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Unfortunately, this is from Politico, so no shortage of the usual disrespectful language towards PBO, but even that can’t hide the stunning ability of this man to multi-task whatever you throw at him, and still remain his usual nicest man in the world.

BRASILIA—Ordering a major military strike is a daunting task for any American president. Doing it between diplomatic and economic meetings in a foreign capital over 4,000 miles from Washington is even more complex.

President Barack Obama faced that situation Saturday as he juggled the pageantry and substance attendant to his first South American visit with urgent phone calls and top-level national security consultations about a pending joint aerial assault against Libya.

Before touching down in Brazil, according to the White House, Obama got an important intelligence briefing on Air Force One: forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi were advancing on the opposition-held city of Benghazi despite a United Nations resolution allowing use of force to stop it — and the regime’s own dubious claims that they had halted action against the rebels.

After striding down the stairs of the presidential aircraft with first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha, Obama headed to his quarters in a Brasilia hotel, where he received another briefing and spoke briefly with the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, the White House said. Then, it was on to review the ceremonial guard at the Brazilian presidential palace and meet with President Dilma Vana Rousseff.


A joint statement with Rousseff, however, fell more than an hour behind schedule — largely because Obama took a secure call about the Libyan situation with Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also on the call, briefed the group about international talks she attended in Paris Saturday about enforcing the U.N. resolution.

“At every juncture where it was necessary for the president to engage in discussions with his national security team….we’ve carved out that time,” Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told White House reporters during a conference call Saturday evening. “We’ve pushed back our schedule on multiple occasions today because the president wanted to make sure he had time be fully briefed up and pass his guidance on to the team.”

After the first fusillade of U.S. cruise missiles slammed into Libyan air defense installations just after 3 P.M. Eastern time, Obama headed to a scheduled meeting with Brazilian business executives. But he also managed to squeeze in an unscheduled statement to the media about the attack.

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Here’s a mishmash of photos from yesterday. Mouse-over for description.


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  1. It’s beyond amazing that a person can move so swiftly and brilliantly from one task to another, with each one requiring concentrated focus, energy and keen intelligence and with so much at stake. A lesser person would just be felled by exhaustion and the gravity of it all. Our President has a core of steel. a seemingly unending source of energy, and a mind-boggling brain. And through it all that smile and the look of ease that assures everyone around him that everything is okay. Wow!

    Contrast this extraordinary man and brilliant president with the dimwits running on the Republican side and you just want to scream at the people in this country to wake up and use your eyes and your head.

    Frankly, it’s no wonder his critics and opponents are consumed with envy and can only cope by lashing out at him.

  2. I agree with Jackie. It occurred to me while reading how PBO handled all those overlapping responsibilities…OMG, can you even imagine someone like Sarah Palin doing that? Seriously? Did her BA in Journalism (after attending numerous colleges) prepare her for that? Scary thought, sorry for sharing! 🙂

    Btw: if anyone responds to my ramblings on this site and I don’t reply it’s only because sometimes I have trouble remembering what I said and what thread I said it on. Too many things going on! However, I do enjoy coming here where PBO is not a target for criticism as he is on so many other sites. HuffPo seems to be getting worse since they partnered with AOL and I’m just about done with them if they keep it up.

  3. Foxnews and the right wing bloggers are snickering over the fact Khadaffi called Obama “my son” (as in “son of africa” but they could not figure that out). In addition they find it confusing that Farrakhan is mad too.
    It’s funny to me the rightwing cannot figure out whose side they are on – the Prez or Khadaffi/Farrakan.

  4. Good morning everyone! What wonderful pictures!
    Jackie, I so agree with your comment. I do believe his critics are jealous because they can’t keep upwith him. We are so fortunate to have him as our President now! My prayers are to keep him and his family safe.

  5. The criticism coming from the “Blame Obama First” crowd which includes the likes of Michael Moore, Ed Schultz, frustrati/PL, Fox, the traditional media and the Republican Party (the usual suspects) is just so predictable.

    Basically, it goes like this,..No matter what happens they have to find a way to link it to President Obama and they must look for the negative angle. Then no matter what President Obama does, you say he should have done the opposite. And for good measure you have to say things like he missed an opportunity to do x, y, or z. He didn’t do enough soon enough, blah, blah, blah (fill in the blank). He can’t do anything right.

    This reminded me of the campaign when then Senator Obama went to Europe. The McCain campaign had TWO DIFFERENT ADS ready to go to criticize him. If Senator Obama had visited the troops in Germany, they would accuse him of using the troops as props. If he didn’t visit the troops he would have been accused of snubbing the troops.

    Unfortunately, the “Blame Obama First” meme has become the basis of the political discourse in this country. But the need to play “look at that shiny object” to try and distract attention from his brilliance is just an admission that the usual suspects are terrified that the truth might get out.

  6. And now former rep Joe Sestak is getting plenty of airtime with his ‘concerns.’ Where was he for the last few weeks? I would take his concerns a little more seriously but in the back of my mind I can’t help but think, ‘Is he a little bitter about not getting WH support in race against Specter?’

  7. Amen to that, MTMarilyn. I’ve prayed for him every night since he started on the campaign trail.

  8. On President Obama and his critics, the best words that come to mind for me are those of President Theodore Roosevelt in his celebrated ‘Man in the Arena’ speech:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

  9. I have never felt this way before toward a President. I have respected the office, appreciated abilities and understood the tremendous weight of the job. As far as President Obama goes, to me he is family and his wife and kids, sister and brothers, mom in law are all part of my family in my heart. I delight in their successes, worry deeply about their welfare and fiercely defend them against what I perceive to be unfair criticism or outright attacks. You cannot say anything against them in my presence without defending your position to me and that has proved to be difficult for those that have tried.

  10. And as I commented on annother blog, the PL and Right-wing will FAIL in their relentless attemps to discredit this guy. At some point they will have no choice but to look in the mirror and confront the ugliness of the racism that is really driving a lot of this anti-Obama effort. The more this President’s brilliance continues to shine through, the more the average voter will notice, which will lead to a widespread rejection of the MSM narratives on this President. Indeed, the major cable teevee “news” shows are already showing declining ratings…

  11. Cuphalffull I can say with certainty that you are not the only one who feels this way. 🙂

  12. I’ve had it with the UNprofessional left attempting to equate POTUS decision to use cruise missile strikes against Qaddafi’s forces to President Bush and Iraq.

    Bush didn’t have international support to invade Iraq, whereas there is international support for Libya.

    Also, POTUS Obama stated multiple times under NO circumstances would ground forces be used.

    I can understand if you don’t agree with POTUS using missile strikes, but to make false equivalencies to Bush is just wrong and counterproductive. People need to quit looking at Libya through Iraq 2003.

  13. Great quote. As usual, I really appreciate your contributions. The fact is, those who complain the most would fall apart after being in Obama’s shoes for 30 minutes.

  14. You hit the ky phrase when you said those that criticize him have to defend their positions. Most can’t except by using lies and bluster.

  15. Good Morning Axrendale:
    Thanks for bringing us TR’s words; they are both timely and succinct. I always enjoy reading your post.
    And thank you BWD as always:)

  16. And that is partly what drives their venom. Envy and the knowledge that they simply cannot measure up to him in ANY way whatsoever.

  17. Palin just made a royal fool of herself on an interview in India. The reaction of the interviewer and the audience was quite telling. She’s now on media blackout. I hope she realizes that if she has to run for President she can’t be on media blackout when she travels abroad.

  18. The UNprofessional Left is becoming like random noise. Their reflexive anti-Obama positions put them in Teabag territory. Apparently the average American is rejecting their extremism as well, and that’s good. The only adult in the room will prevail.

  19. Excellent post, Ax, as usual.

    I have read, and been greatly impressed, by this quote before — it’s truth resonates. I always say the small-minded critics don’t matter — in the grand scheme of things they are gnats. In fact, it’s the greatness of Barack Obama (and other great people) that brings out their smallness and pettiness.

    Mr. Roosevelt made that point so eloquently.

    Thanks for sharing this in such a timely fashion.

  20. I offered this link from Human Rights Watch in a comment on the last post, but I’m not sure who saw it (my apologies if it’s already been shared by BWD or someone else):

    The Security Council Has At Last Lived Up To Its Duty

    Just when the “responsibility to protect” doctrine seemed to have become irretrievably tainted at the United Nations, the Security Council at last lived up to its duty to prevent mass atrocities. For the second time in three weeks, the council accomplished the politically impossible, first referring Libya to the International Criminal Court, then, yesterday, authorizing military force to protect civilians from Muammar al-Qaddafi’s wrath.

  21. hopefruit2

    Follow the money and follow the relevance.
    Bashing President Obama brings media and blogs revenues. The GREEDY Republican PAID trolls and the SELFISH Professional Left all want money and recognition off of President Obama while envy and jealousy fills their hearts.

  22. Thanks so much for the beautiful photos, BWD! I love this place you have created, with so many intelligent and articulate contributors. Thanks to all of you for the positive and uplifting posts about our president! Have a good Sunday everyone.

  23. This man is a gift to all of us. His abilities are exceptional. He thinks on his feet, multitasks easily and, carries these responsibilities so effortlessly, even the name of superman seems inadequate to describe him.

    What a lucky bunch we are to have him leading us all.

  24. Thanks for these moving pictures of the Obamas in Brazil. I particularly loved the ‘Bienvenido’ sign. With everything going on environmentally and among nations, I’m grateful that I can count on President Obama to remain calm and mature.

    I often think of the courage and character of Barack’s mom. And I picture the intelligence and charisma of his dad.

    I awakened this morning thinking of the unkind and untrue words that spew forth from some of my least favorite pundits. I only hear them because there are reporters I respect who call the others out.

    I was aware of the correspondence in physical appearance of those who speak ugly words and their physiognomies. That’s something to think about. We are what we eat. Maybe ugly words are a result of ugly diets.

  25. Jackie, I am so thankful everyday for this site and the family here. Knowing that there are so many wonderful people out there keeping this man and his family in our thoughts. We will be stronger than those who are his critics and more. We will overcome! I truly believe.

  26. Just wanted to say thank you again to BWD for this site. I lurk on here most of the time but I read it every day because I can come here and get the facts I need to counteract some of the noise out there without having to push my way past trolls or whining windbags.

    Oh, and I love our Multitasker in Chief 🙂

  27. I’m thinking of the story the press could be telling to connect the dots between Latin America and what is going on in the Middle East…that’s the story of people like Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

    Rousseff’s journey from guerilla to President is one that is mirrored all over Latin America as the people of many countries fought to cast off dictators and form real democracies

  28. I can’t wait for our vengeance in 2012

    Obama/Biden 2012 and more real Democrats in congress

  29. Oh, to be in Rio at the end of winter. I am so jealous. Beautiful pictures once again. BWD, you work hard putting these posts together so I hope you enjoy our comments that end up going every which direction.

  30. Happy sunday everybody..!! 😀

    I saw this on my twitter timeline:

    First, Obama visit the Fund for Children and Adolescents, accompanied by the Governor Sergio Cabral and Mayor Eduardo Paes. #GloboNews

  31. Thanks for posting that information! I enjoyed the article (and love the name of your blog!) She’s an inspiration.

  32. I see pics over at Obama Diary of PBO kicking a soccer ball in the “City of God” with some children. He’s looking good!

    So much better than when our last president, the Doofus-in-Chief inquired of the former Brazilian president: “Brazil has black people, too?” 😦

    Thank Gawd those days are behind us!!!

  33. And I read yesterday that the US will be out of there within days. Once the anti-air craft capabilities are deemed destroyed the US will all but leave and it will be up to France, UK, UAE and Qatar to enforce the no-fly zone.

  34. Be the change you want to see.

    I’m rather disappointed to see people dismissing critics of the actions in Libya as racists and such. On this — I would expect Obama supporters to understand why some left leaners would have concerns. It wasn’t just that some of us opposed Bush “imperialism” — we oppose imperialism — period. That the critics haven’t seen concrete evidence that Obama isn’t imperialistic is the reason they — IMO — wrongly assume he is.

    I consider Obama a soul-mate — so much of what he says and does mirrors my own personality and opinions. While I believe I understand why he’s chosen as he has and think I see how he plans to handle this — I’m feeling rather queasy about it — myself.

    Bush isn’t the first president to tell us lies to go to war and he didn’t lie to us alone. Lying also hasn’t been confined to the Republican party. There are a lot of career government employees and politicians — including Democrats — who share the mindset that causes them to lie and exaggerate and engage in what is essentially modern day imperialism and colonialism.

    There are numerous objectively valid reasons to be suspicious of the “international” response to Libya and be suspicious of what’s being said to us.

    I noticed yesterday that well after GN had responded to comments regarding Gaddafi’s alleged violation of the resolution by pointing to later news reports that it was a rebel jet attacking Gaddafi forces that went down that some people continued to repeat the false version of events.

    Some of us are continuing to mock Gaddafi’s statements regarding al Qaida presence in Libya. In less publicized press conferences — both John Brennan and Hillary have acknowledged that the US government knows that there is a strong al Qaida presence in Libya that has been trying to overthrow Gaddafi. This isn’t even the first time they’ve ever staged “protests” carrying the old Libyan flag — the flag of a British installed puppet monarchy. Do any of us seriously believe without any doubts that Islamic fundamentalists want to restore a British installed monarchy that established a strongly western governing and economic system? Does that really seem like something that’s so natural and logical that we shouldn’t wonder why?

    There has been no verification of the alleged brutal attacks against unarmed civilians. That fighter jet attacking somebody yesterday was the first verifiable attack — something required to use force — and it turns out it was rebels attacking Gaddafi — with his forces responding to the attack rather than him attacking “innocent peaceful protesters.”

    With the British and French determined on regime change — and with Hillary eagerly jumping on that bandwagon — and given the long time verbal war against Libya — I suspect that Obama’s hand may have been forced. I take it that the prompt revelation that yesterday’s “violation” was staged by rebels is evidence that he and other countries are working to see to it that whatever the motivation of the British and French in pushing Libya as a humanitarian crisis based on hearsay when there are verified mass killings going on in other countries — this war will not be a complete repeat of other wars to impose western preferred economic systems on other countries.

    As we reflexively accuse people of racism — we need to check ourselves. Some of us are quick to believe any and every rumor we hear about people in certain parts of the world. We repeat propaganda as fact even when there is evidence to the contrary. Consider the way that some of us refer to Hugo Chavez as a strong armed dictator even though we have monitor certification that he was fairly elected and is very popular. When we reflexively assume and believe the worst about people — even when we have no proof of the claims about them — that’s a product of prejudice and bigotry.

    Have you seen the press reports that Gaddafi pleaded with the UN to send monitors to Libya to oversee and verify that he was complying with the cease fire agreement? Do any of you know of any honorable reason to ignore and refuse that request? Had there been monitors of his forces near that rebel controlled city yesterday — we might have known before we started bombing Libya that it was a rebel jet violating the no fly zone and firing on people.

    I’m not expecting anybody’s overall mindset to change as a result of what I’m saying. But — as somebody committed to a genuine belief that all men are created equal and somebody who sees every day of my own life how bigotry causes people to feel superior to and commit gross injustices against people who are different from them — I can’t sit back and watch it in action and not speak up.

    We’ve got tortured people sitting in limbo because we can’t figure out what to do with them. When we can figure out how not to commit human rights violations against people and we stop “killing our own people” — then maybe we can claim moral authority over the rest of the world. Until then — where are the sanctions and the no fly zones and the international community response to the many wrongs we commit in and out of this country? Why do we get to police the rest of the world — but we stand above being policed by the rest of the world? “We” are not superior and therefore entitled to authority over the rest of the world. And an “international community” decision made by 15 people we allow in when the world has more than 100 countries is a long way from being a free and democratic world decision. I know it’s not going to happen any time soon — but we need to stop deluding ourselves about the righteousness and justness of all that we do.

    It’s breaking my heart to see some of us doing unto to others things that we are still struggling to stop other people from doing to us.

  35. Daily lurker here that I am, I always look for your comments. Big smile and great delight when I find one. You so embody BWD’s goals for this blog. Thank you.

  36. Amaizing is the ward, multitasking wow!,hi cretics and opponents have no idea how good this President is.

  37. The issue is it’s the same people who criticize every damn thing President Obama does. You’re absolutely correct that there is real concerns about this and we need to hear about them, but not from the same people who criticize everything President Obama as their business model because to them it’s nothing more than another reason to pile on.

    These are the only people being painted with a broad brush.

    If we had a respectable news media, with respectable true newsmen and women who didn’t play biased political games in their opinion coverage they might have more credibility when something truly deserved to be criticized. It’s the boy who cried wolf syndrome in our media, and it’s a bloody shame.

  38. Exectly. Many of those who criticize him for this action, actually criticized him for NOT taking this action last week. I don’t take any of them seriously anymore.

  39. Most people in MSM and some of the so-called PL are nothing but loud empty cans. How many times have you heard them use the phrase–Is this Obama’s Katrina?

    They said it when he embarked on TARP. They said it when he addressed the auto industry. They said it with regard to the Gulf spill; Healthcare…and on many other ocassions. But, they keep running out of steam and every time he beats them. Even the so-called NYT’s great, scribes and pundits on liberal politics or economics (whom i will not name) all fell flat. Hopefully they will soon take the good advice of Frank Schaefer. He told them to beat it, President Obama was better than them all. He told them Mr.Obama would put the economy on track, beginning 2011. have you checked the numbers lately?

  40. I have visited your site 4 or 5 times before. I made up my mind yesterday to sign up for it.

    I am here today to join in. I am awaiting my confirmation.

    Love the pictorials. Love the contents.

    Happy days are here again.

    From MN, the land of more than 10,000 lakes.

  41. Pnh, you bring up a slew of salient points as to why we should remain critically-minded about any intervention even under the auspices of the best humanitarian intentions.

    All of your points are well-reasoned and fairly stated.

    I did want to address one statement you made:

    There has been no verification of the alleged brutal attacks against unarmed civilians.

    The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo said:

    “We have … confirmation that civilians that were demonstrating were shot by security forces.”

    I’d also add that the 1) U.S. did not appear have a neo-con, pre-planned intention to invade Libya 2) the recognized rebel leadership in Libya frequently called for a no-fly zone and international assistance 3) it doesn’t appear that oil is our motivation since only 7% of our oil comes from Libya.

    Having said that, your call for dispassionate observation and seeing this operation in the historical context of the West’s relationship with Quaddafi, is spot on.

  42. Axrendale, I think I’m going to save this so that I can refer to it if in the next year or so the critics get me down. Thanks.

  43. I read that earlier and really appreciated the background info. 🙂 It’s always great to have factual confirmation that there is method to the President’s actions.
    One of the strengths of the kind of blogging that is developing on positive sites (IMO) is that supporters are being led to a wealth of information and sources that they wouldn’t necessarily find on their own. A big ‘thank you’ to all for being a part of this growing resource!

  44. I think you make some valid points but the reality is that many third world leaders who decry imperialism have absolutely no qualms committing genocide against their own people. Like you, I would like to see the U.N. Security Council reflect the democracy that this country preaches. Just as I would like to see democratic representation in the United State Senate. Why is california with over 36 million people given the same number of senators as Wyoming with just over half a million people. Unfortunately until those institutions are changed we just have to deal with them as they are.

    Now with respect to what is going on in Libya, I think it is important to note that it was the Arab League, an organization that represents Arab states, that requested the U.N. Security council to impose a no fly zone to protect the Libyan people. It is also important to note that Gaddafi, instead of honoring the wishes of peaceful protests vowed to crash them. I think in this situation it is simplistic to see it as part of European/American Imperialism. President Obama, in my judgement, is handling this honorably.

    Finally I agree with you that “we need to stop deluding ourselves about the righteousness and justness of all that we do.” But we also need to stop viewing any actions taken by the west, on behalf of helpless people who are suffering under brutal governments, through the prism of imperialism.

  45. ^Yes PHBO is…

    Yes they are, yes he does, yes it is…

    And, yes WE are! 😉

  46. It’s because all these people only “exist” if they exist on television. Their ambitions require they get attention from a mass audience: hence the chiming in on any major news story by 1) a lame future candidate for president; 2) someone with a movie or book to sell; 3) journalist with a career to advance; 4) blogger trying to get on TV; 5) controversial professor who seeks a wider audience for his bizarre theories; 6) retired generals who need a payday; 7) failed actors who go political so they can remind people they are still around and looking for a gig; 8) evangelical preacher who wants to claim this or that crisis presages the unfolding of prophecy; 9) foreign dictator with an axe to grind about US policy on any issue; 10) good people who get sucked into thinking that any of the above are serious voices.

    Andrew Sullivan is channeling his inner 10 year old girl right now and is just offensive to read. Michael Moore is always about Michael Moore. Sestak sees an opportunity to be the spokesman for the disaffected anti-war Lefties who are all in simultaneous melt-down about a military action to support democracy because now they, what?, suddenly think its immoral to attack Ghadaffi? No, because they exist only to attack whoever is in power and now Obama, by using his power, has committed the cardinal sin of the Purist Left and they have their means to openly hate on him as “just another one” of those autocrats who gets elected president.

    We will never, NEVER, have a president more capable and more progressive that the one we have right now. To me that means the Purist Left must know that they are always going to be outside of power and it is their fate in life to yell at the gates at whoever occupies it. Good Riddance to them.

    As for our “friends” on the right wing. Once again we are going to see what an intelligent president does to solve problems that your chimp couldn’t achieve in 8 years.

  47. The mirror shot is very telling. He’s doing what he has to do, multi-tasking and being pleasant and relaxed around the Brazilians, but his grim visage in the mirror tells us he knows there’s a lot on his plate and he is facing some major decisions. I’m glad he’s able to set these matters aside, however briefly, for a few moments to socialize and spend time with the Brazilians, but no mistake about it, he is bearing a tremendous burden.

  48. Correction: “inner spoiled 10 year old girl”. Didn’t mean to disparage all girls or 10 year olds.

  49. Leonardo da Vinci is reputed to have said: “I care no more for the wind emitted from the mouths of critics than the wind emitted from their backsides”.

  50. We now know who has the back of actual grassroots democratic change. And its not the Professional Left like Michael Moore, nor the right wing pitchfork weilders like the Tea Party.

  51. If we don’t use our means to support those seeking true democratic change from a brutal dictator then what on Earth is the purpose the Purity Left would support? I shudder at the callous response to those seeking freedom in Libya who would undoubtedly be slaughtered by Ghadaffi if he has his way.

    How many of Ghadaffi’s own military and diplomatic personnel have to abandon him, some literally by describing him as a “Hitler” before we assure ourselves he is an enemy of his own people? I am totally mystified by the position of the Purity Left on this, it strikes me as morally repellent.

  52. Ghadaffi is truly Hitler level loon. This has nothing to do with prejudice, this man is mess murderer and I’m proud that we took the right side here. The PL can bite me. Life in la-la-land must be real sweet.

  53. Welcome. For me, this site has been a great unburdening of bad cyber-karma. I especially appreciate the unseen work BWD does to edit out the nasty and counter-productive comments that would have been allowed to run rampant on other blogs.

  54. It is during times like this I wonder what kind of ex-president Obama will be. I assume given his age that he will remain involved in public life, perhaps more like Carter than Clinton, and yet doing things his own way. I am sure he would like a chance to re-do the Brazil trip when there is a lot less distraction on his agenda.

  55. Hi Ax I was just asking about you yesterday, cuz I haven’t spotted you here in a while. Great post as always.

  56. Hey there – welcome to the site. I am also form the land of 10,000 lakes. Nice to see more Minnesotans here.

  57. I believe this is where Aleth’s post from WSY would provide some balance to your statements.

    You wrote in response to the post “”
    That people living in less democratic countries complain is not necessarily proof that somebody is genuinely depriving them of any natural freedom. After all — we have folks who complain that they are oppressed because they think they should be free to force us all to follow their religious laws.
    That’s the conundrum..

    I actually agree with some of your sentiments and that’s why I think until you reside in these so called “third worlds,” or spend time understanding the dynamics at play then all these statements from so called prominent leaders are fruitless.

    On this one, Frankhan provides no insight to me period. And is not cognizant of the potential effects and consequences of the long term history. To be cognizant would mean he would have to honest about the leadership provided in these nations and the lack of respect for the people.

    It would mean he has to understand everything is not about the west, USA, CIA ETC.. It’s a part of the makeup but not the entire makeup. That is what pisses me off about the analysis of Frankhan, it is so attached to this western devil mentality that it fails to look at the interior of the governmental makeup of these so called third world nation and the policies they enact to deprive people of basic necessities.

    And when I am talking basic necessities, I am not saying freedom of press etc.I am talking about water, light, food, ability to walk from your home to the market without a police officer asking for bribe or arresting you, ability to just fucking breathe in peace. That’s the basic necessity.

    Every nation does not desire western form of democracy or its values. And I agree with the notion that every nation should be able to design a form of government that benefits its people but central to the value must be human principles.

    Frankhan has the luxury here to play the west card all the damn time and the audience to buy it. Being the target of US gov’t does not provide any insight into the daily reality of those who exist in these circumstances.

    And not every nation desires socialism, capitalism etc. Some nations in africa want africanism or like egypt a mixture of religion and some form of democracy as they see fit. And yes, the west in some aspects like to dictate when it has vested interest in the region but everyone is now aware of the limit of its power.

    But I cannot give Frankhan the absolute know it all here because his assessment to me is just wrong. This is not the first time he has crossed my hair and will not be the last. I attribute it to his lack of knowledge of the regions or the people in these nations. There is a generalization that takes place in black america about Africa. Africa is intricate with different tribes, languages, cultures and interest. We don’t all get along due to hundreds of years of cultural and tribal issues [and yes some in the west have taken advantage of that].

    Pnh_37 let me give you one example:

    Granted my former homeland [nigeria] is a product of colonialism or has a prominent singer Lagbaja did with this video… explains they just picked three strifing tribes to create a nation called Nigeria. Colonist left and went home leaving hoping these tribes will continue to fight while natural resources would be beneficial to them. Notwithstanding, 1993 arrives and here we have a military dictator Abacha in power.

    What does minister Frankhan do?Support the guy with no fucking knowledge of his history as the commander of the army under another corrupt ass Babangida.

    Why? Because some in the west decided to speak out against him.

    Frankhan was defending military dictator Abacha’s rule of Nigeria through a coup. Bear in mind, there was an election held were it was anticipated that Abiola [a man who studied in the west would win and was the one election with the highest turnout and belonged to the Yoruba tribe]. Abiola understood the game of west and the corruption that was rampaged the entire government. He was the man who brought land line telephones to Lagos to the chagrin of many in the west. Before he could even take his position as the elected official, the election was canceled and he was arrested. Next thing, Abacha [belonged to the Borno tribe or shall i just generalize and say Hausa].

    And here is Abacha who goes on killing mission, arresting all opposition, killing youths who protested vast restriction, denigrating all and any rights of the people. This man had fucking military tanks roaming the damn streets of lagos. He gave rise to the extreme corruption of the police. I experienced first hand the fear of having police just come to your home and take your uncle away or just arrest your father while walking on the street. Was the arrest for something illegal? No it was a means to flee people through bail money. Add to that no electricity, the deconstruction of all roads and overpopulation of lagos because people in the rural areas could no longer survive and moved to the city.

    And then Frankhan tells me he is supports him and the west killed him like he was some hero in Nigeria? This is the most hated figure in Nigeria. Its funny because we all thought Abacha was a tool for the oil companies and he did their job for them real good including killing Ken Saro Wiwa for them. And this is the fucking hero to the so called prominent Frankhan here or was it about what he was getting from Abacha?

    I respect Frankhan’s opinion but there is a point when my experience and knowledge takes me elsewhere.

    My uncle died under his regime. He was not rich and he barely finished grammar school. He died for walking without money to bribe the soldiers who patrolled the street.

    I take this one personally.

    It ain’t all west all the time. Abacha was known to be a brutal mofo even before he came anywhere near power. He did not give a shit about the people, it was about $$$$.. you know how much was found on him when he died and in the Swiss banks. So that is why I say in general everyone needs to stop making deals with the devil. It is the responsibility of all of us to call it out.. that’s why Yemen protest should be on tv, whether ally or not. That is why Frankhan needs to stop this garbage and be honest.

    There are actions where I can say the west blah blah such as Ivory Coast dictator lack of interest.

    You want to see what a day in a life in a poverty ridden person is in Nigeria? So when I say basic necessities — electricity [lack of it will frustrate any one but not having it for months on end]; food prices; corruption every damn place you turn.. so everything is not about CIA, USA etc. Those are the covers that leaders now use to continue to flee the nation. Why does shell now control vast amounts the oil resources and gutting of environmental laws? Its not the west fault, its the lack of love or respect for the people by the leaders which is what Desmond Tutu is alluding to.

    So don’t get me wrong the west takes advantage but the leaders don’t give a fuck. Seriously.

    And people are tired and ain’t talking about the wealthy class, I am talking about folk who got to work in the garbage dumb to make ends meet because of the class stratification system like Egypt has. I am talking about people who don’t know the right people so their kids can’t get into university; I am talking about people who live in the shack, I am talking about people who feel their religion is not being respected based on the way the government treats the people [this is the key in north africa–the belief that Islam mandates you treat your people better than a cattle].. folk are frustrated and tired and don’t give two cents about the west.

    If you ask an African who speaks for you.. go listen to Fela tell you… [sorrow, blood and tears]… [Authority be thiefing]

  58. I don’t believe Sestak has been in the room for any of these discussions, so he can take his “concerns” and share them with people who care about the opinions of a person who couldn’t even manage their own campaign to victory.

  59. I think it’s also important to recognize that a great deal of the negativity expressed towards Obama AND his family is also jealousy. It’s one of the most powerful and unhealthy emotions in human history. Obama has “that thing” that cannot be acquired or purchased with money. There is a light that is projected from him onto others – including his enemies. Otherwise, why would so many go out of their way to hate him when he has done nothing but express gratiousness towards them.

    Whether you believe in the Bible or not, scripture after scripture has given examples of the destructive emotion of jealousy.

  60. Tell the truth my friend, tell the truth.
    Did you ever think the word impeachment would come from the president’s own party?

  61. I wish the MSM would give Obama the air time it gives the rightwing wackadoodles. If I didn’t read the blogs, and listen to NPR, I never would have known the president went to Latin America. The progressive on MSNBC talk about Newt, Trump and the rest of the nutbags.

  62. It’s a breath of fresh air! I never liked Huffington Poop. I will never understand how the progressive fell for her “pseudo political conversion.” She was California’s princess of the Republican party, and nothing has changed.

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