NYT: “Obama has delivered a clinic in the liberal way of war”

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1. Today’s schedule:

8:15 AM
The first family departs Rio de Janeiro, Brazil en route Santiago, Chile.
9:00 AM  
10:00 AM  
11:00 AM  
12:00 PM  
12:20 PM
The first family arrives in Santiago, Chile.
12:50 PM
Barack and Michelle Obama participate in an arrival ceremony.
1:00 PM
PBO and President Sebastian Piñera of Chile take official photo.
1:05 PM
PBO holds a bilateral meeting with President Piñera.
1:25 PM
PBO holds an expanded bilateral meeting with President Piñera.
2:00 PM  
2:05 PM
PBO and President Piñera hold a joint press conference.
3:00 PM  
3:20 PM
PBO delivers a speech.
4:00 PM  
4:30 PM
Barack and Michelle Obama attend U.S. Embassy meet and greet.
5:00 PM  
6:00 PM  
7:00 PM  
7:15 PM
Barack and Michelle Obama arrive at La Moneda Palace.
7:25 PM
Barack and Michelle Obama attend an official dinner hosted by President Piñera.


2. That’s what I do on vacation too:

Brazil, US Sign Accords On Trade, Investment During Obama Visit

BRASILIA (Dow Jones)–Brazil and the U.S. Saturday on occasion of U.S. President Barack Obama first official visit to South America unveiled a series of accords on trade and investment aimed at reducing barriers for commerce and supporting local Brazilian economic development.

Among agreements signed include expansion of passenger air service between the two countries, cooperation on large upcoming local sporting events, cooperation on technology and space program development, and creation of a panel to identify new trade and investment opportunities.


3. Of course he did:

CNN: Obama charms Brazilians during two-day visit

(CNN) — Brazil’s cool and contentious relationship with the United States over trade and foreign policy has warmed a few degrees, analysts said Sunday, as President Barack Obama’s visit appeared to charm officials and crowds during his two-day visit to South America’s largest nation.

Sustained applause echoed through Rio de Janeiro’s Municipal Theatre as Obama spoke a few words in Portuguese, made allusions to Brazilian culture and drew parallels to U.S. history.


“It was an historic speech,” said Eduardo Eugenio Gouvea Viera, who represents FIRJAN, Brazil’s leading industry federation.

“The message he gave was that the most worthy value to Brazilians and Americans is freedom,” Viera told Brazil’s official Agencia Brasil.

Abdias Nascimento, a representative of Brazil’s Movimento Negro, said Obama’s speech was “profound.”

“Obama succeeded in striking the most sensitive chords in the souls of Brazil and Americans,” Nascimento told Agencia Brasil.


Earlier Sunday, Obama’s motorcade made its way up the winding, narrow alleys of Rio de Janeiro’s most notorious and celebrated shanty neighborhood, the so-called Cidade de Deus, whose brutal drug war and racial disparity became immortalized in the Oscar-nominated film, “City of God.”

The first family’s visit to a favela — a Portuguese word for shanty — was a symbolic gesture that reverberated through a nation known for its strong African heritage but with a tarnished record on racial and class discrimination.

Greeted by favela residents who cheered the arrival of the first family, Cidade de Deus schoolchildren watched curiously a rare and memorable scene began to unfold, as most Brazilians seldom see blacks holding positions of power.

First lady Michelle Obama, wore the colors of the Brazilian flag, and daughters Sasha and Malia clapped enthusiastically to performances of capoeira and samba, some of Brazil’s best known African-influenced music, seeming at ease.

Brazilian newspapers reported that crowds cheered as the presidential motorcade moved on, some carrying banners that read “Obama, where are you, I am here just to see you.” One man held a sign which read, “Thank you Obama for making the White House Black.”


4. NYT’s Ross Douthat:

A Very Liberal Intervention

In its month-long crab walk toward a military confrontation with Libya’s Muammar el-Qaddafi, the Obama administration has delivered a clinic in the liberal way of war.

Just a week ago, as the tide began to turn against the anti-Qaddafi rebellion, President Obama seemed determined to keep the United States out of Libya’s civil strife. But it turns out the president was willing to commit America to intervention all along. He just wanted to make sure we were doing it in the most multilateral, least cowboyish fashion imaginable.

That much his administration has achieved. In its opening phase, at least, our war in Libya looks like the beau ideal of a liberal internationalist intervention. It was blessed by the United Nations Security Council. It was endorsed by the Arab League. It was pushed by the diplomats at Hillary Clinton’s State Department, rather than the military men at Robert Gates’s Pentagon. Its humanitarian purpose is much clearer than its connection to American national security. And it was initiated not by the U.S. Marines or the Air Force, but by the fighter jets of the French Republic.

// more


5. Another good read:

The Strikes on Libya: Humanitarian Intervention, Not Imperial Aggression

This has much more in common with the international response to Bosnia than it does with the war in Iraq.

A coalition of the willing attacks an Arab country. French warplanes strike armored vehicles. American cruise missiles take down air defenses. It all sounds to some too much like Iraq redux. But it is not. The proper analogy is Srebrenica. This is the international community acting under international law to prevent mass murder.

// more


6. And another one:

CNN: Why Libya 2011 is not Iraq 2003


But the military intervention that President Obama authorized against Libya on Saturday — eight years to the day after President George W. Bush announced the commencement of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” — is a quite different operation than the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Beyond the obvious difference that Obama has not authorized the use of U.S. ground forces in Libya, there are several other differences to consider:

First, the Obama administration was handed a gift by the Arab League, which in its more than six-decade history has garnered a well-earned reputation as a feckless talking shop, but unusually took a stand one week ago by endorsing a no-fly zone over Libya.

That endorsement put the Arab League way out in front of the Obama administration, which was then dithering about whether to do anything of substance to help the rebels fighting Gadhafi.

The unexpected action by the Arab League gave the administration the impetus and diplomatic cover to then go to the United Nations Security Council to secure a broad resolution endorsing not only a no-fly zone, but also allowing member states to “take all necessary measures” to protect civilians in Libya.



Finally, I have to repost this Nowruz message from PBO. Myabe it’s just me, but this simply blew my mind.


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  1. Thank you once again, BWD, for getting all the good stuff in one place for us. Yes, the Iran speech has blown me away, too; I’ve watched it three times already.

    Here is something interesting about one of the President’s good friends and just in case anyone believes that the black communities will be deserting our man in 2012:

    Rahm Emanuel nearly swept black neighborhoods in mayoral victory

    “Rahm Emanuel’s big victory in last month’s mayoral election was so resounding that he carried more than four out of every five precincts, according to a Chicago Sun-Times analysis that offers the first neighborhood-level look at how the mayor’s race was won….” more with a map


  2. Good morning BWD, yeah when I listen to his message on NOWRUZ, I said to myself, now that’s being the “ONLY ADULT IN THE ROOM” That’s being the bigger person, that’s true respect In every sense of the word 🙂

  3. Incidentally, Guardian newspaper is reporting, from Associated Press, that several senior army officers in Yemen have gone over to the protesters, including the commander of an armoured division which has just deployed tanks in the capital to protect the protesters.

    Looks like Egypt again; President Saleh tried violence against the protesters at the weekend, and as a result seems to have lost the last traces of support. His whole government and his UN ambassador just resigned and his army is siding with the people…

    Between the examples of Egypt (Heavy armored units side with the people; peaceful regime change) and Libya (Heavy armored units side with the dictator; get bombed by international forces), I think an awful lot of military people across the Middle East are thinking “I can be a hero of democracy or I can be evaporated by the French. What to do…”

    Does anyone remember the Kobayashi Maru thing from Star Trek? Starfleet have a simulation of this impossible, unwinnable mission, to test how their people respond to defeat; Captain Kirk is the only one to ever beat it, because he cheated and changed the game. It feels a little like PBO is pulling a Kobayashi Maru on Israel/Palestine and the whole Middle East.

    Somebody HAS to get hold of PBO’s “To-do” list. It must have entries saying “2008-2010: get yelled at for not doing enough about mid-east peace process. 2011: assist entire Arab world in transition to democracy. 2012: pie.”

  4. Good morning everyone, and an absolutely fantastic presentation, as usual, BWD. 🙂

    Seeing the First Family touring through Latin America, and their overwhelming reception from the local populace, has touched off feelings in me that I can’t really remember feeling since that tragically distant time when John F. Kennedy was President – the last time that America and the Free World had as its leader a young, brilliant, charismatic, and dazzling figure capable of electrifying the world through both word and deed. The Kennedys always touched off a very special reaction with the people when they made journeys like this, and there is something about President Obama and his family that speaks to the same, uplifting phenomenon – one of giving people hope that we really can find a way to come together and make real progress.

  5. Good Morning, I just realize that before President Obama I never thought about people overseas. I don’t know why I didn’t but I just didn’t. President Obama has taught me that “People are People”. Which is something I should have come to think about before him.

    When I think about how some Americans are against mexicans….I will take with me “People are People”…they want the same things for their kids and I want for my son, they want a decent living like I want a decent living….they want nice things, etc…..

    This is my new attitude with the beginning of Spring.

  6. “It feels a little like PBO is pulling a Kobayashi Maru on Israel/Palestine and the whole Middle East.”

    The same thought crossed my mind last night, but not in those words, that he decided to change the game to get peace.

    Look out South America!

  7. Ross Douthat is at his weasely self again with the backhanded poke at Democratic Presidents. He is so enamored of John Wayne style “cod-piece” posturing that foreign military interventions now have to be rated according to their virility-index whether they are initiated by Democratic or Republican Presidents.

    This is what Repugs do whether they are mouthbreathing teabaggers or sly pen-wielders like Douthat. It’s all about relentlessly pushing the meme about “effeminate” Democratic Presidents versus “macho-muscle” Repugs. Thus actually SOLVING a foreign policy conundrum is given no value at all. It’s all about the manner in which the problem is attacked, not the quality of the solution.

    Disgusting, that diatribe Douthat spews.

  8. The finest people I ever knew- Anthony and Maggie Barker- always used to say “People is people”. It served them well in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.

    Mind you, they also used to say “Down with the government!” if you asked them to propose a toast- they said it was a popular line everywhere, all the time 🙂

    The Zulus have a good saying: uMuntu nguMuntu amaBantu. “A person is a person because of other people.”

    Apologies for probable errors in Zulu 🙂

  9. Exactly my thoughts when the Egyptian uprising began, and I said here on BWD that President Obama’s frustration with Netanyahu’s recalcitrance meant that he had to find an alternative way to shift the ground literally beneath the stalemated parties in the Middle East. And here we are.

  10. Wonderful mishmash. Those editorial pieces are simply awesome. PBO continues to handle everything he touches masterfully and creatively. There is simply no better man for the hour.

    The Redeemer photos are stunning — I keep being struck at how awesome the trip must be as seen through the girls’ eyes. What a life they are living! So blessed.

  11. Plus, Douthat seems to have conveniently forgotten that it is Democratic Presidents who have to come in after Repug Presidents to clean up the foreign policy and military disasters that follow in the wake of Repug trigger-happy “manly-men” wars.

    He forgets that Repugs make foreign policy advances much more difficult to achieve because their wars raise the levels of Anti-Americanism so high that it takes real strength and diplomatic de-toxification strategies to make any headway in dealing with a hyper-cynical global community.

    Has he ever heard of “blowback”? Didn’t thinks so, so he can afford to talk so glibly.

  12. Fabulous photos and articles, thanks so much for letting us share in your hard work, BWD! I look forward to your posts every day.

  13. While no one “important” on the left will take Ross Douthat seriously, he is correct in those excerpts you showed. I’ve been hearing for so many years that the WAY bush went into Iraq was the major problem, yet Obama took the correct steps and is still being called an imperialist.

  14. Good morning BWD and this great family. I so agree with all the comments, President Obama is showing the world a different way to look and do things. Once again I am so thankful for this man and I pray for him daily!

  15. Well, in Cairo 2009 PBO said that the ground had shifted under the feet of the old regimes, and I don’t think he meant only the Arab regimes… and “the ground has shifted under your ass” would have sounded less presidential 🙂

  16. I’m not black. But if I were I’m pretty sure I would of found some of the race-baiting by Carol Mosely Braun insulting and pandering.

    Maybe it’s just me though.

  17. Good morning all and thank you once again, BWD, for bringing us the real news. I’m so pissed as I have the cable idiots on as background noise and I see the meme of the day is: “What’s the end game?” and “Did Obama wait too long?”

    What rank hypocrisy! These same folks enabled Bush’s lies to war for eight years. Never questioned why we were there and why we were there so long.

    Now they want to become anti-war because this president has had to take military action to protect innocents — not oil — innocents.

    And we know our President and how he thinks. He did not authorize this action without an end game. He’s just not going to tell these airheads until he’s ready.

    Boehner saying congress needs more information. Why? You can’t handle a weekly schedule, why should PBO consult you?

    Kuchinich and Michael Moore talking crazy as usual. These whining PL need to go sit down and learn from a real leader.

    Oh, and I’ve seen no coverage of PBO’s terrific, successful, beautiful trip.

    I totally loathe the media and the cable idiots. Useless. All of them.

  18. Good morning, BWD, and family! I am always happy to start my day with an update on our remarkable President. I agree that the Nowruz Message is one of a kind. I listened to it multiple times and it leaves me breathless. “I am with you” – what a powerful affirmation of the aspirations and the promise of youth. To overcome the “darkness of today” and defeat the power and privilege of old tyrants simply with the rise of a new generation far outnumbering the old guard, simply with the power of new ideas and openness to the larger world and with the ideals and guarantees of democracy. No wonder that “yes we also can” is written on signs in distant places all around the globe. In our country – so dominated by old and stale thinking – it may not be clear, but the call to “change the world” is being heard. I may not live long enough to see this all play out, but the seeds have been planted and are awaiting spring.

  19. zizi…astute observation:) Before I read the piece he wrote, I thought, “What could this crazy cretin have to say?” And now we know!I still stick to my feelings that all the deliberate thoughts/actions this President has put in place are going to change the world in a profound way.Inch by inch, day by day,year by year…we see it already.I heard somewhere during the election that this is the stuff he likes to sink his teeth into…the foreign policy issues that have eluded us for so long.The bringing together of the world…the people of these countries all do this change themselves, but they listen to the words of our wise President and believe the can be the change that they want in their country.Amazing to see.Seems like everyday has been historic.History overload!!I love that. Someone on the idiot box (TV)said something like,”Well, it seems as if the President has been working long and hard behind the scenes for quite some time on Libya.”REALLY? I thought he just woke up one morning and thought,”Gee, let’s just go shoot this place up!” When oh when are these guys going to figure this out? The President makes them all look so foolish….every single day. New Rules:This President is a whole lot smarter than the people that “report” about him…you look more and more like you should find a new line of work.You are overpaid, and highly underqualified.Same for those mouthy Republicans.Get. A. Clue. or move out of the way.Personally,President Obama is “more manly” than all these yahoos put together…I’ll take a sharp mind over ego anyday!LOVE HIM:) I understand that Susan Rice at the UN had a huge part in giving this agreement lots of teeth. Good for her.

  20. Count me as one Chicagoian not entirely happy about Rahm’s win mainly because he reminds me of Daley and I worry about privatization of more services (Still steaming about the parking meters). Still, I’m willing to give him a chance and pray for the best.

    Carol Mosely Braun and Miguel de Valle were the progressives in the race but CMB imploded and de Valle didn’t get much notice till the end. Oh, I’m not one of those ‘Rahm is evil’ people. I just didn’t think he was the best candidate. Voter turnout was low especially in our communities despite Jesse Jackson saying that our voter reg was up. I think ppl were turned off by this ‘consensus’ candidate talk. Plus Rahm kept playing that commercial with PBO saying nice things about him and I think that had a huge impact. So, I think you’re right about the amount of support PBO still has in the community. But even some black elites are hellbent on tearing that down. I listen to WVON and just smh…

  21. Spot on…..I didn’t even bother with the Idiot box this morning or talk radio…I’m guessing they are hyperventilating right about now but Hal is filling in for Stephanie, I’m going to check him out….he doesn’t usually follow the “let’s set our hair on fire” crowd.

  22. cosigh, Desertflower. You are right on the money. The President does nothing without carefully weighing all options and possible results. These yahoos who don’t even know how to just report facts who think they know what he should do need to just shut up.

    And I agree, PBO is more of a man than all these idiots could ever be,

    And I’d love to just tell Mika off. She has gotten on my last nerve with her stupid questions and sour faces about the President. She should just go shoe shopping and leave running the country to the brilliant man we have at the helm.

  23. ” I listen to WVON and just smh…”

    Its probably to keep the radio station on air. Obama bashing is a very lucrative business. Just ask Ms. Huffington.

  24. Quite frankly, what that shows above all is that Mr. Douthat is quite shockingly ignorant about the military history of the United States.

    If by some miracle he or any of the other ignoramuses who like to pose as ‘knowledgable’ about such things, were to trip over their own ego and land nose first into a history textbook lying open on the pavement, then they might be surprised to find that the majority of successful major military enterprises in American history have in fact been launched by Democratic Presidents – and with just as much ‘macho-muscle’ as is needed to get the job done.

    Consider that it was President James K. Polk (a protege of Andrew Jackson, who was about as macho as it is possible to get in a political figure) who from 1845 – 1849 implemented a series of agressive foreign policies, most notably the Mexican War, that expanded the size of the continental United States to more or less their modern expanse. It was President Woodrow Wilson who lead America to intervene in the First World War – a conflict that he played a vital role in bringing to an end. The greatest Democratic President of all, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was probably the single most consequential leader of the Second World War. His successor, Harry S. Truman, as well as presiding over the pioneering of the strategy of ‘containment’ againt the spread of Communist influence, also initiated America’s intervention in the Korean War. John F. Kennedy presided over the single most dangerous incident of the Cold War when he successfully defused the perilous situation of the Cuban Missile Crisis (his sucessor, Lyndon Johnson, demonstrated with Vietnam precisely what happens when the ‘macho-muscle’ reflex is allowed to get out of hand). Bill Clinton oversaw a successful intervention in the Balkans. God willing, we will be able in the future to add to this list President Obama’s intervention in Libya.

  25. I think part of the problem is that the media was so use to getting memo’s from the Bush Admin that now they don’t know what to report on.

  26. At least he’ll have Sister Sarah to talk to:) Oh, to be a fly on the wall….bet they’ll be “best buds” after this. Why in God’s name would he make the time to talk to her?

  27. Nice to see you back here, AX…love your brain AND you’re comments. Thank you:)

  28. Spoon fed the story so they wouldn’t HAVE to think or reason…with just the right spin! How totally….what’s the word……disengenuous that was! Overpaid hacks.As far as Mika is concerned…she is window dressing. Strange that her dad is so smart and accomplished,while she sits on a morning show and can’t seem to do much of anything but smile or make faces.Sorry, but she is offensive to thinking women with brains and opinions based on any facts. I can’t watch that show.

  29. The far right government of Israel is becoming more and more marginalized and looking ugly to the world. Perhaps Palin is the only one left that wants to have lunch with him? Loved the way she quickly put on her diamond encrusted Star of David pendant when she got to Israel. Now I have forgotten – didn’t her husband belong to an anti-Jewish group/church/something at one time? Help me there.

  30. He’s stupid and stubborn, remember, he’s meeting with that female, half-term, ex GOV from Alaska….

  31. I like Stephanie. The right mix of humor and grasp of facts:)By the way, I think if my memory serves me right, it was Ed Henry who said that it seemed as if the President had been working on this behind the scenes for some time. Surprise!!!! Jerk.

  32. Desertflower, when are they just going to report at the beginning of something…..”President Obama is working behind the scenes like he has done on everything since he took office”….

  33. Mika is so pathetic….all those faces she be making is just so silly…..they never have adult conversations about facts or fiction for that matter.

  34. I totally agree! I was equally stunned at the global impact that this HAD to have to those it was intended for.

  35. A lot of evangelicals/fundies of Sarah Palin’s ilk are very compatible with zionists like Netanyahu. Sarah probably believes in a literal, biblical Armaggedon in which Israel will trample everyone else in the world and bring on the end times. I grew up in rapture-ready congregations, and they have a very specific theology. She and Netanyahu have a lot in common.

  36. No im black and i found it offensive. Thats why she did’nt get the Black vote here in chicago. Thats excactly what she did race baited.

  37. I don’t think Rahm is anything like Daley. He is about effective governance, which Daley, with his limited intellectual abilities backed up by his famous name, had no interest in. It was all about power to Daley. Rahm honestly wants to see this city run effectively.

  38. I remember awhile back, Palin said that of course all the new settlements were necessary for the large influx of people coming in to Israel.

    That’s Armageddon speak for the Jews who will go to live in Israel but be annihilated if they don’t convert to Christianity.

    The American Right and the Israeli Right think they are using and outsmarting each other. All they are doing is standing in the way of a meaningful peace.

    And I’m Jewish, just FYI. Modern Israel is beyond my understanding.

  39. That doug asshat piece is a POS, not worthy of being posted here.

    And WTF “Obama administration has delivered a clinic in the liberal way of war” even mean ?

  40. What a hypocite! She actually put a Star of David necklace on?My head hurts…is that the same thing as slapping an American flag or an “I support the troops” bumper sticker on your car and being a patriotic Amerikkan? Good lord she’s a moron.Netanyahu is the perfect name for him…we can just call him “yahoo” for short.Do the people of Israel really like this guy, or do they suffer from buyer’s remorse, too?

  41. I hope you are right about that. Like I said I’m willing to give him a chance even though he wasn’t my candidate. Still, I’m hoping de Valle remains visible in city politics. In the way back when machine PBO also had good things to say about him. And I hope the city aldermen finally take back their power and start governing in a way that benefits their neighborhoods…time will tell…

  42. I don’t know about Todd and his church affiliations…but she loved that Moothe guy, and he belonged to a sessionist group.One word. Batshit crazy.OK,two words.

  43. Yes—-agree wholeheartedly. The seeds have been planted, and I see sweeping change beginning to play out. More and more sleepy and lazy eyes are starting to open a bit as they begin to notice the ability and determination of this President to affect momentous change.

  44. Good morning and thank you, BWD. The Norwuz message was truly beautiful and inspirational. Love the poem at the end.

  45. we need to write or cal Harry Reid and Nancy Peolosi about the backstabbing our democratic memeber are doing to this president.

  46. I think he meant something like “masterclass”. If you compare the handling of the Libya emergency to Bush’s mishandling of Iraq, the message is: see, this is how you do an intervention.

  47. I think that is part of it but I also think there is a lot of pressure on them from their bosses when a Republican is in office to keep their criticism muted and to give the benefit of the doubt – after all they don’t want to be “liberal media”, do they? Then when a Democrat is in office that pressure is eased off and they can speak freely in criticism so they go overboard releasing all the frustration of having to bite their tongues all through the Republican years. And they still get to say, “see we aren’t a liberal media, we criticize liberals too” ignoring the fact that they didn’t actually criticize the conservatives.

  48. Although I am not fond of the level of criticism I see and hear from some Dem members of Congress, I think we need to put things in perspective. Dems, for decades, have taken pride in being the “Big Tent” party, which results in a lot of internal disputes.

    It is almost a source of pride that they do not walk in lockstep all together. The Republicans, OTOH, take pride in being in lock step with each other. This concept is currently being challenged with the TPers in Congress not following Boehner blindly.

    During the Bush years, Dems kept waiting to hear some Republicans in Congress and elsewhere lash out against Bush’s policies. All we heard were critics. Can we, without being somewhat hypocritical, criticize Dems who criticize the President when we wanted Republicans to do the same thing to Bush?

    I think the best approach is to challenge their arguments, not the fact that there is cricisim itself.

  49. If Netanyahu didn’t feel he was enough of a joke as a political leader, he couldn’t do much more to ensure being seen that way than to take Sarah Palin seriously and meeting with her.

  50. Kunich is calling for impeachment i heard on MSnbc, that is not an argument that is a backstabbing request. Btw what have they backed him, critisize but to humiliate and carry the republican meme is two different things. We are also the party that fights for human rights. Maybe that was just talk.

  51. We definitely need to make some calls. We’ve go Kuchinch saying the POTUS should be impeached and Manchin giving a speech today stating that he will be voting against raising the debt ceiling.

  52. Boner says they need to talk about this? Really? Where are they going to fit that into their 3 day work week? Between talking about the evils of NPR and PBS? Or after they finish discussing their small govt ways of injecting themselves into a woman’s legal right as to whether or not to seek an abortion? Not enough time in a day!

  53. And as much criticism as he gets for doing things a different way, I believe it is beginning to sink in with Americans that it is also a better way – more effective and less damaging. While I don’t expect our media to get it while President Obama is in office, as soon as he is out of office in 2016, I expect that the next president will be constantly compared to and held up to this new standard. Thankfully, I don’t think President Obama is in this for the accolades but actually because he wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives, so while the constant drumbeat of criticism is no doubt annoying, I don’t think he’ll let it affect his decision making. When you are acting out of values and intelligence, it is much harder to be swayed by day to day opinion than when you are acting out of a need to be seen as “the decider”.

  54. Exactly, im sick of the argument that its critisim its. It betrayal when the dems think that they are not popular instead of standing on our values. Did they request the same thing when clinton went into Bosnia. Im sorry but it seems to be ok if its a european country, but not a country of dark people.

  55. Oh please. Impeachment? For what? This from a man that was going to take his marbles and go home because healthcare reform wasn’t exactly as he wanted.

  56. I saw a report that said boehner was invited to a meeting with the administration about this and boehner did not speak the entire time. yeah, he’s soooo concerned.

  57. BTW, “All we heard were critics” was supposed to read “All we heard were crickets.”

  58. Exactky who sued because his teeth got damaged eating from the lunchroom in congress. He is fighting for his seat, he is about to be replaced and now is trying to get the left to save him.

  59. Okay, it is time for Nancy to sit this guy down and explain a few things to him about what being a Democrat means and lays out some consequences for being an idiot who calls for impeachment of his own party’s president. I will never understand the love for this guy in certain liberal circles. He is a loudmouth who does more harm than good. He may spout the right talking points from time to time, but he consistently votes against things for not being “good enough” for his purity loving soul, he actually accomplishes very little for his constituents and he is politically naive at best, politically disastrous is probably a more accurate way of describing him.

  60. This president has thee world on his shoulder and his country on his back and some in his own party stabbing him the back.

  61. Which just goes to show he is not a very smart man. The left can’t save him. If he wants to retain his seat he has to appeal to a broader base than that. He’s from Ohio, not Berkeley. And Mr. Kucinich, the broader public really like this president. Attacking him the way you are doing is like attacking the voters’ judgement for liking and approving of him. That doesn’t endear you to them. As our dear, Eclectablog would say, “I’m just sayin'”

  62. Impeachment? Look at that. Prior to the midterms the fear was that Issa would try to impeach the president and it turns out to be a Liberal Democrat calling for impeachment.

  63. Interesting how times change. BAck when I was younger in the late 60’s, a common argument heard from the RW was how Dems were war-mongers. I grew up in a RW family (although not like today’s RW) and my grandfather was often heard saying how every war was started by a Democrat. At that time, Republicans were basically isolationists.

    They were against our entry in WWII and Korea. In fact, they didn’t really come out strongly in support of Vietnam until the radical leftist hippies (who were obviously commies) started protesting. And they felt if forse were required, we should just nuke the opponents.

    Once Nixon came in it started that Dems were liberal weaklings and only Republicans were macho enough to really protect the country. And of course, evne though Nixon ended our involvement in Vietnam, it became gospel on the right that if it weren’t for the Dems running away, we would have beaten the commie North Vietnamese. They also conveniently forget how Reagan ran from Lebanon after the bombing of the Marine barracks.

  64. Perhaps he is just curious to see and hear for himself how really stupid she is. It is really hard to fathom how she has gotten this far since she is so clueless on everything from motherhood to foreign policy. I liken it to a circus act.

  65. I think he’s trying to be relevent. TO ANYTHING, and not doing a very good job of it.I think the majority of people will tire of this constant droning…by both sides of the aisle.

  66. Hal’s great. He framed Libya perfectly, but his guest from Rude Pundit was pretty awful when it came to Obama. The action was too late, but it shouldn’t have happened anyway. He was incoherent.

    Hal’s frame (bless his heart): The right wing doesn’t know what to do with this (although they are doing their utmost best to undermine the President of the United States for their own political gain) — Obama got a consensus from the world based on actual facts. Statesmanship and coordination. The Rude Pundit guy tried to destroy the frame.

  67. Passing through the living room and by the tv, the Arab League says: “Hey, we are not against this action in Libya at all!” Somebody spoke his own feelings and attributed them to the whole Arab League, it seems.

  68. I didn’t hear this last idiocy from this self-coddled idiot: on what grounds does he want to impeach this President?

    If it’s airstrikes in Libya, then he is an embarrassment to the US Congress. The strikes are part of our charter with the UN and do not require congressional authorization.

    Hal Sparks explained this to the Rude Pundit this morning — who knew nothing about this government’s foreign policy.

  69. I was confused by the comments from the guy representing the Arab nations yesterday. Especially since they are the ones that wanted a no fly zones. The Arab leagues better not start running from what THEY wanted.

  70. I just read that Nancy Pelosi has been hospitalized in Rome.
    Let’s hope she will be alright.
    She is definitely needed and seems a good person.

  71. dotster, beautifully stated. The seeds have been planted and PBO will tend his garden well.

  72. Apparently Boehner was in a conference call prior to initiation of military action and had nothing to say.

  73. I guess PAWLENTY is anouncing his candidacy for President today, on facebook! This is ONLY good, because now the RABID MSM will have another TARGET, besides just this President, to which they have become all to predictable.
    Now, lets see if they NAIL Pawlenty, or if they just let him slide! HMMMMM!

  74. Pelosi hospitalised in Rome after feeling unwell
    (AFP) – 1 hour ago

    ROME — US Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was hospitalised on Monday after feeling unwell during a visit to Rome, Italian news agencies said.

    Pelosi, in Italy to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Italian nation, was scheduled to meet with Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa and Gianfranco Fini, head of the lower house of parliament, when she felt “slightly unwell.”

    The Italian-American democrat was forced to cancel her meeting with La Russa and postpone the one with Fini. She is undergoing tests in Rome’s Umberto I hospital, the agencies said.

    The American Embassy refused to comment.

  75. He was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, osg, a group that wants AK to secede from the union. I’ve read nothing so far about the group being anti-semitic, though. Remember, Palin wanted Steve Schmidt to lie about Todd’s participation in the group when the issue came up in the 2008 presidential election, he refused, and she got very angry. It was around that time in the campaign that she “went rogue.” As governor of AK, Palin also gave a “welcome” speech via video for an AIP event.

    This is a good blog run by a progressive in AK for information about Palin:


  76. Oh, for Pete’s sakes! The headlines for POTUS trip to Chile:
    Communist Party leader Guillermo Teillier says political, cultural and social representatives have signed a letter to Obama. It asks him to apologize for U.S. intervention that destabilized Salvador Allende’s socialist government in Chile before the 1973 coup that began Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship.


    It was 1973, he was in elementary School! How is that his fault? sick of this shit!

  77. Manchin says, he will not vote for debt ceiling unless their is substantial deficit decrease in the budget!

  78. Libyan opposition forces celebrated the allied military action which cleared the highway south of the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. It was part of assaults that also included setting up a no-fly zone to protect Libyan civilians from government forces.

    After regrouping Monday, the rebels pushed back against troops loyal to leader Moammar Gadhafi and were moving on the next major town, Adjabiya, where government positions came under attack early in the day.


  79. I was confused by the comments from the guy representing the Arab nations yesterday.

    Amr Moussa is head of the Arab league but he’s also running for President of Egypt. So he speaks like a candidate that has one message for one audience–‘we endorse a no-fly zone’ and another message for his domestic audience–‘we condemn the strikes that are a part of creating the no-fly zone.’

  80. That japanese guy nailed the american msm

    The Japanese networks continue to bring on specialist reporters and university professors with expertise in nuclear reactors to provide rational analysis and expert commentary.

    As a result, the Japanese news coverage has been largely calm, rational, informed, and critical. Some of this is naturally to avoid creating panic, but it has been able to do that because as a whole it has answered many of the questions people have and thus gained a certain level of trust. As a media scholar, I can pick this coverage apart for its problems, and of course point to information that is still not getting out there, but on the whole it is functioning as journalism should.

    It also just looks good because there is something so ugly beside it: the non-Japanese coverage. That, I am afraid, has been full of factual errors and other problems. This has not been just Fox News, but also CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and even the New York Times to differing degrees.

    They are perpetually late, continuing to report things the Japanese media had shown to be wrong or different the day before. They are woefully selective, bringing out just the sensational elements (“toxic clouds” over Tokyo―when in fact radiation in Tokyo now is actually less than that in LA on some days). They are misleading (implying for instance that the dumping of water from the air was some last ditch effort to cool the core, when it was just an effort to replenish the water in the spent rod pools―which are now full in reactor 3 and back to normal temperature). Colleagues have noted problems with European coverage as well, but the difference between media can be obvious.

  81. I know, Kucinich will be gone in two months, as his congressional seat will be eliminated. Cannot wait! I hate him! He is a failure as a congressman, none of his bills ever became law. He sucks!

  82. Just heard Barbara Walters on The View spend a whole segment criticizing President Obama on Libya and other foreign policy decisions, joined joyfully by Elizabeth of course. I used to perceive Walters as more liberal in her views, but she has taken a rightward turn lately, spending a whole week defending and praising Sarah P. about a month ago. I’m wondering if it’s the influence of her BFF, Arianna. Walters just proved her ignorance of facts, and the only reason I care about what Walters has to say is that her misinformed opinions reach a wide audience.

  83. Just heard Barbara Walters on The View spend a whole segment criticizing President Obama on Libya and other foreign policy decisions, joined joyfully by Elizabeth of course.

    At this point, I have given up on expecting praise from any of his habitual critics. Whether it’s unprecedented oil spills, passing healthcare reform that was elusive for 100 years, or supporting democracy in Egypt, the most we can apparently hope for is silence when the President is successful and cackling while he is in the process of being successful.

    That’s the modus operandi of Dick Cheney, John Bolton, the White House press corps, James Carville and apparently Barbara Walters.

  84. Amazing Grace. That’s all I can think to say about our President. The Obama family is charming the world.

    I can’t thank you enough, BWD, for all your hard work to keep us balanced while the Obama bashing continues. It breaks my heart.

    The other day I heard someone say that the “in-basket on President Obama’s desk” has been overflowing since he took office “and is historic” and never has a President had to handle so much thrown at him from every direction, day after day after day. Yet, he handles all of it with wisdom and amazing grace.

    His inferiors who continue to be his loudest critics, wouldn’t haven’t a clue how to juggle everything as Barack Obama has.

    Oh, and what in hell is Joe “sour grapes” Sestak doing? It seems that now he’s got a gig on MSNBC criticizing our President! He couldn’t be Senator, so now he’s the armchair critic? Except for the fact a GOPer took that seat, I’m not the least bit sorry Sestak lost! ugh!

    Again, thank you BWD and all of you commenting. I’m here, I’m reading, I’m just silently watching and listening. These are most definitely interesting times under this brilliant President.

  85. Amen. And others seemingly have personal problems, such as jealously, an ax to grind and/or some “purity” test that ALL must meet.

  86. You got that right!

    “… the most we can apparently hope for is silence when the President is successful and cackling while he is in the process of being successful.”

    It’s beyond tedious, isn’t it? 😦

  87. How do Republicans pull this off and Democrats appear to be incapable? How is it that simple, potent Republican framing becomes part of MSM and general political discourse, and we are incapable of doing the same with effectiveness?

    Here is the Republican message repeated ad nauseum: “failure of leadership.” I heard it on MTP Press yesterday and I have heard it out of every anchor all day yesterday and today.

    “Failure of leadership” is the question to be asked about anything and everything this President does.

    It doesn’t help when the PL feeds the beast (I’m talking to YOU, Ed Schultz).

    I don’t think the editors at the MSM sit down and give out talking points like Fox does. But there is an effective, potent message from those three simple words.

    Republicans are masters at attaching large, simple ideas to actions. HCR = loss of freedom. “death” tax. and the latest, “failure of leadership”.

    Every Republican says it. The miserable MSM, like David Gregory yesterday, “people are saying, people are questioning….” Of course it’s Republicans who are saying, Republicans who are questioning.

    But I sometimes wonder if this is in part to fill the gap that Democrats leave. Is there a reason why the WH and the DNC cannot take every issue and attach a potent phrase to it that will resonate with those who don’t spend 8 hours/day on BWD’s site and her blog roll?

    To be honest, one of the things I thought Obama would be so effective at is getting this right — finally. And there appears to be no attempt to do so, even with Plouffe back at work.

    I don’t understand it. I’m not talking about the truth and its complications. I’m talking about framing every issue with easy to understand ideas.

    We have a President who is the definition of leadership, yet ‘failure of leadership’ is the phrase that comes out of every anchor’s mouth. Every. Single. One.

    We can’t have a truth-based phrase that is just as powerful?

  88. japa21 I have to disagree on this issue: you speak of internal disputes. But Dennis Kucinich going on MSNBC and calling for the impeachment or primarying of the current president goes far beyond what I would consider to be an “internal dispute.”

    And the criticism of this president by Democrats should not be compared to the would-be criticism of Bush by the Republicans in congress. The criticism by Weiner, Kucinich, et al is rarely grounded in fact. It’s sensationalism, and hyperbole for the most part. And it’s personal. When Weiner insinutes that Obama is a “no-values” person, that is not about policy. It’s a dog whistle and code for “he’s not one of us.”

  89. OH GREAT! Now Dennis Kucinich has decided President Obama “could be impeached” over U.S. intervention in Libya? WTF! (MSNBC)

    I mean really… WTF.

  90. As long as you have a corporate owned fourth estate who are truly the right wing enabling fifth columnists and as long as you have an uneducated /disinterested/mentally lazy audience that is willing to listen to the msm and accepts its spewings as gospel truth, no amount of messaging from WH and his team is going to help.

  91. Faith you ask:

    “How do Republicans pull this off and Democrats appear to be incapable? How is it that simple, potent Republican framing becomes part of MSM and general political discourse, and we are incapable of doing the same with effectiveness? ”

    When Democrats are busy trying to sabotage this President, when the MSM is devoted to working on behalf of the Republican party, you get this result. Currently, the biggest “progressive” blogsites and cable shows are PRO-REPUBLICAN. Make no mistake about this. And they DO get their talking points and scripts from their corporate masters. So when you hear this “failure of leadership” meme being echoed by Republicans and Democrats alike, it’s because they are simply following the orders of their corporate lords. And keep in mind, the stronger this President appears, the more the left and right media outlet amplify their attacks. Right now, our President is weaving a very skillful operation, multitasking with Libya and South American. It’s not turning out to the the true failure that the MSM was hoping for. So they are contriving a “story” that they hope will stick. But like the other stories that they have pulled from their arses, this one will evaporate because it has no substance.

  92. That’s the sad truth of it all, amk!

    I send missives off to everyone I know to try to counter this problem we have with media messaging, not because it’s a problem with “messaging from the WH.”

    And thanks to BWD for helping me do just that. 😀

  93. Actually, the MSM has ratcheted up it’s anti-Obama memes because he’s in the process of ochestrating something masterful and historic. It happens every time. This is deja vu. On the Republican side, they have NOTHING, and they know it.

    I’m waiting for MSNBC, CNN, Ed Schultz, KOS, FDL and Huffington to endorse the Republican candidate for Presidency, be it Pawlenty, Bachman, Gingrich or Sarah Palin.

  94. Yes, there are very few places where one can see the truth being spoken.

    And americans constantly are voting themselves into ever decreasing relevance since they lost the ability to think for themselves.

  95. The President’s strength is his Leadership qualities that the rest of the world sees and admires. The MSM wants the uninformed American audience to think that President Obama cannot lead. We have seen his leadership during the campaingn when he told Mccain that a President must be able to do more that one thing at a time, and the public supported this. We saw during the 2008 campaign how he said that combat troops should be out of Iraq wihtin 18 months and the Iraqi’s themselves wanted this and Bush agreed to this. Americans has seen during this Presidency his leadership on the auto bailout, BP oil spill, health care reform, Egypt, etc, they may not altogether agree on some things but he is trusted more than the Democratic and Republican leaderships. The Media is not the majority, they have some influence, but even the newbie watching CNN or MSNBC would eventually determine that they are biased and are picking on our intelligent President and would then make up their own minds.

  96. Someone take Kucinich off the TV! he’s handing a visual of his Constitution to Contessa, saying that what Obama has done goes against the Constitution, Article I, Section 8. He says that Obama has declared war.

    “We know exactly what is going on, you know exactly what is going on.” says Kucinich!

    “What is going on in America!” says Kucinich!

    And Kucinich thought if he could just win, he’d be the peace President. I guess he has some magic wand to create global peace with dictators the likes of Gaddafi?

  97. I saw somewhere this morning that Nancy P is in a hospital in Rome . Apparently she felt a little sick while on a trip to discuss something or other. Did anyone else hear anything about this?

  98. MSNBC and CNN are now engaged in full-blown Obama bashing about the Libya situation. MSNBC has Kucinich on calling for impeachment and CNN just had one of their contributors, Carol somebody I think, let loose with a whole anti-Obama/Libya presentation, saying things like, “It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?” (hinting that there was some big Obama war conspiracy)
    The negativity does seem to be orchestrated with our news media. You can just watch it spill out and spread here, there and everywhere.

  99. But then they want to accuse the president of ignoring human rights abuses. They can’t have it both ways.

  100. Barbara Walters is very close to Ariana Huffington, I believe Walters is Godmother to one of Ariana’s daughters.

    You do the math.

  101. I am making myself listen to Ed. He began taking lots of callers immediately. Most are VERY critical of PO. Last caller was an AA woman who said she did not vote for this–a warmonger. She asked “Where’s my public option?” Kept saying she didn’t vote for this and that she would NOT vote for him again. So far, Ed is basically saying PO will get criticized from BOTH sides in all ways–waited too long; didn’t do it the right way, etc., etc. IOW, no matter what he did, he would get questioned. That’s my update from Ed. Can’t listen any more…..going outside into this beautiful day and work in the yard.

  102. When I was growing up, the adults in this country listened to real news and real facts. Now this nation lacks core common knowledge. I’m appalled! And it’s not all about the MSM, because you are right — Americans have refused to do their own research to find out what is really going on in order to think for themselves.

    I just spent a whole weekend explaining to a college student about the importance of unions. He didn’t even know what a union is. When I was growing up I knew what a union was, and no one in my family was a member of union. Why? Because I got that information in my civics classes. I don’t know what is going on in this country, but the kids are not getting the information they need so that they can become informed voters. It scares the hell out of me.

    Never mind that youthful voters can understand the details of international action against a tyrant like Gaddafi! Do they even understand what a UN Resolution is? How about the adults? How about the politicians like Kucinich? I guess Kucinich believes Obama is as bad as Bush and this is an Iraq redux?

    Knots in my stomach and my heart is racing. It’s no wonder I have been silent for months on blogs. 😦

  103. I completely agree. At the end of the day, President Obama is a huge improvement over Bush by any and all available metrics. Thus, it makes absolutely no sense that President Obama would need to be criticized similarly, particularly by his own party. Kucinich going off half-cocked, calling for impeachment (on what grounds???) does the disservice of spreading spin and misinformation.

    Although I do agree somewhat with japa in that I’d never like to see Dems walking in lockstep, that shouldn’t necessitate the types of really over the top and at times completely dishonest rhetoric which, along with similar content from the right wing, is causing so many Americans to just tune out the media altogether. That’s content with no value; doesn’t enhance understandings; it’s just noise IMO.

  104. What you just said has occurred to me more often than I can tell you. Over at ‘that other blog,’ the double-think has been going on and yes, they want it, they force it to be both ways just to bash our President.


  105. Kucinich is a nut and everybody knows it who will actually be watching him. It would be no different than Ron Paul criticizing Bush for something back in the day.

    The left is attacking because they know the US will be out in a matter of days and they want to say “See, we forced him to leave Libya”.

    The right is pitching a fit because France is going to lead the operation with means the MIC/GOP cooperative war machine won’t get to cash in.

    Keep asking yourself why there isn’t a major candidate declaring for the GOP primary yet? If this is so egregious dithering and lack of leadership than why not declare your candidacy on this issue and capture the press for the moment? Because America doesn’t want another war is why and Obama will have America out of there within days – once the anti-aircraft capabilities are knocked out the US will be out.

  106. Oops! I didn’t know this was here so I shared it above where someone mentioned her. My apologies Criquet. (I was just working my way down the thread.)

  107. its noise thats catching on. We need to hold them accountable for their back stabbing. This is the same thing they did to Carter. Critisizing and calling for impeachment or even it putting it in the minds of republicans. Is unfair.

  108. The president is being seriously attacked by both sides. Msnbc sounds just like Fox now; since this started.

    Msnbc should be inundated with disapproval via twitter or email saying you disapprove of their “biased antiObama, antiWar, antiHumanitarian, antiMuslim continuous message….etc” They’re not Fox and they shouldn’t be able to get away with this during the day b/c they’re not supposed to be opinion during the day; just news.

    Only you can help the president now. Personally, I think they think it’s silly to save Arabs and/or Muslims which is extremely sad to me!

  109. I never forgot what this president said after he turned the lame duck into change. I am persistent.

  110. Extremely well said.

    If it’s airstrikes in Libya, then he is an embarrassment to the US Congress. The strikes are part of our charter with the UN and do not require congressional authorization.

    Facts don’t appear to matter during these tantrums, rantings, and emotional tizzies. Kucinich needs a time out; really needs to take some deep breaths and read about the situation again.

  111. I believe you are right in all you say, but the day-to-day bull I listen to or read is so draining. From one issue/event to the next, the beat goes on and on to ad nauseam.

    I wanted to jump through my screen and slap Andrea Mitchell and David Gregory and everyone on that panel silly, yesterday. She was obviously channeling Hillary Clinton [she’d been with her for a few days] and Gregory was channeling all the “people saying” this or that. At least I heard the reasonable coming out of Levin and Kerry. I haven’t watched MTP for at least two year since Gregory took over. It’s no wonder, eh?

  112. Excellent; so it’s not just us in the American left, others notice it too: Americans are really poorly served by part of the national media right now.

  113. The United Arab Emirates said on Monday that its involvement in Libya is limited to humanitarian assistance, after reports that it would send warplanes to patrol a UN-backed no-fly zone.


    What the hell!?! Man, these Arab nations are pissing me off now. They called for a no-fly zone now they just want to provide humanitarian assitance.

  114. I’m going to follow tnmtngirl out into the garden. I have a birdbath to water and bird feeders to fill and I’m going to try to wind down.

    ((((BWD Peeps))))

  115. I agree with tulips, even if they already know, we need to share our opinion. I received a call a few months day asking for a donation to the Democrats, I said – sure once you develop a clear message, and start backing up the president.

    Email and letters are not hollow gestures, especially if folks want our support in 2012. Mention that you volunteer for OFA, donate, canvas neighborhoods, etc.

    Our messages make a difference.

  116. OMG… I have to run outside. Breathless Andrea is on to talk about “mission creep.”


    B’bye all. 😀

  117. As we know some of these callers are not who they say they are. Many are paid instigators and agitators.

  118. There you have it. We get lies from the right, we get lies from some people on the left, all saying the same thing: “President Obama sucks!” Nonstop. All day every day the right attacks us with spin spin spin; now we have an entire professional class of lefties who, because of egotistical natures, are constantly taken in by the right and repeat their theme of the day with a lefty slant, and are favorites of the media. Not sure what the WH can do, but I would hope that people who understand the huge challenge of the moment in terms of the media and want to change that, are in charge of this issue in the WH.

  119. I wish Obama had not agreed with this. He should have let the French go it alone. However I will stand behind him. I also think this is more of what Hillary wanted. Obama should not have participated with this.

  120. Try to not panic, kay. We’re in a period of pushing back against people like the Koch brothers who have spent literally decades and millions of dollars to implement a nutty hard right anarchist agenda. Raising your voice and providing these educations is part of a solution; I do agree that the situation is grim.

  121. “Somebody HAS to get hold of PBO’s “To-do” list. It must have entries saying “2008-2010: get yelled at for not doing enough about mid-east peace process. 2011: assist entire Arab world in transition to democracy. 2012: pie.”

    Love this! For decades Republicans, favoring their gun running, bomb building war mongering supporters who build their wealth from the killing of innocents in foreign lands and provide Republicans with campaign funds from their profits have tried to force what they call Democracy on the Middle East with wars and civil unrest.

    President Barack Obama, with well chosen words and actions based in honesty and integrity is changing the world and inspiring people to free themselves without foreign armies on their soil and to seek a form of Democracy that fits their cultures and dreams.

    I love this President. I am so thankful I lived to see his election and administration. I always thought we could do better and we finally have.

  122. Do yourself a favor and take a break from some of those disingenuous spaces. I’m sorry that Mr. Kucinich is currently peddling a lie, and I’m sorry that abusive people are once again taking opportunity to slap and kick at this POTUS. But we are in a time of humongous change. The same people act out during these periods, over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. I personally have completely lost interest in what these folks have to say.

    During the Egypt change, they flipped out then too. Then, the demand was for President Obama to talk like a neocon and give them a good show, because his administration’s quiet work ensuring that the Egyptian army did not attack the protesters on behalf of Mubarak just wasn’t enough for them. They wanted drama and red meat and President Obama was supposedly the scum of the earth for not giving it to them.

    So the same people are flipping out now. President Obama is again getting an army to stand down against protesters, this time through engaging the UN to craft a truly international intervention, led by another country (France) and endorsed by the Arab League at the pressure and behest of their own respective citizens.

    Is anyone surprised that the people who always spread lies and go crazy during big change moments are…spreading lies and going crazy?

    So utterly worth ignoring IMO. Pure attention-seeking and childish behavior.

  123. Great news. It would indeed be incredible if the military backed the rebellion and stood with the people against Saleh. I feel the world is on the move. Moving forward with great speed.

  124. Stellar comment! I am a huge Trek fan and I remember that scenario with Captain Kirk very well. I think you made an excellent analogy.

  125. cj, it would not have stopped any of this nonsense. They simply would of gone on a rampage because he did not participate.

  126. Did they think that the US and its allies could get a no fly zone by just announcing a no fly zone….it takes military action to set one in place…are they stupid?

  127. And right before and at the start of the Iraq war MSNBC was cheerleading it all the way to the bank….now the black guy is in the WH and everything changes.

  128. Christ the Redeemer statue — when I saw the smaller photo of this statue yesterday on that jutting rock looking out over the city, when I realize the distances, the height and enormity of the statue itself, and how much real danger must have been involved when workers placed it, I was gripped with the most awful vertigo.

    That’s normal, I can’t look at that iconic picture of workers sitting on a girder a hundred or more feet in the air eating their lunch without feeling the same thing. But then I saw the tiny people milling around the statue and, worse, crowded around the very tip of the escarpment — was the Obama family actually going to climb up there themselves? Heaven, please keep them safe!

    The statue is the most beautiful and dramatic piece in the world, I know that, it’s one of the wonders of the world and it’s over here in our own hemisphere, and I’m glad our first family was photographed up there, it was a beautiful picture. The lighting was especially stunning. But I’m also very glad that particular visit is over!

  129. Our “journalists” have become a laughing stock. They never got out of 2008 campaign mode and now they all look like idiots jumping and enabling one made up drama to the next. *sigh*

    Calm and factual…. MSM doesn’t even understands those words anymore.

  130. Aww Jovie you should know by now that MSM will hand hold MR. whatever his name is while continuing the never ending concern trolling of our dear President Obama.

  131. thanks zizi. I think you nailed it. Let’s make sure we question the manhood of our president.

    I am just finishing Jonathan Alter’s book, and the reality is President Obama took on the Pentagon, and PBO made sure the Pentagon stopped going behind his back with news releases and media appearances. PBO gave David Patraeus a big verbal spanking and challenged his plans in Afgh. I guess Patraeus was practically on the ceiling of the room, but Obama said no more, I am in charge.

    This is the first president who has actually challenged the military command. Yahoo. Go PBHO.

  132. I have a question I hope someone can answer. I got into an argument last night with an RW person of my acquaintance who claimed that the US has shot over “140 missals at Libya which has cost us billions of dollars.” The person couldn’t really back this up with any credible source but it was difficult to refute because I didn’t have any knowledge.

    That would seem to be way too many missals from only two war ships. I would appreciate any info or specialized knowledge that you good people might have. I tried to look this up without success and I refuse to peruse RW web sites.

  133. Just watched the clip of my GQ POTUS Obama and his gorgeous family arrive in Chile. What a stunner they all are. 😀 😀

  134. that sounds like people are paying attention but this info needs a link hun. we like facts around here. 🙂

  135. Never mind. I just read where Ezra Klein says it was 110 missals at a cost of $81 million. So my RW pal exaggerated but still that seems like a lot. I would think with that many, a person could use them like ice floes to walk from the ocean to the Libyan capitol!

  136. Thanks, Ezra Klein has the price a little higher but it still seems to me that this is a lot of missals fired in such a short time. How many does one of our ships carry anyway?

  137. Aquagranny911:

    No matter what, Libya has a lot of oil. We have frozen $30 billion of their money right now. Europe has a lot to lose in Libya, according what I have been reading. So, it’s about oil, whether we like it or not.

    I love Obama, he can not ignore the fact that we don’t have any alternative to oil. Oil is a curse for all those countries.

  138. I get vertigo standing on a ladder! My trip to the Grand Canyon was more shudders than pleasure even though it is beautiful. When they built the glass bottom walkout over the Canyon and people complained about the $75 cost to take the walk, my first thought was they couldn’t PAY ME $75 MILLION to walk on that thing!

    I can’t imagine climbing up to see that statue. I will just have to enjoy it in pictures. That is beautiful.

  139. My understanding is that the US gets little or no oil from Libya. It is the UK and Europe that have their oil supplies at stake. They have a lot more at stake here.

    This is a horrible thing to say but sometimes I wish the ME oil would all dry up so those poor people could be left in peace to sort out their own issues.

    Have you ever seen the film “Blood Diamond?” There’s a scene in an African village where an old man tells someone: “I just thank the gods that we don’t have any oil.”

    It’s a sad, bad thing all around.

  140. This war is clearly not about oil.

    A.) America gets NO Oil from Libya

    B.) Every war has nothing to do with oil!!

    C.) This mission has CLEARLY been over Gadaffi and his treatment of his people, ESPECIALLY since all nations have stated that this war can and might end with Gadaffi STILL in power

  141. I want to add this. One of my brothers worked in Dubai for a time. He told me that it was projected that Dubai would be dry of oil in 10 years. Their leader is progressive and far thinking which is why he has been using oil dollars to make Dubai into a tourist, recreation, and business center for the world before all the oil runs out.

    Some places in the ME have just squandered and plundered their country’s oil profits while riding rough shod over their people. All actions have consequences as we are seeing now.

    I think our Prez is doing his best to support democracy and protect the people in the ME, regardless of oil.

  142. Faith, everything you’re asking for requires a media, from the blogs to TV, that are acting in good faith. They’re not. End of story. They literally have no incentive to echo the most potent talking points on behalf of Democrats, so they won’t.

  143. Desertflower, my head and my butt hurt. Unfortunately yahoo is a more a moderate than many others. It may be that in Israel being a moderate is like being a neoconservative but
    not as loony as teabagger.

  144. They know they can’t win. Interesting appearance by Joe Scarborough on Chris Matthews a month ago where Joe says basically “look Chris we know these guys who do the behind the scenes work of running presidential campaigns and they all are saying the same thing – Obama is going to be very difficult to beat”.

    This would take a lot of money, and the GOP voters just don’t like any of their choices Right now among GOP primary voters polled, there is only 25% support for any candidate (Romney/Huckabee) then it drops off to 15% for Palin and 9% for Newtie. Everyone else is in the lower single digits.

    That means that as we move forward and one of these fools finally starts to win primaries that you can tell they only have real support from a quarter of GOP voters, anything else is people voting for, in their view, the lesser of evils. African American voters alone outvote the real support of Palin.

    I want to predict right now: the day after Obama is re-elected President (and he will be) the press will have field day speculating about his chances to get anything done after getting kicked in the 2014 mid-term elections.

    The media is dead to me. It is all just a show, and long since divorced from contact with reality.

  145. Proud it drives me up the wall. Obama is not bush, I do not give a twit about what they say.

    It is interesting that somehow they lack the intelligence or are unwilling to really use their brains. They all want to put a square in a round tube. They use a stereotype to label every president.

    Wake up you idiots. Use what intelligence you have left and expand your thinking.

  146. Just keep in mind that the vast majority of Americans don’t listen to any of it. They will hear that UN is taking action in Libya against a brutal dictator who was attacking his own people and we are helping to stop that. When this is over all they will remember is that we were part of helping end a terrible situation. The 24 hour media will try to influence things. Kuciinich will spout off. But most people won’t hear them and if they do hear about it later they will say, “see this is why I don’t bother listening to those people, They always get things wrong.”

  147. I had liked del Valle, but he was completely classless the night of the election. It was sour grapes and ugly. Chico, much to my amazement, was gracious as the loser should always be.

    Of course Gery Chico never had a job that Daley didn’t give him so I think he’s worried about future employment.

  148. Bri I think you and jaleh both misunderstood my primary question. My question was not really about cost or even politics it was about the huge numbers of missals reported fired on Libya.

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. How big are they? Why so many? And just how many of these missals have really been fired? No one seems to have an accurate number. These things aren’t little darts.

    Sorry, I’m just trying to figure this all out….

  149. I am black and it was insulting. Not sure who she was pandering to Insipid and clearly neither did she. Well, she earned her loss.

  150. I have actually defended Kucinich because he has brought issues into the political discussion that are seldom addressed, but if he actually asked for our President’s impeachment, maybe I hope he will lose his seat in 2012. I can see no positive side to this.

  151. Aquagranny – Here is a transcript from the Defense Department of today’s news briefing by U.S. Vice Adm. Bill Gortney, Director of The Joint Staff. Embedded in it is the website where you can see the slides he references.


    The Defense Department is part of President Obama’s “transparency in government” effort, so – although they won’t share tactics and strategies in advance – we can usually get a good read directly from them on what has occurred.

    The official “Operation Odyssey Dawn” website is at:


  152. Thanks, Lilaf1. I need to avoid getting caught up in the stupid. Keep out eyes on the prize, support our Prez and get boots on the ground for 2012. ♥

  153. IMHO, PO being kicked from both the right and the left indicates he is doing a great job. That is actually a bonus to independents.

    Just to think, the President hasn’t even began his campaign yet. I can hardly wait until he goes against the Republicans. I am so looking forward to it. Heck, I can hardly wait for the Republican run up to electing a party nominee.

    I already stocked up on popcorn and diet coke.

  154. Excellent comment Axrendale! You would think that a Columnist for the NYT would, at a minimum, know history of the topic he is opining on.

  155. WIW, I completely agree with you and Tulips. I will heed you advice and drop a note to my senators and congresswoman.

  156. Thanks Jovie. I was reading over at TPM about ole dennis. A few Obama haters but most their posters think dennis has had his time. He has become a bit of a loon and seeks attention only for himself. YOu can imagine he will be all over msnbc today and tonight.

    By law, the president had the constitutional right to do what he did.

  157. hopefruit, I agree with you 100%. This is not criticism to improve policies. These people are undermining the President and they are also feeding divisiveness with the Democratic party. That is why, IMO, they should be called out for what they are doing.

  158. On what grounds is Kucinich basing his call for impeachment? This guy must be loosing it.

  159. I think Kucinich represents the PL, just as Bachmann represents teabaggers. It seems to me that the PL and the teabaggers have formed an underground alliance whose goal is to defeat the President. Otherwise, what else explains these non-stop attacks on the president from both the left and the right?

  160. “We have a President who is the definition of leadership, yet ‘failure of leadership’ is the phrase that comes out of every anchor’s mouth. Every. Single. One.”

    Faith, they’ve all adopted Karl Rove’s tactic: attack your opponent’s strength by constantly repeating that his strength is really his weakness. Before you know it, because of constant repetition of a lie, people start believing the lie instead of the truth.

  161. I am with you GN. People like Kucinich are looking for attention and should be ignored.

  162. Kucinich knows nothing about the Constitution. The President took action to enforce international law. The U.N. Charter is among the treaties the United States signed and therefore is part of the laws of the United States. The U.N. Security Council passed a Resolution calling on member states to use all necessary means to protect the lives of the Libyan people. The U.S., which is a permanent member of the Security council, along with France and the U.K., chose to enforce the U.N. Resolution. End of story! Absolutely no violation of the Constitution or the laws of the United States. For Kucinich to call this limited military action to enforce a U.N. Security Council Resolution a declaration of war is really laughable. By the way, does any one remember Dennis Kucinich calling for the impeachment of President Clinton when he bombed Serbia, without a U.N. resolution, to protect the Bosnian people? Of course knowing Kucinich, he might have.

  163. cjtown, I am sorry but I disagree. Obama could not sit idly by and let the people of Libya be slaughtered by their so called leader. Believe me, if the U.S had let France go it alone, the level of criticism of the President would be 100 times worse than it is.

    I am just disgusted with people who have been harping on prosecuting Bush and his cronies for violating International Law, yet they are now attacking the President for trying to enforce International Law to prevent potential genocide and crimes against humanity. Why is every one forgetting the fact that if Qaddaffi had acted the same way as Mubarak did in Egypt, military intervention would not have been necessary. I suppose people like Dennis Kucinich would prefer to see the slaughter of Libyans while paying lip service to International laws that call for the prevention of genocide and crimes against humanity.

  164. Maybe Dennis is auditioning to host a show on MSNBC. His argument for impeachment is not based in reality.

  165. Jaleh, I for one I am not convinced that Obama’s action is all about oil. Otherwise he would have gone all the way to call for the invasion of Libya to install a friendly government. Besides, wasn’t Libya already selling most of its oil to the west?

    I think people really have to revise their thinking and realize that a few third world leaders are prepared to slaughter their people in order to maintain power. Forward thinking people have worked hard to enact humanitarian international laws to protect people from being brutally abused and killed by their own governments.

    I concede that the U.N. has not consistently enforced these laws; but I believe the U.N. is finally attempting to do enforce humanitarian laws in Libya. President Obama stated clearly that this was a mission to protect the Libyan people. Until I see contrary proof that this is about oil, I believe what the President says. As a strong support of International humanitarian Laws, I support the President’s action.

  166. “Creepy” is a good word for it. I have no doubt about it being orchastrated from on high.

  167. Very true AMK. It is propaganda and it is a brazen attempt to brainwash the American public. The “Fourth Estate” is unwilling to act as impartial providers of facts and information. This is a real threat to our democracy.

  168. Very true and well said, Hopefruit2. The belief some people have in the MSM as being honest brokers is misplaced. Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to the reality of our situation, and tuning the propagandists out.

  169. Yes, VCprezOfan2,I did read that online this morning. It also stated that she had made several long trips which probably took a lot of energy out of her. However, the article did say that she had been released. I said a prayer for her safety and physical strength. You know Nancy is a tough cookie. I pray that she will get rested and be able to return in good spirits and in excellent health. Let us lift her up with our positive thoughts and prayers. Thanks for bringing it up here. I love you all so very much on this site.

  170. I turned on Ed Schultz for all of the few minutes I could stomach him. Seriously, who needs Rush when MSNBC has Ed Schultz to bash Obama? Kucinich was front and center

  171. Then raise revenues. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    You want cuts that serve the American people? Then let the Americans who can well afford it, start paying more.

    No cuts without revenue increase. Lather. Rinse.Repeat.

  172. And they’d be tearing Obama apart if he’d done nothing in Libya to help the opposition or protect civilians.

  173. You can really see the beginnings of the trend with Barry Goldwater and his run for the presidency in 1964. Even if he ended up getting walloped in the election by Lyndon Johnson, it was the first time that an authetic right-wing fanatic managed to secure the nomination of the Republican Party, and he articulated a disturbing set of ideals that were in many ways the precurssor to the neoconservative movement that came to power in the 1980s.

  174. The situation in Libya is not a Libyan situation alone. It is related to the situation in the neighboring countries of Egypt, Sudan, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Somalia. This is why it is important to prevent Ghadafy from holding onto power by terrorizing Libya into submission, and this is why it would be good to include the democratic governments of Africa in the coalition to get the situation straightened out.
    There is nothing wrong with having NATO involved in the planning and execution of the anti-Ghadafy operation. However, if the Africans south of the Sahara are left out of this planning, it will make them suspicious – with good reason – that the whole operation is part of an effort to begin the recolonization of Africa. To avoid poisoning the relationship between the US and our democratic allies on the African Continent, we should be treating the Libyan situation as part of the overall situation facing all of Northern Africa – which it is – and we should be including our African allies in planning and execution of the overall effort.

  175. I wholeheartedly agree, and this has been brought up by a few private citizens across the radio airwaves. I sincerely hope this is a great consideration on the part of the administration, but with PBO, I couldn’t imagine it is not. Let’s keep the hope and be watchful.

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