“Obama Crafts the Anti-Bush Doctrine”, “Obama’s shrewed caution on Libya”

Hi guys,

1. The Obama family first day in Brazil:

The first family arrives in Brasilia, Brazil.
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
11:00 AM

Pres Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama participate in an arrival ceremony.
11:25 AM

Pres Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Pres Dilma vana Rousseff of Brazil.
11:55 AM

Pres Obama holds an expanded bilateral meeting with Pres Rousseff.
12:00 PM
12:40 PM

Pres Obama and Pres Rousseff deliver remarks to the media.
1:00 PM

Pres Obama arrives at Palácio do Itamaraty.
1:35 PM

Pres Obama and PresRousseff meet with the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum.
2:00 PM
2:25 PM

Pres Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama attend an official lunch with Pres Rousseff.
3:00 PM
3:55 PM

Pres Obama attends U.S. Embassy meet and greet.
4:00 PM
4:30 PM

Pres Obama delivers remarks at the U.S.-Brazil business summit.
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:15 PM

Pres Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama attend reception hosted by Pres Rousseff.
7:00 PM
7:25 PM

The first family departs Brasilia, Brazil en route Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
8:00 PM
8:55 PM

The first family arrives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
9:00 PM


2. President Obama’s USA Today Op-Ed: (READ, SHARE, SPREAD!)

In recent weeks, we’ve seen how turmoil and tragedy around the globe can affect our own prosperity and security; how events abroad often have implications for everything from markets on Wall Street to families’ wallets on Main Street. And as a nation, we will continue to do everything we can both to promote stability and democracy in the Middle East and help the people of Japan recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

But in this increasingly interconnected and fiercely competitive world, our top priority has to be creating and sustaining new jobs and new opportunities for our people.

Lately, we’ve seen signs that we’re moving in the right direction. Our economy added nearly a quarter of a million new private sector jobs last month, and the unemployment rate is at its lowest level in nearly two years. And to keep that progress going, we’ve got to keep competing for every new job, every new industry, and every new market in the 21st century.

That’s one of the reasons I will travel to Latin America this week — to strengthen our economic relationship with neighbors who are playing a growing role in our economic future.

Nearly 600 million people live in Latin America. The region’s economy grew by about 6% last year. Between 2010 and 2015, it’s expected to grow by one-third. And as these markets are growing, so is their demand for goods and services — goods and services that, as president, I want to see made in the United States of America.

Every $1 billion we export supports more than 5,000 jobs here at home. That’s why last year, I set a goal for this country: to double our exports of goods and services by 2014. And we are on track to meet this goal: exports were up 17% in 2010.

The impressive growth that we’ve seen in Latin America in recent years is good for the people of the hemisphere, and it’s good for us. Thanks in part to our trade agreements across the region, we now export three times as much to Latin America as we do to China, and our exports to the region — which are growing faster than our exports to the rest of the world — will soon support more than 2 million jobs here in the United States.

I’ll begin my trip by visiting Brazil to work with its new president, Dilma Rousseff, to strengthen the relationship between the hemisphere’s two largest democracies and economies. With around 200 million people, a growing middle class, and a per-capita income rising by almost 7% a year, Brazil imports more goods and services from the United States than from any other nation — mainly high-tech, manufactured goods from aircraft to chemicals to clean energy components. In 1990, Brazil was the 16th largest market for our goods. Last year, it was the eighth largest. In 2010, our exports to Brazil grew by more than 30% to just over $50 billion, supporting more than 250,000 jobs here at home.

In Brazil, I’ll be joined by hundreds of business leaders from both countries for a forum on how we can create jobs by deepening these economic ties. That’s good for large U.S. companies such as Sikorsky, whose helicopter sales to Brazil help sustain a large, skilled workforce in Connecticut, Alabama and Pennsylvania. It’s good for small businesses such as Rhino Assembly in Charlotte, N.C., a supplier and repairer of aerospace and automotive assembly tools whose recent relationship with a distributor in Brazil has resulted in new sales and new employees here. And it’s good for Brazilian companies that invest in the U.S. — in fact, in 2008, U.S. subsidiaries of Brazilian-owned firms employed more than 42,000 people in the United States.

We’ll also work to strengthen our relationship when it comes to energy. Brazil holds recently discovered oil reserves that could be far larger than ours, and as we seek to increase secure-energy supplies, we look forward to developing a strategic energy partnership. We’ll also continue our shared leadership in green economic growth and clean energy, including everything from biofuels to renewables such as wind and solar power. And as the host of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil is expected to invest more than $200 billion in upgrading its infrastructure — an area where America is primed to be a partner.

Then, I’ll travel to Santiago, Chile, a country with an economy estimated to have grown by more than 5% last year, and expected to grow even faster this year. Since the Chile Free Trade Agreement went into effect in 2004, our exports of goods there are up 300%, supporting an estimated 70,000 jobs in the United States today. We will work with Chile to deepen that relationship and address other common economic, hemispheric and global challenges.

Finally, I will visit El Salvador, a nation where we not only share an economic and trade relationship with great potential for future growth, but also strong ties through one of the United States’ largest Hispanic populations.

Our neighbors in the Americas are bound to us by shared history, values and interests. What I will convey this week is that we are partners in progress. Strengthening these partnerships will advance the common prosperity and common security of all our people, creating new jobs and new growth across the hemisphere, and helping our economy remain an engine of strength and opportunity for all our people.

And the Weekly Address on the same subject:


3. Few good reads following PBO’s statement on Libya yesterday:

David Corn

// snip

…That is, we’re not cowboys. This will be, Obama suggested, true multilateralism—one including Arab nations. His administration and the governments of France and Britain had quickly guided a forceful resolution through the Security Council (with China and Russia abstaining), and the United States, Obama noted, would be “enabling our European allies and Arab partners to effectively enforce a no-fly zone.” US leadership, yet European and Arab action.  He added, “The United States is not going to deploy ground troops into Libya.”

Noting that “our British and French allies, and members of the Arab League” will take a lead role in enforcing the resolution, Obama declared, “This is precisely how the international community should work, as more nations bear both the responsibility and the cost of enforcing international law.” That is precisely the opposite of how the neocons of the Bush-Cheney crowd viewed the world. They were not interested in tying their strategic desires to international law or in developing a global order in which the United States would not be the top-dog decider and enforcer.


Yet the president, with this brief set of remarks, has crafted something of an Obama Doctrine for military intervention: The United States will join in a multilateral fight for democracy and humanitarian aims when it is in the nation’s interest and when the locals are involved and desire US participation. In short, the Anti-Bush Doctrine.


4. The Chicago Tribune:

Shrewd Caution On Libya


But when armed rebels rose up to fight the regime, provoking a brutal response from Gadhafi, President Barack Obama nonetheless found himself under pressure to take military action. Calls to intervene came not only from Republicans like Sen. John McCain but from Democrat John Kerry. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the president looked “weak and uncertain.”

In fact, he was neither. What he exhibited was shrewdness. Obama was not about to be pushed into a commitment fraught with uncertainty in a country that presented no clear danger to the U.S.

He didn’t affect cynical indifference. He accused Gadhafi of “appalling violence against the Libyan people” and called on him to step down. Obama left open all options. But he let the world know that if military action were going to be taken, other nations were not going to get to cheer on the sidelines while the U.S. did the work.


5. The BBC:

.// snip

…Mr Obama is only a reluctant convert to action, and you could argue he’s merely disguising his feet-dragging with noble rhetoric about the international community. It’s certainly noticeable that he didn’t mention the killings in Yemen (although he earlier issued a statement condemning them) or the unrest in Bahrain, stiffer tests of American power and resolve.

But I think we are seeing something new. He is using a crisis thrust upon him to set out an Obama doctrine of sorts, to make a statement about America’s relationship with the world. While he is in charge, he is saying, America will not go it alone, will set limits on what it does, and won’t impose its will. Some will not like this,
and the world will find it difficult to adapt to a president who almost seems determined to lead from behind.

The Obama doctrine is a tightrope walk: Acting, but within limits, leading only as a first among equals.


6. You think the “Left” will ever listen to Van Jones? Na, don’t bother, I know the answer.




193 thoughts on ““Obama Crafts the Anti-Bush Doctrine”, “Obama’s shrewed caution on Libya”

  1. Morning all. BWD, were you trying for “cautions” in the title?

    It’s going to be another busy news day from Brazil and Libya.

  2. Good morning everyone! That is a great op-ed. Reading anything he writes is such a joy. You can tell everything is thought out. He has so much on he plate but he is also thinking way in the future.
    I love the pictures of the family walking together. Malia is as tall as her mother and as gorgeous. I love Sasha’s shoes.
    I am concerned about Ghadhafi. I read he is lauching an attack.
    We will see what today brings.

  3. Question … did previous presidents write op-eds too?
    PBO is a great leader … great handling of the Libya situation.

  4. And here I thought I was the early bird today.

    Good morning everyone. Gotta love this statement:

    “The Obama doctrine is a tightrope walk: Acting, but within limits, leading only as a first among equals.”

    On trade; you know, Mr President, that we are all watching this very carefully and with scrutiny. I understand that exports have risen, but our trade deficit is still there.

    I want trade, and I want to be connected to the world, and I want diplomacy, but I also want to be careful about our economic standing in the world so that we do not see a repeat of the global economic crisis that we are still going through.

    On another note, the President looks rested today. Maybe he will indeed have the energy to do the Samba.

    Hello Brazil!

  5. Drat. When I clicked, it said “1 comment”……thought I might be second. 😦 Oh, well, good morning to all. Have a blessed day. Let’s all pray for our President and his family, our country, Japan, Libya……the list is long, isn’t it?

  6. Wow – I just checked to remind myself and Malia is only 13! She’s so tall and mature.

    I’m very glad he has his family with him for this trip. I know they bring him a lot of strength, comfort, and joy in these challenging times.

  7. I was wondering the same thing. Clinton, perhaps? I don’t recall Dubbya doing any such thing and if he did it was probably ghost-written.

  8. Slight correction Paul: Malia is 12. She will turn 13 on July 4th. Which makes the rest of your comment all the more accurate!!!

  9. This man realizes that america is not a supercop of the world anymore (thanks to shrub and his neocon admin) and that it can’t afford any more sabre rattling. The world is increasingly competitive in all spheres and the rest of the world is perfectly capable of leading themselves without america’s hand holding in technology and innovation. But sadly most americans seem to be living in their past glory.

    Did you know that PBO is the first american president visiting Brazil without the usual rite of their President making the first visit ?

  10. Large turnout for Egypt’s constitutional referendum


    Long queues are reported at polling stations across Egypt for a referendum on constitutional reforms.

    The vote is the first practical result of the uprising which swept President Hosni Mubarak from power last month.

    A BBC correspondent in Cairo says that for most Egyptians, this is the first genuinely free vote in their lives.

    If approved, the referendum would pave the way for Egypt to hold new presidential and parliamentary elections within six months.

    Among the key proposals are:

    * Reducing presidential terms from six years to four years and limiting the president to two terms
    * Obliging the president to choose a deputy within 30 days of election
    * Installing new criteria for presidential candidates, including a rule that they must over 40 years old and not married to a non-Egyptian

    The two established political blocs, the National Democratic Party and Muslim Brotherhood, back the proposals.

    But pro-democracy activists say the changes do not go far enough and want the plan rejected.

    They say the constitution needs to be entirely rewritten before elections can be held.

  11. I’m wondering about Michelle Obama 2016. I hope Malia is paying attention (how can you not?) and gets involved with politics. And don’t you dare (LOL!) count out the other one, Sasha. I see some intelligence in that one.

    Now, I don’t want to see any sort of dynasty, but I am so impressed with this family that I already wish I could vote for Obama in 2016.

  12. When I read those commentaries on Obama’s remarks about Libya, I’m reminded of something he said in Cairo in 2009.

    For human history has often been a record of nations and tribes — and, yes, religions — subjugating one another in pursuit of their own interests. Yet in this new age, such attitudes are self-defeating. Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail. So whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners to it. Our problems must be dealt with through partnership; our progress must be shared.

    The Obama Doctrine: Partnership

  13. The First Family looks absolutely GORGEOUS in Brazil!

    Malia has definitely picked up Michelle’s graceful mannerisms — you can see it in her hands and stride. Lovely.

    I am so looking forward to footage from Brazil. Wish I could stow away in their luggage, lol!

    Have a great weekend, everyone! 😀

  14. I shook my head in disgust when I read a comment by some Illinois bumpkin following a Trib editorial about the Latin American trip. The commenter was criticizing the President for going, saying he isn’t President of the world, that he needs to stay here and fix the U.S. economy, using this descriptive phrase—“his over-educated head”. That is what we’re dealing with in this country, these small-minded people who always seem to belittle anyone (Democrat) with intelligence (Obama in particular) and can’t for the life of them see how critical these trips are to increasing our exports (jobs) and to our economy. And, as we have seen, solidifying relationships around the world also is critical, especially in times of crisis when we need a little help from our friends. I had to respond that I am so thankful that we have a brilliant and “over-educated” president and not someone as short-sighted as the commenter.

  15. As usual, they look terrific and will do wonders for our relationships, especially the economic ones, in South America.
    I think the columns, particularly in middle brow papers like USA Today, are a way to circumvent the idiot pundits. It says directly to Americans, “Here’s what I’m doing and here’s why it will help you, so ignore the know-nothings on tv.” This, like the local interviews, is good strategy for reaching people directly without the filters. Someone with a lot of pr smarts is at work here.

    I don’t agree with the “leading from behind” statement. When you charge out ahead without thinking, like many of our former presidents, you may seem macho, but you aren’t leading, you’re reacting to some emotion, pressure, ego need, etc. It’s actually weakness, not strength, in action.

    When you “shape” the action to fit the strategy you believe will not only work, but advance your country’s goals, you’re leading, whether you the first guy in line or not. There is no way we would have seen a UN resolution without the continuous pressure from the administration on countries that could have threatened a veto. The president knew what he wanted and got it, including the active involvement of Arab nations. That, to me,is leadership front behind and center, the kind of leadership that garners real respect instead of worldwide contempt and anger. And we had contempt to spare in the first eight years of this century. The president’s new “doctrine” is the thinking person’s way for a super power to conduct itself in a changing world. And that’s change we can believe in and celebrate.

  16. Now you all have to help me. Who amongst us remembers Old Billy Beer? Can’t remember if he was a Clinton or a Carter. Now that’s the type these folks could vote for. Barely made it out of high school, or didn’t quite make it out, and slugging down the beer. Just the kind of “educated” but not over-educated guy we want to run the country in this modern world. Totally disconnected from anything invented since the 1940’s when life was just perfect. Never left the borders of the US and no desire to do so. And white, of course. Don’t need no rules ’cause it’s every man for himself. No need for some damn “economy” thing, just no taxes. Sixth grade education was fine for my daddy and is fine for your kids, too. Now where did I put my welfare check?

  17. Donnilon lays into congress for not allowing the closure of Gitmo(about fucking time):

    by Dafna Linzer ProPublica, March 18, 2011, 3:36 p.m.

    President Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, John O. Brennan, delivered the administration’s most forceful public call to date for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center and the use of federal courts to try some detainees held there.

    Pointing the finger at Congress, he called legislative efforts to block prisoner transfers to the United States for trial or detention an “unprecedented encroachment” on Obama’s authorities to prosecute suspects.

    He said any “terrorists captured in the United States would be prosecuted exclusively through the criminal justice system,” and not by the military, as some members of Congress want.


    I think alot more of this, please…

  18. Well, it can be still said, that qaddaffy attacked us by funding the terrorists in the 1986 lockerbie bombing(where many US passengers died). thus, the war powers act still apllies…

    sorry dennis kucinich and pat buchanon! LOL!

  19. Let the French and British do it! They have more at stake, we will support them with AWACS, command and control and supplies! That is my take!

  20. 9:33 a.m. ET: Obama arrived at the Palacio do Planato in Brasilia. He reviewed troops in a driveway, then he was greeted by First Lady Michelle Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Vana Rousseff and Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota.

    The president and first lady then stood with hands over hearts as the Star Spangled Banner was played.

    The president is scheduled to meet with Rousseff, then the two leaders will make a statement to the press. The afternoon agenda includes a meeting with the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum.
    BOM DIA: President Obama and family began a five-day Latin America tour Saturday morning, arriving in Brasilia at 6:31 ET, according to local press reports.

    Obama exited Air Force One in dark suit holding hands with daughter Malia, who was wearing a green and white dress

    Behind them were Sasha wearing a pink dress holding hands with the First Lady, who wore a patterned red dress.

    The president will spend the day in meetings and official events in Brasilia before departing tonight for Rio de Janeiro.

  21. While demurring that he really didn’t want to say what went on in the closed Situation Room meeting at the White House today, Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican, went on Fox News shortly after and pretty much told the story. For that we thank him.

    President Obama spoke first, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “outlined the situation,” Rogers said.

    Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gave some military particulars, followed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, “who just kind of laid out what the options were and what the possibilities were and where we were today,” the lawmaker said.

    “I think everyone was in support of it,” Rogers said. “I think Senator Lugar had some questions.”

    There was a distinct lack of support in the room for ground troops — a prospect Obama preemptively ruled out, Rogers said.

    “I didn’t hear anybody pushing for troops on the ground,” Rogers said. “The president said he was not going to support putting troops on the ground. And I think we were all in agreement that would have been a very bad idea.”

    Bipartisan agreement — it’s not that hard. Rogers’s in-the-room pool report also illustrates one reason the White House hates to include lawmakers in their deliberations.

    “I think at the end of the day, you have to support the president in this particular case,” Rogers said. “I think the way he outlined it, and with his — he gave Qadhafi a very set of very clear standards to meet, lest there be military action taken on behalf of a very international force, including the Arab League, which is very unusual in a circumstance like this.”

  22. Excellent mishmash BWD – thanks so much. I really loved the Van Jones vid, POTUS’ oped and the editorials on how expertly and shrewdly POTUS handled Libya. Great all around!

  23. I recall watching a video of Obama’s best friend, Marty Nesbit(?), where he called Malia The Oracle. The conversation was about how “very very very smart” Obama was and he brought up how that intelligence and wisdom is seen in Malia. He sounded in awe of her.

  24. I realized one day that the comments section of pretty much any article will be full of right wing ugliness. I don’t know why papars bother any more. I read what seemed like an innocuous article about census results and the comments were full of anti-immigrant crap.

  25. President Obama on Friday signed the three-week spending resolution that funds government operations through April 8. The prior two-week spending bill expired today.

    The House approved the bill on Tuesday by a 271-158 vote, and the Senate approved it by a 87-13 vote.
    The Hill-

  26. I can’t get enough of this amazing, once in a lifetime President and his delicious family!

    May God continue to guide, protect and bless them, Amen!

  27. The first family looks beautiful and I am proud to be represented by them. I bet those bags the girls are carrying are lots of books and things to keep them occupied while their parents are visiting dignitaries. I am glad PBO is going directly to the people with what he is doing because the MSM won’t report anything of substance.

  28. The media seems very eager for a full blown war which is why they are pushing reports like these. They are almost frantic to claim that Obama started a war in Libya. That’s their MAIN concern at this point. Nothing else.

  29. That comments section under President Obama’s op-ed is almost completely trolled by the right wing. Striking how much those comments felt like the comments sections of some of the PL spaces—the total disrespect for the President; the total dishonesty in refusing to hold Republicans accountable for their horrifying choice to obstruct at this challenging moment and worse (Boehner, on hearing that his budget would cause heavy job losses: “so be it”), thus laying the blame for the economic troubles on President Obama and not Bush and the GOP; the total doom and gloom; the assumptions of nefarious motives on the part of President Obama.

    This is why I am so utterly relieved that you moderate this space, bwd. I am *convinced* that there is a large troll effort taking place right now, to corrupt online political spaces, with some people trolling from the right, and others trolling content designed to appeal to the left. Whew!

  30. I remember Billy Beer, osg because I live in GA, about 60 miles from the old Carter farm. Billy was the embarrassing brother of President Jimmy Carter. Your assessment of the mindset of many here in GA’s is right on. They don’t vote on the basis of which policies are best for themselves and the country, but on whether the politician is “c”hristian, a pro-lifer, has “family values,” and other nonsense that allows “conservative” politicians to rape the American people while they line their pockets and the pockets of the corporatists, and they never accept responsibility for the negative results of their actions in voting for them. Many here are still under the illusion that Reagan and GWB were America’s BESTEST presidents, and it makes it very difficult to inject any sort of reality into any conversation about them. I think many of them have been brainwashed by watching only Fox and by listening to only rw radio entertainers.

  31. In a lengthy floor speech, Bingaman began by noting a wonky briefing the committee hosted this week with several experts, including federal Energy Information Administration chief Richard Newell, and the head of the energy program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

    Bingaman’s takeaways?

    EPA greenhouse gas regulations and the pace of Gulf of Mexico oil-and-gas permitting — two pillars of GOP attacks on the Obama administration over energy costs — are unrelated to crude oil prices that drive gasoline costs.


  32. They want to over-dramatize what’s taking place to attract a viewership. Pretty ridiculous.

  33. Those are the Paid trolls that love to tell everybody to be like them and pay taxes!
    Ahh, who wants to be a lifetime paid troll?

  34. I’m personally not buying that. Libya is no threat to this country. I can understand a rationale in terms of being *a part of* a multinational effort to try to get Libya’s army to stand down against the protesters. But I see absolutely no justification for the US declaring war upon Libya, none. I know that the media is currently spinning this story as Iraq redux, but that is quite inaccurate as far as I have been able to detect.

  35. They still want to paint him as BUSH! and despite the far left trying teir damnest to placate the far right with a challenge to this President, it just does NOT have any legs!
    Sorry, Kucinich, sestak, sanders, etal!

  36. No, I agree!
    BUt, Kucinich says that POTUS has NO constitutional right to do what he is doing! My argument above suggests that, He does!

  37. Good Morning All: Unlike most of you I do not come here first. I quickly browse a few other sites and then come here to see the mish mash and to go up and down the blogroll for more than an hour. I’m the kid who rushes to eat their dinner just so they can get to the best part – Dessert!! I save the best for last.

    Anyway, after reading the op-ed I see why the boobs on the tubes were trashing the trip just like they did the one to India. Its all about jobs! Obama is trying to increase jobs/exports in this country and so far its successful. The Republicans have no plan so what better to distract their supporters than to say these are nothing but vacations.

  38. He never stops working! Even while his children are on vacation and he takes them on this trip he is working!

    To listen to the right you would think he is shirking his duties.

    When have we ever had such a hard working, deliberate, thinking President?

    It truly is impossible to imagine anyone else at the helm of our ship at this IMPOSSIBLE time in our history!

    As Tevia said in “Fiddler on the Roof” to God
    “I know we are the chosen people but can’t you choose someone else for a change?” That has to be how our President feels a lot of the time – what other President has had to deal with what he has in a little over two years?

  39. By Glen Johnson, Globe Staff

    Vice President Joseph Biden is traveling to Boston on Monday for a meeting with supporters of the Democratic National Committee, but a spokesman now says it is not a fund-raiser.

    The trip is coming almost exactly two weeks after President Obama visited the city for a fundraiser on behalf of the committee charged with helping elect Democrats to the US House of Representatives.

    The back-to-back visits underscore the party’s emphasis on strengthening itself in the aftermath of the mid-term election, when the Democrats lost their House majority. Obama and Biden are also gearing up for their re-election campaign next year.

    A White House official confirmed the vice president’s visit in an interview with the Globe, but would not immediately reveal the location of the fund-raiser. The DNC official later clarified the purpose was “an event with supporters” but not a fund-raiser.

    He would elaborate no further.

    Glen Johnson can be reached at johnson@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @globeglen.

  40. The rigth wing has used transferrence against this President! They have taken all the ill feelings and the phuck ups of BUSH and tried to transfer them to this President. In some cases it has worked(becasue fo fox blues).
    One thing they cannot account for, is places like this that account for the truth!

  41. Well, some people have bought into that President Obama=Bush propaganda and are desperately clinging to that narrative for dear life, so that they don’t have to take the ego hit of admitting that they have been duped by clever spin.

    French Warplanes Said to Fly Over Libya as Qaddafi Defies Cease-Fire Calls (h/t MonieTalks)

    French military jets flew over Libya, ready to enforce an air-exclusion zone to halt Muammar Qaddafi’s attacks on rebels, as Western leaders met in Paris to consider their next steps.

    The planes were in the air not far from Libya this afternoon and were ready to carry out air strikes if there are orders from President Nicolas Sarkozy, a military official with knowledge of the preparations said on condition of anonymity.



    As tigerfists pointed out, Sarkozy was apparently the one who was really advocating for this no fly zone and might have persuaded Russia, China & Germany into a reluctant neutral stance. It seems like he is really leading this effort which truly does look to be multi-national, and not in name only. We’re just not the center of this story. The only thing which is US-specific and of high interest to me is the departure from the cowboy, policepeople of the world, shoot first ask questions later, war doctrine. That is a huge story, being obscured by some truly awful national reporting.

  42. Boy, will they be surprised when we are not that involved!
    Then, the MEME will change, and the MSM will say that exactly! Why is the US not more involved? I can hear them now!

  43. Well, Kucinich doesn’t always make sense, and this is one instance of that. I just wanted to be clear that there has been no Libyan provocation which I can detect which would justify a war, none. We are under no threat from Libya whatsoever. Again, I have no issue with the US *helping* a multinational effort led by *other countries* for a limited action focused upon getting the Libyan army to stop attacking the protesters and rebels. More than that? I see as illegitimate.

  44. I totally agree with this. And I think that those on the left who are trying to claim that President Obama is the second coming of Bush, are using that same right wing tactic. Just goes to show that as people, we’re all susceptible to massive amounts of spin, and we’re all susceptible to being spun into acting against our own best interests. I love this space for keeping it real.

  45. MARCH 19, 2011
    President Barack Obama thinks Gov. Rick Scott ‘was wrong’ to reject high-speed rail
    On the same day Florida’s high-speed rail project came to a definitive halt, President Barack Obama for the first time had words for Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to reject $2.4 billion in federal money to build a line from Orlando to Tampa. This comes courtesy of our friends at the Associated Press.

    “Frankly, I think the governor was wrong on this. And that’s not just my opinion,” Obama said Friday during an interview with WSVN TV in Miami. “That’s the opinion of folks in Tampa and Orlando, including a lot of Republicans up there.”

    You’ll remember Florida was a key piece of Obama’s national effort to advance rail, it being a shovel-ready project the state has talked about for decades.

    Tampa bay.com-

  46. That would be Carter:) I remember Billy Beer…boy, that seems like the way back machine for me…you remembered that? Wow!

  47. That is why, you see, that Hillary has wanted to prosecute qaddaffy for the lockerbie bombing. If you recall, we got a nice settlement from them during the BUSh years.
    It is sticky, but then why did reagan attack libya?
    He certainly has the fall back mode of comand and control and refuling midair, this kucinich cannot complain about!

  48. That Corn piece was terrific. I dropped him a comment of support because there was a bunch of President Obama=Bush nonsense there.

    Lest anyone have a mistaken understanding of what’s taking place:

    League bows to Arab popular will, calls for no-fly zone over Libya

    After five hours of deliberations, and despite reservations made by some member states, the Arab League adopted an unprecedented resolution calling on the UN Security Council “to meet its responsibilities regarding the deterioration of the situation in Libya and to take all necessary measures to immediately impose a no-fly zone on the movement of Libyan military flights”.

    In order to quell demonstrations against his four-decade rule, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been using aircraft along with heavy artillery against civilians protesting.

    The Arab League resolution calling for a “humanitarian based” no-fly zone comes as the uprising in Libya enters in its fourth week with an outcry from international human rights organisations about the likely toll of brutal military action taken against the rebellion.



    What’s taking place right now is indeed unprecedented. In many, many respects. The cult of President Obama indeed has the usual POTUS fixation, but I’m starting to think that aside from the trolls, they insert him into every story as a literal comfort, even as they’re screaming at him and calling him names. Change shakes people up, and I think that some are managing this by just focusing exclusively on the Daddy in the WH. /Kanye West shrug.

    Happy Saturday everyone! And I hope that the gorgeous, beautiful First Family enjoys as much of Brazil as they can, and that POTUS can squeeze some rest and relaxation, as this man works nonstop.

  49. Majii, Can we start a Ma & Pa Kettle Party and then sucker these folk into voting for that Irish guy, O’Bama?

  50. FRom what i hear we lead the behind the scene efforts. Once they realize that the Us will not go without world support including the ]Arab League. The president held out and they knew he was serious. Britian should lead because they lied about the release of Lockerbie bomber. I think the Un was use to America being cowboys and thought the same action as before was going to happen. Our President fooled them and called them on their bull.

  51. DF, It is waaaay back, and that is how old I am. Anybody for a trivia game?
    Clinton’s brother was not a real sweetie-pie either.

  52. Beautiful pics, beautiful family.
    I’m really proud, as an American, to have such an intelligent and decent person as president.
    As a leftie, what I heard Van Jones saying loudest was, “…you walk with the president when you can, you walk ahead of him when you can’t. That’s how you make change.”–and lots of examples, from Lincoln to LBJ to Nixon (but not citing FDR’s famous plea to liberals to make him do the right thing.)

    Thanks for all you do.


  53. Truth is, I felt very sorry for “Billy Beer”. But I agree, I would not want someone of his ilk as President. I have no understanding of anyone who prefers a no-nothing leader.

  54. Out of the 129 million that voted last time in 08, of that, maybe 5 million were the so called base that we here over and over again!

    W/o these clowns, POTUS would have still won by 4.5 million votes…

    Just saying!

  55. Does the GOP and Fox not realize how ridiculous they sound claiming that the Latin American trip is a “vacation” and then piggybacking that on the fact that President Obama picking a NCAA tournament bracket means he’s not focused enough on being President?

    Wasn’t the attacks the last few weeks from Huckabee and others that Obama is an “other” and not like us, and now filling out a bracket like tens of millions of other Americans is somehow bad as well.

    Also worth noting that according to Yahoo, President Obama picked 29 of the first 32 games correctly which would put him in the top 1% after the first round. Now you can bet Gingrich will claim that shows that Obama obviously spends too much time watching college basketball. You could also bet that if he did poorly the claim would be Obama is a phony pretending to be a big fan to pretend to be “one of us”, and if he didn’t fill one out that he’s obviously not like the tens of millions of Americans who fill out office pools and that’s because of his Kenyan upbringing and the Mau Mau uprising.

    Seems obvious that the GOP didn’t want him to go to Latin and South America because of the positive optics, and very likely because he’ll come back with trade deals to announce. It’s a four day trip in which he’s meeting with leaders of Brazil, Chile and El Salvador, all fast growing economies with Brazil rocketing up to 8th biggest economy in the World and growing with two major international showpieces in the near future – hosting the World Cup and then the Summer Olympics. While in Brazil he’ll also meet with Brazil/American CEO’s and business leaders to discuss trade and jobs.

    It’s an historic trip that will go a long way into shoring up relationships between the countries and the Americas. Brazil is on the cusp of being the leader of South America, and is a very key relationship to have for the US. I don’t think the GOP wants him down there because they want cheap labor, no environmental laws and anti-union crackdowns.

  56. I think the President is handling the Libyan situation very well. As a pacifist, I would not be able to join in any acts of violence whatsoever, but I am not under the delusion that any governments think in this fashion, and our President is setting a far healthier pattern here than previous Presidents.

    South Florida leading national census trend

    South Florida’s population growth reflects a statewide trend of growing numbers of Hispanic, black and Asian Floridians.
    As the country’s fourth largest state inches towards a racial tipping point where minorities will soon outnumber whites, South Florida is at the forefront of a culture-defining shift towards hyper-diversity, new 2010 U.S. Census figures show.

    The out-migration of some 263,000 non-Hispanic whites from South Florida, and the surge in the Hispanic , black and Asian populations contributed to a statewide racial reshuffling that is expected to have implications for the future of the Sunshine State for years to come.

    Miami-Dade and Broward counties, responsible for 4.2 million out of 18.8 million state residents played a major role in pushing Florida’s proportion of minorities to a historic high of 42 percent, up from 34.6 percent 10 years ago. Those two counties welcomed nearly 700,000 additional minority residents between 2000 and 2010, even as a quarter million whites left for other parts of the state and country.

    “We’ve seen in big global cities — whether it’s New York or Miami — an outmigration of whites for a while,” said Dr. William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institute. “But we’ve also seen that in an economically difficult decade, Florida continued to attract people, especially minorities.”

    Demographers expect the state’s population shift to impact almost every sector of society, from education to politics to the economy. The once-a-decade political redistricting process is already under way, and Florida will soon have two additional representatives in Congress due to its 17.6 percent growth. Half of that growth came from Hispanics, and that community is expected to exert even more political influence across the state in the years ahead.

    “As the Hispanic population in Florida continues to grow, we must work to ensure that the community is fairly and fully represented in the American political process, said state Rep. Juan Zapata, R-Miami, in a statement released by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

    Florida’ s largest metropolitan area, which includes Miami-Dade and Broward counties, are both firmly now “majority-minority” status, meaning non-Hispanic whites make up less than half the populations there. Broward county reached that status during the last decade, as blacks, Hispanics and Asians moved there in droves, replacing 180,000 whites who left.

    Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/03/18/2122620/south-florida-leading-national.html##ixzz1H3oRMeSa

  58. Rick Scott has had the lowest approval rating of any governor in the entire US. he hit the 28% approval mark in late February. But would you know it from our MSM? Nooooooooooooooo.


    “The most unpopular governor in U.S. history, ranked at 28% approval rating only three months after taking office, Gov. Scott is proposing the disemboweling of nearly every government service in the state — save his own, which he is doubling to the tune of $600 million:”

  59. Nor did I see any justification for blowing up Qaddafy’s children way back when. Was that under Reagan, Bush Pere, or Clinton?

  60. Yes I think there are anti-Obama left-wing trolls as well. I would put nothing past people like Hamsher, Cenk, etc…

  61. Indeed we don’t have clean hands. I think that by seating President Obama, we’re taking steps to do much better, but we do need to remember the nuances and complications of the past.

  62. Again, transferrence… Because the Left did it to bush when he used to go to crawford tx, or play golf right after 9/11!
    alot of these guys are just out for revenge!

  63. You would think with all those reporters on the gound that we could see that!
    I saw a MIG(I think) shot down this morning over benghazi!
    It was like a Movie or something! Strange!
    The french have Mirage, and so do the Libyans. Let them face off against each other!

  64. I don’t know if you remember but in the run up to the 2004 election Bush was having a revolt from the Christian Coalition faction who felt they had “elected” him but had got the back of his hand during his first term (his chair of the religious initiatives office literally calling them rubes). Yet they were all there on election night to avoid a Kerry presidency. Activists only have one speed in any political discussion: Whine.

  65. I totally agree.While checking the msnbc site it mentioned something about the President going to SA at an inopertune time…really? When are ANY of these shortsighted people going to get half a clue? Do they think he went for a vacation? It’s WORK!! Jobs!!! You know, the thing that none of them seem to focus on now that they got elected on that false “promise” of doing!I can barely stand the chatter anymore. The second guessing of his character and motives is ridiculous. They will never get a clue because he is so far out ahead of them, it’s laughable.I thank god for our “over educated” President!!

  66. I thought that his FDR mention was extremely appropriate: he noted that FDR, along with the other Presidents he listed, were led by *movements.* This has become confused with a misinterpretation of “make me do it.” That did not mean a lot of talk and harsh criticism, but of people actually taking to the streets, asserting their rights, and creating the sorts of compelling scenarios which enabled progressive outcomes to come from the government.

    Wisconsin got out into the streets. Michigan got out into the streets. Ohio got out into the streets. We now see public sentiment firmly behind organized labor and public workers in a manner which would NOT have taken place if all that happened was POTUS using his bully pulpit to attack Walker. Some member of the PL want people to sit on tv and blogs talking smack about the President and call that “making him do it,” when in fact we need to be doing as Van Jones said and get out into the streets to stand up for ourselves and each other, bringing public opinion along with us. The anti-unionbusting protests have brought GOP numbers down and may enable a House takeover, which would produce better legislation than what’s going to emerge with the GOP in such a position of influence. That’s how getting in front of the POTUS works.

    This is why I just cannot help but love Van Jones.

  67. I hope this works out for the President and the country and shut the mouths of these A-hole pundits and commentators.

  68. I just watched an interview on the BBC with the former head of the UK navy. The difference between him and the military pundits on US television couldn’t be more stark. He went into what the alliance could do and not do, but was pretty confident that it could enforce alliance objectives. While on US television, you have gnashing of teeth and criticism that either we’re getting into a new war, or we’re not being aggressive enough. Amazing.

  69. Oh thank you bwd for all the lovely info.. between you and Chipsticks.. I’m so enjoying seeing/reading about the First Family and their trip to SA.

    I have got to unload here a bit, please.. I’ve been a member of OFA since the primaries, I joined dozens of OFA ‘groups’ via the OFA website. For the last two days, my OFA group “Veterans for Obama” has been emailing back and forthe – realize there are 200 members of that group and its only a handful of folks emailing.. but its non stop bashing of POTUS- couched of course in terms such as: he’s center-right.. he gave in on tax breaks to wealthy.. he’s a republican. A whole lotta bogus BS that we’ve heard and read elsewhere. So finally yesterday I emailed to the group that this is a group FOR Obama via his own set-up OFA.. and thus if they wer Against Obama, perhaps they ought to go elsewhere and start a Veterans Against Obama group.. one person whined that he ought to be able to complain..same old bs. The problem I’m having right now, is its still ongoing, I’ve basically been ignored and though I hate to unsubscribe to this group- I really don’t want to be a part of it any longer, as the vocal members have made it clear they disrespect, distrust, dislike and don’t plan to vote for Obama (I’m sincerely disgusted with my fellow vets here by the way, that they are so wrong-headed). So should I opt out of the group? Call me single-minded, but for crying outloud, the group is supposed to be FOR Obama, FOR his election… I mean why the heck be at OFA- OBAMA FOR America.. and not be For him?? Am I being silly? Should I report this group? To whom should I report? Anyway.. its a bit of a rant, I’m sorry- but I wouldn’t mind hearing other’s suggestions here. My dilemma is that I have a solid belief that its basically at the very least inappropriate for this group to exist at OFA if its not for the guy its named for.

  70. Hey, I’m serious about Michelle 2016.

    That was no joke.

    And, you had better watch out for Sasha! (LOL!)

  71. Me too gn, Love Van. He’s the best and another really great leader we have in this country- brilliance and calm. Anyway, I just so agree with what you’ve written here.. folks will get it eventually- that WE are the change! It might take the whole 8 years, but folks will finally get it.

  72. OFA is too open for it’s own good. Though I understand that it would be terrible optics for OFA to censor/moderate out members and replies without calls of “Obama is against free speech and allows only positive comments on his OFA site” being shouted from Fox and the Right and fringe left. However it’s the “off-season” and thus many supporters are disengaged but the trolls have reason to be there at all times. As the campaign gears up, OFA numbers will grow with Obama supporters and the trolls will be shouted down and marginalized.

    Calling him “center-right” and a “Republican” are PL buzzwords, so you’re likely being trolled by the fringe left in your group.

    Either you have to combat their claims with facts to make them look ridiculous or you quit the group and let them keep pushing away people until they’re down to the fake supporters and have no influence.

    If it’s only a handful of folks emailing then you don’t know how the others feel, or how engaged they even are. Maybe poll the members to see if they believe Obama is “center-right”, if they feel he is a Republican etc. try and get broader feedback than the same handful with an agenda.

  73. I remember one of the PL stating that plans were underfoot to infiltrate and disrupt OFA, smh. I think that you’re well within your rights to request that people not abuse the OFA email list in that fashion, and adopt some standards and conventions. They can bash the POTUS all they want; they should NOT be able to use an organization created by the labor of millions for the express purpose of supporting President Obama, and an email list created by a local OFA chapter to spread Professional Left propaganda. Are there people who generally head that group?

  74. Yup; the PL specializes in a small number of people being highly disruptive. Just like the right in that regard. I understand the desire for openness, but moderation is not censorship. It’s simply defining the purpose of a space. There are plenty of spaces which entertain the sort of virulent, fact-free, anti-POTUS ranting and bashing which sheri describes. OFA should not be such a space in my strong opinion. This is an organization for and by people who support President Obama. For those who no longer agree with that mission, they have no right that to demand that this mission be widened into “anything goes,” when they can simply go elsewhere. I wouldn’t go onto a Green website and demand that they expand their mission and focus to include Democratic partisans. I don’t get how and why purity people feel like they have the right to make these demands of spaces supportive of President Obama.

  75. I was out running errands and came back to all sorts of fabulous info and links in the comments. You all are on fire today!

    Thanks for all the good stuff :-D!

  76. Thank you gn for replying. I’m going to go into OFA online today and check the Vets for Obama group membership out.. and see if I can find an admin.. and if no help there, I’m going to find out how to report it. I joined and stay with OFA for the purpose of supporting and electing Barack Obama- that is it’s goal as I’ve understood it to be. Folks don’t support him or want to vote for him, then imo they ought to move on out of there. Like I said, maybe I’m single-minded. I started a group during the elections and I received a notice from OFA last night asking if I wanted to continue the group (I’m the only member, lol, seriously:) And I emailed back to say yes because I have high hopes I can grow my group.. so hopefully OFA is now on the move to sorting out some of these groups and distinguishing which ones to keep and which to chuck. I’m reminding myself that there is 200 members listed in Vets for Obama.. and yet I’m also aware that none of them are speaking up about this POTUS bashing going on either. Like I said, its a dilemma. thanks so much for being here- you really are very special gn.

  77. “I don’t agree with the “leading from behind” statement. When you “shape” the action to fit the strategy you believe will not only work, but advance your country’s goals, you’re leading, whether you the first guy in line or not.”

    Exactly Jackie.

    I am not buying the “leading from behind” comment either. It totally misses the mark and I agree 100% with your remaining assessment.

  78. The MSM wants it both way so screw them and do not pay attention to them. POTUS has done the right painful decision after studing the situasion careful, He wants the Arab League to be very much involved, and I am glad Sarkosy has taken the lead, just remember that France has the largest muslum population in EU.

  79. NL, The girl is a beauty queen. Those long legs. wow, I can see why Obama worries about her.

  80. It would be incredible if someday she were to become president. Continue the legacy of PBO.

  81. All great suggestions Roscoe, thank you. I agree they are a part of the PL.. or as I’ve always suspected with some of the PL- republicans attempting to sway some left with their version of what makes a democrat.. and foolish PL falling for it. When I read crap about how Obama is not representing the ‘Democrat’s Platform’.. I really find it so ludicrous that I don’t see a point in combating this extent of malarky. I so appreciate your response. I agree that as we gear up more and as OFA grows its membership again for election, these sorts of voices may well fall by the wayside. I’m pretty sure at this point, I’m going to opt out of this group, but I’m also going to let it be known why.

  82. According the the BBC, the French have started attacks on Libya in the past 15 minutes.

  83. Agree with you 10000% gn.. in fact I may well use your comment here in my last email to this group.. if you don’t mind? It is so perfectly said.

  84. The BRITS have some credability issues,however now they are dealing with a very smart President that do not
    buy their BS, POTUS will not ,ake the same mistakes W made.

  85. My take is that this President is a HUGE threat to them, and they know it.They know his plans will work, they know that things he has put in place have merit and are really working to elevate the US onto a new and improved world stage. They know that his domestic priorities are in sink with the majority of Americans.They know that they are toast unless they bash every single thing he does. The writing is on the wall…they are selfish bastards, but they aren’t totally stupid. They are shortsighted and taken back by all that has been accomplished, even with their “just say no” attitude.This President is light years ahead in thinking outside the box, and with a firm and deliberate view of all sides of the equation.Something they aren’t even capable of.It is a game they will never win, because they can’t even wrap their collective heads around the concept/motivations for the President’s actions.They aren’t even IN the game…they can only pretend to be.The man is beyond genius….when will the egg on their faces start to bother them???The President has been masterful on so many things, on so many levels….that’s it, a multi leveled approach to everything he does. No “gut reactions” here.I totally trust him to guide this country, and indeed, this world to a much better place.

  86. Keep working sherrji its a trick. the people i speak to who don’t listen.; Is very pleased.

  87. Me too! Two smart, sensitive, handsome men whom I admire greatly. Keith was so cute–kind of like a cuddly teddy bear.

  88. I definitely agree with you SR, and with this in particular:

    “Seems obvious that the GOP didn’t want him to go to Latin and South America because of the positive optics, and very likely because he’ll come back with trade deals to announce.”

    In other words, if it’s right for the country and it’s being done by President Obama, expect the GOP to oppose it.

  89. Obama will NOT start a WAR, remember he is a NOBEL PRIZE WINER. The NEO/CONS would love that.

  90. Contact OFA and ask them to let you be the moderator for the group. Or contact the moderator if that person is still there. Other OFA groups have experienced what you’re seeing and a strong moderator puts a stop to it. Some of these groups have indeed been infiltrated by tea-people.

    I’m so sorry that you’re experiencing this. I hope you find a solution that works for you. Don’t get discouraged, or let it get you down. That is their intent.

  91. “Slings and arrows” that never end for the president. It is quite tragic that so many people completely misread the president.

    Desertflower, thank you for calling out all of the nay sayers be it media or the frustrati.

  92. Perfect,gn:) Van…gotta love him! Another smart, adorable man.They hate smart…

  93. Look at this way. I hope this will give you ease. The 2010 midterms was a turning point for voters. they voted out of fear and anger. Now look at whats happening now. The republicans is showing their cards and the American ppl don’t like it including republicans. When that curtain close on voting day reality sits in. PPL who whines will not give credit, but deep down inside they know who to vote for. We must keep fighting. The change that is taking place, is a changing of the way we think things should go because we were not use to any other kinds of diplomacy , but cowboy and arrogance. We are now seeing true diplomacy and it will take time to adjust. PPL say this is what they want but never had it or knew how it will feel. American is looking and acting much smarter.

  94. I think you got some good advice from Roscoe and gn…let us know how it all turns out.

  95. 🙂 No…Clinton’s brother got in some “trouble” didn’t he?! I’m right up there with you! We’re not “old” just more enlightened than some:)

  96. Oh, gn. You’re such a beautiful person. I can feel your light shining from here.

    You do realize though, that the instability in Libya could transfer over to other countries in the ME who are fighting their hearts out for a real governement that works for them?

    If the ME blows up, what do you think would happen in the rest of the world?

    I’m a non-interventionist, but I am not naive.

  97. Thank you Tien.. I’m only discouraged in that I find it so unbelievable that folks can make such absolute statements about this President- managing to mince and mold the facts to fit their perspective.. it irritates me really 😉 I probably won’t ask to moderate, only in that I could never keep up, I’m trying to do a bunch of personal stuff right now- and know that I’m already lagging behind- but I do want to put a stop to, or at least get a reminder, a strong reminder put up to this group- as to what its function is supposed to be. Either that or I’m out of it and will revisit it again during the elections, as I’m with Roscoe in that I believe by election time- these naysayers will have gotten out-talked by the supporters. So- thank you again for your helpful comments.. to all of you, I feel better about this now.

  98. Got a zillion things to do today. In one of those moods where I want to purge the house of anything that isn’t nailed down:) Spring cleaning on steroids.Want to go visit an art exhibit that the kids from all the schools in the district have done…fabulous works of art! But I have to say, that the Obama family looks wonderful. The girl’s are so lovely…and really have come into their own, and have the same wonderful style sense that Mom has.Malia is almost as tall as her father…amazing! Sasha is adorable, and I’m guessing a little spitfire! Good for her!Malia looks more cerebral to me…I could be totally off, because I don’t know them…wish I did….what wonderful representatives they are for our country. I could not be more proud.

  99. Have you thought about the possibility that some of these detractors are plants from the GOP or outside groups to stir up OFAs base? It makes sense.

    The discussion for the last few years is that OFA is the arm of the President. Without OFA he would be not have bee elected nor would he be able to accomplish most of his goals over the last two years and without OFAs support it would certainly impact re-election.

    If this is true and OFA is the arm of this President, then common sense would be to cut off the arm. You can do that by having folks join OFA to stir the pot, undermine PO’s accomplishments and send non stop bashing of POTUS. You don’t need much. Just a few rotten apples. Great strategy right?

    So I would make this clear to my group. There is no need to point fingers. Just point out just how important OFA is to this President and point out why disarming or neutralizing OFA would be the holy grail for some groups. Highlight some points in those emails and discuss how consistent messaging like that may have some impact on the movement.

    Then send a note to whitehouse.gov so they are aware of the issue to allow them the opportunity to deal with this at a higher level.

  100. We could be entering into a new age of reason. You’re going to inflate my ego so big with your ultra-kind remarks that I won’t be able to fit my head into the door of this space, lol.

  101. Thanks Val, that is an outstanding description, so spot-on of what OFA is.. and yes I believe much of it is republican and/or the disenchanted left- who carp about any and all things Obama.. either way, they say the same bs. I love your idea about passing the info on to whitehouse.gov, and most definitely I’m going to write to OFA- and the admin of this specific group. I just don’t feel right in doing nothing while it continues. Again, thank you.

  102. Thanks gn. Great information and drama. I was reading the comments–PBO gets a lot of belittling and anger–probably by frustrati and rethugs.

    It does make me wonder if the truth of it is that they fear Obama.

  103. Hey, don’t get a big head! You are the one who made me blush yesterday. I blame it on you.

  104. BWD, this was an absolutely terrific mish mash. So much to think about. Thx. dr

  105. Please do; but consider not making it your last email. As Saint Roscoe says, we don’t know yet how many people even agree with them, or are even reading emails right now with the elections so distant.

  106. LOL…I have to add that I really enjoy reading your insightful comments, as well as others on this site!

  107. Sheri, You might just post a message that says something like “When I get tired of all the PBO bashing that now gos on here, I go to these places and refresh myself..” and then give them a good blog list. I do think OFA, despite its openness policy, does need to know all the pro-Obama people are leaving and they will be the voice of only the anti-Obama trolls; I don’t think they will want that to be. Their current policy is admirable, but dumb. They just can’t count on volunteers to go into battle every hour of every day and not get mentally exhausted. That is too much to ask.

  108. Sounds like a great plan. I think everyone here is really special; this is a special place and I love it; it draws out the best in people.

    One last note: another GOP specialty I’ve noticed over the years is using people’s strengths against them. Clinton was a fun-loving man, social, the type of person who really enjoys other people and is open about enjoying other people’s approvals and love. His neediness in this regard charmed the pants off of this country. What did the GOP do? All of a sudden we get the right wing linking a hack (Linda Tripp) with an impressionable and inexperienced young woman (Monica Lewinsky) right into the Oval Office, and kaboom, there’s an impeachment proceeding and a Democratic president, weakened. I was a little young during that time myself and I didn’t really understand the importance of politics, but I do remember thinking how crazy it was that Clinton was impeached. But that’s what the right does: they take a strength and turn it into a weakness or a weapon against that person.

    Here, they’re using the liberal desire to accommodate everyone and not exclude any voices against us. They know that it’s not really comfortable, choosing to limit voices (although IMO it’s beyond necessary). So they cry censorship and hypocrisy, etc. This is how a handful of trolls can destroy an entire space.

    So please, absolutely, escalate this matter to the proper admins and ask that there be some consideration that there be some guidelines and a focus. OFA cannot be open to all comers right now; that is an invitation for trolling. Those that don’t support President Obama can easily opt to go to the many megasites which welcome that content. But not OFA because in light of the open plans to troll and disrupt; that goes for the blog space, and the group email lists as well IMO. My two cents.

  109. I find it amusing that they think a bunch of negative posts on OFA groups and the main blog are somehow going to disarm OFA. They really have no idea what that organization is or how it works.

  110. “This President is light years ahead in thinking outside the box, and with a firm and deliberate view of all sides of the equation.”

    Yup. Hammer, meet nail. (I want take this opportunity to give a shout-out to my friend, Sen. Grassley.)

  111. Personally, I’d opt out. That group doesn’t appear to be interested in productive activities. I’d guess there are other veterans groups for Obama you could join that would be engaging in productive activities and not just whining.

  112. It’s nice to see the Obamas in Brazil. It sounds like the Argentina government is put out that Obama isn’t going to visit them as well.

    As with the other trade trips Obama has done, I look forward to the announcement of new partnerships that are creating jobs in the U.S.

  113. ^Sherijr, I hope this helps you and others…

    I’ve reposted this a couple of times: 😉

    A Message to the OFA Online Community

    The BarackObama.com blog has a long and vibrant tradition not just as a destination for the latest news and info, but as a place for people to share their thoughts and connect with one another. We wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we appreciate you being part of this community, and how much your comments and thoughts each day inspire us.

    In order to foster real dialogue and real conversations, we have always had an open policy that allows people to see comments as soon as they are posted. Creating a space for these conversations is important to us, and it’s something we’re committed to preserving. But occasionally, a handful of people do try to take advantage of this openness, not to create community but to disrupt it.

    In the coming weeks, we’ll be working to improve the commenting features and the commenting experience for everyone. As part of this, we’re publishing three simple guidelines for commenting on here on the BarackObama.com blog:

    1. Be respectful of the community:

    Personal attacks are not welcome nor will they be tolerated. By all means, engage in debate and have a strong discussion about the issues, but don’t descend into personal attacks.

    2. Don’t feed the trolls:

    If you do come across comments that are inappropriate, don’t respond to them. Simply flag the comment as “offensive” and we can take action. The more of you who are joining in on flagging “offensive” comments, the faster we’ll be able to respond.

    3. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a troll:

    This should be a space for safe discussion of the issues of the day, with people who all come from different backgrounds and different perspectives. Sometimes you’ll disagree, that’s OK.

    We hope that these will help preserve the integrity of this community, and continue to ensure that this is a place that you can turn to for important news, good conversation, and fun.

    Thank you.

    Mary Hough


  114. He just astounds me. I just have this feeling that like me, he’s got a little tiny bit of frustrati in him, but he keeps it under control by listening to information from others who are more experienced and absorbing wise advice.

    “Mr. Glenn Beck: I see you, and I love you brother; I love you and you can’t do anything about it; let’s be one country!”

    He’s just really a wonderful human being. I don’t always agree with him and will say so, but he’s great.

  115. Yes, they fear that their choice to wallow in willful ignorance will leave them in the dust; so agreed!

  116. I quite honestly don’t want to see it jovie. This is a situation which has deteriorated into real life violence, and extreme violence. I’d just love for the national media to report it accurately, some are doing so, but I just wish everyone would drop the POTUS fixation and just tell us what’s going on, sans sensationalism or graphic descriptions. I already know that it’s quite ugly.

  117. I think repub trolls are on OFA too. I noticed a bogus event about WI posted today. Wasn’t sure who to report it too but I hope the DNC and Obama campaign start paying attention. Didn’t the repubs use OFA phonebanks to cause trouble during midterms?

  118. ‘They’ are so accustomed to bravado, threats and winning at all cost that it is inconceivable that this Prez can achieve what he has achieved thus far through communication,dialogue and talking directly to the people, without all the fanfare and drama. Let’s face it everything is relative. Additionally, there seems to have developed a national occupational puerile hazard at cynical commenting,constant ‘bring down gotcha’, and fearbased negative propaganda.

  119. Good Morning Desertflower: What a comment!!! You are right on the point. I appreciate your thinking and bringing it to our attention. I feel completely the same way about our President. He is focus, to the point, and well-thought-out to the point President. He is a genius in that he listens, weighs all sides, thinks of the whole and how it will affect each part, and then lays down the decision. We are in great hands with this President. We must count our blessings and continue to pray for more wisdom for our President in te future. It is a complete refreshing point in our history and in this world to have a leader of this caliber in our presence. Thankfulness goes out today for all that he will accomplish through God’s grace. We just need to continue to stand by him, in front of him, beside him, and totally wrap our hearts and hands around him always. He is a good man with a good and decent heart. Just look at his children!

  120. You as well, my friend:)You know that you will always get good thoughtful advice from everyone here. You are in good hands.Hugs!

  121. Hi there! We had the same thing happening (to a lesser degree) on a Teacher’s for Obama listserve. It was just one person, essentially. I called him out and gave him a piece of my mind. This was right before the WI protests. Many people wrote back in support of my position. This person has since had a change of heart, and instead of complaining is now sending emails in support of various action groups to promote progressive issues. No antiObama stuff at all. So my advice: push back as hard as you can. The agenda of these people will be revealed, and those that are irritated by the negativity will thank you.

  122. Jovie, That fighter plane was the only one that the protesters had and the pro-Gaddafi forces shot it down, but the pilot ejected and hopefully was not hurt.

  123. I hope you know that I’m just joshing with you. I still think that you are a beacon, a guiding light.

    gn, I think you are probably one of my favorite commenters out there (and that’s saying alot).

  124. LOL, I know you’re kidding, but a theme in my life from many different people: “you can’t take compliments.” I like the compliments, but I kinda don’t, could do without them actually. I appreciate every thing you have to say, and love reading your thoughts.

  125. What a great message. Love your enemies, and pray for those who depitefully use you and say all manner of evil against you. Van has love in his heart, you can tell how he started his statement to Glen Beck. That is true love. Van will be just fine. He know his calling was not stopped by Glen Beck. I am encouraged to see him still carrying on. Very bright young man indeed. Thank you.

  126. Oh yeah, I never got to this because my internets was disturbed. I meant to follow up.

    “Pres Obama while u sightseeing in Paris u said ‘time to delivr on healthcare’ When you are a ‘hammer’ u think evrything is NAIL I’m no NAIL” -Grassley twitt


  127. Really, not to be ageist, because that’s not my intent, but Sen. Grassley is a little bit too old to be sending out tweets that sound like the were written by a club kid. Twitter is a wonderful tool, but when you try to sound hip and cool, you end up being neither.

  128. Its true askew, there are others and I’m a member of those too. I haven’t had time yet today to attempt any of the suggestions folks here have advised me on.. I may not get to it until tomorrow at this rate- but I have received more emails.. and there is an overall attitude from other folks now stating that they feel the group is for them to state their political feelings.. whether thats in opposition to Obama or not.. so in fact, I seem to be alone at this point in my dislike of whats going on.. thus I may well opt out of it altogether.

  129. They are small imo.. small folks who think they’re large and important… and all of them thinking they’re smarter than the President.

  130. Yep I know, its exactly why I spoke up here.. and big HUGS((((())))))) right back to you, thanks df.

  131. I agree with you 1000% gn.. absolutely spot-on.. and I am going to proceed accordingly. Thank you my dear 🙂

  132. Thats excellent. My problem is within a group/emails at this point, but what you’ve listed is appropriate for that also. Thanks for posting it snoopy 🙂

  133. Thanks again to all who have given so much to read this morning. BWD, your are the best!!! I have enjoyed everything. I concur about Malia and Sasha. They are growing up to be such lovely and poise young ladies. It is a pure pleasure to see them so poise, respectful of their role as First Daughters, they also seem to be enjoying the honor of being in our First Family. I have not seen this since President John Kennedy’s Presidency. It is wonderful to see the young children grow up with their parents in the Whitehouse. I think they will make us all proud one day, and go out into the world and continue to make it a better place to live and work with others all across the globe. I like it that they do not seem to take their role without gratefulness, and intellect, and respect. Sasha is the “to the point-one” with that look of Daddy and Mommy mixed. No nonsense with Miss Sahsa. Malia seems to be the “”quiet observing one, but making sure she is listening with intellect as her father would, and them using that smarts that her beautiful and graceful mother uses to make her points. We are well represented by our First Family. May they have a great trip, and a great one for all of us at home and around the world.

  134. Yeah, well, not to give Grassley any sort of credit, but back then, if I remember correctly, twitter was new.

    That doesn’t excuse what he said. At the time, it was headlines, and intead of standing up for what is best for our country, what did Grassley do?

    Don’t ask me my opinion about twitter. LOL.

  135. That’s kind of effed up.

    I think you have trapped yourself in a bubble.

    When I compliment you, I mean it.

  136. GN, I share your concerns. I would agree with you about the war being “illegitimate” if the U.S. unilaterally declared war on Libya. I do however, see the libyan situation differently. Under the U.N Charter and various international conventions on Human Rights and Genocide, all of which are binding treaties that the U.S. signed, the United States would not be engaged in an illegal military action if that action is authorized by the U.N. Security Council. Libya does not have to be directly threatening the U.S.; under the U.N. Charter the Security Council can find that the regime in Libya is a threat to world peace, or is engaged in gross violation of the Human Rights Charter and Genocide Convention and then authorize all necessary means to enforce international law. I think this what the Security Council did on Thursday.

    But I am with you. This must be a limited action to protect the Libyan people from the potential of mass killing. The business of regime change is purely the responsibility of the Libyan people. I was glad to see the President forcefully state in his speech that it was up to Libyan people to choose their own government.

  137. You know Lookingglass, I share your sentiments about GN 100%. I know there are many thoughtful people who comment on this site, but GN is one of the best. Both her thoughts and her writing really shine.

  138. Thanks Jovie for sharing this. I don’t care what any one says but we elected a President who makes very wise decisions that are deeply rooted in reality.

  139. Well, I can’t let your comment go, gn. It irks me to no end.

    -“you can’t take compliments.” I like the compliments, but I kinda don’t, could do without them actually.-gn

    What am I supposed to do with this? WTF? Why would you attack me for complimenting you?

    Do you care to respond?

  140. What you put forth sounds just like Bush’s theme, that all people are liars.

    You can’t take a compliment? Then the obvious next conclusion would be to insult you. But we don’t have Bush as our President, do we? Does that make you angry?

  141. Thanks for linking to this story GN. In my opinion, President Obama is wisely doing two things: (1) Responding to the humanitarian crisis in Libya and (2) supporting Arab uprising demanding democracy. By refusing to make the United States the center of what is going on in the Arab world really strengthens his international standing and legitimizes the idea of Democracy.

    Unlike President Bush who invaded Iraq to impose democracy, President Obama is letting the Arab masses determine their own destiny by fighting for their own democracy. All he needs to do is give them moral support. In situations like Libya, where the leader is intent on derailing democracy by killing people, the President has chosen to join the international community to offer the people of Libya protection. But even here he is wise not to make this humanitarian intervention be all about American hegemony. This is the change that I voted for.

  142. Good job, gn. You may have just killed any commentary that I would provide in the future. You see those steps. You aren’t even trying to climb.

  143. Excellent commentary Saint Roscoe! It seems to me that GOP has decided that their key to winning elections is to trash everything the President does, regardless of whether what he does benefits the United States. By the way, I didn’t know that “picking a NCAA tournament brackets” took so much time until FOX and Newt Gingrich told me. How come it only takes 5 minutes for me to pick winners? If takes away so much of the President’s time that he neglects his duties, then I must be doing my picks wrong. No wonder none of my picks won the title last year.

    Seriously, these people are completely deranged! Do they really think that a sane person believes these idiotic claims that picking NCAAA basketball teams takes so much of the President’s time? I am willing to bet that if the President was asked about his picks and replied that he doesn’t pay attention to college sports, they would be all over him, accusing him of being an elitist.

  144. lookingglass, why are you upset, lol, I didn’t mean any disrespect or insult to you…I was just explaining a personal quirk, please don’t ever take me that seriously. I’m an eccentric, I mean nothing negative towards you at all. Chillax!

    And please, keep your wonderful comments coming. You’re in good company here; there’s no sharks circling waiting to hurt people. Express yourself and be easy. No worries.

  145. Wow, deoliver! So excited to see you here. Thanks a million for this speech link. We’re being visited by true royalty with you popping up. Appreciated.

  146. If there are no sharks, then why did you propose a trap for me? You know what you did. It truly offended me.

  147. Thank you BWD for all you do and for creating this site. I really value people who comment on this site because I always learn a great deal every time I visit this site. I am proud of our President and his beautiful family. I am glad the President is recognizing the importance of the other half of the Americas. I hope that in the future he will find time to visit the Caribbean Islands to complete his journey of reconnecting with all the people on the American continent.

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