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  1. Polls are out 70% approve of the Libyan strikes against ground troops. Now who looks like fools. Let see how they spin this .

  2. Cnn just released it. im not that good on linking i can do it sometimes, then i got spacy. LOL

  3. The media is so pathetic. It’s absurd to watch them try to spin the quitter governor’s stupid, ignorant, pathetic performance in India and trip to Israel as something important.

    Instead of Dennis “I believe in aliens” calling for his democratic leader to be impeached for doing his job, why isn’t he calling for this lunatic to be brought up on charges of treason for speaking against our duly elected US President on foreign soil?

    And did anyone see the video of this nut? She looks tired and beat out. So unpresidential. So unsophisticated.

    But I so want her to win the nomination. President Obama won’t even have to campaign.

  4. They look so happy! This is why I’m not getting too bent out of shape about the current purity swarm/explosion of propaganda from the right and PL. They always do this, everyone, every time there’s a big story of huge change, they flip out, freak out, and throw their baby bottles at the daddy in the WH.

    The First Family looks refreshed, excited, and eager to continue their first class representation of this country as some of our finest and most charming ambassadors! I could not possibly care less about what some clueless person is saying on tv or the net. Happy Monday all!

  5. He could save a lot of money if that woman won the nomination…..Now why is T-Paw running with his fake self.

  6. They went from “why isn’t he doing something” to “why is he doing something” at lighting speed on this one.

  7. My two cents: I think Kucinich has started getting a vision for the presidency and has people whispering to him that he should attempt a primary. I think that since polls show many people wish Congress had been more aggressive liberally with their legislation, they think the country is now center-left. And if only they had a “true progressive” in the White House, they could get everything they ever wanted. They’ve forgotten about the other branch of government that’s actually supposed to WRITE and PASS legislation, and that these sell-outs may have something to say about protecting their meal tickets (i.e. special interest campaign donors). Dennis Kucinich has been very rudely outspoken about the President lately, not just constructively critical.

  8. japa, I don’t think that this is an informal poll; I think that the webpage is just interactive, but that appears to be a real poll, citing a jump in support to 70% between this week and last. I’d guess that as President Obama outlined just how limited our involvement is going to be, people like me got off of the fence, or jumped from “no” to “yes.”

  9. I agree! Even Bernie Sanders has started saying primarying the President would be good for him. That is complete self serving BS. What are these two up to?

  10. Because they’re utterly disingenuous. Big change=tantrum. Every single time for two straight years. Facts and circumstances are irrelevant. At this point, I can’t hang with the high levels of emotion, the flipping out all of the time, pinging back and forth, I so totally don’t give a sugar honey iced tea what the ringleaders think and say. When they want to calm down and come back to reality, we’ll be right here; they know where to find us. Until then, they can enjoy the tantrum throwing while I enjoy myself reading the thoughts and insights of positive, mature, learned people. πŸ™‚

  11. I’ve tuned them out to the point it doesn’t even register with me anymore when they have another trantrum…..they are like the little boy who cried wold, I no longer pay them any attention.

  12. Thanks again, BWD, for the glorious coverage of the President’s trip! I’m enjoying it so much, I feel as though I’m with them … and can almost hear the roar of the crowd.

    So proud of our First Family. Can’t wait for their safe return

    I’m so happy I gave up the cable news shows and the other vicious, jealous websites. Only visit a few now (all on the blogroll!). Keeping my sanity, although I come here to peek at what’s being said – so I also keep in tune with the big picture. Overall, it’s all good, from my perspective.

  13. Just for fun from the Wee See You site….

    -Obama leads in March Madness picks

    – – – -President Obama’s probably hoping he put some money on his March Madness picks, if he hasn’t already.

    After a weekend’s worth of basketball, the president’s picks are among the most prescient, after two rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

    Obama’s picks rank at the 99th percentile on ESPN.com, and he leads a pool including his bracket and the picks of other members of Congress whose brackets were collected by The Hill.

    Following Sunday night’s games, Obama’s bracket had earned the most points, putting him, respectively, ahead of Sens. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), Mark Warner (D-Va.), Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).

    The Hill tabulated the scores by Yahoo.com’s system, in which one point is awarded for a correct first round pick and two points are awarded for correct second round picks. No additional points are awarded for correctly picking upsets.

    Obama scored 49 points out of a possible 64 points, while Hagan scored 48, McCaskill scored 44, McCain and Warner tied at 43, Bennet tallied 39, and Toomey earned 30.

    The lawmakers’ picks didn’t quite get as much publicity as Obama’s. The president made his picks on ESPN for the third straight year, though this year drew more political scrutiny from Republicans than in years past.

    “You know, the president has this fixation with the Final Four β€” spent time on ESPN giving us his version of what really mattered to him, which was the Final Four,” former House Speaker Gingrich said last week on Fox News. “What is strange is, with all of these crises, how could you focus that kind of time and attention as president of the United States?”

    The Republican National Committee also pounced on the president’s picks, asking for an explanation from the White House as to why Obama filmed the ESPN segment amid the fallout from an earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the uprising in Libya.

    But many lawmakers, of all ideological stripes joined in the March Madness fun, which began with Thursday afternoon’s games and extended through the weekend.

    Obama’s picks projected having all four No. 1 seeds β€” Ohio State, Duke, Kansas and Pitt β€” going to the Final Four. More fans picked those teams going to the Final Four than any other teams, according to an ESPN press release last week.

    Bawwww! PBO beats John McCain — AGAIN.

    Funny the media didn’t mention all the repubs who filled out brackets.

  14. Let’s see….”By a small margin, the American people barely approve of Obama’s Middle East policies and 30% are totally against…” There. I’ve managed to avoid saying that 70% part. How’s that? Yea! I can be a pundit now?

  15. I mean, every time there’s a major development towards positive change there’s a huge flip out, and the same people almost always end up looking short-sighted in hindsight. I can get reliably wonderful analysis right here. There are just too many people to even name who provide information and solid analysis.

  16. I love the pictures! The whitehouse.gov shows that the President will speak at 2pm edt. I know we won’t see it on any msm.

    I heard alittle of Kucinich and I turned it right off. What a fool. Impeach this President, he has really gone off the deep end.

  17. Polls don’t mean much when it comes to war IMHO.

    It’s always the same story. They are high going in and the longer it goes on the lower they go.

    Besides, a smart president does not make decisions based on polls. On the other hand, that is pretty much EXACTLY how Repukes do it.

  18. Making themselves look like fools; or this is kabuki in efforts to make POTUS appear like more of a centrist. Either way, it’s on ignore for me.

  19. They see an opening because their based is all fired up over what is going on in WI.

    It’s just smart politics….or self serving opportunism…depending on how you look at it. At the end of the day just follow the money. Those two are raising a lot of money by saying things like that.

  20. The Prez lost one of his Final Four picks over the weekend — Pitt.

    But he’s obviously doing better than most people. Last year, I think there was only one backet in the 7 million submitted to ESPN that got every game correct.

  21. Not gonna happen. It’s just convenient to keep that sort of talk out there for now in order to raise money.

  22. Agreed. But what I find interesting is how the approval is going up despite all the nay saying you see and hear in the media.

    I think people recognize that this is not the same as Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Now, if we end up sending troops in (which I doubt very much) then you are likely to see a major change.

  23. Yep didn’t work well for Carter/Kennedy. I can imagine how different our country and world would be if Carter was re-elected. He did a lot of great things for our nation.

  24. You gotta learn to tune them out. Remember, at least 75% of the stuff they say is pure political theater. At the end of the day they move on to some other controversy when they can’t squeeze any more mileage (and money) out of it.

    They do not believe most of what they say either. It’s all an act.

  25. Yeah, I thought there was a budget crisis, and Congress was waiting for President Obama to lead them (instead of doing the jobs they’re paid to do). Never mind that he sent them a budget already…

  26. So now Repukes critisizing the Prez doing something he enjoys for a few minutes is news?

    WGAFF! Just like WGAFF they critisized him for putting his feet on the chair and the Mao christmas decoration and every single other petty ridiculous idiotic attempt at controversy.

  27. It’s an absolutely moronic attack and makes the GOP and Newt especially look unserious. Tens of millions fill out brackets in office pools across America – the attack last week was President Obama is an “other”, now because he’s doing what tens of millions are doing and doing it well, the attack is “he obviously spends too much time worried about college basketball”.

    Outside of the moronic teabagger base that gae Bush a 305 approval rating on his way out the door I don’t think this attack resonates with anybody, and actually probably helps Obama because it makes the GOP look so damn silly.

  28. It is so funny how these people of all stripes think that to be President you only think of one thing at a time. Which makes no since because if you can’t multitask you can not lead effectively. This is why PBO gets so much done. While they are locking in on one thought and picking it to death the President is way gone to other areas. The job by nature requires this or nothing gets done.

  29. Fred, sometime I forget that politics is all about the raising money…..don’t know how I could with as many fund raisers that float around.

  30. The thing that gets me about some are….even when they have been proven wrong, it doesn’t register with them…they just move on to the next outrage….they’ve got to be tired, nobody can stay that worked out all the time, it can’t be good for your health.

  31. Gawd, all the msm is just breathless with this what’s the end game republican talking point. Matthews, Tamron Hall. Sheesh.

    Can someone tell me please about the authorization for PBO to do this? Now PBO the constitutional lawyer who taught constitutional law certainly knows what he could and could not do in this situation. So why are are these folks going ballistic saying he doesn’t have the authority to order this military participation with out going before congress?

  32. Honestly, I just think the journalist really don’t know anything…..it’s painfully clear that they are not very inform on many issues and I use to listen to them.

  33. I am really scared of the impeachment meme being spread.

    I wonder what Democrats’ opinion of impeachment will be.

  34. Not to mention delegation of responsibilities. I’m positive that President Obama gave orders to those agencies with expertise and the military to help the people and Government in any way they can. Put the best experts in control and get out of their way (with reports back of course).

    I have a feeling that President Obama is not putting himself and America front and center on the Japanese happening because consumer confidence is a very emotional thing. If people see all of that devastation, and then see the situation in Libya it could hurt the economy at home, which would effect Japan negatively as well as they look to eventually rebuild and in need of consumers for their exports. He’s playing the long game here.

  35. That’s their choice, they don’t want to participate positively in this time of change, they don’t have to. I say God bless em but I just don’t care.

  36. To make you point about PBO’S Authority to do comes with our membership in the UN AND THE NATO treaty. The mem just love trying to run the country from in front of a camara,but if they saw the things the President sees and hears everyday they could not handle the truth. Why do all Presidents age so fast if not because they get to see the real facts of what is really happening around the world.

  37. POTUS is actually speaking on it now.. this, I think/believe is based on enforcing a UN Security Council Law.. as members of the UN.. we are legally responsible- now this is just out of the top of my head.. but there is no possible road toward impeachement here- or any other broken laws/ rules by POTUS.. its all more BS talk by knuckleheads, both right and left- who honestly seem to never know when to STFU.

    I heard the most ridiculous nonsense on my radio this morning.. The photos of POTUS on the phone / in meetings yesterday regarding Libya.. were only taken as a way of showing him ‘pretending’ to work.. because of course we KNOW he was evah sooo busy playing soccer yesterday, no way no how he could have been doing anything like work too. These people who spew this crap are just pure STUPID. I’ve never heard so much silly lies told about any president in my lifetime..

    We can be sure that President Barack Obama has crossed every single T and dotted every single I in his decision making regarding the actions in Libya, of that I’m certain.

  38. He has authorization via the treaty which the US has with the UN. Remember, during the runup to the Iraq War, Bush was unable to cobble together a consensus about the “threat” of Saddam Hussein, thus the famous declaration “diplomacy has failed!” and his choice to attack Iraq by passing a war authorization act through the US Congress and putting together his so-called “coalition of the willing” to do similarly in their own countries, and attack Iraq in unison.

    President Obama has helped to place the UN back in its rightful position after the past administration’s attempt to discredit the UN entirely and weaken it by thumbing noses at its dictates; the current situation couldn’t be more distinct from what took place under Bushism; wiki:

    United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, on the situation in Libya, is a measure that was adopted on 17 March 2011. The Security Council resolution was proposed by France, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom.[1][2]

    Ten Security Council members voted in the affirmative (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, and permanent members France, the United Kingdom, and the United States). Five (Brazil, Germany, and India, and permanent members China and Russia) abstained, with none opposed.[3]

    The resolution demands “an immediate ceasefire” and authorizes the international community to establish a no-fly zone over Libya and to use all means necessary short of foreign occupation to protect civilians.[4]

    Key points

    The resolution, adopted under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter:

    *demands the immediate establishment of a ceasefire and a complete end to violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians;
    imposes a no-fly zone over Libya;

    *authorises all necessary means to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas, except for a “foreign occupation force”;
    strengthens the arms embargo and particularly action against mercenaries, by allowing for forcible inspections of ships and planes;
    imposes a ban on all Libyan-designated flights;

    *imposes an asset freeze on assets owned by the Libyan authorities, and reaffirms that such assets should be used for the benefit of the Libyan people;

    *extends the travel ban and assets freeze of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970 to a number of additional individuals and Libyan entities;

    *establishes a panel of experts to monitor and promote sanctions implementation.

    Permanent members China and Russia had reservations about the no-fly zone, including the practicalities of enforcing such a zone and concerns about the use of force when other means had not been exhausted, but had noted requests by the Arab League and the “special situation” in Libya and therefore abstained.[5][6] African members of the Security Council condemned the actions of the Libyan regime and supported the text.[7]

    The following day, Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany would not take part in the military operation, but added: “We unreservedly share the aims of this resolution. Our abstention should not be confused with neutrality.”


    There’s sooooo much spin taking place right now. Thanks for asking for additional information.

  39. The Left and the Right can go to hell together.

    David Cameron: UN Helped Avert Bloody Massacre In Libya

    Speaking about the action taken over Libya, the Prime Minister said the strikes had been a success in crippling Colonel Gaddafi’s air defences.

    He also confirmed the coalition operation would soon move from US command to Nato-led command.


  40. Yeah, so you say. You would think it was Iraq II — just read the banners on the news networks — they are calling it WAR.

    so a sweet AA lady can call in to Ed Schultz and say she’s done with Obama because she doesn’t want her 15 year old son to have to go to war in a few years.

    Hal Sparks handled these people with grace and facts this morning, filling in for Stephanie Miller. Ed Schultz just spurred this woman on.

  41. Buckingham Palace has confirmed US President Barack Obama will come to the UK on a state visit in May.

    It is the first state visit by a US president since that of President George W Bush and his wife, Laura, in 2003.

    President Obama came to the UK for the G20 summit in 2009 but that was not a state visit.

    In July last year David Cameron visited Washington and met Mr Obama, who will visit London from 24 to 26 May.

    The First Lady, Michelle Obama, will accompany the president on the visit but details of his itinerary have not been announced.

    The prime minister’s official spokesman said on Thursday: “The prime minister is very pleased this visit is taking place. It is a sign of the strong and enduring relationship between our two countries.”


  42. And if POTUS did NOT go in there, they would scream bloody murder! Also, cannot wait until Kucinich gets his seat eliminated…

    I am throwing a KEG-party on that day!

  43. I’m so embarrassed because I never paid attention to state dinners or anything before now…..I was so isolated, I didn’t even realize there were so many different languages in the world….Now I want to learn a new language, lol.

  44. This poll surprises me though because more than 2/3 of Americans are sick of being in Afghanistan. I didn’t think it would be this high for a new conflict.

  45. I love the pictures!

    I heard alittle of Kucinich and I turned it right off. What a fool. Impeach this President, he has really gone off the deep end.

    BWD, thanks for the update from Cameron. Our msm are fools.

  46. The White House will not prominently inject itself into congressional negotiations on Social Security reform until after key legislators in both the House and Senate unveil their plans to reduce projected long-term deficits, according to administration officials.

    That won’t please Republican leaders on Capitol Hill, who have attacked Obama for remaining silent in this debate. And these 64 Senate Republicans and Democrats won’t be too happy either. But it’s part of a broader political and policy strategy the administration is employing to keep Obama’s powder dry while Republicans struggle to reduce deficits without increasing revenues in any meaningful way.


  47. Oh good. I was wondering where this poll was coming from. I despise CNN but since its from them it is legitimate.
    Good to see America ignoring the loud mouths and understanding the facts.

  48. steve benen made a good point that if 64 of them can get a consensus on this letter then why can’t they get together on legislation that is their job to write? cowards.

  49. The public has heard of the atrocities of Quadafi, or however you spell his name, I’ve seen about 100 different spellings. And much of the news media wasn’t in high gear over the weekend as they seem to be today. They must have glanced at those polls and decided to take them down a few points, inviting every Libya critic on they could scrape up including Kucinich and his preposterous impeachment talk. Why would they waste air time with that? Why?

  50. I agree. The fact that people were slaughtered and more were going to be indicates, to me at least, that many of us care more about human beings than politics. As stated before, Clinton stood by and did nothing about Rwanda. He says he regrets that.

  51. well afghan is a 10plus years war (which i still support) operation odyssey is an immediate and what will be short action by an international coalition to stop what would have been a blood bath in Benghazi and soon outs a leader who has repeatably acted on his repeated statement to murder his own people.

    thank God America seems get this. Again proving both the professional right and left to be misinformed pieces of cow dung.

  52. Well, guess our prez told them what’s what regarding his authority to issue the military action at the press conference. MSM are such fools.

    President Obama is just brilliant. Kucinich and the rest of the PL can suck eggs because all they’re trying to do is cash in. The republicans are just clueless. They don’t even understand the constitution. Idiots.

  53. Dennis the Menace strikes again!


    SMH, seems like Kucinich really wants to primary President Obama, Kucinich has seriously lost it!

    It’s fools like Kucinich that really make me despise the UNprofessional left: way too much grandstanding, pouting and complaining and a lack of ideas and solutions.

    Kucinich has every right to criticize our attacks on Libya, calling for President Obama to be impeached is completely counterproductive, not to mention a waste of time. How far did his impeachment charges against President Bush go?

    Ohio needs to vote this tool, along with Boner out of office. Kucinich was a crappy mayor and is a crappy Democratic Rep; he votes more with Republicans than he does with Democrats, why doesn’t he switch to being a full time Tea Party Republican?

  54. Just finished listening to POTUS and the Chilean leader’s presser. Anyone that listens or watches MSM bloviators such as this Shultz person I see people comment about or the Dem senator that was much discussed in the other thread, should listen to our President’s reply to queries pertaining to operation Odyssey Dawn. Our President is just, well I don’t have words except I stand with him a bazillion %.

    Listen to the presser when it comes online if you missed it. πŸ˜€

  55. POTUS is much MUCH more intelligent than these bloviators on the UNprofessional left. All they do is stir up drama and conflict for ratings and money, they don’t care about actually getting things done for the country.

    I bet none of these Monday Night Quarterbacks would have the guts to make these tough decisions if they were President, it’s so much easier to sit on the sidelines and carp endlessly.

  56. New CNN poll shows public FAVORS POTUS moves:

    2. Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling: (RANDOM ORDER)
    The situation in Libya
    Approve Disapprove No Opinion
    50% 41% 9%
    28. Some people have suggested establishing a “no-fly” zone in Libya which would be an area patrolled
    by military planes from the U.S. and other countries to prevent Gadhafi from using his air force. No
    U.S. ground troops would be involved but U.S. airplanes or missiles might be used to shoot down
    Libyan airplanes or attack ground bases used by the Libyan air force. Do you favor or oppose the
    U.S. and other countries attempting to establish a “no-fly zone” in Libya?
    Mar. 18-20 Mar. 11-13

    Favor 70% 56%
    Oppose 27% 40%
    No opinion 3% 4%

    Click to access rel5a.pdf

  57. Because he is out of a job, so now he wants to run for POTUS! He could not even keep his seat as congressman, could never win ohio governorship, but, hey- lets try for leader of the free world! Has he been hanging out with Chralie sheen?

  58. Yes, thank you so much gn! Ha the righties hate it because, once again, President Obama has done what Bush and the repubs could not do. No one wanted to work with the US under those idiots. President Obama has forged and is forging alliances that will truly bring our country back from the mess Bush put it in.

    Need to send this to Chris Matthews, actually all of the media, which seems to have forgotten what happened under Bush.

    President Obama just continues to amaze me.

  59. The entire congress combined can not match this man’s level. They’re a joke.

    I’m listening to PBO’s speech now, and it’s like listening to an alien.

  60. Following the Republican dog whistles. All of them. I’m glad I’m at work today and can’t listen to their b.s.

    Under the UN treaty(?/Charter(?), the President is authorized to take this action. It is what Congress agreed to when they accepted the charter (at least that’s what Hal Sparks kept saying this morning).

    On this President isn’t allowed the rights and responsibilities that every other President has had.

    For all of Bush’s bluster, he could afford it: he had full support from his party, all the time, for anything. When this President has to make a strong stand he [now] knows that he can count on his own party to kick him as hard as Republicans.

    It’s disgusting.

  61. We now know what kind of President Kucinich would be: he would follow his ideology no matter what (like the tea party Republicans). He would NEVER defend this nation if it was necessary because it would offend his delicate principles.

    But he can sue the government for food he eats in the cafeteria and believes in aliens. Yet the Left loves this Idiot.

  62. It’s because the world saw that the Bushies were lying. France especially was like “get this trash out of here.” Previous to the Iraq War, the US got numerous concessions, they just wanted to slow down and let the weapons inspectors finish their work. The Bushies couldn’t have that because as we all know, there were no WMDs to find. So they declared that there was no diplomatic solution to the Iraq “crisis” and thus were forced to work around the UN.

    And in addition, Bushies found the notion that there was an international body which could put limits on the behavior of individual nations–they found this appalling and worked very diligently to paint the UN as a weak, useles body, and made the argument that Bush couldn’t and wouldn’t trust the UN to protect or allow the UN to second-guess him when he was trying to protect the American people. President Obama’s current choices have done *a lot* to restore the UN’s credibility.

    I remember this Bush period well because it’s when I really started paying attention to politics (though not nearly as much as now, I was still silly). I remember all of the lies, the nonstop spin, how the media would print truth versus lies and pretend that both were equal (remember Bush disdaining fact-based people as “reality-based” while he just skipped over the facts because he was creating his own reality–bragged about that). In a lot of ways, that toxic environment which got so many people to act outside of their own best interests has never stopped.

    We are, right here, the solution we’ve been looking for. Thanks everyone!

  63. That is because the left is just looking for someone to blame for this recession we are in…
    Wait till the left heres what the republican presidential hopefuls have in mind, they are going to shit themselves!
    Which is why none of them(Pawlenty did a exploratory committee today) have engaged in anouncing their candidacy!
    They want the left to primary POTUS! They can’t do it alone, ya know!

  64. And about that leadership question the MSM keeps flying at POTUS! It is all because POUTS(very intuitively) will not go first on SS and or entitlements reform.
    If he did, it would be crazy and self defeating, as the PUBS would bash himn over the head with it, and the far left would try to k*** him! Seriously!

  65. Oh man I really hope ya’ll are listening to POTUS’ speech right now.. omg.. I’m gettng chills here.
    It just ended.
    Not just about unity between our peoples, govt, trade.. but world unity- how we can accomplish so much good when we all work and come together.. it was just common sense and inspiring.

  66. President Obama just wrapped up another terrific speech in Chile. And, I just got to say this, dang my President has swagga. I just love to watch him walk.

  67. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius established the Secretary’s Tribal Advisory Committee (STAC) to advise the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on its government-to-government relationship and delivery of services to Tribal communities. At the STAC’s first meeting in Washington, D.C., the Tribal representatives heard about American Recovery and Reinvestment Act programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN).

    The Recovery Act empowered HHS to help jump-start the economy, maintain health care services, expand access to affordable health care, protect those in greatest need and provide for the early care and education of young children and create or save jobs. As part of its Recovery Act mandate, HHS provided more than $700 million for programs to specially assist Tribal communities. As presented to the STAC, the following are highlights of HHS Recovery Act funding benefiting AI/AN people.

    Indian Health Service
    The Recovery Act provided $500 million through the Indian Health Service (IHS) for the construction of priority health care facilities, building maintenance and improvement, water and wastewater sanitation projects, the purchase of critical medical equipment and health information technology (IT). IHS also administers another $90 million in Recovery Act funds from the Environmental Protection Agency for sanitation projects. Recovery Act funding supports two major hospital construction projects and more than 1,200 other projects, allowing IHS to make deep inroads in the backlog of essential maintenance and repairs of health and sanitation facilities. For example:


  68. LOL, Jovie @Kucinich being out of a job. He ran in 2008 against then Sen. Obama and the democrats said heck no to him. Ohio is getting ready to kick him to the curb. What in the world makes him think he stands a chance?

    Shaking my head.

  69. Kelly – New words to describe our support, which I’ll co-sign:

    “a bazillion percent”


  70. I am so angry with what going on. Democrats are so dumb. they can be lead into turning on their own parents.

  71. It is because they are NOT top down, which(at times) can be somewhat dangerous! Also, some dems are NOT dems, they are green party or socialists! Seriously!

  72. Just how stupid are these people!?!

    All they have to do is look at Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Florida etc to know what will happen to this nation with another Repub President and Congress in charge.

    Kucinich, the baby Whiner, Saunders and their ilk make me want to vomit! They care for nothing but their own ignorant, deluded, over blown selves and nothing about this country and all the people who will suffer if the Repugnants have their way.

    Instead of this juvenile bs they should be supporting their President and out working everywhere for Dems to get elected in State and local elections.

    Sweet blushing baby Jesus! How much longer do we have to endure these ‘friends’ who would see PBO lose and all of this country suffer as a result?

    Sorry BWD and family, got carried away and leaving now to take a chill pill….

  73. *heehee* this article from bracketboy made me lol over the weekend. i think the green eyed bandit (jealousy/envy) is what is wrong with most politicians in usa. Our president is so full of greatness and no matter what they do or say they can’t contain his greatness or break him. They reek of so much jealousy its actually disturbing at this point. At least bracketboy admits his own jealousy tho. πŸ˜€


  74. Sen Tester polls very slightly ahead of GOP challenger Rep. Denny Rehberg 46-45 with 9% undecided. This is going to be a barnburner of a race, and polling this far out in this case isn’t futile in that Rehberg very well known as well.

    Worth nothing that there shouldn’t be any tough votes for Tester the next two years given any vote in the Senate will need seven Republicans to provide cover for any vote he makes. OTOH Rehberg will have to deal with all the teabagger votes in the House.

    Given that this seat is the main target of the GOP and they got their top pick in Rehberg, I have to like these numbers.

  75. Great insights from wsy folks:


    Did you hear Boyce [member of the Soul Patrol] damn near start criticizing free elections? He wanted so bad to disagree that he was on the verge of bashing democracy. Now regardless of the imperfections of the US system….does he seriously think that a dictatorship regime for 4 damn decades IS the best for Libya or any other country with thinking people?

    I truly believe that all of those uprisings are because those citizens of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya all see one thing…..”THIS IS OUR ONE SHOT” They know they got limited time because a sane man is the President of the United States finally, and this is their ONE SHOT.

    Seriously, I think these negros complaining would support Idi Amin if it meant hurting PBO.


    You’re speaking my mind…..”THIS IS OUR ONE SHOT”. Why all of a sudden are all these nations uprising? They got “inspired” seeing the process and the ultimate result of a change tidal wave in U.S., and the symbol happens to be a black man in a majority white country, something that seemed impossible even to us. One cannot hold back a swell of people longing for a sense of directing their own destinys.



    Something to mull over for those wondering why all of this is taking place right now.

  76. Funny. LOL. I agree that Jealousy is a huge part of most of the (unfair) criticism. “Does he have to be good at EVERYTHING?—even brackets???”

  77. Oh puhleeze. That would guarantee that there would NEVER be another democrat elected to office. Double dog dare them. Let them spread the impeachment meme.

    Hey! Didn’t we already go through this late last year? Minorities are not having that.

    If someone wants to run because they believe they can do a better job, then fine. If they want to run because the President is a black man and as a result his accomplishments should be downgraded by 10. . . well good luck with that.

  78. So it’s almost April 2011, and so far, not one Republican has definitively announced that he/she is running. Will it be September 2012 before we stop hearing about all these “exploratory committees?” The GOP primary campaign should be starting soon, right?

  79. The first debate is supposed to take place in May. I wonder if they’ll have any candidates for it.

  80. The 64 senators want to put PBO front and center on the budget and deficit issues. The problem is that the Constitution delegates the power of the budget and spending to Congress, with the mandate that all spending/budget bills must begin in the H. of Rs. because it’s larger size is more representative of the citizens.

    The 64 senators are cowards because they don’t want to deal with the political fallout that could be the result of their actions. PBO has already provided leadership on the issues of the budget and the deficit. I recall seeing his budget/deficit reductions suggestions, so I know these senators saw it. PBO is right to let them swing in the wind and do their job. The Constitution states that it is their responsibility, and they know it, so they’d better get cracking.

    Addressing budget and deficit issues is not a delegated power for the president per Article II of the Constitution. The senators’ issue is with getting re-elected, and even the democrats will sacrifice PBO’s re-election to protect themselves. They also know how unreliable the republicans are, and that whatever the president says/does about the deficit/budget, they’ll criticize it anyway.

    These 64 senators can go fruck themselves as far as I’m concerned. If the president does not get very involved in the legislative side of this issue, the Constitution backs him up. They need to grow up, make the difficult decisions, and defend them. I’m so glad that PBO is not agreeing to do their job for them. As lowdown and dirty as many of them have been to him, if I were him, I wouldn’t do their job for them either. These are the some of the same dems who stabbed him in the back on HCR, on Gitmo, and are stabbing him in the back on his decision-making process re Libya. Fruck ’em.

    Yeah, I’m pizzed. Fracking cowards.

  81. Unless there is a draft her son won’t be forced to do anything. Its shameful that Ed spurred her own. I didn’t listen to any radio today and I’m glad. Good for Hal for trying to set things straight. I’ve been listening to cable all day and they’re losing their minds…

  82. hopefruit2 – I have been waiting myself. Currently there is only:

    Republican Party
    Main article: Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2012

    Herman Cain, businessman and radio talk show host from Georgia

    John Davis, businessman from Colorado

    Newt Gingrich, former U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives from Georgia

    Fred Karger, political consultant and gay activist from California

    Andy Martin, perennial candidate from Illinois

    Jimmy McMillan, perennial candidate from New York

    Tim Pawlenty, former Governor of Minnesota

    Buddy Roemer, former Governor of Louisiana


  83. Kucinich is just trying to drum up some retirement funds to keep his boo happy. Fool – he can go kick rocks.

  84. Ask and you shall recieve (sorta) as Tim Pawlenty announced he is forming an exploratory committee today.

  85. I really liked his speech but the audience seemed really quiet. Attentive but quiet. CNN cut away before the end so maybe they gave a thunderous round of applause at the end. Regardless, it was a very good speech.

  86. I don’t know if he has ever sponsored legislation that was passed. In fact, few if any have made it out of committee. All bark no bit.

  87. I saw this on twitter but have yet to see this on the cables. What gives? Apparently the War Powers act says he has 48 hrs to notify Congress. Even if this not about nat security as has been noted here (and on twitter) the US has certain obligations to the UN.

    On a side note…watching Cenk mock Repubs criticizing PBO…no matter what he does. Kinda ironic that he doesn’t see how he falls in that camp too.

  88. BWD Thank you, Thank you. And please everybody STOP paying attention to D Kucinich. M Moore The HP JERKS, and E Schulz and the rest of the Talking heads on cable.
    I am really tired of those people that I do not watch TV cable anymore, just let’s fpcus on the good things this President is doing, I do trust him people are just jelous at our smart President, And yes he can walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time.
    I just check at Univision for Monday the 28th and it’s going to be very vig thing for the Hispanic comunity.

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