Yes, we also can!


40 thoughts on “Yes, we also can!

  1. At this time of major breaking stories everywhere, count on you BWD to give us so much nuance to counteract the screaming headlines. Thanks.

  2. Happy sunday everybody..!! 😀

    I saw this on my twitter timeline:

    First, Obama visit the Fund for Children and Adolescents, accompanied by the Governor Sergio Cabral and Mayor Eduardo Paes. #GloboNews

  3. Yes, my daughter can and did.

    She passed out of her medical college today with flying colors. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I am a happy man today.

  4. Good morning everyone. I’m so glad that President Obama chose to visit the City of God. This “vacation” seems to be filled with work, as well as the stressful Libyan situation. I’m really glad that FLOTUS and the weeMichelles came along; hopefully they can all steal a few minutes of rest and relaxation; God knows, they deserve it.

  5. And you should be a happy man today. Congratulations to your daughter! What will be her specialty?

  6. Excellent news, amk! Congratulations to you and your daughter! Yes, our kids can do great things!!!

  7. We probably won’t get it from the MSM (without some snarky punditry filtering what he says)…

    Hopefully our BWD will find a livestream link?

  8. I read that there may be another Gulf oil leak.Anything else this man needs on his plate?

  9. This visit is such a contrast to our former Doofus-In-Chief’s visit to Brazil, when he asked, “Brazil has black people too?” Hard to believe we survived that idiot’s tenure!

    PBO looks great, and bless him for handling all he has to juggle with excellence and grace.

  10. Snopes has it in the undetermined category. Might be true, might not. Georgie wasn’t very intelligent so I wouldn’t put it passed him.

  11. I remember vividly hearing about this around the time of Dumbya’s visit to Brazil and being dumbfounded. I also seem to remember it being discussed on a morning radio show I used to listen to at the time…

  12. ^Tulips, this isn’t today’s PBHO Speech…

    But, it’s yesterday’s/Friday’s:

    Remarks by the President on Libya: “Today We are Part of a Broad Coalition. We are Answering the Calls of a Threatened People. And We are Acting in the Interests of the United States and the World” | The White House via @AddThis

  13. And he went to “the slum”…the other one NEVER would have done that. Just the “AIR” there would have him disinfecting himself.What a cretin he was.

  14. Yellow!! My goodness those girls look wonderful in yellow along with their beautiful mother. My heart is full, truly. How proud I am of our first family.

    Wonderful, wonderful photos blackwaterdog! I can’t get enough of them (here so-red-it’s-almost-maroon-northern-Utah). Thank you!

  15. Not too late to add my congratulations (and best wishes as she progresses), I hope!

  16. PBO has some fancy foot work…..thank you BWD! Reverting to father-in-chief when he is around children is so touching. He is a national treasure for sure. Thank God for President Obama.

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