President Obama’s brilliant nowruz message

President Obama’s quite extraordinary message to the Iranian people. This worth to be watched and spread as much as possible. Maybe someone in Iran will get to see it.


Here and there a sensible letter find its way out, showing un that we’re not alone: 

I have noticed that over the past three weeks, every time President Obama said that military action may be needed in Libya, the naysayers shouted out that we have too many wars going already and we don’t have a big enough stake in Libya to run up our war debt further. Fair enough.

Now that the United Nations has declared the intention of organizing a multi-national military effort there, the very same naysayers are complaining that Mr. Obama isn’t out there leading the charge. I have to ask these pundits what they would prefer the U.S. to do in this case, since attacking is the wrong answer, and not attacking is also the wrong answer.

Thad Paulhamus, Baltimore


86 thoughts on “President Obama’s brilliant nowruz message

  1. Some fools just are never satisfied. The are always complaining and bitching about something the President does.

    BWD, thanks for keeping it real. Much love to you and the community here.

  2. WOW! Next time some fool says that PBO doesn’t support the people of Iran, pull this one back out and run it again.

  3. Any uprising/revolution in Iran I hope to see in 2013 at the voting booths. Any sooner and I fear it will lead to a much larger war as neo-con hawks will want to “protect the protesters” in much the same way we’re seeing in Libya.

    As President Obama says, 60% of Iranian population is 30 and under, that is a huge demographic problem for the Ayatollahs and their puppet politicians.

  4. This just convinces me that the MSM and the pundits are schizophrenic. For over a week there has been a call for action and now that action is taken there is now oh lawd why did he go and do that. Some times it makes you wish you could slap them all and say get a grip.

    And they wonder why news print and cable news is in decline.

  5. The media and pundits need drama and conflict, hence why the media has been focused on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin for the past two years.

    Positive news just isn’t a seller in the modern day.

  6. GOD Bless our President!

    History would judge us if the US did not contribute to stop a dictator (Ghadaffi) on his way to massacre his own people with no mercy.

    Desmond Tutu supports air strikes against the Libyan government as a last resort:

  7. Thanks for this BWD. I keep trying to figure out what is the problem for so many people. They are never happy.

    Now it is Libya and just a couple of weeks ago it was Wisconsin and then it was Egypt. They never stop their whining, etc, etc. We could go back to the first day of his presidency and there would be a trail of venomous slime from that first day until now. He should do this, he should do that, and if he doesn’t I am not going to vote for him.

    I tell,it wears one down. I cannot imagine the shape I would be in now, if this site, The People’s View, The Obama Diary, and some other pragmati sites were not available.

  8. That is exactly what my husband and I said this morning, watching the talking heads explode….seriously where was all this worry when we invaded (alone) Iraq???

  9. Thanks again for this great video and the letter. It is so good to know there are other ordinary folks out there that understand what is going on and that the msm is crazy! We are not alone!

  10. I know how you feel. It does wear you down, but I have decided to look at the good that I see President Obama doing each day, and knowing that he promised that he would do his best, I have courage to move with him. They want to wear us down in any manner that they can think of with the smallness of their minds, but let us keep our feet firmly on the ground and keep moving with our President. We will win. We will overcome good with this evil that they spew out each day on this good man. So let all of us with good intentions and actions toward each other stand together and fight with all of our might and make this a wonderful and great President. We can do it. I pray a lot, I listent to my music a lot, I read good books that are written by people who have known POTUS for a very long time, and I light a candle for POTUS, each day. Find something good and believe in what he is capable of doing for us. This is a thankless job, but we thank him. So please stay focus and believe in the change that each one of us can bring alongside him. Do what makes you joyful each day. Do not allow them to take away your joy. They will try.

  11. The situation in Libya should make a lot of people step back for a second and appreciate the extremely difficult decisions that POTUS has to make every day. A lot of people are asking legitimate questions but the only honest answer is to wait and see. And then there are others who speak as if they know exactly what they would do when in fact if they were faced with this type of crisis they would be having some serious internal struggles right now.

  12. Thank you HZ! I too try to focus on other things. I have turned off the stupid and quit listening to the radio. Now I mainly come to this site and the others that BWD has on her blogroll. I know that we are going thru a time of great change and that the ugly is fighting very hard against this change. I believe in the next 6 months many things will change. I at one time was very discouraged but now I have great hope. I do have a daily prayers for the President and his family. I believe he is here at the right time.

    I am so thankful for this site and the family that is here! We will continue to support our President and each other.

  13. I am grateful for our president’s measured approach and determination to pick the best among many difficult options after full consultation with all players and development of consensus. McCain sputters that he acted too late but we could not have acted without initial request by the Arab League and push by our European partners who really should be taking the initiative along with the Arab League. If he did nothing people would scream that he was allowing slaughter of innocents. People are also complaining that he has been too passive on Japan: yet we had our armed services deployed immediately assisting Japanese efforts; we have flown in radiation monitoring equipment and provided expertise. The administration just does what is required with a minimum of fanfare and a maximum of competence. Those yelling in the media have not done any investigation. Thank goodness for twitter, bbc, al jazeera and real news sources!
    We are lucky we have BWD, chipsticks, and others to highlight what is being done.

  14. HZ, in a unexpected way President Obama is helping me on a personal level without even knowing it.

    We all know that finding a job is hard to do but my SO found one in another state. I keep telling myself “not to fear change” he’ll be back every other weekend, we will meet halfway sometime and things will be fine until he can transfere back here. I refuse to fear change and just have faith…. lighting candles also help, lol.

  15. No links yet, but from the news, Gates announced the US will be out of the Libya mission within days, and PBO has signed ten (10!) trade deals with Brazil.

  16. The problem I have with some is that they speak with such “absolute” and never take the time to ponder anything beyond a soundbite.

  17. could not get the Iranian comments to open. thnx I want twitter some Libyan freedom fighters.

  18. The Japan situation is reminding me of the Gulf, it’s like they want President Obama to put on his superman suite, fly over there and wave a magic wand.

  19. Someone wrote a letter to Josh Marshall at TPM over the amount of misinformation in the US media regarding Japan. Shocking I know. She not only sited FOX, but all the other cable channels, the NY Times AND TPM.

  20. I’ve been in that routine all year. Had to do it four years as well. Weekdays living in the town I worked in then for 2 weekends at home I had to travel 340 miles each way.

    This year its only 63 miles each way. Phone call every night and still as much love in our hearts as when we met 21 years ago. Keep the faith.

  21. This is music to my ears. I can’t wait to get more details on the trade deals with Brazil and most especially the feedback from Secretary Gates about the U.S. mission being over within days. If that happens, it’s really going be a challenge for the pundits and the naysayers to criticize that. But I am sure they will find a way.

  22. Puffington already had a huge red headline about the war going on indefinitely with no end in sight.

  23. I deleted my bookmark for Huff & Puff over a year ago. Nothing but tabloid trash, gossip, innuendo and non-stop bashing of President Obama. And those breathless screaming headlines (dripping with sarcasm) were just too much. If I never see Arianna on cable again it will be too soon. I get what I need from BWD and the amazing blogroll.

  24. Wow. Really, amazing. And I think this is what is referred to as “using the bully-pulpit?” Yes?

    Only Obama can make an address like this and have it hold any weight, and carry any meaning to the Iranian people and to the rest of the region.

    He is truly putting forth a full court press for freedom in the middle east. And though it won’t get the coverage of “tear down this wall” (if the MSM covers this message AT ALL) it is truly the same kind of plea that if heard by the Iranian people will mean a great deal.

  25. Yup. The same haters who said Obama should be down in te gulf, personally cleaning a beach are somehow implying that Obama should be “doing something” about Japan that he isn’t already doing.

    What. The. Hell. Should. He. Be. Doing, for christ’s sake??? Nobody can say. But if the haters had their way Obama would walk naked into the reactor and get cancer, just to show he “really cares.” They’re fools.

  26. I just watched a news report on ABC evening news – very positive on the President’s handling of the Libya / Brazil situation, showed a clip of Pres. talking about jobs, then when Chip Reed was asked if whitehouse felt they should have rescheduled the trip due to the events in libya, Chip reed stated

    “Not at all, Whitehouse insists Predsident Obama can do what he needs to do as easily in Brazil as Washington, and since jobs for American workers is so important, the trip could not be delayed” Also showed a clip of the Prez. talking about how Brzil stood up to dictators and Libya is doing that too.

    Overall a positive story about the situation, and Chip Reed gave him a plug, wonder how long it will last.

  27. I have been getting my updates on the disaster in Japan from the BBC News channel and the following websites. I have given up on the media in this country. They are a total embarrassment.

    1) International Atomic Energy Agency

    2) U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    3) Department of Energy (Headed by Secretary Steven Stephen Chu – a real scientist)

  28. Well; I almost fell out of my chair to read that Chip Reed had a positive report on President Obama in Brazil. I am so used to seeing him sitting in the front row of the White House briefing room asking questions that make him sound like a gossip columnist.

    It’s really simple, when the media just reports the facts it makes President Obama look like the brilliant, charismatic leader that he is. Sadly, that just doesn’t fit the narrative many of them want to portray. They just can’t accept the fact that he is smarter than them.

  29. If the President handed everyone a handful of gold coins, they would complain that they weren’t bricks. I am sure he know when to react to this wishwash and not. I have faith that he knows more than the ordinary person on the street who blathers opinions instead of facts…not to mention the blowhards on Fox

  30. This does a couple things. First, it shows the ability to function at a high level while dealing with multiple things. Remember when McCain wanted to halt the campaign because of the financial crisis. Obama replied if someone wants to be president he has to be able to do more than one thing at a time.

    Secondly, he is putting a lie to all the Republican bluster about jobs. He is out there doing something about it while they dither in washington about stupid cuts that don;t reduce the deficit, increase job loss, and hamr countless positive programs.

  31. I wouldn’t be surprised if the talking heads would be much happier if America was going in whole hog, with troops and tanks on the ground. Remember, the Military Industrial Complex holds sway over Pols as well as the press. Not to mention the MSM’s love of a good WAR and the ratings that go with it. (Remember, it was the press themselves who were pining away for our involvement in Libya as much as anyone)

    But now that the President has limited our military involvement, radically so, the displeasure you are seeing from the MSM is due to the fact that the “Attack Libya Show” will have a short, short run. And there will be no ratings grabbing highlights of US troops and tanks rolling into Tripoli, nor any video of “aaawwwesome” bombing runs on evil brown people. So Obama has deprived them of what they thought would be their big, Spring time programming: “America: Back To The Shores of Tripoli”, and the ratings that would have come with it.

    Hence, their anger. There are logos, music, special graphics, and all sorts of planned interviews with retired military folks that now have to be shelved! (boo-hoo) They probably even had a special segment planned on the origins of the Marine Hymnn for when the first Marines entered Tripoli! Damn…

  32. Thanks for the encouragement….I’m not sure how many miles it is but he said 3 hours which probably really means 4. He never gives me the real driving time, just his driving time, lol.

    I have faith his 1st day on the job tomorrow will be great…. 🙂

  33. Oh yeah, I remember “he wasn’t dressed right” when he went to the gulf…”he wasn’t showing enough emotion”…he wasn’t panicking and setting his hair on fire so they couldn’t understand his actions.

    I will never understand why President Obama just doesn’t do what the cable experts and twitter know-it-alls tell him to do…everything would work out fine if he would just carry their water for whatever single focus issue they have…….

    *rant off*

  34. The speech is brilliant and delivered with such fluency in pronouncing Farsi words it cannot fail to impress both Iranians and Iranian Americans. Can you imagine any other president with this verbal skill? It is also a powerful, revolutionary message sent directly to young people–the future is yours to shape in the image of a free people and (the kicker)I am with you. Given the hunger for information among young people in the Middle East, I suspect more Iranians will end up hearing this message than Americans. It will be ignored by the usual idiots in the American media, but I’m sure he expected as much, which, in an way, allows him to be freer in his messaging. There is simply no comparison between the effect of a message like this and the usual saber rattling anti-Iran rhetoric we get from right-wing politicians. One opens hearts; the other closes ears AND hearts.

    When I think of the grand vision the president has been unfolding–calling out to the young across the world to live up to their destiny, it sends a shiver up my spine. This is leadership on a level I have not seen before in my lifetime.

  35. Thank you for sharing that POSITIVE media report with us, WIW!

    Much appreciated :-D.

  36. BWD, I must again tip my hat to you. You did a wonderful job today bringing us the numerous clips, videos, and photos from Brazil.



  37. Egypt referendum strongly backs constitution changes

    Egyptians have strongly backed constitutional changes that will allow the country to move quickly on to elections.

    Official results show that 77% of voters in Saturday’s referendum backed the changes.

    Under former President Hosni Mubarak, elections were stage-managed affairs with pre-determined results and turnout was very low.

    A parliamentary vote may now take place as early as September.

    Mohammed Ahmed Attiyah, the head of the supreme judicial committee who supervised the vote, said 18.5 million people who voted supported the changes. Turnout was 41.2 % of the 45 million eligible voters.

    The changes include:

    • Reducing presidential terms from six years to four years and limiting the president to two terms

    • Obliging the president to choose a deputy within 30 days of election

    • Installing new criteria for presidential candidates, including a rule that they must be over 40 years old and not married to a non-Egyptian

    The country’s two main political groups, Mr Mubarak’s National Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, backed the proposals.

  38. Jackie said: This is leadership on a level I have not seen before in my lifetime.

    I totally agree with that sentence. I am just left speechless sometimes. I have run out of adjectives to describe President Obama. There are times when I just wonder where did he come from. Is this really happening? How is the possible to have this much brilliance, empathy, wisdom, compassion and grace in one man?

    We desperately needed President Obama to get us through these troubling times. We are watching history being made right before our eyes. He is truly a gift to us and the world.

  39. Don’t forget, Rubio complained that he can’t actually “SEE” the President doing anything, he just spends his time having internal debates. So, like a three year old, if Rubio can’t see it happening, then it’s just not happening.

    Forget about the fact that the President is surrounded by actual experts, with super-duper security clearance who are privvy to information that the rest of us can only imagine, and it’s their job to come up with real options and it’s the President’s job to come up with real decisions.

    They are children.

  40. What a sick bunch of folks. I don’t like that I have to share my country with these not-like minded people…..My heart hurts!

  41. I often find myself saying “where did this man come from” – because it just seems so miraculous to have him emerge from nowhere and find that he was a hidden gem and is exceeding all expectations. Just today, I was wondering where we’d be if the President had just decided to be mediocre, or had pursued only wealth. Where on earth would we be? It is too scary to think about for too long.

  42. Your post reminded me of something Steve Benen wrote at the Washington Monthly about PBO, VP Biden, and the Obama Administration last year. SB said that sure, the prez and vp could do what GWB and his minions did and go before the cameras to tout every one of their accomplishments, but they don’t because they are adults who don’t feel the need to blow their own horns every time they do something. We appreciate this approach, but I think the president’s detractors got hooked on seeing GWB or a member of his administration bragging about every little accomplishment while the country and the world were going down the tubes.

    I have thought about what SB wrote many times, and I have come to the conclusion that the many pressers that took place under GWB were distractions intended to keep Americans from realizing the many ways that GWB failed to govern effectively. Boehner and the other republicans are currently using the same techniques by introducing every kind of bill except a jobs bill. I believe they’re hoping that Americans will forget that they promised jobs, jobs, jobs, if they were returned to power in Congress. Many may have forgotten, but I haven’t, and I intend to spread the word as far and as wide as I can.

  43. The Obama Diary has the photo’s from the Obama Family visit to the Christ the Redeemer statue. It seems like it was hurried – Probably felt obligated to go given it has been closed to the public for the last 3-4 days for the Presidents eventual visit.

    I’d find it weird people watching me look at something – but I guess that comes with the job.

    The visit was planned for the morning, however had to be pushed back due to the President getting Libya update from/meeting with National Security team.

    Just seems like something that would be much better to see in the daylight. Of course looking out over the city lights of Rio would have it’s own appeal.

  44. Media Matters reported earlier today that although Fox has been very busy calling the president’s trip to Latin America a “vacation,” the network refused to cover the president’s speech. Fox is doing this intentionally so that its viewers will continue to believe that the president is on “vacation” when he’s really working to bring more jobs to the U.S. Fair and unbalanced my azzz. Fox is a cancer on America.

  45. He is an exceptional leader but depends on us. Yes we can, not yes he can. So important to talk to neighbors, coworkers, letters to editor register new voters, use social platforms. The revolutions in the ME show the power of millions of voices calling for change. Obama/Biden 2012!

  46. I think the clue is that their consistent rant about Obama is his lack of EMOOOOOOTION. Not just normal emotion but over the top screaming like Ed Schultz emotion. He constantly displays cool, reasoned leadership and during these times of turmoil that is just what we need. But the emotionally unbalanced seem to want what they want RIGHT NOW and it drives them crazy that he isn’t delivering it fast enough, or emotionally enough. Its why we call him the only Adult in the Room.

  47. I just looked at those pictures of the family in Rio and wondered, “How are they not completely exhausted?”

  48. This is worrisome to me –
    “The country’s two main political groups, Mr Mubarak’s National Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, backed the proposals.”

    However it’s up to the Egyptians to decide their own future.

  49. Not to mention NSFW semi-nudie pics and scandalous headlines on the right hand column.

  50. water seeks its own level. Fox viewers are haters and they will seek out the news source that will confirm that view of the world.

    Don’t waste any stress hormones on them. You are only hurting yourself.

  51. I thought the same thing Tien Le. I can’t image the amount of work and planning that had to go into a trip like this. The behind the scenes activity must be off the hook. I am very impressed with President Obama and his dedicated staff. They are public servants of the highest order.

    It reminds me of something FLOTUS said about states dinners that I am sure also applies to this trip to Brazil:
    FLOTUS on the State Dinner: Like a Swan, “Calm and Serene Above Water, But We’re Paddling Like Mad, Going Crazy Underneath”

  52. They want him to work on cable 24/7 timeline and not reality. They need a new story everday and they just can’t understand why the producers have so many commercials in this show about the President….

  53. McClatchy has an article about a poll that says most Americans are sick of the current Congress, at least as sick as they were of the last two. More than 50% of those polled felt that politics had become “overly rude and insulting”. Even the Tea Party had dropped in support of this Congress from 75% to 52%. While only 20% seemed to favor President Obama’s approach to the budget process, he was no worse than anyone else.

    Just a reminder that despite what we see in the media, our fellow voters make up their own minds.

  54. That media is a VERY large part of the problem. It cheerleads hyper-partisanship and rewards ridiculousness with coverage/airtime.

  55. Okay, like those two wouldn’t be having a good ole catfight about who should get top billing? These are not women who learned how to play nice…they do not exemplify the image of women who cooperate with and are supportive of one another.

    Even still, the chances of there being two women on a ticket…just not seeing it in this country. A very strong, well-known woman with lots of political experience and gravitas and toughness could get the nod for a Presidential nominee in this country, but that woman is a rarity (hate to say it).

  56. If the Egyptians choose either of them, I expect they’ll be held accountable by the yung ‘uns, who spearheaded this movement. The younger generation is no longer willing to accept religious hegemony in that region.

  57. Heads up folks, lots of people on both the right and left will be throwing this quote from then-candidate Obama in 2007 everywhere:

    “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” –Barack Obama, December 20, 2007

    as a way to discredit him during this Libya thing. So be warned.

  58. Wow, that is extraordinary news on both fronts. While the media has had the vapors over the Obama “vacation”, the President has been working hard on getting more jobs for Americans. He truly is the best president of my lifetime.

  59. I agree with your two arguments completely. This trip also makes the GOP seem petty and small. They are engaged in stupid partisan attacks, while the President is abroad securing more American jobs and strengthening our ties to Brazil and Latin America.

  60. I read that too and wanted to “like” it, or comment on it, and noticed there was no comment section on it. At least TPM published it. I agree with the writer.

  61. I hope all of you view and spread the following:

    As the uprisings continue across the region, signs of solidarity continue as well. Making the rounds on Twitter is this short video with the following message:

    “Inspired by the uprisings occurring in the Middle East and North Africa, this film is an ode to movements striving to reclaim their dignity and sovereignty from their keepers”:

    Simply amazing ….

  62. hehe…From my twitter timeline:

    RT @OpalEllyse: RT @FdotStokes lets be clear: barack hussein obama is still my fucking guy.
    <– I love him, makes me smile everytime I see him on anything:)

  63. Well said Dorothy! I’ve been urging all my friends, and coworkers, to check out this site, TPV, Eclectablog, Norbrook, Smartypants and others. Many of them had bought into the PL claims that Obama=Bush. Those that finally made the effort to check out these pragmatic progressive sites are really amazed at how they’ve been so misinformed and manipulated by the MSM, and by the so called progressive sites like Huff Post, FDL, and DKos, about many of the President’s accomplishments. I think that if we keep spreading positive and reality based information, about the President, we will be able to effectively counter the unrelenting negativity, about the the President, that are constantly spewed by the MSM, right wing, media and PL media.

  64. Those pollsters will be looking for a new job soon. With the number of crises he’s inherited as well as the many that have occurred in the first 2 years, from natural to human- created disasters, POTUS remains focused, questioning and able to demand more options from his team. A welcome change which is becoming harder to ignore by all but the racists and haters. Jake Tapper and Chip Reed both had reasonable, informative stories the last 2 days. And our VP is the steady partner. Both trustworthy. I can’t think of any of the GOP candidates I would feel safe with them at the helm of the ship of state in such stormy waters. We would capsize for sure.

  65. Well said Charmed! I think it was Eric Hoffer who, in his book, “The True Believer,” said that “We can be absolutely sure about things we do not know.” This is so true of the many people who are out there in force, from both the left and right, criticizing every action the President has taken to deal with this complex crisis. For me I am deeply conflicted. I don’t like big power military interventions to pop friendly regimes in the third world countries. But, I also feel strongly that the international community cannot stand by when brutal leaders, and their regimes, are engaged in the systematic mass killings of their own people.

    I think President Obama has been very clear that the objective of his limited military action is to protect the Libyan people from a brutal dictator who has vowed to annihilate them because they oppose his regime. In any case, I just don’t think the Libyan situation can be dealt with the scenario of either military or non-military intervention.

  66. Indeed! Thank you Charmed for speaking Truth. I’ve just been scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what they expected the President to do in the wake of the devastating tragedy in Japan. The President, moments after he learned of the devastating earthquake, expressed his condolences to the people of Japan and assured them that the U.S. Will be there to assist them in their hour of need. The President immediately sent people to Japan to assist in recovery. He dispatched the Energy Secretary and other govt. experts to try to help Japan contain the possible disaster of radiation contamination. Yet, critics are not satisfied. Like you said, may be they expected him “to put on his superman suite, fly over there and wave a magic wand.”

    After careful study and observations, of the way the PL and the Republicans act in reaction to anything President Obama does, I’ve come to the conclusion that the bashing of Obama has really nothing to do with his policies; rather , the bashing is all bout who Obama is. Nothing he does, no matter how beneficial it is to the vast majority of Americans, people on the right and the left will always find something to attack him on.

  67. You know what Majii, the way I see it is, even if the President and the Vice President touted their accomplishments, (which they have by the way on numerous occasions) the media will never prominently cover them in the same way they did GWB. Likewise, the media will never hold the GOP accountable for any thing the promised and failed to deliver. At the same time they hold President Obama accountable for everything. That to me is the reality we supporters of the President have to come to terms with. This means that we have to find ways of reaching the American people to forcefully challenge the lies and misinformation they are getting from the people, from the right and the so called left, who hate the President.

  68. That is really good to hear, Nathan. It’s the main purpose of this blog: help ad much ad possible to sprad the truth. Posts like yours are very satisfying to read. Well done, my friend.

  69. Hi Hopefruit2,

    May be I am biased, but some of the smartest, thoughtful, well informed, and reality based people I know happen to be the ones who are called “Obamabots by the “frustrati”.” So, “rejoice and be exceedingly glad” because you support a very intelligent, compassionate and honorable President, who, despite all the hatred and vicious denigration he has endured, still keeps his cool and his graciousness.

  70. FOX can peddle all the lies but as Dr King used to say “No Lie can Live Forever.” I have no doubt that the President will sign meaningful agreements, just as he did in his Asia trip, that will be hailed by both business and labor. All we need to say to FOX is how come they never once complained when GWB was out biking or clearing brush in Crawford, or playing golf with his Daddy in Maine? I feel really blessed because I’ve not watched FOX News since 2003.

  71. Very well said Japa! I know there are no guarantees in politics but I am quite certain that if the American people were accurately exposed to the way President Obama has handled both the art, and the business of, governing, his pall numbers would be quite high.

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