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  1. I love that next to last photo of him with his hands clasped. It gives me chills as it shows his humility and reverence for the people.

  2. That lil girl he is holding is precious. I love to hear them speak spanish/portuguese playing with the soccer ball.

  3. Great pictures. I love them – not out of idolization but because they are always a wonderful reminder of all our hard work to get President Obama into the White House. Each time I view them I celebrate that he is there and it makes me so proud.

    Wishing our president safe travels.

  4. My favorite is the look he and Michelle are exchanging as they smile at each other. They know how to communicate love to each other in any setting, which is always the mark of a strong and happy relationship. The look of pride on the mother’s face as a child embraces the sitting president is priceless. The people in this neighborhood will remember this the rest of their lives. These children will tell their grandchildren of the wonderful time Barack Obama came to visit them. Such beautiful photos. And all the time he has the tremendous burden of tending multiple crises in Libya, Japan and here at home. All you can say is, WoW!

  5. It is absolutely awesome that the President and First Lady shared this experience with Sasha and Malia. This is how we teach our children to have respect and love for all people. A lot of hatred is bred by ignorance. Reaching out to people of every station is very important to ensure that our children learn that we’re all human beings no matter where we are in the world.

  6. President Obama told a powerful story about Brazil at the end of his speech today…tying it all to the struggles for democracy we’re seeing in the Middle East and North Africa.

    It signals a complete about-face in terms of our relationships with Latin America from all of awful things we were involved in there over the past few decades. This is where he shows his marks as a true progressive. I have never been more proud of him than I am today.

    Now I can’t wait for his stop in El Salvador – and especially his visit to the tomb of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

  7. The MSM is spinning frantically about the situation in Libya…they are obsessively concerned about how President Obama looks in this, hoping fervently that he comes out looking bad, or “fails” or whatever. And that’s their ONLY concern.

  8. These pictures are wonderful. I agree with all the comments. With all this President is going thru, I am so glad he has alittle fun time. Those children will remember this forever.

  9. They’re trying to spin it like he went on vacation while launching a military strike. I think keeping this trip shows that he didn’t plan the strike weeks or months in advance (which is a good message) and shows Latin and South America that they are valued, and not second class allies. Even if President Obama does take a hit domestically it will be short lived, I think the message being sent to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador will be much greater impact in the near and distant future.

    Anybody looking at PBO’s itinerary knows it’s a working trip.

    What is crazy is that when there wasn’t any action against Libya, the news was filled with criticisms that he was letting protesters be slaughtered, and now that action was taken there is different pundits spouting off that he’s launched another war. With the MSM it’s constantly damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t – because they always fill their airwaves with somebody criticizing and demonizing the President. They don’t bring on the same people who were criticizing and calling for military intervention anymore – that’s not a story. The modus operandi of all in the media on any story is to find somebody who disagrees with the Obama Administration and put them on the air. And if the wind changes on that issue of the moment, put on somebody else to argue the new opposite position.

    This is the same MSM that carried Bush’s water completely, swallowed his ridiculous WMD claims hook, line, and sinker and parroted the idea that anybody speaking out against an impending preemptive attack on Iraq was unpatriotic and traitorous.

    However what is the message to other dictatorial regimes – squash uprisings with an iron fist and you will keep your power, but don’t use military force and end up like Mubarak?

  10. Can’t wait till he visits Christ the Redeemer. The imagery is too much and I know Souza going to get some great pics.

  11. tigerfist88
    thanks I have booked mark it so I could flash it in front of the PL’s Face see what their reaction would be, just to aggravate them.

  12. One concern I have is how other uprisings will expect military interventions. What happens if there is another in Iran for example and it’s crushed again? And if there isn’t an intervention than those protesters will feel like they were abandoned.

    Is this a slippery set-up to a war with Iran?

  13. I thought you were kidding when you said you had over 10K followers – that’s pretty impressive.

  14. They’d have to be there now while there is still light. It would become too big a security risk to visit at dusk or in the dark.

  15. Some heads will explode after those pics:) Christ AND the President in the same picture!What WILL they do?

  16. Thanks for the pictures and video. I believe the president’s greatest legacy is the hope he has given to children.

  17. Love the pictures of the President and First Family with the children was struck by the little boy with his arm hanging casually around the President’s neck, enjoyed the video too. An observation about the Twitter update and the President’s critics, would say that they react rather than “think”.

  18. “WoW” Indeed Jackie! You summed everything this President is doing, while maintaining his calmness and grace, so beautifully. I really enjoy reading your commentaries.

  19. This is same media that could not be bothered to question a single screw up of the Bush administration. Sigh.

    The Prez is having a moment in Brazil much like what I imagine Kennedy had in Ireland. People who feel overlooked and marginalized are seeing someone like them in a position of legitimately obtained power. It is an inspiration for the high and low alike.

    Obama will take no hit with the public over the Libya decision. If it was good enough for Reagan it will be good enough for him. We all know what a problem Ghadaffi has been and Obama handled this the right way. As for the Lefties like Michael Moore: enjoy your outrage, its the only emotion you have anyway.

  20. So many good pictures! Loved the young boys — one with his arm around the President’s neck and the other one leaning up against him. He is such a loving man. And the wonderful love shining between him and Michelle. I think he really loves people and I’m glad he has the chance to get out with children and the people of the countries he visits. He’s very confident himself and obviously comfortable with powerful women — that’s what I was thinking when he met President Rousseff.

    If anyone has a problem with the MSM then write them and let them know. It does make a difference. There’s so much good coming from all of this and I just think about that. Jobs. Good relations with other countries. And anyone that lives in the US with relatives there or of Spanish descent will recognize the good he is doing, as well as folks like us. You know wherever the President goes, he creates something good.

  21. Stop worrying. The US is going to be out of this action within a couple of weeks if not a couple of days. If they are going to criticize him, they will barely get the words out before it is over.

  22. Is this man for real? He is the most real person I have ever observed in all his interactions. Wish the right-wingers would admit that he is all anyone could ever want in a President. Tossing a football with the PM from Australia and interacting with people in Rio de Janeiro!! How can anyone in his/her right mind not see the goodness in him?

  23. Your “what-if’s” wear me out. What if we just live today and not imagine horrible things that may never happen.

  24. Thanks NLinStPaul for the highlighting this story on your beautiful site. In the passages you highlighted, President Obama revealed his deep understanding of the people’s yearning for freedom throughout the world. I know that they are honorable people who are criticizing his authorization to use military force in Libya. But I think he rightly sees his action as a humanitarian cause to protect Libyan people who are yearning for freedom. I am glad the President has repeatedly stated that the change in Libya is the responsibility of the Libyan people and cannot be imposed by other nations.

    Again thank you for your wonderful blog. I have really appreciated reading many of your posts which are field with great insights.

  25. Thanks for the link and thanks for the comment about Archbishop Romero. Now I know to pay really close attention to the El Salvador visit.

  26. You raise an important question Saint Roscoe. Clearly, the U.N. Security Council has set a precedent by authorizing the use of force against the government of Libya in order to protect the Libyan people. I guess we have to wait and see if the scenario you raise about Iran garners the same international support for intervention. The important thing is that President Obama is acting lawfully under the mandate of the United Nations Charter which is binding on all nations who are signatories. I am sure if the U.N. Security Council passed a similar Resolution with respect to Iran, the U.S. may be obligated to participate.

  27. Contingency planning is very necessary whether you like it or not. If you don’t think President Obama and his security team thought up every imaginable “what if”, well than I don’t know what to say.

  28. Thanks BWD for linking to the article by Ambinder. It is really a very good article. I wish I had read it before replying to Saint Roscoe. I am really glad this administration, with ambassador Rice, is emphasizing the role of the United Nations in trying to prevent genocide and crimes against humanity.

  29. If PBO and his very competent security team have thought up every “what if” there is then they have it handled and we don’t have to worry about it just as they have competently handled everything else. I don’t think our job is doing contingency planning for PBO and his security team.

  30. Thanks for that link about Bishop Tutu who intimately knows waht it means to be brutalized by your own government because you seek freedom and human dignity. This is what the left need to understand: Leaders who brutalize their people, with impunity, must be stopped at the time they are doing it by the international community. Sadly the United Nations has not consistently done that. But now that the U.N. is doing it Libya it should be applauded.

  31. Thanks for sharing this clip. I am really proud of my President. His caring and Humanity really shine through these brief remarks.

  32. Sky News is reporting that an air strike has destroyed Gaddafi’s palace in Tripoli.

  33. BWD,

    Every day I give thanks that a visionary person created this blog site that attracts some of the most informed, thoughtful and humane people, who gather here to offer their support to one of the best presidents this country has seen.

    Thank you BWD! You are a very special person.

  34. I’m so on edge. This dude is stubborn, delusional, and cold-hearted. Don’t know how’ll react to this.

  35. Clarification coming through. They are now reporting that the Administrative building in the palace complex has been destroyed.

  36. Nah, President Obama should just live today and not imagine horrible things that may never happen. Nor should anybody consider anything less than the best possible outcome in all situations because it bums you out.

  37. BWD, indeed thank you for bringing this to our attention. I cannot imagine how much time you spend collecting all of these great article and information that I would normally not read.

    I love it when you are able to find editorials people have written about President Obama.

  38. As far as I know neither the President nor his security team subscribe to this blog, so if you think the President should be seriously concerned about this, I would suggest that you quickly dash off a message to him at I’m sure they will greatly appreciate the heads-up.
    In the meantime I am going to concentrate on the “what is”.

  39. Thanks for the added pics. I was afraid that the FirstDaughters had been excluded from the Futball!

  40. SR, your comments are much appreciated. Thanks for posting this video here, ‘wow’ is all I can say to describe PBO in this video. Simply amazing.

  41. Tao Jones: “This is same media that could not be bothered to question a single screw up of the Bush administration. Sigh.”


    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a point that we need to CONTINUALLY and REPEATEDLY make on the blogs, whereever you go, whether it be Kos or Huff or wherever, KEEP MAKING THIS POINT, because people forget and they need to be reminded.

  42. Thanks for the link to Kurtz’s article. I am sorry but I did not find this article to be positive about the President as the title implied. Howard Kurtz repeats stupid criticism of Obama without clearly debunking them. I am just so sick and tired about the college basketball picks nonsense. The President had already responded appropriately to the Japan tragedy, to suggest otherwise is simply lying. As a reporter, Kurtz had an obligation to point that out.

  43. You might like his tone but what Howard Kurtz said is true. Let’s get this straight: Obama is not Superman. He can’t solve every global crisis. It is a conceit of our media-political culture to believe that the Oval Office occupant must always be ready to put on a cape and swoop in to save the day.

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