had more to do with the truly awful Bush presidency coupled with the truly awful Vice Presidential selection. And even with those factors, PBO *still* didn’t win the majority of white Americans.

    I utterly agree that an intense cottage industry has sprung up to capitalize from the intense, and largely irrational, anger that PBO is in the WH. This is simply not confined to the right. Doesn’t matter if Kucinich’s personal views are anti-racist; he’s capitalizing from the stridency and extremism of the angry response to PBO. Doesn’t matter if Boehner doesn’t himself believe half of the things spouted by the GOP’s base. Because he and other Republican leaders encourage and capitalize from the racism and ignorance.

    Again, I must ask that people be very cautious in terms of dismissing accusations of racism, and accusations that racial anxieties underlie part of the extremism thrown POTUS’ way. Now asking that we try to appeal to better angels or emphasize commonalities to cut through this tribalism is another matter. But it’s not very convincing to me to start from the assumption that it doesn’t exist in large amount.

    Interesting, civil conversation of the type with which this site specializes. Thanks, and peace everyone.

  213. I had an African-American professor in college who was the faculty advisor for B.A.M., the Black Action Movement on campus, and he often said that until the white man confronted the “Other” in the form of the black man, he would not mature into a higher consciousness.

  214. In that context, this is an important bit of news from NYTimes Lede:

    5:37 P.M. |U.S. Acted to Prevent ‘Srebrenica on Steroids’

    “Laura Rozen reports that senior White House adviser said that the United States had acted to prevent a massacre in Benghazi by the Qaddafi government that could have exceeded the brutality the one that followed the fall of Srebrenica in 1995, when more than 7,000 men and boys were executed by the Bosnian Serb army after it seized control of a United Nations “safe area.”

    Citing experts who were invited to a briefing at the White House on Tuesday, Ms. Rozen writes on her Yahoo blog:

    “This is a limited humanitarian intervention, not war,” said White House Middle East strategist Dennis Ross, during a briefing at the White House Roosevelt Room Tuesday, according to a foreign policy experts who attended the briefing. National Security Council strategic planning official Derek Chollet, and two military officials were also in attendance.

    “We were looking at ‘Srebrenica on steroids’ -the real or imminent possibility that up to a 100,000 people could be massacred, and everyone would blame us for it,” Ross explained, according to the attendee, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the administration is trying to keep its consultations private.

    It is not surprising that the specter of America’s role in the belated military intervention in Bosnia, which helped to bring that war to an end, but only after tens of thousands of deaths, is felt keenly in the White House. One of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisers, Samantha Power, won a Pulitzer Prize for her book, “A Problem From Hell: American and the Age of Genocide,” which looked in detail at the Clinton administration’s failure to stop mass killings in both Bosnia and Rwanda. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is, of course, well aware of that history, which later shaped her husband’s decision to intervene militarily in Kosovo in 1999.”


  215. Thank you for being so honest about your experiences and assumptions. To me, we live in a racist, sexist, homophobic, classist society, one which is improving every generation yet one which still has these significant hurdles to overcome. It’s pretty difficult to live within this culture and have absolutely no stereotypes, assumptions, etc., and that includes me and everyone else. The challenge is facing it and owning up to it, and continuing to work on it, as we’re doing in the course of this terrific discussion IMO.

  216. Thank you for your response to my questions. I’m just trying to understand your POV. If, by your own admission, you are not expert on racism, I just don’t understand how dismissive you seem to be of the view by those who have had first hand experience dealing with racism in its many forms. Trust me, we are not “crying wolf”. Nathan provided you with an excellent primer on the effects of white supremacy mindset on both blacks and whites in this country. I agree that overuse of claims of racism is counterproductive (but, I must admit I have never heard of anyone who said or wrote that all criticism of someone of a different race is racist). However, the refusal to acknowledge racism or racial bias when it occurs (not just theoretically)is also counterproductive. Again, only you and SR posited the proposition that ALL criticism of Pres. Obama is race based, I never heard any of the people on this site say that. This discussion started due to BWD pointing out that there are racists on BOTH the political left and right. IMO, this is not a controversial position. Personally, I would not feel comfortable telling a woman about sexism or a Jewish person about anti-semitism because they have more experience dealing with the issue than I do. They know the warning signs better than I do. What is theoretical to me is real to them. BTW, a good definition of racism is “bias or prejudice against a person based on that person’s race”. Thanks for a good discussion on this issue, I have learned much from this conversation.

  217. Same here. Have been thinking about her and wondering since she didn’t mention taking time away (which she surely does deserve).

  218. I think it is more than just “confronting” and just even excepting but actually coming to a space where we can celebrate the differences in each other.

  219. And I do believe part of the kneejerk vitriol leveled at our fine President is a result of the easy access to a venting space provided by the Internet. There are many disgruntled people out there who never had the kind of forum where they can spew out their personal frustration on anonymous “opponents” without any serious repercussions several years back. Ditto for the plethora of pundits out there. Many of these people may very well operate from a stance of white privilege, but there are more reasons than racism as to why they have proliferated in recent years.

  220. Yes, this has been an excellent, courteous, respectful discussion that I appreciated very much.

  221. Per the Obama Diary, the first family is back home at the White House. They must be exhausted.

  222. I definitely take yours and japa’s points in this regard. There’s definitely merit to this thesis as well. Your concept of “the frustrati” is brilliant, actually, and I do think that plays a role in the PL’s disdain towards POTUS, alongside everything else.

  223. Thank you for that link, WiW, and for your fine blog, as well.

    I think several of those Senators remember Bosnia and Rwanda and realize that President Obama had no reason to doubt that Muhammar Al-Gaddafi meant what he said and would kill as many of his people as he could. We have plenty of evidence, already, that Al-Gaddafi is striving to be known as the ‘butcher of Libya’ on a grand scale.

    See the ‘Srebrenica on steroids’ comment above – the White House knew exactly why it had to act as soon as it had the necessary legal authority to do so (and, it has, without any question acted within, and to the letter of the law).

  224. Sheila’s comment brings up something that has been at the back of my mind, niggling at me. A couple times the fact that the intrenet was not that big a thing back in the 90’s has been made. Now it is. It not only gives people a place to vent, as Sheila put it. Put it also tends to be a place where 1) like minds congregate, thus giving them a louder voice than they perhaps merit, but 2) it also tends to create a “mob mentality” where people who may have some concerns or worries or disagreements with something (in this case the President) have them amplified by others and find themselves pulled along with the mad rush to condemn.

    As I have said before, people like to belong and not make waves. I think at a certain site this reesulted in people jumping on the “bash Obama” bandwagon or keeping quiet, thus giving the impression that those who did the bashing were a larger group than they were in reality.

    The degree to which this may have also shifted over to the media PL is unknown. But even they may have decided that the numbers of the “frustrati” were pretty large and decided to play to that audience. In reality, though, I don’t think the numbers really are that alrge, based on the polls showing support for the President remains pretty high among Democrats, including the more liberal of them.

  225. Good evening everyone

    Please keep in mind that this site requires an awful lot of work and I can imagine that sometimes “life” gets in the way.

    Let’s just hope everything is okay with her. I’m sure she will post when she can.

  226. “A senior U.S. military officer said on Wednesday that coalition strikes on Libya appear to have destroyed the country’s air force, while not causing any known civilian casualties.”


  227. Oh yes I am hopeful she is getting rest and having a fab, good day. I am just a bit concerned that we haven’t heard anything from her. and I do miss her enthusiasm.

  228. The sad thing in all this is that my uber-republican cousin thinks all this amounts to flushing money down the toilet. Absolutely no regard what-so-ever for human life, only concerned how much it will cost financially.

  229. Hi Japa, thank you for your thoughtful reply. I think I did concede that there may be people attacking the president because of policy differences, but still that doesn’t explain the constant demonization and utter disrespect he has been subjected to.

    I think you are confusing overt racial prejudice and the ideology of white supremacy, or what Tim Wise and others engaged in “Critical Race Studies,” prefer to call “white privilege.” I prefer the term white supremacy because I believe that almost any one, including people of color, can be indoctrinated into believing in white supremacy without necessarily being prejudiced against black people or any other people of color.

    I am sorry but I still find your explanation, as to why people on the left who are attacking President Obama, non stop, but didn’t do the same to President Clinton, unsatisfactory. President Clinton implemented policies that were far more conservative than President Obama. In fact, to cite one example of DADT, President Obama has been cleaning up bad laws supported by President Clinton. So how can this be the case of “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?” I would buy this explanation if President Obama was pursuing more conservative policies than those of President Clinton.

    Again, my take is that President Obama, because he is black, is expected to be twice as good (hell sometimes I think there are people who want him to be 10 times as good) as a white president before he can be recognized as a legitimate equal to previous white presidents. This to me explains why people can idolize other presidents as great presidents, despite all their glaring imperfections, and yet constantly bash President Obama. When it comes to President Obama, any thing less than 100% perfection means that he is a failure, or has failed to measure up to expectations, or is a liar who has betrayed them by not delivering exactly what they claim he promised during the campaign.

    I am a student of history and I know of no other president, among the previous 43, including the great ones, who did everything perfectly. Even the great FDR, the real darling of the purist progressives, was not perfect. Why then, for example, does the so called left constantly bash President Obama for not immediately closing a detention camp he inherited from his predecessor, and which he would have closed by now had it not been for the obstruction from Congress; and yet they praise FDR profusely though he sent innocent Americans to detention camps simply because of their race/ ethnicity?

    I am sure, Japa, that you will argue that I am simplifying things but the way I see it is: If you are a white President you can still be declared great despite all your imperfections and shortcomings; but if you are a black President you better be 100% perfect. Otherwise, many people who claim to be your base will deem you a failure. They will consider you a failure not because of your race but because you did not accomplish 100% of every thing they demanded you to do.

  230. Thank you so much Aquagranny. Your complement means a great deal to me because you are one of the people that I deeply respect for the wisdom they bring to this site and to other sites like TPV and Norbrook’s blog.

  231. Actually, I don’t think you are simplifying things. I think one thing this thread has done is bring forth a wide variety of reasons for the attacks on the President, racism definitely being a major factor, just like sexism woudl have been if Clinton had been elected.

    TRhe fool me once statement was in reference to a staemnt I made downthread about people who feel someone they trusted betrayed them are supersensitive to feeling the same way again. I hopefully explained it better there.

    This will probably be my last comment on the subject. I do believe racism plays a role in some of the criticism, I do believe there are others factors involved as well, and sometimes they mix together. But I also think, as others have stated, that the mere existence of the internet and blogs, etc. now, makes all of this increase beyond its true value.

  232. Thank God. For all those criticizing this president, I am glad he took this action and the way in which he did it.

    I know that America can’t police the world, but it is glad to see a president with a heart that cares about brown people, black people and all people.

    Two decades ago when Liberians were being slaughtered in my country, people turned a blind eye. Thousands of Liberians were displaced, (my father included, who stayed in a refugee camp for almost 12 years in Ghana before coming here a few years ago) and untold numbers killed.

    Taylor, the president then, who now sits in The Hague awaiting his fate for war crmes, and his men were trained by Ghadaffi and they brought brutal force to Liberia, leaving so many of our people dead. As if not enough, for diamonds, he brought his criminal acts into Sierra Leone, chopping off the limbs of man, woman, child.

    I want to believe that given the historic ties between Liberia and the United States, I don’t think President Obama would have sat by while my people perished.

    I say he would have done the same for the people of Rwanda, too, where the massacre there dwarfed the killings in Libera.

    War is hell. But when you get a crazy man like Ghadaffi wreaking such havoc on his own people, and folks — many of those who call themselves liberals are condemning this intervention, it just says a lot about them and their hypocrisy.

  233. Africa, I will take your word over most as you have first hand knowledge of the conditions and conflicts in the mother land. Thanks, and please bless us with more writings, though, it must be hard for you to re-live the hardships.

  234. Help: does anyone know how to find the blogroll on the new on swipe format?? Thanks. I left work and had the old format on my iPhone. 30 minutes later the new one.

  235. I thank you for your efforts. I exactly know where she was coming from. You see some of us who are older still remember how thoroughly we had internalized the ideology of white supremacy. We were brought up to believe that the white man was the best at every thing. The reality, which clearly showed that whites had everything, reinforced this belief.

    The 1960’s Civil Rights movement began to seriously challenge this deeply held ideology but I don’t think that it was ever completely eradicated. My contention is that people can be racist, without being overtly prejudiced, because they have internalized the ideology of white supremacy. I think the confusion of people who claim that accusation of racism is overblown is because they think racism is all about the overt acts of racial prejudice such as those of the KKK.

    For me the racism that is more hard to get at, and ends up being the most destructive, is hidden racism. A part of this hidden racism is the expectation that a person of color must perform twice as good before being accepted as an equal by white people. The problem for the people of color is that the goal posts are always being moved, so sometimes it is impossible to meet the expectations of what qualifies to be an equal. Another example of hidden racism is the claim that people are color blind while implementing color conscious laws. I am sure you already know that living in AZ. This is exactly what the South did when the enacted the poll tax and the literacy/ understanding requirements for voting in order to deny African Americans the right to vote. These requirements were billed as being color-blind. Yet, Southern states quickly enacted “grandfather clauses” to exempt poor and illiterate whites from these requirements.

    What I am saying, Aquagranny, is that not everything that is promoted as being non-racist means that it’s none-racist. For example: people who constantly bash Pres. Obama, accusing him of being homophobic, but yet loved, or mildly criticized, Bill Clinton who signed both DADT and DOMA, can not convince me that their constant bashing of President Obama has absolutely nothing to do with racism.

  236. Africa, I would also like to think that if Obama had been President things would have turned out differently. To be honest, I am not sure they would have although I think a President Obama would have wanted them to. There has been a lot of talk about racism on this thread and I believe that in issues of Africa, much of this country is definitely in the what I would call the geo-racist camp.

    I think there are a lot of people who still view Africa as “the dark continent” of Dr. Livingstone days. They hear the word “tribal” and images of “savages” dancing and jumping around with spears jumps into their minds.

    I think this would have made it very hard to intervene, because I don’t think an action like is currently underway in Libya would have had a chance to succedd and there was, quite simply, no way that people in this country would have stood for ground troops going into Liberia or Rwanda, or basically anyplace on the African continent where the skin color of the residents was a deeper brown than what is seen in North Africa. This is specially true after the Somalia fiasco.

    Do I know all this for a fact? No, but I deeply suspect it to be the case.

  237. Good point about how ill advised it is for Dennis to make impeachment comments in this environment. And when I think about how Ed Schultz advocated for Dennis to be ranking member opposite Issa, it makes me cringe. Ed said we needed someone who could stand up to Issa. But who knew that Dennis would be the one talking about impeachment…smh Once again we see the danger in listening to Mr Don’t Vote in the Midterms Schultz.

  238. Great comment, Nathan. Kuddos on your primer on the effects of white supremacy ideology on both blacks and whites. It was informative and spot on, IMO.

  239. Thanks for the tip amk for obama. I personally am all about the Google Chrome browser. It feels like the fastest browser option out there. I have no clock speed data to back this claim up. Just my gut says it is.

  240. Thank you V C. for your kind words and for effectively summarizing what I was trying to say in my response to Japa and Saint Roscoe. You see, overt racism, like that of the KKK, or bigoted signs carried by some teabaggers, is really easy to deal with. The most difficult racism to deal with is the hidden one; especially the racism that demands people of color to be twice as good as white people before they can be accepted as legitimate equals.

    It is also the racism that is unspoken but you know it when you see it. For example: I believe that it is hidden racism that explains why the MSM give more air time to a presidential candidate who lost the election to constantly tell the person who defeated him what to do. Does any one remember either Al Gore (who by the way won the election if Florida wasn’t stolen), or John Kerry (who I also think won, if Ohio hadn’t been stolen) being invited by the MSM, almost every week, to attack President Bush or tell him what to do? Does any one remember Bob Dole being invited every week to attack Bill Clinton or tell him what to do?

    Yet, every time I turn on my T.V. on Sunday, there is John McCain bashing President Obama and telling him what to do. Am I wrong to view this as clear evidence of “white privilege?” It seems to me that since the 2008 election we’ve heard more from John McCain and Sarah Palin than any other defeated candidates in history; except, of course, for Joe Liebmann who is also always prominently covered whenever he is bashing President Obama. If this is not “white privilege” some body please explain to me what this is all about.

  241. ms4t, I am wondering the same thing. I don’t think she has spent an entire day away from this blog without notice since she started. I hope that all is well with BWD.

  242. Didn’t she say coupla days back that she was going to be busy this week ?

  243. yes its not like her. Donna dem have you heard anything i know you will lets us know.

  244. I am wondering too. I have missed her all day. But thank you everyone for keeping the news coming. And the great discusions! It is reading civil discussions! Thank you everyone!

  245. There’s always next year and the next and the next and the next and the next!!!

    Tell the disappointed nurses that the Obamas will be there at the White house for 6 more years and there will be plenty of opportunity to win a spot at the egg roll if that’s all they are after.


  246. Well said, Nathan. I would definitely rate the “criticism” of this President from the so-called “left” is mainly anchored on racism, if not solely. Every day is considered as an open day for mud slinging while his achievements, which are significant given the level of 100% opposition from the rethugs and nearly 0% support from his own ‘party leaders’, are constantly swept under the proverbial carpet.

  247. I hate google and anything connected with it due to its privacy issues. Moreover FF is people driven while google is all about corporate money and swamping. Call it my own tilting at the wind mills. 🙂

  248. Absolutely love Costa Rica! Wonderful people, beautiful birds, sane government.

  249. I absolutely love Costa Rica, ROH. Beautiful country, beautiful people. Plus, the best pineapple I’ve ever tasted!

  250. I keep thinking that in three months we will be on to some fresh new reason to attack the president and the success of the Libyan Intervention will look so inevitable.

  251. Thank you Japa for you response, which, as always, is very civil and thoughtful.

    This is also my last comment on this issue. I’ve repeatedly conceded that not all attacks on the president have any thing to do with conscious racism; especially the kind that we see from people who really hate blacks and other people of color simply because of their race or color. I also have no issue with your contention that besides racism “there are others factors involved” in the criticism of President Obama. But I still maintain that unrelenting attacks on the President, even when he does, imperfectly, things that progressives demanded has to be attributed to this notion that white progressives know better than a black president of what is good for the people.

    My issue is that, having been around for some time, I just never witnessed the same level of outrage directed at a President by people who claim to be his base. Surely, a conservative Democratic President, like Bill Clinton, was never subjected to non-stop bashing from progressive Democrats, as has been directed at President Obama. I think you may have a point that the reason I am now much more aware of the non stop criticism of President Obama may be because of “the mere existence of the internet and blogs, etc.” I will seriously re-examine my thinking and do more research to see how progressives treated President Clinton. If I do find that they treated him worse than President Obama, I will post my public apology on this site.

    My plea to you Japa, because I sincerely respect your wisdom, is to seriously examine the depth of racism that affects all races and determines the way we evaluate the successes and failures of people of different races. I think this probably will come out as a silly assertion but I deeply believe that the ideology of white supremacy is as as deeply rooted in the American culture as is the ideology of American Exceptionalism. Unless all of us are willing to dig deep to see how pervasive these ideologies determine our behavior I doubt that we will ever solve this problem of race.

    To make sure that I am not misunderstood, I believe that the ideology of white supremacy is, consciously and sub consciously, subscribed to by many whites, as well as some blacks, Latinos/Hispanics, Asians, and others. But equally true is that there is a vast number of Asians, Blacks, Latinos/ Hispanics and whites who reject the ideology of white supremacy. My hope in joining this discussion was to provoke people to examine the racism that is more hidden than the overt vulgar acts of prejudiced people.

    Finally, I thank you for being so openly engaged. I think it is through these kinds of honest conversations, conducted without malice, that makes this site a very special place to be part of.

  252. eclecticbrotha@weeseeyou:

    While I was listening to Thom Hartmann’s show on the way to work, but two things were brought to light about Wisconsin state workers battle. 1) What helped Scott Walker nearly succeed in his attempt to take away collective bargaining rights is the leader of the senate, the leader of the state assembly and the man in charge of the state police are all from the same family. Scott Fitzgerald was Walker’s hatchet man in the senate. His brother runs the state assembly and Walker appointed their dad to run the stste or capitol police force that was acting as Walker’s muscle throughout the battle. 2) on Greta Van Susteren’s show last night, Scott Fitzgerald pretty much admitted that they no longer have the solid consensus among the GOP they’d need to ram the bill through again now that a judge ruled their failure to give 24 hour notice made the first vote illegal. He intimated the protests had their desired effect and none of the GOP senators want to go through that again. I’m guessing the recall threats are scaring them too.



    Huge. The grassroots standing up, and standing together, *can* make a huge difference in so many contexts and so many respects.

  253. bluewavenews:

    Ohio Governor Kasich’s Approval Rating Takes a Nosedive

    Ohio voters are showing signs of buyer’s remorse regarding their 2010 election of tea party Republican Gov. John Kasich. A new poll by Quinnipiac University finds that Buckeye State voters polled disapprove of Kasich’s job performance 48-30 percent, with 28 percent undecided.



    The article goes on to analyze the polling crosstabs, which reveal that he’s lost major Indie support.

  254. buyer’s remorse = getting slapped by karma. I have little sympathy for these intentionally stupid voters.

  255. For example, St. Patrick’s Day is not just for Irish folk, and MLK Day is not just for black folk; it’s for all of us. It tells a story about us all, and it’s those kind of things that we should all celebrate.

    We should all celebrate our differences, as no person is like the next, and I wouldn’t want it that way. I love our differences.

    And while we are all different, we share a commonality, and we should not castigate our differences, but learn how to come together and rejoice our many differences, be it race, religion, or culture.

  256. Nathan I have really appreciated reading your thorough and informative comments, so well said imo, thank you.

  257. I may be accused of being some kind of ‘fan club’ for your comments but I could not help to say Bravo! I also want to echo what you said about how good it is to be “openly engaged” with people who respect what we say.

  258. It’s nice to come to see a site that says nice things about President Obama. I quit going to Huff Post, DaKos and DemUnderground. People were so mean spirited. Glad I found this site.

  259. Please, you give me more than I deserve. I am getting older than I would really like. I would hope one day to be a real ‘elder’ like those I honor who went before me. I’m just an apprentice. ♥

    Kiddo, when all is said and done it is about respect and just walking an another’s shoes and having some idea of how they pinch.

    I am a simple aging woman who would just see this world better when I take the next journey.

  260. And so does racism, gn, though I think it is probably unrecognized by many of the “progressives”; perhaps that makes it even more insidious.

  261. PS: I pray for a better world everyday for my own grandchildren and for all children. This is our ultimate directive. This is why each and every one of us have survived to adulthood. We were all born to nurture the next generation.

  262. Thanks edp4bho. I completely agree with you. I’ve been amazed at the way the election of President Obama seemed to provoke both over and covert racist sentiments that had bubbling up underground for quite some time. I really applaud Norbrook and BWD for their courage in pointing out what is at the core of all these attacks against the President.

  263. Thank you Eric. I always appreciate your fearlessness in many of your comments.

  264. Good arguments – I still don’t agree, but I can appreciate your position. 🙂

  265. I wish I could take credit, but these are President Obama’s words, by the way- from his inauguration speech. Awesome speech – I went to just pull these words, and then I read the whole speech again and was awestruck by it’s profound and poignant words and meaning. He’s so prescient.

  266. Thanks Amk for Obama for your complement and for speaking truth. You are absolutely right that the most puzzling thing is that Democrats are no where to be seen supporting the President. Contrast that with the support President Clinton received during his troubles with the Lewinsky affair. Do you remember how Black members of Congress, as well Black leaders like Jesse Jackson, came to his aid and embraced him? Where are the Democratic members of Congress who have the President’s back? Nacy Pelosi may be. Certainly my Senator Barbara Boxer, who is by far the most courageous member of Congress. Dick Durbin may be. John Kerry, now and then. But I just can’t think of any passionate defender of the president. But those who are backstabbing him (Anthony Weiner, John Conyers, Dennis Kucinich, and the West Virginia Senator whose name escapes me) are getting all the media attention to spew their vitriol against the President. Then only person in politics I’ve seen passionately speaking in support of the president is Vice President Biden. What is truly amazing about President Obama is that, despite all the negativity, he maintains his cool and optimism, and keeps working hard to bring about real changes.

  267. Thank you sherijr. I really appreciate your support because I value your wisdom. Thank you also for all you said on this issue. I just hope that we all take time to really reflect why this good man we elected President has been under constant attack, ever since he was declared the winner, from very powerful forces that have a major influence on forming public opinion.

  268. Thanks again Aquagranny for your complements. I really love what BWD has created. I think with an issue like racism, which carries all sorts of pitfalls, it is important that we have an open and honest discussion that treats every position, even those we disagree with, with a modicum of respect.

  269. Very well said edp4bho! I think that all sensitive and reasonable people would agree that when discussing the issues of Jewish holocaust and anti-semitism it is best to listen and pay particular attention to Jewish people. I think the same standard should apply when dealing with the issue of racism in America. African Americans, Latinos, Asians and now the Arabs, intimately know what it means to be discriminated against because of race and ethnicity. Their history and experience must not be easily dismissed by people who claim that the charge of racism is being used as an excuse.

    What actually has been freaking me out lately is that people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others are now actively promoting the idea that the real victims of racism are the ones who should be blamed for practicing racism. The constant repetition of this false claim seem to be catching on.

  270. BWD my love, I hope you are ok sweetheart. It’s just not the same without you; please let us know you are ok.

  271. Your comments have been spectacular. I thank this blog host from the bottom of my heart for creating a space in which we are able to discuss this issue without it being immediately shut down by accusations of “crying racism.” The idea that people have improperly shielded this President from legitimate criticism by accusations of racism is a largely false one from my point of view. I have seen many older people repeatedly state that in their long lives, they have never seen a President treated like this at so little provocation, and have never seen such a dismissal of progress made. The example in this thread, of Kucinich not merely stating objection as he did during Clinton’s tenure at a comparable moment, but loosely throwing around a wholly unmerited call for impeachment—such a clear double standard. Certainly, there are several reasons underlying this, but I think that it’s pretty much beyond dispute that racism is a big one of those reasons.

  272. OK, perhaps this comment of yours deserves another thread since this thread is getting a bit “thin” to read. I hope that you bring it up again.

    I think it is a lack of perspective on history that would cause you to compare this (Obama) Administration to the Clinton administration. Now, I don’t want to bash on the Clintons because they play a crucial role in *this* administration, but even big Bill has ackonowledged some things that need to be done, and our fine Sec of State is doing pretty well, at least from my perspective.

    As to your claim of American exceptionalism, you are arguing that at a bad time, when most Americans KNOW that it is globalist economic policies that have brought us to where we are today. And yes, the globalism put forth was exceptionalism.

    “But I still maintain that unrelenting attacks on the President, even when he does, imperfectly, things that progressives demanded”

    ..And it is exactly at that moment when I start to question underlying motives, including racism.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  273. It’s grateful to see Biden standing by this president 200%. He is the only dem pol I trust now. Every one else seems to be having an agenda.

    And PBO is the only pol I have seen who is totally unflappable regardless what one throws at him.

    As a america loving non-american, I am shocked to see the ugly face of racist america being so openly promoted by the msm.

  274. I’m with you in principle, AMK. I choose to use Google because Chrome is faster and more stable and has a great spam program, and because I need and use Google Desktop and I love Google Books. I hate the way it tracks every word I type, but have trained myself to never look at its suggestions. In other words, I have balanced its benefits to its down side.
    But what’s different? I bought a new HP printer that I find tracks me all over the net. I have a camera whose program tracks me all over the net. The gods only know what other program I use is tracking me around. It is very dehumanizing. I just hope they are enjoying looking at ancient Irish documents written in Old Irish!

  275. Wow!

    “The main part of the events have to do with the Palins and the Morlocks, two families who are very close to each other. The children grew up and played together, they went to school with each other, they had sleepovers at each other’s houses, the kids had Sarah Palin’s cellphone number saved and some of the adults have known each other for more than 30 years. The association of the families is very, very tight.”

    It’s a blog, so I’ll have to see more facts about the above quoted a bit more, but if true… wow! And now my thoughts ponder about Arizona…

    Thanks for the info.

  276. There, Nathan, those are the descriptive words we have been trying to find – overt and covert racism. Thanks.

  277. We have the people who have been positively affected by the new health care laws, but we need those who still have not. Is there anything to change in 2012 that we can start pushing now rather than beating the drum on the old changes?

  278. BWD,
    We all hope you are taking a well-deserved rest but when you have a chance let us know how you are doing, so we won’t worry about you.

  279. You’re spot on GN! People criticized Pres. Clinton on some specific issues, but Clinton never generated the same volume of vitriol from the left as that which is being directed at Pres. Obama. Why, for example, is the President repeatedly being called homophobic despite all all the positive things he has done to advance the rights of gay people. Yet, Pres. Clinton who signed DADT and DOMA was never subjected to the same vicious attacks?

  280. You are so right! What brothers me is Kucinich is trying to find a candidate to run against Obama in 2012. The progressives love Kucinich so much they hate to call him out. Randy Rhodes who doesn’t agree with his suggestion of impeaching the president, sugar coats his hateful remarks. These progressive and democrats need to be called out!

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