Unbelievable (2nd Update with more photos)

The President of the United States plays soccer with the kids at the City Of  God.


110 thoughts on “Unbelievable (2nd Update with more photos)

  1. Dang… I love this man!!! You may not be able to see it, but there is a shining star above his head.

  2. I heart our POTUS and FLOTUS! They are awesome, grounded, and exceptionally empathetic people.

  3. Thank you BWD you always come tru for us.
    PBO is just ameizing, of course in the sanday
    talk showa this AM they did not mention anything about his trip what a bunch of freaks.

  4. This is why the whole would loves him as much as majority here in this country. The idea of a the president of the US acting so normal and like a regular dude instead of the leader of the free world makes him approachable to a lot of people. They have seen past US presidents as caucasian, kinda stuck up and not normal in their eyes. Many people love that he and michelle are so humble and approachable. The fact that he is the most powerful man in the world comes as a shock to some people because he acts like a regular dude. The same with michelle obama. They absolutely love her especially youths.

  5. Just great photos of President Obama playing soccer with the kids. There are no big enough words to describe the depth and multiple genuine sterling qualities of this man. The good will and friendships the Obamas are building and solidifying is limitless and will have dividends that pay off well into the future.

  6. If someone told me five years ago, I’d be witnessing this, I wouldn’t have believed it. Terrific.

  7. LOL! Glad that you remembered that today is Sunday. But if you go on to our other site (The Obamadiary), you will have lots of company!!

  8. I don’t see how Rio is going to pull off an Olympics.

    That is the most dangerous city I have ever been in. It’s gonna be open season on tourists.

  9. I so love my Prez! And I totally &heart; Michelle and those beautiful girls. This family just shines with what “real family values” are.

    Had to share this. One of my Granddaughters had a birthday last week. She decided to name her birthday doll, Sasha, because: “I really like that real little girl, Sasha. I wish I could play with her. Do you think she would come to our house if I asked her over?”

    Children seem to really cut to the chase and see “real” way better than a lot of adults.

  10. Will the general public get to see these great pictures, or are they just for us elitist who love him and seek out sites that will show them?

  11. Dang. No other world leader can connect with kids like this guy can. A great role model for all kids around the world.

  12. Well, that’s what they said about Joburg, South Africa too in the last football world cup. And SA did a great job.

  13. The other thing I love about this is that him playing soccer isn’t just some awkward photo-op for him. He really truly loves children and sports and isn’t afraid of people of any economic status.

  14. And I felt the same way about the physical condition of Athens as well; I thought they’d never pull it off, but they did, and spectacularly.

  15. Hey, tigerfists: We’re all related. But Brazil, and Hawaii, and President Obama are great reminders of that.
    These photographs make me very proud of my people.

    Can you imagine either Bush or Reagan doing this?


  16. Uh-oh: President Obama was invited to the City of God by a Community Organizer. I can hardly wait to watch rightwing heads explode. Futball, brown kids, French-like, Spanish-like language, and community organizers, too.
    Time for popcorn!

    p.s.: howcome his kids didn’t get to play? That sucks.

  17. Sasha played for a little while. Malia was wearing flats that werent really appropriate for playing.

  18. Joe,
    I can just predict what the right would say.
    “look at that socialist, Maoist, Statist,Commie spending Tax payers money in a communist country. That money should be spent in Amurrrika.”

  19. Thanks BWD for bringing these wonderful pictures of my beloved President and his family. I can always count on you for quality info!!

    Truly, President Obama is a man of extra-ordinary kinship. He fits in anywhere and with with anyone. The pics of him and the children are priceless… they show his humbleness and humane character. He does not think himself above anyone. I pray God to continue His blessings on PBO, that He will shelter him and protect him.

    And by the way, I see millions of stars above his head, each illuminating his brightness and goodness. I am so happy PBO is my President.
    Have a great Sunday, and thanks again for this terrific site.

  20. Malia is also in that very self-conscious age/stage whereas Sasha is still care-free and fearless.

  21. I noted they moved Obama’s speech inside because of security concerns. It was originally scheduled to be outdoors in a square. I am relieved because I am always worried about his safety.

  22. Yeah, that’s a really good point. You can see the self-consciousness but Malia is so gorgeous; wait until she grows into her skin. She looks just like her daddy, that’s his mini-me.

  23. Yes, Malia is growing so fast from little girl to beautiful young woman that she may feel that “all eyes are upon me, making judgments.” It has to be really tough for her to come of age in such an environment. This is a hard time of life for all young people but especially for someone so much in the public eye.

    Her parents, Grandmother and family will love, support and protect her through this time.

  24. Funny. I don’t see this as “unbelievable.” I see this as the President doing what he would do if he wasn’t the President.Real. Honest. Stuff.Love Him.Love him.

  25. Oh really?

    Perhaps you haven’t heard. Their economy collapsed. Largely under the weight of debt they took on to upgrade the country and security in order to pull it off.

    So while it may have worked for the 2 week event. It required spending money they did not have.

  26. and remind me what happened to Greece after they spent whatever it took to pull it off.

  27. I watched the speech it was great, but, but the MSM how dare he can multitask, Chuckie Tadd makes me puke, by saying that POB Ordered
    the bo,ing of Lybia from brasil what is wrong with those HW Press A.H”s?

  28. Brasil is a very important country in Latin America and plays a big roll in the global Economy, jusy ask Ex president LULA of Brasil.

  29. After this presidents 2 terms in office. I know one thing. I will no longer support the left.

  30. A simple thing, really, but one of the things I love about the Obamas is their wisdom to ‘dress for the occasion/company’. I looked at the President in picture 2 (and others) and he fits right in physically with those men who are observing. If you didn’t know he was the president [who in the world doesn’t ;)] he’d be hard to identify. I contrast this with the leaders who feel it almost always imperative to be suited up – so that they can be easily identified? -so that their prestige can be seen? -or just because they are thoughtless?

  31. In the Reid Report’s great article about the decision making process of the WH on Libya he has this great quote:

    That won’t move people like Michael Moore or Glenn Greenwald, but then, little that this administration could do would – short of literally abdicating the White House to Dennis Kucinich.

    Just made me laugh.

    In that article he references this other great article: Obama’s First War by Marc Ambinder http://www.nationaljournal.com/whitehouse/obama-s-first-new-war-20110319?page=2

  32. BWD…I’m not twitter savvy, so I’m having a tough time following the train of thought in your re-tweets (is that what they’re called?). Maybe I need a reference point. What is all this about the left jumping the shark by agreeing with dictators and getting their talking points from dictators? Seems like people who support the President are upset about the way this Libya thing is being handled. I’m confused.

  33. makesense4tulips
    me and you both. I will vote on an individual record and the ones who supported President obama.

  34. Mel Osorio,
    yes I know but the Right wing is a bunch of screw racist elephant droppings that do not deserve to be in this country. The right wing need to be exiled.

  35. Its disqusting how they are trying to damage. I will write a letter to the Dnc also. Daily kos should not be classed as a democratic site. David Gregory and Msnbc is disgraceful. The left is just as racist as the right, the only difference is the right put theirs out in the open

  36. I have been following the events and listening to the news reports from Sao Paulo and Rio and the reception has been extremely positive. When the trip was planned there was some disappointment about his not coming to Sao Paulo but seeing how things played out I believe that Rio was the best place for him to go on his first visit to Brasil. In Brasil, Brasilia is the center of government, Sao Paulo the center of business and Rio the center of culture. Think of DC, NYC and LA.

    One reporter actually cited the African Diaspora when they were showing films of him visiting Cidade de Deus. It has been cited that approximately 40 percent of Brazilians can trace their lineage back to Africa. One of the other issues that came up at the end of this week was the cancellation of an open air speech that was to take place in Cinelandia. It’s my hunch that it was done for security concerns with everything currently going on and to avoid the group of people protesting during the speech. The protesters were peaceful.

    I would have liked to been in Rio or Brasilia for the visit but I am pretty sure he will make it back here in his second term.

  37. with respect I gotta say you are generalizing which is never a good thing.

    I have been following the lead up to our President and the international coalition going in on the Libyan dictator and I personally think he has handled this exactly as it should be. I also support him so I don’t know which people you are speaking on behalf of but certainly not me nor the irl people around me.

    Lastly I do not see anything confusing about BWD tweets. Only confusion is YOU or the sanctimonious or PL not agreeing with the facts which of course you have every right to but just cause you don’t agree with it does not make it untrue.

  38. Actually there’s a picture on obamadiary.com that shows Malia doing some stunts with the soccer ball.

  39. The pictures and video clips of our First family in Brazil have been amazing. There is a clip of them arriving to the hotel in Rio….that clip gave me life. Seeing and hearing the crowd of people yelling Obama! Obama!! brought back amazing memories. May God keep blessing our President and bring him home safe. 😀

  40. The same people who yelled at him last week to do something about Libya,now yelling at him to stop doing what they yelled at him to do. It’s never about the issues, it’s always about Barack Obama. Most of these people now takes the word of a ruthless dictator over PBO. That’s a new level of Obama-Hate.

    I don’t like wars as much as anyone, but i lived years in the Middle East. Gaddafi is one of the worst dictators since Hitler. He’s butchering his people. It would be very wrong to stand on the sideline and let him do it. The hypocrisy of so-called “progressives” is mind-blowing, and i agree with the one who tweet that you know you jumped the Liberal left jumping the shark when you take the side of a dictator.

  41. WOW…did you ever misunderstand what I was writing. Holy cow.

    I just don’t understand what’s being said because the tweets themselves are difficult to read visually for me. All the # signs and @ signs and multiple @ signs. I’m trying to visually navigate the text and I’m getting lost. I tried clicking on a couple things and got even more lost. I don’t know what people are saying and I want to. I just wish that someone would give me some plain text references to what is being said in these tweets. What do people mean when they say jumping the liberal shark?

    I’m not in disagreement with what is going on, but my take on these tweets seems to indicate that the original tweets are from people who are all up in arms. I’m just asking for someone to translate tweet-eze into English for people like me who are not savvy enough to follow along.

  42. if you not following the same person, bwd is responding to, it’s hard to follow. Basically, Michael Moore and other fauxgressives are now backing the dictator Quaddafi.

    MM has seriously lost his mind.

  43. I know this must mean the world to the people of Brazil. I believe it’s the country with the largest black population in the world.

  44. Thank you. I did not know that. I’ve never been a fan of Michael Moore. Always thought he was a loon. Guess I’m insulting the Loons.

  45. And Andrew Sullivan is spening his Sunday bashing Obama in such an irrational way….it does not make sense….his main argumenent is that Bush at least got Congress’ approval before he started his war (the problem with this is that it was not a declration of war and Bush had to lie to get Congress to approve). Does he want Obama to lie and say that Qhaddafhi has WMD? WTF?

  46. I have noticed something I thought was interesting from the very beginning about the Obamas. Malia looks so much like Barack (“his mini-me” as you put it) while I think Sasha looks more like her Mama and Granny. Do you notice how each Obama seems to stand closest to the child that looks more like their own opposite.

    Michelle seems to always be holding Malia’s hand or leaning near her, while saucy Sasha has her Dad’s. Not to say that either Obama parent plays favorites in any way just that each seems to love that special part of each other that is blooming in their children. In my eyes that’s showing the deeper part of any couple’s love.

    Just saying…..

  47. Moore as lost his dam mind. He’s just rambling now. He keeps saying this is a unilateral effort, forgetting that the Arab League, France, England and others are the ones leading the effort.

  48. I love Bishop Tutu. I heard him speak and got to shake his hand once, years ago. Thanks for sharing this link, tigerfists88.

  49. None of them are making any sense now. It’s like they are letting their hatred/jealousy of the President cloud thier limited thinking process.

  50. Clearly MM is an amateur when it comes to hating our President. Even Fox and the Republicans know you create two narratives, one for either possibility. So one ‘we hate Obama’ meme for if the President attacks unilaterally and another ‘we hate Obama’ if President Obama manages the impossible by actually using the UN the way it was meant to be used, cobbling together a coalition of the willing and has all his legal duck in a row before he takes a back seat to France scenario. MM needs to go back to leftie school. I hear they’re giving a course in three-dimensional tiddly-winks.

  51. I see the MSM has been busy spinning all day. First of all, they started false rumors about the Arab League being against the coalition and condemning the airstrikes. The Arab league has since denied these rumors and reiterated their support for the no-fly zone.

    Now the MSM is engaging in more spin by implicitly or explicitly stating that: (1)it’s the American military leading,(2) they will not hand over the operation to the French/British forces anytime soon, and (3)they will prolong the war indefinitely.

    I also noticed that CNN deliberately chose to cut-off the live Pentagon briefing thereby preventing viewers from hearing directly from the Pentagon, and instead put their own reporters and carried on with their opinion/spin on events.

  52. Yes, I notice the entire MSM spectrum is becoming so unhinged with this Obama hatred that they now seem to be on side of Quadafi, fervently hoping that he doesn’t concede so that they can gleefully declare Barack Obama a failure – something they’ve been itching to do for the longest while.

    I believe it was the American MSM who deliberately started that false rumor about the Arab League not supporting the airstrikes. The Arab League has since denied this and reiterated their support for the airstrikes.

  53. What could be worse for the MSM than for this Libya plan to actually work? If President Obama not only resets relations with Russia, but also creates an entirely new paradigm for how to deal with instability in the Middle East, then the media will be severely weakened in its ability to create horrifying enemies that we must defeat at all costs. Neocons will become extinct!

  54. Journalism in the United States died on September 11, 2001. Its only surviving offspring was a child residing in the Internet who has been growing slowly but surely and has now given birth to twins Facebook and Twitter.

    Notice how the empty husk we call the MSM is actively asking for Twitter and Facebook material for their national broadcasts? There is no journalism when it comes to politics, or even natural disasters. There is only a vile form of entertainment media mired in sensationalism.

  55. I’m waiting on Tavis Smiley to tweet that the bust of MLK in the oval office now weeps at the thought of two black Nobel Peace Prize winners supporting war… Will he now turn his hateration the Bishop?

  56. Yeah, you’re exactly right. But I didn’t think they could even physically do it, regardless of the debt.

  57. Yes! I’ve really noticed that. I didn’t want to bring it up because like you, I think that they’re way too smart to play favorites, but it really does seem like each gravitates towards the child who looks like the other.

    Man, I just love these people, I love looking at them at a respectful distance. I feel the way that people must have felt looking at the Kennedy’s.

  58. Yes, and I actually think that the PL would protect her as well. As much as I go in on the lefty media, let someone like McCain or Rush talk trash about Malia the way that they believed that they could talk about Chelsea Clinton; all hell would break loose. I still get livid reading about these girl-haters’ attacks upon a 12 and 13 year old child during the Clinton era. If they try to pull something like that again, it’s on and popping.

  59. A big side eye to Sullivan, because he’s just twisting facts to suit an agenda. I’ve been giving people the side eye all weekend, because their comments are high on information and low on facts.

    Also, a big side eye to The Arab League – they were the ones wanting a no fly zone and now they’re backing down? The West insisted on things to be Arab lead, because they wouldn’t have gone into the ME without it – Iraq is still a concern- but The Arab League wanted a no fly zone and now they’re kvetching about what a no fly zone means?

    The thing is, after the world falling down re: Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Bhurma and other countries where rulers have butchered their own people, it would be a stain on the collective consciousness to stand by and watch Qhadaffi do the same, and not act.

    Iraq and Libya are two different countries, the situations are incomparable, and if Sullivan believes that, well… his emotions have ridden roughshod over his common sense.

  60. What the he’ll do they think that air force one us for?? The whole reason why the Prssident travels with a military contingent of staff ??? This President is one of the best multi-taskers! The media need controversy to sell. All of this is trumped up BullShit!!!

  61. Yup I’ve noticed it too. However, Dr. Freud would argue that it may be age related and that the girls are at different developmental stages. According to Dr. Freud, Malia has hit puberty and is at the threshold of womanhood. While she remains emotionally close, she has to physically separate from her father and develop her femininity patterned after her mother. Sasha on the other hand, has not reached that developmental stage and is quite comfortable being physically close to her Dad. If in three years I see Sasha gravitating more towards Mom than Dad, then Mr. Freud may have a point here.

    OK…enough psychoanalyzing the Prez’s kids!!

  62. It certainly is like the Kennedys.
    We adored the kids. Everyone paid attention to them, and Jackie is Michelle. Different
    styles but they both are fashion icons.

    Jack was so handsome and clever. When I
    found out what he was up to, it broke my
    heart. He was my hero. I will never forget where I was when he was shot. I left my job without permission and so fired. I did not
    care. I wanted to get to a television.

    It is easy to see why the Kennedy family
    stood behind PBO rather than Hillary.

  63. There is a generation of young, brown skinned, soccer playing youth who will grow up having seen an American President, who looks an awful lot like them, playing soccer with children in the street. That simple act will stand as a powerful, meaningful memory in the minds of millions of young people all over the world. Stuff like this means more than we probably realize.

  64. Tien, I think you were misunderstood also. I do not twitter, so I have difficult time trying to
    understand what some are trying to say.

  65. I have stopped reading Andrew since he threw his tizzy fit about the budget deficit. He is a loose canon also.

  66. Indeed – I’m sure the African countries have a decent proportion of black people in each country… 😉

  67. I know he’s the most powerful man in the world but I still see him as a man, husband, father and good person…..He’s so humble and thoughtful that it doesn’t seem like he’s in that cut throat world of politics…

  68. I really want him to stop with the open air outdoor things, but I know that’s me being protective of him…..

  69. I noticed that also…Malia always seems to step back and let Sasha have the President to herself…..and Malia is so mature she probably leans on Michelle more….I’m guessing the President probably likes to play around a lot and Malia has grown out of that stage and Sasha is still loving it.

  70. I always feel bad for the places that he can’t go to when he’s on these type of trips. I understand the people wanting him to come to their part of town tho.

  71. Darnell From LA, you have told the whole truth. Just the fact He took the time to be real with those kids and played the worlds game makes it touch more than just Brazil but the whole world. The words He spoke in Cairo and the words took hold to a hold region of the world. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

  72. The MSM doesn’t let you hear what our President says. They edit him and put their incorrect and hateful spin. This is yellow journalism pure and simple. True journalism in America died with Walter Cronkite. Its disgraceful. I hate it. I get my info only from Whitehouse.gov, the only adult in the room/bwd and the Obama Diary. Since I have been doing this, I have been a much happier person.

  73. Thank you for these stunning photos – your title is very appropriate.
    . . . And a *very* late thank you for the work you do to help keep the Sane Majority sane!
    And everyone remember – for the sake of our nation and the world, we all have a very important errand on the first Tuesday of November 2012! Four more years!

  74. The BWD community and I can form our own conclusions after listening to our President and receiving accurate info. Love you guys.

  75. @gn:

    Although I was only 11/12 years old when the Kennedys were the First Family, I still have some memories of those days. It was a different feeling toward the Kennedys than toward the Obamas. The Kennedys seemed unapproachable because they grew up in a rich, privileged atmosphere while the Obamas seem like the people next door partially due to their more humble background. They are/were similiar because they both had/have a youthful, energetic and charismatic aura.

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