First day in Brazil (And heads-up: The president will speak about Libya in a few minutes)



145 thoughts on “First day in Brazil (And heads-up: The president will speak about Libya in a few minutes)

  1. I just love the dress or outfit that Our First Lady Is wearing, wowwwwww looks niceeeeee πŸ™‚

  2. Well, no….

    But, ANYway….

    Is is not both FABulous and comforting that we have a President that can multi-task?? Serious stuff on several fronts and, as you point out, BWD, he is going to shortly speak on one of them. Annnnd, still he attempts to establish and begin to firm relations with a new leader in the Americas. With two more to go.

    These are very uncertain times, but I’m a bit more assured as POTUS shows time and again he is up to the task and has us solidly in mind.

  3. And, yes, Shirley….

    FLOTUS’ outfit, annnd FLOTUS, are just lookin’ VERY nice.

  4. A tweet from the BBC Libya liveblog: Robert from Columbus, Ohio in the US writes: “As an American, it seems rather hypocritical of my government, and of the governments of America’s allies to come down so hard on Libya and not to do the same to Bahrain, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.”

    Now, I do understand his point; we don’t treat pariahs like Gaddafi the same as we do Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. But I don’t think we should. Just as we didn’t start bombing Egypt, we can’t just start bombing those mentioned countries, not if we don’t want the whole region to go up in flames. And, we have other sorts of leverage in those countries that we don’t have in Libya; the above-mentioned countries depend on the US security shield, and can be pressured much more effectively that way than by bluster and fist-pounding. The Arab Awakening is spreading country by country; its contours will differ from country to country; the US and Western response and involvement will differ from country to country. To think otherwise is not only naive, but foolish, and shows a preference for ideological positions over the reality on the ground.

  5. Stunning pictures and can’t wait for more!!

    Quick news catch-up. David Cameron just spoke and the Brits are attacking what they think are the air defences around Tripoli. Cameron says the action is necessary, legal and right.

    Rev. Jesse Jackson is in Belfast. He praised PBO and spoke about the President’s coming visit to Ireland.
    I must say that JJ looked old and tired and sad, like someone looking for a cause that needs him. I felt sorry for him. He could still do so much good for the communities in the US if he could only let his ego and jealousy go.

  6. SOS Clinton addressed Bahrain in her very good speech today. From what she was saying, Bahrain is not getting away with anything.
    The king of Saudi Arabia is feeling the pressure and trying fast to give his people more without having to give up power. Don’t know if that will ultimately work or not.
    In other words PBO and SOS Clinton are multi-tasking big time.
    Clinton, by the way, looked lovely.

  7. Oh, good. I haven’t heard that speech. Good to know that the pressure is being kept up on our partners. Really, why people think that the same strategies will work in different countries is beyond me. That’s the neo-con thought pattern; we don’t have a neo-con in the WH.

  8. According to Al-Arabiya, by way of the BBC, 3 US submarines are off the coast of Libya. Probably to a) warn off Gaddafi’s ships from shelling onshore, and b) cruise missile attacks on military infrastructure.

  9. FLOTUS’ outfit is stunning! I’m so excited to be represented by the Obamas throughout the world. The overwhelmed look on that little girl’s face is priceless. Children love our president!

  10. I’m serious! She would totally fit into the L.A. Cuban community, looks-wise.

  11. Evidently, according to Al Jazeera the cruise missiles have been launched against various targets – probably whatever C&C the Libyans have, for starters.

  12. Bombing Saudi Arabia is completely off the table and everybody without an agenda knows that. Even if you don’t get near Mecca or Medina it will be seen as an outright attack on Islam.

  13. She is so sweet and looks so aunty-like, but she has an intelligence that is astounding, quite like FLOTUS.

  14. That goes without saying. Unfortunately, there are people who want the hammer to be the only tool that we ever use for any given situation. That’s just mind-boggling.

  15. They went after something around Tripoli I just heard. I’m trying to multi-task but with sao much going on, it gets harder and harder.

  16. According to Libyan state television, via AJE, the govt claims that airstrikes have targeted civilians in Tripoli, causing civilian casualties. Again, it’s Gaddafi’s state organ, so take that for what it’s worth. Unfortunately, I have no doubt that civilians will be caught in the crossfire, and that just devastates me.

  17. LL, dear, the Libyan TV/gov has told so many lies in the last weeks that their noses just shot past me, they are growing so long and fast.

  18. Oh, I know the coalition isn’t intentionally targeting civilians. Libyan state tv has no credibility. But it will be nothing short of a miracle if the air attacks don’t incur some civilian casualties.

  19. I feel very shallow for commenting on our President’s smile amidst everything that’s going on – but damn, that third pic from the top (with President Dilma)!

    Please forgive my shallowness at this time.

  20. Civilians are being butchered for weeks there and it will continue if this lunatic won’t be stopped. I hate wars as much as the next guy, but sometimes the only way to beat evil is by force.

  21. Don’t get me wrong: I support this action. And I’m definitely of the Woody Allen school of of confronting bad actors (in his case it was Nazis): sometimes you can talk, but sometimes you just have to break out the baseball bats. We just have to be prepared, though, that if there are civilian casualties as a result of our actions, that bastard will try to spin it into propaganda gold.

  22. Dear Republicans,

    This is how you conduct a military operation. Try to remember when you take back the Executive in twenty or so years.

  23. Twenty years? That’s still way too soon. Once they reach the level of maturity that the Tories have in the UK (and, I have my problems with their policies, but they’re light years ahead of US conservatives), then they can be trusted with the keys again.

  24. Per CNN just now “U.S., British ships fire 110 Tomahawk missiles on Libya, Pentagon says.” That’s a remarkable number, btw, because everyone of those has a precisely defined target.

    The way this is unfolding, a bunch of folk have clearly been working around the clock the past two weeks preparing. This is a highly coordinated endeavor, and highly focused.

    No surprise with President Obama at the helm.

  25. That should put the lie to the idea that the US was dragging its feet on Libya. You don’t have 110 targets without pre-planning. I’m sure the Admin was hoping to avoid military strikes, but prepared anyway as the worst-case scenario.

  26. If there are civilian casualties, it maybe because of this: 😦

    @iyad_elbaghdadi: Gaddafi the bastard never allowed Libyans into his complex. Now the place is crawling with them including children. Human shields. #Libya via @JeffersonObama

    @JeffersonObama: The American Audacity – Allied Air force Strength Deployed Against Qaddafi … #Libya

  27. Ah! Those subs are ALWAYS around:)Just ‘cuz…my husband is a retired submariner…they are stealthy, and they are “Sierra Hotel” Shit Hot! Don’t mess with the subs:)

  28. Libyan spokesmen have imbibed the spirit of Baghdad Bob. They’re claiming to have shot down a French plane.

  29. According to CNN, PBO wants this thing to be over in few days. That’s how long he gives to US involvement. I think that if they’ll attack non-stop, this indeed be over in few days.

  30. According to AJE’s report on the Pentagon briefing: He said that US military aircraft were not currently in Libyan air space in this phase of operations, and that the US was using its “unique capabilities to shape the battlespace” before handing over command of operations to other coalition leaders.

  31. You are right about this…precise, deliberate strikes on known targets.With a scalpel, not a chainsaw.Thank you, Mr. President.

  32. Love you! You make me smile. Love your sense of humor….even while something so serious is happening, you are right about the lies. The man has been lying and oppressing his people for far too long.How relieved they must feel to know they are no longer fighting this alone.I hope for swift,decisive and final end to the despot and his cronies…Free Libya!

  33. Yes granny he does look old and tired, I noticed that a couple of months ago. But granny you must admit that Jesse had a heck of a run, though times have changed and a new generation has stepped forward. It also must be said that Jesse Jackson is and was a trailblazer in spite of what may have taken place between him and President Obama. The African American community does owe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton a deep level of respect and gratitude because many times their voices were the only voices that spoke out for us.

  34. and too greedy, and too evil, and to sexist. on and on. the republican party should be destroyed. they are beyond corruption.

  35. I like how the President has handled Libya. We’re seeing the international community take up a noble cause, while the United States takes up a role, not the lead.

    The fact that America’s Navy is dismantling Libya’s anti-aircraft guns and thereby enabling our oldest ally, France, to safely soar over Tripoli must drive the neo-cons nuts. How dare America treat ANYONE, even it’s oldest ally as an equal?!

  36. He’s a baaaaaad man! I love to watch him performing his official duties — it really warms my heart — and OMG the girls are sooo big now! wow Malia is so tall!

  37. Whatever President Obama said to France to get them to open up a can on Libya, he should get the Noble for that alone.

    Has anyone ever received the Noble Peace Prize twice?

  38. President Obama is the Democratic President Reagan. The Great Communicator. This speech about our troops striking Libya was one of his best. I loved it.

  39. Hope the next time he’s on The Hill he asks Boehner for an order of French fries πŸ™‚

  40. off topic; I noticed the same thing. She is the same age as my son, yet she’s nearly as tall as Barack!

  41. I listened hard and we [the world] has been doing fly-overs for days choosing the targets very carefully. Seems to be as surgical as they can make it.
    There will be inadvertent deaths however careful they are. Gadaffi will spin it but he has told so many lies by now, like the boy who cried wolf, that if he said the sun comes up in the east, no one will believe him.
    What we are NOT seeing is W’s Shock and Awe where 100,000 innocent people died. That I will never forget.
    The military also said that they will need about 18 hours to see the damage to Gaddafi’s defences and whether they have to go again.
    PBO and Gates were very wise as the army is tired and so many have PTSD that they could never be used here, but the navy and air force can be and are being used.

  42. Boy, do I love those pictures! That dress FLOTUS is wearing is gorgeous! And the President’s smile is so wonderful. I hope they are all having a great time there and having some fun amidst all the work.

  43. I agree, Don, about the debt we owe him, but I am sad that he didn’t grow in wisdom over the years. Somehow his ego got in his way. As I said I feel he could still do so much good if he can get out of his own way. He now seems like since PBO was elected that he is shoved aside, and that is not true. He has isolated himself and appears to be searching the world outside of the US for a new place for himself. Hey, Rev. JJ, poverty and prejudice in the US has not gone away and there is much work yet to do, so get your arse back into the battle and get something done!

  44. Holy crap, BREAKING: Source says that Gaddafi attempted suicide and doctors are trying to resuscitate him. He says he has footage and trying to pass it across. This is the twitter feed I’m following: Iyad El-Baghdadi

  45. The Obama Diary (link in the blogroll) has great coverage an many pictures, including PBO introducing his family to President Rousseff and Barack and Michelle waving goodbye as they board AF1 for Rio.

  46. Can’t say. Major if it pans out. Maybe he wants to die a “noble” death, rather than run off to Chavez’s paradise.

  47. “PRESIDENT BARACK Obama may take a detour to University College Cork to honour a former African-American slave when he visits Ireland in May. Mr Obama has received appeals from both sides of the Atlantic to inaugurate a monument to the former slave Frederick Douglass, who was an abolitionist, writer and statesman.

    Mr Obama dedicated a substantial part of his remarks to Douglass during his speech at the St Patrick’s Day White House reception. Both he and Taoiseach Enda Kenny drew a parallel between the suffering of slaves brought from Africa and the Irish who fled the Famine….more

  48. I’m tempted to say those noses just shot past Iceland, but I’ll wait as it might be true. The man is mentally ill so suicide might be what he’d decide to do.

  49. I’d chalk it up to a disinformation campaign as part of the military offensive. Or maybe to flush him out of hiding to prove he is in fact alive and in Libya.

  50. Indeed. But the reports aren’t from Libyan state media. The Twitterer I’m following is waiting for some sort of confirmation. It may just be disinformation, but what a relief for the Libyan people if this turns out to be true.

  51. That could be it. He gave a “speech” earlier, delivered by phone and lasting 3 whole minutes. I would guess he is moving around quite often.

  52. Have you noticed his son being any more sane lately?! It would be like trading one devil for another.

  53. Somehow I don’t think Saif would have very much of a shelf-life if Daddy has gone the way of all flesh.

    Another twitterer, ShabbabLibya, claims that all of Gaddafi’s troops in the town of Zintan have gone over to the revolution.

    To say that the situation on the ground is fluid and chaotic would be an understatement of Spartan proportions.

  54. “The Arab Awakening is spreading country by country; its contours will differ from country to country; the US and Western response and involvement will differ from country to country.”

    Apparently this went over the heads of some of our more influential bloggers and pundits. Obama was supposed to react to Libya the same way he reacted to Egypt.

  55. I should be heading for bed like older ladies do at this time, but if I go brush my teeth I am going to miss 30 things happening!

  56. I got a project for him: voter registration in poor areas, college towns, etc. and THEN getting them to the polls on election day. He could break records if he put his mind to it.

    P.S. What’s he doing there? before he was in WI. Dude is in some unexpected places.

  57. Bahrain, yemen, and saudi Arabia please give me a freaking break, we are not the police we are not the police of the world. The people in that regin have to do it themselves, just like Egypt did.

  58. “I must say that JJ looked old and tired and sad, like someone looking for a cause that needs him.”

    Aquagranny: a truer statement was never spoken. After his inspiring presidential runs, Rev. Jackson could’ve harnessed the Rainbow Coalition into a true progressive organization that could’ve served as a real buffer against the growing conservative movement. But as you said, his ego and his need for the spotlight took over, and pretty soon, he was everywhere and nowhere.

  59. L.L you are correct, they have had to planed the opetarions very carefully, they will have to be sure Gaddafi does not get away.

  60. That would be great for him to do!

    I have no idea what he is doing in No. Ireland, and I doubt he knows either. Like I said, he is looking for himself.

  61. In A letter sent to Col. Ghaddafi

    From my twitter timeline:

    RT @ijattala: Ghaddafi: Obama, my son! As I have said before, even if, God forbid, there were a war between Libya and America, you would remain my son.

  62. My as do we realy trust Gaddafi’s own TV B.S?
    Yes casualties may happened they always happened, gaddafi will do what ever it takes to create a big mess in the area, he is very dangerous killing his own people wow?.

  63. LOL!!! What’s this lunatic’s obsession with our President as “his son?” I thought he had attempted suicide?

  64. I have a feeling he won’t. Opened the armory to the people to arm them…he’ll go when they kill him. No friends in almost the entire world except other lunatics.Won’t be pretty.

  65. Ouch.I never thought of that. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.Guess he has no friends and no where to escape to.Chickens coming home to roost.

  66. This is off-topic, but there is a beautiful statue at Cobh [Cove], where most famine emigrants left Ireland in the 1800’s, of a young girl and her much younger brothers. The girl is looking sadly back at Ireland to what she is leaving behind and her brother is looking ahead at the ship and the ocean and to where he is going. For some reason it just broke me and I started sobbing. You can see it here:

    “Statue on the waterfront of Annie Moore and her brothers. Annie Moore was the first person to be admitted to the United States of America through the new immigration centre at Ellis Island, New York on 1 January 1892.”

  67. Well LL, they’re all not ‘us’, so of course one-size-fits-all in terms of strategy!

  68. Before anyone go to bed please go over the to the Obama diary and listen to Sarah Palin in India. Watch the expressions of the audience. It will give you a laugh.

  69. I wish the remaining sane people around him will help him realize that he is like a cornered rat, and that he needs to stop this nonesense. He’s worn his welcome out around the world.

    I just hope it stops soon for the sake of Libyans.

  70. I saw that. The body language says it all for many of those you see in the vidoe. Go figure.

  71. short version – I’m not going to criticize our President when I am out of the country… until I do.

  72. Gadhafi fancies himself the King of Africa, and also sees President Obama as a son of Africa.

  73. I hope she sees this trip abroad as burnishing her FP credentials for an eventual Presidential run. Because I have my doubts that she will run, and I think if she did that she’s win the primary given her fanatical followers and ability to raise silly money. If she runs, she wins the GOP nomination – and then Obama wins getting over 60% of the vote and Dems take back the House and make Senate gains on the fact that the GOP candidates face a quandary of picking their poison by running away from Presidential Candidate Palin and pissing off her supporters, or running with Palin and discrediting themselves in the eyes of many independents, centrists and GOP moderates who find Palin ridiculously unqualified.

    I think Ailes will double her money to keep her on Fox so she doesn’t run.

    There was another rumor floating that she was going to move to Arizona to run for their open Senate seat.

  74. Yeah, don’t bother. It’s not as bad as the Huntsman video; adds nothing to our understanding of this creature. Keep the 1:58 minutes for yourself. May I have them back, please?

  75. Here’s a prediction for Monday’s news cycle – Michelle Obama will be attacked for her many wardrobe changes during the South American visit.

  76. Well done. I will forward it to Sullivan with a nice note.

    PM did a great job with that.

  77. I see the purist left having tantrum over our involvement in Libya. This is not a war and it is not identical Iraq or Afganistan. I would like ask the PL if they would still support FDR after he went to war with Japan and put Japanese Americans into detention camps.

  78. I have posted an audio of the President discussing his authorization to use military action in Libya along with a short video.

    I am also conducting a new poll on my blog asking:
    Do You Agree With President Obama on Libya?
    Yes, I strongly agree
    I somewhat agree
    I haven’t decided yet
    I am strongly opposed
    I am opposed
    I am indifferent

    The poll is on the right hand side of the page.

  79. The PL’s problem with President Obama has nothing to do with policy. It’s their personal dislike, envy and resentment of him as a person.

  80. The MSM will complain about anything this family does. Michelle Obama could wear the same dress every day and they would find fault. This family just cannot win.

    According to the MSM black people do not look like the Obamas, they are not educated, they never go on vacation, or shouldn’t. They can’t make decisions.(other people are always making decision for them) etc etc.

  81. Hey Lorraine,

    Even though I can’t say I agree with you, I do see where you’re coming from. Years from now Obama will be regarded by both left and right as a great, steady handed President who brought great change(s) to America that today’s right wing may decry as radical, but future Repubs will treat with the same deference as they (claim) to show social security and medicare today.

    You’ll see the same unity from pols of both parties hailing Obama’s great role in America’s history in the same way pols from both parties slobber on Reagan today. (undeserved, in his case!)

    More than anthing, expect in many years to see people on the left realizing (finally) just how deft were the hands of one Barack Obama, and longing for another leader with the vision, skill, and temperment of the man who they failed to appreciate at the time.

    It’s the same reason why when the American people were polled about JFK, over 60% of Americans claimed to have voted for him! (while actually just 49.7% voted for JFK)

    Some lefties we know and “love” will tell their grandchildren about the Presidency of Barack Obama (just like our grandparents told us about FDR) but they will leave out the fact that they behaved like fools throughout an historic period in history.

  82. There are actually two statues of Annie Moore – one in Ireland, and another on Ellis Island, looking in the direction of Ireland.

  83. I can hear them now when somebody in the future does a knee jerk reaction to something…..the media and pundits will be saying “President Obama would have gotten all the facts from all sides before he did this”

  84. Don’t forget some nameless, faceless idiot (excuse me) recently made the comment that the President is “overeducated,” whatever that means.

  85. Yes, Mrs. Obama is actually changing clothes, to fit the occasion. So unlike the rest of us. Not.

  86. So, if Palin moves to Arizona, what – is she just going through the “A” states? Would that be her ploy?

    Glad my state is all the way in the “I” chain.

  87. overseasgranny – Around St. Patrick’s Day, I also was brought to tears many times …

    Here’s a piece out of the book “The Irish in America,” which is one of my favorites and always gets me:

    The servant-girl immigrants of the turn of the century were uniquely women of their time. As they looked back to the nineteenth century and forward to the twentieth, they also looked Janus-like back to Ireland and forward to America. They honored their obligations to their families at home; they gave their own children the education that provided opportunities to move into the American middle class. They followed the struggle for Irish independence and were active in Irish-American organizations that supported Irish causes. They created Irish America. Their world spanned their past and their present, Ireland and America, and they created images to define that world. Mary O’Keeffe spoke for many Irish servant girls when she said, “Not a day goes by that I don’t look at the moon and say it’s the same in Ireland.” They were Irish, but they lived in America.

  88. He has such a great turn of phrase, nails it almost every time. His takedown of Krugman (before the Sullivan piece) was also awesome. A worthy inhabitant of the blogroll.

  89. Hey, now what did I do to deserve that?

    Gotta say though, I’m not thrilled by this Libya action, but still trusting so far in our President, since I’ve felt this way a number of times before with him, yet the decisions almost always seem to be correct in the long run.

  90. Good God the world is gone bonkers and loosing their minds.
    With the Birthers,PL loonies, the crazy stupid American Media, the Corporate Sluts and the Far Right Racist turds it’s too late they have already lost their minds a long time ago.

  91. Michael Moore is another one, like Rev. JJ, looking for a new cause to champion and not finding one. PBO has done as much for Detroit and health care as one could ever hope for, and he is not corrupt and not manufacturing war all over the globe like W. You’d think Moore would be appreciative of what has been done so far? Not, because Moore needs a new reason for his own ego to survive. These are sad men.

  92. Hi Jackie O – It had to have been much the same for African Americans, although their economic track forward has been far slower. The first slaves must have had much the same thoughts about the moon and home, and later generations walked the same path on raising and educating their children to give them better lives.

    PBO and Enda Kenny are pretty wise men. They see the bigger picture in which wo/man lives.

  93. Michael Moore needs to stick to helping the unions in Wisconsin and Michigan, that is what he is good at and effective at.

    I’m just surprised that MM hasn’t attacked POTUS for not walking the picket lines in Wisconsin and Michigan, when every other UNprofessional left head has been for the past month.

    I definitely tire of MM and the rest of the UNprofessional left trying to correlate the Libyan events with what happened in Iraq. Iraq was a HUGE clusterfuck due to pisspoor planning from a pisspoor CIC/President, Bush. There actually is a plan and strategy for Libya: wear our Qaddafi’s military might and enforce the no-fly zone.

    Also, POTUS has said time and time again, under NO circumstances would he send ground troops, what part of that is the UNprofessional left not understanding or comprehending?

    And the irony of it all is that I can recall many of the UNprofessional left whining about POTUS not doing a thing for Libya and actually wanting him to go in. Seems like the UNprofessional left’s opinions change with the winds, just like the teabagging right. They have zero convictions of their own.

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