“Obama’s plan is particularly wise”

USA Today editorial:

A week ago, virtually no one thought it possible that the Security Council would authorize a no-fly zone over Libya, much less a resolution permitting ” all necessary measures” to protect civilians.

President Obama insisted on this for good reason. It provides a legal basis for the intervention and neuters any claim — useful to Gadhafi and other miscreants — that this is an exercise in American imperialism.


America’s interests are further helped by Obama’s eagerness to reduce the U.S. military profile in favor of others. He demanded that the Arab League not just endorse a no-fly zone but also participate in enforcing one. Several nations agreed.

Obama’s plan to step back within days after the initial attacks and cede substantial leadership to Europeans and Arabs is particularly wise. Both have much more at stake in Libya than the U.S. does. There’s no reason other than hubris that the United States should bear their burden instead.

Against those facts, complaints that Obama moved too slowly look bombastic. Lacking adequate groundwork, he should not have moved at all, and even so, the course of events is disturbingly uncertain.

Military intervention should always be a last resort, and if ultimately necessary, it should be aimed at a clear, attainable goal and fought with total commitment.

Whether the Libyan attack meets that standard remains to be seen. It is a high-stakes gamble, but at least one that appears smartly played at the outset.



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  1. I can’t blame anyone if they don’t like the situation (Who would apart from neocons?). But at least I know this won’t be a long time mess with no exist strategy. As long as we don’t resort to ground troops, I’d feel fine.

    Of course, the PL is believing that Obama has become Bush III. Mr. Moore has linked a article on his Twitter to a Huffington writer who believe Obama is a RepubliCrat and needs to be defeated in 2012 for this. Same old shit, different day.

    Here’s the best tweet:
    “Wouldn’t it have been cheaper just to launch the teachers into Libya?”

  2. Good day, AD!

    The last photo looks like “Preacher” Obama has everything in his grasp – including the audience!

    Thank you for the USA Today story, BWD, and all the pretty pictures.

  3. again i repeat, the mere fact he is linking to that site, where the woman was never a progressive, never will be a progressive, says a whole hell of a lot.

    Moore is an idiot, and has truly lost his dam mind.

  4. Greetings everyone

    I have a rather long post today the title of which is

    Guess what we did?

    Last Tuesday we held a rally in the downtown Courhouse Square of my community. Now the title of this post is “Guess what WE did” because I know for a fact that I would NEVER have volunteered to organize a rally if I was not a member of this blog. You were not standing in the rain with us, but you were with me in spirit and that counts.

    Coming to this blog each day is like “boot camp for community organizing”. Whenever I attend a meeting of local Democrats or in this case MoveOn.org Democrats, I mention an article I learned about here, and suddenly I am a genius. I kid you not. There are so many facts I learn here that seem to be secrets to mainstream Dems.

    Not only has the blog helped me become well informed, it has inspired me to get more involved in my community. Sometimes folks at this blog write that they are going to an OFA meeting or a Democratic meeting and it makes an impression on me.

    So… against my better judgement on March 7th I agreed to organize a rally held on March 15th. Sometimes I just amaze myself at how crazy I can be. First I panicked, then I started making lists, and ultimately I loved it. I thinks I’m hooked.

    We had 9 speaker, had pre sign up of 250 folks, 2 other Democratic groups co-sponsored the event, we made wonderful signs, had a musical group titled “Billionaires for Budget Cuts”, were covered in the local paper and advertised on local radio. The one thing I could not control was the weather and sure enough it just poured.

    Needless to say we did not get 250. We had between 70-80 which I am told is great for a rainy day. More importantly I made many ties to the community, and many folks who were unemployed came up to me and thanked me for organizing the event. Those who showed up bonded, nothing like bad weather to bring you together.

    But enough about me, lets talk blog business. How about if EVERY time one of us did something, like made calls, attended a rally, wrote to a member of Congress or the media, made phone calls for candidates, etc we bragged about it here.

    We could call it a “blog brag” and hopefully none of us would feel awkward about mentioning what we do. I have a feeling many many folks do many many things in their community and may feel embarrassed about sharing. So, I am hopeful that this post will inspire us all to brag.

    If given a choice, I would much rather hear about YOUR accomplishments than read about what the stupid Kusnich is doing in his bid for the Presidency.

    So… let blog brag whenever we can.

    A web page of the rally can be found here.


  5. Good day AD! Congrats on being 1st! Don’t you just love our President, and First Lady?

  6. Exactly – Mr. Moore’s hypocrisy slip is showing badly with this HuffnPuff association. These people are becoming unhinged with JEALOUSY and nothing else. Moore and Kucinich could both fark off for all I care.

  7. Well, now that the Teabaggers have fizzled out, especially with their Koch funding secret being out and after the Arizona shooting, the MSM has to enlist plan B to defeat this President. The PL has happily taken up that mantle, but like the Teabaggers, they will be defeated. For it shall soon be revealed that they too are being funded by corporate monies, and are grappling with their own Leftbagger’s version of raycisum.

  8. This is excellent, WIW 🙂 Thanks for updating us on the good work you have been doing.

  9. I don’t trust Michael Moore anymore. Their was a time I did but as time went on it seemed that he’s become more and more unbalanced. One he goes on Rachel Maddow with handcuffs and states that he’s going to go arrest the people in Wall St. As much as I hate Wall Street what Moore would be doing would actually be illegal.

    He has no authority or ability to arrest someone past a citizens arrest which means jack squat and definitely doesn’t involve handcuffs. Another factor that pisses me off is how the professional left don’t even know what they are talking about when it comes to Libya.

  10. Well, I just did a quick Google News survey, and there are at most 5 or 6 stories on Kucinich and his calls. So, not much.

  11. And two of them are from something called the “Digital Journal”. So, draw your conclusions from that.

    Oh, and Nader says he should be impeached as well.

  12. I am sure Michael Moore would have been bitching in the 1940s about our involvement in WW2. I don’t think Moore would ever be for military action no matter how much it was needed. Probably for all he cares he would allow the jews to be put in Hitler’s ovens instead of intervening in WW2.

  13. Looks like the UNprofessional left is melting down over Dennis the Menace’s comments re: Libya.

    I can’t see why he gets so much praise for “principles,” it’s the same man who was staunchly antiabortion and then flip flopped to win liberal support, and the same man who got pissed off at an olive pit causing a toothache.

  14. What do you mean by melting down? and where in the internet do you see the melting down?

  15. Good work, WiW! I noticed you weren’t around as much, so I peeked in at your place last week and saw that you were still posting. So, I figured that, plus marking, was taking up your time. Never thought you were on to new ventures – Congrats!

  16. ot – watching CNN Wolf Blitzer, the reporter in Tripoli is flat-out calling FoxNews on the lies. Finally! Ha!

  17. Is it me, or does the anti-Obama rhetoric on both sides, and MSM hysteria get seriously ramped up whenever our good President travels abroad?

    Hmmm…methinks some people resent our President traveling abroad…

  18. I have such deep appreciation of President Obama. Nonetheless, it disturbs me greatly to see people here trash others like Obama has been trashed on other sites. That’s not the Obama way……

  19. I am so impressed WIW!!!!This is what we need to be doing. Really getting out and doing something. I don’t know if I will be organizing but I will be on the phones and at the rally’s.

    Keep up the great work!!!!

  20. No it isn’t the Obama way but I think he is better than us or me, at least. Sometimes I do get so angry that the rude and nasty just comes right out of me. Forgive me.

  21. Thanks for the great update BWD and the wonderful pictures. I so enjoy see all the smiling faces.

  22. As my dearly departed parents used to say, “Their mouths are writing checks that their azzez can’t cash.

    None of them have the power to do anything except run their stupid mouths, and none of them could do the job of dealing with so many problems as well as PBO has done. Please, let’s all remember that talking is easy, real governing is hard work, and PBO has proven his ability to do what has/needs to be done.

  23. Vicky, the people on here that are being trashed in my opinion deserve to be trashed or at least called out. Have you ever seen President Obama go on national teevee and call for a fellow Democrat to be impeached for no good reason? We are right to be angry at Mr. Kucinich for his behavior. He is an elected official – a Democrat at that, not some anonymous poster on a website. And he is misrepresenting our President’s actions and deliberately undermining him on national teevee.

  24. lol I guess I mean they are extremely defensive of Kucinich and are once again complaining about how President Obama is supposedly a right wing DLC neocon Republican.

    Point is, Dennis wants attention once again, and it looks like he’s setting up a potential primary challenge against President Obama. What an idiot, he (Kucinich) needs to be voted out of office just like Alan Grayson was!

  25. WIW, you are an example to us all and a credit to the family that raised you up! ♥

    Bravo for all you are doing.

  26. Have you ever seen a toddler who had a wonderful day and doesn’t want to go to sleep, because she or he doesn’t want the day to end and is too young to understand the concepts of rest and continuity? The toddler becomes irrational, angry at her or his parents; incomprehending.

    The child melts down. Stops making sense, and cannot be talked into good sense, lol. All that you can do is to ride it out. There is no use arguing with this. Unfortunately, because of the nonstop drama in the national media IMO, a few grown people are getting caught up in frenzy and are reacting in the same way.

    I know that I sound condescending and I really don’t mean to be this insulting, apologies in advance, but there’s no other way for me to describe how I view this situation honestly.

  27. I’ve been over at univision and they are focused on his Latin American visit which is big stuff. There are up and down opinions but the word there is mostly UP! Even after I read some of the comments.

    The “I” word is something that popped into a few heads during a bad night after eating an old burrito.

  28. One of the things I notice that the Professional Left an their minions, along with the Right, never seem to quite understand is that we have a very smart man as President. He’s much smarter than they are, and despite the abundant evidence to that point, they simply can’t grasp it.

  29. My time on PL websites has revealed to me that they have no depth of understanding of foreign policy, national security, law enforcement, economics or how to communicate to people outside their tiny sphere.

    Liberals have now become isolationist if even an humanitarian cause in defense of democracy can’t get consent.

    On national security they seem to have more fear of the existence of a military than a philosophy about what it is and how it should be used.

    On law enforcement they view the whole enterprise through the lens of marijuana laws.

    On economics they demonstrate the pathetic lack of basic economics education in our public schools. Worst half-baked theories about how markets really work. Mostly just looking for billionaires to resent.

    And their ability to get others to buy into their Purity solutions amounts to screaming on the Internet and claiming everyone is a moron if they don’t agree with them. Now that’s salesmanship.

    The tragedy is that we need these fools come election day. Kucinich is a fool, and not long for this Congress, Wiener is all about making a name for himself yelling at people (ask Grayson how that works out) and Michael Moore is, frankly, a prostitute.

  30. I can tell you from experience that an old burrito can lead to a lot of weird dreams, including impeaching the most progressive president we will see in our lifetimes.

  31. They hate it when he looks Presidential. In their minds he doesn’t fit the stereotype of Ronald Reagan American so anything that look like he’s actually doing the job well and being appreciated by people overseas hurts their narrative that he’s just a miserable failure.

    I greatly admire his fortitude in blocking out all this nonsense. It’s like he knows in his bones just how much stupidity is a natural part of politics and has made his peace with it.

  32. Who’s going to bankroll a Kucinich primary challenge? He was at DK begging for money a week before the midterms because he was out of money and thought he could lose.

    Want to know who would fund his campaign – The Koch Brothers, and the fringe left would be a-ok with that arrangement.

    I could see a fool like Alan Grayson running if Kucinich doesn’t. These folks live on fringe left sites afterall and I’m sure Republican Ed Shultz and the rest of MSNBC would love to give that challenger all the airtime they could use.

    It’s all about raising money for these clowns. Either their campaign warchests, or in the case of the fringe PLers – their own personal bank accounts.

  33. They not only don’t grasp it they outright resent it. Many on the Professional Left think THEY are the smartest person in the room so if something happens that they don’t like then it must be WRONG!!!

    If we have a president who is making decisions that they don’t understand, or can’t see where he is going because he has more information than they do, their first reaction is to assume he is an imbecile and needs their advice and direction. Gotta tell you, when I need advice in my professional life my first thought is not to turn to random loudmouths on the Internet.

  34. Great Work WIW…..now you’ve got me wanting to get back involved….I was a #1 volunteer in ’08…scared at first but once I connected with some people, it got much better.

  35. That was a great article! I think Obama has made all the people that are walking the edge to go over it. They can’t understand him and they sure can’t ever live up anywhere close to the heights that he is!

  36. I just shake my head at all those comments. I think the paid trolls are out in force.

  37. Oh, MTM, I don’t even go past the end of the article. I know what to expect, I know that they’re insignificant, and I don’t need the blood pressure rise.

  38. They are really upset that he has his familly with him….I really don’t get that one, the girls are on spring break and the grandmother and Godmother are with them to take care of them when the Obama’s are doing duties….some people just like to complain.

  39. This is such a great article written by one of my Facebook friends who is a fierce advocate for President Obama.

    “We Are Aiding and Abetting the Republicans”

    After having spent the first two years of the Obama Administration, nit-picking, finding fault, gratuitously criticizing, and, when all else failed, inventing reasons to despair of the Democratic President, in the run-in to another general election, various people, pundits and politicians are still calling for this President to be primaried.

    Some people making this plea may be very young and, therefore, wouldn’t be aware of what happens when a serving President is primaried, but others should know better. Here’s a quick recap: Lyndon Johnson was primaried by Eugene McCarthy in 1968. After coming close to losing in the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, Johnson decided he wouldn’t run for re-election, which opened up a race for the nomination between McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy. After Kennedy was assassinated, McCarthy and then-Vice President Hubert Humphrey duked it out all the way to the Chicago Convention. Humphrey won the nomination and lost the election to Richard Nixon.

    In 1976, Gerald Ford was primaried by Ronald Reagan, then considered the scourge of the Right and far too conservative ever to be considered seriously. Ford retained the nomination and lost to Jimmy Carter, who was primaried, himself, by Ted Kennedy four years later, losing the election to Ronald Reagan. So much for being too far to the Right to be elected. Reagan got two terms.

    Then, in 1992, George H W Bush was primaried by lovely, cuddly Pat Buchanan – he, who still wishes he were in the land of cotton, sitting on the verandah watching the slaves frolick in the fields. Buchanan wasn’t a joke. He came close enough in some primaries to make the Brahmin Poppy Bush distinctively uncomfortable. Result? Bush lost the chance of a second term.

    I know. Someone’s bound to point out that whilst history is instructive, it’s in no way determinative; but it does have a rather unpleasant way of repeating itself, and if you scratch the surface of the history of primaried Presidents, you’ll uncover a pretty nasty truth: that when a Democratic President is primaried (and loses the subsequent election), the fallout is far worse than when a Republican is primaried and loses.

    Look at 1968. That election gave us Richard Nixon, and although Nixon left in disgrace two years into his second administration, due to the Watergate scandal, he left us the legacy of Roger Ailes, Karl Rove and ratfucking – all of which are very much with us and causing grief today.

    Now look at 1980. That election gave us trickledown, credit and financial deregulation, a serious defunding of the Department of Education, Reaganomics, and the first Gulf War. Now tell me every bit of that isn’t impeding upon our lives today.

    It wasn’t enough that, from the getgo, we’ve had celebrity talking heads, the 21st Century equivalents of Tom Wolfe’s infamous radical chic, ranting that Obama was a corporate sell-out, that he was a traitor for not implementing single-payer health insurance (he never did), that he’s no different from Bush, that he doesn’t care about the Middle Classes, we had some of those selfsame people encourage voters to stay away from the Midterm polls in protest.

    I think the recent events in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan bear proof of the perils of not voting.

    This was just a snippet of her article. Please read the entire article here:

  40. I really think it’s a reaction to a period of huge change. Whenever POTUS is on the move, whether literally or figuratively, you can count on *the exact same people* acting out.

    It is a guarantee IMO that for all of the declarations that President Obama=Bush, there would not be these grassroots groundswells throughout the MidEast and Africa, because people would be ultra-worried about the response from the US WH. I think that people have been organizing and planning these uprisings since the inauguration lol. Because this is a once in a lifetime moment for them too. Most Americans take the same sensible approach as the WH: “we’ll help you on a limited basis because we’re rejecting neocon ideas, but this is really on you; we might stop someone who is openly planning atrocity, but don’t expect boots on the ground changing regimes from here folks.”

    And then of course we have a group of people who are just freaking out (I’m not talking reasoned disagreement—this call for impeachment=outburst; the talking point that POTUS is a Republican and should be defeated in 2012=complete, utter tantrum).

    God bless em; what can you do?

  41. One thing I can say about President Obama he doesn’t put others down to lift himself up like these other dems do him and that’s why at times I trash them. I’m just so tired of the unstableness of the left….they lost the mid-terms and still don’t seem to have learned their lesson….what’s happening in WI seems to be slipping their minds already.

  42. AD, I wanted to tell you that is one of my favorite photographs of the president.

  43. I think the childlike minds of the T-Potters and the Unprofessional Left, think Mommy and Daddy are out for the nite and they get scared or they party like they are crazzzy!

  44. Not that it changes anything but Nader and Ellsworth are also calling for his impeachment.

    Then we have Ed Markey of MA saying that PBO is doing this for the oil in Libya. He does not mean that in a positive way.

    Barney Frank thinks the Middle East is going to hate us even more, and then there are the dozens who are POed because he did not ask for their permission.

    I just love it when the “party” stands behind the president. What a joke.

  45. I just have to check them out every now and then to see what they are saying now. I don’t let it upset me like it use to.

  46. Thanks for Sharing, loved the article and her saying “he really is the only adult in the room” 🙂

  47. The only consistency we will get from the MSM and PL while Obama is President will be to take the opposite position to whatever Pres. Obama decides to do. When will some people catch on to the GAME being played? Had Pres. Obama not acted on the Libyian situation, the PL and MSM would be questioning his manhood and lack of principles in letting people seeking democracy be slaughtered. As for Michael Moore, he is a self-promoting waste of skin, IMO.

  48. About the “Nowruz” message to the Iranian people:

    This is more than just “wow !”

    In the fallout of dealing with the failed dictator Gadafi, your president is just stating:

    “You are oppressed, as witnessed by [killings, no freedom of speech] and, hey, 60 % of you are born after ’79, so you don’t have any obligation to that ‘old guard'”.

    The first time (2009) the Iranian government didn’t have to use military force (just all sorts of paramilitaries).

    Now they know what the cost of suppressing the next upheaval will be.

  49. Great history lesson. Thank you for that.

    My take on this is that those candidates who were primaried were not universally loved the way Obama is. They also didn’t have OFA. I also think it’s important to remember that our wonderful President is not leaving all this to chance. He’s opening offices and staffing up in all four of the first Primary/Caucus states. If Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat him, then no one the far left comes up with will stand a chance. Our President just plain sucks all the oxygen out of the room and will vacuum up the lion’s share of donation money. While there are a bunch of screamers out there, they simply don’t have what it takes to divert the Democratic Party away from its candidate.

    Running a Presidential Primary takes money and time and organization and support from more than a bunch of lazy people at keyboards. Anybody with even a lick of sense knows it’s political suicide to go up against our President. And anyone who lacks even that lick of sense isn’t going to attract the support that is needed, and will look like an utter and complete fool in the first debate, which I’m sure our President would relish to fire up the troops. He just has too much political savvy to be undermined by someone spoiling for a fight.

    So. Not. Worries.

  50. I thinks it’s a bunch of lazy naderites upset
    at the fact that after all these years they
    still can’t get their act together and build
    a legit 3rd party…They’re VERY upset
    because nader doesn’t care about them enough
    to raise money before election time to get on
    the nationwide ballot,rather than playing the
    victim & crying about how corporate forces
    blocked him…It must get lonely being the “realist” motherf*cker on the planet… #delusional ^_^

  51. Dennis, had Pres. Obama not intervened in Libya I bet Mr. Moore would be OUTRAGED that the president allowed the slaughter of innocent people seeking democracy. Pres. Obama literally cannot win with the PL, they make their living (and get to be on TV) by bashing the president, no matter what he does or doesn’t do.

  52. Bears repeating in light of the continuing spin that President Obama=Bush.

    Following is Wikipedia’s entry for the UN resolution authorizing the no fly zone amongst other measures designed to discourage the Libyan military from planned and announced killings. This is what authorized President Obama to commit military assistance alongside France and the Arab League; Bush was unable to receive the same international authorization and imprimatur from the UN Security Council because the Council (especially France) refused to sign onto Bush’s foreign adventurism in light of the dubious nature of his claims that Saddam Hussein had WMDs pointed at cities in this country’s eastern seaboard.

    This led to the right attacking the UN as wholly illegitimate, this led to the notion that diplomacy is useless in the current age, this led to the necessity of Bush pursuing his war under the congressional authorization for it (an authorization which some yea voters have since stated was intended to merely strengthen Bush’s bargaining position at the UN, not to really authorize a war [I know, dubious]). I know that as we speak, this history is being revised in order to fit President Obama into a preexisting narrative that he’s the second coming of Bush, but these are the facts, folks can take them or leave them /kanye west shrug:


    United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, on the situation in Libya, is a measure that was adopted on 17 March 2011. The Security Council resolution was proposed by France, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom.[1][2]

    Ten Security Council members voted in the affirmative (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, and permanent members France, the United Kingdom, and the United States). Five (Brazil, Germany, and India, and permanent members China and Russia) abstained, with none opposed.[3]

    The resolution demands “an immediate ceasefire” and authorizes the international community to establish a no-fly zone over Libya and to use all means necessary short of foreign occupation to protect civilians.[4]

    Key points

    The resolution, adopted under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter:

    *demands the immediate establishment of a ceasefire and a complete end to violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians;

    *imposes a no-fly zone over Libya;

    *authorises all necessary means to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas, except for a “foreign occupation force”;
    strengthens the arms embargo and particularly action against mercenaries, by allowing for forcible inspections of ships and planes;

    *imposes a ban on all Libyan-designated flights;

    *imposes an asset freeze on assets owned by the Libyan authorities, and reaffirms that such assets should be used for the benefit of the Libyan people;

    *extends the travel ban and assets freeze of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970 to a number of additional individuals and Libyan entities;

    *establishes a panel of experts to monitor and promote sanctions implementation.

    Permanent members China and Russia had reservations about the no-fly zone, including the practicalities of enforcing such a zone and concerns about the use of force when other means had not been exhausted, but had noted requests by the Arab League and the “special situation” in Libya and therefore abstained.[5][6] African members of the Security Council condemned the actions of the Libyan regime and supported the text.[7]

    [10 voted yea; 5 countries abstained]

    The following day, Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany would not take part in the military operation, but added: “We unreservedly share the aims of this resolution. Our abstention should not be confused with neutrality.”[8]


    It is what it is.

  53. Interesting read. I want to address this part though “Some people making this plea may be very young and, therefore”…..

    Obviously I can only speak from my own day in day out life and give a younger person’s perspective on this. I personally do not hear much of my irl friends, acquaintances etc calling for pres Obama to be primaried. I actually don’t know any of my fellow young colleagues who even knew what primarying a POTUS even means (embarrassing to admit but truth is truth). That type of disgraceful talk definitely came from the older heads.

    Most of the negativity I have witnessed seems to stem from old white men, or elitist sanctimonious professor types again older (40’s and up) whether white, AA, asian, latino, gay, straight etc those educated fools that talk a lot but their words mean zero or wealthy people who have an agenda to fill (huffpostaol corp type, or some movie star has some new movie to promote so they concern troll the president to get headlines. Lastly politicians looking to get their names mentioned. Like that super old Senator guy who’s name I forget even tho he’s been mentioned here quite a few times today. He is the perfect example of that sort of hyperbole. Has he started eliciting for monies yet? NO worries in 5 4 3 2 1 he will. my opinion.

  54. Thanks for all you do.

    The President is not perfect but I see no alternative anywhere and until I do, I support this man.

  55. Dorothy, I was very surprised about the statement concerning Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA). It does not square with a statement he posted on his website on March 20, 2011, and I quote: “President Obama is right to work as part of a broad coalition in an effort to stop the violence against the Libyan people and enforce U.N. Resolution 1973…”He goes on to describe the situation in Libya and again expresses his support for the actions taken. There is not one word about oil in his lengthy statement. Could you clarify when and where he spoke about Libyan oil? Ed Markey is my Congressman, and if he ever made a statement like this, he would surely hear from me. (I would add that there is another representative in the U.S. House named Markey although I am not certain about the spelling)

  56. It’s total anxiety IMO. Everyone worries when the First Family leaves the country. And most of us have no assurance that POTUS isn’t making a mistake, because we don’t have a sliver of the information which he has, and any hint of a return to the past decade leaves people distraught. Understandable. But the tantrums and the freakouts do not help one bit. I spent most of the day angry at some of the buffoonery on display, instead of reading about the implementation of this no fly zone. Personal flaw, most probably, but this is ridiculous at this point.

  57. Thanks BWD for highlighting the USA editorial. In my judgement this is the best, and the most reasonable, commentary I’ve read from the MSM about President Obama ‘s action on Libya. I am glad USA stressed the fact that, unlike Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, President Obama’s military action in Libya was sanctioned by International Law.

    Obviously war is always a tricky business that sometimes results in unintended consequences. From what I’ve read and heard from the President, he seems to be very mindful of the risks involved in any military action. I personally trust this President to do the right thing because he has so far not given me any reason to question his ability to make wise decisions.

    Again, thanks for the great and tireless work you do spreading positive information about this president; and for moderating and facilitating this site to allow some of the most passionate informed and thoughtful people to post comments.

  58. I am a pacifist and am not comfortable with any military intervention as innocents are always killed, but I have no expectations that governments think in this manner. It would seem that the President is doing a fine job within the confines of government in the case of Libya. Watching O’Donnell and Stewart last evening, I was disappointed to see them (especially Stewart) talk as if this was a full-scale war waged by us, when this is not the fact. Rachel Maddow did a fine job with it, pointing out the ways in which the President differed from his predecessors (including Clinton) in regard to these kind of actions. As for Kucinich, where was he when Clinton and Clarke were bombing Serbia? Perhaps he was not yet in Congress? I can’t remember.

  59. I really really really do not like Jon Stewart. I know that a lot of people disagree with me, but I find his choice to spread such ignorance, apathy, and false equivalencies, and then when called on it, “I’m just a comedian!” to be both dangerous and disingenuous. He gets to misinform his audience yet seems to think that the comedic nature of his show means that he shouldn’t ever be accountable for getting stories correct.

  60. If they haven’t learned by now that one builds from the ground up, beginning locally, there is little hope they will ever learn. I am not opposed to more choices in our political system, but movements need to grow naturally out of local communities, and these people are too lazy and impatient to do the work that would be needed.

  61. I agree, Vicky, and I will try to hold myself more accountable for this in the future. Too, talking about those we disrespect isn’t very productive.

  62. I liked him far better when Bush was President. I know that it is his job to joke about everyone in the public eye, but you are right, lately his writers get a lot of facts wrong and this does spread misinformation.

  63. Sending a GIGANTIC “virtual hug” to a “social justice warrior.”

    Good job WIW…good job!(:

  64. Yes; this baby is precious and her meltdown is adorable and funny; can’t say the same for Michael Moore or Dennis Kucinich.

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